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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Witnesses 1754-1899

12,140 Witnesses to Marriages found in Wirksworth and Middleton Parish Registers 1754-1899. Other details can be found in the Parish Register section.

  • Witnesses were not recorded in marriages before 1754.
  • Witnesses were usually relatives or close friends of the Bride or Groom.
  • There were usually two witnesses for each marriage, rarely 3 or 4.
  • A signature proves a witness was still alive in the absence of other records.
  • The period of operation of a witness can be useful.
  • The witness himself was sometimes getting married the same day.
  • For long periods few women were witnesses.
  • Witnesses with the same name may be distinguished by comparing handwriting.
  • Surnames in signatures can be particularly difficult to decipher.
  • There were professional witnesses, who often worked in pairs.
  • An illiterate witness had his name written for him.
  • Semi-literate witnesses wrote carefully and accurately.

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.

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Return to Top 1826may13 WAGER J. (Samuel HALL/Catharine WAGER) 1810dec11 WAGER Jasper (John TOPPIN/Ann PEARSON) 1828sep08 WAGER Jasper (John HALL/Elizabeth L WAGER) 1833apr17 WAGER Jasper (John CLEGG/Ann LONGDON) 1833apr17 WAGER Marianne (John CLEGG/Ann LONGDON) 1838sep06 WAGER Marieanne? (Joseph Taylor BIRDS/Maria WAGER) 1826may13 WAGER Maryann (Samuel HALL/Catharine WAGER) 1838sep06 WAGER W? (Joseph Taylor BIRDS/Maria WAGER) 1784jul21 WAGSTAFF Francis (William WAIN/Hannah WAGSTAFF) 1823jan23 WAGSTAFF Francis (Joseph ALLEN/Mary SMITH) 1839aug21 WAGSTAFF Hannah (Joseph BYARD/Elizabeth HUGHES) 1845feb13 WAGSTAFF Hannah (Thomas LAND/Elizabeth WAGSTAFF) 1818sep14 WAGSTAFF Joseph (John BUTLER/Melicent BROOKS) 1816sep19 WAGSTAFF Josiah (Charles KNIVETON/Hannah SPENCER) 1816sep19 WAGSTAFF Josiah (William HUNTSTONE/Sarah WRAGG) 1807dec10 WAGSTAFF Mary (William SPENCER/Ann WOOD) 1858apr04 WAGSTAFF Sarah (Stephen OLIVER/Harriet WAGSTAFF) 1768dec21 WAGSTAFF Thomas (Thomas BROWN/Ales JOHNSON) 1828may12 WAIN Anthony (Samuel WESLEY/Louisa P MERES) 1870may09 WAIN Anthony (Richard WAIN/Sarah ann GOODWIN) 1842aug11 WAIN Eliza (Samuel WAIN/Harriett WHITE) 1840feb16 WAIN Ellen (William DAWSON/Hannah GRATTAGE) 1871may08 WAIN Ellen (John BARKER/Margaret LYONS) 1855apr09 WAIN Fanny (Francis BERESFORD/Mary SWIFT) 1827may03 WAIN George (Abanathan HAWLEY/Elizabeth OGDON) 1841sep13 WAIN George (Thomas REYNOLDS/Ann HAWLEY) 1896jun17 WAIN George (Frank SHELLEY/Rose WAIN) 1841sep13 WAIN Hannah (Thomas REYNOLDS/Ann HAWLEY) 1846dec14 WAIN Harriet (Joseph MASKREY/Eliza WAIN) 1861may23 WAIN Harriet (Joseph MASKREY/Hannah CORDIN) 1863mar15 WAIN Harriet (George HOLMES/Jane LEE) 1895jun05 WAIN Herbert (Isaac WAIN/Annie Elizabeth FLINT) 1821sep06 WAIN John (John CLOUGH/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1827dec12 WAIN John (Samuel WAIN/Esther LEES) 1832apr25 WAIN John (George WAIN/Sarah SMITH) 1832jul19 WAIN John (George WAYN/Hannah HAWLEY) 1871may08 WAIN John (John BARKER/Margaret LYONS) 1783aug18 WAIN Joseph (Michael WHEATLEY/Martha JOWET) 1784jul21 WAIN Joseph (William WAIN/Hannah WAGSTAFF) 1897dec26 WAIN Lillie (George WAIN/Sarah Ann GODBEHERE) 1839dec24 WAIN Mary (Jeremiah BARTON/Elizabeth SELLORS) 1833sep02 WAIN Samuel (Joseph SMEDLEY/Ann WAIN) 1842aug11 WAIN Samuel (Samuel WAIN/Harriett WHITE) 1846dec14 WAIN Samuel (Joseph MASKREY/Eliza WAIN) 1873jul12 WAIN Samuel (Thomas TAYLOR/Hannah WILSON) 1895jun05 WAIN Sarah (Isaac WAIN/Annie Elizabeth FLINT) 1802mar08 WAINE George (Anthony WAYNE/Sarah BEARDSLEY) 1788dec08 WAINE Joseph (James SIMPSON/Merral WAYNE) 1899jul15 WAINWRIGHT Anna M (John Bent WALLIS/Florence WHITEHURST) 1876dec02 WAINWRIGHT Isaac (Edwin fred WALLIS/Elizabeth BENT) 1769apr20 WALKER Abraham (William WALKER/Ann STAFFORD) 1867sep04 WALKER Abraham (Isaac Benjamin CLAYTON/Sarah Adams WALKER) 1809jul06 WALKER Adam (Richard WALKER/Elizabeth UDALE) 1837jun01 WALKER Agnes (George WILDE/Ann WALKER) 1885oct24 WALKER Alice (William CLOUGH/Mary WALKER) 1865jul05 WALKER Ann (John GALLIMORE/Lydia WALKER) 1870may19 WALKER Ann (William WALKER/Eliza WATTERSON) 1871nov23 WALKER Ann (George LAND/Mary WALKER) 1867nov28 WALKER Annie (John BROUGH/Mary BEMBRIDGE) 1839dec24 WALKER B? (William WALTHALL/Edith WALKER) 1795mar19 WALKER Betty (John GAMBLE/Esther WALKER) 1841apr28 WALKER Catharine (Joseph WALKER/Margaret FLETCHER) 1838sep12 WALKER Catherine (William WALKER/Lydia HALL) 1839dec26 WALKER Cathrine (Samuel BOWDEN/Ann BUTLER) 1832sep13 WALKER Charles (Aaron DOXEY/Mary SPENCER) 1807nov12 WALKER D. (William SLACK/Mary HALL) 1803aug03 WALKER Daniel (Thomas SHELDON/Elizabeth HALL) 1828dec08 WALKER Daniel (Samuel SHELDON/Mary RADFORD) 1838nov29 WALKER Daniel (Thomas SLACK/Lydia WALKER) 1851may18 WALKER Daniel (Thomas ALLEN/Elizabeth STEAR) 1812may21 WALKER David (Joseph ANDREW/Martha GRATTON) 1816mar21 WALKER David (John BODEN/Sarah SPENCER) 1885oct24 WALKER David (William CLOUGH/Mary WALKER) 1813jan25 WALKER Easther (Samuel MELLOR/Sarah WALKER) 1838nov20 WALKER Edith (John KIRK/Mary PEARSON) 1833nov21 WALKER Eliza Smedley (Thomas WALKER/Sarah AMATT) 1823feb27 WALKER Elizabeth (Robert HALL/Sarah BAMFORD) 1831jul27 WALKER Elizabeth (George NORBURY/Mable BATEMAN) 1836aug16 WALKER Elizabeth (James GALLIMORE/Elizabeth GODBEHERE) 1876jan27 WALKER Elizabeth (Job WALKER/Hannah SPENCER) 1805feb18 WALKER Francis (Marcellus BAMFORD/Hannah FROST) 1809jan13 WALKER Francis (Thomas MARPLE/Ellen GODBEHERE) 1796feb08 WALKER George (John PIGGIN/Phoebe WALKER) 1800mar10 WALKER George (Joseph BLOUNT/Sally WALKER) 1826jul24 WALKER George (John OXSPRING/Lydia JOHNSON) 1828may29 WALKER George (William SMITH/Sarah WALKER) 1838sep12 WALKER George (William WALKER/Lydia HALL) 1848nov30 WALKER George (Isaac BROOKS/Mary WALKER) 1887dec25 WALKER George (George Francis GREEN/Elizabeth COOKE) 1894jul18 WALKER George (William LAND/Margaret WALKER) 1867aug05 WALKER George w (Joseph WALKER/Martha SHELDON) 1812aug13 WALKER Hannah (Charles HARPER/Peggy WALKER) 1814jun04 WALKER Hannah (George TURNER/Jane WALKER) 1828may09 WALKER Hannah (Daniel WALKER/Anne CLAYTON) 1837jun22 WALKER Hannah (Henry WALKER/Martha FLINT) 1848sep05 WALKER Hannah (William Smith WHEATCROFT/Ann WALKER) 1862sep15 WALKER Hannah (Richard STORER/Maria jane FLETCHER) 1864aug08 WALKER Hannah (Thomas PARKER/Elizabeth BRITLAND) 1888sep12 WALKER Harriet (Samuel WALKER/Sarah STOCKLE) 1891nov04 WALKER Harriet (Henry TWIGG/Annie WALKER) 1834jun19 WALKER Henry (James WALKER/Elizabeth HIGTON) 1837mar27 WALKER Henry (James COLLEDGE/Betty FLINT) 1847jan21 WALKER Henry (William SLACK/Eliza FROST) 1847nov02 WALKER Henry (Sidney CROSS/Agnes WALKER) 1763jun02 WALKER Hugh (Benjamin TAYLOR/Elizabeth REEVES) 1796may30 WALKER Hugh (John LEWIN/Elizabeth BROOKES) 1800apr16 WALKER Hugh (Josiah SLACK/Mary JEPSON) 1856apr16 WALKER Hugh (Joseph WRIGHT/Hannah SHELDON) 1868dec31 WALKER Hugh (Aaron DOXEY/Eliza GREGORY) 1879nov26 WALKER Hugh (George SPENCER/Ann JONES) 1815oct19 WALKER Isaac (James BLAKEMOOR/Sarah BOOTH) 1821aug30 WALKER Isaac (Edward ALLEN/Hannah WALKER) 1757jul21 WALKER James (John JONES/Ellen WIGLEY) 1791jul04 WALKER James (Joseph GARRETT/Mary BINGHAM) 1793jun26 WALKER James (Obadiah WIGLEY/Grace NALL) 1832jul19 WALKER James (David DOXEY/Ann WRAGG) 1834jun19 WALKER James (Rowland BUXTON/Millicent WALKER) 1756apr08 WALKER Job (Adam WALKER/Sarah BRITLAND) 1763jun09 WALKER John (James TOMLINSON/Mary BAMFORD) 1770jun14 WALKER John (Robert HUGHES/Ellen ARWIN) 1777oct27 WALKER John (Thomas MARSHALL/Elizabeth HOLEBROOKE) 1783dec15 WALKER John (William BRAMLEY/Jane SEEDHOUSE) 1791nov14 WALKER John (Andrew MACBETH/Jane HOLEHOUSE) 1794apr21 WALKER John (Isaac STUBBING/Martha CRICK) 1795nov22 WALKER John (William WOODWARD/Mary LYMN) 1837jun01 WALKER John (George WILDE/Ann WALKER) 1837oct03 WALKER John (James ROBINSON/Eliza smedley WALKER) 1847dec28 WALKER John (Joshua HALL/Elizabeth MOORE) 1868sep08 WALKER John (Josph burgess COTTON/Jemima SCATTERGOOD) 1892jun27 WALKER John (Peter GLANCY/Annie Maria WALKER) 1896jun10 WALKER John (Albert BYARD/Ada CAULDWELL) 1796sep26 WALKER Joseph (William PEARSON/Lydia MART) 1837aug08 WALKER Joseph (Daniel WALKER/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1840sep17 WALKER Joseph (William HAWLEY/Martha SPENCER) 1847jan27 WALKER Joseph (Anthony DOXEY/Rosamand WALKER) 1867sep11 WALKER Joseph (Herbert BARBER/Eliza WALKER) 1834sep17 WALKER Joshua (Adam WALKER/Martha ANDREW) 1862sep15 WALKER Joshua (Richard STORER/Maria jane FLETCHER) 1853may17 WALKER June (Edward MANN/Mary WALKER) 1827aug29 WALKER Lydia (John SPENCER/Melicent WALKER) 1832sep09 WALKER Lydia (John SPENCER/Elizabeth WALKER) 1838nov25 WALKER Maria (Alfred BAMFORD/Grace HUNT) 1853oct30 WALKER Martha (James AUSTIN/Mary HARRISON) 1835sep13 WALKER Mary (Thomas DOXEY/Hannah MELBOURN) 1848jul20 WALKER Mary (Henry WALKER/Ann GREATORIX) 1854jan19 WALKER Mary (Anthony HIGTON/Martha DOXEY) 1858may10 WALKER Mary (William HODKINSON/Fanny DERBYSHIRE) 1879sep24 WALKER Matilda mrth (Tom STOPPARD/Hannah WALKER) 1789dec17 WALKER Matthew? (Edward NOBLE/Mary KERREY) 1828dec24 WALKER Milicent (George BERRISFORDE/Hannah ELLIOTT) 1768jun06 WALKER Peter (Charles GAMBLE/Elisabeth WILD) 1784apr19 WALKER Philip (Daniel WALKER/Elizabeth GREGORY) 1789sep14 WALKER Philip (Samuel SHELDON/Hannah MOORE) 1816mar28 WALKER Philip (Luke SLACK/Mary SHELDON) 1785may18 WALKER Phillip (John ROWLAND/Sarah HARDING) 1789jan22 WALKER Phillip (Thomas EYELEY/Ann ANDREW) 1789dec17 WALKER Richard (Anthony BRITTON/Margaret WOOLEY) 1884jan10 WALKER Richard (Edward BROOKS/Ellen HOUGHTON) 1788apr23 WALKER Robert (John FROST/Lydia DEAN) 1802nov25 WALKER Robert (William SIMS/Dorothy ALLEN) 1828sep17 WALKER Rosamond (Thomas DOXEY/Sarah SPENCER) 1833sep18 WALKER Rosamund (Joseph WALKER/Mabel SPENCER) 1813jan25 WALKER Samuel (Samuel MELLOR/Sarah WALKER) 1820may22 WALKER Samuel (Joseph RADFORD/Esther WALKER) 1839dec24 WALKER Samuel (William WALTHALL/Edith WALKER) 1851jun12 WALKER Samuel (George MASKREY/Mary WALKER) 1853may17 WALKER Samuel (Edward MANN/Mary WALKER) 1870jan27 WALKER Samuel (Richard HINCKS/Jane WALKER) 1891nov04 WALKER Samuel (Henry TWIGG/Annie WALKER) 1802nov08 WALKER Sarah (Thomas WALKER/Elizabeth ALLSOP) 1808jun13 WALKER Sarah (Samuel WALKER/Mary SIMPSON) 1823mar31 WALKER Sarah (Joseph WALKER/Ann SPENCER) 1828sep17 WALKER Sarah (Abraham WALKER/Ann ADAMS) 1838dec31 WALKER Sarah (Joseph WALKER/Ann HUTCHINSON) 1843mar29 WALKER Sarah (Joseph KILLER/Sarah YOUNG) 1851jun12 WALKER Sarah (George MASKREY/Mary WALKER) 1865jul23 WALKER Sarah (John HAYWOOD/Lydia WALKER) 1867aug12 WALKER Sarah Adams (Henry ROPER/Elizabeth CLAYTON) 1872jul29 WALKER Selina (Robert WILSON/Ann WALKER) 1766nov13 WALKER William (Anthony RIPTON/Sarah WOODIWISS) 1768jun02 WALKER William (Henry MASKREY/Hannah STAFFORD) 1768jun09 WALKER William (Paul HIGTON/Martha PEAT) 1785oct10 WALKER William (James BRELSFORD/Mary STERNDALE) 1788feb21 WALKER William (John REEDS/Sarah WALKER) 1788oct21 WALKER William (Humphrey MARSHALL/Hannah STONE) 1795mar19 WALKER William (John GAMBLE/Esther WALKER) 1801sep07 WALKER William (George WALKER/Elizabeth WALKER) 1802nov08 WALKER William (Thomas WALKER/Elizabeth ALLSOP) 1831jul14 WALKER William (John BROWNSON/Elizabeth WALKER) 1835oct01 WALKER William (John SEEDS/Elizabeth MELLOR) 1836dec20 WALKER William (Joseph WALKER/Ann WRIGHT) 1838dec31 WALKER William (Joseph WALKER/Ann HUTCHINSON) 1841jul01 WALKER William (William WESLEY/Catharine WALKER) 1790jan11 WALKLET John (Benjamin YEOMANS/Elizabeth ALSOP) 1792apr30 WALKLET John (James WATERFIELD/Hannah JOHNSON) 1796sep26 WALKLET John (William PEARSON/Lydia MART) 1765jul28 WALKLET Peter (John ROGER/Martha HIGTON) 1766may22 WALKLET Peter (John MATHER/Elizabeth THOMPSON) 1777may22 WALKLET Peter (Thomas ROGER/Mary WRAGG) 1778apr20 WALKLET Peter (William WESTON/Susannah TOMPSON) 1778jul02 WALKLET Peter (Charles SALT/Jane GREGORY) 1815aug21 WALKLET Peter (John THOMPSON/Sarah STONE) 1843sep18 WALL ? (Thomas SWINDALL/Catherine TAYLOR) 1778aug25 WALL Anthony (William FERN/Isabella WRAGG) 1770jan27 WALL David (Job PEAT/Mary DUDSON) 1772apr02 WALL David (Hugh WALL/Mary HALL) 1774mar23 WALL David (Thomas HOUGHTON/Mary ROOSE) 1865sep10 WALL Emma (James HOULGATE/Hannah CARLINE) 1763feb12 WALL Garvice (Joseph CAUDWELL/Elizabeth KINNERSLEY) 1766sep15 WALL Hugh (Robert BARKER/Emmett HUNT) 1769mar29 WALL Hugh (James HANDLEY/Mary BRIDDON) 1806aug23 WALL Hugh (Thomas SHEPPARD/Sarah WALL) 1827oct08 WALL Hugh (Thomas GALLIMORE/Elizabeth NORCLIFF) 1829mar05 WALL Hugh (William BLACKHAM/Mary CLARK) 1831sep12 WALL Hugh (Henry CLAY/Martha STREET) 1831dec26 WALL Hugh (Joshua ROPER/Elizabeth CLAY) 1832mar25 WALL Hugh (Robert GREATOREX/Frances HALL) 1836sep08 WALL Hugh (John BROWN/Hannah BOWLER) 1847dec27 WALL Hugh (William SLACK/Elizabeth CLARK) 1848feb02 WALL Hugh (William ALLSOP/Ann BINNS) 1779jan05 WALL J. (Samuel SIMPSON/Elizabeth PAWMER) 1781oct10 WALL James (Thomas NORTH/Elizabeth NALL) 1786jul17 WALL James (James FINNEY/Mary BENNET) 1786jul17 WALL James (Richard HOPKINSON/Elizabeth SMEDLEY) 1786dec18 WALL James (Hugh HOSEY/Hannah KINDER) 1833jul03 WALL James (William CRISP/Elizabeth HALL) 1864feb15 WALL James (George Daniel MILWARD/Mary BROCKLEHURST) 1797apr17 WALL John (John LAMB/Hannah MELLOR) 1823jun12 WALL John (John SPENCER/Sarah WALL) 1830feb10 WALL John (Joseph WYLD/Sarah SMITH) 1868oct07 WALL Maryann (Henry GAMBLE/Emma WALL) 1836dec29 WALL Richard (James WILKINSON/Elizabeth WEBSTER) 1862oct04 WALL Richard (Benjamin SAUNDERS/Sarah SMITH) 1833jul03 WALL S A (William CRISP/Elizabeth HALL) 1779jan05 WALL S? (Samuel SIMPSON/Elizabeth PAWMER) 1761feb06 WALL Samuel (John JOWET/Sarah GOODWIN) 1761aug17 WALL Samuel (Richard KIRKLAND/Margaret ASHTON) 1761oct31 WALL Samuel (Jonathan POTTER/Ann REYNOLDS) 1762jun14 WALL Samuel (William EATON/Elizabeth NORTH) 1762dec22 WALL Samuel (John PEARSON/Mary MELBOURN) 1770aug02 WALL Samuel (Richard NICKSON/Elizabeth WOODIWIS) 1771apr09 WALL Samuel (Richard MANSFIELD/Mary BENNET) 1773jun06 WALL Samuel (William WALKER/Ann WOODROFFE) 1774jul31 WALL Samuel (James STOCKPORT/Martha GELL) 1781apr11 WALL Samuel (Samuel REDFERN/Sarah WALKER) 1781apr19 WALL Samuel (Henry MASKERY/Ruth WALKER) 1781oct10 WALL Samuel (Thomas NORTH/Elizabeth NALL) 1782jun27 WALL Samuel (Thomas HOLEHOUSE/Elizabeth NORTH) 1785oct12 WALL Samuel (James RADCLIFF/Mary PEAT) 1786sep13 WALL Samuel (William CLAY/Mary WALL) 1787jan15 WALL Samuel (William COCKER/Grace HARVEY) 1787sep12 WALL Samuel (John WORSLOVE/Ann EYELEY) 1794may12 WALL Samuel (George WILLIS/Hannah COOPER) 1794dec29 WALL Samuel (Isaac HANSON/Ann COCKER) 1798nov07 WALL Samuel (Job WRIGHT/Martha BOWN) 1812jul08 WALL Samuel (John REDFERN/Mary NORTH) 1759may05 WALL Thomas (William HOUGH/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1762jan03 WALL Thomas (Thomas ELLIOT/Elizabeth TARRANT) 1766sep15 WALL Thomas (Robert BARKER/Emmett HUNT) 1766sep15 WALL Thomas (Marmaduke YOUNG/Mary POTTER) 1768may03 WALL Thomas (Anthony AMOT/Mary WARD) 1768jul13 WALL Thomas (Thomas POTTER/Dorothy SMITH) 1768dec19 WALL Thomas (Owen FISHER/Mary BULLOCK) 1771mar08 WALL Thomas (Martin HURLEY/Elizabeth MART) 1771jun29 WALL Thomas (Job LYMN/Mary PEARSON) 1778jan27 WALL Thomas (Samuel PEACH/Grace BROWN) 1787jan15 WALL William (William COCKER/Grace HARVEY) 1764jan28 WALLCLOCK Abraham (William COLLEDGE/Grace SPENCER) 1760sep18 WALLCLOCK Peter (William BROOKEFIELD/Mary ALSOP) 1835sep16 WALLIS Charles (Joseph MILLINGTON/Mary CHEETHAM) 1899jul15 WALLIS Edwin Frd (John Bent WALLIS/Florence WHITEHURST) 1876dec02 WALLIS Edwin fred (Isaac WAINWRIGHT/Anna maria BENT) 1809nov06 WALLIS William (William HERROD/Hannah SMITH) 1809nov06 WALLIS William (John PATCHET/Ann MILLINGTON) 1763may02 WALLKER Peter (Samuel BARTON/Rebecca WARD) 1762apr02 WALLKLET Peter (Arthur SPENCER/Alice THOMPSON) 1762apr02 WALLKLET JUN Peter (Arthur SPENCER/Alice THOMPSON) 1793jul01 WALLSWORTH William (George COOPER/Hannah HALLSWORTH) 1787jul16 WALTER Isaac (William WALTON/Sarah SMITH) 1845apr14 WALTHALL William (William WALTHALL/Sarah BAMFORD) 1788aug14 WALTON Ann (Charles BLYTON/Sarah MOSLEY) 1878jun17 WALTON Anthony (William TAYLOR/Emily BARBER) 1858nov04 WALTON Dorothy (Jesse MARRIOTT/Hannah WALTON) 1899dec27 WALTON George (Thomas POTTER/Elizabeth CHAPMAN) 1812aug12 WALTON Grace (Joseph STATHAM/Ann WALTON) 1841feb23 WALTON Hannah (John WALTON/Catharine HOLMES) 1866jan09 WALTON Harriet (George HOLMES/Sarah WALTON) 1776feb28 WALTON James (Thomas PERKINS/Hannah BUXTON) 1779jun21 WALTON John (Benjamin GREGORY/Betty JOHNSON) 1787mar08 WALTON Joseph (Benjamin SWIFT/Ann ROWBOTHAM) 1878jun17 WALTON Matilda (William TAYLOR/Emily BARBER) 1841feb23 WALTON Robert (John WALTON/Catharine HOLMES) 1831jan13 WALTON Samuek (Joseph HOLMES/Charlotte WRIGHT) 1825sep13 WALTON Thomas (George WALTON/Mary PEAT) 1866jan09 WALTON Thomas (George HOLMES/Sarah WALTON) 1759apr16 WALVIN William (William LEE/Patience WALLVIN) 1834mar17 WANE Sarah (William WOODHOUSE/Anne HODGKINSON) 1777may21 WARCUPP Robert (John CRICH/Grace FLINT) 1803may01 WARD Ann (Joseph REDFERN/Elizabeth WARD) 1818dec24 WARD Anna (William PIDCOCK/Mary BEARD) 1831jun29 WARD Anna Elizabeth (William LAIDMAN/Sarah M HANSON) 1896feb03 WARD Annie (Ralph WARD/Hannah Elizabeth BARKER) 1827oct03 WARD Elizabeth (Thomas WARD/Ann STAFFORD) 1887nov20 WARD Elizabeth (John Henry ALLSOP/Bertha MASKERY) 1777apr06 WARD Francis (William BRIDDON/Susanna SUMMERFIELD) 1896feb05 WARD George (Thomas HARRISON/Mary Jane WARD) 1841jan28 WARD Jane (George ELSE/Ann PICKARD) 1896feb05 WARD Jane (Thomas HARRISON/Mary Jane WARD) 1820apr10 WARD Mary (William MURFING/Mary WARD) 1833sep30 WARDLE Henry (Joseph HALL/Sarah LANE) 1880jan19 WARDLE Thomas (Frank ELSE/Charlotte HORTON) 1827apr23 WARDLOW Richard (John HAWKSLEY/Ann WARDLOW) 1891apr06 WARDMAN Ann (George Henry Brooks KINDER/Hannah WARDMAN) 1821oct08 WARDMAN Anthony (John SMITH/Mary WARDMAN) 1845may18 WARDMAN Anthony (James ROWLAND/Ann STEAR) 1874apr19 WARDMAN Anthony (William ELSE/Sarah ann HOUGHTON) 1891apr06 WARDMAN Anthony (George Henry Brooks KINDER/Hannah WARDMAN) 1894oct22 WARDMAN Anthony (James BOWYER/Emma Elizabeth WARDMAN) 1896jul19 WARDMAN Anthony (Robert PEARSON/Hannah BYARD) 1897nov02 WARDMAN Anthony (George FLINT/Hannah REPTON) 1899sep25 WARDMAN Anthony (John WARDMAN/Florence HUSBAND) 1877mar12 WARDMAN Daniel (William MERCHANT/Mary JACKSON) 1896apr08 WARDMAN Daniel (Samuel ELSE/Sarah Ann WARDMAN) 1897jan06 WARDMAN Daniel (Thomas TURNER/Mary Jane WARDMAN) 1878jun12 WARDMAN Elizabeth (William HOUGHTON/Hannah TURNER) 1890jan25 WARDMAN Elizabeth (John TAYLOR/Sarah SPENCER) 1896apr08 WARDMAN Elizabeth (Samuel ELSE/Sarah Ann WARDMAN) 1847mar29 WARDMAN Esther (William BUTLER/Sarah SMITH) 1890may12 WARDMAN Hannah (James PEARSON/Sarah Jane MILLINGTON) 1865jun21 WARDMAN James (Samuel WARDMAN/Hannah STONE) 1879feb19 WARDMAN James (Samuel WIGLEY/Mary jane WARDMAN) 1882dec30 WARDMAN James (John SLACK/Sarah ann WARDMAN) 1835jun11 WARDMAN John (John BROUGH/Ann MELLOW) 1839dec29 WARDMAN John (Thomas GOODWIN/Elizabeth BRUNT) 1895sep01 WARDMAN John (Anthony WARDMAN/Hannah Elizabeth GRIFFIN) 1820sep14 WARDMAN Joseph (Thomas BROOKS/Jane BARKER) 1844jan29 WARDMAN Mary (John DOXEY/Lydia SLACK) 1849sep30 WARDMAN Mary (John WARDMAN/Isabella ELSE) 1888may27 WARDMAN Mary (Joshua OLDFIELD/Mary Ann WARDMAN) 1897nov02 WARDMAN Mary (George FLINT/Hannah REPTON) 1839dec29 WARDMAN Mary Ann (Thomas GOODWIN/Elizabeth BRUNT) 1877may07 WARDMAN Mary jane (Daniel WARDMAN/Elizabeth BRIDGEWOOD) 1894aug20 WARDMAN Pollie (Edward BARKER/Sarah BRIDGWOOD) 1877jun25 WARDMAN Robert (Thomas ELSE/Sarah ALLSOP) 1877may07 WARDMAN Samuel (Daniel WARDMAN/Elizabeth BRIDGEWOOD) 1879feb19 WARDMAN Sarah ann (Samuel WIGLEY/Mary jane WARDMAN) 1835feb05 WARDMAN William (Francis STAFFORD/Mary Ann WARDMAN) 1845jul30 WARDMAN William (William SMITH/Mary REDFEARN) 1847mar29 WARDMAN William (William BUTLER/Sarah SMITH) 1849sep30 WARDMAN William (John WARDMAN/Isabella ELSE) 1854sep27 WARDMAN William (James POTTER/Hannah HOUGHTON) 1827nov05 WARDMER lleny? (John WARDMAN/Mary Ann WETTON) 1768aug21 WAREUPP Robert (James BAMFORD/Mary BRIDDON) 1888aug01 WARLEY Winifred (John KILLER/Elizabeth KIRK) 1871feb22 WARNE Mary ann (William ANNABLE/Elizabeth WATERFIELD) 1829sep14 WARNER Ann (Thomas COWLEY/Lucy WARNER) 1787mar12 WARNER George (Richard ALSOP/Mary POTTER) 1796oct05 WARNER George (Richard ALSOP/Mary RIDGARD) 1801jul25 WARNER George (William JEPSON/Ann TURNER) 1806jan23 WARNER George (John TURNER/Sarah WALKER) 1776jul08 WARREN Francis (Philip GELL/Cassandra HURT) 1898feb16 WARREN Louisa (James BENNETT/Mary Elizabeth WARREN) 1808mar28 WARRINGTON Hannah (John WARRINGTON/Ann MILLWARD) 1828feb19 WARRINGTON Martha (George JACKSON/Ann GREATORIX) 1842sep07 WASS Ann (James ATTENBOROW/Mary WASS) 1873jan01 WASS Edward M (George FROST/Emily DOXEY) 1890jul26 WASS Edwin (Walter STEEPLES/Caroline WASS) 1833sep02 WASS Eliza (Joseph SMEDLEY/Ann WAIN) 1812mar02 WASS Sophia (Aaron STOPPARD/Hannah BROWN) 1845may20 WATERALL Ann (William BROWN/Ann SAXTON) 1845may20 WATERALL George (William BROWN/Ann SAXTON) 1897oct24 WATERFIELD Charles (John Lawrence LAND/Hannah Elizabeth WATERFIELD) 1845aug24 WATERFIELD Elizabeth (James ALLEN/Phoebe RICHARDS) 1899may20 WATERFIELD Ethel (Jonathan LOGAN/Louisa SLACK) 1896sep02 WATERFIELD Florence (George GREEN/Sarah TAYLOR) 1760mar23 WATERFIELD John (Thomas MEKIN/Elisabeth PRESTON) 1861jan27 WATERFIELD John (Reuben FLINT/Mary ann WATERFIELD) 1865nov13 WATERFIELD John (Thomas SHIRLEY/Phebe WATERFIELD) 1899may20 WATERFIELD John (Jonathan LOGAN/Louisa SLACK) 1780jul27 WATERFIELD Philip (Richard BASSANO/Mary WATERFIELD) 1830oct21 WATERFIELD Samuel (Thomas BUSH/Elizabeth WILD) 1823jul31 WATERFIELD Sarah (Robert COOKE/Sarah WATERFIELD) 1877dec31 WATERFIELD Sarah (John GREENHOUGH/Penelope CARTE) 1897oct24 WATERFIELD Sarah (John Lawrence LAND/Hannah Elizabeth WATERFIELD) 1863feb22 WATERFIELD