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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Memorial Inscriptions from Wirksworth Church, Churchyard and Cemetery. Recorded by Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group 1993. Check out the LOCATIONS of the MIs.
Church = Ch001-120
Churchyard = A001-046, B001-007, C001-006, D001-030, E001-008
Cemetery = QA001-174, QB001-067, QC001-269, QD001-406, QE001-139, QX001-009

[QB009]..... In/loving memory of/GEORGE HENRY OLDFIELD/died 13th May 1982/aged 71 years/and of MILDRED OLDFIELD/died 1st June 1989/aged 79 years/In heavenly love abiding. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QB010]..... In loving memory of/a dear wife mother/and grandmother/ OLGA HENRIETTA BROUGH/died Dec 27th 1981 aged 46 years.(PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QB011]..... In/loving memory of/WINIFRED YATES/a dear wife and mother/ who died April 28th 1980/aged 66 years/and/JOHN WILLIAM YATES/a dear husband and father/who died January 12th 1983/ aged 85 years/Re-united.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QB012]..... In loving memory of/SIDNEY JOSEPH BRIGHOUSE/at rest 26th Nov 1947/aged 78 years/also of EDITH FRANCES BRIGHOUSE at rest 4th Nov 1919 aged 80 years. (Marble kerb)
[QB013]..... In loving memory of/MARY EMMA EVERITT/at rest 4th July 1948/aged 95 years.(Marble kerb)
[QB014]..... Sacred to the memory of/ROBERT STEER WARDMAN/died Jan 16 1956/aged 53 years."At rest"/also SAMUEL WARDMAN/killed in action in France/July 1 1916 aged 34 years/also AVIS/ MILLICENT WARDMAN/died Nov 1 1960 aged 77 years/Re-united.(Granite kerb)
[QB015]..... In loving memory/of/HILDA MAY THOMPSON/died Dec 6th 1953/ aged 53 years/also her husband/PERCY THOMPSON/died Oct 26th 1966/aged 68 years.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QB016]..... In memory of/our dearly loved parents/GEORGE MILWARD/who departed this life Feb 4 1949/aged 68 years/and SARAH ANNIE his wife/who was reunited on Nov 2 1952/aged 70 years/ Peace perfect peace.(BERESFORD)(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QB017]..... Treasured memories Of/CATHERINE EUPHINIA GOODWIN/died January 6th 1953 aged 76 years/and/THOMAS WILLIAM GOODWIN/ died June 20th 1954 aged 79 years.(THOMAS)(Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QB018]..... In loving memory of/CHARLES REGINALD GOODWIN/at rest Oct 31st 1969 aged 57 years/GEORGE WILLIAM STONE/at rest June 28th 1983 aged 73 years.(Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QB019]..... In loving memory of/RALPH BLACKWALL/a dear husband father and grandpa/who died January 1st 1976 aged 63 years.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QB020]..... In loving memory of/our dear father and mother/EDWIN HOLGATE/passed away April 24 1926 aged 60 years/MARY ANN his beloved wife/passed away April 27 1947 aged 79 years/ also our dear sister ELLEN (NELLIE)/(buried in this cemetery)/passed away Nov 19 1910/aged 7 years 6 months/ Re-united.(Marble headstone) also ETHEL dearly loved wife of WILLIAM HOLGATE passed away Jan 23 1953 aged 56 years/also WILLIAM HOLGATE died March 12 1965 aged 71 years.(BERESFORD) (Marble kerb)
[QB021]..... In loving memory of/SAMUEL/dearly loved husband Of/DOROTHY ALLEN/(of Wash Green Wirksworth)/passed away Aug 30 1947 aged 71 years. "In heavenly love abiding".(Marble headstone) also JAMES EDWIN HOLGATE at rest July 27 1972 aged 67 years.(BERESFORD) (Marble kerb)
[QB022]..... In loving memory of/ANNIE SARAH CARLINE/died July 1st 1939/ aged 76 years/also HERBERT CARLINE/beloved husband of the above/died Oct 20th 1941/aged 84 years/Re-united.(F SPENCER)(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QB023]..... In loving memory of/my dear husband/EDWIN HOLGATE/who fell asleep May 27th 1961/aged 68 years/also his wife/ELLEN HOLGATE/died August 29th 1969/aged 81 years.(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QB024]..... NORMAN HARRISON died April 9th 1974 aged 70/JOHN HARRISON died Aug 16th 1937 aged 21/2 years.(Limestone kerb & block)
[QB025]..... In/loving memory/of/KATHLEEN HOLTAM/a dear mum and grandma/ died May 23rd 1984/aged 75 years.(Granite headstone)
[QB026]..... WILLIAM JOHN HARRISON died June 28th 1941 aged 78/FLORENCE JACKSON died April 1935 aged 35/SARAH JANE HARRISON died Oct 14th 1935 aged 72.(PETTS) (Limestone kerb & block)
[QB027]..... Treasured memories of/a dear mother and father/SARAH ELLEN/ GOULD/at rest/June 24th 1979/aged 75 years/SAMUEL/GOULD/ at rest/Sept 29th 1979/aged 74 years/Resting in God'.s/ beautiful garden.(Marble open book) In loving/memory of/Mam & Dad/ from/IDA,SAM/and EILEEN/ Always in our thoughts. (Marble vase)
[QB028]..... ALFRED MELLOR died March 10th 1976 aged 75/and his sister KATE MELLOR died April 12th 1977 aged 81.(PETTS) (Marble kerb)
[QB029]..... In/loving memory of/GEORGE SMITH/who died July 26th 1939/ aged 81 years/also ADA BROOKS/died Sept 22nd 1954- aged 70 years.(PETTS) (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QB030]..... In memorium/WILLIAM HENRY ALLSOPP died may 30th 1947 aged 75 years/"Greatly loved sadly missed"/also of his beloved wife MARTHA died Aug 16th 1971 aged 71 years.(F SPENCER)(Limestone kerb)
[QB031]..... In loving memory of/FLORENCE JANE ABRAHAM died Jan 31st 1955 aged 84 years.(PETTS) (Marble kerb)
[QB032]..... In loving memory of/ADAM KILLER at rest July 15th 1953 aged 70 years.(Marble kerb)
[QB033]..... In/affectionate remembrance of/CONSTANCE/the beloved wife of/BRIAN HILDITCH/born 16th Oct 1885 died 12th Nov 1961/ and of/BRIAN HILDITCH/who died March 28th 1965 aged 81 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QB033a]..... LUCY MARGARET ALLSOP/1882-1952/JOAN KEELING/1919-1953/ HILDA SARAH KEELING/1890-1972/Praising the Lord together. (Marble headstone)
[QB034]..... In loving memory of/ELLEN JACKSON at rest November 30th 1947.(F SPENCER)(Limestone kerb)
[QB035]..... In/loving memory of/ETHEL/beloved wife of/JAMES SPENCER/ at rest July 5th 1954 aged 71 years/also/JAMES SPENCER/at rest April 24th 1961 aged 84 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QB036]..... In loving memory of/MARINA SHEPPARD/a dear wife and mother/ who died March 4th 1964 aged 72 years/and/HARRY BERNARD SHEPPARD/a dear husband and father/who died Sep 29th 1965 aged 70 years/"Re-united".(Reconstituted headstone & kerb)
[QB037]..... In loving memory of/SUSAN LYDIA MARSDEN/at rest/January 23 1938.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QB038]..... WILLIAM SWIFT/died Sept 20 1956/aged 65 years/ANNIE SWIFT/ died Sept 18 1961/aged 70 years.(Granite vase)
[QB039]..... In loving memory of/JOHN WILLIAM/the dearly beloved husband of/ELIZABETH LAND/who died March 24th 1937/aged 58 years/ R.I.P.(GALLIMORE)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QB040]..... In/memory of/LYDIA BYARD/died Feb 19 1973/aged 83/also/of/ FRANK BYARD/died Nov 3 1953/aged 72.(Marble vase)
[QB041]..... In/loving memory of/THOMAS DOXEY/who died September 21st 1934/aged 75 years/also of/MILLICENT DOXEY/who died July 4th 1935/aged 78 years/also of/SARAH ANN DOXEY/at rest/ January 25th 1937/aged 81 years. (GALLIMORE) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QB041a]..... In memory of/ALBERT KAY/aged 76 years/also/ANN KAY/ aged 85 years. (Marble vase)
