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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Matlock Parish Registers 1637-1856

16,000 Baptisms, Marriages and Burials are listed here from the Matlock Parish Registers. Transcription by Bernie Freeman and Ivor Neal (Marriages). At present there are many gaps, but hopefully these will be filled when we have the time.
Indexing is by surname, allowance should be made for variations in spelling.

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C=Christening, M=Marriage, B=Burial
B 1790apr29 BECK Lydia(dau)Joseph/Mary(Matlock)
C 1794dec11 BECK Lydia=Joseph/Mary(Matlock)
B 1795dec23 BECK Lydia(dau)Joseph/Mary(Matlock)
B 1840oct18 BECK Mary(Chesterfield){aged 84}
C 1790jan05 BECK Sarah=Joseph/Mary(Matlock)
M 1815feb07 BECK Sarah(Matlock)/PEARSON Job Comments: (Banns;consent)
C 1790jan31 BECKER Jonathan=William/Mary(Matlock)
B 1822jun01 BECKER Joseph(Scarthinnick){aged 56}
B 1853jan02 BECKETT Emily M(Scarthinnick){aged 23} (Master)
M 1811dec25 BECKS Elizabeth(Matlock)/COOPER James
B 1827nov25 BECKS Grace(Scarthinnick){aged 27}
M 1810may13 BECKS Mary(Matlock)/ROLLEY Charles Hanson
C 1688oct07 BEDFORD Ellen=Robert/(Matlock)
M 1684jun12 BEDFORD Richard(Matlock)/BOWNE Margaret
C 1687feb06 BEDFORD Robert=Robert/(Matlock)
M 1767sep02 BEELEY Joseph(Sojourner)/WALKER Alice
M 1695oct02 BEELY John(Darley)/BEARDSLY Eliz
M 1751feb12 BEESON Francis(Matlock)/WALL Elizabeth
B 1845apr27 BEESON Sarah(Matlock Bath){aged 64}
B 1848dec10 BEESTON John(Matlock){aged 48}
B 1851feb10 BEESTON William(Matlock){aged 72}
M 1787nov04 BEETON Ann(Matlock)/BUNTING Joseph
C 1853may01 BEIGHTON Hannah=John/Sarah(Matlock dale)[Lime burner]
M 1692mar30 BEIGHTON Mary(Matlock)/JOHNSON Joseph
C 1851apr20 BEIGHTON Thomas=John/Sarah(Matlock)[Lime burner]
M 1832sep25 BELCHER Lucy(Matlock)/FARR John Comments: (Licence)
M 1817sep30 BELFIELD Sarah(Matlock)/CARLINE Thomas Comments: (Banns)
C 1809oct29 BELFIELD Thomas=James/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1809mar29
C 1732oct01 BELL Benjamin=Benjamin/(Matlock)
C 1770aug12 BELL Elizabeth=(dau)John/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1836aug05 BELL Henry douglas=Henry/Charlotte(Matlock rectory)[Clerk] dob:1836may13
C 1728dec17 BELL Mary=Benjamin/(Matlock)
B 1730dec22 BELL Mary(dau)Benjamin/(Matlock)
C 1745nov13 BELL Mary=(dau)Thomas/(Matlock)
C 1846oct11 BELL Richard=Joseph/Lydia(Matlock cliff)[Miller]
B 1846oct13 BELL Richard(Matlock Cliffe){aged inf}
C 1848apr09 BELL Richard harry=Joseph/Lydia(Cliff)[Waggoner]
C 1773dec12 BELL Sarah=Joseph/Mary(Matlock)
C 1849oct07 BELL Sarah=Joseph/Lydia(Matlock)[Labourer]
M 1810oct18 BEMBRIDGE Joseph(Wirksworth)/CLAY Ann
M 1663apr29 BENNET Elizabeth(Matlock)/BLACKWELL Robert
M 1677aug27 BENNET Emmat(Matlock)/WALKER Henry
M 1737nov07 BENNET Mary(Matlock)/GREGORY Henry
C 1838dec30 BENNET Stephen george=Thomas/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
M 1721oct14 BENNET Thomas(Matlock)/HIGGINBOTHAM Martha
M 1828mar11 BENNETT Joseph(Matlock)/TWIGGE Hannah Comments: (Licence)
B 1733feb19 BENNETT Mary(Matlock)
M 1828jun30 BENNETT Samuel(Long Eaton)/TAYLOR Mary Comments: (Banns)
M 1724jun19 BENNETT Sarah(Chesterfield)/KIRK William
M 1750jan31 BENNING Jane(Matlock)/WALTON John
C 1849sep09 BENTLEY Annie sarah=Frank/Sarah(Darley)[Farmer]
C 1856apr13 BENTLEY Martha=Benjamin/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Returning officer]
C 1853mar27 BENTLEY Tom=Benjamin/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Relieving officer]
M 1666jan29 BERDSLEY John(Matlock)/BOWNE Elizabeth
M 1684apr10 BERDSLEY Joseph(Matlock)/KEAY Sarah
C 1837sep24 BERESFORD David=David/Ann(Riber)[Stone cutter]
C 1733apr29 BERESFORD Dorothy=Joseph/(Matlock)
M 1811sep12 BERESFORD Elizabeth(Matlock)/GREGORY Joseph
M 1797jul25 BERESFORD Mary(Matlock)/PILKINGTON James
C 1848dec30 BERESFORD Matilda=William/Hannah(Starkholmes)[Blacksmith]
C 1784mar07 BERESFORD Millicent=George/Millicent(Matlock)
M 1799mar25 BERESFORD Sarah(Matlock)/LUDLAM William
B 1853nov09 BERESFORD Sarah(Starkholmes){aged 42}
C 1740nov05 BERESFORD Thomas=William/(Matlock)
B 1845apr06 BERISFORD David(Riber){aged 7}
C 1740dec28 BERISFORD Ellen=Joseph/(Matlock)
M 1735nov01 BERISFORD Hannah(Matlock)/ELSE William
C 1790apr04 BERISFORD James=George/Millicent(Matlock)
B 1845apr06 BERISFORD James(Riber){aged 2}
C 1793feb03 BERISFORD Lydia=George/Millicnt(Matlock)
M 1722dec21 BERKS Ann(Matlock)/WHITAKER Samuel
M 1732may22 BERKS Hannah(Matlock)/TRAVIS Godfrey
M 1836jun20 BERRESFORD David(Matlock)/BARTON Ann Comments: (Banns)
M 1803jan18 BERRESFORD Rebecca(Matlock)/KILLER Adam
C 1788may04 BERRISFORD Betsy=George/Millicent(Matlock)
M 1830nov27 BERRISFORD Deborah(Matlock)/SWIFT Anthony Comments: (Banns)
M 1779oct04 BERRISFORD Dorothy(Darley)/ALSOP Dennis
B 1745jul15 BERRISFORD Francis(Matlock)
B 1803dec11 BERRISFORD George(Matlock)
B 1794jun24 BERRISFORD James(son)George/Millicent(Matlock)
B 1794nov10 BERRISFORD Lydia(dau)George/Millicent(Matlock)
C 1852apr11 BERRISFORD Mary=George/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Stone cutter]
B 1789dec15 BERRISFORD Millicent(dau)George/Millicent(Matlock)
C 1827nov18 BEST Joseph=John/Esther(Bath wood)[Labourer] dob:1827oct24
M 1836sep12 BESTALL Ellen(Matlock)/MORLEY John Comments: (Banns)
M 1679mar27 BESTALL Godfrey(Matlock)/RAWSON Mary
M 1781jan28 BESTALL Hannah(Matlock)/RADFORD William
B 1802jun16 BESTALL Hannah(Lea) (widow)
C 1828sep14 BESTWICK Richard=George/Hannah(Matlock bath)[Lawyer] dob:1825oct08
M 1835may24 BESTWICK Thomas(Matlock)/HOLMES Sarah Comments: (Banns)
M 1708may30 BETT Thomas(N Wingfield)/WRAGG Easter
C 1810jun24 BETTISON Cornelius=-/Jane(Matlock) dob:1810jun12
M 1781sep12 BETTS Esther(Matlock)/STONE Joseph
M 1801feb12 BIBBY Joseph(Stockport)/HUNT Sarah
C 1747apr19 BIGGOT? Charles=(son)Edward/(Matlock)
C 1841feb28 BINDIN? Ann=John/Elizabeth(Common wood)[Servant]
M 1791apr22 BING Anne(Matlock)/WARD Joseph
M 1647sep16 BINGAM Nathaniell(Matlock)/BOER Catherine
B 1756oct03 BINSFORD Grace(wife)Hugh/
B 1789oct21 BIRCH Sarah(dau)Azariah/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1785sep16 BIRCH Thomas(Matlock)/DAVIS Elizabeth
B 1850sep30 BIRD James H(Matlock Bath){aged 2} (Harding)
M 1720oct17 BIRDS Hannah(Matlock)/BUXTON Edward
M 1720nov21 BIRDS Mary(Matlock)/COOPER William
C 1839apr21 BIRDS Matilda=-/Fanny(Hall dale)
C 1693dec26 BIRDS Sarah=Thomas/(Wensley)
M 1689jul08 BIRDS Thomas(Matlock)/LOW Mary
C 1757apr21 BIRK Hannah=Amos/(Matlock)
B 1755dec02 BIRK Lydia(wife)Aron/
B 1757may07 BIRK Lydia(dau)Aaron/
M 1780nov08 BISHOP Mary(Matlock)/CARLINE James
B 1772apr10 BISTAL George(Matlock)
C 1836may01 BLACK Alfred=George/Catherine(Brampton)[Excise officer] dob:1835aug05
C 1833apr28 BLACK Catharine=George/Catherine(Matlock)[Excise officer] dob:1830aug26
C 1750mar11 BLACK Elizabeth=(dau)-/Grace(Matlock)
C 1767jan01 BLACK John=(son)Anthony/Jane(Matlock)
C 1757nov06 BLACK Martha=William/(Matlock)
C 1833apr28 BLACK William=George/Catherine(Matlock)[Excise officer] dob:1833mar16
M 1678dec05 BLACKBURNE Robert(Matlock)/CARRIER Elizabeth
M 1824dec27 BLACKLEY Adam(Matlock)/YOUNG Pamela Ann Comments: (Banns)
