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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Witnesses 1754-1899

12,140 Witnesses to Marriages found in Wirksworth and Middleton Parish Registers 1754-1899. Other details can be found in the Parish Register section.

  • Witnesses were not recorded in marriages before 1754.
  • Witnesses were usually relatives or close friends of the Bride or Groom.
  • There were usually two witnesses for each marriage, rarely 3 or 4.
  • A signature proves a witness was still alive in the absence of other records.
  • The period of operation of a witness can be useful.
  • The witness himself was sometimes getting married the same day.
  • For long periods few women were witnesses.
  • Witnesses with the same name may be distinguished by comparing handwriting.
  • Surnames in signatures can be particularly difficult to decipher.
  • There were professional witnesses, who often worked in pairs.
  • An illiterate witness had his name written for him.
  • Semi-literate witnesses wrote carefully and accurately.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.

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Return to Top 1891dec16 BRACE Clara (James BRACE/Millicent Ann FLINT) 1891feb18 BRACE Clara Ann (Thomas Swindell WAIN/Emily BRACE) 1793aug15 BRACE Edward (John EATON/Rebecca JEBSON) 1803oct05 BRACE Edward (James HOLEHOUSE/Rebecca BRIERLEY) 1810apr09 BRACE Edward (James SALT/Alice BRALEY) 1857apr23 BRACE Emma (William BRACE/Mary WILSON) 1891feb18 BRACE James (Thomas Swindell WAIN/Emily BRACE) 1790apr01 BRACE John (Samuel BUXTON/Lydia BUXTON) 1791sep12 BRACE John (James GRANT/Hannah BAMFORD) 1801jul26 BRACE John (William PLATTS/Ruth WHITAKER) 1801sep14 BRACE John (William EYRE/Elizabeth HENLEY) 1801nov15 BRACE John (William MOORE/Ann GREEN) 1810apr09 BRACE Lucy (James SALT/Alice BRALEY) 1898may31 BRACE Mary (James TAPWORTH/Clara Ann BRACE) 1899may22 BRACE Mary Eliz (George Edward BRACE/Mary Elizabeth DOXEY) 1792oct20 BRACE Thomas (Henry JACKSON/Mary ELLIOT) 1788mar24 BRACE William (Ralph KINDER/Lucy BROWN) 1898may31 BRACE William (James TAPWORTH/Clara Ann BRACE) 1855apr18 BRADBURY George (Thomas CARLINE/Hannah SALT) 1824may12 BRADBURY Thomas (Anthony BROOKS/Hannah BROOKS) 1756aug05 BRADDON William (William GREATREX/Tomasin WATERFOLD) 1852jun01 BRADLEY Dolly (Benjamin TAYLOR/Sarah SHELLEY) 1817dec25 BRADLEY Henry (James SPENCER/Ann HOLMES) 1857jun09 BRADLEY Henry (Ambrose BLACKWALL/Mary BOOTH) 1854dec19 BRADLEY James (William BRADLEY/Ruth SEEDHOUSE) 1760may30 BRADLEY John (John ROGERS/Catherine FROST) 1761oct13 BRADLEY John (Anthony BOWNE/Grace FROST) 1766sep18 BRADLEY John (Theophilus ANDREW/Grace TAYLOR) 1825jun08 BRADLEY John (Joseph LOMAS/Elizabeth REDFERN) 1890oct04 BRADLEY John (Josiah PEARSON/Ellen HALL) 1813mar18 BRADLEY Joshua (Abel BODEN/Lidia MART) 1814may31 BRADLEY Rachael (Samuel ALLEN/Ellen WAIN) 1896apr02 BRADLEY Samuel (Robert Boam SPENCER/Sarah JOHNSON) 1852mar08 BRADLEY William (James BRADLEY/Lydia GRATTON) 1840dec20 BRADSHAW Elizabeth (Ambrose SEEDS/Ann BUNTING) 1782feb26 BRADSHAW John (Richard COOPER/Ann BESWICK) 1899sep11 BRADSHAW John Sam (William BUCKLEY/Winifred COARE) 1761jun18 BRADSHAW Joseph (John CADMAN/Sarah BRADSHAW) 1783nov24 BRADSHAW Samuel (Samuel ALSOP/Hannah WIGLEY) 1783jan09 BRADSHAW William (Francis PAGE/Sarah BRADSHAW) 1819jan25 BRAIGH Elizabeth (George BOTHEM/Sarah OGDON) 1859aug11 BRAILSFORD Ann (Timothy FOX/Ann Willans KILLER) 1866nov15 BRAILSFORD Hannah (Henry DOXEY/Rebecca BRAILSFORD) 1882jul12 BRAILSFORD Hannah (Joseph BRELSFORD/Hannah Spencer SLACK) 1882oct02 BRAILSFORD John (Joseph LAMB/Elizabeth WHEELDON) 1884jan21 BRAILSFORD John (Joseph BRAILSFORD/Elizabeth DOXEY) 1866nov15 BRAILSFORD Joseph (Henry DOXEY/Rebecca BRAILSFORD) 1882oct09 BRAILSFORD Joseph (William DOXEY/Sarah BRAILSFORD) 1888apr05 BRAILSFORD Joseph (John BRAILSFORD/Elizabeth SIMPSON) 1882oct09 BRAILSFORD Mary (William DOXEY/Sarah BRAILSFORD) 1839oct14 BRAILSFORD Ruth (Thomas THORP/Hannah WHEELDON) 1886dec22 BRAILSFORD William (Herbert BRAILSFORD/Ellen SMITH) 1774feb15 BRAMLEY Edward (Samuel STREET/Rebecca BRAMLEY) 1784apr23 BRAMLEY Robert (William VINSOM/Elizabeth MARSON) 1785jun27 BRAMLEY Robert (William WOODY/Mary ALCOCK) 1803dec27 BRAMLEY Robert (Samuel WRIGHT/Elizabeth HALL) 1816jan22 BRAMLEY Robert (Benjamin BRAMLEY/Elizabeth TWIGG) 1783jun20 BRAMMALL J. (Joseph BROADBANT/Mary TAYLOR) 1796jan17 BRANSON Joseph (Arthur HOSKISS/Ruth BAMFORD) 1856may14 BRASSINGTON Barrabas (Thomas BOTHAM/Mary WALKER) 1856may14 BRASSINGTON Sarah (Thomas BOTHAM/Mary WALKER) 1898aug08 BRATBY George (Henry ELSE/Rose CARMAN) 1829feb09 BRATBY Samuel (William BRATBY/Sarah NASH) 1829feb09 BRATBY Sarah (William BRATBY/Sarah NASH) 1886mar15 BRAYTON Josephine (George WINTER/Lydia SWANN) 1769oct25 BRELISFORD Samuel (Samuel COOPER/Hannah PEACH) 1843feb27 BRELSFORD Cecelia (John WHELDON/Ruth BRELSFORD) 1858nov04 BRELSFORD George (Jesse MARRIOTT/Hannah WALTON) 1849nov26 BRELSFORD Hannah (Ralph HALLOWS/Selina BRAILSFORD) 1851sep15 BRELSFORD Hannah (William BRELSFORD/Mary ann FOX) 1820jul02 BRELSFORD Joseph (John SMITH/Sarah BRELSFORD) 1820jul02 BRELSFORD Joseph (John SMITH/Sarah BRELSFORD) 1886feb02 BRELSFORD Joseph (Joseph BROOKS/Hannah BRELSFORD) 1852feb02 BRELSFORD Maryann (Joseph REEDS/Rebecca FOX) 1779may24 BRELSFORD Richard (Joseph WILSON/Mary RAWLING) 1765nov11 BRELSFORD Samuel (Thomas HARRISON/Sarah MORLEY) 1801nov23 BRELSFORD Samuel (Charles BEESON/Ruth BRELSFORD) 1851dec25 BRENTNALL Ann (Gabriel FROST/Sarah BUNTING) 1857oct26 BRENTNALL Isaac (Anthony MASKREY/Ann WETTON) 1841feb20 BRESSWELL R (Henry BURT/Elizabeth BRADSHAW) 1853feb07 BREWELL Ann (Samuel BOWN/Rachel STATHAM) 1855oct31 BREWELL Ann (Jonathan BLACKHAM/Ruth SILKSTONE) 1849oct28 BREWELL Eliza (John BREWELL/Ann PEARSON) 1874nov25 BREWELL Elizabeth (Charles COLEBOURNE/Elizabeth BATTERLEY) 1853feb07 BREWELL Joseph (Samuel BOWN/Rachel STATHAM) 1855oct31 BREWELL Joseph (Jonathan BLACKHAM/Ruth SILKSTONE) 1865sep10 BREWELL Joseph (George SEEDS/Mary ann GODBEHERE) 1869feb08 BREWELL Joseph (John BREWELL/Elizabeth WARDMAN) 1883aug20 BREWELL Joseph (Francis William STAFFORD/Annie BREWELL) 1873dec21 BREWELL Martha (William BYARD/Annie VALLANCE) 1874nov25 BREWELL Martha (Charles COLEBOURNE/Elizabeth BATTERLEY) 1869feb08 BREWELL Mary (John BREWELL/Elizabeth WARDMAN) 1885aug18 BREWELL Mary Ann (George WILLMOTT/Susannah ROWLAND) 1850jul28 BREWELL Sarah (James GRATTON/Martha TAYLOR) 1890jun15 BREWER George (Joseph SWEETING/Martha BREWER) 1886jan17 BREWER Hannah (John Henry PEARSON/Mary HALLOWS) 1889feb23 BREWER Hannah (George BREWER/Sarah Ann LEE) 1864may16 BREWER John (Samuel WAIN/Elizabeth WILSON) 1892apr19 BREWER Sarah (Samuel SPENCER/Ann Elizabeth FLINT) 1846apr13 BRIDDEN John (John STEEPLES/Anne BRIDDON) 1765oct09 BRIDDEN William (James HAMELTON/Isabella HOLEBROOK) 1796jun08 BRIDDIN John (Joseph BROOKES/Mary WORSLOVE) 1797oct15 BRIDDIN John (William GRATTON/Lydia POYZER) 1798apr19 BRIDDIN John (William SMITH/Elizabeth HILL) 1763dec22 BRIDDON Anthony (Ralph BRIDON/Elisabeth BRADSHAW) 1846apr13 BRIDDON Elizabeth (John STEEPLES/Anne BRIDDON) 1848apr24 BRIDDON Elizabeth (Samuel JOHNSON/Maria REVILL) 1857apr13 BRIDDON Emma (Richard SHERLOCK/Elizabeth BRIDDON) 1855sep10 BRIDDON Grace (Charles PEARSON/Elizabeth MASKREY) 1835sep14 BRIDDON James (Thomas THOMPSON/Grace WHITE) 1836apr01 BRIDDON James (Job COOPER/Hannah SPENCER) 1831oct27 BRIDDON Job (William BRIDDON/Ann BUXTON) 1897apr19 BRIDDON Job (James SANDERSON/Harriet BRIDDON) 1760oct09 BRIDDON John (Anthony BRIDDON/Mary ABBOT) 1800apr28 BRIDDON John (William WALTON/Mary BUCKLEY) 1807apr28 BRIDDON John (John PEARSON/Mary STEAR) 1807jun22 BRIDDON John (William ALSOP/Elizabeth MARSON) 1811oct17 BRIDDON John (Samuel BUNTING/Lucy BRIDDON) 1816nov04 BRIDDON John (James GAUCHER/Hannah MARSON) 1824dec13 BRIDDON John (Job LONGDEN/Elizabeth BRADLEY) 1780nov10 BRIDDON Ralph (Joseph KNOWLES/Hannah HUGHS) 1777sep07 BRIDDON Richard (Thomas FERN/Hannah GLAZEBROOKE) 1853oct26 BRIDDON Thomas (James SMITH/Sarah BRIDDON) 1757jan05 BRIDDON William (Francis HUTCHINSON/Sarah CADMAN) 1759jun11 BRIDDON William (John KNOWLS/Martha MATHER) 1759jun11 BRIDDON William (Daniel CLAY/Elizabeth WOODROUGH) 1829nov16 BRIDDON William (James SMITH/Phiby LOVATT) 1841oct07 BRIDGE Luke (Thomas BRIDGE/Harriet S. BUNTING) 1770dec30 BRIDGE Richard (John BRUNT/Ann HUNT) 1856may11 BRIDGES Sarah (John CHOLERTON/Hannah HARPER) 1877mar12 BRIDGEWOOD Elizabeth (William MERCHANT/Mary JACKSON) 1770oct13 BRIEARLEY Thomas (Benjamin BENNET/Hannah DAVIS) 1782may23 BRIEARLEY Thomas (James SEEDS/Lydia DUFFIELD) 1782sep26 BRIEARLEY Thomas (John BUNTING/Ellen BRIERLY) 1783oct15 BRIEARLEY Thomas (William SEEDS/Mary SMITH) 1787jan01 BRIEARLEY Thomas (William HOLEHOUSE/Sarah TAYLOR) 1760sep21 BRIGHT Robert (John SATTERFIELD/Elisabeth DICKENS) 1760sep21 BRIGHT Robert (John SALT/Mary GREATOREX) 1896aug12 BRINDLEY Charlotte (Samuel WINSON/Kate WAIN) 1840jul07 BRINDLEY Lydia (Charles BOTT/Mary CHADWICK) 1769dec25 BRIRLEY William (David SEEDS/Rebecca GLOSSOP) 1795sep30 BRIRLEY William (Edward BRACE/Mary BRIERLEY) 1798aug22 BRIRLEY William (John KIRK/Mary VINSON) 1793aug02 BRITAIN Anthony (John WALLDEN/Martha GRATTON) 1866jun11 BRITLAND Abel (Joseph BRITLAND/Mary TAYLOR) 1820may08 BRITLAND Ann (William BRITLAND/Hannah DAWSON) 1829jul27 BRITLAND Ann (Benjamin FROST/Jane BROWN) 1818sep14 BRITLAND Anthony (Benjamin TAYLOR/Elizabeth HOLMES) 1820may08 BRITLAND Anthony (William BRITLAND/Hannah DAWSON) 1844jun24 BRITLAND Anthony (William ALLEN/Ann WOOD) 1837dec24 BRITLAND Charles (Joseph BRITLAND/Fanny STENDALL) 1845sep15 BRITLAND Charles (David EATON/Mary BRITLAND) 1857may11 BRITLAND Dorothy (Joseph BRITLAND/Elizabeth GOODWIN) 1831dec24 BRITLAND Elizabeth (William HEWITT/Lydia BRITLAND) 1836mar07 BRITLAND Elizabeth (Edward BODEN/Lydia BRITLAND) 1845sep15 BRITLAND Elizabeth (David EATON/Mary BRITLAND) 1849feb28 BRITLAND Elizabeth (Charles BOWDEN/Ruth