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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Matlock Parish Registers 1637-1856

16,000 Baptisms, Marriages and Burials are listed here from the Matlock Parish Registers. Transcription by Bernie Freeman and Ivor Neal (Marriages). At present there are many gaps, but hopefully these will be filled when we have the time.
Indexing is by surname, allowance should be made for variations in spelling.

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C=Christening, M=Marriage, B=Burial
B 1846mar22 HOLMES Thomas(Matlock Bath){aged 30}
B 1793mar08 HOLMES Truth(Matlock) (widow)
C 1767   HOLMES William=(son)Anthony/Glinda(Matlock)
M 1770apr16 HOLMES William(Darley)/CARDIN Ann
M 1802nov29 HOLMES William(Darley)/JACKSON Grace
M 1811nov24 HOLMES William(Wirksworth)/STATHAM Sarah
C 1840may31 HOLMES William=George/Mary(Tansley)[Broom maker]
M 1833sep20 HOLROYD Jane(Matlock)/THORNHILL William Rodgers Comments: (Licence)
M 1831dec24 HOOLE Elizabeth(Matlock)/BRYAN John Comments: (Licence)
M 1833jun08 HOPE William(Manchester)/BUXTON Elizabeth Comments: (Licence)
C 1814sep11 HOPKINSON Ann=Titus/Mary(Ashover)[Labourer]
C 1767jan06 HOPKINSON John=(son)John/Rebecca(Matlock)
M 1734apr04 HOPKINSON Lydia(Ashover)/MARRIOT George
M 1779may10 HOPKINSON Mary(Ashover)/WALTON William
M 1641nov01 HOPKINSON Richard(Matlock)/ALSOPPE Elizabeth
M 1686jun11 HOPKINSON Sarah(Matlock)/ALSOP John
M 1823jun02 HOPKINSON Thomas(Matlock)/HOLE Ann Comments: (Banns)
M 1813apr06 HOPKINSON Titus(Morton)/WRAGG Mary Comments: (Licence)
C 1845aug24 HORNE Rosa sabina=Thomas/Selina(Sheffield)[Butcher]
C 1844may05 HORNE Selina mry louisa=Thomas/Selina(Sheffield)[Butcher]
M 1829sep13 HORNET Peter(Matlock)/CARLINE Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
M 1836oct22 HORNET Peter(Matlock)/CAVE Jane Comments: (Banns;widower)
B 1808jun17 HORNET Sarah(Matlock){aged 48}
B 1839feb13 HORNETT Elizabeth(Matlock Bank){aged 7}
C 1839mar10 HORNETT Sarah=Peter/Ann(Matlock bath)[Paper maker]
B 1846jan04 HORNETT Sarah(Matlock Bath){aged 73}
B 1814mar16 HORSLEY Mary(Castle Top){aged 72}
B 1852jan22 HORSTHOUSE Hannah(Matlock){aged 70}
M 1770apr16 HORSTUS Samuel(Darley)/WILDGOOSE Ann
C 1815oct22 HORTON Marie=Enoch/Mary(Matlock)
C 1815oct22 HORTON Mary ann=Enoch/Mary(Matlock) dob:1813jan23
M 1720jun09 HOTCHKINSON Elizabeth(Matlock)/MILLS James
B 1818mar21 HOUGHTON Phoebe(Wirksworth){aged 69}
C 1689oct20 HOULD Hannah=Roland/(Matlock)
M 1822may30 HOULGATE John(Leeds)/SMEDLEY Mary Ann Comments: (Licence)
B 1742mar21 HOULME George(Matlock) (pauper)
B 1743feb06 HOULMS Martha(Matlock)
C 1743nov06 HOULONS Elizabeth=Rowland/(Matlock)
C 1742nov07 HOULONS James=James/(Matlock)
C 1743feb27 HOULONS Rachel=Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1742oct10 HOULONS Thomas=Robert/(Matlock)
M 1809may25 HOUNSTONE Elizabeth(Matlock)/COOK John
B 1808mar03 HOUSEHOWS Ann(dau)Richard/Isabella(Matlock){aged 2} (late Isabella)
C 1823jun05 HOVIT? John=John/Mary(Buxton)[Clerk]
M 1832jul16 HOWARD Elizabeth(Matlock)/RAILTON James Comments: (Banns)
B 1838apr05 HOWARD Rebecca(Matlock Bank){aged 76}
C 1841nov26 HOWARD Sarah ann=Charles/Mary ann(Taddington)[Farmer]
B 1850dec02 HOWARD Thomas(Matlock){aged 75}
C 1813may30 HOWARD William=George/Jane(Matlock bath)[Labourer]
M 1761dec16 HOWBROOK Ellen(Matlock)/WALKER Job
M 1669nov25 HOWBROOKE Mary(Matlock)/BOWNE Thomas
C 1836sep18 HOWBRUCH George=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Miller] dob:1836sep01
C 1833jan26 HOWBRUCH Sarah=John/Elizabeth(Tansley)[Weaver] dob:1832sep17
C 1834sep14 HOWBRUCK Charles=John/Elizabeth(Starkholmes)[Smallware weaver] dob:1834aug28
C 1784feb29 HOWLEY? William=Adam/Grace(Matlock)
M 1786apr16 HUCKTON Rachel(Matlock)/SLATER Edward
C 1807apr05 HUDDLESTONE Betsy=James/Mary(Matlock) dob:1807mar24
B 1807apr14 HUDDLESTONE Betty(Matlock){aged inf}
M 1800oct29 HUDSON James(Matlock)/SUMMERS Ann
C 1835mar29 HUGHES James=-/Elizabeth(Tansley moor)[Labourer] dob:1833mar23
C 1836apr24 HUGHES Joseph=William/Elizabeth(Tansley moor)[Labourer] dob:1836mar16
C 1839apr21 HUGHES Mary=William/Elizabeth(Tansley)[Labourer]
M 1828jul01 HUGHES William(Matlock)/GUEST Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
C 1835mar29 HUGHES William=William/Elizabeth(Tansley moor)[Labourer] dob:1834oct07
C 1811jun27 HUMPHRIES Deborah=John/Hannah(Matlock) dob:1811jun25
M 1823sep09 HUNT Barbara(Matlock)/THORNEWILL Robert Comments: (Licence)
B 1735jul13 HUNT Elizabeth(Matlock) (widow)
B 1829may12 HUNT Mary(Holloway){aged 21}
M 1801feb12 HUNT Sarah(Matlock)/BIBBY Joseph
M 1721jan23 HUNT Thomas(Matlock)/PAULSON Mary
C 1693sep24 HUNTER Isabell=Joseph/(Matlock)
C 1840may11 HURD Aaron=Daniel/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Stone mason]
B 1840may17 HURD Aaron(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
M 1806dec15 HURD Ann(Matlock)/ASHTON Joseph
C 1853jan09 HURD Ann=John/Ann(Matlock bank)[Stone mason]
C 1842jan30 HURD Ann stoppard=Daniel/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Stone mason]
M 1701jan18 HURD Benjamin(Matlock)/BOWN Hannah
C 1739may09 HURD Benjamin=Joseph/(Matlock)
B 1763oct26 HURD Benjamin(Matlock)
C 1769sep10 HURD Benjamin=(son)Benjamin/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1808nov06 HURD Benjamin(Matlock){aged 78}
C 1818oct18 HURD Cornelius john=John/Maria(Bank)[Farmer]
M 1799mar11 HURD Daniel(Matlock)/REDFERN Lydia
C 1808apr17 HURD Daniel=Daniel/Lydia(Matlock) dob:1807dec16
B 1848jan20 HURD Daniel(Matlock Bank){aged 40}
B 1848feb03 HURD Daniel(Matlock Bank){aged 70}
C 1821jan21 HURD Eliza=Daniel/Lydia(Bank)[Mason]
M 1783dec21 HURD Elizabeth(Matlock)/MEGDARRIEL William
B 1788mar12 HURD Elizabeth(Ashover) (widow)
C 1806aug17 HURD Elizabeth=-/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1816apr21 HURD Elizabeth=Daniel/Lydia(Bank)[Mason]
B 1848may28 HURD Elizabeth(Matlock Bank){aged 32}
C 1701dec03 HURD Hannah=Benjamin/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1745jul07 HURD Hannah=(dau)Joseph/(Matlock)
C 1802   HURD Hannah=Daniel/Lydia(Matlock)
C 1750dec25 HURD James=(son)?/(Matlock)
B 1784jul14 HURD James(Matlock)
C 1813oct17 HURD James=Daniel/Lydia(Matlock bank)[Mason]
B 1849jun24 HURD James(Matlock Bank){aged 35}
M 1791dec07 HURD Jane(Matlock)/PORTER William
C 1800mar23 HURD Jane=-/Ann(Matlock)
M 1822may27 HURD Jane(Matlock)/WRIGHT George Comments: (Banns)
C 1783dec21 HURD John=John/Jane(Matlock)
C 1786jan08 HURD John=Henry/Ann(Matlock)
B 1789apr26 HURD John(Matlock)
M 1815dec24 HURD John(Matlock)/GELL Ann Comments: (Banns)
M 1835may25 HURD John(Matlock)/BUCKLEY Esther Comments: (Banns)
C 1846feb15 HURD John=John/Ann(Matlock bank)[Stone mason]
B 1846feb19 HURD John(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
C 1748jul03 HURD Joseph=(son)Joseph/(Matlock)
B 1765may31 HURD Joseph(son)Joseph/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1788sep14 HURD Joseph=John/Jane(Matlock)
B 1793aug07 HURD Joseph(Matlock)
C 1804nov18 HURD Lydia=Daniel/Lydia(Matlock)
M 1834nov12 HURD Lydia(Matlock)/MARRIOTT Samuel Comments: (Banns)
B 1836dec24 HURD Lydia(Matlock Bank){aged 58}
C 1845oct19 HURD Lydia=James/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Stone mason]
