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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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The Wirksworth Parish Registers have been used to trace as many links as possible between the PRs and the MI's. The MI links are listed here. Both Links and Inscriptions use the same MI code numbers to allow reference between one and the other. In many instances it is possible to trace these links further back than has been done by the Author. Occasionally the Registers highlight an error in the MI list because of the stone being eroded or broken. The Links are indexed by surname. MIs prefixed with a "Q" indicate Wirksworth Cemetary, "Ch" in the Church, others in the Churchyard.

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2001, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.


QC052 C 1832jan15 ABBOT Josia=(son)William/Elizabeth P(Wirksworth)[Butcher]"Parker"
QC052 C 1837feb22 ABBOTT John=(son)William/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Butcher]
QC052 C 1809sep24 ABBOTT William=(son)Josiah/Hannah(Wirksworth)
QC052 M 1830dec22 ABBOTT William(Wirksworth)/BAMFORD Elizabeth P
            Witnesses: John BAMFORD,Sarah ABBOTT    Comment: Parker
QC052 C 1834may30 ABBOTT William=(son)William/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Butcher]
QC163 M 1821aug30 ALLEN Edward(Bolehill)/WALKER Hannah
            Witnesses: Isaac WALKER,Thomas ALLEN
QC011 C 1796sep11 ALLEN George=(son)George/Ann(Wirksworth)
QC011 B 1813mar10 ALLEN Henry(Cromford)[19]
QC163 C 1824oct23 ALLEN Silence=(dau)Edward/Hannah(Wirksworth)[Miner]
A026  B 1816sep19 ALLSOP James(son)John/Mary(Wirksworth)[4m]
A026  C 1775mar24 ALLSOP John=(son)Richard/(Wirksworth)
QC199 C 1820feb13 ALLSOP Mary=(dau)John/Mary(Wirksworth)[Publican]
A024  B 1822dec23 ALLSOP Mary(wid)Richard/(Duffield)[91]
QC198 C 1822jul28 ALLSOPP Sarah S=(dau)John/Mary(Wirksworth)[Publican]"Sturton"
QC199 C 1811apr15 ALSOP Charles=(son)John/Mary(Wirksworth)
QC199 C 1813may19 ALSOP Ellen=(dau)John/Mary(Wirksworth)[Sadler]
A026  B 1833jun08 ALSOP John(Wirksworth)[58]
A024  C 1730nov25 ALSOP Richard=(son)Richard/(Wirksworth)
A024  M 1757may22 ALSOP Richard(Wirksworth),Miner/SOWTER Mary
            Witnesses: William WIGLEY,William WIGLEY JUN    Comment: Miner
A024  B 1795jan08 ALSOP Richard(Wirksworth)
A023  C 1782nov15 ANNABLE Thomas=(son)Thomas/Elizabeth(Ashlehay)
Ch086 B 1811dec30 ARKWRIGHT Margaret(wid)Richard/(Cromford)[78]"Sir Richard"
Ch086 M 1780jun12 ARKWRIGHT Susannah(Cromford)/HURT Charles
            Witnesses: Catherine HURT,Richard ARKWRIGHT JU    Comment: Esq

QC052 C 1808sep18 BAMFORD Elizabeth P=(dau)John/Ann(Wirksworth)"Parker"
QC052 M 1830dec22 BAMFORD Elizabeth P(Wirksworth)/ABBOTT William
            Witnesses: John BAMFORD,Sarah ABBOTT    Comment: Parker
QC108 M 1764may30 BARKER Ann(Alderwasley)/LONGDEN Humphrey
            Witnesses: Richard PEAT,Thomas PICKARD    Comment: Farmer
QD159 C 1820may21 BARKER John=(son)William/Ellen(Cromford)[Cotton spinner]
D021  C 1748jun15 BATEMAN Sarah=(dau)John/(Middleton)
D021  M 1769may15 BATEMAN Sarah(Middleton)/STUBS John
            Witnesses: Joseph MATHER,Jacob SPENCER    Comment: Miner
QC016 C 1830jan23 BEESON Robert=(son)Thomas/Ann(Middleton)[Joiner]
Ch082 B 1799may09 BENNET Abraham(Wirksworth)"Revd."
QA090 M 1820dec25 BIRKS Elizabeth(Ashover)/HODGKINSON John
            Witnesses: Job HODGKINSON,Susanna HODGKINSON
A022  B 1826may06 BLACKWALL Maria(wife)Robert/(Wirksworth)[30]
A029  C 1773apr16 BLACKWALL Mary=(dau)Samuel/(Middleton)
A029  M 1795jun04 BLACKWALL Mary(Wirksworth)/TAYLOR Robert
            Witnesses: George LAND,Anthony TOMLINSON
A045  M 1762jan01 BODEN George(Matlock),Miner/SHEPHERD Ann
            Witnesses: Obadiah WIGLEY,Joseph WIGLEY    Comment: Miner
A045  B 1789oct21 BODEN George(Cromford)
A038  C 1833mar06 BOWMER Hannah=(dau)Joseph/Elizabeth(Wigwell)[Farmer]
A038  C 1822sep21 BOWMER Harriot=(dau)Joseph/Elizabeth(Wigwell)[Farmer]
A038  C 1786may14 BOWMER Joseph=(son)Nathaniel/Sarah(Wigwall)
A038  M 1821oct17 BOWMER Joseph(Wigwell)/CONWAY Elizabeth
            Witnesses: John SPENDLOVE,Thomas PICKARD
A038  C 1824aug08 BOWMER Joshua=(son)Joseph/Elizabeth(Wigwell)[Farmer]
A038  B 1825aug23 BOWMER Joshua(son)Joseph/Elizabeth(Wigwell)[1]
QC046 C 1793dec30 BRACE Mary Jane=(dau)Thomas?/Mary(Wirksworth)
D029  B 1808sep21 BRACE Thomas(Wirksworth)
A016  C 1777may11 BRADLEY Ellen=(dau)John/(Wirksworth)
A016  B 1791jul22 BRADLEY Ellen(dau)John/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)
A015  B 1798dec01 BRADLEY Elizabeth(wid)(Wirksworth)
A015  M 1770may31 BRADLEY John(Wirksworth)/HILL Elisabeth
            Witnesses: John MARPLE,Samuel BUTLER
            Status: wid,/,    Comment: Widower
A015  B 1780jul02 BRADLEY John(Cromford)
Ch026 C 1822aug29 BRADSHAW Ann=(dau)William/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Draper]
Ch026 B 1837jan03 BRADSHAW Anne(Wirksworth)[16]
Ch035 B 1823may11 BRADSHAW Elizabeth(wife)William/(Wirksworth)[37]
Ch026 C 1820oct06 BRADSHAW Mary=(dau)William/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Draper]
Ch035 B 1826apr08 BRADSHAW William(Wirksworth)[43]
QA044 C 1814oct30 BRELSFORD Anthony=(son)William/Mary(Middleton)[Miner]
QA044 M 1836dec24 BRELSFORD Anthony(Middleton)/COLLEDGE Hannah
            Witnesses: John RAINS,Sarah COLLEDGE
QA058 C 1828sep21 BRISTOL Elizabeth=(dau)William/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Gardener]
C004a B 1829oct07 BRITLAND Elizabeth(Cromford)[70]
C004  C 1755apr02 BRITLAND John=(son)Robert/(Cromford)
C004  B 1837jan18 BRITLAND John(Cromford)[81]
QC085 C 1800jul02 BROCKLEHURST Ann=(dau)Henry/Mary(Wirksworth)
QC085 M 1821jan23 BROCKLEHURST Ann(Alderwasley)/LAMB William
            Witnesses: Thomas NEWTON,Hannah LAMB
QA104 C 1787may06 BROCKLEHURST Henry=(son)Henry/Hannah(Alderwasley)
QD325 C 1803jun26 BROCKLEHURST Richard=(son)Anthony/Hannah(Alderwasley)
QD121 C 1805sep20 BROOKS Martha=(dau)Samuel/Martha(Middleton)
QD121 M 1823nov24 BROOKS Martha(Wirksworth)/WILD John
            Witnesses: Job WILD,John BROWNSON
            Status: ,19/,
Ch015 B 1716dec19 BROWN John(Wirksworth)"Cleric"
Ch015 C 1717oct16 BROWN Mary=(dau)Peter/(Wirkesworth)
Ch015 B 1717dec22 BROWN Mary(dau)Peter/(Wirksworth)
Ch015 B 1708jul25 BROWN Ruth(dau)William/(Wirksworth)"Vicar of Wirksworth"
Ch015 B 1754sep30 BROWN Thomas(Wirksworth)
Ch015 B 1719jan06 BROWN Truth(wife)Peter/(Wirksworth)
Ch015 B 1714mar08 BROWNE Hannah(Wirksworth)"Mrs"
Ch015 C 1691sep04 BROWNE Thomas=(son)William/(Wirksworth)[Vicar]"Vicar of Wirksworth"
Ch015 B 1705feb05 BROWNE William(Wirksworth)"Cleric, Vicar"
QC147 C 1815nov26 BUCKLEY Joshua=(son)George/Elizabeth(Middleton)[Miner]
QC154 C 1808dec04 BUCKLEY Mary=(dau)Benjamin/Elizabeth(Middleton)
QC154 M 1834sep18 BUCKLEY Mary(Wirksworth)/KILLER James
            Witnesses: Job SPENCER,Sarah ABBOTT
QD120 M 1834oct13 BUCKLEY Sarah(Middleton)/SPENCER John
            Witnesses: William BUCKLEY,Mary HALL
D025  B 1820may25 BURTON Hannah(wife)Thomas/(Cromford)[45]
QC227 C 1816aug18 BURTON Mellicent=(dau)Thomas/Hannah(Cromford)[Baker]
Ch068 M 1698jul05 BURTON Michaell(Wigwall)/WIGLEY Mary    Comment: Generosus
QC227 C 1810dec25 BURTON Samuel=(son)Thomas/Hannah(Cromford)"Cromford chapel"
C001  C 1743mar23 BUXTON Anthony=(son)Anthony/(Cromford)
C001  M 1767sep21 BUXTON Anthony(Cromford),Milnrite/GELL Mary
            Witnesses: George BUXTON,Benjamin STANDALL    Comment: Milnrite
C001  B 1815aug31 BUXTON Anthony(Derby St A)[73]
C002  C 1732dec08 BUXTON John=(son)Anthony/(Cromford)
C002  B 1790mar31 BUXTON John(Cromford)
C001  B 1812mar29 BUXTON Mary(wife)Anthony/(Alderwasley W)[66]"Works"
E005  M 1795jun22 BUXTON Thomas(Wirksworth)/HENLEY Esther
            Witnesses: John NUTTALL,Samuel ?