Thomas (Arthur WALKER/Mary MOXON) 1818oct27 WATERFIELD William (Isaac RIDGARDS/Ann WATERFIELD) 1757jun19 WATERHOUSE ? (George TOMPSON/Anne HALSALL) 1771jul08 WATERHOUSE Robert (Jacob NEEDHAM/Anna WIGLEY) 1812apr27 WATHER Isaac (William WEBSTER/Elizabeth BROUGH) 1773feb01 WATLOCK Abraham (William LATHAM/Ellen GREGORY) 1773may26 WATLOCK Abraham (James REYNOLDS/Ann GREGORY) 1773jul29 WATLOCK Abraham (John MASKREY/Ann PRITCHARD) 1773oct07 WATLOCK Abraham (Anthony WOODHOUSE/Elizabeth BLUNT) 1774apr11 WATLOCK Abraham (David HOLBROOKE/Mary HARRISON) 1828sep17 WATSON Daniel (Samuel KNIVETON/Mary WILSON) 1849nov29 WATSON Elizabeth (Isaac RAINS/Ann WATSON) 1835jun21 WATSON Isaac (John NEEDHAM/Susan ALLEN) 1843apr27 WATSON John (James MARSHALL/Elizabeth DUNN) 1862jul13 WATSON Maryann (James HAYWOOD/Mary TAYLOR) 1831aug15 WATSON Noah (William HUDSON/Marina WATSON) 1796mar28 WATSON Peter (Robert BARKER/Ann BROOKES) 1841jan18 WATSON Samuel (Isaac GOODALL/Sarah KIDDY) 1784mar09 WATSON Stephen (Abraham BOOTH/Sarah WATSON) 1863dec17 WATSON Thomas bwne? (Edward bick. WATSON/Agnes FROST) 1798apr26 WATSON William (William FERN/Rebecca WATSON) 1829may02 WATSON William (John WATSON/Maria DUNN) 1827nov30 WATTERFIELD John (Nathaniel WATERFIELD/Ann HOLEHOUSE) 1823jul31 WATTERFIELD Thomas (Robert COOKE/Sarah WATERFIELD) 1898apr20 WATTERSON Anne (George ALSOP/Elizabeth WATTERSON) 1870may19 WATTERSON George (William WALKER/Eliza WATTERSON) 1898apr20 WATTERSON George (George ALSOP/Elizabeth WATTERSON) 1843oct09 WATTON Alice (Thomas BLACKHAM/Elizabeth ROUSE) 1897dec26 WATTS George (George WAIN/Sarah Ann GODBEHERE) 1791apr27 WATTS Henry (William FANTOM/Hannah BATE) 1788aug27 WAVIS H. (William SIMS/Alice TWIGGE) 1832feb20 WAYNE George (John HAWLEY/Lydia REYNOLDS) 1833feb20 WAYNE Hannah (Richard TRAIN/Amey STAPLES) 1770jun14 WAYNE Samuel (Robert HUGHES/Ellen ARWIN) 1783dec13 WAYNE Samuel (Anthony DAWES/Hannah POTTER) 1792oct08 WAYNE Samuel (George CAUDWELL/Martha HEAPY) 1871jul31 WAYWELL George (Gamaliel HALL/Mary REPTON) 1855sep09 WAYWELL Jane (Thomas WAYWELL/Maria ALLEN) 1876jul10 WAYWELL Joseph (Charles WOODHOUSE/Hannah WAYWELL) 1855sep18 WAYWELL Sarah (William SANDERS/Ellen CLARK) 1860may28 WAYWELL Thomas (Samuel MOORE/Elizabeth WAYWELL) 1855sep18 WAYWELL William (William SANDERS/Ellen CLARK) 1857may28 WEBSTER Alice (Daniel HALL/Mary WEBSTER) 1863dec14 WEBSTER Alice (George GOODALL/Lucy RAINS) 1871dec28 WEBSTER Alice (Alfred WEBSTER/Caroline Elzth SHELDON) 1837oct01 WEBSTER Ann (Samuel WEBSTER/Sarah CROFTS) 1842may15 WEBSTER Ann (Thomas MARPLE/Emma CROFT) 1834nov04 WEBSTER Eliza (George BACKHOUSE/Esther WEBSTER) 1846sep13 WEBSTER Eliza (Anthony WILDGOOSE/Mary MARSHALL) 1861may29 WEBSTER Eliza (William TATLOW/Mary WEBSTER) 1819jun06 WEBSTER Elizabeth (Thomas ADAMS/Sarah EASTWOOD) 1823apr22 WEBSTER Elizabeth (Isaac JACKSON/Sarah BRADLEY) 1861aug04 WEBSTER Elizabeth (Edwin DERRY/Emily WEBSTER) 1792jun13 WEBSTER Enoch (John TUCKER/Hannah BENNET) 1791aug22 WEBSTER George (Thomas GAMBLE/Grace DAVILE) 1811nov13 WEBSTER George (George KNIVETON/Hannah BIRKS) 1830jun30 WEBSTER George (Thomas T WHEATCROFT/Eleanor SLACK) 1833dec15 WEBSTER George (Richard M THOMPSON/Hannah SLACK) 1836jul07 WEBSTER George (Samuel BALLINGTON/Lydia COLLINSON) 1843aug03 WEBSTER Hannah (Richard ROSEWARNE/Elizabeth WEBSTER) 1832nov06 WEBSTER Henry (Charles WOOD/Hannah WEBSTER) 1798dec24 WEBSTER James (Luke ADAMS/Ellen WAYN) 1843aug03 WEBSTER James (Richard ROSEWARNE/Elizabeth WEBSTER) 1773sep26 WEBSTER John (Samuel BARKER/Martha ALLEN) 1779sep13 WEBSTER John (George STORER/Mary FRITH) 1790feb23 WEBSTER John (William CAWLEY/Catharine MART) 1829may25 WEBSTER John (Thomas WEBSTER/Alice SHELDON) 1829dec25 WEBSTER John (John WEBSTER/Mary RAINS) 1847jan20 WEBSTER John (Charles WALL/Hannah WEBSTER) 1858jan20 WEBSTER John (Thomas orme ALLEN/Ellen WEBSTER) 1861may29 WEBSTER John (William TATLOW/Mary WEBSTER) 1864mar09 WEBSTER John (David GRATTON/Eliza WEBSTER) 1837feb06 WEBSTER Judith (Richard POOLE/Elizabeth WEBSTER) 1888mar21 WEBSTER Lucy (Philip WEBSTER/Matilda ELSE) 1867sep16 WEBSTER Margaret (Anthony NADIN/Elizabeth HALL) 1847jan20 WEBSTER Mary (Charles WALL/Hannah WEBSTER) 1852apr12 WEBSTER Mary (Abraham WEBSTER/Ann MARSDEN) 1857may28 WEBSTER Mary (Henry HALL/Alice WEBSTER) 1858jan20 WEBSTER Mary (Thomas orme ALLEN/Ellen WEBSTER) 1812feb20 WEBSTER Matthew (John TOMLINSON/Elizabeth WEBSTER) 1818mar23 WEBSTER Samuel (Daniel POYSER/Sythe FURNESS) 1863jun29 WEBSTER Sarah (William TATE/Frances WEBSTER) 1811feb24 WEBSTER Sophia (Nehemiah KNIVETON/Elizabeth WEBSTER) 1756apr23 WEBSTER Thomas (Joseph WEBSTER/Elizabeth WRIGHT) 1773sep27 WEBSTER Thomas (William KILLER/Elizabeth BROWN) 1774mar23 WEBSTER Thomas (Thomas HOUGHTON/Mary ROOSE) 1792jun11 WEBSTER Thomas (George YATES/Ann BOTHAM) 1792jun11 WEBSTER Thomas (Thomas RICHARDSON/Hannah STONE) 1842nov29 WEBSTER Thomas (Thomas ROGERS/Emma BAINBRIDGE) 1871dec28 WEBSTER Thomas (Alfred WEBSTER/Caroline Elzth SHELDON) 1875apr26 WEBSTER Thomas (Benjamin ELLIOT/Eliza WEBSTER) 1888mar21 WEBSTER Thomas (Philip WEBSTER/Matilda ELSE) 1809apr16 WEBSTER William (William NUTTALL/Sarah WEBSTER) 1853jul05 WEBSTER JNR G (Thomas ALLSOP/Sarah FROST) 1754dec19 WEESON Job (Thomas LARARD/Lydia COTES) 1859jun13 WELSLY Elizabeth (George ELLICOCK/Ellen POYSER) 1819dec12 WESLEY Ann (Isaac SLACK/Sarah OXLEY) 1858jun16 WESLEY Charles (Thomas THOMPSON/Hannah ELLICOCK) 1849jan25 WESLEY Jane (John GREGORY/Elizabeth WESLEY) 1850aug15 WESLEY Jane (Daniel MARSDEN/Ellen WESLEY) 1819dec12 WESLEY John (Isaac SLACK/Sarah OXLEY) 1820sep14 WESLEY John (James ELLIOTT/Ann FLINT) 1820sep14 WESLEY John (Benjamin BECK/Ann LAND) 1828may26 WESLEY John (Leonard WINTERS/Mary SIMS) 1833feb27 WESLEY John (James SPENCER/Sarah SIMS) 1841jul01 WESLEY Sarah (William WESLEY/Catharine WALKER) 1842sep04 WESLEY Sarah (George MELLOWS/Mary ann WESLEY) 1849jan25 WESLEY William (John GREGORY/Elizabeth WESLEY) 1825sep14 WESSON Ann (Nehemiah KNIVETON/Elizabeth ROGERSON) 1767oct19 WESSON Anthony (Benjamin STERNDALE/Elizabeth BRITLAND) 1775jul24 WESSON Anthony (Thomas STONEHOUSE/Elizabeth HODGKINSON) 1782jun10 WESSON Anthony (Joshua WESTON/Elizabeth REDDISH) 1823nov12 WESSON Job (Francis GREGORY/Sarah ANDERSON) 1806sep15 WESSON Joshua (David ELLIOT/Prudence WAGSTAFF) 1849sep13 WEST Elizabeth (Samuel SLACK/Hannah FLINT) 1864may26 WESTCOTT Thomas (John BARNES/Mary ann MIDDLETON) 1895oct02 WESTON Alfred (Herbert Joseph FOX/Hannah WESTON) 1896nov19 WESTON Alfred (Percy Albert LUNN/Mary WESTON) 1832jan21 WESTON Ann (Joseph WESTON/Sarah HOLMES) 1835mar04 WESTON Anthony (William WESTON/Hannah MASKREY) 1847feb04 WESTON Anthony (Thomas HOLMES/Hannah CRESSWELL) 1761may28 WESTON Daniel (George TAYLOR/Mary WESTON) 1860jun04 WESTON Eliza (John SHELLEY/Hannah BLACKWALL) 1884jun07 WESTON Elizabeth (George JOHNSON/Emma WESTON) 1860jul16 WESTON Emma (George TAYLOR/Hannah BRACE) 1840sep14 WESTON Esther (Daniel WESTON/Elizabeth HOLMES) 1840nov16 WESTON Esther (Peter BRITLAND/Mary Ann HOLMES) 1825sep14 WESTON Job (Nehemiah KNIVETON/Elizabeth ROGERSON) 1829nov22 WESTON Job (Samuel BOWN/Sarah MATHER) 1815nov20 WESTON John (Thomas BROUNT/Elizabeth SLACK) 1896nov19 WESTON John (Percy Albert LUNN/Mary WESTON) 1824sep13 WESTON Joseph (Jabus THOMPSON/Hannah DOXEY) 1777apr03 WESTON Joshua (Thomas BUXTON/Ruth WESTON) 1791apr06 WESTON Joshua (Simon DELICATE/Mary WESTON) 1831dec01 WESTON Joshua (John SILKSTONE/Mary Ann WESTON) 1890feb18 WESTON Mary (George ELSE/Mary Hannah THOMPSON) 1895oct02 WESTON Mary (Herbert Joseph FOX/Hannah WESTON) 1883nov19 WESTON Mary Eliz (John BUCKLEY/Mary Ann BRITLAND) 1833jun13 WESTON Sarah (John HOLEHOUSE/Dorothy WESTON) 1840aug26 WESTON Sarah (Isaiah ABBOTT/Mary WESTON) 1841aug02 WESTON Sarah (William Fr. TAYLOR/Ann WESTON) 1874may16 WESTON Sarah (William CORDIN/Elizabeth HOLMES) 1892jul30 WESTON Sarah Elz (Samuel THOMPSON/Mary WESTON) 1892jul30 WESTON Thomas Wm (Samuel THOMPSON/Mary WESTON) 1834aug14 WESTON William (George HOLEHOUSE/Elizabeth WESTON) 1847sep01 WESTON William (Samuel COOPER/Mary GREATOREX) 1884jun07 WESTON William (George JOHNSON/Emma WESTON) 1895apr10 WETHERE Ann Eliz (William Henry HUDDLESTONE/Mary Hannah MASKREY) 1856apr03 WETHERED Thomas owen (Edmund yates PEEL/Catherine ann HURT) 1787nov22 WETHERILL William (Arthur SPENCER/Elizabeth HARRISON) 1823may07 WETTON Ann (William KEYS/Martha WETTON) 1839dec29 WETTON Benjamin (Charles OAKDEN/Sylvia DAY) 1846feb01 WETTON Charlotte (Job WETTON/Hannah CORDIN) 1853nov29 WETTON Eliza (Edward BOWMAN/Harriet DOXEY) 1814jun15 WETTON George (Thomas WATERFALE/Mary COOPER) 1827nov05 WETTON George (John WARDMAN/Mary Ann WETTON) 1834may19 WETTON Harriet (William PURSGLOVE/Elizabeth WETTON) 1834may19 WETTON James (William PURSGLOVE/Elizabeth WETTON) 1847aug02 WETTON Job (Thomas CLAY/Charlotte WETTON) 1827oct04 WETTON John (Benjamin POYSER/Ann SMITH) 1780mar01 WETTON Joshua (Thomas WETTON/Ann MELLOR) 1827oct04 WETTON Sarah (Benjamin POYSER/Ann SMITH) 1776nov28 WETTON Thomas (Benjamin COOPER/Sarah ELLIOT) 1777sep22 WETTON Thomas (William TOMLINSON/Elizabeth ALSOP) 1794sep02 WETTON Thomas (George WHITE/Martha MELLOR) 1804jan18 WETTON Thomas (Thomas JOHNSON/Mary KEY) 1810jun07 WETTON Thomas (Robert STEAR/Frances WETTON) 1815jun12 WETTON Thomas (Thomas BYARD/Elizabeth WETTON) 1815aug30 WETTON Thomas (Thomas ABBOTT/Martha WHITE) 1847oct03 WETTON William (Daniel HOLMES/Sarah BULLOCK) 1898oct29 WETTON William (William KNIVETON/Sarah Ann WETTON) 1858sep15 WEYWELL Sampson (William BURTON/Ann POTTER) 1796feb08 WHEATCROFT Abraham (John PIGGIN/Phoebe WALKER) 1832sep04 WHEATCROFT Abraham (Thomas DANKS/Mary Ann WHEATCROFT) 1761may28 WHEATCROFT Edward (Wandall ALLSOP/Hannah SMEDLY) 1763oct16 WHEATCROFT Edward (John HARRISON/Mary FERN) 1789jul30 WHEATCROFT Edward (James OGDON/Ann BARKER) 1791jul11 WHEATCROFT Edward (Ferdinand MOLD/Sarah WHEATCROFT) 1806jul02 WHEATCROFT Edward (William FROST/Elizabeth CURSON) 1810jan01 WHEATCROFT Edward (Joseph DOXEY/Edith WARDMAN) 1812oct07 WHEATCROFT Edward (Isaac SPENCER/Martha SLACK) 1819sep15 WHEATCROFT Edward (Edward MOLD/Mary KNIVETON) 1833dec15 WHEATCROFT Eleanor Slack (Richard M THOMPSON/Hannah SLACK) 1813sep23 WHEATCROFT Hannah (John WHEATCROFT/Sarah HARRISON) 1813nov17 WHEATCROFT Hannah (George CORDEUX/Mary Ann SPICER) 1820dec26 WHEATCROFT Hannah (John THELWELL/Ann FROST) 1815feb23 WHEATCROFT Lydia (Edward WHEATCROFT/Martha DOXEY) 1819sep15 WHEATCROFT Mary (Edward MOLD/Mary KNIVETON) 1820nov27 WHEATCROFT Mary Anne (William WHEATCROFT/Elizabeth HIGGOTT) 1770jan01 WHEATCROFT Samuel (Edward MORLEY/Martha PEAT) 1792jan17 WHEATCROFT Samuel (Lot VICKERS/Mary SALT) 1868apr13 WHEATCROFT Samuel (William LEWIS/Jane WHEATCROFT) 1813sep23 WHEATCROFT William (John WHEATCROFT/Sarah HARRISON) 1821aug08 WHEATCROFT William (Samuel BURGOINE/Hannah CLARK) 1898dec26 WHEATCROFT William (Frederick FANTON/Emily ALLSOP) 1782mar06 WHEATLEY Edward (John BYARD/Sarah TAYLOR) 1801jan26 WHEATLEY Mary (William HADFIELD/Mary WALL) 1880nov15 WHEELDON Beatrice (William STEEPLES/Emma MOUNTNEY) 1788dec22 