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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Witnesses 1754-1899

12,140 Witnesses to Marriages found in Wirksworth and Middleton Parish Registers 1754-1899. Other details can be found in the Parish Register section.

  • Witnesses were not recorded in marriages before 1754.
  • Witnesses were usually relatives or close friends of the Bride or Groom.
  • There were usually two witnesses for each marriage, rarely 3 or 4.
  • A signature proves a witness was still alive in the absence of other records.
  • The period of operation of a witness can be useful.
  • The witness himself was sometimes getting married the same day.
  • For long periods few women were witnesses.
  • Witnesses with the same name may be distinguished by comparing handwriting.
  • Surnames in signatures can be particularly difficult to decipher.
  • There were professional witnesses, who often worked in pairs.
  • An illiterate witness had his name written for him.
  • Semi-literate witnesses wrote carefully and accurately.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.

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Return to Top 1865aug22 STAFFORD Ann (William JOHNSON/Sarah STAFFORD) 1837dec28 STAFFORD Anne (James THOMPSON/Elizabeth WARDMAN) 1801jan01 STAFFORD Deborah (Joseph MASKREY/Mary STAFFORD) 1828mar24 STAFFORD Deborah (Stephen STEEPLES/Patience STAFFORD) 1848jul24 STAFFORD Francis (William BROOMHEAD/Harriet HOLMES) 1853jul07 STAFFORD George (Samuel SMITH/Mary ann BULLOCK) 1838feb26 STAFFORD Hanah (Thomas ALSOP/Sarah RENSHAW) 1804may31 STAFFORD Hannah (Samuel SHARPE/Ellin BAINBRIDGE) 1890aug22 STAFFORD Hannah (James William AUSTIN/Mary Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1837dec28 STAFFORD Isaac? (James THOMPSON/Elizabeth WARDMAN) 1823may19 STAFFORD Jacob (James TAYLOR/Dorothy ALLSOP) 1762aug27 STAFFORD James (Samuel WRAGG/Mary BOWDEN) 1843apr03 STAFFORD James (Joseph MASKREY/Sarah DUFFIELD) 1853may22 STAFFORD John (George STAFFORD/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1864feb21 STAFFORD John (Joseph STAFFORD/Mary ann TAYLOR) 1890jun29 STAFFORD John Edw (Francis BYARD/Thirza Ann STAFFORD) 1851jun05 STAFFORD Josiah (John FORD/Lydia BOTHAM) 1830apr05 STAFFORD Mary (Robert W STAFFORD/Hannah RENSHAW) 1887jun08 STAFFORD Mary Elln (Charles BATES/Lucy FLINT) 1818apr18 STAFFORD Sarah (James OSBORNE/Jane M SMEDLEY) 1792jun04 STAFFORD Thomas (William SHELLEY/Sarah PARKER) 1830apr12 STAFFORD Thomas (William HOLMES/Dorothy PEAT) 1840mar31 STAFORD Francis (Anthony WARDMAN/Mary STEAR) 1806jan26 STALEY Benjamin (Robert THOMPSON/Martha MELLOR) 1864jul06 STALEY Benjamin (Samuel SPENCER/Mary Ann STALEY) 1877nov15 STALEY Benjamin (William BODEN/Elizabeth STALEY) 1890dec25 STALEY Benjamin (James BRACE/Emma SPENCER) 1835apr20 STALEY John (Moses KIDD/Mary Ann BUXTON) 1835aug02 STALEY John (Joseph BOOT/Jane GRANT) 1888dec24 STALEY Mary (George DAKIN/Sarah Ann SPENCER) 1835sep15 STALEY Nathan (John STALEY/Elisabeth BUXTON) 1837nov27 STALEY Nathaniel (Charles HOROBIN/Mary BRITLAND) 1838oct29 STALEY Nathaniel (Edwin WILDGOOSE/Sarah BRITLAND) 1866oct11 STALEY Nathaniel (William MUSGRAVE/Mary STALEY) 1805dec02 STALEY Paul (William BRITLAND/Ann STAYLEY) 1832mar07 STALEY Ruth (Anthony STALEY/Anne STALEY) 1802apr05 STALEY Thomas (Thomas JERVIS/Martha MART) 1806jan26 STALEY William (Robert THOMPSON/Martha MELLOR) 1806jan26 STALEY William (Benjamin STALEY/Mary SPENCER) 1810may10 STALEY William (Isaac SPENCER/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1764oct03 STANDALL Benjamin (John TOMLINSON/Mary HODGKINSON) 1765oct17 STANDALL Benjamin (Edward LYMN/Ruth STORER) 1767sep21 STANDALL Benjamin (Anthony BUXTON/Mary GELL) 1769sep16 STANDALL Benjamin (Anthony WESTON/Ann BRITLAND) 1787jan22 STANDALL John (John BURBARY/Martha ROOSE) 1766sep17 STANLEY John (Thomas BLUNT/Ruth ROWSE) 1863dec14 STANLEY John (George GOODALL/Lucy RAINS) 1791sep15 STANLEY Joseph (James GRATTON/Mary WATERHOUSE) 1875jul13 STANSFELD Frances e (John b e STANSFELD/Agnes mary BARRINGER) 1897sep15 STANWICK Annie (John Mitchell GOULD/Katie STANWICK) 1836sep12 STAPLES Elizabeth (John DEAN/Ellen TOMLINSON) 1830sep05 STAPLETON Ellen (John STAPLETON/Eliza TIMPERLEY) 1832sep14 STATHAM Abraham (George WOOLEY/Harriett H ALTON) 1835jun11 STATHAM Alice (John BROUGH/Ann MELLOW) 1837mar26 STATHAM Alice (David SHELDON/Elizabeth KNOWLES) 1802aug24 STATHAM Isaac (William STATHEM/Mary MOUNTNEY) 1802aug24 STATHAM Mary (William STATHEM/Mary MOUNTNEY) 1833oct14 STATHAM Sarah (Samuel WALTON/Bethia WRIGHT) 1817jun30 STAVELY John (James STONE/Hannah STAFFORD) 1823jun12 STEAR Elizabeth (John SPENCER/Sarah WALL) 1764apr03 STEAR James (Thomas BAINBRIGG/Elizabeth LONGDEN) 1766apr23 STEAR James (William PEARSON/Hannah FROST) 1816jan08 STEAR Robert (Thomas STEER/Sarah HAWLEY) 1768jan03 STEAR Thomas (George POYZAR/Sarah BURTON) 1769apr10 STEAR Thomas (Samuel POYZAR/Hannah NORTH) 1781jun07 STEAR Thomas (Samuel KIRK/Ann SMITH) 1825may05 STEAR Thomas (Joshua WALL/Alice HEATHCOTE) 1759feb12 STEARE Robert (George AUSTIN/Mary WALKER) 1759may23 STEARE Robert (John CALDWELL/Hannah RAINS) 1765jun25 STEARLAND John (Robert BLACKSTON/Elizabeth BRADDOCK) 1854dec27 STEEPLE Anne (Robert BATEMAN/Mary BOAM) 1756nov01 STEEPLE John (Jeptha LEES/Sarah CALDWELL) 1769aug28 STEEPLE John (Richard SPENCER/Mary OSBORN) 1860jun10 STEEPLES Ann (John BURTON/Elizabeth STEEPLES) 1872dec31 STEEPLES Ann (Samuel POTTER/Eliza STEEPLES) 1873aug18 STEEPLES Ann (George MASKREY/Mary STEEPLES) 1822mar13 STEEPLES Dorothy (John HALL/Sarah DEAN) 1841dec31 STEEPLES Elizabeth (Samuel CHEETHAM/Thirza STEEPLES) 1899jan11 STEEPLES Fanny (William STEEPLES/Annie Elizabeth SEALS) 1862dec07 STEEPLES Hannah (Samuel STEEPLES/Mary HORDERN) 1875apr26 STEEPLES Hannah (Daniel GELL/Alice ELSE) 1847may10 STEEPLES Harriet (William BYARD/Millicent CANTRELL) 1850jun09 STEEPLES Harriet (Thomas GAMBLE/Mary TROWELL) 1850sep16 STEEPLES James (John HALL/Sarah STEEPLES) 1862dec07 STEEPLES James (Samuel STEEPLES/Mary HORDERN) 1873aug18 STEEPLES James (George MASKREY/Mary STEEPLES) 1840mar18 STEEPLES Jane (Richard SMITH/Hannah STAFFORD) 1817aug12 STEEPLES John (Gervas ASHMORE/Hannah STEEPLES) 1880dec25 STEEPLES Lucy (Robert LOWE/Maria HAYNES) 1864apr18 STEEPLES Mary (Joseph JOHNSON/Bessy POWELL) 1840nov08 STEEPLES Thirsey (David BRATBY/Jane STEEPLES) 1792aug15 STEEPLES Thomas (George STEEPLE/Ann WINT) 1832nov19 STEEPLES Thomas (Thomas MELBOURN/Fanny SWAIN) 1853feb06 STEEPLES Thomas (James STEEPLES/Maria MELBOURN) 1828mar24 STEEPLES Timothy (Stephen STEEPLES/Patience STAFFORD) 1850jun09 STEEPLES William (Thomas GAMBLE/Mary TROWELL) 1770jul13 STEER Robert (John ANDREWS/Ellen WRAGG) 1775feb08 STEER Robert (Thomas WHEELDON/Sarah GARRET) 1787apr09 STENDALL Benjamin (Joseph TRUEMAN/Lydia PEARSON) 1779dec21 STEVENSON Dorothy (Benjamin GREEN/Mary WILSON) 1816may27 STEVENSON Edward (Thomas BEESON/Hannah BUXTON) 1818may11 STEVENSON Edward (Richard BUXTON/Mary JONES) 1845jul29 STEVENSON Ellen (Edward MELLER/Elizabeth S ASHMORE) 1857sep01 STEVENSON Mary chadwick (Mark napoleon ELLIOTT/Alice BOWN) 1888dec26 STEVENSON Thomas (Joshua OLDFIELD/Alice GRIX) 1895jan28 STEVENSON William (Charles William KNIGHT/Mary Anne MASKREY) 1837oct15 STICKLES Prudence (Samuel MELBURN/Maria THOMPSON) 1883nov19 STINSON Mary Ann (Jonathan STINSON/Martha Annie BROCKLEHURST) 1874nov02 STIRLAND Ellen (Thomas SMITH/Mary odgers JAMES) 1884dec31 STONE Edwin (William STONE/Hannah GRIX) 1864nov07 STONE Emma (Peter KIDDY/Sarah STONE) 1767oct05 STONE James (William LOMAS/Hannah COATES) 1773feb02 STONE James (George VALLANS/Sarah WALKER) 1765sep16 STONE Joseph (Samuel WALL/Jane WOODIWISS) 1775dec18 STONE Joseph (James NEWBAY/Phoebe STREET) 1874jan31 STONE Joseph (Richard RICHARDSON/Martha STERLAND) 1875nov11 STONE Joseph (Thomas BOWLER/Hannah LONGDEN) 1774jul31 STONE Mark (James STOCKPORT/Martha GELL) 1775mar18 STONE Mark (William SMITH/Elizabeth DUFFIELD) 1775sep22 STONE Mark (John ALLEN/Ann HIGGIT) 1783dec08 STONE Mark (Thomas WATTS/Milicent BROOKE) 1808nov17 STONE Mark (Joshua GRATTON/Hannah FLINT) 1808nov17 STONE Mark (William DEAVILL/Ann STONE) 1842mar11 STONE Matthew (John BOAM/Mary BROWN) 1874jan31 STONE Me (Richard RICHARDSON/Martha STERLAND) 1857may04 STONE Rebecca (Robert STONE/Mary MORLEY) 1856may12 STONE Robert (Thomas STONE/Elizabeth GRATTON) 1781may04 STONE Samuel (Richard OXLEY/Jane PEAL) 1810nov05 STONE Sarah (William PEARSON/Sarah WORSLOW) 1811feb25 STONE Sarah (William PORSGLOVE/Rachel STONE) 1857may04 STONE Thomas (Robert STONE/Mary MORLEY) 1759apr16 STONE William (William LEE/Patience WALLVIN) 1783apr24 STONE William (William STREET/Lydia WRAGG) 1819dec20 STONE William (Joseph FROST/Fanny HIGTON) 1765sep16 STONES Michael (Samuel WALL/Jane WOODIWISS) 1765sep18 STONIER Richard (William ROSE/Mary MARPLE) 1804feb25 STORAR William (Adam ELLISON/Ann VAUTON) 1898nov16 STORER Agnes (Joseph BOTHAM/Ellen STORER) 1825sep14 STORER Alice (Samuel DAWSON/Ann SMITH) 1828sep18 STORER Alice (Jonathan BLACKHAM/Ann STORER) 1846nov08 STORER Ann (Samuel MOUNTNEY/Ann SWINSCOE) 1843mar13 STORER Clarice? (Richard ROBINSON/Hannah STORER) 1834nov03 STORER Edward (John STORER/Lydia HOLMES) 1823jan23 STORER Elizabeth (John WRAGG/Mary STORER) 1850feb11 STORER Elizabeth (George SPENSER/Ellen STORER) 1889dec26 STORER Ellen (George William JOHNSON/Louisa STORER) 1898nov16 STORER Ernest (Joseph BOTHAM/Ellen STORER) 1793sep16 STORER Garman (William FOX/Ann STORER) 1858jul05 STORER George (Aaron STORER/Grace elizabth ALLSOP) 1803feb22 STORER German (George STONE/Ann STORER) 1807jan04 STORER German (David LEWERS/Mary DERBYSHIRE) 1808feb29 STORER German (Joseph FENDALL/Mary LEVERS) 1808feb29 STORER German (Samuel WINT/Ann HALL) 1808jun27 STORER German (George PEARSON/Jemima STORER) 1809sep11 STORER German (John GRATTON/Elizabeth STORER) 1823aug05 STORER German (Peter COOPER/Sarah STORER) 1829jun08 STORER German (Nathaniel WATERS/Ann STORER) 1827jul08 STORER Henry (Joseph YEOMANS/Sarah BERKIN) 1823jan23 STORER Holehouse (John WRAGG/Mary STORER) 1835sep16 STORER Holehouse (Benjamin SPENCER/Alice BROOKS) 1850feb11 STORER Holehouse (George SPENSER/Ellen STORER) 1857apr13 STORER Holehouse (George GORE/Elizabeth STORER) 1826aug14 STORER John (John ALLEN/Jane GRATTON) 1835sep20 STORER John (Samuel BURGOINE/Mary TOPLIS) 1846jul27 STORER John (William STORER/Elizabeth BROCKLEHURST) 1807dec14 STORER Jonathan (John WOOD/Dorothy BACON) 1786apr03 STORER Joseph (Jonathan ALLEN/Elizabeth WAGSTAFF) 1788dec08 STORER Joseph (George SWINSON/Ann DAVIES) 1885dec25 STORER Louisa (John BUNTING/Mary Ann STORER) 1835sep20 STORER Lydia (Samuel BURGOINE/Mary TOPLIS) 1825oct29 STORER Mary (James POTTER/Jane FRITH) 1885dec02 STORER Mary (Joshua HALL/Elizabeth Ann STORER) 1863oct28 STORER Moses (George STORER/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1885dec02 STORER Moses (Joshua HALL/Elizabeth Ann STORER) 1858jan20 STORER Richard (Gamaliel HALL/Elizabeth BROWN) 1889dec26 STORER Richard (George William JOHNSON/Louisa STORER) 1823aug05 STORER Samuel (Peter COOPER/Sarah STORER) 1836apr25 STORER Sarah (Ralph WORTHINGTON/Ann SHELDON) 1835apr27 STORER Thomas (William TATTERSHAW/Ann STORER) 1802dec20 STORER William (Jonathan HENDLEY/Ann TARRAND) 1806feb02 STORER William (James SMITH/Elizabeth STORER) 1806dec25 STORER William (Edward SWIFT/Martha BIRCH) 1811jan01 STORER William (James TWIGG/Elizabeth NALL) 1825sep14 STORER William (Samuel DAWSON/Ann SMITH) 1807dec10 STREE Joshua (John SHAW/Dorothy ALSOP) 1836nov24 STREET Andrew (John ALLEN/Ann TAYLOR) 1810apr23 STREET Ann (John ALSOP/Elizabeth ALSOP) 1816jun01 STREET Ann (Henry STRAW/Hannah BLACKTON) 1823apr28 STREET Ann (William STREET/Hannah COLLEDGE) 1833sep23 STREET Ann (Charles WALKER/Lydia STREET) 1802nov25 STREET Benjamin (William SIMS/Dorothy ALLEN) 1815may18 STREET Benjamin (George BUCKLEY/Martha STREET) 1823apr24 STREET Benjamin (Anthony RENSHAW/Sarah ANDREW) 1826mar28 STREET Benjamin (Azariah PIDCOCK/Ann EATON) 1835sep16 STREET Benjamin (Joseph STREET/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1836aug03 STREET Benjamin (Samuel TAYLOR/Sarah STEVENSON) 1840apr29 STREET Benjamin (Henry BUXTON/Sarah STREET) 1841may13 STREET Benjamin (Thomas GREATOREX/Mary Jane PEARSON) 1848jul20 STREET Benjamin (Henry WALKER/Ann GREATORIX) 1850may15 STREET Benjamin (George BROCKLEHURST/Sarah RIDE) 1813jan08 STREET Elizabeth (George SMITH/Ann STREET) 1831sep12 STREET Elizabeth (Henry CLAY/Martha STREET) 1843sep18 STREET Elizabeth (Thomas SWINDALL/Catherine TAYLOR) 1811may09 STREET George (Samuel STREET/Sarah HALL) 1824jan19 STREET George (Thomas MERCHANT/Elizabeth BAINBRIDGE) 1827apr12 STREET George (George HARDY/Lydia BUXTON) 1833nov04 STREET Hannah (Samuel STREET/Hannah ALLEN) 1767nov11 STREET John (Samuel STRIGHT/Ellin WALKER) 1783jan09 STREET John (George ROOSE/Martha WOODROUGH) 1788jun30 STREET John (Samuel BLACKTON/Martha MILLWARD) 1788sep22 STREET John (William ASHTON/Mary WIGLEY) 1789may04 STREET John (Samuel SALT/Jane COOPER) 1789sep08 STREET John (George LAND/Betty HOADES) 1790apr08 STREET John (James ARMSTRONG/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1791mar24 STREET John (John RIDGARD/Phebe HANSON) 1792may20 STREET John (Benjamin ALLEN/Frances ROWLAND) 1792dec25 STREET John (Joseph BRADLEY/Mary CARLISLE) 1793feb28 STREET John (Nehemiah KNIVETON/Mary KNIVETON) 1793aug18 STREET John (William CARMAN/Hannah WORTHY) 1794mar16 STREET John (Joseph TAYLOR/Ann TAYLOR) 1794mar31 STREET John (John SIMPSON/Sarah BULLOCK) 1794may12 STREET John (George WILLIS/Hannah COOPER) 1794may12 STREET John (John HOLEHOUSE/Ann SPENCER) 1794jun30 STREET John (Thomas BLUNT/Martha BRAILSFORD) 1794sep02 