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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Matlock Parish Registers 1637-1856

16,000 Baptisms, Marriages and Burials are listed here from the Matlock Parish Registers. Transcription by Bernie Freeman and Ivor Neal (Marriages). At present there are many gaps, but hopefully these will be filled when we have the time.
Indexing is by surname, allowance should be made for variations in spelling.

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C=Christening, M=Marriage, B=Burial
C 1817jul03 SAXTON George withers=George/Ann(New bath)[Innkeeper] dob:1798jul16
B 1824mar19 SCARAH George(Alten Hill){aged 75}
C 1848oct29 SCARGILL Isaac=Joseph/Sarah(Starkholmes)[Engine driver] dob:1848oct13
C 1848oct29 SCARGILL Joab=Joseph/Sarah(Starkholmes)[Engine driver] dob:1843apr04
C 1848oct29 SCARGILL Selina=Joseph/Sarah(Starkholmes)[Engine driver] dob:1845apr03
C 1848oct29 SCARGILL William=Joseph/Sarah(Starkholmes)[Engine driver] dob:1846dec16
M 1822aug28 SCARTH Katherine Margarit(Matlock)/FRANKLAND Frederick William Comments: (remarried)
M 1775may08 SCATTERGOOD Hannah(Matlock)/YOUNG John
M 1655jun14 SCATTERGOOD Robert(Matlock)/KNOULS Sarah
C 1823sep14 SCORER Ann=George/Amy(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1823jul14
C 1856feb17 SCORER Charles henry=Anthony/Mary(Matlock bank)[Time keeper]
M 1777jan20 SCORER George(Matlock)/WRAGG Jemima
C 1796may15 SCORER George=George/Jemima(Matlock)
M 1823jan27 SCORER George(Matlock)/WIGLEY Amy Comments: (Banns)
C 1827sep09 SCORER George=George/Amy(Lumsdale)[Cotton spinner] dob:1827aug10
B 1837nov20 SCORER George(Tansley){aged 10}
B 1838jun19 SCORER George(Tansley){aged 42}
B 1789jan02 SCORER Hannah(dau)George/Jemimah(Matlock)
M 1743nov01 SCORER Jane(Matlock)/JAMES Thomas
C 1793mar10 SCORER Jemima=George/Jemima(Matlock)
B 1820feb01 SCORER Jemima(Allen Hill){aged 66}
C 1825mar27 SCORER Jemima=George/Amy(Matlock bank)[Spinner] dob:1825feb27
M 1837mar15 SCORER Jemima(Matlock)/BLOOD James Comments: (Banns)
C 1789may10 SCORER John=George/Jemimah(Matlock)
B 1808aug21 SCORER John(son)George/Jemima?(Matlock){aged 19}
B 1838jul24 SCORER John(Tansley){aged 5}
C 1852sep10 SCORER John anthony=Anthony/Mary(Matlock dale)[Time keeper]
C 1851aug23 SCORER Joseph fox=Anthony/Mary(Common wood)[Railway time keeper]
C 1830aug01 SCORER Samuel=George/Amey(Lumsdale)[Labourer] dob:1830jul05
M 1746oct02 SCORER Thomas(Matlock)/JAMES Hannah
C 1783apr27 SCORER Thomas=George/Jemima(Matlock)
B 1798jan06 SCORER Thomas(son)George/Jemimah(Matlock)
C 1822sep15 SCOTHAN Amelia=George/Ann(Matlock)[Labourer] dob:1819nov03
M 1830sep20 SCOTHERN Elizabeth(Matlock)/SHAW Job Comments: (Banns)
B 1843jan08 SCOTHERN Elizabeth(Matlock Bath){aged 4}
C 1841jul25 SCOTHERN Emily=George/Jane(Matlock bank)[Gardener]
M 1836jun11 SCOTHERN George(Matlock)/BRYAN Jane Comments: (Banns)
C 1816sep08 SCOTHERN Kendal=George/Ann(Matlock)[Labourer]
M 1836mar14 SCOTHERN Kendall(Matlock)/BARKER Mary Comments: (Banns)
B 1837apr21 SCOTHERN Kendel(Matlock){aged 20}
C 1848oct22 SCOTTHORN Ann=Josiah/Elizabeth(Matlock town)[Labourer]
B 1852jul09 SCOTTHORN Anne(Matlock){aged 68}
B 1835aug15 SCOTTHORN Emily(Town){aged 15}
B 1854feb07 SCOTTHORN George(Matlock){aged inf}
C 1854feb14 SCOTTHORN George=Jessiah?/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Labourer]
C 1843aug13 SCOTTHORN Henrietta=George/Jane(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1855jan21 SCOTTHORN Jane(Matlock Bath){aged 55}
C 1850nov24 SCOTTHORN John=Josiah/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Labourer]
M 1835oct17 SCRIMSHAW Lydia(Matlock)/SMITH George Comments: (Licence;widower)
B 1856sep25 SEALS Eliza C(Lumsdale){aged 7} (Catherine)
C 1849sep16 SEALS Eliza catherine=Benjamin/Sarah(Lumsdale)[Gardener]
B 1855aug24 SEALS Sarah Ann(Lumsdale){aged inf}
B 1856jun17 SEARLE Elizabeth(Matlock Bank){aged 60}
C 1813sep12 SEATHORN? George=George/Ann(Matlock)[Labourer]
B 1856dec04 SEDDON John(Matlock Cliff){aged 82}
B 1736apr10 SEEDHOUSE Jane(Bonsall)
M 1826apr23 SEEDHOUSE William(Matlock)/HALLOWS Lydia Comments: (Banns)
M 1811oct19 SELLERS John(Bakewell)/GOODWIN Hannah
C 1816dec01 SELLERS Mathew stone=Benjamin/Elizabeth(Holt lane)[Publican]
M 1803jul28 SENIOR Mary(Matlock)/CATTON Edward
M 1661may17 SEUELL William(Matlock)/STEVENSON Dorothia
C 1810jan09 SEWARD Jane=John/Mary(Matlock) dob:1809dec29
C 1775apr17 SEWTER Ann=George/Mary(Matlock)
C 1729mar26 SEWTER Anthony=George/Ann(Matlock)
C 1771jan01 SEWTER George=George/Mary(Matlock)
C 1721mar02 SEWTER John=George/Anne(Matlock)
C 1726jun26 SEWTER Joseph=George/Ann(Matlock)
B 1837feb20 SEXTON Ann(Matlock Bath){aged 76}
B 1783sep28 SHACK William(son)James/Ann(Matlock)
M 1647may01 SHAKERLEY Anne(Matlock)/BALL Godfrey
C 1749may07 SHANE? Hannah=(dau)William/(Matlock)
C 1831jul10 SHARDLOW Joseph=Stephen/Elizabeth(Tansley)[Weaver] dob:1831jun11
B 1813apr03 SHARP Ann(Hurst){aged 62}
M 1797jun05 SHARP Enoch(St Mary;Nottm)/WALKER Hannah
B 1750jan30 SHARP James(Matlock)
M 1792jul04 SHARP John(Matlock)/HURSTHOUSE Ann
B 1825jun30 SHARP Matthias(Matlock){aged 33}
C 1746jun04 SHARP Richard=(son)William/(Matlock)
B 1824mar27 SHARPE John(Hurst Hill){aged 78}
C 1745may03 SHAW Andrew=(son)-/Mary(Matlock)
M 1792sep24 SHAW Andrew(Matlock)/BALLINGTON Elizabeth
M 1796dec26 SHAW Andrew(Matlock)/LEEYS Hannah
C 1797dec03 SHAW Andrew=Andrew/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1798jan05 SHAW Andrew(son)Andrew/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1813apr08 SHAW Andrew=Andrew/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Miner]
B 1817nov16 SHAW Andrew(Bank){aged 72}
B 1833dec22 SHAW Andrew(Matlock Bank){aged 66}
C 1794sep16 SHAW Ann=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1819feb07 SHAW Ann=Joseph/Amy(Bank)[Weaver]
C 1815dec30 SHAW Archaleus=Andrew/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Miner]
C 1821mar11 SHAW Arshelaces=Andrew/Elizabeth(Bank)[Miner]
C 1810may23 SHAW Betty=Andrew/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1810may19
B 1787mar25 SHAW Charlotte(dau)William/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1856sep21 SHAW Charlotte agnes=William/Frances(Upper wood)[Labourer]
C 1774aug14 SHAW Clifford=Andrew/Hellen(Matlock)
C 1721nov09 SHAW Dorothy=John/Dorothy(Matlock)
B 1743nov27 SHAW Dorothy(wife)John/(Matlock)
M 1726feb14 SHAW Elizabeth(Matlock)/MOLINARE John
C 1729apr13 SHAW Elizabeth=John/(Matlock)
C 1803may29 SHAW Elizabeth=-/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1803dec15 SHAW Elizabeth(dau)Andrew/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1806apr20 SHAW Elizabeth=John/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1806apr08
C 1812sep27 SHAW Elizabeth=Francis/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1812apr02
B 1814mar09 SHAW Elizabeth(Starkholmes){aged 2}
M 1824nov01 SHAW Elizabeth(Matlock)/BODEN Thomas Comments: (Banns)
C 1840jun07 SHAW Elizabeth=George/Hannah(Starkholmes)[Hatter]
B 1844feb18 SHAW Elizabeth(Starkholmes){aged 78}
B 1848sep25 SHAW Elizabeth(Matlock){aged 38}
B 1855oct10 SHAW Elizabeth(Matlock Bank){aged 83}
C 1792dec25 SHAW Ellen=Andrew/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1852sep14 SHAW Ellen J(Matlock Bank){aged 19} (Jane)
C 1833aug25 SHAW Ellen jane=George/Mary(Matlock bank)[Mason] dob:1833jul08
C 1773jul08 SHAW Francis=James/Martha(Matlock)
M 1798sep10 SHAW Francis(Matlock)/OATE Sarah
B 1816dec01 SHAW Francis(Starkholmes){aged 41}