WHEELDON Ellen (James WALKER/Elizabeth BINGHAM) 1875oct07 WHEELDON Emma (William WRIGHT/Rhoda WHEELDON) 1765mar14 WHEELDON Gervis (William COWLISHAW/Grace ALLTON) 1824mar24 WHEELDON Gervis (John MART/Mary HUNT) 1827apr23 WHEELDON Gervis (John MURFIN/Mary AUSTIN) 1827oct03 WHEELDON Gervis (Thomas WARD/Ann STAFFORD) 1855jun27 WHEELDON Grace (Joseph BRITLAND/Sarah CRESSWELL) 1867jul04 WHEELDON Henry (Thomas WILSON/Mary HATFIELD) 1827dec25 WHEELDON John (John THOMPSON/Mary TAYLOR) 1839oct14 WHEELDON John (Thomas THORP/Hannah WHEELDON) 1842feb13 WHEELDON Joseph (John HARRISON/Elizabeth HASLAM) 1828feb04 WHEELDON Lydia (Joseph KERRY/Ann WHEELDON) 1850jul31 WHEELDON Martha (William STEEPLES/Hannah WHEELDON) 1836feb15 WHEELDON Mary (Robert HOLBROOK/Lucy WHEELDON) 1828feb04 WHEELDON Thomas (Joseph KERRY/Ann WHEELDON) 1838dec09 WHEELDON Thomas (James PEARSON/Dorothy POTTER) 1850jul31 WHEELDON Thomas (William STEEPLES/Hannah WHEELDON) 1757may09 WHEELDON William (Joseph BERRISFORD/Mary GOODWIN) 1829apr09 WHEELDON William (James WHEELDON/Hannah WHITWORTH) 1875jul26 WHEELDON William (John CLARKE/Hannah WHEELDON) 1866apr17 WHEELER Laura m jos (William SPERRY/Sarah ann PEAL) 1892sep07 WHELDON John (Walter PERFECT/Ada Louisa WHELDON) 1836sep19 WHISTON William (Richard CLAY/Harriet HAZLEWOOD) 1835sep14 WHIT Joseph (Thomas THOMPSON/Grace WHITE) 1826may06 WHITE Benjamin (John GREENLEES/Jane WOOD) 1875jul11 WHITE Benjamin (Abanathan HAWLEY/Hannah WHITE) 1885apr29 WHITE Frederick (William MOORE/Mary WHITE) 1830apr29 WHITE G. (Robert BAKER/Mary Ann HARVEY) 1768may25 WHITE George (James WHITE/Mary WHITE) 1809sep11 WHITE George (John GRATTON/Elizabeth STORER) 1809sep11 WHITE George (Thomas TUNNICLIFF/Mary BLACKSTONE) 1880may18 WHITE George (Isaac SLACK/Elizabeth BRIGGS) 1858sep15 WHITE Grace (William BURTON/Ann POTTER) 1820sep11 WHITE Hariet (Obadiah ADAMS/Mary FEARN) 1822oct21 WHITE James (John COTTERILL/Dorothy GUNN) 1863nov16 WHITE James (Josiah BODEN/Fanny BRITLAND) 1786jun21 WHITE Job (John ABEL/Martha WHITE) 1790aug10 WHITE Job (Job LONGDEN/Martha ABELL) 1824dec06 WHITE John (George WRAGG/Maria WHITE) 1760apr04 WHITE Joseph (Matthew PEAT/Catharine HANSON) 1832may07 WHITE Joseph (Frederick COLLEDGE/Mary WHITE) 1833may13 WHITE Joseph (Noah MELBOURN/Hannah WHITE) 1838mar28 WHITE Joseph (Samuel ALLIN/Rebecca WHITE) 1875jul11 WHITE Louisa (Abanathan HAWLEY/Hannah WHITE) 1880may18 WHITE Martha (Isaac SLACK/Elizabeth BRIGGS) 1834may31 WHITE Mary (Joseph MARCHANT/Mary Ann WHITE) 1883aug27 WHITE Mary Annie (David SELVEY/Mary WAYWELL) 1858feb22 WHITE Michael (Isaac MACINTOSH/Matilda BUNTING) 1833may13 WHITE Sarah (Noah MELBOURN/Hannah WHITE) 1871mar15 WHITE Thomas (Samuel FLETCHER/Elizabeth WHITE) 1771jul14 WHITE Tomas (William STAFFORD/Elizabeth WHEELDON) 1813jan14 WHITE William Morledge (John HARVEY/Mary Ann WHITE) 1838dec11 WHITEHEAD John (John WYATT/Susan CHURCHMAN) 1852feb16 WHITEHEAD Lydia (John SMITH/Ruth BEELEY) 1833sep23 WHITEHEAD Mary (John ELLIOTT/Jane BIRKS) 1898oct05 WHITEHURST Joseph (John William ELLIOTT/Kate SANDERS) 1823sep15 WHITHERTON John (Joseph WHITE/Jane WOODROUGH) 1855mar19 WHITTAKER Elizabeth (James SLACK/Mary DEAVILLE) 1790feb23 WHITTAKER Hannah (William CAWLEY/Catharine MART) 1847sep27 WHITTAKER Hannah (George TAYLOR/Hannah BROCKLEHURST) 1855mar19 WHITTAKER James (James SLACK/Mary DEAVILLE) 1776feb05 WIBBELEY John (William TOMPSON/Mary POYZAR) 1754aug15 WIBBERLEY John (Lawrence BADDELY/Alice SEEDS) 1755jan01 WIBBERLEY John (Thomas ROGER/Mary BLOUNT) 1771feb26 WIBBERLEY John (William JOHNSON/Sarah HUGHES) 1773apr29 WIBBERLEY John (James FARRAND/Rachel MART) 1773may26 WIBBERLEY John (James REYNOLDS/Ann GREGORY) 1773may27 WIBBERLEY John (Henry WIGLEY/Martha ANNABLE) 1773may27 WIBBERLEY John (Henry EVANS/Silence EATON) 1773jun10 WIBBERLEY John (John FERN/Ann HODGKINSON) 1773oct04 WIBBERLEY John (Joseph BROWN/Ellen GLAZEBROOK) 1774aug03 WIBBERLEY John (Richard POYSAR/Martha ABELL) 1774oct27 WIBBERLEY John (Joseph THOMPSON/Martha ROGERS) 1775sep20 WIBBERLEY John (James COLLEDGE/Elizabeth MASKERY) 1775oct06 WIBBERLEY John (Robert HURST/Sarah TAYLOR) 1776apr11 WIBBERLEY John (Samuel SWIFT/Hannah SEEDS) 1776jun10 WIBBERLEY John (John SPENCER/Mary ANNABLE) 1776jul29 WIBBERLEY John (Thomas DOXEY/Mary WOOLEY) 1776oct10 WIBBERLEY John (Samuel PEAL/Elizabeth STUBBS) 1776dec24 WIBBERLEY John (Godfrey NOBLE/Mary WESTON) 1777jan30 WIBBERLEY John (William NOBLE/Hannah MART) 1780feb08 WIBBERLEY John (Thomas BRIDDON/Elizabeth SEEDS) 1784dec31 WIBBERLEY John (William GREATOREX/Sarah STEEPLE) 1794jan20 WIBBERLEY John (Anthony BUNTING/Elizabeth HUDSON) 1761sep16 WIBBERLEY William (Daniel SMITH/Jane MELBOURN) 1763mar02 WIBBERLEY William (William CLAY/Sarah BUXTON) 1772aug20 WIDOWSON Thomas (William TOMPSON/Sarah WHEATCROFT) 1754aug14 WIGHTMAN Joseph (Anthony MACHIN/Hannah FRITCHLEY) 1794apr20 WIGHTMAN Thomas (Samuel JERROLD/Mary REED) 1830dec30 WIGLEY Ann (Henry WIGLEY/Ann BROWN) 1827jan03 WIGLEY Anthony (John SEEDS/Ann SWAIN) 1792jul02 WIGLEY Benjamin (Samuel KIRKLAND/Ann VICKARS) 1807aug24 WIGLEY Benjamin (John BUNTING/Ann BURTON) 1761aug27 WIGLEY Charles (John SMITH/Dorothy MART) 1797jan15 WIGLEY Edward (Benjamin LATHAM/Ann BUXTON) 1797aug20 WIGLEY Edward (John BROUGH/Sarah BROUGH) 1803mar18 WIGLEY Elizabeth (Samuel HARLEY/Deborah JESSOP) 1805may19 WIGLEY Elizabeth (Thomas GOODWIN/Elizabeth COOPER) 1883sep26 WIGLEY Hannah (William HUGHES/Mary WIGLEY) 1884apr07 WIGLEY Hannah (John Thomas HALLOWS/Mary GRATTON) 1755oct22 WIGLEY Henry (John HEWIT/Anne WOOLLANDS) 1774jan27 WIGLEY James (Martin BAMFORD/Dorothy STREET) 1775dec17 WIGLEY James (Daniel BUNTING/Hannah WIGLEY) 1799sep01 WIGLEY James (Robert TAYLOR/Hannah TAYLOR) 1803dec25 WIGLEY James (William STORER/Sarah BIRCH) 1808may08 WIGLEY James (John WRAGG/Prudence HOLEHOUSE) 1885sep12 WIGLEY James (John PARKER/Hannah WIGLEY) 1755oct23 WIGLEY John (Henry BUXTON/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1756apr07 WIGLEY John (George PEARSON/Dorothy FLETCHER) 1757aug16 WIGLEY John (William WIGLEY/Ruth CHEATLE) 1758jun26 WIGLEY John (John ALSOP/Mariah PEAT) 1759mar14 WIGLEY John (Benjamin SMEDLEY/Elizabeth FROST) 1761sep19 WIGLEY John (Job GODBEHERE/Ann TOMLINSON) 1761sep30 WIGLEY John (William COLLEDGE/Mary CHAPMAN) 1761oct15 WIGLEY John (Henry MASON/Ann PEARSON) 1763apr11 WIGLEY John (John BULLOCK/Elizabeth ASHMORE) 1764jan04 WIGLEY John (Daniel BROOKE/Dorothy BROOKE) 1765sep19 WIGLEY John (Samuel SIMPSON/Anna Maria SOMMERS) 1765oct17 WIGLEY John (Edward LYMN/Ruth STORER) 1767jun04 WIGLEY John (Cornelius HUNTERSTONE/Ann ROBINSON) 1767oct05 WIGLEY John (Benjamin FERN/Mary GADSON) 1767nov04 WIGLEY John (Samuel WATERFALL/Mary BEESTON) 1768jan23 WIGLEY John (William JOHNSON/Trophisa SWIFT) 1768jan26 WIGLEY John (Joseph WILSON/Dina HODKINSON) 1768may03 WIGLEY John (John WINT/Hannah STAFFORD) 1773feb02 WIGLEY John (George VALLANS/Sarah WALKER) 1775apr20 WIGLEY John (John LOWE/Alice WALKER) 1796jun23 WIGLEY John (John SHELDON/Millicent MOORE) 1760oct15 WIGLEY Joseph (John WIGLEY/Sarah SIMPSON) 1761jan21 WIGLEY Joseph (Gilbert GOODALL/Mary STATON) 1762jan01 WIGLEY Joseph (George BODEN/Ann SHEPHERD) 1765jan03 WIGLEY Joseph (Anthony CHEATLE/Martha HAYNES) 1765jun06 WIGLEY Joseph (Michael GIBBENS/Ellen WRIGHT) 1768jan23 WIGLEY Joseph (William JOHNSON/Trophisa SWIFT) 1770sep24 WIGLEY Joseph (Joseph SLACK/Sarah STAFFORD) 1773oct22 WIGLEY Joseph (Samuel WALKER/Ann BOYARD) 1774apr07 WIGLEY Joseph (Joseph SLATER/Sarah SIMPSON) 1780jan20 WIGLEY Joseph (Benjamin WIGLEY/Ann FOX) 1783nov19 WIGLEY Joseph (Samuel WIGLEY/Mary TISSINGTON) 1784may17 WIGLEY Joseph (Samuel BRADSHAW/Hannah COOPER) 1883sep26 WIGLEY Lomas (William HUGHES/Mary WIGLEY) 1873jul24 WIGLEY Martha (George BROCKLEHURST/Betsey SPENCER) 1811jan22 WIGLEY Mary (Samuel WALKER/Sarah WIGLEY) 1815apr03 WIGLEY Mary (John WETTON/Sarah SMITH) 1816sep18 WIGLEY Mary (Jacob BUCKLEY/Jane TAYLOR) 1830oct14 WIGLEY Mary (John PARKER/Lydia ALLWOOD) 1757apr19 WIGLEY Obadiah (Joseph COOK/Sarah CLAYTER) 1759jul30 WIGLEY Obadiah (John POYSER/Ann CLAY) 1761oct10 WIGLEY Obadiah (John HUDSON/Ellen PEARSON) 1762jan01 WIGLEY Obadiah (George BODEN/Ann SHEPHERD) 1773aug18 WIGLEY Obadiah (James BROUGH/Mary HUGHES) 1783mar02 WIGLEY Obadiah (Jeremiah COOPER/Mary ROPER) 1790jul26 WIGLEY Obadiah (James YOUNG/Mary BERESFORD) 1792jan23 WIGLEY Obadiah (Henry SHEPPARD/Ann GOVERSE) 1783aug05 WIGLEY Samuel (Joseph TAYLOR/Rumy WYLD) 1784may19 WIGLEY Samuel (Joseph HILL/Sarah DAYKIN) 1785sep15 WIGLEY Samuel (Obadiah WIGLEY/Ann BERESFORD) 1817sep18 WIGLEY Samuel (George BUCKLEY/Mary JOWETT) 1821may09 WIGLEY Samuel (Joseph JOWETT/Mary PEARSON) 1755apr02 WIGLEY Thomas (William COTTEREL/Sarah FORAND) 1756oct28 WIGLEY Thomas (Robert COOPER/Elizabeth WRIGHT) 1782mar27 WIGLEY Thomas (Benjamin CLAYTON/Ammelia ORAM) 1791aug11 WIGLEY Thomas (James GODBEHERE/Sarah BURTON) 1755jan22 WIGLEY William (Thomas TAYLOR/Sarah ARWIN) 1757may22 WIGLEY William (Richard ALSOP/Mary SOWTER) 1760apr21 WIGLEY William (Robert HALSWORTH/Ann LAND) 1760oct15 WIGLEY William (John WIGLEY/Sarah SIMPSON) 1761jan21 WIGLEY William (Gilbert GOODALL/Mary STATON) 1762jun26 WIGLEY William (John HOUGHTON/Sarah DAVIS) 1765jan31 WIGLEY William (Henry COTTRELL/Catharine BONSAL) 1771jul14 WIGLEY William (William STAFFORD/Elizabeth WHEELDON) 1771aug20 WIGLEY William (John ROGER/Dinah HASLOM) 1784may03 WIGLEY William (Thomas MARCHANT/Sarah BATTELEY) 1784jul29 WIGLEY William (James POYZER/Sarah GELL) 1784aug22 WIGLEY William (Henry BROCKLEHURST/Hannah WAIN) 1799nov04 WIGLEY William (Anthony WORSLOW/Martha SLATER) 1801jul27 WIGLEY William (Thomas MARCHIN/Hannah BOWLER) 1811jan22 WIGLEY William (Samuel WALKER/Sarah WIGLEY) 1837feb25 WIGLEY William (Eli WIGLEY/Mary RENSHAW) 1757may22 WIGLEY JUN William (Richard ALSOP/Mary SOWTER) 1798aug15 WIGLEY SEN William (Thomas GLOVER/Ann ROBEY) 1814dec26 WIGLY Benjamin (William STORER/Mary WIGLEY) 1764jun22 WILCOCKSON George (Gervis WHEELDON/Hannah COWLISHAW) 1765mar14 WILCOCKSON George (William COWLISHAW/Grace ALLTON) 1786oct16 WILCOCKSON George (Francis BINGHAM/Elizabeth WILCOCKSON) 1792apr10 WILCOCKSON George (Benjamin CLIFFORD/Mary BROADHEAD) 1786oct16 WILCOCKSON Hannah (Francis BINGHAM/Elizabeth WILCOCKSON) 1833jun17 WILCOCKSON John (George WILCOCKSON/Mary HOON) 1805jan30 WILCOCKSON William (George REPTON/Martha TOMLINSON) 1854aug30 WILD Elizabeth (John BUNTING/Mary HICTON) 1835jun09 WILD Esther (William FOGG/Dorothy BUNTING) 1861apr22 WILD George (John ROSE/Emma WILD) 1802may16 WILD Isaac (Thomas WILD/Ann BARNES) 1802jul05 WILD Isaac (John BAMFORD/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1815nov08 WILD Job (Job DUDSON/Ann WILD) 1823may19 WILD Job (George BAILEY/Mary KNIVETON) 1823nov24 WILD Job (John WILD/Martha BROOKS) 1789jan04 WILD John (Benjamin CARSON/Hannah WAGSTAFF) 1829sep28 WILD John (John GRANT/Susannah JEPSON) 1837jan19 WILD John (William KIRKLAND/Mary WILD) 1835sep29 WILD Lucy (John BARKER/Sarah KNOWLES) 1844sep19 WILD Lucy (John MASKREY/Harriet WILD) 1836may23 WILD Mary (Daniel FOGG/Esther WILD) 1863nov16 WILD