D030  B 1772jan08 CALTON Elisabeth(Wirksworth)
B004  C 1785apr06 CALTON Esther=(dau)Daniel/Esther(Wirksworth)
B004  M 1805jan21 CALTON Esther(Wirksworth)/WILSON John
            Witnesses: Paul CAULTON,Richard GRUNDY
D030  C 1693may25 CALTON Henry=(son)John/(Millhouse)
D030  M 1723jul31 CALTON Henry(Wirksworth)/COATS Elisabeth
D030  B 1749apr26 CALTON Henry(Wirksworth)
QC105 M 1830jul01 CHADWICK Sarah(Wirksworth)/STEVENSON James
            Witnesses: James CLARKSON,Milicent FROST
D024  C 1782sep15 CHEATHAM Elizabeth=(dau)-/Mary(Wirksworth)"Illegitimate"
D024  M 1820jul27 CHEETHAM Elizabeth(Wirksworth)/HALL Jabus
            Witnesses: Sarah BAMFORD,W. WILKINSON
QA009 C 1808sep18 CLAY Henry=(son)Thomas/Susanna(Wirksworth)
QA009 M 1831sep12 CLAY Henry(Wirksworth)/STREET Martha
            Witnesses: Hugh WALL,Elizabeth STREET
A032  C 1793sep18 CLOUGH William=(son)John/Hannah(Wirksworth)
D030  C 1688aug08 COATES Elizabeth=(dau)John/(Cromford)
D030  M 1723jul31 COATS Elisabeth(Wirksworth)/CALTON Henry
QC111 C 1815sep13 COLLEDGE George=(son)John/Mary(Wirksworth)[Miner]
QA044 M 1836dec24 COLLEDGE Hannah(Wirksworth)/BRELSFORD Anthony
            Witnesses: John RAINS,Sarah COLLEDGE
Ch006 B 1820mar23 COLLINSON Hannah(wife)Joseph/(Wirksworth)[72]
Ch006 C 1746may07 COLLINSON Joseph=(son)Thomas/(Wirksworth)
Ch006 M 1772jun25 COLLINSON Joseph(Wirksworth)/WRIGHT Hannah
            Witnesses: Edward COLLINSON,John FROST
Ch006 B 1826nov23 COLLINSON Joseph(Wirksworth)[80]
A032  C 1783sep19 COLLINSON Sarah=(dau)Joseph/Hannah(Wirksworth)
A032  M 1805feb25 COLLINSON Sarah(Wirksworth)/WEBSTER George
            Witnesses: Joseph COLLINSON,John TWIGG
A038  M 1821oct17 CONWAY Elizabeth(Longwaybank)/BOWMER Joseph
            Witnesses: John SPENDLOVE,Thomas PICKARD
QC114 C 1836apr01 CONWAY Francis=(son)Joseph/Ellen(Longwaybank)[Farmer]
A042  C 1828may11 CORBET Ellen=(dau)William/Mary(Riddend A)[Farmer]"Alfreton"
A042  M 1827feb01 CORBETT William(Alfreton)/FEARN Mary
            Witnesses: John POYZER,Thomas EVANS
Ch004a C 1751apr10 COTTERIL Grace=(dau)Joseph/(Cromford)
Ch004a M 1774sep14 COTTERILL Grace(Wirksworth)/WRIGHT John
            Witnesses: John FROST,John ALSOP
            Status: ,21+/,    Comment: 21+, 21+
D007  B 1782feb14 COWLISHAW James(Wirksworth)
Ch117 M 1760sep21 DICKENS Elisabeth(Wirksworth)/SATTERFIELD John
            Witnesses: Robert BRIGHT,Isaac POTTER    Comment: Tanner

QA132 C 1812nov08 DOXEY Richard=(son)Thomas/Mary(Middleton)
QA115 C 1831aug14 DOXEY Thomas=(son)David/Ann(Wirksworth)[Butcher]
Ch016 C 1831nov21 DRAKES Ellen=(dau)Daniel/Ellen(Wirksworth)[Mercer & draper]

QA076 C 1799sep18 EATON William=(son)John/Rebecca(Cromford)
QA076 M 1827oct11 EATON William(Cromford)/WARDMAN Lydia
            Witnesses: James FRYER,George EATON
Ch022 B 1801sep07 ELEY Mary(Wirksworth)
Ch022 M 1793jun13 ELEY Thomas(Wirksworth)/INCE Mary
            Witnesses: ? INCE,Edward CHAMBERLIN*
Ch022 B 1798dec19 ELEY Thomas(Wirksworth)

QA127 C 1810sep12 FARRAND Ann=(dau)Anthony/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)
QA127 M 1832may17 FARRAND Ann(Wirksworth)/HARLEY Daniel
            Witnesses: Edward HODGKINSON,Mary HARLEY
A033  M 1807nov19 FARRAND Anthony(Wirksworth)/HODGKINSON Elizabeth
            Witnesses: Mary HODGKINSON,Ann HODGKINSON
A033  C 1809apr19 FARRAND Joseph=(son)Anthony/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)
A041  B 1826may03 FEARN John(Ible)[28]
A042  M 1827feb01 FEARN Mary(Wirksworth)/CORBETT William
            Witnesses: John POYZER,Thomas EVANS
A041  C 1801apr05 FERN John=(son)William/Rebecca(Ible)
A008  M 1816sep30 FITCHETT Catharine(Wirksworth)/POYSER Richard
            Witnesses: Samuel SALT,Sarah HALL
QA118 C 1801aug02 FLETCHER Benjamin=(son)Joseph/Hannah(Alderwasley)
QA118 M 1832aug15 FLETCHER Benjamin(Ideridghay)/LEE Mary
            Witnesses: Isaac COLLEDGE,Richard POYSER
A027  C 1728sep06 FLETCHER Dorothy=(dau)Henry/(Wirksworth)
A027  M 1756apr07 FLETCHER Dorothy(Wirksworth)/PEARSON George
            Witnesses: Henry FORD,John WIGLEY    Comment: Miner
QA139 C 1832oct05 FLINT James=(son)James/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Miner]
QD157 C 1802sep19 FLINT Martha=(dau)John/Elizabeth(Bolehill)
QD157 M 1837jun22 FLINT Martha(Bolehill)/WALKER Henry
            Witnesses: Jabes KNIVETON,Hannah WALKER
QA136 C 1789feb08 FLINT Samuel=(son)John/Sarah(Alderwasley)
QC150 C 1809sep13 FLINT Samuel=(son)John/Elizabeth(Bolehill)
QA136 M 1818sep17 FLINT Samuel(Bolehill)/TAYLOR Ann
            Witnesses: Gamaliel HALL,W. WILKINSON
QA051 C 1820may20 FOULKS John=(son)Isaac/Ruth(Milners Green)[Farmer]
Ch030 C 1749mar24 FOWLER Ellin=(dau)Richard/(Wirksworth)
Ch030 M 1770sep20 FOWLER Ellen(Wirksworth)/SMITH Richard
            Witnesses: George TOPLIS,Job HIGTON    Comment: Woolcomber
Ch071 C 1753apr25 FOWLER Elizabeth=(dau)Richard/(Wirksworth)
Ch071 M 1788dec07 FOWLER Elizabeth(Wirksworth)/LOMAS Thomas
            Witnesses: Richard SMITH,George SALT
Ch016 C 1708jan21 FOX Mary=(dau)Joseph/(Alderwaslee)
Ch016 M 1730jun24 FOX Mary(Wirksworth)/MASON John
QC083 C 1828sep14 FOX Robert=(son)Robert/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Carpenter]
D019  C 1782jan04 FOX William=(son)William/Mary(Wirksworth)
D019  B 1782feb16 FOX William(son)William/Mary(Wirksworth)
QC126 C 1826jan15 FRITCHLEY Fanny=(dau)Isaac/Mary(Wirksworth)[Cordwainer]
QC009 C 1795sep20 FRITCHLEY Hannah=(dau)Joseph/Martha(Wirksworth)
QC009 C 1792feb19 FRITCHLEY Isaac=(son)Joseph/Martha(Wirksworth)
QC009 M 1816jun27 FRITCHLEY Isaac(Wirksworth)/HALL Mary
            Witnesses: James MEE,John BLOUNT
QC125 C 1830mar28 FRITCHLEY Joseph=(son)Isaac/Mary(Wirksworth)[Cordwainer]
Ch032 C 1806may30 FROST Ellen=(dau)Samuel/Nanny(Wirksworth)
Ch032 C 1813aug29 FROST Richard=(son)Samuel/Nanny(Wirksworth)[Grocer]
Ch032 B 1830dec09 FROST Richard(Manchester)[17]
QC088 C 1818aug30 FROST Robert=(son)Samuel/Nanny(Wirksworth)[Flax dresser]
Ch032 M 1805may16 FROST Samuel(Wirksworth)/SMITH Nanny
            Witnesses: Ellen SMITH,John SMEDLEY

