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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of EVANS-1

This Pedigree was sent by:
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth
Thanks Stuart.

EVANS family history

    Subject: Evans family history
    Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 20:48:51 +0100 (BST)

    The following is the family history of the Evans family of Bonsall / Middleton / Cromford my wife's family

    Hannah Evans husband unknown Hannah possibly a single woman born at Bonsall

    Child of Hannah Evans

    Henry Evans of Middleton married Silence Eaton 1773 daughter of John and Dorothy Eaton nee Else of Cromford..Witnesses Thomas Buxton John Wibberley

    Children of Henry and Silence Evans

  • 1.Henry born 1774 marr Mary Adams of Rise End Middleton
  • 2.George Evans born 1777 married
    1st wife Esther Wheeldon 1795 witnesses Benjamin Andrew Sarah Haynes
    2nd wife Mary Holehouse
  • 3.Thomas Evans born 1780 marr Mary Haynes of Elton 1830
  • 4.John born 1783 obt 1798
  • 5.James Evans born 1789 married Hannah Walker daughter of Phillip Walker of Middleton witnesses Gamalieil Hall Phillip Walker (Gamalieil Hall was brother to Caleb Hall who married Hannah Flint my 4XAunt sister to John Flint my Gr Gr Gr Grandfather ...The Halls were also of my wife's kin)
  • 6.Robert Evans born 1786 married Hannah Wragg daughter of Samuel and Hannah Wragg nee Godbehere..they my wifes 4XGrandparents witnesses Daniel Spencer and Peter Wragg Daniel 3XGrandfather to Mrs M Taylor nee Spencer a friend / relation of my wife and I today who lives at Middleton.. Peter Wragg brother to Hannah

    Children of Henry and Mary Evans

    All obt in infancy Dorothy Hannah Silence

    Children of James and Hannah Evans

  • 1.James born 1822 married Anne of Matlock surname unknown James and Anne lived on Scarthin Nick he at first a Blacksmith then Steam Engine Driver.. Their children were Jane Sarah Anne Harriett and Elizabeth
  • 2.Elizabeth Evans born 1820 married John Smedley (Elizabeth his 2nd wife) John Smedley was son of Thomas and Martha Smedley nee Wright..Martha my Flint / Walker kinswoman via Wheatcrofts and Frost born at Wrights Cottages Wirksworth Moor.. John Smedley's 1st wife was Sarah Barker daughter of Edward and Mary Barker nee Flint Mary my 5XAunt daughter of John and Mary Flint nee Frost my 4XGrandparents..Edward Barker a Master Framesmith /Lead Miner born at Ufton Barnes Alfreton his fore bare family from Ilkley Yorkshire..John Smedley was distant kinsman of John Smedley of Lea Mills see Smedley family history..
  • 3.Hannah born 1824 obt 1829
  • 4.Daniel born 1827 Physically Handicapped obt 1874
  • 5.Henry Evans born 1836
  • 6.Thomas Evans Grandson born 1848

    Children of George and Mary Evans

    All obt in infancy Elizabeth John and Silence other than for Thomas born 1814

    Children of Robert and Hannah Evans nee Wragg

  • 1.Henry born 1811
  • 2.Jane born 1818
  • 3/4 Twins Anne and Silence born 1816
  • 5.Joseph born 1810 married Millicent Brookes 1828 she aged 18 years

    Children of Joseph and Millicent Evans nee Brookes

  • 1.Hannah Evans born 1836 married Henry Pearson of Cromford son of Cornelius Pearson Haulier / Carter
  • 2.William born 1845 married Millicent Doxey nee Mather widow of Daniel Doxey of Middleton Millicent sister to Thomas Mather who married Pheobe Spencer (Thomas and Pheobe parents of Elizabeth who married Samuel Thomas Killer son of William and Anna Killer nee Brownson, Anna daughter of my 2XAunt Elizabeth Brownson nee Walker and her husband John Brownson Wood Turner / Carpenter China House Yard Wirksworth..William Killer founder of Killer's Quarry my 3XUncle his sister Mary Flint nee Killer my Gr Gr Grandmother.. The Mathers of this family adopted my Aunt Harriett Janet Fields Woodiwisse (also known as Dolly Mather) who married Sydney Flint my father's brother...
  • 3.Joseph Evans born 1847 married Mary Slack daughter of John and Esther Slack nee Needham of Brassington / Middleton..they my wife's Gr Gr Grandparents Mary Evans nee Slack's brother William Thomas Needham Slack was Quarry Manager at Manystones Quarry Longcliffe owned by my Colledge / Brittain family..Mary Slacks sister Esther married George Birley son of George Birley Grocer / Stonemerchant Birley's Monumental Quarry Middleton Moor (just above Killer Brother's Quarry) Mary and Esther's brother in law was Sydney Flint son of Herbert Flint of Bolehill who married Elizabeth Ellen Birley daughter of James Birley Foreman Birley's Quarry..Herbert Flint Mining Agent at The Bage Mine Bolehill..The Birley's originally from Ashford In The Water then Heage then Middleton..John Brookes Birley of this family along with his father John Richard Birley were both Deacons at Middleton Congregational Church J.B.Birley a friend of my father also a Deacon
  • 4.Sarah Evans born 1842
  • 5.Samuel Evans born 1834 obt in infancy
  • 6.Martha Evans born 1831