B 1846aug04 HURD Lydia(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
B 1848apr08 HURD Lydia(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
C 1741feb22 HURD Marcy=Joseph/(Matlock)
B 1856may21 HURD Maria(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
M 1769nov23 HURD Mary(Matlock)/WHITE Job
C 1842sep29 HURD Mary=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Stone mason]
C 1849jun03 HURD Mary=John/Ann(Matlock bank)[Stone mason]
M 1822may30 HURD Mary Ann(Matlock)/WILDGOOSE John Comments: (Banns)
C 1799sep08 HURD Mary ann=Daniel/Lydia(Matlock)
C 1843dec24 HURD Robert daniel=Daniel/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Stone mason]
C 1743feb15 HURD Ruth=Joseph/(Matlock)
C 1707oct09 HURD Samuel=Benjamin/Mary(Matlock)
C 1775apr25 HURD Samuel=Benjamin/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1786jun01 HURD Sarah=John/Jane(Matlock)
B 1816dec11 HURD Sarah(Bank){aged 83}
M 1821nov26 HURD Sarah(Matlock)/SHEPPARD Samuel Comments: (Banns)
C 1847may23 HURD Sarah=John/Ann(Matlock bank)[Stone mason]
B 1826may28 HURDY William(Dimple){aged 72}
C 1846may06 HURST George=Joseph/Ann[Labourer]
C 1705may06 HURSTHOUSE Ann=Richard?/Ellen(Matlock)
B 1764nov06 HURSTHOUSE Ann(Matlock)
C 1774mar20 HURSTHOUSE Ann=Samuel/Ann(Matlock)
M 1792jul04 HURSTHOUSE Ann(Matlock)/SHARP John
M 1797dec19 HURSTHOUSE Ann(Matlock)/WOOD Mark
C 1805oct26 HURSTHOUSE Ann=(dau)Richard/Isabella(Matlock)
C 1812aug09 HURSTHOUSE Ann=Samuel/Susanna(Matlock) dob:1809oct11
M 1812sep21 HURSTHOUSE Ann(Matlock)/FOX John
C 1815jan08 HURSTHOUSE Ann=Joseph/Anne(Hurst)[Labourer]
C 1837jul30 HURSTHOUSE Ann=Francis/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Stone cutter]
B 1838mar04 HURSTHOUSE Ann(Matlock Bank){aged 8m}
C 1853oct25 HURSTHOUSE Ann=Lawrence/Jame(Matlock green)[Carter]
B 1856apr06 HURSTHOUSE Ann(Matlock Green){aged 2}
C 1705jul20 HURSTHOUSE Anne=Francis/Hellen(Matlock)
C 1831oct16 HURSTHOUSE Anne=Samuel/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1831sep15
C 1853apr17 HURSTHOUSE Boden=William/Lydia(Matlock bank)[Dyer]
B 1837oct18 HURSTHOUSE Brilly(Matlock Bank){aged 2}
B 1809dec02 HURSTHOUSE Deborah(wife)John/(Matlock){aged 24}
M 1833aug26 HURSTHOUSE Deborah(Matlock)/HOLMES John Comments: (Banns)
C 1704feb06 HURSTHOUSE Elizabeth=John/Ellen(Matlock)
B 1755nov12 HURSTHOUSE Elizabeth(dau)Samuel/
C 1758nov06 HURSTHOUSE Elizabeth=(son)Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1772may31 HURSTHOUSE Elizabeth=Samuel/Ann(Matlock)
C 1787oct21 HURSTHOUSE Elizabeth=Richard/Isabel(Matlock)
M 1791oct31 HURSTHOUSE Elizabeth(Matlock)/ASH John
M 1809dec25 HURSTHOUSE Elizabeth(Matlock)/CARDIN Samuel
C 1828jul28 HURSTHOUSE Elizabeth=Thomas/Martha(Bank)[Butcher] dob:1828jun13
C 1845sep14 HURSTHOUSE Elizabeth=Samuel/Mary(Matlock bank)[Higgler]
C 1852sep26 HURSTHOUSE Elizabeth=Francis/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Stone getter]
B 1729jun19 HURSTHOUSE Ellen(Matlock)
B 1798jan21 HURSTHOUSE Ellen(dau)Richard/Isabella(Matlock)
B 1802jun20 HURSTHOUSE Ellen(Matlock) (widow)
C 1815aug14 HURSTHOUSE Ellen=John/Hannah(Tansley)[Labourer]
M 1833dec24 HURSTHOUSE Ellen(Matlock)/ALWOOD Samuel Comments: (Banns)
B 1837may07 HURSTHOUSE Ellen(Magson){aged 77}
B 1850jan27 HURSTHOUSE Ellen H(Matlock Bank){aged 2} (Hannah)
C 1847may09 HURSTHOUSE Ellen hannah=Michael/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1834dec07 HURSTHOUSE Emily(Matlock Bank){aged 27}
C 1844sep08 HURSTHOUSE Emma=Michael/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1844nov29 HURSTHOUSE Emma(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
C 1834dec07 HURSTHOUSE Esther=Francis/Emily(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1833aug17
B 1853dec21 HURSTHOUSE Esther(Matlock Bank){aged 20}
M 1703jul18 HURSTHOUSE Francis(Matlock)/WALKER Ellen
B 1728aug26 HURSTHOUSE Francis(Matlock)
C 1744sep03 HURSTHOUSE Francis=(son)Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1747dec27 HURSTHOUSE Francis(son)Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1758jan29 HURSTHOUSE Francis=(son)Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1784oct03 HURSTHOUSE Francis=Samuel/Ann(Matlock)
M 1785jun06 HURSTHOUSE Francis(Matlock)/SMITH Hannah
M 1800feb03 HURSTHOUSE Francis(Matlock)/BLACKWELL Ellen
M 1804feb13 HURSTHOUSE Francis(Matlock)/BALL Elizabeth
C 1812aug09 HURSTHOUSE Francis=Samuel/Susanna(Matlock) dob:1807may04
C 1825nov20 HURSTHOUSE Francis=Joseph/Ann(Hurst)[Labourer] dob:1825oct23
M 1828sep16 HURSTHOUSE Francis(Matlock)/PARKIN Hannah Comments: (Licence)
M 1832oct01 HURSTHOUSE Francis(Matlock)/BUCKLEY Amelia Comments: (Banns)
C 1833jan27 HURSTHOUSE Francis=Samuel/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1833jan08
B 1835may10 HURSTHOUSE Francis(Masson Side){aged 11m}
M 1837jan23 HURSTHOUSE Francis(Matlock)/WILDGOOSE Elizabeth Comments: (Banns;widower)
B 1838apr05 HURSTHOUSE Francis(Matlock Bank){aged 81}
C 1850may05 HURSTHOUSE Francis=Francis/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1852jan08 HURSTHOUSE Francis(Matlock Bank){aged 1}
C 1856mar02 HURSTHOUSE Francis=Lawrence/Jane(Matlock green)[Miller]
B 1856mar23 HURSTHOUSE Francis(Matlock Green){aged inf}
C 1834sep01 HURSTHOUSE Frank=Francis/Hannah(Masson side)[Farmer] dob:1834jun06
C 1808jun12 HURSTHOUSE George=Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1808may15
C 1815mar26 HURSTHOUSE George=-/Susanna dob:1813may02
C 1852may30 HURSTHOUSE George=-/Ann(Matlock bank)
B 1853mar04 HURSTHOUSE George(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
C 1715may29 HURSTHOUSE Godfrey=Francis/Ellen(Matlock)
B 1799apr02 HURSTHOUSE Hannah(Matlock)
M 1801dec28 HURSTHOUSE Hannah(Matlock)/CARDIN John
B 1817jun10 HURSTHOUSE Hannah(Lumsdale){aged 49}
M 1833sep11 HURSTHOUSE Hannah(Matlock)/BUNTING George Comments: (Banns)
B 1834sep01 HURSTHOUSE Hannah(Masson Side){aged 26}
C 1838jun24 HURSTHOUSE Hannah=Samuel/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1843mar16 HURSTHOUSE Hannah=Francis/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1852aug14 HURSTHOUSE Hannah(Matlock Bank){aged 9}
C 1740oct04 HURSTHOUSE Helen=John/(Matlock)
C 1707may22 HURSTHOUSE Hellen=Francis/Hellen(Matlock)
B 1748jan03 HURSTHOUSE Hellen(Matlock)
M 1776dec02 HURSTHOUSE Hellen(Matlock)/WILDGOOSE Ralph
C 1845sep21 HURSTHOUSE Herbert=Francis/Elizabeth(Matlock banl)[Labourer]
B 1807sep11 HURSTHOUSE Isabella(Matlock)
M 1821sep10 HURSTHOUSE Isabella(Matlock)/BUNTING Robert Comments: (Banns)
C 1838oct14 HURSTHOUSE James=Michael/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1710jan06 HURSTHOUSE John=Francis/Hellen(Matlock)
M 1751apr08 HURSTHOUSE John(Matlock)/OGDEN Elizabeth
C 1784aug08 HURSTHOUSE John=Richard/Isabel(Matlock)
B 1788apr26 HURSTHOUSE John(son)/Ann(Matlock) (widow)
M 1806apr07 HURSTHOUSE John(Matlock)/WILDGOOSE Deborah
B 1814jun15 HURSTHOUSE John(Tansley){aged inf}
C 1816dec03 HURSTHOUSE John=Joseph/Ann(Hurst)[Labourer]
B 1817jul20 HURSTHOUSE John(Tansley){aged 33}
C 1817sep28 HURSTHOUSE John=Joseph/Ann(Hurst)[Labourer]
B 1819may20 HURSTHOUSE John(Bank){aged 21}
C 1826nov19 HURSTHOUSE John=-/Susan(Bank)
B 1840may17 HURSTHOUSE John(The Hurst){aged 23}
