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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of FARNSWORTH-2

This Pedigree was sent by:
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth
Thanks Stuart.

FARNSWORTH family history

    Subject: Farnsworth / Millward / Batterley family
    3rd attempt corrections this to be copied on your site if poss..
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    The following is the family history of Farnsworth / Millward and Batterley of my family connections

    George Farnsworth from Youlgreave married Anne of Ible


  • 1.William Farnsworth born 1831 Stonemason / Builder married Martha Boden 1853 dau of William Boden of Scarthin Nick Cromford
  • 2.Anne Farnsworth born 1832 at Youlgreave married John Dickinson son of Joshua Dickinson from Altoft Normanton Yorkshire.. fore bares of John Dickinson who married Ellen Slack daughter of Frederick and Martha Slack nee Millward Farnsworth John Dickinson and myself with Louis Spencer and Frank Land (General Manager Masson Mill on its closure) sang together in Mount Zion Male Voice Quartet ..John and my brother great friends who sang tenor together in Alec Spencers Choir at Middleton.. John Dickinson deceased also sang in The Dalesmen Male Voice Choir as does his son today, which I co founded with Louis Spencer some many years ago..John senior was a trustee at Middleton Mount Zion Methodist Church a foreman at Bowne & Shaws Quarry Anne Dickinson nee Farnsworth was a founder of Scarthin Methodist Church (Cromford)
  • 3.George Farnsworth born 1834 Stonemason / Building Contractor married Martha MIilward of Youlgreave
  • 4.John Farnsworth born 1836 married Harriett ....of Wirksworth 1857
  • 5.Martha Farnsworth born 1838 married William Hackett of Cromford.. Hacketts via Swinscoes / Slacks my wifes kin
  • 6.James born 1840 Building Contractor /Stonemason married Caroline Allen 1861 of Gorsey Bank Wirksworth
  • 7.Thomas Farnsworth born 1845 married Hannah Johnson of Cromford
  • 8.Ellen Farnsworth born 1847 at Steeplegrange married Francis Taylor of Starkholmes
  • 9.Hannah Farnsworth born 1851

    Children of William and Martha Farnsworth

  • 1.Ellen born at Steeplegrange 1855
  • 2.William James born 1858
  • 3.Albert William Farnsworth born 1862
  • 4.Frederick George born 1863
  • 5.Arthur Thomas Farnsworth born 1866 married Charlotte Wormleighton of Bonsall 22nd of October 1888 Their daughter Charlotte living at Matlock Bath wrote poetry, some of which are doing the rounds today.. Her brother was Albert Bertram Farnsworth who was my Headmaster at Middleton Junior School 1940s
  • 6.Minnie Martha Farnsworth born 1869 7.Willoughby Laurence Farnsworth born 1874 8.Annie Mary Farnsworth born 1871

    Children of George and Martha Millward Farnsworth
    My sister in laws Gr Grandparents

  • 1.Hannah born 1857
  • 2.Mary Anne born 1859
  • 3.Thomas Millward Farnsworth born 1863 married Anne Potter of Wirksworth daughter of Thomas and Alice Potter Plumber / Plasterer /Building Contractor Thomas was a Pupil Teacher at Anthony Gell School but then became a Stonemason working for Ouslnam and Fearn of Brassington..Thomas was killed on the Cromford & High Peak line when walking home from work to Steeplegrange.. Thomas and Anne were Grandparents to my brother's wife
  • 4.Martha Farnsworth married Frederick Slack whose daughter Ellen married John Dickinson aforementioned
  • 5.George Millward Farnsworth married Annie Batterley daughter of John and Elizabeth Batterley
  • 6.Clara Isadora Farnsworth married John Potter son of Thomas Potter John brother of Anne above..Their son John Potter lived near my wife and I on Cromford Road 1970s he then in his 80s a retired Plumber / Builder his yard next door to where Shaws of the quarry lived..At weekends and other odd occasions I worked for him part time with a public address system at fetes etc.. and when he was unable to drive, drove him and his wife into town
  • 7.Elizabeth Evelyn Farnsworth born 1873 married Charles Brailsford living at Rose Cottage Steeplegrange.. Elizabeth in her teens worked as a maid to Mr John Starkey a School Master at Anthony Gell School he living in the house my wife and I lived 1970s leased from my kinsman Joseph Flint a Blacksmith / Engineer at Bowne & Shaws Quarry the house bordered the railway line which ran from Stoneycroft Quarry down into Wirksworth Railway Station yard..The field in between was part of the house property. Mr Starkey laid a foundation stone at Middleton Congregational Church Sunday School building which was added on to the existing church in 1905 the church itself built in 1786..He and his wife adopted his nephew James Hatchett..James Hatchetts sons were Victor Hatchett who married Eva Fritchley and Ronald Hatchett.. Victor Hatchett and my father were great friends.. Mr Hatchett was choir master of Wirksworth Free Church Federal Choir when dad was President of the F.C.F.C...The Brailsford family were my kin via Killers Sheldon Doxey etc...