    Children of Joseph and Mary Evans nee Slack

  • 1.Esther born 1870 married Daniel Spencer they Grandparents to my/my wifes friend /relation Mrs M Taylor nee Spencer and her brother Haydn deceased of Middleton, Haydn partner to May Flint deceased of my distant kin of Steeplegrange
  • 2.Ernest Evans born 1883
  • 3.Flora Evans born 1889
  • 4.George born 1879 obt age 4 months
  • 5.Millicent Evans born 1873 obt 6 months of age
  • 6.Mary born 1875
  • 7.William Evans born 1877 married Sarah Anne Holmes daughter of Daniel and Annie Holmes nee Millward 1897 had daughters Lily who remained a spinster and Clarice who married Thomas Alsop Farmer Burrows Farm (at the head of Via Gellia near The Flatts) William died and Sarah Anne then had a son Frank Holmes Butler the Butlers my kin via Shaws of Bowne & Shaw and Spencer's after which she married her 1st husbands brother Joseph Evans they my wife's Grt Grandparents..
  • 8.Noah Evans born 1880 Grandfather of Howard Evans and Angela.. Howard and I joint family history researchers

    Children of Daniel and Millicent Doxey nee Mather

  • 1.John Doxey born 1864 married Lizzie Haywood
  • 2.George Doxey born 1866 married Sarah Kilkenny daughter of Dominic Kilkenny formerly born in Ireland...The family in my youth were known as Kilkenny Doxey's their heirs living in Wirksworth to this day..Others of this family lived with my distant kin at Blaenau Ffestiniog North Wales one of the Kilkenny's marrying into the Roberts family of Porthmadog.. My nephew lives at Blaenau Ffestiniog today, he a Manager Lecturer at Bangor University.. his mother, my sister, wife of the late Rev A Macgregor-Brown is Vice President of The Brythoniaid Male Voice Choir at Blaenau ... George Doxey was killed in 1900 at Killer Bros Quarry five years before my Grandfather William Flint was killed at the quarry 1905

    Children of Joseph and Sarah Anne Evans nee Holmes my wifes Grt Grandparents

  • 1.Herbert Evans married Sarah Jane Hall daughter of John Thomas and Emma Hall nee Fox..Emma's kinsman John Samuel Fox Stonemason married Anne Willans Killer daughter of my 3XUncle William Killer.. after J.S.Fox's demise she married William Batterley of Middleton...Herbert and Sarah Jane were my wife's Grandparents Herbert a Limestone Kerb Dresser at Hopton Wood Stone (Killer Bros)
  • 2.Mary Evans married Harry Holmes lived at Middleton..
  • 3.Joseph Evans removed to Margate Kent on marriage I am in the process of contacting his Grandson Phillip Evans of Australia who is also researching his family..

    Children of Herbert and Sarah Jane Evans

  • 1.Vinetta deceased married Donald Matkin of Carsington..
  • 2.Clarice Evans married Donald Allsop of Bonsall Donald deceased
  • 3.Dorothy Evans married Wilhelm Steube 1948 Wilhelm (deceased) a Printers Mate /Father of The Chapel SOGAT at Bemrose Ltd.Derby born at Demker Magdebourge Germany ... Dorothy and Wilhelm parents to my wife..

    Children of William and Millicent Evans widow Doxey nee Mather

  • 1.Hannah born 1872 died aged 8 weeks
  • 2.Martha born 1874
  • 3/4 MIllicent and Hannah Twins obt 1875
  • 5.Herbert Evans born 1881 married Sarah Killer daughter of William Killer They parents to William Evans who married Ida Bateman and in my youth lived on The Alley Middleton and George Evans who was my School Master at Middleton Junior School 1940s

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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