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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Hopton Hall contents auction 1989

In 1989 the contents of Hopton Hall were auctioned by Sotheby's. This is a transcription of the catalogue of that Auction. An outline of the history of Hopton Hall and the Gell family, from earliest times to the circumstances leading to the sale of Hopton Hall and the auction of the contents, is given in the catalogue. It is hoped that the description of items for auction will give the reader a glimpse into the history and way of life of perhaps the oldest and wealthiest family who have lived in the Wirksworth Area studied by this website.
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This transcription was produced by at Ardroil in the Outer Hebrides while the webmaster was on holiday.

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Ardroil June 06
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History of Hopton Hall
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Hopton House 1900 X059, X071

First day of Sale, Tue 5 Sept 1989
001 Silver Plate
130 Objects of Vertu
200 Ceramics and Glass
Paintings, Drawings, Watercolours, Prints
300 Frames
313 Drawings and Watercolours
328 Oil paintings
400 Printed books
Second day of Sale, Wed 6 Sept 1989
1000 Oriental Rugs, Carpets and textiles
1025 Ethnographica
Fine English and Continental Furniture
1050 Morning Room
1065 Drawing Room
1095 Main Hall
1113 Emblems, Village & Friendly Socs
1119 Entrance Hall
1126 Dining room
1134 Landing and stairs
1142 Master bedroom
1160 Bedroom 1
1169 Bedroom 2
1183 Bedroom 3
1197 Clocks, Works of Art,
Household Furniture and Effects

1329 Costume and clothing
1338 Uniforms
1342 Swords and weapons
1351 Household Furniture and
Effects (continued)

1478 Games and Sporting items
1493 Garden Furniture, Ornaments,
Machinery, Tools and Outside Effects

1563 End of Sale

Transcript of Auction Catalogue

Pre-sale estimate 417,000-556,000

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    ---Page 073----------------------------------------------- 559 Mottley (I.) The History of the Life of Peter I, Emperor of Russia, 3 vol., second edition, engraved portraits, folding maps, contemporary calf, worn, 1740- Gillies (J.) A View of the Reign of Frederick II of Prussia, contemporary half calf, slightly worn, 1789- Mirabeau (-) The Secret History of the Count of Berlin, 2 vol., contemporary half calf, rubbed, 1789; and 38 others on European History, leatherbound, 8vo and 4to (44) 200-300 560 Robertson (William) The History of America, 2 vol., engraved folding maps, contemporary calf, covers detached, 1777- Hooke (N.) The History of Mexico, 2 vol., third edition, engraved folding portrait (short tear), folding Plates, contemporary ca~f, rubbed, 1753; and 23 others on American History, 4to and 8vo (27) 100-150 561 Naval and Military- [Harris (Joseph)] The Naval Atalantis, 2 parts in one vol., contemporary half calf, some rubbing, slight wear, 1788-1789- Muller (John) A Treatise containing the Elementary Part of Fortification, Regular and Irregular, engravedfolding plates, contempor aiy calf rubbed. 1746; The Attac and Defence of Fortified Places in three parts, second edition, engraved folding plates, contemporary mottled calf, spine gilt, rubbed, 1757- Le Preste de Vauban (S.) Veritable maniere de fortifier... le tout mis en ordre par Mr. l'Abbe du Fay, et le Chevalier de Cambray, 2 vol. in one, engraved plates, mostly folding, diagrams in text, contemporary calf, spine gilt, some rubbing, upper joint cracked, some damage to upper cover, Amsterdam, 1718; and 4 others, 8vo (8) 250-350 562 Mahon (Lord Philip Henry Stanhope) History of England, 9 vol., calf backed boards, 1853-1872- Hallam (H.) The Constitutional History of England, 3 vol., contemporary calf, gilt, 1866; View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages, 3 vol., contemporary calf, gilt, 1860; and 2 others on English History, 8vo (16) 100-150 563 Leland (T.) The History of Ireland, 3 vol., contemporary calf, slightly worn, 1773; and 5 others on Irish Interest, 4to and 8vo (8) 80-100 564 Milner (Alfred) England in Egypt, first edition, presenta tion copy from the author "Philip Lyttelton Gell dearest friend and best helper, from his ever grateful and affectionate, A. Milner" original cloth, 1892- Meakin (Budgett) The Moorish Empire, illustrated, original cloth. 1899- Muir (Sir William) The Caliphate, Its Rise, Decline and Fall, maps. original cloth, 1892; and 5 others on the Ottoman Empire, 8vo and 4to (8) 100-150 565 Everard (Captain H.) History of Thos. Farrington's Regiment subsequently designated the 29th (Worcester shire) Foot 1694-1891, presentation copy from the author, with A.L.s tipped in describing the book's production and the prospect of War in South Africa, plates, original cloth, gilt, Worcester, 1891- Lee (A.) The History of the Tenth Foot, vol.I only, plates, presscuttings loosely inserted. original cloth, waterstained. 1911. 8vo (2) 50-70 566 Alken (H.) The Beauties & Defects in the Figure of a Horse, lithographed title and 10 coloured plates, 1871 Baucher (F.) A Method of Horsemanship, plates, Philadelphia. 1856- Gilbey (W) The Old English War Horse, illustrations. 1888, original bindings, somewhat worn; and 5 others, 8vo (8) 100-150 567 Dow (A.) The History of Hindostan, 3 vol., contemporary calf, joints cracked, 1772- Duff (J.G.) History of the Mahrattas, 3 vol., calf backed boards, Bombay, 1863; and 5 others on India, 8vo and 4to (11) 80-100 568 Collection of 18 Pamphlets (A) including many of local interest, bound together, green half calf, [c.1820-1840]; and 8 others mostly on Derbyshire, 8vo (9) 200-250 569 James (W.) The Naval History of Great Britain, 6 vol., 250-350 contemporary leather, rebacked with cloth, 1826- Monstrelet (E. de) The Chronicles, 12 vol., cloth, 1810; and 17 others, (35) 200-300 570 Scudery (Madelaine de) Clelie histoire romaine dediee, a Mademoiselle de Longueville, 5 vol., additional engraved titles, a few other plates, contemporary calf, stamp in gilt on covers with the letter F surrounded by a heart and a knotted rope-, surmounted by a crown, eighteenth-century rebacking. spines rubbed, some wear to edges and spines, upper cover vol.4 detached. 8vo, Paris. chez Augustin Courbi, 1656-1655 1657-1658-1660 80-120 571 Memoirs and Histories. A collection of 75 vol., cloth bound, some slightly worn, 8vo (75) 200-300 572 Reid (Thomas) Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man, advertisement leaf at end, modern calf-backed boards, 4to, Edinburgh, 1785 50-70 ---Page 074----------------------------------------------- 573 Forsyth (William) A Treatise on the Culture and Management of Fruit-Trees, first edition, 13 engraved folding plates, original boards, uncut, short tears along spine, 1802, 4to; and 15 others on natural history, various sizes (16) 180-220 574 Bemrose (William) The Life and Works of Joseph Wright, plates, original cloth, faded, uncut, 1885- Country Life Library. Gardens Old and New, illustrations, original pictorial cloth, spine slightly frayed, [c. 1900]- Burgess (A.) Coaching Days of England, coloured plates, original cloth, 1966,folio (3) 100-150 575 Charlevoix (Pierre Francois Xavier de) Histoire et Description Generale de la Nouvelle France, 6 vol., second edition, approximately 28 folding engraved maps (1 with short tear), and 44 plates, contemporary calf, rather worn [Sabin 12136], 12mo, 1744 400-600 576 Adam (A.) A Summary of Geography both Ancient and Modern (2 copies), engraved folding maps, contemporary calf, slightly worn, 1797 and 1824- Cary (John) Cary's Newe Itinerary, folding maps, 1 torn, contemporary half calf worn, 1819; and 5 others of similar interest, 8vo (8) 60-80 577 Quarles (Francis) Emblems Divine and Moral, engraved emblem plates, contemporary calf, joints cracked, slightly worn, 1778- Merian (M.) lconium Biblicarum, 4 parts in 1 vol., plates, many soiled or defective, modern morocco backed boards, Frankfurt, 1627; and another, 8vo (3) 150-200 578 Bindings- Smith (John) The Adventures and Dis courses, edited by John Ashton, plates, green morocco, the spine and covers gilt, decorated with ships and stars, by T Cobden-Sanderson, 1883- Horace. [Opera], contem porary morocco elaborately gilt, joints split, with the ownership inscription of Philip Gell, Glasgow, 1756- La liturgie, cut rather close at lower margin, contemporary morocco elaborately gilt, rather rubbed, 1729, gilt edges, 8vo and 12mo (3) 80-100 579 Annals of King George (The), Year the First [-Fourth and Year the Sixth], 5 vol., contemporary panelled calf, spines gilt, lacking labels, rubbed, joints cracked, 1716-1721; and 20 others, similar, 8vo (25) 100-150 580 Macaulay (Catherine) The History of England, 8 vol., 1763-1783- Hume (David) The History of England under the House of Tudor, 2 vol., 1759- Robertson (William) The History of Scotland, 2 vol., contemporary calf, somewhat rubbed, some wear to spines, 1760- Dalrym ple (Sir John) Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland, 2vol. in one, London and Edinburgh, 1771-1788, contem porary half calf, somewhat rubbed, joints broken; and another, 4to (14) 120-180 581 Fox-Davies (A.C.) Armorial Families, fifth edition, col oured plates, plain illustrations, contemporary red morocco, gilt. slightly rubbed. g.e., 4to, Edinburgh, 1905 40-60 582 Hutton (W) The History of Derbyshire, engraved frontispiece, folding map, plates, contemporary tree calf, rubbed, 1791; and 4 others on Derbyshire, 8vo (5) 180-220 583 Lyttelton (George, Lord) The History of the Life of King Henry the Second, 3 vol., second edition, half-titles vol. 1-2, contemporary calf, spines gilt, some rubbing, some slight wear to spines, covers vol.2 somewhat dampstained, 1767-1771; Notes to the Second and Third Books of the History of the Life of King Henry the Second, half-title, contemporary calf, spine gilt. lacking one label, slightly rubbed., 1767- Robertson (William) The History of America, 2 vol., folding engraved maps., folding plate, half-title, contemporary tree calf, gilt. joints broken, some rubbing. 