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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Credit Crunch 1758

    Hi list,
    A document presumably prepared for the printers (it says 500 copies wanted ) gives an insight into the cost of removals in the eighteenth century. The document is undated but found among papers c1758-59. It relates to charges and cost for the removal of vagrants and possibly similar if not same charges would be applicable to those who had become chargeable to parishes and were removed under Removal orders.. it would seem that travel by horse was the preferred method as nothing is mentioned about carts being used. The crunch came when riding the horse.

      RATES FOR CONVEYING VAGRANTS Every vagrant by the head, for every mile 2d For maintenance at night if above 14 years 6d For maintenance at night if under 14 years 4d -- For ever horse charges at night 6d For every night the Constable is out 1s-0d For every originall Pass and Examination 2s-0d For signing a continuation of a Pass 0-0-0d For every receipt 6d Every Constable is to carry Two Vagrants upon one Horse. Nothing to be allowed for any Night expences unless the Constable do carry them upwards of twelve miles.

    So now if you have anyone being a vagrant and moved from one parish to another in the late 1750's you can picture them huddled up to and holding one another two on one horse.

    mike Spencer

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