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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Memorial Inscriptions from Wirksworth Church, Churchyard and Cemetery. Recorded by Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group 1993. Check out the LOCATIONS of the MIs.
Church = Ch001-120
Churchyard = A001-046, B001-007, C001-006, D001-030, E001-008
Cemetery = QA001-174, QB001-067, QC001-269, QD001-406, QE001-139, QX001-009

[QC176]..... In/loving memory/of/THOMAS BAGGALEY/who died May 3 1891/aged 74 years/also of MARTHA his wife/who died Jan 9 1864/aged 44 years/also of FREDERIC their son/who died May 181870/aged 23 years/also of ANNIE their daughter/who diedJuly 20 1872/aged 22 years/and of EMMA their daughter/whodied Feb 7 1875/aged 22 years/also ELIZABETH/died Feb 22 1927.(FOX) (Marble headstone & long kerb)
[QC177]..... In memory of/JOHN SENIOR/who died October 25th 1862/aged 60 years/The voice of this alarming scene/May every heart obey/Nor be the heavenly warning vain/Which calls to watch and pray/also of MARY his wife/who died August 20 1868/ aged 53 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QC178]..... In memory of/ELIZABETH MARGARET/daughter of/BENJAMIN and ANN POYSER/of Millers Green/who died August 16th 1865/ aged 19 years/He giveth his beloved sleep/also of/ANN/the beloved wife of/BENJAMIN POYSER/who died August 5th 1879/ aged 70 years/also of/BENJAMIN POYSER/who died January 13th 1888/aged 84 years.(Slate headstone)
[QC179]..... In/loving/memory of/VIOLET ANNIE/MONKHOUSE/the beloved sister of/MARY EVELYN/BUDWORTH/at rest April 15th 1954.(Limestone headstone)In affectionate remembrance of/MARTHA BUDWORTH/wife of/ HENRY BUDWORTH Junr/born January 13th 1840/died Feb 26th 1929/also in loving memory of/ELIZABETH BUDWORTH/who passed away June 21st 1939/and of her sister/MARY ANN BUDWORTH/who died April 17th 1943/and of her brother/JAMES PHINEAS/at rest January 27th 1947.(Limestone headstone - broken)(Limestone raised ledger) In affectionate remembrance/of/HENRY/WILLIAM BUDWORTH/born September 25th 1869/died Janaury 16th 1870/ELIZA BUDWORTH/ born March 21 1812/died June 12 1873/HENRY BUDWORTH/born February 15 1838/died July 23 1873/HENRY BUDWORTH/born Nov 15 1819/died March 18 1877/HARRY BUDWORTH/born April 151873/died Dec 16 1874/The Lord gave and the Lord/hath taken away.(Limestone headstone all in large kerb)
[QC180]..... ALEXANDER SMITH/late of Bolehill/who died Oct 7 1878/aged 19 years/Prepare to meet thy God/also Of/THOMAS SMITH/who died Sept 1 1881/aged 36 years/SARAH mother of the above/ died Aug 15 1891/aged 67 years.(Marble headstone - fallen)
[QC181]..... In/loving remembrance/of/EDWARD SLACK/of Wirksworth/who departed this life January 5 1884/aged 80 years/His end was peace/also of MARTHA relict/of the above named/who departed this life/February 6th 1897/aged 84 years/”with Christ which is far better”/also of HANNAH their daughter/ who died August 7th 1911/aged 73 years/aslo Of/FRANCIS LUKE their son/who died march 1st 1919/aged 63 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC182]..... In/loving memory of/SARAH/beloved wife Of/ALFRED J SABINE/ died Nov 23 1890/aged 43 years/”Until the day break and/ the shadows flee away(Limestone cross & kerb)
[QC183]..... In loving memory/of/WILLIAM BRAILSFORD/who died November 3rd 1894/aged 54 years/also/ELIZABETH/wife of the above/ who died January 9th 1901/aged 58 years/also/SARAH ANN/ their youngest daughter/who died July 7th 1894/aged 16 years/”For ever with the Lord”.(HARRISON BROS) (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC184]..... In/loving/memory/of/JAMES HARRISON/of Steeple Grange/who died November 11th 1908/aged 70 years/also Of/MAHALA/wife of the above/who died November 14th l918/aged 80 years/ also of/WILLIAM BERNARD/grandson of the above/who died April 20th 1897/aged 5 years/”Till we meet”.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC185]..... In/loving memory of/ISAAC CHIPP/who died December 29th1913/aged 93 years/In/loving memory of/EMMA CHIPP/who diedMay 7th 1915/aged 88 years/also/MILLICENT/HARRISON/died/March 21 1919/aged/82 years. (Limestone tomb)
[QC186]..... In/loving memory/of/GEORGE STAFFORD/born October 9th 1828/ died April 19th l908/also of MARY relict of the above/who died October 26th 1909/aged 75 years.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC187]..... In loving memory of/JEMIMA/the beloved wife Of/JOHN HUSBANDS/ at rest March 18th 1911/aged 54 years/She suffered patiently and her end was peace/also of/JOHN/her beloved husband/-(Marble headstone - broken & kerb)
[QC188]..... In/memory of/JOHN CLIFFORD/RAINS/a loving husband/father and grandad/died 26th August 1983/aged 61 years.(Granite headstone)
[QC189]..... In/loving memory of/ANNIE VERONICA STAFFORD/at rest 22nd April 1971/aged 82 years.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC190]..... In/loving memory/of/CLARA ELIZABETH SIMPSON SMEDLEY/who died February 19 1917 aged 62/and of her sister and lifelong companion/BERTHA SMEDLEY/who died April 24 1918 aged 65/ Turn again unto thy rest 0 my soul.(Granite cross & kerb)
[QC191]..... In/affectionate remembrance of/ISAAC SMEDLEY/who died 22 day of Nov 1872/aged 61 years/MARY AGNES/daughter of the above/who died December 16th 1858/ rest eroded. (Gritstone headstone)
[QC192]..... -------/SAM---- -----ES/----- /who------ /his------- (Gritstone headstone very badly eroded)
[QC193]..... In/loving memory/of/SUSANNAH/wife of/SAMUEL SHEPHERD/who died Oct 1 1884/aged 76 years/also of MARY their daughter/ who died March 13 1876/aged 29 years/also the above named/ SAMUEL SHEPHERD/who died July 11 1907/in his 93rd year.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC194]..... In/memory of/JOHN MELLER/who died October 21 l875/aged 70 years/also of/ELIZABETH/relict of the above/who died June 16th 1885/aged 63 years/also of/JOHN FREDERIC/son of the above/who died April 28 1857/aged 7 years/He was interred/ in Ecclesfield Churchyard/Yorkshire.(Marble headstone & Limestone kerb)
[QC195]..... In/loving memory/of/CHARLOTTE/the wife Of/THOMAS CLAY/who died March 1st 1877/aged 50 years/also the above named/ THOMAS CLAY/who died January 24th l919/aged 92 years/also of ELIZABETH/daughter/died October 13th l938/aged 82 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC196]..... In/loving memory/of/CHARLOTTE STAFFORD/who died April 6th1877/aged 86 years/As we have borne the image of/the earthywe shall also bear/the image of the heavenly/also of/FRANCES CONWAY/her tespected servant/who died September1865/aged 32 years. (Limestone headstone)
[QC197]..... In loving memory of/SAMUEL ALLSOP/born January 1st 1815/ died August 23rd l887/also of ANN his wife/born April 23rd 1818/died May 4th 1885/also of SAMUEL/son of the above/ born March 15th 1853/died October 11th l854/Singing evermore on high Alleluia.(Granite headstone & Gritstone kerb)
[QC198]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/SARAH STURTON ALLSOP/who died April 3rd 1906/aged 83 years. (GALLIMORE) (Granite cross)
[QC199]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/CHARLES ALLSOP/who died on the 30th day of October 1884/aged 74 years/also Of/ELLEN ALLSOP/sister of the above/who died Novr 26th l889/aged 76 years/also of/MARY ALLSOP/sister of the above/who died Dec 3rd 1905/aged 85 years.(Granite headstone & Gritstone kerb)