C 1789oct04 HURSTHOUSE Joseph=Richard/Isabel(Matlock)
M 1813jan18 HURSTHOUSE Joseph(Matlock)/PORTER Ann Comments: (Banns)
C 1814jul13 HURSTHOUSE Joseph=John/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1819mar14 HURSTHOUSE Joseph=Joseph/Ann(Hurst)[Labourer]
B 1854mar12 HURSTHOUSE Joseph(Matlock Bank){aged 22}
C 1829oct18 HURSTHOUSE Lawrence=Samuel/Mary(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1829sep24
C 1826nov19 HURSTHOUSE Mary=-/Susan(Bank)
C 1834feb16 HURSTHOUSE Mary=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)[Labourer] dob:1834feb03
C 1847nov21 HURSTHOUSE Mary=Francis/Elizabeth(Matlock bak)[Labourer]
B 1856oct22 HURSTHOUSE Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 8}
C 1809apr16 HURSTHOUSE Michael=John/Deborah(Matlock) dob:1809mar22
C 1823sep14 HURSTHOUSE Millicent=Samuel/Mary(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1823mar14
C 1835apr12 HURSTHOUSE Millicent=Samuel/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1835mar18
B 1854feb08 HURSTHOUSE Rebecca(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
C 1854feb14 HURSTHOUSE Rebecca=Francis/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Stone getter]
M 1781sep11 HURSTHOUSE Richard(Matlock)/OGDEN Isabel
C 1794jan05 HURSTHOUSE Richard=Richard/Isabel(Matlock)
B 1806oct05 HURSTHOUSE Richard(Matlock){aged 13}
M 1811feb26 HURSTHOUSE Richard(Matlock)/BEAUMONT Hannah
B 1813jul04 HURSTHOUSE Richard(Hurst){aged inf}
B 1837feb12 HURSTHOUSE Richard(Lumsdale){aged 24}
C 1842jun19 HURSTHOUSE Richard=Michael/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1720aug14 HURSTHOUSE Samuel=Francois/Elen(Matlock)
M 1743may23 HURSTHOUSE Samuel(Matlock)/JOHNSON Hellen
C 1747mar29 HURSTHOUSE Samuel=(son)Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1776may19 HURSTHOUSE Samuel=Samuel/Ann(Matlock)
B 1785may01 HURSTHOUSE Samuel(son)Ellen/(Matlock) (widow)
C 1805jul07 HURSTHOUSE Samuel=Francis/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1807feb22 HURSTHOUSE Samuel=John/Deborah(Matlock)
B 1809feb19 HURSTHOUSE Samuel(Matlock){aged 23}
C 1812aug09 HURSTHOUSE Samuel=Samuel/Susanna(Matlock) dob:1812jul21
M 1823jan20 HURSTHOUSE Samuel(Matlock)/SLATER Mary Comments: (Banns)
C 1828aug18 HURSTHOUSE Samuel=Samuel/Mary(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1828aug01
C 1831mar06 HURSTHOUSE Samuel=Joseph/Anne(Hirst hill)[Labourer] dob:1830dec29
C 1840sep20 HURSTHOUSE Samuel=Samuel/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1684nov01 HURSTHOUSE Sarah=-/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1734mar23 HURSTHOUSE Sarah(Matlock)
C 1795sep22 HURSTHOUSE Sarah=Richard/Isabella(Matlock)
M 1814jul27 HURSTHOUSE Sarah(Matlock)/MARSDEN George Comments: (Banns)
C 1823oct05 HURSTHOUSE Sarah=Joseph/Ann(Hurst)[Labourer] dob:1823sep13
C 1828dec26 HURSTHOUSE Sarah=Thomas/Hannah(Masson)[Farmer] dob:1828dec24
C 1829sep27 HURSTHOUSE Sarah=Francis/Hannah(Common wood)[Miner] dob:1825dec24
B 1854jun21 HURSTHOUSE Sarah Ann(Matlock Bank){aged 20}
B 1826dec08 HURSTHOUSE Susan(Bank){aged 49}
C 1782aug18 HURSTHOUSE Thomas=Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1807mar08 HURSTHOUSE Thomas=Francis/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1807feb06
C 1812aug09 HURSTHOUSE Thomas=Samuel/Susanna(Matlock) dob:1811jul11
M 1828jan22 HURSTHOUSE Thomas(Matlock)/KNOWLES Martha Comments: (Banns)
C 1834dec07 HURSTHOUSE Thomas=Francis/Emily (decd)(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1834nov23
B 1835jul07 HURSTHOUSE Thomas(Matlock Bank){aged 8m}
C 1839apr21 HURSTHOUSE Thomas=Francis/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1821aug19 HURSTHOUSE William=Joseph/Ann(Lumsdale)[Labourer]
C 1837mar17 HURSTHOUSE William=Samuel/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1837mar10
B 1837mar25 HURSTHOUSE William(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
C 1850sep15 HURSTHOUSE William=William/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1852jul11 HURSTHOUSE William henry=Lawrence/Jane(Matlock green)[Labourer]
M 1781feb23 HURT Catherine(Alderwasley)/HOLCOMBE George Comments: (rector of Matlock)
M 1802oct27 HURT Francis(Wirksworth)/ARKWRIGHT Elizabeth
C 1824nov30 HURT George=John fr thos/Mary(Boston NTT)[Clerk] dob:1824oct21
M 1822aug06 HURT John Francis Thomas(Beeston)/WOLLEY Mary Comments: (Licence;consent)
C 1712aug06 HURTT? William=John/Bridgit(Matlock)
M 1834jan01 HURWARD Mary(Matlock)/WATSHALL Peter Comments: (gent;Licence)
B 1811apr07 HUTCH Elizabeth(dau)Joseph/Ann{aged 14}
M 1833jan29 HUTSON Elizabeth(Matlock)/YOUNG William Comments: (Banns)
C 1846nov15 HYDE Mary ann=Joseph/Martha(Matlock cliffe)[Basket maker] dob:1832mar31
B 1839oct31 HYNES Michael(Matlock Bank){aged 3}
M 1703apr09 IBARD Benit(Matlock)/PEARSON Henry
C 1855oct16 INGALL George edwin=Samuel/Mary(Matlock bridge)[Gentleman]
C 1854feb20 INGALL Mary isabel=Samuel/Mary(Matlock bridge)[Gentleman]
M 1718feb04 INNOCENT Hugh(Matlock)/BLAND Elizabeth
B 1763sep04 INNOCENT Mary(Matlock) (drowned)
M 1799apr15 IRELAND Sarah(Matlock)/DAVIS Anthony
C 1770apr23 IRON Martha=(dau)Joseph/Phoebe(Matlock)
C 1789jul05 JACKSON Abigail=William/Grace(Matlock)
B 1790aug29 JACKSON Abigal(dau)William/Grace(Matlock)
M 1779feb15 JACKSON Ann(Matlock)/CARDER John
B 1788feb15 JACKSON Ann(wife)William/(Matlock)
M 1796may12 JACKSON Ann(Matlock)/DERBYSHIRE Joseph
B 1804jan09 JACKSON Ann(dau)/Sarah(Scarthinnick)
C 1811sep29 JACKSON Charles=Charles/Mary(Matlock) dob:1811sep05
M 1777dec01 JACKSON Elizabeth(Matlock)/BLACKWELL Andrew Comments: (or Sheffield)
B 1824jan18 JACKSON Elizabeth(Cliff){aged 63}
B 1827nov24 JACKSON George M(Woodseats){aged 1} (Mather)
M 1802nov29 JACKSON Grace(Matlock)/HOLMES William
C 1839aug30 JACKSON Horace=Horace/Mary ann(Matlock)
B 1853sep04 JACKSON Isaac(Matlock){aged 11m}
M 1666feb09 JACKSON John(Matlock)/WIGLEY Anne
B 1828oct25 JACKSON Martha(Scarthinnick){aged 35}
M 1802oct05 JACKSON Mary(Matlock)/MARGINSON James
C 1813oct14 JACKSON Mathew=Charles/Mary(Lumsdale)
M 1797nov27 JACKSON Patience(Matlock)/KEELING James
C 1791aug07 JACKSON Sarah=-/Grace(Matlock) (Widow)
M 1788aug24 JACKSON William(Matlock)/SWINSCOT Grace
B 1791feb22 JACKSON William(Matlock)
B 1802nov23 JACKSON William(Matlock)
C 1830sep12 JACKSON William=John/Rebekah(Tansley)[Wood turner] dob:1830apr15
C 1772jun14 JACQUES An=Joseph/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1799feb18 JACQUES Ann(Matlock)/COTTRELL John
B 1838mar04 JACQUES Elizabeth(Matlock Bank){aged 72}
C 1764feb26 JACQUES Francis=(son)Joseph/Ellin(Matlock)
C 1772apr12 JACQUES George=John/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1792apr02 JACQUES Job(Matlock)/WILMOT Elizabeth
M 1765apr09 JACQUES John(Matlock)[Labourer]/BOOMER Hannah
M 1763apr14 JACQUES Joseph(Matlock)[Farmer]/WHEATCROFT Elizabeth
M 1777oct29 JACQUES Richard(Matlock)/BOAM Elizabeth
B 1840sep27 JACQUES William(Riber){aged 74}
C 1814dec11 JAMES Ann=Nathaniel/Lucy(Tansley)[Cotton spinner]
C 1745mar24 JAMES Elizabeth=(dau)Thomas/(Matlock)
B 1757jul23 JAMES Elizabeth(dau)Thomas/
M 1777sep15 JAMES George(Matlock)/GOSLIN Deborah
M 1746oct02 JAMES Hannah(Matlock)/SCORER Thomas
C 1747mar15 JAMES Hannah=(dau)Thomas/