C 1769mar11 SHAW George=(son)James/Martha(Matlock)
C 1782sep08 SHAW George=Andrew/Ellen(Matlock)
C 1800apr13 SHAW George=Andrew/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1832sep13 SHAW George(Matlock)/MILLINGTON Mary Comments: (Licence)
M 1836aug05 SHAW George(Matlock)/PLATTS Hannah Comments: (Banns)
M 1837feb20 SHAW George(Matlock)/NEAL Grace Comments: (Banns)
B 1845dec25 SHAW George(Lumsdale){aged 6}
C 1848sep23 SHAW George=Job/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Licensed victualler]
B 1848sep25 SHAW George(Matlock){aged inf}
B 1852jun04 SHAW George(Matlock Bank){aged 52}
C 1837aug10 SHAW George Aug=George/Mary(Matlock bank)[Mason]
C 1723mar04 SHAW Hannah=John/Dorothy(Matlock)
M 1768may30 SHAW Hannah(Matlock)/KNOWLES Anthony
M 1784oct20 SHAW Hannah(Matlock)/CARDIN John
B 1811feb24 SHAW Hannah(Matlock){aged 68}
B 1848dec16 SHAW Hannah(Starkholmes){aged 32}
B 1851nov12 SHAW Hannah(Lumsdale){aged 66}
C 1795may24 SHAW Hannah B=Andrew/Elizabeth(Matlock) (Ballington)
C 1711sep30 SHAW Jacob=Jacob/Mary(Matlock)
C 1731aug29 SHAW James=James/Gertrude(Matlock)
C 1733apr08 SHAW James=William/(Matlock)
M 1755dec21 SHAW James(Matlock)[Miner]/EVINS Martha
C 1784apr25 SHAW James=John/Susannah(Matlock)
C 1785may22 SHAW James=William/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1800mar28 SHAW James(Matlock)
B 1804jan24 SHAW James(Starkholmes)
B 1853jun15 SHAW James(Holt Lane){aged 11}
C 1686apr25 SHAW Jane=John/(Matlock)
C 1720jan17 SHAW Jane=John/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1767   SHAW Jenney=(dau)John/Grace(Matlock)
M 1830sep20 SHAW Job(SWF)/SCOTHERN Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
C 1688sep03 SHAW John=John/(Matlock)
M 1719sep24 SHAW John(Matlock)/WATSON Dorothy
M 1738apr25 SHAW John(Matlock)/DARTHENY Hannah
B 1757may10 SHAW John
B 1764aug11 SHAW John(son)James/(Matlock)
C 1766sep   SHAW John=(son)James/Martha(Matlock) (Unreadable month)
C 1772dec25 SHAW John=Andrew/Ellin(Matlock)
B 1772dec27 SHAW John(son)Andrew/Hellen(Matlock)
M 1790oct25 SHAW John(Matlock)/BARKER Elizabeth
C 1798may27 SHAW John=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1798jun08 SHAW John(son)John/(Nottingham)
B 1798oct16 SHAW John(son)John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1804nov04 SHAW John=Andrew/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1806sep14 SHAW John(Sheffield)/WARD Bathia
M 1811mar21 SHAW John(Lea;Ashover)/ELLIOT Ann
B 1828mar28 SHAW John(Starkholms){aged 63}
B 1855mar17 SHAW John(Matlock Bank){aged 50}
C 1770aug05 SHAW Joseph=(son)Samuel/Ann(Matlock)
B 1802dec07 SHAW Joseph(son)John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1845dec11 SHAW Joseph(Lumsdale){aged 10}
C 1854dec10 SHAW Joseph=William/Frances(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1705may10 SHAW Martha=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1773jul08 SHAW Martha(wife)James/(Matlock)
C 1786jun01 SHAW Martha=William/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1793jun02 SHAW Martha=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1793jun09 SHAW Martha(dau)John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1796apr07 SHAW Martha(dau)Andrew/(Matlock)
C 1807sep15 SHAW Martha=Andrew/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1807aug27
C 1810mar04 SHAW Martha=Francis/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1810feb03
M 1684feb09 SHAW Mary(Matlock)/WIDSON Humphrey
C 1703jun   SHAW Mary=Anthony/Alice(Matlock)
M 1718jul24 SHAW Mary(Matlock)/WRAG Anthony
B 1729jul02 SHAW Mary(Matlock)
C 1734jan01 SHAW Mary=James/(Matlock)
M 1754jun29 SHAW Mary(Matlock)/BOOM Hugh
M 1757jan12 SHAW Mary(Matlock)/LUDLAM William
C 1795apr12 SHAW Mary=-/Rebecca(Matlock)
C 1799sep08 SHAW Mary=Francis/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1799oct21 SHAW Mary(dau)David/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1811feb24 SHAW Mary(dau)Francis/Sarah(Matlock){aged 1}
B 1819dec14 SHAW Mary(Starkholmes){aged 20}
M 1832sep23 SHAW Mary(Matlock)/BRADSHAW Thomas Comments: (Banns)
C 1838nov11 SHAW Mary ann=George/Hannah(Starkholmes)[Hatter]
C 1767apr07 SHAW Nanny=(dau)James/Martha(Matlock)
B 1789apr19 SHAW Nelly(wife)Andrew/(Matlock)
C 1770mar02 SHAW Rebecca=(dau)James/Ann(Matlock)
C 1774oct30 SHAW Rebecca=James/Ann(Matlock)
M 1796mar07 SHAW Rebecca(Matlock)/JOHNSON William
C 1696mar08 SHAW Richard=John/Jane(Matlock)
B 1773jan02 SHAW Richard(Matlock)
C 1789aug23 SHAW Ruth=-/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1769dec24 SHAW Salley=(dau)John/Grace(Matlock)
M 1770apr04 SHAW Samuel(Alfreton)/BROOKS Ann
C 1692jul20 SHAW Sarah=John/(Matlock)
C 1736oct03 SHAW Sarah=James/(Matlock)
C 1736oct31 SHAW Sarah=William/(Matlock)
B 1846dec31 SHAW Sarah(Starkholmes){aged 73}
B 1850sep22 SHAW Sarah(Matlock){aged 27}
C 1841may31 SHAW Sarah eliza=George/Mary(Matlock bank)[Stone mason]
B 1743apr05 SHAW Thomas(Matlock)
C 1691mar11 SHAW William=John/(Matlock)
C 1703mar18 SHAW William=Henry?/(Matlock)
B 1743dec15 SHAW William(son)James/(Matlock)
C 1747aug30 SHAW William=(son)James/(Matlock)
C 1759nov14 SHAW William=(son)John/(Matlock)
C 1771oct06 SHAW William=John/Grace(Matlock)
B 1787may27 SHAW William(Matlock) (pauper)
C 1791jun12 SHAW William=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1798mar22 SHAW William(Matlock)
B 1800nov30 SHAW William(son)John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1802sep26 SHAW William=Francis/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1804aug05 SHAW William(son)Francis/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1841aug13 SHAWE Martha=George/Hannah(Starkholmes)[Hatter]
M 1694jul18 SHEAPORD Frances(Matlock)/OXPRING Jonathan
M 1790may24 SHELDON Elizabeth(Matlock)/WRAGG George
M 1834nov18 SHELDON Elizabeth(Matlock)/WHEATCROFT William Comments: (Banns)
B 1825jan18 SHELDON Esther(Bath Wood){aged 38}
C 1841may30 SHELDON Harriett=Joseph/Ann(Lumsdale)[Bleacher]
C 1843mar19 SHELDON Israel=Joseph/Ann(Lumsdale)[Labourer]
M 1746oct01 SHELDON James(Matlock)/TAYLOR Ann
M 1832dec25 SHELDON James(Matlock)/BUNTING Mary Comments: (Banns)
M 1726aug29 SHELDON John(Matlock)/MARSHALL Hannah
M 1819apr01 SHELDON John(Bonsall)/HAGGARD Catherine Comments: (Banns)
M 1825oct03 SHELDON John(Matlock)/BARKER Mary Comments: (Banns)
B 1834feb11 SHELDON Mary(Matlock Town){aged 56}
M 1834dec24 SHELDON Mary(Matlock)/SWIFT Thomas Comments: (Banns)
M 1820jul24 SHELDON Matthew(Bonsall)/PARKER Hannah Comments: (Banns)
M 1828feb11 SHELDON Robert(Edensor)/WALKER Mary Comments: (Licence)
M 1829oct03 SHELDON Sarah(Matlock)/TAYLOR Robert Comments: (Banns)
M 1784sep15 SHELDON William(Matlock)/GREENHOUGH Susannah
M 1829oct24 SHELLS Ann(Matlock)/HIND Thomas Comments: (Banns)
M 1661jan13 SHEMELT Nicolas(Matlock)/BOWNE Anne
M 1723jun18 SHENTALL Mary(Chesterfield)/MERCER Godfrey
B 1742jun02 SHEPARD Dorothy
C 1769may15 SHEPHARD Henry=(son)Henry/Mary(Matlock)
B 1823nov25 SHEPHARD Henry(Halldale){aged 83}
C 1775aug13 SHEPHARD Ruth=John/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1767nov11 SHEPHERD Henry(Wirksworth)/BOTHAM Mary^  Status:(,27/,)
B 1829oct22 SHEPHERD Mary(Hall Dale){aged 84}
B 1847may04 SHEPHERD Mary Ann(Matlock Bath){aged 1}
B 1826oct25 SHEPHERD William(Hall Dale){aged 57}
C 1705mar04 SHEPPARD Samuel=John/Hannah(Tansley)
M 1821nov26 SHEPPARD Samuel(Matlock)/HURD Sarah Comments: (Banns)
C 1705apr25 SHEPPARD Sarah=John/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1705jun25 SHEPPARD Sarah=John/Hellen(Matlock)
