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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Matlock Parish Registers 1637-1856

16,000 Baptisms, Marriages and Burials are listed here from the Matlock Parish Registers. Transcription by Bernie Freeman and Ivor Neal (Marriages). At present there are many gaps, but hopefully these will be filled when we have the time.
Indexing is by surname, allowance should be made for variations in spelling.

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C=Christening, M=Marriage, B=Burial
C 1739apr01 WARD John=Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1745jan06 WARD John(Matlock) (pauper)
C 1793jan13 WARD John=Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1807jan11 WARD John=John/Rachel(Matlock) dob:1806oct28
C 1809dec25 WARD John=John/Maria(Matlock) dob:1809oct12
M 1816sep09 WARD John(Matlock)/WRAGG Jane Comments: (Banns)
B 1819jan12 WARD John(Cliffside){aged 19}
M 1826may28 WARD John(Ashover)/MARTIN Ellen Comments: (Banns)
B 1830jun18 WARD John(Darley){aged 37}
C 1835may31 WARD John=Francis/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1835apr16
C 1837jul30 WARD John=-/Maria(Matlock)[Spinster]
B 1849apr18 WARD John(Tansley Cliff){aged 5}
C 1844may12 WARD John bown=Josiah/Elizabeth(Cliffe)[Miller]
C 1822apr21 WARD John dennis=John/Jane(Farley)[Labourer] dob:1822mar25
C 1839oct13 WARD John samuel=Samuel/Ann(Ashover)[Farmer]
C 1743nov27 WARD Joseph=Joseph/(Matlock)
M 1791apr22 WARD Joseph(Matlock)/BING Anne
C 1825jul03 WARD Joseph=John/Jane(Husker)[Labourer] dob:1825jun10
C 1759dec26 WARD Joshua=(son)Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1826feb26 WARD Josiah=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)[Miller] dob:1825oct20
C 1685apr08 WARD Judith=Thomas/(Matlock)
B 1807may13 WARD Lucy(Matlock){aged 10}
B 1826mar12 WARD Lucy(Upper Wood){aged 69}
C 1835may31 WARD Lydia=Francis/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1834jan12
C 1847dec21 WARD Lydia=James/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Stone mason]
C 1813mar21 WARD Maria=Samuel/Mary(Matlock bank)[Miller]
C 1850dec03 WARD Maria=William/Betty(Matlock bank)[Stone getter]
B 1843may07 WARD Martha(Scarthinnick){aged 55}
B 1850oct21 WARD Martha(Scarthinnick){aged 35}
C 1684may29 WARD Mary=Henry/Margaret(Matlock)
M 1691apr25 WARD Mary(Matlock)/SILKSTON William
C 1703feb10 WARD Mary=Samuel/Barbara(Matlock)
C 1704jan25 WARD Mary=George/Mary(Matlock)
C 1708jan01 WARD Mary=William/Catherine(Matlock)
M 1720mar02 WARD Mary(Matlock)/MAYFIELD Matthew
M 1735sep07 WARD Mary(Matlock)/POTTER James
B 1800feb19 WARD Mary(Matlock) (widow)
B 1816oct22 WARD Mary(Matlock Bath){aged 9}
B 1825jun29 WARD Mary(Matlock Mill){aged 37}
C 1829feb22 WARD Mary=Samuel/Susanna(Matlock mills)[Miller] dob:1829jan21
C 1847dec01 WARD Mary=Josiah/Elizabeth(Tansley cliff)[Miller]
B 1846aug02 WARD Mary Ann(Matlock Bank){aged 20}
C 1826sep10 WARD Mary ann=Frances/Elizabeth(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1822dec01
C 1827oct21 WARD Mary ann=John/Jane(Farley bank)[Labourer] dob:1827sep27
C 1855aug05 WARD Mary ann=George/Ruth(Matlock bank)[Stone cutter]
C 1792sep09 WARD Matthew=-/Mary(Matlock)
M 1714nov27 WARD Millicent(Matlock)/WRAGG Anthony
M 1666dec01 WARD Nicholas(Matlock)/BOND Mary
M 1669nov25 WARD Robert(Matlock)/BROOKFIELD Mary
C 1706mar06 WARD Robert=William/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1732sep05 WARD Robert=Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1747sep23 WARD Robert=(son)Robert/(Matlock)
M 1780mar13 WARD Robert(Matlock)/LOWE Ann
C 1798sep16 WARD Robert=Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1805feb21 WARD Robert(Bank)
C 1809dec25 WARD Robert=John/Maria(Matlock) dob:1809oct12
M 1826feb01 WARD Robert(Matlock)/BOWLER Hannah Comments: (Banns)
C 1826feb26 WARD Robert=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)[Miller] dob:1822nov29
C 1831feb06 WARD Robert=William/Elizabeth(Matlock town)[Labourer] dob:1830dec18
B 1843feb07 WARD Robert(Matlock Bank){aged 44}
C 1856sep14 WARD Robert=William franc/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Stone getter]
C 1854mar21 WARD Robert clayton=William/Mary(Matlock)[Labourer]
M 1661jul04 WARD Roger(Matlock)/HOLHOUS Elizabeth
C 1786sep10 WARD Rose=George/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1788sep21 WARD Rose=-/Mary(Matlock)
M 1804sep11 WARD Rose(Matlock)/BARRACLUF Joseph
C 1696jun11 WARD Samuel=-/Grace(Matlock)
M 1703jul17 WARD Samuel(Matlock)/PARKER Frances
C 1709aug26 WARD Samuel=Samuel/Barbara(Matlock)
C 1782oct12 WARD Samuel=Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1783nov16 WARD Samuel(son)Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1784sep16 WARD Samuel=Samuel/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1809nov13 WARD Samuel(Matlock)/BUNTING Mary
C 1811aug18 WARD Samuel=Daniel/Lydia(Matlock) dob:1811mar07
B 1821jul03 WARD Samuel(Matlock){aged 48}
M 1826feb01 WARD Samuel(Matlock)/BOWLER Susannah Comments: (Banns)
C 1829oct11 WARD Samuel=Samuel/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1829sep04
M 1836jul03 WARD Samuel(Matlock)/DRABBLE Ann Comments: (Licence)
C 1836oct09 WARD Samuel=Francis/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1836aug31
B 1839sep04 WARD Samuel(Matlock Bank){aged 94}
C 1705may06 WARD Sarah=Samuel/Barbra(Matlock)
C 1739apr06 WARD Sarah=Thomas/(Matlock)
C 1746oct02 WARD Sarah=(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1761aug05 WARD Sarah(Matlock)/ROWSON German^  Status:(,22/,)
M 1769jun18 WARD Sarah(Matlock)/PLATTS Joseph
B 1790may07 WARD Sarah(Matlock) (widow)
C 1795sep15 WARD Sarah=Francis/Lucy(Matlock)
C 1816nov03 WARD Sarah=John/Maria(Bank)[Farmer]
M 1824mar01 WARD Sarah(Matlock)/BARTON George Comments: (Banns)
M 1829feb17 WARD Sarah(Matlock)/MARRIOTT Samuel Comments: (Banns)
C 1816jan14 WARD Sophia=Samuel/Mary(Bank)[Miller]
B 1834sep14 WARD Sophia(Matlock){aged 18}
C 1836sep18 WARD Sophia=Samuel/Susannah(Matlock)[Miller] dob:1836aug06
M 1678may27 WARD Thomas(Matlock)/WARD Helen
C 1684may25 WARD Thomas=George/Mary(Matlock)
C 1732sep05 WARD Thomas=George/(Matlock)
C 1735jan19 WARD Thomas=Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1754sep09 WARD Thomas(Wirksworth)/PEARSON Rebekah
C 1827jul08 WARD Thomas=Francis/Elizabeth(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1827may05
C 1827sep15 WARD Thomas=Francis/Elizabeth(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1827may05
B 1835mar11 WARD Thomas(Matlock Bank){aged 8}
B 1749may27 WARD William(Matlock)
M 1757feb16 WARD William(Matlock)[Miner]/MELLOR Sarah
C 1786jun01 WARD William=-/Barbara(Matlock)
C 1787jan14 WARD William=Robert/Ann(Matlock)
M 1813jan18 WARD William(Matlock)/MASON Martha Comments: (Banns)
C 1815apr16 WARD William=John/Marie(Matlock bank)[Farmer]
C 1827sep09 WARD William=Samuel/Susanna(Matlock mill)[Miller] dob:1826sep20
M 1830aug26 WARD William(Matlock)/FOULK Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
