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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Author's favourite Old Photos

The Author's favourite 42 from around 800 old photos on this website. Click on any photo to see an enlargement and description
MARSDEN hardware 1893 KILLER family, Middleton 1900 Quarry police 1900 Charabanc at Matlock Bath 1925
Matlock steep-gradient trams Middle peak Quarry 1920 Luther GOULD, town crier 1932 Old MarketPlace 1900
Wirksworth Railway Station 1890 Loco at Wirksworth 1874 Pitty Wood Farm c1884 Alfred DOXEY 1889
Wirksworth cinema 1932 Petrifying well, Matlock Bath Rupert road c1920 Interior, Bank Road
De Dion Bouton Motorbike, Buxton 1905 Whatstandwell 4 ways Florence Nightingale's ambulance
Matlock Floods 1921 Nightingale traction, Tansley 1906 Middleton from Air
Travis' Folly, Shottle
Will HALLOWS, Wirksworth cemetery Thomas TAYLOR 1880 Walter DOXEY 1895 Mrs TURNER 1890 William WESTON 1860 Edward MEADE-WALDO 1884 John & Caroline SMEDLEY 1867
Gravestone, Ashford 1890 William KNOWLES c1887 WILDGOOSE & wife c1906 Express at Cromford Henry CHANDOS-POLE-GELL CHANDOS-POLE-GELL
The Matlock Tramway Fatal Accident, Hopton 1937 CHPR Loco 1835-1876 Three Little Maids, Matlock Bath 1908 Return from the Boer War 1902

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