B 1856feb28 SHEPPARD Sarah(Bakewell){aged 68}
B 1841nov08 SHERLOCK Joseph(Matlock Bath){aged inf}
M 1784apr12 SHERLOCK Richard(Matlock)/BLAND Ann
C 1785dec25 SHERLOCK? Joseph=Richard/Ann(Matlock)
C 1808jan29 SHERRAT Hannah=-/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1779dec10 SHIMELL Elizabeth(Matlock)/CARLINE Jacob
M 1743nov24 SHIMMEL ?(Matlock)/PENNISTON William
M 1732mar05 SHIMMELL Elizabeth(Matlock)/TEARSDALE John
M 1830jul29 SHIPLEY Charles(Ashbourne)/WHEATCROFT Ann Comments: (Licence)
M 1807sep07 SHIPLEY Joseph(All Saints;Derby)/LEVICK Elizabeth
B 1830mar28 SHIPLEY William(Tansley){aged 19}
M 1810jul31 SHIPMAN William(Matlock)/PEARSON Mary
B 1839oct15 SHIRLAND Thomas(Scarthinnick){aged 12}
B 1785jan07 SHIRLOCK Richard(son)Richard/Ann(Matlock)
C 1818sep13 SHOOTER Fanny=George/Sarah(Bank)[Stockinger]
C 1821may20 SHOOTER John=George/Sarah(Bank)[Framework knitter]
M 1793apr22 SHORE Betty(Matlock)/LOVATT William
B 1833dec12 SHORE Elizabeth(Matlock Bath){aged 79}
B 1791aug17 SHORE Ellen(wife)Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1854oct26 SHORE Frances(Matlock Bath){aged 86}
M 1787apr22 SHORE James(Matlock)/HARDWICKE Elizabeth
B 1833mar29 SHORE James(Matlock Bank){aged 78}
M 1710aug17 SHORE Jane(Matlock)/DAKEIN William
M 1793jan14 SHORE Mary(Matlock)/BRACE Thomas
M 1638dec02 SHRIGLEY Catherine(Matlock)/TURNOR Robert
M 1792nov26 SHROE William(Ecclesall;Yorks)/EVANS Mary
B 1818nov21 SHUTER John(Bank){aged 15}
B 1825apr03 SHUTES George(Bank){aged 19}
M 1829dec27 SIDDAL Ellen(Wirksworth)/HITCHCOCK Thomas Comments: (Banns)
M 1801dec29 SIDDAL Mary(Matlock)/SIDDAL Richard
C 1807sep11 SIDDAL Mary=-/Ann(Matlock) dob:1807sep02
M 1801dec29 SIDDAL Richard(Matlock)/SIDDAL Mary
C 1838feb16 SIDDALL Henry=George/Mary(Matlock green)[Traveller]
M 1779jun14 SIDDON Francis(Alfreton)/WATTS Jane
C 1698apr17 SILKSTON Alice=George/(Matlock)
C 1695sep05 SILKSTON Ann=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1698apr17 SILKSTON Ann=William/(Matlock)
C 1685mar15 SILKSTON Anne=Roger/Grace(Matlock)
C 1708jul11 SILKSTON Bernard?=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1693jun04 SILKSTON Elizabeth=John/(Matlock)
C 1689nov05 SILKSTON George?=George/(Matlock)
C 1691may19 SILKSTON Hannah=William/(Matlock)
C 1709jan06 SILKSTON Henry=Henry/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1707mar12 SILKSTON Isaac=William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1696apr10 SILKSTON Jacob=William/Mary(Matlock)
M 1711feb13 SILKSTON Joana(Matlock)/ASSELL Edward
M 1692aug29 SILKSTON John(Matlock)/MARTIN Clemens
M 1725nov06 SILKSTON John(Matlock)/BOMFORD Ruth
C 1687mar06 SILKSTON Lydia=George/(Matlock)
M 1668oct28 SILKSTON Roger(Matlock)/SPOONER Grace
C 1693mar26 SILKSTON Thomas=John/(Matlock)
C 1695nov22 SILKSTON Truth=John/Clare(Matlock)
M 1691apr25 SILKSTON William(Matlock)/WARD Mary
M 1703feb09 SILKSTON William(Matlock)/WILDE Mary
M 1723nov23 SILKSTONE Ann(Matlock)/CLEWS Samuel
M 1728sep09 SILKSTONE Ann(Matlock)/BOTHAM Thomas
C 1716jun17 SILKSTONE Anna=Henry/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1706feb17 SILKSTONE Edward=Henry/Catherine(Matlock)
C 1702feb20 SILKSTONE Elizabeth=John/(Matlock)
B 1730mar09 SILKSTONE George(Matlock)
C 1722mar27 SILKSTONE Grace=-/Anne(Matlock)
C 1703apr04 SILKSTONE John=William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1703nov14 SILKSTONE John=Henry/(Matlock)
C 1719   SILKSTONE Marcy=-/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1705sep02 SILKSTONE Mary=George/Anne(Matlock)
C 1727may14 SILKSTONE Mary=-/Ann(Matlock)
B 1729apr19 SILKSTONE Mary(dau)/Ann(Matlock) (illegitimate)
B 1727apr09 SILKSTONE Richard(son)George/(Matlock)
C 1729apr13 SILKSTONE Ruth=John/Ruth(Matlock)
B 1730feb12 SILKSTONE Ruth(Matlock) (infant)
C 1718aug28 SILKSTONE William=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1720jul03 SILKSTONE William=Henry/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1828jul01 SILKSTONE? Mary=John/Jane(Tansley)[Weaver] dob:1828jun19
C 1692oct28 SILVERSTON Isaac=William/(Matlock)
C 1692apr03 SILVERSTON John=George/(Matlock)
M 1709jun24 SIM Charles(Wirksworth)/WARDE Sarah
M 1829aug04 SIM Henry(Bonsall)/DOD Harriet Comments: (Licence)
C 1841may13 SIMONS Ellen maria=George/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Petrifactioner]
B 1838dec25 SIMONS George(Matlock Bath){aged inf}
B 1830may16 SIMONS Matilda(Tansley){aged 5}
M 1830feb22 SIMPSON Ann(Matlock)/ROPER Thomas Comments: (Banns)
B 1846feb27 SIMPSON Ann(Matlock){aged 75}
M 1826jun26 SIMPSON Bernard(Matlock)/FORD Ann Comments: (Banns)
B 1827nov01 SIMPSON Bernard(Bank){aged 81}
C 1734feb24 SIMPSON Elizabeth=Thomas/(Matlock)
B 1758jun26 SIMPSON Elizabeth(dau)/Hannah
B 1850oct16 SIMPSON Elizabeth(Bakewell){aged 71}
B 1787feb02 SIMPSON Ellen(wife)Simon/(Washington)
C 1838aug05 SIMPSON Emma brooks=Adam/Millicent(Matlock cliff)[Labourer]
M 1809feb21 SIMPSON Esther(Matlock)/WOODWARD Adam
C 1835nov22 SIMPSON Frederick brooks=Adam/Millicent(Tansley)[Labourer] dob:1835oct23
C 1727mar31 SIMPSON Grace=Joseph/Mary(Matlock)
C 1736oct24 SIMPSON John=Thomas/(Matlock)
C 1732dec07 SIMPSON Mary=Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1737sep11 SIMPSON Mary(Matlock)/MORLEY William
M 1738apr24 SIMPSON Mary(Matlock)/SMITH William
M 1747oct17 SIMPSON Mary(Matlock)/BALLINGTON William
B 1791mar03 SIMPSON Mary(Matlock) (widow)
C 1815sep10 SIMPSON Mary=William/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1835mar22 SIMPSON Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 20}
C 1814nov03 SIMPSON Mary ann=William/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
M 1748mar24 SIMPSON Peter(Matlock)/ELLOT Hannah
C 1765dec26 SIMPSON Peter=(son)Joseph/Rachel(Matlock)
B 1818jan06 SIMPSON Rachael(M Bath){aged 81}
C 1729apr06 SIMPSON Sarah=Joseph/(Matlock)
M 1746dec31 SIMPSON Sarah(Matlock)/BUNTING William
C 1758may18 SIMPSON Sarah=(dau)-/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1808sep14 SIMPSON Sarah(Matlock)/REEDS Joseph
B 1825aug18 SIMPSON Sarah(Bathwood){aged 55}
B 1737dec07 SIMPSON Thomas(Matlock)
M 1719dec13 SIMPSON William(Matlock)/STATHAM Mary
C 1757mar13 SIMPSON William=-/Elizabeth(Matlock) (Spinster)
B 1847dec18 SIMPSON William(Bakewell){aged 55}
B 1856jun14 SIMS Dorothy(Holloway){aged 77}
M 1806may29 SIMS Sarah(Matlock)/GRUNDY Anthony
B 1836jul26 SIMS William(Holloway){aged 59}
M 1660feb21 SIMSON Elizabeth(Matlock)/DUTON James
M 1763jun19 SIMSON Simon(Crich)[Farmer]/FLINT Eleanor Comments: (widower)
M 1725oct19 SIMSON William(Bonsall)/NEWTON Mary
C 1818apr16 SKERRATT Hannah=-/Hannah dob:1808jan29
C 1793may05 SKIDMOOR John=Stephen/Mary(Matlock)
C 1825sep11 SKIDMORE Anthony=John/Elizabeth(Matlock bath)[Paper maker] dob:1825may21
C 1810jun15 SKIDMORE Boden=John/Mary(Matlock) dob:1810jun08
C 1814sep13 SKIDMORE Catherine=John/Elizabeth(Bath)[Hosier] dob:1807apr25
M 1835jan15 SKIDMORE Catherine(Matlock)/BROUGH John Bennet Comments: (Licence)
C 1812apr28 SKIDMORE Elizabeth=John/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1812apr11
C 1814sep13 SKIDMORE Elizabeth=John/Elizabeth(Matlock bath) dob:1812may14
C 1808oct23 SKIDMORE Jane=John/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1808sep23
C 1814sep13 SKIDMORE Jane=John/Elizabeth(Matlock bath) dob:1808sep23
M 1779oct18 SKIDMORE John(Matlock)/SADLER Mary
M 1805oct14 SKIDMORE John(Matlock)/BODEN Elizabeth
C 1810jun15 SKIDMORE John=John/Mary(Matlock) dob:1810jun08
C 1814sep13 SKIDMORE John=John/Elizabeth(Matlock bath) dob:1810jun08
