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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Witnesses 1754-1899

12,140 Witnesses to Marriages found in Wirksworth and Middleton Parish Registers 1754-1899. Other details can be found in the Parish Register section.

  • Witnesses were not recorded in marriages before 1754.
  • Witnesses were usually relatives or close friends of the Bride or Groom.
  • There were usually two witnesses for each marriage, rarely 3 or 4.
  • A signature proves a witness was still alive in the absence of other records.
  • The period of operation of a witness can be useful.
  • The witness himself was sometimes getting married the same day.
  • For long periods few women were witnesses.
  • Witnesses with the same name may be distinguished by comparing handwriting.
  • Surnames in signatures can be particularly difficult to decipher.
  • There were professional witnesses, who often worked in pairs.
  • An illiterate witness had his name written for him.
  • Semi-literate witnesses wrote carefully and accurately.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.

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Return to Top 1866jan03 CRESSWELL Elizabeth (Michael MOORE/Hannah CRESSWELL) 1851apr07 CRESSWELL James (William BERISFORD/Ellen CRESSWELL) 1897apr28 CRESSWELL James (Harry GOODALL/Hannah CRESSWELL) 1795apr30 CRESSWELL Nicholas (Joseph SATTERFIELD/Mary COCK) 1845may20 CRESSWELL Robert (George paul BELCHER/Ellen CRESSWELL) 1763apr21 CRICHLA Isaac (Samuel NUTTALL/Phoebe PLATS) 1778jun15 CRICHLAW Isaac (John LANT/Mary FERN) 1768dec12 CRICHLOW Isaac (Thomas COLLEGE/Ann COOPER) 1758jan02 CROFT Hugh (George CROFT/Sarah FLETCHER) 1859feb10 CROFTS Ann (Henry FLINT/Emily CROFTS) 1836oct31 CROFTS Hannah (Daniel HOLMES/Sarah CROFTS) 1838oct29 CROFTS Hannah (John CROFTS/Elizabeth BRITLAND) 1832jan18 CROFTS Sarah (Thomas BROWNSON/Mary LOMAS) 1859feb10 CROFTS William (Henry FLINT/Emily CROFTS) 1859dec26 CROFTS William (Samuel FLINT/Ann CROFTS) 1871sep25 CROOKES Elizabeth (Gamaliel MOORE/Elizabeth WOODHOUSE) 1820oct25 CROOKS Joseph (Abraham CROOKS/Ann MARSHALL) 1829oct11 CROOKS Sarah (Edward KIRKLAND/Mary Ann CROOKS) 1845jan26 CROOKS Sarah (Thomas SWINSCOE/Tamer ALLSOP) 1899may22 CROSS Alfred H (George Edward BRACE/Mary Elizabeth DOXEY) 1858mar08 CROSS Sidney (Henry WALKER/Jane GREGORY) 1833nov14 CROUCH Harriet (Job WESTON/Judith COOPER) 1829aug24 CROWTHER Joseph (Joshua C CROWTHER/Hannah TAYLOR) 1847sep01 CULLADINE Lydia (Samuel COOPER/Mary GREATOREX) 1827oct25 CUMMINGS R. (Isaac MARSH/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1890nov20 CUMMINGTON Harry (William ALLSOP/Mary BAGGALEY) 1780oct30 CUNDALL John (Thomas E RADFORD/Hannah SOUTHERN) 1834dec30 CUNNINGHAM John (Henry SIMPSON/Esther REEDS) 1798nov07 CURTIS James (Job WRIGHT/Martha BOWN) 1812apr01 CUTTS Catharine (Thomas CUTTS/Rebecca SMITHURST) 1866jun25 CUTTS Denis? (Henry FOX/Mary BURCH) 1802jan14 CUTTS Jane (Joseph BODEN/Sarah GELL) Return to Top 1825feb16 DAFFIN John (John MARSDEN/Lydia STORER) 1835jul14 DAFFIN John (Joseph G EDMONDS/Hannah SHAW) 1823may19 DAKIN Ann (John CAUDWELL/Sarah DAKIN) 1873mar24 DAKIN Francis (Emmanuel BOTHAM/Elizabeth THOMPSON) 1853may16 DAKIN Hannah (John MUSSON/Martha HOLBROOK) 1821apr11 DAKIN Isaac (John DAKIN/Sarah MERCHANT) 1822dec23 DAKIN Isaac (Samuel DAKIN/Elizabeth MERCHANT) 1820feb09 DAKIN John (William PEARSON/Hannah FEARN) 1851oct13 DAKIN John (Solomon FOX/Anne MATHER) 1863jun29 DAKIN Joseph (Robert ALSOPE/Sarah Ellen MARCHINGTON) 1863jun29 DAKIN Margaret (Robert ALSOPE/Sarah Ellen MARCHINGTON) 1831jun27 DAKIN Robert (Henry DAKIN/Tacey COLLEDGE) 1822dec23 DAKIN Sarah (Samuel DAKIN/Elizabeth MERCHANT) 1890dec25 DAKIN Sarah Ann (James BRACE/Emma SPENCER) 1769aug09 DAKIN Thomas (William TITTERTON/Sarah WEBSTER) 1886dec19 DAKIN Thomas (Arthur Godfrey SCOTHERN/Clara DAKIN) 1879mar31 DALE Alice (George WALTON/Elizabeth WATSON) 1785aug03 DALE Daniel (Spateman SMITH/Ann JONES) 1807aug09 DALE Stephen (Abraham DALE/Dorothy SHELDON) 1788jul02 DALLEY J. (Benjamin HOLLAND/Helen HANSON) 1790sep22 DALLEY John (George WOOD/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1758oct05 DANIEL William (Thomas STEEPLE/Dorothy SWINDALL) 1873dec29 DANIELS Eliza (James albert ROWLAND/Mary ann DANIELS) 1832sep04 DANKS Isaiah (Thomas DANKS/Mary Ann WHEATCROFT) 1793jan21 DANNAH A. (Samuel NUTTALL/Sarah DANNAH) 1824mar18 DAVILE Mary (Thomas PEDLEY/Sarah WHEELDOW) 1895sep16 DAWES Agnes (William Marsh FOX/Annie DAWES) 1840oct12 DAWES Ann (William ELSE/Sarah DAWES) 1895sep16 DAWES George (William Marsh FOX/Annie DAWES) 1851oct30 DAWES Harriet (James DAWES/Harriet ELSE) 1847jul19 DAWES Mary (Thomas NORRIS/Maria PEAT) 1831jun20 DAWES Samuel (John LYMN/Anne HOLMES) 1832jan18 DAWES Samuel (Thomas BROWNSON/Mary LOMAS) 1849dec24 DAWSON Emma (William YOUNGE/Esther DAWSON) 1781apr21 DAWSON Hannah (Nicholas CRESWELL/Mary MELLOR) 1787dec15 DAWSON John (Robert COOPER/Hannah HEALD) 1823jun12 DAWSON John (Gemaliel HALL/Sarah OGDON) 1840aug30 DAWSON John (Isaac DOXEY/Mary DAWSON) 1864dec26 DAWSON Mary (John HOLLINGSWORTH/Ruth HODGKINSON) 1884feb24 DAWSON Mary Ann (Thomas PRATT/Harriet GOODWIN) 1865jun04 DAWSON Mary ann (Robert DAWSON/Helen FEATHERSTONE) 1870may09 DAWSON Mary ann (Richard WAIN/Sarah ann GOODWIN) 1882sep11 DAWSON Mary ann (Joshua GREATOREX/Annie GOODWIN) 1796may29 DAWSON William (Jonathan WIGLEY/Ann SHELDON) 1847aug23 DAWSON William (Jacob CARLISLE/Mary STORER) 1833jun13 DEACON William (John HOLEHOUSE/Dorothy WESTON) 1871oct17 DEAKIN Fanny (John WRIGHT/Marie mary DEAKIN) 1880sep26 DEAKIN Mary (Joseph HAYNES/Eliza MASKREY) 1851oct11 DEAKIN Sarah (William DEAKIN/Ellen WATSON) 1869jan28 DEAN Alice (William HOULGATE/Mary TURNER) 1821jan29 DEAN Ann (Robert HIGTON/Dolly GREGORY) 1874may16 DEAN Anthony (George HAWLEY/Ellen DEAN) 1788dec25 DEAN David (William HEATHCOTE/Milicent DEAN) 1780dec18 DEAN Edward (Samuel GOLLING/Hannah HOLE) 1867dec16 DEAN Fanny (Thomas MILWARD/Rebecca FEARN) 1824sep14 DEAN Frances (George AKERS/Elizabeth DEAN) 1856jul02 DEAN Hannah (Joseph BOWMER/Mary allsop DEAN) 1826apr23 DEAN James (John HAND/Ann DEAN) 1767mar16 DEAN John (James DEAN/Ann BRADSHAW) 1767aug13 DEAN John (John WIGLEY/Milicent WETTON) 1769dec25 DEAN John (George TAYLOR/Sarah BARKER) 1770nov01 DEAN John (John BRIDDON/Mary CADMAN) 1780oct09 DEAN John (Thomas PEARSON/Ann DEAN) 1783apr21 DEAN John (James TOMLINSON/Martha GODBEHERE) 1784feb09 DEAN John (John HORSLEY/Sarah ROOSE) 1784sep16 DEAN John (Samuel SILKSTONE/Mary ELLIS) 1785jul26 DEAN John (David SEEDS/Amy FLETCHER) 1789sep14 DEAN John (Richard POYZER/Martha HENLEY) 1789sep14 DEAN John (William WARREN/Elizabeth HIGTON) 1793feb12 DEAN John (William WRAGG/Mary DEAN) 1797oct15 DEAN John (William GRATTON/Lydia POYZER) 1804apr16 DEAN John (William SEEDS/Mary ROE) 1814aug31 DEAN John (Samuel GODBEHERE/Ann GREGORY) 1835jan28 DEAN John (John SALT/Harriet DEAN) 1814jun15 DEAN Lydia (Thomas WATERFALE/Mary COOPER) 1788apr23 DEAN Samuel (John FROST/Lydia DEAN) 1867dec16 DEAN Samuel (Thomas MILWARD/Rebecca FEARN) 1869jan28 DEAN Samuel (William HOULGATE/Mary TURNER) 1831nov27 DEAN Sarah (James ELSE/Hannah DEAN) 1778mar26 DEAN Thomas (James SOWTER/Ann WOODROUGH) 