M 1774jan25 JAMES Hannah(Matlock)/WILDGOOSE Michael
B 1790aug20 JAMES Jane(Matlock) (widow)
C 1850dec08 JAMES John=Thomas/Elizabeth(Lumsdale)[Labourer]
C 1759jul26 JAMES Martha=(dau)Thomas/(Matlock)
B 1843oct02 JAMES Mary(Wirksworth){aged 74}
C 1749apr30 JAMES Phoebe=(dau)Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1743nov01 JAMES Thomas(Matlock)/SCORER Jane
B 1810jun25 JAMES Thomas(Matlock)
B 1846sep26 JANNEY Betty(Matlock Bank){aged 69}
B 1816feb19 JANNEY Jemima(Matlock Bank){aged 61}
M 1818jun24 JANNEY Joseph(Matlock)/RAWSON Betty Comments: (Licence)
C 1821sep16 JANNEY Joseph=Joseph/Elizabeth(Bank)[Mason] dob:1819sep05
B 1853sep08 JANNEY William(Matlock Bank){aged 26}
B 1820may14 JAQUEEN John(Riber){aged 76}
B 1819jan03 JAQUEEN Richard(Cliffside){aged 68}
C 1797sep17 JAQUES Adam=Isiah/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1789mar06 JAQUES Benjamin(son)John/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1783jul16 JAQUES Elizabeth(dau)Joseph/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1823may09 JAQUES Elizabeth(Cliff){aged 78}
B 1833nov03 JAQUES Ellen(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
M 1711oct10 JAQUES Francis(Matlock)/LOW Sarah
B 1740feb05 JAQUES Francis(Matlock)
C 1741mar15 JAQUES Francis=Richard/(Matlock)
B 1828apr15 JAQUES Francis(Riber){aged 55}
M 1798jul24 JAQUES George(Matlock)/WAIN Lydia
B 1805oct20 JAQUES Hannah(Matlock)
C 1793feb24 JAQUES Jane=Job/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1823sep30 JAQUES Jane(Tansley){aged 29}
C 1766mar26 JAQUES Job=(son)John/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1798sep16 JAQUES John=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1738jan06 JAQUES Joseph=Richard/(Matlock)
C 1790nov21 JAQUES Joseph=Isiah/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1792sep09 JAQUES Kitty=Isaiah/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1824mar15 JAQUES Lizabeth(Riber){aged 83}
B 1836apr01 JAQUES Mary(Tansley){aged 65}
B 1784feb06 JAQUES Samuel(son)John/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1730apr15 JAQUES Sarah(wife)Francis/(Matlock)
C 1735apr20 JAQUES Sarah=Richard/(Matlock)
B 1751feb16 JAQUES Sarah(dau)Richard/(Matlock)
C 1784may31 JAQUES Sarah=Richard/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1795apr19 JAQUES Sarah=Job/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1837sep29 JAQUES Thomas(Matlock){aged 41}
C 1765dec29 JAQUES William=(son)Joseph/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1714oct28 JAQUESS Mary=Francis/Mary(Matlock)
C 1717mar24 JAQUEST Ann=Francis/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1855nov11 JARVISWORTH Hannah E(Scarthinnick){aged 5} (Elizabeth)
B 1841jul17 JAUSNARD? Ann(Matlock){aged 32}
M 1776nov04 JEBSON Jonathan(Cromford)/SOWTER Sarah
B 1798nov30 JENKINSON Hannah(dau)John/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1795aug16 JENKINSON John(son)John/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1804apr13 JENKINSON John(Matlock)
M 1801feb11 JENNAY Joseph(Matlock)/CARSON Jemima
M 1788aug28 JENNINGS Ruth(Matlock)/BRADSHAW John
C 1851oct19 JENNY John=William/Mary ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1843jan27 JEPSON Joshua(Matlock Bath){aged 51}
B 1843may07 JEPSON Mary(Scarthinnick){aged 55}
M 1812nov23 JEPSON Sarah(Tansley;Crich)/SLATER Francis
C 1827feb11 JEPSON William=Joshua/Mary(Matlock bath)[Ostler] dob:1827jan11
C 1833jan26 JERRAM John=Francis/Anne(Tansley)[Labourer] dob:1832dec24
C 1823aug17 JERRISON Daniel=John/Elizabeth(Lumsdale)[Whitesmith] dob:1823jul17
C 1827may20 JERRISON Joseph=John/Elizabeth(Lumsdale)[Whitesmith]
C 1825jul10 JERRISON Sarah=John/Elizabeth(Lumsdale)[Whitesmith] dob:1825jun10
C 1823aug17 JERRISON William=John/Elizabeth(Lumsdale)[Whitesmith] dob:1820oct28
M 1828jun15 JESSOP Ann Yeomans(Matlock)/BARTON Robert Comments: (Licence)
C 1766apr13 JOANES? Ruth=(dau)Henry/Jane(Matlock)
M 1833jul25 JOCELYN Frances(Sawbridgeworth;Herts)/BARHAM Lord Charles Noel Comments: (Special Licence)
C 1715may08 JOHNSON Adam=Edward/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1741oct11 JOHNSON Adam(Matlock)
C 1811jun16 JOHNSON Adam=John/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1811may18
B 1842dec01 JOHNSON Ana(Cliffe){aged 47}
B 1729apr24 JOHNSON Ann(Matlock) (widow)
C 1793mar31 JOHNSON Ann=Joshua/Ann(Matlock)
B 1820mar19 JOHNSON Ann(Cliff){aged 62}
M 1823nov24 JOHNSON Ann(Matlock)/WATSON George Comments: (Banns)
C 1851jun08 JOHNSON Ann=John/Hannah(Tansley cliff)[Tape weaver]
C 1757aug17 JOHNSON Anne=William/(Matlock)
M 1818may10 JOHNSON Anthony(Wirksworth)/YOUNG Ann Comments: (Banns)
M 1719nov16 JOHNSON Edward(Matlock)/BRIGHTMORE Grace
B 1745dec30 JOHNSON Edward(Matlock)
C 1757oct23 JOHNSON Edward=Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1775jan08 JOHNSON Edward=John/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1784mar30 JOHNSON Edward(son)John/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1837jun11 JOHNSON Elizabeth=Joshua/Mary(Tansley)[Wood turner] dob:1837apr18
B 1839feb19 JOHNSON Elizabeth(Matlock Bath){aged 1}
B 1853dec08 JOHNSON Elizabeth(Cliff){aged 74}
M 1680jan13 JOHNSON Emanuel(Matlock)/HEATH Anne
B 1756jan01 JOHNSON Grace
C 1764oct14 JOHNSON Hannah=(dau)Samuel/Ann(Matlock)
B 1765dec22 JOHNSON Hannah(dau)Samuel/Ann(Matlock)
M 1801oct26 JOHNSON Hannah(Wirksworth)/PEARSON James
M 1822mar20 JOHNSON Hannah(Matlock)/ELSE Joseph Comments: (Banns)
M 1743may23 JOHNSON Hellen(Matlock)/HURSTHOUSE Samuel
C 1839sep01 JOHNSON Isaac=Joshua/Mary(Tansley)[Wood turner]
M 1828jun19 JOHNSON Jane(Matlock)/DIXON Richard Comments: (Banns)
M 1770oct16 JOHNSON John(Matlock)/BARTON Sarah
M 1776aug13 JOHNSON John(Wirksworth)/DAWSON Hannah
M 1818nov07 JOHNSON John(Matlock)/BODEN Hannah Comments: (Banns)
M 1832dec10 JOHNSON John(Matlock)/GREGORY Sarah Comments: (Banns)
M 1692mar30 JOHNSON Joseph(Matlock)/BEIGHTON Mary
B 1736sep01 JOHNSON Joseph(Matlock)
C 1720feb14 JOHNSON Joshua=Joshua/Grace(Matlock)
M 1777mar31 JOHNSON Joshua(Sojourner)/YOOUNG Susanna
M 1781jul02 JOHNSON Joshua(Matlock)/FOX Lidea
M 1783dec10 JOHNSON Joshua(Matlock)/SMITH Ann
B 1787mar22 JOHNSON Joshua(Matlock)
C 1790nov28 JOHNSON Joshua=Joshua/An(Matlock)
C 1813may23 JOHNSON Joshua=-/Ann(Riber)
B 1844sep08 JOHNSON Joshua(Matlock Cliff){aged 81}
C 1722mar22 JOHNSON Marey=Edward/Grace(Matlock)
C 1716jan22 JOHNSON Mary=Adam/Mary(Matlock)
M 1740dec27 JOHNSON Mary(Matlock)/KEY Thomas
M 1810jul09 JOHNSON Mary(Matlock)/ADAMS Robert
C 1814apr17 JOHNSON Mary=John/Elizabeth(Tansley)[Cotton spinner]
B 1842feb24 JOHNSON Mary(Cliffe){aged inf}
C 1848jul30 JOHNSON Mary ann=-/Eliza(Cliff)
C 1784may23 JOHNSON Richard=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1666oct11 JOHNSON Rowland(Matlock)/PEARSON Mary
C 1702nov22 JOHNSON Samuel=Adam/Mary(Matlock)
C 1767   JOHNSON Samuel=(son)Joshua/Mercy(Matlock)
B 1798may13 JOHNSON Samuel(Matlock) (pauper)
M 1806nov26 JOHNSON Samuel(Ashbourne)/BUNTING Eleana
M 1779aug16 JOHNSON Sarah(Matlock)/WALTON John
C 1788nov16 JOHNSON Sarah=Joseph/Ann(Matlock)
M 1811jul01 JOHNSON Sarah(Matlock)/BRADLEY Job
C 1821nov25 JOHNSON Sarah=-/Ann(Cliff)
M 1784mar18 JOHNSON Susanna(Matlock)/YOUNG Samuel