M 1827jun03 BLACKSHAW Elizabeth(Matlock)/BUNTING Samuel Comments: (Banns)
C 1772mar08 BLACKW00D Henry=John/Mary(Matlock)
B 1827feb07 BLACKWALL Amy(Tansley){aged 24}
B 1826dec29 BLACKWALL Betty(Tansley){aged 62}
M 1728dec11 BLACKWALL Cornelius(Youlgreave)/STALLEY Martha
B 1828feb10 BLACKWALL Hannah(Bank){aged 62}
M 1786feb09 BLACKWALL John(Matlock)/WILDGOOSE Ellen
B 1835feb26 BLACKWALL Lydia(Scarthinnick){aged 34}
M 1791oct19 BLACKWALL Ralph(Wirksworth)/BODEN Hannah
B 1741jul03 BLACKWALL Thomas(son)Ralph/(Matlock)
C 1792dec30 BLACKWELL Alfred=Thomas/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1802sep26 BLACKWELL Amey=Thomas/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1728mar06 BLACKWELL Andrew=Ralph/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1764aug28 BLACKWELL Andrew=(son)Andrew/Mary(Matlock)
M 1777dec01 BLACKWELL Andrew(Matlock)/JACKSON Elizabeth Comments: (widower)
B 1795oct22 BLACKWELL Andrew(Matlock)
B 1852mar10 BLACKWELL Andrew(Matlock Mill){aged 63}
C 1799jun16 BLACKWELL Ann=Thomas/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1823sep15 BLACKWELL Ann(Matlock)/ELLIS George Comments: (Banns)
B 1853oct13 BLACKWELL Ann(Scarthinnick){aged 64}
B 1765may24 BLACKWELL Anthony(son)Anthony/(Matlock)
B 1822jul14 BLACKWELL Dorothy(Scarthinnick){aged 23}
C 1757jul03 BLACKWELL Elizabeth=Andrew/(Matlock)
M 1778feb23 BLACKWELL Elizabeth(Matlock)/MATHER Job
B 1797nov21 BLACKWELL Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1798nov04 BLACKWELL Elizabeth=Samuel/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1818apr28 BLACKWELL Elizabeth(Nottingham){aged 83}
B 1823mar03 BLACKWELL Elizabeth(Scarthinnick){aged inf}
M 1795jul13 BLACKWELL Ellen(Matlock)/WHEATCROFT Leonard
M 1800feb03 BLACKWELL Ellen(Matlock)/HURSTHOUSE Francis
C 1805apr21 BLACKWELL Ellen=Thomas/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1828mar27 BLACKWELL Ellen(Bank){aged 23}
C 1769oct29 BLACKWELL Ellin=(dau)John/Mary(Matlock)
C 1795may03 BLACKWELL Hannah=Thomas/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1835nov15 BLACKWELL Hannah=George/Elizabeth(Tansley)[Wood turner] dob:1822oct24
B 1838jun06 BLACKWELL Hannah(Scarthinnick){aged 68}
B 1852sep29 BLACKWELL Hannah(Scarthinnick){aged 48}
C 1765jun02 BLACKWELL Jane=(dau)Anthony/Jane(Matlock)
C 1759jan18 BLACKWELL Job=(son)John/(Matlock)
C 1786may07 BLACKWELL Job=John/Ellen(Matlock)
M 1754jun09 BLACKWELL John(Matlock)/NIGHTINGALE Mary
C 1758apr16 BLACKWELL John=(son)John/(Matlock)
C 1788mar23 BLACKWELL John=John/Ellen(Matlock)
B 1789apr30 BLACKWELL John(Matlock)
B 1794feb01 BLACKWELL John(Matlock)
B 1801apr17 BLACKWELL John(son)Thomas/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1777sep15 BLACKWELL Joseph(Matlock)/HOLMES Elizabeth
M 1793feb26 BLACKWELL Joseph(Matlock)/BEARDOW Jane Comments: (or Beard)
C 1796may16 BLACKWELL Joseph=Andrew/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1808nov07 BLACKWELL Joseph(Matlock){aged 68}
B 1837jul19 BLACKWELL Joseph(Tansley){aged 5}
C 1746sep02 BLACKWELL Joshua=(son)Robert/(Matlock)
B 1747dec30 BLACKWELL Joshua(son)Ralph/(Matlock)
C 1809oct08 BLACKWELL Lydia=Thomas/Hannah(Matlock) dob:1809jun18
C 1766sep   BLACKWELL Maria=(dau)John/Mary(Matlock) (Unreadable month)
M 1805jan28 BLACKWELL Maria(Matlock)/TOMLINSON George
B 1764aug28 BLACKWELL Mary(wife)Andrew/(Matlock)
B 1801jun17 BLACKWELL Mary(Matlock) (widow)
B 1853nov13 BLACKWELL Mary(Scarthinnick){aged 47}
C 1792jul29 BLACKWELL Peter=Ralph/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1758jul02 BLACKWELL Ralph
B 1839oct09 BLACKWELL Ralph(Scarthinnick){aged 70}
M 1663apr29 BLACKWELL Robert(Matlock)/BENNET Elizabeth
C 1733jan28 BLACKWELL Samuel=Ralph/(Matlock)
C 1797sep16 BLACKWELL Samuel=Ralph/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1798feb05 BLACKWELL Samuel(Matlock)/BLACKWELL Sarah
M 1819sep13 BLACKWELL Samuel(Matlock)/POTTER Dorothy Comments: (Banns)
B 1851jan02 BLACKWELL Samuel(Matlock Bank){aged 81}
C 1794oct26 BLACKWELL Sarah=Ralph/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1798feb05 BLACKWELL Sarah(Matlock)/BLACKWELL Samuel
C 1835nov15 BLACKWELL Sophia=George/Elizabeth(Tansley)[Wood turner] dob:1835sep24
M 1792jun11 BLACKWELL Thomas(Matlock)/LECY Hannah
B 1833mar03 BLACKWELL Thomas(Ashover){aged 73}
C 1735sep04 BLACKWELL William=Ralph/(Matlock)
B 1813mar13 BLADEN Samuel(Scarthinnick){aged inf}
B 1838apr22 BLAKE Benjamin(Matlock Bath){aged 43}
C 1741jul01 BLAKEWELL Thomas=Ralph/(Matlock)
M 1784apr12 BLAND Ann(Matlock)/SHERLOCK Richard
C 1813feb22 BLAND Ann=-/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1701nov23 BLAND David=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1821jul26 BLAND Dorothy(Matlock){aged 42}
M 1718feb04 BLAND Elizabeth(Matlock)/INNOCENT Hugh
M 1753apr19 BLAND Elizabeth(Matlock)/WARDMAN William
C 1790jan31 BLAND Elizabeth=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1804jul31 BLAND Elizabeth(wife)George/(Matlock Green)
C 1808oct16 BLAND Elizabeth=George/Dorothy(Matlock) dob:1808oct08
M 1813oct18 BLAND Elizabeth(Matlock)/TISSINGTON James Comments: (Banns;consent)
B 1814mar28 BLAND Elizabeth(Matlock){aged 90}
M 1793dec28 BLAND George(Matlock)/GRUNDY Lydia
M 1799feb04 BLAND George(Matlock)/BUCKLEY Dorothy
C 1806may11 BLAND George=George/Dorothy(Matlock) dob:1806apr25
B 1827jun25 BLAND George(Matlock){aged 36}
C 1822nov03 BLAND Hannah=George/Dorothy(Matlock)[Miller] dob:1820apr11
C 1814jan30 BLAND Harriet=George/Dorothy(Hurst)[Miller]
B 1783jan07 BLAND Jemima(dau)George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1791oct30 BLAND John(son)George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1767jan08 BLAND Joseph=(son)Joseph/Ruth(Tansley)
C 1784jun20 BLAND Joseph=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1785mar10 BLAND Joseph(son)George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1789sep07 BLAND Joseph(son)George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1802jan18 BLAND Joseph(St Alkmund;Derby)/MASON Ursula
C 1804apr29 BLAND Joseph=George/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1822nov03 BLAND Joseph=John/Ann(Matlock)[Miller] dob:1821jul24
M 1713apr12 BLAND Lydia(Matlock)/REDFERN Thomas
B 1741oct21 BLAND Marcy(Matlock)
C 1705aug12 BLAND Martha=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1744feb07 BLAND Mary(Matlock)/KNAWL George
C 1811jun02 BLAND Mary ann=George/Dorothy(Matlock) dob:1811may23
C 1687mar09 BLAND Millicent=Joseph/(Matlock)
C 1742jul18 BLAND Richard=Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1759jul11 BLAND Samuel(Matlock)[Labourer]/SYMPSON Elisabeth
B 1795apr03 BLAND Samuel(Matlock)
C 1816jul21 BLAND Samuel=George/Dorothy(Bank)[Miller]
B 1817jun09 BLAND Samuel(M Green){aged 59}
C 1716jul22 BLAND Sarah=George/Jane(Matlock)
C 1793mar31 BLAND Sarah=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1802   BLAND Sarah=George/Dorothy(Matlock)
M 1815jun06 BLAND Sarah(Matlock)/ELLIS William Comments: (Banns)
M 1822jun03 BLAND Sarah(Matlock)/SMITH Joseph Comments: (Banns)
C 1845jun02 BLANKSBY Ann=William/Millicent(Matlock)[Blacksmith]
M 1723jul22 BLANKSBY Elizabeth(Matlock)/HEATH Robert