Mary (Josiah BODEN/Fanny BRITLAND) 1879oct13 WILD Mary ann (John WILD/Elizabeth SMEDLEY) 1779feb13 WILD Robert (John WIBBERLEY/Elizabeth HUDSON) 1781may21 WILD Robert (George SUMMERS/Mary SHAW) 1767sep14 WILD Thomas (Joseph WRIGHT/Mary PAINTER) 1880feb10 WILDE John henry (Joseph WILDE/Mary ann MACDONALD) 1876jul10 WILDE Mary ann (Charles WOODHOUSE/Hannah WAYWELL) 1820aug28 WILDGOOSE Anthony (Charles WILDGOOSE/Elizabeth GREATOREX) 1820aug28 WILDGOOSE Elizabeth (Charles WILDGOOSE/Elizabeth GREATOREX) 1814mar20 WILDGOOSE George (Joseph WILKINSON/Dorothy WILDGOOSE) 1842sep12 WILDGOOSE George (James YOUNG/Mary ann WILDGOOSE) 1848aug28 WILDGOOSE George (Philip MACKDONNAL/Sarah KNIVETON) 1848aug28 WILDGOOSE Jane (Philip MACKDONNAL/Sarah KNIVETON) 1854jul11 WILDGOOSE Mary (William ROGERS/Mary REDFERN) 1839jul29 WILDGOOSE Mary Anne (William EATON/Sarah WILDGOOSE) 1898dec12 WILDGOOSE Mary Jane (Septimus WILDGOOSE/Sarah Elizabeth BROOKS) 1896nov30 WILDGOOSE Septimus (Thomas BUCKLEY/Roseanna BROOKS) 1847may25 WILDGOOSE W (William ALLEN/Lydia WALKER) 1773aug18 WILDSMITH Thomas (James BROUGH/Mary HUGHES) 1838jun06 WILKINS Sarah (James SAINT/Hannah WILKINS) 1831aug22 WILKINSON Ann (Francis TOMLINSON/Martha GREATOREX) 1836feb01 WILKINSON Elizabeth (John PICKERING/Deborah LOMAS) 1858nov03 WILKINSON Ellen (Job REDFERN/Hannah MARSH) 1876jan10 WILKINSON Emma matild (Isaac BACON/Alice WEBSTER) 1846apr23 WILKINSON George (William SMITH/Hannah WILKINSON) 1807jan04 WILKINSON M. (David LEWERS/Mary DERBYSHIRE) 1807may03 WILKINSON M. (John GODBEHERE/Martha FROST) 1836mar09 WILKINSON Mary (Thomas ALLEN/Mary Ann SAXTON) 1831aug22 WILKINSON Robert (Francis TOMLINSON/Martha GREATOREX) 1847may03 WILKINSON Sarah (Frederick DRAPER/Elizabeth ALLEN) 1847may03 WILKINSON Sarah (Richard BOWMAN/Mary ann NAYLOR) 1807aug24 WILKINSON W. (John BUNTING/Ann BURTON) 1807sep16 WILKINSON W. (Joseph FRITH/Jane SALT) 1807sep20 WILKINSON W. (George PEARSON/Elizabeth NUTTALL) 1807dec20 WILKINSON W. (Jabus THOMPSON/Mary POTTER) 1807dec29 WILKINSON W. (James BRITLAND/Martha SILLITO) 1808jan17 WILKINSON W. (Thomas HODGKINSON/Ruth FLETCHER) 1808jan19 WILKINSON W. (Samuel TAYLOR/Rebecca SPENCER) 1808feb20 WILKINSON W. (Joseph MASKERY/Ann WAIN) 1808feb22 WILKINSON W. (Francis GOLDING/Hannah WALL) 1808feb29 WILKINSON W. (Samuel WINT/Ann HALL) 1808may08 WILKINSON W. (John WRAGG/Prudence HOLEHOUSE) 1808jun05 WILKINSON W. (Peter BRITLAND/Mary WATERFIELD) 1808jul04 WILKINSON W. (George BROWN/Elizabeth CARLINE) 1808jul11 WILKINSON W. (Samuel REYNOLDS/Ann ABBOT) 1808aug01 WILKINSON W. (William WILKINSON/Mary BUTTERWORTH) 1808aug14 WILKINSON W. (George SPENCER/Elizabeth WRAGG) 1808sep11 WILKINSON W. (John BARBER/Susanna ALLEN) 1808sep12 WILKINSON W. (Samuel SHELDON/Rebecca HOLEHOUSE) 1808sep26 WILKINSON W. (William GREEN/Hannah RODGERS) 1808oct17 WILKINSON W. (James WATTS/Mary HOON) 1808dec15 WILKINSON W. (Joseph FOWLKE/Ellen WILLIS) 1809feb06 WILKINSON W. (John BINKLEY/Hannah SWEETING) 1809feb12 WILKINSON W. (Thomas LONGDALE/Ann PEDLEY) 1809mar16 WILKINSON W. (William SHELDON/Ann WOOD) 1809apr26 WILKINSON W. (Thomas ROPER/Ruth MASKERY) 1809apr27 WILKINSON W. (Joseph GRATTON/Mary WRAGG) 1809may08 WILKINSON W. (Anthony TURNER/Mary AUSTIN) 1809may22 WILKINSON W. (John BATEMAN/Elizabeth HAYNES) 1809sep27 WILKINSON W. (Thomas MELLOWS/Elizabeth ORME) 1809oct09 WILKINSON W. (Samuel YATES/Mary FLETCHER) 1809nov19 WILKINSON W. (William HOLMES/Mary ROWBOTHAM) 1809nov20 WILKINSON W. (Thomas SLACK/Susannah HENSTOCK) 1809nov20 WILKINSON W. (Robert SPENCER/Sarah ABBOTT) 1809nov25 WILKINSON W. (John LUDLAM/Elizabeth WALKER) 1809dec03 WILKINSON W. (Henry PEARSON/Hannah MARSDEN) 1809dec11 WILKINSON W. (George SLATER/Grace GAMBLE) 1810jan28 WILKINSON W. (John BROUGH/Sarah FLINT) 1810feb12 WILKINSON W. (Samuel LOWE/Dorothy PEAT) 1810feb25 WILKINSON W. (Joseph WRAGG/Ann MASKERY) 1810apr08 WILKINSON W. (Anthony WAIN/Sarah ROWLAND) 1810apr09 WILKINSON W. (Samuel JOHNSON/Ruth WHITE) 1810apr23 WILKINSON W. (Thomas GODBEHERE/Mary BONSALL) 1810may10 WILKINSON W. (Isaac SPENCER/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1810jun10 WILKINSON W. (George HOLMES/Elizabeth RAWORTH) 1810jul04 WILKINSON W. (Silas BUNTING/Rosanna FLINT) 1810jul09 WILKINSON W. (Robert BARLOW/Ann FORSE) 1810aug03 WILKINSON W. (Thomas TONGUE/Sarah POTTER) 1810aug27 WILKINSON W. (Edward FROGGATT/Ellen BARKER) 1810sep02 WILKINSON W. (Stephen OTTIWELL/Jane STONE) 1810sep10 WILKINSON W. (Anthony BROOKS/Hannah TAYLOR) 1810sep16 WILKINSON W. (Joseph BUXTON/Catharine BOOTH) 1810sep17 WILKINSON W. (John WRAGG/Hannah SIDDALL) 1810nov05 WILKINSON W. (William PEARSON/Sarah WORSLOW) 1810nov22 WILKINSON W. (Thomas SIMMS/Elizabeth WARDMAN) 1810dec23 WILKINSON W. (Thomas PORTER-COX/Elizabeth ROOSE-SMITH) 1810dec31 WILKINSON W. (Thomas GARTON/Sarah GREEN) 1811feb10 WILKINSON W. (Thomas HOLMES/Sarah BUNTING) 1811feb25 WILKINSON W. (William PORSGLOVE/Rachel STONE) 1811feb26 WILKINSON W. (John SELLARS/Ann SIDDALL) 1811feb27 WILKINSON W. (Thomas DOXEY/Ellen ALLEN) 1811mar17 WILKINSON W. (George GOODWIN/Hannah BROUGH) 1811mar21 WILKINSON W. (John HEAP/Dorothy TRAVIS) 1811apr01 WILKINSON W. (John JOHNSON/Elizabeth GOODALE) 1811jun10 WILKINSON W. (Benjamin MASKREY/Mary GOULD) 1811jul28 WILKINSON W. (Charles KNIVETON/Mary GOULD) 1811aug26 WILKINSON W. (Timothy TANSLEY/Ann FURNACE) 1811sep04 WILKINSON W. (William MELBOURN/Mary BRIDDON) 1811sep12 WILKINSON W. (James THOMPSON/Elizabeth WRAGG) 1811nov18 WILKINSON W. (Daniel BARKER/Sarah HEWITT) 1811dec16 WILKINSON W. (Robert WAGSTAFF/Hannah CADMAN) 1811dec25 WILKINSON W. (Henry PEARSON/Dorothy HOLLINGWORTH) 1811dec29 WILKINSON W. (Thomas GRATTAGE/Ann MILLNS) 1812feb03 WILKINSON W. (John BROWN/Mary RIDE) 1812mar16 WILKINSON W. (Thomas ADAMS/Ann EASTWOOD) 1812apr05 WILKINSON W. (John WARREN/Elizabeth COXAM) 1812apr12 WILKINSON W. (Samuel PEAT/Mary H TINSLEY) 1812apr19 WILKINSON W. (John SEEDS/Hannah WALBANK) 1812may21 WILKINSON W. (David HALL/Elizabeth JEPSON) 1812may28 WILKINSON W. (Joseph WAGSTAFF/Hannah HALLAM) 1812jun25 WILKINSON W. (John BERRISFORD/Ann SPENCER) 1812jul09 WILKINSON W. (John COLLEDGE/Mary GRANGER) 1812jul13 WILKINSON W. (George HODGKINSON/Frances COLLEDGE) 1812jul20 WILKINSON W. (John MASKREY/Sarah MARSDEN) 1812jul29 WILKINSON W. (William BUTTERFIELD/Mary HALL) 1812aug13 WILKINSON W. (William BUNTING/Ann GRATTON) 1812nov05 WILKINSON W. (William SLACK/Ellen DOXEY) 1812nov25 WILKINSON W. (William WALKER/Elizabeth SMITH) 1812dec31 WILKINSON W. (James GRATTON/Bathia DEAN) 1813feb15 WILKINSON W. (John SANDERS/Mary BLACKHAM) 1813feb22 WILKINSON W. (James SPENCER/Sarah HOPKINSON) 1813feb28 WILKINSON W. (Ralph GELL/Ann REYNOLDS) 1813mar02 WILKINSON W. (Isaac ALLSOP/Mary OTTO) 1813mar09 WILKINSON W. (Thomas WAIN/Sarah HALL) 1813mar11 WILKINSON W. (John SPENCER/Jane GELL) 1813apr04 WILKINSON W. (James BYATT/Alice KERREY) 1813apr22 WILKINSON W. (John SWIFT/Ellen CLARK) 1813apr26 WILKINSON W. (Richard REDFERN/Mary CARLISLE) 1813apr28 WILKINSON W. (Thomas SHARP/Dorothy BATTERLEY) 1813may12 WILKINSON W. (James MATHER/Elizabeth WOODROUGH) 1813may13 WILKINSON W. (Benjamin TAYLOR/Mary SEEDS) 1813may27 WILKINSON W. (James OGDON/Hannah CUNDY) 1813may31 WILKINSON W. (Joseph ROWLAND/Hannah WETTON) 1813jun07 WILKINSON W. (Thomas BOWN/Hannah SHIPLEY) 1813jun26 WILKINSON W. (Thomas STEELE/Mary WALKER) 1813jul22 WILKINSON W. (Henry BATEMAN/Amelia CLAYTON) 1813jul29 WILKINSON W. (David HALL/Hannah GALLIMORE) 1813aug19 WILKINSON W. (Isaac KNOWLES/Ellen BERRISFORD) 1813sep16 WILKINSON W. (William BRELSFORD/Mary FLINT) 1813nov07 WILKINSON W. (Samuel CLARK/Alice WALKER) 1813nov29 WILKINSON W. (Joshua SAXTON/Martha BROWN) 1813dec24 WILKINSON W. (Matthew PEAT/Ann HARRISON) 1813dec30 WILKINSON W. (Peter HENSTOCK/Mary ADAMS) 1814jan06 WILKINSON W. (Henry TAYLOR/Elizabeth MOSS) 1814mar07 WILKINSON W. (John HAND/Elizabeth ALLEN) 1814mar17 WILKINSON W. (Edward ALLEN/Phebe CLAYTON) 1814apr14 WILKINSON W. (Thomas HODGKINSON/Elizabeth KNIVETON) 1814apr20 WILKINSON W. (Matthew FOWLKE/Dinah MASKREY) 1814apr22 WILKINSON W. (Thomas BYARD/Elizabeth ELLIOTT) 1814may12 WILKINSON W. (Robert BOND/Elizabeth JACKSON) 1814may25 WILKINSON W. (Samuel HAYNES/Elizabeth LEES) 1814may29 WILKINSON W. (George ALLEN/Elizabeth MERCHANT) 1814may30 WILKINSON W. (Henry BLOUNT/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1814may30 WILKINSON W. (William DOXEY/Mary BROOKS) 1814may31 WILKINSON W. (Samuel ALLEN/Ellen WAIN) 1814jul25 WILKINSON W. (William FROGGATT/Ann TAYLOR) 1814jul28 WILKINSON W. (Joshua BROOKS/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1814aug07 WILKINSON W. (James BROOKS/Dorothy SPENCER) 1814sep11 WILKINSON W. (Thomas GOODALL/Mary BARKER) 1814sep11 WILKINSON W. (Anthony HEATH/Elizabeth WRAGG) 1814sep11 WILKINSON W. (Benjamin BARKER/Mary GODBEHERE) 1814sep16 WILKINSON W. (Joseph MEAKIN/Melicent KIDD) 1814nov02 WILKINSON W. (Job SHELDON/Ann FARNSWORTH) 1814nov14 WILKINSON W. (Joseph SLACK/Elizabeth WARDMAN) 1814nov17 WILKINSON W. (William GALLIMORE/Elizabeth SALT) 1814nov21 WILKINSON W. (Anthony WALL/Charlotte SWIFT) 1814dec12 WILKINSON W. (Job BUNTING/Martha POTTER) 1814dec19 WILKINSON W. (George BATTERLEY/Ann COOPER) 1814dec26 WILKINSON W. (William STORER/Mary WIGLEY) 1815jan11 WILKINSON W. (William BYARD/Dorothy BOMER) 1815feb15 WILKINSON W. (William FOWLKE/Mary COWLEY) 1815mar13 WILKINSON W. (James WOODHOUSE/Esther MARSH) 1815mar26 WILKINSON W. (Job BUNTING/Sarah SHELDON) 1815mar27 WILKINSON W. (James WIGLEY/Mary HOLEHOUSE) 1815mar27 WILKINSON W. (William ROBINSON/Sarah PIDCOCK) 1815apr10 WILKINSON W. (John PEARSON/Frances THORNHILL) 1815apr16 WILKINSON W. (John SEEDS/Mary FARRAND) 1815may10 WILKINSON W. (William DEBANKE/Elizabeth OXLEY) 1815may12 WILKINSON W. (John CAWDIN/Hannah GRATTON) 1815may15 WILKINSON W. (George BUCKLEY/Mary PIDCOCK) 1815may17 WILKINSON W. (John ANDREW/Mary HALL) 1815may17 WILKINSON W. (Isaac ELLIOTT/Hannah ANDREW) 1815may29 WILKINSON W. (Benjamin CLAYTON/Sarah SPENCER) 1815jun20 WILKINSON W. (William STORER/Mary CARTER) 1815jul02 WILKINSON W. (Thomas GODBEHERE/Hannah BOND) 1815jul15 WILKINSON W. (Charles LANDER/Mary WAIN) 1815jul31 WILKINSON W. (Jonathan MOLD/Elizabeth BURTON) 1815aug17 WILKINSON W. (James EVANS/Hannah WALKER) 1815aug30 WILKINSON W. (Thomas ABBOTT/Martha WHITE) 1815sep03 WILKINSON W. (George ALLEN/Elizabeth TOPLIS) 1815sep10 WILKINSON W. (Joseph NEEDHAM/Martha SHAW) 1815oct01 WILKINSON W. (John TIMPERLEY/Hannah KIRK) 1815dec11 WILKINSON W. (William ROOSE/Ann SPENCER) 1815dec20 WILKINSON W. (William KIRK/Rachel GRATTON) 1815dec21 WILKINSON W. (Reuben SPENCER/Ann BATEMAN) 1815dec28 WILKINSON W. (Job BUNTING/Mary ELLIOTT) 1816jan23 WILKINSON W. (William KIRKLAND/Hannah ATKIN) 1816feb15 WILKINSON W. (Samuel WIGLEY/Jane JOWETT) 1816mar10 WILKINSON W. (Isaac HOON/Elizabeth RIDGARDS) 1816mar10 WILKINSON W. (Mark HOLLIWELL/Mary COTTRELL) 1816mar25 WILKINSON W. (Richard SPENCER/Mary TAYLOR) 1816apr24 WILKINSON W. (Samuel KNIVETON/Elizabeth WOODHOUSE) 1816may26 WILKINSON W. (John ELLIOTT/Rebecca ELLIOTT) 1816may27 WILKINSON W. (Thomas