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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Matlock Parish Registers 1637-1856

16,000 Baptisms, Marriages and Burials are listed here from the Matlock Parish Registers. Transcription by Bernie Freeman and Ivor Neal (Marriages). At present there are many gaps, but hopefully these will be filled when we have the time.
Indexing is by surname, allowance should be made for variations in spelling.

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C=Christening, M=Marriage, B=Burial
C 1721apr26 BOWN Sarah=John/(Matlock)
C 1770apr06 BOWN Sarah=(dau)John/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1775apr09 BOWN Sarah=James/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1789jan11 BOWN Sarah=Peter/Mary(Matlock)
C 1789apr10 BOWN Sarah=Arthur/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1799jan20 BOWN Sarah=John/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1800jun01 BOWN Sarah=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1812aug23 BOWN Sarah(Matlock)/DEBANKE John
B 1817jan20 BOWN Sarah(Bath Wood){aged 37}
B 1818mar22 BOWN Sarah(Tansley){aged 78}
M 1827feb27 BOWN Sarah(Matlock)/POXTON Joseph Comments: (Licence)
B 1841apr10 BOWN Sarah(Matlock Bridge){aged 66}
B 1847feb02 BOWN Sarah(Matlock){aged 83}
C 1696oct25 BOWN Thomas=Thomas/Walbridge(Matlock)
B 1750sep07 BOWN Thomas(son)William/(Matlock)
M 1795sep29 BOWN Thomas(Matlock)/GREGORY Sarah
C 1808nov13 BOWN Thomas=John/Ann(Matlock) dob:1808oct16
C 1827dec23 BOWN Thomas=-/Ann(Tansley)
B 1846oct12 BOWN Thomas(Matlock){aged 80}
C 1693apr15 BOWN Truth=Benjamin/(Matlock)
C 1737oct09 BOWN William=Anthony/(Cromford bridge)
B 1737nov13 BOWN William(Matlock) (Junior)
C 1737nov20 BOWN William=William/(Matlock)
C 1767mar29 BOWN William=(son)John/Ruth(Matlock)
B 1784jan14 BOWN William(son)James/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1788may25 BOWN William(Matlock)/WRIGHT Bertha
C 1788nov09 BOWN William=William/Birtha(Matlock)
B 1788nov30 BOWN William(son)William/Bertha(Matlock)
B 1791oct09 BOWN William(son)John/Ruth(Matlock)
C 1798mar04 BOWN William=Adam/Mary(Tansley)
C 1800mar23 BOWN William=Peter/Mary(Matlock)
B 1824sep30 BOWN William(Taghill End){aged 85}
B 1828oct05 BOWN William(Tansley){aged 30}
C 1836oct10 BOWN William=William/Mary ann(Matlock)[Publican] dob:1836oct09
B 1837jun30 BOWN William(Starkholmes){aged 7}
B 1840nov30 BOWN William(Matlock){aged 40}
C 1793mar10 BOWN? Abel=Abel/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1704feb02 BOWN? Godfrey=Joseph/Jane(Matlock)
M 1658sep28 BOWNE Adam(Matlock)/TURNOR Troth
M 1661apr15 BOWNE Alice(Matlock)/WALKER Thomas
C 1688apr17 BOWNE Amy=Anthony/(Matlock)
C 1702mar06 BOWNE Ann=Thomas/Walbridge(Matlock)
M 1661jan13 BOWNE Anne(Matlock)/SHEMELT Nicolas
C 1688nov25 BOWNE Anne=William/(Matlock)
B 1742jan26 BOWNE Anne(Tansley)
M 1658sep29 BOWNE Anthony(Matlock)/WRIGHT Grace
C 1686aug15 BOWNE Anthony=John/(Matlock)
C 1690sep28 BOWNE Anthony=William/(Matlock)
C 1690nov05 BOWNE Anthony=Anthony/(Matlock)
M 1721mar25 BOWNE Anthony(Matlock)/OSBORNE Ann
C 1721aug06 BOWNE Anthony=John/Mary(Matlock)
M 1724sep19 BOWNE Anthony(Matlock)/STRAW Lydia
M 1752may14 BOWNE Anthony(Matlock)/ALSOP Elizabeth
M 1660apr30 BOWNE Elizabeth(Matlock)/HASSLAM John
M 1661apr23 BOWNE Elizabeth(Matlock)/BOUNTING Robert
M 1662may08 BOWNE Elizabeth(Matlock)/BACKWELL Richard
M 1666jan29 BOWNE Elizabeth(Matlock)/BERDSLEY John
C 1686feb21 BOWNE Elizabeth=William/(Matlock)
B 1730feb22 BOWNE Elizabeth(Matlock) (widow)
B 1731apr02 BOWNE Elizabeth(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1758nov16 BOWNE Elizabeth=(dau)Anthony/(Cromford bridge)
M 1776jan03 BOWNE Elizabeth(Matlock)/SOWTER John
C 1693feb02 BOWNE Ellen=Henry/(Matlock)
M 1684aug31 BOWNE Grace(Matlock)/VICKERS Edward
C 1689nov05 BOWNE Grace=William/(Matlock)
C 1691may08 BOWNE Hannah=Thomas/(Matlock)
B 1729nov28 BOWNE Hannah(Matlock)
C 1686aug08 BOWNE Isaac=Thomas/(Matlock)
C 1709mar20 BOWNE Isaac=John/Mary(Matlock)
C 1742jun20 BOWNE James=Adam/(Matlock)
B 1726aug25 BOWNE John(Matlock)
C 1727oct08 BOWNE John=Anthony/(Matlock)
B 1731jul12 BOWNE John(Matlock)
B 1741aug11 BOWNE John(son)Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1706dec26 BOWNE Lydia=John/Mary(Matlock)
M 1684jun12 BOWNE Margaret(Matlock)/BEDFORD Richard
M 1648may26 BOWNE Mary(Matlock)/HOLLINGWORTH John
C 1691nov05 BOWNE Mary=William/(Matlock)
C 1716jun07 BOWNE Mary=John/(Matlock)
M 1728feb25 BOWNE Mary(Matlock)/LIMM Joseph
M 1735apr14 BOWNE Mary(Matlock)/CARLISLE Samuel
B 1751jun23 BOWNE Mary(dau)William/(Matlock)
C 1743nov27 BOWNE Rachel=Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1716nov09 BOWNE Ruth=Thomas/Walbridge(Matlock)
M 1729nov20 BOWNE Samuel(Matlock)/CHADWICK Rachel
M 1727jun11 BOWNE Susanna(Matlock)/MARTIN William
M 1669nov25 BOWNE Thomas(Matlock)/HOWBROOKE Mary
M 1719jul09 BOWNE Thomas(Matlock)/WALKER Catherine
C 1737nov29 BOWNE Thomas=William/Esther(Matlock)
M 1719apr30 BOWNE Troth(Matlock)/CARDER John
M 1665jul12 BOWNE William(Matlock)/FOX Elizabeth
M 1677jan03 BOWNE William(Matlock)/SPENCER Jane
M 1682oct12 BOWNE William(Matlock)/KNOWLES Anne
C 1714jul11 BOWNE William=George/Catherine(Matlock)
B 1731may22 BOWNE William(Matlock)
C 1739may11 BOWNE William=Anthony/(Matlock)
B 1740apr04 BOWNE William(son)John/(Matlock)
B 1841dec26 BOWNING Elizabeth(Cromford){aged 27}
B 1842nov25 BOWNING William(Matlock Bath){aged 35}
M 1837jun15 BOWSER Elizabeth(Matlock)/MARSH Joseph Comments: (Licence;widower)
M 1793jan14 BRACE Thomas(Wirksworth)/SHORE Mary
B 1783jul18 BRACK William(Cromford)
M 1661jun03 BRACKSHAL Isabel(Matlock)/GREINAL William
M 1647jun03 BRADACK Richard(Matlock)/STEAR Anne
B 1852oct06 BRADBURY Isaac(Scarthinnick){aged 8}
C 1746jan06 BRADEN George=(son)John/(Matlock)
C 1696apr16 BRADFORD Thomas=Robert/Ellen(Matlock)
M 1718jun05 BRADGET William(Matlock)/EVANS Rachel
C 1744dec25 BRADHAM Job=(son)Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1643jul22 BRADLEY Agnes(Matlock)/BRADWALL Edward
M 1710nov11 BRADLEY Alice(Matlock)/BUXTON Richard
B 1826may14 BRADLEY Alice(Scarthinnick){aged 79}
C 1695jun30 BRADLEY Ann=Elijah/(Matlock)
C 1767   BRADLEY Ann=(dau)John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1778nov11 BRADLEY Ann(Matlock)/OGDEN William
M 1791mar14 BRADLEY Ann(Matlock)/ROPER William
C 1795jan18 BRADLEY Ann=Matthew/Dorothy(Matlock)
B 1807jan25 BRADLEY Ann(Matlock){aged 71}
C 1691jan13 BRADLEY Anne=George/(Matlock)
C 1769jul11 BRADLEY Anthony=(son)Henry/Hanah(Matlock)
M 1731may22 BRADLEY Arthur(Matlock)/RICHARDS Ann
C 1734sep01 BRADLEY Arthur=Arthur/(Matlock)
B 1790sep03 BRADLEY Bennitt(Matlock) (widow,pauper)
C 1706aug04 BRADLEY Bethiah=William/Mary(Matlock)
B 1728sep05 BRADLEY Catherine(Matlock)
C 1757nov25 BRADLEY Catherine=Henry/(Matlock)
B 1774jun03 BRADLEY Catherine(dau)Henry/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1740aug18 BRADLEY Dorothy(Matlock)/HOLMES James
C 1774jan02 BRADLEY Dorothy=Henry/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1798may29 BRADLEY Dorothy(Matlock)/WHARTON George
B 1813dec23 BRADLEY Dorothy(Matlock Bank){aged 45}
C 1803may15 BRADLEY Edward=Matthew/(Matlock)
