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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Witnesses 1754-1899

12,140 Witnesses to Marriages found in Wirksworth and Middleton Parish Registers 1754-1899. Other details can be found in the Parish Register section.

  • Witnesses were not recorded in marriages before 1754.
  • Witnesses were usually relatives or close friends of the Bride or Groom.
  • There were usually two witnesses for each marriage, rarely 3 or 4.
  • A signature proves a witness was still alive in the absence of other records.
  • The period of operation of a witness can be useful.
  • The witness himself was sometimes getting married the same day.
  • For long periods few women were witnesses.
  • Witnesses with the same name may be distinguished by comparing handwriting.
  • Surnames in signatures can be particularly difficult to decipher.
  • There were professional witnesses, who often worked in pairs.
  • An illiterate witness had his name written for him.
  • Semi-literate witnesses wrote carefully and accurately.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.

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Return to Top 1858jun16 HEADLEY Sarah (Thomas THOMPSON/Hannah ELLICOCK) 1825nov06 HEALD Ellen (Thomas BYATT/Mary CLARK) 1812jul06 HEALD George (John COOPER/Casandra GELL) 1817sep30 HEALD George (George MERCHANT/Mary RODGERS) 1812jul06 HEALD Hannah (John COOPER/Casandra GELL) 1879nov27 HEAP Elizabeth (George morrsn BROMLEY/Amanda PROCTER) 1796may16 HEAP John (Isaac SLACK/Elizabeth HINDS) 1796may16 HEAP John (James LUDLAM/Mary REDFORD) 1796may16 HEAP John (Samuel BROOKES/Alice ELSE) 1764oct11 HEAP Jonas (Thomas ROPER/Sarah ANDERTON) 1770mar05 HEAP Jonas (James TAYLOR/Mary SEEDS) 1770aug30 HEAP Jonas (John SIMS/Phoebe SPENCER) 1770oct04 HEAP Jonas (John BLOUNT/Mary BRADLEY) 1771jun10 HEAP Jonas (Robert SHERRITT/Hephzibah PEAT) 1786aug28 HEAP Jonas (Henry TRAVIS/Dorothy PEAT) 1789jun04 HEAP Jonas (John LAND/Dinah SIMMS) 1803sep06 HEAP Jonas (Joseph RIDGWAY/Mary HEAP) 1822may20 HEAP Sarah (Abraham TAYLOR/Dina MERCHANT) 1770jul03 HEAPEY Isaac (Robert HOLMES/Esther ARWIN) 1775sep11 HEAPEY Isaac (John BUNTING/Sarah MACOY) 1776dec05 HEAPEY Joseph (John BELFIELD/Elizabeth HARRISON) 1798feb07 HEAPEY Samuel (Joseph WAGSTAFF/Hannah BODEN) 1809nov06 HEAPY Hannah (John PATCHET/Ann MILLINGTON) 1802jan25 HEAPY John (George PICKERING/Mary HARRISON) 1830mar25 HEARVEY Thomas (John OLDFIELD/Ann HARVEY) 1892may16 HEATCOTE Emma (Rupert MYCOCK/Emily HEATHCOTE) 1814sep11 HEATH Anthony (Thomas GOODALL/Mary BARKER) 1778oct15 HEATH Thomas (Thomas COOPER/Ann ROBERTSON) 1825may05 HEATHCOTE Frances (Joshua WALL/Alice HEATHCOTE) 1836apr18 HEATHCOTE Harriot (Thomas YEOMANS/Elizabeth HEATHCOTE) 1892may16 HEATHCOTE Joseph (Rupert MYCOCK/Emily HEATHCOTE) 1895apr04 HEATHCOTE Joseph (Walter HADFIELD/Harriett SPENCER) 1782feb11 HEATON Charles (George ALSOP/Sarah HOUGH) 1824may24 HEATON John (Joseph HALLSWORTH/Ann WHITEHEAD) 1821jan01 HEAYES George (Samuel SPOFFORTH/Dorothy ORCLIFFE) 1882feb11 HEBB Mary (Charles TAYLOR/Annie BOYCE) 1890oct16 HEMMING William Ed (John Perry HEMMING/Emmaline JONES) 1839sep15 HENCHLEY William (John HENCHLEY/Sarah ALLEN) 1825apr11 HENDLEY Hannah (John BUXTON/Elizabeth BROWN) 1791dec05 HENDLEY William (Samuel BRITTON/Hannah BRITTON) 1792jul11 HENDLEY William (Anthony WRAGG/Hannah BIRCH) 1792oct30 HENDLEY William (George MARSDEN/Mary TOMPSON) 1793aug02 HENDLEY William (John WALLDEN/Martha GRATTON) 1897aug02 HENNESSEY Catherine (Gamaliel William MOORE/Julia Kate HENNESSEY) 1789oct05 HENSTOCK John (John HOLMES/Elizabeth ALLEN) 1823aug24 HENSTOCK John (Samuel ELLIOTT/Ann BROOKS) 1810apr23 HENSTOCK Joseph (Thomas GODBEHERE/Mary BONSALL) 1758oct05 HENSTOCK Marthy? (Thomas STEEPLE/Dorothy SWINDALL) 1813apr29 HENSTOCK Peter (Henry FRITH/Hannah GRIFFIN) 1813apr29 HENSTOCK Peter (Samuel BROOKS/Mary HOLMES) 1820sep11 HENSTOCK Peter (Samuel SHELDON/Hannah ADAMS) 1835sep15 HENSTOCK Peter (Robert FLINT/Mary BUCKLOW) 1812apr27 HEPWORTH Francis (William WEBSTER/Elizabeth BROUGH) 1815oct19 HEPWORTH Francis (James BLAKEMOOR/Sarah BOOTH) 1845sep15 HEROD Hanah (Joseph HERROD/Hannah SPENCER) 1860oct15 HERROD Joseph (Robert FARNSWORTH/Grace PEARSON) 1817may25 HERROD William (John KIDDY/Ann SMITH) 1885jun30 HERSON William (Arthur EMPSON/Charlotte Elizabeth HODSON) 1783jan27 HEWETT James (Joseph BURBRIDGE/Alice SEEDS) 1827mar12 HEWIT Anthony (James HOUSLEY/Ann HEWITT) 1779dec27 HEWIT John (Thomas HODGKINSON/Susanna COTTRILL) 1765may17 HEWITE James (Anthony COTTEREL/Alice KILLOR) 1798feb22 HEWITT Samuel (George HEWIT/Sarah WILSON) 1845oct30 HEWITT William (Joseph BRITLAND/Elizabeth SMEDLEY) 1853feb14 HIBBERT Elizabeth (William MILLWARD/Ann elizabeth HIBBERT) 1840sep30 HICKLING Joseph (Jediah BYARD/Mary HICKLING) 1859jul19 HICKTON Elizabeth (William B ASKEW/Jane HICKTON) 1825feb17 HICKTON Hannah (Henry BOWN/Mary HICKTON) 1808sep30 HICKTON Mary (Paul DAVIS/Sarah HICKTON) 1808sep30 HICKTON Samuel (Paul DAVIS/Sarah HICKTON) 1795feb17 HIDE William (James STAGGALLS/Dorothy FURNISS) 1837dec17 HIDES Jane (John HIDES/Martha PEAT) 1789aug25 HIDES John (Thomas PEAT/Esther REDFERN) 1799oct10 HIDES John (Samuel CARLISLE/Elizabeth VICKERS) 1829jun07 HIDES John (Samuel HIDES/Hannah ALLSOP) 1858jan25 HIDES John (William PETTS/Eliza HIDES) 1811feb21 HIGGET John (George HARRISON/Mary SPENCER) 1794feb06 HIGGET Samuel (Caleb HALL/Hannah FLINT) 1766jun11 HIGGETT John (William BREARLEY/Mary GLOSSOP) 1823nov17 HIGGOT George (William BOWN/Mary Ann HIGGOTT) 1848apr04 HIGGOTT Anne (William HIGGOTT/Elizabeth BEASTALL) 1814jun27 HIGGOTT Elizabeth (George CHARLTON/Sarah HIGGOTT) 1851feb01 HIGGOTT Francis (George HIGGOTT/Mary CAPEWELL) 1848may15 HIGGOTT George (William HIGGOTT/Fanny HODGKINSON) 1848apr04 HIGGOTT Henry? (William HIGGOTT/Elizabeth BEASTALL) 1770oct13 HIGGOTT John (Benjamin BENNET/Hannah DAVIS) 1814jun27 HIGGOTT John (George CHARLTON/Sarah HIGGOTT) 1851feb01 HIGGOTT Judith (George HIGGOTT/Mary CAPEWELL) 1845jan04 HIGGOTT Mary ann (Charles frstn TAYLOR/Sarah HIGGOTT) 1829aug24 HIGGOTT R ? (Joshua C CROWTHER/Hannah TAYLOR) 1845jan04 HIGGOTT William (Charles frstn TAYLOR/Sarah HIGGOTT) 1822oct10 HIGINBOTHAM John (Job HODGKINSON/Sarah ROPER) 1801jul06 HIGTON Anthony (Joseph WALKER/Elizabeth HIGTON) 1812may21 HIGTON Anthony (Joseph ANDREW/Martha GRATTON) 1790jan11 HIGTON Daniel (Philip WALKER/Sarah MOORE) 1827sep10 HIGTON Elizabeth (Stephen HICKTON/Ann ALLIN) 1776oct23 HIGTON Ellin (Samuel ROW/Sarah LONGDON) 1756nov15 HIGTON George (John KEY/Christian GILLIMOOR) 1761oct29 HIGTON George (Samuel HIGH/Mary HALLEY) 1772dec15 HIGTON George (Ralph GADSBY/Elisabeth THORP) 1784jan12 HIGTON George (Thomas TURNER/Elizabeth ALCOCK) 1788nov24 HIGTON George (Luke PEARSON/Ruth LYMN) 1789sep14 HIGTON George (William WARREN/Elizabeth HIGTON) 1789sep14 HIGTON George (George ALLEN/Martha TIMPERLEY) 1883aug22 HIGTON George (Sidney HIGTON/Fanny FROST) 1892jan28 HIGTON Grace (Charles HIGTON/Mary Ann BARNES) 1892jan28 HIGTON Henry (Charles HIGTON/Mary Ann BARNES) 1762aug04 HIGTON Isaac (Joseph HIGTON/Dorothy SMEDLEY) 1763dec22 HIGTON Isaac (Ralph BRIDON/Elisabeth BRADSHAW) 1775nov28 HIGTON Isaac (John WOOD/Sarah BUXTON) 1788mar23 HIGTON Isaac (Stephen DAFT/Sarah ALLEN) 1802sep16 HIGTON Isaac (Robert BRITLAND/Hannah HIGTON) 1754aug31 HIGTON Job (Richard TAYLOR/Ann TAYLOR) 1770sep20 HIGTON Job (Richard SMITH/Ellen FOWLER) 1778jan21 HIGTON Job (Anthony GOODWIN/Elizabeth GREEN) 1784apr13 HIGTON Job (James BATEMAN/Elizabeth LONGDEN) 1827mar19 HIGTON Joseph (George BECKS/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1885apr22 HIGTON Julia (William HIGTON/Emma FROST) 1756mar11 HIGTON Mark (Jacob HIGTON/Hannah KNIFFTON) 1804jan02 HIGTON Martha (Emanuel FLETCHER/Ruth BOAM) 1762aug04 HIGTON Paul (Joseph HIGTON/Dorothy SMEDLEY) 1765feb18 HIGTON Paul (Isaac HIGTON/Hannah WOOD) 1780nov30 HIGTON Paul (James ROBINSON/Hannah CRICH) 1813sep13 HIGTON Robert (Richard HACKETT/Lydia FOGG) 1813sep13 HIGTON Robert (John PRINCE/Sarah BROOKS) 1821dec27 HIGTON Robert (George