1784; The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V, 3 vol.' engraved plates, half-titles, contemporary calf, somewhat rubbed. joints broken, 1769; The History of Scotland, 2 vol., contemporary calf. somewhat rubbed, joints broken. 1771, 4to (11) 120-180 584 Fishing- A collection of 11 vol., mostly original bindings, 2 in dust-jackets, twentieth-century, 8vo and 4to 40-60 585 Cotgrave (Randle) A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues, first edition, title within wood-engraved border, folding table, torn without loss, a few dampstains, contemporaiy calf, stamped with central gilt lozenge on covers, old rebacking in antique style, some rubbing, lacking clasps, folio, printed by Adam Islip, 1611 100-150 ---Page 075----------------------------------------------- 586 Pamphlets- A collection of 14 pamphlets in one vol., contemporary calf, somewhat worn, late eighteenth-century, 8vo, sold as a collection not subject to return 150-200 ***The collection includes: Letters on Political Liberty, and the Principles of the English and Irish Projects of Reform, 1789- Howard (J.) An Account of the Present State of the Prisons and Houses of Correc tion in the Midland Circuit, half-title, no printer or date- [Perray (Brossais du)] Historical Remarks and Anecdotes on the Castle of the Bastille, translated from the French, folding engraved plan of the Bastille, 1780- Swift (T.) Letter to the King, in which the Conduct of Mr. Lenox, and the Minister, in the Affair with his Royal Highness the Duke of York, is fully considered, 1789- Hawles (Sir J.) The English man's Right, a Dialogue between a Barrister at Law and a juryman, 1771- References to the Annexed Plate of the Patent Drill-Machine, and of a New Constructed Simple Hand-Hoe, invented by the Rev. James Cooke, engraved frontispiece, no place, printer or date 587 Dodd (William) A Commentary on the Books of the Old and New Testament, 3 vol., engraved portrait, contemporary calf, somewhat worn, 1770- Taylor (John) The Hebrew Concordance, adapted to the English Bible, disposed after the Manner of Buxtorf, 2 vol., titles printed in red and black. contemporary calf. spines gilt. somewhat worn. joints broken or covers detached, 1754, folio (5) 75-100 588 Poole (Matthew) Synopsis criticorum aliorumque sacrae scripturae interpretum et commentatorum, 5 vol., title printed in red and black, occasional spotting, contemporary blindstamped vellum boards, some soiling, folio, Frankfurt am Main, typis & impensis Batthasaris Christophori Wustii, 1678 50-70 589 Fox-Davies (A.C.) The Art of Heraldry, coloured plates, illustrations, A.L.s from the author loosely inserted, original pictorial buckram, uncut3 folio3 T. C. and E. C. jack., 1904 80-100 590 Bindings- A collection of approximately 60 volumes, in contemporary calf bindings, most in poor condition, 8vo, late eighteenth- and early nineteenth- century; sold as a collection not subject to return 100-150 591 Field Sports- Dale (T.F.) Fox-Hunting in the Shires, plates, original cloth, 1903- Lloyd (T.I.) Hounds, coloured plates, illustrations, original cloth, dust-jacket, 1934 Churchill (R.) Game Shooting, plates, 1955- Vesey Fitzgerald (B.) British Game, vol.2 in the New Naturalist Library, coloured and plain plates, original cloth, dust-jacket, 1946- Thomas (Sir W.B.) Hunting England, coloured frontispiece, plain plates, a few spots, original cloth, 1936; and 29 others similar, 8vo and 4to (34) 100-150 592 Finden (William) Illustrations of the Life and Works of Lord Byron, 3 vol., additional engraved titles and plates, contemporary half morocco, slightly rubbed, 4to, 1833-1834 100-150 593 Cox (J. Charles) Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire, 4 vol., plates, a few manuscript notes in margins, original cloth, very slightly scuffed, 8vo, Chesterfield, 1875-1879 60-90 594 Churchill (W.S.) A collection of 19 vol. by or about Churchill, 8vo and 4to 50-75 595 Agriculture- A collection of approximately 52 volumes on agriculture, original bindings, some in dust-jackets, mainly twentieth-century, 8vo 100-150 596 Hume (David) The History of England, 6 vol., engraved portrait, g.e., 8vo, 1830- Smollett (T.) The History of England... designed as a continuation of Mr. Hume's History, 4 vol., engraved portrait, 1830, uniform in contempormy half calf, somewhat rubbed, g. e., 8vo (10) 100-150 597 Bible, English. The New Testament, woodcut initials, title slightly soiled, 5A5 strengthened at outer margin, slightly wormed 3S1 through to end, early eighteenth-centuly calf, spine defective, some rubbing, 4to, Rheims, John Fogny, 1582 100-150 598 Strickland (Agnes) Lives of the Queens of England, 8 vol., additional engraved titles, plates, contemporary half calf, spines gilt, slightly rubbed, 8vo, 1882 70-90 599 Macaulay (Thomas Babington, Lord) The Works, 8 vol., engraved portrait. contemporary calf. gilt, slightly rubbed, 8vo, 1866 70-90 600 Campbell (John) Lives of the Admirals and other eminent British Seamen, 4 vol., contemporary calf, some wear to spines, slightly rubbed elsewhere, 1750- Davies (Thomas) Memoirs of the Life of David Garrick, 2 vol., engraved portrait, contemporary calf, gilt, one label chipped, slightly rubbed, 1781- The Life of Baron Frederic Trenck... translated from the German by Thomas Holcroft, 4 vol., engraved frontispiece, vol. 2-4 with half titles, contemporaiy calf-backed boards, somewhat rubbed, 1788- 1793; and 8 others, 8vo (18) 150-200 601 Equestrianism- A collection of approximately 49 vol. on horses and equestrianism, original bindings, some in dust-jackets, 8vo and 4to, twentieth-century 120-180 ---Page 076----------------------------------------------- 602 Irish Pamphlets. A Collection of approximately 55 pamphlets on Ireland, 4 vol., bound in nineteenth-century half calf, slightly rubbed, 8vo et infra, [c. 1714-18901 (4) 200-300 603 Lives, biographies, etc- Historical Memoirs of [Vol taire], 1777- Coxe (W.) Memoirs of... Sir Robert Walpole, 4 vol., portrait, lacks labels, 1816- Smiles (S.) Lives of Boulton and Watt, plates, illustrations, 1865 Creasy (E.) Fifteen Decisive Battles, plans. 1867. contem porary full or half leather, slightly worn; and 20 others, similar., 8vo (27) 150-200 604 + image Stephens (James Francis) Illustrations of British En tomology: Haustellata, 4 vol.; Mandibulata, 7 vol.; Supplement, 1 vol., together 12 vol., hand-coloured engraved plates, contemporary half morocco, spines somewhat worn, 8vo. 1828-1846 200-300 605 Modern history and biography. A collection of approxi mately 52 vol., 8vo 40-60 606 Biography and history. A collection of approximately 95 vol., mainly late nineteenth or early twentieth-century publications in original cloth, 8vo 150-250 607 Biography and history. A collection of 67 vol., mostly late nineteenth or twentieth-century publications in original cloth bindings, 8vo 50-100 608 Fraser (James) The History of Nadir Shah, engraved folding map, contemporary calf, worn., upper cover detached, 1742- Jones (W) The History of the the Life of Nadir Shah, slight soiling., contemporary calf, worn, 1773- Creasy (E.S.) History of the Ottoman Turks, 2 vol., folding map, original cloth, slightly worn, 1854; and 4 others, 8vo (8) 80-120 609 Mill (James) The History of British India, 6 vol., second edition, folding map, slight spotting, contemporary half calf, spines gilt, slightly rubbed, 8vo, 1820 60-80 610 Broderick (Thomas) A Compleat History of the Late War in the Netherlands, 1 vol. in 2, folding engraved map, double-page plans, contemporary panelled calf, rebacked, 8vo, 1715 150-200 611 Bennet (Rev. A.) New Experiments on Electricity, folding engraved frontispiece (offset onto title) and 3 folding plates, original boards, slightly soiled, spine slightly torn, uncut, 8vo, Derby, 1789 400-600 612 Eton. A collection of 16 vol. about Eton, 4to and 8vo (16) 40-60 613 Bevan (Edward) The Honey Bee, frontispiece, original cloth, uncut, spine slightly faded and frayed, 1834- Huish (R.) Bees: Their Natural History and General Manage ment, portrait, original cloth, corner of lower cover torn with loss, 1844- Jardine (Sir William) The Naturalists Library... Bees, coloured and plain plates, original cloth, faded, Edinburgh, 1840; and 32 others on Entomology and General Natural History, including a number of part works, original wrappers, 8vo (35) 200-300 ---Page 077----------------------------------------------- 614 G.L.B.O.C. Siris: A Chain of Philosophical Reflexions ... concerning the vertues of Tar Water, original calf, rubbed, Dublin, 1744- Buchan (W.) Domestic Medicine, sixth edition, contemporary calf, covers detached, 1779- Smith (G.) The Laboratory: or, School of Arts, 2 vol., engraved plates, contemporary calf. joints cracked. rubbed, 1799, 8vo (4) 150-200 615 Cronstedt (A.F.) An Essay Towards a System of Minerology ... revised and correced by Emanuel Mendis da Costa,, second edition, 2 folding engraved plates, slight dampstaining, contemporary calf, joints cracked, 8vo, 1772 150-200 616 Littleton (Sir Thomas) Tenures in English, contemporary ownership inscyiption on titles, slight soiling. old sheep. rebacked, for the Companie of Stationers, 1627- The Modern Conveyancer: or Conveyancing Improved, slight marginal worming, contemporary calf, worn, for John Walthoe, 1695; and 17 others on the Law. 4to and 8vo (19) 100-150 617 Tacitus (Publius Cornelius) The Annales ... The De scription of Germanie, 2 parts in 1 vol., first few leaves frayed, contemporary calf, slightly worn, Arnold Haffield for John Norton, folio, 1604-1605 50-70 618 Morgan (John) A Complete History of Algiers, 2 vol. in 1, title in red and black, contemporary reversed calf, a little rubbed, 1728 100-150 619 Vertue (G.) Medals, Coins, Great Seals ... from the Elaborate Works of Thomas Simon, engraved title, 37 Plates, contemporary calf, worn, 1753; and 2 others on Coins, 4to and 8vo (3) 100-150 620 Lewis (G. Griffin) The Practical Book of Oriental Rugs, coloured and plain plates, original pictorial cloth, slightly soiled, uncut, Philadelphia and London, 1920- Dunn (E.) Rugs in their Native Land, coloured and plain plates, original buckram, rubbed, New York, 1903; and 4 others on Rugs, including 3 catalogues, 8vo and 4to (6) 50-70 621 Fletcher (W.Y.) Bookbinding in England and France, plates, some coloured, original cloth, gilt, uncut and unopened, 1897; and another, 4to and 8vo (2) 50-70 622 Litchfield (F.) Illustrated History of Furniture, plates, contemporary half morocco, rubbed, 1873- Gilhespy (F. Brayshaw) Crown Derby Porcelain, number 314 of 600 copies signed by the author, plates, original cloth, spine dampstained, dust-jacket, 1951; and 3 others on Collecting, 4to and 8vo, (5) 100-150 623 Fortnum (C. Drury E.) Maiolica. A Historical Treatise on the Glazed and Enamelled Earthenware of Italy, coloured frontispiece, plates, original buckram, Oxford, 1896; A Descriptive Catalogue of Maiolica... in the Ashmolean Museum Oxford, coloured frontispiece3 Plates, buckram, slightly faded, 1897; and another. 4to (3) 100-150 624 Shakespeare (William) [Plays], 8 vol., engraved plates, contemporary half calf, spines gilt, rubbed with some loss, 1774- Bolingbroke (Henry St. John, Lord) [Works], 7 vol., contemporary calf, slightly rubbed, 1743-1771, 8vo; and 6 others (21) 150-200 625 Green (Jacob) Astronomical Recreations, engraved title, coloured plates, contemporary half roan, worn, Philadelphia, 1824- Dunkin (E) The Midnight Sky, illustrations, original cloth, 1870; and another, 4to and 8vo (3) 50-70 626 Armstrong (E.A.) Axel Herman Haig and his Work, plates, contemporary half morocco, uncut, Fine Art Society, 1905; and 5 others, 4to and infra (6) 150-200 627 Keble (joseph) An Assistance to justices of the Peace, contemporary calf, rubbed, 1789- Dudley (Lord John) and T. Cunningham. The Precedents and Supplement to the Law of a Justice of the Peace, contemporary calf, rubbed, 1770,folio (2) 100-150 628 Crooke (Helkiah) Microcosmographia, A Description of the Body of Man, second edition, additional engraved title torn and repaired with some loss, first few gatherings frayed in margin, eighteenth -century calf, worn, folio, Thomas and Richard Cotes, 1631 50-70 629 Dalton (Michael) Officium Vicecomitum. The Office and Authority of Sherifs, slight soiling, contemporary calf, rather worn, 1770- Sheppard (W.) The Office of a Justice of the Peace, contemporary sheep, worn, for W. Lee, D. Pateman and G. Bedell, 1662; and another, folio and 8vo (3) 100-150 ---Page 078----------------------------------------------- 630 Heylyn (Peter) Microcosmus. A Little Description of the Great World, engraved titles, folding tables, slight soiling, contempormy calf, worn, by W. T. for William Tumer and Thomas Huggins, Oxford, 1629- Cox (Richard) Hibernia Anglicanae: or the History of Ireland, contemporary calf worn, 1692; and another, 8vo andfolio (3) 50-70 631 Simpson (R.) A Collection of Fragments Illustrative of the History and Antiquities of Derby, 2 vol. ' folding frontispiece, engraved plates, original boards, uncut, slightly wom, Derby, 1826- Bagshaw (S.) History Gazetteer and Directory of Derbyshire, folding hand-coloured map in pocket at end, original cloth, Sheffield, 1846- Glover (S) The History of the County of Derby, folding map, illustrations, original cloth, Derby, 1829; and 6 others, 4to and 8vo (11) 200-300 632 Boyle (Robert) The Voyages and Adventures, engraved frontispiece, 1781- [Longueville (P.)] The Hermit or the Surprising Adventures of Mr Philip Quarll, engraved frontispiece, map, 1768, 2 vol. in one, contemporary sprinkled calf, rubbed; together with 9 others, most leatherbound, 8vo (10) 100-150 633 Glover (Stephen) The History and Gazetteer of the County of Derby, 2 vol., folding frontispiece, old calf, spine vol. 2 partly detached, Derby, 1831 - T. (I.) The Old Halls, Manors and Families of Derbyshire, 3 vol., plates, original cloth, gilt, 1892-1899- Catalogue of the Library at Chatsworth, 4 vol., one of 250 presentation copies, original cloth, uncut, 1879, 4to (9) 200-300 634 Cowper (William, translator) The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer translated into English blank Verse, 2 vol., first edition, very slight spotting, contemporary calf, spines gilt, 1791; and 14 others,, 4to (16) 200-250 635 Dickens (Charles) Oliver Twist, 2 vol., second edition, illustrations by George Cruikshank, some browning and soiling, original cloth, rubbed, 1839- Scott (Sir Walter) The Vision of Don Roderick, The Field of Waterloo and other Poems, first edition, contemporary speckled calf, 1815; and 4 others, including 2 leatherboxes in book form, 4to and 8vo (8) 60-80 636 Winkles (B.) Winkles ... Cathedral Churches of England and Wales, 3 vol., engraved plates, some loose, original cloth slightly worn, 1851- Graham (R.C.) The Carved Stones of Islay, plates, buckram, uncut, Glasgow, 1895- Evans (J.) The Ancient Stone Implements, Weapons and Orna ments of Great Britain, illustrations, original cloth, 1872 Vinogradoff (P.) Villainage in England, roan-backed boards, Oxford, 1892; and 10 others of similar interest, 4to and 8vo (16) 100-150 637 Stephens (Henry) The Book of the Farm, 2 vol. illustrations, contemporary half calf, spines gilt, slightly rubbed, 1851- Youatt (W.) The Complete Grazier, frontispiece, illustrations. original cloth, 1846; and 4 others, 8vo (7) 60-80 638 Plato. The Dialogues, 5 vol., translated by Jowett, green calf gilt, slightly rubbed, spines slightly faded, Oxford, 1875 Mitford (W) The History of Greece, 8 vol., half calf, slightly rubbed, 1829- Finlay (G.) A History of Greece, 7 vol., original cloth, Oxford, 1877; and 69 others, similar, 8vo and 4to (89) 200-300 639 Thornbury (Walter) Old and New London, 6 vol., illustrations, original cloth, n.d.; and 11 others, 4to and 8vo (17) 75-100 640 House of Commons. journal, 1547-1628 and 1640 1702, 13 vol., original cloth-backed boards, slightly worn, 1803 and n.d.; A General Index to the ... journals, 3 vol., original sheep-backed boards, worn, 1803; and 5 others, vol. 1- 5 (only) of "Biographia Britannia" (1784), folio (21) 100-200 641 Mauve (John) The Mineralogy of Derbyshire, engraved plates, contemporary half leather, worn, 1802- Blore (T.) The History of the Manor, and Manor House, of South Winfield, engraved plates and genealogical tables, cloth backed boards, worn, uncut, 1816- Cory (I.) The History of Macclesfield, some soiling, 1 leaf torn and repaired with loss, folding tables, half calf, rather worn, 1817- Britton (J.) and E.W. Brayley. A Topographical and Historical Description of Derbyshire, engraved folding hand-coloured maps and plates, later red half morocco, rubbed, 1810; and 16 others of similar interest, 4to and 8vo (20) 300-350 ---Page 079----------------------------------------------- 642 Virgil. The Works ... translated from English Verse by Mr. Dryden, 3 vol., engraved portrait, contemporary calf. spines gilt, rubbed with some loss to upper cover vol.2. lacking one label. 