M 1825oct16 BRADLEY Edward(Matlock)/FISHER Sarah Comments: (Banns)
M 1675sep01 BRADLEY Elijah(Matlock)/PIDCOCKE Rachael
M 1748apr19 BRADLEY Elijah(Matlock)/SLACK Ann
C 1684dec07 BRADLEY Elijia=Elijia/Rachel(Matlock)
B 1743oct15 BRADLEY Elina(Matlock)
C 1686jun21 BRADLEY Elizabeth=Elijah/(Matlock)
C 1719apr19 BRADLEY Elizabeth=William/Margery(Matlock)
M 1738dec22 BRADLEY Elizabeth(Matlock)/FLINT Isaac
C 1748mar20 BRADLEY Elizabeth=(dau)Wiliam/(Matlock)
M 1768jan11 BRADLEY Elizabeth(Matlock)/WOODWARD Robert
C 1794apr20 BRADLEY Elizabeth=Henry/Mary(Matlock)
C 1796jul03 BRADLEY Elizabeth=Richard/Ann(Matlock)
M 1819apr26 BRADLEY Elizabeth(Matlock)/BALLINGTON George Comments: (Banns)
C 1764sep09 BRADLEY Esther=(dau)Henry/Ann(Matlock)
B 1765mar09 BRADLEY Esther(dau)Henry/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1767   BRADLEY Esther=(dau)Henry/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1800apr13 BRADLEY Fanny=Matthew/Dorothy(Matlock)
B 1801sep26 BRADLEY Fanny(dau)Mathew/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1804sep30 BRADLEY Fanny=Matthew/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1685aug16 BRADLEY George=George/(Matlock)
C 1693apr25 BRADLEY George=George/(Moor)
M 1720mar01 BRADLEY George(Matlock)/PEARSON Lydia
C 1721mar02 BRADLEY George=George/Lidia(Matlock)
C 1742sep12 BRADLEY George=John/(Matlock)
B 1749mar29 BRADLEY George(Matlock)
B 1750mar19 BRADLEY George(Matlock)
C 1750jun24 BRADLEY George=(son)John/(Matlock)
B 1762jan   BRADLEY George(son)Arthur/(Matlock)
M 1772nov02 BRADLEY George(Matlock)/STORER Sarah
B 1784mar19 BRADLEY George(Matlock) (pauper)
C 1798sep23 BRADLEY George=Richard/Ann(Matlock)
M 1804may14 BRADLEY George(Matlock)/BUXTON Mary
C 1806apr20 BRADLEY George=-/Hannah(Matlock) dob:1806feb26
B 1806sep26 BRADLEY George(Matlock){aged 84}
C 1812oct18 BRADLEY George=Jacob/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1812sep20
B 1814jun29 BRADLEY George(Scarthinnick){aged 35}
C 1732jul16 BRADLEY Grace=John/(Matlock)
B 1765mar20 BRADLEY Grace(wife)John/(Matlock)
C 1783jul15 BRADLEY Grace=Richard/Ann(Matlock)
C 1746dec25 BRADLEY Hanna=(dau)John/(Matlock)
C 1746jun21 BRADLEY Hannah=(dau)William/(Matlock)
C 1759may02 BRADLEY Hannah=(dau)Henry/(Matlock)
B 1775mar11 BRADLEY Hannah(dau)Henry/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1789oct25 BRADLEY Hannah=James/Dolly(Matlock)
C 1792dec30 BRADLEY Hannah=Henry/Mary(Matlock)
B 1793mar13 BRADLEY Hannah(dau)Henry/Mary(Matlock)
M 1797jul04 BRADLEY Hannah(Matlock)/BUCKLEY Edward
B 1807apr05 BRADLEY Hannah(Matlock)
M 1817nov17 BRADLEY Hannah(Wirksworth)/BODEN Anthony Comments: (Banns)
B 1834apr13 BRADLEY Hannah(Matlock){aged 52}
B 1727aug24 BRADLEY Henry(Matlock)
C 1731apr20 BRADLEY Henry=George/Lidia(Matlock)
C 1766jan19 BRADLEY Henry=(son)Henry/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1789oct26 BRADLEY Henry(Matlock)/KING Mary
C 1791jun12 BRADLEY Henry=Henry/Mary(Matlock)
B 1796sep06 BRADLEY Henry(Matlock)
B 1831jul21 BRADLEY Henry(Ashover){aged 40}
C 1706sep08 BRADLEY Isaac=Abraham/(Matlock)
C 1733jun16 BRADLEY James=George/(Matlock)
M 1786feb23 BRADLEY James(Matlock)/STRINGFELLOW Dolly
B 1798jul06 BRADLEY James(Matlock)
M 1823may26 BRADLEY James(Crich)/WYLD Jane Comments: (Banns)
M 1811oct07 BRADLEY Jane(Matlock)/TOMLINSON Samuel
C 1785may22 BRADLEY Jeremiah=Richard/Ann(Matlock)
M 1811jul01 BRADLEY Job(Matlock)/JOHNSON Sarah
M 1667jun03 BRADLEY John(Matlock)/EVINS Mary
C 1714feb28 BRADLEY John=Robert/(Matlock)
M 1721jun13 BRADLEY John(Matlock)/WOODARD Grace
C 1732apr16 BRADLEY John=Arthur/(Matlock)
M 1736nov21 BRADLEY John(Matlock)/BOWLER Elizabeth
C 1737aug28 BRADLEY John=John/(Matlock)
B 1738aug14 BRADLEY John(son)John/(Matlock)
M 1741oct14 BRADLEY John(Matlock)/BLOUNT Margaret
B 1743dec11 BRADLEY John(Matlock)
C 1745apr21 BRADLEY John=(son)John/(Matlock)
M 1754jun10 BRADLEY John(Matlock)[Mason]/WILDGOOSE Sarah
B 1763oct15 BRADLEY John(son)John/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1792oct11 BRADLEY John(son)George/Alice(Matlock)
M 1800nov30 BRADLEY John(Matlock)/MACCONELL Jane
B 1805jan10 BRADLEY John(Matlock)
B 1847aug20 BRADLEY John(Scarthinnick){aged 82}
C 1711nov18 BRADLEY Joseph=Abraham/(Matlock)
C 1716may27 BRADLEY Joseph=Robert/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1759aug03 BRADLEY Joseph=(son)John/(Matlock)
C 1787aug03 BRADLEY Joseph=Richard/Ann(Matlock)
C 1791apr29 BRADLEY Joseph=John/Margery(Matlock)
B 1792feb24 BRADLEY Joseph(son)Richard/Ann(Matlock)
M 1706sep09 BRADLEY Joshua(Matlock)/HOLLINWORTH Hellen
B 1739mar18 BRADLEY Joshua(Matlock)
C 1788sep14 BRADLEY Joshua=George/Alice(Matlock)
C 1684sep28 BRADLEY Josuah=John/Mary(Matlock)
C 1790sep12 BRADLEY Kitty=-/Ann(Matlock)
C 1726nov25 BRADLEY Lidia=George/Lidia(Matlock)
C 1782aug11 BRADLEY Louisa=-/Mary(Matlock)
C 1709dec13 BRADLEY Luke=Abraham/Mary(Matlock)
C 1776may27 BRADLEY Luke=Henry/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1708mar07 BRADLEY Lydia=Abraham/Mary(Matlock)
C 1738mar24 BRADLEY Lydia=John/Grace(Matlock)
C 1746dec25 BRADLEY Lydia=(dau)John/(Matlock)
M 1747dec26 BRADLEY Lydia(Matlock)/BARTON John
C 1765jun02 BRADLEY Lydia=(dau)James/Mary(Matlock)
M 1777sep15 BRADLEY Lydia(Matlock)/KNOWLES Henry
C 1794mar09 BRADLEY Lydia=Richard/Ann(Matlock)
B 1803dec22 BRADLEY Lydia(dau)James/Mary(Matlock)
B 1742may19 BRADLEY Marcy(Matlock)
C 1722apr29 BRADLEY Marey=John/Grace(Matlock)
C 1703dec10 BRADLEY Martha=William/Marina(Matlock)
M 1783jul10 BRADLEY Martha(Matlock)/KNOWLES Adam
B 1855mar06 BRADLEY Martha(Bakewell){aged 77}
C 1696jan29 BRADLEY Mary=George/Mary(Matlock)
C 1697jan17 BRADLEY Mary=George/Mary(Matlock)
M 1699jun22 BRADLEY Mary(Matlock)/MERRIMAN Thomas
C 1716jan06 BRADLEY Mary=William/Margery(Matlock)
C 1716may27 BRADLEY Mary=Robert/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1726sep11 BRADLEY Mary=Robert/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1729mar14 BRADLEY Mary=George/Lidia(Matlock)
C 1748aug28 BRADLEY Mary=(dau)John/(Matlock)
C 1774dec28 BRADLEY Mary=George/Alice(Matlock)
M 1776dec23 BRADLEY Mary(Matlock)/CARDING Michael
B 1784feb27 BRADLEY Mary(wife)James/(Matlock)
B 1785dec08 BRADLEY Mary(dau)George/Alice(Matlock)
C 1788jan20 BRADLEY Mary=James/Dolly(Matlock)
B 1790aug07 BRADLEY Mary(dau)William/Esther(Matlock)
C 1797sep16 BRADLEY Mary=Matthew/Dorothy(Matlock)
B 1800feb26 BRADLEY Mary(wife)John/(Matlock)
B 1800nov09 BRADLEY Mary(Matlock)
B 1819feb24 BRADLEY Mary(Holt Lane){aged 51}
M 1792apr26 BRADLEY Matthew(Crich)/WOODHOUSE Dolly
C 1793mar31 BRADLEY Matthew=Matthew/Dorothy(Matlock)
B 1794feb16 BRADLEY Matthew(son)Matthew/Dorothy(Matlock)
B 1785aug30 BRADLEY Millicent(dau)George/Millicent(Matlock)
C 1720aug14 BRADLEY Nathaniel=Arthur/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1728may12 BRADLEY Rachel(Matlock)
C 1693apr23 BRADLEY Rachell=Elijah/(Matlock)
B 1731jul10 BRADLEY Rhoda(Matlock)
C 1774mar06 BRADLEY Rhoda=John/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1780nov06 BRADLEY Richard(Matlock)/NEAL Ann
B 1743nov03 BRADLEY Robert(Matlock)
C 1708aug02 BRADLEY Rosamund=William/Margery(Matlock)
C 1782oct12 BRADLEY Ruth=George/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1818may31 BRADLEY Samuel=-/Maria (Spurious)