BROOKS/Sarah HIGTON) 1880sep14 HIGTON Sidney (George HIGTON/Hannah REDFERN) 1897dec19 HIGTON Thomas (Thomas Henry GOULD/Mary Elizabeth HIGTON) 1821dec24 HIGTON William (John HUSE/Mary SMITH) 1821dec24 HIGTON William (William WHEATCROFT/Ann STREET) 1822nov21 HIGTON William (William BROCKLEHURST/Hannah JACKSON) 1853feb14 HILBERT Thomas (William MILLWARD/Ann elizabeth HIBBERT) 1884feb26 HILL Ann (Joseph MOXON/Emma HILL) 1777apr14 HILL Anthony (John SHELDON/Elizabeth HAWLEY) 1766may08 HILL John (Edward WHEATCROFT/Lydia HALL) 1766aug11 HILL John (David WOODHOUSE/Anne HILL) 1780may17 HILL Joseph (William HILL/Mary TARRET) 1815sep11 HILL Mary (James ROLLEY/Ellen BROWN) 1844jan07 HILL Mary (Samuel JOHNSON/Ann FLINT) 1890jun15 HILL Mary Jane (Joseph SWEETING/Martha BREWER) 1776may01 HILL Nathaniel (Samuel WALKER/Elizabeth NORTH) 1897apr18 HILL Richard (William AUSTIN/Emma MOXON) 1884feb26 HILL Robert (Joseph MOXON/Emma HILL) 1780may17 HILL Thomas (William HILL/Mary TARRET) 1846jul05 HILLS Elizabeth (Edwin ROBINSON/Mary BOOTH) 1792sep24 HIND John (William LIGS/Hannah ROWLAND) 1782jan08 HIND Joseph (Joseph YEOMANS/Ellen POTTER) 1782mar07 HIND Joseph (William BAINBRIDGE/Sarah HAWKSLEY) 1889dec26 HIND Mary R (Walter Theodore MASKREY/Jane Elizabeth WATSON) 1768jun09 HINDE Joseph (William BAINBRIDGE/Ann FOULK) 1892sep21 HINDLE James (James MACNAUGHTON/Fanny Marian HINDLE) 1882jul19 HINSON Charles (Benjamin GREATOREX/Elizabeth MASKREY) 1778jul16 HITCHCOCK John (Edward WIGLEY/Mary TOPLIS) 1783may24 HITCHCOCK Richard (John FRITCHLEY/Elizabeth HITCHCOCK) 1885sep21 HITCHCOCK Sarah (Joseph HARRISON/Harriet BUXTON) 1800jun02 HITCHCOCK Thomas (Edward FROGGAT/Hannah WOOD) 1830sep12 HITCHCOCK Thomas (William SIDDALL/Ann FLETCHER) 1840jun03 HOADES Elizabeth (William BUXTON/Ellen STEVENSON) 1841aug12 HOADES Elizabeth (William BARKER/Jane SALT) 1842dec19 HOADES Hannah (Samuel PARKIN/Mary HOADES) 1789sep08 HOADES Isaac (George LAND/Betty HOADES) 1852oct04 HOADES Martha (John ALLEN/Sarah HODES) 1844dec23 HOADS Eliza (George br LOWE/Hannah HOADS) 1846nov30 HOADS Eliza (Henry john SHORE/Elizabeth HOADS) 1844dec23 HOADS William (George br LOWE/Hannah HOADS) 1799dec02 HOALBROOK George Sellors (Charles HOLBROOK/Milicent SWEETING) 1797oct06 HOALBROOK George sellors (John MARCHANT/Elizabeth HOLEBROOKE) 1818oct22 HODGKINSON ? (Joseph ROWE/Sarah SHORE) 1825nov16 HODGKINSON ? (James KINDER/Elizabeth HODGKINSON) 1807nov19 HODGKINSON Ann (Anthony FARRAND/Elizabeth HODGKINSON) 1820jan06 HODGKINSON Ann (Francis RADFORD/Sarah HODGKINSON) 1833dec09 HODGKINSON Ann (James CAUDWELL/Elizabeth KNIVETON) 1836oct18 HODGKINSON Ann (William PARKINS/Hannah RISE) 1837jan23 HODGKINSON Ann (Ralph W PEARSON/Ellen SLATER) 1837may17 HODGKINSON Ann (Joseph KNIVETON/Mary WILKINSON) 1838dec17 HODGKINSON Ann (William LYNN/Sarah SLACK) 1858may08 HODGKINSON Ann (John HODGKINSON/Ann HOLMES) 1865oct11 HODGKINSON Ann (Alexander Dean JAMES/Mary HOLMES) 1831jun15 HODGKINSON Anna (Thomas BREALEY/Susan HODGKINSON) 1820mar20 HODGKINSON Edmund (Samuel NUTTALL/Sarah FEARN) 1832may17 HODGKINSON Edward (Daniel HARLEY/Ann FARRAND) 1776jun30 HODGKINSON Elizabeth (Wigley HODGKINSON/Esther PAGE) 1899dec27 HODGKINSON Elizabeth (Thomas POTTER/Elizabeth CHAPMAN) 1867may04 HODGKINSON Emma (George EATON/Louisa HARRISON) 1862dec29 HODGKINSON Esther (George HODGKINSON/Ann STREET) 1757feb17 HODGKINSON George (William HARDING/Martha SATTERFIELD) 1836feb03 HODGKINSON George (Benjamin WORTHY/Sarah HODGKINSON) 1862sep15 HODGKINSON George (Joseph COLLIER/Jane HODGKINSON) 1890dec03 HODGKINSON George (Joseph MILWOOD/Martha HODGKINSON) 1813mar18 HODGKINSON H. (John MART/Lidia HODGKINSON) 1815mar13 HODGKINSON Hannah (John SMITH/Ellen TWIGG) 1830jan17 HODGKINSON Henry (Thomas LEE/Lydia WHEELDON) 1808jan17 HODGKINSON J. (Thomas HODGKINSON/Ruth FLETCHER) 1849dec24 HODGKINSON James (William YOUNGE/Esther DAWSON) 1858may08 HODGKINSON James (John HODGKINSON/Ann HOLMES) 1862dec29 HODGKINSON James (George HODGKINSON/Ann STREET) 1864dec26 HODGKINSON James (John HOLLINGSWORTH/Ruth HODGKINSON) 1817nov12 HODGKINSON Jane (William DAKIN/Jane HANSON) 1835feb10 HODGKINSON Jane (George FLETCHER/Lydia MART) 1853mar28 HODGKINSON Jane (Samuel SLACK/Elizabeth HODGKINSON) 1820dec25 HODGKINSON Job (John HODGKINSON/Elizabeth BIRKS) 1847nov08 HODGKINSON Job (John RADFORD/Ann HODGKINSON) 1790sep27 HODGKINSON John (Henry ROPER/Sarah HIGTON) 1798dec05 HODGKINSON John (John FROST/Sarah FLETCHER) 1803may07 HODGKINSON John (Joseph LINNIKER/Charlotte ORRIDGE) 1803aug20 HODGKINSON John (William CARSON/Ann SMITH) 1820may24 HODGKINSON John (William DAWSON/Catharine HODGKINSON) 1827mar19 HODGKINSON John (George BECKS/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1828sep18 HODGKINSON John (Jonathan BLACKHAM/Ann STORER) 1847apr15 HODGKINSON John (James HODGKINSON/Ann HOLMES) 1852dec25 HODGKINSON John (John ELLIOTT/Emma SMITH) 1853mar28 HODGKINSON John (Samuel SLACK/Elizabeth HODGKINSON) 1857feb23 HODGKINSON John (Samuel HODGKINSON/Maria MOORE) 1781jun07 HODGKINSON Joseph (Samuel KIRK/Ann SMITH) 1782jan28 HODGKINSON Joseph (Edward WHEATLEY/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1782apr18 HODGKINSON Joseph (Thomas PISER/Elizabeth NORTH) 1789oct29 HODGKINSON Joseph (Edward GRIFFIN/Ann SETTLE) 1821may29 HODGKINSON Joseph (James MART/Mary HODGKINSON) 1760oct16 HODGKINSON Joshua (William JOHNSON/Grace GELL) 1761nov19 HODGKINSON Joshua (John NALL/Elisabeth BATTELY) 1788nov20 HODGKINSON Joshua (John EATON/Hannah LOCKALL) 1789jun29 HODGKINSON Joshua (William HAYNES/Elizabeth WOOD) 1790sep27 HODGKINSON Joshua (Henry ROPER/Sarah HIGTON) 1804nov29 HODGKINSON Joshua (Joseph KNOWLES/Susan RICHARDSON) 1806jan27 HODGKINSON Joshua (Richard WALKER/Phebe WHEATLEY) 1806jan27 HODGKINSON Joshua (George YOUNG/Elizabeth LOCKALL) 1852aug09 HODGKINSON Joshua (William BROWN/Isabella HODGKINSON) 1847jan14 HODGKINSON L (James MACDOUGALL/Elizabeth ALLSOP) 1849nov19 HODGKINSON Lucy (George HODGKINSON/Elizabeth sarh ARMSTRONG) 1847nov08 HODGKINSON Lydia (John RADFORD/Ann HODGKINSON) 1807nov19 HODGKINSON Mary (Anthony FARRAND/Elizabeth HODGKINSON) 1827sep10 HODGKINSON Paul (Anthony HEWITT/Mary HOUSLEY) 1811aug12 HODGKINSON Sarah (Jason WORRALL/Jane HODGKINSON) 1820may24 HODGKINSON Susanah (William DAWSON/Catharine HODGKINSON) 1820dec25 HODGKINSON Susanna (John HODGKINSON/Elizabeth BIRKS) 1824dec30 HODGKINSON Susanna (John SHELDON/Elizabeth HALL) 1775jul24 HODGKINSON Thomas (Thomas STONEHOUSE/Elizabeth HODGKINSON) 1779dec27 HODGKINSON Thomas (Thomas HODGKINSON/Susanna COTTRILL) 1782may23 HODGKINSON Thomas (Joshua HODGKINSON/Lydia HIGTON) 1783sep23 HODGKINSON Thomas (John BROWN/Rebecca GREENHOUGH) 1786sep11 HODGKINSON Thomas (George TRUMAN/Amy HODGKINSON) 1786sep11 HODGKINSON Thomas (Francis TAYLOR/Mary BROOKE) 1808may09 HODGKINSON Thomas (Benjamin TAYLOR/Sarah HODGKINSON) 1809may11 HODGKINSON Thomas (George TWIFORD/Mary FLETCHER) 1811aug12 HODGKINSON Thomas (Jason WORRALL/Jane HODGKINSON) 1811nov14 HODGKINSON Thomas (Joshua HODGKINSON/Isabella TIPPIN) 1813mar18 HODGKINSON Thomas (John MART/Lidia HODGKINSON) 1817jul06 HODGKINSON Thomas (Horatio HOLMES/Mary ALLCOCK) 1824feb02 HODGKINSON Thomas (John KIRK/Martha HODGKINSON) 1826dec28 HODGKINSON Thomas (Paul COTTERILL/Jane ALLEN) 1834nov04 HODGKINSON Thomas (George BACKHOUSE/Esther WEBSTER) 1805oct24 HODGKINSON Wigley (John SMITH/Mary PAGE) 1823jul30 HODGKINSON William (Samuel ELLIOTT/Ann TAYLOR) 1836oct18 HODGKINSON William (William PARKINS/Hannah RISE) 1837jan23 HODGKINSON William (Ralph W PEARSON/Ellen SLATER) 1845may12 HODGKINSON William (Joseph ROBINSON/Mary CARLILE) 1851may21 HODGKINSON William (Thomas CLARKE/Millicent DUFFIELD) 1771jul08 HODKINSON James (Jacob NEEDHAM/Anna WIGLEY) 1858may10 HODKINSON John (William HODKINSON/Fanny DERBYSHIRE) 1766jul10 HODSKINSON John (William TARR/June HODGKINSON) 1885jun30 HODSON Netta (Arthur EMPSON/Charlotte Elizabeth HODSON) 1775oct02 HOGG C. (James KIRK/Ann BURGIN) 1848apr23 HOGG Joseph (Joseph BOOT/Elizabeth FOGG) 1769aug10 HOGKINSON Joshua (John FERN/Mary COTTON) 1766aug28 HOLBROOK David (Daniel HOLEBROOK/Sarah DEAN) 1795jun15 HOLBROOK John (William KNIVETON/Mary HOLEBROOKE) 1843oct15 HOLBROOK Milicent (William HATFIELD/Ann milicent HOLBROOK) 1818feb23 HOLBROOK Sarah (Edward TAYLOR/Mary HOLBROOK) 1838nov18 HOLBROOK Thomas (Jacob CARLILE/Elizabeth SHAWHOUSE?) 