C 1766feb09 JOHNSON Thomas=(son)Joshua/Mary(Matlock)
M 1777aug20 JOHNSON Thomas(Matlock)/NORTON Elizabeth^  Status:(,21/,)
C 1838aug26 JOHNSON Thomas=-/Sarah(Tansley)
M 1796mar07 JOHNSON William(Matlock)/SHAW Rebecca
C 1830sep12 JOHNSON William=-/Ann(Cliffside)
C 1845may12 JOHNSON William=John/Hannah(Cliff)[Weaver]
B 1845may14 JOHNSON William(Cliffe){aged inf}
C 1846apr26 JOHNSON William=John/Hannah(Bank)[Labourer]
C 1825feb15 JOHNSTON Elizabeth=John/Hannah(Bank)[Frameworker] dob:1825jan01
B 1776apr05 JOHNSTON Grace(Matlock) (widow)
B 1772feb23 JOHNSTON Mary(wife)Joshua/(Matlock)
C 1769jan01 JONES Ann=(dau)Henry/Jane(Matlock)
B 1785jan26 JONES Ann(Matlock) (widow)
M 1787may28 JONES Ann(Matlock)/WRAGG John
B 1803jul15 JONES Ann(dau)Henry/Rebekah(Matlock)
B 1820sep24 JONES Ann(Scarthinnick){aged 11}
C 1783jan05 JONES Christopher=Henry/Jane(Matlock)
M 1829may18 JONES Christopher(Matlock)/CARDING Mary Comments: (Banns)
B 1824aug23 JONES Elizabeth(Lea in Ashover){aged 34}
B 1834jul05 JONES Gamaliel(Matlock Bath){aged 85}
B 1850jan04 JONES George(Matlock Bank){aged 49}
B 1782jul02 JONES Hannah(dau)Henry/Jane(Matlock)
B 1809dec13 JONES Hannah(dau)James/Hannah(Matlock){aged 2}
B 1848jun17 JONES Hannah(Matlock){aged 23}
M 1764may10 JONES Henry(Matlock)[Miner]/BROOKS Jane
M 1794apr21 JONES Henry(Matlock)/SWINSCOT Rebecca
B 1818mar08 JONES Henry(Scarthinnick){aged 53}
C 1744dec   JONES James=(son)John/(Matlock)
C 1771may26 JONES James=Henry/Joan(Matlock)
M 1795dec25 JONES James(Matlock)/WOODWARD Martha
B 1802apr01 JONES James(son)James/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1815jun24 JONES Jane(Scarthinnick){aged 76}
B 1740mar03 JONES John(son)John/(Matlock)
B 1764dec26 JONES John(Matlock)
C 1820dec03 JONES John=Peter/Mary(Starkholmes)[Hatter]
C 1785jan02 JONES Joseph=Henry/Jane(Matlock)
M 1807feb02 JONES Joseph(Matlock)/HODKIN Martha
C 1789jul12 JONES Luke=Henry/Jane(Matlock)
B 1791jan23 JONES Luke(son)Henry/Jane(Matlock)
B 1813mar24 JONES Maria(Cromford){aged 10}
M 1736jun28 JONES Mary(Matlock)/TWIGG Jonathan
C 1776jul07 JONES Mary=Job/Mary(Matlock)
B 1846apr17 JONES Mary(Dronfield){aged 40}
B 1790apr08 JONES Peter(son)Henry/Jane(Matlock)
C 1796sep11 JONES Peter=James/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1836jun29 JONES Rebecca(Scarthinnick){aged 70}
B 1798may20 JONES Ruth(dau)Henry/Rebekah(Matlock)
C 1774mar30 JONES Samuel=Henry/Jane(Matlock)
C 1786sep10 JONES Samuel=Henry/Mary(Matlock)
M 1822may26 JONES Samuel(Matlock)/CHADWICK Grace Comments: (Banns)
C 1794sep14 JONES Sarah=Henry/Rebecca(Matlock)
B 1813dec21 JONES Sarah(Cromford){aged 19}
B 1820apr19 JONES Sussan(Scarthinnick){aged 50}
C 1815dec25 JONISON Elizabeth=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1718jan16 JONSON Jane=Joshua/Grace(Matlock)
C 1685jun24 JONSON Philiriah?=Emanuel/(Matlock)
M 1796oct24 JULLIEN Mary Anne Harriet(Matlock)/ALLEN David Bird
M 1832sep10 KARG Maria(Matlock)/BALL Joseph Comments: (Banns)
M 1694oct10 KARNEL Eliz.(Matlock)/TAYLER Thomas
M 1684apr10 KEAY Sarah(Matlock)/BERDSLEY Joseph
C 1852jul11 KEELING Arthur reginald=George/Lucy(Matlock bank)[Plumber & glazier]
C 1775oct01 KEELING Betty=Richard/Rebecca(Matlock)
C 1855feb16 KEELING Clara=George/Lucy(Matlock bank)[Plumber & glazier]
M 1737jul03 KEELING Hannah(Matlock)/TWIGG William
M 1797nov27 KEELING James(Winster)/JACKSON Patience
C 1846may24 KEELING James harrison=George/Lucy(Matlock bank)[Glazier]
M 1786nov16 KEELING John(Youlgreave)/WRIGHT Rachael
M 1721oct19 KEELING Mary(Matlock)/AYRE Thomas
M 1773apr26 KEELING Richard(Youlgreave)/BOWN Rebecca
C 1844apr01 KEELING Thomas john=George/Lucy(Matlock bank)[Plumber,glazier]
M 1798feb19 KEER James(Matlock)/WESTON Ann
M 1828jul24 KEETLEY Jonathan Warren(St Alks;Derby)/TAYLOR Sarah Comments: (Licence;consent)
B 1730mar29 KEMP Rebecca(dau)Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1811jun25 KENDAL Mary(Matlock)/SPENCER Griffin
M 1733aug07 KENDRICK Henry(Matlock)/WARFIELD Mary
B 1825dec09 KENNEY Hannah(Bath Wood){aged 21}
M 1807dec28 KERLINE James(Matlock)/BARTON Mary
C 1746jul13 KEY An=(dau)Thomas/(Matlock)
B 1795dec15 KEY Esther(wife)Matthew/(Heage)
M 1680feb07 KEY John(Matlock)/BODEN Margaret
M 1693oct29 KEY John(Matlock)/KIRTLAND Mary
C 1748apr27 KEY John=(son)Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1663apr28 KEY Samuel(Matlock)/GIBSON Troth
M 1740dec27 KEY Thomas(Matlock)/JOHNSON Mary
M 1743sep04 KEY William(Matlock)/PEARSON Ruth
B 1853apr12 KID Samuel(Scarthinnick){aged 1}
M 1805sep16 KIDD Anne(Wirksworth)/REDFEARN John
B 1834may07 KIDD Anne(Scarthinnick){aged 19}
B 1850jun02 KIDD Elizabeth(Scarthinnick){aged 70}
M 1809feb20 KIDD Hannah(Matlock)/BUCKLEY Job
C 1818oct25 KIDD John=Joseph/Mary(Starkholmes)[Cotton spinner]
M 1819feb23 KIDD John(Wirksworth)/COOPER Hannah Comments: (Banns)
M 1817sep07 KIDD Joseph(Wirksworth)/YOUNG Mary Comments: (Banns)
B 1840may10 KIDD Joseph(Starkholmes){aged 45}
B 1844dec25 KIDD Mary(Scarthinnick){aged inf}
B 1852sep08 KIDD Mary(Starkholmes){aged 60}
C 1834sep14 KIDD Mary anne=Joseph/Mary(Starkholmes)[Hatter] dob:1834may16
C 1809feb26 KIDD Sarah=-/Hannah(Matlock) dob:1809jan24
M 1705nov14 KIDDEY Thomas(Duffield)/BOWMER Mary
M 1731jan12 KIDDY William(Matlock)/YOUNG Elizabeth
B 1730nov16 KILHAN Thomas(Matlock)
C 1695mar06 KILHARE Adam=Adam/(Matlock)
C 1696oct18 KILHARE Edmund=George/Grace(Matlock)
M 1702jul20 KILHARE Elizabeth(Matlock)/STOROW John
M 1665jan17 KILHARE George(Matlock)/HOLDEN Catherine
M 1695nov01 KILHARE George(Matlock)/MASSEY Grace
C 1706mar08 KILHARE George=George/Grace(Matlock)
M 1640apr13 KILHARE Grace(Matlock)/KNOLLES Thomas
M 1711apr11 KILHARE Maria(Matlock)/RYLEY Elijah
C 1710feb05 KILHARE Nathaniel=Thomas/Anne(Matlock)
M 1734dec23 KILHARE Nathaniel(Matlock)/LOW Phebe
C 1703may07 KILHARE Sarah=George/(Matlock)
M 1695jul25 KILHARE Thomas(Matlock)/BUNTING Ann
C 1696jun07 KILHARE Thomas=Thomas/Ann(Matlock)
M 1741jan14 KILLAR Ad.(Matlock)/COTES Rebecca
C 1805apr14 KILLEN Lydia=Adam/Rebekah(Matlock)
M 1803jan18 KILLER Adam(Matlock)/BERRESFORD Rebecca
C 1774may01 KILLER George=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1783jun03 KILLER George(Matlock)
M 1794dec24 KILLER George(Matlock)/PRINCE Edith
B 1785aug22 KILLER Joshua(Matlock)
B 1738jan25 KILLER Mary(wife)George/(Matlock)
B 1783nov14 KILLER William(son)Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1688feb28 KILLHARE Adam(Matlock)/BANKS Sarah
B 1740mar06 KILLHARE Adam(Matlock)
M 1687oct20 KILLHARE Grace(Matlock)/WIGLEY James
C 1716jul22 KILLHARE Mary=Thomas/Ann(Matlock)
C 1688dec28 KILLHOR Mary=Adam/(Matlock)
C 1839aug18 KILLIN Catherine=Bryan/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1704oct30 KILLOR Anne=Thomas/Anne(Matlock)
B 1742jan06 KILLOR Sarah(Matlock) (widow)
B 1741dec28 KILLOR Thomas(son)Mathew/(Matlock)
M 1734sep21 KINDAR Samuel(Matlock)/HALL Grace
B 1848jan04 KINDER Elizabeth(Starkholmes){aged 64}
M 1756jan23 KINDER Mary(Matlock)/FRITH Henry^  Status:(,25/,)
M 1828feb18 KINDER Ralph(Cromford)/STATHAM Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
B 1844oct09 KINDER Ralph(Starkholmes){aged 48}
M 1784feb23 KINDER Richard(Matlock)/CARDER Helen
C 1810jun25 KING Alexander=William/Lucy(Matlock) dob:1810jun19
