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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of FLINT-1

Dear Mr Palmer
The following is the FLINT family tree. I have researched the detail from 1600 - 2002 but enclose only up to 1900...Much of the proof of relationship was gained via study of INCE, and your superb Parish records ..plus research of P.R.O.( Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Lancashire).
Latter Day Saints online, and CD Roms Darley Dale Parish Records Ashover P.Rs. with assistance from Jennifer Johnson dau of my cousin John Botham Australia, who is my fellow researcher, Flints at Ogden, Layton and Salt Lake City Utah, The Hawley's Canada, Mr David Killer...Michael Keates ....John Moorcroft Dir. Wm. Moorcroft Ltd..

Yours Stuart G Flint

Descendants of FLINT

The Flints appear to have originated from Wirksworth and Cromford but with branches at Ashover, Lea / Holloway, Great Longstone and Hartington.. During the mid 1600s the Darley records show an influx of my Flint family to Darley Hillside for Old Mill Close mine with its numerous workings was producing a sizeable quantity of quality Lead ore.. As with many Derbyshire mines, flooding became a problem, and many men were employed as soughers to dig drainage levels.. In 1743 The London Lead Co bought the mine and its adits...but by 1778 the company sold its interests, and the mines became redundant....My Flint family moved back to the Wirksworth area as the demand for lead gave the town a new lease of life..and also the industrial revolution was taking place with the Arkwrights, Strutts, Hurts, Jessops, and Outrams, throughout Derbyshire and bordering counties..thus some of my kin removed into Lancashire and Staffordshire. Many became partners, mine agents and owners in their own right of mines, whilst others branched out into Law and Medicine..no doubt financed by lucrative finds of lead veins.. Mnay were Agents for Richard Arkwright, Jedediah Strutt and Benjamin Outram, who all had numerous mineral land rights..others, i.e. the Bolehill Flints were owners/miners of The Bage, (Henry Flint was a partner in the 1680s..later the Killers, Frosts, Allens and Wrights of my kin all had a share in its wealth..Joseph Flint was an agent in the 1800s.. Bolehill as a village was built around the mine..and the smelting plant below Black Rocks owned by the Gell Family from Hopton Other's of my forebares worked at mines with names of legend..Ravenstor, Rantnor, Thisely, Goodluck,The Snake, Bold, Golgonda, Dovegang..some as Agents, others as partners, whilst some were sole owners. others became quarry owners, stonemasons, builders...

Pedigree of the Flint family

Abraham Flint born 1688 miner born at Darley Hillside ( fathers name Abraham born at Wirksworth approx. 1645..) Abraham .marr Mary Champion at Beeley 1713.

Children of Abraham and Mary
Isaac Flint

Abraham Flint

Mary Flint died in inf.

Mary, Abrahams wife died in 1719

Abraham married Martha Willmott 2nd wife 1723 St Helens Church Darley Dale

Children of Abraham and Martha
John Flint born 1735 one time of Darley Dale removed to Bolehill A miner The Bage...marr Mary Frost 1757 of Bolehill dau of John and Esther Frost nee Hill 2nd wife (..John Frosts first wife Margaret Harding of Hopton Stainsborough)

Matthew Flint born 1737 at Darley Dale marr Ellen Allen dau of John and Mary Allen nee Wright .. Ellens grandparents were John and Ellen Wright nee Wheatcroft... Ellens Uncle was Anthony Alsop of Wensley who marr Hannah Wright dau of Samuel and Silence Wright nee Cotterrill (Cotterrills marr into my Killer family kin..) Anthony was a Barmaster His brother marr Hannah the sister of John Smedley of Lea Mills..Anthony Alsop was a member of the lead smelting family at Lea who eventually, via the Wass family owned Mill Close Darley Dale from 1859 - 1930s . Richard Wheatcroft who was grt grandfather to Ellen was a mine agent to the Gells..His heir in later years Samuel Wheatcroft owned property on Nether Street Wirksworth nowadays known as St John Street ..Samuel was half brother to Joseph Collinson who was also of my kin, via his wife Hannnah Wright and his daughter who marr Joseph Flint .....Samuel Wheatcroft was born out of wedlock to Jane Wheatcroft sired by Samuel Collinson Josephs father..Jane later marr John Woodiwiss whose family also marr into the Killers one of his later heirs was my Aunt.....Samuel Wheatcroft marr Mary Spencer from Middleton..(my kin) His second wife was Catherine Molinus. grandaughter to Major Johhanes Molinus one of Cromwells senior officers who came with Sir Cornelius Vermuyden under command of King Charles 1st to drain the Isles of Axeholme..When Charles tried to introduce Catholisism into England Major John Gell , Captain Sanders, and Major Molinus formed the Derbyshire Militia, in which many of my forebares became militiamen due to being of the Independant Christian faith. (later known as Congregationalism) Independants were not allowed the freedom to worship in their own churches, and refused to accept the doctrines of the established church, thus when Cromwell formed his "Model Army" men as with my family flocked to join . Joseph Collinsons brother Thomas was Barmaster at Middleton He marr Anne Butler of Ible. He also was Innkeeper at The Duke of Wellington Inn.Middleton.which in more recent years my wifes Uncle Frank Butler was landlord... In 1836 my grt grandfather Joseph Walker on my mothers kin, marr Anne Wright dau of Samuel and Anne Wright nee Wright (cousins) of the same family as above..