FLINT) 1875may31 BRITLAND Elizabeth (George BROOKS/Ann SPENCER) 1802sep16 BRITLAND Ellin (Robert BRITLAND/Hannah HIGTON) 1862jul28 BRITLAND Fanny (James LINACRE/Elizabeth KIRKBY) 1806may25 BRITLAND Hannah (William SPENCER/Sarah MASON) 1818sep22 BRITLAND Hannah (Edward BODEN/Elizabeth LOMAS) 1837dec24 BRITLAND Hannah (Joseph BRITLAND/Fanny STENDALL) 1848jun24 BRITLAND Hannah (George KIRKBY/Elizabeth BRITLAND) 1849mar04 BRITLAND Hannah (Joseph MURREY/Mary EATON) 1855apr09 BRITLAND Hannah (William HOLEHOUSE/Rebecca JONES) 1865jun06 BRITLAND Hannah (John BRITLAND/Mary BRITLAND) 1826may11 BRITLAND J -? (John BROCKLEHURST/Elizabeth BUNTING) 1803sep12 BRITLAND James (George BRITLAND/Elizabeth BIRCH) 1807sep14 BRITLAND James (John TWIGG/Ann BRITLAND) 1843mar29 BRITLAND James (William HACKETT/Mary ann SHELDON) 1843mar29 BRITLAND James (William ROPER/Mary FREARSON) 1833apr29 BRITLAND Jane (Joseph TWIGG/Grace EATON) 1762nov03 BRITLAND John (Richard ROOSE/Elizabeth BRETLAND) 1763may26 BRITLAND John (James HEWET/Susanna ALLIN) 1777mar03 BRITLAND John (Joseph BRITLAND/Hannah WAGSTAFF) 1784aug02 BRITLAND John (John MART/Lydia BODEN) 1784aug02 BRITLAND John (Daniel GODBEHERE/Mary BATH) 1784aug30 BRITLAND John (Robert GIBSON/Martha BARTON) 1785sep05 BRITLAND John (Daniel SMITH/Lydia ROOSE) 1787dec20 BRITLAND John (Simeon SPENCER/Mary MALPAS) 1811nov18 BRITLAND John (Daniel BARKER/Sarah HEWITT) 1766jul17 BRITLAND Joseph (John BRITLAND/Lydia BROWN) 1767aug20 BRITLAND Joseph (John STERNDALE/Susannah BRITLAND) 1767aug20 BRITLAND Joseph (William BRITLAND/Dorothy LOXLY) 1767oct19 BRITLAND Joseph (Benjamin STERNDALE/Elizabeth BRITLAND) 1774mar31 BRITLAND Joseph (Jervis ROPER/Elizabeth ROOSE) 1794sep14 BRITLAND Joseph (William BRITLAND/Elizabeth HARRISON) 1797feb22 BRITLAND Joseph (Peter SHELDON/Martha FLINT) 1797feb22 BRITLAND Joseph (John STORER/Mary STANDALL) 1806may25 BRITLAND Joseph (William SPENCER/Sarah MASON) 1837sep12 BRITLAND Joseph (John TURNER/Elizabeth BRITLAND) 1840nov16 BRITLAND Joseph (Peter BRITLAND/Mary Ann HOLMES) 1829mar02 BRITLAND Joseph H (William STREET/Mary ALLEN) 1830jul18 BRITLAND Lydia (Thomas WOOD/Ann BRITLAND) 1834jun23 BRITLAND Lydia (Thomas HAYNES/Sylance BRITLAND) 1834sep17 BRITLAND Lydia (Anthony BODEN/Ann SPENCER) 1842sep12 BRITLAND Lydia (James YOUNG/Mary ann WILDGOOSE) 1858jul10 BRITLAND Lydia (William SUTTON/Hannah BRITLAND) 1814sep29 BRITLAND Mark (Thomas GROCOAT/Martha BRITLAND) 1831sep12 BRITLAND Mark (Isaac MACBETH/Hannah BODEN) 1837oct16 BRITLAND Mark (George BRADBURY/Sarah STREET) 1843apr01 BRITLAND Mark? (John BRITLAND/Mary hannah GORDON) 1835sep15 BRITLAND Mary (John STALEY/Elisabeth BUXTON) 1854jan23 BRITLAND Mary (Peter BRITLAND/Ann EATON) 1859dec26 BRITLAND Mary (Edward PRINCE/Dorothy BRITLAND) 1769sep16 BRITLAND Robert (Anthony WESTON/Ann BRITLAND) 1772apr23 BRITLAND Robert (John ROPER/Patience BRITLAND) 1774sep28 BRITLAND Robert (Samuel HOLMES/Lydia ROPER) 1825apr11 BRITLAND Robert (John BUXTON/Elizabeth BROWN) 1825apr11 BRITLAND Robert (James WIGLEY/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1830aug29 BRITLAND Robert (Benjamin ALLEN/Hannah WOODWARD) 1837sep12 BRITLAND Sarah (John TURNER/Elizabeth BRITLAND) 1837nov27 BRITLAND Sarah (Charles HOROBIN/Mary BRITLAND) 1844jun24 BRITLAND Sarah (William ALLEN/Ann WOOD) 1857jan21 BRITLAND Thomas (Joseph JONES/Hannah BRITLAND) 1764apr23 BRITLAND William (Thomas WAGSTAFF/Melicent MARCHANT) 1769mar26 BRITLAND William (Thomas HATCHET/Lydia HOLMES) 1777mar03 BRITLAND William (Joseph BRITLAND/Hannah WAGSTAFF) 1781nov26 BRITLAND William (Henry HODGKINSON/Mary WIGLEY) 1790oct04 BRITLAND William (Anthony BRITLAND/Dorothy BODEN) 1793jul08 BRITLAND William (Joseph BRITLAND/Hannah SMITHHURST) 1796dec12 BRITLAND William (Thomas WIGLEY/Ann ALLEN) 1797nov23 BRITLAND William (William CUNDY/Ann HOLMES) 1797nov23 BRITLAND William (John BUXTON/Elizabeth LEE) 1799aug07 BRITLAND William (Jonathan FROST/Ann SIMES) 1805dec02 BRITLAND William (John LOWIS/Sarah CARLINE) 1818dec28 BRITLAND William (Job WORTHY/Mary GRATTON) 1838oct29 BRITLAND William (John CROFTS/Elizabeth BRITLAND) 1796may29 BRITTAIN John (Jonathan WIGLEY/Ann SHELDON) 1870dec27 BRITTAIN Mary (Charles BRITTAIN/Hannah BYARD) 1788nov26 BRITTLEBANK Francis (Abel BODEN/Hannah BRITTLEBANK) 1778jun08 BRITTLEBANK John (William HALL/Martha LYMN) 1755nov26 BRITTLEBANK William (John WATSON/Elizabeth WARD) 1760may19 BRITTLEBANK William (Thomas HALL/Christian CROFTS) 1760may19 BRITTLEBANK William (Thomas STALEY/Mary WATERFALL) 1761sep16 BRITTLEBANK William (Daniel SMITH/Jane MELBOURN) 1764jul05 BRITTLEBANK William (Samuel SPENCER/Hannah WOODROOFE) 1765jan31 BRITTLEBANK William (Henry COTTRELL/Catharine BONSAL) 1774nov29 BRITTLEBANK William (Job BATEMAN/Margaret CARLISLE) 1775apr20 BRITTLEBANK William (John LOWE/Alice WALKER) 1775jul11 BRITTLEBANK William (Samuel BUNTING/Mary SPENCER) 1776apr04 BRITTLEBANK William (Nathaniel ANDREW/Rebecca WRAGG) 1778nov28 BRITTON William (George WALL/Ann COOPER) 1899oct02 BROAD James (John Edward SANDARS/Marian Emily BROAD) 1826sep10 BROADBENT John (William KITCHENER/Sarah REEDS) 1839aug26 BROADHURST Adam? (Joseph SIMS/Hannah WHEATCROFT) 1839aug26 BROADHURST Daniel (Joseph SIMS/Hannah WHEATCROFT) 1803nov24 BROADHURST Ralph (Isaac SPENCER/Elizabeth LEES) 1761aug17 BROCKLEHURST Aaron (Richard KIRKLAND/Margaret ASHTON) 1861jul04 BROCKLEHURST Aaron (Henry BROCKLEHURST/Ellen CONWAY) 1844may28 BROCKLEHURST Ann (Edward SPRAY/Mary ann BROCKLEHURST) 1845dec15 BROCKLEHURST Ann (Joseph BARBER/Elizabeth BLUNDSTONE) 1850may15 BROCKLEHURST Ann (George BROCKLEHURST/Sarah RIDE) 1862oct11 BROCKLEHURST Ann (Henry TARGETT/Selina BROCKLEHURST) 1834feb04 BROCKLEHURST Anthony (William POOLE/Hannah BROCKLEHURST) 1834feb04 BROCKLEHURST Elizabeth (William POOLE/Hannah BROCKLEHURST) 1843jan23 BROCKLEHURST Elizabeth (Joshua REPTON/Annabella LOVEGROVE) 1857apr19 BROCKLEHURST Frederick (John GREGORY/Mary GRATTON) 1840feb16 BROCKLEHURST Godfrey (Samuel GREGORY/Ann EASTWOOD) 1844may28 BROCKLEHURST Godfrey (Edward SPRAY/Mary ann BROCKLEHURST) 1850feb20 BROCKLEHURST Hannah (Thomas SANDERS/Eliza BROCKLEHURST) 1883nov19 BROCKLEHURST James (Jonathan STINSON/Martha Annie BROCKLEHURST) 1885apr22 BROCKLEHURST James (William HIGTON/Emma FROST) 1826sep07 BROCKLEHURST John (William BUNTING/Mary BROWN) 1897sep20 BROCKLEHURST John (John WEBSTER/Mabel BROCKLEHURST) 1851may21 BROCKLEHURST Lydia (Thomas CLARKE/Millicent DUFFIELD) 1893aug28 BROCKLEHURST Mabel (Thomas WEBSTER/Mary BROCKLEHURST) 1864feb15 BROCKLEHURST Martha Ezbth (George Daniel MILWARD/Mary BROCKLEHURST) 1805jul22 BROCKLEHURST Mary (George BOLLINGTON/Mary SWINNERTON) 1851dec22 BROCKLEHURST Mary (Samuel DAKIN/Sarah BROCKLEHURST) 1897sep20 BROCKLEHURST Phoebe (John WEBSTER/Mabel BROCKLEHURST) 1858jul12 BROCKLEHURST R (John NORMAN/Ann BROCKLEHURST) 1784jun07 BROCKLEHURST Richard (John BROCKLEHURST/Lydia GODBEHERE) 1851may14 BROCKLEHURST Sarah (Samuel SANDERS/Hannah BROCKLEHURST) 1859dec24 BROCKLEHURST Selina (Jacob FODEN/Phoebe BROCKLEHURST) 1788jul21 BROCKLEHURST William (Anthony WRIGHT/Mary BARBER) 1826dec06 BROCKLEHURST William (James FLETCHER/Mary BROCKLEHURST) 1843sep18 BROCKLEHURST William (Frank BLUNTSTONE/Sarah HARDY) 1862oct11 BROCKLEHURST William (Henry TARGETT/Selina BROCKLEHURST) 1799dec17 BROMLEY Robert (James MATHER/Ann BROMLEY) 1829nov19 BROMLEY Robert (Thomas GIBBENS/Sarah BROMLEY) 1833aug28 BROMLEY Robert (James M BROMLEY/Hannah KEEP) 1830nov08 BROMLEY Walter D (Edward D DAVINPORT/Caroline A HURT) 1872oct30 BROOK Hannah (James BRACE/Rachel BROOKS) 1777mar31 BROOKE Jacob (John GRATTON/Hannah ANDREW) 1780feb24 BROOKE Jacob (Joshua HALL/Mary MATHER) 1768dec29 BROOKE Samuel (Joseph MOORE/Mary GODBEHERE) 1831feb03 BROOKES Elizabeth (John BROOKES/Mary ALSOP) 1809mar02 BROOKES Joshua (Jacob DOXEY/Hannah KNIVETON) 1816jul15 BROOKES Joshua (Isaac DOXEY/Martha SPENCER) 1824may12 BROOKES Joshua (Anthony BROOKS/Hannah BROOKS) 1848nov30 BROOKES Martha (Isaac BROOKS/Mary WALKER) 1827oct02 BROOKES Mary (Joseph MARSH/Hannah HALLAM) 1834jun16 BROOKS Abijah (Daniel BROOKS/Elizabeth GREENHOUGH) 1868may21 BROOKS Agnes (Abraham SLACK/Eliza BROOKS) 1868dec07 BROOKS Ann (John BROOKS/Martha SLACK) 1891aug19 BROOKS Annie (James Henry HOLMES/Martha BROOKS) 1770dec05 BROOKS Anthony (Joseph COPE/Lydia BROOKS) 1772jan09 BROOKS Anthony (Thomas MOOR/Martha SHELDON) 1814aug07 BROOKS Anthony (James BROOKS/Dorothy SPENCER) 1818dec24 BROOKS Anthony (Anthony BROOKS/Hannah SWIFT) 1848oct30 BROOKS Charles (William SPENCER/Judith BROOKS) 1850dec23 BROOKS Charles (Thomas OGDEN/Martha BROOKS) 1869apr14 BROOKS Charles (Jonathan MOULD/Martha MARPLE) 1849jan25 BROOKS Daniel (John SPENCER/Sarah BROOKS) 1899sep19 BROOKS David (Joseph WOODHOUSE/Mary Anne BROOKS) 1836dec26 BROOKS Edward (Edward HOLT/Ruth AUSTIN) 1873sep06 BROOKS Edward (John William BROOKS/Elizabeth CLAYTON) 1897may06 BROOKS Eliza (Joseph STEEPLES/Sarah Ann BROOKS) 1848oct22 BROOKS Elizabeth (Thomas GOODWIN/Hannah BROOKS) 1858sep16 BROOKS Elizabeth (John BROOKS/Mary FLINT) 1866mar29 BROOKS Elizabeth (John BROOKS/Sarah HALL) 1874jul13 BROOKS Elizabeth (Alfred UDALE/Sarah BROOKS) 1877may22 BROOKS Elizabeth (James RAINS/Sarah BROOKS) 1883aug20 BROOKS Elizabeth (Francis William STAFFORD/Annie BREWELL) 1873sep06 BROOKS Frances (John William BROOKS/Elizabeth CLAYTON) 1797sep18 BROOKS George (Richard AUSTIN/Hannah STENDALL) 1890may12 BROOKS George H (James PEARSON/Sarah Jane MILLINGTON) 1822nov28 BROOKS Hannah (David HOUGHTON/Mary BROOKS) 1831jun13 BROOKS Hannah (John KIRK/Ellen STORER) 1838dec24 BROOKS Hannah (John BROOKS/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1857apr13 BROOKS Hannah (Abraham SHERLOCK/Ann BROOKS) 1863sep05 BROOKS Hannah (Joseph KILLER/Sarah HARRISON) 1870sep15 BROOKS Hannah (Samuel BROOKS/Ann Ward JEPSON) 1873dec24 BROOKS Hannah (Francis FEARN/Fanny SPENCER) 1874sep10 BROOKS Hannah (Henry james GREENHOUGH/Ann LAND) 1879oct22 BROOKS Hannah (Samuel CONWAY/Emma SPENCER) 1881jan19 BROOKS