1843oct15 HOLBROOK Thomas (William HATFIELD/Ann milicent HOLBROOK) 1845sep17 HOLBROOK Thomas (Thomas DAVIS/Elizabeth HOLBROOK) 1788dec21 HOLDEN Thomas (Thomas WILSON/Sarah MART) 1806jun30 HOLDING F. (Joseph HAWKSLEY/Sarah CLAY) 1858jan07 HOLE Lydia (Thomas DAKIN/Elizabeth HOLE) 1810jul04 HOLEBROOK John (Silas BUNTING/Rosanna FLINT) 1759jun18 HOLEBROOKE Thomas (John HOLBROOKE/Sarah WILD) 1826may27 HOLEHOUSE Ann (John BAMFORD/Elizabeth MATHER) 1799may01 HOLEHOUSE George (John BRIDDON/Maria MARSON) 1833oct18 HOLEHOUSE George (John WATERFIELD/Elizabeth GREATOREX) 1792feb20 HOLEHOUSE James (James ALLEN/Elizabeth GIBSON) 1830aug08 HOLEHOUSE James (William WALKER/Ann GRIFFIN) 1758feb16 HOLEHOUSE John (Edward HALL/Mary BOTHAM) 1777may21 HOLEHOUSE John (John CRICH/Grace FLINT) 1778jun24 HOLEHOUSE John (Daniel DALE/Elizabeth HALL) 1779jun14 HOLEHOUSE John (Robert MOUNTNEY/Sarah KNOWLES) 1779sep08 HOLEHOUSE John (Thomas SPENCER/Elizabeth HOLEHOUSE) 1780jun15 HOLEHOUSE John (Job HIGTON/Mary SHELDON) 1782apr22 HOLEHOUSE John (Joseph WAYN/Ann HUGHS) 1782may23 HOLEHOUSE John (James SEEDS/Lydia DUFFIELD) 1784jan02 HOLEHOUSE John (John SPENCER/Hannah WINGFIELD) 1787jul19 HOLEHOUSE John (George HALL/Mary DALE) 1794jul14 HOLEHOUSE John (Thomas HODGKINSON/Rebecca FRITH) 1801feb03 HOLEHOUSE John (John KIDDEY/Elizabeth BRIDDON) 1840aug26 HOLEHOUSE John (Isaiah ABBOTT/Mary WESTON) 1756nov18 HOLEHOUSE Joseph (Thomas HOLEHOUSE/Lydea NEEDHAM) 1771sep17 HOLEHOUSE Joseph (Thomas BRIERLEY/Dorothy HOLEHOUSE) 1832feb11 HOLEHOUSE Joseph (William FOX/Elizabeth BUNTING) 1762feb24 HOLEHOUSE Thomas (Benjamin FROST/Catherine THACKER) 1762jun30 HOLEHOUSE Thomas (Richard KIRK/Rachael SEAL) 1764jun06 HOLEHOUSE Thomas (Richard SIMPSON/Alice BOOT) 1779apr08 HOLEHOUSE Thomas (Joseph MASKERY/Mary HOLEHOUSE) 1826may27 HOLEHOUSE Thomas (John BAMFORD/Elizabeth MATHER) 1828apr07 HOLEHOUSE Thomas (Thomas KIRK/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1783mar12 HOLEHOUSE William (John LATHAM/Grace HOLEHOUSE) 1784aug18 HOLEHOUSE William (Martin BAMFORD/Sarah CHEETHAM) 1785jun22 HOLEHOUSE William (William TAYLOR/Jane BURTON) 1812apr19 HOLEHOUSE William (John SEEDS/Hannah WALBANK) 1896jan22 HOLGATE Emma (Albert THOMPSON/Mary Jane CARLINE) 1797jan16 HOLGATE Robert (John MARSHALL/Elizabeth PEARSON) 1797jan16 HOLGATE Robert (James COLLEDGE/Ann KINDER) 1797may22 HOLGATE Robert (John PEARSON/Mary COOPER) 1797oct23 HOLGATE Robert (Robert GREATOREX/Elizabeth WALKER) 1798sep12 HOLGATE Robert (George KINDER/Rosamond BARKER) 1830sep13 HOLGATE Thomas (John BROUGH/Ann DOXEY) 1870apr19 HOLLAND Emma (William PEAT/Ellen HOLLAND) 1799dec25 HOLLAND Hugh (John ALLEN/Hannah SWIFT) 1801oct07 HOLLAND Hugh (Samuel WILSON/Alice BRIDDON) 1802mar22 HOLLAND Hugh (Anthony GREGORY/Elizabeth BRADLEY) 1785sep25 HOLLAND James (Joseph HOLLAND/Hannah SHIPLEY) 1870apr19 HOLLAND James (William PEAT/Ellen HOLLAND) 1832may24 HOLLAND Maria (Josiah PEARSON/Mary BAMFORD) 1858feb28 HOLLINS Louisa (Charles WARD/Jane STUBBS) 1784dec24 HOLLMES Thomas (Joshua WETTON/Ann HOLMES) 1814aug21 HOLMES Ann (Samuel HOLMES/Martha BROOKS) 1842may15 HOLMES Ann (Daniel HOLMES/Eliza KNOWLES) 1848jul24 HOLMES Ann (William BROOMHEAD/Harriet HOLMES) 1850jun17 HOLMES Ann (Benjamin SPENCER/Fanny WOODHOUSE) 1869sep27 HOLMES Ann (Daniel HOLMES/Frances BROOKS) 1811feb10 HOLMES Anthony (Thomas HOLMES/Sarah BUNTING) 1823sep15 HOLMES Anthony (Joshua HOLMES/Mary GOODALL) 1843jun04 HOLMES Anthony (George even SMITH/Mary HOLMES) 1853jan24 HOLMES Anthony (Daniel HOLMES/Eliza BARRETT) 1820apr24 HOLMES Barnet (John BARKER/Melicent HELDON) 1819feb22 HOLMES Barnet? (John HOLMES/Elizabeth SWIFT) 1820mar27 HOLMES Charles (Richard GOODHALL/Ann JOHNSON) 1820nov13 HOLMES Charles (Samuel BLACKWELL/Sarah SHORT) 1836jun22 HOLMES Daniel (George WILD/Mary CROFTS) 1850jun17 HOLMES Daniel (Benjamin SPENCER/Fanny WOODHOUSE) 1869sep27 HOLMES Daniel (Daniel HOLMES/Frances BROOKS) 1823jun17 HOLMES Elizabeth (John MARSHALL/Elizabeth HOLMES) 1831feb20 HOLMES Elizabeth (Joseph HOLMES/Grace NALL) 1831apr07 HOLMES Elizabeth (Joseph MILLINGTON/Mary THOMPSON) 1899nov01 HOLMES Ethel (Walter HOLMES/Harriet DOXEY) 1780jun15 HOLMES George (Robert ADAMS/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1781jan03 HOLMES George (Abraham SLACK/Dorothy FLINT) 1804oct11 HOLMES George (James SWINSCOW/Ann HOLMES) 1807jan01 HOLMES George (James RAINSE/Ann BROOKS) 1850dec25 HOLMES George (George JOHNSON/Emma SMITH) 1833feb20 HOLMES Hannah (Thomas SEEDHOUSE/Sarah HOLMES) 1837feb17 HOLMES Hannah (Edward HOLMES/Martha THOMPSON) 1847dec23 HOLMES Hannah (Walter HOLMES/Ann LAND) 1872may01 HOLMES Hannah (Robert ADAMS/Emma RAINS) 1830sep12 HOLMES Hannah Maria (James BARBER/Ann KNOWLES) 1848oct23 HOLMES Harriet (Francis STOPPARD/Ruth TRAVIS) 1862feb03 HOLMES Harriet (Elijah BRADLEY/Sarah EATON) 1829aug03 HOLMES Horatio? (John JOHNSON/Elizabeth PORT) 1762nov18 HOLMES John (John BROOKS/Mary BRITLAND) 1818oct02 HOLMES John (John HOLMES/Ellen MOORE) 1852jun01 HOLMES John (Benjamin TAYLOR/Sarah SHELLEY) 1862jun30 HOLMES John (Aaron RIDGARD/Ellen HOLMES) 1865oct11 HOLMES John (Alexander Dean JAMES/Mary HOLMES) 1772aug27 HOLMES Joseph (Anthony BROOKE/Mary MOOR) 1779sep13 HOLMES Joseph (George STORER/Mary FRITH) 1815sep11 HOLMES Joseph (Thomas GODBEHERE/Sarah BURTON) 1815sep11 HOLMES Joseph (John ROPER/Hannah KNOWLES) 1836oct31 HOLMES Joseph (Daniel HOLMES/Sarah CROFTS) 1869oct26 HOLMES Joseph (James BRAILSFORD/Sarah TAYLOR) 1874may16 HOLMES Joseph (William CORDIN/Elizabeth HOLMES) 1823jun17 HOLMES Josh. (John MARSHALL/Elizabeth HOLMES) 1807nov02 HOLMES Joshua (Thomas HOLMES/Ellen TURNER) 1831nov03 HOLMES Lydia (Benjamin BURTON/Sarah ROOSE) 1871oct31 HOLMES Lydia (Anthony BODEN/Emily HOLMES) 1835apr27 HOLMES Martha (Thomas WRAGG/Rachel HOLMES) 1835apr16 HOLMES Mary (John TAYLOR/Mary HARDY) 1847nov22 HOLMES Mary (George HOLMES/Sarah PEARSON) 1851jun12 HOLMES Mary (Daniel HOLMES/Ann HOLMES) 1862jun30 HOLMES Mary (Aaron RIDGARD/Ellen HOLMES) 1863sep13 HOLMES Mary (Charles COLLIER/Elizabeth HOLMES) 1864may16 HOLMES Mary (Moses KIDD/Harriet HOLMES) 1873nov16 HOLMES Mary (Samuel WALKER/Mary ann GRATTON) 1843jun04 HOLMES Milicent (George even SMITH/Mary HOLMES) 1849jun21 HOLMES Peter (Thomas BODEN/Jane ELDRIDGE) 1821dec05 HOLMES Richard (James MERCHANT/Sarah PALMER) 1895oct30 HOLMES Ruth Han (Henry BUCKLEY/Mary BYARD) 1774feb10 HOLMES Samuel (Joseph HOLMES/Ann TAYLOR) 1774feb10 HOLMES Samuel (Daniel HOLMES/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1831nov03 HOLMES Samuel (Benjamin BURTON/Sarah ROOSE) 1837feb17 HOLMES Samuel (Edward HOLMES/Martha THOMPSON) 1840apr13 HOLMES Samuel (Benjamin MOULD/Mary Ann ASHMOLE) 1840sep17 HOLMES Samuel (Edward HOLMES/Sarah BUNTING) 1851feb03 HOLMES Samuel (Thomas THOMPSON/Mary ann HOLMES) 1851jun12 HOLMES Samuel (Daniel HOLMES/Ann HOLMES) 1858aug09 HOLMES Samuel (Joseph EATON/Sarah ann SWIFT) 1895oct30 HOLMES Samuel (Henry BUCKLEY/Mary BYARD) 1818sep02 HOLMES Sarah (Isaac FOULKS/Ruth WAIN) 1813mar08 HOLMES Thomas (Job HIGTON/Sarah KNIVETON) 1813mar08 HOLMES Thomas (Anthony BROCKLEHURST/Lidia MARSDEN) 1831aug15 HOLMES Thomas (Joseph CHADWICK/Lydia FOX) 1835apr16 HOLMES Thomas (John TAYLOR/Mary HARDY) 1840sep14 HOLMES Thomas (Daniel WESTON/Elizabeth HOLMES) 1893jun21 HOLMES Thomas (John HALLOWS/Martha Smedley HOLMES) 1867dec21 HOLMES Walter (John sutcl. SLADEN/Mary HOLMES) 1881may10 HOLMES Walter (Thomas SPENCER/Elizabeth THOMPSON) 1780jul03 HOLMES William (Jonathan TWIGGE/Grace HOLMES) 1804oct11 HOLMES William (James SWINSCOW/Ann HOLMES) 1809apr03 HOLMES William (James BRELSFORD/Mary BRADLEY) 1809nov06 HOLMES William (William HERROD/Hannah SMITH) 1811jul28 HOLMES William (Charles KNIVETON/Mary GOULD) 1813may20 HOLMES William (Thomas HOLMES/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1826jul16 