    Children of James and Caroline Farnsworth

  • 1.Isabella born 1864
  • 2.Samuel Isaac born at Monyash near Bakewell 1868
  • 3.Lucy born at Matlock Dale 1871

    Children of John and Harriett Farnsworth
    (Harriett born at Sheffield where John was a Building Contractor for a short while)

  • 1.George born 1857 married Lucy Anne of Sheffield they living at Riber House Tansley nr Matlock Their children being Lucy Millward, Lillian (Lily), Rose A, Violet B, William and Bertram.. (William and Bertram were the mainstays of The Farnsworth Family Choir which gave concerts in aid of The Whitworth Hospital Matlock..All the Farnsworth family from far and wide sang in the choir)
  • 2.Anne born 1859
  • 3.Mary Elizabeth born 1862
  • 4.John A born 1864 married Sarah .

    Children of John and Sarah Farnsworth

  • Herbert Millward,
  • Percy, Ernest,
  • Leonard, (father of a friend of mine today a retired Building Contractor)

    Children of Thomas and Anne Farnsworth nee Potter

  • 1.Martha Millward Farnsworth married Walter Spencer son of William Samuel Spencer of Middleton Quarryman at Killer Bros Quarry Founder of Middleton Victoria Brass Band, Walter and his brothers Edward Alec and Joseph Samuel played in the band Walter was also Choir Master at Holy Trinity Church of England Middleton
  • 2.James Farnsworth married Evelyn Boden of Matlock Cliffe sister of Herbert Boden Musical Director of Matlock Male Voice Choir and Foreman at J.W.Wildgoose Builders /Quarry Owners Matlock Bank and Ashover James and Evelyns daughters are M..... and J........... Farnsworth.. J....... Farnsworth married my brother J.M.Flint


    Thomas Millward born at Youlgreave married Mary surname unknown

    Children of Thomas and Mary

  • 1.Mary Anne born 1835
  • 2.Thomas born 1832 married Sarah Anne ....... of Gorsey Bank Wirksworth
  • 3.Martha Millward born 1834 married George Farnsworth Stonemason and Building Contractor

    Children of Thomas and Sarah Jane Millward

  • 1.George Millward born 1855 married Martha Brewell of The Dale Wirksworth daughter of Charles Brewell Chimney Sweep
  • 2.Hannah born 1860 married Charles William Ralphs Stone Sawyer Killer Bros Quarry Middleton originally from Grimsby
  • 3.Mary born 1867
  • 4.Lillian born 1870
  • 5.Jane born 1878 married Charles Hands of Middleton Stonemason at Killer Bros Quarry

    Children of George and Martha Millward

  • 1.John William Millward born 1876 Grandfather of friends of mine today
  • 2.Lydia Anne born 1878 married Thomas Spencer of Bonsall son of Robert Spencer
  • 3.George Millward born 1880 father of George and Frederick Millward who founded Millwards Garage firstly on Coldwell Street, and then on Baileycroft now owned by the Webster family..George Millward junior's son is a friend of mine today
  • 4.Ada born 1880 twin to
  • 5.Joseph
  • 6.David born 1888 and
  • 7.Francis