1778mar26 DEAN Thomas (James JACKSON/Jane WAGSTAFF) 1779nov04 DEAN Thomas (Benjamin WOODROUFFE/Elizabeth HANSON) 1854sep20 DEAVILLE Arthur (Joseph WRIGHT/Hannah DEAVILLE) 1854nov29 DEAVILLE Arthur (John DEAVILLE/Mary ann SPENDLOVE) 1854jun21 DEAVILLE Ellen (William DEAVILLE/Hannah DEAVILLE) 1854nov29 DEAVILLE Hannah (John DEAVILLE/Mary ann SPENDLOVE) 1854may03 DEAVILLE Maria (Richard GOODWIN/Hannah ALLEN) 1860jan16 DEBANK Edward (Joseph DEBANKS/Mary COOPER) 1774apr14 DEBANK John (William COTTON/Elizabeth GRACION) 1863mar09 DEBANK Joseph (Jeremiah COOPER/Harriet BRITLAND) 1802dec01 DEBANKE Ann (Withnall CLARKE/Mary DEBANK) 1757dec29 DEBANKE John (Joshua ROPER/Elizabeth HIGTON) 1778nov15 DEBANKE John (John TOWLE/Hannah PEARSON) 1796may08 DEBANKE John (Joseph RAYNES/Mary WESTON) 1861mar03 DEBANKS Fanny (William DEBANKS/Ann BROOKS) 1861mar03 DEBANKS John (William DEBANKS/Ann BROOKS) 1879feb10 DENNISS Omar Part. (James FROST/Hannah BUCKLEY) 1852feb19 DERBYSHIRE Fanny (Samuel WALKER/Mary DERBYSHIRE) 1852feb19 DERBYSHIRE George (Samuel WALKER/Mary DERBYSHIRE) 1786jul30 DEWHURST James (Abraham MOSS/Sally WATSON) 1894aug06 DICKEN Alice (Thomas WARD/Isabel DICKEN) 1874feb02 DICKEN Ann (Charles ALLSOP/Fanny DICKEN) 1894aug06 DICKEN Arthur (Thomas WARD/Isabel DICKEN) 1888jun21 DICKEN Elizabeth (William MALPASS/Ellen MARSDEN) 1874feb02 DICKEN George (Charles ALLSOP/Fanny DICKEN) 1861mar14 DICKEN John (Charles ELLEY/Ellen LANGDON) 1888jun21 DICKEN John (William MALPASS/Ellen MARSDEN) 1870feb28 DICKEN Ma (Henry BARKER/Alice TILLSON) 1854sep21 DICKEN Marianne (Robert VARLEY/Sarah BERNESTINE) 1875mar17 DICKEN Mary elizbth (Robert DICKEN/Ann MARSDEN) 1763oct03 DICKENS Thomas (George PEARSON/Elizabeth SMITH) 1769apr21 DICKENS Thomas (Richard BOWER/Ales MELLOR) 1770mar19 DICKENS Thomas (Samuel BAINBRIDGE/Elizabeth FOULK) 1772feb17 DICKENS Thomas (Matthew TAYLOR/Elizabeth MARSH) 1772mar04 DICKENS Thomas (John TAYLOR/Grace SIMPSON) 1775may06 DICKENS Thomas (James JOHNSON/Ann GAMBLE) 1849jan15 DICKIN John (William KILLER/Julia HADIKIN) 1820feb29 DIXON Isaac (William WOODROUGH/Mary POTTER) 1795oct16 DIXSON Benjamin (Thomas POTTER/Sarah DIXON) 1822may30 DOD Harriet (Henry CLARK/Mary BLACKWALL) 1868dec28 DONCASTER Ann (Henry DONCASTER/Eliza FOWKE) 1859dec29 DOUBLEDAY Ann (William CALDWELL/Martha AUSTIN) 1801apr21 DOWNING A. (Nathan HUBBERSTY/Mary D TOMLINSON) 1834mar06 DOXEY Aaron (William DOXEY/Dorothy SPENCER) 1845oct29 DOXEY Aaron (George DOXEY/Sarah SPENCER) 1866nov29 DOXEY Aaron (Samuel SHELDON/Ann DOXEY) 1873jun26 DOXEY Aaron (Daniel SLACK/Sarah DOXEY) 1892jun15 DOXEY Aaron (George KILLER/Mary DOXEY) 1766sep23 DOXEY Abraham (Joseph BROOKS/Mary THOMPSON) 1816jan25 DOXEY Abraham (Job DOXEY/Ann ALLEN) 1816jan25 DOXEY Abraham (James WRAGG/Sarah WRAGG) 1893aug19 DOXEY Ada (William YEOMANS/Emma FRITH) 1830apr15 DOXEY Ann (Joseph DOXEY/Lydia SPENCER) 1830sep26 DOXEY Ann (Anthony REEDS/Ann JEBSON) 1848jun26 DOXEY Ann (Ebenezer DOXEY/Rebecca HALL) 1858may06 DOXEY Ann (George DOXEY/Sarah DOXEY) 1873jun02 DOXEY Ann (Robert WARDMAN/Emma ALLSOP) 1873jun26 DOXEY Ann (Daniel SLACK/Sarah DOXEY) 1874feb08 DOXEY Ann (Thomas ALLEN/Elizabeth ALLSOP) 1877jun25 DOXEY Ann (Thomas ELSE/Sarah ALLSOP) 1883jan22 DOXEY Ann (Robert DOXEY/Millicent SLACK) 1887aug01 DOXEY Ann (John William WRIGHT/Caroline DOXEY) 1890nov03 DOXEY Ann (Samuel BROOKS/Emma DOXEY) 1875dec21 DOXEY Annie (Charles DOXEY/Elizabeth HOLMES) 1778jul01 DOXEY Anthony (Thomas HALLSWORTH/Hannah WATERFALL) 1820apr27 DOXEY Anthony (James BRACE/Ann DOXEY) 1822apr11 DOXEY Anthony (Samuel DOXEY/Hannah PEARSON) 1822apr11 DOXEY Anthony (Samuel DOXEY/Hannah PEARSON) 1854apr17 DOXEY Anthony (William BUCKLEY/Catherine DOXEY) 1899nov01 DOXEY Anthony (Walter HOLMES/Harriet DOXEY) 1827jan28 DOXEY Benjamin (Peter HOUGHTON/Mary STEAR) 1853nov23 DOXEY Catherine (Henry BUCKLEY/Hannah DOXEY) 1829mar02 DOXEY Charles (William STREET/Mary ALLEN) 1844jan29 DOXEY Charles (John DOXEY/Lydia SLACK) 1849aug09 DOXEY Charles (Francis SPENCER/Hannah DOXEY) 1886aug30 DOXEY Clara Eliz (George DOXEY/Sarah KILKENNY) 1815feb04 DOXEY David (John S ALLEN/Ann DOXEY) 1818jan29 DOXEY David (George LAND/Ann BROOKS) 1820dec14 DOXEY David (Henry MARSDEN/Ann ROPER) 1835sep13 DOXEY David (Thomas DOXEY/Hannah MELBOURN) 1854apr17 DOXEY Dolly (William BUCKLEY/Catherine DOXEY) 1847oct25 DOXEY Ebenezer (Isaac DOXEY/Anne FLINT) 1886jul30 DOXEY Ebenezer (Thomas ELSE/Hannah GRATTON) 1893oct02 DOXEY Edith (William Thomas ELLIS/Annie DOXEY) 1840nov05 DOXEY Elizabeth (Isaac DOXEY/Hannah SHELDON) 1837sep14 DOXEY Ellen (Anthony BODEN/Ann DOXEY) 1848jan27 DOXEY Ellen (William JONES/Mary SPENCER) 1897mar18 DOXEY Ellen (Walter GOULDING/Alice DOXEY) 1862jul10 DOXEY Emma (John MOORE/Hannah SHELDON) 1884jan21 DOXEY Emma (Joseph BRAILSFORD/Elizabeth DOXEY) 1853aug02 DOXEY Fanny (Isaac SPENCER/Hannah DOXEY) 1863may25 DOXEY Fanny (George ORRIDGE/Elizabeth PEARSON) 1857apr20 DOXEY George (Aaron BUCKLEY/Ann SLACK) 1879jul21 DOXEY George (John BEESON/Jemima DOXEY) 1883nov19 DOXEY George (John BUCKLEY/Mary Ann BRITLAND) 1889feb20 DOXEY George (John DOXEY/Lizzie HAYWOOD) 1847jan27 DOXEY Hannah (Anthony DOXEY/Rosamand WALKER) 1847jan28 DOXEY Hannah (Nehemiah DOXEY/Ellen SPENCER) 1847jul29 DOXEY Harriet (Daniel SPENCER/Elizabeth WRAGG) 1893sep14 DOXEY Harriet (John Thomas HALL/Emma FOX) 1899jul03 DOXEY Harriet (Anthony DOXEY/Frances Mary GRATTON) 1781oct18 DOXEY Henry (Abraham SAUNDERSON/Elizabeth BATTEY) 1783apr02 DOXEY Henry (John HANSON/Mercy GREGORY) 1784feb09 DOXEY Henry (William LONGDEN/Ann FERN) 1792jul09 DOXEY Jacob (Joseph DOXEY/Hannah ROGERS) 1807jan22 DOXEY Jacob (Thomas ELSE/Mary MASKREY) 1812jan13 DOXEY Jacob (Benjamin KNIVETON/Hannah HOADES) 1832nov25 DOXEY James (William HOUGHTON/Mary BUNTING) 1837apr28 DOXEY James (Matthew DOXEY/Elizabeth NEWBOLD) 1770jan18 DOXEY John (Henry HALL/Hannah ASHOVER) 1786jul30 DOXEY John (Abraham MOSS/Sally WATSON) 1814mar10 DOXEY John (Isaac SPENCER/Elizabeth BATEMAN) 1834dec31 DOXEY John (Samuel DOXEY/Sarah SHELDON) 1843apr17 DOXEY John (John WRAGG/Elizabeth DOXEY) 1844jan24 DOXEY John (John HALL/Mary SPENCER) 1886aug30 DOXEY John (George DOXEY/Sarah KILKENNY) 1886dec28 DOXEY John (Edward MATHER/Hannah BROOKS) 1894sep17 DOXEY John (Ezekiel RILEY/Hannah DOXEY) 1895jul29 DOXEY John (William BUCKLEY/Eliza WILDGOOSE) 1786aug09 DOXEY Jos. (Jacob DOXEY/Susanna DOXEY) 1792jul27 DOXEY Jos. (William BROOKS/Hannah BROOKS) 1792sep10 DOXEY Jos. (Holehouse STORER/Elizabeth BURTON) 1793dec18 DOXEY Jos. (John SPENCER/Elizabeth BUCKLEY) 1796sep14 DOXEY Jos. (John BROOKES/Ann SLACK) 1796sep14 DOXEY Jos. (John GODBEHERE/Ellen SPENCER) 1769nov30 DOXEY Joseph (John HUNT/Ann ALLIN) 1769nov30 DOXEY Joseph (Jacob DOXEY/Elizabeth BATEMAN) 1770jun03 DOXEY Joseph (Joseph HOLMES/Ann MATHER) 1770jul19 DOXEY Joseph (Thomas BATEMAN/Grace DOXEY) 1770aug29 DOXEY Joseph (Peter WRAGG/Elizabeth SMITH) 1770nov01 DOXEY Joseph (John BRIDDON/Mary CADMAN) 1778mar29 DOXEY Joseph (Peter SIMPSON/Ghiner DEAN) 1786dec28 DOXEY Joseph (John SHELDON/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1787jun21 DOXEY Joseph (Benjamin SPENCER/Ann DOXEY) 1796may16 DOXEY Joseph (Samuel BROOKES/Alice ELSE) 1796may16 DOXEY Joseph (Isaac SLACK/Elizabeth HINDS) 