C 1691jul05 BRADLEY Sarah=Arthur/(Matlock)
C 1695mar10 BRADLEY Sarah=Arthur/(Matlock)
C 1705apr22 BRADLEY Sarah=William/Frances(Matlock)
C 1705jun22 BRADLEY Sarah=William/Margery(Matlock)
M 1708jan13 BRADLEY Sarah(Matlock)/LEESE Thomas
B 1730jun13 BRADLEY Sarah(wife)Arthur/(Matlock)
C 1765dec26 BRADLEY Sarah=(dau)John/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1771aug14 BRADLEY Sarah=Henry/Ann(Matlock)
M 1790nov01 BRADLEY Sarah(Matlock)/GREGORY Samuel
B 1804may03 BRADLEY Sarah(wife)John/(Matlock)
C 1813apr08 BRADLEY Sarah=William/Martha(Wards end)[Nailer]
B 1800oct05 BRADLEY Uriah(Matlock)
C 1717aug18 BRADLEY William=Nathan?/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1719mar22 BRADLEY William=Robert/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1729mar15 BRADLEY William(son)John/(Matlock)
B 1730oct13 BRADLEY William(son)John/(Matlock)
B 1734jan13 BRADLEY William(Matlock)
B 1765may14 BRADLEY William(Matlock) (pauper)
B 1785may12 BRADLEY William(Matlock)
C 1789sep13 BRADLEY William=Richard/Ann(Matlock)
B 1839aug11 BRADLEY William(Matlock Bridge){aged inf}
M 1722dec23 BRADLY Ann(Matlock)/LIMM John
M 1638feb15 BRADLY Robert(Matlock)/PEGG Agnes
C 1689jan06 BRADLY William=Elijah/(Matlock)
M 1752jan13 BRADSAW Alice(Matlock)/BROWN Thomas
C 1685oct28 BRADSHAW Anne=Francis/(Matlock)
C 1846jun02 BRADSHAW Charles=Thomas/Mary(Common wood)[Labourer] dob:1846jun01
C 1767   BRADSHAW Diana=(dau)Edward/Mary(Matlock)
C 1731oct15 BRADSHAW Edward=William/(Matlock)
B 1746apr15 BRADSHAW Edward(Matlock)
M 1760jun17 BRADSHAW Edward(Matlock)[Miner]/MELLOR Mary
M 1782nov28 BRADSHAW Edward(Matlock)/WRAGG Sarah
B 1790jul06 BRADSHAW Edward(Matlock)
C 1824apr11 BRADSHAW Edward=Samuel/Sarah(Starkholmes)[Labourer] dob:1824mar15
C 1736apr04 BRADSHAW Elizabeth=Job/(Matlock)
C 1785sep12 BRADSHAW Elizabeth=Edward/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1785oct   BRADSHAW Elizabeth(dau)Edward/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1834feb02 BRADSHAW Elizabeth=Samuel/Sarah(Starkholmes)[Labourer] dob:1834jan01
C 1789feb22 BRADSHAW Ellen=Thomas/Jemimah(Matlock)
B 1789sep07 BRADSHAW Ellen(dau)Thomas/Jemima(Matlock)
C 1837aug30 BRADSHAW Ellen=Thomas/Mary(Matlock)[Labourer]
B 1845may02 BRADSHAW Ellen(Holt Lane){aged 7}
C 1794sep14 BRADSHAW Francis=Thomas/Jemima(Matlock)
C 1846jun02 BRADSHAW Francis=Thomas/Mary(Common wood)[Labourer] dob:1846jun01
C 1785nov13 BRADSHAW Hannah=Robert/Phebe(Matlock)
M 1832jul21 BRADSHAW Hannah(Matlock)/HALLAS Joseph Comments: (Banns)
C 1840oct04 BRADSHAW Hannah=Samuel/Sarah(Starkholmes)[Labourer]
C 1747mar01 BRADSHAW Hellen=(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1780feb28 BRADSHAW Hellen(Matlock)/WHITE Henry
C 1840jan05 BRADSHAW Henry=Thomas/Mary(Common wood)[Servant]
C 1786apr23 BRADSHAW Isaac=William/Ann(Matlock)
C 1828mar09 BRADSHAW James=Samuel/Sarah(Starkholmes)[Labourer] dob:1828feb19
B 1789sep14 BRADSHAW Jemima(dau)Thomas/Jemima(Matlock)
M 1827jul23 BRADSHAW Jemima(Matlock)/CARLINE Samuel Comments: (Banns)
B 1842jan14 BRADSHAW Jemima(Wirksworth){aged 84}
C 1789jan18 BRADSHAW Jeremiah=Job/Phebe(Matlock)
C 1704jul25 BRADSHAW Job=Edward/(Matlock)
B 1771jun01 BRADSHAW Job(Matlock)
M 1783aug28 BRADSHAW Job(Matlock)/CLOWS Phoebe
B 1815feb22 BRADSHAW Job(Starkholmes){aged 70}
C 1838oct28 BRADSHAW Job=Samuel/Sarah(Starkholmes)[Labourer]
C 1766nov30 BRADSHAW John=(son)-/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1785sep12 BRADSHAW John=Edward/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1788aug28 BRADSHAW John(Matlock)/JENNINGS Ruth
C 1798sep09 BRADSHAW John=Job/Phebe(Matlock)
C 1826may21 BRADSHAW John=Samuel/Sarah(Starkholmes)[Labourer] dob:1826apr10
C 1837jul07 BRADSHAW John=George/Rachel(Matlock)[Shoemaker]
C 1835oct25 BRADSHAW Joseph=Samuel/Sarah(Starkholmes)[Labourer] dob:1835sep26
C 1734sep02 BRADSHAW Lydia=William/(Matlock)
C 1743mar13 BRADSHAW Marcey=Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1742nov23 BRADSHAW Marcy(wife)Edward/(Matlock)
C 1714nov01 BRADSHAW Mary=Richard/Anne(Matlock)
M 1770jan29 BRADSHAW Mary(Matlock)/FLINT Jacob
C 1783oct26 BRADSHAW Mary=Job/Phebe(Matlock)
B 1788nov22 BRADSHAW Mary(Matlock) (widow)
C 1797sep16 BRADSHAW Mary=Thomas/Jemima(Matlock)
B 1797dec12 BRADSHAW Mary(dau)Thomas/Jemimah(Matlock)
C 1799sep15 BRADSHAW Mary=Thomas/Jemima(Matlock)
M 1803dec26 BRADSHAW Mary(Matlock)/WOLLEY James
B 1825nov07 BRADSHAW Mary(Starkholmes){aged 5}
C 1830jan10 BRADSHAW Mary=Samuel/Sarah(Starkholmes)[Labourer] dob:1829nov26
B 1843oct22 BRADSHAW Mary(Matlock Bridge){aged inf}
B 1848jul02 BRADSHAW Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 37}
C 1790sep12 BRADSHAW Nathan=John/Ruth(Matlock)
B 1824aug30 BRADSHAW Phobe(Starkholmes){aged 65}
C 1740jul20 BRADSHAW Robert=Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1707apr06 BRADSHAW Samuel=Edward/Mary(Matlock)
C 1796may29 BRADSHAW Samuel=Job/Phebe(Matlock)
C 1727apr02 BRADSHAW Sarah=William/Catherine(Matlock)
C 1783nov30 BRADSHAW Sarah=Edward/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1791feb02 BRADSHAW Sophia=Job/Phebe(Matlock)
C 1743feb27 BRADSHAW Thomas=William/(Matlock)
B 1743feb28 BRADSHAW Thomas(son)William/(Matlock)
M 1785feb14 BRADSHAW Thomas(Matlock)/WAIN Jemima
C 1791mar06 BRADSHAW Thomas=Thomas/Jamimah(Matlock)
B 1815jan09 BRADSHAW Thomas(Bank){aged 65}
M 1832sep23 BRADSHAW Thomas(Matlock)/SHAW Mary Comments: (Banns)
C 1835jul26 BRADSHAW Thomas=Thomas/Mary(Bath)[Labourer] dob:1835jul01
M 1816dec16 BRADSHAW Vinah(Matlock)/SPENCER James Comments: (Banns)
C 1719mar31 BRADSHAW William=Richard/Anne(Matlock)
C 1737nov20 BRADSHAW William=William/(Matlock)
B 1742dec21 BRADSHAW William(Matlock)
C 1833dec01 BRADSHAW William=Thomas/Mary(Bathwood)[Chaise driver] dob:1833nov01
B 1834apr16 BRADSHAW William(Matlock Bath){aged 6m}
M 1643jul22 BRADWALL Edward(Matlock)/BRADLEY Agnes
B 1734oct06 BRADWELL Dorothy(Matlock) (widow)
B 1733jul29 BRADWELL Edward(Matlock)
C 1694nov25 BRADWELL Sarah=Francis/(Matlock)
B 1773may18 BRADWELL William(Matlock)
B 1774dec25 BRAILFORD Elizabeth(Matlock) (widow)
B 1854jan01 BRAILSFORD Ann(Matlock Cliff){aged 84}
B 1834mar26 BRAILSFORD Elizabeth(Matlock Town){aged 85}
M 1810mar12 BRAILSFORD Ellen(Matlock)/BUNTING Leonard
M 1820apr17 BRAILSFORD George(Ashover)/MARRIOTT Hannah Comments: (Banns)
C 1789sep13 BRAILSFORD James=James/Mary(Matlock)
C 1821sep10 BRAILSFORD Job=Daniel/Grace(Matlock)[Stay maker] dob:1818may11
C 1726nov05 BRAILSFORD John=William/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1818sep13 BRAILSFORD John=Isaac/Rose(Tansley)[Turner]
C 1821sep10 BRAILSFORD John=Daniel/Grace(Matlock)[Stay maker] dob:1811jul25
C 1836apr18 BRAILSFORD Joseph=William/Hannah(Chesterfield)[Gardener] dob:1835sep02
C 1834nov16 BRAILSFORD Mary=George/Rachel(Matlock cliff)[Cord wainer] dob:1834oct13
M 1819dec31 BRAILSFORD Millicent(Matlock)/EDWARDS Thomas Comments: (Licence)
B 1837aug28 BRAILSFORD Rachel(Matlock){aged 42}
B 1839jan10 BRAILSFORD Samuel(The Town){aged 93}
C 1733may20 BRAILSFORD Sarah=William/(Matlock)
C 1821sep10 BRAILSFORD Septimus=Daniel/Grace(Matlock)[Stay maker] dob:1815feb14
M 1737aug29 BRAILSFORD Thomas(Matlock)/WATTSON Ann