QC120 C 1821nov18 GAMBLE William=(son)Thomas/Jemima(Wirksworth)[Cordwainer]
Ch050 C 1656may08 GELL -=(dau)John/(Hopton)
Ch085 B 1776nov17 GELL Cassandra(wife)Philip/(Wirksworth)"Esq."
Ch050 B 1671jan22 GELL Catherine(wife)John/(Hopton)"Esquire"
Ch050 B 1684aug26 GELL Catherine(Hopton)
Ch057 C 1621jan13 GELL Ellenora=(dau)John/(Hopton)"Knight,at Carsington church"
Ch057 B 1644oct26 GELL Elizabeth(wife)John/"Barronet"
Ch050 C 1647jun06 GELL Elizabeth=(dau)John/"Esq Ju(nior)"
Ch053 B 1704nov04 GELL Elizabeth(St.James MDX)"County of Midlesex"
Ch050 B 1716jun11 GELL Elisabeth(wife)Phillip/(Hopton)"Dom=Lord P.GELL"
Ch050 C 1659may   GELL Francis=(son)John/(Hopton)"Esq"
Ch049 B 1813jun21 GELL Harriott E(dau)Philip/Georgiana A(Hopton)[10]"Eleanor,Ann"
Ch052 M 1828mar04 GELL Isabella(Hopton)/THORNHILL William P
            Witnesses: P. GELL,John COLLIN*    Comment: Pole
Ch050 C 1649may   GELL John=(son)John/(Hopton)
Ch057 B 1671dec04 GELL John(Hopton)"Lord John GELL Baronett,FVPhc 20/-/-"
Ch050 B 1674sep07 GELL John(son)John/(Hopton)"Esquire, Lord Jn GELL Bart"
Ch050 B 1689feb23 GELL John(Hopton)"Sr"
Ch058 B 1836sep01 GELL John N(Hopton Hall)[32]"Nicholas"
Ch097 M 1822nov19 GELL Lydia(Wirksworth)/HEAP John
            Witnesses: Samuel STREET,Thomas PICKARD
Ch049 B 1814jul20 GELL Lucy(dau)Philip/Georgiana A(Hopton)[13]"Esquire,Ann"
C001  M 1767sep21 GELL Mary(Cromford)/BUXTON Anthony
            Witnesses: George BUXTON,Benjamin STANDALL    Comment: Milnrite
Ch050 C 1651jul06 GELL Phillip=(son)John/(Hopton)"Esq, at chapple"
Ch085 M 1776jul08 GELL Philip(Wirksworth)/HURT Cassandra
            Witnesses: Francis WARREN,Honor GELL    Comment: Esq
Ch085 B 1822apr01 GELL Philip(Gatehouse, Wirk)[73]"Esquire"
Ch054 B 1730jun26 GELL Temperance(Hopton)
Ch050 B 1738may16 GELL Temperance(dau)John/(Hopton)"Esq"
Ch050 C 1654mar12 GELL Thomas=(son)John/"Esq"
Ch050 B 1654jul11 GELL Thomas(son)John/(Hopton)"Gent"
Ch108 C 1723nov08 GELL Thomas=(son)Thomas/(Wirksworth)[Doctor]""medici"=doctor"
Ch108 B 1789apr16 GELL Thomas(Wirksworth)"Rev."
Ch057 B 1642nov14 GELL William(son)John/"Knight"
E006  B 1819mar01 GOODWIN Anthony(Wirksworth)[67]"Esquire"
Ch078 C 1780feb04 GOODWIN Francis G=(son)Anthony/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)"Green"
E007  C 1802jun18 GOODWIN Jane Agnes=(dau)Anthony/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)
E007  B 1803nov03 GOODWIN Jane Agnes(dau)Anthony/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)
Ch065 C 1780jun14 GRATTON Charles=(son)Charles/Ann(Wirksworth)
QC214 C 1798apr18 GRATTON William=(son)William/Lydia(Wirksworth)
Ch004 B 1824jun11 GRAYSON Catharine(wife)Robert/(Stanton by Dale)[45]"MI says Thomas"
Ch004 M 1802feb08 GRAYSON Thomas(Derby St P)/WRIGHT Catharine
            Witnesses: John ALSOP,D. GRAYSON
QC202 C 1818nov22 GREATOREX Henry=(son)William/Rachel(Wirksworth)[Labourer]
A037  M 1762feb10 GREATOREX Martha(Wirksworth)/TIPPER William
            Witnesses: Thomas PICKARD,Robert BLOUNT    Comment: Farmer
QA171 C 1782sep11 GREATOREX Martha=(dau)William/Mary(Ashlehay)
QA171 M 1803aug23 GREATORIX Martha(Wirksworth)/TIPPER William
            Witnesses: Thomas PICKARD,Nelly NORTH
E007  B 1782jan14 GREEN Francis(Wigwell)
Ch106 B 1766sep07 GRESLEY Mary(wife)John/(Wirksworth)"Mr"

A001  C 1816jun23 HAINES Martha W=(dau)-/Fanny(Wirksworth)[Spinster]"Wilshaw"
QC138 C 1801feb13 HALL Ann=(dau)Francis/Elizabeth(Calow)
QD345 C 1828mar02 HALL Caleb=(son)Gamaliel/Sarah(Wirksworth)[Mason]
QD345 M 1823jun12 HALL Gemaliel(Middleton)/OGDON Sarah
            Witnesses: Joshua STREET,John DAWSON
D024  M 1820jul27 HALL Jabus(Wirksworth)/CHEETHAM Elizabeth
            Witnesses: Sarah BAMFORD,W. WILKINSON
D024  B 1830jan11 HALL Jabes(Wirksworth)[48]
QC203 C 1830jun04 HALL Luke=(son)William/Elizabeth(Middleton)[Labourer]
Ch014 C 1739jun20 HALL Margaret=(dau)Thomas/(Middleton)
Ch014 M 1766apr17 HALL Margaret(Middleton)/TOPLIS Ralph
            Witnesses: John WRIGHT,Thomas HALL    Comment: Grocer, widower
Ch063 C 1789jun05 HALL Mary=(dau)Stephen/Ruth(Middleton)
QC009 M 1816jun27 HALL Mary(Wirksworth)/FRITCHLEY Isaac
            Witnesses: James MEE,John BLOUNT
Ch063 M 1816aug29 HALL Mary(Middleton)/TOMLINSON Thomas
            Witnesses: Stephen HALL,Margaret HALL
D024  C 1821oct27 HALL Mary=(dau)Jabus/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Labourer]
Ch062 B 1830mar10 HALL Ruth(Middleton)[77]
QA109 C 1828jul16 HALL Samuel=(son)Nathaniel/Susanna(Callow)[Farmer]
A018  C 1793sep25 HALL Sarah=(dau)John/Ann(Middleton)
A018  M 1811may09 HALL Sarah(Middleton)/STREET Samuel
            Witnesses: George STREET,David HALL
Ch062 C 1741oct07 HALL Stephen=(son)Thomas/(Middleton)
Ch062 B 1815feb17 HALL Stephen(Middleton)[73]
QA045 C 1825oct30 HALL Zachariah=(son)Zachariah/Edith(Bolehill)[Miner]
QD183 C 1778may28 HALLAM Ellen=(dau)Joseph/(Bolehill)
QD183 C 1785jan28 HALLAM Joseph=(son)Joseph/Hannah(Bolehill)
B003  C 1737aug31 HARDY Ellen=(dau)John/(Wirksworth)
B003  M 1792oct16 HARDY Ellen(Wirksworth)/WILSON Daniel
            Witnesses: Anthony ROLAND,John ROWSE
QA127 C 1811jan07 HARLEY Daniel=(son)Samuel/Deborah(Wirksworth)
QA127 M 1832may17 HARLEY Daniel(Wirksworth)/FARRAND Ann
            Witnesses: Edward HODGKINSON,Mary HARLEY
Ch080 B 1778mar25 HARRIS Thomas(Wirksworth)"Rev.,late Vicar"
Ch021 M 1782may22 HARRISON Kitty(Wirksworth)/TAYLOR Richard
            Witnesses: George PEARSON,M. PEARSON
QD281 C 1808sep11 HATFIELD George=(son)William/Mary(Wirksworth)
QD281 M 1831mar03 HATFIELD George(Wirksworth)/WINT Sarah
            Witnesses: Samuel WINT,Sarah WINT
QC018 C 1803sep14 HAWLEY Abernethy=(son)John/Alice(Wirksworth)
QC018 M 1827may03 HAWLEY Abanathan(Wirksworth)/OGDON Elizabeth
            Witnesses: George WAIN,Hannah HAWLEY
QC028 M 1808jan21 HAWLEY Mary(Wirksworth)/MOOR Samuel
            Witnesses: Job BUNTING,Millicent MOORE
Ch098 C 1810jul13 HEAP Edward G=(son)George/Rosamond(Wirksworth)"Griffin"
Ch097 M 1822nov19 HEAP John(Wirksworth)/GELL Lydia
            Witnesses: Samuel STREET,Thomas PICKARD
B007  C 1778jun21 HIGTON Job=(son)Daniel/(Middleton)
B007  B 1779feb07 HIGTON Job(son)Daniel/(Middleton)
C003  C 1763jul06 HIGTON Joseph=(son)Joseph/(Cromford)
C003  B 1777mar26 HIGTON Joseph(Cromford)
B007  B 1784may06 HIGTON Rosamond(wife)Daniel/(Middleton)
B007  C 1784may06 HIGTON Rosamond=(dau)Daniel/Rosamond(Middleton)
B007  B 1784may10 HIGTON Rosamond(dau)Daniel/Rosamond(Middleton)
B006  M 1744sep08 HIGTON Thomas(Wirksworth)/THOMAS Elizabeth
B006  B 1762may18 HIGTON Thomas(Bolehill)
A015  C 1743mar11 HILL Elizabeth=(dau)John/(Wirksworth)
A015  M 1770may31 HILL Elisabeth(Wirksworth)/BRADLEY John
            Witnesses: John MARPLE,Samuel BUTLER    Comment: Widower
QA105 C 1819dec26 HOADES Hannah=(dau)William/Elizabeth(Wigwell)[Labourer]
A033  C 1783jun27 HODGKINSON Elizabeth=(dau)Joseph/Hannah(Wirksworth)
A033  M 1807nov19 HODGKINSON Elizabeth(Wirksworth)/FARRAND Anthony
            Witnesses: Mary HODGKINSON,Ann HODGKINSON
A034  C 1790jun02 HODGKINSON Hannah=(dau)Joseph/Hannah(Wirksworth)
A034  B 1792oct15 HODGKINSON Hannah(dau)Joseph/Hannah(Wirksworth)
A034  B 1823jul10 HODGKINSON Hannah(wid)Joseph/(Wirksworth)[66]
QC149 C 1809dec24 HODGKINSON Henry=(son)Thomas/Rebecca(Wirksworth)
QA093 C 1802may16 HODGKINSON James=(son)John/Esther"Cromford chapel"
QA067 C 1824jan25 HODGKINSON James=(son)John/Elizabeth(Cromford)[Miner]
QA090 C 1794may11 HODGKINSON John=(son)John/Esther(Cromford)
A034  C 1795aug19 HODGKINSON John=(son)Joseph/Hannah(Wirksworth)
A034  B 1799mar31 HODGKINSON John(son)Joseph/Hannah(Wirksworth)
QA090 M 1820dec25 HODGKINSON John(Cromford)/BIRKS Elizabeth
            Witnesses: Job HODGKINSON,Susanna HODGKINSON
A034  C 1750sep12 HODGKINSON Joseph=(son)George/(Cromford)
A034  B 1800mar31 HODGKINSON Joseph(Wirksworth)
A033  C 1786jan06 HODGKINSON Mary=(dau)Joseph/Hannah(Wirksworth)
A033  B 1819apr07 HODGKINSON Mary(Wirksworth)[33]
A033  M 1820jan06 HODGKINSON Sarah(Wirksworth)/RADFORD Francis
            Witnesses: John RADFORD,Ann HODGKINSON
E002  B 1836jun02 HOLBROOK Joseph(Duffield)[69]
D028  B 1797sep10 HOLDGATE Robert(Alderwasley)
QA055 M 1823oct08 HOLDGATE Sarah(Alderwasley)/REDFERN Samuel
            Witnesses: Thomas PICKARD,Elizabeth HOULGATE
E002  C 1767feb11 HOLEBROOKE Joseph=(son)Samuel/(Ashlehay)
D011  M 1783mar12 HOLEHOUSE Grace(Wirksworth)/LATHAM John
            Witnesses: George LATHAM,William HOLEHOUSE
Ch046 M 1791nov14 HOLEHOUSE Jane(Wirksworth)/MACBETH Andrew
            Witnesses: John WALKER,George SALT
D027  B 1809aug11 HOLGATE Joseph(Alderwasley)
D027  B 1799aug12 HOLGATE Sarah(wife)Joseph/(Alderwasley)
QA055 C 1805jul14 HOLGATE Sarah=(dau)Nathaniel/Lydia(Alderwasley)
Ch031 B 1761nov11 HOLMES Joshua(Shottle)
A005  M 1790apr07 HOWSE Mary(Wirksworth)/WEBSTER Thomas
            Witnesses: John POYZER,George SALT
Ch090 C 1812dec30 HUBBERSTY Agnes E=(dau)Nathan/Mary D(Wirksworth)"Eleanor, Dorothy"
Ch045 B 1825aug30 HUBBERSTY Mary D(dau)Nathan/Mary(Wirksworth)[23]
D004  M 1801apr21 HUBBERSTY Nathan(Wirksworth)/TOMLINSON Mary D
            Witnesses: A. DOWNING,C. TOMLINSON    Comment: Dorothy
Ch045 C 1804jan06 HUBBERSTY Nathan=(son)Nathan/Mary D(Wirksworth)"Dorothy"
Ch045 B 1828aug04 HUBBERSTY Nathan(Wirksworth)[61]
D002  C 1805dec27 HUBBERSTY Philip=(son)Nathan/Mary D(Wirksworth)"Dorothy"
Ch085 C 1754sep25 HURT Cassandra=(dau)Francis/(Wirksworth)
Ch085 M 1776jul08 HURT Cassandra(Wirksworth)/GELL Philip
            Witnesses: Francis WARREN,Honor GELL    Comment: Esq
Ch086 C 1758nov08 HURT Charles=(son)Francis/(Wirksworth)
Ch069 B 1763nov04 HURT Charles(Alderwasley)"Esquire"
Ch086 M 1780jun12 HURT Charles(Alderwasley)/ARKWRIGHT Susannah
            Witnesses: Catherine HURT,Richard ARKWRIGHT JU    Comment: Esq
Ch088 C 1782aug05 HURT Charles=(son)Charles/Susannah(Cromford)
QC136 C 1834feb07 HURT Charles=(son)James/Mary M(Wirksworth)[Gentleman]"Margaret"
Ch094 B 1834sep06 HURT Charles(Wirksworth)[75]"Esquire"
Ch095 C 1795jun12 HURT Edward N=(son)Charles/Susanna(Wirksworth)"Nicholas"
Ch074 B 1831may14 HURT Elizabeth(Derby)[74]
Ch094 C 1789jun17 HURT Frances=(dau)Charles/Susanna(Wirksworth)
Ch094 B 1831aug15 HURT Frances(Wirksworth)[42]
Ch073 C 1753oct03 HURT Francis=(son)Francis/(Wirksworth)
Ch073 B 1783aug14 HURT Francis(Alderwasley)"Esquire"
Ch074 B 1801jan11 HURT Francis(Alderwasley)"Esq."
QC136 C 1785jun26 HURT James=(son)Francis/Elizabeth(Alderwasley)"baptised at Alderwaslee"
Ch091 C 1813oct04 HURT Margaret E=(dau)Richard/Caroline(Wirksworth)[Ore burner]"Esq,Emma"
Ch071 B 1801mar11 HURT Mary(Wirksworth)
Ch069 M 1671jan12 HURT Nicholas/LOW Elizabeth    Comment: Mr and Mrs
Ch091 C 1785apr29 HURT Richard=(son)Charles/Susanna(Cromford)"baptised at Cromford"
Ch091 C 1817may23 HURT Richard S=(son)Richard/Caroline(Wirksworth)[Ore burner]"Stephen"
Ch091 C 1815nov29 HURT Robert C=(son)Richard/Caroline(Wirksworth)[Esq]"Charles"
Ch094 B 1835may11 HURT Susanna(Wirksworth)[73]