1796may16 DOXEY Joseph (James LUDLAM/Mary REDFORD) 1798jun20 DOXEY Joseph (John SHELDON/Edith STORER) 1820sep11 DOXEY Joseph (Robert WRAGG/Mary COTTON) 1831apr04 DOXEY Joseph (Anthony BUCKLEY/Elizabeth DOXEY) 1844aug22 DOXEY Joseph (Benjamin STALEY/Ann SPENCER) 1848feb23 DOXEY Joseph (John SPENCER/Hannah SPENCER) 1848mar13 DOXEY Joseph (Jacob DOXEY/Sarah DOXEY) 1854oct18 DOXEY Joseph (Joseph BUXTON/Mary Rose DOXEY) 1860oct08 DOXEY Joseph (Samuel DOXEY/Sarah DOXEY) 1861sep19 DOXEY Joseph (Leedham KIRK/Alice SPENCER) 1848nov23 DOXEY Martha (Joseph SHELDON/Harriet DOXEY) 1853may30 DOXEY Martha (Thomas CLAYTON/Sarah WALKER) 1815feb04 DOXEY Marther (John S ALLEN/Ann DOXEY) 1854aug30 DOXEY Mary (Peter GOULD/Harriet SEEDS) 1882oct08 DOXEY Mary (Mark FLINT/Hannah ELSE) 1886jul30 DOXEY Mary (Thomas ELSE/Hannah GRATTON) 1892sep05 DOXEY Mary Eliz (Alfred Henry CROSS/Emily Julia DOXEY) 1848mar13 DOXEY Mary? (Jacob DOXEY/Sarah DOXEY) 1837mar16 DOXEY Milicent (Jacob DOXEY/Mary BATEMAN) 1897nov17 DOXEY Millicent (Arthur Edward PATTIN/Mary DOXEY) 1846sep24 DOXEY Nehemiah (Charles DOXEY/Rosamond HIGTON) 1848jan27 DOXEY Nehemiah (William JONES/Mary SPENCER) 1837sep14 DOXEY Robert (Anthony BODEN/Ann DOXEY) 1841sep15 DOXEY Robert (John BUCKLEY/Mary DOXEY) 1827sep12 DOXEY Ruth (John Huws SLACK/Hannah DOXEY) 1866sep15 DOXEY Ruth (William SPRAY/Dolly DOXEY) 1755feb06 DOXEY Samuel (William WRIGHT/Silence BUNTING) 1756apr22 DOXEY Samuel (George LANT/Ann ELLIOT) 1777apr10 DOXEY Samuel (John SIMS/Hannah SIMPSON) 1778jul22 DOXEY Samuel (Joshua WESTON/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1779may24 DOXEY Samuel (James JEBSON/Edith BUXTON) 1781apr16 DOXEY Samuel (Thomas DOXEY/Milicent GREGORY) 1785aug25 DOXEY Samuel (Francis KENDALL/Sarah DAFFY) 1785sep15 DOXEY Samuel (Samuel HIGTON/Mary LAND) 1789jul06 DOXEY Samuel (Samuel THORPE/Mary SPENCER) 1800oct13 DOXEY Samuel (John MARSDEN/Lydia DOXEY) 1800oct13 DOXEY Samuel (Thomas DAVIS/Mary STREET) 1810jan01 DOXEY Samuel (Joseph DOXEY/Edith WARDMAN) 1849apr05 DOXEY Samuel (Thomas SHELDON/Ann STORER) 1863sep17 DOXEY Samuel (Thomas BROOKS/Emma Matilda DOXEY) 1875nov17 DOXEY Samuel (George TURNER/Emma DOXEY) 1828may29 DOXEY Sarah (William DOXEY/Ann MARPLE) 1835sep16 DOXEY Sarah (Benjamin SPENCER/Alice BROOKS) 1857apr20 DOXEY Sarah (Aaron BUCKLEY/Ann SLACK) 1863jun23 DOXEY Sarah (Daniel DOXEY/Milicent MATHER) 1770jun03 DOXEY Thomas (Joseph HOLMES/Ann MATHER) 1777sep18 DOXEY Thomas (Jacob DOXEY/Sarah ROPER) 1781feb15 DOXEY Thomas (Joseph SELLARS/Hannah BRELSFORD) 1781apr30 DOXEY Thomas (Reuben SPENCER/Elizabeth DOXEY) 1782jul04 DOXEY Thomas (Adam SIMPSON/Hannah DOXEY) 1788mar13 DOXEY Thomas (Thomas HALL/Ann MILLWARD) 1788mar13 DOXEY Thomas (Benjamin BUCKLEY/Phebe SPENCER) 1795mar16 DOXEY Thomas (Arthur SPENCER/Hannah GREGORY) 1795jul21 DOXEY Thomas (Isaac WOODHOUSE/Ann SPENCER) 1798jul23 DOXEY Thomas (Jacob DOXEY/Mary WRAGG) 1804jan02 DOXEY Thomas (Emanuel FLETCHER/Ruth BOAM) 1804dec13 DOXEY Thomas (Benjamin DOXEY/Ann SLACK) 1810sep10 DOXEY Thomas (Anthony BROOKS/Hannah TAYLOR) 1816nov18 DOXEY Thomas (John ALLSOP/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1843feb15 DOXEY Thomas (Joseph DOXEY/Mary SPENCER) 1883nov19 DOXEY Thomas (William DOXEY/Emily KAY) 1877jul09 DOXEY Walter (Ebenezer DOXEY/Mary ELSE) 1772jan01 DOXEY William (Israel SHAW/Hannah DOXEY) 1802jul15 DOXEY William (John WOODHOUSE/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1804dec03 DOXEY William (William GREATOREX/Rachel BATEMAN) 1816feb15 DOXEY William (Samuel WIGLEY/Jane JOWETT) 1826dec25 DOXEY William (Charles FROST/Elizabeth MASON) 1827jan28 DOXEY William (Peter HOUGHTON/Mary STEAR) 1830jul18 DOXEY William (Thomas WOOD/Ann BRITLAND) 1839sep19 DOXEY William (James BUCKLEY/Ellen DOXEY) 1840nov05 DOXEY William (Isaac DOXEY/Hannah SHELDON) 1848jun26 DOXEY William (Ebenezer DOXEY/Rebecca HALL) 1853aug02 DOXEY William (Isaac SPENCER/Hannah DOXEY) 1854mar01 DOXEY William (John spencer CHAMBERS/Mary COOPER) 1858may06 DOXEY William (George DOXEY/Sarah DOXEY) 1860feb13 DOXEY William (Samuel SPENCER/Mary ELSE) 1887aug01 DOXEY William (John William WRIGHT/Caroline DOXEY) 1890nov03 DOXEY William (Samuel BROOKS/Emma DOXEY) 1897mar18 DOXEY William (Walter GOULDING/Alice DOXEY) 1897nov17 DOXEY William (Arthur Edward PATTIN/Mary DOXEY) 1759oct20 DOXEYE John (John NEWTON/Martha HODGKINSON) 1886dec16 DOXY Aaron (Samuel DOXEY/Eliza SLACK) 1840dec20 DRADSHAW John (Ambrose SEEDS/Ann BUNTING) 1863dec17 DRAKES Ann (Edward bick. WATSON/Agnes FROST) 1885nov18 DRANFIELD Arthur (John Thomas HARDERN/Alice DRANFIELD) 1876feb01 DRANSFIELD Tom frank (George willm KNIGHTON/Benedicta DRANSFIELD) 1847may03 DRAPER Fletcher (Frederick DRAPER/Elizabeth ALLEN) 1847may03 DRAPER Fletcher (Richard BOWMAN/Mary ann NAYLOR) 1874jan18 DRINKWATER Hannah (John thomas RIGHTON/Sarah DRINKWATER) 1874jan18 DRINKWATER John (John thomas RIGHTON/Sarah DRINKWATER) 1819may27 DTORER Sarah (Philip PEAT/Mary HOLMES) 1882feb06 DUDDELL Elizabeth (Frederick SHAW/Catherine ann UPTON) 1770apr16 DUDLEY Samuel (Robert GOSLIN/Hannah PICKERING) 1849sep10 DUDSON Eliza (Samuel NEWTON/Mary ann FARRAND) 1831nov07 DUFFIELD Elizabeth (Benjamin NADIN/Isabella DUFFIELD) 1835jul27 DUFFIELD Elizabeth (Samuel SEEDS/Hannah MASKREY) 1843feb01 DUFFIELD Millicent (James STAFFORD/Elizabeth DUFFIELD) 1843apr03 DUFFIELD Millicent (Joseph MASKREY/Sarah DUFFIELD) 1845mar10 DUFFIELD Millicent (Philip GELL/Sarah CLARKE) 1806apr09 DUFFIELD Robert (William DUFFIELD/Mary SWINSCOE) 1836sep12 DUFFIELD Sarah (James HATFIELD/Mary DUFFIELD) 1828jul14 DUFFIELD Talulla (James CHARLESWORTH/Ann SPENCER) 1769dec25 DUFFIELD Thomas (David SEEDS/Rebecca GLOSSOP) 1772mar16 DUFFIELD Thomas (John GREENHOUGH/Hannah SMITH) 1777apr11 DUFFIELD Thomas (Anthony MASKERY/Margaret CLARK) 1790dec27 DUFFIELD Thomas (John MASKERY/Elizabeth COCKER) 1806apr09 DUFFIELD Thomas (William BROOKS/Mary BROOKS) 1806apr09 DUFFIELD Thomas (William DUFFIELD/Mary SWINSCOE) 1815oct02 DUFFIELD William (William SEEDS/Mary BAMFORD) 1822dec25 DUFFIELD William (John CORDIN/Mary MASKREY) 1830aug16 DUFFIELD William (Anthony SPENCER/Sarah GODBEHERE) 1842jun13 DUFFIELD William (Anthony SPENCER/Rachel LOWE) 1823may19 DUNN Sarah (James TAYLOR/Dorothy ALLSOP) 1799mar31 DUREUS Thomas (Robert SMITH/Sarah DUROE) 1802aug30 DUROE Francis (Joseph DUROE/Hannah FARROW) 1833may07 DUROE Samuel (John JOHNSON/Mary FARROW) 1815nov08 DUTSON Ann (Job DUDSON/Ann WILD) Return to Top 1790sep22 EAGLESFIELD Thomas (George WOOD/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1798oct15 EASTWOOD Benjamin (Robert BEESTON/Ann BUXTON) 1798oct15 EASTWOOD Benjamin (John KIDDEY/Grace BARNES) 1806dec14 EASTWOOD Benjamin (James WEBSTER/Mary EASTWOOD) 1830sep05 EASTWOOD Philip (John STAPLETON/Eliza TIMPERLEY) 1835sep13 EATON Ann (John HOLMES/Hannah EATON) 1838apr14 EATON Ann (James EATON/Elizabeth HOLLAND) 1880may24 EATON Anne (William BROOKS/Alice NOAKES) 1797nov28 EATON George (Abraham AULT/Ann FINNEY) 1811jul29 EATON George (Anthony WOODHOUSE/Ann SPENCER) 1811jul29 EATON George (Samuel SHELDON/Mary ELLIOTT) 1826sep10 EATON George (Anthony BUNTING/Hannah RICHARDSON) 1827sep10 EATON George (Stephen HICKTON/Ann ALLIN) 1827oct11 EATON George (William EATON/Lydia WARDMAN) 