HOLMES William (Josiah PEAT/Sarah MARSDEN) 1833may27 HOLMES William (William ROEBUCK/Ann SIDDELL) 1789oct05 HOLMS George (John HOLMES/Elizabeth ALLEN) 1814may30 HOLMS John (William DOXEY/Mary BROOKS) 1837dec16 HOLT Edward (Charles BROWN/Sarah AUSTIN) 1899oct02 HOMER Emily (John James HOMER/Mary ELSE) 1899oct02 HOMER Samuel (John James HOMER/Mary ELSE) 1817may26 HOON George (Samuel HARRISON/Esther EASTWOOD) 1833jun17 HOON Jane (George WILCOCKSON/Mary HOON) 1898sep17 HOPKINSON Emma (Thomas HUNT/Mary Elizabeth BOTHAM) 1767nov18 HOPKINSON George (William GOODWIN/Lydia BRADLEY) 1852jul05 HOPKINSON Hannah (James BYARD/Mary LINACRE) 1838jun11 HOPKINSON Mary Ann (John BROMLEY/Frances HOPKINSON) 1852jul05 HOPKINSON Matthew (James BYARD/Mary LINACRE) 1778may11 HOPKINSON Thomas (Robert NALL/Lucy BOWER) 1864apr18 HORDEN Francis (Joseph JOHNSON/Bessy POWELL) 1840apr19 HORDERN Francis (Joseph CAPY/Lydia CORDEN) 1861feb17 HORDERN Mary (John HORDERN/Hannah maria WALKER) 1897dec22 HORN Thomas (Herbert MELLORS/Mary Frances BEVAN) 1784may31 HOROBIN William (Samuel SMITH/Ann WHEATLEY) 1864dec01 HORSFALL Isaac (Joseph TAYLOR/Anne MOORE) 1815apr13 HORSLER John (Benjamin BURTON/Ann SIMMS) 1761sep03 HOUGH George (David BRANDON/Mary HOUGH) 1820aug14 HOUGH John (William SEAL/Sarah BROOKS) 1782feb11 HOUGH Joseph (George ALSOP/Sarah HOUGH) 1803mar13 HOUGH Thomas (William LEES/Mary HOUGH) 1778may18 HOUGH William (James HALLSWORTH/Millicent HOUGH) 1754dec19 HOUGHTON Charles (Ralph GELL/Anne MALINAS) 1756apr14 HOUGHTON Charles (Thomas GALLEMOOR/Mary PEAT) 1757mar12 HOUGHTON Charles (John REDFERN/Mary BOYARD) 1758dec20 HOUGHTON Charles (Joseph FOUCK/Elizabeth NASH) 1760dec18 HOUGHTON Charles (Joseph HARRISON/Jane WIBBERLY) 1784oct11 HOUGHTON David (Joseph JEBSON/Ann ROPER) 1785may18 HOUGHTON David (John ROWLAND/Sarah HARDING) 1789dec17 HOUGHTON David (Edward NOBLE/Mary KERREY) 1789dec29 HOUGHTON David (Isaiah JACUS/Elizabeth BLUNT) 1790dec21 HOUGHTON David (Emanuel DRABBLE/Ann WALTON) 1792aug26 HOUGHTON David (John WASS/Ann TAYLOR) 1797nov28 HOUGHTON David (Abraham AULT/Ann FINNEY) 1798aug05 HOUGHTON David (Samuel BARKER/Sarah FARRAND) 1800may05 HOUGHTON David (George STORER/Grace BARKER) 1801sep15 HOUGHTON David (George BOWMER/Elizabeth NEEDHAM) 1804aug09 HOUGHTON David (Job WESSON/Sarah ALSOP) 1876feb07 HOUGHTON Emma (William PARSONS/Dorothy ELSE) 1895feb24 HOUGHTON Emma (James PEARSON/Phoebe HOUGHTON) 1831sep12 HOUGHTON Hannah (George WEBSTER/Susanna HOUGHTON) 1784feb04 HOUGHTON Henry (William GELL/Frances FOULKE) 1791apr24 HOUGHTON Henry (Edward WIGLEY/Alice WINGFIELD) 1783mar09 HOUGHTON Jacob (Job BRADLEY/Mary WRIGHT) 1809apr19 HOUGHTON Jacob (Anthony BODEN/Dolly HOUGHTON) 1820mar05 HOUGHTON Jacob (Robert WHITE/Mary HOUGHTON) 1822nov28 HOUGHTON Jacob (David HOUGHTON/Mary BROOKS) 1882apr26 HOUGHTON James (William Henry BYARD/Mary Ann HOUGHTON) 1895feb24 HOUGHTON James (James PEARSON/Phoebe HOUGHTON) 1895aug21 HOUGHTON James (John YATES/Emma HOUGHTON) 1858jan18 HOUGHTON Job (William HOUGHTON/Elizabeth FERN) 1881sep14 HOUGHTON Job henry (John henry HOUGHTON/Mary jane HAYNES) 1761jan15 HOUGHTON John (John ROOSE/Ann REDFERN) 1765jan01 HOUGHTON John (Adam KNOWLES/Elisabeth HOUGHTON) 1767feb04 HOUGHTON John (Jonathan HOUGHTON/Sarah ROPER) 1769sep11 HOUGHTON John (Jacob MOSELEY/Esther FRITH) 1771sep16 HOUGHTON John (Mathew BUTTERWORTH/Mary HARDING) 1772oct11 HOUGHTON John (Jonathan HOUGHTON/Hannah STEVENS) 1775may13 HOUGHTON John (Joshua WRIGHT/Rebecca HOUGHTON) 1778aug12 HOUGHTON John (Robert TIMPERLEY/Susanna HOWARD) 1780oct29 HOUGHTON John (John MERRIGIND/Margaret JONES) 1899oct23 HOUGHTON John (Samuel THOMPSON/Mary Ann TURNER) 1768dec26 HOUGHTON Jonathan (William ROPER/Elisabeth TAYLOR) 1834feb16 HOUGHTON Mary (William WOODHOUSE/Sarah WHITE) 1860mar25 HOUGHTON Mary (James HOUGHTON/Mary WARTON) 1761jan15 HOUGHTON Peter (John ROOSE/Ann REDFERN) 1765jun30 HOUGHTON Peter (James SHELDON/Sarah DIXON) 1830jun06 HOUGHTON Peter (James WOODHOUSE/Hannah HANDLEY) 1834feb16 HOUGHTON Peter (William WOODHOUSE/Sarah WHITE) 1867dec26 HOUGHTON Peter (William THOMPSON/Ann HOUGHTON) 1796sep15 HOUGHTON Richard (Samuel BYDWORTH/Jane FROST) 1796sep15 HOUGHTON Richard (Joseph ALLEN/Jane HUGHS) 1884dec14 HOUGHTON Sarah Ell (James HOUGHTON/Mary Ann BROCKLESBY) 1815mar27 HOUGHTON Thomas (William ROBINSON/Sarah PIDCOCK) 1815mar27 HOUGHTON Thomas (James WIGLEY/Mary HOLEHOUSE) 1822aug19 HOUGHTON Thomas (Thomas TURNER/Elizabeth HOUGHTON) 1777nov10 HOUGHTON William (Edward HASLAM/Elizabeth HOUGHTON) 1782sep19 HOUGHTON William (Jacob HOUGHTON/Susanna ROPER) 1844feb19 HOUGHTON William (Job HOUGHTON/Ann SPENCER) 1860mar25 HOUGHTON William (James HOUGHTON/Mary WARTON) 1763jul18 HOULBROOK Charles (Joshua WIGLEY/Ann PETTINER) 1764jan02 HOULBROOK Charles (William SUMMERS/Ann EYRE) 1768jul13 HOULBROOK Charles (Thomas POTTER/Dorothy SMITH) 1767nov16 HOULBROOK William (Thomas RENSHAW/Mary WRIGHT) 1817may15 HOULGAT Nathaniel (Joseph HARDY/Sarah COOPER) 1814jun30 HOULGATE Elizabeth (William MARSH/Hannah HOLGATE) 1823oct08 HOULGATE Elizabeth (Samuel REDFERN/Sarah HOLDGATE) 1822may01 HOULGATE George (James ANNABLE/Elizabeth SMITH) 1812feb03 HOULGATE Hannah (John BROWN/Mary RIDE) 1868oct07 HOULGATE James (Henry GAMBLE/Emma WALL) 1814jun30 HOULGATE Joseph (William MARSH/Hannah HOLGATE) 1803mar03 HOULGATE Joshua (Nathaniel HOULGATE/Lydia COOPER) 1806feb20 HOULGATE Nathaniel (Samuel BEARDSLEY/Mary COOPER) 1789oct14 HOULGATE Robert (Samuel WAYNE/Amelia HASLEDINE) 1814jul13 HOULGATE Sarah (William TAYLOR/Mary SANDERS) 1822jan31 HOURSLEY Ellen (John RAINS/Hannah HOUSLEY) 1848dec28 HOUSLEY Elizabeth (Thomas edward HUNSLEY/Mary COATES) 1818nov23 HOUSLEY John (Thomas YATES/Mary STALEY) 1827mar12 HOUSLEY Martha (James HOUSLEY/Ann HEWITT) 1790feb11 HOWE Thomas (John HEWIT/Mary Maden MITCHEL) 1832jan21 HOWESLEY James (Joseph WESTON/Sarah HOLMES) 1874nov16 HOWSLEY George (Thomas SPENCER/Martha HOWSLEY) 1833nov25 HOWSLEY John (Benjamin SWIFT/Martha BUTLER) 1838jun21 HUBBERSTY Agnes E (Nathan HUBBERSTY/Margaret Emma HURT) 1890oct29 HUBBERSTY Henry Alf (Arthur de Milt SEVERNE/Adelaide Elizabeth HUBBERSTY) 1872aug07 HUBBERSTY I? (Henry alfred HUBBERSTY/Frances Aug HUBBERSTY) 1847jan14 HUBBERSTY P (James MACDOUGALL/Elizabeth ALLSOP) 1895apr10 HUDDLESTONE John H (William Henry HUDDLESTONE/Mary Hannah MASKREY) 1767jun11 HUDSON George (Samuel KINDER/Ann BUTLER) 1841oct18 HUDSON Mary (Henry SMITH/Ann BAMFORD) 1848apr03 HUGHES Ann (Joseph MOXTON/Mary WATERFIELD) 1835sep16 HUGHES Mary (Joseph STREET/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1836jun01 HUGHES Mary (William GODBEHERE/Emma HALL) 1885sep12 HUGHES Mary (John PARKER/Hannah WIGLEY) 1770jul03 HUGHES Robert (Robert HOLMES/Esther ARWIN) 1800feb05 HUGHES Tacey (Richard WILD/Hannah SMITH) 1801feb04 HUGHES Tacey (William HUGHS/Ann STEEPLE) 1824mar18 HUGHES Tacey (Richard PEAT/Sarah HUGHES) 1880dec25 HUGHES Thomas (George GARRATT/Eliza HUGHES) 1807aug20 HUGHS John (James HADFIELD/Dorothy HUGHS) 1761feb11 HUIT Thomas (Lattemer COTTRILL/Sarah ADAMS) 1766dec25 HULLAND Robert (Zachariah HALL/Hannah WARD) 1767sep07 HULLAND Robert (John BUTLER/Ellin GREATORIX) 1773aug28 HULLAND Robert (Joseph YEOMANS/Lydia TAYLOR) 1772mar03 HUMPSTON Samuel (Henry CLARK/Ann ROGER) 1837may01 HUNT Ann Oliver (William CLEMENS/Mary Jane HUNT) 1843may01 HUNT Edward (George SLATER/Elizabeth BROCKLEHURST) 1848feb27 HUNT Edward (Emanuel MARSON/Mary WARDMAN) 1835sep24 HUNT Elizabeth (William BODEN/Margaret WETTON) 1769oct25 HUNT John (Samuel COOPER/Hannah PEACH) 1832nov03 HUNT John (Samuel BRELSFORD/Sarah SLACK) 1809feb09 HUNT Joseph (Thomas DOXEY/Elizabeth WOOD) 1817oct20 HUNT Joseph (William SANDERS/Hannah HUNT) 1820jun12 HUNT Joseph (William WINSON/Grace WRAGG) 1840apr29 HUNT Lucy (Samuel oliver HUNT/Hannah WOOD) 1840sep25 HUNT Lucy (Denis ALLSOP/Matilda HUNT) 1822apr02 HUNT Mary (Thomas LEE/Elizabeth HUNT) 1857may10 HUNT Robert (Benjamin KERRY/Mary ann HITCHCOCK) 1837may01 HUNT Samuel (William CLEMENS/Mary Jane HUNT) 1777feb10 HUNT William (William HALLAM/Ann HALLOWAY) 1844apr11 HUNT William (Joseph