Ch019 C 1801jan09 INCE Frederick=(son)Richard/Catharine(Wirksworth)
Ch019 B 1803feb26 INCE Frederic(son)Richard/Catharine(Wirksworth)
Ch022 C 1776jul12 INCE Mary=(dau)Thomas/(Wirksworth)
Ch022 M 1793jun13 INCE Mary(Wirksworth)/ELEY Thomas
            Witnesses: ? INCE,Edward CHAMBERLIN*

D010  B 1798oct21 JACKSON Henry(Wirksworth)
Ch020 C 1789jul02 JACKSON Robert=(son)Edward/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)
Ch020 B 1790feb22 JACKSON Robert(son)Edward/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)
Ch037 B 1812may08 JEBB Francis(son)John/Hannah(Shottle)[7m]
Ch031 B 1823jul08 JEBB Francis(Wirksworth)[82]
D009  C 1823jun11 JEBB George=(son)John/Hannah(Shottle)[Farmer]
D009  C 1817sep10 JEBB John=(son)John/Hannah(Shottle)[Farmer]
Ch031 B 1823apr15 JEBB Mary(wife)Francis/(Wirksworth)[78]
QC158 C 1787jan07 JEBSON Jonathan=(son)Joseph/Ann(Cromford)
A036  C 1822aug04 JEPSON Ann=(dau)Jonathan/Mary(Wirksworth)[Cordwainer]
QC159 C 1815sep13 JEPSON Edward=(son)Jonathan/Mary(Wirksworth)[Shoemaker]
QC158 C 1818sep16 JEPSON Elizabeth=(dau)Jonathan/Mary(Wirksworth)[Cordwainer]
QC158 M 1814mar17 JEPSON Jonathan(Cromford)/MATHER Mary
            Witnesses: Joshua JEPSON,Martha MATHER
A036  C 1830aug08 JEPSON Mary=(dau)Jonathan/Mary(Wirksworth)[Cordwainer]
A044  B 1813jul14 JOHNSON Sarah(wid)Thomas/(Cawlow Park)[65]
A044  C 1741feb18 JOHNSON Thomas=(son)Thomas/(Callow)
A044  B 1801jan12 JOHNSON Thomas(Calow)
QA036 C 1818oct18 JONES Henry=(son)Peter/Mary(Cromford)[Hatter]
A003  C 1791aug14 JOWET Job=(son)Peter/Alice(Longwaybank)
Ch044 M 1819may13 JOYNSON Joseph(Lambeth SRY)/WRIGHT Mary
            Witnesses: Margaret WRIGHT,Charles WRIGHT*
Ch044 B 1820jul08 JOYNSON Joseph(Wirksworth)[32]
Ch044 C 1820sep11 JOYNSON Mary=(dau)Joseph/Mary(Handsworth STS)[Hop merchant]

A010  M 1812jan11 KIDD Moses/SIMPSON Elizabeth
            Witnesses: Thomas KIDD,Mary CADNESS
QC154 C 1807feb08 KILLER James=(son)Samuel/Sarah(Middleton)
QC154 M 1834sep18 KILLER James(Wirksworth)/BUCKLEY Mary
            Witnesses: Job SPENCER,Sarah ABBOTT
QC154 C 1836jan03 KILLER John=(son)James/Mary(Middleton)[Joiner]
QD025 C 1831dec04 KILLER Samuel=(son)John/Esther(Middleton)[Joiner]
QA023 C 1815sep13 KNIVETON Charles=(son)Charles/Mary(Bolehill)[Weaver]
QC067 C 1782sep18 KNIVETON Hannah=(dau)Charles/Martha(Bolehill)
QC067 M 1802sep13 KNIVETON Hannah(Wirksworth)/ROSEWARND John
            Witnesses: Benjamin KNIVETON,Joshua ROWSE

QC085 M 1821jan23 LAMB William(Alderwasley)/BROCKLEHURST Ann
            Witnesses: Thomas NEWTON,Hannah LAMB
QA023 C 1829aug02 LAND Thomas=(son)Thomas/Ann(Bolehill)[Miner]
D011  C 1757aug03 LATHAM John=(son)John/(Wirksworth)
D011  M 1783mar12 LATHAM John(Wirksworth)/HOLEHOUSE Grace
            Witnesses: George LATHAM,William HOLEHOUSE
D011  C 1786sep10 LATHAM John=(son)John/Grace(Wirksworth)
D011  B 1791feb23 LATHAM John(Wirksworth)
D011  B 1791jun06 LATHAM John(son)John/Grace(Wirksworth)
QA118 M 1832aug15 LEE Mary(Wirksworth)/FLETCHER Benjamin
            Witnesses: Isaac COLLEDGE,Richard POYSER
Ch071 C 1792dec26 LOMAS Dorothy=(dau)Thomas/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)
Ch071 M 1813sep25 LOMAS Dorothy/LOMAS Henry L
            Witnesses: Sarah PAGE,Thomas LOMAS    Comment: Layton
Ch071 B 1833aug31 LOMAS Dorothy(wife)Henry L/(Wirksworth)[41]"Layton"
Ch071 M 1813sep25 LOMAS Henry L(Shorne KEN)/LOMAS Dorothy
            Witnesses: Sarah PAGE,Thomas LOMAS    Comment: Layton
Ch071 M 1788dec07 LOMAS Thomas(Wirksworth)/FOWLER Elizabeth
            Witnesses: Richard SMITH,George SALT
QC108 C 1781oct19 LONGDEN Hannah=(dau)Humphrey/Ann(Ashlehay)
QC108 M 1764may30 LONGDEN Humphrey(Ashlehay),Farmer/BARKER Ann
            Witnesses: Richard PEAT,Thomas PICKARD    Comment: Farmer
QC108 C 1779jul04 LONGDEN Robert=(son)Humphrey/(Ashlehay)"R.BARKER"
QC108 M 1828jun18 LONGDON Elizabeth(Ashlehay)/STORER Joseph
            Witnesses: John LONGDEN,Mary LONGDEN
Ch069 B 1690jun19 LOW John(Alderwasley)"Armigor=gent,squire,knight"
Ch069 C 1616may19 LOWE John=(son)Edward/(Alderwasley)"Mr E.L esq, at Ald.chappell"
Ch069 B 1677jul24 LOWE John(Alderwasley)"Esquire"