1839apr01 EATON George (Jesse EATON/Maria BUCKLEY) 1839jul29 EATON George (William EATON/Sarah WILDGOOSE) 1839sep23 EATON George (John BROOKS/Hannah GATES) 1840sep15 EATON George (Richard AUSTIN/Sarah FROGETT) 1846nov25 EATON George (William SHELLEY/Louisa BURGOINE) 1847dec11 EATON George (William HOLMES/Hannah FROST) 1852aug09 EATON George (John EATON/Jane SIDDALL) 1853feb17 EATON Grace (Charles EATON/Elizabeth KIDD) 1827nov08 EATON Hannah (Thomas EATON/Elizabeth PEIRCE) 1789jul14 EATON James (George RAWORTH/Sarah STANDALL) 1846apr13 EATON Jesse (Jonathan ELLIOTT/Anne BUCKLEY) 1862sep15 EATON Jesse (Enoch MARSON/Dorothy BRADLEY) 1865apr24 EATON Jesse (George BRACE/Ann ELLIOTT) 1789feb08 EATON John (George EATON/Hannah FINNEY) 1791oct05 EATON John (Thomas ELTON/Hannah EATON) 1806feb16 EATON John (John LONGDON/Grace JEBSON) 1817jun30 EATON John (Joseph SWIFT/Lydia BODEN) 1818sep14 EATON John (Thomas EATON/Mary NICHOLSON) 1820oct22 EATON John (Joseph EATON/Ann SPENCER) 1823aug03 EATON John (Samuel S ASHOVER/Dorothy EATON) 1879nov03 EATON John (Aaron EATON/Ann MILES) 1880may24 EATON John (William BROOKS/Alice NOAKES) 1854jan23 EATON Joseph (Peter BRITLAND/Ann EATON) 1865apr24 EATON Martha (George BRACE/Ann ELLIOTT) 1827sep10 EATON Mary (George EATON/Ann CLARK) 1838apr14 EATON Thomas (James EATON/Elizabeth HOLLAND) 1820oct22 EATON William (Joseph EATON/Ann SPENCER) 1825sep12 EATON William (Edward SMITHURST/Rebecca EATON) 1826mar28 EATON William (Azariah PIDCOCK/Ann EATON) 1835jan26 EATON William (George EATON/Sarah SWIFT) 1846sep13 EATON William (James WILDGOOSE/Elizabeth YATES) 1854dec24 EATON William (James FLINT/Jane WILDGOOSE) 1864nov28 EATON William (Robert TAYLOR/Charlotte THOMPSON) 1851oct30 EBEN Thomas (James DAWES/Harriet ELSE) 1865feb23 EDMONDS James (Anthony joseph PEAT/Caroline ann EDMONDS) 1841feb27 EDWARDS Edward (George SPENCER/Ann KILLER) 1783jan09 EDWARDS Eliza (Francis PAGE/Sarah BRADSHAW) 1858jul28 ELCE Ann (Thomas ELCE/Sarah Ann OXSPRING) 1882dec25 ELCE George (William BUTLER/Isabella SPENCER) 1755jan25 ELCE Henry (Isaac SPENCER/Sarah ELCE) 1830oct07 ELCE James (Jacob DOXEY/Mary KILLER) 1858jul28 ELCE James (Thomas ELCE/Sarah Ann OXSPRING) 1757nov17 ELCE Ralph (Richard POYSER/Ann TIMPERLEY) 1797feb16 ELCE Thomas (Benjamin HENSTOCK/Ann WRAGG) 1799may13 ELCE Thomas (Joseph BROOKES/Ann CRITCHLOW) 1801jan01 ELCE Thomas (Nathaniel BROOKS/Hannah ELSE) 1803aug02 ELCE Thomas (Thomas HOUGHTON/Ruth WIGLEY) 1818sep17 ELCE Thomas (John SPENCER/Hannah BROOKS) 1841jan21 ELCE Thomas (Thomas MOOR/Mary ELCE) 1786feb25 ELIOT John (Samuel MARSH/Sarah MARSON) 1760sep22 ELLES Charles (Henry LUDLAM/Ann BAGSHAW) 1789feb09 ELLES John (Edward ALLEN/Hannah ELLIS) 1852aug08 ELLICOCK Elizabeth (John ELLICOCK/Hannah SEEDS) 1855jan22 ELLICOCK George (William ELSE/Louisa GELL) 1858dec22 ELLICOCK George (Morrice ELLICOCK/Hannah ann SPENCER) 1869aug09 ELLICOCK George (Maurice ELLICOCK/Emma BRENTNALL) 1889nov30 ELLICOCK George (Percy SHILLITO/Frances Mary ELLICOCK) 1889nov30 ELLICOCK Jane (Percy SHILLITO/Frances Mary ELLICOCK) 1865sep10 ELLICOCK John (George SEEDS/Mary ann GODBEHERE) 1876feb28 ELLICOCK Morrice (Frederic TURNER/Sarah ann HEADLEY) 1852aug08 ELLICOCK Peter (John ELLICOCK/Hannah SEEDS) 1875mar08 ELLICOCK Sarah (Henry BOTHAM/Mary ann WETTON) 1875mar08 ELLICOCK William (Henry BOTHAM/Mary ann WETTON) 1796dec05 ELLIOT Edward (John HOLMES/Sarah WALKER) 1797nov02 ELLIOT Edward (Anthony TOMLINSON/Catharine ROOSE) 1798jun06 ELLIOT Edward (John OXSPRING/Sarah TIMPERLEY) 1846nov25 ELLIOT Elizabeth (William SHELLEY/Louisa BURGOINE) 1793dec09 ELLIOT Elliot (George HIGTON/Elizabeth ELLIOT) 1764dec29 ELLIOT Henry (Richard BUXTON/Hannah HALLWORTH) 1769feb06 ELLIOT Henry (Charles SMITH/Ann JOHNSON) 1777apr10 ELLIOT Henry (John SIMS/Hannah SIMPSON) 1767sep09 ELLIOT John (Samuel KINDER/Sarah WARD) 1769apr26 ELLIOT John (Anthony WAYN/Hannah ELLIOT) 1775nov27 ELLIOT John (George BAMFORD/Ruth LYMN) 1775dec01 ELLIOT John (Anthony WORSLOW/Mary SCATTERGOOD) 1781nov16 ELLIOT John (Joseph COOPER/Grace SIMPSON) 1784jun09 ELLIOT John (Samuel BOWLER/Dorothy ORME) 1784aug04 ELLIOT John (John BENNET/Sarah COOPER) 1785jul05 ELLIOT John (John FROST/Martha SHAW) 1793nov11 ELLIOT Jonathan (Samuel ELLIOT/Jane BIRDS) 1796feb28 ELLIOT Jonathan (Lowe ELLIOT/Martha POYZER) 1774jun30 ELLIOT Luke (William OXSPRING/Martha WRIGHT) 1775may11 ELLIOT Luke (John ELLIOT/Elizabeth HALLAM) 1899oct04 ELLIOTT Abraham (John William ALLEN/Hannah Ellen ELLIOTT) 1867sep11 ELLIOTT Alice (Francis EATON/Elizabeth BROWNSON) 1823jul30 ELLIOTT Ann (Samuel ELLIOTT/Ann TAYLOR) 1828sep22 ELLIOTT Ann (John ELLIOTT/Sarah BODEN) 1856apr02 ELLIOTT Ann (William WALKER/Sarah MATKIN) 1875nov01 ELLIOTT Ann (John SHELDON/Hannah REDFERN) 1882may15 ELLIOTT Ann (Samuel ALLEN/Harriet RAINSFORD) 1890jun23 ELLIOTT Ann (Abraham ELLIOTT/Sarah HALLOWS) 1837dec25 ELLIOTT Daniel (Richard ELLIOTT/Lydia BODEN) 1825oct10 ELLIOTT Edward (John MORTON/Margaret ELLIOTT) 1848may16 ELLIOTT Eliza (Thomas ELLIOTT/Eliza ann HARRISON) 1843aug27 ELLIOTT Elizabeth (William ELLIOTT/Rebecca GREEN) 1846apr13 ELLIOTT Elizabeth (Robert TAYLOR/Mary ELLIOTT) 1838oct01 ELLIOTT Emma (Joseph PARKER/Mary SHELLEY) 1835jan11 ELLIOTT Hannah (John HYDES/Elizabeth ELLIOT) 1869dec30 ELLIOTT Hannah (James CRESSWELL/Sarah CORDIN) 1786jan22 ELLIOTT Henry (John WALKER/Sarah BOWRING) 1861oct21 ELLIOTT Isaac (John BROUGH/Eliza CORDING) 1761nov19 ELLIOTT James (John NALL/Elisabeth BATTELY) 1762feb02 ELLIOTT James (Rowland SWAN/Persenia BALL) 1768jun23 ELLIOTT James (Job BROOKE/Margaret BADDELY) 1771jan24 ELLIOTT James (John HALL/Alice LIMN) 1772may27 ELLIOTT James (Thomas SPENCER/Ann MELLER) 1774apr13 ELLIOTT James (Thomas MATHER/Mary SPENCER) 1774jun09 ELLIOTT James (John BATEMAN/Mabel SPENCER) 1875oct18 ELLIOTT James (John ELLIOTT/Mary MOUNTNEY) 1776nov28 ELLIOTT John (Benjamin COOPER/Sarah ELLIOT) 1787may02 ELLIOTT John (John WAYN/Susanna WRIGHT) 1789sep17 ELLIOTT John (Charles BUXTON/Ellen TAYLOR) 1789sep17 ELLIOTT John (Phineas PEAT/Ann SWIFT) 1797jan05 ELLIOTT John (Samuel SMITH/Sarah LEAM) 1810mar25 ELLIOTT Lydia (Joseph BATES/Mary FEARN) 1838jun05 ELLIOTT Lydia (David ELLIOTT/Emma ARGYLE) 1825oct10 ELLIOTT Mary (John MORTON/Margaret ELLIOTT) 1875apr26 ELLIOTT Mary (Benjamin ELLIOT/Eliza WEBSTER) 1891feb28 ELLIOTT Mary Jane (Samuel ELLIOTT/Alathere GREATOREX) 1821mar25 ELLIOTT Nehemiah (Richard COOPER/Ellen MURTON) 1890jun23 ELLIOTT Peter (Abraham ELLIOTT/Sarah HALLOWS) 1825may29 ELLIOTT Robert (Benjamin SPENCER/Ann SPENCER) 1855dec20 ELLIOTT Rose (John BASSETT/Hannah ELLIOTT) 1861may23 ELLIOTT Samuel (Joseph MASKREY/Hannah CORDIN) 1869dec30 ELLIOTT Samuel (James CRESSWELL/Sarah CORDIN) 1804oct15 ELLIOTT Sarah (Thomas WOODHOUSE/Elizabeth COOPER) 1848may16 ELLIOTT William (Thomas ELLIOTT/Eliza ann HARRISON) 1871jan16 ELLIOTT William (John LAND/Ann ELLIOTT) 1848jan23 ELLIS Elizabeth (James HANDLEY/Hannah WHEELDON) 1844may27 ELLIS Samuel (George WILBRAHAM/Ann JONES) 1769may01 ELLOTT Christopher (William COCKER/Hannah WALL) 1771may18 ELLOTT Cristopher (William SMITH/Elizabeth DUDSON) 1758may23 ELLOTT Henry (James HARRISON/Lidya SHORE) 1758nov25 ELLOTT Henry (Thomas WILLSON/Sarah SHORE) 1761feb12 ELLOTT Joseph (William