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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of CAULDWELL-1

This Pedigree was sent by:
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth
Thanks Stuart.

CAULDWELL family history

    Subject: Cauldwell family history
    Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 00:04:17 +0100 (BST)

    The following is the Cauldwell family history of my Grand fore bares leading to my parents


    Richard and Hellena Wheatcroft were my 8XGrandparents
    Their son William Wheatcroft born August 24th 1645 married Mary Ragg daughter of Anthony Ragg they my 7XGrandparents

    William and Mary's children were

  • 1.Jane Wheatcroft born March 15th 1673 Had an illigit son Samuel by Samuel Collinson who married 1st wife Mary Spencer of Middleton 2nd wife Catherine Molinus Grandaughter of Major Johannes Conradt Molinus colleague of Sir Cornelius Vermuyden who were Drainage Engineers (Isles of Axeholme Cambridgshire Fens Hatfield Chase and draining of The Dovegange Mines twixt Black Rocks and Middleton Mining Agent of The Dovegange in that era was my 8XGrandfather Henry Coates.. Jane then married James Woodiwisse Innkeeper
  • 2.Anthony Wheatcroft born 1667 married Millicent Cockeram of Walston Staffs at Duffield 1703
  • 3.Richard married Elizabeth
  • 4.Joshua born Nov. 1683 married Sarah Davenport of Atlow 1702
  • 5.Hannah obt 1680 infant Hellena obt 1678 infant
  • 6.Ellen born 1686 married William Wright (Ince could never make up his mind if this mans name was William or John Wright ..I believe it was John Wright) Their children were my kinsmen John son of John/William and Ellen Wright married Hannah Frost my 8XAunt daughter of my 7XGrandfather Robert Frost Job Wright son of William/John and Ellen Wright married Anne Ashe whose heir Joseph Ashe of Matlock whose photograph appears in Old Photos married into my Hawley family of Matlock Bank early 1900s also into my wife's Street family.. Mary Wright another sibling of John and Job married John Allen whose heirs married into my Flint family whilst Samuel another Sibling who married Silence Cotterill were 4XGrandparents of Anne Wright of my kin who married Joseph Walker my Grt Grandfather 1836 as his 1st wife..
  • 7.Elizabeth Wheatcroft born 1670 married William Norman of Alderwasley 1692 they my 6XGrandparents parents to Sarah Norman who married William Caldwell ..Elizabeth obt in 1695 Sarah born 1693 William is recorded as Cowdale..born possibly at Rolleston On Dove near to Caldwell a village founded by the Caldwell family who came originally from Ireland.. Matthew Flint my 6XUncle married into the same Wheatcroft/Wright family

    Child of William and Sarah Caldwell

    Joseph born 1735 married 1st Elizabeth Webster 1762 2nd wife Elizabeth Kinnersley from Stafford among other siblings

    Child of Joseph and Elizabeth Caldwell nee Kinnersley among other siblings

    George born 1770 married Martha Heapey of Duffield 1792

    Children of George and Martha

  • 1.John born 1792 married Sarah Dakin of Alderwasley
  • 2.William born 1794 married 1st wife Elizabeth Cross 1825 2nd wife Martha Austin 1859
  • 3.George born 1796 married Elizabeth Brookes of Bolehill 1818
  • 4.Elizabeth born 1802 married George Smith 1823 Gamekeeper to Francis Hurt Lived at The Lodge Alderwasley Hall
  • 5.Sarah born 1805 obt single 1825
  • 6.Joseph born 1800 married Elizabeth Houlgate of Alderwasley
  • 7.Martha born 1810 married William Barnes of Crich 1834
  • 8.Samuel born 1812
  • 9.Nathaniel Caldwell born 1815 married Charlotte Hodgkinson daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Hodgkinson of The Olde Noahs Ark Inn Wigwell Brick Manufacturer Wirksworth Moor they my 3XGrandparents Nathanaiel began working on the Hurt estate as an Agricultural Labourer then a Forester becoming Head Forester

    Children of Nathaniel and Charlotte Caldwell

  • 1/2 Twins Elizabeth and Joseph born 1844 both obt
  • 3.Joshua born 1857
  • 4.William born 1848
  • 5.John Cauldwell (note a U had been added to the name) married Anne Flint daughter of William and Martha Flint nee Bacon of Carsington Martha daughter of Matthew Bacon Lead Miner Carsington Pastures ..William Flint was a Farrier/Blacksmith on the Gell estate then the residence of a member of The Hurt Family John Cauldwell was a Gamekeeper on the estate
  • 6.Nathaniel born 1846
  • 7.Martha born 1841
  • 8.Thomas born 1850 married Sarah Smith 14 years his senior daughter of James and Hannah Smith nee Land James Mining Agent born to William and Sarah Smith nee Cockaine of Carsington / Ashbourne related by marriage to the Bankes family of Carsington... Hannah nee Land born to George and Elizabeth Land nee Hoades of Bolehill Thomas and Sarah my Grt Grandparents Thomas was a Police officer at Lancaster and at Sheffield..He died in the persuance of his duties aged 28 years at Sheffield in 1878/9 Two children Ada who married Albert Byard of Breamfields Wirksworth Albert son of Francis (Master Stonemason) and Mary Byard nee Maskrey. Annie born 1871 married John Walker 1891 John son of Joseph and Martha Walker nee Sheldon Martha, Josephs 3rd wife married 1869 on the demise of his 2nd wife Margaret nee Fletcher.. Martha Sheldon Margarets Nurse up to her demise.. Joseph's 1st wife my kinswoman Anne Wright...John and Annie Walker were my Grandparents

