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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Witnesses 1754-1899

12,140 Witnesses to Marriages found in Wirksworth and Middleton Parish Registers 1754-1899. Other details can be found in the Parish Register section.

  • Witnesses were not recorded in marriages before 1754.
  • Witnesses were usually relatives or close friends of the Bride or Groom.
  • There were usually two witnesses for each marriage, rarely 3 or 4.
  • A signature proves a witness was still alive in the absence of other records.
  • The period of operation of a witness can be useful.
  • The witness himself was sometimes getting married the same day.
  • For long periods few women were witnesses.
  • Witnesses with the same name may be distinguished by comparing handwriting.
  • Surnames in signatures can be particularly difficult to decipher.
  • There were professional witnesses, who often worked in pairs.
  • An illiterate witness had his name written for him.
  • Semi-literate witnesses wrote carefully and accurately.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.

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Return to Top 1793jun17 LIGGETT Benjamin (John SIMMS/Sarah MOLD) 1794jan22 LIGGETT Benjamin (Richard BULLOCK/Mary ALSOP) 1782nov27 LIGGETT John (John SANDERS/Catharine VICARS) 1783aug29 LIGGETT John (John LIGITT/Mary TAYLOR) 1789nov18 LIGGIT Benjamin (John FOX/Sarah JACKSON) 1796oct31 LIGGIT Benjamin (John HICKLIN/Sarah BULLOCK) 1795apr30 LIGGITT Benjamin (Job PEAT/Mary TAYLOR) 1895jan27 LILLEY Arthur (Samuel AULT/Mary Jane LILLEY) 1870feb28 LILLEY Joseph (Joseph LILLEY/Elizabeth HOOSON) 1870feb28 LILLEY Mary elzbth (John TAYLOR/Mary GODBEHERE) 1870feb28 LILLEY William (John TAYLOR/Mary GODBEHERE) 1760mar12 LIM Joseph (William TOPLIS/Hannah LIM) 1802jan18 LIMB John (John HALLAM/Hannah HALL) 1890nov26 LINDLEY Samuel (Henry TAYLOR/Sarah Ann BEARDALL) 1868sep14 LITCHFIELD Millicent (Joshua GREENHOUGH/Agnes BROOKS) 1816sep16 LITTLEWOOD Elizabeth (John BAILEY/Martha SMITH) 1816sep16 LITTLEWOOD James (John BAILEY/Martha SMITH) 1818dec13 LITTLEWOOD Samuel (John SMITH/Ann MACHIN) 1756oct28 LOCKALL Robert (Samuel DOXEY/Ann HIGTON) 1756oct28 LOCKALL Robert (Samuel BLACKWALL/Ann HIGTON) 1771jan02 LOCKALL Robert (Parkin PEARSON/Martha LOCKALL) 1772mar05 LOCKALL Robert (John CLITHERO/Ann LOCKALL) 1773jan14 LOCKALL Robert (Paul COTTRILL/Ellin BRADLEY) 1788nov20 LOCKALL Robert (John EATON/Hannah LOCKALL) 1777jan01 LOMAS George (Thomas SLACK/Ann FLINT) 1818feb23 LOMAS Hannah (David ASHOVER/Elizabeth SLACK) 1791jan24 LOMAS John (John WINT/Sarah WALL) 1814may06 LOMAS John (Peter SLACK/Sarah FOWLKE) 1769jan19 LOMAS Joseph (John BUXTON/Mary SMITH) 1791dec26 LOMAS Joseph (John BULLOCK/Elizabeth LOMAS) 1769jan19 LOMAS Joshua (John BUXTON/Mary SMITH) 1771feb06 LOMAS Joshua (Joseph BODEN/Mary LOMAS) 1870apr30 LOMAS Mary (Charles JAMESON/Ellen LOMAS) 1836feb01 LOMAS Samuel (John PICKERING/Deborah LOMAS) 1853may04 LOMAS Samuel (John BOWMER/Mary FERN) 1766may22 LOMAS Thomas (John HARDY/Penelopy DOXY) 1813sep25 LOMAS Thomas (Henry L LOMAS/Dorothy LOMAS) 1769jun15 LOMAS William (Anthony WRAGG/Maudlin LUDLAM) 1782may23 LOMAS William (Joshua HODGKINSON/Lydia HIGTON) 1783may04 LONGDEN Anthony (Isaac TWIGGE/Mary DYCHE) 1796dec26 LONGDEN Hannah (James OLLERENSHAW/Sarah DAVILLE) 1772mar03 LONGDEN Humphrey (Samuel GRUNDY/Elizabeth LONGDON) 1868jul30 LONGDEN Jane (George FROST/Elizabeth LONGDEN) 1828jun18 LONGDEN John (Joseph STORER/Elizabeth LONGDON) 1868jul30 LONGDEN Joseph (George FROST/Elizabeth LONGDEN) 1875nov11 LONGDEN Lydia (Thomas BOWLER/Hannah LONGDEN) 1828jun18 LONGDEN Mary (Joseph STORER/Elizabeth LONGDON) 1832aug29 LONGDEN Rebecca (Richard LONGDEN/Martha THELWALL) 1763feb12 LONGDEN Robert (Joseph CAUDWELL/Elizabeth KINNERSLEY) 1777may06 LONGDEN Robert (Henry STREET/Sarah BENNETT) 1796dec26 LONGDEN Thomas (James OLLERENSHAW/Sarah DAVILLE) 1786aug28 LONGDIN Samuel (Francis HADFIELD/Mary HURD) 1850may23 LONGDON Ann (Joseph HALL/Mary LONGDEN) 1813may05 LONGDON Job (George MARPLE/Ann LONGDEN) 1826mar29 LORDEN John (Joseph BUNTING/Milicent ADAMS) 1786jun21 LOVATT Thomas (John ABEL/Martha WHITE) 1830sep15 LOVEGROVE Mary (Robert COTTEN/Hannah AMATT) 1827oct03 LOW Ann (John STEVENSON/Ann SMITH) 1831feb03 LOWE Dorothey (Richard HOUGHTON/Ann MELBOURME) 1839mar27 LOWE Dorothy (Francis WARD/Sarah PEAT) 1831sep14 LOWE John (James BAMFORD/Sarah LOWE) 1844may27 LOWE Mary (Charles HARRISON/Peggey d'port LOWE) 1882apr30 LOWE Rosamoand? (George BATTERLEY/Mary ann MOSS) 1885may06 LOWE Rosamond (William GOUGH/Elizabeth LOWE) 1831feb03 LOWE Samuel (Richard HOUGHTON/Ann MELBOURME) 1847may24 LOWE Sarah (William UDALE/Mary LOWE) 1847sep13 LOWE Sarah (William LOWE/Mary SPENCER) 1764jan05 LOWE Thomas (Henry MART/Sarah BLOOD) 1839mar27 LOWE William (Francis WARD/Sarah PEAT) 1839dec26 LOWE William (Matthew FORD/Dorothy LOWE) 1796aug22 LOXLEY William (Jacob CARLISLE/Mary HODGKINSON) 1831jul27 LUCAS Isaac (George NORBURY/Mable BATEMAN) 1799nov04 LUDLAM Edward (Anthony WORSLOW/Martha SLATER) 1804nov05 LUDLAM Edward (William GRATTON/Elizabeth POYZER) 1841nov15 LUDLAM Edward (James CLAY/Maria COOPER) 1802sep15 LUDLAM Francis (Robert UNWIN/Ann LANGFORD) 1804apr18 LUDLAM Francis (Edward LUDLAM/Mary GRATTON) 1804sep09 LUDLAM Francis (John BAMFORD/Mary WILD) 1872nov03 LUDLAM Mary (Levi PICKERING/Eliza CLAY) 1874oct05 LUDLAM Mary (Henry BUXTON/Ann STEEPLES) 1816nov21 LUND Isaac (John COOPER/Ann COOPER) 1835feb05 LYM Anna (Francis STAFFORD/Mary Ann WARDMAN) 1775nov27 LYM Job (George BAMFORD/Ruth LYMN) 1778may30 LYM Job (Benjamin PISER/Ellen DEAN) 1807sep27 LYMN Charles (Francis FARRAND/Hannah ORME) 1820nov19 LYMN Charles (James JONES/Elizabeth LYMN) 1810apr23 LYMN Charles? (John ALSOP/Elizabeth ALSOP) 1801sep14 LYMN Elizabeth (Joseph WHEELDON/Alice HOLMES) 1834dec24 LYMS Mary (William BARNS/Martha CAUDWELL) 1856sep15 LYNAM Hannah (William LYNAM/Esther WAGSTAFF) 1856sep15 LYNAM James (William LYNAM/Esther WAGSTAFF) 1769oct27 LYON James (Henry BROWN/Mary CHARLESWORTH) 1771may18 LYON James (William SMITH/Elizabeth DUDSON) Return to Top 1768jun06 MABLEY Samuel (Charles GAMBLE/Elisabeth WILD) 1803jan31 MACBETH Andrew (Thomas CLARK/Ann GIBSON) 1826dec28 MACBETH Eliza (Andrew MACBETH/Isabella SPENCER) 1831sep12 MACBETH Eliza (Isaac MACBETH/Hannah BODEN) 1851jan15 MACBETH Isaac (Joseph OGDON/Mary BRIDDON) 1879jun09 MACBETH Mary (Arthur garsde HEARD/Elizabeth MACBETH) 1880feb10 MACDONALD Ellen (Joseph WILDE/Mary ann MACDONALD) 1838aug27 MACDONALD Martha (John LAND/Mary MACDONALD) 1840jun28 MACDONALD Philip (William WOODHOUSE/Eliza HEYWOOD) 1861sep01 MACHIN Caroline (John HAZLEWOOD/Catherine WAIN) 1804dec12 MACKBETH Andrew (Thomas STALEY/Ellen BRITLAND) 1820jul05 MACKIN Mary (James GELL/Ann WILSON) 1869oct04 MACMILLAN Mary ann (William TOMLINSON/Elizabeth MACMILLAN) 1761apr10 MADDOCK George (Thomas TAYLOR/Sarah BEARDSLEY) 1761sep15 MADDOCK George (Anthony WORSLOW/Mary MACHIAH) 1768may03 MADDOCK George (Anthony AMOT/Mary WARD) 1768sep12 MADDOCK George (John BROUGH/Sarah MILLINGTON) 1764oct11 MADDOCK Samuel (Thomas ROPER/Sarah ANDERTON) 1817may06 MALIN Ann (George PEAT/Mary MALIN) 1896jul18 MALIN Ann Eliz (Samuel WOOD/Emma KIDDY) 1897apr19 MALIN Annie (James SANDERSON/Harriet BRIDDON) 1801jan15 MALIN George (Richard SPENCER/Elizabeth COOPER) 1817may06 MALIN George (George PEAT/Mary MALIN) 1860jul26 MALIN George (Joshua BOWMER/Martha MALIN) 1848sep05 MALIN Hannah (William MEYNELL/Ellen PEAT) 1848sep05 MALIN Richard (William MEYNELL/Ellen PEAT) 1860jul26 MALIN Sara hellen (Joshua BOWMER/Martha MALIN) 1801jan15 MALIN William (Richard SPENCER/Elizabeth COOPER) 1882apr06 MALLERY Catherine (Thomas MASSEY/Mahalah MARPLE) 1845jan27 MANDERS George (Samuel GASCOE/Dorothy KNOWLES) 1870jan27 MANN Mary elzbth (Richard HINCKS/Jane WALKER) 1834apr20 MARCHANT Jane (John GRATTON/Hannah FRITH) 1829oct19 MARCHANT Joseph (Edward WHITEHEAD/Ellen MARCHANT) 1833dec02 MARCHANT Joseph (Richard HOWARTH/Hannah KNIVETON) 1819dec13 MARCHANT Mary (Benjamin BATEMAN/Hannah MERCHANT) 1821apr11 MARCHANT Mary (John DAKIN/Sarah MERCHANT) 1811oct20 MARCHANT Samuel (Thomas ALLSOP/Lydia BROWN) 1841may17 MARCHANT Sarah (Thomas READS/Mary DICKENS) 1784apr18 MARCHANT William (Robert WHITE/Elizabeth BOWLER) 1814jul18 MARCHANT William (William HARRIS/Mary ALLSOP) 1895dec11 MARCHINGTON Francis (Joseph Samuel FRITCHLEY/Agnes GREATOREX) 