[QC200]..... In/loving memory/of/HENRY JOHNSON/who died May 21st 1886/ aged 36 years/Prepare to meet thy God/also of HARRY husband of/MAY JOHNSON/died 29th Sept 1957/aged 78 years/also of MAY wife of/HARRY JOHNSON/died 9th Sept 1953/aged 72 years. (FOX) (Marble cross & kerb)
[QC201]..... In/loving memory of/SAMUEL OGDON/who died June 11th 1899/ aged 73 years/also of/MARY ANN/wife of the above/who died Dec 17th 1902/aged 76 years/also of/EMMA OGDON/daughter of the above/who died October 27 1932/aged 73 years/Thy will be done.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC202]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/HENRY GREATOREX/of Bolehill/ who departed this life/June 17th 1880/aged 61 years/also of MARY his wife/who died Dec 10th 1903/aged 83 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QC203]..... Sleeping peacefully/In/affectionate remembrance of/ HENRIETTA/the beloved wife of/LUKE HALL/of Bolehill/who departed this life/February 16th 1883/aged 55 years/also of/SARAH/wife of the above/who died September 18th 1899/ aged 67 years/also of the above/LUKE HALL/who died September 27th 1902/aged 72 years/Peace perfect peace.(Limestone headstone)
[QC204]..... In loving memory of/PEARCY BUNTING/(of Bonsall)/who died February 6th 1895/in his 80th year/also of SARAH his wife/ who died February 12th 1895/aged 74 years/Thy will be done.(Limestone headstone)
[QC205]..... In loving memory/of/ALICE WALKER/died Oct 27th l924/age 67/ Treasured memories of our dear sister/FLORRIE/ daughter of the above/at rest Aug 10th 1946 age 55/Peacefully sleeping free from pain.(Marble headstone)also TOM son of ALICE WALKER died of wounds received in France on his 29th birthday July 15th 1917.(Marble kerb)
[QC206]..... LOUISA daughter of HENRY and MATLIDA MILLER of Wirksworth who died December 10th 1888 aged 11 years/also of MATILDA their daughter who died August 19th 1898 aged 17 years.(Marble kerb)
[QC207]..... In/loving memory of/ANNIE ELIZABETH/the beloved daughter of/GEO and GRACE GOODWIN/died February 20 1893/aged 35 years/Farewell dear parents cease to weep/In Christ I’m safe in Christ I sleep/also of/GEORGE GOODWIN/who died Oct 2 1903/aged 65 years/Peace perfect peace/also of/BERTHA ROSETTA/their daughter/died Jan 23 1900/aged 28 years/She suffered patiently and her/end was peace.(Limestone cross)
[QC208]..... In loving memory/of/JAMES POYSER BUXTON/who died September 5 1894/aged 40 years/also of MARY his wife/who died August17 1901/aged 49 years/Thy will be done.(FOX) (Marble headstone & Limestone kerb)
[QC209]..... In/loving memory of/WALTER GOULDING/who fell asleep Feby 13th 1920/aged 51 years/also of ALICE his beloved wife/who died Feby 29th 1932/aged 62 years/and of ELLEN DOXEY/their younger daughter/who died Novr 22nd 1907/aged 6 years. (GALLIMORE Wirksworth) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC209a]..... Marble base with headstone missing & kerb
[QC210]..... In loving memory of/ROGER STEPHEN SEALY FISHER/ who died at Wirksworth/9th December 1907/aged 18/also Of/GERTRUDE MAUD/wife of SEALY FISHER/died at Beaconsfield/10th June1932/aged 77 years.(Granite celtic cross & kerb)
[QC211]..... In/loving remembrance/WILLIAM FRANCIS OGDON/at rest May2nd 1908/ aged 37 years/Crown after cross.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC212]..... In loving memory/of/WILLIAM MARCHINGTON/who died Oct 22nd1933/aged 87 years/a1so/BARBARA ELIZA/the beloved wife ofthe above/who died Feby 15th 1930/aged 71 years.(Marble headstone - fallen & kerb)
[QC213]..... In loving memory/of/CHARLES WALTERS/died July 14th 1884/aged 71 years/and/HANNAH his beloved wife/died April 14th1858/aged 46 years/The redeemed of the Lord shall return/and come with singing unto Zion and/everlasting joy shallbe upon their head/also Of/SARAH ANN MARSDEN/daughter ofthe above/born August 29 1846/died January 31 l922/Lightis sown for the righteous/and gladness for the upright inheart.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC214]..... In affectionate remembrance of/WILLIAM GRATTON/who diedApril 20th l858/aged 60 years/No verse of praise write onmy tomb/Since there’s a judgment yet to come/Leave all toGod who justly knows/And more than we deserve bestows.(S FOX Wirksworth)(slate headstone)
[QC215]..... Sacred/to the memory of/ANN/wife of the late/SAMUEL COOPER/who died February 6th l892/aged 77 years/also of/WILLIAMSHAW/born January 28th 1854/died January 24th l9l9/also of/ANNIE/the beloved wife of the above/who died Aug 15th 1934/aged 79 years. (FOX) (Marble headstone & double kerb)
[QC216]..... With Christ which/is far better/In loving memory of/WILLIAM HARRY EVANS/who died Jany 26 l888/aged 18 years.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC217]..... In/loving/memory of/WILLIAM JAMES/who died January 18 1886/aged 41 years/also of/MARY MACBETH/sister of the above/who died the 17th of August l895/in her 58th year. (Limestone celtic cross)
[QC218]..... In/loving memory of/THOMAS MILLINCTON/born June 26th 1815/died January 22nd 1878/also of ANN relict/of the abovenamed/who died March 18th l893/aged 74 years/also ofELIZABETH wife of/JOHN MILLINCTON/who died May 28th 1892/aged 45 years/also the above/JOHN MILLINGTON/who died May7th 1913/aged 72 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QC219]..... In/loving memory/of/JOSEPH FRANCIS KINGDON/who entered intorest/July 28th 1888/aged 74 years/also Of/MARIANNA SMITH/wife of the above/who entered into rest/August 7th 1924/aged 91 years.(Limestone cross & kerb)
[QC220]..... In/loving memory/of/ELIZABETH DEAN/the wife of/GEORGE JAMESOGDON/of Wirksworth/who died November 20th 1890/aged 25years/also MARY/the wife of the above/who was called away/Dec 15th 1925 aged 56/also of the above/GEORGE JAMES OGDON/who died June 28th 1926/aged 64 years.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC221]..... In loving memory of/JOHN FENNELL/who died July 9th 1915/aged 84 years/also of/MARY his beloved wife/who died April1st 1894/aged 54 years/also JOHN their son/who died Feby23 1897/aged 22 years/”Thy will be done”.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC221a]..... Marble kerb no apparent inscription
[QC222]..... In loving memory of/JOHN COOKE who died Nov 22nd 1908 aged51 years/also ELIZA ANNIE his wife who died Aug 3rd 1941aged 81 years/”Rest in peace”.(Limestone kerb)
[QC223]..... In/memory of/TRYPHENA/the beloved daughter of/RICHARD and ELLEN CLAY/of Cromford/who died April 7th 1864/aged 16 years/She is not dead but sleepeth/also of the above named/ELLENCLAY/who died March 4th 1876/aged 56 years/A good wife anda devoted mother/also of/ELLEN/the beloved daughter of/RICHARD and ELLEN CLAY/who died September 25th 1877/aged27 years/Her end was peace.(Limestone headstone)
[QC224]..... In/loving memory of/ALEC BENNETT/died Feb 8th 1980/aged 76years/and his beloved wife/IDA/died Sept 5th 1987/aged 83years.(Granite headstone)
[QC225]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband GEORGE CONWAY died 28Jan 1918 aged 39 years/also MARY ANN his wife died 25thJuly 1957 aged 79 years/Re-united.(Limestone kerb - broken)
[QC226]..... In/loving memory/of/HERBERT EDWARD ELLIOTT/at rest 30thMarch 1951/aged 40 years.(Marble headstone)
[QC227]..... Erected/in affectionate remembrance of/the late/MILLICENTBURTON/of Cromford/who departed this life March 25th 1858/aged 41 years/Her end was peace/also of SAMUEL BURTONbrother/of the above/who died March 17th l862/aged 51 years/Be ye therefore ready.(Limestone headstone)
