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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of BUTLER-1

This Pedigree was sent by:
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth
Thanks Stuart.

BUTLER family history

    Subject: The Butler family connections with Buckley
    Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 18:48:28 +0100 (BST)

    The following is a pedigree of the family of Butler my wifes kin and my own via Shaws Flint Slack Allen Wheatcroft Collinson and Brookes

    The Butler family in the late 1680s came from Ible..By 1730 some lived at Bolehill as Farmers and Lead Miners

    Edward Butler was born at Ible in 1699 His son Henry had a son Edward who married Anne Allen in 1772 daughter of John and Mary Allen nee Wright and a daughter Anne Butler who married Thomas Collinson Barmaster and Innkeeper..Thomas Collinson was of my Wheatcroft kin.. Edward and Anne Butler and Thomas and Anne Collinson were brother /sister in law to my 5XUncle Matthew Flint who married Ellen Allen daughter of John and Mary Allen Ellen and Anne were Grandaughters of my 7XGrandparents William and Mary Wheatcroft nee Wragg (Ragg)

    Children of Edward and Anne Butler nee Allen

  • Samuel Butler born 1776 married Silence Shaw daughter of James and Hannah Shaw nee Roper of Bolehill James my 6XUncle his sister Anne Shaw married Isaac Hoades they my 5XGrandparents on my mothers side of the family This Shaw family the forebares of the Shaw's who founded quarries at Colehills, Matlock Dale and Middle Peak..

    Children of Samuel and Silence Butler nee Shaw

  • 1.John Butler born 1797 married Millicent Brookes of Middleton 1818 On Johns demise Millicent married George Buckley 1834 see Buckley family listings
  • 2.Joseph Butler born 1807 married Elizabeth Godbehere 1831 dau of Samuel Godbehere My wife and my sister in law on Flint fore bare..
  • 3.William born 1803 married Anne Spencer
  • 4.Sarah
  • 5.Nancy married William Slack
  • 6.Samuel born 1813 married Pheobe 1839
  • 7.Isaac born 1823
  • 8.Herbert born 1805
  • 9.Elizabeth born 1816
  • 10.Anne Butler born 1819 married Samuel Boden (spelt on records Bowden) Their marriage witnesses were Joseph Butler and Catherine Walker.. Catherine my Gr Gr Aunt who married William Wesley Tailor of Coldwell Street Wirksworth. Ann widow Boden nee Butler on Samuels demise married William Marsden Ironmonger son of Henry Marsden Ironmonger of Market Place Wirksworth Henry son of Godfrey Marsden. Anne Marsden widow Boden nee Butler was sister in law to Catherine Wesley nee Walker my Gr Gr Aunt..(Catherine sister to my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker born 1815 married 3 times his 3rd wife my Grt Grandmother ) Daniel Marsden Director of Marsdens Ironmongers / Braziers /Churn Makers married Ellen Wesley sister to William Wesley.

    Children of John and Millicent Butler nee Brookes

  • 1.Mary Anne Butler married William Cooke
  • 2.Sarah born 1825 married George Slack son of Samuel and Sarah Slack nee Land.. Sarah my Gr Gr Grandmother Hannah Smith nee Land's sister.
  • 3.Emma married Isaac Chip of Mansfield Woodhouse Gentlemans Butler
  • 4.Francis Butler born 1826 married Mary Anne .... Francis was at one time Maitre dom (Master of the Hall) to the Hurt family of Alderwasley Hall then was Landlord of The Old Noahs Ark Inn Wigwell after my 4XGrandfather Thomas Hodgkinson..

    Children of William and Anne Butler nee Spencer

  • 1.Richard Butler born 1833 married Charlotte Wayne of Parwich 1855 (in some records it states Charlotte as being Georgina..Richard's second wife on the demise of Charlotte in the 1870s was Martha Brookes widow of John Brookes of my kin, Martha's maiden name being Slack daughter of Josiah Slack of Middleton Josiah my / my wifes kinsman.
  • 2.William Butler born 1838 in the 1861 census working as a Groom for Walthalls at Alton Manor near Wirksworth
  • 3.Anne born 1834
  • 4.Elizabeth born 1835
  • 5.Isaac born 1837 married Sarah Anne Brookes 1878 sister to Martha Brookes who married Isaacs brother Richard Martha and Sarah Anne daughters of Samuel Brookes of my distant kin..

    Children of Richard and Charlotte Butler nee Wayne

  • 1.William Butler born 1860 married Isabella Spencer 1880 daughter of Daniel and Hannah Spencer nee Slack. Daniel and Hannah Spencer's daughter Grace Spencer married George Else they parents of my Uncle George Else who married Millicent Flint my father's sister.. George and Millicent lived at Hunlocke Road Pit Cottages Bolsover where Uncle George Else was a coal miner at the Colliery.. Friends / Relations of both my wife and my own family today at Middleton are direct kin of these Butler / Spencer heirs..
  • 2.Anne Butler born 1861
  • 3.Richard Butler born 1867
  • 4.Mary Elizabeth Butler born 1870 married John William Fearn from Hartington Station Master son of George and Frances Fearn nee Slack.. Frances sister to my wife's 2XGrandmother Mary Evans nee Slack and their sister Esther who married George Birley Monumental Mason of Middleton.. This Fearn family were co founders / trustees with my Grandparents John and Annie Walker of Mount Zion Methodist Church Middleton Green and William Butler and his wife built by my Walker family in 1905/6
  • 5.Robert Butler born 1875 he son of Martha Butler Richards 2nd wife
  • 6.Isaac Butler born 1876 ditto

    This Butler family produced a son Frank Holmes Butler who was son of my wifes Grt Grandmother Sarah Anne Holmes.. Sarah Anne then married Joseph Evans her 3rd husband they parents of Herbert Evans of Middleton who married Sarah Jane Hall they my wifes Grandparents Sarah Anne Holmes's 1st husband was Joseph Evans's brother William Evans Frank Holmes Butler was a Farmer at Long Lode Farm at the head of Bonsall Wood Middleton also Landlord at The Duke of Wellington Inn Middleton.. He married Sally Slack of my wifes fore bare kin..

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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