STREET John (George WHITE/Martha MELLOR) 1794sep14 STREET John (William BRITLAND/Elizabeth HARRISON) 1794nov03 STREET John (Samuel NEWBELL/Mary VICARS) 1794dec11 STREET John (John ROOSE/Hannah ALLEN) 1794dec25 STREET John (John S REEDS/Rebecca ALLEN) 1795apr29 STREET John (John WALKER/Elizabeth HARRISON) 1795jul05 STREET John (Thomas HOALDING/Sarah HEROD) 1798sep10 STREET John (Thomas ELSE/Mary ROPER) 1798sep11 STREET John (Joseph GREENHOUGH/Martha ROWLAND) 1808sep29 STREET John (Mark FLINT/Nanny ALLEN) 1821dec24 STREET John (John HUSE/Mary SMITH) 1821dec24 STREET John (William WHEATCROFT/Ann STREET) 1811sep16 STREET Joshu (Richard TURNER/Martha CLARKE) 1755oct09 STREET Joshua (Thomas STUBS/Lydia STREET) 1760jun24 STREET Joshua (Henry STREET/Elizabeth FLINT) 1778feb23 STREET Joshua (William POTTER/Mary FROST) 1779apr19 STREET Joshua (Daniel ROPER/Martha GREGORY) 1805sep19 STREET Joshua (Benjamin STREET/Sarah MERS) 1819sep14 STREET Joshua (John FIDLER/Mary KINDER) 1823jun12 STREET Joshua (Gemaliel HALL/Sarah OGDON) 1833dec16 STREET Joshua (Elijah WEST/Letitia FLINT) 1804sep24 STREET Lydia (George STREET/Sarah BRITLAND) 1838oct01 STREET Lydia (Ambrose BLACKHAM/Harriet STREET) 1848aug21 STREET Lydia (George BRADLEY/Sarah VALLANCE) 1828dec07 STREET Martha (Joseph FLINT/Rachel STREET) 1870jun20 STREET Mary (Thomas JACKSON/Mary LOMAS) 1819oct25 STREET Phebe (Timothy GREATOREX/Hannah CROOK) 1839apr03 STREET Phebe Ellen (Francis BOWMER/Sarah REDFERN) 1822nov19 STREET Samuel (John HEAP/Lydia GELL) 1823sep22 STREET Samuel (James TAYLOR/Dorothy STREET) 1832sep13 STREET Samuel (Aaron DOXEY/Mary SPENCER) 1847nov22 STREET Samuel (William ALTON/Lydia TAYLOR) 1809oct12 STREET Sarah (Joshua STREET/Ann ALLSOP) 1823sep22 STREET Sarah (James TAYLOR/Dorothy STREET) 1825aug07 STREET Sarah (William WIGLEY/Elizabeth ORRAGE) 1837may16 STREET Sarah (Edward SWINSCOE/Mary POTTER) 1848jul27 STREET Sarah (George STREET/Martha ALLEN) 1851jan15 STREET Sarah (Joseph OGDON/Mary BRIDDON) 1779oct21 STREET William (Thomas MARSH/Hannah STREET) 1781oct22 STREET William (Job HIGTON/Mary BUXTON) 1782sep02 STREET William (Anthony SWIFT/Mary ALLIN) 1789feb23 STREET William (Joseph WAIN/Ann STREET) 1806dec25 STREET William (Edward SWIFT/Martha BIRCH) 1825aug04 STREET William (Thomas BRADBURY/Elizabeth STREET) 1828sep04 STREET William (Samuel ALLEN/Hannah MASKREY) 1833sep23 STREET William (Charles WALKER/Lydia STREET) 1851may27 STREET William (Walter ROSEWARNE/Asinath STREET) 1771mar20 STRELLEY Robert (Francis HARDING/Sarah DICKENS) 1772dec18 STRELLEY Robert (William JEBSON/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1771aug05 STRETTON Chris (Samuel SIMS/Ellen LONGDON) 1876jun01 STRINGER Hannah mary (John ALLEN/Grace KILLER) 1850may21 STRINGFELLOW Richard (William DAVENPORT/Mary ann LAMBERT) 1803may12 STRONG Ann (Gilbert KNIVETON/Elizabeth ANNABLE) 1854jun07 STROYAN Isaac? (John STROYAN/Esther GOODWIN) 1854jun07 STROYAN James (John STROYAN/Esther GOODWIN) 1789sep15 STRUTT John (Nathaniel HILL/Dorothy SMEDLEY) 1776feb28 STUB John (Thomas PERKINS/Hannah BUXTON) 1777apr16 STUB John (Peter GELL/Hannah MACHIN) 1870aug24 STUBBS Arthur (John hornsey CASSON/Isabella hrrt GOODWIN) 1756sep14 STUBBS Edward (William STUBS/Lydia WRAGG) 1761apr30 STUBBS Edward (John WRAGG/Phillis KIRKBY) 1807sep21 STUBBS Francis (John JOHNSON/Hannah WILKINSON) 1794jul03 STUBBS Hannah (Thomas CLAY/Sarah HILL) 1764sep10 STUBBS John (Isaiah ABBOT/Mary WOOLLEY) 1765sep25 STUBBS John (Benjamin BURTON/Elisabeth MATHER) 1780jan05 STUBBS John (Joseph REDFERN/Lydia STUBBS) 1781dec31 STUBBS John (Joab BATEMAN/Ann SPENCER) 1790jul08 STUBBS John (Simeon SPENCER/Cassia SUMMERS) 1790sep15 STUBBS John (John OGDON/Sarah GIBBONS) 1795apr09 STUBBS John (Daniel SLACK/Ellenor COLLINSON) 1795may25 STUBBS John (James ALLEN/Mary ALLEN) 1796jan11 STUBBS John (John COLLEDGE/Hannah JEBSON) 1866nov14 STUBBS Maryann (William PHILLIPS/Sarah JUDGE) 1755jan01 STUBBS Thomas (Thomas ROGER/Mary BLOUNT) 1786apr16 STUBBS Thomas (William STUBBS/Elizabeth BRITAIN) 1788sep11 STUBBS William (John ROOSE/Catharine TAYLOR) 1760nov23 STUBS John (John DAFFIN/Sarah HAWLEY) 1849oct25 STURRIS Joseph (John STEPHENSON/Mary WALTON) 1800jul08 SUMMERFIELD Thomas (Robert LOWE/Mary BRIDDON) 1882jun09 SURTEES Eliza (Charles SURTEES/Mary DAKIN) 1865jun06 SUTTON William (John BRITLAND/Mary BRITLAND) 1867may04 SUTTON William (George EATON/Louisa HARRISON) 1822dec25 SWAIN Ann (John CORDIN/Mary MASKREY) 1826aug31 SWAIN Ann (Joseph MASKREY/Mary CORDEN) 1804apr18 SWAIN Samuel (Edward LUDLAM/Mary GRATTON) 1805apr03 SWAIN Samuel (Thomas COOPER/Rebecca SWAIN) 1774sep15 SWAIN William (George WRAGG/Ann STAFFORD) 1810jan25 SWAIN William (Jacob SLACK/Mary BROUGH) 1809feb06 SWEETING John (John BINKLEY/Hannah SWEETING) 1888nov11 SWEETING Joseph (George HILL/Mary Jane BEARDMORE) 1800mar10 SWETTENHAM Ann (John DREWRY/Ann SWETTENHAM) 1796dec26 SWETTENHAM James (John BARKER/Sarah SWETTENHAM) 1800mar10 SWETTENHAM JU James (John DREWRY/Ann SWETTENHAM) 1855apr09 SWIFT Andrew (Francis BERESFORD/Mary SWIFT) 1831nov28 SWIFT Ann (John BRITLAND/Ruth SWIFT) 1864nov28 SWIFT Ann (Robert TAYLOR/Charlotte THOMPSON) 1881jan18 SWIFT Ann (William BATTERLEY/Ann Willans FOX) 1831oct03 SWIFT Benjamin (John BARKER/Dorothy SWIFT) 1866may24 SWIFT Benjamin (George WALKER/Mary ann SWIFT) 1784dec13 SWIFT Charles (George CLARK/Sarah ALLEN) 1834nov02 SWIFT Charles (Joseph ANDREW/Margaret BODEN) 1841feb22 SWIFT Edward (Elijah WOODWARD/Jane PEARSON) 1841may17 SWIFT Edward (Thomas READS/Mary DICKENS) 1835jan26 SWIFT Elizabeth (George EATON/Sarah SWIFT) 1843jun05 SWIFT Elizabeth (James SWIFT/Ann SHELLEY) 1848oct23 SWIFT Elizabeth (Joseph HOLMES/Sarah BRADLEY) 1849feb25 SWIFT Elizabeth (Joseph SARSON/Hannah KIDD) 1860oct14 SWIFT Ellen (Job KING/Ann jane HARDY) 1866may24 SWIFT Fanny (George WALKER/Mary ann SWIFT) 1817jun30 SWIFT George (Joseph SWIFT/Lydia BODEN) 1857feb25 SWIFT Hannah (Joseph SWIFT/Ann ELLIOT) 1759oct29 SWIFT John (Ebenezer HALL/Lydia GREGORY) 1782sep02 SWIFT John (Anthony SWIFT/Mary ALLIN) 1783apr24 SWIFT John (William STREET/Lydia WRAGG) 1786jul27 SWIFT John (John ANDREW/Grace SPENCER) 1899dec25 SWIFT John (George William SWIFT/Annie SWIFT) 1866jul23 SWIFT John j (Joshua SWIFT/Hannah SHELDON) 1817apr06 SWIFT Joseph (John EATON/Sarah BODEN) 1817jun30 SWIFT Joseph (James STONE/Hannah STAFFORD) 1818may17 SWIFT Joseph (George SWIFT/Elizabeth HODKIN) 1818aug02 SWIFT Joseph (Andrew SWIFT/Hannah BODEN) 1819feb22 SWIFT Joseph (John HOLMES/Elizabeth SWIFT) 1840dec07 SWIFT Joseph (Benjamin PIDCOCK/Ann SWIFT) 1818may17 SWIFT Lydia (George SWIFT/Elizabeth HODKIN) 1863jul16 SWIFT Mary Ann (William SLACK/Phoebe SWIFT) 1889apr22 SWIFT Mary Jane (George BLORE/Sarah Jane BUNTING) 1778nov30 SWIFT Paul (Robert WILD/Rose SMITH) 1784aug02 SWIFT Paul (Daniel GODBEHERE/Mary BATH) 1784aug02 SWIFT Paul (John MART/Lydia