C 1847apr08 BLANKSBY John=William/Millicent(Matlock)[Blacksmith]
B 1850jan27 BLANKSLEY Mary(Matlock){aged inf}
C 1856nov30 BLAZE Elizabeth=John/Hannah(Collingham)[Groom] dob:1856feb19
B 1847sep29 BLEWITT Amelia(Matlock Moor){aged 35}
M 1790sep15 BLOOD Hannah(Matlock)/FROST Joshua
M 1837mar15 BLOOD James(Church Broughton)/SCORER Jemima Comments: (Banns)
M 1792sep11 BLOOD Joshua(Matlock)/GREGORY Hannah
M 1796sep05 BLOOD Rebecca(Matlock)/CLOWS Philip
B 1800nov17 BLOSHAM Jane(wife)Robert/(Matlock)
M 1741oct14 BLOUNT Margaret(Matlock)/BRADLEY John
M 1835mar30 BLOUNT William(Matlock)/PETTS Hannah Comments: (Banns)
B 1838feb04 BLUNT Mary(Tansley){aged 32}
B 1837oct13 BLUNT Thomas(Tansley){aged inf}
C 1769nov19 BOAM Adam=(son)Adam/Ann(Matlock)
B 1799may14 BOAM Adam(Matlock)
C 1813oct16 BOAM Adam=John/Ann(Matlock bank)[Miller]
B 1828mar18 BOAM Ann(Bank){aged 75}
M 1829sep20 BOAM Ann(Matlock)/WALL Thomas Comments: (Banns)
B 1837apr04 BOAM Ann(Matlock){aged 60}
C 1838aug13 BOAM Ann=Thomas/Ann(Matlock bank)[Coachman]
C 1835apr12 BOAM Anne lucy=William/Mary(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1835mar14
M 1769sep18 BOAM Daniel(Matlock)/TURNER Sarah
C 1774nov13 BOAM Dorothy=Thomas/Dorothy(Matlock)
B 1831mar10 BOAM Dorothy(Cliffside){aged 56}
C 1746mar09 BOAM Elizabeth=(dau)William/(Matlock)
M 1777oct29 BOAM Elizabeth(Matlock)/JACQUES Richard
C 1841mar28 BOAM Elizabeth=William/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1841apr25 BOAM Elizabeth=William/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1843may18 BOAM Hannah=William/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1740dec07 BOAM Hugh=Hugh/(Matlock)
M 1777apr23 BOAM Hugh(Darley)/HENSTACK Ann
B 1801dec06 BOAM Job(son)/Dorothy(Matlock) (spurious)
C 1732apr07 BOAM John=Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1779mar23 BOAM John(Matlock)/TURNER Ann
M 1803oct02 BOAM John(Matlock)/MARRIOTT Ann
C 1806aug31 BOAM John=John/Ann(Matlock) dob:1806aug15
B 1821jul26 BOAM John(Bank){aged 42}
C 1845mar09 BOAM John=William/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1771nov03 BOAM Joseph=Adam/Ann(Matlock)
B 1764jan17 BOAM Lydia(wife)William/(Matlock)
C 1849sep09 BOAM Martha=William/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1775apr20 BOAM Mary(wife)Hugh/(Matlock)
B 1823dec02 BOAM Mary(Bank){aged 67}
C 1838jul01 BOAM Mary=William/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
M 1769apr10 BOAM Rebecca(Matlock)/SALMON Thomas
C 1718mar28 BOAM Richard=Thomas/Anne(Matlock)
C 1833aug18 BOAM Rosanna=-/Sarah(Matlock bank) dob:1833jul30
B 1797jun12 BOAM Ruth(wife)Thomas/(Matlock)
C 1804jun10 BOAM Sarah=John/Ann(Matlock)
M 1835aug24 BOAM Sarah(Matlock)/LOCK John Comments: (Banns;widower)
C 1731oct03 BOAM Thomas=William/(Matlock)
B 1801jun20 BOAM Thomas(Matlock)
M 1762feb22 BOAM William(Matlock)[Labourer]/WEAN Lydia
B 1829jul07 BOAM William(Bank){aged 91}
M 1834may19 BOAM William(Matlock)/TWYFOOT Mary Comments: (Banns)
C 1847jul25 BOAM William=William/Mary(Matlockbank)[Labourer]
B 1851jul15 BOAM William(Matlock Bank){aged 40}
C 1691sep21 BOAM? Samuel=Joseph/(Matlock)
C 1740sep14 BOAME Adam=William/(Matlock)
C 1767   BOAME Ann=(dau)Adam/Ann(Matlock)
C 1747nov05 BOAME Daniel=(son)Hugh/(Matlock)
C 1742dec27 BOAME Elizabeth=Hugh/(Matlock)
C 1720mar04 BOAME Frances=Thomas/Walbridge(Matlock)
M 1785feb08 BOAME Henry(Darley)/YOUNG Hannah
B 1742apr15 BOAME Hugh(son)John/(Matlock)
C 1719apr05 BOAME Isaac=George/Catherine(Matlock)
C 1716may19 BOAME John=George/Catherine(Matlock)
B 1742mar17 BOAME Katherine(wife)George/(Matlock)
C 1765oct27 BOAME William=(son)Adam/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1738mar26 BOAMER Mary(Matlock)/THOMPSON John
C 1716apr18 BOAMES Lidia=Thomas/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1718aug04 BOAMES Thomas=Thomas/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1840jun22 BOAMLEY Thomas(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
C 1827mar11 BOBANK Elizabeth=James/Martha(Tansley)[Chandler] dob:1825dec26
C 1824nov07 BOBANK William=James/Martha(Tansley)[Chandler] dob:1824sep20
B 1826jan24 BOBANK William(Tansley){aged 64}
C 1829sep13 BOBANKES Mary ellen=James/Martha(Tansley)[Tallow chandler] dob:1829jul14
C 1702sep03 BODDEN Rebecca=Richard/Mary(Matlock)
M 1762may26 BODEN Abel(Matlock)[Miner]/SWIFT Sarah
C 1766sep   BODEN Abel=(son)Abel/Sarah(Matlock) (Unreadable month)
C 1789apr26 BODEN Abel=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1808jul19 BODEN Abel(Matlock){aged 69}
B 1822jan06 BODEN Abel(Scarthinnick){aged 32}
B 1831jan12 BODEN Abel(Scarthinnick){aged 67}
M 1831may12 BODEN Abel(Matlock)/WIGLEY Lydia Comments: (Licence)
C 1853apr01 BODEN Abel=Samuel/Mary(Matlock bank)[Bleacher]
B 1853apr04 BODEN Abel(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
M 1716jul07 BODEN Ann(Matlock)/PIERSON Jonathan
B 1726aug26 BODEN Ann(Matlock) (widow)
B 1741aug18 BODEN Ann(Matlock) (widow)
M 1743oct13 BODEN Ann(Matlock)/HENSHAW John
B 1758may02 BODEN Ann(wife)Solomon/
C 1782oct15 BODEN Ann=Anthony/Mary(Matlock)
B 1789jan14 BODEN Ann(Matlock) (widow)
C 1800mar09 BODEN Ann=-/Mary(Matlock)
B 1807jan18 BODEN Ann(Matlock){aged 18}
B 1814feb02 BODEN Ann(Upper Wood){aged 69}
M 1816feb05 BODEN Ann(Matlock)/BODEN George Comments: (Banns)
B 1818feb18 BODEN Ann(Cromford){aged 48}
C 1822sep12 BODEN Ann=George/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1822jul29
M 1823may18 BODEN Ann(Matlock)/PRINCE James Comments: (Banns)
B 1826nov19 BODEN Ann(Bank){aged 73}
C 1846dec06 BODEN Ann=Samuel/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Publican]
C 1716jul19 BODEN Anne=Thomas/(Matlock)
B 1728jan02 BODEN Anthony(Matlock)
M 1733oct15 BODEN Anthony(Matlock)/SWIFT Catherine
B 1739apr25 BODEN Anthony(son)Anthony/(Matlock)
M 1779apr12 BODEN Anthony(Matlock)/WHITE Mary
C 1785jun26 BODEN Anthony=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)
C 1786jun25 BODEN Anthony=Anthony/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1817jan23 BODEN Anthony(Matlock)/BROOKS Mary Comments: (Banns)
M 1817nov17 BODEN Anthony(Matlock)/BRADLEY Hannah Comments: (Banns)
C 1827feb11 BODEN Anthony=George/Ann(Cromford)[Miner] dob:1827jan10
B 1828apr24 BODEN Anthony(Scarthinnick){aged 81}
B 1839jun09 BODEN Anthony(Starkholmes){aged 2}
B 1847jan16 BODEN Anthony(Matlock Bank){aged 70}
B 1850mar08 BODEN Anthony(Scarthinnick){aged 63}
B 1850sep29 BODEN Anthony(Scarthinnick){aged 73}
C 1759jul04 BODEN Arthur=(son)William/(Matlock)
B 1789jan16 BODEN Arthur(Matlock)
B 1851apr18 BODEN Barbara(Matlock Bank){aged 60}
B 1783oct15 BODEN Catherine(dau)Thomas/Catherine(Matlock)
B 1784mar24 BODEN Catherine(wife)Thomas/(Matlock)
B 1809dec21 BODEN Catherine(dau)Job/(Matlock){aged 22}
C 1767jan06 BODEN Charles=(son)-/Rebecca(Matlock)
B 1784mar30 BODEN Charles(son)Job/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1784dec15 BODEN Charles(Lea)
C 1793sep08 BODEN Charles=James/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1784oct03 BODEN Dolly=Thomas/Mary(Matlock)
M 1753jan01 BODEN Dorothy(Matlock)/WRAGG George
C 1772may10 BODEN Dorothy=Abel/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1801sep14 BODEN Dorothy(Matlock)/KNOWLES John
