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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of ELSE-1

This Pedigree was sent by:
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth
Thanks Stuart.

ELSE family history

    Subject: The Else / Flint connections
    2nd correction re Else Butler this to be used if poss.
    Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 13:57:37 +0000 (GMT)

    The following is my Flint / Else connections

    Thomas Else born 1687 married Mary Marples of Wirksworth 1710


  • Ralph Else born 1726 married Hannah Brookes of Middleton


  • Thomas Else born 1768 married Mary Hallam of Bolehill 1792


  • James Else born 1805 married Mabel Spencer 1828 Mabel born 1808 to Francis and Elizabeth Spencer nee Hawley.(married 1789) .Elizabeth my 5XAunt her brother William Hawley being my 4XGrandfather (married Mary Henstock of Slaley Hall Bonsall they my Killer / Flint connections)


  • James Else born 1832 married 1st wife Hannah Godbehere 1854 2nd wife Maria Radford widow nee Pearson 1870 daughter of John Pearson Hannah his 1st wife was daughter of Samuel and Mary Godbehere nee Gratton of The Dale Wirksworth..This Godbehere family back in the 1700s were of my wifes fore bare kin..The Grattons married back into Else in the 1900s

    Children of James and Hannah Else nee Godbehere 1st wife

  • 1.Samuel born 1855 married Elizabeth Brookes dau of Joseph Brookes Elizabeth sister of William Brookes who married Samuel Else's sister Mary below
  • 2.James Else married Hannah Vallance 1879
  • 3.Thomas Else married Hannah Gratton daughter of Charles Gratton of The Dale
  • 4.George Else born 1862 married Grace Spencer daughter of Daniel Spencer of Middleton see Butler family history
  • 5.William Else born 1863
  • 6.Mary Else born 1865 married William Brookes son of Joseph Brookes

    Children of James and Maria Else 2nd wife
    (Maria widow of Josiah Radford Tapeweaver.. Maria nee Pearson daughter of John Pearson ) The following are Marias children by Josiah Radford living with Else on The Dale

  • 1.Mary Radford married William Thompson of The Dale Quarryman
  • 2.Hannah Radford married Samuel Pearson Tapeweaver
  • 3.Sarah Anne Radford

    Children of James and Maria Else 2nd wife

  • 7.Alice Else married Arnold Edwin Gell House Painter son of John Gell House Painter
  • 8.Arthur Collyus Else born 1874
  • 9.Maria Else obt infant
  • 10.Walter Martin Else

    Children of George and Grace Else nee Spencer
    lived at Middleton Grace was sister to Isabella daughters of Daniel and Hannah Spencer nee Slack..Isabella married William Butler

  • 1.George Else born 1891 married Millicent Flint daughter of William and Gwenillian Flint they my Grandparents Uncle George and Aunt Mllicent lived at Hunlocke Road colliery cottages Bolsover where Uncle George was a coal miner
  • 2.Emma Else
  • 3.Hannah Else
  • 4.Daniel Spencer Else
  • 5.William Spencer Butler Else
  • 6.Grace Else married Ernest Bunting of Wirksworth lived on King Street Middleton in my youth..they parents of friends of mine today.. One of their daughter's on leaving school worked for my father in his shop at Middleton up to marriage and when dad became very ill in the 1950s she returned and for a time virtually ran the shop staying until we closed the business in the 1970s.. Her sister taught me to drive and also worked in the shop for a time..more recently leasing The Whitworth Hotel Darley Dale where the best meals in the district were served.. Another sister married into the Gratton family of The Dale he a stalwart of Wirksworth Brass Band and B.M.W.Band
  • 7.Mary Annie Else married John Harrison of Middleton (always known as Jack Harrison) he an Engine Driver on The Cromford & High Peak Railway once having the experience of driving a runaway train which turned over into the garden of the Station Masters house at Steeplegrange, he and his fireman jumping clear before the engine turned turtle...John and Mary's daughter B...... Harrison worked for my father in his shop at Middleton from leaving school to marriage..whilst her sister J........... Marchington nee Harrison also worked with my mother when Dad was seriously ill.. June Spencer nee Harrison another sister and her husband Louis Spencer are my friends today.. .. Junes mother Mary Annie Harrison nee Else was reared by her Uncle and Aunt, William and Isabella Butler nee Spencer see Butler listings on John Palmers site

    Children of George and Millicent Else nee Flint

  • 1.Grace Else married George Bentley of Chesterfield coal miner at Bolsover Colliery lived next door to Uncle George and Aunt Millicent on Hunlocke Road, both deceased
  • 2.Gladys Else married George Reddish of Bolsover coal miner Bolsover Colliery George deceased

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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