C 1848jul23 WARD William=Francis/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Stone getter]
B 1856jan10 WARD William(Scarthinnick){aged 58}
C 1706sep22 WARDE Mary=George/Mary(Matlock)
C 1705jul06 WARDE Sarah=Samuel/Barbarah(Matlock)
M 1709jun24 WARDE Sarah(Matlock)/SIM Charles
M 1702jan15 WARDE William(Matlock)/BODEN Katherine
B 1758feb19 WARDMAN Arthur
C 1788may25 WARDMAN Elizabeth=-/Barbara(Matlock)
B 1739apr07 WARDMAN George(son)William/(Matlock)
M 1745oct14 WARDMAN John(Matlock)/SWIFT Martha
B 1785feb12 WARDMAN John(Matlock)
B 1787jul16 WARDMAN Sarah(Matlock) (pauper)
M 1753apr19 WARDMAN William(Matlock)/BLAND Elizabeth
M 1663aug06 WARDSMAN John(Matlock)/WALKER Hannah
B 1835jul10 WARE John(Farley){aged 14}
M 1733aug07 WARFIELD Mary(Matlock)/KENDRICK Henry
C 1745sep08 WARING George=(son)Henry/(Matlock)
C 1795may31 WARREN John=William/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1806nov06 WARREN John=John/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1806nov01
M 1734nov23 WARRINGTON Sarah(Matlock)/WATTS David
C 1773feb04 WARTON George=Joseph/Ann(Matlock)
B 1840may16 WARWICK William(Matlock Bank){aged 52}
B 1742jan13 WASS Edward(Matlock)
B 1773jun14 WASS John(Matlock)
M 1800oct30 WASS Joseph(Ashover)/ALSOP Mary
M 1779dec20 WASS Nathan(Matlock)/SMITH Elizabeth
M 1732jun22 WATERHOUSE Philip(Matlock)/DUD Elizabeth
C 1771apr08 WATERS Ann=James/Ann(Matlock)
C 1769sep11 WATERS James=(son)James/(Matlock)
M 1693feb23 WATKINSON Eliz.(Matlock)/STUBBING Godfrey Comments: (mrs)
M 1741oct11 WATLOCK Elizabeth(Matlock)/BALLINGTON John
M 1719jan23 WATLOCK Emm(Matlock)/EATON William
C 1694aug08 WATS William=William/(Matlock)
M 1834jan01 WATSHALL Peter(Darley)/HURWARD Mary Comments: (gent;Licence)
B 1727jan03 WATSON Ann(Matlock)
B 1748feb03 WATSON Ann(dau)John/(Matlock)
B 1756nov16 WATSON Ann(wife)John/
M 1803dec20 WATSON Ann(Matlock)/FLETCHER Joseph
B 1727feb13 WATSON David(son)Richard/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1697jun27 WATSON Dorothy=Henry/Ann(Matlock)
M 1719sep24 WATSON Dorothy(Matlock)/SHAW John
B 1750jan19 WATSON Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1823nov24 WATSON George(Matlock)/JOHNSON Ann Comments: (Banns)
M 1805aug19 WATSON Hannah(Matlock)/BEAUMONT John
C 1757jan02 WATSON Hellen=Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1681oct27 WATSON Henry(Matlock)/BOHAM Anne
C 1728oct27 WATSON Henry=John/Rebecca(Matlock)
M 1799sep02 WATSON Henry(Matlock)/MASON Hannah
M 1711sep05 WATSON John(Matlock)/FOX Dorothy
M 1721nov09 WATSON John(Matlock)/BROOKS Rebekah
M 1756jun23 WATSON John(Matlock)[Heelmaker]/BRELSFORD Sarah Comments: (says 12/1761)
C 1758nov16 WATSON John=(son)John/(Matlock)
M 1823jul13 WATSON Lydia(Matlock)/HAWLEY William Comments: (widower & widow)
B 1749feb04 WATSON Margaret(wife)George/(Matlock)
C 1834sep14 WATSON Marsha=John boam/Jane(Matlock town)
M 1748feb11 WATSON Sarah(Matlock)/SMITH William
B 1748apr18 WATSON Susannah(Matlock)
C 1824feb08 WATSON William=George/Ann(Tansley)[Bleacher] dob:1824jan09
B 1837may15 WATSON William(Willersley Lane){aged 79}
B 1844jun03 WATT Job James(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
B 1739oct29 WATT Sarah(wife)David/(Matlock)
B 1740dec12 WATTS Alice(wife)Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1750mar22 WATTS Alice(dau)Job/(Matlock)
C 1685jun21 WATTS Chamoni?=William/(Matlock)
M 1722jun04 WATTS Clemence(Matlock)/PEARSON Henry
C 1704aug06 WATTS Daniel=Joseph/Ann(Wood)
C 1736feb08 WATTS Daniel=David/(Matlock)
B 1738jun07 WATTS Daniel(Matlock)
C 1835mar29 WATTS Daniel=Joseph/Martha(Matlock moor)[Labourer] dob:1835mar02
M 1734nov23 WATTS David(Matlock)/WARRINGTON Sarah
B 1742may09 WATTS David(Matlock)
B 1750jul22 WATTS David(Matlock)
C 1826jan11 WATTS David=Joseph/Martha(Moor)[Farmer] dob:1825dec11
C 1742jul11 WATTS Francis=Job/(Matlock)
C 1769sep10 WATTS Grace=(dau)-/Grace(Matlock)
C 1824may09 WATTS Grace=Joseph/Martha(Matlock moor)[Labourer] dob:1824apr20
C 1745nov10 WATTS Hannah=(dau)Job/(Matlock)
C 1750feb02 WATTS Hannah=(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1757jun19 WATTS Hannah(dau)Samuel/
M 1768mar21 WATTS Hannah(Matlock)/LOWE Thomas^  Status:(,22/,)
C 1835oct04 WATTS Hannah=-/Mary(Lumsdale)
M 1779jun14 WATTS Jane(Matlock)/SIDDON Francis
C 1830jul22 WATTS Jane=Joseph/Martha(Matlock moor)[Labourer] dob:1829jun12
C 1705nov28 WATTS Job=Samuel/Alice(Matlock)
C 1736mar28 WATTS Job=Job/(Matlock)
B 1764aug27 WATTS Jobe(Matlock)
C 1720jan24 WATTS Joseph=Joseph/Jane(Matlock)
B 1739dec01 WATTS Joseph(Matlock)
C 1715dec04 WATTS Lydia=Joseph/Anne(Matlock)
M 1743jan01 WATTS Lydia(Matlock)/BARKER Aaron
C 1830jul25 WATTS Martha=Joseph/Martha(Matlock moor)[Labourer] dob:1830jan13
C 1711dec30 WATTS Mary=Joseph/(Matlock)
M 1737feb06 WATTS Mary(Matlock)/BARTON John
M 1744sep14 WATTS Mary(Matlock)/BEASTALL Joseph
C 1810jan21 WATTS Mary=-/Betty(Matlock) dob:1810jan06
C 1768dec26 WATTS Molly=(dau)-/Ann(Matlock)
C 1759nov17 WATTS Nathan=(son)John/(Matlock)
C 1758apr02 WATTS Peggy=(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1784jul04 WATTS Peter(Matlock)/BULKLEY Ann
C 1787jun10 WATTS Peter=Peter/Ann(Matlock)
M 1704jul08 WATTS Samuel(Matlock)/PIDCOCK Allice
C 1726oct19 WATTS Samuel=David/Mary(Matlock)
B 1744feb28 WATTS Samuel(Matlock)
C 1785sep12 WATTS Samuel=Peter/Ann(Matlock)
C 1708nov01 WATTS Sarah=Joseph/Anne(Matlock)
C 1732oct28 WATTS Sarah=Job/(Matlock)
M 1760sep15 WATTS Sarah(Matlock)/BODEN Solomon Comments: (widower+widow)
C 1759jan11 WATTS Susannah=(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1737aug29 WATTSON Ann(Matlock)/BRAILSFORD Thomas
B 1730aug19 WATTSON John(Matlock)
M 1767nov30 WAYN Sarah(Matlock)/MILLER Thomas
M 1789mar16 WEALDON Moses(Matlock)/WALKER Ruth
M 1762feb22 WEAN Lydia(Matlock)/BOAM William
C 1789sep27 WEATON Job=Job/Ann(Matlock)
B 1819sep04 WEBB Ealoner(Stockholmes){aged 87}
B 1816dec27 WEBB William(Starkholmes){aged 83}
C 1806sep14 WEBSTER Ann=John/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1806aug23
M 1830apr29 WEBSTER Ann(Matlock)/LITTLEWOOD James Comments: (Licence)
M 1796jul07 WEBSTER Arabella(Matlock)/GREEN Richard
C 1845aug10 WEBSTER Charles=Job/Hannah(Riber)[Miner]
C 1819nov07 WEBSTER Elizabeth=John/Sarah(Riber)[Miner]
M 1713jun09 WEBSTER Godfrey(Chesterfield)/STUBING Mary
C 1805jan13 WEBSTER Hannah=John/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1831oct17 WEBSTER Hannah(Matlock)/WALKER Thomas Comments: (Banns)
C 1837may14 WEBSTER Hannah=John/Hannah(Riber)[Miner] dob:1837apr11
B 1845aug01 WEBSTER Hannah(Matlock Bath){aged 22}
C 1853aug14 WEBSTER Henry=John/Hannah(Riber)[Miner]
C 1855dec16 WEBSTER Herbert=John/Hannah(Riber)[Miner]
M 1784sep13 WEBSTER James(Matlock)/BULKLEY Elizabeth
B 1845apr13 WEBSTER James(Matlock Bank){aged 14}
M 1804feb14 WEBSTER John(Crich)/BARTON Sarah
M 1836feb01 WEBSTER John(Matlock)/STREET Ann Comments: (Banns)
B 1841dec05 WEBSTER John(Scarthinnick){aged inf}
C 1842oct09 WEBSTER John=John/Hannah(Riber)[Miner]
B 1849sep12 WEBSTER John(Riber){aged 78}
C 1818jan11 WEBSTER Lydia=John/Sarah(Riber)[Labourer]
B 1833feb26 WEBSTER Lydia(Riber){aged 15}