[QC228]..... Sacred to the memory of/GEORGE/the beloved son of/JOHN andMARY SMITH/of Sheriff Hales Staffordshire/who died atWirksworth/May 17 1886/aged 26 years/Blessed are the deadthat die in the Lord.(Limestone headstone)
[QC229]..... In loving memory of/MARY ANN DIXON died 10th Feb 1899 aged78 years/also FLORENCE ELIZABETH BIRCH died 8th June 1957aged 87 years/Peace perfect peace.(Marble kerb)
[QC230]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/HENRY/the beloved son of/WILLIAM & FRANCES BLACKWELL/died/January 24th l900/aged23 years/In/loving memory of/THOMAS BLACKWELL/the dearly‘beloved/husband of/MARY BLACKWELL/died March 2nd l902/aged41 years/At rest until the day break/In/loving memory/of/WILLIAM ALEXANDER MACLEOD/beloved son of/MURDO & KATHERINEMACLEOD/of Bradford/and grandson of/WILLIAM & FRANCESBLACKWELL/died/January 16th l916/aged 22 Years/In/lovingmemory/of/WILLIAM BLACKWELL/died April 28th l907/aged 67years/His end was peace/also of/FRANCES/his beloved wife/who died Feby 5th 1922/aged 80 years.(Granite obelisk)
[QC231]..... In/loving memory/of/JOHN BOWMER J.P./died March 5th 1920/aged 72 years/also ANNIE his wife/died Aug 1st 1933 aged81 years.(Granite cross & kerb)
[QC232]..... Marble headstone fallen face down in kerb
[QC233]..... In/loving memory/of/NELLIE/the beloved daughter of/RUPERTand EMILY/MYCOCK/of Fishpond Farm Alderwasley/who diedMarch 13 1897/aged 4 years.(Limestone cross & kerb)
[QC234]..... In/loving memory/of/JOHN JAMES/of Wirksworth Solicitor/who passed away February 17th 1892/aged 57 years/For everwith the Lord/Amen so let it be/and of/MARY ELIZABETH/‘ELSIE’/daughter of JOHN and HANNAH JAMES/who died/December24th l889/in the 17th year of her age/Father in thy graciouskeeping/Leave we now our loved one sleeping.(Limestone cross on block)In/loving memory/off/GERTRUDE ANNIE/daughter of/JOHN andHANNAH JAMES/who died Jan 4 l883/aged 13 months.CHOPTON WOOD Stone Co)(Limestone cross & kerb)
[QC235]..... In loving memory of/ANNA BARBARA/wife of/GEORGE WILLIAMPARKER/of the Moor Cottage/who died Novr 18 l883/aged 23years/The grass withereth the flower fadeth.(JAS BERESFORD Belper)(Marble headstone)
[QC236]..... In/loving memory/of/STEPHEN STEEPLES/of Steeple Grange/who died March 8 l920/aged 68 years/also of HANNAH/Wife ofthe above/who died May 25th l926/aged 65 years.(Marble cross)
[QC237]..... In/loving memory/of/WILLIAM LEES HALL/who died February16 1896/aged 58 years/The memory of the just is blessed/also of/MARY/wife of the above/who died June 22nd 1910/aged 75 years.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC238]..... In/loving memory/of/SARAH GIBBS/died Dec 4 l896/aged 69years/also of/THOMAS GIBBS/died Feb 17 1911/aged 89 years.(Marble cross & Limestone kerb)
[QC239]..... In/loving memory/of/SAMUEL HILL/of Bolehill/who diedFebruary 20th 1896/aged 80 years/Till he come/also of/ELIZABETH HILL/wife of the above/who died September 7th1898/aged 78 years/To die is gain.(HARRISON BROS) (Limestone headstone)
[QC240]..... In loving memory of/WILLIAM JELLYMAN/of Wirksworth/who fellasleep Oct 31st 1897/aged 56 years/He is not dead butsleepeth/also of JANE his wife/who fell asleep Jan 31st1911/aged 72 years.(Marble headstone - fallen)
[QC241]..... In/memory of/ELIZABETH/wife of WILLIAM TWIGGE/who diedJanuary 24 1898/aged 53 years/To be with Christ which isfar better/also the above/WILLIAM TWIGGE/who died September19 1902/aged 57 years/In the midst of life we are in death.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC242]..... In loving memory of SAMSON WAYWELL at rest May 15th 1899aged 66 years/also of GRACE his beloved wife at rest January18th 1914 aged 80 years/Peace perfect peace. (Marble kerb)
[QC243]..... In/loving memory of/EDWARD OGDON/who departed this life /October 26th 1901/aged 78 years/Peace perfect peace/alsoof/DANIEL ROPER MARSDEN/who fell asleep June 22nd 1956/aged 75 years/also of/MARY REBECCA MARSDEN/who died Jan 5th1962/aged 69 years. (FOX) (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC244]..... In loving memory of/WILLIAM WESLEY MARSDEN/entered intorest Nov 22nd 1932/aged 79 years/also CATHERINE/the belovedwife of the above/entered into rest Jany 5th 1930/aged 77years/Peace perfect peace/also ALICE ANN daughter of theabove/died 25 May 1975 aged 96 years.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC245]..... In loving memory of/EMMA wife of FRANCIS HENRY TOMLINSONat rest May 21st 1901 aged 33 years/also FRANCIS HENRYTOMLINSON at rest June 16th 1936 aged 80 years.(Limestone kerb)
[QC246]..... In loving memory of/ANNA MARIA/wife of/JOSEPH TOMLINSON/who died May 7th 1895/aged 67 years/also of the above/JOSEPH TOMLINSON/who died June 7th 1913/aged 95 years/alsoof/ANNA MARIA CALLADILNE/niece of the above/who died May19th 1926/aged 65 years/There remaineth therefore/A rest to the people of God.(Limestone headstone)
[QC247]..... In affectionate remembrance of/JOSHUA FORD/of Wirksworth/who died May 16 1882/aged 80 years/also of ANNE his wife/who died February 3 1872/aged 61 years/also of MATILDAtheir daughter/who died June 8 1870/aged 40 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC248]..... In memory of/JOHN TOMLINSON/who died March 19th 1863/aged78 years/also of DOROTHY his wife/who died June 11th 1866/aged 78 years. (FOX) (Limestone headstone)
[QC249]..... In loving memory of/FRANK SHAW/of Wirksworth/born 21stNovember 1860/died 18th January 1905/His end was peace/also FANNY SHAW/died May 20th 1947/aged 87 years/Re-united/also of/MARGARET SHAW/beloved wife of/F CLIFFORD SHAW/diedOct 22nd 1959/aged 60 years/Until we meet again/also of/LEONARD BAGGALEY SHAW/the beloved son of/FRANK and FANNY SHAW/died June 21st 1918/aged 18 years/”Thy will be done" (Granite cross & kerb)
[QC250]..... In/loving memory of/JOHN SHAW/who died July 8th 1911/aged 90 years/also of/HANNAH/his beloved wife/who died June 23rd1911/aged 84 years/At evening time it shall be light/alsoOf/JOHN WILDE SHAW/son of the above/who died May 8th 1914/aged 63 years.(Marble plynth & kerb)
[QC251]..... In/loving memory/of/THOMAS BLASTOCK/who died November 1st1910/aged 68 years/also of/ANNIE BLASTOCK/widow of theabove/who died Dec 9th 1918.(Marble cross - broken & kerb)
[QC252]..... In memory of/W H GOULD/died Jan 21st 1948/aged 81 years/R.I.P./also HANNAH/his dear wife/died April 4th l957/aged80 years/Re-united.(Marble vase)
[QC253]..... In memory of/our dear parents/FRANCES MARIA BREWER/diedNov 4th 1940/aged 35/and her husband/ LAWRENCE BREWER/died July 22nd 1983/ aged 79/ also their son-in-law/ HORACE ELSE/died May 30th 1989/aged 61/At rest.(Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QC254]..... Large Marble kerb no apparent inscription
[QC255]..... In/loving memory/of/WILLIAM CLARK/late vicar ofPietermaritzbury Natal/died August 20th l906/also/BARBARAEMILY/wife of The above/died May 12th 1907.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC256]..... In loving memory of/ELSPETH/beloved wife of/JOHN WILLIAM GALLIMORE/who died Dec 6th 1937 aged 71 years/also theirbeloved daughter/DORIS MARY/who died June 26th 1924 aged22 years/At rest/also of the above/JOHN WILLIAM GALLIMORE/who died March 13th 1945 aged 75 years.(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QC257]..... In loving memory Of/CHARLES/the beloved husband Of/HANNAH JONES/who died July 8th l924/aged 77 years/a1so/HANNAH JONES/who died Jan 25th l937/aged 80 years/EDITH VICTORIA BYARD/died Aug 23 1957/aged 70 years.(F SPENCER) (Marble kerb)