C 1814sep13 SKIDMORE Margaret=John/Elizabeth(Matlock bath) dob:1814jun12
C 1825sep11 SKIDMORE Mary=John/Elizabeth(Matlock bath)[Paper maker] dob:1821aug05
C 1825sep11 SKIDMORE Peter=John/Elizabeth(Matlock bath)[Paper maker] dob:1815sep08
M 1800jan20 SKIDMORE Samuel(Matlock)/ANNABLE Elizabeth
C 1825sep11 SKIDMORE Samuel=John/Elizabeth(Matlock bath)[Paper maker] dob:1823feb20
B 1817jun10 SKIDMORE Thomas(M Bank){aged inf}
C 1825sep11 SKIDMORE Thomas=John/Elizabeth(Matlock bath)[Paper maker] dob:1818jun30
C 1856jul06 SKIRROW? William=Robert/Margaret(Matlock bath)[Station master]
M 1748apr19 SLACK Ann(Matlock)/BRADLEY Elijah
M 1837jan18 SLACK Edward(Wirksworth)/KNOWLES Martha Comments: (Licence)
C 1790sep12 SLACK Elizabeth=Peter/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1790sep12 SLACK Elizabeth=Peter/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1786dec10 SLACK Hannah=Peter/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1766apr08 SLACK Isaac(Matlock)/PEARSON Susanna
M 1783mar31 SLACK James(Matlock)/WALKER Elizabeth
C 1774nov28 SLACK Jane=Isaac/Susanna(Matlock)
C 1792dec30 SLACK John=Peter/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1834jun23 SLACK Joseph(Scarthinnick){aged 17}
B 1854aug17 SLACK Martin(Starkholmes){aged 21}
C 1783nov23 SLACK Mary=Isaac/Susannah(Matlock)
M 1785nov14 SLACK Peter(Matlock)/NEAL Elizabeth
M 1756apr19 SLACK Sarah(Matlock)/BARK Aaron Comments: (widow)
C 1766jun07 SLACK Simon peter=(son)Isaac/Susanna(Matlock)
C 1814aug14 SLACK William=Samuel/Ann(Tansley)[Labourer]
M 1825oct24 SLACK William(St Peter;Derby)/BARKER Ann Comments: (Banns)
C 1750jun03 SLATER Ann=(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1767aug10 SLATER Ann(Matlock)/WILLAT John
M 1780may15 SLATER Ann(Matlock)/WAIN Abraham
C 1796mar27 SLATER Ann=John/Pamela(Matlock)
C 1824feb29 SLATER Ann=-/Sarah dob:1824jan22
C 1831dec18 SLATER Ann=Job/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1831nov15
C 1852apr10 SLATER Ann=William/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Marble worker]
C 1854aug13 SLATER Ann=John/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1847dec23
C 1834nov30 SLATER Anne=John/Betty(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1834nov01
B 1748mar13 SLATER Barbara(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1836jan03 SLATER Charlotte(Matlock Bank){aged 6}
M 1786apr16 SLATER Edward(Burton)/HUCKTON Rachel
M 1676apr19 SLATER Elizabeth(Matlock)/WAGSTAFF Anthony
C 1748aug29 SLATER Elizabeth=(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1771sep09 SLATER Elizabeth(Matlock)/WRAGG Joseph
C 1788dec28 SLATER Elizabeth=John/Pamela(Matlock)
C 1834jan05 SLATER Elizabeth=William/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1833dec07
B 1835feb08 SLATER Elizabeth(Matlock Bank){aged 13m}
C 1837jan10 SLATER Elizabeth=Job/Ann(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1836dec17
B 1843nov09 SLATER Elizabeth(Matlock Bridge){aged 27}
C 1846may31 SLATER Elizabeth=William/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Spar turner]
C 1814jul18 SLATER Frances=Francis/Sarah(Matlock bank)
C 1793sep15 SLATER Francis=John/Pamela(Matlock)
M 1812nov23 SLATER Francis(Matlock)/JEPSON Sarah
C 1813sep12 SLATER Francis=Jack/Dorothy(Matlock bath)[Servant]
C 1791feb13 SLATER George=Edward/Rachel(Matlock)
B 1791mar12 SLATER George(son)Edward/Rachel(Matlock)
C 1810jan29 SLATER George=-/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1810jan21
C 1820jul09 SLATER George=John/Elizabeth(Bank) dob:1817nov23
C 1841dec19 SLATER George=William/Ann(Bank)[Marble worker]
C 1850sep23 SLATER George=Job/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1844sep28
C 1854aug13 SLATER George=John/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1854jul08
C 1803jul24 SLATER Hannah=John/Pamela(Matlock)
C 1834sep14 SLATER Hannah=Job/Anne(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1834aug03
C 1839oct20 SLATER Hannah=John/Ann(Matlock bank)[Bleacher]
B 1843mar27 SLATER Hannah(Matlock Bank){aged 3}
C 1843nov15 SLATER Hannah=William/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Marble worker]
M 1743mar07 SLATER Hellen(Wirksworth)/BURTON Edward
C 1850may24 SLATER Herbert=William/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Marble worker]
C 1850sep23 SLATER James=Job/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1850nov01 SLATER James(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
B 1782jul17 SLATER Jane(wife)John/(Matlock)
C 1798sep09 SLATER Job=John/Pamela(Matlock)
C 1820jul09 SLATER Job=John/Elizabeth(Bank)[Labourer]
M 1822dec25 SLATER Job(Matlock)/DATS Ann Comments: (Banns)
C 1848apr13 SLATER Job=William/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Spar worker]
M 1783oct13 SLATER John(Matlock)/SMITH Pamela
C 1791mar06 SLATER John=John/Pamela(Matlock)
C 1814jul16 SLATER John=John/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1828dec26 SLATER John=Job/Ann(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1828dec24
M 1836may23 SLATER John(Matlock)/BUNTING Ann Comments: (Banns)
C 1837sep04 SLATER John=John/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1837sep14 SLATER John=William/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1839apr29 SLATER John(Matlock Bank){aged 1}
B 1852mar31 SLATER John(Dob Lane){aged 61}
C 1827jan07 SLATER Joseph=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Labourer] dob:1823dec20
C 1759may16 SLATER Mary=(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1775sep11 SLATER Mary(Matlock)/GREEN John
M 1822aug27 SLATER Mary(Matlock)/BURTON William Comments: (Banns)
M 1823jan20 SLATER Mary(Matlock)/HURSTHOUSE Samuel Comments: (Banns)
C 1826apr16 SLATER Mary=Job/Ann(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1826mar08
B 1839nov10 SLATER Pamela(Matlock Bank){aged 75}
M 1747jun03 SLATER Samuel(Matlock)/WARD Elizabeth
B 1764dec30 SLATER Samuel(Matlock)
B 1773may30 SLATER Samuel(son)Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1787jan07 SLATER Samuel=John/Pamela(Matlock)
C 1807sep20 SLATER Samuel=-/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1802oct02
B 1816mar09 SLATER Samuel(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
B 1755nov09 SLATER Sarah(dau)Samuel/
C 1785feb13 SLATER Sarah=John/Pamela(Matlock)
C 1789feb08 SLATER Sarah=Edward/Rachel(Matlock)
C 1816sep08 SLATER Sarah=Francis/Elizabeth(Bank)[Labourer]
C 1835dec13 SLATER Sarah=William/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Spar turner] dob:1835nov12
C 1839jun09 SLATER Sarah=Job/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1827jan07 SLATER William=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Labourer] dob:1825dec02
M 1830dec25 SLATER William(Matlock)/COOK Hannah Comments: (Banns)
C 1840jan05 SLATER William=William/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Marble turner]
C 1841oct03 SLATER William=Job/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
M 1813sep26 SLATOR John(Matlock)/BOWN Elizabeth Comments: (Banns;consent)
M 1750jun10 SLECKS John(Matlock)/PARKER Martha
C 1809may21 SLEIGH Ann=Elijah/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1809apr08
B 1799sep15 SLEIGH Elijah(Matlock)
B 1803jul18 SLEIGH Walter(Matlock)
C 1806nov09 SLEIGH Walter=Elijah/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1806oct12
M 1803nov03 SLIGH Christiana(Matlock)/WHARTON Christopher
M 1783jan29 SLINN Cornelius(Ashover)/TWIGG Ann
B 1848mar15 SMEDLEY Alice(Matlock Bath){aged 71}