M 1728aug05 WEBSTER Mary(Matlock)/WAKEFIELD Thomas
M 1808apr24 WEBSTER Mary(Matlock)/DIXON William
C 1813jan10 WEBSTER Mary=John/Sarah(Riber)[Miner]
B 1833jun05 WEBSTER Mary(Lumsdale){aged 68}
M 1836jul25 WEBSTER Mary(Matlock)/WISHER John Comments: (Banns)
B 1852jan22 WEBSTER Mary(Matlock Bath){aged 30}
M 1731jul06 WEBSTER Peter(Matlock)/GIBBINS Mary
B 1822apr21 WEBSTER Rebecca(Tansley){aged 29}
M 1738apr17 WEBSTER Richard(Matlock)/ALLSOP Elizabeth
C 1808apr17 WEBSTER Sarah=John/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1808feb02
M 1808nov20 WEBSTER Sarah(Cromford)/WESSON Job
M 1826jun26 WEBSTER Sarah(Matlock)/STATHAM Joshua Comments: (Banns)
B 1854jun11 WEBSTER Sarah(Riber){aged 77}
C 1815may21 WEBSTER Thomas=John/Sarah(Riber)[Miner]
B 1835may22 WEBSTER Thomas(Riber){aged 10}
C 1838nov04 WEBSTER Thomas=John/Hannah(Riber)[Miner]
C 1847may16 WEBSTER William=John/Hannah(Riber)[Miner]
B 1854jun23 WEBSTER William(Riber){aged 7}
M 1724sep27 WEDGEWOOD Abner(Chesterfield)/BAGNOLD Ann
M 1832apr22 WEIGHTMAN James(Matlock)/MARCHANT Mary Anne Comments: (Banns)
M 1829sep30 WEIGHTMAN Mary(Matlock)/LEAM Samuel Comments: (Licence)
M 1767jul06 WELCH Mary(London)/LEAN Thomas
C 1727dec24 WELLER Susannah=-/Mary(Matlock)
C 1737oct16 WELLOR Samuel=William/(Matlock)
B 1822aug25 WELTON Ann(Cliffside){aged 60}
C 1813sep05 WESSON Ann=Job/Sarah(Starkholmes)[Hatter]
C 1817mar09 WESSON Daniel=William/Elizabeth(Starkholmes)[Labourer]
C 1811apr14 WESSON Esther=William/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1811mar27
M 1770apr17 WESSON Jane(Matlock)/SMITH James
M 1755apr24 WESSON Job(Wirkworth)/BARTON Mary
M 1808nov20 WESSON Job(Matlock)/WEBSTER Sarah
C 1811apr14 WESSON John=William/Elizabeth(Matlock) dob:1808sep08
C 1813sep05 WESSON John=Job/Sarah(Starkholmes)[Hatter]
M 1766jan03 WESTEN Sarah(Matlock)/GELL William
C 1708may02 WESTHOLME Anthony=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)
M 1733may21 WESTON Ann(Matlock)/COUSENS Thomas
C 1791jul26 WESTON Ann=-/Ann(Matlock) (Widow)
M 1798feb19 WESTON Ann(Matlock)/KEER James
M 1828apr28 WESTON Ann(Matlock)/SMITH Joseph Comments: (Banns)
M 1751jun03 WESTON Daniel(Matlock)/ALSOP Lydia
B 1787jun14 WESTON Daniel(Matlock)
B 1840mar20 WESTON Elizabeth(Matlock Bank){aged 66}
M 1828jun08 WESTON Emma(Crich)/KING Joseph Comments: (Banns)
M 1741oct07 WESTON George(Matlock)/MERCHANT Ann
C 1787sep09 WESTON George=Job/Ann(Matlock)
B 1790jul23 WESTON George(son)Job/Ann(Matlock)
C 1786feb19 WESTON Hannah=David/Mary(Matlock)
M 1791oct23 WESTON Hannah(Matlock)/FOX James
B 1817feb18 WESTON Hannah(Starkholmes){aged 17}
M 1736feb03 WESTON Jane(Matlock)/MARSHALL Hugh
M 1773feb25 WESTON Jane(Matlock)/FOX William
C 1786sep10 WESTON Jane=William/Phebe(Matlock)
M 1786oct09 WESTON Job(Matlock)/ROGERSON Ann
B 1791jul26 WESTON Job(Matlock) (pauper)
C 1775may28 WESTON John=Daniel/Lucy(Matlock)
B 1775aug16 WESTON John(son)Daniel/Lucy(Matlock)
M 1778apr07 WESTON John(Cromford)/PEARSON Mary
B 1820jul26 WESTON John(Leawood){aged 10}
M 1800oct02 WESTON Joseph(Wirksworth)/FOX Ann
M 1758mar27 WESTON Joshua(Wirksworth)[Miner]/BARTON Ann
B 1835oct26 WESTON Julia(Willersley Lane){aged 19}
B 1797mar12 WESTON Lucy(Tansley) (widow)
B 1815dec13 WESTON Mary(Starkholmes){aged 25}
B 1831jun19 WESTON Mary(Matlock Town){aged 72}
C 1802sep19 WESTON Phebe=William/Jane(Matlock)
B 1806feb25 WESTON Phoebe(Matlock){aged 43}
M 1836feb20 WESTON Phoebe(Matlock)/SWIFT Charles Comments: (Banns)
B 1788apr14 WESTON Rosamond(Cromford)
M 1823aug18 WESTON Stephen(Matlock)/BARKER Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
B 1847mar12 WESTON Thomas(Masson){aged 80}
M 1782nov07 WESTON William(Wirksworth)/PEARSON Rosamund
M 1784feb09 WESTON William(Matlock)/FOX Phoebe
M 1813oct28 WETHERILL Elizabeth(Matlock)/CLARK William Comments: (Licence)
M 1737may05 WETTAM Sarah(Matlock)/FLETCHER Thomas
M 1800jul29 WETTON Alice(Ashbourne)/FROST Wiliam
B 1811apr22 WHARTON Ann(wife)Joseph/(Matlock){aged 73}
B 1834aug23 WHARTON Ann(Little Moor){aged 67}
B 1790apr19 WHARTON Charles(son)Joseph/Ann(Matlock)
M 1803nov03 WHARTON Christopher(Matlock)/SLIGH Christiana
C 1802sep12 WHARTON Eleanor=-/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1805apr05 WHARTON Elizabeth(wife)John/(Matlock)
C 1806feb23 WHARTON Elizabeth=Thomas/Sarah(Matlock) dob:1806jan27
B 1849feb14 WHARTON Elizabeth(Matlock Bank){aged 82}
B 1805jun21 WHARTON Ellen(Matlock) (widow)
M 1798may29 WHARTON George(Matlock)/BRADLEY Dorothy
C 1802   WHARTON Hannah=George/Dorothy(Matlock)
B 1850jul03 WHARTON James(Hurst){aged 50}
C 1799aug04 WHARTON John=Joseph/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1805mar25 WHARTON John(Matlock)/ROBINSON Elizabeth
B 1831dec11 WHARTON John(Matlock Bank){aged 32}
M 1798sep10 WHARTON Joseph(Matlock)/ALWOOD Elizabeth
C 1805apr21 WHARTON Joseph=Joseph/Elizabeth(Matlock)
B 1813mar27 WHARTON Joseph(Matlock){aged 78}
B 1814apr17 WHARTON Joseph(Matlock){aged 77}
B 1834may06 WHARTON Joseph(Matlock Bank){aged 69}
M 1835may30 WHARTON Joseph(Matlock)/CARLINE Mary Comments: (Banns)
M 1793apr29 WHARTON Martha(Matlock)/MASON John
C 1799jun02 WHARTON Martha=George/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1827nov18 WHARTON Mary=John/Hannah(Bank)[Frameworker] dob:1827oct19
C 1836jul17 WHARTON Mary=Joseph/Mary(Matlock bank)[Stockinger] dob:1836jun17
B 1848aug04 WHATTON Henry(Kingston upon Hull){aged inf}
C 1836apr18 WHEATCROFT Adolphus edward=Edward/Jemima(Matlock)[Carrier] dob:1836mar08
M 1830jul29 WHEATCROFT Ann(Matlock)/SHIPLEY Charles Comments: (Licence)
M 1833dec02 WHEATCROFT Edward(Matlock)/PEARSON Jemima Comments: (Licence)
B 1842aug05 WHEATCROFT Edwin(Matlock Bath){aged inf}
M 1763apr14 WHEATCROFT Elizabeth(Matlock)/JACQUES Joseph
B 1844sep05 WHEATCROFT Ellen(Dimple){aged 75}
B 1851oct15 WHEATCROFT Ellen(Matlock Dimple Farm){aged 29}
B 1818sep07 WHEATCROFT Hannah(Matlock){aged 76}
M 1821dec12 WHEATCROFT Hannah(Matlock)/GERMAN George Comments: (Licence)
C 1835feb23 WHEATCROFT James walter=Edward/Jemima(Matlock bath)[Currier] dob:1835jan07
M 1779jan18 WHEATCROFT Joseph(Matlock)/THOMPSON Hannah
B 1810dec28 WHEATCROFT Joseph(Matlock)
M 1795jul13 WHEATCROFT Leonard(Matlock)/BLACKWELL Ellen
B 1831jul27 WHEATCROFT Leonard(Matlock){aged 63}
C 1856mar23 WHEATCROFT Leonard=Leonard/Emma(Dimple farm)[Farmer]
C 1836apr10 WHEATCROFT Marimus=William/Elizabeth(Matlock bath)[Baker] dob:1836mar04
M 1824apr19 WHEATCROFT Mary(Matlock)/GILBERT William Comments: (Banns)
B 1833may05 WHEATCROFT Milicent(Scarthinnick){aged 45}
M 1824may19 WHEATCROFT Rebecca(Matlock)/POTTER Samuel Comments: (Banns)
C 1838mar25 WHEATCROFT Sidney frederick=Edward/Jemima(Matlock bank)[Currier]
M 1834nov18 WHEATCROFT William(Matlock)/SHELDON Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
C 1805jan13 WHEATON Catherine=George/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1812dec28 WHEATON Lucy=James/Ann(Matlock) dob:1812dec19
B 1853may08 WHEDDON Emma(Scarthinnick){aged inf}
C 1841mar14 WHEELCROFT Caroline=Edward/Jemima(Matlock bank)[Currier]
