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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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600 Placenames near Wirksworth

These placenames were extracted from 2 OS maps
(scale 8 in : 1 mile) or (12.63cm : 1km) or (1 : 7,920)
contributed by David Brooks, many thanks Dave.

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Regrettably, for both memory size and copyright reasons, website readers and CD users cannot get access to either medium or large scale maps by clicking on or . The webmaster apologises that only he has full access to these maps. However, if webusers email with a placename, the webmaster will return an OS reference or a cropped image for private use only.

PLACENAMES on 50 km2 from an 8 inch map of the area around
Wirksworth, Matlock Bath, Bonsall, Cromford, Middleton, Kirk Ireton, Ashleyhay, Callow, Carsington, Hopton, Ible, Griffe Grange.
Use browser search function to find placename in the list. The OS reference range of each km2 is shown as SK 25x-59x.
SK 25x-59x
Bonsall Lane Farm, Blakelow Farm, Bonsall Lane, Blakelow Hill, Tower Lane, Beans and Bacon Mine, Bonsall Moor, Moor Farm.
SK 26x-59x
Tearsall Farm, Brightgate Farm, Brightgate, Cottage Farm, Bright Gate Farm, Blakelow Lane, Moorlands Lane
SK 27x-59x
Leawood Cottage, Lea Wood, Jughole Wood, Nailor Lane
SK 28x-59x
Masson, Hall Dale Quarry, Salters Lane, Masson Lees Farm, Quarry
SK 29x-59x
The Bungalow, Masson Mount, Seven Rakes, Matlock Bridge, Harveydale Quarry, Pic Tor, Old Matlock, Greenhills Farm, Shining Cliff, St Johns Road, The Shortlands, White Woods Way, Tor Rise, High Tor recreation Gardens, Masson farm, Dale Road, High Tor tunnel, High Tor
SK 25x-58x
Bonsallmoor Lane, Blakemere Lane, Whitelow Mines.
SK 26x-58x
Opencast Fluor-spar workings, Wellhead Lane, Moor Lane, Horse Dale, Bottom Leys Farm
SK 27x-58x
Puddle Hill, Yewtree Farm, The Dale, Arter Hill, Bonsall Dale, Horsedale, Horsedale farm, Hollies Farm, The Bank, Bell Lane, Yeoman Street, Yields Farm, High Street, Brumlea Farm, Chestnut Farm, Abel Lane, Uppertown Lane, Town Head, Town Head Farm, Croft Farm, Pounder Lane, Manor Farm, Manor Barn
SK 28x-58x
Masson Hill, Matlock Bath, Low Mine, Catstone Barn, Devonshire Cavern, Ember Farm, Ember Lane, Church Street, Upperwood reservoir
SK 29x-58x
Matlock Dale, High Tor, Fern Cave, High Tor Cavern, Great Masson Cavern, Victoria Prospect Tower, Long Tor, Great Rutland Cavern, Masson road, Brunswood Road, Hope Terrace, Holme Road, Heights of Abraham, Station, North Parade, Jubilee Bridge, West Bank, Temple Walk, Waterloo Road, Upperwood Road, Orchard Road, Hopping Pipe Mine, Heights of Jacob, Temple Road, South Parade, Petrifying Well, River Derwent, Station Quarry, Lovers walks, The Pavilion
SK 25x-57x
Whitelow Farm, Green Lane, Tophill Lane, Whitelow Lane, Cross Lane, Leys Farm, Whitecliffe Farm, Woodside Farm, Ible.
SK 26x-57x
Leys, Bonsall Mines, Lime Kiln, Leys Lane
SK 27x-57x
Byeway Lane, Slaley Lane, Puddle Hill Farm, Mowbray Farm, Study Farm, Opencast fluor spar workings, Slaley, Slaley Farm, Black Tor, Black Tor Road, Sunnyside Farm, Well Lane Farm, Parrish quarry, Bonsall Wood, Via Gellia, Via Gellia Colour Works, Via Gellia Road
SK 28x-57x
Bonsall, Herbert Lodge, Speedwell Mine, Town End Farm, Clatterway, Bonsall Mill, Bonsall Wood, Bonsall Wood Basalt Quarry, Via Gellia Mill, Balleye Quarry, Via Gellia, Ball Eye, Groaning Tor, Dunsley Mill, Bonsall Hollow, Slinter Tor, Slinter Wood
SK 29x-57x