Mark Flint born 1729 fought in France Militia removed to Ulverston Lancashire copper miner..( his second cousin was Cornelius Flint who was mine agent to The Duke of Devonshire born at Grt Longstone to Joshuah Flint..Cornelius Flint worked with James Watt to perfect pumping engines to release flooded lead and copper mines Lancs,Yorks, Cornwall and Derbyshire..He was agent at Ecton Manifold Valley Grassinton Yorks. and was a partner at Hubbersdale mine Flagg) Mark marr Mary.......(possibly Ogden or Wright ) and later lived at Uttoxetor with his brother Abraham died at Uttoxetor one dau Mary marr William Gadsby Uttoxetor but lived in later life with her mother at Bolehill..

Luke, Abraham, Jacob ( a noted militiaman mentioned in militia records as "a fine stout young man, and a famous cudgeller" ) Ellen, Mary all died unmarried

Abraham (2nd) born 1740 marr 1st wife Lydia Frost dau of Samuel and Anne Frost nee Smith. Samuel Frost was a Grocer, Rope Manufacturer, and was manager of Wirks.Savings Bank where Andrew Macbeth & Cash solicitors now have their office..His wife was dau of Richard Smith, Hosier original partner to John Smedley..On Lydia's demise Abraham marr Elizabeth Green from Darley Dale..They removed to Rocester...where, after some years he is recorded as being a solicitor..

Isaac Flint born approx 1745 marr Hester or Esther Marsden of Youlgreave believed to have removed to Brassington..His dau may have marr into the Slack family who at one time owned The Miners Standard..Thomas Slack was Barmaster..

Martha Flint born 1738 marr Moses Longden from Wensley miner/farmer The Longdens originate from Winster / Ible with a branch at Ashlehay..mainly farmers...In more recent years my grt Uncle Samuel Joseph Sheldon marr Jane Longden dau of Job Longden Ible Her sister marr Joseph Hall Sheffield Silversmith..This Hall family married into my Flint family many times..also my mat. kin i.e. Hawley's Wheatcrofts etc..I have a full Hall pedigree provided by a Hall of this family

Children of John and Mary Flint nee Frost (my grt grt grt grt grandparents)
Samuel Flint born 1758 miner marr Hannah Allen dau of Robert Allen

Joseph Flint born 1770 marr 1st Elizabeth Spencer dau of Rheuben Spencer farmer Middleton. On Elizabeths demise remarried Elizabeth Gibbons widow of Thomas Gibbons Blacksmith nee Collinson dau of Joseph Collinson Innkeeper The Ship Inn Wash Green / Joiner half brother to Samuel Wheatcroft. Barmaster Soke and Wapentake of Wirksworth.

Anne Mary died unmarr.

Martha Flint born 1770 marr Peter Sheldon of Middleton rel to Mothers kin Walkers.

Hannah Flint born 1773 marr Caleb Hall 1794 Middleton Caleb was the son of Gamalieil and Anne nee Gregory. This Hall family were partners with the Doxey's in Goodluck Mine Via Gellia..They were also Goldsmiths / Silversmiths at Sheffield and owned land on Middleton Moor having married into the Moores who owned much of the land where Hopton Quarries now stand In my childhood I knew this land as Feenies Plantation..but on old maps it is shown as Moores Plantation ....... Hannah and Calebs dau Lydia marr William Walker my Grt Uncle on mother side of the family..My wifes grandmother was Sarah Jane Hall of the same lineage who marr Herbert Evans Middleton...William Walker's sister Elizabeth marr John Brownson Joiner /Woodturner their dau Anna marr William Killer Stonemerchant Killers Quarry Middleton