BODEN) 1786dec26 SWIFT Paul (Charles MARSON/Mary HALL) 1789nov22 SWIFT Paul (Joseph STORER/Catharine FOSTER) 1839jul29 SWIFT Sarah (Edward SWIFT/Lydia SHELDON) 1856jul28 SWIFT Simon (John KIRK/Hannah EATON) 1857feb25 SWIFT Simon (Joseph SWIFT/Ann ELLIOT) 1899dec25 SWIFT Thomas (George William SWIFT/Annie SWIFT) 1846nov10 SWINDELL Martha (Phineas PEAT/Lydia RAINS) 1846nov10 SWINDELL Samuel (Phineas PEAT/Lydia RAINS) 1873aug23 SWINDELL Sarah (Anthony SPENCER/Elizabeth HARRISON) 1853nov15 SWINDELL Thomas (John SWINDEL/Hannah KIRKLAND) 1799aug22 SWINERTON Mary (William BARNES/Dorothy HIGTON) 1847may25 SWINSCOE Ann (William ALLEN/Lydia WALKER) 1863sep13 SWINSCOE Edward (Charles COLLIER/Elizabeth HOLMES) 1845jan26 SWINSCOE Henry (Thomas SWINSCOE/Tamer ALLSOP) 1841dec12 SWINSCOE John (Richard HACKETT/Mary SWINSCOE) 1843feb27 SWINSCOE John (John WHELDON/Ruth BRELSFORD) 1852sep13 SWINSCOE John (George CROFTS/Mary ann SMITH) 1879jul02 SWINSCOE John (John POYSER/Grace ann SMITH) 1831nov07 SWINSCOW Henry (Benjamin NADIN/Isabella DUFFIELD) 1804jul16 SWINSCOW James (Richard GOODALL/Dorothy TAYLOR) 1846aug16 SWINSCOW John (Edward SWINSCOE/Ann HACKETT) 1850dec12 SWINSCOW John (John POYSER/Ann SPENCER) 1810sep12 SWINSCOW M. (John AMATT/Elizabeth ALSOP) 1860may31 SYKES Ann (Samuel SPENCER/Ann GOODALL) 1770may23 SYKES Henry (George KIDDEY/Mercy ROPER) 1835mar02 SYMS James (John BROOKS/Mary KNIVETON) Return to Top 1892mar10 TALBOT Emily (Joseph Henry TALBOT/Emily CROFTS) 1892mar10 TALBOT William (Joseph Henry TALBOT/Emily CROFTS) 1805dec16 TALOR Grace (James WHELDON/Sally TAYLOR) 1824jan25 TAR Joseph (Thomas MATHER/Catherine PEARSON) 1834may20 TAR Mary (John MERRILL/Sarah OWEN) 1859dec24 TARGETT Henry? (Jacob FODEN/Phoebe BROCKLEHURST) 1801may26 TARR Joseph (James TARR/Lydia MYCOCK) 1804nov05 TARR Joseph (Richard DUDDLE/Ann GREATOREX) 1805may27 TARR Joseph (James MASON/Hannah ROOSE) 1805may27 TARR Joseph (Isaac BANNERS/Lydia TOMLINSON) 1806oct26 TARR Joseph (Thomas POYNTON/Ann TAYLOR) 1809nov12 TARR Joseph (Stephen SMEATON/Kitty HOUGH) 1814sep26 TARR Joseph (Robert RILEY/Hannah COTTERILL) 1815may10 TARR Joseph (William DEBANKE/Elizabeth OXLEY) 1815sep03 TARR Joseph (George ALLEN/Elizabeth TOPLIS) 1816dec02 TARR Joseph (Thomas WILKINSON/Sarah POYSER) 1817sep30 TARR Joseph (George MERCHANT/Mary RODGERS) 1834apr20 TARRAND James (John GRATTON/Hannah FRITH) 1852dec19 TARRAND James (William BOTTOM/Sarah MARCHANT) 1765mar21 TARRANT Anthony (Henry BUXTON/Ann BRITLAND) 1762feb24 TATAM John (Benjamin FROST/Catherine THACKER) 1872jan28 TATE William (William DAVIS/Hannah WEBSTER) 1841may23 TATLOW Elizabeth (James TATLOW/Sarah MOORE) 1846jan15 TATLOW Elizabeth (James SANDERS/Ann GILL) 1846jan15 TATLOW James (James SANDERS/Ann GILL) 1853sep21 TATLOW James (Joseph FROST/Elizabeth TATLOW) 1862dec16 TATLOW James (Thomas THOMPSON/Elizabeth FROST) 1889jul04 TATLOW Mary A W (Charles WILDGOOSE/Emmie AULT) 1862dec16 TATLOW Sarah (Thomas THOMPSON/Elizabeth FROST) 1825feb16 TATTERSHAW William (John MARSDEN/Lydia STORER) 1761apr13 TATUM John (Matthew SIMPSON/Martha HOUGH) 1782mar06 TAYLE Joseph (John BYARD/Sarah TAYLOR) 1839feb14 TAYLER James (William ROBISON/Maria BEARDAH) 1817may11 TAYLOR ? (Anthony MASKREY/Kitty TAYLOR) 1899feb01 TAYLOR ? (William TAYLOR/Emily TWIGGE) 1844mar03 TAYLOR Aaron (William BYWATER/Harriet EYRE) 1822aug19 TAYLOR Abraham (John GRATTAGE/Martha CLAY) 1821dec30 TAYLOR Alice (Henry FROGGATT/Julia Ann ROBINSON) 1822dec16 TAYLOR Alice (Arthur MARRIOTT/Ann ELLIOTT) 1827dec25 TAYLOR Ann (Joseph NIGHTINGALE/Ellen PEARSON) 1829sep14 TAYLOR Ann (George SPENCER/Hannah TAYLOR) 1835jul06 TAYLOR Ann (Andrew STREET/Millicent ALLEN) 1869oct26 TAYLOR Anne (James BRAILSFORD/Sarah TAYLOR) 1892oct20 TAYLOR Annie (Herbert TAYLOR/Fanny JONES) 1897mar29 TAYLOR Annie (William BOWLER/Harriet TAYLOR) 1761dec11 TAYLOR Anthony (George ANNABLE/Elizabeth LOCKALL) 1764sep24 TAYLOR Anthony (Joseph FRITCHLEY/Elisabeth GELL) 1852apr04 TAYLOR Anthony (William PEARSON/Ann SMITH) 1881dec15 TAYLOR Arthur (Joseph BOWMER/Sarah JEPSON) 1765jun24 TAYLOR Benjamin (James TAYLOR/Ellin HARRISON) 1786oct30 TAYLOR Benjamin (William SEEDS/Hannah TRICKLEBANK) 1801jan26 TAYLOR Benjamin (William HADFIELD/Mary WALL) 1802nov14 TAYLOR Benjamin (George GALLIMORE/Millicent BEDSLEY) 1803apr10 TAYLOR Benjamin (George EATON/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1804dec25 TAYLOR Benjamin (Samuel GIBSON/Elizabeth WIBBESLEY) 1817may25 TAYLOR Benjamin (James WHITE/Lydia HODGKINSON) 1819feb22 TAYLOR Benjamin (Samuel ANNABLE/Lydia SEEDS) 1827nov08 TAYLOR Benjamin (Thomas EATON/Elizabeth PEIRCE) 1835sep13 TAYLOR Benjamin (John HOLMES/Hannah EATON) 1893mar21 TAYLOR Celia (John SPENDLOVE/Mary Ann HOLMES) 1896sep02 TAYLOR Charles (George GREEN/Sarah TAYLOR) 1833may30 TAYLOR Charlotte (George TAYLOR/Ann POYSER) 1870mar09 TAYLOR Dorothy (William HODKINSON/Mary TAYLOR) 1754aug31 TAYLOR Edward (Richard TAYLOR/Ann TAYLOR) 1791nov27 TAYLOR Edward (James POTTER/Grace PEAT) 1817may25 TAYLOR Elizabeth (James WHITE/Lydia HODGKINSON) 1823apr28 TAYLOR Elizabeth (James PARKS/Alice TURNER) 1823aug03 TAYLOR Elizabeth (Samuel S ASHOVER/Dorothy EATON) 1828jun02 TAYLOR Elizabeth (William TAYLOR/Ann WHEWELL) 1832mar06 TAYLOR Elizabeth (William DUNN/Mary TAYLOR) 1835sep15 TAYLOR Elizabeth (Daniel KNOWLES/Elizabeth BUNTING) 1853oct26 TAYLOR Elizabeth (James SMITH/Sarah BRIDDON) 1858oct18 TAYLOR Elizabeth (James TARRAND/Jane MARCHANT) 1861jun06 TAYLOR Elizabeth (Joseph CONWAY/Elizabeth YEOMANS) 1871nov28 TAYLOR Elizabeth (Thomas BROCKLEHURST/Eliza METCALFE) 1876dec10 TAYLOR Ellen (James FLINT/Louisa ELSE) 1884sep14 TAYLOR Ellen (William THOMPSON/Mary Elizabeth RADFORD) 1887feb02 TAYLOR Ellen (William TAYLOR/Dorothy Emma WALKER) 1870mar09 TAYLOR Francis smd (William HODKINSON/Mary TAYLOR) 1769sep28 TAYLOR George (John DEAN/Elisabeth TOMLINSON) 1773nov04 TAYLOR George (William BUXTON/Hanna TAYLOR) 1777apr17 TAYLOR George (Joseph HOLEHOUSE/Mary GREGORY) 1779jan07 TAYLOR George (Thomas GODBEHERE/Mary GREGORY) 1786apr10 TAYLOR George (Daniel BOOM/Ruth BUXTON) 1800apr24 TAYLOR George (Edward BARKER/Mary FLINT) 1816may19 TAYLOR George (James TOPLIS/Elizabeth STEEPLE) 1817may04 TAYLOR George (William TAYLOR/Sarah TAYLOR) 1817may11 TAYLOR George (Anthony MASKREY/Kitty TAYLOR) 1829sep06 TAYLOR George (William THOMPSON/Eliza ALLSOP) 1833feb10 TAYLOR George (James TUNSTALL/Eliza TAYLOR) 1840dec01 TAYLOR George (Joseph TAYLOR/Ann BLUNSTONE) 1855may31 TAYLOR George (James POTTER/Emma ann GREATOREX) 1859jun20 TAYLOR George (Samuel ASKEY/Mary TAYLOR) 1865jul05 TAYLOR George (William GRIFFIN/Ellen BUXTON) 1887jul10 TAYLOR George (Thomas TAYLOR/Esther ROUSE) 1888sep13 TAYLOR George H (James AULT/Elizabeth Ann TAYLOR) 1897mar29 TAYLOR German D (William BOWLER/Harriet TAYLOR) 1789jul20 TAYLOR Grace (Robert HOULGATE/Sarah TAYLOR) 1813nov08 TAYLOR Grace (Samuel FEARN/Martha TAYLOR) 1826oct19 TAYLOR Hannah (Thomas SPENCER/Sarah NASH) 1861sep14 TAYLOR Hannah (Anthony BRITLAND/Sarah TAYLOR) 1868dec25 TAYLOR Hannah? (John SIDDALL/Emma SIDDALL) 1884oct21 TAYLOR Harriet (Noah MELBOURNE/Sarah TAYLOR) 1896dec16 TAYLOR Harriet (Charles TAYLOR/Florence WATERFIELD) 1872dec26 TAYLOR Harriet eliz (John THOMPSON/Mary ann TAYLOR) 1757apr14 TAYLOR Henry (John FLINT/Mary FROST) 1789dec25 TAYLOR Henry (Samuel WALLBANK/Hannah VINSOM) 1795apr30 TAYLOR Henry (Job PEAT/Mary TAYLOR) 1893jul06 TAYLOR Herbert (Samuel HALLOWS/Lily TAYLOR) 1766mar12 TAYLOR Isaac (William TAYLOR/Jane LANE) 1777oct16 TAYLOR J. (John HOLEBROOKE/Grace TAYLOR) 1820mar01 TAYLOR J.S. (Samuel HOLEHOUSE/Sarah BUNTING) 1775sep22 TAYLOR James (John ALLEN/Ann HIGGIT) 1787jan01 TAYLOR James (William HOLEHOUSE/Sarah TAYLOR) 1789sep17 TAYLOR James (Phineas PEAT/Ann SWIFT) 1789sep17 TAYLOR James (Charles BUXTON/Ellen TAYLOR) 1793aug19 TAYLOR James (Benjamin ANDREW/Sarah PRINCE) 1798sep11 TAYLOR James (Joseph GREENHOUGH/Martha ROWLAND) 1800jan11 TAYLOR James (George WETTON/Alice TAYLOR) 1805mar25 TAYLOR James (Joseph TAYLOR/Sarah NASH) 1806apr02 TAYLOR James (Thomas DOXEY/Mary BYARD) 1855dec25 TAYLOR James (William TAYLOR/Elizabeth DAVIS) 1827nov14 TAYLOR John (George HOLDBROOK/Ann NUTTALL) 1848jun26 TAYLOR John (Richard WHITHAM/Sarah TAYLOR) 1868sep24 TAYLOR John (Samuel AUSTIN/Harriet ELKINS) 1882mar22 TAYLOR John (Abanathan HAWLEY/Ann SMITH) 1760may08 TAYLOR Joseph (William HUGHES/Sarah TAYLOR) 1806aug23 TAYLOR Joseph (Thomas SHEPPARD/Sarah WALL) 1827jul02 TAYLOR Joseph (Thomas KENDRIC/Elizabeth CRICH) 1852jun21 TAYLOR Joseph (Joseph WILDGOOSE/Sarah ROUSE) 1893jul06 TAYLOR Leslie (Samuel HALLOWS/Lily TAYLOR) 1847aug02 TAYLOR Lydia (Thomas CLAY/Charlotte WETTON) 1806mar20 TAYLOR Martha (Michael TAYLOR/Ann WALKER) 1866jun11 TAYLOR Martha (Joseph BRITLAND/Mary TAYLOR) 1785oct03 TAYLOR Mary (Bartholomew MASKERY/Martha GREATOREX) 1824feb12 TAYLOR Mary (William BUNTING/Ann TAYLOR) 1828jun19 TAYLOR Mary (George TAYLOR/Mary CORDEN) 1849aug06 TAYLOR Mary (John BOOTH/Mary SMEDLEY) 1853may15 TAYLOR Mary (George EATON/Sarah TAYLOR) 1860oct04 TAYLOR Mary (Benjamin taylor BAKER/Sarah TAYLOR) 1855may31 TAYLOR Mary ann (James POTTER/Emma ann GREATOREX) 1804feb06 TAYLOR Michael (John BORSLER?/Jane TAYLOR) 1778jan02 TAYLOR Peter (James PEAT/Naphthalina TRUNLEY) 1765dec16 TAYLOR Richard (Edward BARKER/Ellen CALDWELL) 1772jun23 TAYLOR Richard (John GRATTON/Temperance TITTERTON) 1774oct27 TAYLOR Richard (Joseph THOMPSON/Martha ROGERS) 1757sep17 TAYLOR Robert (William FOUKE/Hannah STAFFORD) 1778may14 TAYLOR Robert (William TAYLOR/Sarah BOOTH) 1794mar16 TAYLOR Robert (Joseph TAYLOR/Ann TAYLOR) 1817jul28 TAYLOR Robert (Joshua SLATER/Hannah FLINT) 1818sep29 TAYLOR Robert (Matthew ASHOVER/Dorothy BATEMAN) 1849aug06 TAYLOR Robert (John BOOTH/Mary SMEDLEY) 1853may15 TAYLOR Robert (George EATON/Sarah TAYLOR) 1759oct18 TAYLOR Samuel (Robert STEER/Mary WRIGHT) 1766oct16 TAYLOR Samuel (James STEER/Ellin LEEDHAM) 1769may02 TAYLOR Samuel (Joseph YOUNG/Lydia ELLOTT) 1772sep23 TAYLOR Samuel (John RICKARDS/Hannah MATHER) 1774may10 TAYLOR Samuel (Samuel John TAYLOR/Catharine MATHER) 1779jan07 TAYLOR Samuel (Thomas GODBEHERE/Mary GREGORY) 1812jan20 TAYLOR Samuel (Robert JOHNSON/Alice KINDER) 1826jun12 TAYLOR Samuel (John HALLAM/Sarah TAYLOR) 1826dec25 TAYLOR Samuel (Jeremiah KNIVETON/Jane KNIVETON) 1827dec25 TAYLOR Samuel (Joseph NIGHTINGALE/Ellen PEARSON) 1830jun20 TAYLOR Samuel (George NEEDHAM/Sarah YATES) 1835jun13 TAYLOR Samuel (James ORMROD/Elizabeth FROGGATT) 1851jun11 TAYLOR Samuel (George TAYLOR/Sarah TAYLOR) 1860jul16 TAYLOR Samuel (George TAYLOR/Hannah BRACE) 1867sep10 TAYLOR Samuel (William BRITTAIN/Ann TAYLOR) 1820dec27 TAYLOR Sarah (Horatio MOORE/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1825oct31 TAYLOR Sarah (George TISINGTON/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1828dec24 TAYLOR Sarah (John MASKREY/Mary TAYLOR) 1852aug09 TAYLOR Sarah (John EATON/Jane SIDDALL) 1859jun20 TAYLOR Sarah (Samuel ASKEY/Mary TAYLOR) 1875mar27 TAYLOR Sarah (Thomas TAYLOR/Eliza THOMPSON) 1882jun04 TAYLOR Sarah (Elias ELSE/Hannah TAYLOR) 1859jul19 TAYLOR Stephen (William B ASKEW/Jane HICKTON) 1765apr04 TAYLOR Thomas (Matthew PEAT/Ellin MARCHANT) 1766sep22 TAYLOR Thomas (Benjamin POYSER/Millicent HOLEBROOK) 1768nov28 TAYLOR Thomas (John BAKER/Sarah PEAT) 1781sep14 TAYLOR Thomas (Thomas TAYLOR/Martha BEARDSLEY) 1793sep25 TAYLOR Thomas (Samuel WOOD/Sarah MASON) 1818feb23 TAYLOR Thomas (Edward TAYLOR/Mary HOLBROOK) 1854aug10 TAYLOR Thomas (Edward MOULD/Elizabeth WALL) 1857jun01 TAYLOR Thomas (George GOODWIN/Grace TAYLOR) 1872dec26 TAYLOR Thomas (John THOMPSON/Mary ann TAYLOR) 1874oct26 TAYLOR Thomas (Hugh WALL/Sarah MASKERY) 1876dec10 TAYLOR Thomas (James FLINT/Louisa ELSE) 1881jun02 TAYLOR Thomas (Henry BUCKLEY/Ann BUNTING) 1882jun19 TAYLOR Thomas (Thomas SLATER/Emily jane BUCKLEY) 1893mar21 TAYLOR Thomas (John SPENDLOVE/Mary Ann HOLMES) 1819jul26 TAYLOR Wain (Joseph FROST/Elizabeth ALLSOP) 1784oct20 TAYLOR William (William HOLEHOUSE/Ann COTTON) 1823aug07 TAYLOR William (William KEELING/Sarah THOMAS) 1824dec31 TAYLOR William (Thomas TAYLOR/Elizabeth HIGTON) 1824dec31 TAYLOR William (James HOLEHOUSE/Jane NEEDHAM) 1825sep12 TAYLOR William (John BROWN/Sarah TAYLOR) 1848oct09 TAYLOR William (George TAYLOR/Mary ann HANSON) 1862jul13 TAYLOR William (James HAYWOOD/Mary TAYLOR) 1763oct26 TEASDALE JUN John (John WIGLEY/Mary BEIGHTON) 1847nov02 TEMPEST Ann (Sidney CROSS/Agnes WALKER) 1864may26 TEMPEST Hannah (John BARNES/Mary ann MIDDLETON) 1889sep16 TERREY Charles (John Thomas ROUSE/Hannah Emma WILLIAMS) 1889sep16 TERREY Emily (John Thomas ROUSE/Hannah Emma WILLIAMS) 1857may10 TERRY Ann (Benjamin KERRY/Mary ann HITCHCOCK) 1880nov15 THACKER Thomas (William STEEPLES/Emma MOUNTNEY) 1832aug29 THELWALL John (Richard LONGDEN/Martha THELWALL) 1855nov21 THOMBSON Elizabeth (James THOMPSON/Ellen ELLIOTT) 1864dec26 THOMPSON Abram (Thomas MITCHELL/Sarah THOMPSON) 1885apr18 THOMPSON Albert (Job Henry HOUGHTON/Elizabeth BARKER) 1890feb19 THOMPSON Alice (George James THOMPSON/Martha GREATOREX) 1831jul21 THOMPSON Ann (Thomas THOMPSON/Sarah FLINT) 1838mar19 THOMPSON Ann (Thomas THOMPSON/Ruth HODGES) 1881may10 THOMPSON Eliza (Thomas SPENCER/Elizabeth THOMPSON) 1845mar09 THOMPSON Elizabeth (Thomas HALLAM/Anne THOMPSON) 1763oct03 THOMPSON George (George PEARSON/Elizabeth SMITH) 1782apr04 THOMPSON George (James OGDEN/Hannah HILL) 1783dec18 THOMPSON George (Joseph FROST/Hannah WRAGG) 1784aug11 THOMPSON George (John OGDEN/Ruth BRELSFORD) 1791jun16 THOMPSON George (George RICHARDS/Sarah TOMPSON) 1792sep11 THOMPSON George (Thomas BERESFORD/Elizabeth PEARSON) 1830dec27 THOMPSON George (James DOXEY/Mary Anne HOUGHTON) 1835mar16 THOMPSON George (Jonathan HOUGHTON/Dorothy ELLIOTT) 1850jul28 THOMPSON George (James