C 1841mar14 WHEELCROFT Rose selina ann=Edward/Jemima(Matlock bank)[Currier]
C 1855dec30 WHEELDON Ann=John/Louisa(Matlock bank)[Labourer] dob:1855aug04
C 1829sep27 WHEELDON Elizabeth=Richard/Elizabeth(Matlock town)[Hatter] dob:1829jun25
M 1827dec29 WHEELDON Grace(Matlock)/ALLEN John Comments: (Banns)
C 1847sep12 WHEELDON Henry=Moses/Mary(Matlock)[Stone mason]
C 1815dec31 WHEELDON Joseph=Richard/Elizabeth(Wards end)[Hatter]
C 1848aug16 WHEELDON Joseph=Moses/Mary(Matlock)[Labourer]
C 1793sep08 WHEELDON Lydia=Moses/Ruth(Matlock)
M 1797oct15 WHEELDON Lydia(Bonsall)/HOLEHOUSE Thomas
C 1796may15 WHEELDON Mary=Moses/Ruth(Matlock)
C 1822dec22 WHEELDON Mary=Richard/Elizabeth(Cliff)[Hatter] dob:1822nov28
C 1856oct05 WHEELDON Mary=Moses/Mary(Matlock green)[Stone mason]
C 1799sep08 WHEELDON Moses=Moses/Ruth(Matlock)
C 1821jun11 WHEELDON Moses=Richard/Elizabeth(Hearthstone)[Hatter]
M 1823oct27 WHEELDON Moses(Matlock)/WRIGHT Ann Comments: (Banns)
C 1791apr24 WHEELDON Richard=Moses/Ruth(Matlock)
M 1811jan21 WHEELDON Richard(Matlock)/FOX Elizabeth
C 1829sep27 WHEELDON Richard=Richard/Elizabeth(Matlock town)[Hatter] dob:1825jan15
B 1835oct06 WHEELDON Ruth(Taghill End){aged 65}
C 1821jun11 WHEELDON Samuel=Richard/Elizabeth(Hearthstone)[Hatter] dob:1818jan16
C 1690jan16 WHEELWRIGHT Sarah=John/(Matlock)
C 1805dec15 WHELDON Grace=(dau)Moses/Ruth(Matlock)
B 1799aug05 WHELDON Lydia(dau)Moses/Ruth(Matlock)
B 1845jan19 WHELDON Sarah(Matlock Bath){aged 44}
M 1806apr29 WHILD Hannah(Matlock)/STREET William
M 1795may11 WHILD Mary(Matlock)/PEARSON Jonathan
C 1692jan14 WHILWRIGHT Ronald?=John/(Matlock)
M 1752aug12 WHITACKER George(Matlock)/COOKE Sarah
C 1691oct25 WHITACRE Cassia=Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1709dec27 WHITACRE Elizabeth=Samuel/Mary(Matlock)
B 1737oct23 WHITACRE Elizabeth(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1833may31 WHITACRE Elizabeth(Scarthinnick){aged 80}
C 1705aug12 WHITACRE George=Samuel/Alice(Matlock)
B 1772mar03 WHITACRE George(son)George/(Matlock)
C 1727feb28 WHITACRE Hannah=Samuel/Ann(Matlock)
B 1727may02 WHITACRE Hannah(wife)Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1774oct28 WHITACRE Ruth(dau)Samuel/Ann(Matlock)
C 1731aug01 WHITACRE Samuel=Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1773jan15 WHITACRE Sarah=Samuel/Ann(Matlock)
B 1727nov10 WHITACRE Thomas(Matlock)
B 1835jan06 WHITAKER Anne(Scarthinnick){aged 19}
C 1759oct16 WHITAKER Betty=(dau)George/(Matlock)
C 1837sep24 WHITAKER Elizabeth=William/Martha(Tansley)[Labourer]
C 1764sep10 WHITAKER Hannah=(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1823jun08 WHITAKER Hannah(Matlock)/ROPER George Comments: (Banns)
M 1663jul22 WHITAKER John(Matlock)/ROBERTS Hellen
C 1783sep28 WHITAKER Mary=John/Mary(Matlock)
B 1798jan27 WHITAKER Mary(dau)John/(Matlock)
C 1810aug05 WHITAKER Mary=Samuel/Rebecca(Matlock) dob:1795oct23
M 1722dec21 WHITAKER Samuel(Matlock)/BERKS Ann
M 1756may26 WHITAKER Samuel(Matlock)[Miner]/CARMAN Ann
C 1759nov21 WHITAKER Samuel=(son)Samuel/(Matlock)
C 1785apr24 WHITAKER Samuel=John/Ann(Matlock)
C 1696mar22 WHITAKORE Mary=Thomas/Mary(Matlock)
B 1820jun11 WHITE Allen(Matlock){aged 40}
C 1783apr18 WHITE Ann=Henry/Ellan(Matlock)
B 1790jan03 WHITE Ann(dau)Francis/Ellen(Matlock)
M 1810apr30 WHITE Ann(Matlock)/WHITE Job
B 1840jun01 WHITE Ann(Belfree){aged 62}
B 1846apr12 WHITE Ann(Matlock){aged 4}
C 1790apr04 WHITE Anthony=William/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1794mar18 WHITE Anthony(son)William/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1794jun29 WHITE Anthony=William/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1794oct06 WHITE Anthony(son)William/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1852nov28 WHITE David(Matlock Bank){aged 3}
B 1835dec04 WHITE Elizabeth(Matlock Green){aged 33}
B 1850oct01 WHITE Elizabeth(Matlock Cliff){aged 86}
C 1834jun01 WHITE Elizabeth adams=Henry/Anne(Matlock town)[Blacksmith] dob:1834may08
B 1821feb07 WHITE Ellen(Matlock){aged 74}
B 1833jul09 WHITE George(Matlock Green){aged 57}
C 1835oct04 WHITE George=George/Elizabeth(Matlock green)[Blacksmith] dob:1835sep09
C 1771mar10 WHITE Hannah=William/Mary(Matlock)
M 1802feb02 WHITE Hannah(Matlock)/WOODHOUSE Benjamin
B 1830jun15 WHITE Hannah(Matlock Bank){aged 64}
M 1836may24 WHITE Hannah(Matlock)/DAVIS Thomas Comments: (Banns)
B 1841jan31 WHITE Hannah(Matlock Bank){aged 27}
C 1843oct01 WHITE Harriett=Henry/Ann(Matlock)[Blacksmith]
M 1780feb28 WHITE Henry(Matlock)/BRADSHAW Hellen
B 1811jan08 WHITE Henry(Matlock){aged 57}
C 1839sep08 WHITE Henry=Henry/Ann(Matlock)[Blacksmith]
C 1844oct22 WHITE Henry=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)[Blacksmith]
B 1844nov02 WHITE Henry(Matlock){aged inf}
C 1851feb09 WHITE Herbert=-/Mary(Matlock bank)
C 1829sep13 WHITE Izabella=Stephen/Sarah(Bank)[Gardener] dob:1829jul17
M 1820mar30 WHITE James(Wirksworth)/GUNN Mary Comments: (Banns)
C 1824feb15 WHITE James=Stephen/Sarah(Bank)[Gardiner] dob:1823jul07
C 1847nov21 WHITE James=George/Elizabeth(Holt lane)[Tailor]
M 1769nov23 WHITE Job(Bonsall)/HURD Mary
M 1810apr30 WHITE Job(Bonsall)/WHITE Ann
M 1765apr08 WHITE John(Ashover)[Locksmith]/HAWLEY Lidya
C 1766jun22 WHITE John=(son)John/(Matlock)
M 1780jun18 WHITE John(Matlock)/HIND Ruth
B 1820mar13 WHITE John(Matlock){aged 10}
C 1840feb09 WHITE John=George/Elizabeth(Matlock green)[Blacksmith]
B 1852nov03 WHITE John(Bakewell){aged 83}
C 1856aug24 WHITE John=George/Alice(Matlock)[Blacksmith]
C 1840oct26 WHITE John george=William/Mary ann(Matlock)[Hatter,publican]
B 1755dec02 WHITE Jonathan(son)William/
C 1838jan28 WHITE Joseph=George/Elizabeth(Matlock green)[Blacksmith]
C 1844oct27 WHITE Joseph=George/Elizabeth(Starkholmes)[Tailor]
C 1798mar07 WHITE Lucy=William/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1818oct19 WHITE Lucy(Matlock)/HATFIELD William Comments: (Banns)
B 1787may20 WHITE Lydia(dau)Henry/Ellen(Matlock)
M 1791mar14 WHITE Lydia(Matlock)/WRAGG Joseph
C 1800aug10 WHITE Lydia=William/Hanah(Matlock)
B 1827dec14 WHITE Lydia(Matlock){aged 16}
B 1824jan27 WHITE Mark(Bank){aged 5}
M 1741sep04 WHITE Martha(Matlock)/BOTHAM William
C 1759aug12 WHITE Mary=(dau)William/(Matlock)
M 1762nov15 WHITE Mary(Matlock)/BODEN John
M 1779apr12 WHITE Mary(Matlock)/BODEN Anthony
C 1784jun06 WHITE Mary=Henry/Ellen(Matlock)
B 1797aug30 WHITE Mary(wife)William/(Matlock)
B 1814oct27 WHITE Mary(Matlock){aged 29}
B 1847may06 WHITE Mary Ann(Matlock){aged 9}
C 1837oct15 WHITE Mary ann=Henry/Ann(Matlock)[Blacksmith]
C 1854sep10 WHITE Mary ann=George/Alice(Matlock)[Blacksmith]
C 1835sep13 WHITE Obediah=Henry/Ann(Matlock town)[Blacksmith] dob:1835aug23
B 1852dec09 WHITE Rebecca J(Cromford){aged 1} (Jane)
C 1845dec21 WHITE Richard=George/Elizabeth(Holt lane)[Tailor]
B 1847jan13 WHITE Richard(Holt Lane){aged 1}
C 1845oct19 WHITE Robert=Henry/Ann(Matlock)[Blacksmith]
C 1808oct30 WHITE Samuel=William/Hannah(Matlock) dob:1808oct17
B 1817mar30 WHITE Samuel(M Bank){aged 8}
C 1821oct14 WHITE Samuel=-/Lydia(Bank)
B 1851mar19 WHITE Samuel M(Cromford){aged 57} (Moore)