BRITTLEBANK/Ruth WOODIWISS) 1762jun24 ELLOTT Joshua (John CADMAN/Jane SPENCER) 1767dec22 ELLOTT Joshua (John COOPER/Ann GILMAN) 1769may02 ELLOTT Joshua (Joseph YOUNG/Lydia ELLOTT) 1763apr25 ELLOTT Josiah (James FROST/Lydia PEARSON) 1848mar29 ELLY Lois (William TURNER/Lois SPENCER) 1875apr26 ELSE Alfred (Daniel GELL/Alice ELSE) 1849feb12 ELSE Ann (Richard BRUNT/Mary STEEPLES) 1856aug04 ELSE Ann (Charles NEILL/Catherine HUGHES) 1870aug21 ELSE Ann (Thomas HANSON/Sarah FROST) 1852jul28 ELSE Dorothy (William ELSE/Elizabeth LAND) 1858apr05 ELSE Dorothy (John HARRISON/Hannah REDFERN) 1865jun18 ELSE Emma (John MASKREY/Sarah STEVENSON) 1884jan10 ELSE Emma (Edward BROOKS/Ellen HOUGHTON) 1898aug08 ELSE Florence (Henry ELSE/Rose CARMAN) 1873apr07 ELSE Frances (Benjamin MOULD/Lydia KNIVETON) 1874apr15 ELSE George (Henry william GRATTON/Sarah maria STEEPLES) 1878jun12 ELSE George (William HOUGHTON/Hannah TURNER) 1879jul09 ELSE George (William ELSE/Fanny STRINGER) 1888dec24 ELSE George (Henry THOMPSON/Sarah ALLSOPP) 1882dec25 ELSE Grace (William BUTLER/Isabella SPENCER) 1877jul09 ELSE Hannah (Ebenezer DOXEY/Mary ELSE) 1890mar08 ELSE Isabella (John KINDER/Bertha ELSE) 1870aug21 ELSE James (Thomas HANSON/Sarah FROST) 1872mar30 ELSE James (Daniel BUNTING/Charlotte BROOKS) 1879jun08 ELSE James (William PEARSON/Hannah RADFORD) 1896jan27 ELSE James (Arnold Edwin GELL/Alice ELSE) 1786jul17 ELSE Job (John EYELEY/Ann FARR) 1872mar30 ELSE Maria (Daniel BUNTING/Charlotte BROOKS) 1896jan27 ELSE Marie (Arnold Edwin GELL/Alice ELSE) 1853nov10 ELSE Mary (Benjamin MARSDEN/Mary WEBSTER) 1875aug08 ELSE Mary (Alfred ELSE/Mary BRATBY) 1876dec24 ELSE Mary (William ELSE/Emma HOUGHTON) 1882nov22 ELSE Mary (William TRAVILL/Annie LOWE) 1869aug16 ELSE Mary eliza (Thomas TIVEY/Maria MARSDEN) 1879jul09 ELSE Matilda (William ELSE/Fanny STRINGER) 1876may24 ELSE Samuel (Thomas BROOKS/Hannah BATEMAN) 1884mar05 ELSE Samuel (William BROOKS/Mary ELSE) 1880jan19 ELSE Sarah ann (Frank ELSE/Charlotte HORTON) 1831nov27 ELSE Thomas (James ELSE/Hannah DEAN) 1832dec26 ELSE Thomas (Thomas BROOKES/Sarah SPENCER) 1840oct12 ELSE Thomas (William ELSE/Sarah DAWES) 1852jul28 ELSE Thomas (William ELSE/Elizabeth LAND) 1873apr07 ELSE Thomas (Benjamin MOULD/Lydia KNIVETON) 1879may04 ELSE Thomas (James ELSE/Hannah VALLANCE) 1836sep19 ELSE William (Thomas ELSE/Ann ROBINSON) 1852feb18 ELSE William (Thomas ELSE/Frances SIMS?) 1865jun18 ELSE William (John MASKREY/Sarah STEVENSON) 1873feb06 ELSE William (George mrngtn PORTER/Adelaide MASKREY) 1892dec27 ELSE William (Charles Edward NASH/Isabella ELSE) 1896nov15 ELSE William (John FLINT/Louisa ELSE) 1754nov21 ELY Thomas (Robert ALLIN/Elizabeth ALLIN) 1787sep12 ELY Thomas (John WORSLOVE/Ann EYELEY) 1831apr07 ETSHES John (Joseph MILLINGTON/Mary THOMPSON) 1800jul31 EVANS Edward (William EVANS/Margaret L GOODWIN) 1814nov24 EVANS Elizabeth (Francis SHAW/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1823sep03 EVANS Elizabeth (William JEPSON/Charlotte ALLENBY) 1825mar21 EVANS Elizabeth (John BRIDDON/Elizabeth EVANS) 1837oct03 EVANS Elizabeth (James ROBINSON/Eliza smedley WALKER) 1867feb28 EVANS Hannah (Thomas BAGGELEY/Ann COOPER) 1820mar01 EVANS Henry (Samuel HOLEHOUSE/Sarah BUNTING) 1830nov15 EVANS John (Thomas EVANS/Mary HAYNES) 1839apr04 EVANS John (William WALKER/Elizabeth EVANS) 1870feb17 EVANS Joseph (William EVANS/Millecent DOXEY) 1898aug24 EVANS Joseph (William EVANS/Sarah Ann HOLMES) 1826jan26 EVANS Mary (Joseph ROOSE/Hannah DEAN) 1826dec25 EVANS Mary (Charles FROST/Elizabeth MASON) 1843apr27 EVANS Mary (John EVANS/Ellen KINDER) 1832mar06 EVANS Roger (William DUNN/Mary TAYLOR) 1820dec26 EVANS Samuel (John THELWELL/Ann FROST) 1823jun03 EVANS Samuel (Isaac WALKER/Mary PARR) 1823sep03 EVANS Samuel (William JEPSON/Charlotte ALLENBY) 1825mar21 EVANS Samuel (John BRIDDON/Elizabeth EVANS) 1843apr27 EVANS Samuel (John EVANS/Ellen KINDER) 1824jun10 EVANS Thomas (James BRIDDOW/Ann WHITE) 1827feb01 EVANS Thomas (Thomas HANSON/Jane ALLSOP) 1827feb01 EVANS Thomas (William CORBETT/Mary FEARN) 1860sep10 EVANS William (Robert GREATOREX/Emma GEARY) 1867feb28 EVANS William (Thomas BAGGELEY/Ann COOPER) 1869jul12 EVANS William (Joseph EVANS/Mary SLACK) 1762jul26 EYELEY Joseph (John FARRAND/Mary ROOSE) 1838aug12 EYRE Alice (John HAMMOND/Mary SCOTHAM) 1830dec25 EYRE William (Thomas HUDSON/Dorothy LINNICER) Return to Top 1851sep15 FARITINS Richard (William BRELSFORD/Mary ann FOX) 1762jul26 FARMER John (John FARRAND/Mary ROOSE) 1821may29 FARMER John (Robert DARE/Ann SHERWIN) 1852may05 FARMER John (Robert MATHESON/Eliza booth BEARDSLEY) 1821may29 FARMER Susanna (Robert DARE/Ann SHERWIN) 1888may13 FARNSWORTH Clara I (Frederic SLACK/Martha Millward FARNSWORTH) 1877jan09 FARNSWORTH George (Joseph OXLEY/Sarah HOUGHTON) 1887may07 FARNSWORTH George (Henry SLACK/Mary BATTERLEY) 1800apr28 FARNSWORTH Isaac (William WALTON/Mary BUCKLEY) 1825apr04 FARNSWORTH Joseph (Joseph SLACK/Ruth BROUGH) 1894dec22 FARNSWORTH Lydia Md (Thomas Milward FARNSWORTH/Anne POTTER) 1855sep10 FARNSWORTH Martha millw (George FARNSWORTH/Martha MILLWARD) 1890jul23 FARNSWORTH Thomas (George FARNSWORTH/Annie BATTERLEY) 1891sep17 FARNSWORTH Thomas (Charles William RALPH/Hannah MILWARD) 1892sep10 FARNSWORTH Thomas (John POTTER/Clara Isadora FARNSWORTH) 1888may13 FARNSWORTH Thomas M (Frederic SLACK/Martha Millward FARNSWORTH) 1822aug29 FARRAND Anthony (Ferdinand WATHALL/Ann FARRAND) 1822aug29 FARRAND Anthony (George SMITH/Catherine TOOPLEY) 1826mar09 FARRAND Anthony (William GRATTON/Jane SMITH) 1826mar09 FARRAND Anthony (John DUDSON/Elizabeth ALLEN) 1807sep14 FARRAND Francis (John TWIGG/Ann BRITLAND) 1761jun18 FARRAND John (George FROST/Esther HALL) 1762jan19 FARRAND John (Francis ROPER/Mary LOCKALL) 1778jul27 FARRAND John (Anthony FARRAND/Elizabeth HEWIT) 1840apr29 FARRAND Joseph (Samuel oliver HUNT/Hannah WOOD) 1843jul13 FARRAND Joseph (Henry lafont WALLACE/Ann FRITCHLEY) 1848jul24 FARRAND Maryann (James PITTS/Mary FLINT) 1769jan18 FAULK Joseph (Bartholomew MOSS/Mary REDD) 1775oct16 FAUSET James (John HOLEHOUSE/Cassandra NASH) 1798aug06 FAWK William (Joseph WHITE/Ellen FRITH) 1806jun02 FEARN Aaron (Joseph FERN/Elizabeth FERN) 1809may23 FEARN Aaron (Moses FEARN/Sarah RENSHAW) 1853jun19 FEARN Aaron (Benjamin ELIOT/Phoebe ALDRED) 1848feb17 FEARN Ann (Joseph GREATOREX/Mary SPENCER) 1870jan17 FEARN Emma (Thomas BUCKLEY/Ruth FEARN) 1824may10 FEARN George (Samuel STORER/Elizabeth FEARN) 1858may26 FEARN George (Henry PEARSON/Hannah EVANS) 1864may16 FEARN George (Moses KIDD/Harriet HOLMES) 1806feb09 FEARN Hannah (John BUXTON/Mary LEAM) 1864sep11 FEARN John (Henry PEARSON/Mary ann BREWELL) 1880jun08 FEARN John (Samuel FEARN/Elizabeth SMEDLEY) 1833feb20 FEARN Joseph (Thomas SEEDHOUSE/Sarah HOLMES) 1820mar20 FEARN Mary (Samuel NUTTALL/Sarah FEARN) 1868dec31 FEARN Mary Ann (Aaron DOXEY/Eliza GREGORY) 1798apr26 FEARN Moses (William FERN/Rebecca WATSON) 1809may08 FEARN Robert (John ROWLAND/Susannah BAXTER) 1884jul14 FEARN Samuel (Charles FEARN/Elizabeth Alice KINDER) 1820jan20 FEARN Sarah (Joseph SHELDON/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1830aug16 FEARN Sarah (Anthony SPENCER/Sarah GODBEHERE) 1833dec02 FEARN Sarah (James HOLMES/Hannah FEARN) 1893aug16 FEARN Sarah Ann (John William