M 1822dec23 BODEN Dorothy(Matlock)/ROOSE Richard Comments: (Banns)
C 1825mar27 BODEN Ebenezer=George/Ann(Starkholmes)[Miner] dob:1825feb28
M 1791jun22 BODEN Edward(Matlock)/MARTIN Ann
B 1848jan19 BODEN Edward(Scarthinnick){aged 5}
C 1720nov30 BODEN Elizabeth=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)
B 1762mar   BODEN Elizabeth(Matlock) (widow)
B 1784aug27 BODEN Elizabeth(dau)William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1788jun29 BODEN Elizabeth=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1788sep21 BODEN Elizabeth=James/Mary(Matlock)
C 1791jun12 BODEN Elizabeth=James/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1792dec23 BODEN Elizabeth=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1793jul02 BODEN Elizabeth(dau)Job/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1798jan04 BODEN Elizabeth(dau)John/Martha(Lea)
C 1804sep09 BODEN Elizabeth=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1805apr18 BODEN Elizabeth(wife)Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1805oct14 BODEN Elizabeth(Matlock)/SKIDMORE John
M 1815dec31 BODEN Elizabeth(Matlock)/MURRAY Hugh Comments: (Banns)
B 1838apr26 BODEN Elizabeth(Matlock Bath){aged 8m}
B 1842feb05 BODEN Elizabeth(Scarthinnick){aged 4}
B 1843oct29 BODEN Elizabeth(Scarthinnick){aged 78}
M 1711sep03 BODEN Ellen(Matlock)/WOOD Josiah
M 1826may16 BODEN Ellen(Matlock)/OATS James Comments: (Banns)
B 1838dec18 BODEN Fanny(Matlock Bath){aged 65}
B 1789jan17 BODEN Francis(son)William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1709sep28 BODEN George=Thomas/Anne(Matlock)
M 1735may15 BODEN George(Matlock)/PEARSON Ann
C 1771jun04 BODEN George=Joseph/Mary(Matlock)
B 1784feb01 BODEN George(Matlock)
C 1791mar27 BODEN George=James/Mary(Matlock)
B 1793mar17 BODEN George(son)Joseph/(Matlock)
C 1795apr05 BODEN George=George/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1798oct18 BODEN George(son)James/Mary(Matlock)
B 1799apr07 BODEN George(son)George/Mary(Matlock)
M 1801sep14 BODEN George(Matlock)/FOX Elizabeth
B 1814apr04 BODEN George(Matlock){aged 63}
M 1816feb05 BODEN George(Matlock)/BODEN Ann Comments: (Banns)
M 1824jun08 BODEN George(Wirksworth)/WRIGHT Ann Comments: (Banns)
B 1828oct15 BODEN George(Matlock Bath){aged 3}
C 1834jul20 BODEN George=Job/Hannah(Matlock wood)[Labourer] dob:1834jun06
C 1836aug21 BODEN George=George/Ann(Matlock)[Stonecutter] dob:1835apr25
C 1844apr15 BODEN George=Samuel/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1855mar03 BODEN George henry=-/Eliza(White house)
B 1786oct06 BODEN Grace(wife)Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1790feb15 BODEN Grace(dau)George/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1791mar13 BODEN Grace=George/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1792apr21 BODEN Grace(wife)Joseph/(Matlock)
B 1811oct13 BODEN Grace(Matlock){aged 76}
C 1750mar25 BODEN Hannah=(dau)John/(Matlock)
B 1763jul17 BODEN Hannah(dau)Solomon/(Matlock)
C 1774apr17 BODEN Hannah=Abel/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1775apr20 BODEN Hannah(Matlock)/HOLE Peter
C 1784mar21 BODEN Hannah=Anthony/Mary(Matlock)
B 1785apr30 BODEN Hannah(dau)Anthony/(Matlock)
C 1788mar02 BODEN Hannah=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)
B 1790may18 BODEN Hannah(dau)Abel/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1791oct19 BODEN Hannah(Matlock)/BLACKWALL Ralph
C 1793mar17 BODEN Hannah=Peter/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1796may22 BODEN Hannah=Edward/Ann(Matlock)
M 1798jul26 BODEN Hannah(Matlock)/WRAGG James
B 1799feb16 BODEN Hannah(wife)George/(Matlock)
M 1801may27 BODEN Hannah(Matlock)/BRITLAND Peter
C 1811mar03 BODEN Hannah=-/Ann(Matlock) dob:1811feb12
M 1812oct29 BODEN Hannah(Matlock)/ALLEN Obadiah
B 1814dec09 BODEN Hannah(Upperwood){aged 62}
M 1818nov07 BODEN Hannah(Matlock)/JOHNSON John Comments: (Banns)
C 1829mar15 BODEN Hannah=Job/Hannah(Common wood)[Miner] dob:1829jan10
C 1830sep19 BODEN Hannah=Robert/Barbara(Matlock bank)[Shoemaker] dob:1828aug24
B 1843may14 BODEN Hannah(Scarthinnick){aged 75}
C 1848may07 BODEN Hannah=Samuel/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1849apr22 BODEN Hannah(Matlock Bank){aged 1}
C 1853mar27 BODEN Hannah=Samuel/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Licensed victualler]
B 1836feb08 BODEN Harold(Matlock Bath){aged 18m}
C 1825jun19 BODEN Henry=Job/Hannah(Common wood)[Miner] dob:1825may17
M 1673may28 BODEN James(Matlock)/PEARSON Agnes
C 1715jul24 BODEN James=Thomas/Anne(Matlock)
B 1743feb06 BODEN James(son)Arthur/(Matlock)
M 1788jul09 BODEN James(Matlock)/KNOWLES Mary
C 1799may05 BODEN James=James/Mary(Matlock)
B 1806may22 BODEN James(Matlock){aged 37}
B 1833feb03 BODEN James(Masson House){aged 74}
B 1842apr13 BODEN James(Matlock Bank){aged 60}
C 1847oct10 BODEN James=James/Ann(Matlock bath)[Spar turner]
M 1787may12 BODEN Jane(Matlock)/ELLIOTT James
C 1795mar01 BODEN Jane=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1823jul11 BODEN Jane(Scarthinnick){aged 13}
M 1825nov15 BODEN Jane(Matlock)/BRITLAND Mark Comments: (Banns)
B 1845dec11 BODEN Jane(Scarthinnick){aged 20}
B 1811jan10 BODEN Job(Matlock){aged 62}
M 1822dec25 BODEN Job(Matlock)/KNOWLES Hannah Comments: (Banns)
C 1827jan21 BODEN Job=Job/Hannah(Wood)[Miner] dob:1825dec04
C 1733dec08 BODEN John=Anthony/(Matlock)
B 1744jan25 BODEN John(Matlock)
M 1762nov15 BODEN John(Matlock)[Miner]/WHITE Mary
M 1769jan30 BODEN John(Matlock)/ABBOT Mary
C 1774jul15 BODEN John=John/Ann(Matlock)
M 1775may08 BODEN John(Matlock)/BUNTING Ann
C 1776mar10 BODEN John=Anthoney/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1782jul14 BODEN John=Abel/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1788mar21 BODEN John(Matlock)
C 1796mar20 BODEN John=James/Mary(Matlock)
B 1801jan27 BODEN John(son)Joseph/(Matlock)
C 1803jan02 BODEN John=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1803sep30 BODEN John(son)Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1806feb10 BODEN John(Matlock)/GOLLING Hannah
B 1807mar23 BODEN John(Matlock){aged inf}
M 1811dec30 BODEN John(Cromford)/BODEN Lydia
B 1815jun24 BODEN John(Scarthinnick){aged inf}
M 1824jun21 BODEN John(Matlock)/KNOWLES Catherine Comments: (Banns)
B 1841jan20 BODEN John(Scarthinnick){aged 50}
B 1844mar07 BODEN John(Scarthinnick){aged inf}
B 1848aug08 BODEN John(Scarthinnick){aged 66}
B 1849nov23 BODEN John(Scarthinnick){aged 47}
C 1837sep24 BODEN John edward=James/Ann(Matlock bath)[Marble polisher]
C 1742dec05 BODEN Joseph=George/(Matlock)
C 1775dec24 BODEN Joseph=Joseph/Mary(Matlock)
M 1782apr01 BODEN Joseph(Matlock)/CLITHERO Grace
C 1794jan12 BODEN Joseph=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1801mar20 BODEN Joseph(Matlock)
C 1811jul04 BODEN Joseph=William/Mary(Matlock) dob:1811jun03
B 1838feb07 BODEN Joseph(Scarthinnick){aged 15}
B 1839jun30 BODEN Joseph(Scarthinnick){aged inf}
C 1850jul14 BODEN Joseph=Samuel/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Licensed victualler]
B 1855jan17 BODEN Joseph(Matlock Bath){aged 79}
M 1702jan15 BODEN Katherine(Matlock)/WARDE William
B 1774aug02 BODEN Lidia(wife)Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1709jun16 BODEN Lydia(Matlock)/GASCOIGN Edward
