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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Witnesses 1754-1899

12,140 Witnesses to Marriages found in Wirksworth and Middleton Parish Registers 1754-1899. Other details can be found in the Parish Register section.

  • Witnesses were not recorded in marriages before 1754.
  • Witnesses were usually relatives or close friends of the Bride or Groom.
  • There were usually two witnesses for each marriage, rarely 3 or 4.
  • A signature proves a witness was still alive in the absence of other records.
  • The period of operation of a witness can be useful.
  • The witness himself was sometimes getting married the same day.
  • For long periods few women were witnesses.
  • Witnesses with the same name may be distinguished by comparing handwriting.
  • Surnames in signatures can be particularly difficult to decipher.
  • There were professional witnesses, who often worked in pairs.
  • An illiterate witness had his name written for him.
  • Semi-literate witnesses wrote carefully and accurately.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.

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Return to Top 1774mar10 ABBOT William (John PEARSON/Grace ABBOT) 1790dec23 ABBOT William (Francis WILSON/Sarah DAFFY) 1809may08 ABBOT William (Anthony TURNER/Mary AUSTIN) 1847may10 ABBOTT Jonah (Thomas SEWELL/Sarah WESTON) 1847may10 ABBOTT Mary (Thomas SEWELL/Sarah WESTON) 1850apr24 ABBOTT Mary (Robert ABBOTT/Emma DOXEY) 1830dec22 ABBOTT Sarah (William ABBOTT/Elizabeth P BAMFORD) 1833dec26 ABBOTT Sarah (Samuel BROOKES/Hannah SPENCER) 1834sep18 ABBOTT Sarah (James KILLER/Mary BUCKLEY) 1768aug21 ABBOTT William (James BAMFORD/Mary BRIDDON) 1775dec17 ABBOUT William (Daniel BUNTING/Hannah WIGLEY) 1840oct29 ADAMS Anthony? (Samuel SPENCER/Ann LEE) 1837oct01 ADAMS Charles (Samuel WEBSTER/Sarah CROFTS) 1770sep11 ADAMS Edward (Anthony TISSINGTON/Esther BUXTON) 1803sep14 ADAMS Edward (Aaron DOXEY/Ann ADAMS) 1805jul25 ADAMS Edward (George SPENCER/Hannah BLACKWALL) 1808jun16 ADAMS Edward (William BROOKS/Hannah GRATTON) 1810jan25 ADAMS Edward (Robert FLINT/Elizabeth ADAMS) 1812jan01 ADAMS Edward (James PEAT/Ellen ADAMS) 1815may18 ADAMS Edward (Caleb MOOR/Hannah SPENCER) 1835sep17 ADAMS Elizabeth (Arthur SPENCER/Sarah ADAMS) 1840feb16 ADAMS Elizabeth (Samuel GREGORY/Ann EASTWOOD) 1862nov06 ADAMS Elizabeth (William henry GIBBONS/Eliza MARSDEN) 1842sep26 ADAMS Hannah (Godfrey BROCKLEHURST/Elizabeth ADAMS) 1850may16 ADAMS Hannah (Samuel BARKER/Ann SPENCER) 1858jan21 ADAMS Hannah (Robert ADAMS/Ruth KILLER) 1790jul26 ADAMS James (William COOPER/Mary BRANDEN) 1790jul26 ADAMS James (James YOUNG/Mary BERESFORD) 1790aug10 ADAMS James (Job LONGDEN/Martha ABELL) 1836may23 ADAMS James (William ADAMS/Martha JOWETT) 1754aug08 ADAMS John (John WAGSTAFF/Sarah THOMASMAN) 1806dec21 ADAMS Luke (William LESTER/Sarah WAYNE) 1836may23 ADAMS Mary (William ADAMS/Martha JOWETT) 1845nov20 ADAMS Mary (Benjamin SPENCER/Anne ADAMS) 1846may14 ADAMS Mary (James HALL/Martha ADAMS) 1872jan28 ADAMS Mary (William DAVIS/Hannah WEBSTER) 1820sep11 ADAMS Obadiah (Samuel SHELDON/Hannah ADAMS) 1823mar31 ADAMS Obadiah (Joseph WALKER/Ann SPENCER) 1824jun10 ADAMS Obadiah (Robert ADAMS/Sarah BATEMAN) 1830apr15 ADAMS Obadiah (Joseph DOXEY/Lydia SPENCER) 1835sep17 ADAMS Obadiah (Arthur SPENCER/Sarah ADAMS) 1849sep13 ADAMS Obadiah (Robert DOXEY/Ann BEESON) 1842dec26 ADAMS Obidiah (Richard SPENCER/Selina FEARN) 1780may03 ADAMS Robert (Samuel WRAGG/Hannah GODBEHERE) 1787may30 ADAMS Robert (Isaac SPENCER/Martha WOOD) 1788aug03 ADAMS Robert (Joseph NUTTALL/Hannah ROPER) 1790jun24 ADAMS Robert (Job SPENCER/Hannah SPENCER) 1798jan24 ADAMS Robert (John SPENCER/Elizabeth THOMPSON) 1824mar08 ADAMS Robert (John DOXEY/Hannah SLACK) 1824jun10 ADAMS Robert (James BRIDDOW/Ann WHITE) 1828sep17 ADAMS Robert (Abraham WALKER/Ann ADAMS) 1837dec17 ADAMS Robert (John HIDES/Martha PEAT) 1852apr02 ADAMS Robert (James RAINS/Hannah HENSTOCK) 1861aug22 ADAMS Robert (James FROST/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1787sep12 ADAMS Roth? (Obadiah ADAMS/Sarah SPENCER) 1812mar16 ADAMS Samuel (Thomas ADAMS/Ann EASTWOOD) 1824jan19 ADAMS Tamas (Thomas ADAMS/Ann BUXTON) 1817may26 ADAMS Thomas (Samuel HARRISON/Esther EASTWOOD) 1821jun17 ADAMS William (Benjamin CHEETHAM/Mary HODGKINSON) 1832oct29 ADAMS William (James ADAMS/Elizabeth JOWETT) 1795dec09 AGARD John (Joseph FROST/Catharine HOUGHON) 1824jul05 AKEN George (William WIGLEY/Ann DEAN) 1824oct11 ALCOCK Martha (George DURN/Elizabeth GALLIMORE) 1813jan25 ALLANBY Marc? (Joseph SIMS/Thirza SANDOM) 1873aug21 ALLCOCK Annie (Thomas ALLCOCK/Ann THOMPSON) 1873aug21 ALLCOCK Charles (Thomas ALLCOCK/Ann THOMPSON) 1822dec02 ALLCOCK Martha (John LAND/Sarah SIMMS) 1822jan29 ALLCOCK Thomas (Francis GALLIMORE/Ann GROVES) 1765jun06 ALLCOCK William (Samuel SWAIN/Sarah JOHNSON) 1822aug19 ALLEN ? (Thomas TURNER/Elizabeth HOUGHTON) 1847apr17 ALLEN Ann (William BYARD/Mary POTTER) 1894jan22 ALLEN Ann (James FLINT/Jane ALLEN) 1843may15 ALLEN Anne (Joseph ALLEN/Ann CURSON) 1855jul30 ALLEN Charles (Levi BAKEWELL/Hannah ALLEN) 1897sep06 ALLEN Clara (John FERN/Elizabeth JONES) 1781jul25 ALLEN Edward (Henry PEARSON/Ruth MOOR) 1788jul14 ALLEN Edward (William BROWN/Elizabeth STAFFORD) 1803feb14 ALLEN Edward (Thomas SIMS/Elizabeth ALLEN) 1856nov26 ALLEN Edward (George BRADBURY/Jane SALT) 1849dec31 ALLEN Eliza (Richard TOMLINSON/Sarah PALFREYMAN) 1863feb17 ALLEN Elizabeth (Jabez BOWMER/Sarah Ann SPENCER) 1885feb09 ALLEN Elizabeth (William WALKER/Ann TOWNSEND) 1857apr11 ALLEN Emma (John FLINT/Sarah ALLEN) 1883aug04 ALLEN Fred Wm (Robert WINSON/Hannah ALLEN) 1883mar14 ALLEN Frederick wm (John BAKER/Mary ALLEN) 1777dec31 ALLEN George (Job ALLEN/Elizabeth WOOD) 1790dec09 ALLEN George (John COTTRILL/Jane ALLEN) 1796mar04 ALLEN George (William BARKER/Grace ALLEN) 1811sep16 ALLEN George (Richard TURNER/Martha CLARKE) 1811sep16 ALLEN George (Andrew BLACKWELL/Mary COTTRELL) 1815jul30 ALLEN George (William ALLEN/Ann LEAM) 1819nov02 ALLEN George (William MARCHANT/Jane WRAGG) 1815jul30 ALLEN Grace (William ALLEN/Ann LEAM) 1831jul21 ALLEN Hannah (Samuel FLINT/Mary THOMPSON) 1844oct03 ALLEN Hannah (Isaac THOMPSON/Phebe ALLEN) 1852may30 ALLEN Hannah (Charles ALLEN/Mary ann BROWN) 1858dec25 ALLEN Hannah (George SEEDS/Martha ROOSE) 1882apr26 ALLEN Hannah (William FLINT/Eliza THOMPSON) 1883mar14 ALLEN Hannah (John BAKER/Mary ALLEN) 1781apr19 ALLEN James (Henry MASKERY/Ruth WALKER) 1784apr13 ALLEN James (James BATEMAN/Elizabeth LONGDEN) 1791oct12 ALLEN James (James CALTON/Rebecca ALLEN) 1879sep08 ALLEN James (Eli WILDE/Annie GELL) 1862jul03 ALLEN Job (George MARSDEN/Ann ALLEN) 1835jul06 ALLEN John (Andrew STREET/Millicent ALLEN) 1856dec25 ALLEN John (William EATON/Elizabeth SHORE) 1897dec25 ALLEN John (William SPENCER/Mary Elizabeth ALLEN) 1899aug14 ALLEN John (Thomas Benjamin MARTIN/Charlotte ALLEN) 1783jun16 ALLEN Jonathan (Elisha BENNET/Hannah BATEMAN) 1788nov24 ALLEN Jonathan (Luke PEARSON/Ruth LYMN) 1899oct04 ALLEN Lydia (John William ALLEN/Hannah Ellen ELLIOTT) 1853jan27 ALLEN Maria (John BARKER/Emma ALLEN) 1845nov17 ALLEN Martha (Mark FLINT/Millicent STREET) 1826dec28 ALLEN Mary (Paul COTTERILL/Jane ALLEN) 1862jul03 ALLEN Mary (George MARSDEN/Ann ALLEN) 1863oct05 ALLEN Mary (William KIDD/Sarah ann STORER) 1880oct27 ALLEN Mary (James ALLEN/Mary alice GRATTON) 1899aug02 ALLEN Mary (Edward George CORDIN/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1869may06 ALLEN Millicent (James FORD/Rebecca ALLEN) 1854may03 ALLEN Samuel (Richard GOODWIN/Hannah ALLEN) 1869may06 ALLEN Samuel (James FORD/Rebecca ALLEN) 1879jul27 ALLEN Samuel (Abraham ELLIOTT/Elizabeth ann ALLEN) 1853apr21 ALLEN Sarah (Robert LAND/Mary ALLEN) 1856dec25 ALLEN Sarah (William EATON/Elizabeth SHORE) 1833oct13 ALLEN