GRATTON/Martha TAYLOR) 1855nov21 THOMPSON George (James THOMPSON/Ellen ELLIOTT) 1809sep27 THOMPSON Gervas (Thomas MELLOWS/Elizabeth ORME) 1876apr09 THOMPSON Gervis (William rob SHREEVE/Hannah DENNIS) 1854nov27 THOMPSON Hannah (John THOMPSON/Hannah BREWEL) 1862feb02 THOMPSON Hannah (Joseph BREWELL/Emma GODBEHERE) 1880may17 THOMPSON Hannah (George SMITH/Mary ann THOMPSON) 1881jun06 THOMPSON Harriet (Frederic CHEETHAM/Hannah THOMPSON) 1887may29 THOMPSON Henry (Isaac GRATTON/Eliza SANDERS) 1887jul18 THOMPSON Henry (Henry HIGTON/Grace ALLSOP) 1893mar22 THOMPSON Henry (George THOMPSON/Annie TAYLOR) 1857apr11 THOMPSON Isaac (John FLINT/Sarah ALLEN) 1875mar29 THOMPSON Isaac (Anthony DEAN/Rebecca THOMPSON) 1831sep26 THOMPSON Jabez (Isaac HOON/Elizabeth THOMPSON) 1826mar27 THOMPSON Jacob (John STORER/Mary RATTON) 1854nov13 THOMPSON Jacob (John THOMPSON/Mary ALTON) 1871jul30 THOMPSON James (William WAYNE/Mary THOMPSON) 1769oct27 THOMPSON John (Henry BROWN/Mary CHARLESWORTH) 1774apr13 THOMPSON John (Thomas MATHER/Mary SPENCER) 1816mar10 THOMPSON John (Isaac HOON/Elizabeth RIDGARDS) 1816mar10 THOMPSON John (Mark HOLLIWELL/Mary COTTRELL) 1832jul09 THOMPSON John (James THOMPSON/Elizabeth FENTON) 1859jun23 THOMPSON Mark (Thomas OXSPRING/Hannah THOMPSON) 1830dec27 THOMPSON Martha (James DOXEY/Mary Anne HOUGHTON) 1831sep26 THOMPSON Martha (Isaac HOON/Elizabeth THOMPSON) 1843may29 THOMPSON Martha (William CHENEY/Elizabeth WALTERS) 1817may26 THOMPSON Mary (George HOON/Sarah BUNTING) 1819dec19 THOMPSON Mary (Benjamin WIGLEY/Elizabeth SINGLETON) 1828nov09 THOMPSON Mary (Jabez THOMPSON/Hannah THOMPSON) 1829mar12 THOMPSON Mary (Roger CHEETHAM/Sarah HURST) 1854nov13 THOMPSON Mary (John THOMPSON/Mary ALTON) 1867dec26 THOMPSON Mary (William THOMPSON/Ann HOUGHTON) 1870jun09 THOMPSON Mary (Samuel THOMPSON/Anna ALLEN) 1893mar22 THOMPSON Mary (George THOMPSON/Annie TAYLOR) 1888dec24 THOMPSON Mary H (Henry THOMPSON/Sarah ALLSOPP) 1831jul21 THOMPSON Samuel (Thomas THOMPSON/Sarah FLINT) 1845mar09 THOMPSON Samuel (Thomas HALLAM/Anne THOMPSON) 1890feb18 THOMPSON Samuel (George ELSE/Mary Hannah THOMPSON) 1895feb23 THOMPSON Samuel (William THOMPSON/Elizabeth EDWARDS) 1853aug01 THOMPSON Sarah (Job BUNTING/Fanny ann POTTER) 1855sep10 THOMPSON Sarah (Samuel BLAND/Harriet BOWRING) 1858sep13 THOMPSON Sarah (John THOMPSON/Sarah ROPER) 1875mar29 THOMPSON Sarah (Anthony DEAN/Rebecca THOMPSON) 1807dec20 THOMPSON Thomas (Jabus THOMPSON/Mary POTTER) 1858dec22 THOMPSON Thomas (Morrice ELLICOCK/Hannah ann SPENCER) 1898oct09 THOMPSON Thomas Wm (Zechariah ORRIDGE/Mary Ann WAYWELL) 1800jun18 THOMPSON Truth (William SPENCER/Mary THOMPSON) 1759nov22 THOMPSON William (Thomas FERN/Hannah BROWN) 1763apr06 THOMPSON William (John BRITTEN/Sarah GREGORY) 1763jun12 THOMPSON William (Anthony BRIDDON/Elizabeth FLINT) 1763nov21 THOMPSON William (Richard MASON/Mary WOODROUGH) 1764jan23 THOMPSON William (Adam KNOWLS/Hannah SMITH) 1764nov29 THOMPSON William (Anthony BRIDDON/Mary HALLWORTH) 1764nov29 THOMPSON William (Charles WILSON/Ruth ABBOT) 1767dec04 THOMPSON William (Robert DUFFIELD/Dorothy DIXON) 1770aug29 THOMPSON William (Peter WRAGG/Elizabeth SMITH) 1771feb26 THOMPSON William (William JOHNSON/Sarah HUGHES) 1778apr20 THOMPSON William (William WESTON/Susannah TOMPSON) 1780may22 THOMPSON William (Joseph BURGAN/Ellen HOLEBROOKE) 1784mar31 THOMPSON William (James SHELDON/Grace HIGTON) 1788jun08 THOMPSON William (William WARD/Ann RHODES) 1794sep15 THOMPSON William (Sylvanus GRIFFIN/Sarah PARKER) 1796aug09 THOMPSON William (Joseph BURTON/Mary BAMFORD) 1800sep15 THOMPSON William (Joseph WHITE/Grace PEARSON) 1800sep15 THOMPSON William (Job HALL/Sarah HALL) 1801jun15 THOMPSON William (George MARSDEN/Mary THOMPSON) 1835may20 THOMPSON William (George POYSER/Hannah THOMPSON) 1844oct03 THOMPSON William (Isaac THOMPSON/Phebe ALLEN) 1892may28 THOMPSON William (John MOORE/Alice THOMPSON) 1777sep22 THORNELY George (William TOMLINSON/Elizabeth ALSOP) 1782dec18 THORNELY Robert (Thomas HARRISON/Betty MATHER) 1835apr27 THORNHILL Ellen (William TATTERSHAW/Ann STORER) 1828aug12 THORNHILL Sarah (Philip DOWNIN/Martha BLOUNT) 1830jul22 THORNHILL William Pole (Thomas TAYLOR/Elizabeth TWIGGE) 1833apr16 THORNLEY Jane (Samuel KEYS/Jane THORNLEY) 1827sep13 THORPE Benjamin (Samuel ROOTH/Elizabeth ROOTH) 1897aug12 THORPE Eliza (George BEESON/Clarissa SHELDON) 1845sep15 TILL Frances (Joseph BALL/Hannah WRAGG) 1862oct20 TILL Mary (William ALLEN/Elizabeth TILL) 1845sep15 TILL Samuel (Joseph BALL/Hannah WRAGG) 1862oct20 TILL Samuel (William ALLEN/Elizabeth TILL) 1873jun30 TILL Samuel (William ALLEN/Mary BATEMAN) 1870feb28 TILLSON Edwin (Henry BARKER/Alice TILLSON) 1758oct09 TIMPERLEY Robert (German STORER/Ellin WHITE) 1861may28 TINKLER Hannah maria (Samuel STANIFORTH/Elizabeth marg STORER) 1812apr12 TINSLEY Ann (Samuel PEAT/Mary H TINSLEY) 1834jun12 TIPPER Martha (John WINSON/Mary GREATOREX) 1807jul04 TIPPER Thomas? (Thomas PICKARD/Mary NUTTALL) 1786sep13 TIPPER William (William CLAY/Mary WALL) 1833jan24 TIPPER William (Joseph TIPPER/Ellen HEALD) 1811nov14 TIPPIN Elizabeth (Joshua HODGKINSON/Isabella TIPPIN) 1826jun12 TISINGTON Ann (John HALLAM/Sarah TAYLOR) 1825sep05 TISINGTON George (John BRADLEY/Silence ROOSE) 1777jul30 TISSINGTON Anthony (Thomas BRAILSFORD/Ruth BUXTON) 1818mar09 TISSINGTON George (Richard GIBSON/Sarah HOLEHOUSE) 1866jun28 TISSINGTON George (Richard ROBINSON/Ann TISSINGTON) 1866jun28 TISSINGTON JNR George (Richard ROBINSON/Ann TISSINGTON) 1796mar04 TISSINGTON Henry (William BARKER/Grace ALLEN) 1796apr02 TISSINGTON Henry (Robert WINGFIELD/Elizabeth WHEELDON) 1796dec12 TISSINGTON Henry (John SLACK/Grace SPENCER) 1798jul30 TISSINGTON Henry (John WHITTAKER/Elizabeth CLAY) 1761aug30 TITTERTON Daniel (Henry ELLIOT/Mary SMITH) 1779feb04 TITTERTON George (John HOLEHOUSE/Mary DOXEY) 1765may28 TITTERTON H? (Peter ROBINSON/Jane RODGER) 1789sep16 TITTERTON John (Charles TARRAND/Ann ROOSE) 1789sep16 TITTERTON John (Joseph EYELEY/Susanna PEARSON) 1795sep16 TITTERTON John (James WRAGG/Ann ROOSE) 1803dec26 TITTERTON John (William THOMPSON/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1803dec26 TITTERTON John (John HOLEHOUSE/Mary BERESFORD) 1764apr26 TITTERTON William (George MADDOCK/Hannah HIGTON) 1770dec24 TITTERTON William (Henry HODGKINSON/Ann JOHNSON) 1774apr07 TITTERTON William (Joseph SLATER/Sarah SIMPSON) 1792aug17 TITTERTON William (George WEBSTER/Esther TITTERTON) 1850nov12 TOFT Mary (Benjamin TOFT/Hannah HANDBURY) 1788aug03 TOMISON Benjamin (Joseph NUTTALL/Hannah ROPER) 1793aug19 TOMISON Benjamin (Benjamin ANDREW/Sarah PRINCE) 1799mar11 TOMISON George (William ALSOP/Susanna STONE) 1789dec29 TOMISON Hannah (Joshua TOMISON/Sarah HARDING) 1832nov12 TOMISON Henry (Joseph TOMLINSON/Martha NEWTON) 1802aug23 TOMISON John (Thomas TAYLOR/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1820jan20 TOMISON Joshua (Samuel WRIGHT/Hannah