Elizabeth Flint born 1770 marr Joseph Weston from Nottingham coal miner became..Landlord at the Station Inn Steeplegrange

Robert Flint born 1782 miner marr Sarah Allen 1805 dau of William Allen Mine Agent Bolehill. Sarah died in 1826..In 1851 nearing his 70s. he emigrated with son John and his wife and children born to America ..In the 1830s they were some of the first English people to become Latter Day Saints (Mormons)....They arrived at a place that John Smith the founder of the sect decided would be their Promised Land and helped to establish Kaysville one of the first Mormon settlements.. Eventually, Salt lake City was built nearbye....One of the Flints marr a dau of Brigham Young who took over from Smith as the leader of the L.D.S...Descendants of the Flint family plus others from Wirksworth who went out with them i.e . Doxey's Watkins,Slacks Spencers, Allens and Broughs still live in and around Salt Lake City. I have direct contact with them, and some are making plans to return to their roots of Wirksworth next year 2003 the first time in 150 years..

John Flint born Aug 22nd 1760 Mine Agent marr 1st wife Anne Peat 1784 dau of Phineas Peat Shoemaker/Farmer. The Peats were a long established family in the Wirksworth area, originating from Alderwasley..One of their kin was nearly always the Land Agent/Mine agent for the Hurts.. Anne died young after giving birth to John their firstborn..John obt at three months old.. John Flint remarried Elizabeth Colledge Oct 12th 1787 dau of Samuel Colledge witt John Frost George Salt Samuel Colledge was Innkeeper at The Ship, which he took over from Joseph Collinson..He was also a mine agent...The Colledges went on to own Stoneycroft Quarry Middleton Road (now planted as Woodland) John and Elizabeth were my grt grt grt grandparents It was John Flint who related his pedigree to Thomas Norris Ince..

Children of Abraham and Lydia Flint nee Frost
John Flint miner born 1785 marr Joice Moorcroft from Uttoxetor dau of William Moorcroft. Her Uncle John Moorcroft was a China Clay Quarry owner between Ashbourne and Doveridge and supplied Wm Duesburry at Crown Derby..It is believed that John Flint became a Director of the quarry..Joices later kin founded Wm Moorcroft Pottery at Burslem Anne Flint remained single but established a millinery business at Uttoxetor and Stafford

Abraham Flint became a solicitor at Uttoxetor marr ......Frost from Manchester

Many of the Bolehill Frost family removed to Manchester in the early 1800s and were cotton dealers to Sir Richard Arkwright 2nd son of the original Arkwright at his Rocester and Manchester Mills... Sir Richard Arkwright 2nd marr Mary Simpson dau of Adam Simpson who owned Lumbsdale Smelting Mills at Matlock and had interests in lead mines around Middleton and Bonsall. The Arkwrights lived at Willersley Castle, ..A distant relative of our Flint family Henry Flint grandson of Anthony Flint from Holloway Innkeeper at The Jug and Glass...married Elizabeth Simpson sister to Mary who marr Sir Richard Arkwright 2nd ..Adam Simpson left Bonsall Lodge and the land now known as Study Drive Bonsall to Henry Flint...His heirs marr into the Brace,Marples and Prince family..the last to own Study Hall now derilict..Alfred Axe purchased Bonsall Lodge ..The Axe family marr into our kin via Slacks, Killers and Jones. N.B. Adam Simpsons grandfather John marr Mary Spencer from Middleton..dau of Isaac Spencer of our family connection The Simpsons owned Middleton Hall which has long gone, but the area known as The Hall off New Road was the vicinity of their home..In later years more of my kin marr into the Simpson family, who became Woolcombers at Millhouse Green Wirksworth..

Lydia, Martha died unmarried

Children of Abraham and Elizabeth nee Green (2nd wife)
George Flint Killed at Battle of Waterloo 1816 Army Officer

Herbert Flint marr Mary Miller at Darlaston Parish Church Wolverhampton Henry was a solicitor

Children of Samuel and Hannah Flint
Joseph Flint 1782 marr Elizabeth Spencer (cousin) 1801

Samuel born 1795 marr Anne Taylor.