Susanna (Isaac WATSON/Ruth BRADLEY) 1794dec11 ALLEN Thomas (John ROOSE/Hannah ALLEN) 1821aug30 ALLEN Thomas (Edward ALLEN/Hannah WALKER) 1833nov04 ALLEN Thomas (Samuel STREET/Hannah ALLEN) 1853apr21 ALLEN Thomas (Robert LAND/Mary ALLEN) 1873nov03 ALLEN Thomas (John BOWYER/Eliza GODBEHERE) 1897jun26 ALLEN Thomas (Samuel ALLEN/Mary Ann YEOMANS) 1791dec22 ALLEN William (Thomas BROOKES/Mary HOADES) 1796may15 ALLEN William (Thomas ROWLAND/Ann BUTLER) 1798jun06 ALLEN William (John OXSPRING/Sarah TIMPERLEY) 1801sep16 ALLEN William (Robert WALKER/Hannah HODES) 1803feb14 ALLEN William (Thomas SIMS/Elizabeth ALLEN) 1820apr05 ALLEN William (John ELLIOTT/Ellen BURGOINE) 1847aug30 ALLEN William (John SMITH/Hannah ALLEN) 1823may22 ALLIN Ann (Thomas ALLEN/Susanna MASKREY) 1824jul22 ALLIN Ann (William ALLEN/Ann MASKREY) 1765apr11 ALLIN Anthony (John ELCE/Dorothy ROPER) 1784dec13 ALLIN Edward (George CLARK/Sarah ALLEN) 1787jul30 ALLIN Edward (Hugh BRITTLEBANK/Hannah MARSHALL) 1787aug02 ALLIN Edward (Thomas ALLEN/Ellen BARKER) 1829feb16 ALLIN Edward (Thomas HODGKINSON/Mary ALLEN) 1800may05 ALLIN George (George STORER/Grace BARKER) 1817jul06 ALLIN Grace (Horatio HOLMES/Mary ALLCOCK) 1829feb16 ALLIN Grace (Thomas HODGKINSON/Mary ALLEN) 1776feb27 ALLIN James (Joseph ALLEN/Sarah BEMBRIDGE) 1790oct28 ALLIN James (George KINDER/Dorothy ROOSE) 1791dec22 ALLIN James (John ALSOP/Ann ASHOVER) 1772mar16 ALLIN John (John GREENHOUGH/Hannah SMITH) 1785aug25 ALLIN John (Francis KENDALL/Sarah DAFFY) 1761may20 ALLIN Joseph (William BERRESFORD/Sarah STUBING) 1772feb09 ALLIN Joseph (John WEBSTER/Hannah ALLIN) 1780apr26 ALLIN Joseph (William SWAIN/Mary BEARDSLEY) 1798jan29 ALLIN Joseph (Thomas BROOKES/Mary ALLEN) 1764jan12 ALLIN Robert (Thomas ALLIN/Ann HALLWORTH) 1769oct26 ALLIN Robert (William TUCKEY/Mary ALLIN) 1836apr04 ALLIN Samuel (Joshua GRATTON/Elizabeth BUNTING) 1823jan23 ALLIN Sarah (Joseph ALLEN/Mary SMITH) 1823jul24 ALLIN Sarah (George BUNTING/Mary ALLIN) 1762sep13 ALLIN Thomas (Adam CRITCH/Elizabeth ALLIN) 1769oct26 ALLIN Thomas (William TUCKEY/Mary ALLIN) 1769dec13 ALLIN Thomas (Samuel HAWLEY/Hannah UDALE) 1772feb09 ALLIN Thomas (John WEBSTER/Hannah ALLIN) 1784sep13 ALLIN Thomas (William BRELSFORD/Ann ROWLAND) 1784sep13 ALLIN Thomas (William MADDOCK/Hannah SMITH) 1785jun26 ALLIN Thomas (Samuel THACKER/Ann COX) 1789mar16 ALLIN Thomas (Edward ALLEN/Lydia WIGLEY) 1794dec25 ALLIN Thomas (John S REEDS/Rebecca ALLEN) 1795sep16 ALLIN Thomas (Samuel ALLEN/Mary HAMILTON) 1808may08 ALLIN William (Job WRIGHT/Hannah TAYLOR) 1783sep15 ALLING William (Samuel FLINT/Hannah ALLEN) 1771feb08 ALLISON William (John ORME/Ann TOMLINSON) 1772feb17 ALLISON William (Matthew TAYLOR/Elizabeth MARSH) 1772may14 ALLISON William (Thomas STEER/Sarah YATES) 1807dec10 ALLSOP Ann (John SHAW/Dorothy ALSOP) 1841apr14 ALLSOP Ann (William ROOSE/Harriett ROOSE) 1857oct08 ALLSOP Ann (Abraham BARKER/Ann HOLMES) 1858jul05 ALLSOP Ann (Aaron STORER/Grace elizbth ALLSOP) 1870dec14 ALLSOP Benjamin (William TOMLINSON/Ann elizabeth ALLSOP) 1805jul15 ALLSOP Charles (Matthew BONSALL/Martha PEARSON) 1866nov14 ALLSOP Charles (William PHILLIPS/Sarah JUDGE) 1841aug22 ALLSOP David (William MUSGRAVE/Elizabeth ALLSOP) 1855oct28 ALLSOP Dorothy (Thomas WINT/Hannah JOHNSON) 1892feb ALLSOP Edith (George WHARTON/Sarah Ann ALLSOP) 1864oct31 ALLSOP Eliza (Robert ALLSOP/Sarah ann ELSE) 1814jan17 ALLSOP Elizabeth (William ABBOTT/Sophia WEBSTER) 1870jan17 ALLSOP Elizabeth (Isaac DOXEY/Ann ALLSOP) 1873jun02 ALLSOP Elizabeth (Robert WARDMAN/Emma ALLSOP) 1873nov03 ALLSOP Elizabeth (John BOWYER/Eliza GODBEHERE) 1870dec14 ALLSOP Ellen (William TOMLINSON/Ann elizabeth ALLSOP) 1806nov05 ALLSOP Ellin (John OGDON/Elizabeth DUDSON) 1892jun27 ALLSOP Emily (Peter GLANCY/Annie Maria WALKER) 1870jan24 ALLSOP Herbert (Joseph FLINT/Mary ann BROOKS) 1887nov20 ALLSOP Isaac (John Henry ALLSOP/Bertha MASKERY) 1814aug29 ALLSOP James (William JOHNSON/Sarah HOLLAND) 1852sep13 ALLSOP James (James SMITH/Grace HUDSON) 1776may01 ALLSOP John (Samuel WALKER/Elizabeth NORTH) 1807jun22 ALLSOP John (William ALSOP/Elizabeth MARSON) 1810jun18 ALLSOP John (John WIGLEY/Hannah OGDEN) 1813apr04 ALLSOP John (James BYATT/Alice KERREY) 1815apr03 ALLSOP John (John WETTON/Sarah SMITH) 1831jan17 ALLSOP John (John HUGHES/Mary HALL) 1831jun02 ALLSOP John (Henry TAYLOR/Hannah HALL) 1846apr13 ALLSOP John (James FENTON/Mary PEARSON) 1850mar04 ALLSOP John (Benjamin ALLSOP/Frances WHITWORTH) 1861dec31 ALLSOP John (John CALDWELL/Ann FLINT) 1841apr14 ALLSOP Joseph (William ROOSE/Harriett ROOSE) 1846may14 ALLSOP Maria (Eli WILD/Mary ALLSOP) 1853feb13 ALLSOP Martha (George SPENCER/Mary ALLSOP) 1898dec26 ALLSOP Martha (Frederick FANTON/Emily ALLSOP) 1828jul31 ALLSOP Mary (John ALLSOP/Phebe WHITWORTH) 1850mar04 ALLSOP Mary (Benjamin ALLSOP/Frances WHITWORTH) 1873apr09 ALLSOP Mary (Herbert ALLSOP/Martha GODBEHERE) 1882dec04 ALLSOP Mary (William ALLSOP/Rachel GREATOREX) 1829jun08 ALLSOP Rachel (Nathaniel WATERS/Ann STORER) 1808may26 ALLSOP Rath? (Richard COOPER/Hannah HOLLAND) 1879jun08 ALLSOP Rebekah (William PEARSON/Hannah RADFORD) 1754jun29 ALLSOP Richard (Luke FLINT/Mary GREEN) 1757jan06 ALLSOP Richard (John DOFIELD/Sarah TOMLINSON) 1762jun26 ALLSOP Richard (John HOUGHTON/Sarah DAVIS) 1767oct05 ALLSOP Richard (William LOMAS/Hannah COATES) 1777apr22 ALLSOP Richard (Job ELSE/Dorothy SILKSONE) 1786aug07 ALLSOP Richard (Anthony BRITTON/Hannah MOSS) 1786oct18 ALLSOP Richard (Thomas NEWBOUND/Hannah WIGLEY) 1791dec22 ALLSOP Richard (John ALSOP/Ann ASHOVER) 1793jun12 ALLSOP Richard (William ABBOT/Mary PIERCY) 1808may26 ALLSOP Richard (Richard COOPER/Hannah HOLLAND) 1831nov12 ALLSOP Richard (Joseph GODBEHERE/Mary MARPLE) 1837sep10 ALLSOP Richard (Charles HAYS/Maria WRAGG) 1890nov20 ALLSOP Richard (William ALLSOP/Mary BAGGALEY) 1762apr28 ALLSOP Robert (John WALKER/Elizabeth NORTH) 1766apr17 ALLSOP Robert (Samuel HOLEBROOK/Sarah WALKER) 1773aug16 ALLSOP Robert (Thomas SIMPSON/Mary WALKER) 1760mar05 ALLSOP Samuel (Anthony HOLEHOUSE/Sarah SMEDLEY) 1779feb04 ALLSOP Samuel (John HOLEHOUSE/Mary DOXEY) 1836nov27 ALLSOP Samuel (William MARSDEN/Ann DAWS) 1842mar25 ALLSOP Samuel (Samuel SLACK/Sarah POYSER) 1781sep16 ALLSOP Sarah (Thomas PURSELOVE/Grace ELLIOT) 1803jan31 ALLSOP Sarah (Thomas CLARK/Ann GIBSON) 1849sep12 ALLSOP Sarah (Samuel SLACK/Hannah ALLSOP) 1850apr02 ALLSOP Sarah (Thomas TAYLOR/Elizabeth MARSON) 1887jul18 ALLSOP Sarah (Henry HIGTON/Grace ALLSOP) 1818dec25 ALLSOP Thomas (Jacob STAFFORD/Helen ALLSOP) 1786sep11 ALLSOP Wandall (Francis TAYLOR/Mary BROOKE) 1786sep11 ALLSOP Wandall (George TRUMAN/Amy HODGKINSON) 1887may04 ALLSOP Wandell (William BROOKS/Sarah MULLEN) 1786sep11 ALLSOP William (Samuel HARRISON/Mary FOWLKE) 1825sep14 ALLSOP William (Joseph PEARSON/Martha BULLOCK) 1892feb ALLSOP William (George WHARTON/Sarah Ann ALLSOP) 1754jun29 ALLSOP JUN Richard (Luke FLINT/Mary GREEN) 1763jun02 ALLSOPP Robert (Benjamin TAYLOR/Elizabeth REEVES) 1787apr09 ALLWOOD John (George DUNN/Hannah CALDWELL) 1787apr09 ALLWOOD William (George DUNN/Hannah CALDWELL) 1807feb07 ALSOP Catharine (John ALSOP/Hannah SMEDLEY) 1814jul18 ALSOP Ellen (William HARRIS/Mary ALLSOP) 1894dec24 ALSOP Ellen (Benjamin ELLIOTT/Margaret Dakin MARCHINGTON) 1838feb26 ALSOP Henry (Thomas ALSOP/Sarah RENSHAW) 1774sep14 ALSOP John (John WRIGHT/Grace COTTERILL) 1802feb08 ALSOP John (Thomas GRAYSON/Catharine WRIGHT) 1832may24 ALSOP John (Josiah PEARSON/Mary BAMFORD) 1771feb06 ALSOP Jos. (Joseph BODEN/Mary LOMAS) 1833aug29 ALSOP Joseph (Benjamin TOMLINSON/Elizabeth FROST) 1832mar29 ALSOP Richard (William BUTCHER/Mary ALSOP) 1796jan27 ALSOP Robert (Thomas ALLSOP/Hannah HOLBROOKE) 1769dec03 ALSOP Samuel (Isaac TARLTON/Mary SUMMERFIELD) 1779sep08 ALSOP Samuel (Thomas SPENCER/Elizabeth HOLEHOUSE) 1831feb03 ALSOP Samuel (John BROOKES/Mary ALSOP) 1832mar29 ALSOP Sarah (William BUTCHER/Mary ALSOP) 1789jul16 ALSOP Wandall (John GALLIMORE/Elizabeth ALSOP) 1827oct02 ALSOP William (Joseph MARSH/Hannah HALLAM) 1848mar14 ALTON Elias (William gdfry KENT/Hannah ALTON) 1818oct19 ALTON Job (Peter HILL/Mary VALLANCE) 1830aug31 ALTON Mary (William MERCHANT/Elizabeth WALTON) 1848mar14 ALTON Sarah (William godfry KENT/Hannah ALTON) 1826nov13 AMATT Anthony (George BODEN/Martha GREGORY) 1763jan23 AMATT George (Edward WIGLEY/Mabel EVANS) 1768feb18 AMATT George (Silvanus GRIFFIN/Elinor RUTTER) 1772may12 AMATT George (Daniel BROWN/Hannah WOOD) 1776aug29 AMATT George (Thomas HOBSON/Jane PEARSON) 1786nov09 AMATT George (David DEAN/Mary TAYLOR) 1788oct23 AMATT George (Edward ROOSE/Ann MOGATRIDE) 1793dec26 AMATT George (William SMITH/Martha MAGETWRIGHT) 1795oct07 AMATT George (Roger CHEATHAM/Sarah HOLEBROOKE) 1805feb25 AMATT George (Job GREGORY/Ann AMOTT) 1809dec04 AMATT George (George FROGGATT/Mary AMATT) 1815feb13 AMATT John (William MARSHALL/Hannah AMATT) 1833nov21 AMATT John (Thomas WALKER/Sarah AMATT) 1837jan26 AMATT John (William ELTRINGHAM/Ann AMATT) 1831mar08 AMATT Mary (William AMATT/Mary AMATT) 1778jun11 AMATT Thomas (Thomas UDALE/Elizabeth MOORE) 1780sep12 AMATT Thomas (Anthony AMATT/Peggy JOHNSON) 1780dec25 AMATT Thomas (Joseph STONEHOUSE/Mary POLLARD) 1784jul11 AMATT Thomas (Benjamin PEARSON/Mary RENSHAW) 1835mar23 AMOTT Martha (Henry EATON/Elizabeth SLACK) 1823sep25 ANABLE John (Benjamin PERCIVAL/Sarah HALL) 1835may06 ANABLE John (Robert BEESTON/Ann ANABLE) 1870jan10 ANABLE John (John LOWE/Dorothy FORD) 1857jun02 ANABLE Joseph (Thomas ANTHONY/Hannah ANABLE) 1835may06 ANABLE Mary (Robert BEESTON/Ann ANABLE) 1857jun02 ANABLE Mary (Thomas ANTHONY/Hannah ANABLE) 1776jun10 ANABLE Thomas (John SPENCER/Mary ANNABLE) 1779jan28 ANABLE Thomas (Paul TAYLOR/Sarah THORNALY) 1790jan11 ANABLE Thomas (John HULLAND/Ellen SMITH) 1785sep12 ANDREW Benjamin (James TAYLOR/Elizabeth ANDREW) 1795jun07 ANDREW Benjamin (Sampson STUBBS/Dorothy ASHTON) 1795jun07 ANDREW Benjamin (George EVANS/Esther WHEELDON) 1804feb08 ANDREW Benjamin (Samuel SMITH/Mary BOMER) 1761sep16 ANDREW John (Robert WAGSTAFF/Hannah TOMLINSON) 1768jul18 ANDREW John (Thomas HALLAM/Elisabeth SIMS) 1774jul07 ANDREW John (John BROOKE/Hannah BROOKE) 1784jul09 ANDREW John (Joshua GRATTON/Martha HALL) 1774jul07 ANDREW Joseph (John BROOKE/Hannah BROOKE) 1777mar31 ANDREW Joseph (John GRATTON/Hannah ANDREW) 1820feb13 ANDREW Joseph (Samuel FROST/Elizabeth ANDREWS) 1756sep02 ANDREW William (John CARLILE/Grace HALLWORTH) 1832apr25 ANDREWS John (William WATSON/Maria BROUGH) 1867oct30 ANDREWS Joshua (Samuel SPENCER/Mary WRAGG) 1846sep13 ANKERS Thomas (Anthony WILDGOOSE/Mary MARSHALL) 1839dec25 ANN Slack (Joseph WHITTAKER/Ann CLARKE) 1762dec09 ANNABLE Edward (Thomas BARBER/Mary SIMS) 1776jun05 ANNABLE Edward (James COOPER/Hannah SIMS) 1818mar26 ANNABLE John (George KEY/Martha ANABLE) 1848jun26 APPLEBY Mary (Richard WHITHAM/Sarah TAYLOR) 1874may21 ARCHER Samuel (John MARSH/Annie stddmn COPESTAKE) 1836mar28 ARGILE William (Jacob SLACK/Sarah REDFERN) 1837dec25 ARGYLE Emma (Richard ELLIOTT/Lydia BODEN) 1838jun05 ARGYLE Joseph (David ELLIOTT/Emma ARGYLE) 1877aug30 ARKWRIGHT Alfred (James digby LEGARD/Julia helen ARKWRIGHT) 1858may05 ARKWRIGHT Fanny j (Edward WAINWRIGHT/Sarah WIGLEY) 1868jul29 ARKWRIGHT Frederick (Frederick FAWKES/Ellen mary ARKWRIGHT) 1837mar01 ARKWRIGHT Mary Anne (Joseph C WIGRAM/Susan M ARKWRIGHT) 1833may09 ARKWRIGHT Peter (George GREAVES/Elizabeth TOPLIS) 1837mar01 ARKWRIGHT Peter (Joseph C WIGRAM/Susan M ARKWRIGHT) 1868jul29 ARKWRIGHT Susan alice (Frederick FAWKES/Ellen mary ARKWRIGHT) 1780jun12 ARKWRIGHT JU Richard (Charles HURT/Susannah ARKWRIGHT) 1754sep18 ARMFIELD Joseph (Joshua BUNTING/Elizabeth ARMFIELD) 1755feb06 ARMFIELD Robert (William WRIGHT/Silence BUNTING) 1830jun30 ARMSTRONG Elizabeth Sarah (George F SIMMS/Amey Ann ARMSTRONG) 1822apr11 ARMSTRONG Mary Ann (Benjamen KNIVETON/Hannah LOMAS) 1822apr11 ARMSTRONG Thomas (Benjamen KNIVETON/Hannah LOMAS) 1830jun30 ARMSTRONG Thomas (George F SIMMS/Amey Ann ARMSTRONG) 1859sep14 ARNATT Elizabeth (Daniel HARLEY/Sarah WALKER) 1859sep14 ARNATT John (Daniel HARLEY/Sarah WALKER) 1845may15 ARNATT Mary (Samuel SHEPHERD/Susannah PICKARD) 1870feb21 ASHELEY Sarah (Henry SPENCER/Sarah ann MACDONALD) 1867nov28 ASHLEY Charles (John BROUGH/Mary BEMBRIDGE) 1867oct07 ASHLEY Hannah (Charles ASHLEY/Sarah BROUGH) 1775sep25 ASHMORE Samuel (John CARDALL/Elizabeth ROPER) 1845nov30 ASHOVER Alice (Richard BOOTH/Anne ASHOVER) 1754aug26 ASHOVER David (John SWIFT/Mary OGDEN) 1754nov27 ASHOVER David (Henry MARPLE/Anne RODDY) 1800jun22 ASHOVER Elizabeth (John MASKERY/Mary POYZER) 1796mar28 ASHOVER Job (Robert BARKER/Ann BROOKES) 1789sep18 ASHOVER John (John TITTERTON/Ann TOMPSON) 1790jan07 ASHOVER John (Benjamin KNIVETON/Susanna LAND) 1791mar24 ASHOVER John (John RIDGARD/Phebe HANSON) 1840jun08 ASHOVER Mary (George BRINDLEY/Elizabeth ASHOVER) 1822dec26 ASHOVER Matthew (Thomas ELSE/Sarah BARKER) 1840jun08 ASHOVER Matthew (George BRINDLEY/Elizabeth ASHOVER) 1845nov30 ASHOVER Matthew (Richard BOOTH/Anne ASHOVER) 1778may11 ASHOVER Robart (George SALT/Martha GREGORY) 1765jun30 ASHOVER Robert (James SHELDON/Sarah DIXON) 1772oct11 ASHOVER Robert (Jonathan HOUGHTON/Hannah STEVENS) 1758mar22 ASHOVER Samuel (John BURTON/Millicent GREGORY) 1768apr29 ASHOVER Samuel (Samuel BLACKWALL/Sarah THOMPSON) 1768jun08 ASHOVER Samuel (John SHAW/Ellin WALL) 1768dec29 ASHOVER Samuel (Joseph MOORE/Mary GODBEHERE) 1769jun08 ASHOVER Samuel (Samuel BROOKS/Mary ELSE) 1772jan16 ASHOVER Samuel (Thomas GODBEHERE/Ellin HALL) 1784sep16 ASHOVER Samuel (Samuel SILKSTONE/Mary ELLIS) 1784sep16 ASHOVER Samuel (Anthony BRITTON/Mary HALL) 1797jan15 ASHOVER Thomas (Benjamin LATHAM/Ann BUXTON) 1757jan03 ASHTON Christopher (John ALLCOCK/Mary ASHTON) 1786may15 ASHTON Henry (John CLARK/Hannah MARPLE) 1813apr01 ASHTON Joseph (Joshua TOMLINSON/Frances ASHTON) 1805mar24 ASHTON William (Edward ASHTON/Ann RAYNES) 1835apr16 ATKIN Charles (Thomas HALL/Mary ATKINS) 1829mar02 ATKIN Mary (William HUNT/Lydia MART) 1830oct03 ATKIN Mary (Hugh BROOKES/Ann MOORE) 1835apr16 ATKIN Sarah (Thomas HALL/Mary ATKINS) 1817feb27 ATKINS Charles (Samuel TAYLOR/Elizabeth COOPER) 1822oct30 ATKINS Charles (William DOMBLOW/Hannah GREEN) 1880mar29 ATKINSON Emma elizab (Charles WALL/Martha ann ROWLAND) 1794nov03 ATKINSON John (Josiah STAFFORD/Frances HALL) 1795dec25 ATKINSON John (James WIGLEY/Elizabeth BROUGH) 1795dec25 ATKINSON John (Joseph GREATOREX/Mary FURNACE) 1880mar29 ATKINSON Thomas (Charles WALL/Martha ann ROWLAND) 1851apr23 ATTENBOROUGH William (George ATTENBOROUGH/Sarah CLARKE) 1769jan06 ATTKIN George (Job REDFERN/Phoebe COTTERIL) 1888sep13 AULT Emma (James AULT/Elizabeth Ann TAYLOR) 1889jul04 AULT Samuel (Charles WILDGOOSE/Emmie AULT) 1841sep07 AUSTIN Eliza (John AUSTIN/Maria HUNT) 1836dec26 AUSTIN Elizabeth (Edward HOLT/Ruth AUSTIN) 1838sep10 AUSTIN Elizabeth (John LITTLEWOOD/Hannah AUSTIN) 1840sep15 AUSTIN Elizabeth (Richard AUSTIN/Sarah FROGETT) 1897apr18 AUSTIN Ellen T (William AUSTIN/Emma MOXON) 1760jul15 AUSTIN George (John WALKER/Jane FOX) 1766oct27 AUSTIN George (Robert WALKER/Rachel COOKE) 1823aug12 AUSTIN George (John WILLMOTT/Ann WRIGHT) 1827sep12 AUSTIN George (John Huws SLACK/Hannah DOXEY) 1830nov16 AUSTIN George (Richard DUNECLIFF/Deborah OAKLEY) 1868sep17 AUSTIN Grace (Edward BROOKS/Frances YATES) 1857mar30 AUSTIN James (Samson BROOKS/Mary PEARSON) 1878feb16 AUSTIN James (Samuel STAFFORD/Hannah AUSTIN) 1861jan21 AUSTIN Mary (Edward BROOKS/Ann HARRISON) 1837dec16 AUSTIN Richard (Charles BROWN/Sarah AUSTIN) 1853oct30 AUSTIN Richard (James AUSTIN/Mary HARRISON) 1882dec25 AUSTIN Richard (John wm fairf WAINWRIGHT/Lydia gratton JACKSON) 1833dec02 AUSTIN Sarah (Richard HOWARTH/Hannah KNIVETON) 1846aug10 AUSTIN Sarah (George