[QC258]..... In/loving memory of/FRANK/the dearly beloved son of/JOSEPHand LAURA FANNY TOMLINSON/who died Jan 3rd l925/aged 16years/Love,peace/also/the above JOSEPH TOMLINSON/who diedOct 4th 1930/aged 62 years/At rest/also his dearly lovedwife/LAURA FANNY TOMLINSON/died Aug 26th l948/Re-united/also/JOSEPH GOOBER TOMLINSON/died April 10th l960/aged 60years/also/CONSTANCE LAURA BURTON/died Jan 24th l968/aged65 years/Loved by all.(Large Marble cross & kerb)
[QC259]..... In loving memory of/HENRY ED MILLER/died 7 Feb l925/aged74 years/also his Wife/MATILDA/died 17 Feb l927/aged 72years/At rest/also of/L/Corp A E MILLER (Canadians)/killedin action in France/aged 27 years.(Marble kerb)
[QC260]..... also/JOSEPH WEBSTER/died July 8th 1941/Death to us in life/and whose memory/we treasure.(Limestone open book)
[QC261]..... In/ever loving memory of/ELIZABETH/wife of ROBERT STEVENS/died Oct 4th 1923/aged 60 years/”At rest’/also of EVA/thebeloved daughter of the above/who died Dec 4th 1928 aged29 years/Thy will be done/also ROBERT STEVENS.(Marble scroll & kerb)
[QC262]..... In/loving memory/of/EMMA FOX/born July 17th 1855/diedJanuary 28th 1923/also of/GERTRUDE MARGARET FOX/sister ofthe above/born July 6th 1868 died Oct 24th l942/”Nearer myGod to thee”/ANNIE BAUSOR FOX/born June 17th 1866/diedFebruary 1st 1950.(Granite cross & kerb)
[QC263]..... ANNIE OGDON HAWLEY/died 24th April 1931 aged 72 years.ALBERT HAWLEY/died 31st August 1939 aged 72 years.JAMES KILLER/died 28th January 1898 aged 59 years.EVELYN HAWLEY/died 27th May 1899 aged 3 years.ELIZABETH KILLER/died 21st May 1905 aged 65 years.(Marble inclined ledgers & large kerb)
[QC264]..... In/loving memory/of/ISAAC MARSH/who died August l848/aged37 years/also of/HANNAH/the beloved wife of the above/whodied April 8th 1880/aged 67 years/He was interred inWirksworth Churchyard.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC265]..... In/memory of/RICHARD FOWLER SPENCER/born May 6th 1803/diedJune 2nd l878/also of ANN his wife/born January 11th 1807/died February 25th 1870/also of SARAH their daughter/bornOctober 22nd 1831/died August 20th 1892/”I will give yourest”.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QC266]..... In/remembrance/of/THOMAS MATHER/who died September 20 1865/aged 66 years/and of/ELLEN/his wife/who died October 7 1873/aged 74 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QC267]..... In/loving memory/of/LUKE FOX/of Wirksworth/who departed this life/December 19th 1888/aged 52 years/For ever withthe Lord/also of MARY his wife/who departed this life Dec29th 1918/aged 81 years/Her end was peace/also of FRED sonof/the above named/who departed this life/December 19th1890 aged 19 years/”My home is in heaven”.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QC268]..... In/tender and loving/memory of/ERNEST/the beloved husband of/DOROTHY SHAW who fell asleep/April 28th 1918 aged 49years/Until the day break/also of KENNETH their son/aged7 months/R.I.P.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QC269]..... Loving memories/WILLIAM READ/died Oct 14th l954/aged 86years/MARGARET JANE READ/died April 16th l928/aged 68 years/also MARGARET READ/died Nov 21st l975/aged 75 years. (PETTS) (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD001]..... In loving memory of/my dear husband JOHN COLIN GALLIMOREat rest 9th June 1960 aged 61 years/also of IAN our dearson who fell asleep 13th April 1949 aged 4 years 9 months/also his wife EMILY CONSTANCE GALLIMORE at rest Oct 30th1977 aged 79 years.(Granite kerb)
[QD002]..... In/loving memory/of/JOSEPH/GREATOREX/died May 11 1953/aged66 years/also his wife/MARIA/died Feb 25 1972/aged 82 years/Into God’s hands/we commit you.(Marble vase)
[QD003]..... Loving memories/of/SAMUEL WHITTAKER/at rest/Jan 29th 1954/aged 52 years/also his wife/HETTY WHITTAKER/at rest/Feb17th 1983/aged 82 years.(Marble vase)
[QD004]..... Loving memories/of/STEPHEN CARLIN/at rest April 13th 1954/aged 42 years/also/his wife/FLORENCE EDITH/died Nov 13 1983/aged 71 years.(Marble vase)
[QD005]..... To our dear grandparents/JOSEPH STONE who died in May 1954aged 75 years/and his wife ANNIE who died in May 1967 aged 86 years. (Granite kerb)
[QD006]..... In loving memory of/EMILY CHEETHAM/at rest Jan 8th 1963/aged 87 years/also her husband/JOHN/at rest Dec 7th 1966/aged 90 years. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD007]..... In loving memory of/ROSEMARY SEEDS/15-8-1908 - 30-4-1957/HAROLD WALTER SEEDS/6-2-1902 - 11-1-1980/HAROLD DENNIS/ 4-11-1927 - 16-3-1959.(DAKIN) (Marble headstone)
[QD008]..... In loving memory Of/FLORENCE/the beloved wife of/JOSEPH HERBERT BYARD/died August 6th 1957/aged 71 years/also/JOSEPH HERBERT BYARD/died Oct 1st l967/aged 89 years. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD009]..... In loving memory Of/FLORENCE ANNIE COATES/at rest Feb 20th1960/aged 57 years/also ERIC WILLIAM COATES/loving husbandof the above/at rest Nov 26th 1972/aged 71 years/Peaceperfect peace.(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD010]..... In loving memory of/ARTHUR BUNTING/1909-1978/also/FLORENCE MAY BUNTING/l909-l987/Re-united(Marble headstone)
[QD011]..... In loving memory of/a dear wife and mother/MARY ELIZABETHUNDERWOOD/died May 29th 1978/aged 64 years/and a dearhusband and father/GEORGE FREDERICK UNDERWOOD/re-unitedDec 5th 1986/aged 76 years(PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD012]..... In loving memory cf/a dear husband and father/JOSSGREENHOUGH/died June 13th 1978/aged 61 years/Too dearlyloved to be/forgotten (DAKIN) (Marble headstone & kerb)For grandad/from/BRIAN/ANGELA/and JANET (Marble vase)
[QD013]..... In loving/memory Cf/REGINALD/THOMPSON/died/Aug 12th 1978/aged 78 years (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD014]..... Treasured memories of/my dear parents/JESS KINDER/passed away Oct 2nd 1978/aged 80 years/EMMA JANE KINDER/passed away April 1st 1979/aged 82 years/Re-united in God's garden. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD015]..... In loving memory of/DOROTHY HICTON/died March 9th 1979/aged 76 years (Marble headstone)To Nana from/WHEELDON/grandchildren. (Marble vase)
[QD016]..... In loving/memory of/MALCOLM FLINT/died Aug l979/aged 38 years /From /mam, dad/brother /and sisters /Rest in peace(Marble vase)
[QD017]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband/and father/JOHN DBEBBINGTON/died Dec 15th 1979/aged 57 years.(Marble headstone)
[QD018]..... In loving memory of/FREDERICK/the beloved husband ofKATHLEEN HATFIELD/who passed away Sept 11th l946/aged 41years/also of JOHN FREDERICK HATFIELD/father of the abcve/passed away Novr 22nd 1955/aged 73 years/also KATHLEEN/died Oct 22nd 1966/aged 56 years. (F SPENCER) (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD019]..... In loving memory/of/MATILDA PICKARD/Wirksworth/who passed away February 25th l924/aged 69 years/For ever with theLord.(Marble cross - misplaced)
[QD020]..... In loving memory of/EVELYN MARY RAINS/at rest June 30th1985/aged 80 years/For ever with the Lord. (L PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD021]..... In loving memory of/MARY RAINS/the beloved wife of/JOSEPHRAINS/who departed this life/August 18th l924/aged 48/Atrest/also the above/JOSEPH RAINS/who passed away/september29th 1943/aged 76 years/He giveth his beloved sleep/andtheir son/JOSEPH RICHARD RAINS/died June 26th 1983/aged 84years.(F SPENCER Middleton)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD022]..... SARAH ELIZABETH/the beloved wife Of/ALFRED SHAW/who died July 14th 1934/aged 78 years/also of the above/ALFRED SHAW/ who died Oct 12th 1936/aged 79 years/Re-united/JOHN WILD/ who died at Liverpool/March 10 1901/CHARLEs ALFRED/beloved husband of/DOROTHY SHAW/died Jan 20th 1962/aged 62 years. (Granite base - top missing & kerb)