C 1786feb05 WHITE Sarah=Henry/Ellen(Matlock)
B 1786sep17 WHITE Sarah(dau)Henry/Ellen(Matlock)
B 1836sep29 WHITE Sarah(Cromford){aged 79}
B 1851jan09 WHITE Sarah(Cromford){aged 56}
M 1812dec28 WHITE Stephen(Matlock)/KNOWLES Sarah
C 1831sep11 WHITE Stephen=Stephen/Sarah(Lumsdale)[Labourer]
C 1770apr23 WHITE Thomas=(son)John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1772may03 WHITE Thomas=John/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1848jul23 WHITE Walter=Henry/Ann(Matlock)[Blacksmith]
M 1751jun24 WHITE William(Matlock)/WILCOCKSON Mary
B 1764aug13 WHITE William(son)William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1765sep08 WHITE William=(son)William/Mary(Matlock)
M 1788jul07 WHITE William(Matlock)/BALLINGTON Hannah
C 1803may15 WHITE William=William/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1813aug31 WHITE William=Stephen/Sarah(Willersley)[Gardiner]
B 1818jun24 WHITE William(Bank){aged 52}
C 1841jun13 WHITE William=Henry/Ann(Matlock)[Blacksmith]
C 1770apr22 WHITEACRE Ann=(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1818jan15 WHITEACRE Samuel(Scarthinnick){aged 32}
B 1763sep21 WHITEACRE Sarah(wife)George/(Matlock)
M 1796nov28 WHITEAKER Sarah(Matlock)/ROWLEY Joseph
B 1791jul09 WHITECAR Samuel(Matlock)
C 1764aug06 WHITECOM Ruth=(dau)Samuel/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1744dec30 WHITEHEAD Elizabeth=(dau)Samuel/(Matlock)
B 1789feb11 WHITEHEAD Elizabeth(dau)/Mary(Matlock) (widow)
M 1818oct26 WHITEHEAD Israel(Matlock)/WRIGHT Ann Comments: (Banns)
B 1797nov08 WHITEHEAD Mary(Matlock) (widow)
M 1763oct11 WHITEHOUSE Enoch(Matlock)[Nailor]/OATES Grace
C 1739apr20 WHITELY Susannah=Joshua/(Matlock)
B 1742jun29 WHITICOR Samuel(Matlock)
B 1740jan11 WHITIERS Samuel(Matlock)
M 1641feb02 WHITIKERS Elizabeth(Matlock)/ADAM Edmund
B 1802jun13 WHITSON John(Matlock)
M 1782nov21 WHITTAKER Betty(Matlock)/WOOD John
B 1841nov21 WHITTAKER John(Scarthinnick){aged 82}
M 1668apr01 WHITTAKER Roger(Matlock)/MANYFOLD Anne
C 1848jul30 WHITTON Henry=Henry/Louisa(Hull YKS)[Merchant]
B 1744feb01 WHOSTINGHAM Mary(wife)Samuel/(Matlock)
M 1730jul19 WIBBERLY Mary(Matlock)/WRAGG Anthony
M 1684feb09 WIDSON Humphrey(Matlock)/SHAW Mary
C 1795jun07 WIGLEY Amey=John/Ann(Matlock)
M 1823jan27 WIGLEY Amy(Tansley;Crich)/SCORER George Comments: (Banns)
B 1728jun04 WIGLEY Ann(Matlock)
M 1731oct05 WIGLEY Ann(Matlock)/? Matthew
B 1736sep09 WIGLEY Ann(Matlock)
M 1764sep10 WIGLEY Ann(Matlock)/MARTIN Joshua
C 1785sep12 WIGLEY Ann=John/Ann(Matlock)
B 1801may03 WIGLEY Ann(dau)John/Ann(Matlock)
B 1816jun29 WIGLEY Ann(Tansley){aged 37}
M 1666feb09 WIGLEY Anne(Matlock)/JACKSON John
C 1707jun29 WIGLEY Anne=James/Anne(Matlock)
B 1834apr25 WIGLEY Anne(Matlock){aged 78}
C 1691nov05 WIGLEY Anthony=James/(Matlock)
C 1692oct19 WIGLEY Anthony=George/(Matlock)
C 1734apr14 WIGLEY Barbara=Joshua/(Matlock)
B 1741dec17 WIGLEY Barbra E(dau)Joshua/(Matlock) (Elizabeth)
B 1787feb11 WIGLEY Benjamin(Matlock)
C 1816jun29 WIGLEY Charlotte=John/Anne(Tansley)[Weaver]
C 1793sep08 WIGLEY Dolly=John/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1706jan13 WIGLEY Dorothy=James/Anne(Matlock)
M 1784apr13 WIGLEY Dorothy(Matlock)/BROWN Thomas
M 1642may16 WIGLEY Elizabeth(Matlock)/COTES William
M 1685oct22 WIGLEY Elizabeth(Matlock)/HEAWOOD Benjaman
C 1702dec26 WIGLEY Elizabeth=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1705feb24 WIGLEY Elizabeth=John/Mary(Matlock)
B 1736oct24 WIGLEY Elizabeth(Matlock) (widow)
B 1783nov07 WIGLEY Elizabeth(dau)Sarah/(Matlock) (widow)
C 1787jun10 WIGLEY Elizabeth=John/Ann(Matlock)
B 1790jan20 WIGLEY Elizabeth(dau)John/Ann(Matlock)
B 1728feb08 WIGLEY George(Matlock)
B 1741nov26 WIGLEY Hannah(dau)Joshua/(Matlock)
C 1783sep14 WIGLEY Hannah=John/Ann(Matlock)
M 1667jul03 WIGLEY James(Matlock)/MEDOWCROFT Susannah
M 1687oct20 WIGLEY James(Matlock)/KILLHARE Grace
C 1696feb19 WIGLEY James=James/Dorothy(Matlock)
M 1702sep01 WIGLEY James(Bonsal)/WALKER Mary
C 1707aug03 WIGLEY James=George/Catherine(Matlock)
C 1717may26 WIGLEY James=John shaw/Ann(Matlock)
C 1732oct29 WIGLEY James=Thomas/(Matlock)
B 1737jan12 WIGLEY James(son)Thomas/(Matlock)
B 1741mar15 WIGLEY James(Matlock) (pauper)
M 1741oct26 WIGLEY James(Matlock)/YOUNG Phoebe
C 1745mar24 WIGLEY James=(son)James/(Matlock)
B 1745sep30 WIGLEY James(son)Thomas/(Matlock)
B 1765may06 WIGLEY James(Matlock)
C 1764apr01 WIGLEY Job=(son)Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1771jul21 WIGLEY Job(son)Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1817feb16 WIGLEY Job(Tansley){aged 44}
C 1690dec03 WIGLEY John=Thomas/(Matlock)
C 1691mar03 WIGLEY John=George/(Matlock)
C 1800jan26 WIGLEY John=George/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1826jun26 WIGLEY John(Tansley){aged 77}
C 1702jun18 WIGLEY Jonathan=Jacob/Dorothy(Matlock)
C 1694may30 WIGLEY Joshua=Thomas/(Matlock)
M 1732apr28 WIGLEY Joshua(Matlock)/PINDAR Sarah
C 1688dec28 WIGLEY Katherine=James/(Matlock)
M 1785nov21 WIGLEY Lucy(Matlock)/THOMPSON John
C 1791mar13 WIGLEY Lucy=John/Ann(Matlock)
C 1767apr07 WIGLEY Lydia=(dau)Thomas/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1831may12 WIGLEY Lydia(Bonsall)/BODEN Abel Comments: (Licence)
C 1742may14 WIGLEY Marcey=Joseph/(Matlock)
B 1742may16 WIGLEY Marcy(dau)Joseph/
C 1697mar07 WIGLEY Mary=Thomas/Alice(Matlock)
C 1708feb18 WIGLEY Mary=James/Bridget(Matlock)
B 1733feb28 WIGLEY Mary(Matlock)
M 1734jun07 WIGLEY Mary(Matlock)/MAY Thomas
B 1797dec06 WIGLEY Mary(Matlock) (pauper)
C 1819dec05 WIGLEY Matilda=-/Dorothy(Tansley)
C 1703nov21 WIGLEY Penelope=Thomas/Alice(Matlock)
C 1789apr12 WIGLEY Rebecca=John/Ann(Matlock)
B 1791jan23 WIGLEY Rebecca(dau)John/Ann(Matlock)
C 1797sep16 WIGLEY Rosannah=John/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1815nov26 WIGLEY Samuel=Job/Elizabeth(Tansley)[Cotton spinner]
B 1732jun06 WIGLEY Sarah(Matlock)
C 1733feb11 WIGLEY Sarah=Joshua/(Matlock)
B 1794nov23 WIGLEY Sarah(Matlock) (widow)
B 1846dec03 WIGLEY Sarah(Littlemoor){aged 78}
B 1849apr27 WIGLEY Sarah(Littlemoor){aged 40}
M 1725aug11 WIGLEY Thomas(Matlock)/RENHORD Sarah
M 1753jan17 WIGLEY Thomas(Matlock)/PEARSON Sarah
B 1790nov19 WIGLEY Thomas(son)John/Ann(Matlock)
M 1831jul25 WIGLEY Thomas(Matlock)/BARROCLOUGH Sarah Comments: (Banns)
C 1696may21 WIGLEY William=George/Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1698apr21 WIGLEY William=James/(Matlock)
B 1733aug03 WIGLEY William(Matlock)
M 1638apr28 WIGLYE Elizabeth(Matlock)/VICARS John
M 1818dec24 WIGRAM James(Walthamstow)/ARKWRIGHT Ann Comments: (Licence)
B 1848may21 WILBRAM Henry(Matlock Bath){aged 1}
M 1700apr29 WILCOCKSON Ann(Matlock)/BUNTING Robert
M 1667aug22 WILCOCKSON Anne(Matlock)/ELSE Hugh
C 1732apr30 WILCOCKSON Elizabeth=John/(Matlock)
B 1750apr06 WILCOCKSON John(Matlock)
C 1697aug02 WILCOCKSON Lydia=Richard/Lydia(Matlock)
C 1728nov17 WILCOCKSON Mary=-/Lidia(Matlock)
M 1751jun24 WILCOCKSON Mary(Matlock)/WHITE William
B 1756oct29 WILCOCKSON Mary
M 1660oct25 WILCOCKSON Richard(Matlock)/FARMER Ane
M 1661oct25 WILCOCKSON Richard(Matlock)/FARMER Anne