1894dec24 MARCHINGTON William (Benjamin ELLIOTT/Margaret Dakin MARCHINGTON) 1899feb27 MARCHMENT Harry (Edward Robert HORNE/Evelyn Mary FENNELL) 1824oct11 MARFIN William (George DURN/Elizabeth GALLIMORE) 1842dec27 MARIOTT William (George MARRIOTT/Elizabeth JENNINGS) 1836sep14 MARPLE Ann (Arthur MARPLE/Milicent GREENHOUGH) 1836jul11 MARPLE Edward (William MARPLE/Ann KENDRICK) 1848nov27 MARPLE Edward (Joseph ROWLAND/Hannah ROOSE) 1891may09 MARPLE Edward (George HALLOWS/Martha MARPLE) 1869apr14 MARPLE Elizabeth (Jonathan MOULD/Martha MARPLE) 1816apr18 MARPLE George (Joseph MARPLE/Melicent KNIVETON) 1807feb12 MARPLE Henry (Joshua BURTON/Mary LOMAS) 1867mar21 MARPLE Henry (Adam FLINT/Millicent MARPLE) 1877jul04 MARPLE Henry (Thomas BYARD/Lydia MARPLE) 1770may31 MARPLE John (John BRADLEY/Elisabeth HILL) 1816apr18 MARPLE Joseph (Gilbert HALL/Elizabeth SLACK) 1836jul11 MARPLE Martha (William MARPLE/Ann KENDRICK) 1771oct13 MARPLE Thomas (Thomas HALLAM/Sarah HASLAM) 1852nov08 MARPLES Anne (Peter JEPSON/Matilda MARPLES) 1783nov06 MARRIAT Joseph (Adam WRAGG/Hannah POTTER) 1854nov09 MARSDEN Daniel (Frederic PLATTS/Harriet WARNER) 1858jun17 MARSDEN Daniel (Sidney Leonard WORSLEY/Elizabeth SALT) 1869aug16 MARSDEN Daniel (Thomas TIVEY/Maria MARSDEN) 1858feb10 MARSDEN Eliza (Edward griffin HEAP/Hannah PIMLOT) 1858jul12 MARSDEN Eliza (John NORMAN/Ann BROCKLEHURST) 1885dec23 MARSDEN Ellen (John DICKEN/Elizabeth HEAP) 1888sep03 MARSDEN George (James Henry GAUDY/Mary Evelyn MARSDEN) 1813mar08 MARSDEN Henry (Anthony BROCKLEHURST/Lidia MARSDEN) 1814jun04 MARSDEN Henry (George TURNER/Jane WALKER) 1862nov06 MARSDEN Henry (William henry GIBBONS/Eliza MARSDEN) 1833jul24 MARSDEN John (Samuel MELBOURN/Hannah CARMAN) 1854mar02 MARSDEN John twigg (George ROPER/Lydia HITCHCOCK) 1778feb23 MARSDEN Joseph (William POTTER/Mary FROST) 1814sep26 MARSDEN Joseph (Robert RILEY/Hannah COTTERILL) 1853jul07 MARSDEN Maria (Samuel SMITH/Mary ann BULLOCK) 1898mar30 MARSDEN N (John HAWORTH/Alice GIBBONS) 1887jan27 MARSDEN Peter (Joseph MARSDEN/Sarah Elizabeth BAINBRIDGE) 1839sep14 MARSDEN Sarah (Peter MARWICK/Hannah MARSDEN) 1842sep26 MARSDEN William (Godfrey BROCKLEHURST/Elizabeth ADAMS) 1850aug15 MARSDEN William (Daniel MARSDEN/Ellen WESLEY) 1852apr15 MARSDEN William (Ralph OAKLEY/Hannah BUTLER) 1875mar17 MARSDEN William (Robert DICKEN/Ann MARSDEN) 1885dec23 MARSDEN William (John DICKEN/Elizabeth HEAP) 1839aug14 MARSH Anne (Samuel HARPER/Mary Amelia MARSH) 1891may27 MARSH Eliza (William GAMBLE/Mary Jane THOMPSON) 1828jul07 MARSH Elizabeth (Edward STORER/Mary BULLOWS) 1839nov24 MARSH Hannah (Thomas WINSON/Julia SEEDS) 1839nov24 MARSH Isaac (Thomas WINSON/Julia SEEDS) 1763mar31 MARSH Joseph (Samuel MARSH/Esther ALLEN) 1854aug30 MARSH Joseph (John BUNTING/Mary HICTON) 1870jun30 MARSH Joseph (John MOORE/Martha ann MARSH) 1873oct16 MARSH Joseph (John herbert COX/Lucy MARSH) 1836dec28 MARSH Mary (Benjamin SLATER/Elizabeth MARSH) 1848feb03 MARSH Ruth (Thomas MARSH/Martha ann FOULK) 1870jun30 MARSH Ruth (John MOORE/Martha ann MARSH) 1762sep13 MARSH Samuel (Adam CRITCH/Elizabeth ALLIN) 1766may26 MARSH Samuel (John HOLMES/Sarah MARSH) 1815mar13 MARSH Samuel (James WOODHOUSE/Esther MARSH) 1809apr17 MARSH Thomas (William CADNESS/Mary KIDD) 1845jun16 MARSH Thomas (John SMEDLEY/Sarah BARKER) 1836apr18 MARSH William (William DESSY/Sarah FROST) 1842aug05 MARSH William (Thomas TUNSTALL/Ann HOOLEY) 1844jan24 MARSH William (Joseph POTTER/Hannah OAKLEY) 1846may11 MARSH William (Joseph MARSH/Elizabeth THOMPSON) 1848feb03 MARSH William (Thomas MARSH/Martha ann FOULK) 1851nov25 MARSH William (William ROSEWARNE/Mary jane MARSH) 1866sep04 MARSH William (Tom WRAGBY/Matilda MARSH) 1819feb22 MARSHALL Ann (Samuel ANNABLE/Lydia SEEDS) 1842may15 MARSHALL Benjamin (Thomas MARPLE/Emma CROFT) 1843apr27 MARSHALL Charlotte (James MARSHALL/Elizabeth DUNN) 1773jun06 MARSHALL George (William WALKER/Ann WOODROFFE) 1844mar03 MARSHALL Isabella (William BYWATER/Harriet EYRE) 1796dec05 MARSHALL James (John HOLMES/Sarah WALKER) 1810jun24 MARSHALL John (Thomas HAYKIN/Rebecca LEMMANS) 1810jun24 MARSHALL Kitty (Thomas HAYKIN/Rebecca LEMMANS) 1780nov06 MARSHALL Thomas (Job HIGTON/Martha FOWLER) 1797sep10 MARSON ? (John DEAN/Sarah GODBEHERE) 1785jul25 MARSON Charles (Robert ALLEN/Mariah SLY) 1845jun16 MARSON Elizabeth (John SMEDLEY/Sarah BARKER) 1848oct04 MARSON Elizabeth (Edward FLINT/Maria MARSON) 1851apr07 MARSON Emmanuel (Job THOMPSON/Eliza MASKREY) 1853may18 MARSON Enoch (Edward MARSON/Hannah WOODHOUSE) 1848oct04 MARSON Henry (Edward FLINT/Maria MARSON) 1806dec31 MARSON John (Thomas PEARSON/Hannah POYZER) 1806dec31 MARSON John (William WINT/Mary BRITTON) 1851may14 MARSON John (Samuel SANDERS/Hannah BROCKLEHURST) 1862dec29 MARSON Joseph (Josiah MARSON/Eliza BUNTING) 1869may17 MARSON Josiah (Henry FLINT/Mary GREATOREX) 1870mar14 MARSON Josiah (George PEARSON/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1848feb27 MARSON Maria (Emanuel MARSON/Mary WARDMAN) 1885apr15 MARSON Sarah (James MARPLE/Elizabeth MARSON) 1764jan05 MART Edward (Henry MART/Sarah BLOOD) 1771mar08 MART Edward (Martin HURLEY/Elizabeth MART) 1792jul23 MART Edward (John GODBEHERE/Mary MART) 1774nov03 MART Henary (Samuel MART/Mary LITTLEWOOD) 1826feb02 MART J. (John DICKINSON/Grace PEARSON) 1809apr20 MART John (William BODEN/Mary FLETCHER) 1825dec19 MART John (Joseph ROLLEY/Mary Ann PEARSON) 1831oct17 MART John (Job SMEDLEY/Sarah PEARSON) 1835feb10 MART John (George FLETCHER/Lydia MART) 1835sep14 MART John (William FOX/Mary MARCHANT) 1812nov16 MART Lydia (Anthony BRITLAND/Dorothy SMITH) 1823feb10 MART Lydia (Ferdinand MOULD/Maria LOVATT) 1826feb02 MART Lydia (John DICKINSON/Grace PEARSON) 1821may29 MART Martha (James MART/Mary HODGKINSON) 1802aug02 MART Martin (William WRAGG/Mary ANDREW) 1836feb03 MART Mary (Benjamin WORTHY/Sarah HODGKINSON) 1802apr05 MART Thomas (Thomas JERVIS/Martha MART) 1804mar20 MART Thomas (Paul STALEY/Mary GODBEHERE) 1805dec02 MART Thomas (William BRITLAND/Ann STAYLEY) 1761nov12 MART William (Joseph ALLIN/Hannah POTTER) 1842dec24 MARTIN George r (George TAYLOR/Sarah TURNER) 1760dec29 MARTIN John (James TWIGG/Ann HEROD) 1885jan26 MARTIN Maria (Thomas Henry MARTIN/Annie WALKER) 1891feb09 MARTIN Thomas H (Thomas BEESON/Martha WALKER) 1873oct16 MARTINSON Sarah ann el (John herbert COX/Lucy MARSH) 1796feb28 MASCRY John (Lowe ELLIOT/Martha POYZER) 1793oct23 MASKEREY John (William TAYLOR/Mary POYSER) 1847may22 MASKERY George (Thomas SPENCER/Mary DOXEY) 1847nov01 MASKERY George (Michael CARDEW/Dorothy LAND) 1871jun13 MASKERY Hannah (George BRADLEY/Hannah WOODHOUSE) 1871jul02 MASKERY Hannah (William CORDIN/Mary ann SPENCER) 1809apr27 MASKERY John (George STORER/Grace MASKREY) 1826jul24 MASKERY Lydia (John OXSPRING/Lydia JOHNSON) 1828may29 MASKERY Lydia (William SMITH/Sarah WALKER) 1793jul17 MASKERY Thomas (Henry EVANS/Mary ADAMS) 1829oct01 MASKEY Mary (Benjamin MASKREY/Elizabeth HALL) 1895jan28 MASKREY Alice (Charles William KNIGHT/Mary Anne MASKREY) 1899dec09 MASKREY Alice (Job SLACK/Lucy FISHER) 1810apr16 MASKREY Ann (William MASKREY/Hannah DOWNING) 1857oct26 MASKREY Ann (Anthony MASKREY/Ann WETTON) 1823jan22 MASKREY Ann? (Bartholomew MASKREY/Sarah RIDGARDS) 1817may04 MASKREY Anthony (William TAYLOR/Sarah TAYLOR) 1822aug21 MASKREY Bartholomew (Job OGDON/Mary RIDGARDS) 1883may14 MASKREY Bertha (William MASKREY/Mary Ann WETTON) 1818sep14 MASKREY Charles (David SWEETING/Sarah MASKREY) 1828oct13 MASKREY Dorothy (Job BRIDDON/Grace MASKREY) 1877jul09 MASKREY Eliza (John WOOD/Mary ann MASKREY) 1871aug14 MASKREY Elizabeth (Charles CHAMBERS/Mary ann MOSS) 1873feb06 MASKREY Elizabeth (George mrngtn PORTER/Adelaide MASKREY) 1880oct06 MASKREY Elizabeth (Henry STEVENSON/Emma MASKREY) 1828sep16 MASKREY Francis (George W WALKER/Lydia MASKREY) 1830feb08 MASKREY Francis (John UDALE/Hannah POTTER) 1838dec24 MASKREY George (John BROOKS/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1834aug14 MASKREY Hannah (George HOLEHOUSE/Elizabeth WESTON) 1835mar04 MASKREY Hannah (William WESTON/Hannah MASKREY) 1848sep13 MASKREY Henry (John MASKREY/Hannah GREATOREX) 1848nov13 MASKREY Henry (William MASKREY/Margaret PURDEN) 1850dec02 MASKREY Henry (John GREATOREX/Sarah COLLEDGE) 1880oct06 MASKREY Job (Henry STEVENSON/Emma MASKREY) 1896jun24 MASKREY Job (Thomas James TWIGGE/Mary Hannah MASKREY) 1817may29 MASKREY John (William MASKREY/Elizabeth FROST) 1826aug07 MASKREY John (John KIRK/Elizabeth ASHOVER) 1770sep12 