C 1736nov05 BRAILSFORD William=William/(Matlock)
B 1784apr15 BRALSFORD Mary(Matlock) (widow)
M 1800jan02 BRAMLEY Robert(Wirksworth)/MATHER Grace
M 1823sep15 BRAMLEY Thomas(Matlock)/ASH Mary Comments: (Banns)
M 1724dec01 BRAMWELL Francis(Youlgreave)/BEARD Ann
M 1835oct27 BRANDRETH George(Matlock)/BUCKLEY Ann Comments: (Banns)
B 1800oct31 BRANSHAW Mary(dau)Thomas/Jemimah(Matlock)
M 1807jul06 BRANSON James(Wirksworth)/BODEN Sarah
C 1791may01 BRANSON Sarah=Anthony/Susanna(Matlock)
M 1757dec12 BRASSINGTON William(Duffield)[Collier]/WALL Sarah
C 1840aug24 BRATBY Ann elzbth mary=William/Martha(Matlock bridge)[Grocer]
C 1844jul09 BRATBY Robert henry=William/Martha(Matlock bridge)[Grocer]
B 1842aug14 BRATBY Sarah Jane(Matlock Bridge){aged inf}
C 1842aug01 BRATBY Sarah jane=William/Martha(Matlock bridge)[Grocer]
C 1846sep21 BRATBY Sarah jane=William/Martha(Matlock bridge)[Grocer]
C 1839jun08 BRATBY William=William/Martha(Matlock bridge)[Grocer]
C 1848jan01 BRATBY William=William/Martha(Matlock bridge)[Grocer]
C 1837dec28 BRATHY William=William/Martha(Matlock bridge)[Grocer]
M 1810oct01 BRELSFORD Daniel(St Alks;Derby)/WALKER Grace
C 1848jan16 BRELSFORD George=-/Urania(Cliff)
B 1848nov08 BRELSFORD Hannah(Matlock Town){aged 76}
M 1759sep10 BRELSFORD John(St Werb;Derby)[Taylor]/WALKER Elizabeth
C 1744sep30 BRELSFORD Joseph=(son)William/(Matlock)
C 1852jul11 BRELSFORD Mary elizabeth=Septimus/Susannah(Matlock bridge)[Stay maker]
M 1756jun23 BRELSFORD Sarah(Matlock)/WATSON John Comments: (says 12/1761)
M 1785oct17 BRELSFORD Sarah(Matlock)/BOWLER Thomas
C 1715jun07 BRESTALL Benjamin=Ezra/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1737sep18 BRETLAND Elizabeth(Matlock)/FIDLER James
M 1779feb11 BRETLAND George(Chesterfield)/BOSLEY Elizabeth
C 1850nov24 BRIAN Matilda=-/Ann(Matlock bath)
B 1834apr23 BRICH Martha(Matlock Bath){aged 14m}
B 1807jan09 BRICKLEY Samuel(Matlock){aged 82}
C 1722jun25 BRIDBY Elizabeth=George/Lidiah(Matlock)
B 1847feb06 BRIDDEN Abb(Matlock Bank){aged 72}
C 1844aug25 BRIDDEN Edward=Horatio/Rebecca(Matlock)[Blacksmith]
B 1852oct27 BRIDDEN George(Baslow){aged 82}
B 1730feb02 BRIDDON Adam(Matlock) (infant)
C 1722apr29 BRIDDON Ann=Samuel/Marey(Matlock)
C 1845aug14 BRIDDON Ann susanna=Horatio/Rebecca(Matlock)[Blacksmith]
M 1749jun07 BRIDDON Deborah(Matlock)/HENSTOCK Peter
B 1837nov03 BRIDDON Emily(Matlock Bath){aged 7w}
B 1809oct26 BRIDDON George(son)George/Ann(Matlock){aged 2}
C 1712jun30 BRIDDON Hannah=Richard/Mary(Matlock)
B 1849aug23 BRIDDON Hannah(Lime Tree Lane){aged 28}
B 1815jun30 BRIDDON Harriett(Matlock Bath){aged 1}
M 1735nov17 BRIDDON Humphrey(Matlock)/PARKER Margaret
C 1706dec27 BRIDDON John=Richard/Mary(Matlock)
B 1844aug27 BRIDDON Joseph(Matlock){aged 1w}
C 1850nov03 BRIDDON Louisa=John/Elizabeth(Tansley)[Tape weaver]
C 1704sep11 BRIDDON Mary=Richard/Mary(Matlock)
C 1709nov15 BRIDDON Mary=Richard/Mary(Matlock)
M 1720mar13 BRIDDON Samuel(Matlock)/TAYLOR Mary
B 1727dec19 BRIDDON Samuel(son)Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1856jul28 BRIDDON William=John/Maria(Matlock cliff)[Tape weaver]
C 1844sep15 BRIDGE Elizabeth=Thomas/Harriett(Matlock bank)[Baker]
C 1846nov29 BRIDGE Luke=Thomas/Harriett(Matlock bank)[Baker]
B 1846jul24 BRIDGE Thomas(Matlock Bank){aged 29}
C 1828may31 BRIDGEHOUSE Sarah=John/Ann(Green)[Hatter]
C 1842oct30 BRIDGES Andrew bunting=Thomas/Harriett(Matlock bank)[Baker]
M 1772may16 BRIDGET James(Alfreton)/BARRATT Anne
M 1727may01 BRIELSFORD Ann(Matlock)/FOX Joseph
C 1835sep13 BRIGHT Robert=James/Ellen(Bank)[Joiner] dob:1835jul12
B 1808feb29 BRIGHTMORE Edward(Matlock)
M 1719nov16 BRIGHTMORE Grace(Matlock)/JOHNSON Edward
C 1855jul15 BRIGHTON Charles=John/Sarah(Matlock)[Labourer]
B 1829nov29 BRINDLEY John(Harvey Dale){aged 35}
M 1837jan30 BRINSLEY Elizabeth(Matlock)/BUXTON Thomas Comments: (Licence)
C 1829nov29 BRINSLEY George=John/Elizabeth(Harveydale)[Stage carrier] dob:1828aug28
M 1818nov18 BRINSLEY John(Matlock)/CHADWIN Betty Comments: (Licence)
C 1829nov29 BRINSLEY John=John/Elizabeth(Harveydale)[Stage carrier] dob:1825aug21
B 1838jul12 BRINSLEY John(Matlock){aged 11}
C 1821nov11 BRINSLEY Rebecca=John/Betty(Boathouse)[Publican]
C 1824jul25 BRINSLEY Sarah=John/Betty(Hole lane)[Publican] dob:1824feb17
M 1786apr17 BRITLAND Elizabeth(Matlock)/BODEN Thomas
C 1815aug14 BRITLAND Elizabeth=-/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1814may12 BRITLAND Hannah(Matlock)/WILSON Luke Comments: (Banns)
C 1831oct30 BRITLAND Hannah=Richard/Mary(Matlock town)[Publican] dob:1831oct02
B 1851jan01 BRITLAND Hannah(Darley){aged 19}
M 1810dec31 BRITLAND Jesse(Cromford)/GROWCOT Mary
M 1775sep14 BRITLAND John(Wirksworth)/FOX Elizabeth
B 1852mar30 BRITLAND John(Scarthinnick){aged 2}
M 1808mar15 BRITLAND Joseph(Cromford)/STAVELY Sarah
M 1828sep16 BRITLAND Lydia(Matlock)/OAKLEY William Comments: (Banns)
M 1825nov15 BRITLAND Mark(Sheffield)/BODEN Jane Comments: (Banns)
B 1854dec22 BRITLAND Mary(Toad Hole){aged 50}
M 1801may27 BRITLAND Peter(Wirksworth)/BODEN Hannah
C 1834jun22 BRITLAND Richard=Richard/Mary(Matlock town)[Butcher] dob:1834may27
M 1806nov10 BRITLAND Ruth(Matlock)/BUTLER Joseph
B 1851dec30 BRITLAND Thomas(Scarthinnick){aged 19}
M 1764jan16 BRITLAND William(Wirksworth)[Miner]/LIMB Lydia
M 1828feb04 BRITTLEBANK Abraham(Sheffield)/HAWLEY Dorothy Comments: (Banns)
B 1800nov17 BRITTLEBANK Elizabeth(dau)Francis/Mary(Matlock)
M 1724jun01 BRITTLEBANK Francis(Youlgreave)/DAWSON Alice
C 1808mar20 BRITTON George=George/Ann(Matlock) dob:1808mar19
M 1661jun20 BROADBEND Barbarah(Matlock)/FARMERY Richard
B 1796jun14 BROADHURST James(Matlock)
C 1856jun08 BROADHURST Louisa=Benjamin/Mary ann(Matlock bridge)[Railway clerk]
M 1688oct17 BROCKDALE Stephen(Matlock)/PEARSON Mary
C 1707jun29 BROCKFIELD Joshua=Francis/Millicent(Matlock)
C 1824jan11 BROCKHURST Ann=-/Jane(Matlock) dob:1823dec29
B 1803mar21 BROCKLEHURST Ann(dau)Richard/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1790mar07 BROCKLEHURST Arthur=Richard/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1787jun17 BROCKLEHURST Elizabeth=Richard/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1838aug12 BROCKLEHURST Elizabeth=Richard/Hannah(Riber)[Hatter]
C 1841dec05 BROCKLEHURST Harriet=Richard/Hannah(Starkholmes)[Hatter]
C 1804dec09 BROCKLEHURST Jane=Richard/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1834may14 BROCKLEHURST Jane(Matlock)/YEOMANS Anthony Comments: (Banns)
M 1817dec29 BROCKLEHURST John(Matlock)/SWINSCOW Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
C 1845mar23 BROCKLEHURST John=-/Ann(Matlock)
C 1794apr20 BROCKLEHURST Mary=Richard/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1834nov08 BROCKLEHURST Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 2m}
C 1835oct25 BROCKLEHURST Mary ann=Richard/Hannah(Starkholmes)[Hatter] dob:1835sep15
M 1786dec06 BROCKLEHURST Richard(Matlock)/TAYLOR Sarah
C 1807may17 BROCKLEHURST Richard=Richard/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1807apr24
M 1832feb01 BROCKLEHURST Richard(Matlock)/ROWLAND Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
B 1837oct12 BROCKLEHURST Richard(Matlock){aged 73}
C 1798oct06 BROCKLEHURST Sarah=Richard/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1817dec29 BROCKLEHURST Sarah(Matlock)/VASEY William Comments: (Banns)