TOMISON) 1835jun08 TOMISON Joshua (Joseph GREENHOUGH/Elizabeth WRIGHT) 1820jan20 TOMISON Mary Ann (Samuel WRIGHT/Hannah TOMISON) 1765feb25 TOMKINSON Thomas (William HAWLEY/Elisabeth TOMKINSON) 1756aug16 TOMLINSON ? (Benjamin TOMLINSON/Elizabeth BRINDLEY) 1822jan21 TOMLINSON Ann (James BOTTAM/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1865apr26 TOMLINSON Ann (Edward TOMLINSON/Sarah cath. FORD) 1865apr26 TOMLINSON Ann (Edward TOMLINSON/Sarah cath. FORD) 1844apr11 TOMLINSON Ann jerom (Joseph TOMLINSON/Ann KENDRICK) 1783apr21 TOMLINSON Anthony (James TOMLINSON/Martha GODBEHERE) 1791aug21 TOMLINSON Anthony (John FROST/Mary TOMLINSON) 1795jun04 TOMLINSON Anthony (Robert TAYLOR/Mary BLACKWALL) 1804aug20 TOMLINSON Anthony (Joseph FOSTER/Sarah ALLEN) 1760dec20 TOMLINSON Benjamin (Matthew WRIGHT/Martha FOUKE) 1770dec26 TOMLINSON Benjamin (Nathaniel BROOKE/Mary LEAM) 1773feb23 TOMLINSON Benjamin (Isaac SLACK/Elizabeth HUGHS) 1790dec21 TOMLINSON Benjamin (Emanuel DRABBLE/Ann WALTON) 1791may22 TOMLINSON Benjamin (George BURGOINE/Hannah SYKES) 1796jun27 TOMLINSON Benjamin (Richard SMITH/Ellen TWIGGE) 1807mar30 TOMLINSON Benjamin (Thomas GREATOREX/Mary WATSON) 1879oct27 TOMLINSON Benjamin (Robert OGDON/Eliza UDALL) 1846may14 TOMLINSON C (Joseph TOMLINSON/Anna maria CALLADINE) 1801apr21 TOMLINSON C. (Nathan HUBBERSTY/Mary D TOMLINSON) 1790feb03 TOMLINSON D. (William HURD/Lydia WINDLEY) 1863jul16 TOMLINSON Edward (William SLACK/Phoebe SWIFT) 1869jun23 TOMLINSON Edward (James jeremh TATLOW/Catherine OGDEN) 1816nov04 TOMLINSON Elizabeth (James GAUCHER/Hannah MARSON) 1820dec27 TOMLINSON Elizabeth (John TOMLINSON/Elizabeth PEAT) 1825sep12 TOMLINSON Elizabeth (John BROWN/Sarah TAYLOR) 1831aug11 TOMLINSON Elizabeth (Joseph BUTLER/Elizabeth GODBEHERE) 1845sep17 TOMLINSON Elizabeth (William CLARKE/Sarah TOMLINSON) 1858jun27 TOMLINSON Elizabeth (John TOMLINSON/Mary FRITH) 1872dec26 TOMLINSON Elizabeth (Joseph FISHER/Eliza TOMLINSON) 1805jan30 TOMLINSON Francis (George REPTON/Martha TOMLINSON) 1805sep11 TOMLINSON Francis (Thomas CLAY/Susanna FRITH) 1831apr27 TOMLINSON Francis (Robert WILKINSON/Anne GREATOREX) 1758may02 TOMLINSON George (Joseph GIBBONS/Ann TOMLINSON) 1759mar28 TOMLINSON George (William BLADON/Mary TOMLINSON) 1769jun08 TOMLINSON George (Richard SLADEN/Ann BROWN) 1782dec30 TOMLINSON George (Isaac BEARDSLEY/Ruth BOOTH) 1783nov19 TOMLINSON George (Samuel WIGLEY/Mary TISSINGTON) 1790sep16 TOMLINSON George (Isaac HOADES/Elizabeth PEACH) 1791nov30 TOMLINSON Henry (Anthony FERN/Ruth STEER) 1847sep27 TOMLINSON Henry (George TAYLOR/Hannah BROCKLEHURST) 1856feb20 TOMLINSON Henry (William BROCKLEHURST/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1856feb20 TOMLINSON Henry (William BROCKLEHURST/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1872dec26 TOMLINSON Henry (Joseph FISHER/Eliza TOMLINSON) 1763may02 TOMLINSON James (Samuel BARTON/Rebecca WARD) 1822aug29 TOMLINSON James (George SMITH/Catherine TOOPLEY) 1822aug29 TOMLINSON James (Ferdinand WATHALL/Ann FARRAND) 1755sep17 TOMLINSON John (Samuel HUGHES/Mary TOMLINSON) 1764mar28 TOMLINSON John (Thomas ROGER/Elizabeth BARNS) 1770jul13 TOMLINSON John (John ANDREWS/Ellen WRAGG) 1821dec26 TOMLINSON John (Robert BARKER/Martha TOMLINSON) 1833apr29 TOMLINSON John (Joseph TWIGG/Grace EATON) 1855mar12 TOMLINSON Joseph (John TOMLINSON/Mary FLINT) 1808feb22 TOMLINSON Mary (Francis GOLDING/Hannah WALL) 1833aug29 TOMLINSON Mary (Benjamin TOMLINSON/Elizabeth FROST) 1834jan20 TOMLINSON Mary (Thomas BIRCH/Hannah HEATHCOT) 1869may17 TOMLINSON Mary (Henry FLINT/Mary GREATOREX) 1897aug10 TOMLINSON Mary (John SLATER/Annie Elizabeth COXON) 1851aug28 TOMLINSON Mary hall (George KIRKLAND/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1882may01 TOMLINSON Mary hall (Horatio BULLOCK/Ann WINSON) 1773dec30 TOMLINSON Matheny (Richard BLADON/Grace WILSON) 1755sep17 TOMLINSON Matthew (Samuel HUGHES/Mary TOMLINSON) 1758may02 TOMLINSON Philip (Joseph GIBBONS/Ann TOMLINSON) 1759mar28 TOMLINSON Philip (William BLADON/Mary TOMLINSON) 1790feb03 TOMLINSON Philip (William HURD/Lydia WINDLEY) 1782feb26 TOMLINSON Robert (Richard COOPER/Ann BESWICK) 1849jul23 TOMLINSON Robert (John ROBINSON/Maria JOHNSON) 1810jul29 TOMLINSON Samuel (James JOHNSON/Margaret WAIN) 1850jun16 TOMLINSON Sarah (Robert TOMLINSON/Mary JOHNSON) 1861jan06 TOMLINSON Sarah (George FRITH/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1880may19 TOMLINSON Sarah (Ernest YEOMANS/Mary ann YATES) 1786feb27 TOMLINSON Thomas (Martha STONE/Ann WHEAT) 1812feb20 TOMLINSON Thomas (John TOMLINSON/Elizabeth WEBSTER) 1814nov24 TOMLINSON Thomas (Francis SHAW/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1851aug28 TOMLINSON Thomas (George KIRKLAND/Elizabeth TOMLINSON) 1864jul27 TOMLINSON Thomas (Jesse WOOLLISCROFT/Fanny dinah TOMLINSON) 1775apr17 TOMLISSON Anthony (Richard MASON/Ann TAYLOR) 1766mar12 TOMPSON John (William TAYLOR/Jane LANE) 1829mar16 TOMSON Henry (Abraham ELLIOTT/Hannah ELLIOTT) 1804dec13 TONGUE John (David GREENHOUGH/Ann TONGUE) 1805aug12 TONGUE Mary (Edward DAY/Ellen MATHER) 1764nov18 TOOKEY William (Joseph WESTON/Mary CLEGG) 1846may28 TOPHAM George (James TAYLOR/Elizabeth COTES) 1840sep27 TOPHAM John (John FLETCHER/Ellen WILSON) 1771oct30 TOPLES William (Peter JOWETT/Alice ALLIN) 1792apr26 TOPLIS Abell (Isaac DONCASTER/Ann REEDS) 1780jul04 TOPLIS Ann (John MOORE/Mary HURT) 1770sep20 TOPLIS George (Richard SMITH/Ellen FOWLER) 1771aug11 TOPLIS George (John SMITH/Dorothy SIMPSON) 1772may14 TOPLIS George (Thomas STEER/Sarah YATES) 1781may04 TOPLIS George (Richard OXLEY/Jane PEAL) 1767aug12 TOPLIS James (Thomas BROOKS/Elizabeth CLAY) 1759dec20 TOPLIS John (Theophilus BROUGH/Mary TOMLINSON) 1804nov11 TOPLIS John (William HANDLEY/Sarah PLANT) 1826jul30 TOPLIS John (William SHELLEY/Hannah TOPLIS) 1832jun10 TOPLIS John (Thomas SHELLEY/Ann TOPLIS) 1792aug09 TOPLIS Mary (John EVANS/Mary WRIGHT) 1816may19 TOPLIS Mary (James TOPLIS/Elizabeth STEEPLE) 1889jan23 TOPLIS Mary Jane (John TOPLIS/Selina FEARN) 1762apr15 TOPLIS Ralph (Robert GILMAN/Mary JACKSON) 1796apr07 TOPLIS Ralph (Charles WRIGHT/Mary TOPLIS) 1763sep06 TOPLIS Robert (Henry SMITH/Mary BACON) 1765apr11 TOPLIS Walter (John ELCE/Dorothy ROPER) 1796apr07 TOPLIS William (Charles WRIGHT/Mary TOPLIS) 1826jul30 TOPLIS William (William SHELLEY/Hannah TOPLIS) 1832jun10 TOPLIS William (Thomas SHELLEY/Ann TOPLIS) 1855jul25 TORR Robert? (Francis MASKREY/Mary TUNSTALL) 1778jun12 TORTOISHEL ? (Isaac TORTOISHELL/Jane WALL) 1823mar26 TOWNDROW Hannah (John WILMOT/Mary TOWNDROW) 1823mar26 TOWNDROW Thomas (John WILMOT/Mary TOWNDROW) 1764oct18 TOWNSEND Thomas (Joseph BULLOCK/Alice JOHNSON) 1788oct06 TOWNSEND Thomas (John WALKER/Mary BAMFORD) 1839mar13 TRAVIS Alice (John TRAVIS/Ann RAINS) 1871oct17 TRAVIS Charles wm (John WRIGHT/Marie mary DEAKIN) 1895apr11 TRAVIS Edith (Herbert HAYNES/Sarah Jane CARMAN) 