1721- Waller (E.) Poems &c., engraved portrait, contemporary panelled calf, some rubbing, upper joint broken, 1712- Mason (W.) Poems, engraved title vignette, contemporary calf, slightly rubbed, 1764- The Handmaid to the Arts, vol. 1-2, contemporary calf, joints rubbed or broken, slightly rubbed with some loss, 1764- Authentic Memorials of Remarkable Occurences and Affecting Calamities in the Family of Sir George Sandes, Bart., contemporary calf-backed boards, spine somewhat rubbed, upper joint broken, Evesham, n.d.; and 29 other eighteenth-century volumes infull or half calf, some wear, one vol. rebacked with cloth, somejoints broken, various sizes (37) 200-300 643 Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Socie ty. Journal, vol. 1-46, plates, first 20 vol. bound in red morocco-backed boards, others in original wrappers backed with cloth tape, London and Derby, etc., 1879-1924; and an Index to vol. 1-25, in original cloth, 8vo (47) 200-300 644 Punch, vol. 1- 197 (lacking 130, 131, 133 and 156-159), together 190 vol. bound in 106, illustrations, various bindings, vol. 1-100 in half morocco, 101-147 various cloth rebindings, remainder in original red cloth (later vol. marked), 1841-1939; and 6 others, related, 4to (112) 250-350 645 Steele (Elizabeth) The Memoirs of Mrs Sophia Badde ley, late of Drury Lane Theatre, 6 vol.,first edition, vol. 1- 3, 5-6 with half-titles, occasional slight spotting, Printed for the Author at the Literary Press, 1787- The Life of John Buncle Esq., 4 vol., vol.2 with half-title, 1770, uniform in red morocco-backed boards, spines gilt, slightly rubbed, one vol. rubbed with loss, 12mo (10) 200-300 646 Diurnall Occurences (The) or Dayly Proceedings of Both Houses in this Great and Happy Parliament from the third of November 1640 to the third of November 1641, old calf, rubbed, printed for William Cooke, 1641- A Catalogue of the Names of all such who were Summon'd to any Parliament, (or reputed Parliament) from the Year 1640, title within typographical border, printed for Robert Pawley, 1661; and 2 others, together 3 works in one vol., modem calf- A Catalogue of the Baronets of this Kingdom of England from the first erection of that Dignity until this time, old calf, somewhat rubbed, lacking head of spine, printed by E. Cotes for A. Seile, 1667; and 2 others, 8vo and 4to (5) 75-100 647 BaIzac (J.L.G.) New Epistles, translated by Richard Baker, vol. 2 and 3 in one vol., additional engraved title, 1638- Serre (Sieur de 1a) The Secretary in Fashion, engraved frontispiece, 1654- Goodwin (Philip) Religio Domestica Rediviva, 1665- Prideaux (Humphrey) The True Nature of the Imposture fully displayed in the Life of Mahomet, 1697, all leather, rather worn; and 8 others, 8vo and 4to (12) 100-200 648 + image Godwin (William) Things As They Are, or, the Adventures of Caleb Williams, 3 vol., first edition, each half-title with a coat of arms drawn and coloured by hand, 1794- Smith (C.) Ethelinde, or the Recluse of the Lake, 5 vol., 1789; The Wanderings of Warwick, 1794 [Blower (E.)] Maria, 2 vol., 1785- Opie (A.A.) Temper or Domestic Scenes, 3 vol., 1812- [CharIton (M.)] The Parisian, or Genuine Anecdotes of Distinguished and Noble Characters, 2 vol., Minvera Press, 1794- La Fontaine (A.) Marie Menzikof et Fedor Dolgorouki, histoire Russe, en form de lettres, 3 vol., 1804- Genlis (S.F. de) Le Duc de Lauzun, 2 vol., Paris, 1808, Le Cornte de Corke, surnomme le grand, ou la seduction sans artifice, 2 vol., Paris, 1805, each with half-title(s) Radcliffe (A.) The Romance of the Forest, 3 vol., second edition, 1792- [Walker (G.)] The Haunted Castle, 2 vol., vol.1 with half-title, Minerva Press, 1794- Memoirs of Maitre Jacques of Savoy, 2 vol., half-title vol. 2, title of vol.1 gluemarked at inner margin and rubbed with loss of a few letters, Bath, 1775- Sargent (J.) The Mine, 5 engraved plates (3 cut down and pasted to black backgrounds), 1788 Lindor and Adelaide, a Moral Tale, 6pp advertisements at end, some leaves loose, 1791- [Knight (E.C.)] Dinarbas, a Tale, being a continuation of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia, 1790- Aikin (j.) Letters from a Father to his Son, 1793- [Moore (J.)] Zeluco, Various Views of Human Nature, 2 vol., first 2 leaves of vol. 1 cut away at upper outside corner with some loss, 1789- Savary (C.E.) Letters on Greece, engraved folding map and plate, half- title, 1788- Johnson (S.) The Poetical Works, 1785 Manon l'Escant, or, the Fatal Attachment, 2 vol., 1786; and 5 other odd volumes, all in contemporary blue half morocco, spines slightly rubbed, some vol. rubbed elsewhere with some loss, 12mo and 8vo, sold as a collection not subject to return (45) 800-1,200 (See illustration, page 80) 649 Bradwardine (Thomas) De causa Dei, contra Pela gium.--- somewhat soiled and stained, 1618- Reynolds (John) Triumphs of God's Revenge, engraved illustrations, various defects, 1657- Linborgh (P.) The History of the Inquisition, 2 vol. in one, plates, 1731, all calf, worn; and 5 others, folio and 4to, sold not subject to return (8) 80-120 650 Howard (John) The State of Prisons in England and Wales, fourth edition, engraved folding plates, one with short tear, contemporary half calf. worn, rebacked with cloth, 1792; and another of similar interest, 4to and 8vo (2) 40-60 ---Page 080----------------------------------------------- 651 Harris (James) Hermes: or, a Philosophical Inquiry concerning Languague and Universal Grammar, first edition, very slight soiling and dampstaining, contemporary speckled calf, 1751; Philological Inquiries, 3 parts in 2 vol., first edition, engraved title, portrait by Bartolozzi, slight dampstaining in vol 1, contemporary calf, a little worn, 1781, 8vo (3) 200-250 652 Adam (W) Dales, Scenery, Fishing Streams and Mines of Derbyshire, advertisements, original cloth, 1861- Addy (S.O.) Household Tales ... Collected in... York, Lincoln, Derby, Nottingham, original cloth, 1895; and 10 others, 8vo (12) 80-100 653 Davies (D.P.) A New Historical and Descriptive View of Derbyshire, engraved folding map, hand-coloured in outline, slight spotting, contemporary tree calf, rubbed, Belper, 1811 Jewitt (L.) The Ballads and Songs of Derbyshire, frontispiece, slightly dampstained, original cloth, 1867 Bryan (B.) Matlock Manor and Parish, folding map and tables, original cloth, upper inside hinge broken, 1903; and 12 others of similar interest, 8vo and 4to (15) 200-250 654 Petronius Arbiter. Satyricon, engraved title and full-page portrait, contemporary vellum boards, somewhat soiled, Frank furt, W. Hofmann, 1629- Caesar (Gaius Julius) Les commentaires, additional engraved title (shaved at head), printed title with engraved vignette, folding engraved map and plate, contemporary calf, spine gilt, somewhat worn, Paris, 1652- Linacre (Thomas) De emendata structura, woodcut device on title, some light dampstaining, old vellum boards. upper hinge broken, upper joint broken. Cologne, excudebatur Gualthero Fabricio IV.L., 1655- Aphthonius. Progymnasmata, title and last leaf somewhat soiled, damp stained at foot throughout, contemporary calf. worn, impensis Societatis Stationariorum, 1605; and 2 others, various sizes (6) 120-180 655 Holecraft (Thomas) Anna St. Ives, 7 vol., 1792; The Adventures of Hugh Trevor, 3 vol. only, 1794 [Coombe (W.)] The Devil upon Two Sticks in England being a continuation of le Diable Boiteaux of Le Sage, 6 vol., Logographic Press, 1790-1791- Kotzebue (A. de) Leontine de Blondheim, 3 vol., a few leaves loose, 1803 [Hayley (W.)] A Philosophical, Historical and Moral Essay on Old Maids, 3 vol., 1785- [Lee (S.)] The Recess or a Tale of Other Times, 3 vol., 1785- Genlis, (S.F. de) Tales of the Castle, 5 vol., 1785; Madame de Maintenon, 2 vol., 1806; Le siege de la Rochelle, 3 vol., 1808; Alphonsine ou la tendresse maternelle, 3 vol., 1806; [Nouveaux romains], 6 vol., occasional slight spotting, 1802-1803- Smith (Charlotte) Celestrina, 4 vol., 1791; Emmeline, the Orphan of the Castle, 4 vol., 1788, each with half-titles; The Old Manor House, 4 vol., vol.1, 3-4 with half-titles, some leaves loose, 1793; The Banished Man, 4 vol. half-title vol.2, first few leaves of vol.4 torn with loss (blank) at upper outside corner, 1794- Memoirs of his own life by Tate Wilkinson, patentee of the Theatres Royal, York & Hull, 4 vol., vol. 1-3 with half-titles, York, printed for the Author, 1790- [Grant (A.)] Memoirs of an American Lady, 2 vol., 1803- [Newman (J.W.)] The Lounger's Common-Place Book, 3 vol., 1792-1794 [More (Hannah)] Coelebs in Search of a Wife, 2 vol., E1 torn with loss of upper outside corner, 1808- Hamilton (E.) Memoirs of the Life of Agrippina, 3 vol., half-titles vol. 2 3, Bath and London, 1804- La Fontaine (A.), Elise ou les papiers de famille, 4 vol., half-titles vol. 2-3, Paris, 1810 Flammenberg (L.) The Necromancer or the Tale of the Black Forest, 2 vol., vol.2 with half-title, Minerva Press, 1794; and 11 odd volumes, all in contemporary red half morocco, spines slightly rubbed and faded, rubbed elsewhere with some loss, 8vo and 12mo, sold as a collection not subject to return (91) 1,500-2,000 ---Page 081----------------------------------------------- 656 [Rowlands (Richard)] A Restitution of Decayed Intelli gence in Antiquities concerning the most noble and renowned English nation, engraved title vignette, title printed in red and black, printed, by John Bill. 1628 Godwin (Thomas) Moses and Aaron, Civil and Ecclesias tical Rites, used by the Ancient Hebrewes, printed by John Haviland, 1628; Romanae historiae anthologocia recog nita et aucta, title within woodcut border, Oxford, printed for Henry Cripps, 1628, 3 works in one vol., seventeenth-century calf. slightly rubbed - Heylyn (Peter) Examen historicum or a Discovery and Examination of the Mistakes, Falsities, and Defects in some Modern Histories, 2 parts in one vol., contemporary calf. rubbed, printed for Henly Seile and Richard Royston. 