M 1670oct05 WILCOCKSON Richard(Matlock)/WRIGHT Anne
M 1692jun16 WILCOCKSON Richard(Matlock)/COATES Lydia
C 1727jan01 WILCOCKSON William=William/Mary(Matlock)
C 1693apr02 WILCOXSON John=Richard/(Matlock)
B 1730sep23 WILD Ann(dau)Francis/(Matlock)
C 1685jun19 WILD Anne=Francis/(Matlock)
M 1811jan21 WILD Charles(Matlock)/DEBANKE Ann
B 1732apr09 WILD Cornelius(Matlock)
C 1693aug13 WILD Dorothy=Francis/(Matlock)
M 1724dec03 WILD Dorothy(Matlock)/PLATTS William
M 1730sep24 WILD Edward(Matlock)/YOUNG Susanna
M 1733dec11 WILD Edward(Matlock)/WITHAM Martha
B 1790nov17 WILD Edward(Matlock)
C 1697dec26 WILD Elizabeth=Thomas/(Matlock)
B 1728sep01 WILD Elizabeth(Matlock)
C 1737sep25 WILD Elizabeth=Edward/(Matlock)
M 1745sep03 WILD Elizabeth(Matlock)/WRAGG Samuel
B 1793mar31 WILD Elizabeth(wife)William/(Matlock)
B 1736aug05 WILD Ellen(Matlock) (widow)
M 1683jun13 WILD Francis(Matlock)/BUNTINGE Dorothy
M 1723nov12 WILD Francis(Matlock)/KING Elizabeth
M 1814feb28 WILD George(Pinxton)/BUNTING Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
C 1695aug01 WILD Grace=Francis/Mary(Matlock)
M 1735nov26 WILD Grace(Matlock)/BUNTING Job
C 1734oct18 WILD Hannah=Edward/(Matlock)
M 1760jan15 WILD Hannah(Matlock)/MILLWARD John^  Status:(,21/,)
M 1771apr29 WILD Isaac(Matlock)/PEARSON Martha
B 1824aug29 WILD Isaac(Matlock Bath){aged 77}
M 1727feb02 WILD John(Wirksworth)/GREENHOUGH Hannah
B 1833mar20 WILD John(Tansley){aged 88}
M 1784sep13 WILD Joseph(Matlock)/CARDEN Ellen
M 1824nov25 WILD Joseph(Matlock)/TWIGG Millicent Comments: (Banns)
B 1844apr28 WILD Joseph(Starkholmes){aged 3}
B 1826jan24 WILD Martha(Bathwood){aged 80}
M 1746apr03 WILD Mary(Matlock)/HAWLEY Samuel
C 1776mar10 WILD Mary=Isaac/Martha(Matlock)
B 1837aug16 WILD Millicent(Matlock Bath){aged 38}
B 1853jul07 WILD Peter(Matlock Bath){aged 72}
M 1757may18 WILD Rebecca(Matlock)/BUNTING Adam^  Status:(,25/,)
C 1772mar15 WILD Robert=Isaac/Martha(Matlock)
C 1774feb06 WILD Rose=Isaac/Martha(Matlock)
M 1808sep27 WILD Samuel(Matlock)/BARTON Lydia
M 1822dec05 WILD Sarah(Matlock)/PEARSON James Comments: (Banns)
M 1835apr21 WILD Sarah(Matlock)/MOORE Joseph Comments: (Licence)
B 1771aug05 WILD Susanna(wife)Edward/(Matlock)
M 1777may21 WILD Susanna(Matlock)/HAWLEY Francis
M 1719aug25 WILD Thomas(Matlock)/GREGORY Martha
M 1693apr17 WILD William(Matlock)/CHAPPEL Eliz. Comments: (mrs)
C 1731dec05 WILD William=Francis/(Matlock)
M 1785aug16 WILD William(Matlock)/TOMPKINSON Elizabeth
B 1795nov29 WILD William(Matlock)
M 1703feb09 WILDE Mary(Matlock)/SILKSTON William
C 1698jan15 WILDGOOS Frances=Ralph/(Matlock)
C 1696apr01 WILDGOOS Jane=Ralph/Sarah(Matlock)
M 1770apr16 WILDGOOSE Ann(Matlock)/HORSTUS Samuel
C 1775nov05 WILDGOOSE Ann=Richard/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1783aug18 WILDGOOSE Ann(Matlock) (widow)
B 1819dec19 WILDGOOSE Ann(Tansley){aged 42}
B 1841nov17 WILDGOOSE Ann(Matlock Moor){aged 61}
C 1845nov09 WILDGOOSE Ann=Henry/Silence(Matlock bank)[Flax dryer]
B 1846sep23 WILDGOOSE Ann(Matlock Bank){aged 7}
C 1740aug03 WILDGOOSE Anne=Francis/(Matlock)
C 1740sep07 WILDGOOSE Anne=Hugh/(Matlock)
B 1741oct03 WILDGOOSE Anne(dau)Francis/(Matlock)
B 1833may11 WILDGOOSE Anne(Matlock){aged 20}
C 1768nov15 WILDGOOSE Anthony=(son)Thomas/Grace(Matlock)
M 1819oct31 WILDGOOSE Anthony(Matlock)/REDFERN Sarah Comments: (Banns)
M 1823jan13 WILDGOOSE Anthony(Cromford)/HALL Sarah Comments: (Banns)
C 1742dec26 WILDGOOSE Benjamin=Francis/(Matlock)
B 1743may24 WILDGOOSE Benjamin(son)Francis/(Matlock)
C 1844aug10 WILDGOOSE Catherine=Job/Ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1785apr24 WILDGOOSE Deborah=Michael/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1806apr07 WILDGOOSE Deborah(Matlock)/HURSTHOUSE John
B 1842may08 WILDGOOSE Elijah(Matlock Moor){aged inf}
C 1837mar19 WILDGOOSE Eliza=-/Mary(Matlock bank) dob:1835dec31
C 1694dec13 WILDGOOSE Elizabeth=John/(Thackry lane)
C 1728jan01 WILDGOOSE Elizabeth=Francis/(Matlock)
M 1783apr13 WILDGOOSE Elizabeth(Darley)/WALL Stephen
C 1789dec13 WILDGOOSE Elizabeth=Job/Mary(Matlock)
C 1815mar26 WILDGOOSE Elizabeth=Thomas/Mary(Matlock)[Labourer]
C 1828jun15 WILDGOOSE Elizabeth=Joseph keller/Esther(Lumsdale)[Bleacher] dob:1827jun13
M 1837jan23 WILDGOOSE Elizabeth(Matlock)/HURSTHOUSE Francis Comments: (Banns;widower)
C 1848feb13 WILDGOOSE Elizabeth=George/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1848nov26 WILDGOOSE Elizabeth=Lawrence/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Stone mason] dob:1841nov21
M 1786feb09 WILDGOOSE Ellen(Matlock)/BLACKWALL John
C 1836jan24 WILDGOOSE Emman=John/Mary(Bank)[Mason] dob:1836jan01
C 1745mar17 WILDGOOSE Esther=(dau)Francis/(Matlock)
M 1765sep29 WILDGOOSE Esther(Matlock)/WOODHOUSE Edward Comments: (pos Woodiwiss?)
C 1766sep   WILDGOOSE Esther=(dau)James/Martha(Matlock) (Unreadable month)
M 1785feb20 WILDGOOSE Esther(Matlock)/BUCKLEY William
B 1789aug13 WILDGOOSE Esther(Matlock) (widow)
C 1799may26 WILDGOOSE Esther=Lawrence/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1826sep11 WILDGOOSE Esther(Matlock)/WILDGOOSE Joshua Killer Comments: (Banns)
B 1730jun13 WILDGOOSE Francis(Matlock)
C 1745mar17 WILDGOOSE Francis=(son)Francis/(Matlock)
C 1805apr14 WILDGOOSE Francis=John/Rebekah(Matlock)
C 1836sep11 WILDGOOSE Frederick=Thomas/Ruth(Darley)[Farmer] dob:1835mar29
C 1784jan04 WILDGOOSE George=Michael/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1784mar25 WILDGOOSE George(son)Michael/Hannah(Matlock)
M 1819apr05 WILDGOOSE George(Wirksworth)/PEARSON Sarah Comments: (Banns)
B 1835oct09 WILDGOOSE George(Matlock Bath){aged 42}
C 1856sep14 WILDGOOSE George=George/Hannah(Matlock)[Miner]
B 1785dec20 WILDGOOSE Grace(wife)Thomas/(Matlock)
B 1797mar07 WILDGOOSE Grace(dau)Job/Mary(Darley)
B 1854aug09 WILDGOOSE Gregory(Lime Tree House){aged 11}
C 1784sep19 WILDGOOSE Hannah=Job/Mary(Matlock)
M 1804dec24 WILDGOOSE Hannah(Matlock)/ALLWOOD Job
M 1806aug25 WILDGOOSE Hannah(Matlock)/WALKER Charles
B 1814jan24 WILDGOOSE Hannah(Tansley){aged 68}
C 1815jun03 WILDGOOSE Hannah=John/Rebecca(Hurst)[Farmer]
C 1822may26 WILDGOOSE Hannah=Anthony/Hannah(Bank)[Shortning maker]
C 1833jun23 WILDGOOSE Hannah=John/Anne(Matlock bank)[Mason] dob:1833jun04
C 1848nov26 WILDGOOSE Hannah=Lawrence/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Stone mason]
C 1853sep11 WILDGOOSE Hannah=George/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Miner]
C 1854dec24 WILDGOOSE Hannah=Joshua/Jane(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1830may15 WILDGOOSE Harriet=John/Mary anne(Matlock bank)[Stone mason] dob:1830apr17
B 1846jan29 WILDGOOSE Harriett(Matlock Bank){aged 16}
C 1849dec22 WILDGOOSE Harriett=George/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1850mar14 WILDGOOSE Harriett(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
C 1833sep15 WILDGOOSE Herbert=Thomas/Ruth(Farley)[Farmer] dob:1833jul24
C 1742dec26 WILDGOOSE James=Francis/(Matlock)
M 1766jan16 WILDGOOSE James(Matlock)/SPENCER Martha
B 1829jan25 WILDGOOSE James(Bank){aged 87}
B 1852may25 WILDGOOSE James(Scarthinnick){aged 65}
M 1739jan01 WILDGOOSE Jane(Matlock)/SAUNDERS James