C 1796sep11 BROCKLEHURST William=Richard/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1661oct25 BROCKSHA Anne(Matlock)/ROSONNE Anthony Comments: (s of Anthony)
M 1737aug18 BROCKSHAW Dorothy(Matlock)/BOWER Joseph
M 1812nov04 BROCLEHURST Mary(Matlock)/WILDGOOSE Thomas
C 1744jan22 BROCSTONE? John=Richard/(Matlock)
B 1793nov17 BROMLEY Samuel(son)James/Mary(Matlock)
M 1817dec22 BROMWELL Ann(Matlock)/WILSON Thomas Comments: (Banns)
B 1787may28 BROOKER Ann(Matlock)
M 1816jun29 BROOKES Samuel(Matlock)/WRAGG Sarah Comments: (Banns)
M 1669nov25 BROOKFIELD Mary(Matlock)/WARD Robert
M 1731jun03 BROOKFIELD Mary(Matlock)/WAGSTAFF William
B 1856aug27 BROOKHOUSE Sarah(Matlock){aged 71}
M 1731jun09 BROOKS Ann(Matlock)/WILDGOOSE Ralph
B 1741feb23 BROOKS Ann(Matlock) (widow)
M 1770apr04 BROOKS Ann(Matlock)/SHAW Samuel
M 1829sep13 BROOKS Anthony(Matlock)/BROOKS Mary Comments: (Banns)
B 1852nov28 BROOKS Anthony(Matlock Bath){aged 65}
M 1805apr15 BROOKS Dorothy(Matlock)/GREGORY James
M 1809jun15 BROOKS Edward(Matlock)/BUXTON Susan
M 1827oct21 BROOKS Elinor(Matlock)/MARSDEN Joseph H Comments: (Banns)
B 1838jun12 BROOKS Elizabeth(Scarthinnick){aged 15m}
M 1764may10 BROOKS Jane(Wirksworth)/JONES Henry
M 1817jan23 BROOKS Mary(Matlock)/BODEN Anthony Comments: (Banns)
M 1829sep13 BROOKS Mary(Matlock)/BROOKS Anthony Comments: (Banns)
C 1845jun22 BROOKS Peter=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
M 1721nov09 BROOKS Rebekah(Matlock)/WATSON John
B 1851sep29 BROOKS Rosanna(Matlock Bath){aged inf}
M 1807oct13 BROOKS Sarah(Matlock)/ELLIOT Joseph
B 1852apr04 BROOKS Sarah(Matlock Bath){aged 61}
C 1807mar15 BROOKS Thomas=Edward/Mary(Matlock) dob:1807feb25
C 1821apr29 BROOKS Thomas=John/Hannah(Tansley)[Tape weaver]
C 1847jun20 BROOKS Thomas=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock bath)[Labourer]
B 1851apr03 BROOKS Thomas A(Matlock Bath){aged 21} (Anthony)
B 1851oct05 BROOKS Thomas A(Matlock Bank){aged inf} (Anthony)
C 1706dec31 BROOKS William=William/Anne(Matlock)
B 1854mar12 BROOKS Zachariah(Matlock Bath){aged 26}
B 1847apr19 BROUGH Elizabeth(Scarthinnick){aged 60}
M 1835jan15 BROUGH John Bennet(Macclesfield)/SKIDMORE Catherine Comments: (Licence)
M 1786nov02 BROUNT Mary(Matlock)/MELLOR John
B 1850mar24 BROUNT Sarah(Common Wood){aged 1}
C 1840may31 BROWLEY Thomas=Thomas/Mary(Matlock bank)[Framework knitter]
C 1789nov22 BROWN Andrew=Thomas/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1848mar19 BROWN Ann=John/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Gardener]
B 1842aug02 BROWN Catherine(Matlock Bath){aged 52}
C 1812mar08 BROWN Charles=Samuel/Mary(Matlock) dob:1812feb15
C 1820apr09 BROWN Francis=John/Sarah(Bank)[FWK]
C 1787jan28 BROWN Job=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1826may21 BROWN John=John/Sarah(Bank)[Frameworker] dob:1826apr11
B 1845dec25 BROWN John(Matlock Bank){aged 60}
C 1848aug15 BROWN John samuel=-/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1849dec29 BROWN Mary(Cromford){aged 46}
B 1851jan14 BROWN Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 29}
B 1856mar02 BROWN Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 2}
C 1855jan28 BROWN Mary elizabeth=William/Esther(Alderwasley)[Game keeper]
C 1812mar08 BROWN Matilda=Samuel/Mary(Matlock) dob:1810sep30
B 1792feb22 BROWN Mirah(Matlock)
B 1811jan29 BROWN Phebe(widow)Samuel/(Matlock){aged 73}
M 1825aug19 BROWN Samuel(Matlock)/RHODES Hannah Comments: (Banns)
M 1827feb12 BROWN Samuel(Matlock)/ROLLEY Mary Comments: (Banns)
M 1792jul01 BROWN Sarah(Matlock)/KNOWLES George
M 1752jan13 BROWN Thomas(Matlock)/BRADSAW Alice
M 1784apr13 BROWN Thomas(Matlock)/WIGLEY Dorothy
C 1793feb10 BROWN Thomas=Anthony/Susanna(Matlock)
C 1824may30 BROWN Thomas=John/Sarah(Bank)[Framework knitter] dob:1824may08
C 1825sep24 BROWN Thomas=Thomas lambert/Rose(Ruddington)
B 1848feb18 BROWN Thomas(Starkholmes){aged 52}
C 1828apr27 BROWN William=John/Sarah(Bank)[Frameworker] dob:1828mar01
C 1848may01 BROWN William=Thomas/Mary ann(Matlock bank)[Framework knitter]
B 1849mar20 BROWN William(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
C 1856may18 BROWN William edward=William/Esther(Matlock)[Labourer]
C 1850apr07 BROWN William toplis=John/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Gardener]
C 1850mar08 BROWNSON Anne=Charles/Lydia(White house)[Confectioner]
C 1851jun17 BROWNSON Charles=Charles/Lydia(White house)[Confectioner]
C 1854dec24 BROWNSON Francis=Charles/Lydia(Holt lane)[Confectioner]
C 1849apr16 BROWNSON James=Charles/Lydia(White house masson)[Baker]
C 1856jul06 BROWNSON Sarah lydia=Charles/Lydia(Holt lane)[Confectioner]
M 1753aug06 BROWNSON William(Matlock)/GOLD Sarah
M 1704jul13 BRUCKFIELD Francis(Matlock)/ANNABLE Esther
M 1704sep21 BRUCKFIELD Hannah(Matlock)/SUMMERS John
M 1677jun11 BRUCKFIELD Thomas(Matlock)/BOOTH Rebecca
C 1693nov17 BRUCKFIELD Thomas=Thomas/(Matlock)
C 1691oct14 BRUCKFILD Anne=Thomas/(Matlock)
C 1689mar31 BRUCKFILD Roberta=Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1789feb22 BRUFF Samuel(Matlock)/HIFTON Hannah
C 1819nov07 BRUNSLEY Elizabeth=John/Betty(Matlock)[Publican]
C 1844nov07 BRUNT Ellen=Thomas/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1850jun23 BRUNT James=Thomas/Ann(Common wood)[Miner]
M 1737may31 BRUNT John(Matlock)/ASHMORE Elizabeth
C 1848jul23 BRUNT Sarah=Thomas/Ann(Common wood)[Labourer]
C 1853may01 BRUNT William=Thomas/Ann(Snitterton)[Labourer]
M 1715sep25 BRUSIL Ann(Matlock)/PINOR Thomas
B 1829apr26 BRYAN Dorothy(Hasker Lane){aged 64}
C 1841nov14 BRYAN Ellen=Benjamin/Harrietta(Matlock bath)[Guide]
C 1830mar07 BRYAN Emily=Benjamin/Mary(Bath wood)[Shoemaker] dob:1829nov07
B 1854apr16 BRYAN Emily(Matlock Bath){aged 24}
M 1836jun11 BRYAN Jane(Matlock)/SCOTHERN George Comments: (Banns)
M 1831dec24 BRYAN John(Matlock)/HOOLE Elizabeth Comments: (Licence)
B 1838sep02 BRYAN Mary(Matlock Bath){aged 45}
C 1827apr08 BRYAN William benjamin=William/Mary(Bathwood) dob:1827feb15
M 1760jan24 BUCKLE George(Matlock)[Miner]/SPENSER Grace
B 1830feb28 BUCKLEHURST Rebekah(Matlock Bank){aged 21}
B 1828nov02 BUCKLEHURST Sarah(Matlock){aged 52}
B 1757aug18 BUCKLER Mary(wife)Samuel/
C 1795dec27 BUCKLEY Adam=George/Ann(Matlock)
C 1851nov30 BUCKLEY Agnes=Peter/Hannah(Dimple)[Stone cutter]
B 1854jan15 BUCKLEY Agnes(Dimple){aged 2}
B 1852nov28 BUCKLEY Alice(Matlock Bank){aged 1}
M 1832oct01 BUCKLEY Amelia(Matlock)/HURSTHOUSE Francis Comments: (Banns)
C 1789nov01 BUCKLEY Ann=George/Ann(Matlock)
C 1811mar21 BUCKLEY Ann=William/Esther(Matlock) dob:1811mar16
M 1827sep10 BUCKLEY Ann(Matlock)/KNOWLES George Comments: (Banns)
C 1828apr01 BUCKLEY Ann=Adam/Pamela(Bank)[Labourer]
M 1835oct27 BUCKLEY Ann(Matlock)/BRANDRETH George Comments: (Banns)
B 1839mar24 BUCKLEY Ann(Matlock Bank){aged 79}
C 1773dec26 BUCKLEY Anthony=William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1820jul23 BUCKLEY Benjamin=Job/Hannah(Bank)[Farmer]
C 1826jan22 BUCKLEY Betty=-/Jane(Bank) dob:1826jan11
B 1852jan22 BUCKLEY Betty(Matlock Bank){aged 82}
C 1853may15 BUCKLEY Dolly=Job/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1855jan21 BUCKLEY Dolly(Matlock Dale){aged 2}
M 1799feb04 BUCKLEY Dorothy(Matlock)/BLAND George