HODGKINSON/Dorothy GOODALL) 1875may24 AXE Elizabeth (Sidney MELBOURN/Mary ROOME) Return to Top 1773aug30 BABINGTON John (John WILSON/Mary DEAVILLE) 1836apr18 BACKHOUSE Esther (Thomas RENSHAW/Sarah HOLEHOUSE) 1838mar14 BACKHOUSE Esther (Thomas HODGKINSON/Eliza WEBSTER) 1836apr18 BACKHOUSE George (Thomas RENSHAW/Sarah HOLEHOUSE) 1838mar14 BACKHOUSE George (Thomas HODGKINSON/Eliza WEBSTER) 1844sep19 BACKHOUSE George (Samuel HEWITT/Hannah STEEPLES) 1845aug11 BACON Ann (James PICKERING/Maria DOWNEY) 1876jan10 BACON John (Isaac BACON/Alice WEBSTER) 1761feb08 BACON Luke (Robert TAYLOR/Sarah LONG) 1756jun03 BACON Matthew (Richard ORME/Hannah WRAGG) 1756aug05 BACON Matthew (William GREATREX/Tomasin WATERFOLD) 1758aug03 BACON Matthew (Thomas PEARSON/Ellin GLASEBROOKE) 1760dec29 BACON Matthew (James TWIGG/Ann HEROD) 1765apr11 BACON Matthew (Isaac FROST/Ann MATHER) 1767nov18 BACON Matthew (William GOODWIN/Lydia BRADLEY) 1784oct20 BACON William (William HOLEHOUSE/Ann COTTON) 1786may31 BACON William (John HYDE/Ellen VICARS) 1852mar08 BADEN James (James BRADLEY/Lydia GRATTON) 1822dec30 BADER Sarah (Samuel RAYSON/Ann PENISTON) 1807dec14 BADON Dorothy (John WOOD/Dorothy BACON) 1765dec16 BAGGLEY John (Edward BARKER/Ellen CALDWELL) 1761sep03 BAGGULEY Richard (Edward MOULD/Ann POTTER) 1768feb22 BAGNALL William (Thomas COOPER/Ann GELL) 1874nov16 BAGSHAW Elizabeth (Thomas SPENCER/Martha HOWSLEY) 1852feb16 BAILEY Peter (John SMITH/Ruth BEELEY) 1824may24 BAIMBRIDGE Ann (Joseph HALLSWORTH/Ann WHITEHEAD) 1819apr19 BAIMBRIDGE John (Thomas BAIMBRIDGE/Mary BAIMBRIDGE) 1802nov08 BAINBRIDGE James (Samuel THACKER/Martha JACKSON) 1802nov08 BAINBRIDGE James (Francis WILSON/Hannah BUNTING) 1777may22 BAINBRIGGE Ann (Joseph BAINBRIGGE/Honor GELL) 1836nov28 BAINBRIGGE Thomas (Anthony BAINBRIGGE/Dorothy HUTCHINSON) 1887jan27 BAINSBRIDGE Emma (Joseph MARSDEN/Sarah Elizabeth BAINBRIDGE) 1801may29 BAKER Thomas (Joseph BOOTH/Dorothy WALKER) 1852may30 BAKEWELL Levi (Charles ALLEN/Mary ann BROWN) 1855oct18 BAKEWELL Levi (Charles ALLEN/Mary GORE) 1862apr10 BALL Charles (Charles WOOD/Mary BALL) 1857jun01 BALL Elizabeth (George GOODWIN/Grace TAYLOR) 1861jun10 BALL Elizabeth (Adam DAWSON/Mary ann GOODWIN) 1775may14 BALL John (Joseph DOXEY/Susannah ORME) 1776jul29 BALL Joseph (Thomas DOXEY/Mary WOOLEY) 1777feb10 BALL Samuel (William HALLAM/Ann HALLOWAY) 1786mar08 BALL Samuel (Samuel KINDER/Martha BUXTON) 1825sep14 BALLING Samuel (Thomas OGDON/Ann RILEY) 1805jan31 BALLINGTON Anthony (Matthew RILEY/Mary MOORE) 1807mar23 BALLINGTON John (James NEAL/Ellen ROWLAND) 1810sep02 BALLINGTON Samuel (Stephen OTTIWELL/Jane STONE) 1754nov25 BALLMER Joseph (William ORME/Dorothy KEELING) 1847aug16 BAMBRIDGE Sylvia (John WESTON/Sarah BOOTH) 1856jan30 BAMBRIDGE William (Frederick BOWN/Elizabeth WAGSTAFF) 1847aug16 BAMBRIGGE Samuel (John WESTON/Sarah BOOTH) 1756oct14 BAMFORD Anthony (Martin BAMFORD/Dorothy GOODWIN) 1764jul18 BAMFORD Anthony (Joseph FROST/Gertrude NASH) 1767jun10 BAMFORD Anthony (George KNIVETON/Hannah BURTON) 1778jan27 BAMFORD Anthony (Samuel PEACH/Grace BROWN) 1807jan25 BAMFORD David (Joseph HYINSON/Frances COOPER) 1800apr28 BAMFORD Elizabeth (Peter PEAL/Alice BAMFORD) 1827sep12 BAMFORD Elizabeth (George THOMPSON/Martha DOXEY) 1788apr17 BAMFORD George (Joseph ALLEN/Mary LYMN) 1814apr21 BAMFORD George (William MIDDLETON/Elizabeth SMITH) 1814aug31 BAMFORD George (Samuel GODBEHERE/Ann GREGORY) 1821jan03 BAMFORD George (Samuel SIMPSON/Ann BAMFORD) 1849dec25 BAMFORD George (Thomas WINSON/Sarah WINT) 1756oct14 BAMFORD James (Martin BAMFORD/Dorothy GOODWIN) 1821dec25 BAMFORD James (John TWIGG/Sarah THORPE) 1764aug29 BAMFORD John (Charles HANSON/Hannah MASKREY) 1769jan10 BAMFORD John (John BELLFIELD/Hannah MASSEY) 1769dec13 BAMFORD John (Samuel HAWLEY/Hannah UDALE) 1771jan01 BAMFORD John (Samuel MADDOCK/Sarah BAMFORD) 1771jan01 BAMFORD John (Isaac DOXEY/Hannah PEAL) 1780jan02 BAMFORD John (William BEARDSLEY/Bethia HADFIELD) 1786may31 BAMFORD John (John HYDE/Ellen VICARS) 1793jan31 BAMFORD John (Thomas BROWNSON/Hannah BAMFORD) 1793sep16 BAMFORD John (Job BRITTON/Elisabeth MOSS) 1794apr30 BAMFORD John (George BRITTON/Mary ROOSE) 1798aug06 BAMFORD John (Joseph WHITE/Ellen FRITH) 1809apr27 BAMFORD John (Joseph GRATTON/Mary WRAGG) 1812sep17 BAMFORD John (George BAMFORD/Betty PARKER) 1818mar23 BAMFORD John (Samuel HOLBROOK/Elizabeth BURTON) 1818mar23 BAMFORD John (James BATEMAN/Amy CLAYTON) 1818mar23 BAMFORD John (Thomas BUXTON/Mary TWIGG) 1822jul29 BAMFORD John (Sylvanus GRIFFIN/Ann GODBEHERE) 1823dec25 BAMFORD John (William HODGKINSON/Dorothy SHAW) 1823dec25 BAMFORD John (Jacob DOXEY/Edith THOMPSON) 1823dec25 BAMFORD John (Joseph STORER/Elizabeth CLAYTON) 1824feb09 BAMFORD John (George WARD/Elizabeth BROCKLEHURST) 1824sep12 BAMFORD John (Thomas VALLANCE/Ann BRUNT) 1829sep14 BAMFORD John (William COTTERILL/Mary GRANT) 1830dec22 BAMFORD John (William ABBOTT/Elizabeth P BAMFORD) 1834sep24 BAMFORD John (David RICHARDSON/Mary MATHER) 1818dec07 BAMFORD Joseph (William PEAT/Mary BURGOINE) 1822mar18 BAMFORD Joseph (Bartholomew MOSS/Martha MARSHALL) 1823feb27 BAMFORD Joseph (Robert HALL/Sarah BAMFORD) 1823sep15 BAMFORD Josiah (Joseph BAMFORD/Elizabeth WALKER) 1792aug02 BAMFORD Marcellus (Henry TOMLINSON/Sarah WRIGHT) 1756nov18 BAMFORD Martin (Thomas HOLEHOUSE/Lydea NEEDHAM) 1760jun27 BAMFORD Martin (Anthony ALLIN/Sarah BAMFORD) 1763jun26 BAMFORD Martin (Joseph FOULK/Mary MATHER) 1769mar29 BAMFORD Martin (James HANDLEY/Mary BRIDDON) 1773feb01 BAMFORD Martin (William LATHAM/Ellen GREGORY) 1775oct16 BAMFORD Martin (John HOLEHOUSE/Cassandra NASH) 1778jun24 BAMFORD Martin (Daniel DALE/Elizabeth HALL) 1779feb15 BAMFORD Martin (Job MARSON/Elizabeth BENNET) 1779feb15 BAMFORD Martin (Philip WAYN/Phebe MARSH) 1779oct21 BAMFORD Martin (Thomas MARSH/Hannah STREET) 1794apr21 BAMFORD Martin (Wandale ALSOP/Ann PEARSON) 1807jan25 BAMFORD Martin (Joseph HYINSON/Frances COOPER) 1831jul10 BAMFORD Mary (William PEARSON/Sarah BAMFORD) 1811dec23 BAMFORD Sarah (Benjamin H DAKIN/Hannah CHEETHAM) 1815apr16 BAMFORD Sarah (John SEEDS/Mary FARRAND) 1815oct01 BAMFORD Sarah (John TIMPERLEY/Hannah KIRK) 1820jul27 BAMFORD Sarah (Jabus HALL/Elizabeth CHEETHAM) 1822oct04 BAMFORD Sarah (Henry ALLSOP/Hannah PRICE) 1759jan10 BAMFORD William (Henry SIMPSON/Sophia SIMPSON) 1846dec22 BANCROFT Emily (William STEVENSON/Ann MATHER) 1870dec27 BANCROFT John (Charles BRITTAIN/Hannah BYARD) 1768may06 BANFORD Anthony (John BAMFORD/Ann WRAGG) 1759dec18 BANKES James (John MARPLE/Mary BANKS) 1799feb20 BANKES Samuel (Samuel SALT/Maria FERN) 1761dec11 BANKS Edward (George ANNABLE/Elizabeth LOCKALL) 1759may23 BANKS James (John CALDWELL/Hannah RAINS) 1765sep18 BANKS James (William ROSE/Mary MARPLE) 1810feb12 BANKS John (Samuel LOWE/Dorothy PEAT) 1824mar25 BANKS John (John ROUSE/Nelly NORTH) 1894aug06 BANKS Walter (John MILLER/Alice Sanderson BANKS) 1805aug12 BANKS William (Edward DAY/Ellen MATHER) 1772apr23 BANNISTER John (John OLDHAM/Mary BANNISTER) 1772dec18 BANNISTER John (Robert GELL/Mary LONGDEN) 1777apr16 BANNISTER John (Peter GELL/Hannah MACHIN) 1779jan07 BANNISTER John (John GARRET/Hannah GELL) 1780jun30 BANNISTER John (Jonathan HULLAND/Margaret FOWLK) 1873dec29 BARBER Eliza (Anthony WARDMAN/Matilda BARBER) 1823aug07 BARBER Ellin (William BARBER/Ellin TAYLOR) 1873dec29 BARBER Herbert (Anthony WARDMAN/Matilda BARBER) 1838apr11 BARBER James (William HARRIS/Elizabeth BARBER) 1853may01 BARBER Maria (John CHEETHAM/Charlotte BARBER) 1867sep11 BARBER Matilda (Herbert BARBER/Eliza WALKER) 1800jun13 BARBER Matthew (Joseph BARNES/Elizabeth HOUGH) 1757jul26 BARBER Thomas (John THACKER/Catherine SOMERS) 1763nov25 BARBER Thomas (Thomas HAYNE/Hannah FLINT) 1764dec20 BARBER Thomas (Robert WRIGHT/Mary JOHNSON) 1789dec29 BARK John (Joshua TOMISON/Sarah HARDING) 1790jun13 BARK John (Thomas BRAMLEY/Mary GLOSSOP) 