FEARNE/Mary Elizabeth BUTLER) 1777sep07 FEARN William (Thomas FERN/Hannah GLAZEBROOKE) 1801feb19 FEARN William (Thomas NORCLIFFE/Elizabeth BULLOCK) 1874nov15 FEARN William (John GRATTON/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1899feb27 FENNELL John (Edward Robert HORNE/Evelyn Mary FENNELL) 1846apr13 FENTON Mary (James FENTON/Mary PEARSON) 1788dec22 FERN Anthony (James WALKER/Elizabeth BINGHAM) 1789sep03 FERN Benjamin (Samuel KINDER/Mary SPENCER) 1877feb19 FERN Charles (William WILTON/Mary ann FEARN) 1891may09 FERN Elizabeth (George HALLOWS/Martha MARPLE) 1877feb19 FERN Emma (William WILTON/Mary ann FEARN) 1796aug16 FERN Hugh (John SMITH/Elizabeth HAWLEY) 1833may23 FERN John (John SMITH/Mary PEAT) 1810dec11 FERN Josep (John TOPPIN/Ann PEARSON) 1769jul23 FERN Laurence (George ORRAGE/Hannah STAFFORD) 1870aug06 FERN Mary ellen (James harrsn JEBB/Mary BOWMER) 1755jan27 FERN Moses (William LONGDEN/Hannah FERN) 1870aug06 FERN Richard w (James harrsn JEBB/Mary BOWMER) 1892dec24 FERN Thomas (Edward MARPLE/Sarah Elizabeth FEARN) 1853sep12 FIDLER Thomas (George TURNER/Martha HOADES) 1836dec29 FIELDHOUSE Joseph (Joseph GOODALL/Phebe SPENCER) 1866feb26 FIELDING Elizabeth (William WRIGLEY/Francis COXON) 1866feb26 FIELDING Simon (William WRIGLEY/Francis COXON) 1822sep18 FIRTH James (Job WALLBANK/Sarah ALLSOP) 1770nov29 FISHER George (John SIMS/Dorothy REPTON) 1833oct14 FISHER Hannah (Francis ROPER/Elizabeth HODGKINSON) 1792apr21 FISHER Jane (Samuel B DRAKE/Martha C FISHER) 1899dec09 FISHER Joseph (Job SLACK/Lucy FISHER) 1846jun01 FLETCHER Ann (George TAYLOR/Sarah FLETCHER) 1831mar03 FLETCHER Benjamin (Isaac F COLLEDGE/Grace MOUNTNEY) 1858mar29 FLETCHER Benjamin (William BEARDSLEY/Mary FLETCHER) 1858nov29 FLETCHER Elizabeth (Richard YEOMANS/Emma FLETCHER) 1898feb21 FLETCHER Emily (Arthur HAYNES/Mary Ann PEARSON) 1858mar29 FLETCHER Hannah (William BEARDSLEY/Mary FLETCHER) 1766oct14 FLETCHER John (George POTTS/Dorothy YOUNG) 1810mar05 FLETCHER John (Job HALL/Elizabeth STORER) 1810mar05 FLETCHER John (Thomas HOLMES/Mary WIGLEY) 1818aug20 FLETCHER John (George CALDWELL/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1826oct05 FLETCHER John (Francis PEAT/Ann HARRIS) 1839jul17 FLETCHER John (Marshall GOODALL/Mary FLETCHER) 1758jan02 FLETCHER Joseph (George CROFT/Sarah FLETCHER) 1764jun15 FLETCHER Joseph (George ALLIN/Hannah CLAYTOR) 1772jan06 FLETCHER Joseph (Samuel STREET/Mary FLETCHER) 1779dec27 FLETCHER Joseph (George FRITCHLEY/Mary FLETCHER) 1785nov25 FLETCHER Joseph (Samuel POYSER/Dorothy FLETCHER) 1846jun01 FLETCHER Joseph (George TAYLOR/Sarah FLETCHER) 1862oct16 FLETCHER Joseph (James NORTH/Hannah FLETCHER) 1864jun30 FLETCHER Joseph (Mark HALL/Sarah FLETCHER) 1865aug22 FLETCHER Joseph (Thomas SAVAGE/Harriet eliz NORMAN) 1852oct18 FLETCHER Lydia (Paul MART/Hannah STATHAM) 1847nov01 FLETCHER Maria (John SHELLEY/Ann SIDDALL) 1790may24 FLETCHER Sarah (William BROCKLEHURST/Elizabeth CLOUGH) 1839jul17 FLETCHER Sarah (Marshall GOODALL/Mary FLETCHER) 1862oct16 FLETCHER Sarah (James NORTH/Hannah FLETCHER) 1783sep15 FLINT Abraham (Samuel FLINT/Hannah ALLEN) 1890feb12 FLINT Ada (Job MASKREY/Sarah MARSON) 1874apr02 FLINT Adam (Samuel KILLER/Martha FLINT) 1884may14 FLINT Adam (Robert FLINT/Sarah CAULDWELL) 1844may28 FLINT Ann (George CLAYTON/Millicent MOORE) 1891oct01 FLINT Ann Eliz (John SPENCER/Sarah Ann BARKER) 1846jan19 FLINT Anne (Thomas BRACE/Elizabeth FLINT) 1897mar13 FLINT Beatrice (Joseph HANSON/Emma POTTER) 1896apr15 FLINT Edith (Walter MOORE/Ada FLINT) 1797may08 FLINT Elizabeth (Thomas ADAMS/Martha CORDING) 1874may26 FLINT Elizabeth ann (Alfred FLINT/Martha SLATER) 1878feb07 FLINT Elizabeth ann (Thomas james FLINT/Alice BUXTON) 1881jun22 FLINT Emily (Samuel BROOKS/Mary ALLEN) 1884feb23 FLINT Emily (Joseph PEARSON/Emily JONES) 1873dec04 FLINT Fanny ester (John HOMER/Emma GREENHOUGH) 1849feb28 FLINT Francis (Charles BOWDEN/Ruth FLINT) 1867dec19 FLINT Francis (Frank HARPER/Sarah BACON) 1887jun08 FLINT Francis (Charles BATES/Lucy FLINT) 1896apr15 FLINT Frederick (Walter MOORE/Ada FLINT) 1896jun21 FLINT George (Effingham YATES/Georgina WRAGG) 1852may23 FLINT Hannah (John SMITH/Elizabeth PEAT) 1859jun23 FLINT Hannah (Thomas OXSPRING/Hannah THOMPSON) 1861jan27 FLINT Hannah (Reuben FLINT/Mary ann WATERFIELD) 1870jan24 FLINT Hannah (Thomas BROOKS/Charlotte WINT) 1858sep16 FLINT Henry (John BROOKS/Mary FLINT) 1879feb23 FLINT Henry (Samuel FLINT/Sarah ann SHELDON) 1882dec04 FLINT Henry (William ALLSOP/Rachel GREATOREX) 1779dec02 FLINT Isaac (Samuel SLACK/Elizabeth FLINT) 1867jan31 FLINT James (Thomas ALLEN/Mary FLINT) 1766aug14 FLINT John (Thomas PARKER/Esther FROST) 1774sep05 FLINT John (George ROBINSON/Rebecca FLINT) 1852may23 FLINT John (John SMITH/Elizabeth PEAT) 1855mar12 FLINT John (John TOMLINSON/Mary FLINT) 1862aug09 FLINT John (George FOX/Emma BLACKHAM) 1870jan24 FLINT John (Thomas BROOKS/Charlotte WINT) 1800apr24 FLINT Joseph (Edward BARKER/Mary FLINT) 1803dec15 FLINT Joseph (Joseph BUCKLEY/Grace SLACK) 1827sep08 FLINT Joseph (Thomas HALL/Mary FLINT) 1829may14 FLINT Joseph (William LAND/Mary Ann P STREET) 1835apr27 FLINT Joseph (Thomas WRAGG/Rachel HOLMES) 1835oct03 FLINT Joseph (James LOWRIE/Lydia FLINT) 1845nov17 FLINT Joseph (Mark FLINT/Millicent STREET) 1862jul21 FLINT Joseph (Mark FLINT/Mary ann BUNTING) 1853may18 FLINT Maria (Edward MARSON/Hannah WOODHOUSE) 1897jan20 FLINT Mark (John James FLINT/Patience Jane SLATER) 1830dec02 FLINT Martha (Samuel FLINT/Mary KILLER) 1837mar27 FLINT Martha (James COLLEDGE/Betty FLINT) 1842dec22 FLINT Martha (Benjamin BUCKLEY/Lydia LOWRIE) 1867mar21 FLINT Martha (Adam FLINT/Millicent MARPLE) 1827feb26 FLINT Mary (Peter BRITLAND/Elizabeth FLINT) 1833dec16 FLINT Mary (Elijah WEST/Letitia FLINT) 1840jun01 FLINT Mary (Edward ROBINSON/Hannah HOLMES) 1854may04 FLINT Mary (James BROOKS/Fanny FROST) 1862jul21 FLINT Mary (Mark FLINT/Mary ann BUNTING) 1899may23 FLINT Mary Elz (Reuben FLINT/Mary Elizabeth BUNTING) 1863nov15 FLINT Maryann (John WATERFIELD/Hannah FLINT) 1758jan26 FLINT Matthew (Anthony BERRISFORD/Elizabeth MASKREY) 1884may14 FLINT Milicent (Robert FLINT/Sarah CAULDWELL) 1863nov15 FLINT Reuben (John WATERFIELD/Hannah FLINT) 1871feb22 FLINT Reuben (William ANNABLE/Elizabeth WATERFIELD) 1808sep29 FLINT Robert (Mark FLINT/Nanny ALLEN) 1820feb14 FLINT Robert (George BUCKLEY/Martha KNOWLES) 1837sep11 FLINT Robert (Charles COLLEDGE/Sarah SHELLEY) 1784aug23 FLINT Samuel (John FLINT/Ann PEAT) 1789aug17 FLINT Samuel (Samuel TUNNALEY/Ellen ASHBURN) 1805dec15 FLINT Samuel (Joshua ORRIDGE/Alice WILSON) 1808feb29 FLINT Samuel (Joseph FENDALL/Mary LEVERS) 1817aug20 FLINT Samuel (John ALLSOP/Elizabeth WRAGG) 1840sep07 FLINT Samuel (James FLINT/Hannah BROOKS) 1878oct07 FLINT Samuel (Henry BRATBY/Annie WARDMAN) 1882oct08 FLINT Samuel (Mark FLINT/Hannah ELSE) 1898feb16 FLINT Samuel (James BENNETT/Mary Elizabeth WARREN) 1855may02 FLINT Sarah (Isaac FLINT/Sarah RADFORD) 1861dec31 FLINT Sarah (John CALDWELL/Ann FLINT) 1887mar16 FLINT Sarah (Sydney FLINT/Elizabeth Ellen BIRLEY) 1859dec26 FLINT Sarah? (Samuel FLINT/Ann CROFTS) 1801feb04 FLINT Thomas (William HUGHS/Ann STEEPLE) 1894jan22 FLINT Thomas (James FLINT/Jane ALLEN) 1899feb13 FLINT Thomas H (John James PETTS/Lydia BROOKS) 