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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Volunteers from the Derbyshire Regiment 1813

R.Sims emailed:
"Searching the National Archives site for background on the Heage area I wandered to something else whilst having a coffee. Because a reference to Wirksworth was noticed I copied the details. I don't remember these lists anywhere on your site so I could not resist sending them to you. It's rather long but interesting to all Derbyshire fans. Glad to see none of my lot were daft (or Brave) enough to volunteer. Hope it's of some use.

Many thanks.

Derbyshire Militia

    Enlistments into the Regular Army at Dover, December 1813 In November 1813 Parliament passed the last in a series of Acts that allowed a quota of men serving in the County Militias to volunteer to enlist into the Regular Army. At this time the Derbyshire Militia was stationed at Dover in Kent and the following month, on 16th December 1813, 269 men took advantage of the Act and enlisted into the Regular Army. A list of the men who had enlisted was sent back to Derbyshire and published in the local newspaper The Derby Mercury on Wednesday, January 12th, 1814 (no. 4262). The list is reproduced below with any matches to the Soldiers Service Documents in WO 97 included. The muster books and pay lists for the Derbyshire Militia in 1813 are at WO 13/463 Those men that enlisted into the 1st Foot Guards (listed as Guards), Royal Staff Corps (listed as Staff Corps) and the Royal Waggon Train may well have seen action at Waterloo as the 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the 1st Foot Guards and the other two units were present at the battle in 1815. Those men that enlisted into the 53rd Foot with almost certainly have joined the 2nd Battalion (the 1st Battalion then being in India) as the battalion had been severely depleted whilst fighting with Wellington in the Peninsular War and six cadre companies had returned to England in 1812 to recruit. These companies subsequently rejoined Wellington in 1814 and the entire battalion saw further action at the Battle of Toulouse in April 1814. Subsequently in 1816 the battalion was entrusted with guarding Napoleon on St Helena and sailed to the island with him.

    Derbyshire Militia
    An Alphabetical List of the Volunteers from the Derbyshire Regiment of Militia, Enlisted under the Act of the 54th of the King, chap. 1 stating the Parish and Hundred each was serving for, and the Regiment into which they have enlisted; taken at Dover the 16th Dec. 1813