1827sep10 BARKER ? (George EATON/Ann CLARK) 1886jul14 BARKER Abraham (John WINSON/Sarah SMITH) 1874jan31 BARKER Caroline (Thomas TURNER/Rosetta BARKER) 1800apr24 BARKER Edward (Hugh WALKER/Sarah ADAMS) 1813may27 BARKER Edward (James OGDON/Hannah CUNDY) 1815dec28 BARKER Edward (Job BUNTING/Mary ELLIOTT) 1828apr14 BARKER Edward (John BARKER/Sarah HARDY) 1896feb03 BARKER Edward (Ralph WARD/Hannah Elizabeth BARKER) 1794jul03 BARKER George (Thomas CLAY/Sarah HILL) 1869sep15 BARKER George (Samuel MOORE/Mary ann KNOWLES) 1816nov21 BARKER Hannah (John COOPER/Ann COOPER) 1819jul22 BARKER Hannah (Charles KNIVETON/Maria BARKER) 1758oct09 BARKER John (German STORER/Ellin WHITE) 1832apr23 BARKER John (Peter ARNOLD/Mary WHEELDON) 1833nov11 BARKER John (William AMATT/Elizabeth CARMAN) 1835aug02 BARKER John (Joseph BOOT/Jane GRANT) 1841aug12 BARKER Samuel (William BARKER/Jane SALT) 1844may16 BARKER Samuel (John SWINSCOE/Hannah SPENCER) 1826may17 BARKER William (Thomas WHEELDON/Mary POTTER) 1850may16 BARKER William (Samuel BARKER/Ann SPENCER) 1863apr20 BARLOW Frederic (Thomas WHITHAM/Ruth BAILEY) 1863apr20 BARLOW Jane (Thomas WHITHAM/Ruth BAILEY) 1844sep19 BARLOW Susannah (Samuel HEWITT/Hannah STEEPLES) 1887may04 BARNES Ann (William BROOKS/Sarah MULLEN) 1861aug04 BARNES George (Edwin DERRY/Emily WEBSTER) 1781nov21 BARNES Joseph (John HALLAM/Ann BARNES) 1793sep30 BARNES Joseph (John LAYHE/Martha BARNES) 1798oct15 BARNES Joseph (John KIDDEY/Grace BARNES) 1798oct15 BARNES Joseph (Robert BEESTON/Ann BUXTON) 1793sep30 BARNES Samuel (John LAYHE/Martha BARNES) 1799mar11 BARNES Samuel (William ALSOP/Susanna STONE) 1800nov06 BARNES Samuel (John WAYNE/Ellin FERN) 1834dec24 BARNS Abraham (William BARNS/Martha CAUDWELL) 1859mar09 BARNSLEY Mary (John BARNSLEY/Mary RAINS) 1844may27 BARRITT Mary ann (Samuel KINDER/Elizabeth DONGSWORTH) 1855jun27 BARSTON George (Joseph BRITLAND/Sarah CRESSWELL) 1861sep23 BARTON Ann (Joseph POTTER/Ann elizabeth ROBINSON) 1880mar31 BARTON Hannah (William ANDREWS/Elizabeth ROBSON) 1786sep10 BARTON James (Benjamin CLAY/Elizabeth BARTON) 1837mar13 BARTON John (Joseph BOWN/Sarah BROWN) 1815sep11 BARTON Mary (Thomas GODBEHERE/Sarah BURTON) 1818aug10 BARTON Thomas (Gregory MORETON/Hannah CHESHIRE) 1775sep11 BARTON William (Abraham WATLOCK/Sarah GREGORY) 1827nov15 BARTON William (William WINSON/Elizabeth TWYFORD) 1841oct07 BASKET Emma (Henry BRITTLEBANK/Emma WINFIELD) 1855dec20 BASSETT Ellen (John BASSETT/Hannah ELLIOTT) 1803apr15 BATEMAN Ann (John HAWLEY/Sarah BATEMAN) 1812oct22 BATEMAN Ann (David WALKER/Mabel BATEMAN) 1813mar25 BATEMAN Ann (George BUCKLEY/Elizabeth HALL) 1855aug01 BATEMAN Ann (William BATEMAN/Jane BUXTON) 1879jul27 BATEMAN Ann (Abraham ELLIOTT/Elizabeth ann ALLEN) 1830jul12 BATEMAN Elizabeth (Adam BUNTING/Mary CHADWICK) 1833aug19 BATEMAN Elizabeth (Adam WOODWARD/Dorothy BATEMAN) 1839apr03 BATEMAN Elizabeth (James RAINES/Sarah SHELDON) 1889jun19 BATEMAN Ellen (John MARCHINGTON/Mary Elizabeth BATEMAN) 1813jul22 BATEMAN Francis (Henry BATEMAN/Amelia CLAYTON) 1840sep16 BATEMAN Henry (Isaac SLACK/Sarah SLACK) 1830oct14 BATEMAN Hugh (John PARKER/Lydia ALLWOOD) 1796jun16 BATEMAN James (Robert MATHER/Elizabeth WRAGG) 1826nov20 BATEMAN James (Joseph GREATOREX/Martha SLACK) 1833aug19 BATEMAN James (Adam WOODWARD/Dorothy BATEMAN) 1844mar14 BATEMAN James (Thomas BUCKLEY/Ann BATEMAN) 1847sep08 BATEMAN James (James CLAYTON/Hannah MATHER) 1777jan01 BATEMAN Joab (Henry BATEMAN/Mary JEPSON) 1779may24 BATEMAN Joab (James JEBSON/Edith BUXTON) 1796sep14 BATEMAN Joab (John BROOKES/Ann SLACK) 1796sep14 BATEMAN Joab (John GODBEHERE/Ellen SPENCER) 1765jan07 BATEMAN Job (Thomas THOMPSON/Sarah HOLEBROOK) 1783jan27 BATEMAN Job (John BROOKES/Mary ALSOP) 1803jun01 BATEMAN Job (Anthony BRIDDON/Mary HEAPS) 1803jun01 BATEMAN Job (Thomas MOORE/Elizabeth SLACK) 1818mar23 BATEMAN Job (James BATEMAN/Amy CLAYTON) 1770jul19 BATEMAN John (Thomas BATEMAN/Grace DOXEY) 1770dec26 BATEMAN John (Nathaniel BROOKE/Mary LEAM) 1772jan01 BATEMAN John (Israel SHAW/Hannah DOXEY) 1773oct11 BATEMAN John (Anthony BRELSFORD/Martha SHELDON) 1774apr14 BATEMAN John (William COTTON/Elizabeth GRACION) 1789jan19 BATEMAN John (Daniel SPENCER/Ann WRAGG) 1789sep14 BATEMAN John (Samuel SHELDON/Hannah MOORE) 1790jan11 BATEMAN John (Philip WALKER/Sarah MOORE) 1790jan11 BATEMAN John (Daniel HIGTON/Mary LOMAS) 1796jun16 BATEMAN John (Robert MATHER/Elizabeth WRAGG) 1800nov26 BATEMAN John (Jacob BROOKS/Ann CHRICHLOW) 1810may28 BATEMAN John (John RAINS/Sarah WEBSTER) 1842jul05 BATEMAN John (Thomas SPENCER/Hannah SPENCER) 1799nov25 BATEMAN Joseph (Samuel DOXEY/Elizabeth WORSLEY) 1814mar10 BATEMAN Philip (Isaac SPENCER/Elizabeth BATEMAN) 1794mar27 BATEMAN Samuel (Peter SPENCER/Hannah PORTER) 1800nov26 BATEMAN Sarah (Jacob BROOKS/Ann CHRICHLOW) 1801jan01 BATEMAN Sarah (Nathaniel BROOKS/Hannah ELSE) 1770may09 BATEMAN Thomas (Joseph DOXEY/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1784sep13 BATEMAN Thomas (John FOGG/Ann WOOD) 1786aug09 BATEMAN Thomas (Jacob DOXEY/Susanna DOXEY) 1855aug01 BATEMAN William (William BATEMAN/Jane BUXTON) 1824jun03 BATES George (David ASHOVER/Ellen KINDER) 1838sep12 BATES Mary (John SPENCER/Ann WOODHOUSE) 1883jan01 BATES Mary (Horatio BYARD/Hannah BATES) 1885apr15 BATES Mary (William TALBOT/Emily PEARSON) 1894oct24 BATES Richard (John Henry WARD/Grace BATES) 1754aug15 BATTALEY James (Lawrence BADDELY/Alice SEEDS) 1755mar13 BATTALEY James (John LOWE/Martha MOOR) 1865dec28 BATTELEY Richard (Thomas REPTON/Sarah jane CLARKE) 1842jun27 BATTERLEY Ann (Benjamin TOMLINSON/Hannah BATTERLEY) 1887may07 BATTERLEY Ann (Henry SLACK/Mary BATTERLEY) 1883may01 BATTERLEY Emma (Henry Joshua ROUSE/Rachel BATTERLEY) 1880jun08 BATTERLEY Hannah (Samuel FEARN/Elizabeth SMEDLEY) 1887apr18 BATTERLEY Martha (Richard BATTERLEY/Sarah Ellen SLADE) 1891dec24 BATTERLEY Martha (George SOUTHAM/Hannah AUSTIN) 1883may01 BATTERLEY Richard (Henry Joshua ROUSE/Rachel BATTERLEY) 1890jul23 BATTERLEY Sarah (George FARNSWORTH/Annie BATTERLEY) 1896jun21 BATTERLEY Sarah (Effingham YATES/Georgina WRAGG) 1896sep17 BATTERLEY Sarah Jne (Samuel SPENCER/Mary Anne BATTERLEY) 1768jun23 BATTLEY Lawrence (Job BROOKE/Margaret BADDELY) 1787jun22 BATTLEY Lawrence (Thomas BADDELEY/Rebecca ABBOT) 1807sep21 BATTY Elisabeth (John JOHNSON/Hannah WILKINSON) 1845may18 BAXTER Hannah (James ROWLAND/Ann STEAR) 1809may08 BAXTER James (John ROWLAND/Susannah BAXTER) 1788sep22 BAXTER John (William ASHTON/Mary WIGLEY) 1754aug26 BEALEY Joseph (John SWIFT/Mary OGDEN) 1889jun05 BEALING Frank (Joshua WRIGHT/Sarah Ann Wayne FEARN) 1802dec01 BEARD James (Withnall CLARKE/Mary DEBANK) 1867may16 BEARD James (John PETTS/Elizabeth BEARD) 1898may30 BEARD James (Samuel BRADLEY/Alice MORRELL) 1818dec24 BEARD Mary (Richard J O'DONAVAN-C/Anna WARD) 1768jun09 BEARDAH James (Paul HIGTON/Martha PEAT) 1842jun13 BEARDMORE Ann (Anthony SPENCER/Rachel LOWE) 1849oct14 BEARDMORE Ann (John BEARDMORE/Mary ann APPLEBY) 1859oct08 BEARDMORE Martha (Joseph BUNTING/Elizabeth BEARDMORE) 1844may13 BEARDMORE Rhoda (John BEARDMORE/Martha MILLWARD) 1844may13 BEARDMORE Thomas (John BEARDMORE/Martha MILLWARD) 1849oct14 BEARDMORE Thomas (John BEARDMORE/Mary ann APPLEBY) 1859oct08 BEARDMORE Thomas (Joseph BUNTING/Elizabeth BEARDMORE) 1828may07 BEARDSLEY Ellen (James CONWAY/Phebe WOODHOUSE) 1784mar09 BEARDSLEY Isaac (Abraham BOOTH/Sarah WATSON) 1823jul03 BEARDSLEY Isaac (Thomas BUXTON/Mary Ann GRIFFIN) 1829feb04 BEARDSLEY Isaac (Richard SPENCER/Ann MATHER) 1833jun10 BEARDSLEY Mary Ann (Thomas JOHNSON/Ellen BEARDSLEY) 1838feb19 BEARDSLEY Mary Ann (William DEAN/Elizabeth BEARDSLEY) 1838feb19 BEARDSLEY Samuel (William DEAN/Elizabeth BEARDSLEY) 1815may25 BEARDSLEY Sarah (Isaac BEARDSLEY/Sarah BUXTON) 1809mar15 BEARDSLEY William (Robert NEEDEN/Jane BEARDSLEY) 1822feb07 BEASTALL Thomas (Robert MATHER/Martha