B 1823may25 BUCKLEY Dorothy(Bank){aged 82}
M 1797jul04 BUCKLEY Edward(Matlock)/BRADLEY Hannah
B 1784sep26 BUCKLEY Elizabeth(Matlock) (widow)
C 1802   BUCKLEY Elizabeth=George/Ann(Matlock)
B 1805may22 BUCKLEY Elizabeth(dau)George/Ann(Matlock)
C 1805jun30 BUCKLEY Elizabeth=George/Ann(Matlock)
B 1822jul05 BUCKLEY Elizabeth(M Bank){aged 38}
M 1825sep11 BUCKLEY Elizabeth(Matlock)/WARD Francis Comments: (Banns)
B 1838may13 BUCKLEY Elizabeth(Matlock Bank){aged 11}
C 1840feb02 BUCKLEY Elizabeth=Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Tailor]
C 1807apr05 BUCKLEY Emily=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1807mar28
C 1843jun08 BUCKLEY Emily=Adam/Pamela(Matlock bank)[Miner]
C 1784jan11 BUCKLEY Esther=George/Ann(Matlock)
C 1811jun10 BUCKLEY Esther=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1811jun01
M 1812may06 BUCKLEY Esther(Matlock)/DERBYSHIRE Jonathan
C 1828sep14 BUCKLEY Esther=George/Martha(Sheffield)[Writer] dob:1825aug03
M 1835may25 BUCKLEY Esther(Matlock)/HURD John Comments: (Banns)
C 1838may27 BUCKLEY Esther=Adam/Pamela ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1830jun20 BUCKLEY Esther derbyshire=John/Anne(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1830may24
C 1737jul03 BUCKLEY George=Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1774jul09 BUCKLEY George(Wirksworth)[Farmer]/TEASDALE Mary Comments: (widow)
M 1782sep09 BUCKLEY George(Matlock)/KNOWLES Ann
C 1787feb11 BUCKLEY George=William/Esther(Matlock)
C 1788sep14 BUCKLEY George=George/Ann(Matlock)
B 1789oct04 BUCKLEY George(son)George/Ann(Matlock)
B 1811feb23 BUCKLEY George(Matlock){aged 49}
C 1812jan09 BUCKLEY George=Isaac/Mary(Matlock) dob:1811dec26
C 1825sep11 BUCKLEY George=Adam/(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1825jun13
B 1846jun21 BUCKLEY George(Matlock Bank){aged 59}
C 1851feb23 BUCKLEY George=George/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1842mar20 BUCKLEY George obediah=Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Taylor]
C 1820sep10 BUCKLEY Georgianna Elzbth=George/Martha(Chesterfield)[Stationer]
C 1732jun11 BUCKLEY Grace=Thomas/(Matlock)
C 1773nov07 BUCKLEY Hannah=John/Rachel(Matlock)
C 1783feb16 BUCKLEY Hannah=George/Ann(Matlock)
M 1801sep12 BUCKLEY Hannah(Matlock)/ROOSE John
C 1818sep13 BUCKLEY Hannah=George/Mary(Cromford)[Miner]
C 1835apr26 BUCKLEY Hannah=Adam/Ann(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1835mar16
C 1847jan09 BUCKLEY Hannah=Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Tailor]
B 1849jun03 BUCKLEY Hannah(Matlock Bank){aged 66}
C 1853jul24 BUCKLEY Hannah=George/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1856may25 BUCKLEY Hannah(Matlock Bank){aged 9}
B 1834may31 BUCKLEY Harriet(Scarthinnick){aged 16}
C 1776jun30 BUCKLEY Isaac=Samuel/Dorothy(Matlock)
B 1843jun30 BUCKLEY Isaac(Matlock Bank){aged 68}
C 1849oct22 BUCKLEY Isaac=Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Tailor]
C 1844dec15 BUCKLEY Isaiah=Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
M 1789jun01 BUCKLEY James(Matlock)/REDFEARN Betty
B 1830mar31 BUCKLEY James(Matlock Bank){aged 44}
B 1850oct18 BUCKLEY James(Matlock Bank){aged 80}
C 1802   BUCKLEY Jane=William/Esther(Matlock)
C 1824sep12 BUCKLEY Jane=George/Martha(Sheffield)[Stationer] dob:1823nov03
M 1832dec27 BUCKLEY Jane(Matlock)/ALLEN James Comments: (Banns)
C 1771apr14 BUCKLEY Job=Samuel/Dorothy(Matlock)
M 1809feb20 BUCKLEY Job(Matlock)/KIDD Hannah
C 1811jun18 BUCKLEY Job=Job/Hannah(Matlock) dob:1811jun18
C 1811dec25 BUCKLEY Job=Job/Hannah(Matlock) dob:1811jun17
B 1829sep14 BUCKLEY Job(Bank){aged 57}
C 1849sep09 BUCKLEY Job=Job/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
M 1765sep09 BUCKLEY John(Matlock)[Miner]/HAWLEY Rachel
C 1765nov10 BUCKLEY John=(son)Samuel/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1770jul08 BUCKLEY John=(son)John/Rachel(Matlock)
C 1785sep12 BUCKLEY John=William/Esther(Matlock)
C 1804sep30 BUCKLEY John=William/Esther(Matlock)
C 1847jan09 BUCKLEY John thomas=George/Mary(Bank)[Labourer]
C 1809nov14 BUCKLEY Joseph=Isaac/Mary(Matlock) dob:1809nov14
C 1818feb22 BUCKLEY Joseph=Job/Hannah(Bank)[Miner]
C 1856jul27 BUCKLEY Joseph=Job/Elizabeth(Matlock dale)[Labourer]
C 1793mar24 BUCKLEY Lydia=George/Ann(Matlock)
C 1813apr18 BUCKLEY Marianna esther=George/Mary(Ashland)[Writing clerk]
C 1786sep24 BUCKLEY Martha=George/(Matlock)
B 1789dec18 BUCKLEY Martha(wife)Thomas/(Matlock)
C 1796mar06 BUCKLEY Martha=William/Esther(Matlock)
B 1797nov24 BUCKLEY Martha(dau)William/Esther(Matlock)
M 1809dec28 BUCKLEY Martha(Matlock)/SPENCER William
C 1810apr22 BUCKLEY Martha=George/Mary(Matlock) dob:1810feb23
M 1818oct18 BUCKLEY Martha(Matlock)/REEVES Thomas Comments: (Licence)
B 1830jun12 BUCKLEY Martha(Matlock Bank){aged 7}
B 1789apr27 BUCKLEY Mary(Matlock) (widow)
C 1794may04 BUCKLEY Mary=William/Ruth(Matlock)
B 1795may04 BUCKLEY Mary(dau)William/Esther(Matlock)
M 1797jun13 BUCKLEY Mary(Matlock)/SPENCER Job
C 1797oct01 BUCKLEY Mary=Edward/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1797nov07 BUCKLEY Mary(dau)Edward/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1814jan23 BUCKLEY Mary=James/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1815aug03 BUCKLEY Mary=Job/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Miner]
B 1817dec30 BUCKLEY Mary(Ashbourn){aged 34}
C 1818feb22 BUCKLEY Mary=Job/Hannah(Bank)[Miner] dob:1815jul31
C 1846mar08 BUCKLEY Mary=Job/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1834may25 BUCKLEY Mary anne=John/Anne(Sheffield)[Labourer] dob:1833oct02
C 1854feb14 BUCKLEY Millicent=Peter/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1766jun22 BUCKLEY Molley=(dau)John/Rachel(Matlock)
C 1765nov21 BUCKLEY Nancy=(dau)Thomas/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1798sep23 BUCKLEY Peter=George/Ann(Matlock)
B 1815nov08 BUCKLEY Peter(Bank){aged 17}
C 1823mar02 BUCKLEY Peter=Charles/Millicent(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1823jan17
C 1850mar17 BUCKLEY Raymond=Peter/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1814jan09 BUCKLEY Rebecca=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Miner]
C 1767   BUCKLEY Ruth=(dau)Samuel/Dorothy(Matlock)
M 1789apr13 BUCKLEY Ruth(Matlock)/SMITH Samuel
C 1810apr22 BUCKLEY Sabina=George/Mary(Matlock) dob:1810feb23
C 1727jul02 BUCKLEY Samuel=Thomas/(Matlock)
C 1759apr25 BUCKLEY Samuel=(son)E?/(Matlock)
C 1794sep14 BUCKLEY Samuel=George/Ann(Matlock)
C 1807sep27 BUCKLEY Samuel=Edward/Hannah(Matlock) dob:1807sep26
C 1825apr17 BUCKLEY Samuel=Charles/Millicent(Matlock)[Miner] dob:1825mar17
B 1837jan04 BUCKLEY Samuel(Cromford){aged inf}
C 1803sep11 BUCKLEY Sarah=Edward/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1803dec22 BUCKLEY Sarah(dau)Edward/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1828sep27 BUCKLEY Sarah=John/Ann(Bank)[Starch maker] dob:1828sep21
C 1833jun02 BUCKLEY Sarah=Adam/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1833apr25
C 1843oct24 BUCKLEY Sarah=-/Mary(Matlock bank)
C 1848nov19 BUCKLEY Sarah ann=George/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1808apr17 BUCKLEY Selina=George/Mary(Matlock) dob:1808feb26