MASKREY Jos. (John LUDLAM/Lydia TIMPERLY) 1771aug11 MASKREY Jos. (John SMITH/Dorothy SIMPSON) 1762dec09 MASKREY Joseph (Thomas BARBER/Mary SIMS) 1772dec15 MASKREY Joseph (Ralph GADSBY/Elisabeth THORP) 1773feb28 MASKREY Joseph (James CRAWFORD/Sarah BAMFORD) 1773apr29 MASKREY Joseph (James FARRAND/Rachel MART) 1773oct04 MASKREY Joseph (Joseph BROWN/Ellen GLAZEBROOK) 1774aug03 MASKREY Joseph (Richard POYSAR/Martha ABELL) 1775jun01 MASKREY Joseph (William MASKERY/Ann NOBLE) 1776dec24 MASKREY Joseph (Godfrey NOBLE/Mary WESTON) 1825jan17 MASKREY Joseph (William WILD/Mary HOLEHOUSE) 1843feb01 MASKREY Joseph (James STAFFORD/Elizabeth DUFFIELD) 1835dec23 MASKREY Marey (Anthony DOXEY/Grace FROST) 1888may21 MASKREY Mary H (Thomas ELSE/Bertha MASKREY) 1889dec23 MASKREY Mary H (John James MASKREY/Keturah MOLE) 1851apr07 MASKREY Phebe (Job THOMPSON/Eliza MASKREY) 1889feb25 MASKREY Rose (Charles WOOD/Ann SMITH) 1845jul08 MASKREY Ruth (James SMITH/Anne MASKREY) 1837jul06 MASKREY Sarah (William MASKREY/Rachel GRATTON) 1845mar24 MASKREY Sarah (George TURNER/Susannah MASKREY) 1846nov01 MASKREY Sarah (Thomas WHEELDON/Sarah BARKER) 1770feb04 MASKREY Thomas (Joseph MILWARD/Mahitabel SWIFT) 1782jul29 MASKREY Thomas (Thomas BARBER/Hannah MARCHANT) 1783jan14 MASKREY Thomas (William HAZELHURST/Hannah MILLWARD) 1888may21 MASKREY Walter (Thomas ELSE/Bertha MASKREY) 1811jun10 MASKREY William (Benjamin MASKREY/Mary GOULD) 1815sep13 MASKREY William (Jacob FROST/Betty KNIVETON) 1820jan11 MASKREY William (Richard CLARKE/Elizabeth DOWNING) 1828jul07 MASKREY William (Edward STORER/Mary BULLOWS) 1830jan28 MASKREY William (John BUNTING/Mary GRATTON) 1836apr07 MASKREY William (Charles HANSON/Mary Ann MASKREY) 1838dec24 MASKREY William (Benjamin PALFREMAN/Elizabeth MASKREY) 1853feb21 MASKREY William (Edward MASKREY/Ann SEEDS) 1826aug07 MASKRY John (Matthew TURNER/Mary WALKER) 1826aug31 MASKRY John (Joseph MASKREY/Mary CORDEN) 1847nov01 MASKRY Sarah (Michael CARDEW/Dorothy LAND) 1855jun07 MASON Ann (Gill PICKARD/Sarah SQUIRE) 1791sep21 MASON Benjamin (Thomas MASON/Sarah STALEY) 1893apr24 MASON Ellinor (John Henry MASON/Lillie NEWTON) 1755mar06 MASON Henry (John GYTE/Anne EYELY) 1759jun15 MASON Henry (Matthew FLINT/Ellin ALLIN) 1764jan19 MASON Henry (Isaac RIDGARD/Hannah MASON) 1767mar09 MASON Henry (Josuah ROPER/Elizabeth HICTON) 1792sep28 MASON John (Thomas FERN/Sarah HOLEHOUSE) 1829dec05 MASON John (George BOLLINGTON/Sarah HARRISON) 1859nov27 MASON John (John HACKETT/Mary WOOD) 1757mar21 MASON Joseph (Thomas WORTHY/Hannah KIDDEY) 1758jan25 MASON Joseph (Philip WATERFALL/Ellen BEESON) 1758feb21 MASON Joseph (John SAXON/Hannah LOVAT) 1847nov22 MASON Joseph (George HOLMES/Sarah PEARSON) 1890oct16 MASON Michael (John Perry HEMMING/Emmaline JONES) 1773nov04 MASON Richard (William BUXTON/Hanna TAYLOR) 1775mar01 MASON Richard (James MAKIN/Elizabeth WRAGG) 1795aug06 MASON Richard (Thomas LEVICK/Ann MASKERY) 1879nov04 MASON W (John OLDFIELD/Harriet GAMBLE) 1817oct11 MASON William (Samuel KIDD/Sarah MASON) 1876sep13 MASSEY Andrew (Daniel MILWARD/Pamela Andrews WALKER) 1842apr11 MASSEY Ann (John ELLIOTT/Ann BRUNT) 1882apr06 MASSEY George (Thomas MASSEY/Mahalah MARPLE) 1837mar02 MASSEY George? (Abraham SLACK/Margaret VALLANCE) 1872may20 MASSEY James (William STEVENSON/Mary MATHER) 1764sep25 MASSEY William (Henry KNOWLES/Mary TIMPERLEY) 1863may28 MATHER Ann (Thomas MATHER/Phoebe SPENCER) 1757jan03 MATHER Anthony (John ALLCOCK/Mary ASHTON) 1764oct18 MATHER Edward (Joseph BULLOCK/Alice JOHNSON) 1768dec19 MATHER Edward (Owen FISHER/Mary BULLOCK) 1777sep17 MATHER Edward (Samuel KIRK/Hannah JOHNSON) 1893mar15 MATHER Edward (Peter Edward BODEN/Sarah Ann BROOKS) 1895oct14 MATHER Edward (William BUCKLEY/Sarah Ann MATHER) 1811mar06 MATHER Elizabeth (John MATHER/Martha NOTON) 1822mar28 MATHER Elizabeth (William GRATTON/Martha MATHER) 1849oct25 MATHER Ellen (John STEPHENSON/Mary WALTON) 1807nov19 MATHER Francis (John KILLER/Mary HAWLEY) 1829feb04 MATHER Francis (Richard SPENCER/Ann MATHER) 1895may20 MATHER Francis (Samuel Thomas KILLER/Elizabeth MATHER) 1771oct30 MATHER George (Peter JOWETT/Alice ALLIN) 1850apr18 MATHER Hannah (Robert MATHER/Ann GOODALL) 1853aug01 MATHER Hannah (Job BUNTING/Fanny ann POTTER) 1811mar23 MATHER Job (David CROFTS/Susannah BIRCH) 1779may24 MATHER John (Joseph WILSON/Mary RAWLING) 1780apr13 MATHER John (William PENDLETON/Hannah BROWN) 1817feb26 MATHER John (John MARSHALL/Elizabeth MATHER) 1820oct11 MATHER John (Thomas MATHER/Ellen SPENCER) 1830sep13 MATHER John (John SMITH/Sarah FROST) 1834jun23 MATHER John (Thomas HAYNES/Sylance BRITLAND) 1834nov19 MATHER John (Thomas MATHER/Charlotte RICHARDSON) 1836jul24 MATHER John (Thomas GARARD/Eliza COPESTAKE) 1837mar18 MATHER John (William HALL/Alice SPENCER) 1846dec22 MATHER John (William STEVENSON/Ann MATHER) 1862jul10 MATHER John (John MOORE/Hannah SHELDON) 1871feb26 MATHER John (John CLOUGH/Dorothy MASKREY) 1879dec22 MATHER John? (Joseph SHEPPARD/Elizabeth MATHER) 1754aug14 MATHER Joseph (William SMITH/Hannah WOOD) 1756sep17 MATHER Joseph (Ralph WOODRUFF/Martha MEAD) 1756nov15 MATHER Joseph (John KEY/Christian GILLIMOOR) 1764feb06 MATHER Joseph (Matthew FOULK/Mary STAFFORD) 1764may31 MATHER Joseph (John ALSOP/Ann SIMS) 1765apr11 MATHER Joseph (Isaac FROST/Ann MATHER) 1766mar02 MATHER Joseph (Joseph MOSS/Sarah SILKSTONE) 1767jan14 MATHER Joseph (William FROST/Elisabeth BUNTING) 1769may15 MATHER Joseph (John STUBS/Sarah BATEMAN) 1771sep30 MATHER Joseph (John BAMFORD/Elizabeth GRATTON) 1780jun15 MATHER Joseph (Job HIGTON/Mary SHELDON) 1783jun09 MATHER Joseph (James GRATTON/Ruth BRITTLEBANK) 1785apr14 MATHER Joseph (William WIGLEY/Elizabeth FOSTER) 1785nov07 MATHER Joseph (Samuel WALKER/Dorothy PEAT) 1785dec28 MATHER Joseph (Nathaniel BOMER/Sarah FLETCHER) 1787dec27 MATHER Joseph (James GRATTON/Lydia JOHNSON) 1792oct20 MATHER Joseph (Henry JACKSON/Mary ELLIOT) 1796jan27 MATHER Joseph (Thomas ALLSOP/Hannah HOLBROOKE) 1802apr10 MATHER Joseph (William COLLEGE/Mary FROST) 1808aug01 MATHER Joseph (Samuel SMITH/Ellen ALLSOP) 1772sep23 MATHER Katherine (John RICKARDS/Hannah MATHER) 1855oct01 MATHER Mabel (Thomas BUCKLEY/Hannah MATHER) 1814mar17 MATHER Martha (Jonathan JEPSON/Mary MATHER) 1821jan25 MATHER Martha (Simeon SPENCER/Mary GRATTON) 1863jun11 MATHER Martha (Aaron MARPLE/Mary MATHER) 1815aug21 MATHER Mary (John THOMPSON/Sarah STONE) 1827nov30 MATHER Mary (Nathaniel WATERFIELD/Ann HOLEHOUSE) 1833aug28 MATHER Mary (James M BROMLEY/Hannah KEEP) 1847sep08 MATHER Mary (James CLAYTON/Hannah MATHER) 1872apr04 MATHER Mary alice (John SHIELDS/Ann MATHER) 1814may08 MATHER Philip (Joseph LIGGETT/Sarah HAYWOOD) 1870feb17 MATHER Phoebe (William EVANS/Millecent DOXEY) 1795sep16 MATHER Robert (James WRAGG/Ann ROOSE) 1809apr06 MATHER Robert (Joshua BROOKS/Sarah DOXEY) 1855oct01 MATHER Robert (Thomas BUCKLEY/Hannah MATHER) 1817feb26 MATHER S. (John MARSHALL/Elizabeth MATHER) 1782feb07 MATHER Samuel (Thomas BURTON/Priscilla SPENCER) 1863jun23 MATHER Samuel (Daniel DOXEY/Milicent MATHER) 1822sep02 MATHER Sarah (George MATHER/Hannah WRAGG) 1825dec26 MATHER Sarah (Benjamin TAYLOR/Mary WELLS) 1830mar05 MATHER Sarah (Joshua FORD/Mary WATKIN) 1851oct13 MATHER Sarah (Solomon FOX/Anne MATHER) 1894oct24 MATHER Sarah Ann (John Henry WARD/Grace BATES) 1871feb26 MATHER Sarah ann (John CLOUGH/Dorothy MASKREY) 1824aug30 MATHER Saul (Henry BROWN/Milicent DEVILLE) 1757jan05 MATHER Thomas (Francis HUTCHINSON/Sarah CADMAN) 1779jun21 MATHER Thomas (Joseph PEAT/Esther STEER) 1784jun14 MATHER Thomas (Uriah DEAN/Hannah SPENCER) 1784jun18 MATHER Thomas (James GREEN/Ann WIGLEY) 1791aug15 MATHER Thomas (John HICKSON/Elizabeth BAKER) 1791dec14 MATHER Thomas (Jesse FOULKE/Elizabeth SMITH) 1792jun11 MATHER Thomas (Thomas RICHARDSON/Hannah STONE) 1792jun11 MATHER Thomas (George YATES/Ann BOTHAM) 1792oct29 MATHER Thomas (Thomas TWIGG/Grace WILSON) 1793mar05 MATHER Thomas (Henry GILMAN/Margaret BATTALEY) 1793aug18 MATHER Thomas (Samuel WHEATCROFT/Dorothy SIMPSON) 1796apr11 MATHER Thomas (William FOULK/Martha HENSTOCK) 1799nov25 MATHER Thomas (Samuel DOXEY/Elizabeth WORSLEY) 1801jun03 MATHER Thomas (John CLARKE/Grace WOLLATT) 1802mar22 MATHER Thomas (Anthony GREGORY/Elizabeth BRADLEY) 1803oct24 MATHER Thomas (William ALLEN/Elizabeth PEARSON) 1804nov05 MATHER Thomas (Richard DUDDLE/Ann GREATOREX) 1804nov29 MATHER Thomas (Joseph KNOWLES/Susan RICHARDSON) 1805mar04 MATHER Thomas (Robert HODGKINSON/Ann HOLMES) 1805may27 