1898oct08 TRAVIS Edith (Joshua WETTON/Elizabeth MARPLES) 1898oct29 TRAVIS Edith (Richard OLIVER/Mary GOODWIN) 1899aug16 TRAVIS Edith (Francis BUTTER/Emma BEMBRIDGE) 1839dec17 TRAVIS George (William WHYSALL/Alice TRAVIS) 1766aug11 TRAVIS Henry (David WOODHOUSE/Anne HILL) 1799aug22 TRAVIS Thomas (William BARNES/Dorothy HIGTON) 1860jul12 TRAVIS William (James RAINS/Elizabeth white MARCHINGTON) 1787apr09 TRUEMAN George (Joseph TRUEMAN/Lydia PEARSON) 1892aug13 TRUMAN Lizzie (William Henry BIRLEY/Minnie BEESON) 1773sep26 TUCKEY William (Samuel BARKER/Martha ALLEN) 1789mar16 TUCKEY William (Edward ALLEN/Lydia WIGLEY) 1792feb20 TUCKEY William (James ALLEN/Elizabeth GIBSON) 1795sep16 TUCKEY William (Samuel ALLEN/Mary HAMILTON) 1777sep15 TUKEY William? (John WEBSTER/Sarah ALLEN) 1892apr13 TUNNICLIFFE S (Samuel WOOD/Mary Ann MELBOURN) 1833feb10 TUNSTALL Mary (James TUNSTALL/Eliza TAYLOR) 1842aug05 TUNSTALL Mary (Thomas TUNSTALL/Ann HOOLEY) 1855jul25 TUNSTALL Thomas (Francis MASKREY/Mary TUNSTALL) 1792may28 TURNER Anthony (John AUSTIN/Mary WILDGOOSE) 1815jul16 TURNER Anthony (George GREGORY/Ann THORNALLY) 1822dec02 TURNER Anthony (John LAND/Sarah SIMMS) 1888mar21 TURNER Arthur (Thomas SPENDLOVE/Charlotte Ann TURNER) 1882aug03 TURNER Clara (John COOKE/Eliza annie FROST) 1888mar21 TURNER Edith (Thomas SPENDLOVE/Charlotte Ann TURNER) 1806jan23 TURNER Elizabeth (John TURNER/Sarah WALKER) 1827mar04 TURNER Elizabeth (Anthony FARRAND/Alice WIGLEY) 1830aug08 TURNER Elizabeth (William WALKER/Ann GRIFFIN) 1847apr02 TURNER George (Samuel ROPER/Sarah MASKREY) 1878may11 TURNER George (John SLATER/Elizabeth TURNER) 1853sep12 TURNER Hannah (George TURNER/Martha HOADES) 1876feb28 TURNER Hannah (Frederic TURNER/Sarah ann HEADLEY) 1874jan31 TURNER Isaac (Thomas TURNER/Rosetta BARKER) 1802jun28 TURNER J. (Israel POYZER/Ann WHITE) 1791sep12 TURNER James (James GRANT/Hannah BAMFORD) 1777sep17 TURNER John (Samuel KIRK/Hannah JOHNSON) 1801jul25 TURNER John (William JEPSON/Ann TURNER) 1801dec17 TURNER John (John WRIGHT/Mary COOPER) 1802aug02 TURNER John (William WRAGG/Mary ANDREW) 1803may09 TURNER John (Joseph POTTER/Jane KERRY) 1807nov09 TURNER John (Michael CARDIN/Elizabeth TURNER) 1873jun19 TURNER Lucy (Samuel STEEPLES/Hannah BEARDSLEY) 1897jan06 TURNER M A (Thomas TURNER/Mary Jane WARDMAN) 1839jan13 TURNER Martha (John CARLILE/Rebecca SHELDON) 1871jan30 TURNER Martha (Isaac TURNER/Hannah JACKSON) 1875nov17 TURNER Mary (George TURNER/Emma DOXEY) 1878may11 TURNER Mary (John SLATER/Elizabeth TURNER) 1853dec28 TURNER Maryann (Aked CLAYE/Jane WILSON) 1811sep16 TURNER Richard (Andrew BLACKWELL/Mary COTTRELL) 1813apr22 TURNER Richard (John SWIFT/Ellen CLARK) 1779dec27 TURNER Samuel (George FRITCHLEY/Mary FLETCHER) 1784mar18 TURNER Samuel (Godfrey TURNER/Dorothy GELL) 1833may30 TURNER Sarah (James CHRISTIAN/Elizabeth TURNER) 1869dec20 TURNER Sarah (Benjamin SLALEY/Ann TURNER) 1847apr02 TURNER Susanne (Samuel ROPER/Sarah MASKREY) 1894aug20 TURNER Thomas (Edward BARKER/Sarah BRIDGWOOD) 1790may11 TURNER William (John TOPLIS/Hannah RICHARDS) 1845mar24 TURNER William (George TURNER/Susannah MASKREY) 1849mar08 TURNER William (Reuben SPENCER/Dorothy KILLER) 1855jul09 TURNER William (George SPENCER/Mary SPENCER) 1873jun19 TURNER William (Samuel STEEPLES/Hannah BEARDSLEY) 1809may11 TWIFORD George (George TWIFORD/Mary FLETCHER) 1803apr27 TWIGG Elizabeth (William SPENCER/Ruth TWIGG) 1812jul20 TWIGG Elizabeth (John MASKREY/Sarah MARSDEN) 1830mar25 TWIGG Elizabeth (John OLDFIELD/Ann HARVEY) 1841sep13 TWIGG Hannah (Anthony HOLMES/Millicent TWIGG) 1792oct15 TWIGG John (William HEWS/Elizabeth DANIEL) 1793may16 TWIGG John (Samuel SMITH/Sarah LANT) 1796aug23 TWIGG John (John KIRK/Sarah TWIGGE) 1803apr27 TWIGG John (William SPENCER/Ruth TWIGG) 1804aug09 TWIGG John (Job WESSON/Sarah ALSOP) 1805feb25 TWIGG John (George WEBSTER/Sarah COLLINSON) 1807sep27 TWIGG John (Francis FARRAND/Hannah ORME) 1807dec29 TWIGG John (James BRITLAND/Martha SILLITO) 1810jan24 TWIGG John (John MASKREY/Mary BOAM) 1811jan01 TWIGG John (James TWIGG/Elizabeth NALL) 1815mar13 TWIGG John (John SMITH/Ellen TWIGG) 1818mar23 TWIGG John (Thomas BUXTON/Mary TWIGG) 1820apr30 TWIGG John (John HOLMES/Elizabeth TWIGG) 1771jan01 TWIGG Jonathan (Samuel MADDOCK/Sarah BAMFORD) 1771oct08 TWIGG Jonathan (James SIMES/Mary LEEDHAM) 1791feb03 TWIGG Jonathan (Joseph MARCHANT/Mary CRITCH) 1796feb18 TWIGG Jonathan (Samuel SMEDLEY/Elizabeth SIMPSON) 1796jun27 TWIGG Samuel? (Richard SMITH/Ellen TWIGGE) 1828jun30 TWIGG Sarah (Henry PEARSON/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1804jul22 TWIGG William (Jeremiah SAMPSON/Ann TWIGG) 1829sep17 TWIGG William (John GAUCHER/Mary Ann HANSON) 1841sep13 TWIGG William (Anthony HOLMES/Millicent TWIGG) 1896jun24 TWIGGE Emily (Thomas James TWIGGE/Mary Hannah MASKREY) 1781jun17 TWIGGE Hannah (George COCKAYNE/Millicent GREGORY) 1813jun10 TWIGGE John (John SIMS/Dorothy LOWE) 1870feb24 TWIGGE Lucy (John WOOLLISCROFT/Mary HALL) 1899feb01 TWIGGE Mary (William TAYLOR/Emily TWIGGE) 1866dec31 TWIGGE Thomas (William TWIGGE/Elizabeth GAMBLE) 1868jan25 TWIGGE Thomas (Samuel BEARDSLEY/Ellen WALKER) 1840may03 TYMPERLEY John (John HILL/Mary TYMPERLEY) Return to Top 1801sep14 UDALE Elizabeth (Joseph FRITH/Martha COCKER) 1802nov08 UDALE Elizabeth (Francis WALKER/Hannah UDALE) 1809jan13 UDALE Elizabeth (Thomas MARPLE/Ellen GODBEHERE) 1765sep16 UDALE John (James TOMLINSON/Sarah UDALE) 1783dec22 UDALE John (James WALL/Temperance UDALE) 1809jul06 UDALE John (Richard WALKER/Elizabeth UDALE) 1893dec24 UDALE Sarah (Frederick UDALE/Caroline DAVIS) 1778jun12 UDALE Thomas (Isaac TORTOISHELL/Jane WALL) 1817nov12 UDALE William (William DAKIN/Jane HANSON) 1862mar01 UDALE William (William HALL/Mary UDALE) 1764jul18 UDALL John (Joseph FROST/Gertrude NASH) 1778nov28 UDALL Samuel (George WALL/Ann COOPER) 1780mar21 UDALL Samuel (Thomas HALL/Ruth WEATHERILL) 1778sep01 UDALL Samuel? (Isaac KIDDEY/Abigail PEARSON) 1774nov15 UDALL Thomas (Joseph WIGLEY/Hannah BARNES) 1775mar16 UDALL Thomas (Thomas MOORE/Hannah HALL) 1844jun03 ULEE James (Henry TAYLOR/Frances RATHBONE) Return to Top 1899aug27 VALLANCE Emma (George VALLANCE/Edith WHITE) 1867feb11 VALLANS Alfred (Anthony FARRAND/Mary ann SIMS) 1867feb11 VALLANS Elizabeth (Anthony FARRAND/Mary ann SIMS) 1885aug17 VARNEY Emily (Henry VARNEY/Sarah Ann HAWLEY) 1766feb11 VICARS Matthew (Humphrey BEESTON/Jane LOXLEY) 1778mar26 VICKER Thomas (James SOWTER/Ann WOODROUGH) 1778mar26 VICKER Thomas (James JACKSON/Jane WAGSTAFF) 1882sep09 VICKERS Ann (George LAND/Elizabeth HODGKINSON) 1877may22 VICKERS Henry H (Henry BROCKLEHURST/Sarah jane BEDFORD) 1793sep16 VICKERS Joseph (William WARREN/Esther HARLOW) 1861apr22 VICKERS Sarah (John ROSE/Emma WILD) 1886mar15 VICKERS Vincent (George WINTER/Lydia SWANN) 1840sep25 VINCENT Frederic (Denis ALLSOP/Matilda HUNT)

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.