[QB042]..... In loving memory/of/ALFRED GRATTON/died March 26 1948/ also of ANNIE/his dearly loved wife/died Aug 19 1954/ Re-united.(Limestone scroll & kerb)
[QB043]..... In loving memory of/CAROLINE the dearly loved wife of RICHARD MATHER died oct 10th 1950 aged 57 years/also of RICHARD MATHER died March 26th 1981 aged 91 years.(F SPENCER)(Marble kerb)
[QB044]..... In/loving memory of/BARBARA PASS MARSDEN/died Aug 25th 1976/aged 63 years.(PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QB045]..... In loving memory/JOSHUA FREDERICK SLATER died April 26th 1970 aged 80 years/also his dearly beloved wife GLADYS MARY died November 17th 1983 (Granite kerb)
[QB046]..... In loving memory of/OLIVER WILLETTS 1887-1957.(Granite kerb)
[QB047]..... WILLIS A ROBINSON/at rest/Oct 28 1958/aged 58. (Granite vase)
[QB048]..... WILLIAM G MOORE/at rest/Dec 26 1958/aged 59. (Granite vase & kerb)
[QB049]..... In loving memory of/EDWARD AUSTIN/died Nov 1st 1957/aged 47 years/also his beloved wife/BEATRICE AUSTIN/died Aug 15th 1977/aged 79 years/"Rest in peace".(Limestone inclined ledger & kerb)
[QB050]..... In memory of/our dear parents/FRANCIS MILLWARD/died 7th February 1963/aged 72 years/and/FLORENCE MAY MILLWARD/ died 16th August 1974/aged 83/Re-united.(Granite inclined ledger & kerb)
[QB051]..... In loving memory of/my dear husband/JAMES WARDMAN/died Jany 27th 1952/aged 66 years/Loving kind & tender.(F SPENCER)(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QB052]..... In loving memory of/HERBERT SLACK died July 9th 1974 aged 80 years.(PETTS) (Marble kerb)
[QB053]..... Dearest memories/of a beloved husband/FREEMAN BAGSHAW/ who fell asleep November 28th 1965/aged 66 years/Till we meet again.(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QB054]..... In loving memory of/ARTHUR SAINT/died March 17th 1974/ aged 88 years/reunited with his beloved wife/MARY ELIZABETH/ May 12th 1981/aged 91 years.(Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QB055]..... In loving memory of/ANNIE GREENHOUGH/died Aug 2nd 1964/ aged 81 years/JOSEPH GREENHOUGH died Jan 31st 1955 aged 83 years (Marble kerb)
[QB056]..... In/loving memory of/JAMES HARRY LAND/who died 31st Oct 1957/aged 55 years/also of his loving wife/FRANCES LAVINIA LAND/at rest 27th Feb 1982/aged 80 years/Re-united.(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QB057]..... In/loving memory of/JEAN LAVINIA/FARNSWORTH/died 21st August 1984/At rest.(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QB058]..... Our dear son/and/brother/JAMES WALDRON/HENDERSON/born and died/February 21st l983/Our birth is but a sleep/and a forgotting (Limestone headstone)
[QB059]..... In loving memory/of/FREDERICK MILLWARD/at rest/Sept 12th 1988/aged 81 years (PETTS) (Granite headstone)
[QB060]..... In loving/memory of/JOSEPH/SOUTHAM/died Jan 23rd/1963/ aged 65 years/and/his beloved wife/VIOLET/SOUTHAM/died June 8th/1979/aged 73 years/Re-united.(Marble open book & kerb)
[QB061]..... In loving memory of/JOHN JAMES MASKREY/the dearly beloved husband of KETURAH MASKREY/who passed away March 28th 1949/ aged 80 years/"Our thoughts are always with you"/also/ KETURAH MASKREY/died April 2nd 1962 aged 93 years/also JOHN ARTHUR MASKREY. (F SPENCER) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QB062]..... In/loving memory of/ERNEST/beloved husband of/FANNY THOMPSON died Feb 25th 1963/aged 66 years. (Granite block)
[QB063]..... In loving memory of/WALTER ELSE died march 4th 1963 aged 75 years. (PETTs) (Marble kerb)
[QB064]..... In loving memory of/WINIFRED MARY CAULDWELL/died November 30th 1965/aged 63 years/also her husband/RANDALL CAULDWELL/ died December 3rd 1977/aged 77 years. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QB065]..... In loving memory of/REGINALD JOHN STATHAM/died March 27th 1951/aged 35 years/also ROSE STATHAM/wife of the above / died May 10th 1949/aged 27 years/Re-united. (SPENCER) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QB066]..... In loving memory of/MARIA SWINDLE/died July 11th 1968/aged 70 years/also her husband/JOHN GEORGE SWINDLE/died July25th 1988/aged 89 years. (PETTs) (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QB067]..... In/memory of/DORA/wife of JOHN/FREDERICK/TURNER died/3Oth Mar 1980/aged 79/In/memory Of/JOHN/FREDERICK/TURNER/died 10th/February 1958/aged 54.(Limestone vase)
[QC001]..... In/loving memory/of/PATRICK GLEESON/born at Ballyhaunis Co Mayo/Ireland 1830/died June 28th 1896/MARY/wife of the above/died June 13th 1868/aged 31 years/ANDREW/their son/ died November 22nd 1856/aged 3 weeks.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC002]..... In loving and affectionate/remembrance/of/TOM OLIVER WALKER/ of Walcot Lincolnshire/who died at Wirksworth/January 29th 1875/aged 25 years/Affliction sore long time he bore/ Physicians were in vain/God thought it best that he should rest/And eased him of his pain.(Limestone headstone)
[QC003]..... Our mother/MARY HALLOWS/Aug 2nd 1933.(Marble vase)
[QC004]..... Erected/in remembrance of/JOHN son of BENJAMIN/and/MARY FLETCHER/of Millers Green/who departed this life April XXX/ MDCCCLVII aged XXIV years/Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. Rev 14c 13v.(Slate headstone)
[QC005]..... In/affectionate remembrance of/MARY ALLEN/who died January 3rd 1865/aged 58 years.(Slate headstone)
[QC006]..... In loving memory of/ELIZABETH PENNY/who died March 5th 189 3/ aged 79 years/also MARGARET PENNY/died April 16th 1865/ aged 7 years.(Limestone cross & kerb)From his/fellow workmates.(Marble urn - misplaced)
[QC007]..... ANNE HARWOOD/died Nov 9 1866/aged 85 years/MARY JANE/widow of/WILLIAM CRADOCK WILKINSON/died Dec 21 l871/aged 72 years.(Large Limestone cross & kerb)
[QC008]..... In/loving/memory/of/HANNAH/wife of/JOHN MARSH/who died October 4 1869/aged 59 years/Jesus wept/also of the above/ JOHN MARSH/who died September 17 1870/aged 61 years/I shall be satisfied when I awake/in heaven. Psalm XVII 15v.(Limestone headstone-fallen)
[QC009]..... Sacred/to/the memory of/HANNAH FRITCHLEY/who died February 2 1857/aged 62 years/also of/ISAAC FRITCHLEY/who died December 2 1857/aged 65 years/and of/MARY/wife of the above/ who died September 21 1876/in her 83rd year/Her end was peace.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC010]..... In affectionate/remembrance of/SARAH the beloved wife of/ BENJAMIN TATLOW/who departed this life July 16th l868/in the 35th year of her age.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC011]..... In/memory of/GEORGE ALLEN/late of Riber Hall/who diedSeptember 10 1866/aged 70 years/ELIZABETH wife of the above/died July 10 1839/aged 60 years/also/GEORGE and ANN ALLEN/late of Cromford/father and mother to the above/agedrespectively 77 & 91 years/and/HENRY their son died Mar 7 1815/aged 19 years/Those four latter interred in the/ParishChurchyard/also ELIZABETH relict of the first named/whodied March 23 1873 aged 60 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC012]..... In/memory/of/JOSEPH WHITE/who died February 6 1868/aged 64years/also/of JANE his wife/who died January 7 1881/aged78 years/Their end was peace.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC013]..... In memory of/WILLIAM REGINALD DAWSON died December 15th1927/MARY ELIZABETH DAWSON died September 4th 1956.(Marble kerb)