Ch046 M 1791nov14 MACBETH Andrew(Manchester)/HOLEHOUSE Jane
            Witnesses: John WALKER,George SALT
QC107 M 1826dec28 MACBETH Andrew(Wirksworth)/SPENCER Isabella
            Witnesses: Isaac SPENCER,Eliza MACBETH
QA070 C 1827jun03 MARSDEN Daniel=(son)Henry/Ann(Wirksworth)[Brazier]
QC166 C 1834jan25 MARSDEN George=(son)John/Lydia(Wirksworth)[Hawker]
QC264 M 1835jun28 MARSH Isaac(Brayfield)/SEEDS Hannah
            Witnesses: Joshua GRATTON,Hannah MELBOURNE
QD124 M 1828dec31 MARSH William(Wirksworth)/POTTER Ann
            Witnesses: Henry JACKSON,Martha DARBNEY?
QD264 C 1827nov18 MASKREY Francis=(son)Charles/Rebecca(Greenhill)[Stonemason]
QA094 C 1813aug08 MASKREY Hannah=(dau)John/Alice(Gorseybank)[Stonemason]
QA094 M 1835mar04 MASKREY Hannah(Wirksworth)/WESTON William
            Witnesses: Anthony WESTON,Hannah MASKREY
Ch016 B 1831may06 MASON Anne(Wirksworth)[91]
Ch016 C 1734jan02 MASON Henry=(son)John/(Wirksworth)
Ch016 B 1805aug13 MASON Henry(Bolehill)
Ch016 C 1708aug04 MASON John=(son)Henry/(Wirksworth)
Ch016 M 1730jun24 MASON John(Wirksworth)/FOX Mary
Ch016 B 1795oct28 MASON John(Bolehill)
Ch016 B 1780feb20 MASON Mary(wife)John/(Bolehill)
QC265 C 1808dec28 MATHER Ann=(dau)Thomas/Sarah(Wirksworth)
QC265 M 1829feb04 MATHER Ann(Wirksworth)/SPENCER Richard
            Witnesses: Isaac BEARDSLEY,Francis MATHER
QC062 C 1780may31 MATHER Dorothy=(dau)Thomas/Mary(Wirksworth)
QC158 C 1791apr13 MATHER Mary=(dau)Robert/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)
QC158 M 1814mar17 MATHER Mary(Wirksworth)/JEPSON Jonathan
            Witnesses: Joshua JEPSON,Martha MATHER
A039  C 1765jun19 MATHER Robert=(son)Edward/(Wirksworth)
A039  M 1796jun16 MATHER Robert(Wirksworth)/WRAGG Elizabeth
            Witnesses: John BATEMAN,James BATEMAN
QC266 C 1799jun09 MATHER Thomas=(son)Thomas/Sarah(Wirksworth)
QC266 M 1820oct11 MATHER Thomas(Wirksworth)/SPENCER Ellen
            Witnesses: John MATHER,Elizabeth SIMES
Ch046 B 1829sep08 MCBETH Andrew(Wirksworth)[61]
D023  M 1797jan17 MILES Elizabeth(Wirksworth)/WAYNE Anthony
            Witnesses: Phineas PEAT,George SALT
QA172 M 1820may22 MILWARD Sarah(Hopton)/PICKARD Gill
            Witnesses: Robert MILLWARD,Sarah SMITH
QC028 M 1808jan21 MOOR Samuel(Wirksworth)/HAWLEY Mary
            Witnesses: Job BUNTING,Millicent MOORE
QA135 C 1785may29 MOORE Ann=(dau)Anthony/Milicent(Middleton)
QC038 C 1810dec07 MOORE Hannah=(dau)Joseph/Ann(Middleton)
QC038 C 1816jul14 MOORE John=(son)Samuel/Mary(Middleton)[Miner]
QC028 C 1786jun11 MOORE Samuel=(son)Thomas/Martha(Middleton)
QC172 C 1820jan30 MOSS John=(son)John/Phebe(Wirksworth)[Tinplate worker]
A031  C 1789apr17 MOUNTNEY John=(son)John/Elizabeth(Ideridghay)

D003  C 1781dec30 NEWTON Henry=(son)Thomas/Sarah(Wirksworth)
D003  B 1787jan04 NEWTON Henry(son)Thomas/Sarah(Wirksworth)
D003  B 1829dec18 NEWTON Mary(Wirksworth)[80]
Ch048 M 1833jun13 NEWTON Mary(Wirksworth)/POYSER Thomas
            Witnesses: John NEWTON,Sarah NEWTON*
QX002 C 1783jul20 NEWTON Sally=(dau)Thomas/Sarah(Wirksworth)
D003  B 1781apr19 NEWTON Sarah(dau)Thomas/Sarah(Wirksworth)
D003  B 1784oct30 NEWTON Sarah(wife)Thomas/(Wirksworth)
D003  C 1780jan09 NEWTON Thomas=(son)Thomas/Sarah(Wirksworth)
D003  B 1781may09 NEWTON Thomas(son)Thomas/Sarah(Wirksworth)
QX002 C 1797jan29 NEWTON Thomas=(son)Thomas/Mary(Wirksworth)
D003  B 1810oct15 NEWTON Thomas(Wirksworth)
A025  C 1733feb16 NORMAN James=(son)William/(Ashlehay)
A025  B 1814nov25 NORMAN James(Ashlehay)[81]
A025  C 1708mar31 NORMAN William=(son)James/(Ashlehay)
A025  M 1732apr05 NORMAN William(Ashlehay)/ANNABLE Elizabeth
A025  B 1781may27 NORMAN William(Ashlehay)
Ch115 C 1764mar30 NUTTALL John=(son)Samuel/(Wirksworth)
Ch115 B 1803jan07 NUTTALL John(Wirksworth)

A030  C 1718may29 OACTON John=(son)John/(Wirkesworth)
QC018 C 1805sep18 OGDEN Elizabeth=(dau)Francis/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)
QD345 C 1799sep18 OGDEN Sarah=(dau)Francis/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)
QA056 C 1805sep15 OGDON Charles=(son)John/Sarah(Wirksworth)
QC243 C 1824sep12 OGDON Edward=(son)Job/Mary(Wirksworth)[Butcher]
QC018 M 1827may03 OGDON Elizabeth(Wirksworth)/HAWLEY Abanathan
            Witnesses: George WAIN,Hannah HAWLEY
A030  B 1783nov12 OGDON John(Wirksworth)
QC201 C 1826feb12 OGDON Samuel=(son)Thomas/Ann(Wirksworth)[Butcher]
QA056 C 1801apr05 OGDON Sarah=(dau)John/Sarah(Wirksworth)
QD345 M 1823jun12 OGDON Sarah(Wirksworth)/HALL Gemaliel
            Witnesses: Joshua STREET,John DAWSON
QA052 C 1798sep12 OGDON William=(son)William/Rebecca(Wirksworth)
QA052 C 1834jun15 OGDON William=(son)William/Sarah(Wirksworth)[Butcher]
QA010 C 1804oct28 OXSPRING David=(son)John/Sarah(Bolehill)
QA010 C 1835feb20 OXSPRING Sarah=(dau)David/Ann(Bolehill)[Miner]

Ch047 B 1699jun29 PARKER Ann(Wirkesworth)"Gentlewoman"
QD247 M 1823jun03 PARR Mary(Wirksworth)/WALKER Isaac
            Witnesses: Samuel EVANS,Ellen PARR
D014  B 1783sep24 PEAL Elizabeth(wife)Samuel/(Wirksworth)
D014  M 1776oct10 PEAL Samuel(Wirksworth)/STUBBS Elizabeth
            Witnesses: John WIBBERLEY,Sarah PEAL
A027  B 1762jun11 PEARSON Dorothy(wife)George/(Wirksworth)
A027  M 1756apr07 PEARSON George(Wirksworth),Miner/FLETCHER Dorothy
            Witnesses: Henry FORD,John WIGLEY    Comment: Miner
QC037 C 1797nov19 PEARSON Sarah=(dau)William/Lydia(Cromford)"Cromford Chapel"
QC037 M 1831oct17 PEARSON Sarah(Wirksworth)/SMEDLEY Job
            Witnesses: John MART,Mary ROLLEY
Ch003 C 1766apr04 PEAT Cassandra=(dau)Josiah/(Wirksworth)
Ch003 B 1781oct07 PEAT Cassandra(dau)Josiah/Mary(Wirksworth)
E003  B 1766dec16 PEAT George(Alderwasley)
Ch002 B 1804mar25 PEAT Henrietta(Wirksworth)
Ch003 B 1757dec12 PEAT Josiah(son)Josiah/(Wirksworth)
Ch003 B 1782jun22 PEAT Josiah(Wirksworth)
Ch002 C 1768apr29 PEAT Martha=(dau)Josiah/(Wirksworth)
Ch002 B 1787feb08 PEAT Martha(dau)Josiah/Mary(Wirksworth)
Ch003 B 1765apr21 PEAT Mary(dau)Josiah/(Wirksworth)
Ch002 B 1792aug24 PEAT Mary(wid)(Wirksworth)
E004  B 1810apr09 PEAT Matthew(son)Matthew/Mary(Alderwasley)
QA116 C 1790sep15 PEAT Phineas=(son)Phineas/Ann(Wirksworth)
Ch003 C 1764jul18 PEAT William=(son)Josiah/(Wirksworth)
Ch003 B 1783may13 PEAT William(son)Josiah/Mary(Wirksworth)
E003  B 1751dec07 PEATE Matthew(Alderwasley)"MI says "aged 109y 10m""
D015  C 1802sep15 PEEL Marcellus=(son)Peter/Alice(Wirksworth)
QA172 C 1835may31 PICKARD Ann=(dau)Gill/Sarah(Wirksworth)[Glazier]
QC021 C 1832jun13 PICKARD Francis=(son)Gill/Sarah(Wirksworth)[Glazier]
QC022 C 1829mar18 PICKARD George=(son)George/Mary(Wirksworth)[Stone merchant]
QC022 C 1826jan18 PICKARD Georgiana=(dau)George/Mary(Wirksworth)[Stone merchant]
QA172 C 1796jan17 PICKARD Gill=(son)Joseph/Ann(Wirksworth)""son""
QC020 C 1818dec14 PICKARD Gill=(son)Joseph/Dorothy(Wirksworth)[Baker]
QA172 M 1820may22 PICKARD Gill(Wirksworth)/MILWARD Sarah
            Witnesses: Robert MILLWARD,Sarah SMITH
QC022 C 1833jan09 PICKARD James=(son)George/Mary(Wirksworth)[Stone merchant]
QC022 C 1831jun03 PICKARD John=(son)George/Mary(Wirksworth)[Stone merchant]
QC019 C 1823jul13 PICKARD Joseph=(son)Gill/Sarah(Wirksworth)[Plumber & glazier]
QC019 C 1828mar21 PICKARD Mary=(dau)Gill/Sarah(Wirksworth)[Plumber & glazier]
QC021 C 1793sep22 PICKARD Thomas=(son)Joseph/Ann(Wirksworth)
QA170 C 1825sep12 PICKARD William=(son)Gill/Sarah(Wirksworth)[Glazier]
QC111 C 1794sep14 PIDCOCK Sarah=(dau)Azriah/Hannah(Cromford)
QC111 M 1815mar27 PIDCOCK Sarah(Cromford)/ROBINSON William
            Witnesses: W. WILKINSON,Thomas HOUGHTON
QD124 C 1804feb26 POTTER Ann=(dau)Joseph/Jane(Wirksworth)
QD124 M 1828dec31 POTTER Ann(Wirksworth)/MARSH William
            Witnesses: Henry JACKSON,Martha DARBNEY?
QC178 M 1827oct04 POYSER Benjamin(Wirksworth)/SMITH Ann
            Witnesses: Sarah WETTON,John WETTON
Ch048 B 1825may09 POYSER Georgiana(wife)Thomas/(Wirksworth)[26]
QD360 C 1821sep26 POYSER John=(son)George/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Turner]
QC072 C 1818jun28 POYSER Joseph=(son)Richard/Catharine(Wirksworth)[Plumber]"glazier"
Ch048 C 1836aug25 POYSER Mary Amelia=(dau)Thomas/Mary(Wirksworth)[Surgeon]
QC072 C 1788may25 POYSER Richard=(son)Samuel/Dorothy(Wirksworth)
A008  M 1816sep30 POYSER Richard(Wirksworth)/FITCHETT Catharine
            Witnesses: Samuel SALT,Sarah HALL
Ch048 M 1833jun13 POYSER Thomas(Wirksworth)/NEWTON Mary
            Witnesses: John NEWTON,Sarah NEWTON*
            Status: w,/,
A007  B 1835mar21 POYSER William(Alderwasley)[25]
QC178 C 1804may23 POYZER Benjamin=(son)Benjamin/Sarah(Wirksworth)