[QD023]..... In loving memory of/RALPH SYDNEY/beloved son of/GERSHAM & EMMA E SQUIRES/died May 31st 1899/aged 11 months/Thy will be done. (Granite headstone - top broken)
[QD024]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/JOHN SLATER/of Steeple Grange, who died March 15th 1900/aged 63 years/complete in him/ also of/EMMA/the beloved wife of/JOHN SLATER/who died July 10th 1896/aged 60 years/Till he come. (limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD025]..... MARY/wife of/SAMUEL KILLER/of Bolehill/who died January 8 1889/aged 53 years/also of/MARTHA/their daughter/who died November 7 1890/aged 27 years/also the above/SAMUEL KILLER/ who died July 14 1918/aged 86 years/Peace perfect peace. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD026]..... PHOEBE ELLEN/-------- -00-/who died October ----/aged 27 years, (Gritstone block & kerb with fallen cross)
[QD027]..... In/loving memory of/ANNIE/the beloved wife of/GEORGE LOVEGROVE/who died March 14th l916/aged 51 years/I will lay me down and take my rest/also the above named/GEORGE LOVEGROVE/who died Nov 12 l942/aged 81 years. (GALLIMORE)(Marble cross & kerb)
[QD028]..... In/loving memory Of/ISAAC C HARRISON/(of Steeple Grange)/ died December 24th l935/aged 69 years/Till we meet/also his beloved wife/KATE A HARRISON/who died Nov 8th 1945/ aged 58 years/Re-united. (Limestone cross & kerb)
[QD029]..... In loving memory of/my dear husband/CHARLES SLATER/who fell asleep April 16th 1950/aged --/also his beloved wife/ LOTTIE,MARY/who fell asleep March 25th 1952/aged 62 years/ "Thy will be done". (F SPENCER) (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD030]..... In loving memory of/JOHN SLATER who entered into the presence of the Lord April 10th 1931 aged 72 years/also his wife ELIZABETH entered into the presence of the Lord Sept 17th 1931 aged 71 years/SARAH S SLATER died Dec 17th 1967 aged 89 years. (F SPENCER & SON) (Granite kerb)
[QD031]..... To the sweet memory Of/SHEILA/the dearly loved and only child of/GEORGE and ELLEN SLATER/who fell asleep Nov 4 1916/ aged 5 years and 3 months/Jesus called a little child unto him/also of ELLEN/beloved wife of GEORGE/and darling mother of SHEILA/at rest June 29 1950/aged 64 years/also of/my beloved husband/GEORGE SLATER Gunner R.G.A./who was killed in action/Sep 30 1918 aged 37 years/interred in the St Emilie Valley British Cemetery/north east of Peronne/ Supreme sacrifice. (Marble cross.,angel on base & kerb)
[QD032]..... In loving memory of GEORGE WILLIAM OLDFIELD at rest 9th Dec 1946 aged 55 years. (Gritstone kerb)
[QD033]..... KATHLEEN/CLAY/Jan 11 1973/aged 59/PAT/WOOD/June 7 1944/ aged 15 months. (Marble vase)
[QD034]..... In loving memory of/JAMES ARTHUR GALLIMORE died March 7th 1941 aged 35 years/also of ELSIE NORINE GALLIMORE who died Jany 31st 1949 aged 54 years/At rest. (Granite kerb)
[QD035]..... In loving memory of/JOHN FREDERICK BOWMER born Dec 6th 1920 died Dec 20th 1940/VERONICA MARY DEACON born Dec 15th 1913 died April 3rd 1953. (Granite kerb)
[QD036]..... In/loving memory/of/JOHN & LUCY BEAN/also/LUCY WOODFORD. (Limestone vase)
[QD037]..... In loving memory/of/MARGARET HATFIELD/died Feb 2nd 1944/ aged 43 years/also/her husband/BERNARD HATFIELD/died Sep 8th 1972/aged 74 years. (Limestone open book) In loving memory of/ANGUS 0 MOFFAT/who died of wounds/ April 26th 1944/aged 27 years/His duty nobley done. (Limestone vase) Ply/x 120442 Sergeant/A 0 MOFFAT/Royal Marines/26th April 1944 age 27/All he hoped to be/All he had he gave/Loved and remembered by all. (Limestone headstone) In loving memory of PETER MOFFAT who died Aug 20 1936 aged 68 years/also of ELIZABETH wife of PETER MOFFAT died Jany 3rd 1949 aged 68 years. (Marble double kerb)
[QD038]..... In loving memory of/ETHEL/the beloved daughter of/DANIEL and ELIZABETH WRIGHT/who died June 13th 1936/aged 26 years/ At rest. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD039]..... In loving memory of/JANE/wife of JAMES FLINT/died July 5th 1934/aged 65 years/also of JAMES FLINT/died March 17th 194 9/ aged 77 years/”Thy will be done”. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD040]..... In loving/memory of/MINNIE PHILLIPS/died Dec l8th/1933. (Limestone headstone)
[QD041]..... In loving memory of/SAMUEL STONE/died 14th Feb 1962/aged 70 years/ALICE MAY STONE/died 8th April 1977/aged 79 years/ also their grandson/ALAN HUNT/died 17th March 1957/aged 2 years. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QD042]..... In loving memory of/our dear daughter/RUTH CHRISTINE WARD/ died March 8th 1978/aged 16 years/also a loving husband and father/KENNETH ROY WARD/died April 1st 1989/aged 60 years. (Marble inclined ledger & kero) In memory of/RUTH/from her friends. (Marble vase)
[QD043]..... Erected in loving memory of/JOSEPH POTTER/who died 16th September 1940/aged 78 years/also MARTHA his beloved wife/ who died 13th November 1942/aged 74 years/JOSEPH ARTHUR POTTER died February 8th 1962 aged 56 years. (SPENCER)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD044]..... In treasured/memory of/our dear mother/ANNIE ELIZABETH SMEDLEY/born April 9th 1860/interred to rest Nov 24th 1936/ Dearly loved and sadly missed/R.I.P./also PHYLLIS SMEDLEY/ died March 16th 1976. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD045]..... In memory of/WILLIAM HENRY BUXTON/died May 14th 1936 aged 72/and his wife/ANNIE ELIZABETH BUXTON/died 5th Jan 1947 aged 81/also their daughter/HILDA SLATER/died 26th Feb 1969 aged 74. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD046]..... In loving memory/of/JOHN FREDERICK TAYLOR/who died April 22nd 1933/aged 70/ELIZABETH TAYLOR/born 7th July 1863/died 18th Dec 1943/aged 80 years/also their son/GEORGE TAYLOR/ killed in France 1915/aged 22. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD047]..... Peace/In loving memory of/JOSEPH/the beloved husband of/ ELLEN BOTHAM/at rest January 23rd 1933/aged 60 years/also ELLEN BOTHAM/at rest January 15th 1947/aged 78 years/ Re-united. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD048]..... In/loving memory cf/HARRIET/the beloved wife of/JOHN WILSON/ who passed peacefully away/September 24th 1932/aged 53 years/”For ever with the Lord”/also the above/JOHN WILSON/ died Feb 14th 1946/aged 70 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD049]..... In loving memory of/our dear father & mother/JOHN RICHARD SMITH/who died Feby 29th 1932/aged 65 years/also CLARA/his beloved wife/who died March 29th 1932/aged 71 years/until the day break. (F SPENCER) (Marble headstone & kerb) also daughter /FLORENCE/ GERTRUDE ALLEN/ beloved wife of/ HERBERT SLACK/died Aug l6th/ 1950/aged 55 years/At rest. (Marble open book)
[QD050]..... In loving memory of/HENRY BROOK/who died June 10th 1931/ also of his wife/CHRISTINA GOODFELLOW BROOK/who died on July 31st 1933. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD051]..... In loving memory of/ELIZA WILLETTS/1856-1945/and her husbanc JONAS WILLETTS/1842-1891/also of their son/WALTER/1880-1945. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD052]..... In/loving memory of/SARAH ELIZABETH/the beloved wife of/ Rev JOHN DANN/who went home Feb 22 1904/aged 44 years/”So he giveth his beloved sleep”/"Until the day break and the/ shadows flee away". (BIRLEY & SON) (Marble headstone)