1659- [Ayscu (Edward)] A Historie contayning the Warres, Treaties, Marriages, and other occurrents betweene England and Scotland, woodcut device of map on title, lower half of K2 supplied in old ink facsimile, contemporary limp vellum, marked, ties defective, G. Eld, 1607, 8vo and 4to (3) 120-180 657 Britton (J.) and E.W. Brayley. Derbyshire, folding engraved map, engraved plates, contemporary half calf, slightly rubbed, 1818; and another, 8vo (2) 50-70 658 Tennyson (Alfred, Lord) Maud and other Poems, first edition, half-title, 8pp of publisher's advertisements at front, advertisements leaf at end, original green blindstamped cloth, spine slightly darkened, 8vo, Edward Moxon, 1855 40-60 659 Hodges (Nathaniel) Loimologia, or, an Historical Account of the Plague in London ... to which is added, An Essay on the different Causes of Pestilential Diseases, and how they became contagious ... by John Quincy, folding table, some dampstaining, contemporary calf, lacking covers, 1720 - Hippocrates. De Morbis popularibus, liber primus & tertius, his accomodavit novem De Febribus Commentarios Johannes Freind, 2 parts in one vol., contemporary calf, some rubbing, 1717; and another, 8vo and 4to (3) 100-150 660 Smith (Charlotte) Montalbert, 3 vol., 1795- Framery (Mons.) Memoirs of the Marquis de St. Forlaix, 4 vol., a few tears, 1770- [Radcliffe (A.)] The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne, a Highland Story, 1793- [Sheridan (F.)] Memoirs of Miss Sidney Bidulph. [-Conclusion of the Memoirs], 5 vol., 1767- Letters from a Persian in England to his Friend,at Ispahan, 1735- [Goethe (J.W. von)] The Sorrows of Werte, 2 vol. in one, 1779 [Brooke (F.)] The_History of Lady Julia Mandeville, 2 vol., 1773, each vol. with half-title; The History of Emily Montague, 2 vol., vol. 1-3 with half-titles, 1769 - Southey (R.) Thalaba the Destroyer, 2 vol., half-title vol.1, 1801 Griffith (E. and R.) A Series of Genuine Letters between Henry and Frances, 6 vol., 1767-1772-1770- The Jewish Spy, 5 vol., engraved plates, 1739-1740- Cart wright (Mrs.) Memoirs of Lady Eliza Audley, 2 vol., 1779- [West J.)] A Gossip's Story and a Legendary Tale, 2 vol., half-title vol.], 1798; A Tale of the Times, 3 vol., half-title vol. 2-3, 1799- [Lennox (C.)] The Female Quixote or the Adventures of Arabella, 2 vol., some worming in vol.1, 1752- White (j.) The Adventures of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, 3 vol. in one, half-titles vol. 2-3, 1790; The Adventures of King Richard Coeur de-Lion, 3 vol. in one, engraved frontispiece, a few leaves loose, 1791-Johnston (C.)] Chrysal or the Adventures of a Guinea, 2 vol., 1764- Sheridan (F.) The History of Nourjahad, 1767- [Walpole (H.)] The Castle of Otranto, slight worming in lower margin, 1765- MacKen zie (H.) The Man of Feeling, 1771- Genlis (S.F. de) Adelaide and Theodore, 2 vol., 1783- [Croft (Sir H.)] Love and Madness, engraved title, 1780- [Almon (J., compiler)] An Asylum for Fugitive Pieces, title soiled, 1788- [Reeve (C.)] The Two Mentors, 2 vol., vol.2 with half-title, 1783, contemporary full or half calf, some wear, a few vol. worn, 8vo and 12mo (56) 1,000-1,500 661 Pamphlets- A collection of 19 pamphlets in 3 vol., contemporary full or half calf, some wear, late eighteenth century, 8vo, sold as a collection not subject to return 250-350 ***The collection includes: [Twiss (Richard)] A Trip to Paris in July and August 1792, engraved frontispiece and one other plate, Minerva Press, 1793- Hill (John) Virtues of British Herbs, third edition, engraved plates, 1770- Linnaeus (Carolus) A Dissertation on the Sexes of Plants, translated from the Latin... by James Edward Smith, 1786- Tissot (S.A.) An Essay on the Disorders of People of Fashion... translated from the French, n.d.- [Wall (j.)] Experiments and Observations on the Malvern Waters, n.d.- MacKin tosh (James) Vindicix Gallicx. Defence of the French Revolution and its English Admirers, second edition, 1791- Oldys (F.) The Life of Thomas Pain... with a Defence of his Writings, half-title, 1791 ---Page 082----------------------------------------------- 662 Letters and Memoirs- Stanhope (Philip Dormer, Lord Chesterfield) Letters ... to his Son, 4 vol., engraved portrait, half-titles, contemporary calf, spines gilt, somewhat rubbed, joints rubbed or broken, 1774- Bethune (Maximilian de, Duc de Sully) Memoirs, 6 vol., contemporary calf, spines gilt, rubbed, some wear to spines, 1763; and 11 others, 8vo and 12mo (21) 80-120 663 Children's Books. A collection of approximately 44 vol., various sizes and dates 50-100 664 Continental Literature. A collection of approximately 90 volumes, most leather bound, some worn, some incomplete sets, 8vo (c.90) 200-250 665 Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, vol. 20-87 in 69 vol., plates, contemporary half calf, lacking some labels, 8vo, 1871-1907 400-600 666 Notes and Queries, [first series] vol. 1-12, second series vol. 1-12 and index, together 25 vol., uniform half calf, 1850-1861; and 21 others, similar, not uniform, 8vo (46) 100-200 667 Lucretius Carus (Titus) The Nature of Things, 2 vol., edited by Busby, portrait o et, 1813- Bonaparte (Lucien) Charlemagne ... poeme epique, 2 vol., frontis piece offset, 1814, both sets contemporary calf somewhat rubbed- The Holy Bible, plates, morocco, brass clasps and cornerpieces, Oxford, 1851- Scott (Rev.) and S. Davey. A Guide to the Collector of Historical Documents [etc.], facsimiles, half morocco, 1891; and 2 others, various sizes (8) 50-100 668 Archaeological Journal (The) vol. 1-4 and 6, 1845 1849- A Glossary of Terms used in... Architecture, 2 vol., spotted, Oxford, 1840- Head (B.V.) Historia Numorum, a Manual of Greek Numismatics, 1887, plates and/or illustrations, original bindings, some wear; and 68 others, including c.47 additional numbers of the first in wrappers, various sizes (76) 80-120 669 Shakespeare (William) The Plays, 9 vol. (including Ayscough's Index), portrait, contemporary half calf, some what rubbed. g.e., 8vo,, 1826-1827 100-150 670 Dictionaries. A collection of approximately 53 vol., various sizes 100-200 671 Syphorien (P.) Voyage Historique et Pittoresque... Pays-Bas, 2 vol. in 1, engraved folding plates, contemporary tree calf, joints cracked, rubbed, Paris, 1813- D'Aubigne, J.H.M.) Histoire de la Reformation, 5 vol., contemporary half calf, spines gilt, cover of vol.1 detached, Brussells, 1844 Riccobone (MJ.) Lettres ... Corntesse Sancerrea mon- sieur le Comte Denance, 2 parts in 1 vol., contemporary calf backed boards, Paris, 1767; and approximately 90 other FrenchBooks, leatherbound, 8vo (c.97) 200-300 672 Goldsmith (Oliver) The Miscellaneous Works, 4 vol., contemporary calf, gilt, 1820- Thackeray (W.M.) The Works, 12 vol., slightly soiled, half calf, rubbed. 1880 1881- Disraeli (B. Lord Beaconsfield) Novels and Tales, 11 vol., original cloth, gilt, 1881, 8vo (27) 100-150 673 Bacon (Sir Francis) The Works, 7 vol., portrait, contemporary red morocco. gilt, joints tender, slightly rubbed, 1892- Butler (S.) Hudibras, 3 vol., black half morocco, slighly rubbed, 1819, 8vo (10) 80-100 674 Plays. A collection of various authors, mainly eighteenth century, 14 vol., some soiling, contemporary calf, worn, 8vo 200-250 675 Miscellaneous leather bound books, by Spenser, Smol lett, Sterne, Froissart, Brooke, Rousseau, and others, leather bindings, poor condition, 8vo, eighteenth and early nineteenth century (117) 150-250 676 British Essayists (The), vol. 1-45, some portraits, contemporary calf, somewhat worn. 8vo, 1808 100-200 677 Bell's British Theatre, 18 vol., plates, 1776-1778; Supplement... consisting of... Farces and Entertain ments.