MATHER Thomas (Isaac BANNERS/Lydia TOMLINSON) 1805may27 MATHER Thomas (James MASON/Hannah ROOSE) 1805jun24 MATHER Thomas (William FOWLKE/Elizabeth BENNET) 1808aug01 MATHER Thomas (William WILKINSON/Mary BUTTERWORTH) 1809mar15 MATHER Thomas (Robert NEEDEN/Jane BEARDSLEY) 1809may15 MATHER Thomas (William HOGG/Elizabeth MERCHANT) 1811apr01 MATHER Thomas (John JOHNSON/Elizabeth GOODALE) 1811aug26 MATHER Thomas (Timothy TANSLEY/Ann FURNACE) 1813jun18 MATHER Thomas (Isaac WALTON/Dorothy REDFERN) 1817jan29 MATHER Thomas (John WHEATLEY/Charlotte TAYLOR) 1817jun10 MATHER Thomas (Joseph KNOWLES/Mary BOOTH) 1817oct06 MATHER Thomas (John BRADSHAW/Betty HARRISON) 1817oct06 MATHER Thomas (Peter JONES/Mary FLINT) 1818jun01 MATHER Thomas (Robert SIMPSON/Sarah BACON) 1819sep02 MATHER Thomas (Robert STEER/Mary OGDON) 1822nov11 MATHER Thomas (John HIGTON/Ann MATHER) 1824nov10 MATHER Thomas (Thomas COPE/Elizabeth BRADLEY) 1824nov20 MATHER Thomas (Peter MOTTERSHED/Sarah WAIN) 1776sep18 MATHER William (John SPENCER/Martha BUCKLEY) 1789jan22 MATHER William (Thomas EYELEY/Ann ANDREW) 1852may05 MATHESON Anne (Robert MATHESON/Eliza booth BEARDSLEY) 1886sep09 MATKIN Elizabeth (Joseph ROWLAND/Martha MATKIN) 1889mar14 MATKIN Lucy (Tom MATKIN/Emily ROWLAND) 1894mar14 MATKIN Lucy (George MATKIN/Annie MILLWARD) 1884mar20 MATKIN Martha (Joseph MATKIN/Mary Ann ROWLAND) 1886sep09 MATKIN Tom (Joseph ROWLAND/Martha MATKIN) 1817oct14 MAYNELL H. (Peter HOPWOOD/Mary HARDING) 1857mar29 MAYOH Ann (George PEERS/Mary ann BLACKHAM) 1857mar29 MAYOH Arthur (George PEERS/Mary ann BLACKHAM) 1874aug10 MCDONALD Emily (William MCDONALD/Mary jane HADFIELD) 1765sep09 MCKENZIE Edward (George BAYNES/Mary NEEDHAM) 1871may02 MEADS A (Tom SEALS/Lucy TWIGGE) 1796aug09 MEAKIN John (Joseph BURTON/Mary BAMFORD) 1828jul23 MEE Catharine (George T DALE/Margaret INCE) 1816jun27 MEE James (Isaac FRITCHLEY/Mary HALL) 1822feb25 MEE James (Joseph ENGLAND/Frances E MEE) 1824mar15 MEE James (Thomas THORNDYKE/Mary MEE) 1828dec29 MEE James (Thomas DICKENSON/Ann HARD) 1829jan12 MEE James (William BIRCH/Mary Ann WALL) 1844dec25 MEE James (William WILD/Elizabeth MEE) 1803oct30 MEE John (Bartholomew GRIFFIN/Elizabeth COOKE) 1822feb25 MEE Mary (Joseph ENGLAND/Frances E MEE) 1822apr22 MEELY Anthony (Henry TROTTER/Mary BEELY) 1784aug11 MELBORN John (John OGDEN/Ruth BRELSFORD) 1785mar03 MELBORN John (John SMITH/Sarah OLDFIELD) 1802mar02 MELBORN John (Joseph BROOKFIELD/Ann MASKREY) 1860sep09 MELBOURN Hannah (Thomas JOHNSON/Dorothy FROST) 1811sep04 MELBOURN John (William MELBOURN/Mary BRIDDON) 1799apr01 MELBOURN Thomas (Richard PEAT/Sarah MELBOURN) 1835jun28 MELBOURNE Hannah (Isaac MARSH/Hannah SEEDS) 1838mar28 MELBOURNE Hannah (Samuel ALLIN/Rebecca WHITE) 1869apr04 MELBOURNE Jane (Joseph WIGLEY/Agnes WESLEY) 1869apr04 MELBOURNE John (Joseph WIGLEY/Agnes WESLEY) 1875may24 MELBOURNE John (Sidney MELBOURN/Mary ROOME) 1896dec26 MELBOURNE Mary Ann (Joseph Thomas SHAW/Sarah WHITE) 1831mar21 MELBOURNE Samuel (James OXLEY/Mary MASKREY) 1892apr13 MELBOURNE Sarah (Samuel WOOD/Mary Ann MELBOURN) 1884oct21 MELBOURNE Sidney (Noah MELBOURNE/Sarah TAYLOR) 1830apr15 MELBOURNE Susanna (John WILLIAMSON/Thomasine DEAN) 1837oct15 MELBURN William (Samuel MELBURN/Maria THOMPSON) 1845jul29 MELLER John (Edward MELLER/Elizabeth S ASHMORE) 1879mar31 MELLOR John (George WALTON/Elizabeth WATSON) 1779apr05 MELLOR Jonathan (Thomas MORETON/Sarah MELLOR) 1773jan24 MELLOR Joseph (James COWLISHAW/Ellen HALL) 1835oct01 MELLOR Martha (John SEEDS/Elizabeth MELLOR) 1863sep22 MELLOR Mary (George SPENCER/Ann FROST) 1757feb07 MELLOR Richard (William BELFIELD/Sarah BRADSHAW) 1773dec25 MELLOR Samuel (James WHITE/Mary BUNTING) 1781apr21 MELLOR Samuel (Nicholas CRESWELL/Mary MELLOR) 1779jun21 MELLOR William (Benjamin GREGORY/Betty JOHNSON) 1899feb06 MELLORS Herbert (Joseph BRIGGS/Selina Kate BEVAN) 1797apr17 MELLORS John (John LAMB/Hannah MELLOR) 1866jul26 MELLOWS Elizabeth (James MELLOWS/Martha WIGLEY) 1842sep11 MELLOWS George (Richard THOMPSON/Elizabeth WOOD) 1842sep11 MELLOWS Mary (Richard THOMPSON/Elizabeth WOOD) 1842sep04 MELLOWS Paul (George MELLOWS/Mary ann WESLEY) 1894nov18 MERCHANT Bessy (Samuel MERCHANT/Sarah Annie STEVENSON) 1810aug03 MERCHANT George (Thomas TONGUE/Sarah POTTER) 1816may26 MERCHANT James (John ELLIOTT/Rebecca ELLIOTT) 1894nov18 MERCHANT John (Samuel MERCHANT/Sarah Annie STEVENSON) 1823aug07 MERCHANT William (William BARBER/Ellin TAYLOR) 1830feb09 MERCHANT William (Francis CARMAN/Frances THORPE) 1773jul29 MESKREY William (John MASKREY/Ann PRITCHARD) 1832feb15 MILES William (Joseph PEAL/Mary SAUSBY) 1837mar16 MILLER Henry (Jacob DOXEY/Mary BATEMAN) 1894aug06 MILLER Matilda (John MILLER/Alice Sanderson BANKS) 1896may06 MILLINGTON Gertrude (Thomas Spencer MILLINGTON/Edith SLACK) 1849apr05 MILLINGTON Mary (Thomas SHELDON/Ann STORER) 1803may01 MILLINGTON Robert (Joseph REDFERN/Elizabeth WARD) 1791sep28 MILLINGTON Thomas (Joshua GREGORY/Elizabeth CHARLTON) 1835apr30 MILLINGTON Thomas (William HATFIELD/Sarah GODBEHERE) 1899jul05 MILLINGTON Thomas Sp (James Alfred MOORE/Clara SLACK) 1802oct30 MILLWARD Ann (William SMITH/Elizabeth MILLWARD) 1885jan26 MILLWARD Daniel (Thomas Henry MARTIN/Annie WALKER) 1800nov24 MILLWARD Elizabeth (George HOLMES/Ann SMITH) 1876sep13 MILLWARD Elizabeth (Daniel MILWARD/Pamela Andrews WALKER) 1823may14 MILLWARD Frances (William MILLWARD/Mary GREATORIX) 1824jul05 MILLWARD Frances (George PICKARD/Mary GODBEHERE) 1773jan24 MILLWARD Francis (James COWLISHAW/Ellen HALL) 1808jul03 MILLWARD Henry (Edward MARSON/Hannah CHRITCHLOW) 1891sep17 MILLWARD Lillian (Charles William RALPH/Hannah MILWARD) 1842aug18 MILLWARD Martha (Moses MILLWARD/Elizabeth BRIDDEN) 1843jan23 MILLWARD Martha (William MILLWARD/Hannah FOULKES) 1810feb19 MILLWARD Mary (John MILLWARD/Elizabeth LANE) 1838sep29 MILLWARD Moses (Cornelius SPAIN/Elizabeth STREET) 1843jan23 MILLWARD Moses (William MILLWARD/Hannah FOULKES) 1846oct11 MILLWARD Moses (Samuel WHEELDON/Rhode MILWARD) 1820may22 MILLWARD Robert (Gill PICKARD/Sarah MILWARD) 1842aug18 MILLWARD Robert (Moses MILLWARD/Elizabeth BRIDDEN) 1814oct26 MILLWARD Sarah (William PEAT/Ann SANDERS) 1899dec11 MILLWARD Sarah E (William Roper BUXTON/Pamela Andrews WALKER) 1810feb19 MILLWARD William (John MILLWARD/Elizabeth LANE) 1814oct24 MILLWARD William (Joseph HOLMES/Mary WARRINGTON) 1814oct26 MILLWARD William (William PEAT/Ann SANDERS) 1877jan09 MILWARD Emily (Joseph OXLEY/Sarah HOUGHTON) 1873dec04 MILWARD George (John HOMER/Emma GREENHOUGH) 1873dec21 MILWARD George (William BYARD/Annie VALLANCE) 1875nov15 MILWARD George (David BROOKS/Elizabeth BREWELL) 1898dec26 MILWARD George (Thomas SPENCER/Lydia Ann MILLWARD) 1831feb28 MILWARD Hannah (John SWEETAN/Jane MILLWARD) 1882oct02 MILWARD Hannah (Joseph LAMB/Elizabeth WHEELDON) 1888nov11 MILWARD Hannah (George HILL/Mary Jane BEARDMORE) 1771oct13 MILWARD John (Thomas HALLAM/Sarah HASLAM) 1767aug27 MILWARD Joseph (John MILLWARD/Jane KIRK) 1831feb28 MILWARD Joseph (John SWEETAN/Jane MILLWARD) 1898dec12 MILWARD Lillian (Charles HANDS/Jane MILWARD) 1808jan20 MILWARD Luke (Gilbert PIDCOCK/Mary TAYLOR) 1875nov15 MILWARD Martha (David BROOKS/Elizabeth BREWELL) 1857apr13 MILWARD Moses (Richard SHERLOCK/Elizabeth BRIDDON) 1855sep10 MILWARD Thomas (George FARNSWORTH/Martha MILLWARD) 1898dec12 MILWARD Thomas (Charles HANDS/Jane MILWARD) 1811jun20 MILWARD William (Elle MILLWARD/Hannah TWIGG) 1852jun03 MIRFIN John (George BLORE/Mary THOMASON) 1864dec26 MITCHELL Elizabeth (Thomas MITCHELL/Sarah THOMPSON) 1883aug20 MITCHELL John (Thomas GREATOREX/Mary Elizabeth MITCHELL) 1850sep16 MITCHELL Mary (Joseph STORER/Mary ann SIDDALL) 1873may06 MITCHELL Mary elizbth (John MITCHELL/Lydia MART) 1866jul31 MONAHAN John (John COLLARD/Georgiana FOGG) 1841jan21 MOOR Elizabeth (Thomas MOOR/Mary ELCE) 1804sep20 MOOR Joseph (Richard GOODALL/Ann JEPSON) 1772aug27 MOOR Thomas (Anthony BROOKE/Mary MOOR) 1774nov10 MOOR Thomas (Joseph GODBEHERE/Elizabeth HALL) 1872apr02 MOORE Amelia (Frederick STEVENSON/Hannah marie MORRELL) 1838dec11 MOORE Anne (John WYATT/Susan CHURCHMAN) 1784apr24 MOORE Anthony (George BUXTON/Elizabeth ADAMS) 1807apr02 MOORE Caleb (Gamaliel MOORE/Mary SPENCER) 1809apr06 MOORE Caleb (Henry SHELDON/Mary MOORE) 1809apr06 MOORE Caleb (Joshua BROOKS/Sarah DOXEY) 1846sep17 MOORE Caleb (Joshua HOLMES/Mary SPENCER) 1850apr24 MOORE Caleb (John WALKER/Mary MOORE) 1830oct03 MOORE Daniel (Hugh BROOKES/Ann MOORE) 1805sep02 MOORE Elizabeth (Peter ARKWRIGHT/Mary Anne HURT) 1847nov04 MOORE Elizabeth (Job BATEMAN/Lydia MOORE) 1851sep14 MOORE Elizabeth (Samuel ROLLEY/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1876apr09 MOORE Elizabeth (William rob SHREEVE/Hannah DENNIS) 1858mar01 MOORE Emma (William samuel WHEATCROFT/Eliza MOORE) 1892may28 MOORE Florence (John MOORE/Alice THOMPSON) 1864dec01 MOORE Frances (Joseph TAYLOR/Anne MOORE) 1835mar04 MOORE Gamaliel (Samuel THOMPSON/Ellen E rOWLAND) 1838apr16 MOORE Gamaliel (John MOOR/Elizabeth MOORE) 1841may23 MOORE Gamaliel (James TATLOW/Sarah MOORE) 1862sep15 MOORE Gamaliel (Thomas KAY/Elizabeth MOORE) 1885apr15 MOORE Gamaliel (James MARPLE/Elizabeth MARSON) 1898aug15 MOORE Gamaliel (William Edward CORDIN/Mary Ann MOORE) 1806may08 MOORE Gamalle? (Joseph MOOR/Ann DOXEY) 1802jun03 MOORE Hannah (George TAYLOR/Sarah HALL) 1850dec08 MOORE Hannah (James ROWLAND/Eliza BREWEL) 1845aug24 MOORE John (James ALLEN/Phoebe RICHARDS) 1850dec08 MOORE John (James ROWLAND/Eliza BREWEL) 1765jan16 MOORE Joseph (Daniel WILSON/Grace CHARLTON) 1767jul09 MOORE Joseph (Robert MATHER/Sarah MOORE) 1768jul14 MOORE Joseph (Joseph SLACK/Ann UDALE) 1780may03 MOORE Joseph (Samuel WRAGG/Hannah GODBEHERE) 1783jun26 MOORE Joseph (Thomas SHELDON/Elizabeth GODBEHERE) 1793jul18 MOORE Joseph (John LEE/Elizabeth MATHER) 1801jul06 MOORE Joseph (Joseph WALKER/Elizabeth HIGTON) 1805jul25 MOORE Joseph (George SPENCER/Hannah BLACKWALL) 1807apr02 MOORE Joseph (Gamaliel MOORE/Mary SPENCER) 1809apr06 MOORE Joseph (Henry SHELDON/Mary MOORE) 1831nov28 MOORE Joseph (John BRITLAND/Ruth SWIFT) 1845jul31 MOORE Joseph (Charles SWIFT/Hannah BROOKS) 1833sep16 MOORE Martha (Samuel MOORE/Hannah ALLEN) 1847dec28 MOORE Mary (Joshua HALL/Elizabeth MOORE) 1808jan21 MOORE Millicent (Samuel MOOR/Mary HAWLEY) 1820apr12 MOORE Robert (Isaac BIDDULPH/Mary WAIN) 1828jul17 MOORE Robert (James ELSE/Mabel SPENCER) 1896feb17 MOORE Robert (Job ADAMS/Christiana MOORE) 1831jul21 MOORE Samuel (Samuel FLINT/Mary THOMPSON) 1835mar04 MOORE Sarah (Samuel THOMPSON/Ellen E ROWLAND) 1850apr24 MOORE Sarah (John WALKER/Mary MOORE) 1862sep15 MOORE Sarah anne (Joseph COLLIER/Jane HODGKINSON) 1857feb23 MOORE Susan (Samuel HODGKINSON/Maria MOORE) 1860may28 MOORE Susannah (Samuel MOORE/Elizabeth WAYWELL) 1862sep15 MOORE Susannah (Thomas KAY/Elizabeth MOORE) 1770may09 MOORE Thomas (John LEE/Elizabeth ASHOVER) 1772jan16 MOORE Thomas (Thomas GODBEHERE/Ellin HALL) 1794feb06 MOORE Thomas (Caleb HALL/Hannah FLINT) 1803jun01 MOORE Thomas (Job BATEMAN/Ann BATEMAN) 1891may27 MORECROFT Hiram (William GAMBLE/Mary Jane THOMPSON) 1760dec25 MORLEY John (William HARRISON/Jane OSBORNE) 1760dec25 MORLEY John (John WILLIAMSON/Mary OSBORNE) 1763may10 MORLIDGE Joseph (John PICKERING/Mary RATCLIFF) 1770sep11 MORLIDGE Joseph (Anthony TISSINGTON/Esther BUXTON) 1772mar12 MORLIDGE Joseph (Jonathan TWIGG/Margaret BRADSHAW) 1776oct24 MORLIDGE Joseph (Thomas LEEYS/Hannah WAINE) 1780apr13 MORLIDGE Joseph (William PENDLETON/Hannah BROWN) 1781sep20 MORLIDGE Joseph (John WIGLEY/Alice SIMPSON) 1782nov07 MORLIDGE Joseph (Richard PEACH/Hannah FERN) 1790aug04 MORLIDGE Joseph (Thomas NUTTALL/Ann HOLEBROOKE) 1791feb03 MORLIDGE Joseph (Joseph MARCHANT/Mary CRITCH) 1861dec23 MORRELL Amelia kent (John BORWELL/Elizabeth mary MORRELL) 1872apr02 MORRELL Frederick K (Frederick STEVENSON/Hannah marie MORRELL) 1773aug30 MORTON Godfrey (John WILSON/Mary DEAVILLE) 1866jul26 MORTON William (James MELLOWS/Martha WIGLEY) 1788nov12 MOSELEY John (William MARSHALL/Hannah HILL) 1847dec27 MOSES Anthony (William MOSES/Sarah WILSON) 1775apr18 MOSLEY Jacob (William MARSON/Sarah FLINT) 1795sep18 MOSS John (George FOX/Dorothy SPENCER) 1799aug19 MOSS John (John WHITE/Rebecca STENDALL) 1801sep15 MOSS John (George BOWMER/Elizabeth NEEDHAM) 1854nov09 MOTTRAM Mary (Frederic PLATTS/Harriet WARNER) 1846may14 MOTTRAM Samuel (Eli WILD/Mary ALLSOP) 1764jan02 MOULD Edward (Edward BUCKLEY/Lydia MORLEY) 1829feb09 MOULD Ferdinand (James MOULD/Elizabeth JONES) 1830jul01 MOULD Samuel (Thomas BYARD/Sarah BROOKES) 1852nov08 MOUNT Thomas (Peter JEPSON/Matilda MARPLES) 1840aug06 MOUNTENAY Alice (William BRITLAND/Hannah ROMFORD) 1875oct18 MOUNTNEY Esther (John ELLIOTT/Mary MOUNTNEY) 1800feb15 MOUNTNEY John (John WILSON/Elizabeth MOUNTNEY) 1878feb16 MOUNTNEY Sarah (Samuel STAFFORD/Hannah AUSTIN) 1858jan07 MOWER Joseph john (Thomas DAKIN/Elizabeth HOLE) 1894mar27 MOXON Emma (William WETTON/Mary Jane ELLIOTT) 1868dec23 MOXON Joseph (Joseph GREGORY/Harriet GELL) 1863feb22 MOXON Mary (Arthur WALKER/Mary MOXON) 1868dec23 MOXON Mary (Joseph GREGORY/Harriet GELL) 1855sep12 MOXSON William (Joseph COOK/Hannah MOXSON) 1848apr03 MOXTON Henry (Joseph MOXTON/Mary WATERFIELD) 1864jul06 MULLEN Sarah (Samuel SPENCER/Mary Ann STALEY) 1873jun30 MULLEN Sarah (William ALLEN/Mary BATEMAN) 1863oct28 MURDOCK Mary (George STORER/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1871jun05 MURDOCK Robert (Isaac MURDOCK/Ann BUCKINGHAM) 1827apr23 MURFIN Ann (John MURFIN/Mary AUSTIN) 1829jan19 MURFIN John (William LAMB/Ann MURFIN) 1829jan19 MURFIN Mary (William LAMB/Ann MURFIN) 1794mar03 MURFIN William (Robert ALSOP/Elizabeth HARDING) 1834aug27 MURTON Salathiel (Samuel MURTON/Charlotte HITCHCOCK) 1834apr08 MUSGRAVE Ann (James WRAGG/Mary ELLIOTT) 1834apr08 MUSGRAVE Christopher (James WRAGG/Mary ELLIOTT) 1835sep14 MUSGRAVE Christopher (George MUSGRAVE/Hannah JONES) 1835mar23 MUSGRAVE George (John KIDD/Mary EATON) 1837may15 MUSGRAVE George (Thomas MUSGRAVE/Elizabeth KIRK) 1866oct11 MUSGRAVE Maria (William MUSGRAVE/Mary STALEY) 1841aug22 MUSGRAVE Robert (William MUSGRAVE/Elizabeth ALLSOP) 1868jun01 MUSGRAVE William (William PEACH/Maria MUSGRAVE) 1889feb25 MUTTIT Thomas W (Charles WOOD/Ann SMITH) 1770sep29 MYCOCK Richard (Adding MYCOCK/Margaret DAKIN) Return to Top 1798feb20 NADEN Joseph (Thomas GOODALL/Ann BRITLAND) 1893sep14 NADIN Thomas (John Thomas HALL/Emma FOX) 1774may18 NALL Elizabeth (Philip GELL/Dorothy MILNES) 1760may08 NALL Garace? (William HUGHES/Sarah TAYLOR) 1792oct25 NALL George (Joseph NALL/Elizabeth BROOKES) 1824jun07 NALL James (James EATON/Dorothy NALL) 1762feb02 NALL John (Rowland SWAN/Persenia BALL) 1781nov26 NALL Robert (Thomas BATTELEY/Elizabeth COOPER) 1781nov26 NALL Robert (Henry HODGKINSON/Mary WIGLEY) 1834jun19 NALL Samuel (James WALKER/Elizabeth HIGTON) 1834jun19 NALL Samuel (Rowland BUXTON/Millicent WALKER) 1763nov17 NALOR John (William CARMAN/Elizabeth KILLER) 1755oct02 NASH Samuel (John NUTTALL/Martha BLAND) 1763oct26 NASH Samuel (John WIGLEY/Mary BEIGHTON) 1763dec07 NASH Samuel (Samuel MABLY/Sarah HOLEBROOK) 1781aug13 NASH Samuel (William SPALDING/Elizabeth MAKIN) 1897mar20 NAYLOR Herbert (William NAYLOR/Ellen BLUNSTONE) 1817jun01 NAYLOR John (Joseph BRELSFORD/Mary LEE) 1858oct13 NEAL Ellen (John HAWKINS/Elizabeth GREEN) 1832feb15 NEAL Hannah (Joseph PEAL/Mary SAUSBY) 1858oct13 NEAL John thomas (John HAWKINS/Elizabeth GREEN) 1839sep29 NEEDHAM George (James NEEDHAM/Fanny PEGG) 1837may07 NEEDHAM James (Joseph ANABLE/Ann NEEDHAM) 1833oct13 NEEDHAM John (Isaac WATSON/Ruth BRADLEY) 1873jul31 NEEDHAM Maryanne (Thomas OLDFIELD/Rebecca DAWSON) 1774sep28 NEEDHAM Samuel (Samuel HOLMES/Lydia ROPER) 1883feb05 NEILSON Lucy (William CLARK/Barbara emily NEILSON) 1883feb05 NEILSON William fitzroy (William CLARK/Barbara emily NEILSON) 1766oct14 NEWBOLD Robert (George POTTS/Dorothy YOUNG) 1782apr22 NEWBOUND Thomas (Joseph WAYN/Ann HUGHS) 1783feb27 NEWTON Abraham (James COTTRILL/Elizabeth NEWTON) 1829sep17 NEWTON Ann (John GAUCHER/Mary Ann HANSON) 1830dec20 NEWTON Ann (William H KNOWLES/Sarah GAUCHER) 1839mar14 NEWTON C? (Francis William SMITH/Mary DOXEY) 1843aug16 NEWTON Charles (Joseph FARRAND/Eliza NEWTON) 1843jul13 NEWTON Eliza (Henry lafont WALLACE/Ann FRITCHLEY) 1893apr24 NEWTON J (John Henry MASON/Lillie NEWTON) 1764oct03 NEWTON John (John TOMLINSON/Mary HODGKINSON) 1833jun13 NEWTON John (Thomas POYSER/Mary NEWTON) 1849feb25 NEWTON Joseph (Joseph SARSON/Hannah KIDD) 1849sep10 NEWTON Joseph (Samuel NEWTON/Mary ann FARRAND) 1885aug26 NEWTON Lillie (Frank Newton SMITH/Mary NEWTON) 1804apr16 NEWTON Mary (Richard STANSBY/Elizabeth NEWTON) 1816jun06 NEWTON Mary (Thomas BROWN/Mary BROCKLEHURST) 1825oct26 NEWTON S. (Thomas NEWTON/Ann SPENCER) 1828may08 NEWTON S. (John WHEATCROFT/Mary NEWTON) 1861dec25 NEWTON Samuel (George BULLIVANT/Emma FARRAND) 1833jun13 NEWTON Sarah (Thomas POYSER/Mary NEWTON) 1766sep21 NEWTON Thomas (Thomas TOWNSEND/Ann BRADSHAW) 1769jan10 