C 1764sep09 SMEDLEY Ann=(dau)Isaac/Polley(Matlock)
C 1796mar20 SMEDLEY Ann=John/Dorothy(Matlock)
M 1807nov02 SMEDLEY Ann(Matlock)/PEARSON James
B 1809jul27 SMEDLEY Ann(wife)William/(Matlock){aged 55}
C 1828jun01 SMEDLEY Ann=Daniel/Ruth(Tansley)[Smelter] dob:1827nov22
C 1789jan25 SMEDLEY Catherine=John/Dorothy(Matlock)
B 1853may24 SMEDLEY Catherine(Matlock Bath){aged 3}
C 1831apr24 SMEDLEY Daniel=Daniel/Ruth(Tansley)[Labourer] dob:1831mar17
C 1765nov03 SMEDLEY Dorothy=(dau)Isaac/Dolley(Matlock)
B 1772sep12 SMEDLEY Dorothy(wife)Isaac/(Matlock)
C 1825mar27 SMEDLEY Dorothy=Robert/Julia(Tansley)[Labourer] dob:1823aug25
B 1840dec25 SMEDLEY Dorothy(Cliffe){aged 17}
C 1807jun12 SMEDLEY Eleanor=Peter/(Matlock) dob:1807jun03
C 1826may21 SMEDLEY Eleanor=John/Eleanor(Bath)[Petrifactioner] dob:1826apr26
M 1751may05 SMEDLEY Elizabeth(Matlock)/ALSOP Samuel
M 1809sep11 SMEDLEY Elizabeth(Matlock)/WALKER John
C 1819apr11 SMEDLEY Elizabeth=Daniel/Ruth(Tansley)[Bleacher]
C 1829jun14 SMEDLEY Elizabeth=Robert/Julia(Tansley)[Cottonspinner] dob:1829apr22
C 1845sep10 SMEDLEY Elizabeth=John/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1772sep12 SMEDLEY Ellen=Isaac/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1856jul13 SMEDLEY Ellen=Samuel/Hannah(Matlock bath)[Postboy]
M 1814dec20 SMEDLEY George(Ashover)/MACKDONALD Sarah Comments: (Banns)
C 1820nov19 SMEDLEY George=Daniel/Ruth(Lumsdale)[Labourer]
C 1825mar27 SMEDLEY George=William/Ann(Tansley) dob:1818oct02
C 1842mar27 SMEDLEY George=Robert/Julia(Matlock)[Labourer]
C 1759oct01 SMEDLEY Hannah=(dau)Joseph/(Matlock)
C 1833jun02 SMEDLEY Harriett=Robert/Julia(Tansley)[Labourer] dob:1833may05
M 1826jan19 SMEDLEY Henry(Bonsall)/BODEN Sarah Comments: (Banns)
C 1837jul16 SMEDLEY Henry=Robert/Julia(Matlock)[Labourer]
M 1763nov10 SMEDLEY Isaac(Matlock)/GREENHOUGH Dorothy
C 1831apr17 SMEDLEY Jirois?=John/Ellen(Matlock bank)[Spar turner] dob:1831mar16
M 1783oct22 SMEDLEY John(Matlock)/RAWSON Dorothy
C 1784oct03 SMEDLEY John=John/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1789nov29 SMEDLEY John=William/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1791nov28 SMEDLEY John(son)John/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1815feb19 SMEDLEY John=John/Ealener(Matlock bath)[Manufacturer]
B 1816aug21 SMEDLEY John(Tansley){aged 23}
M 1822may21 SMEDLEY John(Ashover)/ELLIS Hannah Comments: (Banns)
C 1825mar27 SMEDLEY John=Robert/Julia(Tansley)[Labourer] dob:1824oct23
C 1828jun01 SMEDLEY John=Daniel/Ruth(Tansley)[Smelter] dob:1823nov22
B 1829feb10 SMEDLEY John(Tansley){aged 77}
B 1845dec13 SMEDLEY John(Matlock Bath){aged 56}
C 1847jun03 SMEDLEY John=Joseph/Mary(Matlock)[Publican]
B 1847sep05 SMEDLEY John(Matlock){aged inf}
C 1792dec30 SMEDLEY John german=John/Dorothy(Matlock)
B 1755oct15 SMEDLEY Joseph(son)Joseph/
C 1758oct13 SMEDLEY Joseph=(son)John/(Matlock)
C 1821jan28 SMEDLEY Joseph=John/Ellen(Matlock bath)[Petrifactioner]
B 1850oct17 SMEDLEY Julia(Matlock Cliff){aged 48}
C 1828jun01 SMEDLEY Lavina=Daniel/Ruth(Tansley)[Smelter] dob:1822jul08
C 1842oct02 SMEDLEY Lindsey=William/Mary(Matlock)[Petrifactioner]
M 1765nov06 SMEDLEY Lydia(Matlock)/MARSHALL Thomas
M 1755jun08 SMEDLEY Mary(Matlock)/BODEN William
C 1773nov21 SMEDLEY Mary=William/Mary(Matlock)
B 1791sep28 SMEDLEY Mary(dau)William/Mary(Matlock)
B 1809dec25 SMEDLEY Mary(wife)Peter/(Matlock){aged 34}
C 1819apr11 SMEDLEY Mary=Daniel/Ruth(Tansley)[Bleacher] dob:1817oct02
C 1839nov10 SMEDLEY Mary=Robert/Julia(Tansley)[Weaver]
B 1844mar24 SMEDLEY Mary(Cliffe){aged 4}
B 1848nov17 SMEDLEY Mary(Matlock){aged 20}
M 1822may30 SMEDLEY Mary Ann(Matlock)/HOULGATE John Comments: (Licence)
B 1774nov16 SMEDLEY Peter(son)William/Ann(Matlock)
C 1775dec24 SMEDLEY Peter=William/Ann(Matlock)
M 1812apr26 SMEDLEY Peter(Matlock)/MARTIN Alice
C 1824apr18 SMEDLEY Peter=John/Ellen(Matlock bath)[Petrifactioner] dob:1823may12
B 1851sep27 SMEDLEY Peter(Matlock Bath){aged 78}
C 1835mar22 SMEDLEY Robert=Robert/Julia(Tansley)[Labourer] dob:1830jun30
C 1829may10 SMEDLEY Samuel=John/Ellen(Matlock bath)[Petrifactioner] dob:1829apr04
C 1786jan29 SMEDLEY Sarah=John/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1816jun02 SMEDLEY Sarah=Daniel/Ruth(Tansley)[Labourer]
M 1835sep01 SMEDLEY Sarah(Matlock)/TURNER Thomas Comments: (Licence)
C 1770apr16 SMEDLEY Thomas=(son)Isaac/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1784feb01 SMEDLEY Thomas=William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1809dec25 SMEDLEY Thomas=Peter/Mary(Matlock) dob:1809nov21
M 1814dec19 SMEDLEY Thomas(Matlock)/HODGKINSON Jane Comments: (Banns)
C 1819dec16 SMEDLEY Thomas=John/Ealoner(Matlock)[Petrifactioner]
C 1828jun01 SMEDLEY Thomas=Daniel/Ruth(Tansley)[Smelter] dob:1825feb02
C 1829jun14 SMEDLEY Thomas=Robert/Julia(Tansley)[Cottonspinner] dob:1825dec21
M 1829oct19 SMEDLEY Thomas(Ashover)/FENTOM Mary Comments: (Banns)
B 1839nov12 SMEDLEY Thomas(Matlock Bath){aged 55}
M 1773may04 SMEDLEY William(Matlock)/PEARSON Ann
B 1811jun02 SMEDLEY William(son)John/Ellen(Matlock){aged inf}
C 1812apr12 SMEDLEY William=John/Ealioner(Matlock) dob:1812mar25
B 1818aug28 SMEDLEY William(Matlock Bath){aged 67}
B 1829dec06 SMEDLEY William(BathWood){aged 52}
C 1835mar22 SMEDLEY William=Robert/Julia(Tansley)[Labourer] dob:1835feb12
C 1839dec29 SMEDLEY William=William/Mary(Matlock bath)[Petrifactioner]
C 1848nov17 SMEDLEY William=Joseph/Mary(Matlock)[Coachman]
B 1849jan18 SMEDLEY William(Matlock){aged inf}
C 1850aug11 SMEDLEY William=William/Ann(Matlock bath)[Spar & marbleworker]
B 1850dec28 SMEDLEY William(Matlock Bath){aged inf}
M 1720may02 SMETLEY Isaac(Matlock)/OKELEY Mary
M 1800sep15 SMITH Alice(Matlock)/KNOWLE Henry
C 1852jun27 SMITH Alice=Robert/Sarah(Matlock bridge)[Labourer]
C 1758sep16 SMITH Ann=(dau)John/(Matlock)
M 1783dec10 SMITH Ann(Crich)/JOHNSON Joshua
M 1797jul03 SMITH Ann(Matlock)/YOUNG Thomas
C 1810jul13 SMITH Ann=George/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1810jul13
B 1818mar12 SMITH Ann(Bank){aged 84}
M 1831apr11 SMITH Ann(Matlock)/STONE John Comments: (Banns)
C 1836jun05 SMITH Ann=Joseph/Sarah(Tansley)[Gardener]
C 1838jun03 SMITH Ann=Robert/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Servant]
B 1844mar28 SMITH Ann(Matlock Bridge){aged 5}
C 1846may24 SMITH Ann=George/Mary(Matlock cliff)[Bleacher]
C 1856oct26 SMITH Ann=Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1689apr21 SMITH Anthony=Edmund/(Matlock)
C 1776may12 SMITH Benjamin=William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1764sep09 SMITH Betty=(dau)William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1766sep   SMITH Betty=(dau)John/Ann(Matlock) (Unreadable month)
M 1788may22 SMITH Betty(Matlock)/TAYLOR Joseph
B 1842jan16 SMITH Catherine(Matlock Bath){aged inf}
C 1834sep14 SMITH Charles=John/Mary(Riber)[Miller]
C 1848jul21 SMITH Charles=Joseph barkley/Mary(Matlock)[Hatter]
B 1764oct28 SMITH Charlotte(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1769dec03 SMITH Daniel=(son)William/Mary(Matlock)
B 1831jul15 SMITH Edmund(Ashover){aged 80}
B 1813dec23 SMITH Eliza(Dimple)
M 1714nov30 SMITH Elizabeth(Matlock)/FOX Edmund
C 1741jul03 SMITH Elizabeth=John/(Tansley)
C 1746aug31 SMITH Elizabeth=(dau)William/(Matlock)
C 1758jul16 SMITH Elizabeth=(dau)Richard/(Matlock)
B 1765may31 SMITH Elizabeth(dau)William/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1772nov22 SMITH Elizabeth=George/Elinor(Matlock)
M 1779dec20 SMITH Elizabeth(Matlock)/WASS Nathan
M 1782sep16 SMITH Elizabeth(Crich)/WILDGOOSE Lawrance
