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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of BUXTON-1

The following is the family ped of my wife's Buxton / Pearson / Street family and our allied kin

Yours Stuart G Flint


    Thomas Buxton of Bradbourne married Hester surname unknown


  • Anthony Buxton born at Lea Hall Bradbourne 1701 removed to Middleton in early adulthood a Miner married at Cromford to Penelope Wigley 19th March 1727 sister of Joshua Wigley of Cromford Ore Fagger and Inn Landlord.. Joshua's heir married Henry Hodgkinson my 4XGrandfather of Matlock Bath, Henry's son Thomas Hodgkinson my 3XGrandfather was Landlord of The Noahs Ark Inn Wigwell Wirksworth Moor also a Brick Manufacturer

    Children of Anthony and Penelope Buxton

  • 1.Thomas married Elizabeth Hodgkinson 1756
  • 2.John born 1732 married Jane Frost 1759
  • 3.Henry born 1739 married 1st wife Anne Britland of Cromford 1765 2nd wife ..... Britland 1771..Britlands my family by Flint
  • 4.Elizabeth Buxton born 1736 married Benjamin Pearson 5th July 1756 of Upper Wood Matlock Bath Benjamin son of Thomas and Mary Pearson of Upper Wood. Benjamin Pearson was Overseer to Sir Richard Arkwright at The Cromford Moor Sough and Agent at The Dovegange Lead Mines My 4XUncle Samuel Flint followed Pearson as Agent at The Dovegange and Ravenstor Mine his brother Joseph Flint Agent at The Bage Mine and Ratchwood Mine..My 7X Grandfather Thomas Hoades was one time co owner of Ratchwood Orchard and Ravenstor Mines Rise End Middleton 1720s

    Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth Pearson

  • 1.Benjamin Pearson born September 1756 worked at Cromford Mill for a time as an Overseer then married Mary ...... of Brough near Bradwell North Derbyshire setting up /owning a Lace Thread Mill there
  • 2.Elizabeth born 1759 married Joshua Street 3rd February 1780 they my wife's 5XGrandparents


  • Benjamin Street born 1783 Overseer of Baileycroft Sough and Mine married Sarah Morris of York 1805 they my wife's 4XGrandparents niece of John Heapy of Duffield Gent...he my kin.. Martha Heapey of Duffield married George Cauldwell of Alderwasley they my 4XGrandparents via my mother's family

    Daughters of Benjamin and Sarah Street nee Morris

  • 1.Rachell Street married Joseph Flint son of my 4XUncle Joseph Flint Mining Agent at The Bage Mine Bolehill and Ratchwood Mine Rise End Middleton
  • 2.Harriett Street born September 16th 1812 married Ambrose Blackham of Wash Green Forge Wirksworth October 1st 1838 Ambrose a Horse Nail Maker they my wife's 3XGrandparents Ambrose and Harriett were also Grand fore bares of Mr Jack Doxey of recent years one time General Manager at Velvose Hosiery West End Wirksworth who is remembered by a Memorial Seat at the foot of West End.. Jack's wife Emma was cousin to my Uncle George Else (married Millicent Flint my Aunt) Uncle George a Coal Miner at Bolsover Colliery

    Daughter of Ambrose and Harriett Blackham nee Street

  • 1.Emma Blackham born 1840 married George Fox 1862 born at Willersley Lane Starkholmes to Solomon Fox a Hatter.. George a Master Stonemason and Building Contractor they living on Cromford Road Wirksworth where George built houses ..a row he built on the main road opposite where I lived on marriage (Cavendish Cottages) were one time called Fox Houses.. George Fox's brother Luke Fox was Station Master at Wirksworth Station 1874 - 1885 his son Alfred Fox a Senior Railway Clerk at the Station..Alfred Fox married Sarah Matilda Brittan daughter of Thomas and Mary Brittan nee Colledge..Thomas Brittan owned Manystones Quarry Longcliffe his General Manager being William Thomas Needham Slack my wife's 3XUncle of Brassington he also a Methodist Local Preacher .. Mary Brittan nee Colledge was daughter of George Colledge nephew of my 3XGrandparents John and Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge.. George Colledge who married Hannah Robinson of Cromford owned Baileycroft Quarry also a Partner at Backdale Mining Co Hassop and Longstone Edge When Emma died George Fox remarried Mary Anne Barker widow of Amos Barker of Ilkeston.. Blacksmith at High Peak Junction Workshops Cromford & High Peak Railway.. Mary Anne was daughter of Peter Jepson son of Timothy Jepson of Cromford Cordwainer / Cobbler.. Peter Jepson whose fore bare family were relation of my own kin was General Manager London NorthWestern Railway Co Cromford & HPR and Ashbourne - Buxton Railway line he living at Ladmanlowe his wife Anne Marples of Staleybridge
  • 2.Sarah Jane Blackham married Anthony Doxey of Middleton Their son John Ambrose Doxey married twice was father to John Anthony Doxey (Jack Doxey) John Ambrose Doxey is buried at Somercotes Cemetery near Alfreton.. Members of his family are friends of my wife and myself today

    Daughter of George and Emma Fox

  • Emma Fox married John Thomas Hall of Brassington 1893 Plate Layer Cromford & High Peak Railway living at Duke Street Middleton

    Daughter of John and Emma Hall

  • Sarah Jane Hall born 1901 married Herbert Evans of Sheldon's Yard Duke Street Middleton they my wife's Grandparents.. Herbert was a Mason at Hopton Wood Stone Quarry Middleton

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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