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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Memorial Inscriptions from Wirksworth Church, Churchyard and Cemetery. Recorded by Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group 1993. Check out the LOCATIONS of the MIs.
Church = Ch001-120
Churchyard = A001-046, B001-007, C001-006, D001-030, E001-008
Cemetery = QA001-174, QB001-067, QC001-269, QD001-406, QE001-139, QX001-009

[QD372]..... In loving memory of/OLIVER/dearly loved husband of/JULIA FLINT/who died Nov 27th 1953/aged 52 years/His memory is our greatest treasure/also JULIA/a dear wife and mother/ who died Feb 24th 1981/aged 85 years/She gave us love. (PETTS) (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD373]..... In loving memory of/ALBERT FLINT/died Jan 12th l968/aged 67 years/also his wife/SARAH ANN FLINT/died April 11th 1956/ aged 53 years. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QD374]..... In loving memory of/SARAH ANN SLACK/died April 18th 1957/ aged 66 years/also/JOHN HAROLD SLACK/died Feb 4th l960/aged 72 years. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QD374a]..... In/loving memory of/NEHEMIAH SPENCER/died Sept 1st 1989/aged 86 years. (Granite headstone)
[QD375]..... In loving memory of ETHEL MAY the beloved wife of GEORGE WATSON at rest Sept 16th 1958 aged 58 years/also GEORGE WATSON at rest Oct 6th 1980 aged 78 years. (Marble kerb)
[QD376]..... BETHANY JANE GARDINER/born 12th April 1974/died 30th May 1974. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD377]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband and father/JESSE POYSER/ died 12th Feb 1959 aged 58 years/also his wife/SARAH ANN/ died 3rd March 1984 aged 82 years. (LIDSTER Worksop)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD378]..... In loving memory of my dear husband DAVID WAIN died April 14th 1959 aged 57 years/and his wife LILIAN re-united Nov 27th 1987 aged 85 years/At rest. (PETTS) (Granite kerb)
[QD379]..... In loving memory of/a dearly loved husband and father/FRANK HITCHCOCK/died Dec 14th l959/aged 66 years/also his beloved wife/NELLIE/died Nov 6th l979/aged 83 years/Re-united. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QD380]..... In loving memory of/KATE ANNIE BREWELL/died Aug 11 1957 age 67/At rest/JOHN BREWELL/died April 7 l961/age 80. (Marble vase)
[QD381]..... Dearest memories/of/a dear wife and mother/MARY ELIZABETH HUGHES/who fell asleep Jan 28th 1958/aged 61 years/and a dear husband and father/JAMES WIGLEY HUGHES/died Feb 18th 1975 aged 76 years. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD382]..... In/loving memory/of/WILLIAM/and/EMMA HAYNES. (Limestone vase)
[QD383]..... In loving memory of/JAMES HODGKINSON died July 27th 1958 aged 82 years/MARY HODGKINSON died Aug 5th 1964 aged 82 years/THOMAS THORPE HODGKINSON died Mar 20 1982 aged 75 years. (PETTS) (Marble kerb)
[QD384]..... In loving memory of/FRANCIS GREENHOUGH/died Dec 13th 1958/ aged 71 years/also his beloved wife/HARRIETT/died May 8th 1962/aged 74 years/At rest. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD385]..... In loving memory of/my dear wife/EMMA WOOD/died 15th Dec 1959 aged 83/JOHN CHARLES WOOD/died 17th Feb 1963 aged 84. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD386]..... In loving memory of/WILLIAM GREATOREX/died March 28th 1960/ aged 70 years/also LILY ALICIA his wife/died May 22nd 1972/ aged 78 years/In heavenly love abiding. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb) also in memory of/their daughter in law/ETHEL GREATOREX/ died Sept 3rd 1973/aged 55 years. (Marble tablet)
[QD387]..... In loving memory/of/LIZZIE MOORE/died 15 Aug 1960/aged 60 years. (Marble vase)
[QD388]..... In loving memory of/IDA WEBSTER a dear wife and mother who died Feb 2nd 1961 aged 48 years/THOMAS LESLIE WEBSTER a dear husband and father who died Dec 28th 1986 aged 79 years. (Reconstituted kerb)
[QD389]..... In/memory of/THOMAS/WARDMAN/died 3lst/December/1963 aged 76. (Marble vase)
[QD390]..... In loving memory of/JOHN AARON HALL at rest June 26th 1962 aged 73 years/Till we meet again. (Marble kerb - broken)
[QD391]..... In loving memory/of/JOSEPH ROBERT TAYLOR/died Jan 28th 1967 aged 78 years/also his wife/NINEVIAH TAYLOR/died March 2nd 1965/aged 79 years. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD392]..... In loving/memory of/THOMAS WILLIAM/JACKSON/died Sept 17th 1960/aged 36 years. (Granite vase)
[QD393]..... In/loving memory of/a dear husband/and father/J.A.HOMER/ died 28 Oct 1963/aged 60 years/Peace perfect/peace. (Marble vase)
[QD394]..... In loving memory of/ERIC HASLOCK/who died June 27th 1962 aged 50 years/also his beloved wife/EVA/who died october 3rd 1962 aged 50 years/Faithful servants of Jesus Christ/ at Cliff College for many years. ---(masonry)Ltd,City Rd,Sheffield) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD395]..... In/ loving memory /of/our dear parents/CHARLES PEARSON/at rest June 14th 1962/aged 85 years/ ELLEN DEBORAH PEARSON/ at rest March 24th 1967/aged 89 years/Jerusalem the Golden. (PETTS) (Marble cross & kerb) JOSEPH PEARSON/Bolehill/from mother/Ever remembered. (Limestone vase)
[QD396]..... In loving memory/of/GEORGE HERBERT HEATHCOTE/died July 10th 1963/aged 49 years/also of VIOLET his wife/died Aug 19th 1971/aged 58 years/Peace perfect peace. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD397]..... In loving memory of/SARAH ANN BOTHAM a dear wife and mother who died Sep 18th 1963 aged 62 years/WILLIAM BOTHAM a dear beloved father who died April 17th 1967 aged 78 years/Re- united. (Reconstituted kerb)
[QD398]..... In loving memory of/our parents/LILLIAN WILDE/died March 2nd 1964/aged 70 years/WILLIAM WILDE/died October 11th 1975/ aged 79 years/Always remembered. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QD399]..... In loving/memory of/FRANK/KNIVETON/died 15.1.1970/aged 71. (Marble vase)
[QD400]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband/ALFRED GREGORY/at rest April 8th 1983/aged 58 years. (Marble vase)
[QD401]..... AMIE ISOBEL/ELSIE PINCHIN/"QUEENIE"/died 16th June 1986/ aged 80 years/WALTER TYRRELL/FREDERICK PINCHIN/died 1st July 1987/aged 83 years. (2 Metal plaques in Gritstone slab)
[QD402]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband/GEORGE EDWARD PARKER/at rest May 26th 1988/aged 81 years. (L PETTS) (Granite headstone)
[QD403]..... Treasured/memories of/KENNETH/ERNEST/CLAY/Passed away/l5th Feb 1989/aged 63 years. (L PETTS) (Marble open book)
[QD404]..... DEAN JAMES/CHAMBERLAIN/20-3-1989. (Marble vase)
[QD405]..... In loving memory/of a dear husband/and father/BRIAN LESLIE MATKIN/died March 22nd 1989/aged 53 years. (L PETTS) (Marble headstone)