A033  M 1820jan06 RADFORD Francis(Wirksworth)/HODGKINSON Sarah
            Witnesses: John RADFORD,Ann HODGKINSON
QA124 C 1828aug10 REDFERN John=(son)John/Ann(Wirksworth)[Stonemason]
QA055 C 1797mar03 REDFERN Samuel=(son)Job/Hannah(Ashlehay)
QA055 M 1823oct08 REDFERN Samuel(Alderwasley)/HOLDGATE Sarah
            Witnesses: Thomas PICKARD,Elizabeth HOULGATE
QC111 C 1820sep10 ROBINSON Hannah=(dau)William/Sarah(Cromford)[Lead smelter]
QC111 M 1815mar27 ROBINSON William(Bonsall)/PIDCOCK Sarah
            Witnesses: W. WILKINSON,Thomas HOUGHTON
Ch068 B 1723dec31 ROSELL Ann(Wirksworth)"Mrs"
QC067 M 1802sep13 ROSEWARND John(Wirksworth)/KNIVETON Hannah
            Witnesses: Benjamin KNIVETON,Joshua ROWSE
Ch068 B 1740oct04 ROSSALL Gervase(Wirksworth)"Esq"
QC132 C 1826sep21 ROWLAND James=(son)John/Susannah(Wirksworth)[Butcher]

Ch010 C 1756may05 SALT George=(son)John/(Wirksworth)
Ch010 B 1807aug23 SALT George(Wirksworth)"Late Parish Clerk"
Ch109 C 1725dec29 SALT John=(son)John/(Wirksworth)
Ch109 B 1787sep12 SALT John(Wirksworth)
Ch109 B 1801jan12 SALT Mary(Wirksworth)
Ch010 B 1804sep14 SALT Sarah(wife)George/(Wirksworth)
Ch117 M 1760sep21 SATTERFIELD John(Wirksworth),Tanner/DICKENS Elisabeth
            Witnesses: Robert BRIGHT,Isaac POTTER    Comment: Tanner
Ch117 B 1789aug31 SATTERFIELD John(Wirksworth)
Ch117 C 1770sep12 SATTERFIELD Robert=(son)John/(Wirksworth)
Ch117 B 1773feb07 SATTERFIELD Robert(son)John/(Wirksworth)
QA049 C 1815nov05 SEEDS George=(son)John/Mary(Wirksworth)[Shoemaker]
QC264 C 1813jun20 SEEDS Hannah=(dau)William/Izabella(Wirksworth)[Calico weaver]
QC264 M 1835jun28 SEEDS Hannah(Wirksworth)/MARSH Isaac
            Witnesses: Joshua GRATTON,Hannah MELBOURNE
E008  C 1720feb19 SHALLCROSS Philip=(son)James/(Wirksworth)
E008  B 1787nov21 SHALLCROSS Philip(Wirksworth)
QC103 C 1833mar08 SHAW Eliza=(dau)Francis/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Surgeon]
QC103 M 1814nov24 SHAW Francis(Wirksworth)/TOMLINSON Elizabeth
            Witnesses: Elizabeth EVANS,Thomas TOMLINSON
QC250 C 1821jun24 SHAW John=(son)John/Dorothy(Wirksworth)[Publican]
QC103 C 1826mar08 SHAW Mary=(dau)Francis/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Surgeon]
QC128 C 1816dec08 SHAW William=(son)John/Dorothy(Wirksworth)[Innkeeper]
A045  C 1742dec08 SHEPHERD Ann=(dau)Henry/(Wirksworth)
A045  M 1762jan01 SHEPHERD Ann(Wirksworth)/BODEN George
            Witnesses: Obadiah WIGLEY,Joseph WIGLEY    Comment: Miner
QD198 C 1813sep15 SIMMS James=(son)William/Dorothy(Bolehill)[Miner]
D026  B 1813mar09 SIMMS Samuel(Lea, ashover)[64]
A010  M 1812jan11 SIMPSON Elizabeth(Bonsall)/KIDD Moses
            Witnesses: Thomas KIDD,Mary CADNESS
D026  C 1748nov09 SIMS Samuel=(son)Robert/(Alderwasley)
D026  M 1771aug05 SIMS Samuel(Ashlehay)/LONGDON Ellen
            Witnesses: Chris STRETTON,John POTTER
D022  B 1786aug23 SKINNER Martha(wife)John/(Alderwasley)
QC023 M 1827mar15 SLACK Daniel(Wirksworth)/SMITH Mary
            Witnesses: James SMITH,Eleanor SLACK
QC023 C 1831jan16 SLACK Daniel=(son)Daniel/Mary(Wirksworth)[Butcher]
QC181 C 1803sep14 SLACK Edward=(son)Daniel/Ellin(Wirksworth)
QC191 C 1811mar01 SMEDLEY Isaac=(son)Francis/Elizabeth(Shottle)
QC037 M 1831oct17 SMEDLEY Job(Wirksworth)/PEARSON Sarah
            Witnesses: John MART,Mary ROLLEY
Ch114 C 1780jan21 SMEDLEY Thomas=(son)Thomas/Mary(Wirksworth)
Ch114 B 1822dec14 SMEDLEY Thomas(Wirksworth)[43]
QC178 C 1810dec26 SMITH Ann=(dau)Samuel/Sarah(Hopton)
QC178 M 1827oct04 SMITH Ann(Wirksworth)/POYSER Benjamin
            Witnesses: Sarah WETTON,John WETTON
Ch016 C 1786jun16 SMITH Ellen=(dau)Richard/Ellen(Wirksworth)
Ch030 B 1810may03 SMITH Ellin(wife)Richard/(Wirksworth)
Ch116 B 1773dec24 SMITH Grace(wid)"Widow"
Ch116 B 1836oct15 SMITH John(Bolehill)[72]
QC075 C 1790mar26 SMITH Mary=(dau)Richard/Ellen(Wirksworth)
QC023 M 1827mar15 SMITH Mary(Tissington)/SLACK Daniel
            Witnesses: James SMITH,Eleanor SLACK
Ch032 C 1781dec27 SMITH Nanny=(dau)Richard/Ellen(Wirksworth)
Ch032 M 1805may16 SMITH Nanny(Wirksworth)/FROST Samuel
            Witnesses: Ellen SMITH,John SMEDLEY
Ch030 M 1770sep20 SMITH Richard(Wirksworth),Woolcomber/FOWLER Ellen
            Witnesses: George TOPLIS,Job HIGTON    Comment: Woolcomber
A024  M 1757may22 SOWTER Mary(Wirksworth)/ALSOP Richard
            Witnesses: William WIGLEY,William WIGLEY JUN    Comment: Miner
QC266 C 1797sep17 SPENCER Ellen=(dau)Benjamin/Alice(Wirksworth)
QC027 M 1829sep14 SPENCER George(Wirksworth)/TAYLOR Hannah
            Witnesses: Richard SPENCER,Ann TAYLOR
QC107 C 1804sep12 SPENCER Isabella=(dau)Anthony/Ellin(Gorseybank)
QC107 M 1826dec28 SPENCER Isabella(Gorseybank)/MACBETH Andrew
            Witnesses: Isaac SPENCER,Eliza MACBETH
QD120 M 1834oct13 SPENCER John(Ible)/BUCKLEY Sarah
            Witnesses: William BUCKLEY,Mary HALL
QC265 C 1804jan06 SPENCER Richard F=(son)Benjamin/Alice(Wirksworth)"Fowler"
QC265 M 1829feb04 SPENCER Richard(Wirksworth)/MATHER Ann
            Witnesses: Isaac BEARDSLEY,Francis MATHER
QC265 C 1831nov20 SPENCER Sarah=(dau)Richard/Anne(Wirksworth)[Butcher]
Ch068 C 1703aug13 STATHAM Bridget=(dau)John/(Wigwall)"Generoso=arms bearer"
QC105 M 1830jul01 STEVENSON James(Wirksworth)/CHADWICK Sarah
            Witnesses: James CLARKSON,Milicent FROST
QC115 C 1819jun27 STONE Joseph=(son)William/Catharine(Matlock)[Joiner]
QC129 C 1829nov02 STORER Jonathan=(son)Joseph/Elizabeth(Alderwasley)[Farmer]
QC108 M 1828jun18 STORER Joseph(Alderwasley)/LONGDON Elizabeth
            Witnesses: John LONGDEN,Mary LONGDEN
QC108 C 1831mar30 STORER Joseph=(son)Joseph/Elizabeth(Alderwasley)[Farmer]
A018  C 1811oct23 STREET Ann=(dau)Samuel/Sarah(Middleton)
A018  B 1834jul04 STREET Ann(Bolehill)[22]
A018  C 1813dec17 STREET Elizabeth=(dau)Samuel/Sarah(Bolehill)[Miner]
A018  B 1831sep05 STREET Elizabeth(Liverpool)[17]
QA009 C 1808sep11 STREET Martha=(dau)Benjamin/Sarah(Wirksworth)"Twin"
QA009 M 1831sep12 STREET Martha(Wirksworth)/CLAY Henry
            Witnesses: Hugh WALL,Elizabeth STREET
A007  B 1837mar15 STREET Phoebe(Wirksworth)[77]
A018  C 1791apr15 STREET Samuel=(son)William/Lydia(Bolehill)
A018  M 1811may09 STREET Samuel(Bolehill)/HALL Sarah
            Witnesses: George STREET,David HALL
A018  C 1821aug12 STREET Sarah=(dau)Samuel/Sarah(Steeplehouse)[Miner]
A018  B 1821aug12 STREET Sarah(wife)Samuel/(Steeplehouse)[27]""died on child bed...""
A018  B 1830dec02 STREET Sarah(Bolehill)[9]
A019  C 1761jan06 STREET William=(son)Samuel/(Bolehill)
A019  M 1783apr24 STREET William(Wirksworth)/WRAGG Lydia
            Witnesses: William STONE,John SWIFT
A007  B 1835apr25 STREET William(Alderwasley)[78]
D020  B 1782apr10 STUBBS Edward(Wirksworth)
D014  C 1757mar18 STUBBS Elizabeth=(dau)Thomas/(Wirksworth)
D014  M 1776oct10 STUBBS Elizabeth(Wirksworth)/PEAL Samuel
            Witnesses: John WIBBERLEY,Sarah PEAL
D021  C 1740nov05 STUBBS John=(son)Edward/(Wirksworth)
D021  B 1801may08 STUBBS John(Wirksworth)
D021  B 1803mar21 STUBBS Sarah(Wirksworth)
D020  M 1752feb16 STUBS Edward(Wirksworth)/WRAGG Mary
D021  M 1769may15 STUBS John(Middleton),Miner/BATEMAN Sarah
            Witnesses: Joseph MATHER,Jacob SPENCER    Comment: Miner
Ch011 B 1696nov25 STUFFING John(Worksworth)"Gentleman"