[QC014]..... AMY ELOIS/SMART/died/3lst December 1983/aged 62 years. BETTY FEARN/died/29th October 1984/aged 46 years old. AGNACE ANNETTE/FLETCHER/died 4th August 1986/aged 76 years. ROBERT TAYLOR/died 13th February 1987/aged 76 years. JOHN ROY/NEWMAN/died 31st January 1983/aged 49 years. Loving memories of/a dear mum and dad/MAISIE and WILLIAM/CUMMINGS/1926-1976 1923-1986.In loving memory of/GORDON MASKREY/died 29th July 1981/aged 56 years. In loving memory of/HAZEL MAUD/MASKREY/died 4th June 1986/aged 59 years.(Metal plaques on wall in Garden of rest)
[QC015]..... In/loving memory of/JAMES KNIVETON/who fell asleep June 23rd 1896/aged 77 years/Peace perfect peace/also of HANNAHhis wife/who died October 14th 1895/aged 76 years/Blessedare the dead which die in the/Lord they rest from theirlabours/and their works do folbw them/also of JOHN theirson/who died March 2nd 1907/aged 55 years/Together withthe Lord.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC016]..... In loving memory of/ROBERT BEESON/who was taken to his rest/July 18 1887 aged 57 years/Thy will be done/also of/ELIZABETH/widow of the above/who passed away April 3rd 1895/aged 61 years/In the midst of life we are in death/also of/SARAH BEESON/who was taken to her rest/June 9 1927 aged 65years/Peace perfect peace.(Marble tablet & kerb)
[QC017]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/SAMUEL WALKER/who departedthis life/July 25th 1883/aged 58 years/also ELIZA/relictof the above/she died April 25th 1888/aged 67 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC018]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/ABANATHAN HAWLEY/who died October 26th 1871/aged 69 years/also of ELIZABETH his wife/ who died November 18th 1874/aged 69 years/Be ye also ready for in such an hour/as ye think not the son of man cometh.(Limestone headstone)
[QC019]..... In/memory of/ANN PICKARD/the wife of/JOSEPH PICKARD/of this town/who died March 24th 1883/aged 55 years/also of the above named/JOSEPH PICKARD/who died April 19th 1902/ aged 78 years/Thy will be done/also of MARY PICKARD/who died March 8th 1924/aged 96 years.(Slate headstone Limestone kerb)
[QC020]..... In memory of/GILL PICKARD Junr/who died 30th March 1866/ aged 48 years/For upwards of 17 years he performed/the duties of Beadle of the parish/He was a zealous promoter of the/teetotal abstainance cause in/Wirksworth/He was a man of many good qualities/which endeared him to a numerous/ circle of friends/This stone was erected as a mark of/ respect to him by a few of his well/wishers. (WEBSTER) (Slate headstone)
[QC021]..... In/memory of/THOMAS PICKARD/of Wash Green Wirksworth/who died October 22nd 1865/aged 72 years/also FRANCIS nephew/ of the above/who died May 14th 1878/aged 45 years. (Slate headstone)
[QC022]..... In/loving memory/of/GEORGE PICKARD/who died March 13 1858/aged 29 years/also/FREDERICK PICKARD/who died November 11 1859/ aged 19 years/also/JOHN PICKARD/who died December 21 1866/aged35 years/also/GEORGINA PICKARD/who died March 1 1870/aged 44 years/also/JAMES PICKARD/who died July 28 1874/aged 41 years/also/THOMAS MARCELLUS PICKARD/who died January 2 1890/aged 52 years/also/MARY/who died May 14 1893 aged 44 years/Erected by the DIDSBURY Family. (FOX) (Limestone headstone)
[QC023]..... In/loving memory/of/MARY dearly loved wife of DANIEL SLACK/ of Wirksworth Moor/died March 2nd 1861 aged 68 years/also JOSIAH son of the above named/DANIEL and MARY SLACK/died January 29th 1862 aged 22 years/also the above named DANIEL SLACK/died November 30th 1880 aged 84 years/also/in memory of the dearly loved children of/DANIEL and MARY ANN SLACK/ of Sheffield/and grandchildren of the above named/DANIEL and MARY SLACK/MARY EMMA/died November 16th 1858 aged 3 years/also/ELIZABETH ANN/died November 18th 1858 aged 1 years and 9 months/also/GEORGE/died December 4th 1858 aged 7 months.(FOX) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC024]..... In/loving memory/of/THOMASIN FERNIOUGH/of Wirksworth/who died December 21st 1901/aged 68 years/He giveth his beloved sleep/also of/SARAH FERNIOUGH/who died February 6th 1906/ aged 68 years/Thy will be done.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC025]..... In tender memory of/THOMAS EDWARD GANDY/died July 10th 1903/ aged 52 years/ELLEN GANDY/died December 3rd 1930/in her 84th year/EDWARD GANDY/died May 26th 1923/aged 44 years.(Marble block with cross & double kerb)
[QC026]..... In/loving memory of/MARJORIE AGNES HOLT/1902-1984.(L PETTS) (Granite headstone)
[QC027]..... Sacred/to the memory of/SAMUEL SPENCER/son Of/GEORGE and HANNAH SPENCER/of Cromford/who departed this life/July 9th1857/aged 23 years/His end was peace/also of the above/HANNAH SPENCER/who died January 2nd 1869/aged 59 years/Herend was peace/also of the above/GEORGE SPENCER/who diedFebruary 16th 1872/aged 63 years. (A WESTON Cromford)(Slate headstone)
[QC028]..... In memory of/SAMUEL MOORE/who died October 23rd 1857/aged 72 years/Remember man as thou pass by/As thou art now so once was I/As I am now so thou must be/Therefore prepare to follow me/also of MARY his wife/who died February 23rd 1861/aged 75 years.(Gritstone headstone)
[QC029]..... In memory of/ANN TATLOW/relict of the late/JEREMIAH TATLOW/ who died January 4th 1861/aged 70 years/also of EMILY MARY/ the beloved wife of/EDWARD TATLOW/who died March 16th 1878/ aged 31 years. (L PICKARD) (Slate headstone Limestone kerb)
[QC030]..... In memory of/FRANCIS GREEN GOODWIN Esq/of Wigwell Grange/ who died February the 10th 1865 aged 85 years/also of CAROLINE his wife/who died August 9th 1858 aged 66 years/ In memory of/ELIZABETH CAROLINE the beloved child of/HENRY and AGNES GOODWIN/who died August 21st 1863 aged 22 years/ We believe in the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.(Gritstone coped stone & iron railings)
[QC031]..... In loving memory of/SARAH ELIZABETH CHADWICK/died Sept 30th 1926 aged 58 years/also her husband/ARTHUR BERTRAM CHADWICK/ died Nov 2nd 1940 aged 73 years.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC032]..... In loving memory of/LOUISA beloved wife of GEORGE JAMES ELLSE who died March 10th 1929 aged 55/also of GEORGE JAMES ELLSE who died March 15th 1942 aged 72/Peace perfect peace.(Marble kerb)
[QC033]..... In loving memory/of/DORA PENELOPE SNEYD/who died September 12th 1900/aged 17 years/Death is swallowed upon victory.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC034]..... In/memory/------/HENRY-----EY/-----rest eroded. (Sandstone headstone)
[QC035]..... In loving memory of/ANTHONY WARDMAN/---- 21----/ --------PATIENCE his wife/------1886-----/SARAH ANN eldest daughter of/ANTHONY and PATIENCE WARDMAN/died February 10 1867 aged 13 years.(Limestone coped stone & cross)
[QC036]..... In/loving memory Of/SARAH/wife of/WILLIAM WARDMAN/who entered into rest/October 2 1894/aged 64 years/also of THOMAS their son/who entered into rest/November 8 1866/aged 5 years and 6 months/and of/PATIENCE/their daughter/who entered into rest/November 6 1869/aged 5 months/also the above/WILLIAM WARDMAN/who died June 12 l906/in his 80th year/Thy will be done.(FOX) (Limestone headstone) In loving memory of WILLIAM WARDMAN who departed this life July 9th 1897 aged 34 years. In the midst of life we are in death/also of MARY WARDMAN at rest Nov 27th 1837 aged 71 years/also of ABANATHAN WARDMAN who died Nov 20 1906 aged 42 years (Limestone double kerb)