[QD053]..... In loving memory of/MARY ANN/the beloved wife of/SAMUEL KILLER/cromford Road/who passed away Oct 25th l9l4/in her 82nd year/”Peace perfect peace”. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD054]..... In/loving memory Of/ALEXANDER/the beloved husband of/MABEL DOROTHY SLATER/who died Novr 25 l928/aged 42 years/At rest. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD055]..... In/loving memory/of/GEORGE LAND/of Bolehill/who died May 5th 1920/aged 71 years/also of/MARY/his beloved wife/who died April 11th 1920/aged 72 years/Light at evening time/ also their daughter/MILLICENT/who died Jan 24th 1964/aged 85 years. (GALLIMORE) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD056]..... In loving memory of/dear father and mother/JAMES HENRY LEGG/ who died 2nd April l941/aged 71 years/and/SARAH JANE LEGG/ who died 15th July 1946/aged 70 years. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD057]..... CHARLES EDWARD/BLACKWELL/WEBSTER/1912-1984 (Limestone vase)
[QD058]..... In/loving memory/of/MARTHA FANNY (PATTIE)/dearly loved wife Of/ANDREW MACBETH/who died 17th April l941/aged 76/also of/ ANDREW MACBETH,Solicitor/who died 30th May l942/aged 79/ Requiescant in pace/GLADYS MARY/daughter of the above/who died 22nd March l952/aged --/and in memory Of/PHYLLIS KIRKBY/ daughter of/ANDREW and MARTHA MACBETH/who died 4th May 1983/ aged 85 years. (Limestone headstone,ledger & kerb)
[QD059]..... In/loving memory Of/GLADYS/the beloved wife Of/JOSEPH CLARKE/ who fell asleep June 11th l935/aged 22 years/also HELENA/ the beloved wife of DAVID OXSPRING/who fell asleep July 15th 1935 aged 59 years/also of the above DAVID OXSPRING/ who fell asleep July 10th 1939 aged 67 years/At rest. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD060]..... In/loving memory/of/ISAAC ARTHUR FRITCHLEY/born October 5th 1868/died January 22nd l960/also Of/HELEN GAWTHORNE BOWYER died May 6th 1935 aged 21 years/ELLEN FRITCHLEY died May 10th 1937 aged 63 years. (F SPENCER) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD061]..... In loving memory Of/FRANCES EMILY/the beloved wife of/ RICHARD ARTHUR MASKREY/who died Feby 26th l935/aged 42 years/”until”/Dearest memories of/RICHARD ARTHUR MASKRBY/ the beloved husband of JANET/called to rest August 12th l971/aged 80 years. (GALLIMORE) (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD062]..... In/loving memory Of/ELIZABETH BYARD/died July 7th 1933/ aged 37 years/and her husband/ALBERT BYARD/died May 9th l963/aged 70 years. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QD063]..... In loving memory Of/FRED ROBINSON/at rest November 12th 1977/aged 69 years. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QD064]..... In loving/memory of/HAROLD PARKER/died April 27 1941. (Marble vase)
[QD065]..... In loving memory of/WILLIAM WAIN/died April 14th 1957/aged 72 years/also FLORENCE his wife/died Dec 1st l951/aged 66 years/also EDGAR their son/died March 17th 1935/aged 24 years. (Gritstone inclined ledger & kerb)
[QD066]..... In loving memory of/PHILIP/the beloved husband of HANNAH BRATBY/who died April 25th 1944 aged 72 years/At rest/also of HANNAH his wife/died Oct 8th 1960 aged 84 years/Her children arise and call her blessed. (F SPENCER) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD067]..... In loving memory of/ALBERT ADAMS who died March 30th 1931 aged 64 years/also MARY HANNAH ADAMS died Jan 17th 1940 aged 83 years/Until the day dawns. (Marble kerb)
[QD068]..... In loving memory/of/HAROLD DARWENT/the beloved husband of/ ETHEL WAIN/(of Wirksworth)/who died Dec 18th 1930/aged 47 years/Rest in peace. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD069]..... In loving memory Of/FREDERICK SHAW/died June 28th 1929/ also CATHERINE/the beloved wife of the above/died June 24th l930/Re-united/also WALTER/the beloved husband Of/DOROTHY ANN RICHARDSON/died July 3rd 1931/If it be thy will/also DOROTHY ANN RICHARDSON/died July 8th l957/Re-united (F SPENCER) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD070]..... In/loving memory/of/GEORGE/the beloved husband Of/HANNAH SOUTHAM/who died May 3rd 1930/aged 68 years/Her end was peace/also the above/HANNAH SOUTHAM/who died Nov 9th 1932/ aged 69 years/Re-united. (F SPENCER Wirksworth)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD071]..... In loving memory of/PHOEBY ANN the daughter of WILLIAM & EM.MA AUSTIN who died Feb 11th 1930 aged 43 years/Gone but not forgotten. (Marble kerb)
[QD072]..... In loving memory of/ABIGAIL HILLIER who died April 27th 1929 aged 77 years/also of GEORGE HILLIER her beloved husband who died April 3rd 1933 aged 78. (Marble kerb)
[QD073]..... In loving memory of/SAMUEL LAND died April 11th 1929 aged 60 years/"Till the day dawns" (Marble kerb)
[QD074]..... "To be with Christ which is far better"/In loving memory/ of/SAMUEL WARDMAN/who died June 7th l894/aged 50 years/A light is from our household gone/A voice we loved is stilled/ / A place is vacant on our hearth/Which never can be filled/ also HANNAH his beloved wife/who died Feby 20th l921/in her 76th year/Too dearly loved to be forgotten/also Corpl GEORGE WARDMAN/son of the above/killed in action in France Sep 12 l918/aged 34 years/"Peace perfect peace". Also SARAH daughter of the above/who died Novr 20th 1936/ aged 71 years/Thy will be done. (HARRISON BROS) (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD075]..... In loving memory of/EMMA the beloved wife of WILLIAM FRITH who died April 8 1927 aged 65 years/also of WILLIAM FRITH who died Jan 6 1946 aged 80 years/At rest. (Marble kerb)
[QD076]..... In loving memory of/GEORGE HENRY BENNETT died March 25th 1969 aged 90 years/OLIVER BENNETT died June 12th 1971 aged 80 years. (Limestone kerb)
[QD077]..... In loving memory of/ELIZABETH the beloved wife of GEORGE BENNETT who died April 28th 1925 aged 70 years/also GEORGE BENNETT who died Jan 27th 1937 aged 86 years. (F SPENCER) (Limestone kerb)
[QD078]..... In/loving memory of/FRANCES/the beloved wife of/JOHN OGDON/ who died July 23rd 1916/aged 62 years/"Thy will be done"/ also JOHN OGDON/who died May 10th 1935 aged 78 years/At rest/also of/JOSEPH OGDON/who died April 13th. 1863/aged 67 years. (GALLIMORE) (Marble cross & kerb)
[QD079]..... In memory of/EBENEZER BODEN/of Cromford/who died June 2nd 1868/aged 64 years/also HENRY BODEN born February 24th 1850 died February 9th 1919/also of SARAH wife of/EBENEZERBODEN/ who died April 4th 1889/in her 81st year. (Gritstone coped cross)
[QD080]..... In memory of/JOSEPH SMEDLEY/who died May 20th 1857/aged 69 years. (Slate headstone)
[QD081]..... In/loving memory of/JOHN SLACK died Nov 6th 1917 aged 55 years/also SARAH ANN beloved wife of JOHN SLACK died April 11th 1929 aged 66 years/At rest. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD082]..... In loving memory of a dear/mother & father/JANE & NATHANIEL/ WATERFIELD/Re-united/also/of a dear brother/killed in action Nov 30th 1918. (Limestone vase)
[QD083]..... In memory of/MARY ANN PEAT/died June 6th 1941 aged 74 years also her husband/FREDERICK PEAT/died Oct 22nd 1941 aged 74 years/also their daughter/MARY PEAT/died Nov 23rd 1981 aged 73 years. (Marble headstone & double kerb) FRANK PEAT/died April 19th 1946/aged 33 years/FREDERICK JAMES PEAT/died Nov 29th 1955/aged 60 years. (Marble ledger) JOHN HARPER PEAT/died April 8th 1972/aged 73 years/AGNES PHOEBE PEAT/died June 4th 1978/aged 74 years. (Marble ledger)