[QD406]..... In/loving memory of/ADA SUSAN PARKER/died 25th June 1990/ aged 60 years/Her life a beautiful memory/Her absence a silent grief. (Marble headstone)
[QE001]..... In loving memory/of/SHANE MICHAEL SMITH/died Aug 23rd 1964/ aged 3 months.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE002]..... In/loving memory of/a dear wife and mother/AURIEL MAY HAYNES/ died Jan 9th 1985/aged 51 years/also loving son and brother/ ALAN/died Jan 30th 1959/aged 1 yr 8 mths/Rest in peace. (Granite headstone)
[QE003]..... Treasured memories/of/our darling daughter/TRACEY ANNE COLEBOURNE/Called to Jesus May 11th 1969/aged 8 months. (Marble headstone)
[QE004]..... EDITH SLACK at rest 15th June 1959 aged 80 years/SAMUEL THOMPSON at rest April 24th 1977 aged 84 years. (Marble kerb) In loving memory of/MARY ELIZABETH/THOMPSON/at rest April 22nd 1989/aged 85 years/Always remembered. (Marble ledger)
[QE005]..... In loving memory of/WILLIAM WHEELDON/died April 15th 1959/ aged 77 years/and his dear wife ADA/died Feb 15th 1960/ aged 78 years/"Grant them thine eternal rest". (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE006]..... In loving memory of/a dear father & mother/WILLIAM POTTER/ died 19th May 1959 aged 77 years/LYDIA POTTER/died 10th August 1967 aged 78 years/Re-united/In loving/memory of/ MARGARET/ALICE/ALESBROOK/died/Dec 28th 1987/aged 64 years. (Marble inclined ledger,open book & kerb)
[QE007]..... In memory of/a dear husband/EBENEZER FLINT. (Granite vase)
[QE008]..... In loving memory/of a dear husband/and father/STANLEY GUY/ PORTER/died Sept 3 1976/aged 53 years. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE009]..... SHAYNE/HIGTON. (Granite vase with figure of child)
[QE010]..... In loving memory/ANNIE CAPPENDELL died May 18th 1960 aged 74 years/also her son GEORGE CAPPENDELL died June 4th 1987 aged 71 years.(Marble kerb)
[QE011]..... In loving memory of/JANE ABIGAIL PEARSON died March 10th 1960 aged 72 years/also HAROLD THOMAS PEARSON died Nov 16th 1974 aged 84 years/also their son EDWARD HILLIER PEARSON died May 1975 aged 52 years.(PETTS)(Marble kerb)
[QE012]..... In memory of/ARTHUR DOWSON/died Dec 18th 1959/aged 75 years, and his wife/ALBERTHA LEAR DOWSON/died July 28th 1972/aged 79 years.(Marble headstone) Memories of/ARTHUR DOWSON/beloved husband/of BERTHA. (Marble vase)
[QE013]..... In loving memory of/my dear husband/PHILIP/ANTHONY/WILSON/ who died/Oct 8th 1959/aged 22 years/SARAH/ELLEN/SMEDLEY/whc died/Jan 11th 1966/aged 76 years/A loved mother & grandma/ "Ever in our thoughts". (Reconstituted headstone & kerb)
[QE014]..... In/loving memory of/FREDERICK CHARLES/WILSON/died 3rd Nov 1959/aged 66 years/also his wife/JOSEPHINE WILSON/died 27th Sept 1985/aged 85 years/Re-united. (Granite headstone)
[QE015]..... In/loving memory of/OLIVER WEBSTER/died 25th Oct 1960 aged 46 years/also MICHAEL son of the above/died 13th April 1972 aged 25 years/"Ever in our thoughts". (C MOUNSEY Bakewell)(Granite headstone)
[QE016]..... Treasured/memories of/my dear wife/PHYLLIS/BUTLIN/who died/ Nov 1st 1960/aged 49 years/also/her husband/WALTER/BUTLIN/ who died/Aug 9th 1982/aged 74 years. (Reconstituted vase)
[QE017]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband and father/WILLIAM NEEDHAM BOWLER/at rest November 18th 1960/aged 72 years/ also his wife DORA BOWLER/at rest December 20th 1965/aged 69 years/Always in our thoughts/HAROLD WILLIAM BOWLER/died Dec 2nd 1979 aged 54 years/ALFRED JOSEPH BOWLER/died July 28th 1987 aged 67 years. (BERESFORD Belper)(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QE018]..... In loving memory of/a dear wife and mother/ANNIE CLOUGH/ died 20th Nov 1960/aged 72 years/also of her husband/DAVID CLOUGH/died 8th Oct 1969/aged 75 years/Remembered/"Rest in peace". (Gritstone headstone & kerb)
[QE019]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband and father/GEORGE FRETWELL died 18th Jan 1981 aged 63/also his wife/MARY/died 6th March 1985 aged 84. (Gritstone inclined ledger & kerb)
[QE020]..... In loving memory of/ROBERT ARTHUR STUBBS/died Feb 13th 1961/ aged 62 years/also his wife/EVELYN STUBBS/died Dec 22nd 1978,’ aged 82 years/At rest. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb) R.and E./STUBBS. (Marble vase)
[QE021]..... Treasured/memories/of our dear son/DAVID JAMES/BRIDDON/died April 5th/1973/aged 11 days/Jesus called/our little/child unto him. (Marble open book & kerb)
[QE022]..... Cherished/memories of/our darling son/PHILIP/ANTHONY/TOWE/ died Aug 3 l973/aged 5 days/”Jesus called/our little/child unto him”. (Marble open book & kerb)
[QE023]..... A dear son/and brother/JACK DUMELOW/died June 18th 1985/ aged 7 months/Always in our thoughts. (Limestone headstone)
[QE024]..... In loving/memory of/my dear wife/MARY/STEEPLES/at rest July lst/1973/aged 66 years/also/of/her husband/FRANK/STEEPLES/ at rest April lst/1974/aged 67 years/Re—united. (DAKIN)(Marble open book) ARTHUR STEEPLES/at rest Feb 19th 1988/aged 87 years. (Marble tablet)
[QE025]..... In loving memory/of/JOHN LESLIE MORRIS/died June 26th 1962/ aged 40 years/and his beloved son/KEITH ROBERT MORRIS/died March 21st 1972/aged 11 years/Put your arms around them Lord/Keep them in your care. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QE026]..... In loving memory of/SAMUEL MARPLES/a dear husband and father/who died Nov 18th 1964/aged 66 years. (Reconstituted headstone & kerb)
[QE027]..... In/loving memory of/LILY GRATTON/loving wife of JAMES/died 12th Jan 1965/aged 48 years/and her husband/JAMES/died 6th May 1988/aged 73 years. (Marble headstone)
[QE028]..... In/loving memory/of/DORIS IRENE BENNETT/died Nov 17th 1965/ aged 31 years/At rest. (PETTS)(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QE029]..... In loving memory of/a beloved wife/mother and sister/ GERTRUDE GOULD/died 20th Feb 1964/aged 62 years/She lived for those she loved/And those she loved remember/also/ THIRZA ANN/BYARD/died 21st July 1966/aged 60 years/also of/ JOHN MITCHELL/GOULD/beloved husband of GERTRUDE GOULD/who passed away 30th Nov 1970/aged 74 years. (Marble headstone & kerb) To/Grandma. (Marble vase)
[QE030]..... REGINALD/GREENE/May 8/1972/DOROTHY SHIMWELL/March 13/1987/ MARY/BOWYER/Aug 21/1963/WALTER/BOWYER/June 12/1968. (Ceramic vase) DOROTHY/SHIMWELL/died March 13th 1987/aged 66 years/ EDMUND/SHIMWELL/died Oct 3rd 1988/aged 68 years. (Granite vase)
[QE031]..... In loving memory/of/ANNIE BRAILSFORD/who died June 2nd 1964/ aged 77 years/also of her husband/ARTHUR BRAILSFORD/who died January 17th l968/aged 86 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE032]..... Treasured memories of/GEORGE GRATTON/who died October 26th 1966/aged 73 years/and/EMILY KATE GRATTON/who died July 28th 1969/aged 80 years/and their dearly loved son in law/BERTRAM GREENHOUGH/who died September 30th 1969/aged 54 years. (THOMAS) (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QE033]..... In loving memory/of/WILLIAM SMEDLEY/died Nov 26th 1967/aged 58 years. (Granite inclined ledger & kerb)