BROOKS) 1822apr11 BEASTALL Thomas (Edward MATHER/Sarah SPENCER) 1769jul02 BEELEY John (Edward BRAMLEY/Elizabeth ALSOP) 1837may17 BEELY James (John GOODWIN/Ellen NORMANSHAW) 1796mar06 BEELY John (Peter GELL/Mary WRAGG) 1829jan12 BEELY Thomas (William BIRCH/Mary Ann WALL) 1871sep23 BEESLEY Henry (John Henry FROST/Emily SPENCER) 1880sep22 BEESLEY Henry (Richard WALL/Sarah PICKARD) 1801dec28 BEESON Charles (Samuel BRELSFORD/Elizabeth AUSTIN) 1807mar04 BEESON Charles (Samuel BRAILSFORD/Mary HONE) 1842jun12 BEESON Hannah (John JACKSON/Sarah WILKINS) 1881jan19 BEESON John (Isaac BUTLER/Sarah Ann BROOKS) 1892aug13 BEESON John (William Henry BIRLEY/Minnie BEESON) 1804may31 BEESON Joseph (Samuel SHARPE/Ellin BAINBRIDGE) 1849sep13 BEESON Mary (Robert DOXEY/Ann BEESON) 1891feb09 BEESON Minnie (Thomas BEESON/Martha WALKER) 1890may06 BEESTON Arthur Th (William Thomas PINKNEY/Margaret LITTLE) 1805dec03 BEESTON Elnah (Jonathan SHERWIN/Esther BEESTON) 1886feb24 BEESTON John (William Toplis BEESTON/Mary SPENCER) 1857sep02 BEESTON Maryann (William HOLMES/Emma BEESTON) 1792jul02 BEESTON Michael (Samuel KIRKLAND/Ann VICKARS) 1805dec03 BEESTON Michael (Jonathan SHERWIN/Esther BEESTON) 1794nov18 BEESTON Robert (Joseph THORNALLY/Ann WEBSTER) 1798feb27 BEESTON Robert (William KIRKLAND/Ellen BEESTON) 1888aug01 BEESTON Thomas (John KILLER/Elizabeth KIRK) 1805nov04 BEESTON William (Richard COWLEY/Lydia CALLADINE) 1894jun27 BEESTON William T (Richard BARNSLEY/Ann SPENCER) 1845may20 BELCHER Thomas (George paul BELCHER/Ellen CRESSWELL) 1807jul04 BELFIELD Hannah (Thomas PICKARD/Mary NUTTALL) 1757feb07 BELFIELD Henry (William BELFIELD/Sarah BRADSHAW) 1773mar16 BELFIELD John (Robert TAYLOR/Sarah FORD) 1773apr12 BELFIELD John (Thomas BELFIELD/Ann MASSEY) 1779feb11 BELFIELD John (Henry BELFIELD/Sarah WAYNE) 1794mar25 BELFIELD John (Abraham BOMER/Hannah BACON) 1807aug17 BELFIELD John (James WOLLEY/Hannah BELFIELD) 1769jan18 BELFIELD Thomas (Bartholomew MOSS/Mary REDD) 1794jul24 BELL Robert (Robert WILSON/Catharine TAYLOR) 1772mar05 BELL Thomas (John CLITHERO/Ann LOCKALL) 1772mar04 BEMBIRIDGE Samuel (John TAYLOR/Grace SIMPSON) 1839jun10 BEMBRIDGE Hannah (John HARRISON/Maria COOPER) 1832nov05 BEMBRIDGE John (Thomas BAIMBRIDGE/Mary Ann HEATHCOAT) 1836apr18 BEMBRIDGE John (Thomas YEOMANS/Elizabeth HEATHCOTE) 1837feb06 BEMBRIDGE John (Richard POOLE/Elizabeth WEBSTER) 1801dec17 BEMBRIDGE William (John WRIGHT/Mary COOPER) 1760jan03 BENBRIDGE Matthew (Ferdinando MARSON/Elisabeth COTTRIL) 1805aug26 BENBRIDGE Samuel (Richard HIGGISON/Sarah BEMBRIDGE) 1794dec29 BENNET Abraham John (William PEAL/Ellen TATUM) 1764jul05 BENNET John (Samuel SPENCER/Hannah WOODROOFE) 1848oct30 BENNET Rebecca (William SPENCER/Judith BROOKS) 1830jul22 BENNET Sarah (Thomas TAYLOR/Elizabeth TWIGGE) 1775dec18 BENNET Simeon (James NEWBAY/Phoebe STREET) 1759sep10 BENNET William (Henry ORME/Martha TOMLINSON) 1793jun24 BENNET William (John SWAIN/Mary BINGHAM) 1860mar08 BENNETT Barbara (Charles MASON/Charlotte BRANCHFLOWER) 1762sep01 BENNETT Benjamin (Edward ANNABLE/Sarah SIMES) 1766jun11 BENNETT Benjamin (William BREARLEY/Mary GLOSSOP) 1771apr09 BENNETT Benjamin (Richard MANSFIELD/Mary BENNET) 1854may21 BENNETT Henry (Isaac SPENCER/Ruth BROOKS) 1817oct06 BENNETT John (John BRADSHAW/Betty HARRISON) 1854may21 BENNETT Rebecca (Isaac SPENCER/Ruth BROOKS) 1763aug28 BENNETT Samuell (William KIRKLAND/Sarah WILLIAMS) 1763jul18 BENNETT Simeon (Joshua WIGLEY/Ann PETTINER) 1781feb27 BENNETT W. (David BERISFORD/Elizabeth BENNET) 1775sep11 BENNETT William (John BUNTING/Sarah MACOY) 1793mar05 BENSHAW Thomas (Henry GILMAN/Margaret BATTALEY) 1876dec02 BENT Anna maria (Edwin fred WALLIS/Elizabeth BENT) 1876dec02 BENT Elizabeth (Isaac WAINWRIGHT/Anna maria BENT) 1870jan27 BENYON John (Simon peter CARTWRIGHT/Hannah RENSHAW) 1884jul02 BENYON John (Thomas George JEPSON/Elizabeth BENYON) 1888aug14 BENYON John (Arthur Edwin CHAMBERLAIN/Martha Emmie BENYON) 1884jul02 BENYON Martha E (Thomas George JEPSON/Elizabeth BENYON) 1888aug14 BENYON Mary (Arthur Edwin CHAMBERLAIN/Martha Emmie BENYON) 1763apr11 BERESFORD Francis (John BULLOCK/Elizabeth ASHMORE) 1763oct16 BERESFORD Francis (John HARRISON/Mary FERN) 1764apr03 BERESFORD Francis (Thomas BAINBRIGG/Elizabeth LONGDEN) 1764nov18 BERESFORD Francis (Joseph WESTON/Mary CLEGG) 1764dec29 BERESFORD Francis (Richard BUXTON/Hannah HALLWORTH) 1765jan11 BERESFORD Francis (George MARSH/Rebecca WILSON) 1765sep09 BERESFORD Francis (George BAYNES/Mary NEEDHAM) 1765sep23 BERESFORD Francis (Anthony SPENCER/Sarah SPENCER) 1766feb06 BERESFORD Francis (Thomas HARDING/Elisabeth WILLIAMSON) 1767dec07 BERESFORD Francis (George HUDSON/Elizabeth ORWIN) 1768feb09 BERESFORD Francis (Joseph HOLEBROOK/Mary JOHNSON) 1768feb09 BERESFORD Francis (William BODEN/Elizabeth WINGFIELD) 1769jan06 BERESFORD Francis (Job REDFERN/Phoebe COTTERIL) 1769oct30 BERESFORD Francis (Sampson WRIGHT/Mary BRADDOCK) 1770apr16 BERESFORD Francis (Benjamin LATHAM/Mary PENDLETON) 1771feb03 BERESFORD Francis (Joseph LATHAM/Ellin COWLISHAW) 1860jun04 BERESFORD Francis (John SHELLEY/Hannah BLACKWALL) 1831oct27 BERESFORD Sarah (William BRIDDON/Ann BUXTON) 1827jul08 BERKIN Hannah (Joseph YEOMANS/Sarah BERKIN) 1797jan05 BERKIN Isaac (Samuel SMITH/Sarah LEAM) 1761feb12 BERRISFORD Frances (William BRITTLEBANK/Ruth WOODIWISS) 1757feb17 BERRISFORD Francis (William HARDING/Martha SATTERFIELD) 1757sep17 BERRISFORD Francis (William FOUKE/Hannah STAFFORD) 1759apr12 BERRISFORD Francis (Peter JOWITT/Mary PYSER) 1760dec26 BERRISFORD Francis (George PEAT/Martha WIGLEY) 1810jun25 BESTWICK Richard (George BESTWICK/Hannah SPENCER) 1807mar30 BESTWICK Thomas (Thomas GREATOREX/Mary WATSON) 1833jan24 BESWICK Hannah Shaw (Joseph TIPPER/Ellen HEALD) 1775oct02 BETTS Mary (James KIRK/Ann BURGIN) 1897dec22 BEVAN Annie E (Herbert MELLORS/Mary Frances BEVAN) 1805nov04 BIARD Thomas (John PEAT/Hannah BYARD) 1806jul14 BIARD Thomas (John HARDY/Sarah BYARD) 1809dec11 BIARD Thomas (Joseph REDFERN/Elizabeth BYARD) 1815jan11 BIARD Thomas (William BYARD/Dorothy BOMER) 1893may18 BIDDLE Arthur (William BIDDLE/Mary Elizabeth ALLEN) 1866dec03 BIDDULPH Grace (Thomas FIELDING/Jane LOWE) 1778nov05 BILLINGS Thomas (Thomas WOOLLEY/Hannah BILLINGE) 1811mar23 BIRCH Ann (David CROFTS/Susannah BIRCH) 1895sep12 BIRCH Edward (George Frederic BIRCH/Evelyn Mary BOWLER) 1895sep12 BIRCH Gertrude M (George Frederic BIRCH/Evelyn Mary BOWLER) 1836aug03 BIRCH Hannah (Samuel TAYLOR/Sarah STEVENSON) 1805nov04 BIRD Mary (John PEAT/Hannah BYARD) 1851mar23 BIRD Thomas (William KERRY/Mary BASS) 1763dec07 BIRDSLEY Hannah (Samuel MABLY/Sarah HOLEBROOK) 1875jul13 BIRKBECK William (John b e STANSFELD/Agnes mary BARRINGER) 1834sep15 BIRKS George (William SPENCER/Ellen JEPSON) 1887mar16 BIRLEY Charles (Sydney FLINT/Elizabeth Ellen BIRLEY) 1877oct08 BIRLEY Richard (Samuel BIRLEY/Esther SLACK) 1843oct09 BLACKHAM Jonathan (Thomas BLACKHAM/Elizabeth ROUSE) 1854dec05 BLACKHAM Jono (Samuel BLACKHAM/Sarah COTTERILL) 1846may24 BLACKHAM Joseph (William BEADALL/Anne SMITH) 1813feb15 BLACKHAM Thomas (John SANDERS/Mary BLACKHAM) 1821aug20 BLACKHAM William (Joseph BLACKHAM/Ann HARRISON) 1828aug11 BLACKHORN Ambrose (Samuel WOOD/Mary CRESSWELL) 1853sep26 BLACKWALL Hannah (Lewis LEAFE/Hannah ROLLEY) 1811sep19 BLACKWALL J.? (Thomas PEACH/Catharine BLACKWALL) 1790oct21 BLACKWALL John (William SHERWIN/Phebe HANFORD) 1811sep19 BLACKWALL Robert (Thomas PEACH/Catharine BLACKWALL) 1822may30 BLACKWALL Robert (Henry CLARK/Mary BLACKWALL) 1894sep26 BLACKWELL Frances (George James OGDON/Mary BLACKWELL) 1837oct30 BLACKWELL Francis (Ralph WILDGOOSE/Sarah PICKERING) 1801jul29 BLACKWELL Joseph (Samuel SLACK/Ann BLACKWALL) 1891jun24 BLACKWELL Mary (Murdoch MACLEOD/Catherine BLACKWELL) 1899sep10 BLACKWELL Mary (John SLACK/Susan HADFIELD) 1827aug25 BLACKWELL Sarah (Robert W COOKE/Sarah