C 1734oct27 BUCKLEY Thomas=Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1760jun26 BUCKLEY Thomas(Matlock)[Miner]/WALL Hannah
C 1770feb11 BUCKLEY Thomas=(son)William/Mary(Matlock)
M 1771jun16 BUCKLEY Thomas(Matlock)/MELLOR Martha
B 1784mar31 BUCKLEY Thomas(Matlock)
C 1785apr03 BUCKLEY Thomas=George/Ann(Matlock)
M 1785jul09 BUCKLEY Thomas(Matlock)/HASLAM Ann
C 1789may31 BUCKLEY Thomas=William/Esther(Matlock)
B 1789sep27 BUCKLEY Thomas(son)William/Esther(Matlock)
M 1805jan28 BUCKLEY Thomas(Matlock)/ROOSE Elizabeth
C 1809sep10 BUCKLEY Thomas=William/Esther(Matlock) dob:1809aug28
B 1809dec03 BUCKLEY Thomas(son)William/Esther(Matlock){aged inf}
B 1820feb05 BUCKLEY Thomas(Bank){aged 85}
C 1829mar08 BUCKLEY Thomas=Charles/Millicent(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1829feb04
B 1855jun24 BUCKLEY Thomas(Matlock Bank){aged 70}
M 1752jun11 BUCKLEY William(Matlock)/ROWSON Mary
M 1785feb20 BUCKLEY William(Matlock)/WILDGOOSE Esther
B 1789mar03 BUCKLEY William(Matlock)
B 1798dec13 BUCKLEY William(son)William/Esther(Matlock)
C 1799nov24 BUCKLEY William=William/Esther(Matlock)
B 1801jun03 BUCKLEY William(son)William/Esther(Matlock)
C 1816jul14 BUCKLEY William=William/Esther(Bank)[Miner]
B 1840jun27 BUCKLEY William(Matlock Bank){aged 80}
B 1848feb15 BUCKLEY William(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
C 1851jun08 BUCKLEY William=Job/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1852apr04 BUCKLEY William(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
C 1847jun13 BUCKLEY William davis=-/Ann(Matlock bank)
M 1726sep05 BUCKLY Thomas(Matlock)/LUDLAM Elizabeth
M 1766mar31 BUCKSTONE Lydia(Matlock)/MARTING George
M 1765nov18 BUCKSTONE Mary(Matlock)/SPENCER Timothy
B 1849jun19 BUDDING James(Matlock){aged inf}
C 1848dec28 BUDDING? James=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Joiner]
M 1784jul04 BULKLEY Ann(Matlock)/WATTS Peter
M 1784sep13 BULKLEY Elizabeth(Matlock)/WEBSTER James
M 1688may27 BULLOCK John(Matlock)/WILSON Ame
M 1822mar24 BULLOCK Joseph(Matlock)/LOMAS Hannah Comments: (Banns)
M 1724jan06 BULLOCK Mary(Winster)/CADMAN Anthony
B 1738apr14 BUNTIN Adam(Matlock)
M 1729nov23 BUNTIN Civil(Matlock)/BUNTIN Job
C 1728sep08 BUNTIN Dorothy=Henry/Bridget(Matlock)
C 1727aug13 BUNTIN Elizabeth=William/(Matlock)
C 1728dec26 BUNTIN Isiah=Henry/Grace(Matlock)
M 1729nov23 BUNTIN Job(Matlock)/BUNTIN Civil
B 1731feb25 BUNTIN John(son)Henry/Grace(Matlock)
C 1771may20 BUNTIN Mary=John/Mary(Matlock)
C 1771jun02 BUNTIN Mary=Isaac/Ann(Matlock)
C 1733jan12 BUNTING Adam=Henery/(Matlock)
M 1757may18 BUNTING Adam(Matlock)[Miner]/WILD Rebecca
C 1758mar12 BUNTING Adam=(son)Adam/(Matlock)
C 1764feb26 BUNTING Adam=(son)John/Ann(Matlock)
M 1775sep11 BUNTING Adam(Matlock)/KNOWLES Mary
C 1783apr13 BUNTING Adam=Joseph/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1786jun05 BUNTING Adam=Adam/Mary(Matlock)
B 1786dec31 BUNTING Adam(son)Adam/Mary(Matlock)
C 1788jan13 BUNTING Adam=Adam/Mary(Matlock)
B 1800feb28 BUNTING Adam(Matlock)
C 1800jun01 BUNTING Adam=Henry/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1808oct08 BUNTING Adam(Matlock)/ASHTON Hannah
C 1811feb17 BUNTING Adam=Adam/Hannah(Matlock) dob:1811jan06
C 1813may30 BUNTING Adam=Joseph/Dorothy(Matlock moor)[Farmer]
B 1816mar10 BUNTING Adam(Matlock Bank){aged 29}
C 1833sep08 BUNTING Adam=Adam/Julia(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1832jul06
C 1834nov09 BUNTING Adam=William/Bridgett(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1834oct11
M 1681jun16 BUNTING Alice(Matlock)/SMITH John
C 1709dec05 BUNTING Alice=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)
C 1759feb15 BUNTING Alice=(dau)Joseph/(Matlock)
C 1769feb19 BUNTING Alice=(dau)William/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1784dec12 BUNTING Alice(dau)/Sarah(Matlock) (widow)
C 1785dec04 BUNTING Alice=Job/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1786jan29 BUNTING Alice=Joseph/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1812nov15 BUNTING Alice(Matlock)/PEARSON Thomas
C 1793mar03 BUNTING Andrew B=Job/Elizabeth(Matlock) (Blackwell)
B 1856mar21 BUNTING Andrew B(Lime Tree Lane){aged 63} (Blackwell)
M 1695jul25 BUNTING Ann(Matlock)/KILHARE Thomas
C 1734mar20 BUNTING Ann=-/Bridget(Matlock)
C 1736sep05 BUNTING Ann=Henry/Grace(Matlock)
C 1771jan13 BUNTING Ann=Thomas/Katherine(Matlock)
B 1773aug23 BUNTING Ann(wife)Isaac/(Matlock)
M 1774sep12 BUNTING Ann(Matlock)/LIMB Joseph
M 1775may08 BUNTING Ann(Matlock)/BODEN John
C 1795jun21 BUNTING Ann=Adam/Mary(Matlock)
C 1796jan21 BUNTING Ann=John/Lydia(Matlock)
B 1796oct14 BUNTING Ann(dau)John/Lydia(Matlock)
B 1798jun27 BUNTING Ann(Matlock) (widow)
M 1801dec02 BUNTING Ann(Matlock)/HALL Charles
B 1818jul19 BUNTING Ann(Matlock){aged 47}
C 1820sep11 BUNTING Ann=Thomas/Hannah(Bank)[Miner]
C 1828mar15 BUNTING Ann=Robert/Isabella(Lumsdale)[Labourer] dob:1828feb20
B 1835jun07 BUNTING Ann(Cromford){aged 40}
M 1836may23 BUNTING Ann(Matlock)/SLATER John Comments: (Banns)
C 1837jul23 BUNTING Ann=James/Ann(Tansley)[Labourer]
C 1841may16 BUNTING Ann=Anthony/Hannah(Matlock bath)[Labourer]
B 1853jan05 BUNTING Ann(Matlock Bank){aged 15}
M 1665apr13 BUNTING Anne(Matlock)/HAW George
C 1706jul14 BUNTING Anne=Robert/Anne(Matlock)
C 1708feb18 BUNTING Anne=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)
C 1711aug02 BUNTING Anne=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1704mar01 BUNTING Anthony=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1729aug01 BUNTING Anthony(Matlock)
C 1734jun02 BUNTING Anthony=William/(Matlock)
C 1766mar16 BUNTING Anthony=(son)William/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1789apr12 BUNTING Anthony=Adam/Mary(Matlock)
B 1808nov11 BUNTING Anthony(Matlock){aged 19}
C 1819jun06 BUNTING Anthony=Joseph/Dorothy(Bank)[Labourer]
M 1837mar28 BUNTING Anthony(Matlock)/FRECK Hannah Comments: (Banns)
B 1847apr30 BUNTING Bathia(Matlock Bank){aged 21}
C 1750feb28 BUNTING Beatrice=(dau)William/(Matlock)
M 1774oct17 BUNTING Beatrice(Matlock)/BARTON John
C 1826mar19 BUNTING Bething=Robert/Isabella(Lumsdale)[Miner] dob:1826feb15
C 1739mar28 BUNTING Catherine=Benjamin/(Tansley)
C 1816mar24 BUNTING Catherine=Job/Mary(Starkholmes)[Labourer]
B 1828oct04 BUNTING Catherine(Matlock){aged 81}
B 1852dec26 BUNTING Charles(Matlock Bank){aged 12}
M 1818dec20 BUNTING Charlotte(Matlock)/PASHLEY John Comments: (Banns)
C 1819sep12 BUNTING Christianna=-/Hannah(Bank)
C 1834jul20 BUNTING Christianna=George/Hannah(Matlock green)[Mason] dob:1834jun07
B 1735feb10 BUNTING Ciril(wife)Job/(Matlock)
C 1746may23 BUNTING Dorothy=(dau)Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1758dec26 BUNTING Dorothy(Matlock)/BOUM Thomas^  Status:(,25/,)
C 1804sep09 BUNTING Dorothy=Joseph/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1821mar11 BUNTING Dorothy=George/Mary(Tansley)[Weaver]
M 1835nov30 BUNTING Dorothy(Matlock)/COMBS Thomas Comments: (Banns)
C 1839jan13 BUNTING Dorothy=Adam/Jul(Tagg hill end)[Labourer]
M 1675mar25 BUNTING Edward(Matlock)/KIRKE Hellon
C 1684nov03 BUNTING Edward=Edward/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1787jan21 BUNTING Edward=Job/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1827feb11 BUNTING Edwin=Thomas/Hannah(Bank)[Miner] dob:1825nov28