NEWTON Thomas (John BELLFIELD/Hannah MASSEY) 1790jan04 NEWTON Thomas (John WRAY/Mary BROCKLEHURST) 1804apr16 NEWTON Thomas (Richard STANSBY/Elizabeth NEWTON) 1808mar31 NEWTON Thomas (William BLUNSTONE/Elizabeth BARNES) 1821jan23 NEWTON Thomas (William LAMB/Ann BROCKLEHURST) 1828may08 NEWTON Thomas (John WHEATCROFT/Mary NEWTON) 1885aug26 NEWTON Thomas (Frank Newton SMITH/Mary NEWTON) 1854dec19 NIGHTINGALE Hannah (William BRADLEY/Ruth SEEDHOUSE) 1774jul21 NIGHTINGALE Job (Anthony GODBEHERE/Hannah WATSON) 1767sep14 NIGHTINGALE John (Joseph WRIGHT/Mary PAINTER) 1826dec25 NIGHTINGALE Joseph (Samuel TAYLOR/Ann TISINGTON) 1827dec25 NIGHTINGALE Joseph (John BESTWICK/Grace BRITLAND) 1768feb09 NIXON Edward (Joseph HOLEBROOK/Mary JOHNSON) 1772dec18 NIXON Edward (William JEBSON/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1890nov26 NORTH Agnes (Henry TAYLOR/Sarah Ann BEARDALL) 1757dec08 NORTH Isaac (Anthony COATES/Betty MASON) 1774aug10 NORTH James (John GELL/Elizabeth FROST) 1775oct24 NORTH James (James FAWSET/Ann SMITH) 1785nov08 NORTH Job (John THOMAS/Ellen WARD) 1803aug23 NORTH Nelly (William TIPPER/Martha GREATORIX) 1775dec25 NORTH Thomas (William COLLEDGE/Elizabeth VALLANCE) 1799jan31 NORTH Thomas (Paul TAYLOR/Hannah NORTH) 1762apr28 NORTH William (John WALKER/Elizabeth NORTH) 1790mar15 NORTH William (Samuel ROPER/Sarah MADDOCK) 1808jun13 NORTH William (Samuel WALKER/Mary SIMPSON) 1811apr29 NORTH William (John DAVILE/Mary HILL) 1820nov27 NORTON Josiah (William WHEATCROFT/Elizabeth HIGGOTT) 1889jul03 NOWELL-USTICKE Robert (William Gordon S NOWELL-USTICKE/Elizabeth WRIGHT) 1813nov01 NUTTAL Ann (Samuel YOUNG/Ann NUTTALL) 1814feb10 NUTTALL Elizabeth (Joseph HIGGITT/Mary NUTTALL) 1760oct08 NUTTALL George (Henry BUTLER/Mary STREET) 1841aug12 NUTTALL Hannah (George TISSINGTON/Sarah GELL) 1783sep06 NUTTALL James (John NUTTALL/Ann WALL) 1807sep20 NUTTALL James (George PEARSON/Elizabeth NUTTALL) 1784mar31 NUTTALL Job (James SHELDON/Grace HIGTON) 1755jun04 NUTTALL John (Robert GHAUNT/Alice NEWTON) 1756sep08 NUTTALL John (Henry SPENCER/Dorothy DALE) 1759oct20 NUTTALL John (John NEWTON/Martha HODGKINSON) 1759dec14 NUTTALL John (Robert COCKAYNE/Mary WILCOCKSON) 1762jul31 NUTTALL John (Benjamin HUGHS/Mary LOW) 1783nov17 NUTTALL John (Simon GOACHER/Ann TWIGGE) 1795jun22 NUTTALL John (Thomas BUXTON/Esther HENLEY) 1795jun22 NUTTALL John (John COCKER/Ann SLATER) 1813nov01 NUTTALL John (Samuel YOUNG/Ann NUTTALL) 1811may23 NUTTALL Mary (Daniel GELL/Phebe NUTTALL) 1801jun08 NUTTALL Richard (George PEARSON/Grace NUTTALL) 1878aug15 NUTTALL Robert (William NUTTALL/Elizabeth Ellt SPENCER) 1763apr21 NUTTALL Samuel (Joseph WRIGHT/Martha WRIGHT) 1820jan20 NUTTALL Samuel (Joseph SHELDON/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1820sep11 NUTTALL Samuel (Obadiah ADAMS/Mary FEARN) 1859apr27 NUTTALL Samuel (Hugh WALKER/Mary OLDFIELD) 1811may23 NUTTALL William (Daniel GELL/Phebe NUTTALL) 1814feb10 NUTTALL William (Joseph HIGGITT/Mary NUTTALL) Return to Top 1831jun29 O'DONOVAN-CUMMINGS Richard (William LAIDMAN/Sarah M HANSON) 1818dec24 O'DONOVAN-C Richard James (William PIDCOCK/Mary BEARD) 1769feb06 OAKES James (Charles SMITH/Ann JOHNSON) 1836oct24 OAKLEY Hannah (John BEELY/Sarah PHESENT) 1820apr12 OAKLEY Martha (Isaac BIDDULPH/Mary WAIN) 1852apr15 OAKLEY Maryann (Ralph OAKLEY/Hannah BUTLER) 1866aug22 OAKLEY Ralph (Isaac CHIPP/Emma BUTLER) 1830nov16 OAKLEY Rebecca (Richard DUNECLIFF/Deborah OAKLEY) 1849feb14 OGDAN Thomas (Anthony YEOMANS/Charlotte GRIFFIN) 1781sep10 OGDEN ? (William ALLEN/Mary FERN) 1851jun11 OGDEN Elizabeth (George TAYLOR/Sarah TAYLOR) 1869jun23 OGDEN Fanny (James jeremiah TATLOW/Catherine OGDEN) 1785dec05 OGDEN Francis (Isaiah ABBOT/Sarah BLACKSHAW) 1756may28 OGDEN George (George COCKIN/Mary SMITH) 1837may07 OGDEN Hannah (Joseph ANABLE/Ann NEEDHAM) 1755nov26 OGDEN James (John WATSON/Elizabeth WARD) 1781sep12 OGDEN James (George TOMPSON/Mary HILL) 1784apr15 OGDEN James (Wandale ALSOP/Hannah BUXTON) 1793jan07 OGDEN James (Joseph CAREY/Betty NEMERE) 1778feb02 OGDEN John (Stephen OGDEN/Mary BRIERLEY) 1781sep12 OGDEN John (John JONES/Mary FROST) 1783aug29 OGDEN John (John LIGITT/Mary TAYLOR) 1784jan02 OGDEN John (John CADMAN/Hannah SMEDLEY) 1853feb06 OGDEN Martha (Charles BROOKS/Elizabeth GREENHOUGH) 1849aug01 OGDEN Samuel (George FORD/Sarah BROCKLEHURST) 1819sep13 OGDEN Sarah (John TAYLOR/Sarah HARDY) 1776dec25 OGDEN Stephen (George PEARSON/Elizabeth HAWLEY) 1777feb14 OGDEN Stephen (George CLAY/Ann WILSON) 1782sep26 OGDEN Stephen (John BUNTING/Ellen BRIERLY) 1849dec10 OGDEN Thomas (William HARRIS/Elizabeth OGDEN) 1853feb06 OGDEN Thomas (Charles BROOKS/Elizabeth GREENHOUGH) 1785sep14 OGDEN William (Thomas BUCKLEY/Mary GREATOREX) 1785sep14 OGDEN William (John BROADHURST/Ann COLLEDGE) 1785sep14 OGDEN William (John DAFFY/Mary FROST) 1787sep14 OGDEN William (John BRUNSLEY/Rebecca NUTTALL) 1826dec25 OGDEN William (Samuel TAYLOR/Ann TISINGTON) 1819mar18 OGDON Ann (John ROWSE/Casandra ROWLAND) 1822aug21 OGDON Elizabeth (Job OGDON/Mary RIDGARDS) 1887jan13 OGDON Emma (John LAWSON/Rebecca OGDON) 1891jul06 OGDON Emma (John OGDON/Frances OGDON) 1870feb02 OGDON Fanny (William BUXTON/Mary ann OGDON) 1876may03 OGDON Frances (Henry JOHNSON/Catherine TATLOW) 1890jan22 OGDON Frances (George James OGDON/Elizabeth Dean OGDON) 1787dec31 OGDON Francis (Joseph WRAGG/Amy HALL) 1816sep16 OGDON Francis (William POTTER/Ann OGDON) 1887jan13 OGDON George J (John LAWSON/Rebecca OGDON) 1823jan22 OGDON Job (Bartholomew MASKREY/Sarah RIDGARDS) 1788mar27 OGDON John (Francis OGDEN/Elizabeth SIMMS) 1797nov06 OGDON John (William TAYLOR/Ellen GIBBON) 1798mar08 OGDON John (Henry TISSINGTON/Grace GIBBON) 1804feb22 OGDON John (William POYSER/Hannah GIBBONS) 1827nov07 OGDON John (David DOXEY/Ann OGDON) 1872jul24 OGDON Rebecca (George HATFIELD/Catherine OGDON) 1870feb02 OGDON Samuel (William BUXTON/Mary ann OGDON) 1872jul24 OGDON Samuel (George HATFIELD/Catherine OGDON) 1876may03 OGDON Samuel (Henry JOHNSON/Catherine TATLOW) 1890jan22 OGDON Samuel (George James OGDON/Elizabeth Dean OGDON) 1827nov07 OGDON Sarah (David DOXEY/Ann OGDON) 1872dec26 OGDON Sarah (Thomas BAGGALEY/Mary FRITCHLEY) 1879oct27 OGDON Susannah (Robert OGDON/Eliza UDALL) 1788mar27 OGDON William (Francis OGDEN/Elizabeth SIMMS) 1874aug10 OGDON William (William MCDONALD/Emily laura SMITH) 1888dec26 OLDFIELD Clara (Joshua OLDFIELD/Alice GRIX) 1873jul31 OLDFIELD Joseph (Thomas OLDFIELD/Rebecca DAWSON) 1837jan19 OLDFIELD Mary (Peter WRAGG/Hannah WRAGG) 1856apr16 OLDFIELD Mary (Joseph WRIGHT/Hannah SHELDON) 1834apr20 OLIVER Esther (Thomas PEAT/Esther OLIVER) 1784jan02 OLIVER James (John CADMAN/Hannah SMEDLEY) 1788mar18 OLIVER James (Samuel DEAN/Mary HADCLIFFE) 1873nov19 OLIVER Josiah (John William WARDMAN/Elizabeth WARREN) 1873nov19 OLIVER Mary (John William WARDMAN/Elizabeth WARREN) 1821dec25 OLIVER Seneca (John TWIGG/Sarah THORPE) 1821dec25 OLIVER Seneca (James BAMFORD/Henny GUNN) 1785nov25 OLIVER Thomas (Robert GREATOREX/Fanny GHAUNT) 1858apr04 OLIVER Thomas (Stephen OLIVER/Harriet WAGSTAFF) 1834apr20 OLIVER William (Thomas PEAT/Esther OLIVER) 1822apr22 OLLERENSHAW Lucinda (Samuel HOLMES/Harriott TAYLOR) 1897mar20 ORME Annie (William NAYLOR/Ellen BLUNSTONE) 1866may20 ORME Elizabeth (William ORME/Cecilia HOLLIS) 1760may19 ORME Henry (Thomas HALL/Christian CROFTS) 1754nov25 ORME John (William ORME/Dorothy KEELING) 1775sep20 ORME John (James COLLEDGE/Elizabeth MASKERY) 1793apr22 ORME John (Emanuel DUDSON/Jane REPPON) 1759sep10 ORME Richard (Henry ORME/Martha TOMLINSON) 1835feb16 ORME Robert (Joseph ORME/Sarah REEDS) 1807jan26 ORME Thomas (William DOXEY/Elizabeth REYNOLDS) 1813sep13 ORME William (Joseph ANDREW/Mary OLDFIELD) 1813sep13 ORME William (Richard HACKETT/Lydia FOGG) 1813sep13 ORME William (John PRINCE/Sarah BROOKS) 1895oct20 ORRIDGE Emily (William ORRIDGE/Mary WILLIAMSON) 1799oct29 ORRIDGE Joshua (Robert STEAR/Hannah BUXTON) 1803may07 ORRIDGE Joshua (Joseph LINNIKER/Charlotte ORRIDGE) 1897jan31 ORRIDGE Mary Eln (Harry PEARSON/Emily ORRIDGE) 1898oct09 ORRIDGE Mary Eln (Zechariah ORRIDGE/Mary Ann WAYWELL) 1895oct20 ORRIDGE Zechariah (William ORRIDGE/Mary WILLIAMSON) 1897jan31 ORRIDGE Zechariah (Harry PEARSON/Emily ORRIDGE) 1847nov22 ORTON Phebe (William ALTON/Lydia TAYLOR) 1804sep24 OSBERTON Robert (George STREET/Sarah BRITLAND) 1842jun12 OSBISTON Joseph (John JACKSON/Sarah WILKINS) 1774jan06 OSBORN Richard (William HILL/Ann COTTERIL) 1760dec25 OSBORNE