  • 1.Elizabeth Batterley born at Carsington 1782
  • 2.William Batterley born 1791 married Francis Shaw of Brassington married at Carsington Church 1820
  • 3.Richard Batterley born 1801 at Carsington married Elizabeth Brassington at Sutton On The Hill
  • 4.John Batterley

    Children of Richard and Elizabeth Batterley

  • 1.John Batterley born 1828 married Elizabeth Smedley of Ireton Wood
  • 2.Thomas Batterley born 1833 married Ellen Wolstenholme at Duffield Parish Church they living at Starkholmes
  • 3.William Batterley born 1835 married Anne Willans Fox widow of Timothy Fox nee Killer daughter of my 3XUncle William Killer founder of Killers Quarry Middleton. Timothy Fox was of my wifes direct family re Fox Hall Blackham Doxey Slack and Evans..
  • 4.Hannah born 1837
  • 5.Richard born 1842 married Anne Sherwin of Brassington 1869 married at Bradbourne Church
  • 6.George born 1847 married Mary Anne of Gold Hill Tansley 1868

    Children of William and Francis

  • 1.Samuel born 1822
  • 2.Richard born 1825 married Hannah Bowler of Hognaston 27th October 1852
  • 3.John Batterley born 1831 married his cousin Mary Anne daughter of John Batterley
  • 4.Helen born 1836

    Children of Richard and Hannah Batterley nee Bowler

  • 1.William born 1853
  • 2.Elizabeth born 1856
  • 3.Fanny born 1860

    Children of John and Elizabeth Batterley nee Smedley

    N.B. John and Elizabeth on marriage lived at a house at Rise End Middleton, which after they moved on, my Grandparents William and Gwenillian Flint lived after which many years later my Uncle William James Flint .. son of William and Gwenillian Flint lived

  • 1.Elizabeth born 1855
  • 2.Hannah born 1858
  • 3.Rachel Batterley born 1859 married Joshua Henry Rouse from Bolehill
  • 4.Thomas born 1861 married Pheobe Spencer daughter of Samuel and Anne Spencer nee Goodall..Samuel and Anne Spencer Grandparents to Edward Alec Joseph Samuel and Walter Spencer (Walter married Martha Farnsworth)
  • 5.Emma born 1862
  • 6.Richard born 1864 married Sarah Ellen Slack 1889 sister to George Slack and Aunt of Douglas and Samuel Slack my / my wifes kinsmen
  • 7.Martha Batterley born 1866
  • 8.Mary Batterley born 1867 married Henry Slack parents of Alice who married Edward Alec Spencer he my music teacher in my youth Edward Alec and Alice parents of my friend Louis Spencer today
  • 9.Anne Batterley born 1869 married George Farnsworth son of George and Martha Millward Farnsworth my sister in laws Grt Grandparents

    Children of Richard and Anne Batterley of Brassington

  • 1.William born 1863
  • 2.Mary Anne born 1866
  • 3.Sarah J born 1868

    Children of George and Mary Anne Batterley
    Lived on Gold Hill Tansley

  • 1.Elizabeth born 1868
  • 2.Ada born 1870
  • 3.Maria born 1874
  • 4.Geoge Batterley born 1878 His son George Batterley taught me to drive the Troy Laundry Lorry early 1960s at Arkwrights Mill Lane Mill Cromford where I worked for a time..The lorry was an old Bedford canvas high top crash box relic, a pig of a lorry to drive which was apt as George reared pigs and en route after dropping the hotel whites off, we often picked up pig swill for his herd (the management seemed to turn a blind eye to this enterprise)..Georges son today and I have compared notes on our joint family history..

    Children of Thomas and Pheobe Batterley nee Spencer

  • 1.John Samuel Batterley born 1884 married into my Slack family His children were Douglas Batterley Wilfred Batterley and Monica Batterley who married Victor Marshall..Monica was organist at Middleton Congregational Church also playing the piano when I was Sunday School Superintendent at the Church..Monica following on after her Uncle Douglas Slack ... John Samuel Batterley played Euphonium in Middleton Silver Prize Band
  • 2.Patty born 1887
  • 3.William born 1890
  • 4.Joseph H born 1891

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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