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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Witnesses 1754-1899

12,140 Witnesses to Marriages found in Wirksworth and Middleton Parish Registers 1754-1899. Other details can be found in the Parish Register section.

  • Witnesses were not recorded in marriages before 1754.
  • Witnesses were usually relatives or close friends of the Bride or Groom.
  • There were usually two witnesses for each marriage, rarely 3 or 4.
  • A signature proves a witness was still alive in the absence of other records.
  • The period of operation of a witness can be useful.
  • The witness himself was sometimes getting married the same day.
  • For long periods few women were witnesses.
  • Witnesses with the same name may be distinguished by comparing handwriting.
  • Surnames in signatures can be particularly difficult to decipher.
  • There were professional witnesses, who often worked in pairs.
  • An illiterate witness had his name written for him.
  • Semi-literate witnesses wrote carefully and accurately.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.

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Return to Top 1887feb13 SCOTHERN Arthur G (Joseph KIDDY/Annie DAKIN) 1886dec19 SCOTHERN Sarah El (Arthur Godfrey SCOTHERN/Clara DAKIN) 1845dec28 SCOTT James (John MUSSON/Mary ALSOP) 1830apr14 SCOTTHORN Elizabeth (Joseph FLINT/Mary SCOTTHORN) 1829may14 SCOTTHOUSE Mary (William LAND/Mary Ann P STREET) 1830jan28 SCOTTHOUSE Mary (John BUNTING/Mary GRATTON) 1887jan03 SEALS Ann E (Thomas HARRISON/Hannah SEALS) 1881mar07 SEALS Hannah (Robert KNIFTON/Sylvia BOOTH) 1887jan03 SEALS Joseph (Thomas HARRISON/Hannah SEALS) 1899jan11 SEALS Joseph (William STEEPLES/Annie Elizabeth SEALS) 1881mar07 SEALS Thomas frty (Robert KNIFTON/Sylvia BOOTH) 1795feb17 SEDDON John (James STAGGALLS/Dorothy FURNISS) 1810jan21 SEDDON John (George CAWOOD/Sarah MART) 1825aug11 SEDDON John (George HUNTER/Abigail SEDDON) 1825aug11 SEDDON Rebecca (George HUNTER/Abigail SEDDON) 1810jan21 SEDON Rebecca (George CAWOOD/Sarah MART) 1848nov27 SEEDHOUSE Hannah (John HOLLINGWORTH/Lydia DOXEY) 1833may06 SEEDHOUSE Henry (William STONE/Mary NEWTON) 1836jan17 SEEDHOUSE John (Henry MANDEFIELD/Hannah REEDS) 1848nov27 SEEDHOUSE John (John HOLLINGWORTH/Lydia DOXEY) 1862sep15 SEEDHOUSE Sarah (Enoch MARSON/Dorothy BRADLEY) 1836sep14 SEEDHOUSE Thomas (Samuel HOLMES/Lydia FROGGATT) 1834feb10 SEEDHOUSE William (John DOXEY/Lydia SEEDHOUSE) 1890feb12 SEEDHOUSE William (Job MASKREY/Sarah MARSON) 1826jan25 SEEDS Ann (Thomas POTTER/Ellen GRATTAGE) 1849may23 SEEDS Ann (John ADAMS/Sarah FLAVEL) 1833apr18 SEEDS David (George H DAKIN/Ann SEEDS) 1869feb09 SEEDS Elizabeth (John HARRISON/Alice ALLSOP) 1823dec13 SEEDS Esther (William WILSON/Mary BOAM) 1849may23 SEEDS George (John ADAMS/Sarah FLAVEL) 1860sep10 SEEDS George (William CORDIN/Lydia TAYLOR) 1893sep11 SEEDS George (William SLACK/Annie SEEDS) 1863feb01 SEEDS Grace (Edwin BARLOW/Jane SEEDS) 1859may30 SEEDS Hannah (Jonathan DERBYSHIRE/Hannah HOWSON) 1850sep16 SEEDS Harriet (John HALL/Sarah STEEPLES) 1778feb02 SEEDS James (Stephen OGDEN/Mary BRIERLEY) 1781sep14 SEEDS James (Thomas TAYLOR/Martha BEARDSLEY) 1805dec08 SEEDS James (Joseph MOSS/Dorothy PEAT) 1811oct30 SEEDS John (William SEEDS/Isabella ALLSOP) 1819dec13 SEEDS John (William BEDFORD/Harriett S DRIVER) 1820sep14 SEEDS John (Thomas BROOKS/Jane BARKER) 1820sep14 SEEDS John (Benjamin BECK/Ann LAND) 1822mar13 SEEDS John (John HALL/Sarah DEAN) 1827mar04 SEEDS John (Anthony FARRAND/Alice WIGLEY) 1869feb09 SEEDS John (John HARRISON/Alice ALLSOP) 1831jul21 SEEDS Peter (John SEEDS/Elizabeth HAMBLETON) 1793feb12 SEEDS Philip (William WRAGG/Mary DEAN) 1863feb01 SEEDS Philip (Edwin BARLOW/Jane SEEDS) 1853feb21 SEEDS Rebecca (Edward MASKREY/Ann SEEDS) 1823dec29 SEEDS Samuel (Thomas WINFEILD/Mary MASKREY) 1811oct30 SEEDS William (William SEEDS/Isabella ALLSOP) 1884dec14 SEEDS William (James HOUGHTON/Mary Ann BROCKLESBY) 1829aug23 SELLORS Charles (James CHOLERTON/Jane NEWBOD) 1839dec24 SELLORS Elizabeth (Samuel WAIN/Mary HARRISON) 1795oct11 SELLORS George (William MARCHANT/Mary HOLEBROOKE) 1784oct03 SELLORS Richard (James SHEFFIELD/Lydia SELLARS) 1786aug28 SELLORS Thomas (Francis HADFIELD/Mary HURD) 1834nov03 SHACKETT ? (John STORER/Lydia HOLMES) 1833sep23 SHAKESPEAR Joseph (John ELLIOTT/Jane BIRKS) 1891sep01 SHARLEY Esther (John BOLTON/Cassandra SHARLEY) 1813aug19 SHARP Thomas (Isaac KNOWLES/Ellen BERRISFORD) 1892dec28 SHAW Alfred (German Dean TAYLOR/Mary Maria BYARD) 1844jan24 SHAW Ann (Joseph POTTER/Hannah OAKLEY) 1864jul27 SHAW Eliza (Jesse WOOLLISCROFT/Fanny dinah TOMLINSON) 1863jan05 SHAW Elizabeth (John SHAW/Emily GRATTON) 1859nov27 SHAW Harriet (John HACKETT/Mary WOOD) 1795nov25 SHAW James (Joseph DOXEY/Martha ROOSE) 1796sep15 SHAW James (German STORER/Ann HOLEBROOKE) 1801sep14 SHAW James (William EYRE/Elizabeth HENLEY) 1815apr08 SHAW James (Stephen GLOVER/Ann SHAW) 1882feb06 SHAW James (Frederick SHAW/Catherine ann UPTON) 1774mar31 SHAW Jethro (William HOADES/Mary ALLIN) 1774dec29 SHAW Jethro (John FROST/Ann WRIGHT) 1830apr14 SHAW Job (Joseph FLINT/Mary SCOTTHORN) 1790dec27 SHAW John (John MASKERY/Elizabeth COCKER) 1796jul13 SHAW John (Samuel BUTLER/Silence SHAW) 1796dec18 SHAW John (John FOX/Sarah MACHIN) 1842dec22 SHAW John (Benjamin BUCKLEY/Lydia LOWRIE) 1890jul07 SHAW John (Francis Luke SLACK/Martha Han Caroline SHAW) 1792nov25 SHAW Joseph (George ALLEN/Sarah ORME) 1885apr09 SHAW Martha (William SHAW/Annie COOPER) 1754sep16 SHAW Robert (George BROOKES/Lydia BROOKES) 1755jun04 SHAW Robert (Robert GHAUNT/Alice NEWTON) 1844jul21 SHAW Samuel (James ROSE/Mary SMITH) 1814may06 SHAW Sarah (Peter SLACK/Sarah FOWLKE) 1896dec26 SHAW Sarah Elz (Joseph Thomas SHAW/Sarah WHITE) 1839nov07 SHAW William (Thomas millington HUGHES/Ann SHAW) 1879aug18 SHAW William (Charles WOOD/Sarah THOMPSON) 1855apr16 SHEERAN Catherine (Michael WHITE/Elizabeth DOYLE) 1811jul29 SHELDON Adam (Samuel SHELDON/Mary ELLIOTT) 1851nov12 SHELDON Ann (Samuel SHELDON/Christiana WILSON) 1855jan30 SHELDON Ann (William WAYNE/Mary SPENCER) 1832mar01 SHELDON Anne (John SHELDON/Mabel SPENCER) 1773jan18 SHELDON Benjamin (William EATON/Ann MARPLE) 1794may12 SHELDON Benjamin (John HOLEHOUSE/Ann SPENCER) 1795sep30 SHELDON Benjamin (Edward BRACE/Mary BRIERLEY) 1796jun23 SHELDON Benjamin (John SHELDON/Millicent MOORE) 1866jul23 SHELDON Clara (Joshua SWIFT/Hannah SHELDON) 1850aug04 SHELDON David (Philip SPENSER/Mary FOX) 1831aug15 SHELDON Edith (Joseph CHADWICK/Lydia FOX) 1828apr07 SHELDON Elizabeth (Thomas KIRK/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1830sep13 SHELDON Elizabeth (John SMITH/Sarah FROST) 1834dec31 SHELDON Elizabeth (Samuel DOXEY/Sarah SHELDON) 1837dec28 SHELDON Elizabeth (Joseph WRAGG/Martha ANDREW) 1839dec26 SHELDON Elizabeth (William BROOKS/Martha MACDONNEL) 1845feb24 SHELDON Elizabeth (William BUCKLEY/Hannah DOXEY) 1847apr15 SHELDON Elizabeth (James HODGKINSON/Ann HOLMES) 1865aug14 SHELDON Elizabeth (Thomas SHELDON/Elizabeth HILL) 1866oct08 SHELDON Elizabeth (William WAYNE/Ann SHELDON) 1820apr24 SHELDON Ellin (John BARKER/Melicent HELDON) 1867aug05 SHELDON Emily (Joseph WALKER/Martha SHELDON) 1897aug12 SHELDON George Sm (George BEESON/Clarissa SHELDON) 1849jan25 SHELDON Grace (Daniel SPENCER/Hannah SLACK) 1828dec08 SHELDON Hannah (Samuel SHELDON/Mary RADFORD) 1843mar29 SHELDON Hannah (William HACKETT/Mary ann SHELDON) 1853dec05 SHELDON Hannah (Thomas GOODWIN/Grace FROST) 1859mar13 SHELDON Hannah (William ARNFIELD/Mary ann HACKETT) 1794mar06 SHELDON Jacob (John HOLMES/Margaret