M 1784apr22 WILDGOOSE Job(Matlock)/FROST Mary
C 1788apr06 WILDGOOSE Job=Job/Mary(Matlock)
B 1797may06 WILDGOOSE Job(son)Lawrence/Elizabeth(Matlock)
M 1801dec28 WILDGOOSE Job(Darley)/MARRIOTT Mary
B 1846nov01 WILDGOOSE Job(Hurst){aged 82}
C 1704jul09 WILDGOOSE John=Ralph/Sarah(Matlock)
C 1710jan29 WILDGOOSE John=Ralph/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1730sep11 WILDGOOSE John(Matlock)
C 1771jul04 WILDGOOSE John=Thomas/Grace(Matlock)
B 1802apr24 WILDGOOSE John(son)John/Rebecca(Matlock)
B 1804jun01 WILDGOOSE John(son)Job/Mary(Matlock)
C 1813may24 WILDGOOSE John=Thomas/Mary(Matlock)[Labourer]
B 1813jun02 WILDGOOSE John(Matlock){aged inf}
M 1822mar24 WILDGOOSE John(Matlock)/WRIGHT Fanny Comments: (Banns)
M 1822may30 WILDGOOSE John(Darley)/HURD Mary Ann Comments: (Banns)
C 1825mar15 WILDGOOSE John=John/Mary ann(Bank)[Stonemason] dob:1825feb11
C 1836mar20 WILDGOOSE John=Lawrence/Elizabeth(Bank)[Stone mason] dob:1836feb18
B 1842may08 WILDGOOSE John(Hurst){aged 70}
M 1826sep11 WILDGOOSE Joshua Killer(Matlock)/WILDGOOSE Esther Comments: (Banns)
B 1821sep05 WILDGOOSE Laurance(Bank){aged 63}
M 1782sep16 WILDGOOSE Lawrance(Matlock)/SMITH Elizabeth
C 1805apr14 WILDGOOSE Lawrence=John/Rebekah(Matlock)
B 1840mar18 WILDGOOSE Lot(Matlock Bank){aged 1}
C 1815jul01 WILDGOOSE Lydia=Francis/Hannah(Tansley)[Cotton spinner]
C 1822may26 WILDGOOSE Lydia=Anthony/Hannah(Bank)[Shortning maker]
C 1827nov04 WILDGOOSE Lydia=John/Mary(Bank)[Stonemason] dob:1827oct18
C 1853may15 WILDGOOSE Lydia=Joshua/Mary ann(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1802   WILDGOOSE Lydia?=Job/Mary(Matlock)
C 1847jul18 WILDGOOSE Maria=-/Sarah(Matlock bank)
B 1854jun23 WILDGOOSE Maria(Matlock Bank){aged 7}
B 1822apr10 WILDGOOSE Martha(Bank){aged 78}
C 1737oct30 WILDGOOSE Mary=Ralph/(Matlock)
C 1786jul16 WILDGOOSE Mary=Job/Mary(Matlock)
C 1790oct17 WILDGOOSE Mary=James/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1807mar13 WILDGOOSE Mary(Matlock){aged 44}
M 1807nov23 WILDGOOSE Mary(Matlock)/GREGORY Robert
B 1822may16 WILDGOOSE Mary(Matlock){aged 27}
B 1829jun03 WILDGOOSE Mary(Tansley){aged 56}
M 1830oct05 WILDGOOSE Mary(Matlock)/SMITH Samuel Comments: (Banns)
B 1837jun25 WILDGOOSE Mary(Matlock Bath){aged 13}
C 1848dec03 WILDGOOSE Mary=Thomas/Mary(Tansley)[Labourer]
B 1850may08 WILDGOOSE Mary(Harvey Dale){aged 72}
B 1854jun23 WILDGOOSE Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 4}
C 1820oct29 WILDGOOSE Mary Ann=Thomas/Mary(Matlock)[Labourer] dob:1817jun26
B 1839jun02 WILDGOOSE Mary Ann(Matlock Bank){aged 39}
M 1823dec01 WILDGOOSE Mary Higgett(Matlock)/NUTTALL Joseph Comments: (Licence)
C 1823apr27 WILDGOOSE Mary ann=John/Mary(Bank)[Stone mason]
M 1774jan25 WILDGOOSE Michael(Matlock)/JAMES Hannah
C 1774apr15 WILDGOOSE Michael=Michael/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1792nov20 WILDGOOSE Michael(son)Michael/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1819jul22 WILDGOOSE Michael(Tansley){aged 79}
C 1747aug30 WILDGOOSE Phoebe=(dau)Francis/(Matlock)
M 1774may23 WILDGOOSE Phoebe(Matlock)/CARLINE Anthony
M 1731jun09 WILDGOOSE Ralph(Matlock)/BROOKS Ann
B 1756dec04 WILDGOOSE Ralph
M 1776dec02 WILDGOOSE Ralph(Matlock)/HURSTHOUSE Hellen
C 1844may26 WILDGOOSE Rebecca=Thomas/Mary(Matlock moor)[Labourer]
B 1844jun05 WILDGOOSE Rebecca(Hurst Farm){aged 69}
B 1853mar02 WILDGOOSE Richard(Matlock Mill){aged 83}
C 1822nov03 WILDGOOSE Robert=John/Fanny(Greenhill)[Farmer] dob:1822sep27
B 1790jul06 WILDGOOSE Rosanna(dau)/Sarah(Matlock) (spurious)
C 1735mar09 WILDGOOSE Sarah=Ralph/(Matlock)
M 1754jun10 WILDGOOSE Sarah(Matlock)/BRADLEY John
M 1788dec22 WILDGOOSE Sarah(Matlock)/CLAY Adam
C 1821nov11 WILDGOOSE Sarah=Thomas/Mary(Matlock)[Labourer]
M 1824dec27 WILDGOOSE Sarah(Matlock)/CROWDER John Comments: (Banns)
C 1829dec20 WILDGOOSE Sarah=Lawrence/Elizabeth(Tansley)[Mason] dob:1829nov13
C 1830may16 WILDGOOSE Sarah=William/Mary(Greenhill)[Farmer] dob:1818jul23
B 1830dec22 WILDGOOSE Sarah(Matlock Bank){aged 67}
B 1846jun09 WILDGOOSE Sarah(Matlock Bank){aged 10}
B 1855may07 WILDGOOSE Sarah E(Matlock Bank){aged inf} (Elizabeth)
C 1774may18 WILDGOOSE Susanna=-/Sarah(Matlock)
B 1790sep28 WILDGOOSE Thomas(son)Michael/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1792mar21 WILDGOOSE Thomas(Matlock)
C 1799mar07 WILDGOOSE Thomas=John/Rebekah(Matlock)
M 1812nov04 WILDGOOSE Thomas(Matlock)/BROCLEHURST Mary
C 1814jul26 WILDGOOSE Thomas=Francis/Hannah(Matlock)
C 1816sep08 WILDGOOSE Thomas=Anthony/Maria(Tansley)[Labourer]
C 1820oct29 WILDGOOSE Thomas=Thomas/Mary(Matlock)[Labourer] dob:1819dec31
M 1823apr22 WILDGOOSE Thomas(Matlock)/REDDISH Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
M 1830jan28 WILDGOOSE Thomas(Matlock)/BOWN Ruth Comments: (Licence)
B 1833aug18 WILDGOOSE Thomas(Matlock Bank){aged 14}
C 1842sep25 WILDGOOSE Thomas=Thomas/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1850feb28 WILDGOOSE Thomas(Lime Tree Lane){aged 51}
C 1851oct26 WILDGOOSE Thomas=George/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Stone getter]
C 1732apr30 WILDGOOSE William=Ralph/(Matlock)
C 1827sep09 WILDGOOSE William=William/Harriet(Bakewell)[Butcher]
B 1843dec18 WILDGOOSE William(Darley){aged 84}
C 1839jun02 WILDGOSE Jane=John/Mary ann(Matlock bank)[Stone mason]
M 1809jun26 WILDSMITH Mary(Matlock)/STERLANDS Samuel
M 1813mar29 WILKINSON John(Rolleston;Staffs)/WRAGG Sarah Comments: (Banns)
C 1759may09 WILL John=(son)John/(Matlock)
B 1729mar27 WILL Jonathan(Matlock)
M 1767aug10 WILLAT John(Matlock)/SLATER Ann
M 1729oct26 WILLCOCK Samuel(Bonsall)/EATON Ann
B 1727jun12 WILLCOCKSON John(Matlock)
C 1735sep01 WILLCOCKSON Sarah=John/(Matlock)
B 1737feb10 WILLCOCKSON William(son)John/(Matlock)
C 1720jun26 WILLCOKSON John=John/Frances(Matlock)
B 1741may17 WILLCOOKSON Richard(Matlock) (pauper)
B 1730jun04 WILLERLEY John(Matlock)
B 1851dec19 WILLERT Henry E(Lumsdale){aged inf} (Edwards)
B 1852sep19 WILLEY John(Great Grimsby, Linc){aged 38}
M 1782sep10 WILLGOOSE Hannah(Matlock)/TURNER John
M 1694oct27 WILLGOOSE Ralph(Matlock)/WALKLOT Sarah
C 1822jun09 WILLIAMES Mary=Frederick/Hannah(Bank)[Hatter] dob:1821sep21
C 1836sep18 WILLIAMS Elizabeth=Frederick/Hannah(Matlock)[Hatter] dob:1836jan13
C 1834sep15 WILLIAMS Frances=Frederick/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Knitter] dob:1833nov04
M 1820dec25 WILLIAMS Frederick(Matlock)/REDFERN Hannah Comments: (Banns)
C 1828oct25 WILLIAMS Frederick=Frederick/Hannah(Matlock)[Hatter] dob:1828sep25
C 1831aug28 WILLIAMS Henry william=Frederick/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Hatter] dob:1831jul26
C 1827sep15 WILLIAMS James=Frederick/Hannah(Bank)[Hatter] dob:1825jun09
C 1837sep12 WILLIAMS Sarah=Frederick/Hannah(Matlock bank)[Hatter]
C 1827sep15 WILLIAMS Thomas=Frederick/Hannah(Bank)[Hatter] dob:1824feb23
B 1852mar24 WILLIAMS William(Matlock){aged 48}
C 1789may03 WILLIAMSON Betty=John/Rebecca(Matlock)
M 1812oct09 WILLIAMSON John(Duffield)/WALKER Mary
B 1740may29 WILLIAMSON Lidia(wife)Richard/(Matlock)
B 1823aug20 WILLIAMSON Robert(Holt Lane){aged 16}