BEESON/Hannah BUXTON) 1816jun01 WILKINSON W. (Henry STRAW/Hannah BLACKTON) 1816jun16 WILKINSON W. (Thomas FROGGATT/Elizabeth ROOSE) 1816jun23 WILKINSON W. (John JEPSON/Ann BASFORD) 1816jul15 WILKINSON W. (Isaac DOXEY/Martha SPENCER) 1816aug18 WILKINSON W. (Thomas WILSON/Martha BUNTING) 1816aug29 WILKINSON W. (George REDFERN/Hannah COOPER) 1816sep05 WILKINSON W. (James TAYLOR/Sarah TAYLOR) 1816oct13 WILKINSON W. (Joseph KIDDY/Ann COOPER) 1816oct27 WILKINSON W. (John BARKER/Hannah ALLEN) 1816oct29 WILKINSON W. (Henry NEEDHAM/Mary BRIDDON) 1816nov11 WILKINSON W. (Joseph ALLSOP/Hannah RODGERS) 1816dec02 WILKINSON W. (Thomas WILKINSON/Sarah POYSER) 1816dec14 WILKINSON W. (Joshua ORRIDGE/Mary WRAGG) 1817feb27 WILKINSON W. (Samuel TAYLOR/Elizabeth COOPER) 1817mar17 WILKINSON W. (John BAINBRIDGE/Elizabeth RILEY) 1817apr06 WILKINSON W. (John EATON/Sarah BODEN) 1817apr22 WILKINSON W. (Joseph MOORE/Ellen GODBEHERE) 1817may14 WILKINSON W. (Thomas LEVY/Melicent WOODROUGH) 1817may30 WILKINSON W. (Joshua GRATTON/Hannah ALLSOP) 1817jun15 WILKINSON W. (Robert BUNTING/Mary YOUNG) 1817jun16 WILKINSON W. (Joseph BUNTING/Ann STORER) 1817jul28 WILKINSON W. (Joshua SLATER/Hannah FLINT) 1817aug12 WILKINSON W. (Gervas ASHMORE/Hannah STEEPLES) 1817sep08 WILKINSON W. (Joseph BIRCH/Mary MARSH) 1817sep15 WILKINSON W. (Henry FOX/Ann LITTLEWOOD) 1817sep15 WILKINSON W. (Samuel COOK/Ellen ANDREW) 1817dec08 WILKINSON W. (John GALLIMORE/Mary GRIFFIN) 1817dec21 WILKINSON W. (Edward BOND/Sarah BERKIN) 1817dec24 WILKINSON W. (Thomas MASKREY/Hannah PEARSON) 1817dec25 WILKINSON W. (Henry BRADLEY/Mary SPENCER) 1818jan01 WILKINSON W. (Samuel ALLEN/Mary WOODHOUSE) 1818feb16 WILKINSON W. (John HARRISON/Elizabeth WRAGG) 1818apr06 WILKINSON W. (Samuel JOHNSON/Mary BUXTON) 1818apr08 WILKINSON W. (Samuel KIRK/Hannah TAYLOR) 1818may04 WILKINSON W. (Thomas ALLEN/Phebe HANSEN) 1818may11 WILKINSON W. (Richard BUXTON/Mary JONES) 1818jun04 WILKINSON W. (William WALKER/Elizabeth MERCHANT) 1818jul12 WILKINSON W. (Joseph BRADLEY/Martha THOMPSON) 1818aug02 WILKINSON W. (Andrew SWIFT/Hannah BODEN) 1818aug10 WILKINSON W. (Gregory MORETON/Hannah CHESHIRE) 1818aug10 WILKINSON W. (William YOUNG/Sarah HOLBROOK) 1818aug20 WILKINSON W. (George CALDWELL/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1818sep14 WILKINSON W. (Benjamin TAYLOR/Elizabeth HOLMES) 1818sep14 WILKINSON W. (John BUTLER/Melicent BROOKS) 1818sep14 WILKINSON W. (Thomas EATON/Mary NICHOLSON) 1818sep14 WILKINSON W. (David SWEETING/Sarah MASKREY) 1818sep14 WILKINSON W. (John HUBBARD/Mary COOPER) 1818sep17 WILKINSON W. (John SPENCER/Hannah BROOKS) 1818sep17 WILKINSON W. (Nathaniel WRAGG/Ann SPENCER) 1818sep17 WILKINSON W. (Samuel FLINT/Ann TAYLOR) 1818sep22 WILKINSON W. (Edward BODEN/Elizabeth LOMAS) 1818sep24 WILKINSON W. (Luke SEEDS/Ann MILNES) 1818oct02 WILKINSON W. (John HOLMES/Ellen MOORE) 1818oct19 WILKINSON W. (Peter HILL/Mary VALLANCE) 1818oct27 WILKINSON W. (Isaac RIDGARDS/Ann WATERFIELD) 1818nov19 WILKINSON W. (John ELLIOTT/Ann WRAGG) 1818nov30 WILKINSON W. (Thomas LANCASTER/Hannah BURTON) 1818dec24 WILKINSON W. (Anthony BROOKS/Hannah SWIFT) 1818dec25 WILKINSON W. (Jacob STAFFORD/Helen ALLSOP) 1818dec25 WILKINSON W. (Charles REDFERN/Mary FOX) 1818dec28 WILKINSON W. (Job WORTHY/Mary GRATTON) 1818dec31 WILKINSON W. (John BUXTON/Lidia ALLEN) 1819jan25 WILKINSON W. (George BOTHEM/Sarah OGDON) 1819mar15 WILKINSON W. (James BUNTING/Ann SLATER) 1819mar18 WILKINSON W. (John ROWSE/Casandra ROWLAND) 1819mar25 WILKINSON W. (Septimus FRITH/Elizabeth GALLIMORE) 1819apr05 WILKINSON W. (John HODGSON/Mary SALT) 1819apr12 WILKINSON W. (James FROST/Mary FROST) 1819may27 WILKINSON W. (Philip PEAT/Mary HOLMES) 1819jun06 WILKINSON W. (Thomas ADAMS/Sarah EASTWOOD) 1819jul26 WILKINSON W. (Joseph FROST/Elizabeth ALLSOP) 1819jul31 WILKINSON W. (William KEELING/Elizabeth ROWSE) 1819aug09 WILKINSON W. (George MARPLE/Hannah SPENCER) 1819sep13 WILKINSON W. (Henry SPENCER/Mary BROOMHEAD) 1819sep14 WILKINSON W. (John FIDLER/Mary KINDER) 1819sep16 WILKINSON W. (James FLINT/Elizabeth HALL) 1819sep16 WILKINSON W. (John GRANT/Sarah WIGLEY) 1819sep16 WILKINSON W. (Joseph WARDMAN/Ann TINSLEY) 1819sep20 WILKINSON W. (Isaiah ABBOTT/Mary TURNER) 1819oct25 WILKINSON W. (Timothy GREATOREX/Hannah CROOK) 1819nov02 WILKINSON W. (William MARCHANT/Jane WRAGG) 1819nov08 WILKINSON W. (William KIRKLAND/Hannah SMITH) 1819nov22 WILKINSON W. (Joseph KNIVETON/Hannah ALLEN) 1819nov28 WILKINSON W. (Henry ROLLEY/Ann CORDING) 1819dec13 WILKINSON W. (William BEDFORD/Harriett S DRIVER) 1819dec20 WILKINSON W. (Joseph FROST/Fanny HIGTON) 1819dec30 WILKINSON W. (Holehouse STORER/Ann BROOK) 1820jan02 WILKINSON W. (Thomas POTTER/Lydia CLEWS) 1820jan11 WILKINSON W. (Richard CLARKE/Elizabeth DOWNING) 1820feb09 WILKINSON W. (William PEARSON/Hannah FEARN) 1820feb13 WILKINSON W. (Samuel FROST/Elizabeth ANDREWS) 1820feb14 WILKINSON W. (George BUCKLEY/Martha KNOWLES) 1820feb29 WILKINSON W. (William WOODROUGH/Mary POTTER) 1820mar05 WILKINSON W. (Robert WHITE/Mary HOUGHTON) 1820mar27 WILKINSON W. (Richard GOODHALL/Ann JOHNSON) 1820apr03 WILKINSON W. (Richard CAWDIN/Ann MASKREY) 1820apr03 WILKINSON W. (Robert TAYLOR/Mary SWIFT) 1820apr13 WILKINSON W. (William ANTHONY/Rachel PURSLOVE) 1820apr20 WILKINSON W. (Nathaniel GODBEHERE/Edith DOXEY) 1820apr27 WILKINSON W. (James BRACE/Ann DOXEY) 1820apr30 WILKINSON W. (Joseph NEEDHAM/Martha VICARS) 1820may11 WILKINSON W. (Anthony WESLEY/Mary CLAY) 1820may30 WILKINSON W. (Benjamin POTTER/Lidia GRATTON) 1820jun12 WILKINSON W. (William WINSON/Grace WRAGG) 1820jun14 WILKINSON W. (John FLETCHER/Elizabeth HARRIS) 1820jun21 WILKINSON W. (John MARSON/Alice WALL) 1820jul27 WILKINSON W. (Jabus HALL/Elizabeth CHEETHAM) 1820aug07 WILKINSON W. (Richard CARLILE/Dorothy ALLSOP) 1820aug13 WILKINSON W. (Charles SEAL/Hannah HOLMES) 1820aug14 WILKINSON W. (William SEAL/Sarah BROOKS) 1820aug21 WILKINSON W. (John DERBYSHIRE/Hannah WOODAS) 1820aug29 WILKINSON W. (Joseph HODGKINSON/Hannah BARKER) 1820sep04 WILKINSON W. (Joseph LOMAS/Dorothy BEARDSLEY) 1820sep11 WILKINSON W. (Robert WRAGG/Mary COTTON) 1820sep14 WILKINSON W. (James ELLIOTT/Ann FLINT) 1820oct08 WILKINSON W. (Simeon SPENCER/Elizabeth KNOWLES) 1820nov13 WILKINSON W. (Samuel BLACKWELL/Sarah SHORT) 1820nov19 WILKINSON W. (James JONES/Elizabeth LYMN) 1821feb26 WILKINSON W. (Job BARKSBY/Elizabeth JOHNSON) 1821mar12 WILKINSON W. (Hugh WALL/Phebe FRITH) 1821mar25 WILKINSON W. (Richard COOPER/Ellen MURTON) 1821apr02 WILKINSON W. (Joseph SHELDON/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1821apr23 WILKINSON W. (Jacob THOMPSON/Charlotte GRATTON) 1821may09 WILKINSON W. (Joseph JOWETT/Mary PEARSON) 1821may16 WILKINSON W. (John CHADWICK/Margaret EYRE) 1821jun14 WILKINSON W. (George JOHNSON/Dorothy STEEPLES) 1821jun14 WILKINSON W. (Thomas SLACK/Ellen ELLIOTT) 1821jun15 WILKINSON W. (Thomas GAMBLE/Jemima HEWITT) 1821jun17 WILKINSON W. (Benjamin CHEETHAM/Mary HODGKINSON) 1821jun25 WILKINSON W. (Francis WILSON/Sarah HARDY) 1821aug08 WILKINSON W. (Samuel BURGOINE/Hannah CLARK) 1821aug20 WILKINSON W. (Joseph BLACKHAM/Ann HARRISON) 1821sep02 WILKINSON W. (Richard SELLARS/Ann POTTER) 1821sep06 WILKINSON W. (William LOWE/Ann JOLLY) 1821sep10 WILKINSON W. (Joseph COLLEDGE/Ann SLATER) 1821sep10 WILKINSON W. (William TAYLOR/Ann HOLLAND) 1821sep12 WILKINSON W. (Samuel WRAGG/Sarah ROWE) 1821sep13 WILKINSON W. (Jabus WRAGG/Mary BROOKS) 1806feb16 WILKINSON William (John LONGDON/Grace JEBSON) 1806apr06 WILKINSON William (David BARKER/Hannah CARLINE) 1806apr21 WILKINSON William (William GOODALL/Mary WEBSTER) 1806jun30 WILKINSON William (Joseph HAWKSLEY/Sarah CLAY) 1806sep15 WILKINSON William (David ELLIOT/Prudence WAGSTAFF) 1806sep22 WILKINSON William (James BATES/Ellen SMEDLEY) 1863sep05 WILLANS John (Joseph KILLER/Sarah HARRISON) 1763sep06 WILLCOCK Robert (Henry SMITH/Mary BACON) 1895may12 WILLIAMS Mary (Arthur MELLOR/Jane WILLIAMS) 1793jan21 WILLIAMSON George (Samuel NUTTALL/Sarah DANNAH) 1766feb06 WILLIAMSON John (Thomas HARDING/Elisabeth WILLIAMSON) 1774jan12 WILLIAMSON John (Charles JOHNSON/Elizabeth HARDING) 1779may27 WILLIAMSON John (William MARCHANT/Ann TOMPSON) 1853may16 WILLIAMSON Richard (John MUSSON/Martha HOLBROOK) 1830apr15 WILLIAMSON William (John WILLIAMSON/Thomasine DEAN) 1760oct16 WILLIS Henry (William JOHNSON/Grace GELL) 1763may10 WILLIS Henry (John PICKERING/Mary RATCLIFF) 1767nov16 WILLIS Robert (Thomas RENSHAW/Mary WRIGHT) 1803apr10 WILLMET John (George EATON/Elizabeth TAYLOR) 1792sep12 WILLSON Anthony (Matthew DEAN/Bathia COOPER) 1759nov05 WILLSON Charles (John BROCKLEST/Ann DUFFIELD) 1760oct09 WILLSON Charles (Anthony BRIDDON/Mary ABBOT) 1761jan29 WILLSON John (Simeon BENNET/Jane BONSALL) 1804dec13 WILLSON John (David GREENHOUGH/Ann TONGUE) 1770mar05 WILLSON Joseph (James TAYLOR/Mary SEEDS) 1848jun01 WILMOT Henry (Edmund WILMOT/Anne HURT) 1857nov12 WILMOT John (George MELLOR/Mary WILMOT) 1857nov12 WILMOT Sarah (George MELLOR/Mary WILMOT) 1858feb24 WILMOT Sarah (Thomas COWLISHAW/Emma TOMLINSON) 1839mar31 WILMOTT Hannah (William Rutland CAM/Sarah WILMOTT) 1792jan26 WILSHALL Joseph (Ebenezer HALL/Elizabeth HALL) 1791jul11 WILSHAW Joseph (Ferdinand MOLD/Sarah WHEATCROFT) 1792oct15 WILSHAW Joseph (William HEWS/Elizabeth DANIEL) 1796nov30 WILSHAW Joseph (William COWLISHAW/Ann STORER) 1859may30 WILSON Betsey (Ralph FROST/Eliza WILSON) 1775may14 WILSON Daniel (Joseph DOXEY/Susannah ORME) 1780jan03 WILSON Daniel (Samuel BODEN/Mary HIGGITT) 1804apr30 WILSON Daniel (Joseph WILSON/Christiana WOODFORD) 1809sep14 WILSON Daniel (Charles SILKSTONE/Catharine WRIGHT) 1809oct12 WILSON Daniel (Joshua STREET/Ann ALLSOP) 1810jul23 WILSON Daniel (George SMEDLEY/Silence WRIGHT) 1824sep10 WILSON Daniel (John DAFFIN/Ann COWLISHAW) 1837nov30 WILSON Daniel (James COLLEDGE/Ann WILSON) 1847oct13 WILSON Daniel (Richard HEYWARD/Esther WILSON) 1857apr23 WILSON Daniel (William BRACE/Mary WILSON) 1864jun08 WILSON Daniel (William ross BARKER/Betsy WILSON) 1828sep17 WILSON Elizabeth (Samuel KNIVETON/Mary WILSON) 1836dec29 WILSON Elizabeth (James WILKINSON/Elizabeth WEBSTER) 1837feb06 WILSON Elizabeth (Charles ATKINS/Ellen WILSON) 1846apr16 WILSON Elizabeth (Frederick TURNER/Mary ann WILSON) 1837nov30 WILSON Ellen (James COLLEDGE/Ann WILSON) 1892sep07 WILSON Emily (Walter PERFECT/Ada Louisa WHELDON) 1850jul03 WILSON Emma (Charles MARSON/Lydia HARDY) 1847oct13 WILSON Fanny (Richard HEYWARD/Esther WILSON) 1864jun08 WILSON Fanny (William ross BARKER/Betsy WILSON) 1792oct22 WILSON Francis (William STORER/Grace FARRAND) 1816aug18 WILSON Francis (Thomas WILSON/Martha BUNTING) 1846apr16 WILSON George (Frederick TURNER/Mary ann WILSON) 1864may16 WILSON Hannah (Samuel WAIN/Elizabeth WILSON) 1876oct19 WILSON Hannah (Matthew Bacon WILSON/Elizabeth ELCE) 1845jun29 WILSON Henry (Francis STONE/Sarah PALFREYMAN) 1856apr17 WILSON Jemima (Henry HADFIELD/Elizabeth ann HAYNES) 1819apr28 WILSON John (George WILSON/Mary RAINS) 1819sep02 WILSON John (Robert STEER/Mary OGDON) 1820jul05 WILSON John (James GELL/Ann WILSON) 1831jun30 WILSON John (Joseph FLINT/Elizabeth GIBBONS) 1838apr04 WILSON