BASSET) 1794mar06 SHELDON Jacob (Anthony SPENCER/Ellen DUFFIELD) 1809nov19 SHELDON Jacob (William HOLMES/Mary ROWBOTHAM) 1875nov01 SHELDON Jesse (John SHELDON/Hannah REDFERN) 1754nov21 SHELDON Job (Robert ALLIN/Elizabeth ALLIN) 1762apr19 SHELDON Job (Joseph CAUDWELL/Elizabeth WEBSTER) 1764jan03 SHELDON Job (Isaac SPENCER/Sarah BUXTON) 1786dec21 SHELDON Job (Daniel WOODHOUSE/Mary BUXTON) 1782dec30 SHELDON John (Jacob CARLISLE/Hannah TAYLOR) 1798jan24 SHELDON John (John SPENCER/Elizabeth THOMPSON) 1819dec30 SHELDON John (Holehouse STORER/Ann BROOK) 1819dec30 SHELDON John (William FLINT/Ann ADAMS) 1821apr02 SHELDON John (Joseph SHELDON/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1828may29 SHELDON John (William DOXEY/Ann MARPLE) 1847nov30 SHELDON John (William HALL/Hannah BROOKS) 1821oct18 SHELDON Joseph (Joshua WALKER/Sarah WOODHOUSE) 1837jan19 SHELDON Joseph (Peter WRAGG/Hannah WRAGG) 1847jul29 SHELDON Joseph (Daniel SPENCER/Elizabeth WRAGG) 1851nov12 SHELDON Joseph (Samuel SHELDON/Christiana WILSON) 1865aug14 SHELDON Joseph (Thomas SHELDON/Elizabeth HILL) 1834dec25 SHELDON Lydia (John SHELDON/Sarah BOTTHAM) 1836nov14 SHELDON Mabey (Samuel SLACK/Mary SPENCER) 1784mar30 SHELDON Marc? (Edward WILLSHAW/Laetitia SMITH) 1828sep15 SHELDON Mary (Thomas HOLLOWS/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1831nov16 SHELDON Mary (James LINNACER/Ellen SHELDON) 1850aug04 SHELDON Mary (Philip SPENSER/Mary FOX) 1891jun08 SHELDON Mary (Daniel SPENCER/Esther EVANS) 1839apr03 SHELDON Mary Anne (Samuel BUNTING/Milicent SHELDON) 1797may08 SHELDON Matthew (Thomas ADAMS/Martha CORDING) 1835dec31 SHELDON Milicent (John MATHER/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1795oct19 SHELDON Peter (William BARKER/Elizabeth WORTHINGTON) 1815may15 SHELDON Peter (George BUCKLEY/Mary PIDCOCK) 1822jul14 SHELDON Rebecca (John BUNTING/Prudence WRAGG) 1891sep28 SHELDON Sally (Samuel Joseph SHELDON/Jane LONGDEN) 1784feb09 SHELDON Samuel (William LONGDEN/Ann FERN) 1788sep18 SHELDON Samuel (William BROOKES/Mary EYELEY) 1790jan11 SHELDON Samuel (Daniel HIGTON/Mary LOMAS) 1816mar28 SHELDON Samuel (Luke SLACK/Mary SHELDON) 1822jul14 SHELDON Samuel (John BUNTING/Prudence WRAGG) 1891sep28 SHELDON Samuel (Samuel Joseph SHELDON/Jane LONGDEN) 1899dec11 SHELDON Samuel (William Roper BUXTON/Pamela Andrews WALKER) 1878oct07 SHELDON Sarah ann (Henry BRATBY/Annie WARDMAN) 1755may26 SHELDON Solomon (James SHELDON/Sarah ELLIOT) 1776oct17 SHELDON Solomon (Adam WRAGG/Henrietta BATTY) 1779sep13 SHELDON Solomon (John BURTON/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1779sep13 SHELDON Solomon (Richard ROOSE/Sarah SIMPSON) 1789jan01 SHELDON Solomon (Charles SHELDON/Ellen BROWN) 1805apr15 SHELDON Solomon (William SHELDON/Dorothy CURSON) 1811jun03 SHELDON Solomon (Joseph SHELDON/Melicent DOXEY) 1857jul09 SHELDON Thomas (William SHELDON/Frances JACKSON) 1866oct08 SHELDON Thomas (William WAYNE/Ann SHELDON) 1780jan05 SHELDON William (Joseph REDFERN/Lydia STUBBS) 1804feb13 SHELDON William (John PIDCOCK/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1804oct25 SHELDON William (George CLAYTON/Hannah LEE) 1805apr15 SHELDON William (Joseph SLATER/Phebe COCKAYNE) 1808sep12 SHELDON William (Samuel SHELDON/Rebecca HOLEHOUSE) 1893apr03 SHELDON William (John Henry GREGORY/Sarah Ann SHELDON) 1851dec29 SHELLEY Sarah (John SHELLEY/Esther BUCKLEY) 1843jun05 SHELLEY William (James SWIFT/Ann SHELLEY) 1847nov01 SHELLEY William (John SHELLEY/Ann SIDDALL) 1863jan26 SHELTON John (William GREATOREX/Mary MASKREY) 1851mar30 SHENTON Elizabeth (James WAYWELL/Priscilla BOTHAM) 1851mar30 SHENTON John (James WAYWELL/Priscilla BOTHAM) 1756nov01 SHEPARD Edward (Thomas HALLWORTH/Elizabeth SAXON) 1756dec07 SHEPARD Edward (Thomas BROWN/Lydia BAGSHAW) 1759aug22 SHEPARD Edward (Robert ASHOVER/Sarah SALT) 1761aug27 SHEPARD Edward (John SMITH/Dorothy MART) 1763jun26 SHEPARD Edward (Joseph FOULK/Mary MATHER) 1763jul17 SHEPARD Edward (Francis CARTWRIGHT/Amy FERN) 1763mar02 SHEPARD Henry (William CLAY/Sarah BUXTON) 1765sep23 SHEPARD Henry (Joseph ALSOP/Phoebe LYMN) 1765nov07 SHEPARD Henry (Henry CLAY/Elizabeth MASKREY) 1873nov24 SHEPHERD Eliza (Anthony SPENCER/Mary Elizabeth SHEPHERD) 1892dec24 SHEPPARD Ada (Edward MARPLE/Sarah Elizabeth FEARN) 1793jun26 SHEPPARD Henry (Obadiah WIGLEY/Grace NALL) 1798aug02 SHEPPARD Henry (James MASSEY/Sarah GREGORY) 1798dec04 SHEPPARD Henry (David SEEDS/Ann GARRATT) 1814may25 SHEPPARD Henry (Samuel HAYNES/Elizabeth LEES) 1798apr08 SHEPPARD William (Benjamin THOMISON/Abigail WALL) 1804aug20 SHEPPARD William (Joseph FOSTER/Sarah ALLEN) 1892nov11 SHERIFF Joseph (James SMITH/Selina BOOTH) 1791apr27 SHERNWELL James (William FANTOM/Hannah BATE) 1841may06 SHERRATT Eliza (William MASKREY/Sarah Ann SHERRATT) 1891apr15 SHERRIN Kate (John HOUGHTON/Esther Ann PRESTWICK) 1804may30 SHERWARD John (George SMITH/Elizabeth CARLISLE) 1808jun27 SHEWARD John (George PEARSON/Jemima STORER) 1768nov24 SHIPSTON George (Charles LYMN/Elizabeth MARSHALL) 1805aug14 SHIPSTON Sarah (John COWLISHAW/Mary SIMPSON) 1844mar16 SHIRLEY Elizabeth (William FROGGATT/May HOLMES) 1830sep26 SHORE George (Anthony REEDS/Ann JEBSON) 1766nov29 SHORE Samuel (John BRADLEY/Mary ROPER) 1768sep12 SHORE Samuel (John BROUGH/Sarah MILLINGTON) 1781nov21 SHORE Thomas (William PEACH/Martha HARRISON) 1809sep24 SHORTHOUSE John (Henry MILLWARD/Elizabeth CHRITCHLOW) 1877may22 SHOTTIN Job (James RAINS/Sarah BROOKS) 1830sep12 SIDDALL Ann (William SIDDALL/Ann FLETCHER) 1833may27 SIDDALL Hannah (William ROEBUCK/Ann SIDDELL) 1828dec10 SIDDENS John (Isaac COLLEDGE/Sarah MASKREY) 1850sep10 SIDDONS Samuel (James FEARN/Sarah STRETTON) 1776oct17 SIDEBOTHAM Henry (Adam WRAGG/Henrietta BATTY) 1784sep16 SILKSTON Samuel (Anthony BRITTON/Mary HALL) 1789feb09 SILKSTON Samuel (Edward ALLEN/Hannah ELLIS) 1819jun03 SILKSTONE Charles (Thomas SMEDLEY/Martha WRIGHT) 1831oct06 SILKSTONE James (William WRIGHT/Grace ALLSOP) 1896may18 SILKSTONE Joseph (Daniel HOLMES/Sarah Ann MILLWARD) 1884aug28 SILKSTONE Miriam (Samuel WOODIWIS/Emily Elizabeth ELCE) 1790mar11 SILKSTONE Samuel (Isaac DOXEY/Martha ELLIS) 1756jan19 SILKSTONE William (John WALTER/Ann YOUMANS) 1820oct11 SIMES Elizabeth (Thomas MATHER/Ellen SPENCER) 1817oct06 SIMES James (George BRADBURY/Sarah HALLAM) 1754may09 SIMES John (Jonas HEAP/Mary SWANE) 1792sep13 SIMES John (John SIMMS/Elizabeth KNOWLES) 1772jun03 SIMES Robert (Francis LOWE/Elizabeth BEARDSLEY) 1799aug07 SIMES William (Jonathan FROST/Ann SIMES) 1801dec21 SIMES William (William RAINS/Mary STREET) 1814sep12 SIMMS Ann (German SIMMS/Ellen SMITH) 1848sep13 SIMMS Frances (William SLACK/Hannah HOLMES) 1778jan21 SIMMS James (William SIMMS/Elizabeth WALL) 1840sep07 SIMMS Martha (James FLINT/Hannah BROOKS) 1840dec02 SIMMS Samuel (William FLINT/Elizabeth SLACK) 1800nov14 SIMMS Sarah (Jarman SIMMS/Ann FROST) 1780jan02 SIMMS William (William BEARDSLEY/Bethia HADFIELD) 1827may03 SIMPSON Elizabeth (Henry COTTON/Sarah STREET) 1840aug05 SIMPSON Elizabeth (Joseph Walker STORER/Alice HARDY) 1781nov16 SIMPSON James (Joseph COOPER/Grace SIMPSON) 1782jan03 SIMPSON James (William COOPER/Mary SIMPSON) 1790jan18 SIMPSON James (George KIDDEY/Mary WAYNE) 1797jun05 SIMPSON James (James MACBETH/Mary BODEN) 1779feb13 SIMPSON Job? (John WIBBERLEY/Elizabeth HUDSON) 1786jun05 SIMPSON John (John HENLEY/Mary CLIFFORD) 1788mar24 SIMPSON John (James SEEDS/Mary GIBSON) 1794jan22 SIMPSON John (William PARKER/Elizabeth CLITHERO) 1796dec30 SIMPSON John (George ABEL/Mary SHEPPARD) 1790feb22 SIMPSON John Storer (James HUNT/Sarah STONE) 1792may01 SIMPSON John Storer (Isaac KIRKLAND/Sarah