[QE034]..... In loving memory of/MARY JANE ARMITT/born 20th February 1903/died 3rd September l967/also of her husband/ ELLIS WILLIAM ARMITT/died 1st September 1981/aged 69 years. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QE035]..... In loving memory/of/MAY GELL/died March 14th 1967/aged 60 years/HAROLD GELL/died March 20th 1967/aged 63 years/also/ JAMES DANIEL GELL/died April 15th 1967/aged 65 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE036]..... In loving memory of/HORACE GEORGE GALLIMORE died Oct 30th 1966 aged 62 years/also MARY IRENE GALLIMORE died Sept 19th 1983 aged 80 years. (Granite kerb)
[QE037]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband and father/ARTHUR BERTRAM CHADWICK/tragically killed/8th March 1967 aged 41. (Limestone headstone)
[QE038]..... MAGGIE/ABBOTT. (Limestone vase)
[QE039]..... In memory of/our daughter/MARGARET/HALL/of Tansley/aged 35. (Limestone vase)
[QE040]..... In loving memory of/a dear mother/DOROTHY ABIGAIL SHAW/died Dec 24th 1977/aged 79 years/Always remembered. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE041]..... In loving memory/GEORGE HENRY HIGTON a dear husband and father who died March 29th 1966 aged 54 years/also of a beloved mother MARJORIE ANN HIGTON died Sept 4th 1979 aged 66 years/Ever in our thoughts. (Reconstituted kerb & ledger)
[QE042]..... In loving memory of/my dear wife/NELLIE OXSPRING/who died Dec 31st 1965 aged 76 years/also/FRED ARNOLD OXSPRING M.M./ died Feb 2nd 1980 aged 81 years. (Reconstituted headstone & kerb)
[QE043]..... In/affectionate remembrance of/GEORGE HERBERT ARCHIBOLD GUISE/devoted husband and father/who fell asleep 28th February 1966/aged 52 years/For 21 years Headmaster of/ Wirksworth County Junior School/and his loving wife DORIS/ who passed away 5th Jan 1973/aged 61 years. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QE044]..... In loving memory of/ALICE BROOKS/a dear wife and mother/ 2nd January 1911/3rd December 1966. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE045]..... Dearest memories of/HAROLD SLATER RILEY/at rest/14th Febuary 1966/aged 68 years/also his wife/GRACE MARY/at rest/20th July 1984/aged 85 years. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QE046]..... In loving memory of/ANDREW BEECH/died Feb 5th 1970/aged 14 months/God saw you getting weary/The hill too hard to climb/ He gently closed your tired eyes/And whispered peace be thine. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE047]..... Treasured/memories of/our darling/daughter/ALISON/DOREEN/ MORLEY/who fell asleep/April 1st 1963/aged 1 year/11 months "Safe in the/arms of Jesus" (Marble open book & kerb)
[QE048]..... Treasured memories/of our darling son/NEIL/JONATHAN/LOBLEY/ who fell asleep/Jan 27th 1972 aged 9 months/Now he waits for us above/Resting in the Saviour’s love. (Marble open book & kerb)
[QE049]..... In/loving/memory of/a dear husband/and father/ARNOLD/BROOKS/ died Jan 30 1969/aged 55 years/Always in our/thoughts. (DAKIN)(Marble open book)
[QE050]..... In loving memory of/our dear parents and grandparents/ GLADYS MARPLES/died December 8th 1980/aged 71 years/WILLIAM MARPLES/died December 23rd 1982/aged 78 years/Loved and remembered every day. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE051]..... JAMES WRIGHT/Loved and/remembered/by all. (Marble vase)
[QE052]..... In/loving memory of/LUCY BUNTING/died May 9th 1981 aged 90 years/and her beloved husband/SAMUEL BUNTING/died Aug 27th 1984 aged 93 years. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE053]..... In loving memory/of/my dear wife/ALICE REDSHAW/who died/ December 27th 1969/aged 74 years/and her husband/ERNEST A REDSHAW/who died/March 25th 1975/aged 80 years. (Reconstituted headstone)
[QE054]..... In loving memory/of/WILLIAM JAMES BENYON/a dear husband and father/who died January 17th 1970/aged 68 years. (Reconstituted headstone)
[QE055]..... In/loving memory of/ ARTHUR GOODWIN/died Aug 15th 1976/aged 68 years/Hard to part. (Granite vase)
[QE056]..... Cherished/memories of/my dear husband/MATTHEW HAMES/died 27th Aug 1969/aged 53 years/Sadly missed/Treasured memories of a dear mother/EDITH ELLEN HAMES/died 30th Dec 1981/aged 64 years/Re-united. (Granite vase)
[QE057]..... In treasured memory of/ROBERT FERN/the beloved husband of DORIS/who passed away suddenly/on 1st March 1969 aged 58 years/Sadly missed/and his beloved wife/DORIS/died 14th July 1983 aged 74 years/Together again/The Lord is my shepherd. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QE058]..... Treasured memories of/my dear wife/ALICE OLDFIELD/at rest 15th August 1968/aged 70 years/Her life a beautiful memory/ Her absence a silent grief/also/JOHN WILLIAM/her beloved husband/re-united 4th April 1973/aged 77 years. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QE059]..... In loving memory/of/HERBERT CLAY/died March 1st 1968/aged 75 years/also his beloved wife/NELLIE/died August 11th 1986 aged 87 years/Re-united. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QE060]..... In loving memory of HAROLD KIRK died Oct 14th 1967 aged 77 years/and his wife GLADYS MAY KIRK died Feb 24th 1981 aged 87 years/At rest in God’s garden. (Marble kerb)
[QE061]..... In/loving memory/of/RUTH/GRATION. (Marble vase)
[QE062]..... In loving memory of/our dear parents/THOMAS HARRISON/who died Jan 31st 1967/aged 73 years/SARAH ANN HARRISON/who died March 11th 1970/aged 77 years/Remembered always. (DAKIN)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE063]..... In loving memory/of/ELLEN BOTHAM/died Dec 13th 1966/aged 75 years/and her beloved husband/HENRY BOTHAM/died May 18th 1973/aged 81 years/At rest. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE064]..... In loving memory/of/JOSEPH PETTS/who died June 8th 1966/ aged 74 years/also his wife/AMY MARY/who died Feb 5th 1983/ aged 86 years. (Granite inclined ledger & kerb)
[QE065]..... In loving memory of/a dear wife and mother/SARAH ELLEN WEBSTER/at rest 12th March 1965/aged 55 years/also of/ HORACE FREDERICK WEBSTER/at rest 25th Feb 1976/aged 68 years, (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QE066]..... In loving/memory of/a dear husband and father/ALBERT EDWARD WAIN/at rest 21st November 1964/aged 69 years/also his beloved wife/ELLEN WAIN/at rest 28th May 1966/aged 67 years. (Marble headstone)
[QE067]..... In/loving memory/of/WILLIAM BOOTH/died Feb 10th 1971/aged 71 years. (Marble headstone)