John (Thomas BEELEY/Sarah WAYNE) 1853aug18 WILSON John poyser (Joseph anthy MASON/Mary PIDCOCK) 1765sep25 WILSON Joseph (Benjamin BURTON/Elisabeth MATHER) 1778feb16 WILSON Joseph (John BANKS/Mary LONG) 1786mar20 WILSON Joseph (Roger ROLLEY/Catharine HANSON) 1793mar31 WILSON Joseph (George SALT/Sarah BRITTON) 1797mar08 WILSON Joseph (Paul STALEY/Elizabeth ASKEY) 1853aug18 WILSON Maria (Joseph anthy MASON/Mary PIDCOCK) 1873jul12 WILSON Martha (Thomas TAYLOR/Hannah WILSON) 1829nov19 WILSON Phoebe (Thomas GIBBENS/Sarah BROMLEY) 1862jul28 WILSON Robert (James JONES/Sarah ann HALLAM) 1847dec27 WILSON Ruth (William MOSES/Sarah WILSON) 1817apr10 WILSON Samuel (Philip SPENCER/Martha SPENCER) 1840sep27 WILSON Sarah (John FLETCHER/Ellen WILSON) 1840feb16 WILSON Thomas (William DAWSON/Hannah GRATTAGE) 1765may13 WILSON William (John BRAILSFORD/Mary GREGORY) 1852apr12 WILSON William (Abraham WEBSTER/Ann MARSDEN) 1765jan11 WILSON JU William (George MARSH/Rebecca WILSON) 1853dec28 WILSONE George (Aked CLAYE/Jane WILSON) 1861may28 WINDER John (Samuel STANIFORTH/Elizabeth marg STORER) 1809apr03 WINDLEY John (James BRELSFORD/Mary BRADLEY) 1854oct10 WINFIELD Ann (William WINFIELD/Hannah ANABLE) 1758aug03 WINGFIELD ? (Thomas PEARSON/Ellin GLASEBROOKE) 1760jul24 WINGFIELD ? (Job HOLBROOK/Abigail COTTERIL) 1849nov19 WINGFIELD Elizabeth (Anthony ROWLAND/Mary WINGFIELD) 1754jul07 WINGFIELD James (James WINGFIELD/Mary FLETCHER) 1763jan22 WINGFIELD James (John MELBORN/Phoebe WAGSTAFF) 1765jul07 WINGFIELD James (Daniel CALTON/Helen WIGLEY) 1773feb28 WINGFIELD James (James CRAWFORD/Sarah BAMFORD) 1757mar24 WINGFIELD Robert (William WALL/Ellen PENDLETON) 1765jul13 WINGFIELD Robert (Paul DUFFIELD/Mary SMITH) 1780may22 WINGFIELD Robert (Joseph BURGAN/Ellen HOLEBROOKE) 1770mar28 WINGFIELD Thomas (Thomas BRIDDON/Phoebe SPENCER) 1838may21 WINSON Abraham (John FEARN/Eliza BURTON) 1837jun14 WINSON Alfred (George OAKLEY/Hannah WINSON) 1898may30 WINSON Alice (Samuel BRADLEY/Alice MORRELL) 1874mar01 WINSON Ann (John MILNES/Emily COOPER) 1882jul10 WINSON Clara (Edward MELLOR/Annie WINSON) 1883aug04 WINSON Clara (Robert WINSON/Hannah ALLEN) 1854mar27 WINSON Ellen (William TAYLOR/Amelia WINSON) 1863may11 WINSON Hannah (Charles KNIVETON/Hannah STORER) 1761jan29 WINSON Humphrey (George SMITH/Elizabeth SANDERS) 1874mar01 WINSON Isaac (John MILNES/Emily COOPER) 1768may25 WINSON John (James WHITE/Mary WHITE) 1859sep15 WINSON Joshua (Robert WINSON/Mary BLOUNT) 1894dec26 WINSON Joshua (Philip FRANCIS/Clara WINSON) 1882jul10 WINSON Robert (Edward MELLOR/Annie WINSON) 1837jun14 WINSON Sarah (George OAKLEY/Hannah WINSON) 1894dec26 WINSON Sophia (Philip FRANCIS/Clara WINSON) 1854mar27 WINSON Thomas (William TAYLOR/Amelia WINSON) 1834jun29 WINSON William (Joseph REDFERN/Elizabeth COLLEDGE) 1859sep12 WINSON William (Samuel wbstr SMITH/Harriet wnsn GAMBLE) 1776apr25 WINSTANLEY John (John ROOSE/Ann CROSBY) 1849dec25 WINT Ann (Thomas WINSON/Sarah WINT) 1836oct13 WINT Hannah (Thomas WINT/Sarah TINSLEY) 1784may03 WINT John (Thomas MARCHANT/Sarah BATTELEY) 1831mar03 WINT Samuel (George HATFIELD/Sarah WINT) 1830sep15 WINT Sarah (Samuel WINT/Sarah HATFIELD) 1831mar03 WINT Sarah (George HATFIELD/Sarah WINT) 1871nov28 WINTER James (Thomas BROCKLEHURST/Eliza METCALFE) 1854mar14 WISEHEART Harriet (Walter WELDON/Annie COTTON) 1845nov23 WITTON Charlette (Samuel PEARSON/Hannah BROOKS) 1845nov23 WITTON Job (Samuel PEARSON/Hannah BROOKS) 1854apr20 WOOD Ann (George STAFFORD/Mary WOOD) 1862apr10 WOOD Ann (Charles WOOD/Mary BALL) 1777oct06 WOOD Anthony (Richard PEAT/Ellen WAYNE) 1896jun10 WOOD Bertha (Albert BYARD/Ada CAULDWELL) 1860feb12 WOOD Charles (William MELBOURNE/Ann HOLMES) 1860apr25 WOOD Charles (George BOWN/Sarah WOOD) 1866may23 WOOD Charles (Charles SMITH/Ann WOOD) 1866jul12 WOOD Charles (Joseph GREEN/Ellen WOOD) 1870mar16 WOOD Charles (Thomas TAYLOR/Elizabeth WOOD) 1875may17 WOOD Charles (Thomas SPENDLOVE/Emma WOOD) 1876jan12 WOOD Charles e w (John baddeley WOOD/Elizabeth m WOOD) 1790oct28 WOOD Edward (George KINDER/Dorothy ROOSE) 1807dec10 WOOD Edward (William SPENCER/Ann WOOD) 1855jan22 WOOD Eliza (William ELSE/Louisa GELL) 1849apr02 WOOD Elizabeth (Jervis WOOD/Hannah HOLMES) 1860apr25 WOOD Elizabeth (George BOWN/Sarah WOOD) 1863feb16 WOOD Elizabeth (George WOOD/Mary JOHNSON) 1866may23 WOOD Elizabeth (Charles SMITH/Ann WOOD) 1869mar24 WOOD Elizabeth (John GREATOREX/Ellen WOOD) 1862jun05 WOOD Ellen (Reuben CONWAY/Hannah WOOD) 1866dec27 WOOD Ellen (Gervis CONWAY/Elizabeth WOOD) 1876jan12 WOOD Ellen a (John baddeley WOOD/Elizabeth m WOOD) 1775nov28 WOOD George (John WOOD/Sarah BUXTON) 1862jun05 WOOD George (Reuben CONWAY/Hannah WOOD) 1866jul12 WOOD Hannah (Joseph GREEN/Ellen WOOD) 1870mar16 WOOD Hannah (Thomas TAYLOR/Elizabeth WOOD) 1797may03 WOOD James (Joseph CONWAY/Hannah WOOD) 1800sep15 WOOD James (Samuel BROWN/Martha SMEDLEY) 1754jul09 WOOD John (William COLLEDGE/Ruth MOOR) 1764aug02 WOOD John (Simeon SPENCER/Elisabeth WOOD) 1765feb18 WOOD John (Isaac HIGTON/Hannah WOOD) 1781oct18 WOOD John (Abraham SAUNDERSON/Elizabeth BATTEY) 1781nov15 WOOD John (Maurice HALL/Mary WOOD) 1782may30 WOOD John (James REDD/Elizabeth GALLIMORE) 1784jun21 WOOD John (Daniel CALTON/Esther TISSINGTON) 1785jul26 WOOD John (David SEEDS/Amy FLETCHER) 1787jan24 WOOD John (Benjamin TAYLOR/Betty WRIGHT) 1789jun29 WOOD John (William HAYNES/Elizabeth WOOD) 1800may22 WOOD John (Isaac WRAGG/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1871mar02 WOOD John (George CONWAY/Sarah GREATOREX) 1777apr06 WOOD Joseph (William BRIDDON/Susanna SUMMERFIELD) 1849apr02 WOOD Luke (Jervis WOOD/Hannah HOLMES) 1881feb15 WOOD Martha elizb (Richard HARRISON/Ann SMITH) 1897may15 WOOD Mary Ann (Charles WOOD/Mary Ann WARD) 1833may06 WOOD Matilda (William STONE/Mary NEWTON) 1790jun23 WOOD Samuel (Francis SPENCER/Lydia MACDONALD) 1792jan23 WOOD Samuel (Henry SHEPPARD/Ann GOVERSE) 1793jan31 WOOD Samuel (Thomas BROWNSON/Hannah BAMFORD) 1809dec27 WOOD Samuel (Abraham WOOD/Elizabeth FALKNER) 1860feb12 WOOD Sarah (William MELBOURNE/Ann HOLMES) 1762mar18 WOOD Thomas (Thomas BROUGH/Mary HOLEHOUSE) 1800may11 WOOD Thomas (Edward BARBER/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1800oct19 WOOD Thomas (Joseph THOMPSON/Sarah MOORE) 1801nov15 WOOD Thomas (William MOORE/Ann GREEN) 1806may05 WOOD Thomas (Job BUNTING/Martha MOOR) 1809mar16 WOOD Thomas (William SHELDON/Ann WOOD) 1849jun04 WOOD William (Thomas BROOKS/Sarah POYSER) 1854apr20 WOOD William (George STAFFORD/Mary WOOD) 1866dec27 WOOD William (Gervis CONWAY/Elizabeth WOOD) 1809sep21 WOODAS Ann (John WOODAS/Frances COOPER) 1811nov01 WOODAS Ann (Joshua WILLCOCK/Ann COOPER) 1814apr11 WOODAS Hannah (Isaac RAINS/Elizabeth WOODAS) 1814may09 WOODAS Hannah (Hugh HOLE/Elizabeth RAINS) 1807oct21 WOODAS John (Richard SMITH/Phoebe WOODAS) 1809apr24 WOODAS John (Thomas BROWN/Mary WOODHOUSE) 1811nov01 WOODAS John (Joshua WILLCOCK/Ann COOPER) 1816jan25 WOODAS John (John RAINS/Hannah WOODAS) 1782oct30 WOODAS Matthew (Edward JOHNSON/Grace WEBSTER) 1796apr02 WOODAS Matthew (Robert WINGFIELD/Elizabeth WHEELDON) 1801feb28 WOODHEAD Joseph (Thomas TAYLOR/Mary ROPER) 1827dec17 WOODHOUSE Ann (William PEARSON/Mary Ann WOODHOUSE) 1835sep17 WOODHOUSE Ann (Isaac SPENCER/Rachel BRADBURY) 1838feb15 WOODHOUSE Ann (George AUSTIN/Harriet WOODHOUSE) 1838jul26 WOODHOUSE Anne (Joseph SPENCER/Ellen SPENCER) 1838dec24 WOODHOUSE Elizabeth (Nehemiah KNIVETON/Mary WOODHOUSE) 1847nov17 WOODHOUSE Fanny (Henry BENNET/Rebecca SPENCER) 1840jun28 WOODHOUSE Harriet (William WOODHOUSE/Eliza HEYWOOD) 1788nov11 WOODHOUSE James (William MARCHANT/Hannah SIMPSON) 1788nov11 WOODHOUSE James (William MARCHANT/Mary HEADLEY) 1765sep16 WOODHOUSE John (James TOMLINSON/Sarah UDALE) 1766sep17 WOODHOUSE John (Thomas BLUNT/Ruth ROWSE) 1769dec25 WOODHOUSE John (George TAYLOR/Sarah BARKER) 1770nov22 WOODHOUSE John (John WALKER/Lydia ROE) 1774nov15 WOODHOUSE John (Joseph WIGLEY/Hannah BARNES) 1776oct23 WOODHOUSE John (Samuel ROW/Sarah LONGDON) 1788oct23 WOODHOUSE John (Edward ROOSE/Ann MOGATRIDE) 1790sep01 WOODHOUSE John (Thomas FROST/Elizabeth COLLEGE) 1792nov02 WOODHOUSE John (German BUXTON/Mary GELL) 1871sep25 WOODHOUSE John (Gamaliel MOORE/Elizabeth WOODHOUSE) 1769mar20 WOODHOUSE Josh? (Joshua ROOSE/Jane SIMS) 1843may01 WOODHOUSE Mary (George SLATER/Elizabeth BROCKLEHURST) 1827nov28 WOODHOUSE Phoebe (Joseph CALDWELL/Elizabeth HOLDGATE) 1754nov20 WOODHOUSE Richard (Isaiah ABBAT/Barrow BOWDLER) 1755mar06 WOODHOUSE Richard (John GYTE/Anne EYELY) 1760oct08 WOODHOUSE Richard (Henry BUTLER/Mary STREET) 1761nov12 WOODHOUSE Richard (Joseph EYELEY/Hannah SMEDLEY) 1809dec03 WOODHOUSE Robert (Henry PEARSON/Hannah MARSDEN) 1795may11 WOODHOUSE Thomas (William WIGLEY/Ann DALE) 1766sep18 WOODIWIS Henry (Theophilus ANDREW/Grace TAYLOR) 1755dec08 WOODIWISS Henry (Thomas HARDING/Elizabeth SIMPSON) 1759mar16 WOODIWISS John (George TOMLINSON/Sarah SEEDS) 1757jan20 WOODIWISS Samuel (Henry ROWLAND/Grace HARDY) 1897sep06 WOODIWISS Sarah (John FERN/Elizabeth JONES) 1768oct23 WOODIWISS William (John WOOD/Jane FROST) 1770aug02 WOODIWISS William (Richard NICKSON/Elizabeth WOODIWIS) 1770oct25 WOODIWISS William (Samuel BENIT/Elisabeth TAYLOR) 1775apr21 WOODIWISS William (William FRITH/Hannah WOODROUGH) 1776sep15 WOODIWISS William (William BROWN/Mary WOODIWISS) 1778jun11 WOODIWISS William (Thomas UDALE/Elizabeth MOORE) 1782mar31 WOODIWISS William (John DOXEY/Mary GOODWIN) 1813may12 WOODROFFE Millesent (James MATHER/Elizabeth WOODROUGH) 1788jun22 WOODROOFE Benjamin (Joseph ALSOP/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1788sep14 WOODROUFE Benjamin (Peter WRAGG/Martha ROOSE) 1826mar27 WOODROUGH John (Joseph BREWELL/Ann BECKS) 1820may30 WOODROUGH William (Benjamin POTTER/Lidia GRATTON) 1778sep06 WOODRUFE Benjamin (William WARD/Ellen WOODROUGH) 1783aug10 WOODRUFFE Benjamin (Thomas WOODHOUSE/Ann HANSON) 1881feb15 WOODS Iziah? (Richard HARRISON/Ann SMITH) 1831jun13 WOODWARD Adam (John KIRK/Ellen STORER) 1832dec17 WOODWARD Adam (William BOWERING/Elizabeth WOODWARD) 1848apr24 WOODWARD Adam (Henry WOODWARD/Eliza REDFERN) 1846dec26 WOODWARD Charles (James HENDERSON/Mary BRITLAND) 1843may15 WOODWARD Elijah (William BROOKS/Mary PEARSON) 1830aug29 WOODWARD Elizabeth (Benjamin ALLEN/Hannah WOODWARD) 1834sep17 WOODWARD Elizabeth (Adam WALKER/Martha ANDREW) 1846dec26 WOODWARD Elizabeth (James HENDERSON/Mary BRITLAND) 1897jan20 WOODWARD Hannah (John James FLINT/Patience Jane SLATER) 1855sep10 WOODWARD Harry (Samuel BLAND/Harriet BOWRING) 1862apr21 WOODWARD Henry (James BUCKLEY/Ann BOWRING) 1840dec02 WOODWARD Lydia (William FLINT/Elizabeth SLACK) 1760nov20 WOODWARD William (Adam JOHNSON/Martha BROWN) 1811mar25 WOODWARD William (Joseph BURTON/Hannah WARRINGTON) 1802oct30 WOOLANDS Henry (William SMITH/Elizabeth MILLWARD) 1808feb07 WOOLEY John (James B CLAY/Sarah WOOLLEY) 1835may20 WOOLEY John (George POYSER/Hannah THOMPSON) 1887oct06 WOOLLEY Mary (Ernest WOOLLEY/Constance Anne HUBBERSTY) 1887oct06 WOOLLEY Thomas (Ernest WOOLLEY/Constance Anne HUBBERSTY) 1857aug24 WOOLLINCROFT George (Francis STRAFFORD/Ellen PARKES) 