Samuel (John WILLIAMSON/Mary OSBORNE) 1760dec25 OSBORNE Samuel (William HARRISON/Jane OSBORNE) 1845feb13 OUTRAM Thomas smith (Thomas LAND/Elizabeth WAGSTAFF) 1831jun20 OWES Hannah (John LYMN/Anne HOLMES) 1831mar21 OXLEY Elizabeth (James OXLEY/Mary MASKREY) 1833jun24 OXLEY James (James HUSARD/Elizabeth OXLEY) 1837jul06 OXLEY James (William MASKREY/Rachel GRATTON) 1849sep12 OXLEY James (Samuel SLACK/Hannah ALLSOP) 1771sep09 OXLEY Richard (Samuel LEA/Ann TAYLOR) 1772jan30 OXLEY Richard (Joseph MATHER/Elizabeth HIGTON) 1772apr02 OXLEY Richard (Hugh WALL/Mary HALL) 1773oct14 OXLEY Richard (Thomas SILKSTONE/Ann STORER) 1774jun19 OXLEY Richard (James FROST/Elizabeth WILSON) 1781mar05 OXLEY Richard (Anthony ALLEN/Susanna BUTLER) 1783nov08 OXLEY Richard (Isaac WOOD/Ann BUNTING) 1818sep24 OXLEY Sarah (Luke SEEDS/Ann MILNES) 1854oct25 OXSPRING Ann (William OXSPRING/Sarah HARRISON) 1827apr30 OXSPRING David (Joseph MERCHANT/Jemima OXSPRING) 1854oct25 OXSPRING David (William OXSPRING/Sarah HARRISON) 1895mar04 OXSPRING David (Charles Albert ROWE/Sarah Ann OXSPRING) 1895mar04 OXSPRING Mary Ann (Charles Albert ROWE/Sarah Ann OXSPRING) 1775may11 OXSPRING William (John ELLIOT/Elizabeth HALLAM) Return to Top 1773feb18 PAGE Francis (William JACKSON/Mary PAGE) 1776jun30 PAGE Francis (Wigley HODGKINSON/Esther PAGE) 1791mar24 PAGE Francis (Benjamin SPENCER/Alice FOWLER) 1779apr08 PAGE Isaac (Joseph MASKERY/Mary HOLEHOUSE) 1759nov05 PAGE Joshua (John BROCKLEST/Ann DUFFIELD) 1760feb26 PAGE Joshua (John KIRKBY/Sarah YOUNG) 1765mar07 PAGE Joshua (Samuel COOPER/Mary SWAIN) 1765oct16 PAGE Joshua (William ORME/Mary TAYLOR) 1813sep25 PAGE Sarah (Henry L LOMAS/Dorothy LOMAS) 1773jun21 PAINTER Joseph (John FREEAR/Mary FROST) 1766aug11 PAINTER William (Peter PAINTER/Elizabeth RENSHAW) 1838dec24 PALFREMAN Sarah (Benjamin PALFREMAN/Elizabeth MASKREY) 1854dec25 PALFREYMAN Benjamin (Edward HALL/Elizabeth ROSE) 1849dec31 PALFREYMAN David (Richard TOMLINSON/Sarah PALFREYMAN) 1865jun21 PALFREYMAN Elizabeth (Samuel WARDMAN/Hannah STONE) 1893may18 PALIN Alice (William BIDDLE/Mary Elizabeth ALLEN) 1864oct24 PALIN Anne (Richard HURDMAN/Eliza PALIN) 1889jun05 PALIN Jane Eliza (Joshua WRIGHT/Sarah Ann Wayne FEARN) 1864oct24 PALIN Samuel (Richard HURDMAN/Eliza PALIN) 1884oct07 PALING Thomas (Thomas William PALING/Mary Ann LEWIS) 1801feb23 PARKER Elizabeth (Job HIGTON/Ann SIDEBOTHAM) 1760mar24 PARKER John (Thomas BEETON/Elizabeth HOUGH) 1795nov25 PARKER John (Joseph DOXEY/Martha ROOSE) 1824feb09 PARKER John (Francis WHARTON/Ann PARKER) 1853may05 PARKER John (Thomas RIDSDALE/Elizabeth PARKER) 1798oct04 PARKER Joseph (George WALKER/Martha BLACKWALL) 1781may21 PARKER Thomas (George SUMMERS/Mary SHAW) 1791apr18 PARKER Thomas (John SUMMERFIELD/Mary WALKER) 1791apr18 PARKER Thomas (Arnold RILEY/Hannah HOUGH) 1801may25 PARKER Thomas (Bartholomew GRIFFIN/Jane POWELL) 1848jul25 PARKER Thomas (Henry PARKER/Sarah ellen BUXTON) 1800jul14 PARKER William (Anthony TURNER/Sarah LOCKALL) 1805nov21 PARKER William (John BAMFORD/Ann PARKER) 1807sep28 PARKER William (Edward FROGGAT/Jane FLETCHER) 1814jul25 PARKER William (William FROGGATT/Ann TAYLOR) 1846nov30 PARKIN Samuel (Henry john SHORE/Elizabeth HOADS) 1822dec16 PARKS James (Arthur MARRIOTT/Ann ELLIOTT) 1823apr28 PARKS William (James PARKS/Alice TURNER) 1852jun27 PARR Edward (Peter BAILEY/Lydia WHITEHEAD) 1823jun03 PARR Ellen (Isaac WALKER/Mary PARR) 1885may02 PARR Stephen (William MARSHALL/Eliza Ann PARR) 1875aug08 PARSONS William (Alfred ELSE/Mary BRATBY) 1885may02 PAYNE Louisa (William MARSHALL/Eliza Ann PARR) Return to Top 1882jul19 PEACH Catherine (Benjamin GREATOREX/Elizabeth MASKREY) 1871may02 PEACH George james (Tom SEALS/Lucy TWIGGE) 1848apr23 PEACH Maryann (Joseph BOOT/Elizabeth FOGG) 1876feb15 PEACH William (George MUSGRAVE/Mary SPENCER) 1810aug30 PEAL Ann (James SPENCER/Elizabeth BAMFORD) 1824jan11 PEAL Ann (Daniel WALKER/Mary Ann WATTS) 1755jan29 PEAL Charles (Mark STONE/Sarah PEAL) 1784aug18 PEAL Charles (Martin BAMFORD/Sarah CHEETHAM) 1788sep18 PEAL Charles (James ROOSE/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1794dec29 PEAL Charles (William PEAL/Ellen TATUM) 1866apr17 PEAL Charles jas (William SPERRY/Sarah ann PEAL) 1841oct18 PEAL John (Henry SMITH/Ann BAMFORD) 1809jan08 PEAL Mary (Edward S JACKSON/Elizabeth PEAL) 1817apr14 PEAL Mary (William PEAL/Rhoda COLLEY) 1784oct18 PEAL Peter (Joseph FRITCHLEY/Martha PEAL) 1787apr16 PEAL Peter (Isaac SALT/Ann STONE) 1794jul09 PEAL Peter (Isaac WILD/Sarah BAMFORD) 1796sep15 PEAL Peter (German STORER/Ann HOLEBROOKE) 1800feb10 PEAL Phineas (Samuel BRAILSFORD/Hannah BURGOINE) 1771jan01 PEAL S. (Isaac DOXEY/Hannah PEAL) 1755jan29 PEAL Samuel (Mark STONE/Sarah PEAL) 1763jun09 PEAL Samuel (James TOMLINSON/Mary BAMFORD) 1765dec22 PEAL Samuel (John WALKER/Elizabeth POYZER) 1773jun10 PEAL Samuel (Richard OXLEY/Margaret LEEK) 1776oct10 PEAL Sarah (Samuel PEAL/Elizabeth STUBBS) 1784oct18 PEAL William (Joseph FRITCHLEY/Martha PEAL) 1788sep18 PEAL William (James ROOSE/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1799dec17 PEAL JUN Peter (James MATHER/Ann BROMLEY) 1839feb14 PEALE Martha (William ROBISON/Maria BEARDAH) 1828apr21 PEARSDEN Karah? (James WRIGHT/Mary VICKARS) 1829dec24 PEARSON ? (John DALE/Catherine INCE) 1780jan17 PEARSON Adam (John DENISON/Ann GREGORY) 1818feb08 PEARSON Ann (Adam BUNTING/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1818dec25 PEARSON Ann (Charles REDFERN/Mary FOX) 1890oct04 PEARSON Annie Eliza (Josiah PEARSON/Ellen HALL) 1783feb08 PEARSON B. (John CARVER/Elizabeth COATES) 1776sep15 PEARSON Ben (William BROWN/Mary WOODIWISS) 1759may31 PEARSON Benjamin (John BUXTON/Jane FROST) 1769jun15 PEARSON Benjamin (Anthony WRAGG/Maudlin LUDLAM) 1771jan02 PEARSON Benjamin (Parkin PEARSON/Martha LOCKALL) 1771may20 PEARSON Benjamin (Henry BUXTON/Ann BRITLAND) 1773jun10 PEARSON Benjamin (John FERN/Ann HODGKINSON) 1773sep27 PEARSON Benjamin (William KILLER/Elizabeth BROWN) 1774nov14 PEARSON Benjamin (William TAYLOR/Ann FLETCHER) 1778nov15 PEARSON Benjamin (John TOWLE/Hannah PEARSON) 1883apr09 PEARSON Bertha (Edward TATLOW/Hannah PEARSON) 1890may19 PEARSON Bertha (George Edward MOUNTFORD/Sophia RHODES) 1871may21 PEARSON Bessie (John PEARSON/Fanny OLDFIELD) 1802may16 PEARSON Betty (Thomas WILD/Ann BARNES) 1860oct15 PEARSON Elizabeth (Robert FARNSWORTH/Grace PEARSON) 1864sep11 PEARSON Elizabeth (Henry PEARSON/Mary ann BREWELL) 1879sep08 PEARSON Elizabeth (Eli WILDE/Annie GELL) 1896jul19 PEARSON Elizabeth (Robert PEARSON/Hannah BYARD) 1827dec25 PEARSON Ellen (John BESTWICK/Grace BRITLAND) 1839sep21 PEARSON Ellen (John RICHARDSON/Hannah WIGLEY) 1874oct26 PEARSON Ellen (Hugh WALL/Sarah MASKERY) 1869sep15 PEARSON Emma (Samuel MOORE/Mary ann KNOWLES) 1841may13 PEARSON Frances (Thomas GREATOREX/Mary Jane PEARSON) 1757jan06 PEARSON George (John BROUGH/Hannah HAMMOND) 1760sep18 PEARSON George (William BROOKEFIELD/Mary ALSOP) 1765jun06 PEARSON George (Samuel SWAIN/Sarah JOHNSON) 1766oct16 PEARSON George (Thomas PEARSON/Abigail SUMMERS) 1774jan27 PEARSON George (Martin BAMFORD/Dorothy STREET) 1774mar10 PEARSON George (John PEARSON/Grace ABBOT) 1775nov06 PEARSON George (Stephen BARRETT/Phoebe SPENCER) 1775nov23 PEARSON George (Iram POTTER/Mary FERN) 1778sep06 PEARSON George (William WARD/Ellen WOODROUGH) 1781jul25 PEARSON George (Henry PEARSON/Ruth MOOR) 1782may22 PEARSON George (Richard TAYLOR/Kitty HARRISON) 1783sep15 PEARSON George (John TOPLIS/Penelope BUXTON) 1795jun08 PEARSON George (John ELSE/Mary WOODROUGH) 1796feb08 PEARSON George (George BODEN/Martha STORER) 1809apr16 PEARSON George (William NUTTALL/Sarah WEBSTER) 1870oct19 PEARSON George (James ELSE/Maria RADFORD) 1896apr06 PEARSON George (Ernest HAYNES/Bertha PEARSON) 1898feb21 PEARSON George (Arthur HAYNES/Mary Ann PEARSON) 1851sep11 PEARSON Hannah (John DOXEY/Sarah WILD) 1852sep13 PEARSON Hannah (John SMITH/Mary WIGLEY) 1766oct16 PEARSON Henry (Thomas PEARSON/Abigail SUMMERS) 1770aug26 PEARSON Henry (Benjamin REDFERN/Elisabeth TURNER) 1786sep13 PEARSON Henry (William WALL/Hannah ALSOP) 1828jun30 PEARSON Henry (Henry PEARSON/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1897may09 PEARSON Henry (David SPENCER/Elizabeth PEARSON) 1754sep30 PEARSON James (William HANSON/Ann PIDCOCK) 1802jul05 PEARSON James (John BAMFORD/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1835sep16 PEARSON James (Henry BUXTON/Jemima PEARSON) 1860jun10 PEARSON James (John