C 1715may08 BODEN Lydia=William/Anne(Matlock)
B 1735jan05 BODEN Lydia(dau)Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1737feb21 BODEN Lydia(Matlock)/GREENHOUGH Edward
M 1742jul05 BODEN Lydia(Matlock)/FOX John
C 1791feb20 BODEN Lydia=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1794jun15 BODEN Lydia=Thomas/Mary(Matlock)
M 1801sep14 BODEN Lydia(Matlock)/RENSHAW Joseph
C 1810mar04 BODEN Lydia=-/Grace(Matlock) dob:1809oct22
M 1811dec30 BODEN Lydia(Matlock)/BODEN John
M 1812may10 BODEN Lydia(Matlock)/POTTER William
M 1814apr14 BODEN Lydia(Matlock)/TREVIS Isaac Comments: (Banns)
B 1820mar30 BODEN Lydia(Scarthinnick){aged 29}
C 1820nov26 BODEN Lydia=George/Ann(Bank)[Labourer]
C 1824mar14 BODEN Lydia=Job/Hannah(Common wood)[Miner] dob:1824feb18
M 1825sep15 BODEN Lydia(Matlock)/GOULD William Comments: (Banns)
B 1827may12 BODEN Lydia(Scarthinnick){aged 35}
C 1840jan04 BODEN Lydia=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Baker]
C 1848dec24 BODEN Lydia=Samuel/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Licensed victualler]
M 1680feb07 BODEN Margaret(Matlock)/KEY John
M 1770nov26 BODEN Margaret(Matlock)/ORM Joseph
B 1790jan29 BODEN Margaret(dau)Job/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1802jun22 BODEN Margaret(Matlock)
C 1793sep15 BODEN Martha=James/Mary(Matlock)
B 1802apr23 BODEN Martha(Cromford)
M 1814nov14 BODEN Martha(Matlock)/PEARSON William Comments: (Banns)
B 1822may28 BODEN Martha(Scarthinnick){aged 5}
C 1850oct27 BODEN Martha=Samuel/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1708nov01 BODEN Mary=Anthony/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1736sep03 BODEN Mary(Matlock)/HOLLINS Thomas
M 1744oct21 BODEN Mary(Matlock)/PEARSON Jonathan
M 1770nov12 BODEN Mary(Matlock)/YOUNG Samuel
C 1771jan13 BODEN Mary=John/Ann(Matlock)
C 1771jun16 BODEN Mary=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1775feb09 BODEN Mary(Matlock)/STONE William
M 1775sep11 BODEN Mary(Matlock)/CLOWS William
B 1784apr04 BODEN Mary(wife)Anthony/(Matlock)
C 1787sep09 BODEN Mary=Thomas/Mary(Matlock)
B 1790may03 BODEN Mary(dau)Thomas/Mary(Matlock)
B 1790oct12 BODEN Mary(dau)Samuel/Mary(Matlock)
M 1793feb11 BODEN Mary(Matlock)/BUXTON James
C 1793feb24 BODEN Mary=William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1795jun28 BODEN Mary=Abel/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1795nov25 BODEN Mary=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)
B 1798may22 BODEN Mary(dau)William/Mary(Matlock)
M 1800apr10 BODEN Mary(Matlock)/KING James
B 1805dec25 BODEN Mary(Matlock){aged 39}
C 1805dec25 BODEN Mary=(dau)James/Mary(Matlock)
B 1815apr22 BODEN Mary(Scarthinnick){aged 62}
M 1816sep15 BODEN Mary(Matlock)/GREEN James Comments: (Banns)
B 1817jun04 BODEN Mary(Scarthinnick){aged 29}
C 1820jul30 BODEN Mary=Robert/Barbara(Bank)[Shoemaker]
B 1824nov24 BODEN Mary(Bank){aged 2}
M 1829mar02 BODEN Mary(Matlock)/MATTHEWS William Comments: (Banns)
M 1829nov18 BODEN Mary(Matlock)/PRINCE Joseph Comments: (Banns)
B 1831mar13 BODEN Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 78}
B 1834apr15 BODEN Mary(Scarthinnick){aged 58}
C 1853jun05 BODEN Mary ann elizbth=Ebenezer/Ruth(Starkholmes)[Lawyer]
C 1797feb19 BODEN Nelly=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1770may13 BODEN Peter=(son)Abel/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1792apr23 BODEN Peter(Matlock)/BODEN Sarah
C 1792nov13 BODEN Peter=Thomas/Mary(Matlock)
B 1793jan28 BODEN Peter(son)Thomas/Mary(Matlock)
C 1795jun28 BODEN Peter=Peter/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1819jul26 BODEN Peter(Matlock)/BUNTING Sarah Comments: (Banns)
B 1819dec03 BODEN Peter(Scarthinnick){aged 49}
C 1743jan01 BODEN Rebecca=John/(Matlock)
C 1796apr03 BODEN Rebekah=James/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1796nov14 BODEN Rebekah(dau)James/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1834apr08 BODEN Richard=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock town)[Baker] dob:1834mar04
B 1834apr11 BODEN Richard(Matlock Town){aged 3w}
C 1790oct12 BODEN Robert=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)
B 1848feb03 BODEN Robert(Matlock Bank){aged 56}
C 1797sep16 BODEN Rose=James/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1786sep10 BODEN Samuel=William/Mary(Matlock)
B 1798feb20 BODEN Samuel(son)William/Mary(Matlock)
B 1806oct30 BODEN Samuel(Matlock){aged 84}
C 1813jan24 BODEN Samuel=William/Mary(Matlock bank)[Shoemaker]
C 1818may03 BODEN Samuel=George/Ann(Bank)[Labourer]
C 1818dec06 BODEN Samuel=Anthony/Hannah(Bank)[Cotton spinner]
B 1827dec09 BODEN Samuel(Scarthinnick){aged 21}
C 1846oct11 BODEN Samuel=Samuel/Mary ann(Matlock)[Whitesmith]
B 1847may13 BODEN Samuel(Scarthinnick){aged inf}
C 1709aug26 BODEN Sarah=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1747jul09 BODEN Sarah(Matlock)/WALTON John
M 1765may02 BODEN Sarah(Matlock)/WRIGHT George
C 1768oct30 BODEN Sarah=(dau)Abel/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1771sep26 BODEN Sarah(wife)Solomon/(Matlock)
C 1784aug08 BODEN Sarah=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1789apr26 BODEN Sarah=James/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1791jan30 BODEN Sarah=Abel/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1792apr23 BODEN Sarah(Matlock)/BODEN Peter
B 1797dec03 BODEN Sarah(wife)Anthony/(Matlock)
M 1807jul06 BODEN Sarah(Matlock)/BRANSON James
M 1823oct27 BODEN Sarah(Matlock)/GIBSON Richard Comments: (Banns)
M 1826jan19 BODEN Sarah(Matlock)/SMEDLEY Henry Comments: (Banns)
M 1828may26 BODEN Sarah(Matlock)/DEBANKE Mark Comments: (Banns)
M 1829nov09 BODEN Sarah(Matlock)/HAND Henry Comments: (Banns)
B 1831mar02 BODEN Sarah(Cliffside){aged 83}
C 1835oct25 BODEN Sarah=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Baker] dob:1835sep27
B 1847oct30 BODEN Sarah(Scarthinnick){aged 75}
C 1718aug24 BODEN Solomon=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1760sep15 BODEN Solomon(Matlock)[Labourer]/WATTS Sarah Comments: (widower+widow)
M 1782jan14 BODEN Solomon(Matlock)/CARLINE Mary
B 1793jan21 BODEN Solomon(Matlock)
B 1819apr11 BODEN Susanna(Scarthinnick){aged 8}
M 1805sep16 BODEN Susannah(Matlock)/FROGATT Benjamin
M 1663aug20 BODEN Thomas(Matlock)/WALKER Margaret
C 1706sep01 BODEN Thomas=Thomas/Lydia(Matlock)
C 1733dec08 BODEN Thomas=Anthony/(Matlock)
C 1748aug28 BODEN Thomas=(son)John/(Matlock)
B 1755nov22 BODEN Thomas
C 1757sep11 BODEN Thomas=Job/(Matlock)
B 1757dec18 BODEN Thomas(son)Solomon/
M 1771jan30 BODEN Thomas(Matlock)/BALL Sarah
C 1773nov07 BODEN Thomas=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1777apr10 BODEN Thomas(Matlock)/ROPER Mary
M 1781jan11 BODEN Thomas(Matlock)/DUNKLEY Catherine
B 1785apr09 BODEN Thomas(Matlock)
M 1786apr17 BODEN Thomas(Matlock)/BRITLAND Elizabeth
C 1788nov02 BODEN Thomas=William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1789aug02 BODEN Thomas=Thomas/Mary(Matlock)