1781jan03 FLINT William (George HOLMES/Hannah GREATOREX) 1806oct27 FLINT William (Samuel MARCHANT/Sarah BROWN) 1809nov20 FLINT William (Thomas SLACK/Susannah HENSTOCK) 1810may24 FLINT William (Joseph GODBEHERE/Mary BROWN) 1812nov05 FLINT William (William SLACK/Ellen DOXEY) 1813sep16 FLINT William (William BRELSFORD/Mary FLINT) 1819dec30 FLINT William (Job HALL/Mary GODBEHERE) 1881jun22 FLINT William (Samuel BROOKS/Mary ALLEN) 1891dec16 FLINT William (James BRACE/Millicent Ann FLINT) 1884oct19 FLOWER Thomas (Augustine FLOWER/Eliza JOHNSON) 1874feb23 FLOWERS Sarah Ann (Enoch SPENCER/Sarah SWINDELL) 1874feb23 FLOWERS William (Enoch SPENCER/Sarah SWINDELL) 1835jun09 FOGG Daniel (William FOGG/Dorothy BUNTING) 1835sep14 FOGG Daniel (Nicholas KIDD/Hannah WILD) 1784may24 FOGG John (Robert WRIGLEY/Elizabeth FOGG) 1856may12 FOGG William (Henry GRATTON/Mary ann BOOTH) 1823apr28 FORD Benjamin (William STREET/Hannah COLLEDGE) 1850may01 FORD Caroline (Samuel OGDEN/Mary ann FORD) 1887may26 FORD Clara (John FORD/Elizabeth Hannah ROWLAND) 1840may25 FORD Dorothy (James STEVENSON/Sarah WALTERS) 1887may26 FORD Fredrick (John FORD/Elizabeth Hannah ROWLAND) 1849apr04 FORD George (Edward MOULD/Hannah SMITH) 1755apr05 FORD Henry (William HOLEBROOK/Ruth DUDLEY) 1756apr07 FORD Henry (George PEARSON/Dorothy FLETCHER) 1766apr17 FORD Henry (Samuel HOLEBROOK/Sarah WALKER) 1775jul11 FORD Henry (Samuel BUNTING/Mary SPENCER) 1785sep12 FORD Henry (James TAYLOR/Elizabeth ANDREW) 1842oct10 FORD John (George FORD/Ann HALL) 1850may01 FORD John (Samuel OGDEN/Mary ann FORD) 1866apr12 FORD John (John ANABLE/Elizabeth FORD) 1870jun13 FORD John (Job KEELING/Lucy dorothy KENDRICK) 1831jun15 FORD Joseph (Thomas BREALEY/Susan HODGKINSON) 1849aug01 FORD Mary (George FORD/Sarah BROCKLEHURST) 1866apr12 FORD Mary cath. (John ANABLE/Elizabeth FORD) 1777jul30 FORD Richard (Thomas BRAILSFORD/Ruth BUXTON) 1777nov05 FORD Richard (Joseph KIDDEY/Sarah STAFFORD) 1810mar05 FORD Samuel (Job HALL/Elizabeth STORER) 1890dec03 FORD Sarah (Joseph MILWOOD/Martha HODGKINSON) 1835jul23 FOSTER Elizabeth (Job SPENCER/Charlotte TAYLOR) 1768may06 FOUK Thomas (John BAMFORD/Ann WRAGG) 1768jun09 FOUK Thomas (William BAINBRIDGE/Ann FOULK) 1769apr20 FOUK Thomas (William WALKER/Ann STAFFORD) 1764oct25 FOUKE John (George SOUTER/Ann SWAN) 1852jul26 FOULK Charles (Thomas BROMLEY/Eliza FOULK) 1849may28 FOULK Eliza (John MATHER/Hannah FOULK) 1830dec08 FOULK Elizabeth (Thomas RIDGARDS/Fanny MATHER) 1860aug13 FOULK Joseph (John MATHER/Sarah ann CLOUGH) 1845nov24 FOULKE Hannah (William REDFERN/Lydia FOULKE) 1850apr24 FOULKES John (Robert ABBOTT/Emma DOXEY) 1784feb04 FOWK Thomas (William GELL/Frances FOULKE) 1784sep22 FOWK Thomas (Thomas MATHER/Sarah FOWLK) 1811mar06 FOWK Thomas (John MATHER/Martha NOTON) 1811apr03 FOWK Thomas (James RODGERS/Elizabeth FOULK) 1884oct07 FOWKE Evelyn H (Thomas William PALING/Mary Ann LEWIS) 1868dec28 FOWKE Samuel (Henry DONCASTER/Eliza FOWKE) 1826may08 FOWKES Fannay (Joseph FOWKE/Prudence JACKSON) 1769nov01 FOWLER Richard (John SHELDON/Mary PEAT) 1780sep14 FOWLER Richard (John WOODHOUSE/Mary FOX) 1791jan31 FOWLER Richard (John BUSH/Elizabeth CAMPBELL) 1809apr27 FOWLK Frances (George STORER/Grace MASKREY) 1811apr03 FOWLK Hannah (James RODGERS/Elizabeth FOULK) 1815apr08 FOWLK Hannah (Thomas SHAW/Frances FOULK) 1894aug15 FOX Alice (Charles CASH/Mary RIDOUT) 1879sep30 FOX Ann Willans (Adam KILLER/Anne SPENCER) 1898feb19 FOX Beatrice (Thomas WILLIAMS/Mary Ellen FOX) 1885apr18 FOX Emma (Paul BAUSOR/Mary Ellen FOX) 1835sep14 FOX Esther (William FOX/Mary MARCHANT) 1792oct22 FOX George (William STORER/Grace FARRAND) 1824aug29 FOX Henry (Joseph FOX/Elizabeth WOOD) 1780sep14 FOX James (John WOODHOUSE/Mary FOX) 1801jul27 FOX John (Thomas MARCHIN/Hannah BOWLER) 1818may11 FOX Luke (Samuel BRADSHAW/Sarah ALLEN) 1876jul12 FOX Mary ellen (Henry BAUSOR/Elizabeth FOX) 1787may25 FOX Micah (John SPENCER/Ann WALKER) 1787dec20 FOX Micah (Simeon SPENCER/Mary MALPAS) 1848nov13 FOX Rebecca (John REDFERN/Hannah FOX) 1818feb05 FOX Robert (Joseph POTTER/Mary FOX) 1876jul12 FOX Robert (Henry BAUSOR/Elizabeth FOX) 1898feb19 FOX S H (Thomas WILLIAMS/Mary Ellen FOX) 1796dec18 FOX Samuel (John FOX/Sarah MACHIN) 1797apr17 FOX Samuel (Thomas FENTON/Mary COOK) 1802sep13 FOX Samuel (Joseph NEEDHAM/Dorothy WIBBERLEY) 1807may24 FOX Samuel (Samuel LITTLEWOOD/Mary GITE) 1831jul13 FOX Samuel (James ROPER/Elizabeth DOXEY) 1866jun25 FOX Sarah ellen (Henry FOX/Mary BURCH) 1765apr22 FOX Thomas (George PEARSON/Rebecca SWAIN) 1757sep12 FOX William (Robert HILL/Hannah MARPLE) 1758mar23 FOX William (William MART/Martha POTTER) 1761nov26 FOX William (Isaac OGDEN/Martha WRAGG) 1772aug20 FOX William (William TOMPSON/Sarah WHEATCROFT) 1776may30 FOX William (William GRATTON/Rachel FLINT) 1776may30 FOX William (Charles GRATTON/Ann SIMPSON) 1789jan01 FOX William (Charles SHELDON/Ellen BROWN) 1793sep16 FOX William (William FOX/Ann STORER) 1795aug06 FOX William (Thomas LEVICK/Ann MASKERY) 1796feb08 FOX William (George BODEN/Martha STORER) 1796oct24 FOX William (Thomas STORER/Kitty NALL) 1799mar02 FOX William (Edward HASLAM/Mary KEELING) 1799dec01 FOX William (Thomas GARRATT/Hannah GAMBLE) 1799dec01 FOX William (Robert WATSON/Mary CLAY) 1806feb02 FOX William (James SMITH/Elizabeth STORER) 1824aug29 FOX William (Joseph FOX/Elizabeth WOOD) 1806may22 FOX JUN William (Henry TOPLIS/Elizabeth FOX) 1806may22 FOX SEN William (Henry TOPLIS/Elizabeth FOX) 1812sep17 FRANCES Mary (George BAMFORD/Betty PARKER) 1887apr13 FRITCHLEY Annie P (William DAWSON/Mary Ellen FRITCHLEY) 1860apr09 FRITCHLEY Joseph (Samuel BEARDMORE/Elizabeth FRITCHLEY) 1872dec26 FRITCHLEY Joseph (Thomas BAGGALEY/Mary FRITCHLEY) 1887apr13 FRITCHLEY Joseph (William DAWSON/Mary Ellen FRITCHLEY) 1801jul12 FRITCHLEY Joseph? (William FOWLKE/Frances ALLSOP) 1847dec30 FRITCHLEY Martha (Isaac FRITCHLEY/Elizabeth OAKLEY) 1857nov11 FRITCHLEY Martha (Joseph FRITCHLEY/Sarah ann GELL) 1860apr09 FRITCHLEY Mary (Samuel BEARDMORE/Elizabeth FRITCHLEY) 1895dec11 FRITCHLEY Sarah Ann (Joseph Samuel FRITCHLEY/Agnes GREATOREX) 1831jul14 FRITH Hannah (Joseph FRITH/Dorothy KINAIR) 1893aug19 FRITH James (William YEOMANS/Emma FRITH) 1755jan25 FRITH John (Isaac SPENCER/Sarah ELCE) 1760apr21 FRITH John (Robert HALSWORTH/Ann LAND) 1879sep15 FRITH John (James WIGLEY/Sarah ann FRITH) 1813apr29 FRITH Joseph (Henry FRITH/Hannah GRIFFIN) 1834dec25 FRITH Joseph (George FROST/Hannah FRITH) 1856may12 FRITH Mary (Septimus FRITH/Emma CLARK) 1791nov03 FRITH Richard (Thomas SMITH/Jane JOHNSON) 1816jan25 FRITH Septimus (James WRAGG/Sarah WRAGG) 1816jan25 FRITH Septimus (Job DOXEY/Ann ALLEN) 1849oct01 FRITH Septimus (Robert GRATTON/Mary HADIKIN) 1861jan06 FRITH Septimus (George FRITH/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1779may27 FRITH William (Job ROOSE/Mary SHAW) 1858jun27 FRITH William (John TOMLINSON/Mary FRITH) 1802dec25 FROGGAT Benjamin (William BODEN/Mary HODGKINSON) 1793jun23 FROGGAT Edward (Thomas MASKERY/Ann RAWSON) 1793jul19 FROGGAT Edward (Francis SWINSCOW/Elizabeth ELLIS) 1793aug18 FROGGAT Edward (William CARMAN/Hannah WORTHY) 1802dec25 FROGGAT Edward (William BODEN/Mary HODGKINSON) 1781nov21 FROGGAT Thomas (William PEACH/Martha HARRISON) 1809jul03 FROGGATT Benjamin (James