Hannah (Isaac BUTLER/Sarah Ann BROOKS) 1875nov03 BROOKS Isaac (Thomas LAND/Hannah BROOKS) 1797jan11 BROOKS Jacob (William DOXEY/Martha GREATOREX) 1860jul04 BROOKS Jacob (George MITCHELL/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1835sep17 BROOKS James (Daniel BROOKS/Sarah SPENCR) 1802aug16 BROOKS James? (William BADDELEY/Mary BROOKS) 1844dec30 BROOKS Jane (Joseph BROOKS/Elizabeth GRATTON) 1796mar08 BROOKS John (William JONES/Amy HASLAM) 1803sep27 BROOKS John (Peter BROOKS/Mary WRAGG) 1807jan31 BROOKS John (George WAYNE/Martha BEMBRIDGE) 1809nov25 BROOKS John (John LUDLAM/Elizabeth WALKER) 1815jul15 BROOKS John (Charles LANDER/Mary WAIN) 1833oct23 BROOKS John (Joseph BROOKS/Mary MASKREY) 1836sep15 BROOKS John (James SMITH/Hannah BROOKS) 1837feb26 BROOKS John (William BODEN/Jane BROOKS) 1854may04 BROOKS John (James BROOKS/Fanny FROST) 1861aug12 BROOKS John (William BROOKS/Ann BUCKLEY) 1867nov06 BROOKS John (Thomas BAIRSTOW/Hannah Ellen BROOKS) 1874feb11 BROOKS John (Thomas SLACK/Emily BROOKS) 1868sep17 BROOKS John W (Edward BROOKS/Frances YATES) 1874jul13 BROOKS John Wm (Alfred UDALE/Sarah BROOKS) 1760mar03 BROOKS Joseph (Ralph ELSE/Hannah BROOKS) 1777jan01 BROOKS Joseph (Thomas SLACK/Ann FLINT) 1780sep11 BROOKS Joseph (Jacob BROOKES/Elizabeth WALKER) 1868dec07 BROOKS Joseph (John BROOKS/Martha SLACK) 1873jun23 BROOKS Joseph (Joseph SPENCER/Ann BROOKS) 1852nov15 BROOKS Lois (William HARRISON/Mary BROOKS) 1844jan29 BROOKS Martha (Peter SKIDMORE/Lydia BROOKS) 1899sep19 BROOKS Martha (Joseph WOODHOUSE/Mary Anne BROOKS) 1833oct23 BROOKS Mary (Joseph BROOKS/Mary MASKREY) 1834dec25 BROOKS Mary (Jacob BROOKES/Mary GRATTON) 1839mar14 BROOKS Mary (William BLACKWELL/Sarah BROOKS) 1841sep13 BROOKS Mary (Edward BROOKS/Elizabeth AUSTIN) 1841nov08 BROOKS Mary (Richard BROOKS/Rachel TOFT) 1859apr24 BROOKS Mary (John PEARSON/Phebe CARLINE) 1882dec30 BROOKS Mary (John SLACK/Sarah ann WARDMAN) 1890oct18 BROOKS Mary (John GREATOREX/Sarah Anne SPENCER) 1787dec10 BROOKS Paul (Joseph DOXEY/Elizabeth STORER) 1791mar17 BROOKS Paul (Samuel MARSH/Ann ELSE) 1867nov04 BROOKS Ruth (William Lewis HUDSON/Sarah Ann BROOKS) 1859apr24 BROOKS Samson (John PEARSON/Phebe CARLINE) 1772nov02 BROOKS Samuel (James BROADHURST/Sarah BUXTON) 1788sep18 BROOKS Samuel (William BROOKES/Mary EYELEY) 1790feb19 BROOKS Samuel (Joseph BROOKES/Mary BROOKES) 1791dec22 BROOKS Samuel (Thomas BROOKES/Mary HOADES) 1792may01 BROOKS Samuel (Daniel SLACK/Sarah WHEELDON) 1795aug10 BROOKS Samuel (Anthony DOXEY/Hannah BROOKES) 1796dec12 BROOKS Samuel (John SLACK/Grace SPENCER) 1797jan11 BROOKS Samuel (William DOXEY/Martha GREATOREX) 1797jun29 BROOKS Samuel (Thomas DOXEY/Ann BROOKS) 1810jan25 BROOKS Samuel (Robert FLINT/Elizabeth ADAMS) 1835mar02 BROOKS Samuel (John RAINS/Martha COLLEDGE) 1838sep12 BROOKS Samuel (Job SPENCER/Milicent BROOKS) 1839may23 BROOKS Samuel (John RAINS/Elizabeth BATEMAN) 1864dec19 BROOKS Samuel (Joseph BROOKS/Phillis SPENCER) 1865sep14 BROOKS Samuel (Daniel BROOKS/Frances ANDREW) 1867feb18 BROOKS Samuel (James SPENCER/Edith JEPSON) 1876may24 BROOKS Samuel (Thomas BROOKS/Hannah BATEMAN) 1876may24 BROOKS Samuel (Samuel ELSE/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1897may06 BROOKS Samuel (Joseph STEEPLES/Sarah Ann BROOKS) 1834jun16 BROOKS Sarah (Daniel BROOKS/Elizabeth GREENHOUGH) 1836sep15 BROOKS Sarah (James SMITH/Hannah BROOKS) 1847nov30 BROOKS Sarah (William HALL/Hannah BROOKS) 1864nov23 BROOKS Sarah (George TURNER/Mary Ellen MOORE) 1864dec19 BROOKS Sarah (Joseph BROOKS/Phillis SPENCER) 1867nov06 BROOKS Sarah (Thomas BAIRSTOW/Hannah Ellen BROOKS) 1863sep17 BROOKS Sarah Ann (Thomas BROOKS/Emma Matilda DOXEY) 1867jun10 BROOKS Sarah Ann (John BUCKLEY/Hannah BROOKS) 1886dec28 BROOKS Sarah Ann (Edward MATHER/Hannah BROOKS) 1892mar30 BROOKS Sarah Ann (John SLACK/Mary Rose BROOKS) 1896nov30 BROOKS Sarah Elz (Thomas BUCKLEY/Roseanna BROOKS) 1760mar03 BROOKS Thomas (Ralph ELSE/Hannah BROOKS) 1764jan04 BROOKS Thomas (Daniel BROOKE/Dorothy BROOKE) 1773jan18 BROOKS Thomas (William EATON/Ann MARPLE) 1777feb14 BROOKS Thomas (George CLAY/Ann WILSON) 1797sep11 BROOKS Thomas (James SWIFT/Lydia SMITH) 1804feb02 BROOKS Thomas (George HOLMES/Sarah BROOKS) 1821sep13 BROOKS Thomas (Jabus WRAGG/Mary BROOKS) 1835sep17 BROOKS Thomas (Daniel BROOKS/Sarah SPENCR) 1858aug31 BROOKS Thomas (Isaac SPENCER/Lydia YOUNG) 1868may21 BROOKS Thomas (Abraham SLACK/Eliza BROOKS) 1875aug23 BROOKS Thomas (Luther GOULD/Ann BEESON) 1875oct07 BROOKS Thomas (William WRIGHT/Rhoda WHEELDON) 1876may24 BROOKS Thomas (Samuel ELSE/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1883jan22 BROOKS Thomas (Robert DOXEY/Millicent SLACK) 1765jan01 BROOKS William (Adam KNOWLES/Elisabeth HOUGHTON) 1804feb02 BROOKS William (George HOLMES/Sarah BROOKS) 1813apr29 BROOKS William (Samuel BROOKS/Mary HOLMES) 1828jul28 BROOKS William (Joseph EVANS/Milicent BROOKS) 1844jan29 BROOKS William (Peter SKIDMORE/Lydia BROOKS) 1875may31 BROOKS William (George BROOKS/Ann SPENCER) 1891aug19 BROOKS William (James Henry HOLMES/Martha BROOKS) 1848oct23 BROOMHEAD William (Francis STOPPARD/Ruth TRAVIS) 1848nov02 BROUGH Ann (Daniel SLACK/Sarah BROUGH) 1892dec26 BROUGH Ann (William Longden BROUGH/Selina MARSDEN) 1830sep13 BROUGH Eliza (John BROUGH/Ann DOXEY) 1861oct21 BROUGH Hannah (John BROUGH/Eliza CORDING) 1756jan19 BROUGH John (John WALTER/Ann YOUMANS) 1762mar18 BROUGH John (Thomas BROUGH/Mary HOLEHOUSE) 1764sep08 BROUGH John (James BROUGH/Mary ARWIN) 1772apr07 BROUGH John (William ANDERSON/Sarah SWANN) 1805apr03 BROUGH John (Thomas COOPER/Rebecca SWAIN) 1859may30 BROUGH John (Jonathan DERBYSHIRE/Hannah HOWSON) 1867oct07 BROUGH John (Charles ASHLEY/Sarah BROUGH) 1870feb21 BROUGH John (Henry SPENCER/Sarah ann MACDONALD) 1871jul02 BROUGH John (William CORDIN/Mary ann SPENCER) 1881jun02 BROUGH John (Henry BUCKLEY/Ann BUNTING) 1892dec26 BROUGH John (William Longden BROUGH/Selina MARSDEN) 1841mar03 BROUGH John B (Thomas NEWTON/Eliza BROUGH) 1832apr25 BROUGH Mary (William WATSON/Maria BROUGH) 1841mar03 BROUGH Mary (Thomas NEWTON/Eliza BROUGH) 1879feb23 BROUGH Sarah (Samuel FLINT/Sarah ann SHELDON) 1780nov10 BROUGH Thomas (Joseph KNOWLES/Hannah HUGHS) 1785aug03 BROUGH Thomas (Spateman SMITH/Ann JONES) 1785nov08 BROUGH Thomas (John THOMAS/Ellen WARD) 1851jun30 BROUGHTON Elizia (Joseph BUCKLEY/Sarah ann KIRKLAND) 1815nov20 BROUNT Edmund (Thomas BROUNT/Elizabeth SLACK) 1809feb09 BROUNT F. (Thomas DOXEY/Elizabeth WOOD) 1810sep05 BROUNT Frances (Samuel HODGKINSON/Catharine WILD) 1886feb22 BROWN Alice (Henry BROCKLEHURST/Elizabeth BROWN) 1866dec31 BROWN Ann (William TWIGGE/Elizabeth GAMBLE) 1842aug31 BROWN Betty (William EATON/Ann COWLEY) 1859mar01 BROWN Charles (Samuel ROLLEY/Elizabeth FROGGATT) 1864nov07 BROWN Charles (Peter KIDDY/Sarah STONE) 1820jul03 BROWN Cl ? (William SLACK/Mary BROWN) 1887apr26 BROWN Elizabeth (Charles BROWN/Fanny SPENCER) 1859mar01 BROWN Emma (Samuel ROLLEY/Elizabeth FROGGATT) 1850aug19 BROWN George (Samuel BROWN/Hannah WESTON) 1867sep16 BROWN George (William SMITH/Hannah BROWN) 1805jun17 BROWN Hannah (George SELLORS/Mary BROWN) 1824aug30 BROWN Hannah (Henry BROWN/Milicent DEVILLE) 1826sep07 BROWN Hannah (William BUNTING/Mary BROWN) 1837mar13 BROWN Hannah (Joseph BOWN/Sarah BROWN) 1850aug19 BROWN Hannah (Samuel BROWN/Hannah WESTON) 1861mar16 BROWN Hannah (Thomas BRITLAND/Emma BROWN) 1755may13 BROWN Henry (Daniel BROWN/Elizabeth LYNAM) 1798jun25 BROWN Henry (John WEBSTER/Alice BROWN) 1761jun18 BROWN John (Joseph WILCOCKSON/Elizabeth WOODHOUSES) 1820jul03 BROWN John (William SLACK/Mary BROWN) 1828jun02 BROWN John (William TAYLOR/Ann WHEWELL) 1876dec24 BROWN John (William ELSE/Emma HOUGHTON) 1815feb08 BROWN Joseph (Samuel WRAGG/Mary SLACK) 1819dec30 BROWN Joseph (William FLINT/Ann ADAMS) 1824feb29 BROWN Joseph (William KIRK/Lydia HOLEHOUSE) 1843sep10 BROWN Joseph (George WILLMOT/Rebecca YOUNG) 1800sep15 BROWN Mary (Samuel BROWN/Martha SMEDLEY) 1806oct27 BROWN Mary (Samuel MARCHANT/Sarah BROWN) 1805jun17 BROWN Samuel (George SELLORS/Mary BROWN) 1814nov17 BROWN Samuel (William GALLIMORE/Elizabeth SALT) 1836sep14 BROWN Samuel (William BROOKS/Ruth MASKREY) 1836sep15 BROWN Samuel (John BUCKLEY/Mary FROGGATT) 1828aug11 BROWN Sarah (Samuel WOOD/Mary CRESSWELL) 1755may13 BROWN Thomas (Daniel BROWN/Elizabeth LYNAM) 1785dec26 BROWN Thomas (William FOGG/Lydia BRITLAND) 1786oct02 BROWN Thomas (Joseph BECK/Mary WESTON) 1809sep21 BROWN Thomas (John WOODAS/Frances COOPER) 1812mar02 BROWN Thomas (Aaron STOPPARD/Hannah BROWN) 1815sep11 BROWN Thomas (James ROLLEY/Ellen BROWN) 1816dec30 BROWN Thomas (Thomas WHITE/Ann GODBEHERE) 1854dec27 BROWN Thomas (Robert BATEMAN/Mary BOAM) 1886feb22 BROWN Thomas (Henry BROCKLEHURST/Elizabeth BROWN) 1774nov14 BROWN William (William TAYLOR/Ann FLETCHER) 1777oct16 BROWN William (William WOODIWISS/Hannah SPENCER) 1777dec25 BROWN William (George YOUNG/Mary BROWN) 1779oct13 BROWN William (John SMITH/Alice BROWN) 1781nov01 BROWN William (Thomas HODGKINSON/Susanna HALL) 1815jul02 BROWN William (Thomas GODBEHERE/Hannah BOND) 1817may26 BROWN William (George HOON/Sarah BUNTING) 1851sep14 BROWN William (Samuel ROLLEY/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1775sep25 BROWNE William (John CARDALL/Elizabeth ROPER) 1868aug21 BROWNSON Anna (William FOX/Betsy BROCKLEHURST) 1868dec20 BROWNSON Anna (William PEARSON/Ann WHEELDON) 1870mar11 BROWNSON Anna (George willm HOLLAND/Julia STREET) 1870jun20 BROWNSON Anna (Michael GLEESON/Mary HADDICAN) 1872may20 BROWNSON Anna (William STEVENSON/Mary MATHER) 1853mar28 BROWNSON Charles (Samuel ELLIOTT/Emily BRANSON) 1823nov24 BROWNSON John (John WILD/Martha BROOKS) 1866dec03 BROWNSON John (Thomas FIELDING/Jane LOWE) 1866dec24 BROWNSON John (William WOOD/Hannah SPENDLOVE) 1867sep11 BROWNSON John (Francis EATON/Elizabeth BROWNSON) 1868aug21 BROWNSON John (William FOX/Betsy BROCKLEHURST) 1868dec20 BROWNSON John (William PEARSON/Ann WHEELDON) 1868dec25 BROWNSON John (Thomas BULLIVANT/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1870jan10 