B 1814jun23 KING Allen(Matlock){aged 4}
M 1741apr02 KING Ann(Matlock)/BARKER William
C 1747jun14 KING Ann=(dau)John/(Matlock)
B 1797may17 KING Ann(wife)David/(Matlock)
C 1798apr15 KING Ann=John/Mary(Matlock)
B 1823aug14 KING Ann(Matlock){aged 25}
C 1814jan15 KING Anthony=James/Mary(Matlock bank)[Tailor]
B 1852apr14 KING Caroline(Matlock Bank){aged 37}
C 1804sep10 KING Charles=Joseph/Ann(Matlock)
C 1814feb21 KING Charles=Thomas/Ann(Holt lane)[Shoemaker]
M 1750may14 KING David(Matlock)/CHAMPION Catherine
M 1755jan28 KING David(Matlock)[Taylor]/CARLINE Ann Comments: (says 1762; widower)
C 1758may18 KING David=(son)David/(Matlock)
C 1818may24 KING David=James/Mary(Bank)[Tailor]
B 1819aug24 KING David(Bank){aged 1}
C 1807sep13 KING Edward=Joseph/Ann(Matlock) dob:1807jan10
B 1825mar16 KING Edward(Holt Lane){aged 18}
C 1820sep10 KING Eliza=James/Mary(Bank)[Tailor]
C 1851nov23 KING Eliza ann=James/Caroline(Matlock bath)[Marble mason]
M 1699jul22 KING Elizabeth(Matlock)/LOW Thomas
M 1723nov12 KING Elizabeth(Matlock)/WILD Francis
C 1786dec31 KING Elizabeth=Joseph/Ann(Matlock)
C 1793apr21 KING Elizabeth=Joseph/Mary(Matlock)
M 1804jan16 KING Elizabeth(Matlock)/HOLEHOUSE James
C 1809mar05 KING Elizabeth=William/Lucy(Matlock) dob:1809feb05
C 1816jan19 KING Elizabeth=James/Mary(Bank)[Tailor]
M 1823jun10 KING Elizabeth(Matlock)/KING Thomas Comments: (Banns;widow)
B 1824jun13 KING Elizabeth(Cromford){aged 32}
B 1844dec29 KING Elizabeth(Matlock Bank){aged 56}
C 1785apr24 KING George=John/Mary(Matlock)
C 1802sep19 KING George B=Joseph/Ann(Matlock) (Burton)
C 1834feb02 KING George joseph=John/Jane anne(Matlock town)[Tailor]
C 1687jan09 KING Grace=Henry/(Matlock)
M 1672apr28 KING Henry(Matlock)/CRICHLOW Isabel
C 1685mar18 KING Henry=Henry/Jane(Matlock)
C 1839apr28 KING Herbert thomas=John/Jane ann(Matlock)[Taylor & parish clerk]
C 1822may25 KING Hezhosihah Hephzibah?=James/Mary(Bank)[Tailor] dob:1822mar24
C 1791sep18 KING Horatio=Joseph/Ann(Matlock)
B 1791dec20 KING Horatio(son)Joseph/Ann(Matlock)
C 1789apr19 KING James=Joseph/Ann(Matlock)
M 1800apr10 KING James(Matlock)/BODEN Mary
B 1805mar04 KING James(son)Joseph/Ann(Matlock)
C 1812feb20 KING James=James/Mary(Matlock) dob:1812feb14
C 1848apr09 KING James=John/Mary ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1856aug31 KING James(Matlock Bank){aged 78}
B 1814mar17 KING Jane(Holt Lane){aged 82}
B 1842mar20 KING Jane Ann(Matlock){aged 30}
C 1707feb16 KING John=William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1727jul15 KING John=Joseph/(Matlock)
B 1736feb24 KING John(son)Joseph/(Matlock)
M 1784oct31 KING John(Matlock)/WRAGG Mary
C 1784dec26 KING John=Joseph/Ann(Matlock)
C 1825oct09 KING John=James/Mary(Bank)[Tailer] dob:1825sep11
B 1837mar25 KING John(Matlock){aged 74}
C 1841jun03 KING John=James/Caroline(Matlock bank)[Marble worker]
B 1842oct30 KING John(Matlock){aged 44}
C 1834feb02 KING John worrel=John/Jane anne(Matlock town)[Tailor] dob:1832jan28
B 1739nov03 KING Joseph(Matlock)
C 1758jan15 KING Joseph=(son)John/(Matlock)
M 1766apr21 KING Joseph(Matlock)/STALEY Jane
C 1769sep12 KING Joseph=(son)David/(Matlock)
M 1780feb25 KING Joseph(Matlock)/BARTON Ann
M 1792apr22 KING Joseph(Matlock)/ROBINSON Mary
C 1795feb08 KING Joseph=Joseph/Ann(Matlock)
B 1796jan16 KING Joseph(Matlock)
B 1796jun10 KING Joseph(son)David/Ann(Cromford)
B 1796dec11 KING Joseph(Matlock)
C 1806oct05 KING Joseph=James/Mary(Matlock) dob:1806sep28
B 1817apr22 KING Joseph(Holt Lane){aged 22}
M 1828jun08 KING Joseph(Matlock)/WESTON Emma Comments: (Banns)
B 1842jul22 KING Joseph(Holt Lane){aged 84}
C 1843apr30 KING Joseph=James/Caroline(Matlock bath)[Petrifactioner]
C 1856sep14 KING Joseph=Anthony/Christiana(Matlock bank)[Shop keeper]
C 1812feb12 KING Lesley=William/Lesley(Matlock) dob:1812jan12
B 1844jun05 KING Loxcey(Matlock Bank){aged 23}
M 1776mar11 KING Lydia(Matlock)/KIRKHAM Joseph
C 1788jun15 KING Lydia=John/Mary(Matlock)
C 1805mar10 KING Lydia=James/Mary(Matlock)
M 1819jul12 KING Lydia(Matlock)/COTTERILL Isaac Comments: (Banns)
B 1826mar22 KING Lydia(Bank){aged 24}
C 1847nov24 KING Lydia=Anthony/Christiana(Matlock bank)[Cotton spinner]
C 1808may22 KING Maria=James/Mary(Matlock) dob:1808apr28
C 1703jan06 KING Mary=William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1708jul18 KING Mary=William/Mary(Matlock)
B 1750jan25 KING Mary(Matlock) (widow)
C 1758mar28 KING Mary=(dau)David/(Matlock)
B 1764feb05 KING Mary(dau)Joseph/(Matlock)
B 1764oct13 KING Mary(Matlock) (widow)
C 1767   KING Mary=(dau)Joseph/Jane(Matlock)
B 1784jan01 KING Mary(Matlock) (widow)
M 1789oct26 KING Mary(Matlock)/BRADLEY Henry
C 1793may12 KING Mary=John/Mary(Matlock)
B 1807jan19 KING Mary(Matlock){aged 33}
M 1822apr23 KING Mary(Matlock)/FLETCHER William Comments: (Banns)
B 1824jun12 KING Mary(Matlock){aged 64}
B 1835may08 KING Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 2w}
B 1853apr06 KING Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 72}
B 1856aug01 KING Mary Ann(Matlock Bath){aged inf}
B 1842mar12 KING Mary Jane(Matlock){aged inf}
C 1856jul13 KING Mary ann=James/Jemima(Matlock bath)[Marble mason]
C 1841jul19 KING Mary jane=John/Jane anne(Matlock)[Tailor,parish clerk]
C 1810feb28 KING Millicent=James/Mary(Matlock) dob:1810jan26
M 1834mar31 KING Millicent(Matlock)/BAGSHAW John Comments: (Banns)
C 1767may11 KING Nanny=(dau)David/Ann(Matlock)
C 1697jun06 KING Robert=William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1705feb21 KING Robert=William/Mary(Matlock)
B 1741aug08 KING Robert(Matlock)
B 1741dec19 KING Robert(son)William/(Matlock)
C 1789sep13 KING Sarah=-/Mary(Matlock)
C 1797sep16 KING Sarah=Joseph/Ann(Matlock)
C 1803apr17 KING Sarah=James/Mary(Matlock)
M 1807jul27 KING Sarah(Matlock)/SMITH George
C 1769sep10 KING Thomas=(son)Joseph/Jane(Matlock)
C 1792nov13 KING Thomas=Joseph/Ann(Matlock)
M 1823jun10 KING Thomas(Matlock)/KING Elizabeth Comments: (Banns;widow)
B 1837sep24 KING Thomas(Holt Lane){aged 70}
B 1840nov26 KING Thomas(Matlock Bath){aged 23}
C 1848dec03 KING Walter=James/Caroline(Matlock bath)[Spar turner]
C 1689apr21 KING William=Henry/(Matlock)
B 1736jul18 KING William(Matlock)
B 1775jun18 KING William(Matlock)
C 1783jun05 KING William=Joseph/Ann(Matlock)
M 1805apr11 KING William(Matlock)/ROSE Lexcey
B 1843nov19 KING William(Matlock Bridge){aged 72}
C 1849oct28 KING William=Anthony/Christiana(Matlock bank)[Cotton spinner]
M 1819mar28 KIRBY Mary(Matlock)/OUTRAM William Comments: (Banns)
C 1795dec27 KIRBY Robert=John/Rose(Matlock)
M 1725jan09 KIRK Mary(Matlock)/CLARK Caleb
B 1849jan11 KIRK Mary(Starkholmes){aged inf}
M 1830nov15 KIRK Mary Anne(Crich)/HIGTON William Comments: (Licence)
M 1724jun19 KIRK William(Chesterfield)/BENNETT Sarah
M 1675mar25 KIRKE Hellon(Matlock)/BUNTING Edward
C 1786mar12 KIRKHAM Ann=Joseph/Lydia(Matlock)
B 1801oct01 KIRKHAM Ann(dau)/Lydia(Matlock)
B 1838jun18 KIRKHAM Catherine(Matlock){aged 55}
B 1814jul11 KIRKHAM James(Matlock){aged 33}
C 1784sep12 KIRKHAM Job=Joseph/Lydia(Matlock)
M 1776mar11 KIRKHAM Joseph(Matlock)/KING Lydia
C 1776may27 KIRKHAM Joseph=Joseph/Lidia(Matlock)
B 1792sep23 KIRKHAM Joseph(Matlock)
B 1802apr01 KIRKHAM Lydia(Matlock) (widow)
B 1796may09 KIRKHAM Martha(dau)John/Ann(Matlock)