[QE068]..... In loving memory of/a dear wife/and mother/JESSIE/LAMB/ died Aug 28th/1972/aged 44 years/To have to love/to loose/ When God wills/to find. (Marble open book)
[QE069]..... In loving memory of/MAY TAYLOR/a dear wife and mother/who died/February 1st 1972/aged 51 years. (Reconstituted headstone)
[QE070]..... In/loving memory of/ADA SPENDLOVE/at rest 11th Dec 1971 aged 70 years/and her beloved husband/ISAAC SPENDLOVE/at rest 16th Feb 1972 aged 68 years. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QE071]..... In loving memory of/LEWIS SEEDS a dear husband and father who died June 12th 1971 aged 63 years/DORIS SEEDS a dear wife and mother who died July 8th 1979 aged 66 years. (Reconstituted kerb)
[QE072]..... In/loving memory/of/VICTOR ALBERT/RHODES M.M./died Nov 17th 1970/aged 74 years/also his wife/LAURA/died Jan 7th 1984/ aged 86 years/Together again—God bless. (Granite headstone) VICTOR/ALBERT/RHODES/Loved/forever. (Marble vase)
[QE073]..... In loving memory of/JOYCE WALKER/much adored wife,mother/ and grandmother/born 1904-died 1980/also/in loving memory of/ANNE BUXTON/sister/born 1895—died 1976. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE074]..... In loving memory of/JOHN WILLIAM HALLOWS a dear husband and father who died July 31st 1970 aged 54 years. (Reconstituted kerb) With love/to/our dear/father/and/grandad. (Reconstituted vase)
[QE075]..... In memory of a dearly/loving husband and daddie/JOHN CYRIL FLINT/died Feb 25th 1970/aged 42 years/Deep in our hearts you will always stay/Loved and remembered/every day. (Granite headstone)
[QE076]..... In loving memory of/LILIAN WANFORD/a dear wife and mother/ who died January 2nd 1970/aged 55 years/Thy will be done/ also/ALFRED JAMES WANFORD/a dear husband father and grand- father/who died October 16th 1988/aged 77 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE077]..... In/loving memory/of/a dear son and brother/BARRIE CHARLES/ GREENHOUGH/died 27th Feb 1969/aged 26 years/The Lord is my shepherd/also father of the above/JOSEPH GREENHOUGH/died 25th April 1984/aged 70 years. (Marble headstone)
[QE078]..... In loving memory of/WILLIAM EDWARD GOUGH at rest 19th Dec 1968 aged 57 years/Always remembered. (H PARSONS)(Granite kerb)
[QE079]..... In loving memory/of/ANNIE BREWELL/at rest Nov 16th 1968/ aged 57 years. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE080]..... In loving memory of/WILLIAM WILSON/a dear husband and father/ who died Sep 24th 1968 aged 63 years/also his beloved wife/ ELIZABETH ANNE WILSON/died Aug 2nd 1979 aged 75 years/At rest. (Marble headstone & kerb) In memory of/WILLIAM/and/ELIZABETH/WILSON/To our loving/ mother, father/and grandparents. (Marble vase)
[QE081]..... In loving memory of a dear mother and father/FANNY BREWELL died April 23rd 1968 aged 56 years/CYRIL BREWELL died April 27th 1968 aged 58 years. (PETTS)(Marble kerb)
[QE082]..... In loving memory of/NORMAN THOMAS INSLEY a dear husband and father who died April 6th 1967 aged 48 years/RODNEY PAUL INSLEY a dear husband and father who died June 3rd 1981 aged 34 years. (Reconstituted kerb) Loves/last gift/remembrance. (Small Marble open book)
[QE083]..... In loving memory of/IVY GRATTON/a dear wife and mother/who died Feb 3rd 1967/aged 75 years/and her husband/FRANK GRATTON/ who died Feb 4th 1973/aged 79 years. (THOMAS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE084]..... M.J.GOULD. (Handpainted Metal vase)
[QE085]..... Dearest memories of/a dearly loved wife and mother/GERTRUDE LOWNDES/who fell asleep July 17th 1969/aged 69 years/also husband and father/THOMAS CECIL LOWNDES/died Sept 30th 1983/ aged 83 years. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QE086]..... In loving memory of/my dear husband FRED ARTHUR BRIDGE who died November 10th 1970 aged 82 years/also his dear wife LAURA BRIDGE who died 24th January 1982 aged 97 years. (Reconstituted kerb)
[QE087]..... In loving memory of/GEORGE HENRY WATTS who died Nov 26th 1970 aged 84 years/also of his beloved wife LILIAN MARY WATTS died Feb 31st 1978 aged 92 years. (Marble kerb)
[QE088]..... In loving memory of JOHN WILLIAM ELSE died Jan 28th 1971 aged 73 years/also his wife AGNES MAUD died May 30th 1976 aged 79 years.Re-united. (Granite headstone)
[QE089]..... In loving memory of/my dear husband HAROLD SHELDON who died February 6th 1971 aged 55 years. (Marble kerb) From/HAZEL, PETER /Grandchildren /GRAHAM /and/ CLIVE. (Marble vase)
[QE090]..... In loving memory of/HUBERT MATHER died 31st May 1971 aged 66 years/also his wife DOROTHY at rest 9th March 1986 aged 72 years/The Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting light. (Marble kerb)
[QE091]..... In/loving memory/of/ANNIE ELIZA SMITH/died Aug 14th 1971/ aged 86 years/also a dear husband/dad and grandad/CHARLES JAMES COLLINS/died Jan 2nd 1984/aged 59 years. (Marble headstone)
[QE092]..... In loving/memory of/MARY DONSON/died/Aug 23rd 1972/aged 58 years/also her sister/ELLEN/VALLANCE/died/April 9th 1989/ aged 68 years. (Marble vase)
[QE093]..... In loving memory of/WILLIAM WOOD/died November 29th 1972/ aged 67 years/When memories are faithful/No distance can divide. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QE094]..... In/loving memory/of/my dear husband/JAMES SPENCE/died May 26th 1974/aged 71 years/R.I.P./also GLADYS MARY/beloved wife of JAMES/died July 4th 1984/aged 81 years/R.I.P. (Granite headstone)
[QE095]..... In/loving memory of/my dear husband/GEORGE CLIFFORD/WOOD/ died Sept 14 1974/aged 74 years/Till we meet again/also/ his beloved/wife/ANNIE/died May 27 1986/aged 85 years/Re- united. (PETTS)(Marble open book & kerb) In/loving memory/of/Main and Dad. (Marble vase)
[QE096]..... In loving/memory of/a dear husband/and father/HEYWELL/DOXEY/ died 28 Feb 1980/aged 44 years. (PETTS)(Marble open book & kerb)
[QE097]..... In loving memory of/JOHN FREDERICK GRATTON/died June 5th 1984/aged 70 years/Never more than a thought away. (Granite headstone)
[QE098]..... In loving/memory of/DAVID REGINALD/DICKEN/died/March 21st 1982/aged 53. (Marble open book)
[QE099]..... In loving memory/of/MAURICE CURZON/at rest/January 7th 1987/ aged 66 years. (Marble headstone)
[QE100]..... In/loving memory of/SARAH CURZON/of Longway Bank/at rest Jan 7th 1974/aged 90 years/In loving memory Of/RHODA CURZON/ at rest Nov 26th 1983/aged 75 years. (DAKIN)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE101]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband/father and grandad/ RICHARD THOMAS HAWTIN/died Nov 8th 1973/aged 68 years. (Limestone headstone)
[QE102]..... In/loving memory/of/MABEL DICKEN/a dear wife and mother/who died September 30th 1973/aged 74 years/also her beloved husband/REGINALD DICKEN/who died Jan 14th 1980/aged 79 years. (Marble headstone)