B 1784oct06 SMITH Elizabeth(dau)George/Elizabeth(Tansley)
B 1784oct30 SMITH Elizabeth(wife)George/(Tansley)
C 1787apr29 SMITH Elizabeth=John?/Alice(Matlock)
B 1788jul01 SMITH Elizabeth(dau)John/Alice(Matlock)
C 1793feb10 SMITH Elizabeth=John/Alice(Matlock)
B 1801may27 SMITH Elizabeth(Matlock) (widow)
C 1802   SMITH Elizabeth=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1817jan20 SMITH Elizabeth(Scarthinnick){aged 1}
C 1824apr18 SMITH Elizabeth=George/Sarah(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1817sep25
M 1824oct16 SMITH Elizabeth(Matlock)/STANNIFORTH James Comments: (Licence)
M 1834sep08 SMITH Elizabeth(Matlock)/HODGKINSON Joseph Comments: (Licence)
C 1837feb13 SMITH Elizabeth=William/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1839sep29 SMITH Elizabeth=Robert/Sarah(Common wood)[Servant]
C 1839oct13 SMITH Elizabeth=Joshua/Mary(Tansley)[Miller]
B 1844may23 SMITH Elizabeth(Willersley Lane){aged 9}
B 1846nov29 SMITH Elizabeth(Matlock Bank){aged 51}
C 1847jun03 SMITH Elizabeth=Samuel/Eliza(Matlock)[Gardener]
B 1840apr21 SMITH Ellen(Cromford Bridge){aged 27}
C 1834mar02 SMITH Emily=John/Mary(Riber)[Miller]
C 1815oct01 SMITH Emma=John/Mary(Tansley)[Bleacher]
C 1818aug28 SMITH Emma=John/Mary(Tansley)[Bleacher]
B 1842jun20 SMITH Emma(Willersley Lane){aged 11}
C 1856nov02 SMITH Emma=John/Sarah(Harveydale)[Common carrier]
B 1853oct04 SMITH Frances(Cromford){aged 70}
C 1773apr30 SMITH Francis=John/Ann(Matlock)
C 1789jan04 SMITH Francis=John/Alice(Matlock)
B 1852jan23 SMITH Francis(Matlock Bath){aged 66}
C 1739apr01 SMITH George=William/(Matlock)
B 1762mar   SMITH George(Matlock)
M 1777apr22 SMITH George(Crich)/HODGKINSON Elizabeth
B 1783sep03 SMITH George(son)Thomas/Margery(Matlock)
C 1783nov16 SMITH George=-/Mary(Matlock)
M 1807jul27 SMITH George(Matlock)/KING Sarah
C 1808jan24 SMITH George=George/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1807dec26
B 1816aug07 SMITH George(Tansley){aged 81}
M 1835oct17 SMITH George(Matlock)/SCRIMSHAW Lydia Comments: (Licence;widower)
M 1836jul02 SMITH George(Matlock)/DERBYSHIRE Rachel Comments: (Licence)
C 1837oct16 SMITH George=James/Sarah(Matlock)[Gardener]
B 1842may22 SMITH George(Matlock Bank){aged 89}
C 1844may12 SMITH George=Francis wm/Mary(Matlock bank)[Baker]
B 1848oct22 SMITH George(Matlock Bank){aged 64}
C 1850nov11 SMITH George=George/Rachel(Matlock bank)[Gardener]
C 1824apr18 SMITH George evan=George/Sarah(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1823apr12
C 1776jul07 SMITH Grace=Thomas/Margaret(Matlock)
C 1718dec30 SMITH Hannah=Samuel/Jane(Matlock)
B 1740apr02 SMITH Hannah(Matlock)
C 1740oct26 SMITH Hannah=William/(Matlock)
B 1741jul29 SMITH Hannah(dau)William/(Matlock)
M 1785jun06 SMITH Hannah(Matlock)/HURSTHOUSE Francis
M 1793dec23 SMITH Hannah(Matlock)/MARTING George
C 1799mar24 SMITH Hannah=Job/Rachel(Matlock)
B 1808may09 SMITH Hannah(Matlock){aged 80} (widow)
M 1813nov08 SMITH Hannah(Matlock)/TWIGG William Comments: (Banns;consent)
B 1823mar03 SMITH Hannah(Tansley){aged 64}
C 1825oct25 SMITH Hannah=-/Sarah(Bank) dob:1825may29
C 1843may18 SMITH Hannah=James/Sarah(Holt lane)[Gardener] dob:1843may13
C 1844mar01 SMITH Hannah=George/Rachel(Matlock bank)[Gardener]
B 1844apr27 SMITH Hannah(Holt Lane){aged inf}
B 1841jun01 SMITH Hannah B(Scarthinnick){aged 1} (Beasdale)
C 1841feb28 SMITH Hannah page=John/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Shoemaker]
C 1836sep25 SMITH Harriett=John/Mary(Tansley)[Miller] dob:1836aug02
B 1851jan02 SMITH Henry(Hurst){aged 36}
C 1796dec25 SMITH Isaac=George/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1839jan06 SMITH Isaac=William/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1854jul17 SMITH Isaac(Matlock Bank){aged 15}
C 1737jan23 SMITH James=William/(Matlock)
M 1759dec19 SMITH James(Matlock)[Gardener]/HOLMES Lydia
M 1770apr17 SMITH James(Ashover)/WESSON Jane
C 1772nov15 SMITH James=William/Mary(Matlock)
B 1790jun03 SMITH James(son)George/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1791apr24 SMITH James=Samuel/Ruth(Matlock)
C 1804sep09 SMITH James=George/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1807aug13 SMITH James(Matlock){aged 16}
B 1820jul05 SMITH James(Bank){aged 85}
M 1764apr23 SMITH Jane(Matlock)/WRAGG Dennis
C 1784apr18 SMITH Jane=Thomas/Marion(Matlock)
C 1812aug10 SMITH Jane=George/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1812aug07
C 1812nov08 SMITH Jane=James/Martha(Matlock)
C 1838jul08 SMITH Jane=Joseph/Sarah(Tansley moor)[Nurseryman]
B 1840jun19 SMITH Jane(Matlock Bank){aged 53}
B 1854may27 SMITH Jane(Dimple){aged 69}
C 1748jan17 SMITH Job=(son)William/(Matlock)
C 1767feb10 SMITH Job=(son)William/Mary(Matlock)
M 1791jun20 SMITH Job(Matlock)/ROWSON Rachael
C 1796oct30 SMITH Job=Samuel/Ruth(Matlock)
C 1841jun20 SMITH Job=George/Rachel(Matlock bank)[Victualler]
B 1847jan22 SMITH Job(Matlock Bank){aged 3}
M 1647jun04 SMITH John(Matlock)/ALIN Anne
M 1681jun16 SMITH John(Matlock)/BUNTING Alice
C 1707nov16 SMITH John=Peter/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1727jul03 SMITH John(Matlock)/ASBURY Sarah
C 1735jun22 SMITH John=William/(Matlock)
C 1737feb02 SMITH John=John/(Tansley)
M 1755jul31 SMITH John(Matlock)/WALKER Ann^  Status:(,22/,)
C 1759jun03 SMITH John=(son)William/(Matlock)
C 1794apr20 SMITH John=Samuel/Ruth(Matlock)
B 1796jul24 SMITH John(son)/Margaret(Lea)
C 1813may02 SMITH John=John/Jary(Tansley)[Bleacher & dyer]
B 1821aug09 SMITH John(Bank){aged 86}
M 1824may26 SMITH John(Buxton)/TOMISON Mary Ann Comments: (Licence)
B 1825dec26 SMITH John(Bank){aged 20}
B 1826feb05 SMITH John(Matlock){aged 24}
C 1829sep20 SMITH John=Joseph/Ann(Starkholmes)[Labourer] dob:1829aug29
C 1831mar06 SMITH John=William/Sarah(Bath wood)[Gardener] dob:1831feb06
C 1834may14 SMITH John=Samuel/Mary(Matlock moor)[Labourer] dob:1834apr17
M 1836feb07 SMITH John(Darley)/REDFERN Lydia Comments: (Banns)
C 1842nov27 SMITH John thomas=Francis wm/Mary(Matlock)[Baker]
C 1744jan24 SMITH Joseph=William/(Matlock)
M 1822jun03 SMITH Joseph(Matlock)/BLAND Sarah Comments: (Banns)
M 1824apr15 SMITH Joseph(Ashover)/LEE Sarah Comments: (Banns)
C 1825jun12 SMITH Joseph=George/(Bank)[Miner] dob:1825may14
C 1825sep11 SMITH Joseph=Joseph/Sarah(Moor)[Nurseryman] dob:1825aug15
M 1828apr28 SMITH Joseph(Matlock)/WESTON Ann Comments: (Banns)
B 1835oct10 SMITH Joseph(Matlock){aged 21}
B 1845sep10 SMITH Joseph(Glosop){aged 20}
M 1836apr25 SMITH Joseph Bartley(Matlock)/WRIGHT Mary Comments: (Banns)
B 1849oct01 SMITH Joshua(Matlock Bath){aged 75}
M 1807jun25 SMITH Katherine(Matlock)/ROBINSON George
C 1821sep09 SMITH Louisa=Samuel/Catherine(Bank)[Gardener] dob:1819jun18
C 1836jun05 SMITH Louisa=Joseph/Sarah(Tansley)[Gardener] dob:1836may06
C 1845mar30 SMITH Louisa=Robert/Sarah(Matlock bridge)[Servant]
B 1828apr27 SMITH Lucy(Matlock){aged 22}
B 1838jan29 SMITH Lucy(Matlock){aged 61}
B 1785nov30 SMITH Lydia(wife)John/(Matlock)
B 1790aug11 SMITH Lydia(dau)James/Lydia(Matlock)
C 1793oct27 SMITH Lydia=George/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1796dec09 SMITH Lydia(wife)James/(Matlock)
C 1810apr27 SMITH Lydia=Samuel/Ruth(Matlock) dob:1810apr22
M 1813dec23 SMITH Lydia(Matlock)/HAWLEY George Comments: (Banns;consent)
B 1837nov28 SMITH Lydia M(Matlock Bank){aged 2w} (Mary)
C 1837nov19 SMITH Lydia mary=-/Mary(Matlock bank)
B 1830mar29 SMITH Margaret(Matlock){aged 26}
C 1758mar12 SMITH Marina=(dau)John/(Matlock)
C 1852jun20 SMITH Marina eliza ann=Stephen/Marina(Tansley)[Leedsman Seedsman?]