[QC037]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/SARAH/the beloved wife of/JOB SMEDLEY/of Cromford/who departed this life January 13th1875/aged 77 years/Father I will that they also whom/thouhast given me be with me where/I am that they may beholdmy glory/also the above named/JOB SMEDLEY/who departed thislife January 24 1877/aged 72 years.(Limestone headstone & large kerb)
[QC038]..... In/loving memory of/JOHN MOORE/who died May 10 1885/aged68 years/also of/HANNAH MOORE/who died April 17 1861/aged50 years/also of/HANNAH MOORE/who died December 13 1869/aged 47 years/also of/MARTHA ANN MOORE/who died January 281907/aged 86 years/also of/HERBERT MOORE/who died March 81891/aged 22 years.(Limestone headstone & double kerb)
[QC039]..... In loving remembrance/ISAAC ALKIN BARTLETT/who died Nov11th 1903 aged 59 years/also his wife/ANN JEFFS BARTLETT/who died Jan 23rd 1934 aged 88 years/Rest eternal grantthem 0 Lord.(Marble headstone)also their son.(Marble kerb)
[QC040]..... In loving memory/of/EDWARD MARSON/of Bolehill/who died July 4th 1907/aged 78 years/also of/HANNAH/the beloved wife of the above/who died January 14th 1905/aged 70 years/No verse of praise write on our tomb/Leave all to God who justly knows/And more than we deserve bestows/also of/JOHN MARSON/who died June 14th 1928/aged 70 years/and of/SARAH MARSON/who died April 2nd 1933/aged 77 years.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC041]..... In affectionate/remembrance of/AGNES/the beloved wife of/JOSEPH S FRITCHLEY/who departed this life May 8 1906/aged 37 years/also in loving memory of the above/JOSEPH S FRITCHLEY/who died Aug 8 1938/aged 76 years/also of/JOSEPH BERTRAM/killed in action at Maricourt/August 27 1918/aged 20 years/and/GEORGE SEYMOUR/died of wounds received at Cambria/October 18 1918 aged 19 years/the dearly loved sons of/JOSEPH S & AGNES FRITCHLEY/In death not divided.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC042]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/MARY JEPSON/(of Sutton-cum-Duckmanton)/ who died January 11 1862/aged 78 years/also of SAMUEL BUXTON/(of Steeplehouse)/who died September 14 1898/aged 83 years/also of/ELIZABETH /wife of the above/who died November 9 1899/aged 88 years/In life in death 0 Lord abidewith me.(Limestone headstone)
[QC043]..... In/memory/of/JAMES TOMLINSON/of Wirksworth/who died March19th 1862/aged 64 years/also of MARY his wife/who diedNovember 8th 1864/aged 66 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QC044]..... In loving memory of/B BOWYER/who died June 20th/1943/aged88 years.(Limestone vase)
[QC045]..... In/loving memory 0f/ANNIE ELIZABETH/SQUIRES/at rest 31stOctober 1983/aged 71 years/also/BERTRAM SQUIRES/at rest5th February 1986/aged 75 years/also their beloved son/JOHN/at rest April 1944/aged 14 years.(Granite headstone)
[QC046]..... In memory of/MARY JANE BRACE/of Wirksworth/who died January12th 1870/aged 76 years/She was Post Mistress/for over 40years/at Wirksworth/and/Her constant courtesy/and ----ing attention/to all/in the discharge of her/official duties/deserve to be recorded/on this memorial.(Gritstone raised ledger)
[QC047]..... Sacred/to the memory of/THOMAS POYSER/of Wirksworth/who died/June 11th 1860/aged 71/Blessed are those/servants whom the/Lord when he cometh/shall find watching/St Luke12 chap 37th verse/Sacred/to the memory of/MARY widow of/THOMAS POYSER/of Wirksworth/who died/Decr 19th l867/at Wenden Lofts Essex/aged 68/The Master is come/and calleth for thee/st John 11th chap 28 verse.(Gritstone headstone coped stone & lge kerb)
[QC048]..... In memory of/JOHN WEBSTER/who died June 25 1868 aged 72years/In loving memory of/JOHN WEBSTER/wh died February27 1889 aged 59 years/also of BETSY widow of the abovenamed/who died at Worksop November 19th 1898/in her 80thyear.(Limestone coped stone)In/loving memory/of/THOMAS WEBSTER/who died June 27 1892/aged 57 years/also of ANNIE/the beloved wife of the above/THOMAS WEBSTER/who died January 10th 1915/aged 73 years/also of/THOMAS/son of/THOMAS and ANNIE WEBSTER/who died atHollingwood Oldham/December 29 1896/aged 22 years/In themidst of life we are in death.(FOX) (Marble cross both in lge kerb)
[QC049]..... In/loving memory/of/JOSEPH DAY/who died Feby 9th l929/aged84 years/also/SARAH/wife of the above/who died Feby 23rd1940/aged 94 years/Her end was peace.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC050]..... In/loving memory/of/RICHARD GILLETT/who died March 8 1896/aged 67.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC051]..... In/loving memory/of/JULIA AGNES/the beloved wife Of/GEORGE HARVEY/who died April 8 1919/aged 74 years/My trust is inthe mercy of God/for ever and ever/also Of/GEORGE HARVEY/who died Nov 25 1923/aged 82 years.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC052]..... In/memory/of/WILLIAM ABBOTT/who died June 16 1862/aged 53 years/also/WILLIAM and JOHN/sons of the above/WILLIAM died Feb 21 1866/aged 32 years/JOHN died Oct 14 1870/aged 33years.(Limestone headstone). In/loving memory/of/ELIZABETH/ widow of/WILLIAM ABBOTT/bornOctober 8 1807/died May 6 1898/also of/MARY BLANEY/thebeloved wife of/JOSIAH ABBOTT/who died October 22 1913/aged 79 years/”Peace perfect peace”/also of/JOSIAH ABBOTT/who fell asleep Oct 18 1920/in his 90th year/"His end was"peace(FOX) (Limestone headstone both in lge kerb)
[QC053]..... In loving memory of/JOHN GEORGE ABBOTT/died Jany 6th 1932aged 61 years/also ELLEN wife of the above/died March 25th1953 aged 86 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC054]..... In loving remembrance/of/LOUISE PERKINS/who died May 1 1873/aged 1 year and 9 months.(FOX)(Limestone headstone)
[QC055]..... In/remembrance/of/ROBERT SIMS/who died May 19 1865/aged40 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QC056]..... In memory of/JOHN HARDY/of Wirksworth/who died October19th 1862/aged 59 years/also/ELIZABETH/his wife/who diedFebruary 26th 1875/aged 74 years.(Slate headstone)
[QC057]..... In loving memory of/EMILY/the beloved wife of/WILLIAM TAYLOR/of Ashleyhay/who died September 18 1905/aged 33years.(FOX) (Marble headstone)
[QC058]..... In/loving memory/of/SARAH HARDY/daughter Of/BENJAMINGREGORY/Harbro Rocks/at rest Octr 5 1905/aged 86 years/“Till we meet again”/also MARY/daughter of the above/diedSepr 22nd 1934/aged 77 years/also of/DORIS HARDY/spinster/late of Starkholmes/died March 2nd 1967/aged 73 years.(Granite plinth & kerb)
[QC059]..... In/loving memory/of/LAVINIA MARY/the beloved daughter/ofTHOMAS and ANN/PEARSON/died November 9th 1908/aged 16years/and ANN the beloved wife of/THOMAS PEARSON who died/Jany 22nd 1930 aged 76 years/also of THOMAS PEARSON/whodied July 29th 1931/aged 76 years.(Limestone cross & kerb)
[QC060]..... Limestone headstone against wall too heavy to move
[QC061]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/WILLIAM WOOD/who departedthis life/July 10th 1861/aged 31 years/also Of/CHARLES HENRY GREEN/of Alderwasley/nephew of the above/who diedApril 15th 1894/aged 25 years.(Slate headstone)
[QC062]..... In memory of/DOROTHY MATHER/who departed this life/March8th 1861/aged 80 years.(Slate headstone)