TOMLINSON/Ann KENDRICK) 1864apr28 HUNT William (Joseph willm MCCARDIE/Jane elizbth HUNT) 1832feb11 HURD John (William FOX/Elizabeth BUNTING) 1778feb01 HURD Robert (Peter PEARSON/Sarah SEEDS) 1824aug09 HURST William (James B CLAY/Martha NALL) 1865sep10 HURSTHOUSE James (James HOULGATE/Hannah CARLINE) 1855sep20 HURT Cath anne (Childers chas RADFORD/Mary elizabth HURT) 1770sep26 HURT Catharine (Jonathan LEE/Mary MILNES) 1780jun12 HURT Catherine (Charles HURT/Susannah ARKWRIGHT) 1852dec16 HURT Cecilia emly (John francis HURT/Cecilia isab HURT) 1811feb06 HURT Edward Nicholas (John RYLE/Susanne HURT) 1785may24 HURT Francis (Thomas Webb EDGE/Elizabeth HURT) 1774may18 HURT Isaac? (Philip GELL/Dorothy MILNES) 1855sep20 HURT James (Childers chas RADFORD/Mary elizabth HURT) 1856apr03 HURT James (Edmund yates PEEL/Catherine ann HURT) 1841feb20 HURT M.A. (Henry BURT/Elizabeth BRADSHAW) 1838jun21 HURT Richard (Nathan HUBBERSTY/Margaret Emma HURT) 1805sep02 HURT Susan (Peter ARKWRIGHT/Mary Anne HURT) 1848jun01 HURT Thomas (Edmund WILMOT/Anne HURT) 1852dec16 HURT JNR Francis (John francis HURT/Cecilia isab HURT) 1830nov08 HURT JU Charles (Edward D DAVINPORT/Caroline A HURT) 1777may22 HURT JU Francis (Joseph BAINBRIGGE/Honor GELL) 1806may23 HURT JUN Charles (John PEEL/Antonietta GOODWIN) 1811feb06 HURT JUN Charles (John RYLE/Susanne HURT) 1756jan09 HUTCHINSON Francis (Edward HUTCHINSON/Olive STONE) 1836nov28 HUTCHINSON Hannah (Anthony BAINBRIGGE/Dorothy HUTCHINSON) 1756jan09 HUTCHINSON John (Edward HUTCHINSON/Olive STONE) 1788oct23 HUTCHINSON Samuel (John HARRISON/Hannah BRELSFORD) 1797jan09 HUTCHINSON Samuel (William SEARL/Hannah WILCOCKSON) 1799jan27 HUTCHINSON Samuel (Andrew HILL/Alice WILCOCKSON) 1833jun24 HYDES Ann (James HUSARD/Elizabeth OXLEY) Return to Top 1886sep22 IBBS Elizabeth (Thomas IBBS/Elizabeth KILLER) 1828oct22 IMHOFF Amelia Maria (Charles IMHOFF/Mary INCE) 1793jun13 INCE ? (Thomas ELEY/Mary INCE) 1789jan14 INCE J.? (John CLOUGH/Hannah WALKLOCK) 1828jul23 INCE Rickards (George T DALE/Margaret INCE) 1828oct22 INCE Thomas Norris (Charles IMHOFF/Mary INCE) 1829dec24 INCE Thomas Norris (John DALE/Catherine INCE) 1866jul31 IRETON Janen (John COLLARD/Georgiana FOGG) Return to Top 1833sep18 JACKSON Ann (William WHEELDON/Mary CLARK) 1871jan30 JACKSON Daniel (Isaac TURNER/Hannah JACKSON) 1899jul12 JACKSON Daniel (John Leonard JACKSON/Ada Maria JACKSON) 1821dec20 JACKSON Elizabeth (Henry KENYON/Sarah BRIDDON) 1849nov28 JACKSON Elizabeth (William JACKSON/Emma HARPER) 1816dec23 JACKSON George (Jacob HADFIELD/Ellen JACKSON) 1894jan01 JACKSON Hannah (Alfred LAST/Mary Ellen JACKSON) 1895jan31 JACKSON Hannah (Isaac JACKSON/Ellen BROWN) 1828dec31 JACKSON Henry (William MARSH/Ann POTTER) 1894jan01 JACKSON Isaac (Alfred LAST/Mary Ellen JACKSON) 1835sep15 JACKSON John (Daniel KNOWLES/Elizabeth BUNTING) 1841aug16 JACKSON John (William KNOWLES/Frances GREGORY) 1814may12 JACKSON Joseph (Robert BOND/Elizabeth JACKSON) 1833oct18 JACKSON Mary (John WATERFIELD/Elizabeth GREATOREX) 1850may20 JACKSON Mary (John JACKSON/Ann BROUGH) 1870oct26 JACKSON Maryann (Joseph GREENHOUGH/Tacey JACKSON) 1821dec20 JACKSON Matthew (Henry KENYON/Sarah BRIDDON) 1846jul27 JACKSON Phebe (William STORER/Elizabeth BROCKLEHURST) 1837aug21 JACKSON Sarah (William BROCKLEHURST/Ellen SIMS) 1899jul12 JACKSON Sarah (John Leonard JACKSON/Ada Maria JACKSON) 1882dec25 JACKSON Sarah elizb (John wm fairf WAINWRIGHT/Lydia gratton JACKSON) 1762apr15 JACKSON Thomas (Robert GILMAN/Mary JACKSON) 1766feb20 JACKSON Thomas (Thomas HOULDEN/Patience JACKSON) 1767jul19 JACKSON Thomas (George BRIDDON/Hannah STAFFORD) 1773feb18 JACKSON Thomas (William JACKSON/Mary PAGE) 1777mar20 JACKSON Thomas (Luke HALL/Mary HUFFTON) 1782sep29 JACKSON William (Robert WATSON/Mary SAYER) 1809jan08 JACKSON William (Edward S JACKSON/Elizabeth PEAL) 1839dec02 JACKSON William (Joel GREGORY/Sarah WOODWARD) 1789dec29 JACUS Job (Isaiah JACUS/Elizabeth BLUNT) 1823aug16 JAMES Abraham (William LEMON/Rhoda JAMES) 1870sep29 JAMES John (William DAWSON/Lucy JAMES) 1885apr18 JAMES John (Paul BAUSOR/Mary Ellen FOX) 1879jun09 JAMES Jonathan (Arthur garsde HEARD/Elizabeth MACBETH) 1856dec15 JAMES Mary (Arthur WALKER/Eliza BAMFORD) 1870sep29 JAMES William (William DAWSON/Lucy JAMES) 1755nov27 JANKINSON Richard (Samuel JENKINSON/Ellin PEARSON) 1886jun24 JEBB Frances (James Harrison JEBB/Grace Colledge BOWN) 1870jun20 JEBB James (Thomas JACKSON/Mary LOMAS) 1887mar31 JEBB James H (Charles William BOWN/Frances JEBB) 1870apr30 JEBB James hrrsn (Charles JAMESON/Ellen LOMAS) 1887mar31 JEBB Mary C (Charles William BOWN/Frances JEBB) 1787dec10 JEBSON James (Joseph DOXEY/Elizabeth STORER) 1783mar03 JEBSON Jonathan (John BODEN/Martha TURNER) 1784oct11 JEBSON Jonathan (Joseph JEBSON/Ann ROPER) 1805sep16 JEBSON Jonathan (James SWEETING/Alice JEBSON) 1816jun23 JEBSON Joseph (John JEPSON/Ann BASFORD) 1794sep17 JEBSON Samuel (James SPENCER/Sarah HALL) 1795dec30 JEBSON Samuel? (William LOXLEY/Susanna CARLISLE) 1798jan29 JEBSON Samuel? (Thomas BROOKES/Mary ALLEN) 1755may26 JEBSON William (James SHELDON/Sarah ELLIOT) 1765sep23 JEBSON William (Anthony SPENCER/Sarah SPENCER) 1765oct09 JEBSON William (Joseph DOXEY/Ann BROOKS) 1770may09 JEBSON William (Joseph DOXEY/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1872oct30 JEFFREY George (James BRACE/Rachel BROOKS) 1811oct20 JEPSON ? (Thomas ALLSOP/Lydia BROWN) 1827jan01 JEPSON Ann (Timothy JEPSON/Elizabeth BURTON) 1850dec26 JEPSON Ann (Jarvis CARNELLEY/Emma JEPSON) 1865sep14 JEPSON Ann Ward (Daniel BROOKS/Frances ANDREW) 1805sep06 JEPSON George (John LAMB/Sarah BROWN) 1878sep16 JEPSON Henry (Thomas BUXTON/Harriet JEPSON) 1822mar28 JEPSON Jonathan (William GRATTON/Martha MATHER) 1793aug15 JEPSON Joseph (John EATON/Rebecca JEBSON) 1795sep16 JEPSON Joseph (James STEEPLE/Hannah JEPSON) 1814mar17 JEPSON Joshua (Jonathan JEPSON/Mary MATHER) 1828dec08 JEPSON Joshua (Joseph BOTHAM/Mary Ann YEATS) 1829sep28 JEPSON Joshua (John GRANT/Susannah JEPSON) 1878apr24 JEPSON Mary (George henry ALCOCK/Florence ann JEPSON) 1878apr24 JEPSON Peter (George henry ALCOCK/Florence ann JEPSON) 1879nov02 JEPSON Peter (Timothy mrpls JEPSON/Mary ann WATTS) 1826mar12 JEPSON Susannah (George JEPSON/Ann TAYLOR) 1830jun09 JEPSON Thomas (George AUSTIN/Sarah OAKLEY) 1761mar26 JEPSON William (Daniel SPENCER/Ann STORER) 1761sep21 JEPSON William (Joseph BUCKLEY/Ann DOXEY) 1861dec14 JEPSON William (Francis FROGGATT/Anne PRICE) 1804mar20 JERVIS Thomas (Paul STALEY/Mary GODBEHERE) 1853sep13 JERVIS William (Jervis BYARD/Elizabeth REDFERN) 1867feb18 JESSOP Ann Ward (James SPENCER/Edith JEPSON) 1856apr22 JESSOP Rebecca (John STORER/Mary ann JESSOP) 1861dec14 JESSOP Rebecca (Francis FROGGATT/Anne PRICE) 1864mar31 JESSOP Rebecca (John SCRIVENER/Louisa SMITH) 1856apr22 JESSOP Thomas (John STORER/Mary ann JESSOP) 1755apr17 JOHNSON Adam (Jonathan HODGKINSON/Jane COTTRELL) 1847oct03 JOHNSON Ann (Daniel HOLMES/Sarah BULLOCK) 1851jun12 JOHNSON Ann (Thomas JOHNSON/Mary FLINT) 1816jun06 JOHNSON Barbara (Phineas PEAT/Hannah JOHNSON) 1824jun07 JOHNSON Barbara (Thomas ALLSOP/Ann DEAN) 1870sep14 JOHNSON Bessy (William BOTHAM/Alice martha WILSON) 1775feb10 JOHNSON Charles (Thomas SPENCER/Hannah BRIDDON) 1781aug30 JOHNSON Charles (John WILLIAMSON/Ann BEALY) 1790may24 JOHNSON Charles (William BROCKLEHURST/Elizabeth CLOUGH) 1804oct15 JOHNSON Charles (Thomas WOODHOUSE/Elizabeth COOPER) 1817may29 JOHNSON Charles (William GREATOREX/Lydia DEAN) 1850feb18 JOHNSON Charles (Thomas KNOWLES/Barbara JOHNSON) 1823apr28 JOHNSON Dorothy (John STEEPLES/Jemima JOHNSON) 1846may28 JOHNSON Ellen (Thomas MURFIN/Catherine HARRIS) 1821jun14 JOHNSON George (Thomas SLACK/Ellen ELLIOTT) 1823apr28 JOHNSON George (John STEEPLES/Jemima JOHNSON) 1846feb01 JOHNSON George (Job WETTON/Hannah CORDIN) 1846mar16 JOHNSON George (John BRIDDEN/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1863feb16 JOHNSON George (George WOOD/Mary JOHNSON) 1813dec27 JOHNSON H. (Joseph RADFORD/Jemima LYMN) 1896apr02 JOHNSON Harriet (Robert Boam SPENCER/Sarah JOHNSON) 1783may13 JOHNSON Isaac (John LEE/Ann STOCKS) 1799dec01 JOHNSON