--- 4 vol., frontispieces, 1784, contemporary calf backed boards (2 types), wom, 8vo (22) 50-100 678 Johnson (Samuel) A Dictionary of the English Lan- guage, 2 vol., portrait, contemporary calf, wom, joints crudely repaired with tape, 4to, 1824 40-60 679 Swift (Jonathan) The Works, 16 vol., 1755-1765; Letters, 3 vol., 1766, fairly uniform contemporary calf, slightly worn, 8vo (19) 200-300 ---Page 083----------------------------------------------- 680 [Pennant (Thomas)l A Tour in Scotland MDCLX1X... third edition, Warrington, 1774; A Tour in Scotland and Voyage to the Hebrides MDCCLXXI, Chester, 1774; A Tour in Scotland MDCCLXXII, Part 11, 1776, engraved maps and plates, many folding, including a large folding engraved map loose at the end of the first named item (a few short tears along folds), engraved titles, contemporary calf, some rubbing, joints rubbed or cracked, 4to (3) 120-150 681 Rushworth (John) Historical Collections, 3 vol. in 4, engraved double-page maps, double-page plan, loose, and portraits, a few small holes, contemporary calf, somewhat rubbed, some wear to part II, vol.2, folio, Tho. Newcomb for George Thomason, 1659-1680 100-150 682 Coxe (William) Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden and Denmark, 2 vol., engraved plates and maps, some soiling, contemporary calf-backed boards, somewhat rubbed, 4to, 1785 150-200 683 Rycaut (Paul) The Present State of the Ottoman Empire ... the third edition, engraved frontispiece, plates and illustrations, title strengthened at inner border, contempor ary calf, worn, rebacked with clothfolio, 1670 80-120 684 Carr (Sir John) Caledonian Sketches, aquatint folding frontispiece, plates, contemporaty half calf, spine gilt, slightly rubbed, with the bookplate ofPhilip Lyttelton Gell, 4to, 1809 120-180 685 Bruce (James) Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile, 5 vol., engraved plates, half-titles, contemporaly calf backed boards, spines gilt, somewhat rubbed, 4to, Edinburgh, 1790 300-400 686 Bell (John, editor) The Poets of Great Britain, 40 vol. only, engraved frontispieces, contemporary half calf, rubbed, spines a little worn, Edinburgh, 1777; and approximately 110 other leatherbound volumes, mostly on English Literature, 8vo and 12mo (150) 400-500 687 [Weston (Richard)] Tract on Practical Agriculture and Gardening... by a Country Gentleman, first edition, contemporary calf, rubbed, upper joint cracked, chipped at head and foot of spine, 1769- Letters and Papers on Agriculture, Planting, &c., selected from the Correspondence-Book of the Society instituted at Bath, for the encouragement of Agriculture, Arts, Manufac tures, and Commerce, vol.IV only, engraved plates, contemporary calf-backed boards, slightly rubbed, Bath, 1788, 8vo (2) 200-300 688 [Dickson (Adam)] A Treatise of Agriculture, 2 engraved folding plates, contemporary calf, somewhat rubbed, Edin burgh, printed by A. Donaldson and J. Reid for the Author and A. Donaldson, 1762- [Anderson (James)] Miscellaneous Observations on Planting and Training Timber-Trees, particularly calculated for the Climate of Scotland, half title, first few leaves browned at edges, contemporary calf, joints cracked, spine rubbed, 1777- Miscellaneous Dissertations on Rural Subjects, 3 folding engraved plates, title browned at edges, contemporaiy calf, rubbed, lacking label, joints cracked, chipped at head and foot of spine, 8vo (3) 250-300 689 Amici (Domenico) Raccolta delle principali vedute di Roma, engraved title and plates, occasional slight spotting, contemporary vellum gilt, soiled, oblong folio, [?Rome], [c. 1835] 200-300 690 Atlases, 3 vol.; and one loose facsimile map 30-40 691 Bindings- The Book of Common Prayer, engraved plates, some defective, slightly stained, lacking one or more leaves at end, contemporary morocco gilt, somewhat worn, 8vo, 1662- New Testament, Greek, slightly cropped, contempor- ary morocco, elaborately gilt, slightly worn, nineteenth-century label on upper cover, "Sedani" 32mo, 1628; and another, various sizes, sold as bindings, not subject to return (3) 80-120 692 Bowen (Emanuel) The Large English Atlas ... of all the Counties in England and Wales, engraved maps, hand coloured in outline, contemporary binding very worn, folio, [c. 1751] 1,000-1,500 693 Brayley (E.W.) Illustrations of her Majesty's Palace at Brighton ... executed... under the Superintendence of John Nash, engraved or aquatint plates, spotted, with a pencil sketch by William Borden (who designed the stables) loosely inserted, original cloth, somewhat womfolio, 1838 200-300 694 Chalon (J.J.) Costume of Paris, part 2 only, 6 hand coloured lithographed plates by Chalon, loose as issued in original wrappers (soiled), folio, 1820 60-90 695 Engravings. A collection, including prints of Der byshire, portraits, etc., most loose (a quantity) 100-200 696 Engravings. A collection of approximately 90 engraved portraits, most by Houbraken, after Van Dyck, Rubens, Lely, etc., bound in half morocco, worn, folio [c. 1740-1750] 300-500 ---Page 084----------------------------------------------- 697 Gell (W.) and J.P. Gandy. Pompeiana, large paper copy, engraved plates, maps and plans (slightly spotted), contempor- ary russia, slightly rubbed, rebacked, 4to, 1817-1819 100-150 698 Ottley (W.Y.) Engravings of the Most Noble the Marquis of Stafford's Collection of Pictures in London, 4 vol. in 2, engraved plates, slightly spotted, half morocco, slightly rubbed, folio, 1818 150-250 699 Oxford. A collection of 23 engraved views of Oxford and its colleges by Isaac Taylor, James Basine, and others after E. Dayes, D. Harris, William Turner, and others, about 3 defective with some loss, slightly stained, half calf, worn, folio [c. 1800]; sold not subject to return 200-300 700 Strutt (J.G.) Sylva Britannica, or Portraits of Forest Trees, engraved plates, contemporary half morocco, somewhat rubbed,folio, 1826 350-450 701 Browning (Elizabeth Barrett) Poetical Works, 5 vol., engraved portrait, contemporary green morocco. elaborately gilt, g.e. 8vo, 1886 100-150 702 Byron (George Gordon Noel, Lord) The Works, 6 vol., engraved portrait, contemporary blindstamped blue calf elaborately gilt, 8vo, 1825 200-300 703 Kirby (Joshua) Dr. Brook Taylor's Method of Perspec tive, second edition, plates. contemporary half calf, worn. 4to. 1755 60-90 704 Anson (George) A Voyage round the World, engraved folding plates, maps and plans, contemporary calf, rubbed, spine gilt, with the library-stamp ofP. Gell, 4 to, 1748 300-400 705 English Literature. A Collection of 46 volumes includ ing Shakespeare, Tennyson, Scott, Addison and Word sworth, most full calf, gilt, 8vo et infra (57) 200-300 706 English Literature and History. A collection of 69 vol., most in original cloth, some worn, 8vo (69) 200-300 707 Miscellaneous Books, mainly modern (a quantity) 200-300 708 Miscellaneous Books, many in poor condition (a quantity) 40-60 END OF FIRST DAY'S SALE ---Page 085----------------------------------------------- SECOND DAY OF SALE WEDNESDAY 6th SEPTEMBER 1989 AT 10.30 AM All lots offered subject to the Conditions of Business printed in the back of this catalogue and to reserves. Oriental Rugs, Carpets and Textiles 1000 A Shiraz Rug, the indigo field with three linked medallions, ivory spandrels, 193cm by 143.5cm; 76in by 56112in 30-40 1001 A Hamadan Rug the pale indigo field with a rose madder pole medallion, 191.7cm by 118.1cm; 75112in by 46112in 50-70 1002 A Shirvan Runner, the indigo field with four pale green and madder palmette medallions, overall guls, within an ivory gul and bracket border, 206cm by 99cm; 81in by 39in 500-800 1003 A Tabriz Mat, the indigo field with an ivory medallion and spandrels, with palmettes and birds, within four ivory borders, 123.8cm by 81.3cm; 48314in by 32in 3,000-5,000 1004 + image A Kazakh Karatchop Rug, the indigo field with an ivory octagonal panel enclosin a madder hooked gul, overall guls and serrated medallions, within a madder stepped leaf and tulip border, 246cm by 174cm; 97in by 68112in 700-900 ---Page 086----------------------------------------------- 1005 A Ghashghai Runner, the indigo herati field with ivory gul spandrels, within an ivory star gul and stepped leaf border, 146.7cm by 128.9cm; 57314in by 50314in 700-900 1006 A Karajar Runner, the soft madder field with overall rows of boteh, within a rose madder vine and flowerhead border, 330cm by 113. Icm; 130in by M12in 700-900 1007 A Garabagh Runner, the indigo boteh field within a cane border, 418cm by 108cm; 151112in by 42112in 70-100 1008 + image A Garabagh Runner, the indigo field with four large gul medallions, overall dice, guls and animals, within an ivory gul border, 309cm by 99.1cm; 12lin by 39in 1,000-1,500 1009 A Talysh Runner, the ivory plant and trellis field within a pale madder gul and dice border, cut and reduced, 205cm by 110cm; 80in by 43112in 150-250 1010 A Ziegler Carpet, the pale blue-green field with overall flowering plants and guls, within a saffron turtle palmette and vine border, splits, 417cm by 320cm; 164in by 126in. 2,000-4,000 1011 A Hand-Knotted Carpet, with an Oriental design, the madder field with a large pole medallion, within an ivory palmette border, cuts, 420cm by 323cm; 152in by 126in 300-500 1012 A Mahal Rug, the indigo herati field within a madder stepped leaf border, 195cm by 120cm; 75112in by 47in 150-250 1013 A Kazakh Rug, the indigo field with three linked madder hooked gul medallions, overall guls and animals, mothed, 163cm by 102cm; 64in by 40112in 60-100 1014 A Khamseh Rug, the indigo field with three linked ivory medallions enclosing birds, overall birds and stylised plants, within three narrow borders, 