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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Derbyshire Place-name Index

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.
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Ap=Appletree, HP=High Peak, ML=Morleyston & Litchurch, RG=Repton & Gresley, Sc=Scarsdale, Wi=Wirksworth (jp)=joint parish.
PLACE-NAME (Parish code-PARISH-Hundred)
Packhorse (2-Alderwasley-Ap) Packington (parish) (234-Packington-RG) Paddock Fm (309-West Hallam-ML) Paddock Wood (14-Aston-HP) Padfield (128-Glossop-HP) Padley Hall (247-Ripley-ML) Padley Wood (211-Morton-Sc) Padley, Upper (144-Hathersage-HP) Painter's Lane (326-Yeldersley-Ap) Painters Way (320-Winster-HP) Palefence Fm (261-Shottle & Postern (jp)-Ap) Palethorpe Fm (199-Matlock-Wi) Palmer Moor (98-Doveridge-Ap) Palmerston Wood (232-Over Haddon-HP) Palterton (254-Scarcliffe-Sc) Panniers Pool (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Paper Ho (282-Sturston-Ap) Papermill Cottage (190-Longford-Ap) Paradise (203-Mellor-HP) Paradise (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Paradise Fm (42-Bradwell-HP) Parcel Terrace (93-Derby-ML) Park Brook (--) Park Cottage (205-Mickleover-ML) Park Farm Cottages (80-Codnor Park-ML) Park Field Ho (226-Offcote & Underwood (jp)-Wi) Park Fm (210-Morley-ML) Park Fm (41-Bradley-Ap) Park Fm (40-Bradbourne-Wi) Park Fm (184-Little Eaton-ML) Park Fm (284-Sutton cum Duckmanton (jp)-Sc) Park Hall (21-Barlborough-Sc) Park Hall (92-Denby-ML) Park Hall (146-Hayfield-HP) Park Hall (304-Walton-Sc) Park Hall Fm (195-Mapperley-Ap) Park Head (83-Crich-ML) Park Hill (110-Egginton-ML) Park Lane (240-Pinxton-Sc) Park Leys (103-Duffield-Ap) Park Lodge (83-Crich-ML) Park Lodge (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Park Mill (105-Eckington-Sc) Park Nook (242-Quarndon-ML) Park Plantation (11-Ashford-HP) Park Road (10-Ashbourne-Wi) Park, The (103-Duffield-Ap) Park, The (114-Elvaston-ML) Park, The (118-Fairfield-HP) Park, The (171-Ilkeston-ML) Park, The (Belper) (30-Belper-Ap) Parkbank Wood (27-Beauchief-Sc) Parker's Bridge (257-Shipley-ML) Parker's Lane (97-Dore-Sc) Parker's Wood (277-Staveley-Sc) Parkfield (91-Darley Abbey-ML) Parkfield (11-Ashford-HP) Parkfield Fm (257-Shipley-ML) Parkfield Lane (266-Snelston-Ap) Parkfields, West (93-Derby-ML) Parkgate (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Parkgate Fm (277-Staveley-Sc) Parkhouse Fm (239-Pilsley-Sc) Parkhouse Fm (277-Staveley-Sc) Parkhouse Hill (137-Hartington Middle Quarter-Wi) Parkin Field (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Parklane Plantation (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Parkside (166-Hulland Ward-Ap) Parkside Wood (212-Nether Haddon-HP) Parksides Brook (--) Parkstile Fm (190-Longford-Ap) Parsley Hay Fm (137-Hartington Middle Quarter-Wi) Parson's Folly, The (21-Barlborough-Sc) Parson's Ho (97-Dore-Sc) Parson's Wood (223-Norton-Sc) Parwich (parish) (235-Parwich-Wi) Parwich Hill (235-Parwich-Wi) Parwich Lees (235-Parwich-Wi) Parwichmoor (235-Parwich-Wi) Pasture Barn (122-Flagg-HP) Pasture Barn (45-Brassington-Wi) Pasture Ho (259-Shirland & Higham (jp)-Sc) Pasture Lane (34-Blackwell-Sc) Pasture Tops (119-Fenny Bentley-Wi) Pasture Wood (66-Charlesworth-HP) Pastures (205-Mickleover-ML) Pastures, The (180-Kirk Langley-ML) Patchett Wood (96-Dethick,Lea & Holloway (jp)-Wi) Peacock Hotel (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Peacock Inn (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Peacock Inn (44-Brampton-Sc) Peacroft Lane (153-Hilton-Ap) Peak (--) Peak Cavern (62-Castleton-HP) Peak Forest (--) Peak Forest (parish) (236-Peak Forest-HP) Peak Naze (66-Charlesworth-HP) Peak Tor (132-Great Rowsley-HP) Peakley Hill, (22-Barlow-Sc) Peaknaze Moor (66-Charlesworth-HP) Peakshill (236-Peak Forest-HP) Peakshole Water (--) Peakway (235-Parwich-Wi) Pearce Lane (318-Wingerworth-Sc) Pearce Wood (318-Wingerworth-Sc) Pearson's Fm (161-Hopton & Griffe Grange (jp)-Wi) Pearson's Wood (105-Eckington-Sc) Pearson's Wood (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Peartree (221-Normanton-RG) Peasehill (247-Ripley-ML) Peaslows (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Peasunhurst (13-Ashover-Sc) Peat Moor (106-Edale-HP) Peat Pits (2-Alderwasley-Ap) Peathays (260-Shirley-Ap) Peathill (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Peatmoss Plantation (43-Brailsford-Ap) Peatpits Brook (--) Pebleygrove Fm (21-Barlborough-Sc) Pecklant (13-Ashover-Sc) Pedlicote (236-Peak Forest-HP) Peep o' Day (188-Litton-HP) Peglant (13-Ashover-Sc) Pell's Dam (118-Fairfield-HP) Pen Carr (179-Kirk Ireton-Wi) Pendleton Brook (--) Penfold (166-Hulland Ward-Ap) Penmore Ho (70-Chesterfield-Sc) Pennilow (139-Hartington Town Quarter-Wi) Pennock Hiron Fm (30-Belper-Ap) Penny Green (314-Whitwell-Sc) Pennytown (4-Alfreton-Sc) Pennyunk Lane (11-Ashford-HP) Pennywaste (125-Foston & Scropton (jp)-Ap) Pentrich (parish) (237-Pentrich-ML) Pentrich Mill (237-Pentrich-ML) Pentrich-common Quarry (237-Pentrich-ML) Pentrichlane-end (237-Pentrich-ML) Perryfoot (236-Peak Forest-HP) Pessall Pits (85-Croxall-RG) Peter Dale (312-Wheston-HP) Peter More (314-Whitwell-Sc) Peter Wood (22-Barlow-Sc) Peter's Stone (306-Wardlow-HP) Pethills (181-Kniveton-Wi) Petticoat Lane (35-Bolsover-Sc) Petty Close (180-Kirk Langley-ML) Pettyclose Lane (290-Tapton-Sc) Peveril Castle (62-Castleton-HP) Pewit (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Pewithall Fm (239-Pilsley-Sc) Philadelphia (142-Hasland-Sc) Phoebe Croft (159-Hope-HP) Phoenix Inn (105-Eckington-Sc) Phoside Fm (146-Hayfield-HP) Piccadilly Fm (290-Tapton-Sc) Pickard Lane (149-Heage-Ap) Pickard's Baulk (2-Alderwasley-Ap) Picker Storth Fm (44-Brampton-Sc) Pickering Cave (217-Newton Grange-Wi) Pickering Wood (212-Nether Haddon-HP) Pickerings (191-Ludworth-HP) Pig Tor (199-Matlock-Wi) Pig Tor (133-Green Fairfield-HP) Piggin Wood (225-Ockbrook-ML) Pighills Lane (79-Coal Aston-Sc) Pike Ho (293-Thorpe-Wi) Pike Low (95-Derwent-HP) Pike's Fm (128-Glossop-HP) Pikehall (138-Hartington Nether Quarter-Wi) Pilhough (272-Stanton (in Peak)-HP) Pilldock Wood (243-Radbourne-Ap) Pillwell Gate (69-Chelmorton-HP) Pilsbury (139-Hartington Town Quarter-Wi) Pilsbury Castle Hills (139-Hartington Town Quarter-Wi) Pilsley (parish) (238-Pilsley-HP) Pilsley (parish) (239-Pilsley-Sc) Pilsley Green (239-Pilsley-Sc) Pin Dale (62-Castleton-HP) Pinch, The (104-Eaton & Alsop (jp)-Wi) Pinder's Rocks (45-Brassington-Wi) Pinelow Plantation (104-Eaton & Alsop (jp)-Wi) Pinfold (97-Dore-Sc) Pinfold (209-Monyash-HP) Pinfold (191-Ludworth-HP) Pinfold (298-Totley-Sc) Pinfold (6-Allestree-ML) Pinfold (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Pinfold (105-Eckington-Sc) Pinfold (112-Elmton-Sc) Pinfold Fm (246-Repton-RG) Pinfold, The (138-Hartington Nether Quarter-Wi) Pingle Ho (30-Belper-Ap) Pingle Lane (149-Heage-Ap) Pingle Wood (231-Outseats-HP) Pingle, The (105-Eckington-Sc) Pinxton (parish) (240-Pinxton-Sc) Piper Ho (97-Dore-Sc) Piper Lane (44-Brampton-Sc) Pippenwell Road (69-Chelmorton-HP) Pipworth Lane (105-Eckington-Sc) Pistern Hill (265-Smisby-RG) Pistol (203-Mellor-HP) Pit Lane (294-Tibshelf-Sc) Pit Lane (15-Aston upon Trent-ML) Pitchard Green (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Pittle Mere (296-Tideswell-HP) Pitty Wood (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Placket Lane (320-Winster-HP) Plainsteads (66-Charlesworth-HP) Plaistow (83-Crich-ML) Plaistow Green (83-Crich-ML) Plant Lane (253-Sawley & Wilsthorpe (jp)-ML) Pleasley (parish) (241-Pleasley-Sc) Pleasley Park (241-Pleasley-Sc) Plex Fm (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Ploverhill (290-Tapton-Sc) Plumbley (105-Eckington-Sc) Plumbley Lane (105-Eckington-Sc) Plumbleywood Lane (105-Eckington-Sc) Plumpton (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Pocknedge (44-Brampton-Sc) Podnor (203-Mellor-HP) Poker's Leys (295-Ticknall-RG) Pole Lane (215-New Mills-HP) Pond Ho (35-Bolsover-Sc) Pond Plantation (284-Sutton cum Duckmanton (jp)-Sc) Pondhouse Fm (277-Staveley-Sc) Pondwell Corner (49-Brimington-Sc) Pool Close (226-Offcote & Underwood (jp)-Wi) Pool Hall (139-Hartington Town Quarter-Wi) Pool's Lane (277-Staveley-Sc) Pool, The (202-Melbourne-RG) Poole's Cavern (52-Burbage-HP) Pools Brook (--) Pools Head (43-Brailsford-Ap) Poolsbrook (277-Staveley-Sc) Poorlots Quarries (13-Ashover-Sc) Poors Wood (179-Kirk Ireton-Wi) Popecarr (199-Matlock-Wi) Popples (215-New Mills-HP) Portaway Mine (113-Elton-Wi) Porter Lane (207-Middleton by Wirksworth-Wi) Porter St (277-Staveley-Sc) Porter's Barn (23-Barrow upon Trent-ML) Porter's Bridge (255-Shardlow & Great Wilne (jp)-ML) Porter's Lane (46-Breadsall-Ap) Porter's Lane (121-Findern-ML) Porterhouse Fm (247-Ripley-ML) Portland Cottage (314-Whitwell-Sc) Portland Ho (35-Bolsover-Sc) Portobello (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Portobello Mine (207-Middleton by Wirksworth-Wi) Portway (3) (155-Holbrook-Ap) Portway (3) (--) Portway Head (283-Sudbury-Ap) Postern (261-Shottle & Postern (jp)-Ap) Postern Hill (261-Shottle & Postern (jp)-Ap) Potlock Fm (121-Findern-ML) Potlock Ho (121-Findern-ML) Potlocks (243-Radbourne-Ap) Potlocks Cottage (205-Mickleover-ML) Potluck (296-Tideswell-HP) Potter Row (171-Ilkeston-ML) Potter Somersal (283-Sudbury-Ap) Potter's Wood (214-Netherseal-RG) Pottery Fm (30-Belper-Ap) Pouchmouth (159-Hope-HP) Poulter, River (--) Poulterwell Lane (254-Scarcliffe-Sc) Pounder Lane (36-Bonsall-Wi) Povey Fm (79-Coal Aston-Sc) Poynton Wood (223-Norton-Sc) Poyntoncross Ho (130-Great Hucklow-HP) Pratthall (44-Brampton-Sc) Pratthall Lane (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Press (13-Ashover-Sc) Prestedge (13-Ashover-Sc) Prestfurlong Plantation (43-Brailsford-Ap) Priddock Ho (20-Bamford-HP) Priestcliffe (288-Taddington-HP) Priestcliffe Ditch (288-Taddington-HP) Priestcliffe Lees (288-Taddington-HP) Priestcliffe Low (288-Taddington-HP) Priestfield (44-Brampton-Sc) Priestwood Fm (174-Kedleston-Ap) Primrose Hill (34-Blackwell-Sc) Primrose Vale Cottages (146-Hayfield-HP) Prospect Fm (257-Shipley-ML) Prospect Fm (149-Heage-Ap) Puddingbag Covert (125-Foston & Scropton (jp)-Ap) Puddingpie Hill (44-Brampton-Sc) Puddle Hill (36-Bonsall-Wi) Purdy House Fm (257-Shipley-ML) Pursglove Plantation (206-Middleton & Smerrill (jp)-Wi) Put Well (186-Little Longstone-HP) Putwell Hill (51-Brushfleld-HP) Pyegreave (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Pymparlour Plantation (170-Idridgehay & Alton (jp)-Ap)

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.