C 1789dec27 BODEN Thomas=Anthony/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1790mar08 BODEN Thomas(son)William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1797aug13 BODEN Thomas=Peter/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1798jan30 BODEN Thomas(son)Peter/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1802sep06 BODEN Thomas(Matlock)/MARTIN Elizabeth
M 1809oct09 BODEN Thomas(Matlock)/PENDLETON Elizabeth
B 1815mar29 BODEN Thomas(Cliffside){aged 66}
B 1815oct08 BODEN Thomas(Scarthinnick){aged 65}
M 1815nov20 BODEN Thomas(Matlock)/DEBANKE Elizabeth Comments: (Licence)
M 1824nov01 BODEN Thomas(Matlock)/SHAW Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
B 1846jul22 BODEN Thomas(Scarthinnick){aged 83}
B 1848aug23 BODEN Thomas(Scarthinnick){aged 6}
C 1855jun10 BODEN Thomas reeves=Ebenezer/Ruth(Starkholmes)[Lawyer]
M 1712sep27 BODEN William(Matlock)/BOWN Ann
M 1755jun08 BODEN William(Matlock)[Miner]/SMEDLEY Mary
M 1781nov26 BODEN William(Matlock)/WRAGG Mary
C 1784oct16 BODEN William=William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1788mar23 BODEN William=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1789feb04 BODEN William=John/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1804aug31 BODEN William(son)Thomas/Elizabeth(Scarthinnick)
B 1810oct03 BODEN William(Matlock){aged 75}
C 1811apr28 BODEN William=-/Lydia(Matlock) dob:1811apr24
B 1816mar19 BODEN William(Scarnick){aged inf}
M 1827feb18 BODEN William(Matlock)/STORER Hannah Comments: (Banns)
C 1829sep20 BODEN William=George/Ann(Scarnick)[Miner] dob:1829aug25
C 1837nov05 BODEN William=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Baker]
B 1838dec21 BODEN William(Scarthinnick){aged 11}
B 1848may10 BODEN William(Scarthinnick){aged 31}
C 1855aug19 BODEN William=Samuel/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Farmer]
C 1851jun15 BODEN William anthony=-/Mary ann(Starkholmes)
C 1837feb16 BODIN Eliza=Job/Hannah(Matlock)[Labourer]
C 1758nov30 BODIN James=(son)John/(Matlock)
C 1759jun06 BODIN Lydia=(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1715jan30 BODIN Mary=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1810oct10 BODIN Sarah(widow)Abel/(Matlock){aged 75}
B 1751mar25 BODON Anthony(Matlock)
C 1713dec26 BODON? James=John/(Matlock)
M 1647sep16 BOER Catherine(Matlock)/BINGAM Nathaniell
C 1840feb23 BOGAN Benjamin=Benjamin/Henrietta(Matlock bank)[Guide]
C 1838mar21 BOGARD Emily=-/Ann(Matlock)
M 1681oct27 BOHAM Anne(Matlock)/WATSON Henry
C 1852sep26 BOLD Elizabeth=-/Ann(Matlock)
C 1772feb09 BOLINGTON Sarah=Thomas/Ann(Matlock)
B 1806mar27 BOLLINGTON Alice(Matlock){aged 45}
B 1730aug28 BOLLINGTON Ann(dau)Jonathan/(Matlock)
B 1726jul22 BOLLINGTON Dorothy(wife)John/(Matlock)
C 1746mar09 BOLLINGTON John=(son)John/(Matlock)
B 1745aug10 BOLLINGTON Jonathan(Matlock)
C 1757dec18 BOLLINGTON Joseph=William/(Matlock)
M 1721sep05 BOLLINGTON Mary(Matlock)/TURNER Peter
M 1796nov07 BOLLINGTON Peter(Matlock)/ALISON Alice
B 1765may16 BOLLINGTON Sarah(dau)William/Mary(Matlock)
B 1783sep14 BOME Adam(son)Adam/Ann(Matlock)
M 1785jun14 BOME Ann(Matlock)/WITTON John
M 1790dec30 BOME Ann(Matlock)/OGDEN Anthony
B 1786dec19 BOME Elizabeth(Matlock) (widow, pauper)
B 1791jul13 BOME Elizabeth(wife)William/(Matlock)
B 1727oct30 BOME Hannah(wife)James/(Matlock)
M 1783jan20 BOME Jane(Matlock)/HENSTOCK Richard
B 1783feb17 BOME Joseph(son)Adam/Ann(Matlock)
B 1726sep   BOME Margaret(Matlock) (widow)
M 1796may11 BOME Martha(Matlock)/HOLMES John
B 1785jun16 BOME Richard(Matlock) (pauper)
B 1731apr22 BOME Thomas(Matlock)
M 1730nov27 BOME William(Matlock)/BALLINTON Elizabeth
M 1783jan09 BOME William(Matlock)/PALMER Elizabeth
B 1791jun23 BOME William(son)Adam/Ann(Matlock)
M 1792jan30 BOME William(Matlock)/TIMPERRY Ann
C 1712apr25 BOMER George=Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1725nov06 BOMFORD Ruth(Wirksworth)/SILKSTON John
C 1795apr26 BOND Edward=George/Margaret(Matlock)
M 1666dec01 BOND Mary(Matlock)/WARD Nicholas
C 1820aug03 BOND Peter=Joshua/Elizabeth(Matlock Bridge)[Publican]
C 1745jun09 BONEN? Thomas=(son)Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1706jun20 BONNE Joshua(N Wingfield)/GRANGER Sarah
B 1835sep05 BONNETT Joseph(Matlock Bath){aged 34}
C 1838may06 BONSALL Ann=William/Sarah(Lumsdale)[Labourer]
C 1830nov14 BONSALL Elizabeth=George/Sarah(Lumsdale)[Gardener] dob:1830oct13
C 1836may15 BONSALL Hannah=William/Sarah(Lumsdale)[Labourer] dob:1836mar30
C 1853jun15 BONSALL John=William/Hephzibah(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1745jan01 BONSFORD? Susan=(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1746jun21 BONSLER William=(son)William/(Matlock)
C 1844jul24 BOOKER Mary=John/Mary(Matlock bath)[Gardener]
B 1844jul24 BOOKER Mary(Matlock Bath){aged 41}
M 1806feb10 BOOKER Philip(Norton;Yorks)/POTTS Sarah
C 1764jan17 BOOM Betty=(dau)William/Lydia(Matlock)
C 1764jan22 BOOM Betty=(dau)William/(Matlock)
M 1754jun29 BOOM Hugh(Matlock)/SHAW Mary
M 1756nov20 BOOM Isabel(Matlock)/TIPPING Peter Comments: (widow)
M 1768sep11 BOOME William(Matlock)/BOTHAM Ann
M 1765apr09 BOOMER Hannah(Matlock)/JACQUES John
B 1843jun25 BOOTH Elizabeth(Scarthinnick){aged 1}
B 1854jun13 BOOTH Elizabeth(Scarthinnick){aged 41}
B 1852apr15 BOOTH Francis(Scarthinnick){aged 6}
C 1852mar31 BOOTH Harriett alice=-/Mary(Matlock bridge)
B 1842apr24 BOOTH Job(Scarthinnick){aged 4}
M 1753may03 BOOTH John(Matlock)/COATS Deborah
M 1835mar02 BOOTH John(Matlock)/GREGORY Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
B 1845apr01 BOOTH John(Scarthinnick){aged inf}
C 1845dec17 BOOTH Juanna?=William/Isabel(Matlock bank)[Traveller]
M 1723oct17 BOOTH Martha(Chesterfield)/BOWER Richard Comments: (mrs)
B 1852jan25 BOOTH Martha(Matlock Bath){aged 2}
B 1846jan18 BOOTH Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 89}
B 1850oct20 BOOTH Mary Ann(Scarthinnick){aged 34}
C 1851jan01 BOOTH Mary ellen=-/Mary(Matlock brdge)
M 1677jun11 BOOTH Rebecca(Matlock)/BRUCKFIELD Thomas
M 1747mar06 BOOTH Sarah(Matlock)/ROPER Joshua
M 1803aug25 BOOTH Thomas(Chesterfield)/RAWLINSON Mary
B 1855dec21 BOOTH Thomas(Scarthinnick){aged inf}
M 1812oct19 BOOTH William(Pentrich)/TIPPING Elizabeth
B 1853apr10 BOOTH William(Scarthinnick){aged inf}
M 1836nov24 BORDEN Sarah(Matlock)/POTTER Anthony Comments: (Banns)
C 1822mar10 BORDEN? Mary=Anthony/Hannah(Hartholmes)[Cotton spinner]
M 1779feb11 BOSLEY Elizabeth(Matlock)/BRETLAND George
C 1822apr28 BOTHAM Adam=George/Sarah(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1820jul03
C 1766may27 BOTHAM Alice=(dau)Thomas/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1785jan10 BOTHAM Alice(Matlock)/WILMOT George
M 1768sep11 BOTHAM Ann(Matlock)/BOOME William
C 1769aug26 BOTHAM Ann=(dau)Thomas/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1739apr08 BOTHAM Anne=Thomas/(Matlock)
C 1759may16 BOTHAM Elizabeth=(dau)William/(Matlock)
C 1822apr28 BOTHAM George=George/Sarah(Bank)[Labourer]
B 1823dec28 BOTHAM George(Bank){aged 31}
C 1824apr18 BOTHAM George=George/Sarah(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1823mar29
C 1783dec28 BOTHAM Hannah=John/Mary(Matlock)
M 1789feb23 BOTHAM Hannah(Matlock)/POTTER Jonathan
C 1794sep14 BOTHAM Hannah=John/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1803jul04 BOTHAM Hannah(Matlock)/DAVIS William