[QC063]..... In/loving memory/of/our dear father & mother/ARTHUR EDWARD PATTIN/who died Feb 9th 1927/aged 60 years/also MARY/hisbeloved wife/who died Aug 4th 1931/aged 68 years/Joy comethin the morning.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC064]..... Sandstone headstone eroded in Limestone kerb
[QC065]..... Sacred to the memory of/CATHERINE MARY the beloved wifeof/R R ALDERSON Surgeon/eldest daughter of the late/DrWILLIAMS of Nottingham/died January 11th 1862 aged 31 years/Isaiah 33c 17 v. Thine eyes shall see/the King in hisbeauty they shall behold/the land that is very far off. (Gritstone coped stone)
[QC066]..... THOMAS TUNSTALL SMITH MA/(42 years Vicar of Wirksworth)/born Nov 1st 1810 died Octr 21st 1893/Until the day breakand the shadows flee away/also two of his daughters/GEORGINA HARRIET ELIZABETH SMITH/born January 13th 1843died July 12th 1920/and/FLORENCE ELEANOR JOHNSTONE/bornApril 19th 1852 died August 4th 1900.(Limestone coped stone)
[QC067]..... Sacred to the memory of/JOHN ROSWARNE/who departed thislife/June 10th 1862/aged 81 years/He after he had servedhis/own generation by the will of/God fell asleep.Acts13c 36v/also to/HANNAH the beloved/wife of the above/whodied June 2nd 1846/aged 63 years/She was interred in theChurchyard/Her end was triumphant through/faith in theprecious blood of our/Lord Jesus Christ.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC068]..... In/loving memory of/ADA NIXON/who died Decr 15 1920/aged39 years/also Pte FREDERICK NIXON R.S.F./husband of theabove/who died of wounds April 12 1918/aged 36 years/interred in British Cemetery Lapugnoy France/Watch there-fore for ye know not what day your Lord cometh/also/ANNEE WEBSTER/who died April 13 1951/aged 81 years.(FOX) (Marble cross & kerb)
[QC069]..... Sacred/to the memory of/JAMES WHITTAKER/who died/May 5th1862/aged -- years/Requiescant in pace/Sacred/to thememory of/HANNAH his wife/who died/May 27th 1877/aged 82years/Dei gratia.(Gritstone headstone)
[QC070]..... In memory of/JOHN HADDECAN/who departed this life/June20 1864/aged 31 years.(Sandstone headstone)
[QC071]..... In/loving memory of/MARY ANN/the beloved wife of GEORGE SMITH/who died Nov 18th 1936/aged 75 years/also of PteALBERT SMITH/son of the above/killed in action 1918/aged29 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC072]..... In memory of/RICHARD POYSER/(late of Wirksworth)whodeparted this life/April 21st 1859/aged 71 years/alsoJOSEPH eldest son/of the above/who died October 29 1882/in his 65th year/and was interred at Muggington/and ofANNE wife of/JOSEPH POYSER/who died January 1 1896/in her86th year/also of ROBERT youngest son of JOSEPH and ANNEPOYSER who passed to his rest January 27th 1899 in his51st year/Thy will be done.(Gritstone headstone & kerb)
[QC073]..... In/loving remembrance/of/JOHN WARDMAN/of this town/whodied October 3 1865/aged 67 years/also of/MARY ANN/hiswife/who died February 22 1870/aged 68 years/also of/MARYANN/their daughter/who died May 15th 1913/aged 79 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC074]..... In memory of/THOMAS MARSH/who was born at Bon—-/on the28 of December 1810/and died at Wirksworth/on the 7th dayof March 1865/also/ELIZABETH MARSH/born Nov 25 1852/diedMar 1 1940/also/MILLICENT MOORE/daughter of the late/JOHNMOORE/born Mar 16th 1866/died June 8th 1942.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC075]..... In memory of/MARY SMITH/of Wirksworth/who departed thislife/December 7th 1860/aged 71 years.(Slate headstone)
[QC076]..... Erected/to the memory of/GILDEROY SMITH/of Deddington in Oxfordshire/who died January 20th 1861/aged 27 years/Mourn not dear friends do not lament/Fot unto you I was but lent/My years on earth they were but few/And passd away like morning dew/The sweet remembrance of the just,Shall flourish when they sleep in dust.(Slate headstone)
[QC077]..... In/affectionate remembrance of/ISAAC THOMPSON/who departedthis life May 11th 1886/aged 64 years/also Of/PHOEBE/wifeof the above/who departed this life may 7th 1886/aged 61years/We mourn their loss their race is run/Father inheaven thy will be done.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC078]..... In/loving memory of/MARY HANNAH FELL/died Mar 31st 1938aged 62 years/Peace at last.(Marble headstone)
[QC079]..... In loving memory of/DOROTHY BEATRICE/the beloved wife of/HENRY DYER/who died May 30th 1925/aged 24 years/also/DOROTHY MAY/daughter of the above/aged 3 months/Thy willbe done.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC080]..... In loving memory of/WILLIAM WEBB MD.FRCS./born July 22nd1831/died August 27th 1890/In loving memory Of/ELIZABETHHARRIET WEBB/who died at her residence Northlands Cheltenham/on the 31st day of May 1926/aged 92 years/buried atCheltenham.(Granite coped cross)
[QC081]..... In/loving memory of/EMILY HUDDLESTONE/wife of/HUBERT HINDLE/who died March 31st 1897/aged 30 years/In/loving memory/of/JAMES HINDLE/who died May 7th l903/aged 69 years/alsoMARGARET his wife/who died Feb 28th l889/aged 56 years.(Marble block,cross laid flat & kerb)
[QC082]..... ANN GOLDING HUBBERSTY/born March 24 1819 died March 6 1896/By thy cross and passion/By thy precious death and burial /By thy glorious resurrection and assention/Dear Lord deliverus.(Gritstone kerb & cross laid flat)
[QC083]..... In loving memory of/ROBERT FOX/who died January 2nd 1887/aged 58 years.(Limestone coped stone)
[QC084]..... Erected by his widow to the memory of/CHARLES JAMES/the beloved and affectionate husband of/LAURA M J PEAL/who departed this life for a better/March 2nd 1873 aged 30 .years.(Limestone coped stone & cross)
[QC085]..... In/memory/of/WILLIAM LAMB/late of Alderwasley/who died April 1 1870/aged 79 years/also of ANN his wife/who died August 7 1866/aged 67 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QC086]..... In remembrance of/SARAH/wife of/BENJAMIN STREET/who died/-----April/------/---- of/B-------STREET/------ (Gritstone headstone - badly eroded)
[QC087]..... In/affectionate/remembrance of/ELIZABETH/wife of/SAMUEL ROWLAND/of Wirksworth/who died August 11th 1862/aged 56 years/also of/SAMUEL ROWLAND/who died April 14th 1877/aged 74 years/MARTHA ANN WALL/who died Sep 5th l927/aged 82 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC088]..... In loving memory of/ROBERT FROST/of Wirksworth/who died Mar 3rd 1861/aged 42 years.(Gritstone coped stone on pillers)
[QC088a]..... Gritstone headstone fallen face down in double kerb
[QC089]..... Limestone kerb no apparent inscription
[QC090]..... THOMAS HADDICAN/died October 27 1872/aged 31 years. (Gritstone headstone - broken)
[QC091]..... In/loving memory/of/HENRY ARNOLD/late of/Fazeley Staffordshire/who died at Wirksworth/March 21st 1890/aged 45 years/ Not my will but thine O Lord be done.(Limestone celtic cross)
[QC092]..... Erected/to the memory of/SAMUEL WOOD/who died March 3rd 1864/aged 54 years/also/ELIZABETH/relict of the above/who died May 27th 1872/aged 62 years.(Slate headstone)
[QC093]..... In/affectionate/remembrance of/CHARLES SURTEES/who died Dec 3rd 1862/aged 37 years/and MARY his wife/who died July 6th 1872/aged 44 years/She was interred/in Burbage Churchyard/also ARTHUR their son/who died at Melbourne Australia/ January 1881 aged 19 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QC094]..... Large high kerb spanning at least three grave widths and the same in length, surrounded by high railings,no visible inscription.