B 1773jun16 KIRKHAM Mary(wife)Joseph/(Matlock)
B 1796sep16 KIRKHAM Mary(dau)John/Ann(Matlock)
C 1789mar29 KIRKHAM Thomas=Joseph/Lydia(Matlock)
B 1789dec14 KIRKHAM Thomas(son)Joseph/Lydia(Matlock)
B 1772jan03 KIRKLAND Ann(wife)John/(Matlock)
M 1775dec28 KIRKLAND John(Matlock)/SOWTER Hannah
C 1843jun10 KIRKLAND John=John/Mary(Matlock)[Shoemaker]
M 1775aug09 KIRKLAND Mary(Matlock)/YATES William
C 1728may28 KIRST? Mabel=George/(Matlock)
M 1693oct29 KIRTLAND Mary(Matlock)/KEY John
M 1784oct14 KIRY Sarah(Matlock)/ALLEN George
M 1744feb07 KNAWL George(Matlock)/BLAND Mary
M 1750sep03 KNAWL Hellen(Matlock)/CARDER John
M 1746jun02 KNAWL Mary(Matlock)/RIGGET Edward
M 1753sep11 KNAWL Thamar(Matlock)/WRAGG Joseph
C 1797nov12 KNIFTON Ann=Joseph/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1786sep11 KNIFTON Joseph(Matlock)/CARDIN Elizabeth
C 1747jul19 KNIGHT Alice=(dau)George/(Matlock)
B 1797dec25 KNIVETON Ann(dau)Joseph/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1834sep14 KNIVETON Anne=William/Phillis(Matlock bank)[Weaver] dob:1834mar26
C 1817feb13 KNIVETON Charles=William/Phillis(Bank)[Weaver]
B 1819oct31 KNIVETON Charles(Bank){aged 2}
C 1823sep14 KNIVETON Charles=William/Phillis(Bank)[Weaver] dob:1823aug11
C 1812aug12 KNIVETON Elizabeth=William/Phillis(Matlock) dob:1812jul10
B 1837jul13 KNIVETON Elizabeth(Holt Lane){aged 73}
C 1818nov22 KNIVETON Firden=Samuel/Sarah(Tansley)[Weaver]
C 1828jul25 KNIVETON George=William/Phillis(Bank)[Weaver] dob:1828jul21
C 1821jul08 KNIVETON Hannah=William/Phillis(Bank)[Weaver]
M 1736jul11 KNIVETON John(Matlock)/REDFERN Mary
C 1817sep14 KNIVETON Joseph=Samuel/Hannah(Tansley)[Weaver]
C 1819jul31 KNIVETON Mary=William/Phillis(Bank)[Weaver]
C 1814sep18 KNIVETON Sarah=William/Phillis(Tansley)[Cotton spinner]
C 1826apr02 KNIVETON William=William/Phillis(Bank)[Weaver] dob:1826mar07
M 1642may02 KNOLLES George(Matlock)/GRANGER Ann
M 1640apr13 KNOLLES Thomas(Matlock)/KILHARE Grace
M 1658mar01 KNOULS Dorothia(Matlock)/HALLEY William
M 1655jun14 KNOULS Sarah(Matlock)/SCATTERGOOD Robert
C 1808sep11 KNOWES John marsden=-/Mary(Matlock) dob:1802nov21
M 1800sep15 KNOWLE Henry(Matlock)/SMITH Alice
B 1847may18 KNOWLES Abraham B(Starkholmes){aged 1} (Balley)
M 1702dec02 KNOWLES Adam(Tansley)/SOWTER Elizabeth
C 1703feb17 KNOWLES Adam=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1757sep26 KNOWLES Adam=William/(Matlock)
C 1766apr06 KNOWLES Adam=(son)Adam/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1782sep04 KNOWLES Adam(Matlock)/KNOWLES Sarah
M 1783jul10 KNOWLES Adam(Matlock)/BRADLEY Martha
C 1789dec27 KNOWLES Adam=Henry/Lydia(Matlock)
M 1791dec19 KNOWLES Adam(Matlock)/BARTON Grace
C 1793apr07 KNOWLES Adam=William/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1801mar08 KNOWLES Adam(Darley)
M 1804dec24 KNOWLES Adam(Matlock)/MARTIN Phebe
C 1807mar15 KNOWLES Adam=Thomas/Ann(Matlock) dob:1807feb07
C 1807jun14 KNOWLES Adam=Adam/Phoebe(Matlock) dob:1807may21
C 1808oct30 KNOWLES Adam=John/Dorothy(Matlock) dob:1808oct06
B 1809apr13 KNOWLES Adam(Matlock){aged 19} (killed in a mine)
C 1811feb17 KNOWLES Adam=William/Margaret(Matlock) dob:1810nov25
C 1814aug29 KNOWLES Adam=George/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Miner]
C 1826sep11 KNOWLES Adam=George/Mary(Bank)[Miner] dob:1819apr05
B 1827may29 KNOWLES Adam(Bonsall){aged 67}
M 1830apr13 KNOWLES Adam(Darley)/KNOWLES Hannah Comments: (Banns)
M 1830jun01 KNOWLES Adam(Matlock)/GREGORY Hannah Comments: (Banns)
M 1833sep11 KNOWLES Adam(Matlock)/CARDER Mary Comments: (Banns)
M 1833nov18 KNOWLES Adam(Matlock)/DUN Sarah Comments: (Banns)
C 1838jun08 KNOWLES Adam=Adam/Hannah(Wessington)[Stone mason]
B 1843may05 KNOWLES Adam(Matlock){aged 77}
M 1695oct02 KNOWLES Alice(Matlock)/TAYLOR John
B 1751mar06 KNOWLES Alice(dau)George/(Matlock)
C 1727jan08 KNOWLES Ann=George/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1736oct28 KNOWLES Ann=-/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1737jul03 KNOWLES Ann=Anthony/(Matlock)
B 1744dec20 KNOWLES Ann(Ashover)
C 1750mar02 KNOWLES Ann=(dau)George/(Matlock)
M 1782sep09 KNOWLES Ann(Matlock)/BUCKLEY George
C 1792jul15 KNOWLES Ann=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)
C 1800jun01 KNOWLES Ann=Peter/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1803jun12 KNOWLES Ann=George/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1803aug07 KNOWLES Ann=Thomas/Ann(Matlock)
C 1809apr02 KNOWLES Ann=Henry/Alice(Matlock) dob:1809mar15
B 1820mar21 KNOWLES Ann(Holt Lane){aged 84}
C 1823jul06 KNOWLES Ann=John/Catherine(Matlock)[Hatter] dob:1823jun10
B 1824jan26 KNOWLES Ann(Matlock){aged 21}
C 1825jun26 KNOWLES Ann=-/Hannah(Riber) dob:1825jun10
C 1826sep11 KNOWLES Ann=George/Mary(Bank)[Miner] dob:1814jan13
M 1829jul11 KNOWLES Ann(Matlock)/THORNTON Josiah Comments: (Licence)
C 1835aug09 KNOWLES Ann=James/Jane(Matlock green)[Labourer] dob:1835jul13
B 1836apr18 KNOWLES Ann(Holt Lane){aged 73}
B 1847jan31 KNOWLES Ann(Riber){aged 72}
B 1848jul29 KNOWLES Ann(Masson){aged 66}
C 1852jun27 KNOWLES Ann=Thomas/Ann(Riber)[Carpenter]
B 1738may02 KNOWLES Anna(Matlock)
M 1682oct12 KNOWLES Anne(Matlock)/BOWNE William
M 1822sep02 KNOWLES Anne(Matlock)/BARTON Newton Comments: (Banns;consent)
M 1670aug31 KNOWLES Anthony(Matlock)/WOOLLEY Sarah
C 1703oct03 KNOWLES Anthony=Adam/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1740mar07 KNOWLES Anthony(Matlock)
M 1768may30 KNOWLES Anthony(Matlock)/SHAW Hannah
B 1802nov09 KNOWLES Anthony(son)Anthony/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1807oct10 KNOWLES Anthony(Matlock)/KNOWLES Elizabeth
B 1811apr14 KNOWLES Anthony(son)Henry/Ann(Matlock){aged 2}
B 1814jan31 KNOWLES Anthony(Starkholmes){aged 76}
B 1818oct18 KNOWLES Anthony(St: Holmes){aged 4}
C 1835sep27 KNOWLES Anthony=Adam/Hannah(Masson)[Labourer] dob:1835aug21
B 1850jun12 KNOWLES Anthony(Holt Lane){aged 67}
B 1833mar03 KNOWLES Benjamin(Matlock Green){aged 38}
C 1807may17 KNOWLES Bethany=Henry/Alice(Matlock) dob:1807apr10
B 1840may13 KNOWLES Bethany(Matlock Bank){aged 33}
C 1774sep11 KNOWLES Betty=Adam/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1804apr01 KNOWLES Catherine=Henry/Ann(Matlock)
C 1816jul11 KNOWLES Catherine=Anthony/Elizabeth(Holt lane)[Miner]
M 1824jun21 KNOWLES Catherine(Matlock)/BODEN John Comments: (Banns)
C 1836mar20 KNOWLES Charles=Samuel/Ann(Holloway)[Labourer] dob:1836feb12
C 1850sep22 KNOWLES Charles=John/Sarah(Lumsdale)[Labourer]
C 1807jan04 KNOWLES Charlotte=William/Mary(Matlock) dob:1806dec01
C 1809dec26 KNOWLES Charlotte=George/Mary(Matlock) dob:1809dec22
C 1809sep10 KNOWLES Daniel=William/Mary(Matlock) dob:1809aug22
C 1842aug14 KNOWLES Diana=George/Diana(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1838nov16 KNOWLES Dorothy(Shaw's Farm){aged 62}
C 1855aug22 KNOWLES Edmund=John/Sarah(Lumsdale)[Labourer]
C 1807feb15 KNOWLES Edwin=George/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1807feb10
C 1851may07 KNOWLES Edwin=-/Charlotte(Holt lane)
C 1822feb17 KNOWLES Elias=Roger/Hannah(Matlock)[Miner] dob:1822jan19
C 1820may21 KNOWLES Eliza=Henry/Allice(Holt Lane)[Miner]
C 1826jan29 KNOWLES Eliza=Roger/Hannah(Bank)[Miner] dob:1826jan11