Heights of Jacob, Gullivers Kingdom, Willersley Tunnel, Upperwood, Clifton Road, Petrifying Wells, Royal Cumberland Cavern, Wrapping, Willersley Farm, Hagg Wood, Cromford Court, Derby Road, Masson Mills, Cat Tor, Willersley Castle, Annexe, Willersley Cottage, Home Farm, Lodge, Bonsall Hollow, Via Gellia, Harp Edge, Scarthin Nick, Scarthin Rock
SK 25x-56x
Griffe Grange
Woodside Farm, Wood Lane, Bruns Wood, Griffe Grange Valley, Ible Wood, Griffe Grange Farm, Hopton Wood, Marks Dale, Griffe Wood.
SK 26x-56x
Cotterhole Quarry, Marl House, Bonsall Wood, Hollowchurch Way, Ible Wood, Dunsley Springs, Nimblejack, Woodland Cottage, New Road
SK 27x-56x
Water Lane, Queen Street, Chapel Lane, Stile Croft, Churchill Avenue, King Street, Duke Street, Burrows Lane, Stitchen Lane, Longload, Goodluck Mine, Gells Mine, Middleton Wood, Bowlpit Mine, Via Gellia Road
SK 28x-56x
Alabaster Lane, Portobello Mine, Nogg Mine, Longload Lane, Dene Quarry, Dean Hollow, California Mine
SK 29x-56x
Scarthin, Water Lane, Cromwell Hill, Aquaduct, Mill Road, Rock house, Rose End Avenue, St Marks Close, Hawthorn Drive, Beech walk, North Street, Allens Hill, Ashes Farm, Intake Lane, Alison House, Cromford, Tor View rise, Bedehouse Lane, Newclose Farm, Barnwell Lane, Cromford Hill, Moorside, Bakers Lane, Pine Springs, Cromford and High Peak Quarry
SK 25x-55x
Chariot Mine, Griffe Grange, Pearsons Farm.
SK 26x-55x
Hopton Quarries, Middleton Moor, Snake Mine, Pearsons plantation, Arm Lees Farm, Bradwell Mines
SK 27x-55x
Rise End
New Hopton-Wood Stone Quarry, Middleton Moor, Rains Lane, The Moor, Hoptonwoodstone Quarry, Hillside, Main Street, Middleton, Willowdene Farm, The Old Vicarage, Intake Quarry, Redhill Quarry, Middleton Top
SK 28x-55x
Steeple Grange
Dark Lane, Darklane quarry, Porter Lane, Rise End, Ireland Farm, Rantertackers Mine, Coal Hills Quarry, High Peak Trail, Malthouse Close, Steeple Grange, Ravenstor Mine, Middle Peak, Middle Peak Quarry, Middlepeak, Colehill Quarry, Old Lane
SK 29x-55x
Black Rock Cottages, Botanybay, Gratton's Parlour, Dimons Dale, Black Rock, Barreledge Quarry, Cromfordmoor Mine, Big Plantation, Cromford Moor, Barrel Edge, Oakerthorpe Road, Nan Gells Hill, New road, Wigwellnook Farm, Bolehill Road, The Lanes, Bolehill, Sough Lane
SK 25x-54x
Griffe Grange, Eniscloud Farm, Ivet Low, Eniscloud Barn, Old Knoll.
SK 26x-54x
Moor Farm, High Peak Trail, Hopton tunnel, Gallows Knoll, Nile Mine, Yokecliffe Rake Mines
SK 27x-54x
Standing stone, Dalefield Mine, Broxendale Farm, Intake Quarry
SK 28x-54x
Middlepeak, Ravenstor Road, Cromford Road, Gilkin View, Merebrooksough Mine, Sough Lane, Wirksworth, Greenhill, The Dale, cemetery Lane, Dale Quarry, Harrison Drive, Chapel Lane, North End, Middle Peak Quarry, Norbreck Farm, Bowling Green Lane, Coldwell Street
SK 29x-54x
Lant Close Farm, Little Bolehill, Bolehill, Sough Lane, George Mine, Sitch Mine, Oakerthorpe Road, Ash Farm, Little Bolehill, Stoney Hill, Malt Shovel Farm, Washgreen, Moor Farm
SK 25x-53x
Kings Chair, Stone Dene, Doglow Wood, Carsington Pasture, Old Jacob's Mine, Carsington Wood, Carsington, Bank House, Wash Farm, Hopton Hall, Home Farm, Hopton, Pingle Lane.
SK 26x-53x
Tiremare Lane, Foxcloud plantation, Oldgells Mine, Smithycove Mine, Newclose Mine, Quickset Mine, Sycamore Farm, Twigs plantation, Henmore Grange, Stainsbro Hall
SK 27x-53x
Boulderflats Mine, Yokecliffe Wood, Yokecliffe Mine, Windmill farm, Godfreyhole, The Beeches, Yokecliffe Rake Mines, Summer Lane, Dream Mine
SK 28x-53x