[QE103]..... In loving memory of/a dear father and mother/JAMES FREDERICK CAULDWELL/died July 5th 1973/aged 67 years/EDITH CAULDWELL/ died Feb 12th 1975/aged 68 years/Always remembered. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QE104]..... In loving memory of/CHARLES FREDERICK/WILDGOOSE HALLOWS/who died/June 4th 1973/aged 67 years/also his wife/CLARA MARGARET VALERIE HALLOWS/who died/August 29th 1987/aged 76 years/May they be/re-united in heaven. (Granite headstone)
[QE105]..... In/loving memory of/ALBERT CHARLES/DOE/died December 31st/ 1972/aged 81 years. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QE106]..... In/loving memory/of/our dear mother/ANNIE WILLIAMS/aged 82 years/With Christ which is/far better/14th October 1972. (Marble headstone)
[QE107]..... Treasured memories of/DAVID JOHN/dearly loved son of/GERALD WILLIAM and IDA APPLEBY/and brother of MALCOLM/accidentally killed 5th Sept 1972/aged 17 years/Always in our thoughts. (H PARSONS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE108]..... In loving memory/of our/dear little son/DAVID ROBERT/DOWNEY/ fell asleep/17th Feb 1970/aged 2 years/"Safe in the arms/ of Jesus". (H PARSONS)(Marble open book with angel & kerb)
[QE109]..... In loving memory of/THOMAS/GEORGE/PICKARD/died 25th Dec/ 1972/aged 72 years/FLORENCE/EMPIA/PICKARD/died 30th May/1976/ aged 76 years/"May we all meet in heaven" (Marble open book)
[QE110]..... In/loving memory/of/DORIS FLINT/died/Jan 19th 1973/aged 70 years/also/her husband/GEORGE ANTHONY/FLINT/died/May 9th 1978/aged 74 years. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE111]..... In memory of/a dear husband/JOHN GREENHOUGH/died April 5th 1974/aged 88 years. (Marble vase)
[QE112]..... In loving memory/of a dear wife and mother/BERYL SNOW/died July 6th 1973 aged 42 years. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QE113]..... In/memory of/our dear parents/JOHN WILLIAM PORTER/died 2nd Nov 1973/aged 72 years/DORIS PORTER/died 12th Oct l988/aged 87 years/Grant them thy eternal rest. (Granite headstone)
[QE114]..... In loving memory Of/FRANK/WILLIAM/BROOKS/died/Feb 21 1964/ CHARLES/EMERSON/BROOKS/died/Jan 3 1974/Till we meet again. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb) also/ONYX BOWYER/died April 14 1991/aged 78 years/ Beloved daughter of F W BROOKS/dear sister of C E BROOKS. (Marble ledger)
[QE115]..... In/loving memory of/a dear husband/and father/DANIEL SHIMWELL/died Jan 6th 1974/aged 79 years/also his wife/ MARION/died Dec 14th 1984/aged 86 years. (Marble headstone)
[QE116]..... In loving memory of/WILLIAM THOMPSON a dear husband and father who died October 3rd 1988 aged 87 years/BETSY THOMPSON a dear wife and mother who died February 4th 1974 aged 67 years. (Reconstituted kerb) Dearly/loved/and/sadly/missed. (Reconstituted vase)
[QE117]..... In memory of/my dear parents/ALFRED THOMAS/ROBINS/died 12th Nov 1966/aged 68 years/and/FRANCES ELIZABETH/ROBINS/died 12th Sept 1974/aged 76 years/Re-united. (Marble headstone) In/loving memory/of/FRANCES/ELIZABETH/ROBINS/1898-1974 (Marble vase)
[QE118]..... In/loving memory/of a dear/wife and mother/PEGGY WINIFRED/ MATKIN/who died/27th Aug 1975/aged 46 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE119]..... In loving memory of/GEORGE STEPHEN ROWLAND/a dear husband and father/who died December 27th 1974 aged 49 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE120]..... In loving memory of/a dear wife/and mother/MARY/ELIZABETH/ BUNTING/died Jan 22 1976/aged 78 years/"In heavenly love/ abiding". (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE121]..... In loving memory/of a dear husband/HERBERT PALIN/died March 9th 1976/aged 68 years. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE122]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband/DOUGLAS BROOME/died March 26th 1976/aged 74 years. (Marble headstone)
[QE123]..... In loving memory of/CECIL WM (BILL) BERRISFORD/at rest May 20th 1976/aged 76 years. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE124]..... Cherished memories of/KATHY BRANSON/who died 12th July 1976/ aged 28 years/Remembered always by all family/and friends "Rest in peace". (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE125]..... In loving memory of/MABEL ELIZABETH JOHNSON/died Aug 19th 1976/aged 78 years. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE126]..... In loving/memory of/JOSEPH ERNEST ASKEY/died Aug 31st 1976/ aged 41 years. (Marble headstone)
[QE127]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband/THOMAS SPARHAM/who died Dec 30th 1974/aged 61 years/also his dear wife/ELSIE SPARHAM/ died August 1st 1979/aged 75 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE128]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband and father/JOHN PALIN/ died Jan 26th 1978/aged 67 years. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE129]..... In loving memory of/THOMAS ARTHUR WOOD/born May 4th 1923/ died Nov 6th 1981. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE130]..... In/loving memory of/JOHN CLAY/beloved husband of MARY/died August 10th 1982 aged 61 years. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QE131]..... In loving memory of/CHARLES THOMAS/JAMES LATHAM/born/25th Sept 1912/died/3rd Aug 1982/At peace. (Marble open book)
[QE132]..... In loving memory of/JOHN HENRY/HAMES/died 28th Aug 1981/ aged 69 years. (Granite vase)
[QE133]..... In loving memory of/ELIZABETH GREEN/died 14th August 1981/ aged 81 years/and of her husband/ALFRED GREEN/died 12th January 1965/aged 79 years/Interred in Alderwasley/Cemetery. (Marble headstone)
[QE134]..... In loving memory of/LUCY HARRISON/died June 24th 1981/aged 82 years/BENJAMIN HARRISON/died July 24th 1982/aged 82 years. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QE135]..... In loving memory of/GEORGE EDWARD JOHNSON/died Jan 28th 1981/ aged 86 years/ELSIE JOHNSON/died Dec 28th 1982/aged 80 years. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QE136]..... In/loving memory/of/BARBARA MARY AYRE/died January 1st 1981/ aged 38 years/also her beloved husband/KENNETH THOMAS AYRE/ died October 9th 1984/aged 55 years. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE137]..... In/loving memory of/MAGGIE BAINBRIDGE/died 18th November 1980/aged 66 years/and her husband/JOHN HAROLD BAINBRIDGE/ died 26th November 1968/aged 66 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QE138]..... In loving/memory of/ALBERT TAYLOR/died Sep 27 l980/aged 90. (Marble vase)
[QE139]..... In loving/memory of/HARRY/GOODALL/died Nov 15 l981/aged 63. (Marble vase)
The following are new stones or additions to existing ones found when a complete check was made of the cemetery. The first number is our reference,the second is where the stone is in relation to the ones around it.
