Derbyshire Dialect

Sadly, as times marches by, the famous Derbyshire drawl is diminishing. Here's a few phrases to jog your memory of our illustrious past!

Derbyshire born, Derbyshire bred, strong int arm - an quick in t'ead..

Abide - 'Ah canner abide 'em.' To endure, (I can't stand them)
Ah'd gorrallon - I'd got all on. I was hard pressed
Ah wer all of a shek! - I was all of a shake, I was trembling
Battin' - Moving fast, as in: 'Eh wer battin' along!'
Blobbed - Stuck out, as in 'Shey blobbed 'er tongue aht ut mey!'
Causey - Pavement
Chunter - To complain, mumble.
Clonk - To hit. 'It clonked me ont th'ead'
Dob im one on! - Hit him!
Dunna gerrum gooin'! - Don't upset them.
Dunna wittle! - Don't worry.
Eh fell ova is-sen - He was eager. 'Eh fell ova is-sen te gerra better view'
Eh's gorra munk on - He's in a bad mood.
Firk - To scratch in an agitated manner
Flit - To move house
Fun - Found: as in 'Ah fun that photo up int loft'
Ganzi - Pullover or sweater
Gerraht! - Get out!
Gone-aht! - Surprised, as in 'Eh lowked gone-aht ut mey'
Is it woth ote? - Is it worth anything?
It's nowt te dow wi' mey - It's nothing to do with me
Keen - Stinging, smarting, as in: 'It caught me ont arm, an' it cum keen an' all'
Let dog say t'rabbit - Make room.
Let's be raight - Let us look at the situation truthfully.
Nar din't ah tell thee it shun't be bent in't middle...
Nar din't ah tell thee it shun't be bent in't middle...

Mank abaht - To mess about, fool around.
Mend t'fire - Put some more coal on the fire
Namor - No More. 'Ah've towd yuh, an' ah'll tell yuh namor
Owd yer sweat! - Take it easy, calm down
Piggle - To work away at something with the fingers.
Pumps - Gym shoes
Raight as a cart - In fine fettle
Rammel - Worthless rubbish.
Scrat-up - Shortage of money, as in: 'Ah maniged te gi'e 'em ther bus-fares, burrit wer a scrat-up'
Sustificate - A certificate
Tat-ar - An ordeal, a bad time, as in: 'Ah've ad a raight tat-ar in them shops this mornin!
Taitered - Exhausted
Up te press - Up to now, up to present time
Utch up! - Move a little, budge yourself
Wang - To throw

If you know of any famous Derbyshire expressions - please e-mail them into us and we'll include them on this page!

Extracts from the series of books 'Ey Up Mi Duck' by Richard Scollins and John Titford. By kind permission of John Titford. All Ey Up Mi Duck books have been out of print for many years, but in the Autumn of 2001 a reprint of key material of all three parts is planned.

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