M 1806nov26 BUNTING Eleana(Matlock)/JOHNSON Samuel
B 1773mar13 BUNTING Eleanora(Matlock) (widow)
C 1839jun23 BUNTING Eliza=Robert/Isabella(Lumsdale)[Bleacher]
M 1696may20 BUNTING Eliza.(Matlock)/AMET Richard
M 1671may27 BUNTING Elizabeth(Matlock)/MATHER William
C 1698apr10 BUNTING Elizabeth=Thomas/Susannah(Matlock)
B 1727aug29 BUNTING Elizabeth(dau)William/(Matlock)
B 1736feb04 BUNTING Elizabeth(dau)William/(Matlock)
M 1738may11 BUNTING Elizabeth(Matlock)/LOMAS Francis
B 1742dec20 BUNTING Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1747oct03 BUNTING Elizabeth(Matlock)/BUNTING John
B 1749jun29 BUNTING Elizabeth(Matlock) (widow)
C 1750feb02 BUNTING Elizabeth=(dau)Joseph/(Matlock)
B 1782aug29 BUNTING Elizabeth(wife)Peter/(Darley)
B 1787dec02 BUNTING Elizabeth(wife)Isaac/(Matlock)
C 1787dec30 BUNTING Elizabeth=Peter/Susanna(Matlock)
C 1790nov28 BUNTING Elizabeth=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1796feb27 BUNTING Elizabeth(dau)/Ann (widow)
B 1805jan28 BUNTING Elizabeth(Matlock) (pauper)
C 1810jun17 BUNTING Elizabeth=Leonard/Ellen(Matlock) dob:1810jun07
M 1814feb28 BUNTING Elizabeth(Matlock)/WILD George Comments: (Banns)
M 1828dec24 BUNTING Elizabeth(Matlock)/BALL John Comments: (Banns)
B 1836nov06 BUNTING Elizabeth(Matlock){aged 79}
B 1837jan15 BUNTING Elizabeth(Matlock Bath){aged 54}
B 1838aug28 BUNTING Elizabeth(Starkholmes){aged 49}
C 1841apr17 BUNTING Elizabeth=William/Mary(Westminster MDX)[Stone mason]
C 1842dec18 BUNTING Elizabeth=William/Mary(Matlock)[Mason]
C 1827oct07 BUNTING Ellen=Thomas/Ann(Tansley)[Tapeweaver] dob:1827sep05
C 1837mar12 BUNTING Ellen=Robert/Isabella(Lumsdale)[Labourer]
B 1792feb17 BUNTING Esther(wife)George/(Matlock)
C 1798apr08 BUNTING Fanny=-/Mary(Matlock)
M 1817oct12 BUNTING Fanny(Matlock)/ROWSON William Comments: (Banns)
C 1685jun14 BUNTING George=Jonathan/(Matlock)
M 1792jan06 BUNTING George(Matlock)/MATHER Easther
C 1806sep28 BUNTING George=John/Lydia(Matlock) dob:1806sep21
C 1822jan13 BUNTING George=William/Jane(Tansley)[Labourer] dob:1821oct26
M 1833sep11 BUNTING George(Matlock)/HURSTHOUSE Hannah Comments: (Banns)
B 1842sep19 BUNTING George(Matlock){aged inf}
C 1846jan25 BUNTING George=George/Susanna(Starkholmes)[Miner]
C 1849feb11 BUNTING George=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Shoemaker]
B 1849dec30 BUNTING George(Scarthinnick){aged 2}
B 1852oct02 BUNTING George(Starkholmes){aged 6}
B 1853mar13 BUNTING George(Starkholmes){aged 47}
C 1694nov11 BUNTING Grace=William/(Matlock)
M 1696aug06 BUNTING Grace(Matlock)/PEARSON Richard
B 1729oct21 BUNTING Grace(Matlock) (widow)
C 1789sep13 BUNTING Grace=Isaac/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1808nov06 BUNTING Grace=Adam/Hannah(Matlock) dob:1808oct09
B 1827nov11 BUNTING Grace(Matlock Bath){aged 19}
C 1704jan25 BUNTING Hannah=John/Ann(Matlock)
C 1742sep01 BUNTING Hannah=Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1756jan15 BUNTING Hannah(Matlock)/NEAL Jeremiah^  Status:(,23/,)
C 1768oct16 BUNTING Hannah=(dau)Isaac/Ann(Matlock)
C 1784dec19 BUNTING Hannah=-/Susanna(Matlock)
C 1786apr16 BUNTING Hannah=Peter/Susanna(Matlock)
B 1799apr18 BUNTING Hannah(Matlock)
M 1799aug22 BUNTING Hannah(Matlock)/BOWN John
C 1815feb26 BUNTING Hannah=Joseph/Dorothy(Matlock moor)[Farmer]
B 1823jul03 BUNTING Hannah(Bank){aged 7}
M 1823sep14 BUNTING Hannah(Wirksworth)/WOOD Thomas Comments: (Banns)
B 1839feb12 BUNTING Hannah(Matlock Green){aged 44}
C 1841apr22 BUNTING Hannah=Adam/Julia(Matlock)[Labourer]
C 1843apr09 BUNTING Hannah=Anthony/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1844mar07 BUNTING Hannah=Robert/Rebecca(Matlockbank)[Bleacher]
B 1845aug30 BUNTING Hannah(Matlock){aged 39}
C 1847sep25 BUNTING Hannah=William/Mary(Matlock)[Stone mason]
B 1851jan05 BUNTING Hannah(Lime Tree Lane){aged 60}
C 1831jan23 BUNTING Harriet=William/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Labourer] ([Baptism before Birth!!]) dob:1831oct21
C 1798apr08 BUNTING Harriett=Joseph/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1845aug17 BUNTING Harriett=Anthony/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
M 1675jul10 BUNTING Henry(Matlock)/SWIFT Sarah
C 1686dec26 BUNTING Henry=William/(Matlock)
C 1697jul04 BUNTING Henry=Andrew/Jane(Matlock)
M 1715may08 BUNTING Henry(Matlock)/GREENHOUGH Grace
M 1723apr10 BUNTING Henry(Matlock)/YOUNG Bridget
B 1774nov20 BUNTING Henry(Matlock)
M 1799jun03 BUNTING Henry(Matlock)/NEEDHAM Elizabeth
B 1850jan20 BUNTING Henry(Matlock Bank){aged 1}
C 1715sep18 BUNTING Isaac=Andrew/Grace(Matlock)
M 1767jun01 BUNTING Isaac(Matlock)/HOLLINGWOTH Ann
M 1774feb14 BUNTING Isaac(Matlock)/GREGORY Elizabeth
M 1777sep15 BUNTING Isaac(Matlock)/WRAGG Esther
M 1788feb19 BUNTING Isaac(Matlock)/WARD Hannah
B 1791feb20 BUNTING Isaac(son)Peter/(Matlock)
C 1793dec29 BUNTING Isaac=Joseph/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1784nov28 BUNTING Isabel=Job/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1815oct15 BUNTING Isabella=Leonard/Ellen(Matlock)[Labourer]
C 1783feb23 BUNTING Isiah=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1741feb17 BUNTING Jacob(son)Henry/(Matlock)
B 1741may24 BUNTING James(Matlock) (pauper)
C 1785jan02 BUNTING James=Thomas/Catherine(Matlock)
C 1804jun03 BUNTING James=John/Lydia(Matlock)
C 1824aug13 BUNTING James=Robert/Isabel(Lumsdale)[Miner] dob:1824jul07
M 1829mar05 BUNTING James(Matlock)/GOODALL Eliza Comments: (Banns)
C 1855mar17 BUNTING James=Adam/Mary(Matlock)[Miner] (Tag Hill End)
B 1856aug23 BUNTING James(Matlock){aged 1}
C 1847apr12 BUNTING Jane=James/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
M 1733apr29 BUNTING Job(Matlock)/ADAMS Elizabeth
M 1735nov26 BUNTING Job(Matlock)/WILD Grace
B 1741nov22 BUNTING Job(Matlock)
B 1762jan   BUNTING Job(Matlock)
M 1782dec12 BUNTING Job(Matlock)/MATHER Elizabeth
C 1798sep16 BUNTING Job=Joseph/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1808nov09 BUNTING Job(Matlock){aged 48}
M 1815apr23 BUNTING Job(Matlock)/BATTERLEY Mary Comments: (Banns)
C 1822aug04 BUNTING Job=Job/Mary(Cromford)[Cotton spinner] dob:1822jul15
B 1764oct03 BUNTING Jobe(Matlock)
M 1669may17 BUNTING John(Matlock)/PIDCOCK Margaret
M 1672jan25 BUNTING John(Matlock)/TAYLOR Sarah
C 1695nov30 BUNTING John=John/Ann(Matlock)
M 1703feb03 BUNTING John(Matlock)/WALKER Hannah
C 1704jul16 BUNTING John=William/(Matlock)
C 1717jul14 BUNTING John=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1718may28 BUNTING John=-/Mary(Matlock)
B 1737feb28 BUNTING John(Matlock)
M 1742aug09 BUNTING John(Matlock)/MARCHART Margret Comments: (or Mary?)
C 1742nov20 BUNTING John=Isaac/(Matlock)
B 1742nov27 BUNTING John(son)Isaac/(Matlock)
C 1747mar21 BUNTING John=(son)Isaac/(Matlock)
M 1747oct03 BUNTING John(Matlock)/BUNTING Elizabeth
B 1748jul19 BUNTING John(son)Isaac/(Matlock)
M 1759jul02 BUNTING John(Matlock)[Miner]/WRAGG Ann
B 1763aug02 BUNTING John(Matlock Green)
C 1769jan03 BUNTING John=(son)Thomas/Catherine(Matlock)
M 1770aug28 BUNTING John(Ashover)/TAYLOR Mary
B 1775may15 BUNTING John(Matlock)
C 1776mar05 BUNTING John=John/Mary(Matlock)
B 1784aug26 BUNTING John(Matlock) (pauper)

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