C 1741may31 WILLIMOT George=George/(Darly)
B 1825jan22 WILLIMOT George(Tansley){aged 76}
C 1829may24 WILLIMOT John=William/Hannah(Ryber)[Labourer] dob:1829apr22
M 1818feb02 WILLIMOT Sarah(Matlock)/SNEATH George Comments: (Banns)
C 1846jul27 WILLIMOTT Alfred=John/Frances(Matlock bank)[Stone cutter]
C 1852jun25 WILLIMOTT Ann=Robert/Christiana(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1846jul19 WILLIMOTT Elizabeth(Matlock Bank){aged 1}
C 1844jun03 WILLIMOTT Hannah=John/Fanny(Darley hillside)[Stone cutter]
C 1848mar31 WILLIMOTT Hannah=John/Maria(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1844dec20 WILLIMOTT Joseph=Robert/Christina(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
M 1828sep15 WILLIMOTT Sarah(Matlock)/HOLLINGWORTH Samuel Comments: (Banns)
B 1844dec25 WILLIS George(Matlock){aged 23}
C 1839aug18 WILLMOT Francis=John/Fanny(Matlock bank)[Stone cutter]
M 1783nov17 WILLMOT Hannah(Matlock)/CARDING William
C 1828jan29 WILLMOT Joseph=Robert/Sarah(Bank)[Frameworker] dob:1828jan24
C 1826nov05 WILLMOT Thomas=George/Mary(Lumsdale)[Labourer] dob:1826oct04
C 1816jan14 WILLMOTT Alice=George/Mary(Lumsdale)[Labourer]
C 1819may16 WILLMOTT Elizabeth=Robert/Sarah(Bank)[Labourer]
C 1836jun15 WILLMOTT Emma=Robert/Sarah(Matlock)[Framework knitter] dob:1836jan26
C 1847apr11 WILLMOTT Joseph=John/Maria(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
C 1842may01 WILLMOTT Lucy=John/Fanny(Matlock bank)[Framework maker]
C 1840nov08 WILLMOTT Luke=John/Fanny(Farley)[Stone cutter]
C 1818sep13 WILLOCK? John=John/Mary(Bank)[Stone mason]
C 1838may20 WILLSHAM Sarah=-/Sarah(Riber)
M 1756oct18 WILLSON Ann(Matlock)/BARKER John
M 1828nov12 WILLSON Luke(Matlock)/YOUNG Ann Comments: (Banns)
M 1792apr02 WILMOT Elizabeth(Darley)/JACQUES Job
M 1785jan10 WILMOT George(Darley)/BOTHAM Alice
C 1847dec26 WILMOT Harriett=John/Fanny(Darley)[Labourer]
M 1777may20 WILMOT Mary(Darley)/NIGHTINGALE Job
C 1850may26 WILMOT Matthew=John/Maria(Lumsdale)[Bleacher]
B 1747dec07 WILMOT Sarah(dau)John/(Matlock)
M 1769may18 WILMOT William(Darley)/ROWSON Hannah
C 1814apr03 WILMOTT John=George/Mary(Tansley)[Labourer]
C 1833sep15 WILMOTT Mary ane=Robert/Sarah(Matlock bank)[Framework knitter] dob:1833jun26
M 1688may27 WILSON Ame(Matlock)/BULLOCK John
B 1797aug14 WILSON Ann(wife)Luke/(Matlock)
B 1810oct24 WILSON Ann(wife)John/(Matlock){aged 58}
C 1823apr27 WILSON Ann=Thomas/Ann(Matlock)[Miner] dob:1823mar17
B 1829feb24 WILSON Ann(Starkholms){aged 72}
B 1841sep05 WILSON Ann(Matlock){aged 43}
B 1833apr01 WILSON Anne(Matlock Town){aged 44}
C 1854jul21 WILSON Augustus=John/Martha(Matlock bank)[Lodging house keeper]
B 1854jul23 WILSON Augustus(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
M 1776sep08 WILSON Daniel(Wirksworth)/ROWSON Ann
B 1758mar25 WILSON Dorothy(dau)Daniel/
C 1827apr08 WILSON Eliza=Thomas/Ann(Matlock)[Miner] dob:1825feb25
B 1843nov26 WILSON Eliza(Matlock Bank){aged 12}
C 1845jun20 WILSON Eliza=George/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Stone cutter]
B 1847jun10 WILSON Eliza(Matlock Bank){aged 2}
C 1764aug12 WILSON Elizabeth=(dau)-/Hannah(Matlock)
B 1835jan03 WILSON Elizabeth(Dimple){aged 3w}
C 1847nov21 WILSON George=William/Hannah(Matlock)[Labourer]
B 1847nov30 WILSON George(Matlock){aged inf}
B 1856apr08 WILSON George(Matlock Bank){aged 38}
C 1765feb24 WILSON Hannah=(dau)John/Mary(Matlock)
B 1826may26 WILSON Hannah(Matlock){aged 47}
B 1836mar03 WILSON Hannah(Matlock Town){aged 83}
C 1849jan28 WILSON Hannah=William/Hannah(Matlock)[Labourer]
B 1853may11 WILSON Henry(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
B 1846jan04 WILSON Jane(Cromford){aged 56}
M 1764may24 WILSON John(Matlock)[Labourer]/COOK Mary
M 1814dec06 WILSON John(Matlock)/TATLOCK Eleanor Comments: (Licence)
C 1815jun04 WILSON John=Joseph/Mary(Matlock bank)[Labourer]
B 1836jul17 WILSON John(Matlock Bank){aged 21}
B 1840mar29 WILSON John(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
M 1727jun19 WILSON Joseph(Matlock)/CARTLEDGE Ann
M 1815mar13 WILSON Joseph(Matlock)/COOK Mary Comments: (Banns)
B 1849apr01 WILSON Joseph(Matlock Bank){aged 53}
C 1819jun06 WILSON Lucy=Joseph/Mary(Bank)[Labourer]
M 1772feb06 WILSON Luke(Matlock)/FOX Ann
M 1814may12 WILSON Luke(Matlock)/BRITLAND Hannah Comments: (Banns)
M 1816feb19 WILSON Luke(Matlock)/GREGORY Hannah Comments: (Banns)
B 1827mar18 WILSON Luke(Matlock){aged 82}
M 1833aug01 WILSON Luke(Matlock)/LUDLAM Elizabeth Comments: (Banns)
C 1834mar16 WILSON Luke=Luke/Elizabeth(Matlock town)[Victualler] dob:1834jan28
B 1852may25 WILSON Maria(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
C 1803sep25 WILSON Martha=Luke/Mary(Matlock)
C 1827sep15 WILSON Martha=Thomas/Ann(Matlock)[Miner] dob:1827aug25
C 1851apr20 WILSON Martha=William/Hannah(Matlock)[Farmer]
B 1855jul02 WILSON Martha(Matlock Bank){aged 29}
C 1784mar28 WILSON Mary=Luke/Ann(Matlock)
M 1807sep19 WILSON Mary(Matlock)/HAINES George
B 1813nov09 WILSON Mary(Matlock){aged 35}
M 1818dec30 WILSON Mary(Matlock)/COOPER John Comments: (Licence)
C 1821aug12 WILSON Mary=Joseph/Mary(Bank)[Labourer]
B 1840jul28 WILSON Mary(Matlock Bank){aged 18}
C 1819sep19 WILSON Mary ann=Thomas/Ann(Matlock)[Miner]
C 1841jan24 WILSON Mary lizabeth=George/Mary elzbth(Matlock bank)[Stone cutter]
M 1702dec08 WILSON Robert(Matlock)/DAUGHTER Marshall Comments: (d of John)
C 1773jan25 WILSON Sarah=Luke/Ann(Matlock)
M 1793sep12 WILSON Sarah(Matlock)/ROBINSON George
C 1821jun10 WILSON Sarah=Thomas/Ann(Matlock)[Miner]
C 1824feb22 WILSON Sarah=Stephen/Elizabeth(Limetree lane)[Weaver] dob:1824jan25
C 1826jul30 WILSON Sarah=Joseph/Mary(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1826jul02
C 1853mar13 WILSON Silence=William/Hannah(Matlock)[Farmer]
B 1845dec28 WILSON Susan(Matlock){aged 70}
M 1808apr12 WILSON Susanna(Matlock)/OLDKNOW Octavius Thomas
C 1776jun30 WILSON Thomas=Luke/Ann(Matlock)
C 1788apr06 WILSON Thomas=Luke/Ann(Matlock)
M 1817dec22 WILSON Thomas(Matlock)/BROMWELL Ann Comments: (Banns)
C 1846jun21 WILSON Thomas=William/Hannah(Matlock)[Labourer]
C 1774sep11 WILSON William=Luke/Ann(Matlock)
C 1823nov23 WILSON William=Joseph/Mary(Bank)[Labourer] dob:1823oct25
C 1824may13 WILSON William=Luke/Hannah(Matlock)[Baker] dob:1819jun24
C 1845apr19 WILSON William=William/Hannah(Matlock)[Labourer]
B 1845apr20 WILSON William(Matlock){aged inf}
C 1847may23 WILSON William=George/Elizabeth(Matlock bank)[Stone getter]
B 1848may22 WILSON William(Matlock){aged 74}
B 1848jun04 WILSON William(Matlock Bank){aged inf}
C 1843mar19 WILTON Elizabeth=William/Hannah(Matlock)[Labourer]
M 1799dec31 WINDLEY Ann(Matlock)/THURLEY William
C 1782sep08 WINDLEY Elizabeth=Jonathan/Mary(Matlock)
B 1817jul10 WINDLEY Elizabeth(Matlock){aged 33}
B 1855dec25 WINDLEY Elizabeth(Scarthinnick){aged 85}
B 1820jun06 WINDLEY Hannah(Matlock){aged 10}
B 1824sep03 WINDLEY Harriet(Scarthinnick){aged 12}
M 1800mar16 WINDLEY John(Matlock)/HOLMES Lydia
B 1855feb25 WINDLEY John(Scarthinnick){aged 75}
M 1772jul09 WINDLEY Jonathan(Matlock)/TAYLOR Mary

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