C 1840sep15 KNOWLES Eliza=John/Catherine(Matlock)[Hatter]
C 1851jul21 KNOWLES Eliza=Adam/Hannah(Masson)[Labourer]
B 1727jan05 KNOWLES Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1727may28 KNOWLES Elizabeth=Henry/(Matlock)
B 1727oct01 KNOWLES Elizabeth(dau)Henry/(Matlock)
C 1733apr01 KNOWLES Elizabeth=George/(Matlock)
C 1734dec22 KNOWLES Elizabeth=Anthony/(Matlock)
M 1756jul21 KNOWLES Elizabeth(Matlock)/HAYNES John
C 1774may01 KNOWLES Elizabeth=Henry/Ann(Matlock)
B 1775mar03 KNOWLES Elizabeth(wife)John/(Matlock)
C 1783may04 KNOWLES Elizabeth=John/Ruth(Matlock)
C 1787jul08 KNOWLES Elizabeth=Henry/Lydia(Matlock)
C 1793jan13 KNOWLES Elizabeth=Adam/Grace(Matlock)
B 1797feb02 KNOWLES Elizabeth(dau)George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1799jun09 KNOWLES Elizabeth(wife)Thomas/(Matlock)
C 1799dec29 KNOWLES Elizabeth=William/Lydia(Matlock)
C 1804jun03 KNOWLES Elizabeth=George/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1806jun29 KNOWLES Elizabeth=John/Dorothy(Matlock) dob:1806jun08
M 1807sep14 KNOWLES Elizabeth(Matlock)/CARDER Joseph
M 1807oct10 KNOWLES Elizabeth(Matlock)/KNOWLES Anthony
C 1810jun10 KNOWLES Elizabeth=-/Martha(Matlock) dob:1810may31
C 1814jun26 KNOWLES Elizabeth=-/Lucy(Starkholmes)
B 1816apr14 KNOWLES Elizabeth(Fishercroft Lane){aged 87}
C 1816sep08 KNOWLES Elizabeth=George/Hannah(Fisher croft lane)[Miner]
B 1818mar03 KNOWLES Elizabeth(Matlock){aged 84}
C 1820apr16 KNOWLES Elizabeth=John/Elizabeth(Starkholmes)[Miner]
B 1820jul11 KNOWLES Elizabeth(Matlock){aged 15}
B 1824jun03 KNOWLES Elizabeth(Tansley){aged 10}
C 1826sep11 KNOWLES Elizabeth=George/Mary(Bank)[Miner] dob:1817sep04
C 1826dec10 KNOWLES Elizabeth=John/Catherine(Matlock)[Hatter] dob:1826nov12
C 1827apr29 KNOWLES Elizabeth=Joseph/Lydia(Common wood)[Plasterer]
B 1833nov02 KNOWLES Elizabeth(Matlock Town){aged 8}
C 1844mar31 KNOWLES Elizabeth=Adam/Ann(Matlock bank)[Shoemaker]
C 1844apr14 KNOWLES Elizabeth=John/Sarah(Lumsdale)[Labourer]
C 1844jul07 KNOWLES Elizabeth=Adam/Mary(Matlock)[Miner]
B 1849oct17 KNOWLES Elizabeth(Holt Lane){aged 75}
C 1692nov20 KNOWLES Ellen=Joseph/(Matlock)
C 1833sep08 KNOWLES Ellen=Peter/Mary(Cliffside)[Miner] dob:1832apr18
B 1846jul19 KNOWLES Ellen(Matlock){aged inf}
C 1839feb03 KNOWLES Emma=James/Jane(Matlock town)[Labourer]
C 1803dec25 KNOWLES Fanny=Peter/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1806apr06 KNOWLES Fanny=Henry/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1853jun13 KNOWLES Fanny=-/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1853jun26 KNOWLES Fanny(Matlock){aged inf}
M 1828sep16 KNOWLES Frances(Matlock)/SPENCER John Comments: (Banns)
C 1846aug04 KNOWLES Francis=-/Eliza(Matlock)
M 1720jul07 KNOWLES George(Matlock)/TOWNDRO Sarah
B 1733jan12 KNOWLES George(Matlock)
C 1741apr19 KNOWLES George=Joshua/(Matlock)
M 1750may23 KNOWLES George(Matlock)/FLINT Elizabeth
C 1759nov12 KNOWLES George=(son)John/(Matlock)
C 1766may18 KNOWLES George=(son)Henry/Ann(Matlock)
C 1769jun28 KNOWLES George=(son)George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1771jan06 KNOWLES George=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1792jul01 KNOWLES George(Matlock)/BROWN Sarah
C 1798mar18 KNOWLES George=George/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1799apr14 KNOWLES George(Matlock)
C 1804jan15 KNOWLES George=John/Dorothy(Matlock)
M 1804feb16 KNOWLES George(Matlock)/BARTON Mary
C 1815nov05 KNOWLES George=-/Martha
B 1818dec21 KNOWLES George(Bank){aged 20}
M 1827sep10 KNOWLES George(Matlock)/BUCKLEY Ann Comments: (Banns)
M 1827sep12 KNOWLES George(Matlock)/HALLAM Mary Mariah Comments: (Banns)
C 1829may31 KNOWLES George=-/Elizabeth(Riber) dob:1829mar05
M 1834sep22 KNOWLES George(Matlock)/WRIGHT Sarah Comments: (Banns)
C 1841jun06 KNOWLES George=Samuel/Ann(Holloway)[Stone cutter]
C 1841oct24 KNOWLES George=Adam/Hannah(Hall dale)[Labourer]
C 1842apr17 KNOWLES George=Adam/Ann(Matlock bank)[Shoemaker]
C 1843feb19 KNOWLES George=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)[Labourer]
C 1848jun11 KNOWLES George=Thomas/Ann(Tansley)[Carpenter]
C 1849jul29 KNOWLES George=George/Hannah(Matlock)[Labourer]
B 1849oct26 KNOWLES George(Matlock Bank){aged 79}
C 1850oct27 KNOWLES George=George/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1854feb24 KNOWLES George(Riber){aged 5}
C 1822dec29 KNOWLES Grace=Peter/Mary(Cliff)[Miner] dob:1822nov22
C 1757sep11 KNOWLES Hannah=George/(Matlock)
C 1775feb12 KNOWLES Hannah=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1777may05 KNOWLES Hannah(Matlock)/GOODWIN Abraham
C 1783nov16 KNOWLES Hannah=Adam/Martha(Matlock)
C 1784sep12 KNOWLES Hannah=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)
C 1800jun01 KNOWLES Hannah=Henry/Lydia(Matlock)
C 1802   KNOWLES Hannah=Thomas/Ann(Matlock)
M 1805apr17 KNOWLES Hannah(Matlock)/LUDLAM James
C 1809sep10 KNOWLES Hannah=George/Hannah(Matlock) dob:1809aug07
B 1811apr14 KNOWLES Hannah(Matlock){aged 79} (widow)
C 1812may31 KNOWLES Hannah=Isaac/Mary(Matlock) dob:1812may09
C 1812jun07 KNOWLES Hannah=Anthony/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1812apr24
C 1818feb28 KNOWLES Hannah=John/Elizabeth(Starkholmes)[Miner]
M 1822dec25 KNOWLES Hannah(Matlock)/BODEN Job Comments: (Banns)
C 1828aug14 KNOWLES Hannah=William/Charlotte(Dimple)[Miner] dob:1828jul25
M 1830apr13 KNOWLES Hannah(Matlock)/KNOWLES Adam Comments: (Banns)
B 1836may08 KNOWLES Hannah(Matlock){aged 63}
B 1838may18 KNOWLES Hannah(Matlock){aged 64}
B 1839nov24 KNOWLES Hannah(Matlock Bank){aged 62}
C 1841jan10 KNOWLES Hannah=Job/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Farmer]
B 1844mar05 KNOWLES Hannah(Matlock){aged 36}
B 1844may26 KNOWLES Hannah(Matlock){aged 3}
C 1824feb29 KNOWLES Harriet=Roger/Hannah(Matlock bath)[Miner] dob:1824feb23
C 1830mar28 KNOWLES Harriet=Bethany/Hannah(Holt lane)[Butcher] dob:1830mar01
C 1841aug22 KNOWLES Harriett=Adam/Hannah(Starkholmes)[Stone mason] dob:1841jul10
M 1720jul17 KNOWLES Hellen(Matlock)/PARKER William
C 1730jan30 KNOWLES Henry=George/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1768sep11 KNOWLES Henry=(son)Henry/Ann(Matlock)
M 1777sep15 KNOWLES Henry(Matlock)/BRADLEY Lydia
B 1802aug20 KNOWLES Henry(Matlock)
M 1802sep13 KNOWLES Henry(Matlock)/TAYLOR Ann
C 1811sep08 KNOWLES Henry=George/Mary(Matlock) dob:1811jan06
B 1823mar20 KNOWLES Henry(Common Wood){aged 67}
B 1830dec25 KNOWLES Henry(Holt Lane){aged 62}
C 1833jun16 KNOWLES Henry=Adam/Hannah(Masson side)[Labourer] dob:1833may15
C 1833dec08 KNOWLES Henry=Adam/Mary(Matlock town)[Miner] dob:1833nov15
C 1837jun25 KNOWLES Henry=-/Lydia(Matlock)[Spinster] dob:1836nov25
B 1838nov03 KNOWLES Henry(Shaw's Farm){aged 2}
C 1844oct09 KNOWLES Henry=George/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1846apr12 KNOWLES Henry=Adam/Ann(Matlock bank)[Shoemaker]
B 1848dec24 KNOWLES Henry(Masson){aged 67}
C 1849jul10 KNOWLES Herbert=George/Sarah(Lumsdale)[Waggoner]
C 1854apr03 KNOWLES Herbert=-/Hannah(Starkholmes)
C 1828aug24 KNOWLES Hubert=Roger/Hannah(Wirksworth)[Miner] dob:1828jul10
C 1789sep13 KNOWLES Isaac=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)
C 1839dec29 KNOWLES Isaac=John/Sarah(Lumsdale)[Labourer]

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