BROWNSON John (John LOWE/Dorothy FORD) 1870mar11 BROWNSON John (George willm HOLLAND/Julia STREET) 1870jun20 BROWNSON John (Michael GLEESON/Mary HADDICAN) 1820oct25 BROWNSON Mary (Abraham CROOKS/Ann MARSHALL) 1789jun22 BRUCE John (Uriah MILLS/Hannah WALKER) 1789sep16 BRUCE John (Joseph EYELEY/Susanna PEARSON) 1789sep16 BRUCE John (Charles TARRAND/Ann ROOSE) 1761nov26 BRUCKFEILD William (Isaac OGDEN/Martha WRAGG) 1796aug23 BRUCKFIELD Thomas (German DEAN/Martha BROWN) 1857jul06 BRUNT Frances (John CLOUGH/Eliza SMITH) 1861feb11 BRUNT Frances (William WINSON/Jemima GAMBLE) 1852oct04 BRUNT Richard (Thomas OLIVER/Elizabeth VALANCE) 1842jun27 BRUNT Thomas (Benjamin TOMLINSON/Hannah BATTERLEY) 1898sep17 BRYAN William (Thomas HUNT/Mary Elizabeth BOTHAM) 1890oct29 BUCHANAN Alexander (Arthur de Milt SEVERNE/Adelaide Elizabeth HUBBERSTY) 1871jun05 BUCKINGHAM Mary (Isaac MURDOCK/Ann BUCKINGHAM) 1877nov07 BUCKLEY Aaron (John SPENCER/Elizabeth BUCKLEY) 1886apr26 BUCKLEY Ada (George ROBBINS/Ann Elizabeth BUCKLEY) 1878may20 BUCKLEY Agnes (Samuel BUCKLEY/Elizabeth BUCKLEY) 1879jul21 BUCKLEY Agnis (John BEESON/Jemima DOXEY) 1847sep16 BUCKLEY Ann (Anthony SPENCER/Sarah BUCKLEY) 1863mar09 BUCKLEY Ann (Jeremiah COOPER/Harriet BRITLAND) 1869feb08 BUCKLEY Ann (Israel BARNES/Eliza WRAGG) 1895dec24 BUCKLEY Ann Spencer (James William TIMMS/Ann BUCKLEY) 1844dec24 BUCKLEY Anthony (Robert DOXEY/Sarah WRAGG) 1781apr30 BUCKLEY Benjamin (Reuben SPENCER/Elizabeth DOXEY) 1787aug13 BUCKLEY Benjamin (Benjamin BURTON/Hannah BUCKLEY) 1816sep18 BUCKLEY Benjamin (Jacob BUCKLEY/Jane TAYLOR) 1817may29 BUCKLEY Benjamin (Isaac SPENCER/Ann HALL) 1823may22 BUCKLEY Benjamin (Thomas ALLEN/Susanna MASKREY) 1824jul22 BUCKLEY Benjamin (William ALLEN/Ann MASKREY) 1834jun14 BUCKLEY Benjamin (Francis SPENCER/Elizabeth BUCKLEY) 1827dec25 BUCKLEY Catharine (John THOMPSON/Mary TAYLOR) 1877nov07 BUCKLEY Elizabeth (John SPENCER/Elizabeth BUCKLEY) 1857jul27 BUCKLEY Ellen (Samuel ROLLEY/Louisa jane BUCKLEY) 1890aug18 BUCKLEY Ellen (Charles William CASTERTON/Annie Lucy WRAGG) 1881jul05 BUCKLEY Emma (Thomas COWLISHAW/Sarah Ann BUCKLEY) 1764jun12 BUCKLEY George (Reuben SPENCER/Elisabeth BUCKLEY) 1794sep17 BUCKLEY George (James SPENCER/Sarah HALL) 1794dec03 BUCKLEY George (Samuel BUCKLEY/Ann HUGHS) 1855sep13 BUCKLEY George (Peter BUCKLEY/Mary HERROD) 1828dec22 BUCKLEY Grace (John DOXEY/Mary BUCKLEY) 1833sep18 BUCKLEY Grace (George STORER/Amelia CLAYTON) 1846apr13 BUCKLEY Grace (Jonathan ELLIOTT/Anne BUCKLEY) 1886may20 BUCKLEY Henry (William GARDOM/Emma BUCKLEY) 1893jul27 BUCKLEY Henry (Ernest WILSON/Ann GOODALL) 1857jul27 BUCKLEY Jacob (Samuel ROLLEY/Louisa jane BUCKLEY) 1868jun04 BUCKLEY Jemima (Thomas POUNDALL/Mary Ann SPENCER) 1828may29 BUCKLEY John (John GIBSON/Lydia DOXEY) 1836may05 BUCKLEY John (William KEELING/Grace BUCKLEY) 1840dec24 BUCKLEY John (Job BATTERLEY/Mary BUCKLEY) 1862aug07 BUCKLEY John (James HARRISON/Mahala BUCKLEY) 1765oct09 BUCKLEY Joseph (Joseph DOXEY/Ann BROOKS) 1799sep15 BUCKLEY Joseph (Samuel BUCKLEY/Phebe MARSON) 1866dec24 BUCKLEY Joseph (James BUCKLEY/Hannah SPENCER) 1891feb09 BUCKLEY Joseph (William Samuel SPENCER/Ellen BUCKLEY) 1899apr17 BUCKLEY Joseph (Samuel SPENCER/Mary BUCKLEY) 1870jan17 BUCKLEY Joshua (Thomas BUCKLEY/Ruth FEARN) 1839apr01 BUCKLEY Lydia (Jesse EATON/Maria BUCKLEY) 1869aug04 BUCKLEY M (Henry WALKER/Selina LAND) 1855sep13 BUCKLEY Martha (Peter BUCKLEY/Mary HERROD) 1830jun20 BUCKLEY Mary (George NEEDHAM/Sarah YATES) 1836sep14 BUCKLEY Mary (William BROOKS/Ruth MASKREY) 1836sep15 BUCKLEY Mary (John BUCKLEY/Mary FROGGATT) 1839may23 BUCKLEY Mary (John RAINS/Elizabeth BATEMAN) 1840dec24 BUCKLEY Mary (Job BATTERLEY/Mary BUCKLEY) 1867jan28 BUCKLEY Mary (Anthony REDFERN/Emily ELLIOTT) 1891feb09 BUCKLEY Mary (William Samuel SPENCER/Ellen BUCKLEY) 1895jul29 BUCKLEY Mary (William BUCKLEY/Eliza WILDGOOSE) 1898jul28 BUCKLEY Mary (John Thomas TYM/Mary BRACE) 1866aug22 BUCKLEY Millicent (Isaac CHIPP/Emma BUTLER) 1858feb11 BUCKLEY Nicholas? (James LITCHFIELD/Millicent GREENHOUGH) 1851dec29 BUCKLEY Peter (John SHELLEY/Esther BUCKLEY) 1796mar08 BUCKLEY Richard (William JONES/Amy HASLAM) 1830oct28 BUCKLEY Sabina (Isaac ALSOP/Margaret BRUNT) 1756sep02 BUCKLEY Samuel (John CARLILE/Grace HALLWORTH) 1834jun14 BUCKLEY Samuel (Francis SPENCER/Elizabeth BUCKLEY) 1845feb24 BUCKLEY Samuel (William BUCKLEY/Hannah DOXEY) 1881jul05 BUCKLEY Samuel (Thomas COWLISHAW/Sarah Ann BUCKLEY) 1886apr26 BUCKLEY Samuel (George ROBBINS/Ann Elizabeth BUCKLEY) 1823mar10 BUCKLEY Sarah (Joseph STORER/Mary Ann BUCKLEY) 1866dec24 BUCKLEY Sarah Ann (James BUCKLEY/Hannah SPENCER) 1782sep18 BUCKLEY Thomas (George BRANT/Ann CARLISLE) 1828dec22 BUCKLEY Thomas (John DOXEY/Mary BUCKLEY) 1863may28 BUCKLEY Thomas (Thomas MATHER/Phoebe SPENCER) 1863dec25 BUCKLEY Thomas (John BUCKLEY/Emily SPRINGTHORPE) 1867jan28 BUCKLEY Thomas (Anthony REDFERN/Emily ELLIOTT) 1867jun10 BUCKLEY Thomas (John BUCKLEY/Hannah BROOKS) 1895dec24 BUCKLEY Thomas (James William TIMMS/Ann BUCKLEY) 1896apr04 BUCKLEY Thomas (John William BATTERLEY/Annie BROOKS) 1897oct23 BUCKLEY Thomas (Thomas Frederick ALLSOP/Mary Ann GODBEHERE) 1898dec12 BUCKLEY Thomas (Septimus WILDGOOSE/Sarah Elizabeth BROOKS) 1834oct13 BUCKLEY William (John SPENCER/Sarah BUCKLEY) 1840jun30 BUCKLEY William (Benjamin STRINGER/Grace BUCKLEY) 1853nov23 BUCKLEY William (Henry BUCKLEY/Hannah DOXEY) 1875may20 BUCKLEY William (Daniel HARRISON/Sarah Ann STRINGER) 1854mar30 BUCKNALL Elizabeth (Thomas SMITH/Hannah BALL) 1854mar30 BUCKNELL Charles (Thomas SMITH/Hannah BALL) 1865may16 BUDSWORTH JNR Henry (Samuel BARBER/Hannah COOPER) 1857oct08 BUDWORTH H (Abraham BARKER/Ann HOLMES) 1857sep02 BUDWORTH Henry (William HOLMES/Emma BEESTON) 1861dec25 BULLIVANT Harriet (George BULLIVANT/Emma FARRAND) 1868dec25 BULLIVANT Samuel (Thomas BULLIVANT/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1866apr16 BULLOCK Harriett (John PRINCE/Mary Ann BULLOCK) 1836aug16 BULLOCK John (James GALLIMORE/Elizabeth GODBEHERE) 1866apr16 BULLOCK John (John PRINCE/Mary Ann BULLOCK) 1825sep14 BULLOCK Sarah (Joseph PEARSON/Martha BULLOCK) 1852oct04 BULLOCK Sarah (Thomas OLIVER/Elizabeth VALANCE) 1842dec19 BULLOCK Thomas (Samuel PARKIN/Mary HOADES) 1844jan07 BULLOCK Thomas (Samuel JOHNSON/Ann FLINT) 1849feb12 BULLOCK Thomas (Richard BRUNT/Mary STEEPLES) 1759dec31 BULMER Josua? (Spateman CLARK/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1830apr08 BUNTING Ann (Adam BUNTING/Julia GREGORY) 1842nov28 BUNTING Ann (Samuel ALLEN/Mary BUNTING) 1814dec12 BUNTING Dorothy (Job BUNTING/Martha POTTER) 1858feb22 BUNTING Elizabeth (Isaac MACINTOSH/Matilda BUNTING) 1866sep10 BUNTING Ellen (Job BUNTING/Mary ann ROPER) 1824feb09 BUNTING Ellin (Francis WHARTON/Ann PARKER) 1824feb12 BUNTING George (William BUNTING/Ann TAYLOR) 1839jun26 BUNTING George (Daniel BUNTING/Hannah KIRK) 1842nov28 BUNTING George (Samuel ALLEN/Mary BUNTING) 1889apr22 BUNTING George H (George BLORE/Sarah Jane BUNTING) 1877dec04 BUNTING George h (John BUNTING/Ellen ALLSOP) 1826nov06 BUNTING Hannah (John WHELDON/Sarah THOMPSON) 1836apr04 BUNTING Hannah (Joshua GRATTON/Elizabeth BUNTING) 1836nov24 BUNTING Harriet Spencer (John ALLEN/Ann TAYLOR) 1862jun23 BUNTING Harriett (Samuel SPENCER/Martha BUCKLEY) 1790feb21 BUNTING Henry (William PLANTS/Elizabeth WILSON) 1793sep19 BUNTING Henry (John BROOKES/Hannah HALLAM) 1808jan21 BUNTING Job (Samuel MOOR/Mary HAWLEY) 1820may11 BUNTING Job (Anthony WESLEY/Mary CLAY) 1829mar16 BUNTING Job (Abraham ELLIOTT/Hannah ELLIOTT) 1783oct03 BUNTING John (John CLAY/Catharine BUNTING) 1830nov25 BUNTING John (William MASKREY/Grace ANDREW) 1834dec25 BUNTING John (Jacob BROOKES/Mary GRATTON) 1802nov08 BUNTING Joseph (Francis WILSON/Hannah BUNTING) 1802nov08 BUNTING Joseph (Samuel THACKER/Martha JACKSON) 1810mar25 BUNTING Joseph (Joseph BATES/Mary FEARN) 1819mar15 BUNTING Joseph (James BUNTING/Ann SLATER) 1822jan21 BUNTING Joseph (Bengiman BUNTING/Ann GRATTON) 1871jun11 BUNTING Lucy (James THOMPSON/Charlotte THOMPSON) 1838apr11 BUNTING Martha (William HARRIS/Elizabeth BARBER) 1837dec28 BUNTING Mary (Percy BUNTING/Elizabeth HALL) 1857oct20 BUNTING Mary (Thomas LAW/Agnes HODGSON) 1860jan02 BUNTING Mary (William BUNTING/Ann CORDING) 1885dec25 BUNTING Matthew (John BUNTING/Mary Ann STORER) 1810oct07 BUNTING Samuel (William WARDMAN/Jane FEARN) 1815mar26 BUNTING Samuel (Job BUNTING/Sarah SHELDON) 1839may06 BUNTING Samuel (Joseph GRIFFEN/Ann KAY) 1827sep10 BUNTING Sarah (William BUNTING/Mary PICKARD) 1818feb08 BUNTING Silas (Adam BUNTING/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1837dec28 BUNTING Silas (Percy BUNTING/Elizabeth HALL) 1754aug14 BUNTING Thomas (William SMITH/Hannah WOOD) 1765oct16 BUNTING Thomas (William ORME/Mary TAYLOR) 1796jan17 BUNTING Thomas (Arthur HOSKISS/Ruth BAMFORD) 1827sep10 BUNTING Thomas (William BUNTING/Mary PICKARD) 1857oct20 BUNTING Thomas (Thomas LAW/Agnes HODGSON) 1761jun18 BUNTING William (Joseph WILCOCKSON/Elizabeth WOODHOUSES) 1828jun19 BUNTING William (George TAYLOR/Mary CORDEN) 1828dec24 BUNTING William (John MASKREY/Mary TAYLOR) 1867jul09 BUNTING William (Robert NELSON/Ann SPENDLOVE) 1833jul15 BURDON Sarah (John GREGORY/Elizabeth BURTON) 1775may13 BURGESS ? (Joshua WRIGHT/Rebecca HOUGHTON) 1830may20 BURLEY Mary Ann (John CALLADINE/Elizabeth MATHER) 1775nov06 BURLEY Richard (John WATERALL/Sarah BURLEY) 1830may20 BURLEY William (John CALLADINE/Elizabeth MATHER) 1859dec29 BURNES John (William CALDWELL/Martha AUSTIN) 1852jun20 BUROWS John (Samuel BROOKS/Millicent HOLBROOK) 1838jul01 BURTON Ann (Bryan LAND/Dorothy HITCHCOCK) 1783jul14 BURTON Benjamin (John BODEN/Sarah BRITLAND) 1796sep15 BURTON Benjamin (Joseph ALLEN/Jane HUGHS) 1796sep15 BURTON Benjamin (Samuel BYDWORTH/Jane FROST) 1802dec27 BURTON Benjamin (James ALLEN/Hannah TAYLOR) 1831aug11 BURTON Benjamin (Samuel HOLMES/Lydia BURTON) 1824may10 BURTON Elizabeth (Samuel STORER/Elizabeth FEARN) 1831jul10 BURTON George (Henry ALLSOP/Mary POTTER) 1839nov26 BURTON German (Thomas SEEDS/Elizabeth ROPER) 1777oct13 