ALSOP) 1809jul03 SIMPSON Joseph (James HOLMES/Ellen FROGGATT) 1888apr05 SIMPSON Mary M (John BRAILSFORD/Elizabeth SIMPSON) 1780oct09 SIMPSON Peter (Thomas PEARSON/Ann DEAN) 1756apr22 SIMPSON Richard (William FROST/Ann BAMFORD) 1756sep17 SIMPSON Richard (Ralph WOODRUFF/Martha MEAD) 1759jul30 SIMPSON Richard (John POYSER/Ann CLAY) 1764may20 SIMPSON Richard (George TOMPSON/Elizabeth HOUGH) 1775oct27 SIMPSON Richard (William KIRK/Hannah HANSON) 1783nov17 SIMPSON Richard (Simon GOACHER/Ann TWIGGE) 1784dec29 SIMPSON Richard (John PEAT/Mary SAXELBY) 1758jan16 SIMPSON Robert (Samson SIMPSON/Mary POTTER) 1772jun03 SIMPSON Robert (Francis LOWE/Elizabeth BEARDSLEY) 1775dec25 SIMPSON Robert (William COLLEDGE/Elizabeth VALLANCE) 1777jul29 SIMPSON Robert (George PEARSON/Mary GREEN) 1794nov16 SIMPSON Robert (Ralph GELL/Elizabeth ADAMS) 1794nov16 SIMPSON Robert (Anthony GREENHOUGH/Mary GELL) 1800aug21 SIMPSON Robert (Francis HALL/Elizabeth COOPER) 1852jun03 SIMPSON Sarah (George BLORE/Mary THOMASON) 1794mar31 SIMPSON Thomas (John SIMPSON/Sarah BULLOCK) 1759jan10 SIMPSON Wigley (Henry SIMPSON/Sophia SIMPSON) 1769apr26 SIMPSON William (Anthony WAYN/Hannah ELLIOT) 1770sep12 SIMPSON William (John LUDLAM/Lydia TIMPERLY) 1779jan07 SIMPSON William (John BEELEY/Mary GELL) 1821sep10 SIMPSON William (Joseph COLLEDGE/Ann SLATER) 1813jun10 SIMS Ann (John SIMS/Dorothy LOWE) 1817jun24 SIMS Ann (Thomas SPENCER/Elizabeth SIMS) 1841dec23 SIMS Elizabeth (Samuel SIMS/Elizabeth SLATER) 1805jul22 SIMS German (George BOLLINGTON/Mary SWINNERTON) 1858mar01 SIMS Hubert (William samuel WHEATCROFT/Eliza MOORE) 1837aug21 SIMS James (William BROCKLEHURST/Ellen SIMS) 1847jul08 SIMS James (Anthony WOODHOUSE/Hannah KNIVETON) 1762sep01 SIMS Job (Edward ANNABLE/Sarah SIMES) 1758may01 SIMS John (Joseph KNIVETON/Ruth COTTEREL) 1789jan26 SIMS John (Richard GRATTON/Mary SPENCER) 1809apr20 SIMS John (Charles SALT/Sarah ALLSOP) 1809apr20 SIMS John (Joseph SIMPSON/Hannah ALLEN) 1811jun20 SIMS John (Elle MILLWARD/Hannah TWIGG) 1813jan25 SIMS John (Joseph SIMS/Thirza SANDOM) 1817nov06 SIMS John (William SIMS/Elizabeth DOXEY) 1845sep17 SIMS Lydia (Thomas LAND/Elizabeth SIMS) 1847may24 SIMS Lydia (Samuel ELLIS/Sarah JONES) 1799dec02 SIMS Samuel (Charles HOLBROOK/Milicent SWEETING) 1808oct17 SIMS Samuel (James WATTS/Mary HOON) 1817nov06 SIMS Samuel (William SIMS/Elizabeth DOXEY) 1820sep04 SIMS Samuel (Joseph LOMAS/Dorothy BEARDSLEY) 1821sep06 SIMS Samuel (William LOWE/Ann JOLLY) 1828may26 SIMS Sarah (Leonard WINTERS/Mary SIMS) 1764may31 SIMS Thomas (John ALSOP/Ann SIMS) 1823apr28 SIMS Thomas (Samuel BARNES/Elizabeth WEBSTER) 1842nov30 SIMS Thomas (William HOULGATE/Hannah BULLOCK) 1763aug28 SIMS William (William KIRKLAND/Sarah WILLIAMS) 1781feb05 SIMS William (Henry PEARSON/Ellen DREWRY) 1789jun04 SIMS William (John LAND/Dinah SIMMS) 1801aug09 SIMS William (Joshua HALL/Ellin SEEDS) 1801sep16 SIMS William (Robert WALKER/Hannah HODES) 1805sep19 SIMS William (Benjamin STREET/Sarah MERS) 1815apr13 SIMS William (Benjamin BURTON/Ann SIMMS) 1778mar29 SIMSON Samuel (Peter SIMPSON/Ghiner DEAN) 1868sep14 SLACK Abraham (Joshua GREENHOUGH/Agnes BROOKS) 1895jun22 SLACK Abraham (Edward SPENCER/Mary Elizabeth SLACK) 1883feb11 SLACK Annie (Charles COUPLAND/Sarah ELLIOTT) 1769feb02 SLACK Daniel (John SHELDON/Mary HAWLEY) 1787feb01 SLACK Daniel (George MARSDEN/Sarah STORER) 1825sep05 SLACK Daniel (William SLACK/Nancy BUTLER) 1850dec11 SLACK Daniel (Henry SLACK/Mary GREEN) 1876dec18 SLACK Daniel (James BATEMAN/Emma BROUGH) 1844feb20 SLACK Dorothy (Robert WATSON/Mary ann SLACK) 1890jul07 SLACK Edward (Francis Luke SLACK/Martha Han Caroline SHAW) 1831jun30 SLACK Eleana (Joseph FLINT/Elizabeth GIBBONS) 1827mar15 SLACK Eleanor (Daniel SLACK/Mary SMITH) 1829nov21 SLACK Eliza (Samuel SLACK/Elizabeth CARLINE) 1869jan25 SLACK Eliza (James SPENCER/Sarah SPENCER) 1882feb20 SLACK Eliza (Samuel AXE/Roseanna SLACK) 1842aug04 SLACK Elizabeth (William SLACK/Cordelia ROBERTS) 1843mar30 SLACK Elizabeth (Samuel SLACK/Mary FROST) 1850dec11 SLACK Elizabeth (Henry SLACK/Mary GREEN) 1851oct29 SLACK Elizabeth (John FORD/Mary SMITH) 1898aug24 SLACK Elizabeth (William EVANS/Sarah Ann HOLMES) 1836feb02 SLACK Frances (James WOOLEY/Rhoda ALCOCK) 1896may06 SLACK Frederick (Thomas Spencer MILLINGTON/Edith SLACK) 1874feb11 SLACK G? (Thomas SLACK/Emily BROOKS) 1854nov23 SLACK George (William COOKE/Mary ann BUTLER) 1856jun19 SLACK George (Samuel HOLMES/Elizabeth FREARSON) 1887apr18 SLACK George (Richard BATTERLEY/Sarah Ellen SLADE) 1890jun18 SLACK Georgiana (John Samuel FOX/Alice SLACK) 1890jun18 SLACK Georgiana (Joseph BODEN/Annie elizabeth FOX) 1886dec16 SLACK Grace (Samuel DOXEY/Eliza SLACK) 1877jul16 SLACK Hannah (George WHITE/Martha SLACK) 1892mar30 SLACK Henry (John SLACK/Mary Rose BROOKS) 1837jan23 SLACK Jacob (William ARGILE/Lydia REDFEARN) 1846aug10 SLACK James (George HODGKINSON/Dorothy GOODALL) 1801apr12 SLACK John (Joseph FLINT/Betty SPENCER) 1836feb02 SLACK John (James WOOLEY/Rhoda ALCOCK) 1843mar30 SLACK John (Samuel SLACK/Mary FROST) 1848nov02 SLACK John (Daniel SLACK/Sarah BROUGH) 1882feb20 SLACK John (Samuel AXE/Roseanna SLACK) 1882aug30 SLACK John (Joseph CONWAY/Hannah elizb ALLEN) 1888may27 SLACK John (Joshua OLDFIELD/Mary Ann WARDMAN) 1762sep29 SLACK Joseph (Adam SPENCER/Ann SLACK) 1822feb07 SLACK Joseph (Robert MATHER/Martha BROOKS) 1822apr11 SLACK Joseph (Edward MATHER/Sarah SPENCER) 1849jan25 SLACK Joseph (Daniel SPENCER/Hannah SLACK) 1800apr24 SLACK Josiah (Hugh WALKER/Sarah ADAMS) 1805oct17 SLACK Josiah (John CLAYTON/Martha LEE) 1830apr27 SLACK Josiah (Josiah RAINS/Elizabeth BEARDSLEY) 1886jan21 SLACK Louisa (James SLACK/Annie Mary KAY) 1814may05 SLACK Luke (John DOXEY/Martha SPENCER) 1816feb01 SLACK Luke (Samuel SLACK/Sarah LANT) 1850may08 SLACK Martha (Thomas HARDWICK/Sarah SLACK) 1894mar26 SLACK Martha (Thomas FEARN/Alice SLACK) 1899apr03 SLACK Martha (Josiah SLACK/Mary Elizabeth BODEN) 1818jul12 SLACK Mary (Joseph BRADLEY/Martha THOMPSON) 1868jan23 SLACK Mary (George FEARN/Frances SLACK) 1836sep19 SLACK Mary Ann (Henry SPENCER/Mabel OXLEY) 1847may24 SLACK Maryann (George HAWLEY/Sarah SLACK) 1847jul19 SLACK Samuel (Thomas NORRIS/Maria PEAT) 1848sep13 SLACK Samuel (William SLACK/Hannah HOLMES) 1855may31 SLACK Samuel (George SLACK/Sarah BUTLER) 1879oct13 SLACK Samuel (John WILD/Elizabeth SMEDLEY) 1834jun29 SLACK Sarah (Joseph REDFERN/Elizabeth COLLEDGE) 1837jan23 SLACK Sarah (William ARGILE/Lydia REDFEARN) 1849sep13 SLACK Sarah (Samuel SLACK/Hannah FLINT) 1856jun19 SLACK Sarah (Samuel HOLMES/Elizabeth FREARSON) 1869jul12 SLACK Sarah (Joseph EVANS/Mary SLACK) 1876dec18 SLACK Sarah (James BATEMAN/Emma BROUGH) 1877oct08 SLACK Sarah (Samuel BIRLEY/Esther SLACK) 1821jun14 SLACK Thomas (George JOHNSON/Dorothy STEEPLES) 1828dec24 SLACK Thomas (George BERRISFORDE/Hannah ELLIOTT) 1823feb13 SLACK William (Joseph SLACK/Dorothy GREATORIX) 1846sep16 SLACK William (John HALL/Esther SLACK) 1847dec23 SLACK William (Walter HOLMES/Ann LAND) 1848apr03 SLACK William (Henry WALKER/Dorothy SLACK) 1862apr07 SLACK William (John SPENCER/Hannah SLACK) 1868jan23 SLACK William (George FEARN/Frances SLACK) 1869jan25 SLACK William (James SPENCER/Sarah SPENCER) 1882jul12 SLACK William (Joseph BRELSFORD/Hannah Spencer SLACK) 1883feb11 SLACK William (Charles COUPLAND/Sarah ELLIOTT) 1890jun18 SLACK William (Joseph BODEN/Annie Elizabeth FOX) 1890jun18 SLACK William (John Samuel FOX/Alice SLACK) 1893oct02 SLACK William (William Thomas ELLIS/Annie DOXEY) 1894mar26 SLACK William (Thomas FEARN/Alice SLACK) 1845jun19 SLATER Alice (Isaac SLATER/Martha KAYS) 1812sep14 SLATER Ann (Robert TAYLOR/Jane WHEELDON) 1841may16 SLATER Arthur (Thomas YOUNG/Lydia COOPER) 1873apr16 SLATER Arthur (Arthur william SLATER/Lydia sarah WAYWELL) 1774apr11 SLATER Benjamin (David HOLBROOKE/Mary HARRISON) 1882jun19 SLATER Celia (Thomas SLATER/Emily jane BUCKLEY) 1812may25 SLATER Dorothy (Samuel HICKTON/Grace LATHAM) 1836sep12 SLATER Dorothy (James SLATER/Mary MASKREY) 1845dec28 SLATER Eliza (John MUSSON/Mary ALSOP) 1889jun10 SLATER Emily Jn (Thomas TAYLOR/Celia Ann SLATER) 1834jul24 SLATER George (William BEESON/Elizabeth SLATER) 1836feb05 SLATER George (Thomas GREATORIX/Hannah HEAPPY) 1837sep11 SLATER Hannah (Charles COLLEDGE/Sarah SHELLEY) 1773nov29 SLATER John (John STEEPLE/Ann SLATER) 1794nov18 SLATER John (Joseph THORNALLY/Ann WEBSTER) 1841dec23 SLATER John (Samuel SIMS/Elizabeth SLATER) 1844sep18 SLATER John (Henry JONES/Mary KNIVETON) 1874may26 SLATER John (Alfred FLINT/Martha SLATER) 1883sep10 SLATER John (Charles SLATER/Virginia BOND) 1831aug15 SLATER Joseph (Isaac CASHMORE/Ellen HIBITH) 1812sep14 SLATER Joshua (Charles MASKREY/Rebecca GRATTON) 1812sep14 SLATER Joshua (Robert TAYLOR/Jane WHEELDON) 1867feb25 SLATER Joshua (William LEE/Hannah SLATER) 1877may22 SLATER Lydia sarah (Henry BROCKLEHURST/Sarah jane BEDFORD) 1812mar30 SLATER Martha (Jacob SLATER/Dorothy MASKREY) 1803sep12 SLATER Michael (Samuel ROBINSON/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1820may22 SLATER Phoebe (Joseph RADFORD/Esther WALKER) 1831aug15 SLATER Sarah (Isaac CASHMORE/Ellen HIBITH) 1844sep18 SLATER Sarah (Henry JONES/Mary KNIVETON) 1889jun10 SLATER Thomas (Thomas TAYLOR/Celia Ann SLATER) 1797apr27 SLEIGH William (James BUTLER/Hannah COWLEY) 1807feb07 SMEDLEY ? (John ALSOP/Hannah SMEDLEY) 1820dec27 SMEDLEY ? (Horatio MOORE/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1760nov20 SMEDLEY Edward (Adam JOHNSON/Martha BROWN) 1838jul SMEDLEY Elizabeth (Isaac SMEDLEY/Mary Ann SMEDLEY) 1838oct29 SMEDLEY Elizabeth (William ROOSE/Mary SMEDLEY) 1852mar31 SMEDLEY Elizabeth (John SMEDLEY/Elizabeth EVANS) 1877may21 SMEDLEY Ellen (John CHADWICK/Charlotte elz PETTS) 1802jan18 SMEDLEY Francis (Thomas TAYLOR/Elizabeth WALKER) 1832aug05 SMEDLEY George (John WHEELER/Elizabeth WRIGHT) 1805oct24 SMEDLEY Hannah (John SMITH/Mary PAGE) 1807sep14 SMEDLEY Henry (Jacob HOUGHTON/Hannah SMEDLEY) 1877may21 SMEDLEY Henry (John CHADWICK/Charlotte elz PETTS) 1883feb20 SMEDLEY Henry (Alvin SMEDLEY/Mary ann RAINSFORD) 1759sep12 SMEDLEY Isaac (John HENLEY/Dorothy CLAY) 1760mar05 SMEDLEY Isaac (Anthony HOLEHOUSE/Sarah SMEDLEY) 1760jun27 SMEDLEY Isaac (Anthony ALLIN/Sarah BAMFORD) 1761may28 SMEDLEY Isaac (George TAYLOR/Mary WESTON) 1763may26 SMEDLEY Isaac (James HEWET/Susanna ALLIN) 1773sep17 SMEDLEY Isaac (Thomas BROWN/Isabella HALL) 1829jun07 SMEDLEY Job (Robert ROBINSON/Ann SMEDLEY) 1838apr16 SMEDLEY Job (William HALLAM/Hannah HOUGHTON) 1805may16 SMEDLEY John (Samuel FROST/Nanny SMITH) 1813feb22 SMEDLEY John (John MARSDEN/Ellen ROEBUCK) 1831sep12 SMEDLEY John (George WEBSTER/Susanna HOUGHTON) 1842sep07 SMEDLEY John (James ATTENBOROW/Mary WASS) 1847jan26 SMEDLEY John (Thomas SMEDLEY/Eliza BARKER) 1822apr02 SMEDLEY Joseph (Thomas LEE/Elizabeth HUNT) 1838jul SMEDLEY Joseph (Isaac SMEDLEY/Mary Ann SMEDLEY) 1847jun24 SMEDLEY Maria ellen (John SMEDLEY/Caroline anne HARWARD) 1849aug06 SMEDLEY Mary (Robert TAYLOR/Mary PHILLIPS) 1797oct19 SMEDLEY Peter (William GREATOREX/Alice DOXEY) 1820jun26 SMEDLEY Peter (William POUNDALL/Ann YOUNG) 1883feb20 SMEDLEY Phoebe ellen (Alvin SMEDLEY/Mary ann RAINSFORD) 1860oct04 SMEDLEY Richard (Benjamin tylr BAKER/Sarah TAYLOR) 1762jan21 SMEDLEY Rose? (John HOLEHOUSE/Lydia PRIME) 1852mar31 SMEDLEY Samuel (John SMEDLEY/Elizabeth EVANS) 1797mar21 SMEDLEY Sarah (John SMEDLEY/Mary ROEBUCK) 1846dec16 SMEDLEY Sarah (Samuel GREATOREX/Grace SMEDLEY) 1847jan26 SMEDLEY Sarah (Thomas SMEDLEY/Eliza BARKER) 1759sep12 SMEDLEY Thomas (John HENLEY/Dorothy CLAY) 1761may28 SMEDLEY Thomas (Wandall ALLSOP/Hannah SMEDLY) 1789jan05 SMEDLEY Thomas (Thomas DOXEY/Ann HIGTON) 1789jan05 SMEDLEY Thomas (Reuben SPENCER/Mary GOODALL) 1798sep12 SMEDLEY Thomas (George KINDER/Rosamond BARKER) 1803feb28 SMEDLEY Thomas (Anthony WOODWARD/Elizabeth GRATTON) 1818apr18 SMEDLEY Thomas (James OSBORNE/Jane M SMEDLEY) 1831dec24 SMEDLEY Thomas (William HEWITT/Lydia BRITLAND) 1764may20 SMEDLEY William (George TOMPSON/Elizabeth HOUGH) 1761nov12 SMEDLY Benjamin (Joseph EYELEY/Hannah SMEDLEY) 1879apr09 SMITH Alfred (Frederic SHAW/Harriet GREATOREX) 1828sep17 SMITH Ann (James TWIGG/Maria ALLSOP) 1867sep16 SMITH Ann (William SMITH/Hannah BROWN) 1846sep03 SMITH Anne (John PARKER/Mary SMITH) 1886apr10 SMITH Annie (Octavius Brabazon MURPHY/Jessie Annie SMITH) 1855sep10 SMITH Anthony (John SIDDALL/Mary KIRK) 1777jun22 SMITH Benjamin (William SAXON/Elizabeth ASHOVER) 1754jun13 SMITH Daniel (Charles HOLEBROOKE/Sarah BONSAL) 1757feb18 SMITH Daniel (William SMITH/Elizabeth BOMER) 1786jan16 SMITH Daniel (John HOLEBROOKE/Mary FLINT) 1797sep11 SMITH Daniel (James SWIFT/Lydia SMITH) 1799mar25 SMITH Daniel (Thomas ALSOP/Ruth SMITH) 1857jun03 SMITH Daniel (John BREWER/Eliza WAIN) 1799oct29 SMITH Edward (William LITTLEWOOD/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1823jan20 SMITH Eliza (Joseph CRESWELL/Hannah KIRKLAND) 1811dec04 SMITH Elizabeth (Thomas ANABLE/Mary SMITH) 1815jun12 SMITH Elizabeth (Thomas BYARD/Elizabeth WETTON) 1821may23 SMITH Elizabeth (Samuel SMITH/Isabella SHEPPARD) 1848dec12 SMITH Elizabeth (Thomas SMITH/Martha HIGGOTT) 1852dec25 SMITH Elizabeth (John ELLIOTT/Emma SMITH) 1853may05 SMITH Elizabeth (Thomas RIDSDALE/Elizabeth PARKER) 1805may16 SMITH Ellen (Samuel FROST/Nanny SMITH) 1862oct04 SMITH Ellen (Benjamin SAUNDERS/Sarah SMITH) 1859sep12 SMITH Emily (Samuel webster SMITH/Harriet wnsn GAMBLE) 1875sep30 SMITH Emily (Samuel SMITH/Elizabeth KNIVETON) 1839mar14 SMITH Emma (Francis William SMITH/Mary DOXEY) 1853sep06 SMITH Emmer (James HAYNES/Harriet SMITH) 1879dec04 SMITH Frank (George GODBER/Annie SMITH) 1886apr10 SMITH Frank (Octavius Brabazon MURPHY/Jessie Annie SMITH) 1773oct22 SMITH George (Samuel WALKER/Ann BOYARD) 1819dec29 SMITH George (William HOLBROOK/Mary CARLINE) 1824nov10 SMITH George (Thomas COPE/Elizabeth BRADLEY) 1825nov17 SMITH George (William OXSPRING/Elizabeth SMITH) 1840jun01 SMITH George (Edward ROBINSON/Hannah HOLMES) 1841mar17 SMITH George (Samuel REPTON/Mary BROCKLEHURST) 1864mar31 SMITH George (John SCRIVENER/Louisa SMITH) 1848dec12 SMITH George h (Thomas SMITH/Martha HIGGOTT) 1818apr06 SMITH Hannah (John W DUROUS/Mary MOORLEY) 1823aug31 SMITH Hannah (Thomas BLACKTON/Eleanor SMITH) 1830may04 SMITH Hannah (Anthony FLINT/Isabella SMITH) 1847feb04 SMITH Hannah (Thomas HOLMES/Hannah CRESSWELL) 1851apr07 SMITH Hannah (William BERISFORD/Ellen CRESSWELL) 1880feb04 SMITH Hannah (John William HOLMES/Ruth KILLER) 1843apr01 SMITH Harriet (John BRITLAND/Mary hannah GORDON) 1866sep10 SMITH Henry (Job BUNTING/Mary ann ROPER) 1774feb03 SMITH James (George BRADLEY/Alice HOLMES) 1775sep27 SMITH James (William JACKSON/Ann HOLMES) 1800nov24 SMITH James (George HOLMES/Ann SMITH) 1827mar15 SMITH James (Daniel SLACK/Mary SMITH) 1828sep17 SMITH James (James TWIGG/Maria ALLSOP) 1834jul28 SMITH James (Joseph SMITH/Jemima SPENCER) 1837feb08 SMITH James (Francis SHENTON/Hariet WETTON) 1844may27 SMITH James (Samuel KINDER/Elizabeth DONGSWORTH) 1845jul08 SMITH James (James SMITH/Anne MASKREY) 1874nov02 SMITH James (Thomas SMITH/Mary Rodgers JAMES) 1756may28 SMITH John (George COCKIN/Mary SMITH) 1756jul15 SMITH John (Thomas BUXTON/Elizabeth HODGKINSON) 1756aug16 SMITH John (Benjamin TOMLINSON/Elizabeth