[QD084]..... In/loving memory of/our dear father and mother/THOMAS HENRY FLINT/who died January 24th 1939/aged 64 years/also of ELLEN his wife/who died August 7th 1939/aged 66 years/Re-united. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD085]..... In loving memory of/ARTHUR PAYNE/born 24th January 1869/ died 9th June 1935/also of/AGNES/his beloved wife/born 14th February 1868/died 8th November 1336/also/BRIAN PAYNE died 30th Dec 1954/aged 30 years. (Marble headstone & kerb) In loving/memory of/a dear mother/ELYNA SUMMERFORD. (Limestone vase - possibly misplaced)
[QD086]..... In loving memory of a dear father GEORGE HENRY REDFERN died 6th June 1934 aged 55 years/and his beloved wife EMMA MARIA a dear mother died 23rd Dec 1975 aged 88 years/also their son ARTHUR HENRY killed in action 1940 aged 19 years/also their son JOHN GEORGE REOFERN died 12th Feb 1978 aged 61 years. (PARSONS) (Marble kerb)
[QD087]..... HUBERT ISAAC HARRISON/died Oct 27th 1977 aged 90 years. (PETTS) (Marble kerb)
[QD088]..... In loving memory of/FREDERICK THOMPSON/died May 12th 1936/ aged 58 years/also of ELIZA his wife/died Sept 25th 1957/ aged 76 years/and of/HANNAH ELIZABETH WARDMAN/died Feb 23rd 1955/aged 76 years/Re-united. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD089]..... Asleep/In loving memory of/ROBERT STEER WAROMAN/died 26th August 1930/aged 52 years/also of/EDITH WAROMAN/died 17th December 1934/aged 52 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD091]..... In loving remembrance of/GEORGE the beloved husband of GEORINA WALKER who fell asleep Feb 13th 1925 aged 52/also GEORGINA his beloved wife at rest April 28th 1940/Rest in peace. (Marble kerb)
[QD092]..... JOSEPH the beloved husband of SARAH ANN WOOD of Bolehill died Feb 28th 1927 aged 52 years/also of SARAH ANN WOOD his beloved wife died March 11th 1936 aged 61 years/At rest/ In memory of/GEORGE WOOD/their beloved son/died June 8th 1969/aged 72 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD093]..... In/loving memory of/DAVID BOTHAM/who died June 6th 1927/ aged 61 years/”Peace perfect peace”/also of his beloved wife EMMA who died Sept 11th 1941 aged 78 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD094]..... In loving memory of/MARY OATES a faithful servant of Mrs FRANK SHAW/who died April 16th 1929 aged 49 years/At rest. (Marble kerb)
[QD095]..... In loving memory of/JOSEPH TAYLOR/of Ashleyhay/who departed this life/September 17th 1890/aged 82 years/also of/ELIZABETH ANN/wife of the above/who passed away/January 2nd 1891/aged 77 years/God is love/also Of/ELIZABETH/daughter of the above/ died September 8th 1905/aged 71 years/"Rock of ages cleft for me" (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD096]..... In memory of/THOMAS ERNEST WILLIAMS/died March 23rd 1947/ also BESSIE/the much loved wife of the above/died January 11th 1951/also/BETTY MARY WILLIAMS/their dearly loved daughter/born April 7th 1914/died March 29th 1959/ELLEN ANNIE HEYWARD/late of Southport/died December 13th 1928/ aged 71 years/At rest. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD097]..... In loving memory of/ADA MARIA/wife of GEORGE HANSON WHEATCROFT/died November 20th 1924/”Underneath the ever - lasting arms”/also of/GEORGE HANSON WHEATCROFT/died February 26th 1937/Blessed are the pure in heart/for they shall see God. (Granite celtic cross & kerb)
[QD098]..... In loving memory of/CYRIL JOHN WHEATCROFT/born 18th November 1884 died 21st February 1961/In loving memory of/ELSA ADDAMS WHEATCROFT/born 22nd June 1892 died 9th February 1975/ Devoted wife and mother. (Limestone coped stone)
[QD099]..... In loving memory of/ELIZABETH BUCKNALL/died February 5th 1947/aged 80 years/also HENRY BUCKNALL/died February 6th 1949/aged 83 years/"Peace perfect peace"/also FRANK NORTON nephew of the above/died Feb 17th 1958 aged 58 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD100]..... In/loving memory/of/WILLIAM BUCKNALL/who died September 8th 1891/aged 54 years/”Thy will be done”/ELIZABETH/wife of the above/who died march 10th 1911/aged 73 years/She hath done what she could. (Limestone cross & kerb)
[QD101]..... In loving memory of/ELIZA TOMLINSON/who died Feb 27th 1905/ aged 45 years/also BENJAMIN TOMLINSON/husband of the above/ who died Jan 23rd 1947/aged 84 years/”He giveth his beloved sleep"/ELIZA TOMLINSON (of Derby) died Feb 27th 1905/aged 45 years/Just as I am. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD102]..... In loving memory/of/ELIZA/the beloved wife of/JOHN STORER PIDCOCK/who fell asleep Sept 12th 1909/aged 77 years/”The pure in heart shall see God”/also the above/JOHN STORER PIDCOCK/who fell asleep May 23rd 1911/aged 85 years/At rest/ MARIA SHAW/daughter of the above/died April 20th 1951 aged 94 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD103]..... In/loving memory of/JOHN PIDCOCK/who died July 16 1922/aged 58 years/also ARTHUR ALLAN/son of the above/who died April 14 1928/aged 28 years/"For ever with the Lord”/EMILY beloved wife of JOHN PIDCOCK/died Feby28 1930 aged 64 years/At rest. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD104]..... In loving memory of/JOSEPH CONWAY/who died Jan 23rd 1915 aged 53 years/also of his beloved wife ELIZABETH CONWAY/who passed away Jan 30th 1938 aged 72 years/Re-united/and of their dear son JAMES CONWAY/who passed peacefully away Jan 28th 1948 aged 60 years/”For ever with the Lord”/also of MINNIE ALICE wife of JAMES. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD105]..... In/loving memory/of/BERNARD ANTHONY/died February 8th 1971/ aged 61 years/At rest. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD106]..... In/loving memory/of/JOHN JAMES ANTHONY/beloved son of/ JEDEDIAH & MABEL ANNIE ANTHONY/who died Sept 16th 1923/aged 19 years 11 months/Thy will be done/also the above named/ MABEL ANNIE ANTHONY/who died May 17th 1941/aged 61 years/ also JEDEDIAH ANTHONY/died March 4th 1965/aged 84 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD107]..... In loving memory of/JOSEPH BULLOUGH/died Dec 9th 1915/aged 45 years/also/TACEY CHARLOTTE MARY/his beloved wife/died Feb 9th 1959/aged 79 years. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD108]..... In loving memory of/a dear wife/and mother/died March 25 1949/aged 74 years. (Limestone vase)
[QD109]..... In loving memory of/TACEY GARDOM/died Sept 1st 1943/aged 75 years/also/HAROLD GARDOM/died Feb 13th 1961/aged 61 years/ also HILDA GARDOM/died Dec 25th 1973 aged 77 years. (Marble headstone & kerb) In loving memory of/TACEY GARDOM/died Sep 1st 1943/aged 75 years/At rest. (Limestone vase)
[QD110]..... In loving memory of/JOHN JAMES GREENHOUGH/ died Sept 18th 1942 aged 67 years/also his wife/ MAY GREENHOUGH/died Jan 8th 1966 aged 76 years/also a dear brother /NOEL YEOMANS/killed in action Sept 27 1918/also/GLADYS MABEL HODGKINSON/a loving mother and grandma/died Aug 20th 1983 aged 73 years. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QD111]..... In loving memory of/AGNES WOOD/died April 6th 1957/aged 62 years/Ever remembered/also/HERBERT E WOOD/died Dec 30th 1941/ aged 58 years/Re-united. (Granite inclined ledger & kerb) In loving memory of/HERBERT E WOOD/died Dec 30th 1941/aged 58 years/At rest. (Limestone vase)
[QD112]..... In memory of/WILLIAM/BAINBRIDGE/died Oct 11 1941/aged 69 years. (Limestone vase)