James (Robert WATSON/Mary CLAY) 1799dec01 JOHNSON James (Thomas GARRATT/Hannah GAMBLE) 1766jul10 JOHNSON John (William TARR/June HODGKINSON) 1777dec25 JOHNSON John (George YOUNG/Mary BROWN) 1780sep12 JOHNSON John (Anthony AMATT/Peggy JOHNSON) 1806nov02 JOHNSON John (William DAWSON/Jane CARLINE) 1875dec21 JOHNSON John Hen. (Charles DOXEY/Elizabeth HOLMES) 1855oct28 JOHNSON Joseph (Thomas WINT/Hannah JOHNSON) 1860nov22 JOHNSON Joseph (Joshua KINDER/Hannah CORDIN) 1870sep14 JOHNSON Joseph (William BOTHAM/Alice martha WILSON) 1896may06 JOHNSON Joseph (John George WILSON/Harriet JOHNSON) 1845mar26 JOHNSON Louisa (Joseph BEELEY/Pheobe DAKIN) 1846mar16 JOHNSON Louisa (John BRIDDEN/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1822nov21 JOHNSON Mary (William BROCKLEHURST/Hannah JACKSON) 1849jul23 JOHNSON Mary (John ROBINSON/Maria JOHNSON) 1850feb18 JOHNSON Mary (Thomas KNOWLES/Barbara JOHNSON) 1860nov22 JOHNSON Mary (George JOHNSON/Sarah CORDIN) 1884oct19 JOHNSON Mary H (Augustine FLOWER/Eliza JOHNSON) 1775oct27 JOHNSON Nathaniel (William KIRK/Hannah HANSON) 1795sep13 JOHNSON Nathaniel (James POTTER/Mary FROST) 1813nov29 JOHNSON Nathaniel (Joshua SAXTON/Martha BROWN) 1800feb10 JOHNSON Peter (Samuel BRAILSFORD/Hannah BURGOINE) 1812jan20 JOHNSON Robert (Samuel TAYLOR/Mary GARRATT) 1823may05 JOHNSON Samuel (John STEEPLES/Frances TAYLOR) 1851jun12 JOHNSON Samuel (Thomas JOHNSON/Mary FLINT) 1872dec30 JOHNSON Sarah (John CORDEN/Mary ellen GILLOTT) 1765dec17 JOHNSON Thomas (Joseph JOHNSON/Anne HARRISON) 1768jan31 JOHNSON Thomas (Robert COOPER/Elizabeth DAWSON) 1773aug28 JOHNSON Thomas (Joseph YEOMANS/Lydia TAYLOR) 1784jan13 JOHNSON Thomas (Samuel CLIFF/Mary TOPLIS) 1791nov03 JOHNSON Thomas (Thomas SMITH/Jane JOHNSON) 1823may07 JOHNSON Thomas (William KEYS/Martha WETTON) 1850jun16 JOHNSON Thomas (Robert TOMLINSON/Mary JOHNSON) 1765mar07 JOHNSON William (Samuel COOPER/Mary SWAIN) 1765apr22 JOHNSON William (George PEARSON/Rebecca SWAIN) 1790apr08 JOHNSON William (James ARMSTRONG/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1887apr26 JOHNSTONE Mary (David Ewart JOHNSTONE/Florence Eleanor SMITH) 1844sep18 JONAS Henry? (John SLATER/Sarah KNIVETON) 1872feb26 JONES Ann (Alfred AXE/Ellen JONES) 1835mar23 JONES Anna (John KIDD/Mary EATON) 1883mar30 JONES Benjamin (Joseph GREGORY/Margaret SHAW) 1757dec08 JONES Christopher (Anthony COATES/Betty MASON) 1857jan21 JONES Grace (Joseph JONES/Hannah BRITLAND) 1829jun07 JONES Hannah (Robert ROBINSON/Ann SMEDLEY) 1849may31 JONES Henry (John KNIVETON/Lydia SIMS) 1795nov22 JONES James (William WOODWARD/Mary LYMN) 1803feb28 JONES James (Anthony WOODWARD/Elizabeth GRATTON) 1812aug13 JONES James (William BUNTING/Ann GRATTON) 1892oct20 JONES James Hy (Herbert TAYLOR/Fanny JONES) 1836sep12 JONES John (John DEAN/Ellen TOMLINSON) 1805sep16 JONES Joseph (James SWEETING/Alice JEBSON) 1855apr09 JONES Joseph (William HOLEHOUSE/Rebecca JONES) 1861mar16 JONES Joseph (Thomas BRITLAND/Emma BROWN) 1843sep10 JONES Maria (George WILLMOT/Rebecca YOUNG) 1825feb06 JONES Mary (William BAINBRIDGE/Sarah HARRISON) 1835mar16 JONES Mary (Jonathan HOUGHTON/Dorothy ELLIOTT) 1862jul28 JONES Mary (James JONES/Sarah ann HALLAM) 1872feb26 JONES Peter (Alfred AXE/Ellen JONES) 1820apr03 JONES Samuel (Robert TAYLOR/Mary SWIFT) 1847may24 JONES Samuel (Samuel ELLIS/Sarah JONES) 1844may27 JONES Sarah (George WILBRAHAM/Ann JONES) 1880dec27 JONES Thomas (Charles JONES/Maria MUSGROVE) 1817oct06 JONES William (George BRADBURY/Sarah HALLAM) 1817oct06 JONES William (Peter JONES/Mary FLINT) 1825feb06 JONES William (William BAINBRIDGE/Sarah HARRISON) 1847feb03 JONES William (Joseph FLETCHER/Maria JONES) 1797jan16 JOWET Higgit (John MARSHALL/Elizabeth PEARSON) 1761sep15 JOWET John (Anthony WORSLOW/Mary MACHIAH) 1855sep13 JOWETT Ann (Isaac HADFIELD/Elizabeth JOWETT) 1810sep12 JOWETT Edmund (John AMATT/Elizabeth ALSOP) 1759apr12 JOWETT Higgit (Peter JOWITT/Mary PYSER) 1797jan16 JOWETT Higgit (James COLLEDGE/Ann KINDER) 1754nov30 JOWETT William (David SEEDS/Mary HOUGH) 1802mar02 JOWETT William (Joseph BROOKFIELD/Ann MASKREY) 1806aug11 JOWETT William (Benjamin BUCKLEY/Elizabeth POYZER) 1827jun07 JOYNSON Mary (William LEES/Margaret HALL) Return to Top 1886jan21 KAY George (James SLACK/Annie Mary KAY) 1896jan22 KAY George (George THOMPSON/Clara Elizabeth KAY) 1845jun19 KAY William (Isaac SLATER/Martha KAYS) 1816jun10 KAYE Joseph (Benjamin KIRK/Elizabeth PEARSON) 1854sep11 KEELING Ann (George SALT/Harriet KEELING) 1817apr14 KEELING James (Henry SMEDLEY/Elizabeth STEEPLE) 1871apr08 KEELING Job (John FORD/Anna maria KENDRICK) 1832feb01 KEELING John (Charles KEELING/Hannah SPENCER) 1832feb01 KEELING Maria (Charles KEELING/Hannah SPENCER) 1808jul18 KEELING Thomas (Edmund PLATTS/Sarah GODBEHERE) 1833jun10 KEELING Thomas (Thomas JOHNSON/Ellen BEARDSLEY) 1869oct04 KEELING Walter n (William TOMLINSON/Elizabeth MACMILLAN) 1834mar17 KEEN Michael Macarty (William WOODHOUSE/Anne HODGKINSON) 1844aug26 KENDRICK Lucy dorothy (John HAWKINS/Frances maria KENDRICK) 1870jun13 KENDRICK Pascha e? (Job KEELING/Lucy dorothy KENDRICK) 1871apr08 KENDRICK Pascha ers? (John FORD/Anna maria KENDRICK) 1863jun11 KENDRICK William (Aaron MARPLE/Mary MATHER) 1869feb15 KENYON Bridget (Joseph PIDCOCK/Elizabeth KENYON) 1851mar23 KERRY Charlotte (William KERRY/Mary BASS) 1802jan18 KEY John (Thomas TAYLOR/Elizabeth WALKER) 1804jan18 KEY John (Thomas JOHNSON/Mary KEY) 1823sep04 KIDD David (Samuel KIDD/Ann CLARK) 1838nov18 KIDD Elizabeth (Jacob CARLILE/Elizabeth SHAWHOUSE?) 1852jul26 KIDD Elizabeth (Charles COOPER/Ann KIDD) 1899mar04 KIDD George (George BYARD/Mary Elizabeth PRINCE) 1804sep10 KIDD Isaac (John KIDD/Elizabeth HALLOWS) 1804dec25 KIDD Isaac (Samuel GIBSON/Elizabeth WIBBESLEY) 1859apr18 KIDD Jemima (Benjamin WORTHY/Louisa HOPE) 1803dec26 KIDD John (William THOMPSON/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1804nov11 KIDD John (William HANDLEY/Sarah PLANT) 1814sep12 KIDD John (George MARPLE/Hannah PENISTON) 1820dec04 KIDD John (John CORDING/Mary SHELDON) 1834aug18 KIDD John (Noah KIDD/Ellen BORROWS) 1849jul23 KIDD John (James LINACRE/Amy KIDD) 1846apr23 KIDD Mary (William SMITH/Hannah WILKINSON) 1811apr08 KIDD Moses (William KIDD/Grace CARLINE) 1863oct05 KIDD Moses (William KIDD/Sarah ann STORER) 1814sep16 KIDD Samuel (Joseph MEAKIN/Melicent KIDD) 1826jul17 KIDD Samuel (Andrew BLACKWELL/Elizabeth CLARK) 1853feb17 KIDD Samuel (Charles EATON/Elizabeth KIDD) 1899mar04 KIDD Sarah (George BYARD/Mary Elizabeth PRINCE) 1812jan11 KIDD Thomas (Moses KIDD/Elizabeth SIMPSON) 1833jul21 KIDD Thomas (John BROCKELSBY/Mary Ann CADNESS) 1848jun19 KIDD Thomas (Peter ELLIOTT/Hannah BARKER) 1809apr17 KIDD William (William CADNESS/Mary KIDD) 1811apr08 KIDD William (William KIDD/Grace CARLINE) 1852jul26 KIDD William (Charles COOPER/Ann KIDD) 1864aug08 KIDD William (Thomas PARKER/Elizabeth BRITLAND) 1755jul16 KIDDEY Isaac (Benjamin STERNDALE/Sarah ROPER) 1783apr14 KIDDEY Joseph (Joseph MARSH/Ellen JACKSON) 1790jan18 KIDDEY Joseph (George KIDDEY/Mary WAYNE) 1826may08 KIDDEY Joseph (Joseph FOWKE/Prudence JACKSON) 1783sep24 KIDDEY Thomas (Robert MARPLE/Ruth FORD) 1887feb13 KIDDY Elizabeth (Joseph KIDDY/Annie DAKIN) 1885mar19 KIDDY Emma (Henry GREATOREX/Emma STONE) 1836oct26 KILLER Ann (Samuel LOWE/Sally ROPER) 1841feb27 KILLER Dorothy (George SPENCER/Ann KILLER) 1874apr02 KILLER Emma (Samuel KILLER/Martha FLINT) 1895dec14 KILLER George (Edward SPENCER/Esther KILLER) 1827jul26 KILLER James (Samuel MATHER/Sarah SPENCER) 1831oct13 KILLER James (John KILLER/Esther SPENCER) 1834nov20 KILLER James (George SYKES/Hannah GOODALL) 1835sep17 KILLER James (Job SPENCER/Sarah ABBOTT) 1844apr10 KILLER James (Joseph JEBSON/Sarah KILLER) 1816mar21 KILLER John (John BODEN/Sarah SPENCER) 1830dec02 KILLER John (Samuel FLINT/Mary KILLER) 1832sep09 KILLER John (John SPENCER/Elizabeth WALKER) 1876jun01 KILLER John (John ALLEN/Grace KILLER) 1879sep30 KILLER John (Adam KILLER/Anne SPENCER) 1880feb04 KILLER John (John William HOLMES/Ruth KILLER) 1881jan18 KILLER John (William BATTERLEY/Ann Willans FOX) 1876nov30 KILLER Joseph (William KILLER/Sarah Jane WARD) 1886sep22 KILLER Joseph (Thomas IBBS/Elizabeth KILLER) 1857may20 KILLER Martha (Samuel KILLER/Mary TIDD) 1895dec14 KILLER Martha Ann (Edward SPENCER/Esther KILLER) 1806may05 KILLER Mary (Job BUNTING/Martha MOOR) 1893jan18 KILLER Mary Louis (Joseph Thomas SPENCER/Sarah Ann KILLER) 1802feb18 KILLER Rebecca (Samuel KILLER/Sarah JEBSON) 1895may20 KILLER Rebecca S (Samuel Thomas KILLER/Elizabeth MATHER) 1849mar08 KILLER Ruth (Reuben SPENCER/Dorothy KILLER) 1872jun20 KILLER Ruth (John KILLER/Edith OLIVER) 1876nov30 KILLER S? (William KILLER/Sarah Jane WARD) 1799aug01 KILLER Samuel (Robert GOODALL/Ann KILLER) 1800may22 KILLER Samuel (Isaac WRAGG/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1806aug14 KILLER Samuel (John BRELSFORD/Rebecca KILLER) 1870feb04 KILLER Samuel (George WILMOT/Martha KILLER) 1892jun15 KILLER Sarah Ann (George KILLER/Mary DOXEY) 1857may20 KILLER William (Samuel KILLER/Mary TIDD) 1859aug11 KILLER William (Timothy FOX/Ann Willans KILLER) 1872jun20 KILLER William (John KILLER/Edith OLIVER) 1872sep30 KILLER William (William SALT/Millicent DOXEY) 1810jul09 KINDER Alice (Stephen PICKERING/Hannah HALL) 1859sep15 KINDER Ann (Robert WINSON/Mary BLOUNT) 1897dec18 KINDER Bertha (Samuel ELSE/Elizabeth TIVEY) 1823jan20 KINDER Elizabeth (Isaac GRATTON/Alice KINDER) 1823mar17 KINDER Elizabeth (James W NUTTALL/Ann HODGKINSON) 1824jun03 KINDER Elizabeth (David ASHOVER/Ellen KINDER) 1835apr22 KINDER Elizabeth (Stephen STEEPLES/Dorothy KINDER) 1837jan26 KINDER Elizabeth (William ELTRINGHAM/Ann AMATT) 1860nov22 KINDER Elizabeth (Joshua KINDER/Hannah CORDIN) 1829feb09 KINDER Ellen (James MOULD/Elizabeth JONES) 1839jun13 KINDER Ellen (Joseph HODGKINSON/Elizabeth HATFIELD) 1860may06 KINDER Ellen (Henry WARD/Hannah CARLINE) 1835sep17 KINDER George (Isaac SPENCER/Rachel BRADBURY) 1866feb26 KINDER Hannah (Robert GREATOREX/Millicent KINDER) 1810nov14 KINDER John (Henry SWINSCOE/Elizabeth WRIGHT) 1814nov02 KINDER John (Job SHELDON/Ann FARNSWORTH) 1835apr22 KINDER John (Stephen STEEPLES/Dorothy KINDER) 1853jan26 KINDER John (James JACKSON/Elizabeth KEELING) 1872dec30 KINDER John (John CORDEN/Mary ellen GILLOTT) 1775oct24 KINDER Mark? (James FAWSET/Ann SMITH) 1827nov20 KINDER Martha (Joshua KINDER/Catherine MICOCK) 1798sep03 KINDER Richard (Job SALT/Mary MASKERY) 1827nov20 KINDER Stephen (Joshua KINDER/Catherine MICOCK) 1863mar15 KINDER William (George HOLMES/Jane LEE) 1874jun18 KING Edward (William MILLIGAN/Emily laura SMITH) 1847may24 KING John (George HAWLEY/Sarah SLACK) 1850sep16 KING John (Joseph STORER/Mary ann SIDDALL) 1834mar10 KING Maria (John KEELING/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1868sep24 KING Sarah (Samuel AUSTIN/Harriet ELKINS) 1839jun26 KIRK Alice (Daniel BUNTING/Hannah KIRK) 1817jul24 KIRK Ann (John WESLEY/Ann SIMMS) 1851sep15 KIRK Dorothy (James SWEETING/Mary KIRK) 1835sep14 KIRK Elizabeth (George MUSGRAVE/Hannah JONES) 1860oct29 KIRK Hannah (James ALLEN/Frances GOODALL) 1866apr02 KIRK Hannah (Francis PARKER/Mary HOLMES) 1855sep10 KIRK J (John SIDDALL/Mary KIRK) 1827oct08 KIRK John (Thomas HODGKINSON/Caroline DROVER) 1828sep15 KIRK John (Thomas HOLLOWS/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1851sep15 KIRK John (James SWEETING/Mary KIRK) 1860oct29 KIRK John (James ALLEN/Frances GOODALL) 1862feb03 KIRK John (Elijah BRADLEY/Sarah EATON) 1865aug14 KIRK John (John BLACKWELL/Hannah WALKER) 1866apr02 KIRK John (Francis PARKER/Mary HOLMES) 1868dec25 KIRK John (John SIDDALL/Emma SIDDALL) 1899may23 KIRK John (Reuben FLINT/Mary Elizabeth BUNTING) 1848aug21 KIRK Joseph (George BRADLEY/Sarah VALLANCE) 1826aug07 KIRK Martha (John KIRK/Elizabeth ASHOVER) 1826jun05 KIRK Thomas (Joseph KIRKE/Hannah CARLOINE) 1762jun30 KIRK William (Richard KIRK/Rachael SEAL) 1783aug10 KIRK William (Thomas WOODHOUSE/Ann HANSON) 1789dec17 KIRK William (Anthony BRITTON/Margaret WOOLEY) 1810sep17 KIRK William (John WRAGG/Hannah SIDDALL) 1754nov20 KIRKBY John (Isaiah ABBAT/Barrow BOWDLER) 1761feb06 KIRKBY John (John JOWET/Sarah GOODWIN) 1762sep14 KIRKBY John (Joseph ALLSOP/Alice SPENCER) 1768jan26 KIRKBY John (Joseph WILSON/Dina HODKINSON) 1769dec21 KIRKBY John (Jonathan POTTER/Roseanna ADAMS) 1772mar12 KIRKBY John (Joseph WRAGG/Elizabeth HALWORTH) 1780dec10 KIRKBY John (Robert HANCOCK/Deborah RICHARDSON) 1784apr23 KIRKBY John (William VINSOM/Elizabeth MARSON) 1784apr05 KIRKBY Samuel (Henry BUTLER/Dorothy BUTLER) 1790feb18 KIRKLAND Charles (Job GRATTON/Alice DOXEY) 1803oct24 KIRKLAND Charles (William ALLEN/Elizabeth PEARSON) 1813jun18 KIRKLAND Charles (Isaac WALTON/Dorothy REDFERN) 1817mar18 KIRKLAND Elisabeth (George STOCKS/Ann KIRKLAND) 1853mar28 KIRKLAND Harriet (Samuel ELLIOTT/Emily BRANSON) 1798feb27 KIRKLAND John (William KIRKLAND/Ellen BEESTON) 1833may07 KIRKLAND Mary (John JOHNSON/Mary FARROW) 1853nov15 KIRKLAND Patience (John SWINDEL/Hannah KIRKLAND) 1794nov03 KIRKLAND Samuel (Samuel NEWBELL/Mary VICARS) 1839dec17 KIRKLAND Sophia (William WHYSALL/Alice TRAVIS) 1829oct11 KIRKLAND Thomas (Edward KIRKLAND/Mary Ann CROOKS) 1767sep07 KIRKLAND William (John BUTLER/Ellin GREATORIX) 1827dec25 KITCHINER Sarah (Thomas BEESON/Elizabeth TWIGG) 1827dec25 KITCHINER William (Thomas BEESON/Elizabeth TWIGG) 1767sep21 KNIFFON George (Thomas BURTON/Mary SLACK) 1760sep15 KNIFTON Benjamin (Edward ALLIN/Dorothy KNIFFEN) 1755apr02 KNIFTON George (William COTTEREL/Sarah FORAND) 1764apr26 KNIFTON George (George MADDOCK/Hannah HIGTON) 1765apr04 KNIFTON George (Matthew PEAT/Ellin MARCHANT) 1766nov13 KNIFTON George (Joseph WILSON/Elisabeth GREGORY) 1773feb03 KNIFTON George (Nehemiah KNIFTON/Rachel STREET) 1760jan03 KNIFTON Joseph (Ferdinando MARSON/Elisabeth COTTRIL) 1767sep21 KNIFTON Nehemiah (Thomas BURTON/Mary SLACK) 1856oct20 KNIGHT George (Charles COWLEY/Sarah ann GRIFFIN) 1876jun14 KNIGHTON William (William RAINS/Ellen RILEY) 1789jul29 KNIVETON ? (Edward ELLIOT/Mary MASON) 1835mar02 KNIVETON Ann (John BROOKS/Mary KNIVETON) 1786nov15 KNIVETON B. (Samuel ELLIOT/Martha OXSPRING) 1788sep15 KNIVETON Benjamin (John KIDDEY/Martha ROPER) 1788sep15 KNIVETON Benjamin (John SIMPSON/Mary SPENCER) 1788sep15 KNIVETON Benjamin (Jonathan ELLIOT/Ellen FLINT) 1789jul29 KNIVETON Benjamin (Edward ELLIOT/Mary MASON) 1789sep13 KNIVETON Benjamin (Thomas DAVIES/Elizabeth FARRAND) 1802sep13 KNIVETON Benjamin (John ROSEWARND/Hannah KNIVETON) 1830apr24 KNIVETON Benjamin (John BOWMER/Ann PRINCE) 1781oct22 KNIVETON Charles (Job HIGTON/Mary BUXTON) 1783jan09 KNIVETON Charles (George ROOSE/Martha WOODROUGH) 1786nov22 KNIVETON Charles (Charles KNIVETON/Mary LAND) 1793may16 KNIVETON Charles (Samuel SMITH/Sarah LANT) 1811nov13 KNIVETON Charles (George KNIVETON/Hannah BIRKS) 1835jun08 KNIVETON Charles (James SIMS/Ann KNIVETON) 1867jun11 KNIVETON Elizabeth (Henry TAYLOR/Hannah KNIVETON) 1898oct29 KNIVETON Emma (William KNIVETON/Sarah Ann WETTON) 1783mar09 KNIVETON George (Job BRADLEY/Mary WRIGHT) 1801feb23 KNIVETON George (Job HIGTON/Ann SIDEBOTHAM) 1811feb24 KNIVETON George (Nehemiah KNIVETON/Elizabeth WEBSTER) 1815sep13 KNIVETON George (Jacob FROST/Betty KNIVETON) 1875sep30 KNIVETON Gilbert (Samuel SMITH/Elizabeth KNIVETON) 1823may19 KNIVETON Hannah (George BAILEY/Mary KNIVETON) 1852nov29 KNIVETON Hannah (Thomas BROOKS/Susannah KNIVETON) 1837jun22 KNIVETON Jabes (Henry WALKER/Martha FLINT) 1838dec24 KNIVETON James (Nehemiah KNIVETON/Mary WOODHOUSE) 1845sep17 KNIVETON John (Thomas LAND/Elizabeth SIMS) 1852nov29 KNIVETON John (Thomas BROOKS/Susannah KNIVETON) 1836mar09 KNIVETON Joseoh (Thomas ALLEN/Mary Ann SAXTON) 1789sep13 KNIVETON Joseph (Thomas DAVIES/Elizabeth FARRAND) 1795jan15 KNIVETON Joseph (Joseph HOLEBROOKE/Mary GREATOREX) 1795jun15 KNIVETON Joseph (William KNIVETON/Mary HOLEBROOKE) 1809feb12 KNIVETON Joseph (Thomas LONGDALE/Ann PEDLEY) 1819nov22 KNIVETON Joseph (Joseph KNIVETON/Hannah ALLEN) 1836may26 KNIVETON Joseph (Edward MARPLE/Martha ROOSE) 1847jul08 KNIVETON Martha (Anthony WOODHOUSE/Hannah KNIVETON) 1844sep18 KNIVETON Mary (John SLATER/Sarah KNIVETON) 1880dec27 KNIVETON Mary (Charles JONES/Maria MUSGROVE) 1867jan31 KNIVETON Maryann (Thomas ALLEN/Mary FLINT) 1784jan01 KNIVETON Nehemiah (John STREET/Hannah ASHOVER) 1792sep10 KNIVETON Nehemiah (Holehouse STORER/Elizabeth BURTON) 1792sep13 KNIVETON Nehemiah (John SIMMS/Elizabeth KNOWLES) 1793feb28 KNIVETON Nehemiah (Nehemiah KNIVETON/Mary KNIVETON) 1801dec21 KNIVETON Nehemiah (William RAINS/Mary STREET) 1821jan29 KNIVETON Nehemiah (Robert HIGTON/Dolly GREGORY) 1822jul22 KNIVETON Sampson (Thomas RODGERS/Mary TAYLOR) 1828sep15 KNIVETON Susanna (Jonathan POTTER/Ann BREALSFORD) 1849may31 KNIVETON Susannah (John KNIVETON/Lydia SIMS) 1867jun11 KNIVETON William (Henry TAYLOR/Hannah KNIVETON) 1863oct12 KNOWLES Anne (William BROCKLEHURST/Hannah KNOWLES) 1896may18 KNOWLES Annie (Daniel HOLMES/Sarah Ann MILLWARD) 1841aug16 KNOWLES Dorothy (William KNOWLES/Frances GREGORY) 1842aug04 KNOWLES Edwin (William SLACK/Cordelia ROBERTS) 1843jan23 KNOWLES Elias (Joshua REPTON/Annabella LOVEGROVE) 1858feb28 KNOWLES Elias (Charles WARD/Jane STUBBS) 1846sep14 KNOWLES Harriet (John FORD/Eliza KNOWLES) 1835jun11 KNOWLES Henry (William BUCKLEY/Mary HALL) 1844aug01 KNOWLES Isiah (Elias KNOWLES/Charlotte BARTON) 1830dec20 KNOWLES John (William H KNOWLES/Sarah GAUCHER) 1835sep29 KNOWLES John (John BARKER/Sarah KNOWLES) 1846sep14 KNOWLES Roger (John FORD/Eliza KNOWLES) 1831jul13 KNOWLES Sarah (James ROPER/Elizabeth DOXEY) 1860sep09 KNOWLES Thomas (Thomas JOHNSON/Dorothy FROST) 1830sep12 KNOWLES W. (James BARBER/Ann KNOWLES) 1826sep27 KNOWLES William (Richard BROCKLEHURST/Hannah HICKTON) 1810apr23 KNOWLS George (Joseph TOFT/Sarah CAWDIN) Return to Top 1865dec28 LAMB Emma (Thomas REPTON/Sarah jane CLARKE) 1868jan25 LAMB Emma (Samuel BEARDSLEY/Ellen WALKER) 1850oct27 LAMB Emma louisa (Charles LAMB/Elizabeth HANDLEY) 1821jan23 LAMB Hannah (William LAMB/Ann BROCKLEHURST) 1805sep06 LAMB James (John LAMB/Sarah BROWN) 1844jul09 LAMB William (Thomas WRAY/Agnes LAMB) 1850oct27 LAMB William (Charles LAMB/Elizabeth HANDLEY) 1850may21 LAMBERT John (William DAVENPORT/Mary ann LAMBERT) 1846nov08 LANCASHIRE H j (Samuel MOUNTNEY/Ann SWINSCOE) 1830jun02 LANCASHIRE Joseph (Isaac HANSON/Mary ALSOP) 1839sep18 LANCASHIRE Joseph (David SWINSCOE/Ann GRATTON) 1830jun02 LANCASHIRE Julia (Isaac HANSON/Mary ALSOP) 1839sep18 LANCASHIRE Julia (David SWINSCOE/Ann GRATTON) 1833jul15 LANCASTER Thomas (John GREGORY/Elizabeth BURTON) 1879sep15 LAND Bertha (James WIGLEY/Sarah ann FRITH) 1894jul18 LAND Betsy (William LAND/Margaret WALKER) 1847aug02 LAND Dorothy (George MASKREY/Sarah LAND) 1848nov27 LAND Elizabeth (Joseph ROWLAND/Hannah ROOSE) 1852feb18 LAND Elizabeth (Thomas ELSE/Frances SIMS?) 1867dec21 LAND Francis (John sutcl. SLADEN/Mary HOLMES) 1795jun04 LAND George (Robert TAYLOR/Mary BLACKWALL) 1796jul13 LAND George (Samuel BUTLER/Silence SHAW) 1872jul29 LAND George (Robert WILSON/Ann WALKER) 1834oct06 LAND Hannah (William MURFIN/Elizabeth LAND) 1887jul16 LAND Hannah (Charles LORD/Emily HALL) 1819jul22 LAND Isaac (Charles KNIVETON/Maria BARKER) 1827jan25 LAND Isaac (Thomas LAND/Ann ALLIN) 1887jul16 LAND Isaac (Charles LORD/Emily HALL) 1889apr20 LAND Isaac (George Thomas COKAYNE/Hannah LAND) 1879jan27 LAND John (William HOLMES/Mary ann LAND) 1879sep11 LAND Mary ann (John POYSER/Eva laura BRENTNALL) 1871jan16 LAND Maryann (John LAND/Ann ELLIOTT) 1879jan27 LAND Milly (William HOLMES/Mary ann LAND) 1870jun09 LAND Robert (Samuel THOMPSON/Anna ALLEN) 1840jun15 LAND Samuel (Joseph SMITH/Ellen LAND) 1840jun15 LAND Sarah (Joseph SMITH/Ellen LAND) 1847may22 LAND Sarah (Thomas SPENCER/Mary DOXEY) 1855jan25 LAND Selina (Herbert HARRISON/Ellen LAND) 1847sep15 LAND Thomas (John LAND/Martha GREENHOUGH) 1869aug04 LAND Thomas (Henry WALKER/Selina LAND) 1873dec24 LAND Thomas (Francis FEARN/Fanny SPENCER) 1874sep10 LAND Thomas (Henry james GREENHOUGH/Ann LAND) 1893may22 LAND Thomas (Samuel BROOKS/Martha HARRISON) 1838aug27 LAND William (John LAND/Mary MACDONALD) 1891sep01 LANE Albert (John BOLTON/Cassandra SHARLEY) 1833sep30 LANE Ann (Joseph HALL/Sarah LANE) 1816feb01 LANE George (Samuel SLACK/Sarah LANT) 1810nov05 LANE Martha (John COLLEDGE/Lidia LANE) 1810nov05 LANE William (John COLLEDGE/Lidia LANE) 1778jun10 LANGTON Joseph (Robert SIMMS/Lydia WRIGHT) 1786nov15 LANT George (Samuel ELLIOT/Martha OXSPRING) 1790jan07 LANT George (Benjamin KNIVETON/Susanna LAND) 1810mar11 LARARD Mary (Rowland BUXTON/Martha GRATTON) 1848jul24 LARSON Joseph (James PITTS/Mary FLINT) 1771feb03 LATHAM B. (Joseph LATHAM/Ellin COWLISHAW) 1771feb08 LATHAM B. (John ORME/Ann TOMLINSON) 1765nov07 LATHAM Benjamin (Henry CLAY/Elizabeth MASKREY) 1782jun27 LATHAM George (Thomas HOLEHOUSE/Elizabeth NORTH) 1783mar12 LATHAM George (John LATHAM/Grace HOLEHOUSE) 1784sep13 LATHAM George (Thomas POTTER/Mary GREATOREX) 1818feb09 LATHAM James (John TOMLINSON/Ruth BUCKLEY) 1755apr03 LATHAM John (James WRAGG/Hannah LATHAM) 1759aug22 LATHAM John (Robert ASHOVER/Sarah SALT) 1760oct17 LATHAM John (Peter WALTLOCK/Ann THOMPSON) 1765jan16 LATHAM John (Daniel WILSON/Grace CHARLTON) 1765jul11 LATHAM John (Joseph PEARSON/Hannah MASSEY) 1780jan20 LATHAM John (Benjamin WIGLEY/Ann FOX) 1781sep12 LATHAM John (John JONES/Mary FROST) 1783jan01 LATHAM John (James STAFFORD/Margaret COLLEDGE) 1784oct17 LATHAM John (John HEWET/Mary HOLEHOUSE) 1785sep25 LATHAM John (Joseph HOLLAND/Hannah SHIPLEY) 1786apr16 LATHAM John (William STUBBS/Elizabeth BRITAIN) 1787oct07 LATHAM John (Thomas HOLMES/Hannah SMITH) 1788jun08 LATHAM John (William WARD/Ann RHODES) 1758jan16 LATHAM William (Samson SIMPSON/Mary POTTER) 1760dec26 LATHAM William (George PEAT/Martha WIGLEY) 1766may08 LATHAM William (Edward WHEATCROFT/Lydia HALL) 1775sep24 LATHAM William (James WIGLEY/Mary LATHAM) 1870feb28 LAVENDER Betsy (Joseph LILLEY/Elizabeth HOOSON) 1799may08 LAYTOR Joseph (Joseph CUNDY/Hannah BARKER) Return to Top 1771aug20 LEA William (John ROGER/Dinah HASLOM) 1814oct31 LEACROFT Bridget Beeches (William MILNES/Elizabeth GOODWIN) 1796jan07 LEACROFT John (Edward JACKSON/Elizabeth MATHER) 1761may16 LEACROFT Thomas (William OAKLEY/Sarah NEWBROOK) 1801dec24 LEAM Joseph (Samuel FROST/Rebecca GRANGER) 1851dec08 LEAM Rebecca (George VALLANCE/Hannah GRATTON) 1777apr24 LEAN Thomas (Joseph HALLAM/Hannah HOADES) 1866apr02 LEAR William (Robert BELLAMY/Harriet BUNTING) 1882nov15 LEASON Mary (David WALKER/Sarah HAWLEY) 1889feb23 LEE Andrew (George BREWER/Sarah Ann LEE) 1854apr16 LEE Ann (John LEE/Harriet RILEY) 1759feb01 LEE George (John STEEPLE/Ellin SPENCER) 1817jun01 LEE Hannah (Joseph BRELSFORD/Mary LEE) 1855sep12 LEE Hannah (Joseph COOK/Hannah MOXSON) 1797nov23 LEE John (John BUXTON/Elizabeth LEE) 1797nov23 LEE John (William CUNDY/Ann HOLMES) 1804oct25 LEE John (George CLAYTON/Hannah LEE) 1812apr02 LEE John (Isaac SLACK/Hannah BROOKS) 1812apr02 LEE John (Joseph LEE/Mary MOULD) 1895jan28 LEE John Albt (Thomas SANDERS/Edith Adeline REPTON) 1823dec25 LEE Joseph (Joseph STORER/Elizabeth CLAYTON) 1831mar03 LEE Mary (Isaac F COLLEDGE/Grace MOUNTNEY) 1817mar18 LEE Robert (George STOCKS/Ann KIRKLAND) 1838jun06 LEE Robert (Francis BUCKLEY/Hannah LEE) 1805oct17 LEE Samuel (John CLAYTON/Martha LEE) 1826jan26 LEE Samuel (Joseph ROOSE/Hannah DEAN) 1827jun06 LEE Sarah (John LEE/Mary WALKER) 1758nov27 LEE William (William LONGDALE/Mary GOODWIN) 1788jul21 LEECH John (William HASSAL/Elizabeth SATTERFIELD) 1759may24 LEEDAM Thomas (Samuel THIRLBY/Alice PICKERING) 1761oct15 LEEDAM Thomas (Henry MASON/Ann PEARSON) 1775apr18 LEEDHAM Thomas (William MARSON/Sarah FLINT) 1844sep19 LEEDS Samuel (John MASKREY/Harriet WILD) 1803nov24 LEES Eliza (Isaac SPENCER/Elizabeth LEES) 1803jul11 LEES George (John THOMPSON/Ann LEES) 1756sep08 LEES John (Henry SPENCER/Dorothy DALE) 1793feb28 LEES John (Benjamin STANDALL/Sarah BLACKWALL) 1847apr15 LEES William (Joshua JEPSON/Elizabeth GAMBLE) 1899nov07 LENNIE Caroline (William Frank LENNIE/Mary Elizabeth BROOKS) 1899aug14 LESTER Eliza (Thomas Benjamin MARTIN/Charlotte ALLEN) 1871oct31 LESTER James (Anthony BODEN/Emily HOLMES) 1868apr13 LEWIS Elizabeth (William LEWIS/Jane WHEATCROFT) 1802dec20 LEWIS John (Jonathan HENDLEY/Ann TARRAND)

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.