BRINDLEY) 1756oct07 SMITH John (Edward HIGGITT/Mary PEARSON) 1757jan06 SMITH John (John DOFIELD/Sarah TOMLINSON) 1757feb18 SMITH John (William SMITH/Elizabeth BOMER) 1757jun19 SMITH John (George TOMPSON/Anne HALSALL) 1759may05 SMITH John (William HOUGH/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1759may24 SMITH John (Samuel THIRLBY/Alice PICKERING) 1759may31 SMITH John (John BUXTON/Jane FROST) 1760sep08 SMITH John (John SMITH/Elisabeth BRADLEY) 1762aug27 SMITH John (Samuel WRAGG/Mary BOWDEN) 1766oct22 SMITH John (Samuel THACKER/Martha STATHAM) 1773jun21 SMITH John (John FREEAR/Mary FROST) 1782mar07 SMITH John (William BAINBRIDGE/Sarah HAWKSLEY) 1788mar24 SMITH John (Ralph KINDER/Lucy BROWN) 1791jan31 SMITH John (John BUSH/Elizabeth CAMPBELL) 1791mar24 SMITH John (Benjamin SPENCER/Alice FOWLER) 1791dec08 SMITH John (George TOMLINSON/Mary FOWLER) 1797mar21 SMITH John (John SMEDLEY/Mary ROEBUCK) 1802feb28 SMITH John (Robert FENTON/Mary ROSON) 1818jan01 SMITH John (Samuel ALLEN/Mary WOODHOUSE) 1823aug31 SMITH John (Thomas BLACKTON/Eleanor SMITH) 1830may04 SMITH John (Anthony FLINT/Isabella SMITH) 1848oct22 SMITH John (Thomas GOODWIN/Hannah BROOKS) 1850may23 SMITH John (Joseph HALL/Mary LONGDEN) 1850nov12 SMITH John (Benjamin TOFT/Hannah HANDBURY) 1805aug26 SMITH Jonathan (John SLATER/Sarah HARDY) 1790sep15 SMITH Joseph (John OGDON/Sarah GIBBONS) 1834sep15 SMITH Joseph (William SPENCER/Ellen JEPSON) 1875dec25 SMITH Joshua (Isaac BRADLEY/Mary SMITH) 1874jun18 SMITH Lucy mary (William MILLIGAN/Emily laura SMITH) 1847aug22 SMITH Martha (Daniel GODBEHERE/Jemima ann PARSONS) 1802oct28 SMITH Mary (Thomas ROEBUCK/Elizabeth SMITH) 1830feb10 SMITH Mary (Joseph WYLD/Sarah SMITH) 1853jan24 SMITH Mary (Daniel HOLMES/Eliza BARRETT) 1852sep13 SMITH Maryann (James SMITH/Grace HUDSON) 1780jul03 SMITH Nicholes (Jonathan TWIGGE/Grace HOLMES) 1837feb08 SMITH Phebe (Francis SHENTON/Hariet WETTON) 1868may14 SMITH Phebe ellen (James SMITH/Mary WRIGHT) 1780sep16 SMITH Richard (Samuel NORTH/Ann GREGORY) 1780nov06 SMITH Richard (Job HIGTON/Martha FOWLER) 1788dec07 SMITH Richard (Thomas LOMAS/Elizabeth FOWLER) 1793dec26 SMITH Richard (William SMITH/Martha MAGETWRIGHT) 1795dec25 SMITH Richard (James WIGLEY/Elizabeth BROUGH) 1795dec25 SMITH Richard (Joseph GREATOREX/Mary FURNACE) 1801jul07 SMITH Richard (John TWIGG/Mary WARD) 1802oct28 SMITH Richard (Thomas ROEBUCK/Elizabeth SMITH) 1805jul10 SMITH Richard (John TONGUE/Elizabeth SUMMERFIELD) 1811dec04 SMITH Richard (Thomas ANABLE/Mary SMITH) 1821may23 SMITH Richard (Samuel SMITH/Isabella SHEPPARD) 1824jan19 SMITH Richard (James SMITH/Hannah LAND) 1824may05 SMITH Richard (George SMITH/Martha OXSPRING) 1827oct03 SMITH Richard (John STEVENSON/Ann SMITH) 1823jan20 SMITH Robert (Joseph CRESWELL/Hannah KIRKLAND) 1793apr01 SMITH Samuel (Eli MILLWARD/Elizabeth SMITH) 1821may16 SMITH Samuel (John CHADWICK/Margaret EYRE) 1823feb10 SMITH Samuel (Ferdinand MOULD/Maria LOVATT) 1823mar10 SMITH Samuel (Joseph STORER/Mary Ann BUCKLEY) 1825feb20 SMITH Samuel (Richard GALLIMORE/Hannah ROOSE) 1858dec27 SMITH Samuel (John SMITH/Ann maria CUNDY) 1817may25 SMITH Sarah (John KIDDY/Ann SMITH) 1820may22 SMITH Sarah (Gill PICKARD/Sarah MILWARD) 1831jul14 SMITH Sarah (John BROWNSON/Elizabeth WALKER) 1849apr04 SMITH Sarah (Edward MOULD/Hannah SMITH) 1761jan29 SMITH Thomas (George SMITH/Elizabeth SANDERS) 1767nov11 SMITH Thomas (Samuel STRIGHT/Ellin WALKER) 1841sep07 SMITH Thomas (John AUSTIN/Maria HUNT) 1876mar29 SMITH Thomas (Thomas BROOKS/Elizabeth CLAY) 1887apr26 SMITH Tunstall (David Ewart JOHNSTONE/Florence Eleanor SMITH) 1768nov10 SMITH W. (Anthony MATHER/Sarah HARRISON) 1755nov27 SMITH William (Samuel JENKINSON/Ellin PEARSON) 1756oct07 SMITH William (Edward HIGGITT/Mary PEARSON) 1766apr30 SMITH William (Job WILD/Ann YATES) 1770feb16 SMITH William (Charles POTTER/Avice GREGORY) 1790dec27 SMITH William (Anthony WARDMAN/Avis BROUGH) 1807aug09 SMITH William (Abraham DALE/Dorothy SHELDON) 1808mar28 SMITH William (John WARRINGTON/Ann MILLWARD) 1811feb26 SMITH William (John SELLARS/Ann SIDDALL) 1811oct17 SMITH William (Samuel BUNTING/Lucy BRIDDON) 1822mar25 SMITH William (Stephen WAGSTAFF/Sarah HAWLEY) 1823jul06 SMITH William (John HOLMES/Mary BUNTING) 1831nov16 SMITH William (James LINNACER/Ellen SHELDON) 1835apr20 SMITH William (John MATHER/Mary Ann HOLMES) 1845jan29 SMITH William (Job BUNTING/Hannah SMITH) 1845may15 SMITH William (Samuel SHEPHERD/Susannah PICKARD) 1846sep03 SMITH William (John PARKER/Mary SMITH) 1838jun06 SMITH-ALLEN Ann (Thomas SPENCER/Anne SMITH-ALLEN) 1838jun06 SMITH-ALLEN John (Thomas SPENCER/Anne SMITH-ALLEN) 1823jun30 SMITHS James (William BROUGHAM/Sarah HALL) 1804apr11 SMITHURST Elizabeth (William HASLAM/Hannah CUTTS) 1846jan19 SNOW Elizabeth (Robert KIDDEY/Anne BULLOCK) 1884apr30 SNOW Francis (Herbert WHITHAM/Mary Ann JACKSON) 1881jun06 SNOW George (Frederic CHEETHAM/Hannah THOMPSON) 1872nov14 SNOW Mary jane (Alfred WOOD/Hannah GLOVER) 1862aug28 SNOW Matthew (William FRITH/Hannah COOPER) 1817dec30 SNOW Sarah (Henry WALTON/Elizabeth PEGG) 1862aug28 SNOW Sarah (William FRITH/Hannah COOPER) 1823oct29 SNOW Walter (William ALLSOP/Hannah BULLOCK) 1879sep24 SOPPARD Henry (Tom STOPPARD/Hannah WALKER) 1767mar16 SOUTER George (James DEAN/Ann BRADSHAW) 1776jul16 SOUTER John (Francis COTTERIL/Ann NUTTAL) 1847sep06 SOUTHERIN Edward (Richard SMITH/Ellen MART) 1852oct18 SOUTHERIN Edward (Paul MART/Hannah STATHAM) 1847sep06 SOUTHERIN Jane (Richard SMITH/Ellen MART) 1777nov10 SOUTHERN Thomas (Edward HASLAM/Elizabeth HOUGHTON) 1793jan28 SOWTER Jo. (Edward RAWSON/Mary WALL) 1828dec10 SOWTER Robert (Thomas BROWN/Hannah DISNEY) 1776apr11 SOWTER Sarah (Samuel SWIFT/Hannah SEEDS) Return to Top 1899jul03 SPAIR Edith (Samuel Arthur THOMPSON/Louisa Lydia SPAIR) 1899jul03 SPAIR Samuel (Samuel Arthur THOMPSON/Louisa Lydia SPAIR) 1855dec20 SPARROW Ann (Moses STORER/Anne GODFREY) 1812oct22 SPENCER ? (David WALKER/Mabel BATEMAN) 1821nov26 SPENCER ? (George SHERWIN/Elizabeth LAYHE) 1883may22 SPENCER Abraham (Robert SPENCER/Hannah HALLOWS) 1886jan18 SPENCER Abraham (William FLINT/Gwenillian SPRAKE) 1860nov15 SPENCER Agnes (Matthew LEA/Emma SPENCER) 1879oct22 SPENCER Albert (Samuel CONWAY/Emma SPENCER) 1854apr27 SPENCER Alice (Josiah SLACK/Ann SPENCER) 1854jun27 SPENCER Alice (Gamaliel HALL/Sarah HALL) 1857apr13 SPENCER Alice (George GORE/Elizabeth STORER) 1809dec27 SPENCER Ann (Abraham WOOD/Elizabeth FALKNER) 1813jan04 SPENCER Ann (Hugh GOODWIN/Esther SPENCER) 1820jul24 SPENCER Ann (David GRATTON/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1825oct17 SPENCER Ann (Robert SPENCER/Mary HALL) 1832may02 SPENCER Ann (William BUTLER/Ann SPENCER) 1843feb15 SPENCER Ann (Joseph DOXEY/Mary SPENCER) 1843oct16 SPENCER Ann (William WOODHOUSE/Ann GOODALL) 1844feb19 SPENCER Ann (Job HOUGHTON/Ann SPENCER) 1844aug22 SPENCER Ann (Benjamin STALEY/Ann SPENCER) 1844dec31 SPENCER Ann (James SPENCER/Hannah SPENCER) 1852jul28 SPENCER Ann (Joseph SPENCER/Harriet AUSTIN) 1860jul04 SPENCER Ann (George MITCHELL/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1874aug03 SPENCER Ann (John Samuel GRATTON/Sarah SPENCER) 1877jul02 SPENCER Ann (Thomas SPENCER/Hannah SPENCER) 1886feb02 SPENCER Ann (Joseph BROOKS/Hannah BRELSFORD) 1886feb24 SPENCER Ann (William Toplis BEESTON/Mary SPENCER) 1831oct13 SPENCER Anne (John KILLER/Esther SPENCER) 1871sep23 SPENCER Annie (John Henry FROST/Emily SPENCER) 1754nov27 SPENCER Anthony (Henry MARPLE/Anne RODDY) 1755apr03 SPENCER Anthony (Adam SPENCER/Mary HIDES) 1760nov06 SPENCER Anthony (Simeon BROOKS/Mary ADAMS) 1760nov06 SPENCER Anthony (Spateman SMITH/Ann THOMPSON) 1768jul14 SPENCER Anthony (Joseph SLACK/Ann UDALE) 1777jan01 SPENCER Anthony (John HALL/Elizabeth BRAMLEY) 1790jun24 SPENCER Anthony (Job SPENCER/Hannah SPENCER) 1794mar06 SPENCER Anthony (John HOLMES/Margaret BASSET) 1819sep13 SPENCER Anthony (John TAYLOR/Sarah HARDY) 1831feb21 SPENCER Anthony (Henry SPENCER/Mary POTTER) 1836sep19 SPENCER Anthony (Henry SPENCER/Mabel OXLEY) 1851aug04 SPENCER Anthony (William SPENCER/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1857sep21 SPENCER Anthony (Isaac SPENCER/Mary WALTON) 1827aug29 SPENCER Art (John SPENCER/Melicent WALKER) 1816apr18 SPENCER Arter (Gilbert HALL/Elizabeth SLACK) 1824mar08 SPENCER Arter (John DOXEY/Hannah SLACK) 1761sep21 SPENCER Arthur (Joseph BUCKLEY/Ann DOXEY) 1764jun12 SPENCER Arthur (Reuben SPENCER/Elisabeth BUCKLEY) 1786feb25 SPENCER Arthur (Thomas ROPER/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1868aug27 SPENCER Arthur (Herbert FLINT/Charlotte SPENCER) 1892feb23 SPENCER Arthur (Joseph Moss WATERALL/Rebecca Mary SPENCER) 1815may17 SPENCER Arthur? (Isaac ELLIOTT/Hannah ANDREW) 1760sep22 SPENCER Benjamin (Henry LUDLAM/Ann BAGSHAW) 1803apr20 SPENCER Benjamin (William ATKINSON/Elizabeth THOMPSON) 1845nov20 SPENCER Benjamin (Benjamin SPENCER/Anne ADAMS) 1846jan01 SPENCER Benjamin (John SPENCER/Lydia SPENCER) 1848mar29 SPENCER Benjamin (William TURNER/Lois SPENCER) 1848sep07 SPENCER Benjamin (Peter WRAGG/Sarah BUXTON) 1857dec22 SPENCER Betsy (William JONES/Mary SPENCER) 1896feb17 SPENCER Betsy (Job ADAMS/Christiana MOORE) 1831apr09 SPENCER Bridget (James HOLMES/Grace SPENCER) 1866feb08 SPENCER Charles (William GRATTON/Ann SPENCER) 1869feb08 SPENCER Charles (William LAND/Elizabeth Hanh SPENCER) 1872sep11 SPENCER Charles (George henry HODGKINSON/Millesent SPENCER) 1899apr17 SPENCER Charlotte (Samuel SPENCER/Mary BUCKLEY) 1787jun21 SPENCER Daniel (Benjamin SPENCER/Ann DOXEY) 1807dec17 SPENCER Daniel (Robert EVANS/Hannah WRAGG) 1814jul28 SPENCER Daniel (Joshua BROOKS/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1817dec25 SPENCER Daniel (Henry BRADLEY/Mary SPENCER) 1817dec25 SPENCER Daniel (James SPENCER/Ann HOLMES) 1848nov23 SPENCER Daniel (Joseph SHELDON/Harriet DOXEY) 1854apr27 SPENCER Daniel (Josiah SLACK/Ann SPENCER) 1873jul24 SPENCER David (George BROCKLEHURST/Betsey SPENCER) 1885feb09 SPENCER David (Francis SPENCER/Elizabeth Ellen SLATER) 1850dec12 SPENCER Dorothy (John POYSER/Ann SPENCER) 1859apr27 SPENCER Dorothy (Hugh WALKER/Mary OLDFIELD) 1844may26 SPENCER Eliza (Enoch ANDREW/Martha ROPER) 1850nov18 SPENCER Eliza (Edwin MEAKIN/Ann SPENCER) 1836jun27 SPENCER Elizabeth (Parkinson MEASURES/Sarah SPENCER) 1838sep12 SPENCER Elizabeth (Job SPENCER/Milicent BROOKS) 1842dec28 SPENCER Elizabeth (George BROCKLEHURST/Martha SPENCER) 1845jul31 SPENCER Elizabeth (Charles SWIFT/Hannah BROOKS) 1846mar12 SPENCER Elizabeth (Anthony SPENCER/Lydia DOXEY) 1853oct10 SPENCER Elizabeth (John SPENCER/Elizabeth WALKER) 1858aug31 SPENCER Elizabeth (Isaac SPENCER/Lydia YOUNG) 1861dec25 SPENCER Elizabeth (William SLACK/Alice SPENCER) 1883sep09 SPENCER Elizabeth (Samuel SPENCER/Mary SPENCER) 1897dec27 SPENCER Elizabeth (Clarence PEARSON/Agnes SPENCER) 1839dec25 SPENCER Ellen (Samuel BROOKES/Ann BUCKLEY) 1846jan01 SPENCER Ellen (John SPENCER/Lydia SPENCER) 1846sep24 SPENCER Ellen (Charles DOXEY/Rosamond HIGTON) 1894jun27 SPENCER Ellen (Richard BARNSLEY/Ann SPENCER) 1898dec26 SPENCER Ellen (Thomas SPENCER/Lydia Ann MILLWARD) 1855aug01 SPENCER Emma (William SPENCER/Sarah DOXEY) 1873aug23 SPENCER Enoch (Anthony SPENCER/Elizabeth HARRISON) 1876dec03 SPENCER Enock (Job SLACK/Annie STORER) 1809may23 SPENCER Esther (Moses FEARN/Sarah RENSHAW) 1810apr05 SPENCER Esther (William FOX/Ellin SPENCER) 1834jul28 SPENCER Esther (Joseph SMITH/Jemima SPENCER) 1894feb21 SPENCER F S (Henry MARPLE/Annie BYARD) 1848sep11 SPENCER Fanny (George REDFERN/Jane ELCE) 1755sep08 SPENCER Frances (William SPENCER/Catherine BODEN) 1786dec21 SPENCER Francis (Daniel WOODHOUSE/Mary BUXTON) 1824jan11 SPENCER Francis (Daniel WALKER/Mary Ann WATTS) 1837sep04 SPENCER Francis (James SMITH/Harriet CLARK) 1847jan28 SPENCER Francis (Nehemiah DOXEY/Ellen SPENCER) 1860may27 SPENCER Francis (Abraham BOOTH/Mary SPENCER) 1891feb28 SPENCER Francis (Samuel ELLIOTT/Alathere GREATOREX) 1804dec13 SPENCER George (Benjamin DOXEY/Ann SLACK) 1807jan01 SPENCER George (James RAINSE/Ann BROOKS) 1808jun16 SPENCER George (William BROOKS/Hannah GRATTON) 1815may25 SPENCER George (John BROOKS/Hannah SPENCER) 1824jan28 SPENCER George (Robert WRAGG/Elizabeth KINDER) 1831apr09 SPENCER George (James HOLMES/Grace SPENCER) 1834mar06 SPENCER George (William DOXEY/Dorothy SPENCER) 1868dec03 SPENCER George (Richard SPENCER/Mary PRINCE) 1873nov24 SPENCER George (Anthony SPENCER/Mary Elizabeth SHEPHERD) 1880apr05 SPENCER George (Aaron MARPLE/Elizabeth MARPLE) 1896jan22 SPENCER George (Benjamin SPENCER/Harriet WOODHOUSE) 1809sep11 SPENCER Hannah (Daniel WALKER/Hannah HARRISON) 1819oct20 SPENCER Hannah (William FERN/Sarah LANE) 1824nov08 SPENCER Hannah (John DAKIN/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1824nov08 SPENCER Hannah (Richard WILDGOOSE/Jane PIDCOCK) 1827mar21 SPENCER Hannah (Francis SPENCER/Ann GRATTON) 1833feb27 SPENCER Hannah (James SPENCER/Sarah SIMS) 1837mar18 SPENCER Hannah (William HALL/Alice SPENCER) 1848feb23 SPENCER Hannah (John SPENCER/Hannah SPENCER) 1852sep13 SPENCER Hannah (George CROFTS/Mary ann SMITH) 1860jan16 SPENCER Hannah (Joseph DEBANKS/Mary COOPER) 1861sep19 SPENCER Hannah (Leedham KIRK/Alice SPENCER) 1863dec14 SPENCER Hannah (Thomas WHEELDON/Fanny SPENCER) 1863dec25 SPENCER Hannah (John BUCKLEY/Emily SPRINGTHORPE) 1866may21 SPENCER Hannah (John BODEN/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1868aug27 SPENCER Hannah (Herbert FLINT/Charlotte SPENCER) 1874jan21 SPENCER Hannah (Charles KNOWLES/Harriet SPENCER) 1884mar05 SPENCER Hannah (William BROOKS/Mary ELSE) 1896jan22 SPENCER Hannah (Benjamin SPENCER/Harriet WOODHOUSE) 1874nov15 SPENCER Hannah M (John GRATTON/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1829jul19 SPENCER Henry (Philip WALKER/Mary STALEY) 1831feb20 SPENCER Henry (Joseph HOLMES/Grace NALL) 1832mar07 SPENCER Henry (Anthony STALEY/Anne STALEY) 1854oct18 SPENCER Henry (Joseph BUXTON/Mary Rose DOXEY) 1858oct18 SPENCER Henry (John KNOWLES/Harriet HANDLEY) 1868aug03 SPENCER Henry (John RADFORD/Hannah SPENCER) 1882nov22 SPENCER Henry (William TRAVILL/Annie LOWE) 1883apr23 SPENCER Henry (William SPENCER/Hannah BROOKS) 1894may18 SPENCER Henry (Thomas NADIN/Elizabeth Ht Boden SPENCER) 1879feb05 SPENCER I a (John PEARSON/Hannah MACDONALD) 1786apr20 SPENCER Isaac (Samuel BROOKE/Edith BUXTON) 1802nov28 SPENCER Isaac (Richard PAGE/Hannah BROOKS) 1812jan01 SPENCER Isaac (James PEAT/Ellen ADAMS) 1812mar23 SPENCER Isaac (William MARPLE/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1812oct07 SPENCER Isaac (Isaac SPENCER/Martha SLACK) 1823apr03 SPENCER Isaac (Richard MOORE/Sarah SPENCER) 1825jun13 SPENCER Isaac (Anthony SPENCER/Grace POTTER) 1826dec28 SPENCER Isaac (Andrew MACBETH/Isabella SPENCER) 1831aug11 SPENCER Isaac (Joseph BUTLER/Elizabeth GODBEHERE) 1837nov15 SPENCER Isaac (Peter JOHNSON/Sarah TURNER) 1893jan18 SPENCER Isaac (Joseph Thomas SPENCER/Sarah Ann KILLER) 1884jun06 SPENCER Isaac Ben (Thomas SPENCER/Hannah SPENCER) 1806sep18 SPENCER Isaack (George SPENCER/Hannah HOPKINSON) 1777sep18 SPENCER Isaak (Jacob DOXEY/Sarah ROPER) 1823apr03 SPENCER Isabella (Richard MOORE/Sarah SPENCER) 1880nov23 SPENCER Isabella (George ELSE/Grace SPENCER) 1881jun10 SPENCER