257cm by 154cm; 100112in by 6lin 100-150 1015 A North West Persian Carpet, the ivory field with an overall hooked trellis enclosing guls, within an indigo flowering vine border, worn, 455cm by 390cm; 178112in by 153112in 40-60 1016 An Indian Carpet, the walnut field with overall guls and leaves, within a madder palmette border, worn, 460cm by 320cm; 18lin by 126in 1017 Another, similar, worn, 462cm by 298cm; 182in by 115in 40-60 1018 A Prayer Susani, the natural linen mihrab within a flowerhead, hooked vine and plant border 300-400 ---Page 087----------------------------------------------- 1019 + image An Unusual Garabagh Saph, the field with five gul, trellis work and cane mihrabs, within flowering vine, rosette and cane borders, 274cm by 179.1cm; 108in by 70`15in 800-1,200 1020 A Kazakh BordJalou Rug, the soft madder field with three ivory and pale green hooked gul medallions, overall guls, within an ivory hooked and feathered vine border, 298cm by 149cm; 116in by 58`12in 800-1,500 1021 An Indian Carpet, the ivory field with overall angular vine and palmettes, 457cm by 366cm; 179in by 144in 30-50 1022 An Indian Carpet, the ivory field with overall angular vines within a pale indigo flowerhead border, 256cm by 194cm; 101cm by 76112in 20-30 1023 Another, similar, 273cm by 186cm; 107in by 73114 20-30 1024 A Beluch Mat; A Seraband Runner; A Kazakh Rug; and A Kazakh Runner (4) 30-50 ---Page 088----------------------------------------------- ETHNOGRAPHICA 1025 + image A Collection of Sixteen Kaffer Spears 40-60 1026 A Collection of Sixteen Kaffer Spears 40-60 1027 A Collection of Eight Kaffer Spears 20-40 1028 A Zulu Lady's Dress Ornament, 19th Century, com posed of coloured beads, framed 100-150 1029 Four Zulu Dress Ornaments. 19th Century, composed of coloured beads 100-150 1030-1049 No lots. ---Page 089----------------------------------------------- Fine English and Continental Furniture ---Page 090----------------------------------------------- MORNING ROOM 1050 + image A George 1V Mahogany Tea Table, circa 1820, of D shape outline with satinwood banded frieze, on square tapering supports with block feet, 72cm by 102cm; 28112in by 40in 500-800 1051 A Mahogany Tripod Table, circa 1820, with alterations, the 46cm; 18in diameter top on downswept supports, 46cm; 18in 100-150 1052 An Edwardian Mahogany Side Table, circa 1910, the shaped top on curvilinear supports joined by a platform stretcher, 72cm by 66cm; 28112in by 26in 200-300 1053 + image A George 1V Mahogany Sofa Table, circa 1825, with a boxwood and ebony strung top, above alternate dummy and true drawers opposed by the same, raised on four scrolls of square section with downswept supports, 74cm by 155cm; 29in by Win open. 1,200-1,800 ---Page 091----------------------------------------------- 1054 + image A George II Walnut Kneehole Desk, circa 1740, the moulded top above a long drawer, with a recessed cupboard flanked by six small drawers, on bracket feet, 80cm by 76cm; 31112in by 30in 3,000-5,000 ---Page 092----------------------------------------------- EMPTY PAGE ---Page 093----------------------------------------------- 1055 + image A Fine William and Mary Walnut Oyster Veneered Chest on Stand, circa 1690, the rectangular top inlaid with boxwood lines, of circular form above two short and three long crossbanded drawers alternately inlaid with walnut and laburnum oyster veneers, raised on a base with three small drawers, the supports now lacking, 100cm by 97cm; 39112in by 38in 6,000-9,000 (See colour illustration) 1056 + image A Regence Kingwood and Walnut Small Chest on Stand, circa 1720, of bow front outline, the parquetry top with a leaf carved gilt bronze border above three drawers, raised on a later 18th Century English stand, with scroll supports applied with gilt bronze foliate mounts and mouldings throughout, 99cm b 53cm; 39in by 2lin 3,000-5,000 (See colour illustration) 1057 + image A Good Pair of Ebony and Boulle Meuble D'Appui, circa 1860, each with a rectangular top above a gilt bronze moulding cast with foliage, and a frieze inlaid with arabesques with a glazed door similarly inlaid, applied with scroll corbels cast with flowerheads and grapes, on a shaped base, 112cm by 80cm; 42in by 31112in 1,800-25500 1058 + image A Very Fine George IV Mahogany Serving Table, circa 1820, the massive top above a concave frieze flanked by two drawers, centred by a leaf cast bronze mount, applied with bronze lines, on scrolled supports carved with acanthus leaves, headed by bronze anthemia, on claw feet, 95cm, by 289cm; 37.112in by 114in, in need of minor restoration, including part of the brass rails 7,000-10,000 (See colour illustration) 1059 + image A George I Walnut Chest, circa 1720, the moulded crossbanded feather strung top above a brushing slide and four long drawers, each feather strung, on bracket feet, 78cm by 75cm; 30114in by 29115in 35000-5,000 ---Page 094----------------------------------------------- EMPTY PAGE ---Page 095----------------------------------------------- 1060 + image A George 111 Satinwood Pembroke Table, circa 1790, with a moulded crossbanded top above a frieze drawer, on square tapering supports, 71cm by 90cm; 28in by 35in 4,000-6,000 1061 + image An Early 19th Century Mahogany Side Cabinet, Dutch, the checquer strung top above a frieze drawer and similarly strung door inlaid with a shell, flanked by slightly outset canted angles, on square tapering sup ports, 91cm by 70cm; 36in by 27112in 1,000-1,500 1062 + image A William and Mary Oyster Veneered Wall Mirror, circa 1690, the rectangular bevelled plate within a cushion moulded frame, 51cm by 46cm; 20in by 18in 800-1,200 1063 No Lot. 1064 A Cut Glass Electrolier, 20th Century, with a baluster stem and five scrolled branches festooned with trails and drops, 81cm; 32in 300-500 ***The Buyer will be responsible for the disconnection of the above two lots. An electrician will be available on the day following the sale. Sothebys will not accept responsibility for any injury or damage caused. DRAWING ROOM 1065 + image A Gilt Composition Pier Glass, circa 1860, with a shaped plate, the frame cast with leafage and flower- heads, the cresting with swags of flowers, 252cm by 129cm; 99in by 51112in 1,500-2,000 ***The successful bidder will be responsible for the removal of this lot at his own risk. 1066 A Gilt Composition Wall Mirror, circa 1880, with an octagonal bevelled plate flanked by further angles plates, with an urn cresting flanked by mermaids, 107cm by 64cm; 42in by 25in 200-300 1067 + image A George II Style Mahogany Wine Cooler, circa 1880, of oval form, brass bound, on four leaf carved cabriole supports with ball and claw feet, 64cm by 61cm; 25in by 24in 1,000-1,500 1068 A Late 18th Century Walnut Crib, possibly Italian, with a turned reeded baluster, carved with leafage adjoining the two pierced inlaid end sections, now fitted with a liner, 105cm; 41112in 400-600 ---Page 096----------------------------------------------- EMPTY PAGE ---Page 097----------------------------------------------- 1069 + image A William III Seaweed Walnut and Marquetry Chest, circa 1690, the moulded top inlaid with birds and stylised foliage, within an oval cartouche, flanked by smaller panels, above two short and three long drawers, with similar seaweed marquetry cartouches, on later bracket feet, 86cm by 96cm; 34in by 38in 3,000-5,000 (See colour illustration) 1070 + image A Queen Anne Walnut Cabinet on Stand, circa 1700, with a moulded cornice above a pair of quarter veneered feather strung doors enclosing further drawers, the lower part with two short and three long drawers, on bracket feet, 175cm by 111cm; 69in by 43112in 5,000-8,000 (See colour illustration) 1071 + image A William and Mary Laburnum Oyster Chest, circa 1690, the moulded top crossbanded and inlaid with boxwood lines, above two short and two long drawers, on bun feet, 79cm by 85cm; Pin by 3Y12in 4,000-6,000 (See colour illustration) 1072 + image A George 1 Walnut Escratoire, circa 1720, with a cavetto cornice above a fall front enclosing an arrangement of small drawers around a central cupboard, the lower part with two short and two long drawers, on bracket feet, 151cm by 89cm; 59`12in by 35in 3,000-5,000 (See colour illustration) ---Page 098----------------------------------------------- EMPTY PAGE ---Page 099----------------------------------------------- 1073 + image A Fine Regency Rosewood Library Table, circa 1815, the top with an inlaid cut brass border with foliate scrolls, above two frieze drawers, inlaid with brass lines, on standard supports flanked by scrolled borders and joined by a reeded baluster stretcher, on fine gilt metal claw feet cast with wings, 74cm by 137cm; 29in by 54in 20,000-30,000 (See colour illustration and detail, page 89) ***For a table with almost identical gilt bronze feet see Christies Sale, Sheringham Hall, 22nd-23rd October 1986, lot 57. 