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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of BUNTING-1

Hi John,
 I was just reading the pedigrees section and saw that 
you mentioned that there was room for a few more people.
So here they are:
Sue Pepin of Victoria BC Canada

Descendants of BUNTING

Alice GRATTON and Joseph BUNTING

Child of Joseph and Alice was:
   Anthony BUNTING born bef. Nov.4 1830
      married on July 24 1849 to 
      Susannah WIGLEY born Nov.24 1827 .

Child of Anthony and Susannah was;
   Joseph BUNTING born Sept 20 1849
      married on June 5 1873 to 
      Emma Elizabeth HASLAM born Sept 26 1852 

also children of Anthony and Susannah were; 
   William BUNTING born March 28 1852,
   Anna BUNTING July 30 1854,
   Alice BUNTING abt.1860,
   Clara BUNTING 1863,
   Henrietta BUNTING 1867, 
   Ruth BUNTING 1869

Son of Joseph and Emma was;
   Joseph BUNTING born August 3 1879 in Bonsall
      married on July 23 1905 to 
      Emily WILDGOOSE born May 20 1883 in Sheffield .

also children of Joseph and Emma were 
   Anthony BUNTING bef. Oct 26 1873,
   Hannah BUNTING Jan.22 1876,
   Alice Emma BUNTING Oct.27 1877, 
   James Haslam BUNTING May 10 1881, 
   John William BUNTING abt.1884,
   Albert BUNTING abt.1886, 
   Minnie BUNTING abt.1889

Son of Joseph and Emily was:
   Joseph BUNTING born June 5 1914 in Bonsall
      married on July 17 1945 to
      Elizabeth Emily HAYES born Biggar Saskatchewan Canada Jan.26 1917 

Daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth is.
   Elizabeth aka Sue BUNTING b 1947 (and that would be me! - Sue)
      married in 1975 to 
      Gary PEPIN

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