Isabella (Samuel JEPSON/Emma SPENCER) 1811jul29 SPENCER Iseeke (Anthony WOODHOUSE/Ann SPENCER) 1762sep29 SPENCER Jacob (Adam SPENCER/Ann SLACK) 1769may15 SPENCER Jacob (John STUBS/Sarah BATEMAN) 1778nov05 SPENCER Jacob (Thomas WOOLLEY/Hannah BILLINGE) 1787may30 SPENCER James (Isaac SPENCER/Martha WOOD) 1788mar13 SPENCER James (Benjamin BUCKLEY/Phebe SPENCER) 1788mar13 SPENCER James (Thomas HALL/Ann MILLWARD) 1820aug13 SPENCER James (Charles SEAL/Hannah HOLMES) 1827mar21 SPENCER James (Francis SPENCER/Ann GRATTON) 1828dec25 SPENCER James (Samuel BUCKLEY/Hannah SPENCER) 1836jun27 SPENCER James (Parkinson MEASURES/Sarah SPENCER) 1838sep12 SPENCER James (John SPENCER/Ann WOODHOUSE) 1846mar12 SPENCER James (Anthony SPENCER/Lydia DOXEY) 1855jan30 SPENCER James (William WAYNE/Mary SPENCER) 1869aug01 SPENCER James (Henry GREATOREX/Ellen HADDICAN) 1871jun11 SPENCER James (James THOMPSON/Charlotte THOMPSON) 1874aug03 SPENCER James (John Samuel GRATTON/Sarah SPENCER) 1877jul02 SPENCER James (Thomas SPENCER/Hannah SPENCER) 1883sep16 SPENCER James (Benjamin GREATOREX/Elizabeth STONE) 1888dec24 SPENCER James (George DAKIN/Sarah Ann SPENCER) 1821nov26 SPENCER James? (George SHERWIN/Elizabeth LAYHE) 1794mar06 SPENCER Job (Anthony SPENCER/Ellen DUFFIELD) 1800sep15 SPENCER Job (Job HALL/Sarah HALL) 1815may18 SPENCER Job (Edward ADAMS/Rebecca MELBOURN) 1815may18 SPENCER Job (George BUCKLEY/Martha STREET) 1833dec26 SPENCER Job (Samuel BROOKES/Hannah SPENCER) 1834sep18 SPENCER Job (James KILLER/Mary BUCKLEY) 1838nov22 SPENCER Job (Thomas UDALL/Milicent BOWN) 1850apr18 SPENCER Job (Robert MATHER/Ann GOODALL) 1872dec19 SPENCER Job (Joshua BUCKLEY/Sarah SPENCER) 1897jun07 SPENCER Job (Wilfred Compton HORLICK/Elizabeth Hannah SPENCER) 1755oct23 SPENCER John (Henry BUXTON/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1756apr08 SPENCER John (Adam WALKER/Sarah BRITLAND) 1758nov27 SPENCER John (William LONGDALE/Mary GOODWIN) 1767aug20 SPENCER John (William BRITLAND/Dorothy LOXLY) 1767aug20 SPENCER John (John STERNDALE/Susannah BRITLAND) 1768dec26 SPENCER John (William ROPER/Elisabeth TAYLOR) 1770sep24 SPENCER John (Joseph SLACK/Sarah STAFFORD) 1778dec30 SPENCER John (John ROPER/Mary SPENCER) 1781feb15 SPENCER John (Joseph SELLARS/Hannah BRELSFORD) 1782feb07 SPENCER John (Thomas BURTON/Priscilla SPENCER) 1784jun03 SPENCER John (Anthony F LOMAS/Sarah HIGTON) 1813jan04 SPENCER John (Hugh GOODWIN/Esther SPENCER) 1814apr14 SPENCER John (Thomas HODGKINSON/Elizabeth KNIVETON) 1822nov14 SPENCER John (George SPENCER/Ann SPENCER) 1824may09 SPENCER John (George ELLY/Lois SPENCER) 1826mar02 SPENCER John (Reuben SPENCER/Sarah MATHER) 1828nov09 SPENCER John (Jabez THOMPSON/Hannah THOMPSON) 1838jul26 SPENCER John (Joseph SPENCER/Ellen SPENCER) 1839sep30 SPENCER John (Edward CORDIN/Hannah FRITH) 1843oct16 SPENCER John (William WOODHOUSE/Ann GOODALL) 1847feb10 SPENCER John (George SPENCER/Sarah HARRISON) 1847sep13 SPENCER John (William LOWE/Mary SPENCER) 1850nov18 SPENCER John (Edwin MEAKIN/Ann SPENCER) 1851nov03 SPENCER John (Henry ROPER/Hannah WALKER) 1852jul28 SPENCER John (Joseph SPENCER/Harriet AUSTIN) 1852nov15 SPENCER John (William HARRISON/Mary BROOKS) 1855dec31 SPENCER John (Isaac SPENCER/Hannah SPENCER) 1863dec14 SPENCER John (Thomas WHEELDON/Fanny SPENCER) 1867sep09 SPENCER John (Henry BUNTING/Hannah SPENCER) 1887apr26 SPENCER John (Charles BROWN/Fanny SPENCER) 1891feb21 SPENCER John (Francis SPENCER/Hannah SPENCER) 1891dec24 SPENCER John (George SOUTHAM/Hannah AUSTIN) 1896sep17 SPENCER John (Samuel SPENCER/Mary Anne BATTERLEY) 1890oct18 SPENCER John Hy (John GREATOREX/Sarah Anne SPENCER) 1883sep09 SPENCER John Jams (Samuel SPENCER/Mary SPENCER) 1760sep15 SPENCER Jos. (Edward ALLIN/Dorothy KNIFFEN) 1762jul21 SPENCER Jos. (John WALKER/Ann HIBBOT) 1767jun10 SPENCER Joseph (George KNIVETON/Hannah BURTON) 1817jul24 SPENCER Joseph (John WESLEY/Ann SIMMS) 1846feb16 SPENCER Joseph (John FERN/Anne SPENCER) 1863feb17 SPENCER Joseph (Jabez BOWMER/Sarah Ann SPENCER) 1883mar28 SPENCER Joseph (Thomas BATTERLEY/Phoebe SPENCER) 1884feb07 SPENCER Joseph (Albert SPENCER/Louisa SPENCER) 1889aug20 SPENCER Joseph (Thomas BROOKS/Mary Elizabeth POTTER) 1822nov14 SPENCER Lois (George SPENCER/Ann SPENCER) 1851aug04 SPENCER Lydia (William SPENCER/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1857sep21 SPENCER Lydia (Isaac SPENCER/Mary WALTON) 1808jul18 SPENCER Mabel (Edmund PLATTS/Sarah GODBEHERE) 1809feb01 SPENCER Mabel (Samuel BATEMAN/Martha WALKER) 1862dec29 SPENCER Maria (Josiah MARSON/Eliza BUNTING) 1862jun11 SPENCER Martha (Job ADAMS/Mary Jane SPENCER) 1885feb09 SPENCER Martha (Francis SPENCER/Elizabeth Ellen SLATER) 1790oct21 SPENCER Mary (William SHERWIN/Phebe HANFORD) 1824jan19 SPENCER Mary (James SMITH/Hannah LAND) 1828jul17 SPENCER Mary (James ELSE/Mabel SPENCER) 1830oct07 SPENCER Mary (Jacob DOXEY/Mary KILLER) 1831apr04 SPENCER Mary (Anthony BUCKLEY/Elizabeth DOXEY) 1836sep14 SPENCER Mary (Daniel INGMAN/Elizabeth MOOR) 1836dec29 SPENCER Mary (Joseph GOODALL/Phebe SPENCER) 1840sep16 SPENCER Mary (Isaac SLACK/Sarah SLACK) 1840sep17 SPENCER Mary (William HAWLEY/Martha SPENCER) 1842dec26 SPENCER Mary (Richard SPENCER/Selina FEARN) 1844mar14 SPENCER Mary (Thomas BUCKLEY/Ann BATEMAN) 1844apr10 SPENCER Mary (Joseph JEBSON/Sarah KILLER) 1844may16 SPENCER Mary (John SWINSCOE/Hannah SPENCER) 1846feb16 SPENCER Mary (John FERN/Anne SPENCER) 1847feb10 SPENCER Mary (George SPENCER/Sarah HARRISON) 1849aug09 SPENCER Mary (Francis SPENCER/Hannah DOXEY) 1855dec31 SPENCER Mary (Isaac SPENCER/Hannah SPENCER) 1861aug12 SPENCER Mary (William BROOKS/Ann BUCKLEY) 1871jun14 SPENCER Mary (Henry SPENCER/Agnes AUSTIN) 1872apr08 SPENCER Mary (William SPENCER/Emma BRADLEY) 1872dec19 SPENCER Mary (Joshua BUCKLEY/Sarah SPENCER) 1879jul07 SPENCER Mary (George SWINDELL/Esther SPENCER) 1880apr05 SPENCER Mary (Aaron MARPLE/Elizabeth MARPLE) 1880oct04 SPENCER Mary (Benjamin SPENCER/Fanny SLACK) 1890dec27 SPENCER Mary (Frederick MOSLEY/Matilda GREATOREX) 1897jun07 SPENCER Mary (Wilfred Compton HORLICK/Elizabeth Hannah SPENCER) 1897dec25 SPENCER Mary (William SPENCER/Mary Elizabeth ALLEN) 1863may28 SPENCER Mary Ann (Joseph BUCKLEY/Jemima SPENCER) 1896may25 SPENCER Mary Ann (Charles John HAMES/Jane SPENCER) 1869feb08 SPENCER Millicent (William LAND/Elizabeth Hanh SPENCER) 1873may06 SPENCER Nehemiah (John MITCHELL/Lydia MART) 1786oct26 SPENCER Peter (Francis SPENCER/Elizabeth HAWLEY) 1815dec21 SPENCER Peter (Reuben SPENCER/Ann BATEMAN) 1834nov20 SPENCER Pheby (George SYKES/Hannah GOODALL) 1817apr10 SPENCER Philip (Samuel WALKER/Ann MILBOURN) 1806nov16 SPENCER Rebecca (John HARLAND/Catharine WHEATCROFT) 1878aug15 SPENCER Rebecca M (William NUTTALL/Elizabeth Ellt SPENCER) 1792sep10 SPENCER Reuben (John HALL/Ann GOODALL) 1799aug01 SPENCER Reuben (Robert GOODALL/Ann KILLER) 1802dec30 SPENCER Reuben (Gilbert GOODALL/Ann BLACKWALL) 1815may25 SPENCER Reuben (John BROOKS/Hannah SPENCER) 1858jan21 SPENCER Reuben (Robert ADAMS/Ruth KILLER) 1862jun23 SPENCER Reuben (Samuel SPENCER/Martha BUCKLEY) 1892feb23 SPENCER Reuben (Joseph Moss WATERALL/Rebecca Mary SPENCER) 1756nov01 SPENCER Richard (Jeptha LEES/Sarah CALDWELL) 1825oct26 SPENCER Richard (Thomas NEWTON/Ann SPENCER) 1829sep14 SPENCER Richard (George SPENCER/Hannah TAYLOR) 1832may02 SPENCER Richard (William BUTLER/Ann SPENCER) 1843apr12 SPENCER Richard (John CHEVIN/Sarah SPENCER) 1847sep16 SPENCER Richard (Anthony SPENCER/Sarah BUCKLEY) 1848feb17 SPENCER Richard (Joseph GREATOREX/Mary SPENCER) 1855mar28 SPENCER Richard (William TAYLOR/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1757jul21 