Coldwell Street, West End, St Johns Street, Gate House, Yoke Cliffe, Yokecliffe Hill, Yokecliffe Drive, Warmbrook, Wood Street, Nether Green, Canterbury Road, Yokecliffe Avenue, Yokecliffe Crescent, Swaines meadow, Summer Drive, Summer Lane, Canterbury Terrace, Brooklands Avenue, Pittywood Road, Ladyflatts Road, Recreation Road, Stafford Crescent, King George Street, Oat Hill, Rope Close, Willowbath Lane, Ian Avenue, Slater Crescent, Bournebrook Avenue, Gorsey Bank, Chequers Farm, Speedwell Mill, Recreation Ground
SK 29x-53x
Washgreen, Over Hannages Farm, Gilkin Rise, Mill House, Hollywell Cottage, The Gilkin, Wirksworth, St Helens Lane, Breamfield Lane, Breamfield, Breamfields Farm, Breamfields Cottage Farm, Boggarts Inn Farm, Boggarts Inn Cottage, Gorseybank, Brookwall Farm, Hardhurst
SK 25x-52x
Big Covert, Hall Wood.
SK 26x-52x
Carr Wood, Stainsbro Lane, Soldiers Knoll, Stainsbro Quarry, Hasker Farm, Cottage Farm, Upper House Farm, Callow
SK 27x-52x
Sprink Wood, Pitty Wood, Pittywood Farm, Rough Pitty Side, Round meadow farm, Rough Pitty Wood, Millers Green Farm, Callow Lane, Cathole Wood, Over Wood, Hollow Wood, Callow Carr Farm, Nether Bottom Wood
SK 28x-52x
Millers Green
Speedwell Mill, Chequers Farm, Millers Green, Snowfield View, Barrel Farm, Haarlem Mill, Adam Bedes Crescent, Hob Hall, Derby Road, Hob Wood, Stonebridge Farm
SK 29x-52x
Hardhurst Farm, Hay Lane, Tippers Gorse, Doves Wood, Pratthall Lane, Doveswood Farm, Holehouse Farm
SK 25x-51x
Old Quarry, Top Wood, Warrington Knob, Paddock Wood, Sitch Farm, Lendow Wood.
SK 26x-51x
Callow, Callow Hall, Carr Bank, Paddock Wood farm, Sitch Lane, Carr Wood, Callow Moor Farm, Callow Quarry, Rams Carr, Moor Lane, Halfmoon Lane, Moorside, Rough Rams
SK 27x-51x
Rough Rams Carr, Topshill Wood, Winnowing Piece plantation, Fishpond plantation, Lower Duns Carr, Falla plantation, Topshill Brook, Falls plantation, Parkhill Wood, The kennels, Dark Lane, Sunnybank Wood, Jack Wood, Little Close Wood
SK 28x-51x
Callow Park Farm, The Hawthorns, Beighton Hill Farm, Millbank Wood, Alton Manor Farm, Millbank cottages, Bateman Bridge, Big plantation, Alton Manor, Ecclesbourne River
SK 29x-51x
Griff Villa, New Buildings Farm, Duckpool, Ashleyhay, Taylors Lane, Hillside Farm, Beighton Hill, Hillsides, Malins Common Lane, Toplas Farm, Storer Farm, Storer Lane, Lane End, Spendlove Farm, Little Mallards, Lane End Farm
SK 25x-50x
Upperfield Farm, Oldfield Lane, New Buildings Farm, Linnows, Benthead Lane, Hays Lane, The Riddings Farm, Pen Carr, Broom Lane.
SK 26x-50x
Kirk Ireton
Kirk Ireton, Gorsey Lane, Town End Farm, Ivy Cottage, Green Cottage, Main Street, Coffin Lane, Hemp Yard, Rectory Lane, Blythe House, Wirksworth Road, Moorside Farm, Moorside, Cottage-in-the-meadow, Blind Lane, Windmill Farm, Moorside Spring Farm, Topshill Lane
SK 27x-50x
Rough Rams Carr, Wapentake Lane, Lower duns Carr, Rushy plantation, Duns Carr, Plymparlour plantation, Wapentake plantation, Gate Farm, Quarry Wood, Tinkerley Lane, Pearl Well Farm, Hob Lane, Bottoms Wood, Alton Nether Farm, Tinkerly Farm, Alton Hall
SK 28x-50x
Alton Manor, Alton Manor Lodge, Milepost plantation, Barnsley Lane, Barleyhill plantation, Barley Hill, Barleyhill Wood, Alton Cottage, Alton Mill Farm
SK 29x-50x
Brownhouse Farm, Brownhouse Wood, Norman Hill Farm, Hilltop, Gibbet Wood

25-59 26-59 27-59 28-59 29-59 25-58 26-58 27-58 28-58 29-58 25-57 26-57 27-57 28-57 29-57 25-56 26-56 27-56 28-56 29-56 25-55 26-55 27-55 28-55 29-55 25-54 26-54 27-54 28-54 29-54 25-53 26-53 27-53 28-53 29-53 25-52 26-52 27-52 28-52 29-52 25-51 26-51 27-51 28-51 29-51 25-50 26-50 27-50 28-50 29-50

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