[QX001].. [QA002a]..... Sacred to the memory of/a dear wife and mother/AVIS ADAMS HITCHCOCK/died 11th February 1990/aged 70 years. (Granite headstone)
[QX002].. [QA108]..... In memory of/SALLY NEWTON/who departed this life/Sep 6th 1858/aged 75 years/ELIZA/wife of THOMAS NEWTON Sen/who departed this life/June 10th 1869/aged 72 years/THOMAS NEWTON/who departed this life/April 29th 1872/aged 75 years. (Limestone ledger tomb)
[QX003].. [QB027]..... In loving/memory of/Main & Dad/ from/IDA,SAM/and EILEEN/ Always in our thoughts. (Marble vase)
[QX004].. [QB033a]..... LUCY MARGARET ALLSOP/1882-1952/JOAN KEELING/1919-1953/ HILDA SARAH KEELING/1890-1972/Praising the Lord together. (Marble headstone)
[QX005].. [QB041a]..... In memory of/ALBERT KAY/aged 76 years/also/ANN KAY/ aged 85 years. (Marble vase)
[QX006].. [QD162a]..... In loving/memory of/ARTHUR BUTLER/died July 26th 1946/ aged 69 years. (Limestone vase - possibly misplaced)
[QX007].. [QD287]..... In/loving memory of/mum and dad/JESSIE DICKENS/died April 3rd 1952 aged 54/BERT DICKENS/died May 21st 1971 aged 79/also their son/LESLIE DICKENS/died Jan 13th 1990/aged 63 (Granite headstone)
[QX008].. [QD374a]..... In/loving memory of/NEHEMIAH SPENCER/died Sept 1st 1989/aged 86 years. (Granite headstone)
[QX009].. [QE114]..... also/ONYX BOWYER/died April 14 1991/aged 78 years/ Beloved daughter of F W BROOKS/dear sister of C E BROOKS. (Marble ledger)
[A001]..... Sacred/to the memory of/MARTHA HAYNES/who died January 18th 1822/aged 6 years/Early removed from bleak misfortune's power/Secure from storms here rests a tender flower/Sleep on sweet babe high Heaven's Almighty King/Hath to eternal summer changed thy spring.[J.WEBSTER](Slate Headstone - laid flat)
[A002]..... ELIZABETH wife of/JOSEPH HUNT/who died July 12th 1853/aged 7- years. (Slate box tomb - very eroded)
[A003]..... To the memory of/PETER JOWITT [sic]/native of Longway Bank,Stone Mason/ who departed this life November 11th/1810 aged 68 years/Here lieth the remains of/JOB JOWETT [sic]/of Longway Bank/who departed this life in the Isle of Man/August 16th 1847 in the 56th year of his age/The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away/Blessed be the name of the Lord.(Gritstone box tomb)
[A004]..... In memory of/GEORGE GREGORY/late of Matlock/who died on the 5th day of/ August AD 1851/in the 37th year of his age/also of/HENRY WALKER/of Middleton/who died on the 23rd day of April 1879/aged 56 years/also of/JANE/wife of the above/who died on the 3rd day of May 1884/aged 66 years.(Limestone headstone & ledger)
[A005]..... To the memory of/MARY the wife of/THOMAS WEBSTER/who died June 3d/1811/ aged XLIV years/In hope of future bliss content I lie/Though pleas'd to live yet not displeased to die/Life has it's comforts and its sorrows too/For both to all-wise Heaven our thanks are due.(Slate headstone - laid flat)
[A006]..... In/memory of/ELIZABETH daughter of/RICHARD and MARY RICHARDS/who died April 2nd 1846/aged 13 years.(Slate headstone - laid flat)
[A007]..... In/loving memory/of/WILLIAM FOX/born October 31st 1825/died July 27th 1889/also of/ELIZABETH/his wife/born December 26th 1826/died September 24th 1910/"They are in peace1'.Wis.111 .3./In/loving memory/of/ ROBERT/ son of/WILLIAM and ELIZABETH FOX/born March 10th 1853/died November 24th 1899/interred in Wirksworth Cemetery/also/WILLIAM/their son/born December 5th 1858/died May 7th 1932/interred at Bournemouth/In/loving remembrance/of/KATHERINE AMELIA FOX/born April 2nd 1864/died December 27th 1872/"He shall gather the lambs/with His arms"./WILLIAM STREET/ died April 21st 1835/aged 78 years/PHOEBE his wife/died April 10th 1837/aged 77 years/WILLIAM POYSER/their grandson/died March 17th 1835/ aged 25 years.(Limestone plinth with cross & kerb)
[A008]..... Sacred/to the memory of/CATHERINE/affectionate wife of/RICHARD POYSER/ departed this life/March 19th 1845/aged 51 years.[J.PICKARD](Slate headstone - laid flat)
[A009]..... In memory of/JEREMIAH TATLOW/who died July 25th 1855/aged 64 years/ also JOHN son of/JEREMIAH and ANN TATLOW/who died April 19th 1836/aged 22 years.(Slate headstone - laid flat)
[A010]..... In/sacred/affectionate remembrance/MOSES KIDD/late of Cromford/who departed this life/June 6th 1840/aged 73 years/also of/ELIZABETH wife of the above/who died Dec 21st 1839/aged 73 years/Though earth to earth ---rs hear (sic) consign'd/We still are one in heart/Those whom the Lord in love has join'd/Not even death can part.(E.ROBINSON Belper)(Slate laid flat)
[A011]..... Here lie interred/the mortal remains of/MARY/wife of JAMES SANDERS/who departed this life on the/12th April 1845/aged 57 years / also the above/ JAMES SANDERS/who departed this life on the/13th June A.D. 1863/aged 76 years/also ANN his second wife who departed this life/2Oth November AD 1864/aged 66 years.(Limestone ledger)
[A012]..... In memory of/WILLIAM CADMAN/who departed this life/2nd December 1846/ aged 57 years/also of MARY his wife/who departed this life/lSth January 1860/aged 67 years/also of/ELIZABETH HUMPHREYS/daughter of the above and wife of/WILLIAM HUMPHREYS/who departed this life/3Oth July 1848/ aged 21 years.(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A013]..... To the memory/of/ELIZABETH the wife of/JOSEPH WEBSTER/of Wirksworth/ who departed this life May 17 18-8/aged 29 years.(Limestone headstone laid flat)
[A014]..... To the memory of the/beloved and lamented/JOHN WHEATCROFT/of Cromford/ died Feb 19th 1835/aged 39 years/also/HANNAH HANSON/eldest daughter of the above/who died December 11th 1868/aged 52 years/I know that my Redeemer liveth/also/MARY ANN EDGE/second daughter of the above/who died at Willersley Cottage March 1st 1876/aged 54 years/Surely I come quickly. Rev.XXII.20.(Gritstone table tomb)
[A015]..... To the memory of/JOHN BRADLEY & ELIZABETH/his wife/He died /June 17th 1780/aged 58/She died/Novr 27th 1798/aged 56.(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A016]..... To the memory of/ELLEN daughter of JOHN/and ELIZABETH BRADLEY/who died July 19th 1791/aged 14.(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A017]..... M.W./1759/aged 47/J.W./aged 66/1770.(Small Gritstone headstone laid flat)
[A018]..... In memory of/SARAH wife of/SAMUEL STREET/who died August 10th 1821/aged 27 years/also three of their' children/SARAH died Novr 28th/1830 aged 9 years/ELIZABETH died Septr 2nd/1831 aged 17 years/ANN died July 1st 1834/aged 23 years/also the above/SAMUEL STREET/who died at Liverpool/ December 19th 1857/aged 66 years.(FOX)(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A019]..... In memory of/LYDIA wife of/WILLIAM STREET/who died April 7th 1838/aged 74 years/also the above named/WILLIAM STREET/who died January 13th 1848/ aged 87 years.(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A020]..... Erected/to the memory of/JOSEPH TORR/who departed this life/February 1st 1840/aged 71 years/also of MARY/wife of the above/who died Septr 3rd 1834/aged 83 years/Reader/prepare to meet thy doom. (Slate headstone laid flat)