[QC095]..... Here under the shadows of the cross waiting the resurrection lieth the body of/NICHOLAS PRICE WOOD/of Brownhills in the county of Stafford and of The Hall Wirksworth/born February 19th 1810 died July 10th 1868/Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord/also of AGNES ELEANOR WOOD/widow of NICHOLAS PRICE WOOD/and daughter of the Rev NATHAN HUBBERSTY of this town/born May 15th 1812 died Dec 8th 1892/also MARY AGNES the/eldest daughter of/NICHOLAS PRICE WOOD/and AGNES ELEANOR his wife/born Feb 26th 1850 died Jan 22nd 1862.(Granite coped stone & cross on Gritstone
[QC096]..... In affectionate remembrance of/JAMES/son of/RALPH and HANNAH OAKLEY/who died May 31st 1856/aged 3 years/interred in Wirksworth Churchyard/also of AGNES daughter of the above/who died March 30th 1865/aged 3 months/"The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken/away,blessed be the name of the Lord"/also/HANNAH/the beloved wife of RALPH OAKLEY/who died March 6th 1891/aged 71 years/"For ever with the Lord"/ also of the above/RALPH OAKLEY/born March 22nd 1823/died April 19th 1895.(HARRISON) (Limestone headstone)
[QC097]..... In memory of/MILLICENT BUCKLEY/of Bolehill/who died December 11th 1878/in the 86th year of her age/also/MARY ANN/the dearly loved wife of WILLIAM COOKE/who died May 7th 1889/ aged 68 years/also of the above/WILLIAM COOKE/who died October 20th 1893/aged 78 years/Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.(Limestone headstone)
[QC098]..... In memory of/THOMAS GIBBONS age 66 SARAH ANN his wife in her 80th year/SARAH ROBINSON daughter age 42/THOMAS HENRY son killed in action at Hooge France.(Large Limestone kerb)
[QC099]..... In loving memory of/MARY HALL ROBINSON of Wirksworth/who died at Brightholme Chase Feb 27 1901/aged 80 years/I will give you rest/also of MARY wife of/THOMAS TOMLINSON/who died Jany 17 1866 aged 77 years/In loving memory of/ THOMAS TOMLINSON/of this town/who died Nov 18 1866 aged 77 years.(Gritstone coped stone)
[QC100]..... Sacred to the memory of/CHARLES WALKER/son of the late WILLIAM WALKER of Lea Wood/died October -- 1870/Requiescat in pace.(Limestone coped stone & cross)
[QC101]..... In loving memory of/dear mother/HENRIETTA SMEDLEY/diedOctober 1st 1959 aged 92 years/Re-united/TREVOR CHARLESSMEDLEY died October 4 1921 aged 26 years/also GEORGEARTHUR SMEDLEY died June 21st 1924 aged 32 years/At rest. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC102]..... In/loving memory/of/HENRIETTA DAVIES/died Mar 26 1877/ aged 52 years/Thy will be done,(Marble block - cross broken off)
[QC103]..... In memory of/MARY SHAW/elder daughter of the late/FRANCIS SHAW Surgeon of this town/who fell asleep Decr 29th 1886/ aged 63 years/Until the day break and the shadows flee away.Canticles 2c 17v/and of her sister/ELIZA SHAW/at rest August 11th 1904/aged 71 years.(Limestone cross & kerb)
[QC104]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/MARY/the beloved wife of/ JOHN PARKER/of Cromford/who died February 8th 1870/aged 62 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QC105]..... In/loving remembrance of/SARAH/wife of/JAMES STEVENSON/ who died----- 15 1863/aged 56 years/MARY CHADWICK/ 23rd 1865/aged 29 years/also of/JAMES STEVENSON/who died May 17th 1879/aged 76 years. ANNIE STEVENSON/fell asleep in Jesus/August 19 1926/aged 88 years.(Gritstone ledger)
[QC106]..... In/loving memory/of/CHARLES STANLEY LOMAS COULSON DFC/ dearly loved son of/HENRY LOMAS & ALICE RACHEL COULSON/ accidentally drowned at Oxford/April 30th 1921/aged 22 years/R.I.P./also in/loving memory of/ALICE RACHEL COULSON/ died Sept 23rd 1945/aged 75 years/R.I.P./also in/loving memory of/HENRY LOMAS COULSON/died Jany 8th 1951/aged 83 years/R. I.P.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC107]..... Here reposeth/ISABELLA/the beloved wife of/ANDREW MACBETH/ died July 17 1866/aged 62/also/ANDREW MACBETH/died December -0 1872/aged 70/ Requiescant in pace.(Large Marble cross & double kerb)
[QC108]..... Erected/to/the memory of/ROBERT BARKER LONGDEN/of Ashley-hay/who died September 5th 1859/aged 80 years/also of/HANNAH LONGDEN/sister of the above/who died December 25th1862/aged 81 years/also/JOSEPH STORER/(formerly of Lane -Head Farm,Alderwasley)/who passed away/April 25th 1892/aged 61/R.I.P.(PICKARD) (Slate headstone)
[QC109]..... In memory/of/DANIEL YEOMANS/of Longway Bank/who died May 24th 1897/aged 49 years/also of/DANIEL/infant son of the above/Be ye also ready (Limestone headstone)
[QC110]..... MARY/the beloved wife of/THOMAS BRITTAIN/and daughter of the late/GEORGE and HANNAH COLLEDGE/who died February 14 1903/aged 63 years/Cover my defenceless head/with the shadow of thy wing.(Marble headstone - fallen)
[QC111]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/SARAH ROBINSON/who died July 23rd 1859/aged 66 years/also/HANNAH/daughter of the above/and wife of/GEORGE COLLEDGE/who was called to her rest/September 9th 1885/aged 65 years/"And thou shalt be missed,because thy/seat shall be empty".l Samuel XX XVIII/ also the above named/GEORGE COLLEDGE/who died June 15th 1898/aged 82 years/At rest. (MINERAL Co) (Large natural Limestone block & double kerb
[QC112]..... In loving memory/of/ELIZABETH ANWYL/the dearly loved wife of/HENRY BENNETT/who died March 30th 1925/aged 33 years/ "If it is God's will"/and of/HENRY BENNETT/who died June 2nd 1964 aged 79 years/"Re-united".(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC113]..... Erected/in affectionate remembrance of/ELLEN BROCKLEHURST/ late of Longway Bank/who died Jany 28th 1870/aged 60 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QC114]..... To the memory of/FRANCIS CONWAY/who departed this life/ January 15th 1863/aged 26 years/The most belov'd when God ordains must go/Uncertain thus are all our joys below/also/ ELIZABETH/the beloved wife of/THOMAS TAYLOR/and relict of the above/who departed this life/September 29th 1867/aged 27 years.(Limestone headstone & ledger)
[QC115]..... In affectionate remembrance of/FRANCES STANLEY/the beloved wife of JOSEPH STONE of Wirksworth Solicitor/who died May 6th 1862/aged 39 years/In love she lived in peace she died/ Lord what is my hope? Truly my hope is in thee/In loving memory of/JOSEPH STONE Solicitor/born May 29th 1819/died December 3rd 1891/Rock of ages cleft for me/Let me hide myself in thee.(Gritstone coped stone & double kerb)
[QC116]..... In memory of/EDWIN son of/RICHARD and MARY/RICHARDSON/who died 24th May 1863/aged 17 years/also of/EMMA/sister of the above/who died on/22 November 1871/and of/BERTHA/ daughter of the above/who died on/6 December 1871.(Limestone ledger)
[QC117]..... In memory of/SUSAN daughter of/RICHARD and MARY/RICHARDSON/ who died 5 November 1867/aged 26 years/also/SARAH/daughter of the above/who died 3 March 1873.(Limestone ledger)
[QC118]..... In affectionate remembrance of/HANNAH/the beloved wife of EDWARD GRIFFIN HEAP/who died July 12th 1870 aged 42 years/ In affectionate remembrance of/EDWARD GRIFFIN HEAP/who died May 9th 1846 aged 65 years.(Limestone coped stone)
[QC119]..... In memory of/ELIZA wife of/JOHN GLEESON/of Wirksworth/who died September 18 1870/aged 35 years/also of the above named/JOHN GLEESON/who died August 28 1876/aged 48 years.(Limestone ledger)
[QC120]..... In/loving memory of/ANN/the beloved wife of/WILLIAM GAMBLE/ of Wirksworth/who entered into rest/May 19th 1887/aged 65 years/also of/WILLIAM GAMBLE/who died February 16th 1917/ aged 95 years/"Thy will be done"/JAMES GAMBLE/of Manchester son of the above/died August 23rd 1919/aged 69 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC121]..... In/memory of/WILLIAM LUCAS/of Steeple Grange/Wirksworth/ who died February 15 1881/aged 50 years/"Return unto thy rest O my/soul;for the Lord hath dealt/bountifully with thee".Psalm 116 verse 7.(Limestone headstone)
[QC122]..... In loving memory/of/ELIZA ANN/wife of/CHARLES WRIGHT/of Wirksworth/died 15th January 1901/aged 61 years/In loving memory/of/CHARLES WRIGHT/of Wirksworth/died 2nd June 1912/ aged 78 years.ELIZA ANN WRIGHT.(Granite plinth & Limestone ledger)
[QC123]..... In loving memory of/MARGARET surviving daughter/of the late CHARLES WRIGHT/of The Moor Wirksworth/who died May 9th 1883.