    Children of John and Annie Walker

  • 1.John Walker Master Stonemason / Building Contractor married Nellie England of Blackwell nr South Normanton..John Walker was a Lt. in the Guards 1st W.W. saw action on The Somme removed to Kent after the 1st war and gained contracts to build M.O.D. air fields, among the many Biggin Hill...
  • 2.Joseph Walker Master Stonemason married Celia Cooper of Skegby nr Sutton In Ashfield removed to Westcliffe On Sea where he built Guest Houses which he and Celia managed
  • 3.Alec Walker Engaged to be married to Anne Gleeson daughter of Patrick Gleeson of The Dale Wirksworth (Gleesons came from County Mayo Ireland now living in U.S.A.) Uncle Alec was Killed In Action 1916 aged 19 years The Somme buried at Mailly Wood War Graves Commission Cemetery Albert' Belgium
  • 4.Elsie Walker married Rev Sydney Austin Price Methodist Minister at Wirksworth Circuit 1930s born at Wem Shropshire son of Welsh parents who owned an engineering works at Birmingham
  • 5.Florence Walker married Charles Leslie Wright Gents Outfitter Market Place Cromford Aunt Florence a School Mistress at first Middleton Junior School and then Temperance Gell Junior School Carsington...
  • 6.Doris Walker born 1900 remained a spinster after her finacee was killed in the 1st W.W. Became a Senior Departmental Manager at John Smedley Lea Mills..having attended Nottingham University to study lace manufacturing and business management paid for by Mr John Bertram Marsden Smedley..the Managing Director. In the 2nd W.W. was seconded from Lea Mills to Manage departments at Bliss & Co Derby who made Shell Casings and other engineering parts for the war effort. In 1941 became Head of the Plastic Explosive Rolling Mills (Ranskill Ordnance Factory near Worksop) a very dangerous situation where many deaths / injuries took place all women employees. also involved in other pre war work of a hush hush nature..bringing German girls out of Germany late 1930s whose families were opposed to Hitler. In 1960 on retirement was presented with engraved silver salver by H.M Queen Elizabeth when she visited Lea Mills..(Uncle Sydney Flint was Chief Engineer at Lea Mills in the same era)
  • 7.Annie Walker married Geoffrey Grace of Codnor who came into Middleton with Mr Brian Coles (became the village Post Master) to connect the village to Mains Electricity. Aunt Annie Grace and Geoffrey divorced after having two children and she worked in the 2nd W.W. for the M.O.D. at Whitehall..living in London..For a time she worked as an assistant to Winston Churchill..again in a position where some secrecy surrounds her past ..
  • 8. Kathleen Walker born 1916 married Harry Sprake Flint born 1894 married at Mount Zion Methodist Church (Built by the Walker family in 1905/6) 1937 Kathleen had been Secretary to Mr John Bertram Marsden Smedley up to marriage..Dad was a Master Grocer / Gents Outfitter with shops at Middleton and Wirksworth.. He served as Liberal Councillor for Middleton Ward on Ashbourne Rural District Council from 1928 to boundary changes when Middleton joined Wirksworth Urban District Council in 1933. He was re elected in 1933 and served up to 1952 resigning when diagnosed with skin cancer..He also served on Ashbourne Board of Guardians reluctantly so as he was a keen supporter of Lord Beveridges Bill to establish the Welfare State..He served on the Police Watch Committee and was oft times President of Wirksworth Free Church Federal Council..He was a founding member of Wirksworth Rotary Club in 1947/8 along with Mr Rafe Blackwall Samuel Livingstone (my allied kin via Doxey and Botham) J Hall Mr Milner and Mr F.V.Stirland Bank Manager Westminster Bank Wirksworth (NatWest).. Dad was also a Deacon and Sunday School Superintendent and Local Preacher at Middleton Congregational Church and one time School Govenor Middleton Junior School...Having been for a time Works Superintendent for Ashbourne Rural District Council in the early 1920s after taking Local Government Examinations before setting up his businesses..he was Chairman of Wirksworth UDC Water Authority when Middleton gained its first treated water supply in the 1930s the water drawn from springs on Slaley Moor and pumped up the valley at first by a counter balanced ram pump and then by a diesel pump...Harry was also a Deputy Registrar licenced to over see marriages at Middleton Congregational Church and also a Census Enumerator..When he was forced to retire from the Council his succesor was family friend William Hubert Doxey J.P. M.B.E. who took the seat for Labour..Mr Doxey a retired Engine Driver was a near neigbour of my family, in my youth and still lives near my home today we sharing a passion for Brass Bands and Male Voice Choirs having sung in such together for many years.. His brother Edgar worked for my father as an Apprentice Provisions Hand before National Service.. Edgar became a Manager at Masson Mill...All my parents sibling family are now passed away..

    Another long sojourn finished

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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