BURTON/Elizabeth STEEPLES) 1882may15 PEARSON James (Samuel ALLEN/Harriet RAINSFORD) 1897dec27 PEARSON James N (Clarence PEARSON/Agnes SPENCER) 1893jan17 PEARSON Jane (William SPENCER/Mary WYNN) 1813sep14 PEARSON Job (John PEARSON/Mary REEDS) 1761dec31 PEARSON John (William RODGERS/Hannah FROST) 1767aug13 PEARSON John (John WIGLEY/Milicent WETTON) 1783jun03 PEARSON John (William GELL/Elizabeth KILLER) 1846apr13 PEARSON John (Robert TAYLOR/Mary ELLIOTT) 1871jun13 PEARSON John (George BRADLEY/Hannah WOODHOUSE) 1878may20 PEARSON John (Samuel BUCKLEY/Elizabeth BUCKLEY) 1897mar28 PEARSON John (Benjamin Greatorex SPENCER/Louisa Annie PEARSON) 1770oct25 PEARSON Joseph (Samuel BENIT/Elisabeth TAYLOR) 1771oct08 PEARSON Joseph (James SIMES/Mary LEEDHAM) 1775mar01 PEARSON Joseph (James MAKIN/Elizabeth WRAGG) 1776dec25 PEARSON Joseph (George PEARSON/Elizabeth HAWLEY) 1831jul10 PEARSON Joseph (William PEARSON/Sarah BAMFORD) 1863may25 PEARSON Joseph (George ORRIDGE/Elizabeth PEARSON) 1885apr15 PEARSON Josiah (William TALBOT/Emily PEARSON) 1888jul21 PEARSON Josiah (John Henry SPENCER/Phoebe Ellen PEARSON) 1896apr25 PEARSON Josiah (James ROLLEY/Annie Eliza PEARSON) 1759mar27 PEARSON Luke (Edward BANKS/Anna ANNABLE) 1789sep14 PEARSON Luke (George ALLEN/Martha TIMPERLEY) 1782may22 PEARSON M. (Richard TAYLOR/Kitty HARRISON) 1895sep01 PEARSON Maria (Anthony WARDMAN/Hannah Elizabeth GRIFFIN) 1843may15 PEARSON Martha (William BROOKS/Mary PEARSON) 1837may15 PEARSON Mary (Thomas MUSGRAVE/Elizabeth KIRK) 1841feb22 PEARSON Mary (Elijah WOODWARD/Jane PEARSON) 1865nov23 PEARSON Mary Ann (Anthony DOXEY/Sarah Jane BLACKHAM) 1896apr06 PEARSON Mary Ann (Ernest HAYNES/Bertha PEARSON) 1897oct23 PEARSON Mary Ann (Thomas Frederick ALLSOP/Mary Ann GODBEHERE) 1794apr04 PEARSON Ralph (Thomas S M HALL/Mary BLYTHE) 1769aug10 PEARSON Samuel (John FERN/Mary COTTON) 1769dec21 PEARSON Samuel (Jonathan POTTER/Roseanna ADAMS) 1849oct28 PEARSON Samuel (John BREWELL/Ann PEARSON) 1853oct17 PEARSON Samuel (James BRADSHAW/Hannah ROLLEY) 1825dec19 PEARSON Sarah (Joseph ROLLEY/Mary Ann PEARSON) 1853oct17 PEARSON Sarah (James BRADSHAW/Mary PEARSON) 1858may26 PEARSON Sarah (Henry PEARSON/Hannah EVANS) 1757jan06 PEARSON Thomas (John BROUGH/Hannah HAMMOND) 1760feb26 PEARSON Thomas (John KIRKBY/Sarah YOUNG) 1760mar12 PEARSON Thomas (William TOPLIS/Hannah LIM) 1763apr25 PEARSON Thomas (James FROST/Lydia PEARSON) 1766apr23 PEARSON Thomas (William PEARSON/Hannah FROST) 1768feb09 PEARSON Thomas (William BODEN/Elizabeth WINGFIELD) 1771jun29 PEARSON Thomas (Job LYMN/Mary PEARSON) 1812mar23 PEARSON Thomas (William MARPLE/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1823mar10 PEARSON Thomas (William PEARSON/Ann FOX) 1883apr09 PEARSON Thomas (Edward TATLOW/Hannah PEARSON) 1763mar05 PEARSON William (John COCKER/Mary WALL) 1764dec12 PEARSON William (Thomas TOPLIS/Ann SMITH) 1765jul11 PEARSON William (Joseph PEARSON/Hannah MASSEY) 1767dec07 PEARSON William (George HUDSON/Elizabeth ORWIN) 1770dec24 PEARSON William (Henry HODGKINSON/Ann JOHNSON) 1787jul01 PEARSON William (Thomas BUNTING/Mary PEARSON) 1799may11 PEARSON William (William SIMPSON/Sarah GREAVES) 1803jul23 PEARSON William (Abraham BRUNT/Margaret MASON) 1811jun03 PEARSON William (Joseph SHELDON/Melicent DOXEY) 1816jul01 PEARSON William (Joseph HUNT/Martha BOOTH) 1840sep14 PEARSON William (Joseph BRITLAND/Ann PEARSON) 1871may21 PEARSON William (John PEARSON/Fanny OLDFIELD) 1825oct06 PEAT Anthony (John GOODALL/Mary PEAT) 1860oct25 PEAT Anthony (Robert FORMAN/Elizabeth PERCIVAL) 1825oct06 PEAT Dorothy (John GOODALL/Mary PEAT) 1826jul16 PEAT Dorothy (Josiah PEAT/Sarah MARSDEN) 1830apr12 PEAT Eliza (William HOLMES/Dorothy PEAT) 1831sep14 PEAT Eliza (James BAMFORD/Sarah LOWE) 1816jun10 PEAT Elizabeth (Hugh SNAPE/Ann HICKTON) 1819sep20 PEAT Elizabeth (Isaiah ABBOTT/Mary TURNER) 1819sep24 PEAT Elizabeth (Samuel MASKREY/Elizabeth BAXTER) 1815jun27 PEAT Frances (John HOPEWELL/Ann BOWN) 1786aug28 PEAT Francis (Henry TRAVIS/Dorothy PEAT) 1812nov02 PEAT George (John WALKER/Ellen PEAT) 1807dec07 PEAT Hannah (Moses TAYLOR/Grace PEAT) 1885may06 PEAT Henry (William GOUGH/Elizabeth LOWE) 1770nov29 PEAT James (Thomas REYNOLDS/Alice ORME) 1779jun21 PEAT James (Joseph PEAT/Esther STEER) 1760jul24 PEAT Job (Job HOLBROOK/Abigail COTTERIL) 1761nov12 PEAT Job (Samuel WALL/Mary UDAL) 1789oct14 PEAT Job (Samuel WAYNE/Amelia HASLEDINE) 1807dec07 PEAT John (Moses TAYLOR/Grace PEAT) 1841dec25 PEAT John (William P. SIMS/Harriet R. RICE) 1836feb15 PEAT Joseph (Robert HOLBROOK/Lucy WHEELDON) 1754may09 PEAT Josiah (Jonas HEAP/Mary SWANE) 1792oct08 PEAT Mabel? (George CAUDWELL/Martha HEAPY) 1835sep15 PEAT Martha (Robert FLINT/Mary BUCKLOW) 1805dec08 PEAT Mary (Joseph MOSS/Dorothy PEAT) 1865feb23 PEAT Mary (Anthony joseph PEAT/Caroline ann EDMONDS) 1764jan02 PEAT Matthew (William SUMMERS/Ann EYRE) 1766sep22 PEAT Matthew (Benjamin POYSER/Millicent HOLEBROOK) 1768jun08 PEAT Matthew (John SHAW/Ellin WALL) 1769may30 PEAT Matthew (Arthur ROBINSON/Martha WHITE) 1770jan01 PEAT Matthew (Edward MORLEY/Martha PEAT) 1770jan27 PEAT Matthew (Job PEAT/Mary DUDSON) 1770sep13 PEAT Matthew (Joseph HOLEBROOK/Mary ROBINSON) 1774sep05 PEAT Matthew (George ROBINSON/Rebecca FLINT) 1780jul17 PEAT Matthew (Aaron BROCKLEHURST/Susanna PEAT) 1776jul17 PEAT Phineas (Richard WAYN/Elizabeth WETTON) 1776aug22 PEAT Phineas (Thomas GREATOREX/Ann WAYN) 1784aug23 PEAT Phineas (John FLINT/Ann PEAT) 1788aug27 PEAT Phineas (William SIMS/Alice TWIGGE) 1791nov27 PEAT Phineas (James POTTER/Grace PEAT) 1797jan17 PEAT Phineas (Anthony WAYNE/Elizabeth MILES) 1802feb10 PEAT Phineas (William PEAT/Mary BACON) 1806dec31 PEAT Phineas (William WINT/Mary BRITTON) 1806dec31 PEAT Phineas (Thomas PEARSON/Hannah POYZER) 1813dec27 PEAT Phineas (Joseph RADFORD/Jemima LYMN) 1816jun10 PEAT Phineas (Benjamin KIRK/Elizabeth PEARSON) 1820dec27 PEAT Phineas (John TOMLINSON/Elizabeth PEAT) 1801feb19 PEAT Phinehas (Thomas NORCLIFFE/Elizabeth BULLOCK) 1760feb27 PEAT Richard (Phineas PEAT/Sarah WAIN) 1764may30 PEAT Richard (Humphrey LONGDEN/Ann BARKER) 1769apr21 PEAT Richard (Richard BOWER/Ales MELLOR) 1798dec31 PEAT Richard (James HOLEHOUSE/Nancy SELLARS) 1798dec31 PEAT Richard (George HARDY/Martha COOPER) 1770sep13 PEAT Samuel (Joseph HOLEBROOK/Mary ROBINSON) 1811aug12 PEAT Sarah (John MASKRY/Alice BOWN) 1813oct25 PEAT Sarah (Thomas PEAT/Frances BOWN) 1771jun10 PEAT Thomas (Robert SHERRITT/Hephzibah PEAT) 1796nov22 PEAT Thomas (William GREATOREX/Mary WAYN) 1798dec31 PEAT Thomas (George HARDY/Martha COOPER) 1798dec31 PEAT Thomas (James HOLEHOUSE/Nancy SELLARS) 1815jun27 PEAT Thomas (John HOPEWELL/Ann BOWN) 1816jun10 PEAT Thomas (Hugh SNAPE/Ann HICKTON) 1754sep30 PEAT William (William HANSON/Ann PIDCOCK) 1758may01 PEAT William (Joseph KNIVETON/Ruth COTTEREL) 1760feb27 PEAT William (Phineas PEAT/Sarah WAIN) 1780nov30 PEAT William (James ROBINSON/Hannah CRICH) 1803aug20 PEAT William (William CARSON/Ann SMITH) 1833oct28 PEAT William (John ELLIOTT/Hannah WIGLEY) 1760apr04 PEATE George (Matthew PEAT/Catharine HANSON) 1824mar18 PEDELEY Thomas (Thomas PEDLEY/Sarah WHEELDOW) 1823feb03 PEGG Ann (George JEPSON/Catherine PEGG) 1823feb03 PEGG Joseph (George JEPSON/Catherine PEGG) 1839sep29 PEGG Maria (James NEEDHAM/Fanny PEGG) 1788mar24 PEMBERTON Benjamin (James SEEDS/Mary GIBSON) 1772mar12 PENDLETON W. (Jonathan TWIGG/Margaret BRADSHAW) 1770apr16 PENDLETON William (Benjamin LATHAM/Mary PENDLETON) 1772mar12 PENDLETON William (Joseph WRAGG/Elizabeth HALWORTH) 1777oct13 PENDLETON William (Benjamin BURTON/Lydia BODEN) 1779jan07 PENDLETON William (John GARRET/Hannah GELL) 1779dec21 PENDLETON William (Benjamin GREEN/Mary WILSON) 1822dec30 PENISTON John (Samuel RAYSON/Ann PENISTON) 1814sep12 PENISTONE John (George MARPLE/Hannah PENISTON) 1829mar12 PERCIVAL Benjamin (Roger CHEETHAM/Sarah HURST) 1837mar10 PERCIVAL Benjamin (Spencer CHADWICK/Elizabeth BROCKLEHURST) 1846may28 PERCIVAL Benjamin (Thomas MURFIN/Catherine HARRIS) 1860oct25 PERCIVAL Ellen (Robert FORMAN/Elizabeth PERCIVAL) 1794sep15 PERKER William (Sylvanus GRIFFIN/Sarah PARKER) 1839dec24 PERKINS ? (Samuel WAIN/Mary HARRISON) 1839dec24 PERKINS Thomas? (Jeremiah BARTON/Elizabeth SELLORS) 1867oct08 PETERS Susan (Philip RIDYARD/Ann PEAT) 1867oct08 PETERS William (Philip RIDYARD/Ann PEAT) 1899feb13 PETTS Ethel (John James PETTS/Lydia BROOKS) 1867may16 PETTS Maryann (John PETTS/Elizabeth BEARD)

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.