B 1804jul03 BOTHAM Hannah(dau)John/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1817mar11 BOTHAM Hannah(Haledale){aged 60}
M 1783aug24 BOTHAM John(Matlock)/CARLINE Mary
M 1786sep11 BOTHAM John(Matlock)/SPENCEER Hannah
B 1801apr16 BOTHAM John(Matlock)
B 1821apr11 BOTHAM John(Bank){aged 59}
B 1838feb22 BOTHAM John(Starkholmes){aged 10m}
C 1787jul01 BOTHAM Joseph?=John/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1799jan16 BOTHAM Martha(Matlock) (widow)
C 1748mar17 BOTHAM Mary=(dau)William/(Matlock)
M 1767nov11 BOTHAM Mary(Matlock)/SHEPHERD Henry^  Status:(,20+/,)
C 1797may14 BOTHAM Mary=John/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1810jun08 BOTHAM Mary(dau)Robert/Hannah(Matlock){aged 13}
B 1824nov04 BOTHAM Mary(Bank){aged 61}
C 1750apr17 BOTHAM Samuel=(son)William/(Matlock)
C 1743jan03 BOTHAM Sara=William/(Matlock)
M 1771apr01 BOTHAM Sarah(Matlock)/GREGORY Samuel
C 1789sep13 BOTHAM Sarah=John/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1829dec28 BOTHAM Sarah(Matlock)/NEAL Joseph Comments: (Banns)
M 1728sep09 BOTHAM Thomas(Matlock)/SILKSTONE Ann
B 1740jan04 BOTHAM Thomas(Matlock)
M 1759feb21 BOTHAM Thomas(Matlock)[Miner]/WALKER Hannah
B 1803mar24 BOTHAM Thomas(Matlock)
C 1735may11 BOTHAM Truth=Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1741sep04 BOTHAM William(Matlock)/WHITE Martha
B 1765feb21 BOTHOM George(son)William/Martha(Matlock)
B 1756jun29 BOTHOM John(son)William/
B 1765feb21 BOTHOM Martha(dau)William/Martha(Matlock)
B 1765feb10 BOTHOM William(son)William/Martha(Matlock)
B 1825mar27 BOTTOM Martha(Bank){aged 35}
B 1807jun21 BOTTOM Sarah(Matlock){aged 17}
B 1742jan13 BOULOR William(son)William/(Matlock)
M 1758dec26 BOUM Thomas(Matlock)[Labourer]/BUNTING Dorothy
C 1709jun02 BOUME Adam=Gregory/Catherine(Matlock)
M 1706sep07 BOUNE Dorothy(Matlock)/PIERSON John
M 1707nov24 BOUNE John(Matlock)/NEWTON Troth
M 1650may01 BOUNTING George(Matlock)/FOX Dorothy
M 1661apr23 BOUNTING Robert(Tansley)/BOWNE Elizabeth
B 1823oct18 BOWBANK William(Tansley){aged 25}
B 1829nov26 BOWDEN Anne(Scarthinnick){aged 39}
B 1825feb20 BOWEN Lydia(Scarthinnick){aged 10}
B 1730jul19 BOWER Anna M(dau)/Lydia(Matlock) (Maria)
M 1736sep16 BOWER Elizabeth(Matlock)/LLOYD Thomas
M 1737may09 BOWER Frances(Matlock)/MILNES John
M 1731apr05 BOWER Jane(Darley)/ASHE John
M 1656mar17 BOWER John(Higham)/COLUMBELL Dorothy
M 1737aug18 BOWER Joseph(Matlock)/BROCKSHAW Dorothy
M 1723oct17 BOWER Richard(Chesterfield)/BOOTH Martha Comments: (mrs)
C 1788sep14 BOWLER Ann=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1793mar29 BOWLER Ann=John/Mary(Matlock)
B 1804oct27 BOWLER Ann(dau)Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1715apr01 BOWLER Elizabeth=Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1736nov21 BOWLER Elizabeth(Matlock)/BRADLEY John
B 1744jan17 BOWLER Elizabeth(wife)Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1794feb16 BOWLER George(son)Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1826feb01 BOWLER Hannah(Darley)/WARD Robert Comments: (Banns)
M 1833aug25 BOWLER Isaac(Matlock)/EASTAWAY Anne Comments: (Banns)
M 1792may14 BOWLER John(Matlock)/CARLINE Mary
C 1747mar01 BOWLER Mary=(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1785mar02 BOWLER Mary(wife)Samuel/(Matlock) (pauper)
M 1796nov13 BOWLER Mary(Matlock)/LONGDON Mark
C 1843apr30 BOWLER Mary eastaway=Isaac/Ann(Matlock bath)[Cotton twainer]
M 1683jun10 BOWLER Robert(Matlock)/STATON Elizabeth
C 1796dec25 BOWLER Sally=-/Mary(Matlock)
B 1744jan13 BOWLER Samuel(Matlock)
M 1744jun14 BOWLER Samuel(Matlock)/CHAMPION Ann
M 1777sep15 BOWLER Samuel(Ashover)/WALKER Ellen
B 1789dec19 BOWLER Samuel(Matlock)
B 1793dec15 BOWLER Samuel(Matlock)
B 1810jul22 BOWLER Sarah(Matlock){aged 58} (widow)
M 1826feb01 BOWLER Susannah(Darley)/WARD Samuel Comments: (Banns)
C 1722may20 BOWLER Thomas=Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1741apr19 BOWLER Thomas(son)Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1772oct08 BOWLER Thomas(Bradburn)/MARCHANT Elizabeth
M 1785oct17 BOWLER Thomas(Matlock)/BRELSFORD Sarah
B 1801jan20 BOWLER Thomas(Matlock)
C 1839jun10 BOWLER Thomas=Isaac/Ann(Matlock bank)[Shoemaker]
C 1727apr30 BOWLER William=Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1813may12 BOWLER William(Darley)/FRITH Judith Comments: (Banns)
B 1830apr18 BOWLES Elizabeth(Harveydale){aged 72}
C 1786sep10 BOWLES John=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1793aug15 BOWLES John(Matlock)
B 1811aug17 BOWLES John(Matlock){aged 24}
B 1788nov01 BOWLES Joseph(son)/Elizabeth(Matlock) (spurious)
C 1718oct26 BOWLES Mary=Samuell/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1835oct18 BOWMAN George=Benjamin/Elizabeth(Tansley)[Lace maker] dob:1835aug20
C 1709jun02 BOWMAN Joseph=Thomas/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1855nov09 BOWMAN Lilly=-/Matilda(Dimple)
M 1735jan15 BOWME Mary(Matlock)/WOODHOUSE Abraham
M 1705nov14 BOWMER Mary(Matlock)/KIDDEY Thomas
B 1738may21 BOWMER Susan(Matlock)
M 1707apr23 BOWMER Thomas(Matlock)/WAGSTAFFE Hannah
C 1720dec04 BOWMON Hannah=Thomas/Hanah(Matlock)
C 1747oct06 BOWN Adam=(son)Adam/(Matlock)
B 1788jan21 BOWN Adam(Matlock)
B 1823apr15 BOWN Adam(Tansley){aged 75}
B 1828jul02 BOWN Alice(Matlock){aged 31}
B 1791apr18 BOWN Amey(Matlock)
M 1817apr09 BOWN Amy(Matlock)/ALLIN William Comments: (Banns)
C 1810jul01 BOWN An=John/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1810feb09
M 1712sep27 BOWN Ann(Matlock)/BODEN William
C 1734may12 BOWN Ann=John/(Matlock)
M 1742nov11 BOWN Ann(Matlock)/BAGSHAW Thomas
M 1759jan20 BOWN Ann(Matlock)/ROPER John^  Status:(,25/,)
C 1787apr22 BOWN Ann=Peter/Mary(Matlock)
B 1794oct20 BOWN Ann(wife)Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1814jan31 BOWN Ann=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Miller]
M 1816may09 BOWN Ann(Matlock)/GOODWIN Thomas Comments: (Licence)
B 1816sep24 BOWN Ann(Bank){aged 79}
B 1856may04 BOWN Ann(Matlock Bridge){aged 42}
M 1651may04 BOWN Anthony(Matlock)/ROBERTS Amey
C 1759apr04 BOWN Anthony=(son)Adam/(Matlock)
C 1776feb09 BOWN Anthony=John/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1784nov08 BOWN Anthony(Matlock)/WOODIWISS Elizabeth
C 1785mar03 BOWN Anthony=Peter/Mary(Matlock)
B 1785nov10 BOWN Anthony(son)John/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1788oct02 BOWN Anthony(Matlock)
B 1789sep03 BOWN Anthony(son)Peter/Mary(Matlock)
B 1797mar22 BOWN Anthony(Matlock)
B 1821may24 BOWN Anthony(Bathwood){aged 59}
C 1848sep20 BOWN Anthony=-/Sarah(Horseshoe inn matlock)
M 1692may26 BOWN Benjamin(Matlock)/WALVIN Elizabeth
M 1790nov25 BOWN Bety(Matlock)/HARRISON James
C 1698jun19 BOWN Clemence=Anthony/Amia(Matlock)
B 1788feb02 BOWN Dolly(dau)Thomas/Mary(Matlock)
C 1769mar08 BOWN Dorothy=(dau)Humphrey/Margaret(Matlock)
C 1785nov13 BOWN Edward=Anthony/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1827may11 BOWN Edwin(Matlock Bath){aged 42}
C 1689feb24 BOWN Elizabeth=John/(Matlock)
C 1695dec15 BOWN Elizabeth=Benjamin/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1705feb02 BOWN Elizabeth=Joseph/Jane(Matlock)
C 1735may15 BOWN Elizabeth=Anthony/(Matlock)
B 1738jan12 BOWN Elizabeth(Matlock) (widow)
B 1785jul02 BOWN Elizabeth(wife)Joseph/(Matlock)