[A021]..... Sacred/to the memory of/JOHN WRAGG/who departed this life/November 11 1833/aged 81 years.(Limestone headstone)
[A022]..... In memory of/MARIE wife of/R.E.BLACKWALL/who departed this life/the third of March 1826/aged 57 years.(Limestone ledger)
[A023]..... To/the memory of/THOMAS ANABLE/of Ashleyhay/who died Septr 7th 1843/ aged 61 years/Stay passenger and view thy fate/Stand and compose thy mind/Death's no respect to age or state/Thou'st but one step behind.(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A024]..... Sacred/to the memory of/RICHARD ALLSOP/who departed this life/January 14th 1795/aged 65 years/also MARY wife/of the above/who departed this life/December 23 1822/aged 91 years.(Limestone headstone)
[A025]..... WILLIAM NORMAN/(late of Ashleyhay)/died the 24th of May 1781/aged 74 years/ELIZABETH/(wife of the above)/died the 22nd of May 1787/aged 80 years/JAMES NORMAN/(son of the above)/died the 20th of Nov 1814/aged 81 years.(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A026]..... Sacred/to the memory of/JOHN ALLSOP/who departed this life/June 3rd 1833/aged 58 years/also JAMES son/of the above/who departed this life/ September 17th 1816/aged 1 month/also MARY wife/of the above/who departed this life/May 19th 1853/aged 74 years.(Limestone headstone)
[A027]..... DOROTHY /PEARSON departed/this life June/the 9th 1762/aged 34. (Gritstone headstone laid flat)
[A028]..... ESTHER PARKER/died November/1737/aged 16 years. (Gritstone headstone laid flat)
[A029]..... Sacred/memory/ROBERT TAYLOR/who departed this life/April 6th 1824/aged 53 years/also MARY/wife of the above/who departed this life/Feby 18th 1830/aged 56 years.(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A030]..... Here/lieth the body of JOHN OGDON/who departed this life on the 9th/of November 1783 aged 65 years/In thought profound spectator view thy fate/ Life's but a moment death that moment ends/And he's most happy who his life best spends/For on that dreadful point eternity depends.(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A031]..... Erected/to the memory/of/JOHN MOUNTNEY/of Idridgehay/who departed this life on the 4th/of August 1843 aged 54 years/also of MARY His wife/she died December 10th 1851/aged 59 years/Afflictions sore long time I bore/ All human skill was vain/Till God did please to give me ease/And free me from my pain.(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A032]..... Erected/to the memory of/SARAH WEBSTER/who departed this life Dec 7th 1852/aged 69 years/also GEORGE WEBSTER/husband of the above named/who departed this life April 14th 1853/aged 72 years/also WILLIAM CLOUGH/ who departed this life Sepr 3rd 1855/aged 62 years.(J.WEBSTER)(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A033]..... In memory of/MARY daughter of/JOSEPH and HANNAH/HODGKINSON/who died April 3rd 1819/in the 33rd year/of her age/also/ANTHONY FARRAND/who died Octr 16th 1838/aged 59 years/also/ELIZABETH wife/of the above/who died July 24th 1845/aged 62 years/SARAH daughter of/JOSEPH & HANNAH/ HODGKINSON/and wife of/FRANCIS RADFORD/who died Nov 24th 1823/aged 31 years/also/JOSEPH son of/ANTHONY & ELIZABETH/FARRAND/who died Septr 15th 1847/aged 39 years.(Slate headstone)
[A034]..... To/the memory of/JOSH HODGKINSON.who departed/this life the 28th/day of March/1800 aged 49 years/HANAH HODGKINSON/wife of the said/JOSH HODGKINSON/died July 7th 1823/aged 66 years/Near this place/lieth HANNAH/the daughter/of JOSEPH and/HANAH HODGKINSON/she died 12th/of October 1792/aged 2 years/likewise JOHN son/to the above,he/died March the/28th 1799/aged 3 years.(Slate headstone)
[A035]..... Sacred/to the memory of/JOSEPH WALKER/late of Sandyford/who departed this life/September 7th 1811/aged 74 years/Within this grave his sacred ashes lie/Who was of consort and of husbands best/His virtue sullied with no wrath nor pride/In Christian rules he strictly liv'd confined/ Was just to God and good to all mankind/also SARAH wife of the above/ who died February 7th 1830/aged 86 years/I sought the Lord and He heard me,and/delivered me from all my fears.(Slate headstone)
[A036]..... In/affectionate remembrance of/MARY daughter of/JONATHAN and MARY JEPSON/ who departed this life/June the 22nd 1850/aged 19 years/also of ANN/ daughter of the above named/who departed this life/June the 26th 1851/ aged 26 years/Trust ye in the Lord for ever,for in the/Lord Jehovah,is everlasting strength.(Slate headstone & Gritstone ledger)
[A037]..... Here/lie the remains of MARTHA/daughter of WILLIAM/and MARTHA TIPPER who/departed this life the/27th of December 1787/aged 21 years/Youth and virtue have the power to charm/If filial love can gentle bosoms warm/Be mourned,approv'd,respected,lov'd,or priz'd/A blooming maiden claims the tender tear/Of all who ----- death's habitations here/A mother kind the daughter doth ----- /A brother mourns his sister now no more/In plaintive strain this sculptured stone will tell/How lov'd the liv'd and how lamented fell.(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A038]..... In the midst/of life we/are/in/death/Sacred/to the memory of/JOSEPH BOWMER/of Wigwell/who departed this life/January 16th 1856/aged 69 years/also/to the memory of/ELIZTH BOWMER/his wife/who departed this life/November 4th 1857/aged 59 years/also JOSHUA their son/who departed this life August 21st 1825/aged 1 year/also HANNAH their daughter/who departed this life February 26th 1839/aged 6 years/also HARRIETT their daughter/who departed this life March 1st 1839/aged 16 tears.(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A039]..... In memory of/ROBERT MATHER/who departed this life/May the 17th 1847/ aged 81 years/also of ELIZABETH/wife of the above/who departed this life/May the 29th 1851/aged 83 years.(Slate headstone laid flat)
(See photo 007a)
[A040]..... In memory of/MARY the daughter of THOMAS and/MARY WOODHOUSE of Middleton who/departed this life July 1st 1789/aged 23 years/Mourn not dear friends for my decease/I hope with Christ I have made my peace/Life is uncertain death is sure/Sin gave me wounds and Christ the cure.(Slate headstone laid flat)
(See photo 009a)