BURTON John (Benjamin BURTON/Lydia BODEN) 1779sep13 BURTON John (Richard ROOSE/Sarah SIMPSON) 1783jun26 BURTON John (Thomas SHELDON/Elizabeth GODBEHERE) 1787aug13 BURTON John (Benjamin BURTON/Hannah BUCKLEY) 1827jan01 BURTON John (Timothy JEPSON/Elizabeth BURTON) 1760mar23 BURTON Joseph (Thomas MEKIN/Elisabeth PRESTON) 1760oct17 BURTON Joseph (Peter WALTLOCK/Ann THOMPSON) 1775mar02 BURTON Joseph (John HOLEHOUSE/Ruth POYZAR) 1803jun16 BURTON Joshua (Benjamin POYZER/Sarah WETTON) 1807feb12 BURTON Joshua (Anthony HIGTON/Martha ANDREW) 1838may21 BURTON Mary Ann (John FEARN/Eliza BURTON) 1841dec12 BURTON Mary Ann (Richard HACKETT/Mary SWINSCOE) 1768nov28 BURTON Robert (John BAKER/Sarah PEAT) 1762jun14 BURTON Thomas (William EATON/Elizabeth NORTH) 1762oct07 BURTON Thomas (Thomas LANGFORD/Ann WALKER) 1764aug08 BURTON Thomas (Peter BODEN/Hannah BURTON) 1764dec12 BURTON Thomas (Thomas TOPLIS/Ann SMITH) 1768dec12 BURTON Thomas (Thomas COLLEGE/Ann COOPER) 1815jul31 BURTON William (Jonathan MOLD/Elizabeth BURTON) 1824may18 BURTON William (Joshua DOXEY/Elizabeth BURTON) 1830oct21 BUSH Ann (Thomas BUSH/Elizabeth WILD) 1760sep29 BUSH John (Joseph FROST/Elisabeth SUTTON) 1797feb22 BUSH John (Peter SHELDON/Martha FLINT) 1797feb22 BUSH John (John STORER/Mary STANDALL) 1764aug03 BUSH William (Charles WRIGHT/Hannah BROUGH) 1767mar09 BUSH William (Josuah ROPER/Elizabeth HICTON) 1772feb19 BUSSELL John (William LAMBERT/Jane ROBINSON) 1848jun24 BUTLAND Charles (George KIRKBY/Elizabeth BRITLAND) 1849jul02 BUTLER Ann (John BUTLER/Hannah HALL) 1845feb24 BUTLER Daniel (Henry MASKREY/Butlin BUTLER) 1835sep16 BUTLER Dorothy (Henry BUXTON/Jemima PEARSON) 1778apr27 BUTLER Edward (Thomas COLLINSON/Ann BUTLER) 1781sep10 BUTLER Edward (William ALLEN/Mary FERN) 1788sep15 BUTLER Edward (John SIMPSON/Mary SPENCER) 1788sep15 BUTLER Edward (Jonathan ELLIOT/Ellen FLINT) 1788sep15 BUTLER Edward (John KIDDEY/Martha ROPER) 1855may31 BUTLER Emma (George SLACK/Sarah BUTLER) 1876mar13 BUTLER Georgina (George ALLEN/Hannah AUSTIN) 1848nov08 BUTLER Hannah (William MARSDEN/Ann BODEN) 1794dec10 BUTLER James (William TAYLOR/Ellen SPENCER) 1795feb23 BUTLER James (John KINDER/Milicent JACKSON) 1802aug23 BUTLER James (Samuel COWLEY/Ann KIRKLAND) 1802aug23 BUTLER James (Thomas TAYLOR/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1834may31 BUTLER James (Joseph MARCHANT/Mary Ann WHITE) 1839dec26 BUTLER Joseph (Samuel BOWDEN/Ann BUTLER) 1845sep17 BUTLER Joseph (William CLARKE/Sarah TOMLINSON) 1825sep05 BUTLER Mary (William SLACK/Nancy BUTLER) 1829oct19 BUTLER Mary (Edward WHITEHEAD/Ellen MARCHANT) 1855sep09 BUTLER Richard (Thomas WAYWELL/Maria ALLEN) 1770may31 BUTLER Samuel (John BRADLEY/Elisabeth HILL) 1770jul12 BUTLER Samuel (Joseph TOMPSON/Jane WOOD) 1772sep21 BUTLER Samuel (James BUTLER/Susannah BRITLAND) 1836oct13 BUTLER Samuel (Thomas WINT/Sarah TINSLEY) 1854nov23 BUTLER Sarah (William COOKE/Mary ann BUTLER) 1758jan26 BUTLER Timothy (Anthony BERRISFORD/Elizabeth MASKREY) 1788may06 BUTLER W. (Marlborough HAMILTON/Eliza SMEATON) 1797apr27 BUTLER William (James BUTLER/Hannah COWLEY) 1851oct29 BUTLER William (John FORD/Mary SMITH) 1880nov23 BUTLER William (George ELSE/Grace SPENCER) 1881jun10 BUTLER William (Samuel JEPSON/Emma SPENCER) 1891jun08 BUTLER William (Daniel SPENCER/Esther EVANS) 1893aug16 BUTLER William (John William FEARNE/Mary Elizabeth BUTLER) 1883mar28 BUTTERLEY Emma (Thomas BATTERLEY/Phoebe SPENCER) 1757jul10 BUTTLER Timothy (Aron BROCLEHURST/Betty SPENCER) 1758feb16 BUXSTONE Anthony (Edward HALL/Mary BOTHAM) 1759feb19 BUXSTONE Anthony (Richard BUXTON/Hannah JEBSON) 1775nov23 BUXTON ? (Iram POTTER/Mary FERN) 1777nov03 BUXTON ? (Joseph BETTS/Sarah BAKER) 1829nov16 BUXTON Ann (James SMITH/Phiby LOVATT) 1761jan01 BUXTON Anthony (John SOMMERS/Mary COOK) 1765mar21 BUXTON Anthony (Henry BUXTON/Ann BRITLAND) 1804dec23 BUXTON Anthony (Edward HYDES/Sarah BUXTON) 1826nov06 BUXTON Anthony (John WHELDON/Sarah THOMPSON) 1764nov01 BUXTON Benjamin (Anthony GIBSON/Martha TIMPERLY) 1859mar09 BUXTON Benjamin (John BARNSLEY/Mary RAINS) 1865nov29 BUXTON Benjamin (William SWINDELL/Agnes RAINS) 1866nov14 BUXTON Benjamin (Adam KNOWLES/Dorothy Elizbth RAINS) 1872may01 BUXTON Benjamin (Robert ADAMS/Emma RAINS) 1816jun06 BUXTON Benjamin Stone (Thomas BROWN/Mary BROCKLEHURST) 1777apr17 BUXTON Charles (Joseph HOLEHOUSE/Mary GREGORY) 1778may30 BUXTON Charles (Benjamin PISER/Ellen DEAN) 1779jun05 BUXTON Charles (Roger CHEETHAM/Dorothy AMATT) 1811mar25 BUXTON Elizabeth (Joseph BURTON/Hannah WARRINGTON) 1832jan25 BUXTON Elizabeth (William OLIVER/Esther BUXTON) 1835apr20 BUXTON Elizabeth (Moses KIDD/Mary Ann BUXTON) 1837mar02 BUXTON Elizabeth (Abraham SLACK/Margaret VALLANCE) 1767sep21 BUXTON George (Anthony BUXTON/Mary GELL) 1769apr17 BUXTON George (Daniel SLACK/Elizabeth RANES) 1770sep26 BUXTON George (William GOODALL/Hannah STADON) 1775mar16 BUXTON George (Thomas MOORE/Hannah HALL) 1777oct16 BUXTON George (William WOODIWISS/Hannah SPENCER) 1777dec31 BUXTON George (Job ALLEN/Elizabeth WOOD) 1780feb24 BUXTON George (Joshua HALL/Mary MATHER) 1780jun15 BUXTON George (Robert ADAMS/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1784jul09 BUXTON George (Joshua GRATTON/Martha HALL) 1785feb09 BUXTON George (Robert ADAMS/Margaret BUXTON) 1786apr20 BUXTON George (Samuel BROOKE/Edith BUXTON) 1839jan21 BUXTON George (John HARPER/Catherine SPENCER) 1760sep15 BUXTON German (Thomas DICKENS/Ann FRYER) 1816apr04 BUXTON Hannah (Edward STEVENSON/Frances BUXTON) 1840mar31 BUXTON Hannah (Anthony WARDMAN/Mary STEAR) 1886jun03 BUXTON Hannah (Thomas ROWLAND/Mary Ward BUXTON) 1763nov17 BUXTON Henry (William CARMAN/Elizabeth KILLER) 1787jun22 BUXTON Henry (Thomas BADDELEY/Rebecca ABBOT) 1837may16 BUXTON Henry (Edward SWINSCOE/Mary POTTER) 1878sep16 BUXTON Henry (Thomas BUXTON/Harriet JEPSON) 1852jun27 BUXTON Jane (Peter BAILEY/Lydia WHITEHEAD) 1863dec31 BUXTON Jane (William CLARK/Mary BUXTON) 1762apr19 BUXTON John (Joseph CAUDWELL/Elizabeth WEBSTER) 1769sep25 BUXTON John (William WRIGHT/Elisabeth COMMIN) 1771may20 BUXTON John (Henry BUXTON/Ann BRITLAND) 1774nov03 BUXTON John (Samuel MART/Mary LITTLEWOOD) 1780feb03 BUXTON John (Joshua STREET/Elizabeth PEARSON) 1780dec10 BUXTON John (Robert HANCOCK/Deborah RICHARDSON) 1782dec18 BUXTON John (Thomas HARRISON/Betty MATHER) 1783sep15 BUXTON John (John TOPLIS/Penelope BUXTON) 1784jul11 BUXTON John (Benjamin PEARSON/Mary RENSHAW) 1793jul18 BUXTON John (John LEE/Elizabeth MATHER) 1796dec12 BUXTON John (Thomas WIGLEY/Ann ALLEN) 1805apr15 BUXTON John (William SHELDON/Dorothy CURSON) 1805apr15 BUXTON John (Joseph SLATER/Phebe COCKAYNE) 1810apr09 BUXTON John (Samuel WRIGHT/Mary SMITH) 1825apr11 BUXTON John (James WIGLEY/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1825apr11 BUXTON John (Robert BRITLAND/Harriot WOODWARD) 1854aug30 BUXTON Joseph (Peter GOULD/Harriet SEEDS) 1863dec31 BUXTON Joseph (William CLARK/Mary BUXTON) 1834nov27 BUXTON Lucinda (Benjamin HICKLIN/Lydia TAYLOR) 1837aug08 BUXTON Lucinda (Daniel WALKER/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1855jul09 BUXTON Mary (George SPENCER/Mary SPENCER) 1862sep18 BUXTON Mary (Isaac ALLSOP/Hannah HALL) 1879apr24 BUXTON Mary A? (Francis SPENCER/Esther Susannh OLIVER) 1879dec22 BUXTON Mary Ann (Joseph SHEPPARD/Elizabeth MATHER) 1823nov27 BUXTON Mary Anne (John SALT/Mary GREATORIX) 1860oct08 BUXTON Mary K? (Samuel DOXEY/Sarah DOXEY) 1767jul09 BUXTON Richard (Robert MATHER/Sarah MOORE) 1769nov29 BUXTON Richard (Samuel ASHOVER/Mabel ELLIOT) 1776oct24 BUXTON Richard (Thomas LEEYS/Hannah WAINE) 1816apr04 BUXTON Richard (Edward STEVENSON/Frances BUXTON) 1818may11 BUXTON Richard (Samuel BRADSHAW/Sarah ALLEN) 1781dec02 BUXTON Samuel (John DALLY/Sarah BUXTON) 1875aug23 BUXTON Sarah jane (Luther GOULD/Ann BEESON) 1773may27 BUXTON Thomas (Henry WIGLEY/Martha ANNABLE) 1773may27 BUXTON Thomas (Henry EVANS/Silence EATON) 1778jul22 BUXTON Thomas (Joshua WESTON/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1782oct14 BUXTON Thomas (William BIGGS/Elizabeth ASHBROOKE) 1795feb23 BUXTON Thomas (John KINDER/Milicent JACKSON) 1795jun22 BUXTON Thomas (John COCKER/Ann SLATER) 1799mar21 BUXTON Thomas (John LAND/Hannah DUNN) 1811dec23 BUXTON Thomas (Benjamin H DAKIN/Hannah CHEETHAM) 1815may25 BUXTON Thomas (Isaac BEARDSLEY/Sarah BUXTON) 1774oct27 BUXTON Walter (Samuel WRIGHT/Elizabeth WRIGHT) 1838jun07 BUXTON William (Francis HARPER/Phebe GOODWIN) 1840jul21 BUXTON William (Thomas BUXTON/Mary KIDD) 1879nov02 BUXTON William h (Timothy mrpls JEPSON/Mary ann WATTS) 1785jul25 BUXTON SEN George (George BUXTON/Susanna CLAY) 1847apr17 BYARD Andrew (William BYARD/Mary POTTER) 1890aug20 BYARD Ann Eliz (Arthur BYARD/Eliza MYCOCK) 1883jan01 BYARD Arthur (Horatio BYARD/Hannah BATES) 1891jun14 BYARD Francis (Thomas Nehemiah BYARD/Eliza MARRIOTT) 1877jul04 BYARD Hannah (Thomas BYARD/Lydia MARPLE) 1829dec28 BYARD Harriet (Samuel L HARPER/Hannah BYARD) 1890aug20 BYARD Jacob (Arthur BYARD/Eliza MYCOCK) 1781apr11 BYARD John (Samuel REDFERN/Sarah WALKER) 1794jan22 BYARD John (Richard BULLOCK/Mary ALSOP) 1826aug14 BYARD John (Samuel WALKER/Ellen BYARD) 1825apr18 BYARD Joseph (Samuel REDFERN/Lydia BYARD) 1825apr18 BYARD Joseph (John WEBSTER/Mary HALL) 1839aug14 BYARD Joseph (Samuel HARPER/Mary Amelia MARSH) 1818feb23 BYARD Lydia (John BYARD/Elizabeth WALKER) 1821jun25 BYARD Lydia (Francis WILSON/Sarah HARDY) 1839dec09 BYARD Lydia (John BYARD/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1892dec28 BYARD Lydia (German Dean TAYLOR/Mary Maria BYARD) 1894feb21 BYARD M E (Henry MARPLE/Annie BYARD) 1806apr02 BYARD Mary (Thomas DOXEY/Mary BYARD) 1809dec11 BYARD Mary (Joseph REDFERN/Elizabeth BYARD) 1812nov02 BYARD Mary (John WALKER/Ellen PEAT) 1828nov24 BYARD Mary (Timothy CLARK/Ellen REDFERN) 1837jun05 BYARD Mary (Joseph REDFEARN/Mary SLACK) 1882feb15 BYARD Mary (William TAYLOR/Eliza BYARD) 1891jun14 BYARD Thirsa (Thomas Nehemiah BYARD/Eliza MARRIOTT) 1794jun04 BYARD Thomas (Robert WALKER/Ann TAYLOR) 1814apr20 BYARD William (Matthew FOWLKE/Dinah MASKREY) Return to Top 1759apr25 CADMAN George (George ROGERS/Elizabeth CLAYTOR) 1759jun24 CADMAN George (Joshua ELLIOT/Elisabeth CADMAN) 1794oct06 CADMAN Hannah (George NALL/Dorothy POTTER) 1766aug04 CADMAN John (Daniel BROOKS/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1768jan31 CADMAN John (Robert COOPER/Elizabeth DAWSON) 1769nov30 CADMAN John (John HUNT/Ann ALLIN) 1777jan28 CADMAN John (George CADMAN/Hannah BENNETT) 1783jul16 CADMAN John (Edmund FERN/Alice SPENCER) 1784jun07 CADMAN John (John BROCKLEHURST/Lydia GODBEHERE) 1851dec04 CADMAN John (Henry GEORGE/Mary CADMAN) 1822jun29 CADMAN Mary (William SAXELBY/Lydia CADMAN) 1818nov23 CADMAN Thomas (Thomas YATES/Mary STALEY) 1820apr05 CADMAN William (John ELLIOTT/Ellen BURGOINE) 1822jun29 CADMAN William (William SAXELBY/Lydia CADMAN) 1844mar21 CADMAN William (William HUMPHRIES/Elizabeth CADMAN) 1817oct11 CADNESS M. (Samuel KIDD/Sarah MASON) 1812jan11 CADNESS Mary (Moses KIDD/Elizabeth SIMPSON) 1865jan26 CALDWELL John (William CALDWELL/Olivia POYSER) 1889jan23 CALDWELL Joseph (John TOPLIS/Selina FEARN) 1759apr25 CALDWELL Josiah (George ROGERS/Elizabeth CLAYTOR) 1760mar02 CALDWELL Josiah (Richard SIMPSON/Ann STORER) 1762jul31 CALDWELL Josiah (Benjamin HUGHS/Mary LOW) 1763apr08 CALDWELL Josiah (Edward SHEPARD/Jane JOWETT) 1763jul17 CALDWELL Josiah (Francis CARTWRIGHT/Amy FERN) 1764jun06 CALDWELL Josiah (Richard SIMPSON/Alice BOOT) 1766mar02 CALDWELL Josiah (Joseph MOSS/Sarah SILKSTONE) 1766sep21 CALDWELL Josiah (Thomas TOWNSEND/Ann BRADSHAW) 1846may14 CALLADINE Elias (Joseph TOMLINSON/Anna maria CALLADINE) 1855dec20 CALLADINE Elias (Moses STORER/Anne GODFREY) 1773nov29 CALLADINE John (John STEEPLE/Ann SLATER) 1782aug24 CALLADINE John (Robert BROMLEY/Martha HILL) 1795aug10 CALLADINE Moses (Francis SIMMS/Hannah CALLADINE) 1805nov04 CALLADINE William (Richard COWLEY/Lydia CALLADINE) 1817apr14 CALLEY William (William PEAL/Rhoda COLLEY) 1817apr14 CALLEY William (Henry SMEDLEY/Elizabeth STEEPLE) 1771sep16 CALLOW John (Mathew BUTTERWORTH/Mary HARDING) 1766feb11 CALLTON Daniel (Humphrey BEESTON/Jane LOXLEY) 1780feb14 CALTON Daniel (Robert ONION/Elizabeth FROST) 1782aug01 CALTON Daniel (Mark STONE/Hannah ALSOP) 1839mar31 CAM John Michael (William Rutland CAM/Sarah WILMOTT) 1785apr14 CAMPBELL Nathaniel (William WIGLEY/Elizabeth FOSTER) 1847may10 CANTRELL Andrew (William BYARD/Millicent CANTRELL) 1849nov19 CANTRELL W (George HODGKINSON/Elizabeth sarh ARMSTRONG) 1830mar05 CANTRELL W. (Joshua FORD/Mary WATKIN) 1894apr16 CANTRILL A (Joseph Parry PRITCHARD/Mary Ellen REPTON) 1828apr03 CARDEN William (William BODEN/Dorothy BRADLEY) 1847aug02 CARDEW Michael (George MASKREY/Sarah LAND) 1807nov09 CARDIN John (Michael CARDIN/Elizabeth TURNER) 1817jul07 CARDINS William (Robert BYARD/Elizabeth CORDIN) 1834aug27 CAREY Elizabeth (Samuel MURTON/Charlotte HITCHCOCK) 1845may12 CARLILE Ann (Joseph ROBINSON/Mary CARLILE) 1805apr22 CARLILE Edward (John CARLISLE/Sarah BROOKS) 1807nov02 CARLILE Edward (Thomas HOLMES/Ellen TURNER) 1852sep13 CARLILE Elizabeth (Samuel FROGGATT/Maria CARLILE) 1856jul28 CARLILE Elizabeth (John KIRK/Hannah EATON) 1764jan12 CARLILE John (Thomas ALLIN/Ann HALLWORTH) 1818mar09 CARLILE Richard (Richard GIBSON/Sarah HOLEHOUSE) 1839jan13 CARLILE Richard (John CARLILE/Rebecca SHELDON) 1823apr28 CARLIN Mary (Samuel BARNES/Elizabeth WEBSTER) 1806apr06 CARLINE Edward (David BARKER/Hannah CARLINE) 1896jan22 CARLINE Herbert (Albert THOMPSON/Mary Jane CARLINE) 1829nov21 CARLINE Joseph (Samuel SLACK/Elizabeth CARLINE) 1819apr05 CARLINE Mary (John HODGSON/Mary SALT) 1885apr18 CARLINE Mary Jane (Job Henry HOUGHTON/Elizabeth BARKER) 1879nov03 CARLINE Mary jane (Aaron EATON/Ann MILES) 1783oct27 CARLINE Peter (Thomas DIXON/Ann ADAMS) 1788mar18 CARLINE Samuel (Samuel DEAN/Mary HADCLIFFE) 1797dec25 CARLINE Samuel (James TOMPSON/Mary MOOR) 1797dec25 CARLINE Samuel (William COLLEDGE/Rachel CARLISLE) 1837mar26 CARLINE Thomas (David SHELDON/Elizabeth KNOWLES) 1860may06 CARLINE Thomas (Henry WARD/Hannah CARLINE) 1865aug14 CARLISLE Elizabeth (John BLACKWELL/Hannah WALKER) 1847aug23 CARLISLE Hannah (Jacob CARLISLE/Mary STORER) 1772sep21 CARMAN Edward (James BUTLER/Susannah BRITLAND) 1828mar17 CARMAN Liddia (John PEARSON/Mary CARMAN) 1830feb09 CARMAN Lydia (Francis CARMAN/Frances THORPE) 1833nov11 CARMAN Maria (William AMATT/Elizabeth CARMAN) 1891sep15 CARMAN Sarah J (John Thomas BREWELL/Mary Elizabeth CARMAN) 1891sep15 CARMAN William (John Thomas BREWELL/Mary Elizabeth CARMAN) 1850dec26 CARNELLEY John (Jarvis CARNELLEY/Emma JEPSON) 1870oct19 CARR Catherine (James ELSE/Maria RADFORD) 1877dec31 CARTE Thomas W (John GREENHOUGH/Penelope CARTE) 1768sep14 CARTWRIGHT Francis (John WAIN/Grace FERN) 1777oct06 CARTWRIGHT Francis (Richard PEAT/Ellen WAYNE) 1782jun10 CARTWRIGHT John (Joshua WESTON/Elizabeth REDDISH) 1873apr16 CARTWRIGHT Olezia? (Arthur william SLATER/Lydia sarah WAYWELL) 1817dec30 CAUDWELL George (Henry WALTON/Elizabeth PEGG) 1823may19 CAUDWELL Joseph (George SMITH/Elizabeth CAUDWELL) 1825nov15 CAUDWELL Joseph (William CAULDWELL/Elizabeth CROSS) 1893sep24 CAUDWELL Millicent (Henry POWELL/Louie FLINT) 1833dec09 CAUDWELL Samuel (James CAUDWELL/Elizabeth KNIVETON) 1838dec17 CAUDWELL Samuel (William LYNN/Sarah SLACK) 1823may19 CAUDWELL Sarah (George SMITH/Elizabeth CAUDWELL) 1823may19 CAUDWELL William (John CAUDWELL/Sarah DAKIN) 1867jul04 CAULDWELL Francis (John CAULDWELL/Jane elizab. MARSHALL) 1881may25 CAULDWELL Samuel (Joseph BUNTING/Annie CAULDWELL) 1787nov26 CAULTON Paul (Charles SATAM/Ann GAMBLE) 1805jan21 CAULTON Paul (John SPENCER/Sarah KINDER) 1805jan21 CAULTON Paul (John WILSON/Esther CALTON) 1830jul12 CHADWICK Joseph (Adam BUNTING/Mary CHADWICK) 1831oct10 CHADWICK Joseph (Thomas HOLMES/Edith SHELDON) 1840jul07 CHADWICK Joseph (Charles BOTT/Mary CHADWICK) 1831oct10 CHADWICK Lydia (Thomas HOLMES/Edith SHELDON) 1825apr05 CHADWICK Robert (John ROSEWARNE/Frances DEAN) 1825may29 CHADWICK Robert (Benjamin SPENCER/Ann SPENCER) 1861mar14 CHALLENOR Emily (Charles ELLEY/Ellen LANGDON) 1861aug27 CHALLINOR Anne (Ralph HALL/Emily CHALLINOR) 1793jun13 CHAMBERLIN Edward (Thomas ELEY/Mary INCE) 1899jun21 CHAMBERS Annie (William MARCHINGTON/Barbara Eliza SANDERS) 1899jun21 CHAMBERS Hubert (William MARCHINGTON/Barbara Eliza SANDERS) 1845mar26 CHAMBERS John (Joseph BEELEY/Phoebe DAKIN) 1848nov26 CHANTRY Joseph (William CHANTRY/Mary HOGG) 1858sep13 CHARLESWORTH Thomas (Thomas PARKER/Alice GRIFFITH) 1783may13 CHARLETON Joseph (John LEE/Ann STOCKS) 1827sep12 CHARLEWORTH Samuel (George THOMPSON/Martha DOXEY) 1784may31 CHARLTON John (Samuel SMITH/Ann WHEATLEY) 1784sep13 CHARLTON John (William BRELSFORD/Ann ROWLAND) 1784sep13 CHARLTON John (William MADDOCK/Hannah SMITH) 1784sep13 CHARLTON John (Thomas POTTER/Mary GREATOREX) 1784sep13 CHARLTON John (William TAYLOR/Sarah CARLISLE) 1784sep13 CHARLTON John (John FOGG/Ann WOOD) 1757aug16 CHEATLE Anthony (William WIGLEY/Ruth CHEATLE) 1764jan19 CHEATLE Anthony (Isaac RIDGARD/Hannah MASON) 1764feb05 CHEATLE Anthony (William BUSH/Martha PEARSON) 1816jan08 CHEATLE Susanah (Thomas STEER/Sarah HAWLEY) 1765oct25 CHEATLE JU Anthony (Matthew FOULK/Hanah BLUNT) 1773mar16 CHEETAM Henry (Robert TAYLOR/Sarah FORD) 1780feb17 CHEETAM Roger (George AMATT/Frances MOGATRIGHT) 1811jun27 CHEETAM Roger (John CHEETAM/Dorothy GALLIMORE) 1819nov28 CHEETAM Thomas (Henry ROLLEY/Ann CORDING) 1808aug01 CHEETHAM John (Samuel SMITH/Ellen ALLSOP) 1823may05 CHEETHAM Mary (Thomas CHEETHAM/Mary BRITLAND) 1895aug24 CHEETHAM Mary Ann (Francis George BROWN/Annie CHEETHAM) 1840nov08 CHEETHAM Samuel (David BRATBY/Jane STEEPLES) 1825apr11 CHEETHAM Thomas (Robert BRITLAND/Harriot WOODWARD) 1895aug24 CHEETHAM William (Francis George BROWN/Annie CHEETHAM) 1863sep22 CHEVIN John (George SPENCER/Ann FROST) 1766sep23 CHRICHLOW Joseph (Joseph BROOKS/Mary THOMPSON) 1764aug02 CHRICHTON Joseph (Simeon SPENCER/Elisabeth WOOD) 1808jul03 CHRITCHLOW Elizabeth (Edward MARSON/Hannah CHRITCHLOW) 1842dec24 CLACK Ann (George TAYLOR/Sarah TURNER) 1883mar30 CLARK Barbarae (Joseph GREGORY/Margaret SHAW) 1874apr19 CLARK Elizabeth (Charles SMEDLEY/Harriet elizb SAVAGE) 1864sep12 CLARK Elizabeth ann (John henry CLARK/Harriet BULLIVANT) 1864sep12 CLARK Elizabeth ann (John henry CLARK/Harriet BULLIVANT) 1830jul04 CLARK Ellen (Thomas SMITH/Jemima PERRY) 1837sep04 CLARK George (James SMITH/Harriet CLARK) 1874apr19 CLARK Henry (Charles SMEDLEY/Harriet elizb SAVAGE) 1874oct05 CLARK Henry (Henry BUXTON/Ann STEEPLES) 1814sep29 CLARK Mary (Thomas GROCOAT/Martha BRITLAND) 1856may12 CLARK Thomas (Septimus FRITH/Emma CLARK) 1861sep01 CLARK Thomas (John HAZLEWOOD/Catherine WAIN) 1830jul04 CLARK Timothy (Thomas SMITH/Jemima PERRY) 1823sep04 CLARK William (Samuel KIDD/Ann CLARK) 1826jul17 CLARK William (Andrew BLACKWELL/Elizabeth CLARK) 1827aug25 CLARK William (Robert W COOKE/Sarah SIMMS) 1830aug31 CLARK William (William MERCHANT/Elizabeth WALTON) 1851apr23 CLARKE Anne (George ATTENBOROUGH/Sarah CLARKE) 1832apr11 CLARKE John (Philip SEEDS/Rachel LUDLAM) 1833may30 CLARKE Mary (John CLARK/Mary CLAY) 1799dec25 CLARKE Thomas (John ALLEN/Hannah SWIFT) 1845mar10 CLARKE Thomas (Philip GELL/Sarah CLARKE) 1833sep18 CLARKE William (William WHEELDON/Mary CLARK) 1837may17 CLARKE William (Joseph KNIVETON/Mary WILKINSON) 1888jul14 CLARKE William (John TAYLOR/Elizabeth CLARKE) 1826mar12 CLARKS William (George JEPSON/Ann TAYLOR) 1816nov18 CLARKSON James (John ALLSOP/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1830jul01 CLARKSON James (James STEVENSON/Sarah CHADWICK) 1816nov18 CLAY ? (William WOOD/Mary CLAY) 1841may16 CLAY Ann (Thomas YOUNG/Lydia COOPER) 1851may05 CLAY Charlotte (William RILEY/Lydia TAYLOR) 1775apr17 CLAY George (Richard MASON/Ann TAYLOR) 1775jun01 CLAY Henery (William MASKERY/Ann NOBLE) 1787sep10 CLAY Hennery (Richard ORME/Hannah ORWIN) 1770mar19 CLAY Henry (Samuel BAINBRIDGE/Elizabeth FOULK) 1774nov29 CLAY Henry (Job BATEMAN/Margaret CARLISLE) 1778jan01 CLAY Henry (Joseph HAYNE/Dorothy TITTERTON) 