HOLMES/Ellen FROGGATT) 1850jul21 FROGGATT Elizabeth (Robert SHARPE/Mary ann FROGGATT) 1851feb03 FROGGATT Elizabeth (Thomas THOMPSON/Mary ann HOLMES) 1835jun13 FROGGATT Mary (James ORMROD/Elizabeth FROGGATT) 1836may05 FROGGATT Mary (William KEELING/Grace BUCKLEY) 1847may17 FROGGATT Mary ann (Isaac ORME/Grace ALLEN) 1844dec30 FROGGATT Samuel (Joseph BROOKS/Elizabeth GRATTON) 1850jul21 FROGGATT Samuel (Robert SHARPE/Mary ann FROGGATT) 1763mar05 FROGGATT William (John COCKER/Mary WALL) 1852sep13 FROGGATT William (Samuel FROGGATT/Maria CARLILE) 1853sep14 FROGGATT William (George HOLMES/Martha CORDING) 1809dec28 FROGGATT JUN Thomas (Edward MOSS/Mary LINACRE) 1860may30 FROST Agnes (Joseph DOXEY/Sarah OAKLEY) 1849jul23 FROST Amy (James LINACRE/Amy KIDD) 1813may20 FROST Ann (Thomas HOLMES/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1758may23 FROST Benjamin (James HARRISON/Lidya SHORE) 1758nov25 FROST Benjamin (Thomas WILLSON/Sarah SHORE) 1761aug30 FROST Benjamin (Henry ELLIOT/Mary SMITH) 1764apr05 FROST Benjamin (James COOPER/Grace COTTREL) 1836apr18 FROST Charlotte (William DESSY/Sarah FROST) 1873jan01 FROST Clara (George FROST/Emily DOXEY) 1761oct29 FROST Ebin (Samuel HIGH/Mary HALLEY) 1846sep16 FROST Eliza (John HALL/Esther SLACK) 1861aug22 FROST Elizabeth (James FROST/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1883aug22 FROST Emma (Sidney HIGTON/Fanny FROST) 1880sep14 FROST Fanny (George HIGTON/Hannah REDFERN) 1756sep15 FROST George (Edward GODBEHERE/Mary KINDER) 1775oct05 FROST George (Joshua COTTRELL/Mary MART) 1835dec23 FROST George (Anthony DOXEY/Grace FROST) 1836sep12 FROST George (James SLATER/Mary MASKREY) 1856jul02 FROST George hall (Joseph BOWMER/Mary allsop DEAN) 1847jan21 FROST Grace (William SLACK/Eliza FROST) 1805jan24 FROST Hannah (Robert FLINT/Sarah ALLEN) 1853jul05 FROST Hannah (Thomas ALLSOP/Sarah FROST) 1764jan03 FROST Isaac (Isaac SPENCER/Sarah BUXTON) 1764jun14 FROST Isaac (William TARRAND/Alice WILSON) 1767jan14 FROST Isaac (William FROST/Elisabeth BUNTING) 1768apr29 FROST Isaac (Samuel BLACKWALL/Sarah THOMPSON) 1770jan18 FROST Isaac (Henry HALL/Hannah ASHOVER) 1771sep30 FROST Isaac (John BAMFORD/Elizabeth GRATTON) 1776apr04 FROST Isaac (Nathaniel ANDREW/Rebecca WRAGG) 1816sep19 FROST Jacob (Charles KNIVETON/Hannah SPENCER) 1816sep19 FROST Jacob (William HUNTSTONE/Sarah WRAGG) 1828oct09 FROST Jacob (George FROST/Mary HATFIELD) 1756apr09 FROST James (Joseph WALLBANK/Martha BREARLY) 1760nov06 FROST James (Spateman SMITH/Ann THOMPSON) 1761apr13 FROST James (Matthew SIMPSON/Martha HOUGH) 1762apr25 FROST James (William BRADSHAW/Ann ROGER) 1768jul03 FROST James (William BAMFORD/Ellin STORER) 1769jul23 FROST James (George ORRAGE/Hannah STAFFORD) 1773jun10 FROST James (Richard OXLEY/Margaret LEEK) 1791may25 FROST James (George CLEMENTSON/Hannah FROST) 1791aug21 FROST James (John FROST/Mary TOMLINSON) 1793dec30 FROST James (Joseph B THICKET/Jane FROST) 1795dec09 FROST James (Joseph FROST/Catharine HOUGHON) 1819apr12 FROST James (James FROST/Mary FROST) 1864may19 FROST James (Samuel SLACK/Elizabeth FROST) 1895jun24 FROST James (Robert Joseph GOULD/Ann FROST) 1755jan23 FROST John (John WIGLEY/Lydia MASON) 1756oct28 FROST John (Samuel DOXEY/Ann HIGTON) 1756oct28 FROST John (Samuel BLACKWALL/Ann HIGTON) 1757nov17 FROST John (John WRAGG/Mary ROWSE) 1759feb12 FROST John (George AUSTIN/Mary WALKER) 1759mar14 FROST John (Benjamin SMEDLEY/Elizabeth FROST) 1759jun15 FROST John (Matthew FLINT/Ellin ALLIN) 1768mar24 FROST John (James ROOSE/Martha FROST) 1770jan01 FROST John (Peter PEAL/Mary YATES) 1770nov01 FROST John (Samuel HANSON/Jane FROST) 1772jun25 FROST John (Joseph COLLINSON/Hannah WRIGHT) 1772nov02 FROST John (James BROADHURST/Sarah BUXTON) 1772dec23 FROST John (Edward BUTLER/Ann ALLIN) 1773jan14 FROST John (Paul COTTRILL/Ellin BRADLEY) 1774feb03 FROST John (George BRADLEY/Alice HOLMES) 1774sep14 FROST John (John WRIGHT/Grace COTTERILL) 1774oct27 FROST John (Samuel WRIGHT/Elizabeth WRIGHT) 1777jul31 FROST John (Walter BUXTON/Silence WRIGHT) 1779apr20 FROST John (German BUXTON/Elizabeth WIGLEY) 1780feb03 FROST John (Joshua STREET/Elizabeth PEARSON) 1786jul27 FROST John (John ANDREW/Grace SPENCER) 1787sep12 FROST John (Obadiah ADAMS/Sarah SPENCER) 1787oct12 FROST John (John FLINT/Elizabeth COLLEDGE) 1787dec27 FROST John (James GRATTON/Lydia JOHNSON) 1789jul16 FROST John (John GALLIMORE/Elizabeth ALSOP) 1790sep16 FROST John (Isaac HOADES/Elizabeth PEACH) 1792sep28 FROST John (Thomas FERN/Sarah HOLEHOUSE) 1795dec30 FROST John (William LOXLEY/Susanna CARLISLE) 1799mar27 FROST John (Abraham DOXEY/Hannah LONGDEN) 1802aug16 FROST John (Philip GELL/Lydia STREET) 1806apr08 FROST John (Thomas STANLEY/Mary RILEY) 1896mar01 FROST John (William BRADSHAW/Maria FROST) 1898apr08 FROST John S (James FROST/Sarah Ann STEEPLES) 1898jan17 FROST John Sh (James FROST/Mary Ann GOODALL) 1760jun15 FROST Joseph (William THOMPSON/Sarah WRAGG) 1765dec26 FROST Joseph (Edmund FROST/Ellin KIRK) 1768jul03 FROST Joseph (William BAMFORD/Ellin STORER) 1770feb04 FROST Joseph (Joseph MILWARD/Mahitabel SWIFT) 1777jul03 FROST Joseph (Thomas AMATT/Sarah UDALE) 1777sep15 FROST Joseph (Joseph TAYLOR/Sarah FROST) 1783dec22 FROST Joseph (James WALL/Temperance UDALE) 1785jan12 FROST Joseph (William FROST/Ellen ROOSE) 1851dec25 FROST Joseph (James PROCTER/Hannah FROST) 1854sep21 FROST Joseph (Robert VARLEY/Sarah BERNESTINE) 1815feb13 FROST Mary (William MARSHALL/Hannah AMATT) 1818dec31 FROST Mary (John BUXTON/Lidia ALLEN) 1847dec11 FROST Mary (William HOLMES/Hannah FROST) 1864may19 FROST Mary (Samuel SLACK/Elizabeth FROST) 1898apr08 FROST Mary (James FROST/Sarah Ann STEEPLES) 1830jul01 FROST Milicent (James STEVENSON/Sarah CHADWICK) 1755jan23 FROST Robert (John WIGLEY/Lydia MASON) 1770oct04 FROST Robert (John BLOUNT/Mary BRADLEY) 1773dec23 FROST Robert (John TOMLINSON/Mary PEAT) 1774feb12 FROST Robert (John FROST/Mary DOXEY) 1761dec31 FROST Roger (William RODGERS/Hannah FROST) 1763apr06 FROST Samuel (John BRITTEN/Sarah GREGORY) 1770mar28 FROST Samuel (Thomas BRIDDON/Phoebe SPENCER) 1805feb18 FROST Samuel (Marcellus BAMFORD/Hannah FROST) 1851dec25 FROST Samuel (Gabriel FROST/Sarah BUNTING) 1780mar29 FROST Thomas (Thomas SUMMERFIELD/Sarah FROST) 1787feb01 FROST Thomas (George MARSDEN/Sarah STORER) 1794jul14 FROST Thomas (Thomas HODGKINSON/Rebecca FRITH) 1797dec25 FROST Thomas (James TOMPSON/Mary MOOR) 1797dec25 FROST Thomas (William COLLEDGE/Rachel CARLISLE) 1812jul09 FROST Thomas (John COLLEDGE/Mary GRANGER) 1835sep24 FROST Thomas (William BODEN/Margaret WETTON) 1763jul30 FROST William (George SPENSER/Phoebe HALLAM) 1782apr04 FROST William (James OGDEN/Hannah HILL) 1807may03 FROST William (John GODBEHERE/Martha FROST) 1823sep24 FROST William (Thomas ELSE/Isabella SEEDS) 1859may30 FROST William tpls (Ralph FROST/Eliza WILSON) 1803sep12 FRYER James (Samuel ROBINSON/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1827oct11 FRYER James (William EATON/Lydia WARDMAN) 1866apr02 FRYER Jane (Robert BELLAMY/Harriet BUNTING) 1840jul21 FRYER Kezia (Thomas BUXTON/Mary KIDD) 1816jan22 FRYER Lydia (Benjamin BRAMLEY/Elizabeth TWIGG) 1793apr22 FURNESS William (Peter FURNESS/Hannah BUXTON)

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.