[QC125]..... In/loving memory/of/JOSEPH FRITCHLEY/of Wirksworth/who departed this life/February 20th 1891/aged 61 years/"Thy will be done"/also of/SARAH ANN/the beloved wife of the above/who entered into rest/December 4th 1899/aged 66 years/For ever with the Lord/also of/GEORGE HENRY/eldest son of the above/born May 22nd 1859/died May 22nd 1898/""Peace perfect peace(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC126]..... In loving memory of/FANNY/daughter of/ISAAC and MARY FRITCHLEY/who died February 26th 1891/aged 65 years/She suffered patiently and her end/was peace/also of/ANDREW JOSEPH CUNNINGHAM/who died at/Kimberley South Africa/aged 21 years/also of/JANE CUNNINGHAM/who died October 4th 1905/ aged 77 years/also of/SARAH OGDON/who died May 3rd 1917 aged 81 years/At rest.(FOX) (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC127]..... In/loving memory/of/FANNY ELIZA GREATOREX/born 26th March 1856/died 2nd May 1899/"In everlasting love".(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC128]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/WILLIAM SHAW/who diedSeptember 20 1889/aged 73 years/and Of/ELIZABETH/wife of/WILLIAM SHAW/(of Steeple Grange)/who died January 11th1867/aged 51 years/also of/JANE SOPHIA ROBINSON/niece ofthe above/who died April 24 1872/aged 22 years. (Limestone headstone & double kerb)
[QC129]..... In loving memory of/JONATHAN STORER/of Hurst Lodge, Breamfield/(formerly of Lane-Head Farm Alderwasley)/who was called to his rest/Jany 12th 1898/aged 68/ANN STORER wife of the above/was called to her rest at Buxton/Feby 5th 1884/and is buried at Fairfield Buxton/aged 47/also their dearly beloved children/now gathered to the arms of their Saviour/ELIZABETH BRITTAIN/July 5th 1870/aged 1 year and 10 months/CHARLES BRITTAIN/Aug 23rd 1874/aged 4 months/ WILLIAM/Septr 25th 1874/aged 7 years and 11 months/"Jesu only"/R.I.P.(FOX) (Slate headstone)
[QC130]..... In loving memory of/JOSEPH GARDOM/died Feb 26th 1915/aged 48 years.(Limestone vase)
[QC131]..... In/loving memory/of/MARY/the wife of/JACOB SHELDON/of Wirksworth/who died December 16th 1890/aged 50 years/"My presence shall go with thee/and will give thee rest"/also of the above/JACOB SHELDON/who died October 3 1895/aged 55 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QC132]..... In loving memory/of/JAMES ROWLAND/who died/April 27th 1883/ in his 60th year/also/ELIZA his wife/who died/June 20th 1884/aged 57 years/They rest in peace.(Ceramic plaque)
[QC133]..... In loving memory of/JOHN BACON/who died January 25 1887 aged72 years/and of FRANCES his wife/who died August 6 1889 aged64 years/Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure/having this seal/The Lord knoweth them that are his. (Marble coped stone)
[QC134]..... In loving memory of/JOHN WILLIAM/BATTERLEY/25th Dec 1893/ 15th July 1940/VIOLET MINNIE/BATTERLEY/l4th Oct 1894/10th May 1977.(Marble vase)
[QC135]..... In/memoriam/EANNAH ARCHER/died December 27th 1867/aged 72/ANNIE EDITH BIRCH/born April 30th 1859/died September 12th1870/JOHN EDWARD BIRCH/born February 29th 1864/died January20th 1873/Singing ever more on high/Alleluiah. (Gritstone headstone - fallen)
[QC136]..... Sacred/to/the memory of/JAMES HURT/late Major 9th Lancers/ who died Decr 26th 1864/in the 80th year of his age/MARY MARGARET/the wife of/JAMES HURT/who departed this life/ September 10th 1857/aged 68 years/also Of/CASSANDRA/their second daughter/who died May 17th 1844/aged 13 years/ CHARLES HURT late Capt H.M. 10th Regt of Foot/third son of/JAMES & MARY MARGARET HURT/died on his way home from the Cape of Good Hope/October 26th 1861 aged 27 years.(Gritstone headstone,coped stone & largekerb that once had railings)
[QC137]..... In loving/remembrance/of/DANIEL WILSON/died August 2nd 1877/aged 71 years/also of/FANNY/wife of the above/who died Sept 7th 1880/aged 76 years/She is not dead but sleepeth/In loving/remembrance/of/WILLIAM ROSS BARKER/Of Matlock Bath/who died April 24th 1882/aged 48 years/"Not lost but gone before"/In loving/remembrance/of/FANNY/ daughter of/DANIEL and FANNY WILSON/wife of/the Rev WILLIAM GLOW/Kilmarnock/died Sept 11th 1903.(Gritstone obelisk & kerb-once had rails)
[QC138]..... In memory of/ANNIE/wife of/RICHARD WALL/and daughter of/ FRANCIS HALL/who departed this life Octr 4th l871/aged 70 years/also the above named/RICHARD WALL/who departed this life April 22nd 1874/aged 76 years/also Of/ARTHUR HATFIELD/ who died March 25th 1932/aged 56 years/At rest.(I WEBSTER)(Slate headstone)In memory of/RICHARD WALL/of Wirksworth/who departed this life January 31 1905/aged 72 years/"His end was peace"/ also of/SARAH/wife of the above/who departed this life June 23 1909/aged 55 years/MARY/the beloved wife of/ARTHUR HATFIELD/who departed this life April 20 1933/aged 51 years.(FOX) (Slate headstone both in large kerb)
[QC139]..... In memory of/GRACE WOODHOUSE/late of Carsington/who died September 9th 1866/aged 74 years.(WEBSTER)(Slate headstone & Gritstone ledger)
[QC140]..... In/loving memory/of/JAMES DOUGLAS/son of/JAMES and EMMA BARKER/who died September 28th 1874/aged 18 months/of such is the kingdom of heaven.(S MOORE) stone headstone & kerb)
[QC141]..... In loving memory of/JAMES/son of/JAMES & BRIDGET GLEESON/ of Wirksworth/who died November 29th 1890/aged 31 years/ May he rest in peace/also of MARY ANN their daughter/who died August 28th 1895/aged 38 years.(Marble headstone - fallen & kerb)
[QC142]..... In loving memory of/JOHN BENYON/died 19th April 1945/aged76 years/also MILLICENT BENYON/died 12th March 1953/aged80 years/also their son/CHARLES EDWARD/died 5th June 1911/aged 5 years.(Limestone inclined ledger & kerb)
[QC143]..... In ever loving memory/of/WILLIAM HARRISON/of the Hurst Farm Wirksworth/who died March 30 1895/aged 61 years/Thy will be done/also of/MARY/the beloved wife of the above/born May 15th 1841/died March 25th 1924/"Peace perfect peace"/ also of/ROBERT HARRISON/ son of the above/who died August 12th 1940/aged 63 years.(FOX)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC144]..... In/loving memory of/ELIZABETH GERTRUDE/the dear and only child of/THOMAS and EMMA ELIZABETH/ATKINSON/who died July 5th 1895/aged 20 years/also of/EMMA ELIZABETH/the beloved wife of/THOMAS ATKINSON/who died Dec 18 1928/aged 81 years/ THOMAS ATKINSON/who died May 7th 1930/aged 86 years.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC145]..... In/loving memory/of/JAMES HENRY GANDY/at rest/March 8th 1895/aged 32 years/also of/MARY EVELYN GANDY/his beloved wife/who died June 22 1942/aged 78 years/and of/HAROLD GANDY/died Sept 27 1958/aged 69 years.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC146]..... In/loving memory/of/THOMAS BEESTON/who died November 17 1902/aged 83 years/Christ Jesus abolished death and brought life to right/also of/ANN NIXON/who died Sept 23 1876/aged 86 years/Upon the farther shore lands the voyage at last. also of/ANN BEESTON/who died Sept 30th 1919/aged 87 years/ "Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age".(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC147]..... In/affectionate/remembrance of/JOSHUA BUCKLEY/of Steeple Grange/who died October 15 1869/aged 52 years/Be ye also ready for in such and hour as/ye think not the son of man come th.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC148]..... In/loving memory/of/WILLIAM/the beloved husband of/EMILY TALBOT/who died May 13th 1932/aged 73 years/also EMILY TALBOT/died July 15th 1952/aged 84 years/Re-united/also/ JOHN ARTHUR/the beloved son of/WILLIAM & EMILY TALBOT/who died Jany 19th 1918/aged 31 years/also ETHEL TALBOT/died Oct 5th 1960/aged 73 years/also their son/WILLIAM TALBOT/ died July 14th 1954/aged 64 years.(Marble cross - broken & double kerb)