M 1802apr26 SMITH Martha(Matlock)/STORROW George
C 1830feb21 SMITH Martha=Joseph/Sarah(Tansley)[Gardener] dob:1829dec22
C 1834nov16 SMITH Martha=William/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1834oct12
B 1837mar30 SMITH Martha(Matlock Bank){aged 2}
C 1842mar06 SMITH Martha=William/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1848oct15 SMITH Martha(Dimple){aged 40}
M 1725mar03 SMITH Mary(Ellison)/POISER William
C 1732jun11 SMITH Mary=William/(Matlock)
B 1733aug12 SMITH Mary(dau)William/(Matlock)
C 1748jul24 SMITH Mary=(dau)William/(Matlock)
M 1768feb16 SMITH Mary(Matlock)/COYNEY Edward^  Status:(,27/,)
C 1769nov08 SMITH Mary=(dau)George/(Tansley)
C 1773nov14 SMITH Mary=James/Lydia(Matlock)
B 1776may12 SMITH Mary(wife)William/(Matlock)
M 1801apr20 SMITH Mary(Matlock)/CROWDER William
C 1805jun04 SMITH Mary=Thomas/Sarah(Tansley)
C 1808jan10 SMITH Mary=Samuel/Ruth(Matlock) dob:1807dec16
C 1808jun19 SMITH Mary=Eorge/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1808apr19
B 1811jul19 SMITH Mary(dau)John/Mary(Matlock){aged inf}
B 1811dec29 SMITH Mary(Matlock){aged 72} (widow)
M 1823oct15 SMITH Mary(Matlock)/HODGKINSON Wigley Haywood Comments: (Licence)
B 1827feb25 SMITH Mary(Tansley){aged 61}
B 1837nov16 SMITH Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 18}
C 1838jan30 SMITH Mary=John/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Shoemaker]
C 1839apr07 SMITH Mary=George/Rachel(Matlock bank)[Victualler]
C 1840aug16 SMITH Mary=Joseph/Sarah(Tansley moor)[Nurseryman] dob:1840jul16
B 1841dec07 SMITH Mary(Holt Lane){aged 80}
C 1841dec19 SMITH Mary=Robert/Sarah(Matlock bridge)[Labourer]
C 1843may18 SMITH Mary=James/Sarah(Holt lane)[Gardener] dob:1843may13
B 1844may07 SMITH Mary(Holt Lane){aged inf}
B 1853nov07 SMITH Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 69}
C 1856mar30 SMITH Mary=William/Dolly(Tansley)[Cotton spinner]
B 1826mar27 SMITH Mary Ann(Green){aged 18}
C 1799jul07 SMITH Mary ann=George/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1852mar15 SMITH Matilda=-/Eliza(Matlock bank)
M 1814jan03 SMITH Obadiah(Matlock)/WARD Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
C 1764sep09 SMITH Pamela=(dau)John/Ann(Matlock)
M 1783oct13 SMITH Pamela(Matlock)/SLATER John
M 1833sep16 SMITH Paul(Matlock)/HODGKINSON Anne Comments: (Banns)
C 1759dec03 SMITH Rebecca=(dau)William/(Matlock)
B 1854apr02 SMITH Rebecca(Harvey Dale){aged 32}
M 1792oct01 SMITH Richard(Matlock)/LARARD Tace Coate
M 1730mar22 SMITH Robert(Matlock)/MARROT Jane
C 1816jun23 SMITH Robert=George/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Farmer]
C 1847jun13 SMITH Robert=Robert/Sarah(Matlock bridge)[Labourer]
C 1731jun27 SMITH Samuel=William/(Matlock)
M 1756oct27 SMITH Samuel(Matlock)[Gardener]/WRIGHT Ann
M 1766mar31 SMITH Samuel(Youlgreave)/FLINT Lydia
C 1766nov09 SMITH Samuel=(son)James/Lydia(Matlock)
M 1789apr13 SMITH Samuel(Matlock)/BUCKLEY Ruth
M 1822oct21 SMITH Samuel(Matlock)/ALSOP Mary Comments: (Banns)
M 1827sep12 SMITH Samuel(Matlock)/RIGGOTT Fanny Comments: (Banns)
M 1830oct05 SMITH Samuel(Matlock)/WILDGOOSE Mary Comments: (Banns)
B 1842oct20 SMITH Samuel(Matlock Bank){aged 73}
C 1850nov03 SMITH Samuel=Stephen/Marina(Tansley)[Gardener]
C 1855jun07 SMITH Samuel=-/Louisa(Matlock bath)
C 1741jan25 SMITH Sarah=John/(Tansley)
M 1778oct27 SMITH Sarah(Matlock)/GARLICK John^  Status:(,19/,) Comments: (consent)
C 1795mar08 SMITH Sarah=-/Mary(Matlock)
B 1807feb20 SMITH Sarah(Derby){aged 29}
B 1817feb19 SMITH Sarah(M Bank){aged 31}
C 1818aug28 SMITH Sarah=John/Mary(Tansley)[Bleacher]
C 1824apr18 SMITH Sarah=George/Sarah(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1820oct17
M 1825oct10 SMITH Sarah(Matlock)/WRAGG John Comments: (Banns)
B 1831oct28 SMITH Sarah(Matlock Bath){aged 57}
C 1833jan27 SMITH Sarah=Samuel/Mary(Matlock moor)[Labourer] dob:1832jul20
C 1833sep15 SMITH Sarah=-/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)
C 1837sep22 SMITH Sarah=George/Rachel(Matlock bank)[Publican]
C 1843oct15 SMITH Sarah=Robert/Sarah(Matlock bridge)[Servant]
B 1845jan14 SMITH Sarah(Holt Lane){aged 37}
C 1853jun12 SMITH Sarah=Samuel/Eliza(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1855jun01 SMITH Sarah(Cheadle, Chester){aged 64}
C 1853sep21 SMITH Sarah ann=John/Rebecca(Harveydale)[Carrier]
C 1833aug18 SMITH Sidney=-/Jane(Matlock bank)
C 1825sep11 SMITH Stephen=Joseph/Sarah(Moor)[Nurseryman] dob:1820jun20
C 1813may16 SMITH Sydney=George/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Auctioneer]
B 1742aug06 SMITH Thomas(Matlock)
B 1795mar16 SMITH Thomas(Matlock)
M 1800apr21 SMITH Thomas(All Saints;Derby)/HODGKINSON Sarah
C 1815jan08 SMITH Thomas=George/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1816jun02 SMITH Thomas=Samuel/Catherine dob:1813dec17
C 1844apr20 SMITH Thomas samuel=Thomas/Millicent(Matlock bank)[Gardener]
M 1677jul17 SMITH William(Matlock)/RICHARDS Elizabeth
C 1708jun27 SMITH William=Samuel/Martha(Matlock)
C 1733oct03 SMITH William=William/(Matlock)
M 1738apr24 SMITH William(Matlock)/SIMPSON Mary
M 1741aug10 SMITH William(Matlock)/WAGSTAFF Ann
M 1748feb11 SMITH William(Matlock)/WATSON Sarah
M 1757may30 SMITH William(Matlock)[Mason]/FLINT Mary
C 1776may19 SMITH William=John/Ann(Matlock)
B 1776jun03 SMITH William(Matlock)
M 1778oct20 SMITH William(Matlock)/WALKER Ann Comments: (consent)
B 1791jan22 SMITH William(Matlock)
C 1791sep11 SMITH William=George/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1792sep09 SMITH William=Job/Rachel(Matlock)
B 1793dec13 SMITH William(son)/Sarah(Matlock) (spurious)
M 1801sep01 SMITH William(Youlgreave)/WALKER Susanna
B 1802aug02 SMITH William(son)Samuel/Ruth(Matlock)
M 1802nov15 SMITH William(Matlock)/KNOWLES Mary
B 1818jun14 SMITH William(Ashover){aged 42}
B 1827jul30 SMITH William(Woolwich){aged 34}
M 1833may28 SMITH William(Youlgreave)/SPENCER Phoebe Comments: (Licence)
B 1835mar14 SMITH William(Common Wood){aged 10m}
C 1841apr04 SMITH William=James/Sarah(Holt lane)[Gardener]
M 1804jun13 SMITHURST Elizabeth(Matlock)/YOUNG Benjamin
M 1826dec25 SMITHURST Elizabeth(Matlock)/PARKS William Comments: (Banns)
M 1814nov25 SMYTH John(Uttoxeter)/STANTON Eliza Comments: (Licence)
C 1850may19 SNAITH William=Thomas/Mary ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1787may20 SNEATH Adam=James/Jane(Matlock)
B 1788dec11 SNEATH Adam(son)James/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1818feb02 SNEATH George(Matlock)/WILLIMOT Sarah Comments: (Banns)
B 1827jul13 SNEATH James(Matlock){aged 79}
B 1811jun16 SNEATH Jane(wife)James/(Matlock){aged 64}
B 1786oct04 SNEATH Mary(dau)James/Jane(Matlock)
C 1745mar17 SOAME John=(son)Hugh/(Matlock)