SIMMS) 1774mar31 BLACKWELL William (Jervis ROPER/Elizabeth ROOSE) 1891jun24 BLACKWELL William (Murdoch MACLEOD/Catherine BLACKWELL) 1894sep26 BLACKWELL William (George James OGDON/Mary BLACKWELL) 1893aug28 BLADON Arthur (Thomas WEBSTER/Mary BROCKLEHURST) 1796jan07 BLADON G. (Edward JACKSON/Elizabeth MATHER) 1769oct30 BLADON Robert (Sampson WRIGHT/Mary BRADDOCK) 1783sep06 BLAGG Daniel (John NUTTALL/Ann WALL) 1764jun15 BLAKTON Robert (George ALLIN/Hannah CLAYTOR) 1818feb16 BLAND Joseph (John HARRISON/Elizabeth WRAGG) 1834feb23 BLOOD Joseph (William FOX/Hannah HULLAND) 1860aug16 BLORE George (George WOOLLISCROFT/Mary BLORE) 1853feb08 BLORE Mary (Peter HIGTON/Edith OAKDEN) 1857aug24 BLORE Mary (Francis STRAFFORD/Ellen PARKES) 1836feb05 BLORE Samuel (Thomas GREATORIX/Hannah HEAPPY) 1853feb08 BLORE Simon (Peter HIGTON/Edith OAKDEN) 1861aug27 BLORE Simon (Ralph HALL/Emily CHALLINOR) 1889dec26 BLOUNT Edward (Walter Theodore MASKREY/Jane Elizabeth WATSON) 1814apr21 BLOUNT Henry (William MIDDLETON/Elizabeth SMITH) 1819dec29 BLOUNT Henry (William HOLBROOK/Mary CARLINE) 1826aug14 BLOUNT Henry (John ALLEN/Jane GRATTON) 1826aug14 BLOUNT Henry (Samuel WALKER/Ellen BYARD) 1777jan28 BLOUNT John (George CADMAN/Hannah BENNETT) 1795dec10 BLOUNT John (William ALSOP/Martha WRAGG) 1804nov07 BLOUNT John (Samuel WARRAN/Mary HALSWORTH) 1804dec12 BLOUNT John (Thomas STALEY/Ellen BRITLAND) 1804dec23 BLOUNT John (Edward HYDES/Sarah BUXTON) 1805jan31 BLOUNT John (Matthew RILEY/Mary MOORE) 1805mar25 BLOUNT John (Joseph TAYLOR/Sarah NASH) 1805apr28 BLOUNT John (John COOPER/Elizabeth FLETCHER) 1805may26 BLOUNT John (Isaac NEWTON/Susanna FARRAND) 1805jun06 BLOUNT John (Job WHITE/Elizabeth ROOTH) 1805aug26 BLOUNT John (Richard HIGGISON/Sarah BEMBRIDGE) 1805nov21 BLOUNT John (John BAMFORD/Ann PARKER) 1805dec15 BLOUNT John (Joshua ORRIDGE/Alice WILSON) 1806jan26 BLOUNT John (Edward BOWATER/Mary SHORT) 1806feb09 BLOUNT John (John BUXTON/Mary LEAM) 1806oct12 BLOUNT John (Thomas BIET/Mary OFFERTON) 1806oct26 BLOUNT John (Thomas POYNTON/Ann TAYLOR) 1806nov26 BLOUNT John (James GRATTON/Martha COOPER) 1806dec14 BLOUNT John (James WEBSTER/Mary EASTWOOD) 1806dec21 BLOUNT John (William LESTER/Sarah WAYNE) 1807mar11 BLOUNT John (Thomas DEAN/Mary SOWTER) 1807mar23 BLOUNT John (James NEAL/Ellen ROWLAND) 1807apr08 BLOUNT John (Jonathan HOUGHTON/Elizabeth GRATTON) 1807apr28 BLOUNT John (John PEARSON/Mary STEAR) 1807apr30 BLOUNT John (Robert HOLGATE/Margaret COLLEGE) 1807may12 BLOUNT John (George SELLORS/Mary HOLBROOK) 1807may24 BLOUNT John (Samuel LITTLEWOOD/Mary GITE) 1807jul12 BLOUNT John (William THOMSON/Rebecca SPENCER) 1807jul18 BLOUNT John (Samuel ROPER/Sarah ALSOP) 1807sep16 BLOUNT John (Joseph FRITH/Jane SALT) 1808feb20 BLOUNT John (Joseph MASKERY/Ann WAIN) 1808jul04 BLOUNT John (George BROWN/Elizabeth CARLINE) 1809apr26 BLOUNT John (Thomas ROPER/Ruth MASKERY) 1809oct09 BLOUNT John (Samuel YATES/Mary FLETCHER) 1809nov12 BLOUNT John (Stephen SMEATON/Kitty HOUGH) 1810jan25 BLOUNT John (Jacob SLACK/Mary BROUGH) 1810feb25 BLOUNT John (Joseph WRAGG/Ann MASKERY) 1810apr09 BLOUNT John (Samuel JOHNSON/Ruth WHITE) 1810jul09 BLOUNT John (Robert BARLOW/Ann FORSE) 1810aug27 BLOUNT John (Edward FROGGATT/Ellen BARKER) 1810nov22 BLOUNT John (Thomas SIMMS/Elizabeth WARDMAN) 1811feb27 BLOUNT John (Thomas DOXEY/Ellen ALLEN) 1811mar17 BLOUNT John (George GOODWIN/Hannah BROUGH) 1811mar21 BLOUNT John (John HEAP/Dorothy TRAVIS) 1811dec16 BLOUNT John (Robert WAGSTAFF/Hannah CADMAN) 1811dec25 BLOUNT John (Henry PEARSON/Dorothy HOLLINGWORTH) 1812apr05 BLOUNT John (John WARREN/Elizabeth COXAM) 1812jun25 BLOUNT John (John BERRISFORD/Ann SPENCER) 1812dec31 BLOUNT John (James GRATTON/Bathia DEAN) 1813feb22 BLOUNT John (James SPENCER/Sarah HOPKINSON) 1813apr26 BLOUNT John (Richard REDFERN/Mary CARLISLE) 1813apr28 BLOUNT John (Thomas SHARP/Dorothy BATTERLEY) 1813may13 BLOUNT John (Benjamin TAYLOR/Mary SEEDS) 1813jun26 BLOUNT John (Thomas STEELE/Mary WALKER) 1813nov07 BLOUNT John (Samuel CLARK/Alice WALKER) 1814jan06 BLOUNT John (Henry TAYLOR/Elizabeth MOSS) 1814mar17 BLOUNT John (Edward ALLEN/Phebe CLAYTON) 1814apr22 BLOUNT John (Thomas BYARD/Elizabeth ELLIOTT) 1814may30 BLOUNT John (Henry BLOUNT/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1814nov14 BLOUNT John (Joseph SLACK/Elizabeth WARDMAN) 1814nov21 BLOUNT John (Anthony WALL/Charlotte SWIFT) 1815jan09 BLOUNT John (Thomas BROWN/Mary TAYLOR) 1815apr10 BLOUNT John (John PEARSON/Frances THORNHILL) 1815jun20 BLOUNT John (William STORER/Mary CARTER) 1815jul16 BLOUNT John (George GREGORY/Ann THORNALLY) 1815aug17 BLOUNT John (James EVANS/Hannah WALKER) 1815sep10 BLOUNT John (Joseph NEEDHAM/Martha SHAW) 1815dec20 BLOUNT John (William KIRK/Rachel GRATTON) 1816mar25 BLOUNT John (Richard SPENCER/Mary TAYLOR) 1816apr24 BLOUNT John (Samuel KNIVETON/Elizabeth WOODHOUSE) 1816jun16 BLOUNT John (Thomas FROGGATT/Elizabeth ROOSE) 1816jun27 BLOUNT John (Isaac FRITCHLEY/Mary HALL) 1816sep05 BLOUNT John (James TAYLOR/Sarah TAYLOR) 1816oct13 BLOUNT John (Joseph KIDDY/Ann COOPER) 1816oct27 BLOUNT John (John BARKER/Hannah ALLEN) 1816nov11 BLOUNT John (Joseph ALLSOP/Hannah RODGERS) 1816dec14 BLOUNT John (Joshua ORRIDGE/Mary WRAGG) 1817may14 BLOUNT John (Thomas LEVY/Melicent WOODROUGH) 1817jun16 BLOUNT John (Joseph BUNTING/Ann STORER) 1817jul07 BLOUNT John (Robert BYARD/Elizabeth CORDIN) 1817sep08 BLOUNT John (Joseph BIRCH/Mary MARSH) 1817dec24 BLOUNT John (Thomas MASKREY/Hannah PEARSON) 1818jun04 BLOUNT John (William WALKER/Elizabeth MERCHANT) 1819feb01 BLOUNT John (Joseph HALLSWORTH/Sarah BROWN) 1819aug09 BLOUNT John (George MARPLE/Hannah SPENCER) 1820apr13 BLOUNT John (William ANTHONY/Rachel PURSLOVE) 1820aug21 BLOUNT John (John DERBYSHIRE/Hannah WOODAS) 1820aug29 BLOUNT John (Joseph HODGKINSON/Hannah BARKER) 1821oct16 BLOUNT John (George BATTERLEY/Hannah MARSH) 1821nov05 BLOUNT John (Richard ARSALL/Hannah BROOKS) 1822jul31 BLOUNT John (Robert TAYLOR/Susannah BROUGH) 1822oct23 BLOUNT John (William WOODHOUSE/Elizabeth PEARSON) 1827jan25 BLOUNT Martha (James BLOUNT/Ann NALL) 1827jan25 BLOUNT Martha (Thomas LAND/Ann ALLIN) 1754nov30 BLOUNT Robert (David SEEDS/Mary HOUGH) 1760may30 BLOUNT Robert (John ROGERS/Catherine FROST) 1761oct13 BLOUNT Robert (Anthony BOWNE/Grace FROST) 1762feb10 BLOUNT Robert (William TIPPER/Martha GREATOREX) 1764jan23 BLOUNT Robert (Adam KNOWLS/Hannah SMITH) 1765jun24 BLOUNT Robert (James TAYLOR/Ellin HARRISON) 1772jan06 BLOUNT Robert (Samuel STREET/Mary FLETCHER) 1765oct25 BLOUNT Thomas (Matthew FOULK/Hanah BLUNT) 1766aug28 BLOUNT Thomas (Daniel HOLEBROOK/Sarah DEAN) 1827jan25 BLOUNT Thomas (James BLOUNT/Ann NALL) 1808mar31 BLUNDSTONE Mary (William BLUNSTONE/Elizabeth BARNES) 1809sep11 BLUNDSTONE Sarah (Thomas TUNNICLIFF/Mary BLACKSTONE) 1840dec01 BLUNSTONE Elizabeth (Joseph TAYLOR/Ann BLUNSTONE) 1828aug12 BLUNT James (Philip DOWNIN/Martha BLOUNT) 1768sep26 BLUNT John (John BRADLEY/Ruth FROST) 1843sep18 BLUNTSTONE Elizabeth (Frank BLUNTSTONE/Sarah HARDY) 1791feb07 BLYTON Charles (Benjamin TOMLINSON/Elizabeth SPENCER) Return to Top 1864nov23 BOAM John (George TURNER/Mary Ellen MOORE) 1892feb03 BOAM Lizzie (William Hides TOMLINSON/Amy LEVER) 1892feb03 BOAM Sopia (William Hides TOMLINSON/Amy LEVER) 1879feb10 BOAM Thomas (James FROST/Hannah BUCKLEY) 1810jan24 BOAME Jane (John MASKREY/Mary BOAM) 1800oct13 BOAMER George (Thomas DAVIS/Mary STREET) 1800oct13 BOAMER George (John MARSDEN/Lydia DOXEY) 1833jan19 BODEN A. (Joseph LINNACER/Ann BUNTING) 1812jan13 BODEN Abel (Benjamin KNIVETON/Hannah HOADES) 1812nov16 BODEN Abel (Anthony BRITLAND/Dorothy SMITH) 1858jul10 BODEN Abel (William SUTTON/Hannah BRITLAND) 1860mar12 BODEN Annie (William BARNES/Mary BRAMWELL) 1802apr07 BODEN Anthony (Anthony BODEN/Fanny NEEDHAM) 1807jan22 BODEN Anthony (Thomas ELSE/Mary MASKREY) 1807sep14 BODEN Anthony (Jacob HOUGHTON/Hannah SMEDLEY) 1808may09 BODEN Anthony (Benjamin TAYLOR/Sarah HODGKINSON) 1809mar02 BODEN Anthony (Jacob DOXEY/Hannah KNIVETON) 1809apr20 BODEN Anthony (Charles SALT/Sarah ALLSOP) 1812aug12 BODEN Anthony (Joseph STATHAM/Ann WALTON) 1836apr05 BODEN Ebenezer (Joseph BOWLER/Hannah BODEN) 1899apr03 BODEN Edw Doxey (Josiah SLACK/Mary Elizabeth BODEN) 1834sep17 BODEN Edward (Anthony BODEN/Ann SPENCER) 1845dec29 BODEN Edward (William BODEN/Sarah SHAW) 1761nov12 BODEN George (Joseph ALLIN/Hannah POTTER) 1783mar03 BODEN George (John BODEN/Martha TURNER) 1785sep15 BODEN George (Obadiah WIGLEY/Ann BERESFORD) 1795sep16 BODEN George (James STEEPLE/Hannah JEPSON) 1796oct24 BODEN George (Thomas STORER/Kitty NALL) 1803jan23 BODEN George (Samuel HOLLINGWORTH/Hannah PICKERING) 1818jun24 BODEN Hannah (Anthony HOLMES/Hannah GELL) 1825oct17 BODEN Hannah (Robert SPENCER/Mary HALL) 1840dec07 BODEN Hannah (Benjamin PIDCOCK/Ann SWIFT) 1817jun24 BODEN Jane (William ROBINSON/Sarah FLETCHER) 1770may09 BODEN Jobe (John LEE/Elizabeth ASHOVER) 1797jun05 BODEN John (James MACBETH/Mary BODEN) 1802apr07 BODEN John (Anthony BODEN/Fanny NEEDHAM) 1835jan11 BODEN John (John HYDES/Elizabeth ELLIOT) 1892sep05 BODEN John (Alfred henry CROSS/Emily Julia DOXEY) 1770sep26 BODEN Joseph (William GOODALL/Hannah STADON) 1839dec25 BODEN Joseph (Samuel BROOKES/Ann BUCKLEY) 1862jul28 BODEN Josiah (James LINACRE/Elizabeth KIRKBY) 1877nov15 BODEN Mary (William BODEN/Elizabeth STALEY) 1879nov26 BODEN Mary (George SPENCER/Ann JONES) 1765may13 BODEN Peter (John BRAILSFORD/Mary GREGORY) 1768jan03 BODEN Peter (George POYZAR/Sarah BURTON) 1791jun15 BODEN Peter (Joseph ANDREW/Sarah SWIFT) 1893mar15 BODEN Sarah Ann (Peter Edward BODEN/Sarah Ann BROOKS) 1787aug14 BODEN Thomas (John WOOD/Ann PAYNE) 1793dec30 BODEN Thomas (Joseph B THICKET/Jane FROST) 1807sep28 BODEN Thomas (Edward FROGGAT/Jane FLETCHER) 1809apr19 BODEN Thomas (Anthony BODEN/Dolly HOUGHTON) 1775sep11 BODEN William (Abraham WATLOCK/Sarah GREGORY) 1883apr19 BOLAS George (Jabez samuel GIMSON/Harriet PHILPOTT) 1833jan30 BOLLINGTON Samuel (George SHEWARD/Mary RILEY) 1806jul07 BOMEN Hugh (Richard SHEPPARD/Alice COWLISHAW) 1845dec21 BOND Alfred (Jesse TAYLOR/Elizabeth STANHOPE) 1824oct03 BOND Edward (John HUNT/Phebe WATSON) 1817dec21 BOND George (Edward BOND/Sarah BERKIN) 1819jul31 BONSALL Martha (William KEELING/Elizabeth ROWSE) 1805jul10 BONSALL Matthew (John TONGUE/Elizabeth SUMMERFIELD) 1860mar08 BOOT Ebenezer? (Charles MASON/Charlotte BRANCHFLOWER) 1836dec31 BOOT Eleazer (William CLARKE/Elizabeth RILEY) 1765nov23 BOOT Francis (Jarvas BOOT/Mary BAGSHAW) 1760sep15 BOOT Walkingame (Thomas DICKENS/Ann FRYER) 1797oct23 BOOTE Thomas (Robert GREATOREX/Elizabeth WALKER) 1778may14 BOOTH Abraham (William TAYLOR/Sarah BOOTH) 1782dec30 BOOTH Abraham (Isaac BEARDSLEY/Ruth BOOTH) 1895jan28 BOOTH Alice (Thomas SANDERS/Edith Adeline REPTON) 1892nov28 BOOTH Elizabeth (Theophilus CLAYTON/Epsa Bayan BOOTH) 1892nov11 BOOTH Epsa (James SMITH/Selina BOOTH) 1840jun10 BOOTH Hannah (Samuel BAINBRIGGE/Sylvia SAINT) 1810sep16 BOOTH Jeremiah (Joseph BUXTON/Catharine BOOTH) 1840jun10 BOOTH John (Samuel BAINBRIGGE/Sylvia SAINT) 1849aug06 BOOTH John (Robert TAYLOR/Mary PHILLIPS) 1892nov28 BOOTH John Ab (Theophilus CLAYTON/Epsa Bayan BOOTH) 1803sep06 BOOTH Lydia (Joseph RIDGWAY/Mary HEAP) 1844nov10 BOOTH Soloman (John ROBINSON/Sarah BUNTING) 1797mar30 BOOTH Thomas (Robert WALTON/Elizabeth HEAPY) 1795jul20 BOOTH William (Samuel BOOTH/Sarah HOLLINGWORTH) 1835dec26 BOOTH William (Anthony GREGORY/Elizabeth HENSTOCK) 1769sep04 BORROW John (Anthony SLATER/Elisabeth COOPER) 1834aug18 BORROWS Aron (Noah KIDD/Ellen BORROWS) 1764sep08 BORROWS John (James BROUGH/Mary ARWIN) 1898dec21 BOTHAM Alice Ann (William BOTHAM/Annie BOTHAM) 1888jul14 BOTHAM Annie (John TAYLOR/Elizabeth CLARKE) 1893sep11 BOTHAM Annie (William SLACK/Annie SEEDS) 1899oct23 BOTHAM Bertha (Samuel THOMPSON/Mary Ann TURNER) 1845jun29 BOTHAM Elizabeth (Francis STONE/Sarah PALFREYMAN) 1873mar24 BOTHAM Elizabeth (Emmanuel BOTHAM/Elizabeth THOMPSON) 1879apr12 BOTHAM Elizabeth (Francis DAKIN/Ellen THOMPSON) 1875mar27 BOTHAM Emmanuel (Thomas TAYLOR/Eliza THOMPSON) 1879apr12 BOTHAM Emmanuel (Francis DAKIN/Ellen THOMPSON) 1884sep14 BOTHAM Emmanuel (William THOMPSON/Mary Elizabeth RADFORD) 1898dec21 BOTHAM Frederick (William BOTHAM/Annie BOTHAM) 1867sep16 BOTHAM John (Anthony NADIN/Elizabeth HALL) 1826nov20 BOTHAM Joseph (Thomas RIDLEY/Elizabeth POTTER) 1828feb25 BOTHAM Joseph (Jacob MARRIOTT/Mary SEMOR) 1831mar28 BOTHAM Joseph (Joshua JEPSON/Mary BOTHAM) 1834dec25 BOTHAM Joseph (John SHELDON/Sarah BOTTHAM) 1898feb07 BOTHAM Joseph (Philip BRATBY/Hannah BOTHAM) 1828feb25 BOTHAM Mary (Jacob MARRIOTT/Mary SEMOR) 1828dec08 BOTHAM Mary (Joseph BOTHAM/Mary Ann YEATS) 1860mar12 BOTHAM Mary (Robert DAWSON/Sarah ann WALKER) 1898feb07 BOTHAM Mary J (Philip BRATBY/Hannah BOTHAM) 1831mar28 BOTHAM Sarah (Joshua JEPSON/Mary BOTHAM) 1895sep17 BOTHAM Sarah E (James Henry BOTHAM/Elizabeth Ann SPENCER) 1860mar12 BOTHAM Thomas (Robert DAWSON/Sarah ann WALKER) 1858nov29 BOTHAM William (Richard YEOMANS/Emma FLETCHER) 1875nov03 BOTTERLEY Elizabeth (Thomas LAND/Hannah BROOKS) 1826nov20 BOTTHAM Joseph (Benjamin REEDS/Hannah BOTTAM) 1826nov20 BOTTHAM Joseph (Anthony REPTON/Martha SCATTERGOOD) 1830dec27 BOTTOM Hannah (Thomas DITCHFIELD/Ellen BOWN) 1810sep05 BOWEN James (Samuel HODGKINSON/Catharine WILD) 1778jan21 BOWER William (William SIMMS/Elizabeth WALL) 1846dec27 BOWLER Ellen (George MILLER/Elizabeth BOWLER) 1895jun22 BOWLER Evelyn Mary (Edward SPENCER/Mary Elizabeth SLACK) 1784aug04 BOWLER Samuel (John BENNET/Sarah COOPER) 1863mar31 BOWLER Sarah jane (Thomas BRITTAIN/Mary COLLEDGE) 1836apr05 BOWLER Susanah (Joseph BOWLER/Hannah BODEN) 1896dec16 BOWLER William (Charles TAYLOR/Florence WATERFIELD) 1860sep09 BOWMAN Jabez (Josiah RADFORD/Maria PEARSON) 1875may17 BOWMAN Sarah (Thomas SPENDLOVE/Emma WOOD) 1899jun19 BOWMER Abraham (Alan Pearson FIELD/Mary Anne BOWMER) 1899jun19 BOWMER Ellen (Alan Pearson FIELD/Mary Anne BOWMER) 1785dec28 BOWMER George (Charles HOLEBROOKE/Martha BOMER) 1880dec29 BOWMER Hannah (William REPTON/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1882mar20 BOWMER Hannah (Arthur TAYLOR/Sarah BOWMER) 1883nov19 BOWMER Hannah (William DOXEY/Emily KAY) 1827dec12 BOWMER John (Samuel WAIN/Esther LEES) 1834feb23 BOWMER Mary (William FOX/Hannah HULLAND) 1785dec28 BOWMER Nathaniel (Charles HOLEBROOKE/Martha BOMER) 1776dec05 BOWMER Samuell (John BELFIELD/Elizabeth HARRISON) 1881dec15 BOWMER Sarah (Joseph BOWMER/Sarah JEPSON) 1809may15 BOWMER Thomas (William HOGG/Elizabeth MERCHANT) 1899nov07 BOWMER William (William Frank LENNIE/Mary Elizabeth BROOKS) 1781nov21 BOWMER JU Nathaniel (John HALLAM/Ann BARNES) 1856jan30 BOWN Alice (Frederick BOWN/Elizabeth WAGSTAFF) 1886jun24 BOWN Charles W (James Harrison JEBB/Grace Colledge BOWN) 1876sep11 BOWN E (George ELSE/Mary LOWE) 1838nov22 BOWN Elerner (Thomas UDALL/Milicent BOWN) 1829nov22 BOWN Elizabeth (Samuel BOWN/Sarah MATHER) 1883sep10 BOWN Grace (Charles SLATER/Virginia BOND) 1813oct25 BOWN John (Thomas PEAT/Frances BOWN) 1834nov27 BOWN Joseph (Benjamin HICKLIN/Lydia TAYLOR) 1825feb17 BOWN Philip (Henry BOWN/Mary HICKTON) 1857sep01 BOWN Richard (Mark napoleon ELLIOTT/Alice BOWN) 1813jun07 BOWN Robert (Thomas BOWN/Hannah SHIPLEY) 1800apr28 BOWN Samuel (Peter PEAL/Alice BAMFORD) 1823nov17 BOWNE Anthony (William BOWN/Mary Ann HIGGOTT) 1856may14 BOWNES Hugh (John POYSER/Mary BOWMER) 1862apr21 BOWRING Maria (James BUCKLEY/Ann BOWRING) 1870jan17 BOWYER John (Isaac DOXEY/Ann ALLSOP) 1872may19 BOWYER John (William GODBEHERE/Sarah THOMPSON) 1894oct22 BOWYER Mary Ann (James BOWYER/Emma Elizabeth WARDMAN) 1882feb11 BOYCE Edward (Charles TAYLOR/Annie BOYCE)

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.