[QC149]..... In memory of/HENRY HODGKINSON/of Wirksworth/who died April 29th 1888/aged 80 years/also of ELIZABETH his wife/who died December 12th 1865/aged 47 years/also of HENRY their son/who died December 19th 1858/aged 15 years/and of THOMAS their son/who died November 17th 1890/aged 44 years Thy will be done.(Limestone headstone)
[QC150]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/SAMUEL FLINT/of Steeple Grange/who died June 14th 1888/aged 79 years/also/MARY/ his beloved wife/who died April 30th 1885/aged 77 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QC151]..... In memory of/JAMES KILLER/of Manchester/who died June 24th 1945/aged 67 years.(Granite coped stone)
[QC152]..... In loving memory of/ELIZABETH BIRCH/died April 29 1887/ EDWARD BIRCH/died Jan 23 1898/GERTRUDE MARY :/died June 23 1928.(Limestone kerb)
[QC153]..... ELEAZER BOOT/who died September 2nd 1871/aged 69 years. (Limestone coped stone)
[QC154]..... In/memory of/MARY/the beloved wife of/JAMES KILLER/who died February 7th 1864/aged 55 years/She is gone the one we loved so dear/to her eternal rest/She is gone to heaven we have no fear/to be for ever blest/also of the above named/JAMES KILLER/who died April 27th 1875/aged 68 years/ The memory of the just is blessed/also of LOUISA their daughter/and wife of JOHN THORNTON/who departed this life July 7 1895/aged 47 years/Gone but not forgotten.(Gritstone headstone)also/of/JOHN/their eldest son/who died at Manchester/May 4 1907 aged 71 years.(Gritstone footstone)M.K. J.K. L.T.(On reverse of footstone)
[QC155]..... In/memory of/GEORGE GREAVES Esq/late of/Elmsall Lodge/Yorkshire/who died December 30 1860/aged 70/also of/ELIZABETH GREAVES/wife of the above/who died March 19 1863/aged 75.(Gritstone head & coped stone & double kerb)
[QC156]..... Large kerb no apparent inscription
[QC157]..... In memory of/GERMAN DEAN/(late of Ashleyhay)/who died Jany 30th 1862/aged 52 years/also/MELICENT DEAN/wife of the above/who died July 8th 1868/aged 56 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QC158]..... In/loving remembrance/of/JONATHAN JEPSON/who died September 8 1865/aged 78 years/also of/MARY/relict of the above/who died August 31st 1875/aged 84 years/and of/ELIZABETH/ daughter of the above/who died June 23rd 1889/aged 71 years/ In the midst of life we are in death.(Marble headstone)
[QC159]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/DOROTHY/the beloved wife of/EDWARD JEPSON/who died February 16th 1870/aged 58 years/ also of the above named/EDWARD JEPSON/who died July 23rd. 1890/aged 75 years/In life in death 0 Lord abide with me.(Marble headstone with above in kerb)
[QC160]..... In loving memory of/MARY/the beloved wife Of/RICHARD RICHARDSON/who died November 26th 1872/aged 64 years/also of the above named/RICHARD RICHARDSON/of Wirksworth/who died August 3rd 1883/aged 73 years/also of/MARTHA relict/ of the late/RICHARD RICHARDSON/and only survivor of the late/THOMAS and ANNA STERLAND/of Cromford/born Sept 13 1820/ died Feb 5 1864.
[QC161]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/FREDERICK RICHARDSON/of Wirksworth/who died December 25th 1902/aged 54 years/also of/SARAH ANN/wife of the above/who died January 10th 1890/ 'aged 38 years.(Marble headstone - fallen & broken)
[QC162]..... In dearest memory of/FANNY ELIZABETH MARSDEN/who entered into rest/April 11th 1920.(Marble kerb)
[QC163]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/HANNAH ALLEN/of Cromford/(late of Wirksworth)/who died March 7 1869/Her end waspeace/also of SYLENCE daughter of/the above/who died October16 1892/aged 68 years/Safe in the arms of Jesus/also ofEMMA ELIZABETH daughter of/GEORGE ALLEN/who died January28 1894/Thy will be done. (Limestone headstone)
[QC164]..... In loving memory/GEORGE ALLEN who died December 21st 1893 aged 43 years/also of HANNAH his wife who died April 22nd 1917 aged 61 years/also their son GEORGE ARTHUR ALLEN who died Feby 20th 1936 aged 58 years/At rest.(Marble kerb)
[QC165]..... In/ever loving memory/of/JOHN ALLEN/who died August 13th 1909/aged 68 years/also of/GRACE/the dearly beloved wife of the above/died November 15th 1925 aged 85 years/also of their niece/MARGARET GRACE THORNTON/who died Oct 23rd 1965/ also of their nephews/JOHN THORNTON/who died November 17th 1964/aged 75 years/and/FREDERICK JAMES THORNTON/who died February 7th 1976/aged 92 years.(Marble cross kerb & ledger)
[QC166]..... GEORGE MARDSEN/at rest/February 27th 1904/in his 71st year/ and also of his beloved wife/ANN MARSDEN/at rest/October 19th 1918/in her 80th year/also of/FLORENCE CHARLOTTE/their beloved daughter/who fell asleep/March 28 1926/in her 59th year.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC167]..... In loving memory of/JOB ALLEN/who was taken to his rest/ April 21st 1887/aged 78 years/In loving memory of/MARY/the beloved wife of/JOB ALLEN/who was taken to her rest/January 18th 1893/aged 77 years/In loving memory of/MARY ALLEN/ their youngest daughter/who died October 23rd 1915/aged 70 years.(Limestone cross & kerb)
[QC168]..... In/loving/remembrance of/WILLIAM H WATTERSON/who was taken to his rest/on Monday May 5th 1879/aged 38 years/and of/ MARTHA his wife/who was called to her rest/on Friday Dec 12th 1879/aged 42 years/In/memory of/JAMES WATTERSON/who died April 22nd 1846/aged 84 years/also of/ELIZABETH WATTERSON/his wife/who died March 28th 1888/aged 73 years.(Limestone cross & kerb)
[QC169]..... Here rests/HENRY JOHN FREAKE VAN/born May 14th 1864/died March 18th 1915/Rector of Bradburne in this county 1895-1911/Vicar of Swymbridge North Devon 1911-1915/Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace/Whose mind is stayed on thee.(Limestone cross - broken & double kerb)
[QC170]..... Marble headstone fallen down.
[QC171]..... In loving memory of/MARY ANN/wife of/JOSEPH FLINT/of Greenhill/who departed this life/November 1 1898/aged 47 years/Thy will be done/also of the above/JOSEPH FLINT/who departed this life November 2 1912/aged 72 years/"He is not dead but sleepeth".(Limestone headstone)
[QC172]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/JOHN MOSS/who died June 28th 1875/aged 55 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QC173]..... In memory of/WILLIAM KILLER/of North End Wirksworth/who died August 9th 1958/aged 85 years/also of/EMMELINE ELLIE KILLER/his wife/who died August 7th 1959/aged 86 years.(Granite coped stone)
[QC174]..... In/loving memory/of/SAMUEL KILLER/died March 16th 1878/ aged 35 years/also JOHN son of the above/died March 25th 1873/aged 2 years and 4 months/also ANNE wife of the above/ died July 21st 1917/aged 78 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC175]..... In/memory/of/SAMUEL COOPER/of Wirksworth/who died December26th 1865/aged 51 years/also of JOHN son of/SAMUEL and ANNCOOPER/who died March 21st 1865/aged 25 years/and of/MARYEVANS/their daughter/who died January 18th 1866/aged 29years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)

Compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2001, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.