1782feb05 CLAY Henry (Richard ETCHES/Hannah WALL) 1785jul27 CLAY Henry (Charles MASKERY/Diana VINSOM) 1786sep10 CLAY Henry (Benjamin CLAY/Elizabeth BARTON) 1798feb25 CLAY Henry (James CLAY/Cassandra WHEATCROFT) 1799jan27 CLAY Henry (Andrew HILL/Alice WILCOCKSON) 1799jan31 CLAY Henry (Paul TAYLOR/Hannah NORTH) 1828dec07 CLAY Henry (Joseph FLINT/Rachel STREET) 1833may30 CLAY Henry (John CLARK/Mary CLAY) 1837sep11 CLAY Henry (William CLAY/Eliza DEAN) 1838oct01 CLAY Henry (Ambrose BLACKHAM/Harriet STREET) 1824aug09 CLAY James Barton (John TAYLOR/Martha WRIGHT) 1824aug09 CLAY James Barton (William HALL/Ann HALLAM) 1827jun06 CLAY John (John LEE/Mary WALKER) 1895jan27 CLAY Marion (Samuel AULT/Mary Jane LILLEY) 1836sep19 CLAY Martha (Richard CLAY/Harriet HAZLEWOOD) 1837sep11 CLAY Martha (William CLAY/Eliza DEAN) 1825jan17 CLAY Mary (John RAINS/Elizabeth CLAY) 1831dec26 CLAY Mary (Joshua ROPER/Elizabeth CLAY) 1810apr16 CLAY Thomas (William MASKREY/Hannah DOWNING) 1821mar12 CLAY Thomas (Hugh WALL/Phebe FRITH) 1822aug19 CLAY Thomas (John GRATTAGE/Martha CLAY) 1851may05 CLAY Thomas (William RILEY/Lydia TAYLOR) 1844jan21 CLAYTON Benjamin (Holehouse STORER/Martha CLAYTON) 1851jun30 CLAYTON Benjamin (Joseph BUCKLEY/Sarah ann KIRKLAND) 1853may30 CLAYTON Benjamin (Thomas CLAYTON/Sarah WALKER) 1854jan19 CLAYTON Benjamin (Anthony HIGTON/Martha DOXEY) 1815may29 CLAYTON George (Benjamin CLAYTON/Sarah SPENCER) 1867aug12 CLAYTON Isaac Ben (Henry ROPER/Elizabeth CLAYTON) 1876feb01 CLAYTON Jane (George willm KNIGHTON/Benedicta DRANSFIELD) 1833sep18 CLAYTON John (George STORER/Amelia CLAYTON) 1840oct29 CLAYTON John (Samuel SPENCER/Ann LEE) 1843mar29 CLAYTON John (Joseph KILLER/Sarah YOUNG) 1848sep05 CLAYTON John (William Smith WHEATCROFT/Ann WALKER) 1840jun30 CLAYTON Martha (Benjamin STRINGER/Grace BUCKLEY) 1844jan21 CLAYTON Mary (Holehouse STORER/Martha CLAYTON) 1832mar01 CLAYTON Robert (John SHELDON/Mabel SPENCER) 1786dec26 CLAYTON Samuel (Charles MARSON/Mary HALL) 1787jul30 CLAYTON Samuel (Hugh BRITTLEBANK/Hannah MARSHALL) 1851sep18 CLAYTON Sarah (James CLAYTON/Mary ANDREW) 1837feb06 CLEMENS William (Charles ATKINS/Ellen WILSON) 1802sep15 CLEMMENSON George (Robert UNWIN/Ann LANGFORD) 1841nov15 CLERK Mary (James CLAY/Maria COOPER) 1784may22 CLIFFORD Thomas (David AMBROSE/Mary PARKES) 1821sep06 CLOUGH Ann (John CLOUGH/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1822sep18 CLOUGH Ann (William CLOUGH/Sarah GIBBONS) 1844sep01 CLOUGH Ann (Samuel ROWLAND/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1860aug13 CLOUGH Ann (John MATHER/Sarah ann CLOUGH) 1884feb23 CLOUGH Charles (Joseph PEARSON/Emily JONES) 1879may04 CLOUGH Dorothy (James ELSE/Hannah VALLANCE) 1829aug22 CLOUGH Edward (William SAXTON/Lydia BROOKES) 1836dec28 CLOUGH Edward (Benjamin SLATER/Elizabeth MARSH) 1838may11 CLOUGH Edward (William HEWITT/Ann COLLEDGE) 1838may11 CLOUGH May (William HEWITT/Ann COLLEDGE) 1789jan14 CLOUGH Samuel (John CLOUGH/Hannah WALKLOCK) 1835jul06 CLOUGH Sarah (Thomas COLLINSON/Eliza Bell WALKLETT) 1835oct03 CLOUGH Sarah (James LOWRIE/Lydia FLINT) 1835jul06 CLOUGH William (Thomas COLLINSON/Eliza Bell WALKLETT) 1835nov04 CLOUGH William (Edward CLOUGH/Mary COLLEDGE) Return to Top 1837mar10 COAPE Sarah Ann (Spencer CHADWICK/Elizabeth BROCKLEHURST) 1757apr14 COATES Anthony (John FLINT/Mary FROST) 1761sep03 COATES John (David BRANDON/Mary HOUGH) 1754dec19 COATS Anthony (Thomas LARARD/Lydia COTES) 1769nov01 COATS William (John SHELDON/Mary PEAT) 1774apr28 COATS William (Joshua ROPER/Dorothy FROST) 1776jun05 COATS William (James COOPER/Hannah SIMS) 1838feb15 COCKAYNE Andrew (George AUSTIN/Harriet WOODHOUSE) 1759dec14 COCKAYNE George (Robert COCKAYNE/Mary WILCOCKSON) 1807oct21 COCKAYNE Mary (Richard SMITH/Phoebe WOODAS) 1761nov12 COCKER John (Samuel WALL/Mary UDAL) 1765sep23 COCKER John (Joseph ALSOP/Phoebe LYMN) 1769may01 COCKER John (William COCKER/Hannah WALL) 1790mar15 COCKER John (Samuel ROPER/Sarah MADDOCK) 1801sep14 COCKER John (Joseph FRITH/Martha COCKER) 1879apr13 COCKERHAM John (William WHITE/Hannah COCKERHAM) 1777oct16 COCKIN W. (John HOLEBROOKE/Grace TAYLOR) 1763jan10 COCKIN William (William GREATOREX/Mary COCKIN) 1809sep24 COCKRAM Robert (Henry MILLWARD/Elizabeth CHRITCHLOW) 1785oct10 COCKRAM Samuel (James BRELSFORD/Mary STERNDALE) 1784dec06 COKAYNE Francis (William LEES/Ann COCKAYNE) 1889apr20 COKAYNE Sarah (George Thomas COKAYNE/Hannah LAND) 1840jun03 COLE James (William BUXTON/Ellen STEVENSON) 1844oct07 COLE James (John BRAINBRIGGE/Rachel HUNT) 1844sep01 COLES William (Samuel ROWLAND/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1829jan26 COLLEDGE Charles (John STONE/Ann COLLEDGE) 1838oct01 COLLEDGE Charles (Joseph PARKER/Mary SHELLEY) 1823aug07 COLLEDGE Elizabeth (William KEELING/Sarah THOMAS) 1835nov04 COLLEDGE Elizabeth (Edward CLOUGH/Mary COLLEDGE) 1863mar31 COLLEDGE George (Thomas BRITTAIN/Mary COLLEDGE) 1882jun09 COLLEDGE George (Charles SURTEES/Mary DAKIN) 1820jul24 COLLEDGE Hannah (Alexander STREET/Elizabeth COLLEDGE) 1832aug15 COLLEDGE Isaac (Benjamin FLETCHER/Mary LEE) 1857jul06 COLLEDGE James (John CLOUGH/Eliza SMITH) 1804apr09 COLLEDGE John (Thomas POUNTAIN/Margaret COLLEDGE) 1808jan19 COLLEDGE John (Samuel TAYLOR/Rebecca SPENCER) 1808jul11 COLLEDGE John (Samuel REYNOLDS/Ann ABBOT) 1814jul25 COLLEDGE John (Samuel WILCOCKSON/Treasa REVILL) 1820jul24 COLLEDGE John (Alexander STREET/Elizabeth COLLEDGE) 1828jun29 COLLEDGE John (Hugh HODGES/Ruth BEALY) 1814jul25 COLLEDGE Lydia (Samuel WILCOCKSON/Treasa REVILL) 1828dec10 COLLEDGE Mary (Isaac COLLEDGE/Sarah MASKREY) 1831jun27 COLLEDGE Mary (Henry DAKIN/Tacey COLLEDGE) 1831oct03 COLLEDGE Mary (John BARKER/Dorothy SWIFT) 1788apr17 COLLEDGE Samuel (Joseph ALLEN/Mary LYMN) 1804apr09 COLLEDGE Samuel (Thomas POUNTAIN/Margaret COLLEDGE) 1829jan26 COLLEDGE Sarah (John STONE/Ann COLLEDGE) 1833dec30 COLLEDGE Sarah (John ANIABLE/Mary COLLEDGE) 1835mar02 COLLEDGE Sarah (John RAINS/Martha COLLEDGE) 1836dec24 COLLEDGE Sarah (Anthony BRELSFORD/Hannah COLLEDGE) 1850dec25 COLLEDGE Sarah (George JOHNSON/Emma SMITH) 1766apr03 COLLEDGE Thomas (Samuel COLLEDGE/Ann VALLANCE) 1771jan22 COLLEDGE Thomas (John WIBBERLEY/Keturah SWIFT) 1777jan30 COLLEDGE Thomas (William NOBLE/Hannah MART) 1779nov08 COLLEDGE Thomas (James POTTER/Martha TOMPSON) 1779dec09 COLLEDGE Thomas (Robert ROBISTON/Hannah COTTRILL) 1802apr10 COLLEDGE Thomas (William COLLEGE/Mary FROST) 1803sep12 COLLEDGE Thomas (Richard SAVENDER/Milicent COLLEGE) 1853jan26 COLLEGE Mary (James JACKSON/Elizabeth KEELING) 1790jul08 COLLEGE Samuel (Simeon SPENCER/Cassia SUMMERS) 1817jun15 COLLEY William (Robert BUNTING/Mary YOUNG) 1807jan26 COLLIDGE John (William DOXEY/Elizabeth REYNOLDS) 1811jan21 COLLIDGE John (John GREENHOUGH/Melicent FLINT) 1818feb09 COLLIER Joseph (John TOMLINSON/Ruth BUCKLEY) 1828mar04 COLLIN John (William P THORNHILL/Isabella GELL) 1769jul02 COLLINSON Edward (Edward BRAMLEY/Elizabeth ALSOP) 1769nov15 COLLINSON Edward (John STEEPLE/Nancy ROWSE) 1770oct06 COLLINSON Edward (Nathaniel RATCLIFF/Mary HEROD) 1771jan21 COLLINSON Edward (Simeon BROOKE/Ruth BROOKE) 1772jun25 COLLINSON Edward (Joseph COLLINSON/Hannah WRIGHT) 1798dec20 COLLINSON Elizabeth (Job ALLEN/Sarah HASLAM) 1810apr09 COLLINSON Hannah (Samuel WRIGHT/Mary SMITH) 1812may21 COLLINSON Hannah (David HALL/Elizabeth JEPSON) 1765jun06 COLLINSON Joseph (Michael GIBBENS/Ellen WRIGHT) 1770jan01 COLLINSON Joseph (Peter PEAL/Mary YATES) 1771jan12 COLLINSON Joseph (Samuel WOOD/Elizabeth BODEN) 1783sep15 COLLINSON Joseph (Joseph GREENHOUGH/Milicent COLLEDGE) 1791nov30 COLLINSON Joseph (Anthony FERN/Ruth STEER) 1795apr09 COLLINSON Joseph (Daniel SLACK/Ellenor COLLINSON) 1795dec03 COLLINSON Joseph (Thomas GIBBONS/Elizabeth COLLINSON) 1800jul08 COLLINSON Joseph (Robert LOWE/Mary BRIDDON) 1805feb25 COLLINSON Joseph (George WEBSTER/Sarah COLLINSON) 1808oct24 COLLINSON Joseph (Benjamin HARRISON/Jemima ROLLEY) 1830jun30 COLLINSON Lydia (Thomas T WHEATCROFT/Eleanor SLACK) 1806jun02 COLLINSON Mary (Joseph FERN/Elizabeth FERN) 1809sep06 COLLINSON Mary (William BUXTON/Sarah SPENCER) 1824dec01 COLLINSON Mary (Adam GREENHOUGH/Hannah COLLINSON) 1826jul20 COLLINSON Mary (Joseph MARCHANT/Hannah BUTLER) 1836jul07 COLLINSON Mary (Samuel BALLINGTON/Lydia COLLINSON) 1784aug30 COLLINSON Samuel (John CHADWICK/Ann WALL) 1797apr06 COLLINSON Samuel (William WIGLEY/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1813mar02 COLLINSON Samuel (Isaac ALLSOP/Mary OTTO) 1818apr08 COLLINSON Samuel (Samuel KIRK/Hannah TAYLOR) 1838jun11 COLLINSON Samuel (John BROMLEY/Frances HOPKINSON) 1804feb22 COLLINSON Sarah (William POYSER/Hannah GIBBONS) 1826jul20 COLLINSON T. (Joseph MARCHANT/Hannah BUTLER) 1758mar22 COLLINSON Thomas (John BURTON/Millicent GREGORY) 1758apr07 COLLINSON Thomas (John STORER/Ann EATON) 1760apr21 COLLINSON Thomas (Jacob TOMPSON/Mary ORME) 1760jun24 COLLINSON Thomas (Henry STREET/Elizabeth FLINT) 1762jan03 COLLINSON Thomas (Thomas ELLIOT/Elizabeth TARRANT) 1766nov13 COLLINSON Thomas (Joseph WILSON/Elisabeth GREGORY) 1771jan22 COLLINSON Thomas (John WIBBERLEY/Keturah SWIFT) 1773oct14 COLLINSON JU Thomas (Thomas SILKSTONE/Ann STORER) 1853may16 CONQUEST Thomas (John PIDCOCK/Hannah EMERY) 1884feb07 CONWAY Emma (Albert SPENCER/Louisa SPENCER) 1871mar02 CONWAY Hannah (George CONWAY/Sarah GREATOREX) 1873jan29 CONWAY Hannah (William CONWAY/Sarah SPENDLOVE) 1827nov28 CONWAY James (Joseph CALDWELL/Elizabeth HOLDGATE) 1826may11 CONWAY Joseph (John BROCKLEHURST/Elizabeth BUNTING) 1829apr22 CONWAY Joseph (John BUNTING/Hannah CONWAY) 1873jan29 CONWAY Joseph (William CONWAY/Sarah SPENDLOVE) 1882apr26 CONWAY Joseph (William FLINT/Eliza THOMPSON) 1829apr22 CONWAY Mary (John BUNTING/Hannah CONWAY) 1861jun06 CONWAY Reuben (Joseph CONWAY/Elizabeth YEOMANS) 1828may07 CONWEY Joseph (James CONWAY/Phebe WOODHOUSE) 1887apr13 COOK Ernest (Charles PHILLIPS/Emma SLACK) 1791sep14 COOK John (Joseph POTTER/Ann WHITTAKER) 1829mar09 COOK Mary Ann (John SIMS/Hannah STAFFORD) 1838sep29 COOK Sarah (Cornelius SPAIN/Elizabeth