    Hundred of Scarsdale Rank and Names Parishes Regiment TNA Reference serving for to which Volunteered
  • Serjeants James Bradbury Guards WO 97/157/7 Isaac Harrison Ditto WO 97/176/55 James Marshall Ditto George Townsend Ditto WO 97/213/137 John Tempest Ditto
  • Corporal Richard Berrisford Staff Corps
  • Privates George Barker Norton Guards Samuel Beswick Ashover Ditto John Bradley Staveley 53d Foot Eben. Cornthwaite Alfreton Staff Corps William Dawson Brimington Guards WO 97/165/140 George Gregory Calow 53d Foot James Harrison Dore & Totley Ditto Joseph Hodkin Barlbro' Guards Joseph Hibbert Chesterfield Staff Corps WO 97/1175/62 William Jordan Ditto Guards WO 97/183/101 John Lee Walton Staff Corps George Mason Shirland Ditto John Needham Whitwell Guards George Owen Mosbro' Ditto Samuel Osbourne Pilsley Ditto William Poyzier Alfreton Staff Corps John Pegg Beighton Guards Robert Simpson Alfreton Ditto Thomas Searston Blackwall Ditto Robert Titley Staveley Ditto Humphry Taylor Shirland Ditto Thomas White Ashover Staff Corps WO 97/1177/184 William Ward Ditto Guards Hundred of High Peak Rank and Names Parishes Regiment TNA Reference serving for to which Volunteered
  • Privates Joseph Ashton Wormhill 53d Foot William Bromley Winster Guards John Bickerstaff Whitfield Ditto Edward Curedale Bradwell Ditto WO 97/164/150 Lawrence Cash Boden Chapel Waggon Train Samuel Castledine Darley Staff Corps George Crowder Ditto Ditto WO 97/1174/158 George Dale Flagg Guards William Edgerton Glossop Staff Corps George Elliott Tideswell Guards James Fox Stoney Middleton 53d Foot George Fleeming Winster 9th Foot John Garside Castleton Guards Benjamin Goddard Eyam Ditto Thomas Hamm Charlesworth 53d Foot WO 97/344/14 Thomas Linguard Welstone & Grindlow Staff Corps WO 97/1175/185 Matthew Monks Basslow Ditto WO 97/1176/73 John Morehouse Great Hamlet Guards Jonathan Moss Youlgreave Staff Corps WO 97/1176/84 Joseph Needham Glossop 53d Foot John Newton Ludworth Guards John Revitt Nether Padley Ditto Isaac Shawcross Great Longston 43d Foot John Trowers Winster Staff Corps Abram Wood Mellor Guards Daniel Wilson Curbar Staff Corps James Winterbottom Monyash Guards Hundred of Wirksworth Rank and Names Parishes Regiment TNA Reference serving for to which Volunteered
  • Privates Richard Cathrin Parwich Guards John Crossley Wensley Ditto WO 97/164/104 Robert Dethick Brassington Ditto William Ferdin Bonsall Ditto John Fogg Elton Ditto William Fox Tissington Staff Corps John Greener Bradbourne Guards John Marson Wirksworth Ditto Adam Oldham Hartington Qr. 53d Foot John Revell Cromford Staff Corps George Shipley Bonsall 19th Foot William Wisten Brassington 53d Foot Thomas Worrall Wensley Ditto Hundred of Repton and Gresley Rank and Names Parishes Regiment TNA Reference serving for to which Volunteered
  • Privates Samuel Amatt Ticknall Guards Joseph Hill Stanton & Newhall 19th Foot Samuel Mason Repton Staff Corps John Riley Ditto Guards WO 97/203/78 Joseph Stringer Ticknall 19th Foot Hundred of Morleston and Litchurch Rank and Names Parishes Regiment TNA Reference serving for to which Volunteered
  • Privates William Bryan Heanor Guards John Brown Horsley Staff Corps Francis Calladine Kilbourne Ditto Thomas Church Denby 53d Foot John Calladine St.Alkmund, Dby Guards William Collier All Saints, Dby Ditto William Davies St.Michael, Dby Staff Corps William Dodd St.Werburgh,Dby Guards Thomas Egleshaw Morley 53d Foot James Elliott St.Michael, Dby Staff Corps Samuel Hatton Horsley Guards John Hulse Heanor Ditto John Lawrence Codnor Park Ditto Richard Newhall All Saints, Dby 53d Foot Samuel Ogle Ockbrook Guards WO 97/197/26 John Parkin Ripley Ditto Joseph Percival All Saints, Dby Staff Corps William Rainfoot Egginton Guards William Roebuck Elvaston & Boulton 53d Foot WO 97/347/9 Samuel Smith Horsley Ditto John Skidmoor Long Eaton Guards William Street Pentridge Staff Corps John Todd Egginton Guards WO 97/213/99 Joseph Taylor Kirk Langley Ditto George Watson All Saints, Dby Ditto WO 97/215/182 John Wathall Kilburne 19th Foot Richard Wathall Smalley Guards Jonathan Walker Mackworth Ditto John Yeomans Crich Ditto Hundred of Appletree Rank and Names Parishes Regiment TNA Reference serving for to which Volunteered