C 1746jul20 SOAME? Hannah=(dau)Hugh/(Matlock)
M 1806jun22 SOMERSET John(Darley)/BARKER Ann
C 1806nov30 SOMERSETT Grace=John/Ann(Matlock) dob:1806nov11
B 1738jun02 SOMMERVILLE John(Matlock) (a Scotchman)
C 1689sep14 SOUTER Anne=Joseph/(Matlock)
C 1685jan02 SOUTER Anthony=Joseph/Anne(Matlock)
C 1790nov21 SOUTER Elizabeth=George/Ann(Matlock)
B 1797jul28 SOUTER Elizabeth(Matlock) (widow)
B 1804apr01 SOUTER George(Matlock)
C 1794sep14 SOUTER Hannah=George/Dinah(Matlock)
C 1796sep11 SOUTER John=George/Dinah(Matlock)
C 1716jan15 SOUTER Rebecka=George/Anne(Matlock)
C 1757jul13 SOUTER Sarah=George/(Matlock)
C 1797apr16 SOUTER Solomon C=George/Ann(Matlock) (Cadman)
C 1806dec28 SOUTHERN Mary=George/Ann(Matlock) dob:1806dec26
B 1732oct05 SOWTER Ann(Tansley)
M 1797may15 SOWTER Ann(Matlock)/GREGORY George
C 1686feb11 SOWTER Anthony=Joseph/(Matlock)
M 1803sep13 SOWTER Charles(Ashbourne)/MASSEY Sarah
M 1702dec02 SOWTER Elizabeth(Matlock)/KNOWLES Adam
M 1802dec15 SOWTER Ellen(Matlock)/ELLIS George
B 1738nov18 SOWTER George(Bridge)
M 1757feb01 SOWTER George(Matlock)/WALL Mary
M 1775dec28 SOWTER Hannah(Matlock)/KIRKLAND John
C 1694oct24 SOWTER John=Anthony/(Matlock)
M 1776jan03 SOWTER John(Matlock)/BOWNE Elizabeth
B 1726aug19 SOWTER Joseph(son)George/(Matlock)
C 1718jun22 SOWTER Mary=George/Anne(Matlock)
B 1817jan16 SOWTER Mary(Matlock){aged 78}
M 1827feb25 SOWTER Mary(Matlock)/HAYNES George Comments: (Licence)
M 1776nov04 SOWTER Sarah(Matlock)/JEBSON Jonathan
C 1831jul31 SOWTER Sarah=George/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Farmer] dob:1831jun29
B 1750feb23 SOWTER? John(Matlock)
M 1786sep11 SPENCEER Hannah(Matlock)/BOTHAM John
C 1855mar03 SPENCER Adam=Thomas/Ann(Masson side)[Labourer]
M 1643jul24 SPENCER Agnes(Matlock)/FRITH Richard
B 1733mar20 SPENCER Ann(Matlock) (widow)
M 1754may01 SPENCER Ann(Matlock)/DAVENPORT Job
M 1798jun25 SPENCER Ann(Matlock)/GREGORY John
M 1744apr26 SPENCER Anthony(Matlock)/ELLOT Elizabeth
M 1723sep19 SPENCER Benjamin(Wirksworth)/BALL Hannah
B 1783jul10 SPENCER Catherine(Matlock)
M 1722jun12 SPENCER Dorothy(Matlock)/WALMSLEY Ralph
C 1854apr09 SPENCER Eliza=James/Lucy(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
M 1647sep08 SPENCER Elizabeth(Matlock)/WALKER Henry
M 1728feb09 SPENCER Elizabeth(Matlock)/COOPER Robert
C 1742apr14 SPENCER Elizabeth=James/(Matlock)
M 1763apr04 SPENCER Elizabeth(Matlock)/NUTTALL George^  Status:(,23/,)
C 1829sep02 SPENCER Elizabeth=John/Frances(Matlock) dob:1829sep01
C 1831sep11 SPENCER Elizabeth=John/Frances(Matlock town)[Miller] dob:1829sep01
C 1838sep16 SPENCER Emma=James/Martha(Tansley)[Weaver]
C 1697apr30 SPENCER Esther=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1816apr21 SPENCER Esther=Joseph/Grace(Bow wood)[Hatter]
C 1819may16 SPENCER George=Job/Mary(Cliffside)[Farmer]
C 1834nov02 SPENCER George=Timothy/Jane(Matlock bridge)[Publican] dob:1834oct03
M 1811jun25 SPENCER Griffin(Alfreton)/KENDAL Mary
M 1769jan02 SPENCER Hannah(Matlock)/REDFEARN Peter
B 1813mar04 SPENCER Hannah(Middleton){aged 85}
C 1814apr06 SPENCER Hannah=Job/Mary(Cliff)[Farmer]
C 1840mar17 SPENCER Herbert=Timothy/Jane(Matlock)[Publican]
C 1805mar03 SPENCER James=Job/Mary(Matlock)
M 1816dec16 SPENCER James(Wirksworth)/BRADSHAW Vinah Comments: (Banns)
M 1677jan03 SPENCER Jane(Matlock)/BOWNE William
C 1773may31 SPENCER Job=Timothy/Mary(Matlock)
M 1797jun13 SPENCER Job(Matlock)/BUCKLEY Mary
C 1803nov07 SPENCER Job=Peter/Mary(Matlock)
C 1809jun25 SPENCER Job=Job/Mary(Matlock) dob:1809jun14
C 1847jun20 SPENCER Job=James/Lucy(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1849mar20 SPENCER Job(Matlock Cliff){aged 75}
M 1681jun27 SPENCER John(Matlock)/STALEY Felicia
C 1744oct26 SPENCER John=(son)James/(Matlock)
B 1744oct29 SPENCER John(son)James/(Matlock)
M 1828sep16 SPENCER John(Matlock)/KNOWLES Frances Comments: (Banns)
B 1842dec20 SPENCER John(Scarthinnick){aged 2}
M 1811jun27 SPENCER Joseph(Matlock)/ELLIOT Grace
C 1812jan12 SPENCER Joseph=Francis/Clare(Matlock) dob:1811dec  
C 1853mar27 SPENCER Lucy=James/Lucy(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1853apr27 SPENCER Lucy(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
M 1766jan16 SPENCER Martha(Ashover)/WILDGOOSE James
M 1687apr09 SPENCER Mary(Matlock)/MARTIN Thomas
C 1693oct19 SPENCER Mary=Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1730may31 SPENCER Mary(Matlock)/CRESCIT William
M 1758aug28 SPENCER Mary(Wirksworth)/PEARSON Henry
C 1775feb19 SPENCER Mary=Timothy/Mary(Matlock)
M 1797oct25 SPENCER Mary(Matlock)/TAYLOR John
B 1814dec15 SPENCER Mary(Lime Tee Lane){aged 71}
B 1837dec11 SPENCER Mary(Matlock Cliff){aged 60}
B 1844nov18 SPENCER Mary(Lime Tree Lane){aged 33}
B 1846feb02 SPENCER Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 67}
C 1851may04 SPENCER Mary=James/Lucy(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1852sep15 SPENCER Mary(Scarthinnick){aged inf}
C 1809oct01 SPENCER Peter=Peter/Mary(Matlock) dob:1809aug10
B 1855jul26 SPENCER Peter(Matlock Bank){aged 77}
B 1784jan14 SPENCER Phebe(Matlock)
C 1798sep09 SPENCER Phebe=Job/Mary(Matlock)
C 1766mar23 SPENCER Phoebe=(dau)Timothy/Mary(Matlock)
C 1807sep13 SPENCER Phoebe=Peter/Mary(Matlock)
M 1833may28 SPENCER Phoebe(Matlock)/SMITH William Comments: (Licence)
M 1773dec23 SPENCER Prudence(Wirksworth)/CARDING John
M 1731jun11 SPENCER Robert(Matlock)/STORER Mary
C 1805feb03 SPENCER Ruth=Peter/Mary(Matlock)
M 1807sep14 SPENCER Sarah(Matlock)/FANTAM Amos
B 1846jun04 SPENCER Sarah(LimeTree Lane){aged 56}
C 1736apr07 SPENCER Timothy=James/(Matlock)
M 1765nov18 SPENCER Timothy(Matlock)/BUCKSTONE Mary
B 1814jan26 SPENCER Timothy(Matlock){aged 77}
M 1832may01 SPENCER Timothy(Matlock)/WALTON Jane Comments: (Licence)
B 1842apr30 SPENCER Timothy(Lime Tree Lane){aged 74}
C 1849feb04 SPENCER Timothy=James/Lucy(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1852jun07 SPENCER Timothy(Matlock Bank){aged 3}
C 1697apr30 SPENCER William=Thomas/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1707feb12 SPENCER William=John/Mary(Matlock)
C 1807sep13 SPENCER William=Job/Mary(Matlock)
M 1809dec28 SPENCER William(Middleton-by-W)/BUCKLEY Martha
C 1831sep11 SPENCER William=John/Frances(Matlock town)[Miller] dob:1831jan03
C 1833sep08 SPENCER William=Timothy/Jane(Matlock bridge)[Victualler] dob:1833feb18
B 1834feb20 SPENCER William(Scarthinnick){aged 2}
B 1856aug09 SPENDLOVE Gervase(Matlock Bank){aged 23}
M 1700jul03 SPENSER Ann(Matlock)/FLIXON John
M 1760jan24 SPENSER Grace(Wirksworth)/BUCKLE George^  Status:(,22/,)
M 1811jun04 SPICER James(London)/LUDLAM Ann
M 1668oct28 SPOONER Grace(Matlock)/SILKSTON Roger

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