A009  B 1836apr22 TATLOW John(Wirksworth)[22]
QA136 M 1818sep17 TAYLOR Ann(Wirksworth)/FLINT Samuel
            Witnesses: Gamaliel HALL,W. WILKINSON
QD095 C 1834oct06 TAYLOR Elizabeth=(dau)Joseph/Elizabeth A(Ashlehay)[Farmer]"Ann"
QC027 C 1810sep09 TAYLOR Hannah=(dau)Francis/Mary(Cromford)"Cromford chapel"
QC027 M 1829sep14 TAYLOR Hannah(Wirksworth)/SPENCER George
            Witnesses: Richard SPENCER,Ann TAYLOR
Ch024 C 1787oct31 TAYLOR Harriet=(dau)Richard/Catharine(Wirksworth)
Ch024 B 1791mar14 TAYLOR Harriet(dau)Richard/Kitty(Wirksworth)
QD095 C 1808nov13 TAYLOR Joseph=(son)Joseph/Sarah(Ashlehay)
Ch021 B 1825jan20 TAYLOR Kitty(wid)Richard/(Wirksworth)[73]
Ch029 B 1813apr26 TAYLOR Martha(wife)William/(Wirksworth)[27]"dau of Anth Cock"
A029  B 1830feb21 TAYLOR Mary(Wirksworth)[56]
Ch021 C 1756jan01 TAYLOR Richard=(son)Isaac/(Wirksworth)
Ch021 M 1782may22 TAYLOR Richard(Wirksworth)/HARRISON Kitty
            Witnesses: George PEARSON,M. PEARSON
Ch021 B 1787oct06 TAYLOR Richard(Wirksworth)
A029  C 1770sep12 TAYLOR Robert=(son)George/(Wirksworth)
A029  M 1795jun04 TAYLOR Robert(Wirksworth)/BLACKWALL Mary
            Witnesses: George LAND,Anthony TOMLINSON
A029  B 1824apr10 TAYLOR Robert(Wirksworth)[53]
Ch029 B 1823jan30 TAYLOR William(Wirksworth)[37]
B006  C 1723dec11 THOMAS Elisabeth=(dau)John/(Wirksworth)
B006  M 1744sep08 THOMAS Elizabeth(Wirksworth)/HIGTON Thomas
A017  C 1713apr01 THOMLISON Mary=(dau)Anthony/(Wirkesworth)
QD335 C 1827sep30 THOMPSON Jacob=(son)Jacob/Charlotte(Wirksworth)[Miner]
A037  C 1767jan23 TIPPER Martha=(dau)William/(Wirksworth)
A037  B 1787dec29 TIPPER Martha(dau)William/Martha(Brayfield)
QA171 C 1806mar05 TIPPER Martha=(dau)William/Martha(Wirksworth)
QA171 C 1809jan06 TIPPER Mary=(dau)William/Martha(Wirksworth)
A037  M 1762feb10 TIPPER William(Wirksworth),Farmer/GREATOREX Martha
            Witnesses: Thomas PICKARD,Robert BLOUNT    Comment: Farmer
QA171 M 1803aug23 TIPPER William(Wirksworth)/GREATORIX Martha
            Witnesses: Thomas PICKARD,Nelly NORTH
QA033 C 1804nov07 TIPPER William=(son)William/Martha(Wirksworth)
D006  B 1810aug13 TOMLINSON Dorothy(wid)Philip/(Wirksworth)
D006  C 1779jul30 TOMLINSON Elizabeth=(dau)Philip/(Wirksworth)
D006  B 1817jun05 TOMLINSON Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[37]
D004  B 1765jan25 TOMLINSON Esther(Callow)
D005  B 1724apr08 TOMLINSON Francis(Hopton)
D006  B 1781apr12 TOMLINSON Francis(Manchester)
Ch063 C 1828sep17 TOMLINSON Jane=(dau)Thomas/Mary(Wirksworth)[Druggist]
A017  M 1739sep19 TOMLINSON Mary(Wirksworth)/WOOD John
D004  M 1801apr21 TOMLINSON Mary D(Wirksworth)/HUBBERSTY Nathan
            Witnesses: A. DOWNING,C. TOMLINSON    Comment: Dorothy
Ch063 C 1821mar18 TOMLINSON Mary Hall=(dau)Thomas/Mary(Wirksworth)[Druggist]
D006  B 1800may14 TOMLINSON Philip(Wirksworth)
Ch063 M 1816aug29 TOMLINSON Thomas(Wirksworth)/HALL Mary
            Witnesses: Stephen HALL,Margaret HALL
QD158 C 1826jul13 TOMLINSON William=(son)Thomas/Mary(Wirksworth)[Druggist]
Ch110 C 1749feb22 TOPLIS Ann=(dau)John/(Wirksworth)
Ch110 B 1798oct13 TOPLIS Ann(Wirksworth)
Ch110 B 1795sep20 TOPLIS Elizabeth(wid)(Wirksworth)
Ch106 C 1706apr17 TOPLIS John=(son)Robert/(Wirksworth)
Ch110 C 1718apr25 TOPLIS John=(son)John/(Brookwall)
Ch106 B 1745apr14 TOPLIS John(Wirksworth)
Ch110 B 1790jul28 TOPLIS John(Wirksworth)
Ch105 B 1826mar31 TOPLIS John(Wirksworth)[79]
Ch014 B 1801jun09 TOPLIS Margaret(wife)Ralph/(Wirksworth)
Ch104 C 1740oct22 TOPLIS Mary=(dau)John/(Wirksworth)
Ch043 C 1767nov05 TOPLIS Mary=(dau)Ralph/(Wirksworth)
Ch043 M 1796apr07 TOPLIS Mary/WRIGHT Charles
            Witnesses: Ralph TOPLIS,William TOPLIS
Ch104 B 1813apr24 TOPLIS Mary(Ashborne)[72]
Ch014 M 1766apr17 TOPLIS Ralph(Wirksworth),Grocer/HALL Margaret
            Witnesses: John WRIGHT,Thomas HALL
            Status: wid,/,    Comment: Grocer, widower
Ch014 B 1809mar22 TOPLIS Ralph(Wirksworth)
Ch104 C 1745aug25 TOPLIS Sarah Ellin=(dau)John/(Wirksworth)
Ch105 B 1810jun28 TOPLIS Sarah(wife)John/(Wirksworth)
Ch104 B 1826may18 TOPLIS Sarah Ellen(Ashborne)[80]
Ch014 C 1770oct12 TOPLIS Susanna=(dau)Ralph/(Wirksworth)
Ch014 B 1809may18 TOPLIS Susanna(Wirksworth)
A020  B 1834sep05 TORR Mary(Wirksworth)[83]
Ch005 B 1779dec31 TRAVIS Henry(Wirksworth)
Ch005 B 1794jan13 TRAVIS Henry(Wirksworth)
Ch005 B 1786apr06 TRAVIS Mary(wife)Henry/(Wirksworth)
Ch005 C 1710jan18 TREVIS Henry=(son)Samuel/(Wirkesworth)
Ch012 C 1766dec10 TURNER Anna Maria=(dau)George/(Wigwall)"Esq"
Ch012 B 1767oct17 TURNER Anna Maria(dau)George/(Wigwall)"Esq"
Ch012 B 1768may10 TURNER George(Wigwall)"Esq"