[QD113]..... In memory of/FLORRIE/wife of LUKE HENRY HALL/died June 22nd 1938 aged 52 years/also LUKE HENRY/dearly loved husband of LAURA HALL/died Oct 31st 1944 aged 58 years/At rest/also LAURA/died Jan 8th 1975 aged 74 years. (F SPENCER) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD114]..... In loving memory of/SAMUEL FEARN died Oct 15th 1977 aged 74 years. (PETTS) (Marble kerb) In loving/memory of/SAM FEARN. (Marble vase)
[QD115]..... In loving/memory of/WILLIAM/the beloved husband of/MARY WARD/who died Nov 29th 1937 aged 55 years/At rest/PATIENCE WARD/died Oct 9th 1920 aged 39 years/MARY WARD/died Dec 13th 1956 aged 72 years. (F SPENCER) (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD116]..... Re-united/In loving memory of/GEORGE HERBERT BROOKS/who passed away Mar 10th 1937/aged 53 years/also/IDA LOUISA/ beloved wife of the above/who passed away June 8th 1937/ aged 52 years/Thy will be done. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD117]..... Treasured memories/of/MARJORIE ELIZABETH/the beloved daughter of/JOB and KATE GOULD/(Steeplegrange)/who fell asleep March 27 1934/aged 25 years/R.I.P./Too dearly loved to be forgotten, also of KATE/beloved wife of JOB GOULD/and mother of the above/who fell asleep May 8th 1935/aged 64 years/Peace perfect peace. (Marble headstone) also JOB GOULD who fell asleep Feb 29 1940 aged 68 years Re-united/In loving memory of my dear wife DORIS ALICE BODEN died July 31 1971 aged 73/also FRANK BODEN died Jan 20th 1973 aged 79 years/Peace perfect peace. (Marble double kerb) SARAH JANE MASKREY/died Feb 12th 1980/aged 84 years. (Marble tablet)
[QD118]..... In loving memory of/GEORGE LAND/of Bolehill/died October 17th 1930/aged 66 years/also ANNIE ELIZABETH/wife of the above/died July 6th 1942/aged 73 years/Until the day breaks. (Limestone headstone) GEORGE WILFRED son reported missing April 24th 1918 aged 20 years. (F SPENCER) (Limestone kerb)
[QD119]..... In loving memory/of/MARY DOROTHY/dearly beloved wife of/ F.E.WOODLIFFE/who passed away November 17 1902/aged 30 years/ Peace perfect peace/also of/ELIZABETH ANNE/beloved daughter of/JOHN and MARY SALT/who fell asleep March 7 1902/aged 16 years/Even so father for so it seemeth/good in thy sight/ also of/MARY/the beloved wife of/JOHN SALT/and mother of the above/who died Oct 15 1905/aged 64 years/Father in thy gracious keeping/Leave we now our loved ones sleeping. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD120]..... Sacred/to the memory/of/JOHN SPENCER/(of Lea-Bridge)/who departed this life/August 10th 1884/aged 70 years/His end was peace/also of SARAH relict of/the above/who departed this life/April 24th 1893/aged 80 years/At rest. (Limestone headstone)
[QD121]..... In affectionate remembrance of/FRANCIS/the beloved son of/ JOHN and MARTHA WILD/who died July 27th 1835 aged 10 years/ also the above MARTHA WILD/who died January 1st 1841/aged 35 years/interred in the Parish Churchyard/Beaneath lie interred the above/JOHN WILD/who died September 27th 1874/ aged 77 years/The grass withereth,the flower fadeth/But the word of the Lord shall stand/forever/also/in loving memory of/GEORGE SHAW/grandson of the above/who died June 27 1931/ aged 75 years/Peace at last God’s will be done. (J DUDSON Sc Liverpool)(Gritstone headstone & kerb)
[QD122]..... In/memory of/our beloved mother/MARGARET/wife of/JAMES RICHARD SNEAD/who departed this life/February 8th 1873/ aged 63 years/also of/MARGARET/daughter of/RICHARD HENRY and JANE HAWORTH/of Wirksworth/and granddaughter of the above/who died December 10th 1879/aged 9 months/They sleep in Jesus/also of/WILFRED/son of/ARTHUR and ELIZABETH HAWORTH/who died March 23 1908/aged 11 months. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD123]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/RUTH/the dearly beloved/ wife of/WILLIAM HENRY POTTER/of Wirksworth/who passed away from our midst/on earth to her home in heaven/January 6 1873/aged 32 years/also HANNAH his second wife/who died June 4 1896/aged 55 years/WILLIAM HENRY POTTER/who died May 20 1916/aged 78 years/HANNAH AUGUSTA HILDA POTTER/died Sept 13 1952 aged 71 years. (Limestone headstone)
[QD124]..... In affectionate remembrance of/WILLIAM MARSH/of this town/ who died October 14 1870/aged 69 years/also of ANN relict of/WILLIAM MARSH/who died December 18th 1875/aged 71 years. (Gritstone coped stone)
[QD125]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/HANNAH/the dearly beloved wife of/CHARLES WALL/of Wirksworth/who died August 13 1869/ aged 43 years/also of the above named/CHARLES WALL/who entered into rest June 2 1896/aged 78 years. (Marble headstone)
[QD126]..... In loving memory of/SARAH WHEATCROFT/born July 5th 1823 died April 1st 1910/Her children arise up and call her blessed/In loving memory of/JOSEPH WHEATCROFT/born January 23rd 1825/died July 2nd 1911. (Granite coped stone)
[QD127]..... Sacred/to/the memory of/DOUGLASS/wife of/NATHANIEL WHEATCROFT/of Cromford/who departed this life/December 17th 1857/aged 73/also/NATHANIEL WHEATCROFT/who departed this life/December 2nd 1862/aged 85/also of/NATHANIEL WHEATCROFT/ grandson of the above/who died June 27th 1868/aged 21 years. (Gritstone headstone. & coped stone)
[QD128]..... In/loving memory/of/TREVOR GEORGE/son of/CYRIL JOHN and ELSA/WHEATCROFT/born 26th February 1923/died 23rd November 1923. (Marble cross & kerb)
[QD129]..... In/affectionate/remembrance of/MARY/the beloved daughter of/SAMUEL and FRANCES TILL/of Millers Green/who died May 23 1868/aged 36 years/also the above named/FRANCES TILL/ who died Aug 8 1874/aged 70 years/At rest from her labours/ also the above named/SAMUEL TILL/who died Sept 9 1875/aged 66 years. (Limestone headstone)
[QD130]..... In loving memory of/GEORGE FRITH/only child of GEORGE and ELIZABETH FRITH/of Wirksworth/died Sept 16th 1889/aged 24 years/He is gone,who?/The one we so much loved,where?/To the bosom of his father God/also of/GEORGE FRITH/father of the above/who departed this life Sept 26th 1914/aged 75 years/Thy will be done/and of ELIZABETH FRITH/beloved wife of the above/at rest March 9th 1920/aged 81 years/Peace perfect peace. (HOPTON WOOD STONE Co Ltd)(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD131]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/MARTHA/the beloved wife of/ the Rev REUBEN BARRON/Primitive Methodist Minister/who departed this life/September 28th 1874/aged 44 years/Not gone from memory not gone from love/Gone to her father’s house above. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD132]..... In/memory of/JOHN DAKIN/who died January 19 1864/aged 62 years. (Gritstone headstone)
[QD133]..... In loving memory/of/HENRY WILBRAHAM/who died/Aug 23rd 1923/ aged 7 years/Safe in the arms/of Jesus. (Small Limestone plaque)
[QD134]..... In/loving memory of/REBECCA WHEELDON/the beloved wife of/ THOMAS MILLWARD/Stonebridge Farm Wirksworth/died May 9th 1914/aged 67 years/also of/MARY MILLWARD/died April 30 1952/ aged 65 years/At rest. (Limestone cross & kerb)
[QD135]..... Marble headstone fallen face down in kerb
[QD136]..... In loving memory of/MABEL WOOD/died Jan 26th 1952/aged 42 years/Peace perfect peace/also of AGNES HOLMES/mother of the above/died Feb 19th 1956/aged 83 years/also JOSEPH WOOD/at rest April 5th 1979 aged 76 years. (Limestone headstone & kerb)

Compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2001, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.