35 years ago, a Miss Taylor who worked for Marsdens Ironmongers Market Place Wirks.(she had a hair lip) came to my home, enquiring about our Flint family...She had been to Somerset House and found that Samuel and Anne were her kin

Mark Flint born 1788 marr Nanny (Hannah) Allen dau of William Allen Mine Agent Bolehill

Anne Flint 1787 marr Jon Elliot miner Bolehill

Children of Matthew and Ellen Flint nee Allen
John born 1760 miner marr Sarah Key from Shottle a forebare of the Keys who nowadays own Viaton at Hopton and Matlock Dale.

Matthew, Abraham Killed in Action France

Martha obt single

James Flint born 1772 marr. Elizabeth Hall Bolehill..Elizabeth a Hall from Middleton relation to Caleb Hall Last year I met with Mr and Mrs Thomas Wolly now both in their late 80s..at their home at Brailsford..Mr Wolly is grt grandson to James Flint...see later detail....for a piece of Derbyshire cricketing history...Elizabeth Hall was a direct forebare of my wife//...Mr Wolly's paternal anscestors were the Wolly's of Riber Hall (Wolly's Manuscripts)

Mary Flint born 1780 marr Edward Barker miner 1800 Bolehill ..Barker family originated from Baslow / Darley Dale mine owners..

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth Flint nee Spencer Lived at Rise End Middleton
Henry Flint born 1801 Mine Agent Bonsal marr Mary Wood from Slaley Lived at Bonsall for some years, then returned to Bolehill

Mary Flint born 1803 marr Thomas Hall son of John and Elizabeth Hall nee Blackwell Farmer...Later Grocer/Carter/Coal Vendor in partnership with his brother in law Joseph Flint. His dau Lydia marr Edward Wheatcroft witt. James Gibson Caleb Hall

Joseph Flint born 1806 marr Mary Scotthorn from Matlock dau of George Scotthorn. Joseph was the first wharfinger employed at Steeplegrange on the Cromford and High Peak Railway approx 1837 He was also a partner with Thomas Hall as a coal vendor/carter..His kin remained in the wharf cottage untill last year when the last of his line May Flint died..

Elizabeth Flint born 1804 marr Peter Britland Cromford miner at Bolehill

Hannah, Anne obt unmarried

John Flint born 1819 marr Hannah Brookes Wirksworth 1851 witt. James Cordin Mary Cordin. Hannah was related to the Killer family Middleton

Lydia Flint born 1820 marr James Lowrie miner Bolehill on his demise Lydia marr Benjamin Buckley son of George Buckley Lived at Middleton had a large family, some of whom marr into Doxey's and Killers I believe..still researching

Martha born 1824 remained single

Children of Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen
Mary Flint born 1806 marr John Flint her cousin..son of John and Elizabeth my grandforebares... Their son Robert marr my mothers grandmother Sarah Cauldwell nee Smith as her second husband..Thomas Cauldwell my grt grandfather was a police officer at Sheffield killed on duty This made Robert my grt grt Uncle and my grt Stepgrandfather.. Letitia Flint 1808 marr Elijah West 1832 witt Joshuah Street Mary Flint In the 1851 census it gives a Rev John Hall as a visitor..Rev Hall was a Latter Day Saints minister

Martha Flint born 1809 marr Henry Walker Stonemason witt Jabes Kniveton Hannah Walker. These Walkers were not direct relatives of my mothers Walker kin, although their were family connection...Mothers Walker family originated from Scotland coming to Derbyshire in the 1600s, possibly as soldiers in the Earl of Levens army who fought with Cromwell....The Walkers on my fathers side of the family were also of Scottish anscestory settling at Ashbourne as farmers and Butchers.... Henry Walkers grandfather was John Walker who marr Ruth Frost sister to my grt grt grt grt grandfather Mat.

John Flint born 1816 miner marr Mary Spencer dau of Peter Spencer Butcher / Farmer / Landowner Middleton and Wirksworth....Mary's Grandparents were Francis and Mabel Spencer nee Hall Mabel was sister of Gamalieil who was grandfather of Caleb who marr Hannah Flint....witt Joseph Goodall Elizabeth Rouse.
In 1851 John and Mary along with Robert Johns father...and William Allen Flint Johns brother who had marr Elizabeth Slack dau of Samuel Slack Middleton emigrated to America as Latter Day Saints They helped found the township of Kaysville...After 150 years of separation I have made contact with the family by e mail and telephone conversations.. They live side by side with Doxey's Watkins and other families who went way our west in the 1850s from Middleton and district..As they are still active Mormons, some working at Salt Lake City H.Q. we are exchanging files to proof our work together..

End of Part 1 More to follow tomorrow Wed. After the History of the Flints..I will send a text version

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