D023  C 1772apr20 WAIN Anthony=(son)Anthony/(Millhouses)
D023  B 1809nov15 WAIN Elizabeth(wife)Anthony/(Wirksworth)
QC163 M 1821aug30 WALKER Hannah(Wirksworth)/ALLEN Edward
            Witnesses: Isaac WALKER,Thomas ALLEN
QD157 C 1806sep14 WALKER Henry=(son)Robert/Hannah(Bolehill)
QD157 M 1837jun22 WALKER Henry(Bolehill)/FLINT Martha
            Witnesses: Jabes KNIVETON,Hannah WALKER
QD247 C 1801jun14 WALKER Isaac=(son)George/Martha(Wirksworth)
QD247 M 1823jun03 WALKER Isaac(Wirksworth)/PARR Mary
            Witnesses: Samuel EVANS,Ellen PARR
QD181 C 1811sep15 WALKER James=(son)Robert/Hannah(Bolehill)
QD181 M 1834jun19 WALKER James(Bolehill)/HIGTON Elizabeth
            Witnesses: Henry WALKER,Samuel NALL
QA173 C 1781may18 WALKER John=(son)Samuel/Ann(Ashlehay)
A035  C 1737mar04 WALKER Joseph=(son)Joseph/(Ashlehay)
A035  B 1811sep09 WALKER Joseph(Alderwasley)[74]
A035  B 1830jan13 WALKER Sarah(Sandyford)[86]
QA173 C 1819sep19 WALKER William=(son)John/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Tailor]
D008  C 1788feb17 WALL James=(son)James/Temperance(Wirksworth)
QC138 C 1797aug24 WALL Richard=(son)James/Temperance(Wirksworth)
QC073 C 1797dec31 WARDMAN John=(son)Anthony/Avis(Wirksworth)
QC073 M 1827nov05 WARDMAN John(Wirksworth)/WETTON Mary Ann
            Witnesses: George WETTON,--lleny? WARDMER
QA076 M 1827oct11 WARDMAN Lydia(Slaley)/EATON William
            Witnesses: James FRYER,George EATON
QC073 C 1833nov24 WARDMAN Mary Ann=(dau)John/Mary Ann(Wirksworth)[Labourer]
D023  M 1797jan17 WAYNE Anthony(Wirksworth)/MILES Elizabeth
            Witnesses: Phineas PEAT,George SALT
A032  M 1805feb25 WEBSTER George(Wirksworth)/COLLINSON Sarah
            Witnesses: Joseph COLLINSON,John TWIGG
QC048 C 1796oct30 WEBSTER John=(son)Thomas/Jane(Cromford)
QC048 C 1830mar14 WEBSTER John=(son)John/Mary(Wirksworth)[Stonemason]
A005  M 1790apr07 WEBSTER Thomas(Wirksworth)/HOWSE Mary
            Witnesses: John POYZER,George SALT
QC048 C 1835may24 WEBSTER Thomas=(son)John/Mary(Wirksworth)[Builder]
QA094 C 1806aug31 WESTON William=(son)Job/Sarah"Cromford chapel"
QA094 M 1835mar04 WESTON William(Wirksworth)/MASKREY Hannah
            Witnesses: Anthony WESTON,Hannah MASKREY
QC073 C 1802sep15 WETTON Mary Ann=(dau)George/Alice(Wirksworth)
QC073 M 1827nov05 WETTON Mary Ann(Wirksworth)/WARDMAN John
            Witnesses: George WETTON,--lleny? WARDMER
A014  B 1835feb23 WHEATCROFT John(Matlock)[39]
QC012 M 1823sep15 WHITE Joseph(Wirksworth)/WOODROUGH Jane
            Witnesses: Thomas PICKARD,John WHITHERTON
Ch068 C 1644sep08 WIGGLY Henry=(son)John/
Ch068 C 1667oct19 WIGLEY Ann=(dau)Henry/(Wigwall)"Gentleman"
Ch068 C 1676oct18 WIGLEY Henry=(son)Henry/(Cromford)
Ch068 B 1684jan29 WIGLEY Henry(Wigwall)
Ch068 B 1691jan06 WIGLEY Henry(Wirksworth)"Generosus"
Ch068 M 1698jul05 WIGLEY Mary(Wigwall)/BURTON Michaell    Comment: Generosus
QD121 C 1824dec25 WILD Francis=(son)John/Martha(Wirksworth)[Cordwainer]
QD121 M 1823nov24 WILD John(Wirksworth)/BROOKS Martha
            Witnesses: Job WILD,John BROWNSON
            Status: ,19/,
B001  B 1837jun12 WILSON Albert(Wirksworth)[14m]
B002  B 1829nov21 WILSON Christian(Wirksworth)[48]
B003  M 1792oct16 WILSON Daniel(Wirksworth)/HARDY Ellen
            Witnesses: Anthony ROLAND,John ROWSE
Ch101 C 1806sep14 WILSON Daniel=(son)John/Esther(Wirksworth)
B003  B 1815jul25 WILSON Daniel(Wirksworth)[71]
B005  B 1816jan07 WILSON Ellen(wife)John/(Wirksworth)[25]
B005  C 1816jan08 WILSON Ellen=(dau)John/Ellen(Wirksworth)[Wheelwright]
B004  B 1814mar31 WILSON Esther(wife)John/(Wirksworth)[28]
B003  C 1793sep18 WILSON George=(son)Daniel/Ellen(Wirksworth)
B004  C 1784jan01 WILSON John=(son)Daniel/Ann(Wirksworth)
B004  M 1805jan21 WILSON John(Wirksworth)/CALTON Esther
            Witnesses: Paul CAULTON,Richard GRUNDY
B004  B 1828jun28 WILSON John(Wirksworth)[infant]
B002  C 1781feb04 WILSON Joseph=(son)Daniel/Hannah(Wirksworth)
B002  M 1804apr30 WILSON Joseph(Wirksworth)/WOODFORD Christiana
            Witnesses: Daniel WILSON,John TURNER?
B002  B 1830jan09 WILSON Joseph(Wirksworth)[48]
B001  C 1829jun10 WILSON Samuel R=(son)George/Mary(Wirksworth)[Grocer]"Rains"
QA012 C 1829nov08 WINSON Joshua=(son)Joshua/Maria(Wirksworth)[Cordwainer]
QD281 M 1831mar03 WINT Sarah(Wirksworth)/HATFIELD George
            Witnesses: Samuel WINT,Sarah WINT
QD281 C 1809sep11 WINTE Sarah=(dau)Samuel/Ann(Wirksworth)
A017  M 1739sep19 WOOD John(Wirksworth)/TOMLINSON Mary
A017  B 1770jan01 WOOD John(Gossybank)
A017  B 1759oct10 WOOD Mary(wife)John/(Gossybank)
B002  M 1804apr30 WOODFORD Christiana(Wirksworth)/WILSON Joseph
            Witnesses: Daniel WILSON,John TURNER?
A040  C 1765nov01 WOODHOUSE Mary=(dau)Thomas/(Middleton)
A040  B 1789jul03 WOODHOUSE Mary(dau)Thomas/Mary(Middleton)
QC012 C 1802apr07 WOODROOF Jane=(dau)Benjamin/Betty(Wirksworth)
QC012 M 1823sep15 WOODROUGH Jane(Wirksworth)/WHITE Joseph
            Witnesses: Thomas PICKARD,John WHITHERTON
D020  C 1729apr02 WRAG Mary=(dau)James/(Wirksworth)
A039  M 1796jun16 WRAGG Elizabeth(Wirksworth)/MATHER Robert
            Witnesses: John BATEMAN,James BATEMAN
A021  C 1754oct09 WRAGG John=(son)John/(Wirksworth)
A021  B 1835nov19 WRAGG John(Millhouses)[81]
A019  M 1783apr24 WRAGG Lydia(Matlock)/STREET William
            Witnesses: William STONE,John SWIFT
D020  M 1752feb16 WRAGG Mary(Wirksworth)/STUBS Edward
Ch004 C 1779jan10 WRIGHT Catharine=(dau)John/(Bolehill)
Ch004 M 1802feb08 WRIGHT Catharine(Wirksworth)/GRAYSON Thomas
            Witnesses: John ALSOP,D. GRAYSON
Ch043 M 1796apr07 WRIGHT Charles/TOPLIS Mary
            Witnesses: Ralph TOPLIS,William TOPLIS
Ch043 C 1800aug14 WRIGHT Charles=(son)Charles/Mary(Wirksworth)
Ch043 B 1803apr06 WRIGHT Charles(son)Charles/Mary(Wirksworth)
QC122 C 1835apr22 WRIGHT Charles=(son)Ralph/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Merchant]
Ch006 C 1747aug26 WRIGHT Hannah=(dau)John/(Bolehill)
Ch006 M 1772jun25 WRIGHT Hannah(Wirksworth)/COLLINSON Joseph
            Witnesses: Edward COLLINSON,John FROST
Ch043 C 1804sep19 WRIGHT James=(son)Charles/Mary(Wirksworth)
Ch043 B 1826may22 WRIGHT James(Wirksworth)[22]
Ch004a M 1774sep14 WRIGHT John(Bolehill)/COTTERILL Grace
            Witnesses: John FROST,John ALSOP
            Status: ,21+/,    Comment: 21+, 21+
Ch025 C 1741apr24 WRIGHT Joseph=(son)-/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)"Illegitimate"
Ch025 M 1763apr21 WRIGHT Joseph(Bolehill),Miner/WRIGHT Martha
            Witnesses: Samuel NUTTALL,Isaac RIDGARD    Comment: Miner
Ch025 B 1820apr03 WRIGHT Joseph(Wirksworth)[80]
Ch043 C 1797aug13 WRIGHT Margaret=(dau)Charles/Mary(Wirksworth)
Ch025 C 1742aug18 WRIGHT Martha=(dau)John/(Wirksworth)
Ch025 M 1763apr21 WRIGHT Martha(Bolehill)/WRIGHT Joseph
            Witnesses: Samuel NUTTALL,Isaac RIDGARD    Comment: Miner
Ch025 B 1823feb27 WRIGHT Martha(Wirksworth)[80]
Ch044 C 1798sep21 WRIGHT Mary=(dau)Charles/Mary
Ch044 M 1819may13 WRIGHT Mary(Wirksworth)/JOYNSON Joseph
            Witnesses: Margaret WRIGHT,Charles WRIGHT*
Ch043 B 1836apr16 WRIGHT Mary(Wirksworth)[68]
Ch041 C 1806may08 WRIGHT Ralph=(son)Charles/Mary(Wirksworth)
Ch025 C 1768jan01 WRIGHT William=(son)Joseph/(Bolehill)
Ch041 C 1802oct24 WRIGHT William=(son)Charles/Mary(Wirksworth)
QD121 C 1797jan01 WYLD John=(son)Isaac/Sarah(Wirksworth)

Compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2001, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.