STREET) 1889dec08 COOKE Annie (Harry LEE/Charlotte COOKE) 1890dec10 COOKE Annie (Anthony WARDMAN/Mary COOKE) 1890dec10 COOKE Benjamin (Anthony WARDMAN/Mary COOKE) 1806aug11 COOKE Charlotte (Benjamin BUCKLEY/Elizabeth POYZER) 1895dec01 COOKE Emmaline (Albert BERESFORD/Annie COOKE) 1889dec08 COOKE Ernest (Harry LEE/Charlotte COOKE) 1851dec08 COOKE George (George VALLANCE/Hannah GRATTON) 1882aug03 COOKE Henry wm (John COOKE/Eliza annie FROST) 1839dec25 COOKE Joseph (Joseph WHITTAKER/Ann CLARKE) 1895dec01 COOKE Joseph (Albert BERESFORD/Annie COOKE) 1887dec25 COOKE Mary (George Francis GREEN/Elizabeth COOKE) 1838oct01 COOKE Sarah (John BEESON/Mary Ann COOKE) 1838oct01 COOKE William (John BEESON/Mary Ann COOKE) 1824dec15 COOLEY Hannah (William JONES/Mary WALLIS) 1763oct31 COOPER Abram (Nicholas LANGDON/Frances SEEDS) 1838sep16 COOPER Ann (Thomas BRAITHWAITE/Mary WESSON) 1809oct26 COOPER Anne (Job HALL/Mabel SPENCER) 1774aug10 COOPER Benjamin (John GELL/Elizabeth FROST) 1775dec01 COOPER Benjamin (Anthony WORSLOW/Mary SCATTERGOOD) 1780mar01 COOPER Benjamin (Thomas WETTON/Ann MELLOR) 1780apr26 COOPER Benjamin (William SWAIN/Mary BEARDSLEY) 1793sep16 COOPER Benjamin (Job BRITTON/Elisabeth MOSS) 1798mar01 COOPER Benjamin (Samuel HEAPY/Hannah CARSON) 1827dec17 COOPER Charles (William PEARSON/Mary Ann WOODHOUSE) 1838sep16 COOPER Charles (Thomas BRAITHWAITE/Mary WESSON) 1838nov25 COOPER Charles (Alfred BAMFORD/Grace HUNT) 1848jul27 COOPER Charles (George STREET/Martha ALLEN) 1800aug21 COOPER Elizabeth (Francis HALL/Elizabeth COOPER) 1800oct04 COOPER Elizabeth (Jacob POYSER/Hannah SALT) 1802mar08 COOPER Elizabeth (Anthony WAYNE/Sarah BEARDSLEY) 1809apr24 COOPER Frances (Thomas BROWN/Mary WOODHOUSE) 1835apr20 COOPER Hannah (John MATHER/Mary Ann HOLMES) 1885apr09 COOPER Henry (William SHAW/Annie COOPER) 1774jan06 COOPER James (William HILL/Ann COTTERIL) 1828sep22 COOPER James (John ELLIOTT/Sarah BODEN) 1865may16 COOPER Jane (Samuel BARBER/Hannah COOPER) 1835dec31 COOPER Jeremiah (John MATHER/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1788jun30 COOPER Jese? (George FOX/Martha COLLEDGE) 1784jun09 COOPER Jesse (Samuel BOWLER/Dorothy ORME) 1813nov08 COOPER Job (Samuel FEARN/Martha TAYLOR) 1768may03 COOPER John (John WINT/Hannah STAFFORD) 1809sep20 COOPER John (Anthony WEAN/Mary WRIGHT) 1818sep14 COOPER John (John HUBBARD/Mary COOPER) 1784nov01 COOPER Joseph (Jesse COOPER/Elizabeth PEMBARTON) 1804feb06 COOPER Joseph (John BORSLER?/Jane TAYLOR) 1805dec16 COOPER Joseph (James WHELDON/Sally TAYLOR) 1806mar20 COOPER Joseph (Michael TAYLOR/Ann WALKER) 1809sep06 COOPER Joseph (William BUXTON/Sarah SPENCER) 1814dec19 COOPER Joseph (George BATTERLEY/Ann COOPER) 1837dec25 COOPER Maria (John LANDERS/Hannah HARRISON) 1835jan28 COOPER Martha (John SALT/Harriet DEAN) 1856dec08 COOPER Mary (John GREEN/Alice BROWN) 1760dec20 COOPER Robert (Matthew WRIGHT/Martha FOUKE) 1769aug09 COOPER Robert (William TITTERTON/Sarah WEBSTER) 1782jan18 COOPER Robert (John DAWSON/Ann COOPER) 1801feb28 COOPER Robert (Thomas TAYLOR/Mary ROPER) 1838oct29 COOPER Samuel (William ROOSE/Mary SMEDLEY) 1839jun10 COOPER Samuel (John HARRISON/Maria COOPER) 1816jan25 COOPER Sarah (John RAINS/Hannah WOODAS) 1890jul26 COOPER Selina (Walter STEEPLES/Caroline WASS) 1758jan25 COOPER Thomas (Philip WATERFALL/Ellen BEESON) 1760may19 COOPER Thomas (Thomas STALEY/Mary WATERFALL) 1773apr12 COOPER Thomas (Thomas BELFIELD/Ann MASSEY) 1775feb10 COOPER Thomas (Thomas SPENCER/Hannah BRIDDON) 1788feb21 COOPER Thomas (John REEDS/Sarah WALKER) 1803mar03 COOPER Thomas (Nathaniel HOULGATE/Lydia COOPER) 1778oct15 COOPER William (Thomas COOPER/Ann ROBERTSON) 1785sep14 COOPER William (Thomas BUCKLEY/Mary GREATOREX) 1785sep14 COOPER William (John BROADHURST/Ann COLLEDGE) 1785sep14 COOPER William (John DAFFY/Mary FROST) 1790jan22 COOPER William (Daniel GREATOREX/Lydia COOPER) 1770dec05 COPE Jonathan (Joseph COPE/Lydia BROOKS) 1881sep14 COPE Mary (John henry HOUGHTON/Mary jane HAYNES) 1835jan26 COPESTAKE Charles (William WEBSTER/Mary Ann COPESTAKE) 1874may21 COPESTAKE Harriet (John MARSH/Annie stddmn COPESTAKE) 1807mar04 COPESTAKE Lidia (Samuel BRAILSFORD/Mary HONE) 1835jan26 COPESTAKE Sarah (William WEBSTER/Mary Ann COPESTAKE) 1836jul24 COPESTAKE Sarah (Thomas GARARD/Eliza COPESTAKE) 1799oct29 COPPACK Thomas (William LITTLEWOOD/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1869mar02 CORDE Thomas (John MASKREY/Anne STAFFORD) 1835mar23 CORDEN Edward (Thomas GARROTT/Elizabeth BYARD) 1840apr19 CORDEN Hannah (Joseph CAPY/Lydia CORDEN) 1835mar23 CORDEN Sarah (Thomas GARROTT/Elizabeth BYARD) 1791sep15 CORDEN William (James GRATTON/Mary WATERHOUSE) 1825feb15 CORDER Richard (Thomas BROOKS/Ann ALLSOP) 1860sep10 CORDIN Eliza (William CORDIN/Lydia TAYLOR) 1851apr14 CORDIN James (John FLINT/Hannah BROOKS) 1839dec09 CORDIN Jane? (John BYARD/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1809dec06 CORDIN John (William CAWDIN/Grace GRATTON) 1860nov22 CORDIN John (George JOHNSON/Sarah CORDIN) 1898aug15 CORDIN Louisa (William Edward CORDIN/Mary Ann MOORE) 1899may01 CORDIN Louisa (Alfred MOORE/Ann GRATTON) 1846nov17 CORDIN Mary (Thomas STEEPLES/Harriet CORDIN) 1851apr14 CORDIN Mary (John FLINT/Hannah BROOKS) 1828dec29 CORDIN Richard (James CORDIN/Sarah MARSH) 1846nov17 CORDIN Richard (Thomas STEEPLES/Harriet CORDIN) 1839sep30 CORDIN Sarah (Edward CORDIN/Hannah FRITH) 1865aug22 CORDIN William (William JOHNSON/Sarah STAFFORD) 1868sep15 CORDIN William (John CORDIN/Ann ROUSE) 1897aug02 CORDIN William (Gamaliel William MOORE/Julia Kate HENNESSEY) 1857jun03 CORDING Ann (John BREWER/Eliza WAIN) 1864feb21 CORDING Sarah (Joseph STAFFORD/Mary ann TAYLOR) 1860jan02 CORDING William (William BUNTING/Ann CORDING) 1860may30 CORDING William (Joseph DOXEY/Sarah OAKLEY) 1820apr03 CORWIN John (Richard CAWDIN/Ann MASKREY) 1759aug20 COSHALL Thomas (John CLAY/Dorothy MATHER) 1850oct24 COTES Eleanor? (James STRONACH/Sarah COTES) 1848dec28 COTES John (Thomas edward HUNSLEY/Mary COATES) 1815apr08 COTES Rebecca (Stephen GLOVER/Ann SHAW) 1850oct24 COTES William (James STRONACH/Sarah COTES) 1784mar30 COTTEN Robert (Edward WILLSHAW/Laetitia SMITH) 1784apr05 COTTEN Robert (Henry BUTLER/Dorothy BUTLER) 1756mar11 COTTERELL John (Jacob HIGTON/Hannah KNIFFTON) 1841aug02 COTTERIL John (William Fr. TAYLOR/Ann WESTON) 1758dec21 COTTERILL Francis (James STONE/Ann ROOSE) 1810sep13 COTTERILL George (Thomas GODBEHERE/Ann SPENCER) 1810sep13 COTTERILL George (George LOWE/Susannah SPENCER) 1781nov01 COTTERILL James (Thomas HODGKINSON/Susanna HALL) 1809jul06 COTTERILL John (George HEAPS/Rosamond GRIFFIN) 1836oct24 COTTERILL John (John BEELY/Sarah PHESENT) 1784dec08 COTTERILL Joseph (Samuel COLLINSON/Hannah STEER) 1779dec09 COTTERILL Lattemer (Robert ROBISTON/Hannah COTTRILL) 1767dec10 COTTERILL Paul (John HANDBURY/Mary WRAGG) 1768nov24 COTTERILL Paul (Charles LYMN/Elizabeth MARSHALL) 1771jan24 COTTERILL Paul (John HALL/Alice LIMN) 1772apr23 COTTERILL Paul (John ROPER/Patience BRITLAND) 1868sep08 COTTON Jane (Josph burgess COTTON/Jemima SCATTERGOOD) 1830sep15 COTTON John (Robert COTTEN/Hannah AMATT) 1785nov07 COTTON Robert (Samuel JOHNSON/Mary CONWAY) 1797oct23 COTTON Robert (Joseph SELLARS/Ann SNOW) 1800feb05 COTTON Robert (Richard WILD/Hannah SMITH) 1803sep26 COTTON Robert (Francis GALLIMORE/Mary BROWN) 1831mar08 COTTON Robert (William AMATT/Mary AMATT) 1827may03 COTTON Samuel (Henry COTTON/Sarah STREET) 1774jun09 COTTON William (John BATEMAN/Mabel SPENCER) 1764apr05 COTTRELL John (James COOPER/Grace COTTREL) 1758apr07 COTTRILL George (John STORER/Ann EATON) 1768sep12 COTTRILL George (Job WRIGHT/Ellin SMITH) 1790sep13 COTTRILL George (John TOPLIS/Sarah HALLAM) 1786jul17 COTTRILL Jo? (Richard HOPKINSON/Elizabeth SMEDLEY) 1786jul17 COTTRILL Jos. (James FINNEY/Mary BENNET) 1786oct18 COTTRILL Jos. (Thomas NEWBOUND/Hannah WIGLEY) 1787dec15 COTTRILL Jos. (Robert COOPER/Hannah HEALD) 1765jan07 COTTRILL Joseph (Thomas THOMPSON/Sarah HOLEBROOK) 1769jul31 COTTRILL Joseph (William BLOOD/Hannah RICHARDS) 1776feb27 COTTRILL Joseph (Joseph ALLEN/Sarah BEMBRIDGE) 1778apr27 COTTRILL Joseph (Thomas COLLINSON/Ann BUTLER) 1780mar29 COTTRILL Joseph (Thomas SUMMERFIELD/Sarah FROST) 1778jul27 COTTRILL Lattemer (Anthony FARRAND/Elizabeth HEWIT) 1792oct29 COTTRILL Paul (Thomas TWIGG/Grace WILSON) 1877mar26 COULDWELL John (Adam GRATTON/Fanny FLINT) 1820aug14 COWLEY Hannah (John HOUGH/Ann KIRKLAND) 1802aug23 COWLEY John (Samuel COWLEY/Ann KIRKLAND) 1804nov07 COWLEY John (Samuel WARRAN/Mary HALSWORTH) 1811nov25 COWLEY John (William HALLSWORTH/Grace KIRKLAND) 1815feb15 COWLEY Sarah (William FOWLKE/Mary COWLEY) 1842aug31 COWLEY Thomas (William EATON/Ann COWLEY) 1841dec31 COWLEY William (Samuel CHEETHAM/Thirza STEEPLES) 1771jan12 COWLISHAW James (Samuel WOOD/Elizabeth BODEN) 1824jul05 COWLISHAW James? (George PICKARD/Mary GODBEHERE) 1793sep09 COWLISHAW John (Anthony HOLEHOUSE/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1794dec29 COWLISHAW John (Isaac HANSON/Ann COCKER) 1795oct11 COWLISHAW John (William MARCHANT/Mary HOLEBROOKE) 1796nov30 COWLISHAW John (William COWLISHAW/Ann STORER) 1798may12 COWLISHAW John (John STORER/Mary THORNELY) 1798aug15 COWLISHAW John (Thomas GLOVER/Ann ROBEY) 1798nov05 COWLISHAW John (John CLARK/Ellen SIMPSON) 1799mar31 COWLISHAW John (Robert SMITH/Sarah DUROE) 1801jan01 COWLISHAW John (Joseph MASKREY/Mary STAFFORD) 1886may20 COWLISHAW Sarah Ann (William GARDOM/Emma BUCKLEY) 1850may20 COWLISHAW Thomas (John JACKSON/Ann BROUGH) 1764jun22 COWLISHAW William (Gervis WHEELDON/Hannah COWLISHAW) 1792aug02 COWLISHAW William (Henry TOMLINSON/Sarah WRIGHT) 1792sep12 COWLISHAW William (Edward WHEATCROFT/Mary GALLIMORE) 1798may12 COWLISHAW William (John STORER/Mary THORNELY) 1805aug14 COWLISHAW William (John COWLISHAW/Mary SIMPSON) 1868jun22 COXEN Isaac (Peter COXON/Fanny MORRIS) 1868jun22 COXON Annie (Peter COXON/Fanny MORRIS) 1897aug10 COXON Thomas (John SLATER/Annie Elizabeth COXON)

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.