1845aug11 WOOLLISCROFT Richard (James PICKERING/Maria DOWNEY) 1823jul24 WORRELL John (George BUNTING/Mary ALLIN) 1836apr25 WORTHINGTON George (Ralph WORTHINGTON/Ann SHELDON) 1833sep15 WORTHY Benjamin (Samuel WORTHY/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1845jun29 WORTHY Hannah (Elijah WORTHY/Sarah WESTON) 1839may27 WORTHY Jane (Thomas WORTHY/Mary FEARN) 1839may27 WORTHY Job (Thomas WORTHY/Mary FEARN) 1833sep15 WORTHY Mary (Samuel WORTHY/Elizabeth BROOKS) 1845jun29 WORTHY Samuel (Elijah WORTHY/Sarah WESTON) 1858jan18 WORTHY Sarah (William HOUGHTON/Elizabeth FERN) 1821nov01 WRAGG ? (David KIDD/Mary LEE) 1884jun06 WRAGG Annie Lucy (Thomas SPENCER/Hannah SPENCER) 1761apr30 WRAGG Anthony (John WRAGG/Phillis KIRKBY) 1769mar08 WRAGG Anthony (William HODKIN/Elizabeth GELL) 1769mar26 WRAGG Anthony (Thomas HATCHET/Lydia HOLMES) 1767jun01 WRAGG Christopher (Samuel BUNTING/Martha BOOMER) 1835dec06 WRAGG Edith (George BUCKLEY/Millicent BUTLER) 1867oct30 WRAGG Eliza (Samuel SPENCER/Mary WRAGG) 1837sep10 WRAGG Elizabeth (Charles HAYS/Maria WRAGG) 1843apr17 WRAGG Elizabeth (John WRAGG/Elizabeth DOXEY) 1787dec03 WRAGG George (James RENSHAW/Elizabeth WRIGHT) 1793dec22 WRAGG George (Samuel STAFFORD/Jane HUTCHINSON) 1816oct29 WRAGG George (Henry NEEDHAM/Mary BRIDDON) 1848sep07 WRAGG Hannah (Peter WRAGG/Sarah BUXTON) 1815dec11 WRAGG Isaac (William ROOSE/Ann SPENCER) 1760jun15 WRAGG James (William THOMPSON/Sarah WRAGG) 1787jun28 WRAGG James (John HOLEHOUSE/Mary TOMPSON) 1788sep14 WRAGG James (Peter WRAGG/Martha ROOSE) 1791jun16 WRAGG James (George RICHARDS/Sarah TOMPSON) 1802mar29 WRAGG James (Joseph SLACK/Ann BODEN) 1802nov08 WRAGG James (Francis WALKER/Hannah UDALE) 1804jul16 WRAGG James (Richard GOODALL/Dorothy TAYLOR) 1817aug20 WRAGG James (John ALLSOP/Elizabeth WRAGG) 1821sep12 WRAGG James (Samuel WRAGG/Sarah ROWE) 1762oct07 WRAGG John (Thomas LANGFORD/Ann WALKER) 1782jan17 WRAGG John (William FLINT/Hannah GODBEHERE) 1786feb04 WRAGG John (Samuel DOXEY/Ann WRAGG) 1786aug07 WRAGG John (Anthony BRITTON/Hannah MOSS) 1795nov19 WRAGG John (James ALSOP/Hannah ROGER) 1805apr09 WRAGG John (John LOMAS/Hannah ALSOP) 1834sep22 WRAGG John (Thomas SMITH/Milicent DOXEY) 1851sep18 WRAGG Joseph (James CLAYTON/Mary ANDREW) 1830apr29 WRAGG M.? (Robert BAKER/Mary Ann HARVEY) 1837sep10 WRAGG Maria (Richard ALLSOP/Elizabeth WRAGG) 1844dec24 WRAGG Mary (Robert DOXEY/Sarah WRAGG) 1789jun22 WRAGG Peter (Uriah MILLS/Hannah WALKER) 1807dec17 WRAGG Peter (Robert EVANS/Hannah WRAGG) 1869feb08 WRAGG Peter (Israel BARNES/Eliza WRAGG) 1826mar09 WRAGG Robert (William GRATTON/Jane SMITH) 1826mar09 WRAGG Robert (John DUDSON/Elizabeth ALLEN) 1756apr22 WRAGG Samuel (William FROST/Ann BAMFORD) 1765dec26 WRAGG Samuel (Edmund FROST/Ellin KIRK) 1793may13 WRAGG Samuel (William BRITLAND/Alice HODGKINSON) 1811may13 WRAGG Samuel (Peter WRAGG/Dorothy SLACK) 1811dec19 WRAGG Samuel (Abel BODEN/Ann HOADES) 1824feb19 WRAGG Samuel (Thomas BROOKS/Mary BUCKLEY) 1835dec06 WRAGG Samuel (George BUCKLEY/Millicent BUTLER) 1867nov04 WRAGG Samuel (William Lewis HUDSON/Sarah Ann BROOKS) 1824dec06 WRAGG Sarah (George WRAGG/Maria WHITE) 1834sep22 WRAGG Sarah (Thomas SMITH/Milicent DOXEY) 1841sep15 WRAGG Sarah (John BUCKLEY/Mary DOXEY) 1791oct05 WRAGG Sylance (Thomas ELTON/Hannah EATON) 1823oct11 WRAGG Thomas? (William CALER/Elizabeth ROOSE) 1801mar08 WRAGG William (Thomas POWELL/Elizabeth ASHOVER) 1824jun07 WRAGG William (William TOPLIS/Ann EATON) 1844jul09 WRAY Mary (Thomas WRAY/Agnes LAMB) 1809dec06 WRIGHT ? (William CAWDIN/Grace GRATTON) 1803feb07 WRIGHT Abraham (Anthony DOXEY/Bethia BOWN) 1835jun08 WRIGHT Ann (Joseph GREENHOUGH/Elizabeth WRIGHT) 1819may13 WRIGHT Charles (Joseph JOYNSON/Mary WRIGHT) 1851dec01 WRIGHT Charles (Henry FEARN/Mary BRATBY) 1889jul03 WRIGHT Charles (William Gordon S NOWELL-USTICKE/Elizabeth WRIGHT) 1816jul01 WRIGHT Elizabeth (Joseph HUNT/Martha BOOTH) 1831oct06 WRIGHT Elizabeth (William WRIGHT/Grace ALLSOP) 1831dec01 WRIGHT Elizabeth (John SILKSTONE/Mary Ann WESTON) 1880sep29 WRIGHT Emma (Edmund HAND/Lydia hannah BROWN) 1851dec01 WRIGHT Hannah (Henry FEARN/Mary BRATBY) 1778apr24 WRIGHT Hugh (John TAYLOR/Ann WRIGHT) 1806sep22 WRIGHT James (James BATES/Ellen SMEDLEY) 1795dec31 WRIGHT Job (James CURTIS/Ann WRIGHT) 1805feb04 WRIGHT Job (James MYCOCK/Elizabeth WRIGHT) 1805jun24 WRIGHT Job (William ALTON/Martha WRIGHT) 1810jul09 WRIGHT Job (William WIGLEY/Sarah ELLIOTT) 1755apr03 WRIGHT John (James WRAGG/Hannah LATHAM) 1766apr17 WRIGHT John (Ralph TOPLIS/Margaret HALL) 1766aug14 WRIGHT John (Thomas PARKER/Esther FROST) 1768mar24 WRIGHT John (James ROOSE/Martha FROST) 1768jul18 WRIGHT John (Thomas HALLAM/Elisabeth SIMS) 1768sep12 WRIGHT John (Job WRIGHT/Ellin SMITH) 1768sep26 WRIGHT John (John BRADLEY/Ruth FROST) 1769mar20 WRIGHT John (Joshua ROOSE/Jane SIMS) 1770nov01 WRIGHT John (Samuel HANSON/Jane FROST) 1770nov22 WRIGHT John (John WALKER/Lydia ROE) 1772dec23 WRIGHT John (Edward BUTLER/Ann ALLIN) 1773feb03 WRIGHT John (Nehemiah KNIFTON/Rachel STREET) 1774mar31 WRIGHT John (William HOADES/Mary ALLIN) 1774apr28 WRIGHT John (Joshua ROPER/Dorothy FROST) 1774dec29 WRIGHT John (John FROST/Ann WRIGHT) 1783feb27 WRIGHT John (James COTTRILL/Elizabeth NEWTON) 1783dec15 WRIGHT John (William BRAMLEY/Jane SEEDHOUSE) 1809sep14 WRIGHT John (Charles SILKSTONE/Catharine WRIGHT) 1813sep27 WRIGHT John (Thomas HARLEY/Ann MARSHALL) 1766oct27 WRIGHT Jonathon? (Robert WALKER/Rachel COOKE) 1762jul21 WRIGHT Joseph (John WALKER/Ann HIBBOT) 1778apr24 WRIGHT Joseph (John TAYLOR/Ann WRIGHT) 1784dec08 WRIGHT Joseph (Samuel COLLINSON/Hannah STEER) 1786nov22 WRIGHT Joseph (Charles KNIVETON/Mary LAND) 1786dec28 WRIGHT Joseph (John SHELDON/Elizabeth BUXTON) 1787jan24 WRIGHT Joseph (Benjamin TAYLOR/Betty WRIGHT) 1789jan04 WRIGHT Joseph (Benjamin CARSON/Hannah WAGSTAFF) 1789jun22 WRIGHT Joseph (James KELLEY/Mary BATTERLEY) 1790jun23 WRIGHT Joseph (Francis SPENCER/Lydia MACDONALD) 1853dec19 WRIGHT Joseph (William HALL/Mary GREATOREX) 1773oct07 WRIGHT Joshua (Anthony WOODHOUSE/Elizabeth BLUNT) 1774jun30 WRIGHT Joshua (William OXSPRING/Martha WRIGHT) 1819may13 WRIGHT Margaret (Joseph JOYNSON/Mary WRIGHT) 1817dec31 WRIGHT Martha (Zacharias HALL/Edith BROOKS) 1819mar11 WRIGHT Martha (Samuel SILKSTONE/Elizabeth M JACKSON) 1823aug12 WRIGHT Martha (John WILLMOTT/Ann WRIGHT) 1847sep06 WRIGHT Mary (James ELSE/Ann POTTER) 1848oct09 WRIGHT Mary (George TAYLOR/Mary ann HANSON) 1849dec10 WRIGHT Mary (William HARRIS/Elizabeth OGDEN) 1850dec23 WRIGHT Mary (Thomas OGDEN/Martha BROOKS) 1854sep20 WRIGHT Mary (Joseph WRIGHT/Hannah DEAVILLE) 1831jan13 WRIGHT Mathie (Joseph HOLMES/Charlotte WRIGHT) 1774sep12 WRIGHT Samuel (John SEEDS/Sarah TOMLINSON) 1774sep12 WRIGHT Samuel (James KNOWLES/Elizabeth SHELDON) 1777jul31 WRIGHT Samuel (Walter BUXTON/Silence WRIGHT) 1779apr20 WRIGHT Samuel (German BUXTON/Elizabeth WIGLEY) 1782jul04 WRIGHT Samuel (Adam SIMPSON/Hannah DOXEY) 1783sep15 WRIGHT Samuel (Joseph GREENHOUGH/Milicent COLLEDGE) 1784jun07 WRIGHT Samuel (John SUMMERFIELD/Elizabeth WALL) 1793jun17 WRIGHT Samuel (John SIMMS/Sarah MOLD) 1798jul12 WRIGHT Samuel (William ALLEN/Hannah BROUNT) 1802jun17 WRIGHT Samuel (Samuel BROOKS/Martha WRIGHT) 1819mar11 WRIGHT Samuel (Samuel SILKSTONE/Elizabeth M JACKSON) 1760mar24 WRIGHT Samuell (Thomas BEETON/Elizabeth HOUGH) 1814aug29 WRIGHT Sarah (William JOHNSON/Sarah HOLLAND) 1886jul14 WRIGHT Sarah (John WINSON/Sarah SMITH) 1894apr11 WRIGHT Sarah Ann (Benjamin STALEY/Jane GREGORY) 1890dec27 WRIGHT Thomas (Frederick MOSLEY/Matilda GREATOREX) 1802jun17 WRIGHT William (Samuel BROOKS/Martha WRIGHT) 1810nov14 WRIGHT William (Henry SWINSCOE/Elizabeth WRIGHT) 1868may14 WRIGHT William (James SMITH/Mary WRIGHT) 1805sep17 WYLD Hannah (John WYLD/Martha DICKENSON) 1761may16 WYLDE JUN William (William OAKLEY/Sarah NEWBROOK) 1893jan17 WYNN Thomas (William SPENCER/Mary WYNN) Return to Top 1756oct25 YATES Ann (Timothy SMITH/Rosamond FLETCHER) 1846sep13 YATES Daniel (James WILDGOOSE/Elizabeth YATES) 1816feb25 YATES Hannah (Thomas YATES/Eleanor CRICHLOWE) 1835sep13 YATES Hannah (Charles BRITLAND/Mary CLARK) 1835sep13 YATES James (Charles BRITLAND/Mary CLARK) 1816feb25 YATES John (Thomas YATES/Eleanor CRICHLOWE) 1895aug21 YATES Lavinia (John YATES/Emma HOUGHTON) 1810jan28 YATES Sarah (John BROUGH/Sarah FLINT) 1897jun26 YEOMANS Clara (Samuel ALLEN/Mary Ann YEOMANS) 1780jul17 YEOMANS Daniel (Aaron BROCKLEHURST/Susanna PEAT) 1840sep14 YEOMANS Ellen (Joseph BRITLAND/Ann PEARSON) 1885jan15 YEOMANS Ernest (William Gratton BROOKS/Mary Alice SPENCER) 1881jun15 YEOMANS Georgeaina (John TAYLOR/Emma YEOMANS) 1899aug02 YEOMANS John (Edward George CORDIN/Elizabeth SPENCER) 1844jan01 YEOMANS Mary (Robert OLDFIELD/Sarah ann BAMFORD) 1892dec27 YEOMANS Mary (Charles Edward NASH/Isabella ELSE) 1885jan15 YEOMANS Mary Ann (William Gratton BROOKS/Mary Alice SPENCER) 1825oct31 YEOMANS Stephen (Nicholas KIDD/Mary HALL) 1824dec15 YEOMANS William (William JONES/Mary WALLIS) 1844jan01 YEOMANS William (Robert OLDFIELD/Sarah ann BAMFORD) 1864sep07 YOEMANS Samuel (James DAWSON/Mabel GALLIMORE) 1832sep04 YOMANS Ellen (Thomas BUXTON/Sarah BERESFORD) 1842feb03 YOUMANS Rachel (Samuel FLINT/Elizabeth BOWN) 1842feb03 YOUMANS Samuel (Samuel FLINT/Elizabeth BOWN) 1793feb16 YOUNG Charles (William SMITH/Sarah HOLEBROOKE) 1837oct08 YOUNG Dorothy (James COX/Hannah YOUNG) 1812apr01 YOUNG Elizabeth (Thomas CUTTS/Rebecca SMITHURST) 1818aug10 YOUNG Elizabeth (William YOUNG/Sarah HOLBROOK) 1895oct14 YOUNG Elizabeth (William BUCKLEY/Sarah Ann MATHER) 1830jun06 YOUNG Hannah (James WOODHOUSE/Hannah HANDLEY) 1788nov10 YOUNG John (Samuel GODBEHERE/Elizabeth MITCHEL) 1826aug20 YOUNG John (Terry MAC/Elizabeth YOUNG) 1837oct08 YOUNG John (James COX/Hannah YOUNG) 1756nov01 YOUNG Joseph (Thomas HALLWORTH/Elizabeth SAXON) 1756nov04 YOUNG Joseph (Robert MOUNTENY/Alice RED) 1762jan30 YOUNG Joseph (Zacheus STAFFORD/Hannah ALSOP) 1766nov04 YOUNG Joseph (George ROWSE/Mary TOMLINSON) 1775feb22 YOUNG Joseph (John ELLIS/Sarah SHELDON) 1781sep16 YOUNG Joseph (Thomas PURSELOVE/Grace ELLIOT) 1785feb22 YOUNG Joseph (Thomas BUXTON/Sarah HARVEY) 1786sep14 YOUNG Joseph (John KIRKBY/Rose WRIGHT) 1822jun26 YOUNG Mary (Job WILD/Lydia GRATTON) 1785jul25 YOUNG Robert (Robert ALLEN/Mariah SLY) 1766nov29 YOUNG Samuel (John BRADLEY/Mary ROPER) 1768oct23 YOUNG Samuel (John WOOD/Jane FROST) 1772apr07 YOUNG Samuel (William ANDERSON/Sarah SWANN) 1772sep23 YOUNG Samuel (John HARRISON/Sarah FOX) 1774feb09 YOUNG Samuel (Robert LOWE/Elizabeth FRITH) 1775mar18 YOUNG Samuel (William SMITH/Elizabeth DUFFIELD) 1800mar10 YOUNG Samuel (Joseph BLOUNT/Sally WALKER) 1800jun18 YOUNG Samuel (William SPENCER/Mary THOMPSON) 1814may29 YOUNG Samuel (George ALLEN/Elizabeth MERCHANT) 1836jan17 YOUNG Sarah (Henry MANDEFIELD/Hannah REEDS) 1770jan27 YOUNG Thomas (George GREGORY/Mabel GODBEHERE) 1798dec05 YOUNG William (John FROST/Sarah FLETCHER) 1842mar25 YOUNG William (Samuel SLACK/Sarah POYSER) 1852sep14 YOUNG William (Anthony REDFERN/Sarah HOLMES) 1841jan07 YOUNGE Samuel (Joseph POYSER/Anne FROST)

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.