  • Privates Thomas Arnold Brailsford Staff Corps William Adams Church Broughton Guards George Bridgford Boylston Ditto Richard Blinkham Dalbery Lees Ditto Thomas Fletcher Alderwasley Ditto William Goonatt Holbrook 53d Foot Thomas Haywood Hilton Guards WO 97/177/2 Thomas Harris Scropton & Foston Ditto WO 97/176/46 Thomas Jackson Spondon 53d Foot John Kitley Duffield Guards Charles Murray Shirley Ditto WO 97/194/133 James Pass Edlaston & Wyaston Staff Corps George Prince Alderwasley &c. 53d Foot John Ride Belper Staff Corps Timothy Richards Kedleston Ditto William Sears Shottle & Pastern Ditto Matthew Seal Duffield 53d Foot Ralph Spencer Itheridge Hay Staff Corps George Skidmoor Shottle & Pastern Guards WO 97/208/91 Joseph Turner Heage Ditto WO 97/214/58 William Wedge Ditto Waggon Train Men raised by Beat of Drum, who are not placed to, or serving for any Parish Rank and Names Regiment TNA Reference to which Volunteered
  • Privates Samuel Abells Guards Thomas Austin Ditto John Bullock Staff Corps WO 97/1174/89 John Booth Guards Thomas Brearley Staff Corps William Brown Guards Thomas Bowman Ditto George Broadhead 53d Foot Joseph Bowers 53d Foot William Bellby Guards Samuel Booth Staff Corps WO 97/1174/60 William Beardshaw Ditto Samuel Birks 53d Foot Francis Bowley 53d Foot John Bowley 53d Foot Thomas Bromley Staff Corps William Bailey Guards Edward Briscoe Staff Corps Thomas Broadbent Guards William Broadby 53d Foot Benjamin Battey 53d Foot William Clark Guards John Caby Staff Corps John Clark 53d Foot Ruben Cocker Guards Thomas Cox Ditto John Cooper Ditto Samuel Dawes Ditto William Daft Staff Corps George Dickinson Guards WO 97/166/69 Charles Dodd 53d Foot Thomas Davies 43d Foot Thomas Daft 53d Foot WO 97/570/34 Thomas Deaman Staff Corps Samuel Dale Guards WO 97/165/14 Thomas Dunnecliff 53d Foot William Dakin 53d Foot William Elliott Guards Thomas Everitt 9th Foot William Eley 43d Foot William Foster 53d Foot John Grundy Staff Corps Robert Glover 53d Foot Robert Goulding Staff Corps Stephen Gilman Guards William Gibbons 53d Foot William Goodwin Guards WO 97/352/101 Joseph Gellott Ditto James Glover 19th Foot Charles Hague Guards Saml. Harrington Staff Corps Thomas Hood Ditto Thomas Hoolley Guards Thomas Harvey Ditto Luke Hardy Ditto William Hardy Ditto WO 97/176/5 Thomas Holmes Ditto Joseph Hardy Staff Corps James Hunt 19th Foot William Hitchcock Guards William Houlton Staff Corps William Ironmonger Ditto Ralph Jones Guards William Jordan 2d Ditto WO 97/183/101 Joseph Kerry Staff Corps John Keetley Ditto William Kibbey Ditto John Leadbeater Guards Thomas Lowe 53d Foot George Maycock Guards Joseph Maltby Staff Corps John Marshall Guards John Maycock Staff Corps John Measures Ditto Samuel Maltby Guards Francis Murrall Staff Corps George Morgan Guards John Mills Ditto William Mears 53d Foot Francis Marson 53d Foot John Newton Staff Corps William Nailor Guards John Nixon Staff Corps George Prichard Ditto Andrew Pearson Guards Charles Penny Ditto Henry Pedley Staff Corps Philip Parkes Guards WO 97/198/67 John Porter 53d Foot William Pimm Guards WO 97/200/58 Samuel Potter Guards Joseph Pallett Guards WO 97/198/22 James Redfern Ditto Benj. Robinson 19th Foot James Richardson 53d Foot Wm. Richardson 19th Foot Jasper Robinson Guards John Raworth Staff Corps John Robinson 1st 53d Foot John Robinson 2nd Guards John Slack Staff Corps John Swindall Guards Simon Stainsby Ditto WO 97/210/113 James Scott 53d Foot Samuel Swindall Guards John Skellett 53d Foot WO 97/574/123 William Smith 53d Foot Thomas Smith Guards Samuel Sadler Ditto William Smithurst Ditto John Sewell 43d Foot Samuel Saxton Staff Corps Charles Simkinson Guards John Skidmoor Guards WO 97/208/92 Abraham Smith Ditto James Subdin 53d Foot William Thorpe Staff Corps William Thornhill Guards Matthew Thornhill 53d Foot George Taylor 19th Foot James Tabbs 53d Foot Robert Thorne 53d Foot James Townsend 53d Foot WO 97/503/54 Richard Twist 53d Foot WO 97/668/39 William Tucker Guards WO 97/214/16 WO 97/1080/14 Joseph Worrall Ditto Rich. Wood Waggon Train John Warner Guards Jos. Worthington Staff Corps Robert Wild Ditto William Webster Ditto Samuel Whitcroft Guards John Woodward Staff Corps William Wilkinson Ditto Charles Wilson Ditto Thomas Wilson Ditto James Woolley 53rd Foot Henry Wortley 53d Foot Thomas Wright 53d Foot N.B. The whole of the men for the Guards entered the 1st Regiment. T. Bilbie, Major, Commanding Officer Retrieved from "http://yourarchives.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ index.php?title=Derbyshire_Militia: _Enlistments_into_the_Regular_Army_at_Dover%2C_December_1813" Categories: Army personnel | Derbyshire | Napoleonic Wars

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