B 1789may08 BOWN Elizabeth(wife)William/(Matlock)
C 1793mar10 BOWN Elizabeth=John/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1813sep26 BOWN Elizabeth(Matlock)/SLATOR John Comments: (Banns;consent)
C 1820nov19 BOWN Elizabeth=-/Elizabeth(Tansley) (Spurious)
B 1830sep02 BOWN Elizabeth(Matlock Bridge){aged 89}
C 1833sep08 BOWN Elizabeth=William/Mary(Matlock green)[Licensed victualer] dob:1824sep16
B 1837may24 BOWN Elizabeth(Crich){aged 20}
B 1842may13 BOWN Elizabeth(Cliffe){aged 61}
B 1850jan29 BOWN Elizabeth(Matlock){aged 76}
B 1757mar27 BOWN Garth
C 1750nov25 BOWN George=(son)?/(Matlock)
C 1808sep18 BOWN George=John/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1807sep18
C 1735aug31 BOWN Grace=Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1756nov24 BOWN Grace(Matlock)/MATHER James
M 1701jan18 BOWN Hannah(Matlock)/HURD Benjamin
C 1704jun24 BOWN Hannah=John/(Matlock)
M 1714sep01 BOWN Hannah(Matlock)/TIPPING John
M 1728sep16 BOWN Hannah(Matlock)/WRAGG Adam
C 1764jan21 BOWN Hannah=(dau)John/Ruth(Matlock)
C 1764feb26 BOWN Hannah=(dau)John/Ruth(Matlock)
C 1797nov19 BOWN Hannah=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1846sep23 BOWN Hannah(Matlock Bridge){aged 79}
B 1847mar19 BOWN Hannah(Cliffe){aged 73}
M 1694apr25 BOWN Hellen(Matlock)/YOUNG Anthony
M 1692feb09 BOWN Henry(Matlock)/TURNER Mary
B 1736jun09 BOWN Henry(Matlock)
C 1758jul16 BOWN Hugh=(son)Hugh/(Matlock)
C 1694jul01 BOWN Isaac=William/(Lymetree)
C 1773jan31 BOWN Isaac=John/Ruth(Matlock)
B 1773jul22 BOWN Isaac(son)John/Ruth(Matlock)
C 1737nov06 BOWN James=Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1764mar01 BOWN James(Matlock)[Clockmaker]/STEVENSON Elizabeth
M 1767aug24 BOWN James(Matlock)/PEARSON Mary
M 1791oct04 BOWN James(Matlock)/LONGDON Hannah
C 1810jan28 BOWN James=John/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1810  
B 1811feb15 BOWN James(Matlock){aged 73}
B 1829dec04 BOWN James(BathWood){aged 19}
B 1838sep26 BOWN James(Matlock){aged 28}
B 1848dec17 BOWN James(Matlock Bridge){aged 84}
C 1790may02 BOWN Job=-/Rachel(Matlock)
M 1766jan01 BOWN Johannah(Matlock)/PEARSON James
M 1693jan13 BOWN John(Matlock)/WRAGG Margaret
B 1732oct26 BOWN John(son)John/(Matlock)
B 1737dec16 BOWN John(son)Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1739feb18 BOWN John(Matlock)/PARKER Sarah
B 1756nov03 BOWN John(son)Hugh/
M 1759may10 BOWN John(Matlock)[Carpenter]/PEARSON Rueth
C 1764sep10 BOWN John=(son)James/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1764dec30 BOWN John(son)John/Ruth(Matlock)
C 1771nov10 BOWN John=James/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1772jul12 BOWN John=Joseph/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1790apr07 BOWN John(son)Samuel/Phebe(Matlock)
M 1792jul23 BOWN John(Matlock)/WRIGHT Sarah
C 1793nov03 BOWN John=Peter/Mary(Matlock)
M 1799aug22 BOWN John(Matlock)/BUNTING Hannah
C 1799sep08 BOWN John=Samuel/Martha(Matlock)
B 1801apr01 BOWN John(son)John/Ruth(Matlock)
C 1803sep11 BOWN John=John/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1809oct16 BOWN John(Matlock)/GODWARD Elizabeth
B 1817jun23 BOWN John(M Bank){aged 83}
B 1821apr13 BOWN John(Tansley){aged 93}
B 1822jun08 BOWN John(Bathwood){aged 18}
C 1828oct12 BOWN John=William/Mary ann(Green)[Publican] dob:1828oct05
M 1829jun23 BOWN John(Matlock)/TRICKET Alice Comments: (Banns)
B 1829sep23 BOWN John(BathWood){aged 12}
C 1833sep08 BOWN John=William/Mary ann(Matlock green)[Licensed victualer] dob:1828oct05
B 1853mar17 BOWN John(Matlock){aged 53}
C 1747sep28 BOWN Joseph=(son)Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1748may01 BOWN Joseph=(son)John/(Matlock)
C 1769feb08 BOWN Joseph=(son)John/Ruth(Matlock)
B 1773jul25 BOWN Joseph(son)John/Ruth(Matlock)
B 1785oct   BOWN Joseph(son)John/(Matlock)
C 1787apr29 BOWN Joseph=Arthur/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1795mar21 BOWN Joseph(son)John/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1819nov23 BOWN Joseph(Matlock Bath){aged 37}
C 1822may26 BOWN Joseph=Anthony/Millicent(Matlock bridge)[Publican] dob:1822jan06
C 1782oct10 BOWN Lucy=William/Lucy(Matlock)
B 1803apr14 BOWN Lucy(wife)William/(Matlock)
M 1810sep11 BOWN Lucy(Matlock)/HILL Thomas
C 1794feb23 BOWN Lydia=Edward/Ann(Matlock)
M 1821jun14 BOWN Martha(Matlock)/EDLEY John Comments: (Banns)
B 1830apr17 BOWN Martha(Matlock Green){aged 6}
C 1711sep30 BOWN Mary=John/Mary(Matlock)
C 1714feb02 BOWN Mary=Thomas/(Matlock)
C 1733jul15 BOWN Mary=Anthony/(Matlock)
B 1734apr17 BOWN Mary(dau)Anthony/(Matlock)
C 1736may16 BOWN Mary=Josiah/(Matlock)
C 1736jun20 BOWN Mary=William/Esther(Matlock)
B 1748jan16 BOWN Mary(dau)Hugh/(Matlock)
C 1769oct22 BOWN Mary=(dau)James/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1776may03 BOWN Mary=John/Ruth(Matlock)
M 1777feb05 BOWN Mary(Matlock)/DEAN Edward
B 1788jul16 BOWN Mary(Matlock) (widow)
C 1793nov17 BOWN Mary=Anthony/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1795sep29 BOWN Mary(Matlock)/GREGORY Benjamin
C 1796may22 BOWN Mary=John/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1796aug21 BOWN Mary=Thomas/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1810mar05 BOWN Mary=Joseph/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1810mar01
B 1811mar19 BOWN Mary(wife)Adam/(Matlock){aged 52}
C 1821nov18 BOWN Mary=John/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Framework knitter]
B 1828jun15 BOWN Mary(Bathwood){aged 25}
B 1836jan05 BOWN Mary(Matlock Green){aged 80}
B 1839apr18 BOWN Mary(Duffield){aged 29}
C 1786apr02 BOWN Millicent=George/Millicent(Matlock)
C 1701dec14 BOWN Peter=Anthony/Amey(Matlock)
C 1746oct16 BOWN Peter=(son)Anthony/(Matlock)
C 1771apr14 BOWN Peter=John/Ruth(Matlock)
M 1784jul25 BOWN Peter(Matlock)/HIGGET Mary
C 1790nov14 BOWN Peter=Peter/Mary(Matlock)
C 1791jul10 BOWN Peter=Anthony/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1816jul24 BOWN Peter(Matlock Green){aged 69}
M 1817nov15 BOWN Peter(Bakewell)/FIELDING Mary Comments: (Banns)
M 1832aug13 BOWN Peter(Matlock)/ROPER Hannah Comments: (Banns)
B 1835oct14 BOWN Peter(Matlock Bath){aged 27}
C 1838sep04 BOWN Peter=William/Mary ann(Matlock)[Publican]
C 1771nov24 BOWN Phebe=Samuel/Phebe(Matlock)
M 1790nov01 BOWN Rachael(Matlock)/HIDE Edward
B 1790mar10 BOWN Rachel(Matlock) (widow)
M 1773apr26 BOWN Rebecca(Matlock)/KEELING Richard
C 1783sep15 BOWN Richard=John/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1704oct05 BOWN Ruth=Thomas/Walbridge(Matlock)
C 1766mar24 BOWN Ruth=(dau)James/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1792dec19 BOWN Ruth(dau)/Bathiah(Matlock) (widow)
C 1806aug03 BOWN Ruth=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1806jul20
B 1817jan25 BOWN Ruth(Matlock Bath){aged 77}
M 1830jan28 BOWN Ruth(Matlock)/WILDGOOSE Thomas Comments: (Licence)
C 1734jan15 BOWN Samuel=Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1756apr28 BOWN Samuel(Matlock)[Carpenter]/MATHER Phoebe
M 1783sep30 BOWN Samuel(Matlock)/ELSE Ann
B 1796nov23 BOWN Samuel(Matlock)
M 1797jan23 BOWN Samuel(Matlock)/MATHER Martha
C 1765nov03 BOWN Sara=(dau)John/Ruth(Matlock)

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