SPENCER Robert (John JONES/Ellen WIGLEY) 1759feb01 SPENCER Robert (John STEEPLE/Ellin SPENCER) 1761mar26 SPENCER Robert (Daniel SPENCER/Ann STORER) 1769aug28 SPENCER Robert (Richard SPENCER/Mary OSBORN) 1772nov05 SPENCER Robert (John DALE/Ann POTTER) 1774jul21 SPENCER Robert (Anthony GODBEHERE/Hannah WATSON) 1782sep18 SPENCER Robert (George BRANT/Ann CARLISLE) 1782dec30 SPENCER Robert (Jacob CARLISLE/Hannah TAYLOR) 1783jan27 SPENCER Robert (John BROOKES/Mary ALSOP) 1789jan05 SPENCER Robert (Reuben SPENCER/Mary GOODALL) 1789jan05 SPENCER Robert (Thomas DOXEY/Ann HIGTON) 1789jan19 SPENCER Robert (Daniel SPENCER/Ann WRAGG) 1794dec03 SPENCER Robert (Samuel BUCKLEY/Ann HUGHS) 1806sep24 SPENCER Robert (George SPENCER/Mary LANT) 1807feb12 SPENCER Robert (Joshua BURTON/Mary LOMAS) 1807feb12 SPENCER Robert (Anthony HIGTON/Martha ANDREW) 1814jan17 SPENCER Robert (William ABBOTT/Sophia WEBSTER) 1828jul14 SPENCER Robert (James CHARLESWORTH/Ann SPENCER) 1879jul07 SPENCER Robert (George SWINDELL/Esther SPENCER) 1899jul03 SPENCER Robert (Anthony DOXEY/Frances Mary GRATTON) 1814may05 SPENCER Ruben (John DOXEY/Martha SPENCER) 1833sep18 SPENCER Ruben (Joseph WALKER/Mabel SPENCER) 1889aug20 SPENCER Ruth (Thomas BROOKS/Mary Elizabeth POTTER) 1844jul21 SPENCER Salome (James ROSE/Mary SMITH) 1817jun24 SPENCER Samuel (Thomas SPENCER/Elizabeth SIMS) 1820jul24 SPENCER Samuel (David GRATTON/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1824nov08 SPENCER Samuel (Richard WILDGOOSE/Jane PIDCOCK) 1824nov08 SPENCER Samuel (John DAKIN/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1835jul23 SPENCER Samuel (Job SPENCER/Charlotte TAYLOR) 1862jun12 SPENCER Samuel (James HODGKINSON/Hannah SLACK) 1869dec20 SPENCER Samuel (Benjamin SLALEY/Ann TURNER) 1871jun14 SPENCER Samuel (Henry SPENCER/Agnes AUSTIN) 1872apr08 SPENCER Samuel (William SPENCER/Emma BRADLEY) 1879apr24 SPENCER Samuel (Francis SPENCER/Esther Susannh OLIVER) 1880oct04 SPENCER Samuel (Benjamin SPENCER/Fanny SLACK) 1889jan29 SPENCER Samuel (Joseph SPENCER/Ruth Adams POTTER) 1891oct01 SPENCER Samuel (John SPENCER/Sarah Ann BARKER) 1894dec08 SPENCER Samuel (William SPENCER/Lucy Ann STEEPLES) 1895sep17 SPENCER Samuel (James Henry BOTHAM/Elizabeth Ann SPENCER) 1898jul28 SPENCER Samuel (John Thomas TYM/Mary BRACE) 1800jul14 SPENCER Sarah (Anthony TURNER/Sarah LOCKALL) 1815oct02 SPENCER Sarah (William SEEDS/Mary BAMFORD) 1821jan11 SPENCER Sarah (Anthony SPENCER/Sarah HAWLEY) 1828dec25 SPENCER Sarah (Samuel BUCKLEY/Hannah SPENCER) 1829dec25 SPENCER Sarah (John WEBSTER/Mary RAINS) 1835jun11 SPENCER Sarah (William BUCKLEY/Mary HALL) 1836sep17 SPENCER Sarah (John ROLLEY/Mary BROOKS) 1849jan25 SPENCER Sarah (John SPENCER/Sarah BROOKS) 1852apr02 SPENCER Sarah (James RAINS/Hannah HENSTOCK) 1853may04 SPENCER Sarah (John BOWMER/Mary FERN) 1855mar28 SPENCER Sarah (William TAYLOR/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1858oct18 SPENCER Sarah (John KNOWLES/Harriet HANDLEY) 1859nov14 SPENCER Sarah (Benjamin CLAYTON/Elizabeth CLAYTON) 1862apr07 SPENCER Sarah (John SPENCER/Hannah SLACK) 1872sep11 SPENCER Sarah (George henry HODGKINSON/Millesent SPENCER) 1873jun23 SPENCER Sarah (Joseph SPENCER/Ann BROOKS) 1873sep17 SPENCER Sarah (Francis GRATTON/Hannah SPENCER) 1876dec03 SPENCER Sarah (Job SLACK/Annie STORER) 1896may06 SPENCER Sarah (John George WILSON/Harriet JOHNSON) 1870mar14 SPENCER Sarah Ann (George PEARSON/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1888jul21 SPENCER Sarah Ann (John Henry SPENCER/Phoebe Ellen PEARSON) 1896nov15 SPENCER Sarah Ann (John FLINT/Louisa ELSE) 1897mar28 SPENCER Sarah Ann (Benjamin Greatorex SPENCER/Louisa Annie PEARSON) 1876feb15 SPENCER Sarah Jane (George MUSGRAVE/Mary SPENCER) 1860sep09 SPENCER Sarah ann (Josiah RADFORD/Maria PEARSON) 1781nov15 SPENCER Simeon (Maurice HALL/Mary WOOD) 1787sep10 SPENCER Simeon (Richard ORME/Hannah ORWIN) 1790mar11 SPENCER Simeon (Isaac DOXEY/Martha ELLIS) 1792may30 SPENCER Simeon (John BIRCH/Elizabeth BOAM) 1792may30 SPENCER Simeon (Thomas ELSE/Mary HALLAM) 1819sep16 SPENCER Simeon (Joseph WARDMAN/Ann TINSLEY) 1855apr16 SPENCER Simeon (John WHEELDON/Lydia SPENCER) 1860nov15 SPENCER Simeon (Matthew LEA/Emma SPENCER) 1861dec25 SPENCER Simeon (William SLACK/Alice SPENCER) 1863may28 SPENCER Simeon (Joseph BUCKLEY/Jemima SPENCER) 1866may21 SPENCER Simeon (John BODEN/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1868jun04 SPENCER Simeon (Thomas POUNDALL/Mary Ann SPENCER) 1871aug24 SPENCER Simeon (Joshua SPENCER/Jane GREATOREX) 1757jul26 SPENCER Thomas (John THACKER/Catherine SOMERS) 1764oct25 SPENCER Thomas (George SOUTER/Ann SWAN) 1809dec11 SPENCER Thomas (George SLATER/Grace GAMBLE) 1810jun25 SPENCER Thomas (George BESTWICK/Hannah SPENCER) 1810aug30 SPENCER Thomas (James SPENCER/Elizabeth BAMFORD) 1811may13 SPENCER Thomas (Peter WRAGG/Dorothy SLACK) 1812nov25 SPENCER Thomas (William WALKER/Elizabeth SMITH) 1817apr10 SPENCER Thomas (Samuel WALKER/Ann MILBOURN) 1817apr10 SPENCER Thomas (Philip SPENCER/Martha SPENCER) 1818apr06 SPENCER Thomas (Samuel JOHNSON/Mary BUXTON) 1819oct20 SPENCER Thomas (William FERN/Sarah LANE) 1822oct04 SPENCER Thomas (Henry ALLSOP/Hannah PRICE) 1826aug07 SPENCER Thomas (Matthew TURNER/Mary WALKER) 1826oct16 SPENCER Thomas (Richard JACKSON/Sarah BULLOCK) 1829mar09 SPENCER Thomas (John SIMS/Hannah STAFFORD) 1830dec01 SPENCER Thomas (John BUTLER/Charlotte HARPER) 1844dec25 SPENCER Thomas (William WILD/Elizabeth MEE) 1844dec31 SPENCER Thomas (James SPENCER/Hannah SPENCER) 1851sep11 SPENCER Thomas (John DOXEY/Sarah WILD) 1854sep11 SPENCER Thomas (George SALT/Harriet KEELING) 1859nov14 SPENCER Thomas (Benjamin CLAYTON/Elizabeth CLAYTON) 1874jan21 SPENCER Thomas (Charles KNOWLES/Harriet SPENCER) 1876jan27 SPENCER Thomas (Job WALKER/Hannah SPENCER) 1884aug28 SPENCER Thomas (Samuel WOODIWIS/Emily Elizabeth ELCE) 1759dec18 SPENCER William (John MARPLE/Mary BANKS) 1762jun24 SPENCER William (John CADMAN/Jane SPENCER) 1826oct19 SPENCER William (Thomas SPENCER/Sarah NASH) 1828sep17 SPENCER William (Thomas DOXEY/Sarah SPENCER) 1842dec28 SPENCER William (George BROCKLEHURST/Martha SPENCER) 1847nov17 SPENCER William (Henry BENNET/Rebecca SPENCER) 1848oct23 SPENCER William (Joseph HOLMES/Sarah BRADLEY) 1853feb13 SPENCER William (George SPENCER/Mary ALLSOP) 1854jun27 SPENCER William (Gamaliel HALL/Sarah HALL) 1855oct08 SPENCER William (Herbert KNOWLES/Ellen SMITH) 1857dec22 SPENCER William (William JONES/Mary SPENCER) 1862jun11 SPENCER William (Job ADAMS/Mary Jane SPENCER) 1890aug18 SPENCER William S (Charles William CASTERTON/Annie Lucy WRAGG) 1796jun02 SPENCER JU Isaac (Job ASHOVER/Alice BROOKES) 1776aug22 SPENDLOVE George (Thomas GREATOREX/Ann WAYN) 1856dec15 SPENDLOVE Job (John HAYNES/Mary WINSON) 1821oct17 SPENDLOVE John (Joseph BOWMER/Elizabeth CONWAY) 1884jul14 SPENDLOVE Thomas (Charles FEARN/Elizabeth Alice KINDER) 1835sep17 SPENSER Elisabeth (Job SPENCER/Sarah ABBOTT) 1850aug12 SPENSER Elizabeth (William DOXEY/Agnes SMITH) 1841jan07 SPENSER Sarah (Joseph POYSER/Anne FROST) 1850aug12 SPENSER William (William DOXEY/Agnes SMITH) 1813nov17 SPICER John (George CORDEUX/Mary Ann SPICER) 1857aug24 SPRAY Edward (William TAYLOR/Elizabeth GARRETT) 1892sep03 SPRAY Hannah (Edwin HOLGATE/Mary Ann SPRAY) 1866sep15 SPRAY John (William SPRAY/Dolly DOXEY) 1857aug24 SPRAY Mary ann (William TAYLOR/Elizabeth GARRETT) 1883apr23 SPRAY Sarah (William SPENCER/Hannah BROOKS) 1892sep03 SPRAY William (Edwin HOLGATE/Mary Ann SPRAY) 1860oct14 SPRINGTHORPE Alfred (Job KING/Ann jane HARDY)

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.