1074 + image A Fine Regency Rosewood Centre Table, ensuite with the previous lot, the 130cm; 5lin diameter top on a lotus leaf carved column and triform base with egg and dart border, on conforming feet, 74cm; 29in, in need of some restoration 10,000-15,000 (See colour illustration) 1075 + image An Extremely Rare Blue John Side - Table, 19th Century, the D-shaped top inset with small sections arranged in a herringbone, and crossbanded, on a later carved giltwood Adams style base, with fluted frieze and turned fluted supports, 76cm by .181; 30in by 7lin 10,000-15,000 ***Blue John or Derbyshire Spar (Radix Amethysti) is only found in the caverns of Tray Cliff, Castleton, Derbyshire. While the present piece is made up from sections of veneer is is very rare to find such a large piece in good condition. At one time there was a varied collection of Blue John at Hopton but this has now been dispersed. This table, originally a mantlepiece, is refered to in a letter dated 11th March 1920 "I notice that the Blue John mantlepiece has been removed from the boudoir and the and the room is left without a fire place." (See colour illustration) ---Page 100----------------------------------------------- EMPTY PAGE ---Page 101----------------------------------------------- 1076 + image An Edwardian Satinwood Specimen Cabinet, circa 1900, with a fret-cut pierced pediment centred by a reserve painted with cherubs, above a pair of glazed doors with boxwood strung glazing bars, flanked by a further pair of drawers, above four small drawers each with painted cartouches, the lower part with a glazed top, the frieze painted with swags of flowerheads, on square tapering mahogany strung supports, 165cm b 159cm; 65in by 62112in 5,000-7,000 (See colour illustration) 1077 + image A Fine Pair of Satinwood Settees, circa 1905, each with a rattan back flanked by a pierced splat painted with classical figures, and swags, rattan seat and arms, on square tapering supports painted with trails of flowers and simulated ebony lines, 93cm; 36112in 3,000-5,000 (See colour illustration) 1078 + image An Unusual Pair of George III Mahogany Bookcases, circa 1805, with alterations, the dentil and cavetto cornice above a pair of doors with boxwood strung lancet glazing bars, one with a fitted secretaire drawers enclosing satinwood veneered pigeon holes and small drawers, above a pair of panelled doors, on a plinth base, boxwood strung throughout, 257cm by 97cm; 101in by 38in 7,000-10,000 (See colour illustration) ---Page 102----------------------------------------------- 1079 + image A George III Style Mahogany Bookcase, circa 1880, stamped Edwards and Roberts in the Chinese Chippendale taste, with a pierced architectural pediment and dentil cornice, above a blind fret frieze and a pair of astragal glazed doors, the lower part with two small drawers, on square blind fret supports joined by a shaped platform stretcher, with a pierced gallery, 226cm by 104cm; 89in by 4lin 1,800-2,500 1080 + image A George III Mahogany- Pembroke Table, circa 1790, with a moulded oval top above a frieze drawer, on square tapering supports, 69cm by 104cm; 27in by 4lin 1,000-1,500 1081 + image A Pair of Louis XIII Walnut Armchairs, circa 1660, each with a padded back, scrolled arms, padded seat, on moulded scroll supports joined by, a scroll stretcher (2) 1,500-2,000 ---Page 103----------------------------------------------- 1082 + image A Pair of Louis XV White Painted and Parcel Gilt Armchairs, circa 1750, the padded back within a moulded frame carved with flowerheads, padded seat, on curvilinear supports 1,500-2,000 1083 + image A Pair of Dutch Walnut Marquetry Chairs, circa 1740, each with a leaf and shell carved rail above an urn splat, inlaid with a vase of flowers, drop-in seat, on shell carved cabriole supports with ball and claw feet 1,200-1,800 1084 An Oak Stool, circa 1880, stamped Jas Schoolbred and Co., with a gilt metal baluster gallery, solid seat, on reeded sabre supports, with the Patent Office registration mark 100-150 1085 A Pair of Ebonised Stands, 20th Century, on cabriole supports, 47cm, 18.112in 70-100 1086 A George III Mahogany Armchair, circa 1800, with a slightly concave rail, and reeded stick back, carved with foliage, drop-in seat, on turned supports 400-600 ---Page 104----------------------------------------------- 1087 A George II Walnut Dining Chair, circa 1730, with a gadrooned rail, shaped pierced splat, drop-in seat, on shell carved cabriole supports with ball and claw feet, in need of restoration. 700-1,000 1088 A George III Style Mahogany Torchere, circa 1900, the shaped top on a fluted leaf carved stem, with, downswept supports and pad feet, 161cm; 63`12in 250-350 1089 Another Similar, with a lobed stem and downswept supports, 165cm; 65in 180-250 1090 An Edwardian Mahogany Occasional Table, the oval satinwood crossbanded top on square supports joined by a platform stretcher, 69.9cm by 68.6cm; 2711-~in by 27in 200-300 1091 A George III Style Mahogany Tripod Table, 20th Century, the leather inset top with a pierced brass gallery, on a baluster stem with downswept supports, 56cm by 60cm; 22in by 23`12in 100-150 1092 A Gilt Composition Wall Mirror, circa 1900, the shaped bevelled plate within a frame cast with leafage with ribbon tied cresting, 84cm by 112cm; 33112in by 44in 100-150 1093 An Edwardian Armchair, with a bucket padded back and seat, on square tapering supports; and Another Similar. (2) 100-150 1094 A Pair of Wall Lights, each with two scrolled arms, the cut, "drip pan" supplied with drops, 32cm; 12112in 150-250 ***The buyer will be responsible for the disconnection of the above lot. An electrician. will be available on the day following the sale. Sothebys will not accept responsibility for any injury or damage caused. MAIN HALL 1095 + image A 17th Century Style Ebony and Marquetry Wall Mirror, with a bevelled rectangular plate, with a chequer inlaid frame, inlaid with trails of flowers and birds, with a strut support, 75cm by 53cm; 29112in by 2lin 500-700 1096 A Gilt Composition Wall Mirror, circa 1860, with an oval bevelled plate, the frame applied with shells and leafy scrolls, 60cm by 64cm; 23115in by 25in 100-150 1097 + image A North Italian Cabinet, circa 1660, with restorations, with a moulded cornice above a frieze carved with protruding busts, fitted with two drawers and centred by an armorial, above an arrangement of small drawers and a central cupboard enclosing further drawers, all flanked by male and female caryatids, on a moulded base, 73.5cm by 79cm; 29in by 3lin 1,500-2,000 1098 + image A Charles II Oak Chest, circa 1670, the moulded top above four long drawers each with ebonised and walnut inlaid geometrically fielded panels, on bun feet, 99cm by 107cm; 39in by 42in 1,000-1,500 1099 An Oak Bible Box, circa 1700, the hinged top above carved circular motifs and stylised vines, 33cm by 73.7cm; 13in by 29in 300-500 1100 + image A Flemish Oak Armoire, reconstructed, with a dentil cornice above two pairs of doors, each with a moulded octagonal panel, within ripple mouldings, separated by similarly moulded drawers, and applied with barley twist and bobbin turned pilasters, with a moulded base, restored, 197cm by 160cm; 77`12in by 63in 1,200-1,800 1101 + image A Good Gascony Oak Armoire, circa 1700, with a moulded cornice, the frieze centred by a cherub's head, above two pairs of geometrically fielded panelled doors, divided by two drawers, on stump feet, 212cm by 163cm; 83`12in by 64in 1,200-1,800 ---Page 105----------------------------------------------- EMPTY PAGE ---Page 106----------------------------------------------- 1102 + image A George I Walnut Secretaire Chest on Chest, circa 1720, with a cavetto cornice above two short and one long feather strung drawer and with a secretaire drawer enclosing a fitted interior, flanked by fluted canted angles, the lower part with two further long drawers, on bracket feet, reduced, 159cm by 110cm; 62112in by 43in 3,000-5,000 1103 + image A George II Walnut Chest on Stand, circa 1740, the moulded top above two short and three long drawers, raised on a stand with a further drawer, on bracket feet, 126cm by 97cm; 49112in by 38in 800-1,200 1104 + image A Good Mid 17th Century Italian Cassone, the moulded hinged top above a knulled frieze, the moulded base carved with scrolls and lunettes, 46cm by 122cm; 18in by 48in 1,000-1,500 1105 A Good Simulated Rosewood Grand Piano, by John Broadwood & Sons, London, No. 47990, of typical form, on turned supports, 104cm by 203cm; 41in by 80in 1,000-1,500 1106 An Edwardian Double Piano Stool, circa 1910, the hinged padded seat on leaf carved cabriole supports, with ball or claw feet, 109cm; 43in 300-400 1107 + image An Oak Wainscot Armchair, reconstructed, with a carved rail and panelled back, the solid seat on baluster supports 300-500 1108 + image A Carved Wainscot Armchair, partly circa 1670, the arched rail carved with scrolls and flowerheads, the panelled back carved with stylised foliage and flower heads, with a guilloche border, solid seat on leaf carved slender cup and cover supports 400-600 -------------------------continued--------------------------
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