[A041]..... In/memory of/JOHN FEARN/son of/WILLIAM and REBECCA FEARN/of Ible/who died May 1st 1826/aged 24 years/------ [verse unreadable](Gritstone headstone laid flat)
[A042]..... In/memory of/ELLEN daughter of/WILLIAM amd MARY CORBETT/of Ible/who departed this life Dec 13th 185'i/aged 26 years/also the above/MARY CORBETT/who departed this life Feby 13th 1855/aged 48 years/Remember woman as you pass by/As you are now so once was I/As I am now so must you be/So now prepare to follow me.(WESTON Cromford)(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A043]..... -----/JOHN RAINS/of Iron-Brook Grange/who departed this life on the 12th/of March 1839 aged 64 years/The best of husbands and a father dear/A loving and a faithful friend lies here/Great is the loss to those thats left behind/All must submit when tis our Saviour dear.(Gritstone headstone laid flat)
[A044]..... Here/lie the remains of/THOMAS JOHNSON/of Callow-Park/who departed this life/ye 10th of January/1801 aged 59 years/also SALLY wife/of the above who died July llth/1813/aged 65 years.(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A045]..... Here lieth the remains of/GEORGE BODEN/of Cromford/who departed this life the/l9th of October 1780/aged -- years.(Slate headstone laid flat)
[A046]..... In memory of/FRANCIS B.PAGE/who departed this life/January -- 1844/ aged 54 years.(Limestone headstone laid flat)
[B001]..... In memory of/ALBERT son of/GEORGE and MARY WILSON/who departed this life June 10th 1837/aged 1 year and 3 months/also/SAMUEL RAINS WILSON/who departed this life Febry 16th 1856/aged 26 years/also/ ERNEST WILSON THORP/who departed this life July 4th 1836/aged 3 years and 6 months.(J.WEBSTER)(Slate headstone laid flat)
[B002]..... In memory of/CHRISTIANAH/the wife of/JOSEPH WILSON/who departed this life/ -----18th 1829/aged 48 years/-----/ also the above named/JOSEPH WILSON/who departed this life/January 6th 1830/aged 48. (Limestone headstone laid flat)
[B003]..... In memory of/----- wife of DANIEL WILSON/who died March 7th 1811/aged 73 years/also/DANIEL WILSON the above/who died March 3rd 1813/aged 77 years/also/GEORGE son of the above/who died April 17 18617aged 71 years.(Limestone ledger)
[B004]..... Sacred/to the memory of/ESTHER/wife of/JOHN WILSON/who died March 27 1814/aged 28 years/also the above named/JOHN WILSON/who died December 19 1845/aged 62 years/also of/JOHN/grandson of the above/who died June 21 1828/aged 5 months.(Limestone raised ledger)
[B005]..... ELLEN/daughter of JOHN/and ELLEN WILSON/who died March 11th 1846/ aged 30 years.(Limestone ledger laid flat)
[B006]..... THOMAS HIGTON/died ----- /1762/also/ELIZABETH his wife/died 2- of Feby/1799 aged 73 years.(Gritstone headstone laid flat)
[B007]..... -----remains/of ROSAMUND the/wife of ----- HIGTON/of Middleton who departed/this life the 3rd of May 1784/aged 29 years/also JOB their son died on the 3/of February 1779 an infant/also ROSAMUND their daughter died/on the 12th of May 1784 an infant/Hark from the lambs doleful sound/My tears attend the cry/Ye living men come view the ground/Where shortly you must be.(Gritstone headstone laid flat)
[C001]..... In/memory of/ANTHONY BUXTON/of Cromford/who departed this life/August 28th 1815/aged 74 years/also MARY wife of/JOHN BUXTON/who departed this life/March 26 1812/aged 66 years/Thro' death dark vale we hope to find/The brighter realms of eternal day.(Gritstone headstone laid flat)
[C002]..... Here was/interred the remains of/JOHN BUXTON/late of Cromford/who died 28th of March 1790/aged 56 years/----[more under turf](Limestone headstone laid flat)
[C003]..... In memory of JOSEPH/son of the above JOSEPH/HIGTON late of Cromford/ who departed this life March/the 13th in 1777 aged 13 years. [Note:there is nothing else on this stone](Gritstone ledger)
[C004]..... In memory of/JOHN BRITL --D/who departed this life/January 11 18--/ aged 82 years.(Gritstone headstone)
[C004a]..... ELIZABETH wife of JOHN BRITLAND/who departed this life/October 4 1829/ aged 70 years.(Gritstone headstone laid flat)
[C005]..... To the memory of/WILLIAM TOMLINSON/only son of/JOSHUA and ANN FORD/ who died February 2nd 1855/aged 4 years.(Slate headstone)
[C006]..... In memory of/MARY----- /----- /----- /JAMES WALL/----- /---HANNAH----- /[inscription inaccessible] (Limestone tomb in Iron railings)
[Ch001]..... These gates were given by/JACK MARSDEN/in memory of his wife/BARBARA/ 1977.(Metal plaque on wall of porch)
[Ch002]..... Sacred/to the memory of MARY the wife of/JOSIAH PEAT/she died the 21st of August 1792/aged 69 years/MARTHA daughter of the above JOSIAH and/ MARY PEAT she died the 8th of January 1787/aged 19 years/HENRIETTA daughter of the above JOSIAH and/MARY PEAT she died the 23rd of March 1804/aged 52 years.(Slate monument)
(See photo 015a)
[Ch003]..... Adieu thou sun whom I behold no more/I come ye stars your distance to explore/0 God of grace with whom I have merit/Into Thy hands I commend my spirit/Friends you must go/ye surely know/Therefore prepare/with serious care/Yourselves must end/Where God doth tend/Oh may we meet in everlasting glory/Tis but a while we dead are gone before ye/To the memory of JOSIAH PEAT/Apothecary and Surgeon of this town/who died the 20th day of June 1782 aged 59 years/also JOSIAH PEAT his eldest son/ who died the 8th of December 1757 aged 4 years/also MARY PEAT his eldest daughter/who died the 19th of April 1764 aged 15 years/also CASSANDRA PEAT his fifth daughter/who died the 4th of October 1781 aged 15 years/ also WILLIAM PEAT his fifth son/who died the 9th of May 1783 aged 19 years/Rest my dear babes I hope to meet ye in the morning/The great morning of the Resurrection.(Large Slate monument)
[Ch004]..... To the memory of/CATHERINA/wife of THOMAS GRAYSON/and only daughter of JOHN and GRACE/WRIGHT of this place/who died June 8th 1824/aged 45 years.
[Ch004a]..... In memory/of JOHN and GRACE WRIGHT/she died/on the 17th of August 1826/ aged 74/and he died/on the 14th of December 1828/aged 79.(Two Alabaster tablets on Slate surround)
[Ch005]..... HENRY TRAVIS/died Dec 28th 1779/aged 70/also MARY wifes[sic]to/the above HENRY TRAVES[sic]/she died the 31st of/March 1786 aged 63/ Likewise HENRY son/to the above he died/the 9th of January 1793/aged 42 years/also DOROTHY wife/of the above/HENRY TRAVIS Junr/who departed this life/June 26th 1818/aged 61 years.(Three Slate tablets in one block)
(See photo 011)
[Ch006]..... In memory/of HANNAH the wife of/JOSEPH COLLINSON/who died March 19th 1820/aged 79 years/also/JOSEPH COLLINSON/who died November 20th 1826/ aged 80 years.(Alabaster tablet on Slate surround)

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