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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of FLINT-2

Dear Mr Palmer
The following is the FLINT family tree. I have researched the detail from 1600 - 2002 but enclose only up to 1900...Much of the proof of relationship was gained via study of INCE, and your superb Parish records ..plus research of P.R.O.( Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Lancashire).
Latter Day Saints online, and CD Roms Darley Dale Parish Records Ashover P.Rs. with assistance from Jennifer Johnson dau of my cousin John Botham Australia, who is my fellow researcher, Flints at Ogden, Layton and Salt Lake City Utah, The Hawley's Canada, Mr David Killer...Michael Keates ....John Moorcroft Dir. Wm. Moorcroft Ltd..

Yours Stuart G Flint

Descendants of FLINT

The following is a pedigree of my family from 1830-1900

Children of John and Anne Flint nee Peat
John obt 3 months of age...Anne obt soon after

Children of John and Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge (2nd wife) my grt grt grt grandparents.
Millicent Flint born 1788 marr John Greenhough miner Witt..John Colledge, Elizabeth Jepson.

[Henry, Lydia] obt unmarried.

Hannah Flint born 1792 marr Joshuah Slater from Shottle 1817 a widow witt Robert Taylor, W.Wilkinson. Joshuah was an engineer/operative at Masson Mill. He was killed ..trapped under a machine whilst oiling....A distant relative of his was Samuel Slater from Blackbrook. Strutts first Apprentice.

Mary Flint born 1796 marr Peter Jones miner 1817 son of William Jones farmer Bolehill, witt Will Jones, Thomas Mather.... Peter and Mary's grandson William Jones marr Francis Spencer at Middleton Their daughter Francis marr Arthur Kinder...this family of Jones was also related to Alfred Axe..he marr Ellen Jones. Alfred Axe was a builder/ quarry owner (bottom of Clatterway Bonsall)..Ellen died young he remarried ........Carlisle..Axe's were also related to Killers (Rose) and Slacks (Roseanne) both of whom lived at houses which my family lived at one time or another.....

John Flint born 1816 marr his cousin Mary daughter of Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen.....They had two sons John who marr Mary Tomlinson....and Robert who marr Sarah Cauldwell widow nee Smith...Sarah Cauldwell was my grt grandmother on my mothers Walker side of the family.....Thomas Cauldwell her 1st husband was a police officer at Sheffield killed in the line of duty...They [had] two daughters, Ada who married Albert Byard from Wirksworth Moor...and Annie who marr John Walker son of Joseph Walker and Martha nee Sheldon. Joseph was the Director of Jos. Walker & Sons Builders/Stonemasons Steeplegrange..John and Annie were my grandparents. See later Walker pedigree

Elizabeth Flint born 1798

Martha Flint born 1802 still researching

Samuel Flint born 1809 marr Mary Killer dau of John and Mary Killer nee Hawley, witt John Killer, Martha Flint marr at Wirksworth Independant Church 2nd Dec. 1830.. My grt grt grandparents. John Killer was a Joiner/Builder at Middleton. Samuel Flint had been a lead miner at Raventor , but in 1838 was offered the position as Wharfinger at Middle Peak Wharf Middleton..which is part of the land Raventor Mine was situated...A wharfinger adminstered the business of the partners who owned The Cromford and High Peak Rail Co. namely Outram, Arkwright, Jessop and Hurt ..As the position was then what these days would be called a franchise..wharfingers were free to ply their own business also, and so Samuel was also a coal vendor in partnership with Isaac Spencer who was of his kin...the coal no doubt mined by one of the owners of the line..possibly Hurt or Outram...He also worked at Steeplegrange station when , for a brief period, a passenger service was run..He and Mary later lived at The Station House at Steeplegrange...and later still at Wharf Cottage, next door to his cousin Joseph Flint who was Wharfinger at Bolehill, also involved in his own business as a Coal Vendor/Carrier with his Brother in Law Thomas Hall..who was a Grocer at Bolehill......After Samuel Flint 's death in 1888 the coal wharf at Middleton continued being owned by the Spencer family up to some months ago when Isaac Spencer who lives at Middleton today handed it on to a Middle Peak Marble Co.......Samuel Flints wife Mary Killer was the dau of William and Mary Hawley nee Henstock ...William Hawley's family were Blacksmiths originally from Matlock..Mary his wife originated from Slaley Bonsall. The Henstock family were also my kin on the Wigley/ Walker side of my forebears. The Hawley family married into the Wheatcrofts and The Halls of my kin..The Killer family came from Matlock and Wood End Cromford (near Willersley Caslte)

Children of John and Joice Flint
Abraham Flint Solicitor born 1789 Uttoxetor marr Eleanor Tomlinson at St Chads Church Stafford..On Eleanors death..remarried Mary Godwyn from Burton Upon Trent. Mary buried at Stapenhill died aged 98 years of age..One known son by Eleanor Richard Tomlinson - Flint.......One son by Mary Abraham Augustus Flint born 1824 marr. Anne Keates from Uttoxetor whose family were Brewers and Publishers/Printers of Trade Directories..Abraham A Flint was a Solicitor becoming North Staffs Coroner High Bailiff and Court Registrar Representative The Law Society...and Commissioner for Oaths for Women...Legal Rep for Toll Roads etc.. His son John Abraham Flint was a Solicitor at 23 Full Street Derby in the early 1900s

John Flint born 1792 Attended College became a Surgeon Navy Practiced at Uttoxetor in Partnership with John Hawthorn ..then returned to his roots at Darley Dale Practiced at Wensley and Wirksworth..

Charles Flint Solicitor Stafford married Esther Aston St Chads Church Stafford 1830 Had children: John Aston-Flint, Fanny Aston-Flint, Charles Aston-Flint, Elizabeth Aston-Flint, Richard Aston-Flint. I believe the Astons were involved as Colliery Owners at Wolverhampton

[Lydia, Martha, Letitia]. Still researching

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth Flint nee Spencer.
Joseph Flint born 1806 Mine Agent The Bage Bolehill marr Racheal Street dau of Benjamin Street.

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth Flint nee Collinson (2nd wife)
John born 1836 marr Hannah Brookes 1851 dau of Thomas Brookes Tapeweaver Wirksworth

Children of Mark and Nanny (Anne) Flint nee Allen.
Sarah Flint born 1809 marr Thomas Thompson Wirksworth witt Samuel Thompson, Anne Thompson

Samuel Flint born 1810 marr Mary Thompson sister to Thomas above same day 1831 witt Samuel Moore, Hannah Allen

James Flint born 1815 miner marr Hannah Brookes dau of Samuel Brookes, Middleton. witt Samuel Flint, Martha Sims

Mark Flint born 1814 miner marr Millicent Street (widow) dau of Samuel Allen. witt Joseph Flint, Martha Allen

Children of Henry and Mary Flint nee Scotthorn
[Elizabeth, John] Still researching born at Bonsall or Matlock

Edward Flint born 1828 Bolehill Miner marr Marie Marson dau of Joseph Marson Stockman/Cattle Dealer Alderwasley

Joseph Flint born 1825 marr Lucy Hannah ........(unreadable) Bolehill. Joseph was a Glazier / Plumber working for Parkers( actually Pearson) who was his relative..thus I believe his wife could have been a Pearson..In later life he set up his own business and worked as a sub contractor to Killers Joiners

Rheuben Flint born 1830 Miner marr Mary Anne Waterfield 1861 dau of John Waterfield Publican The Lime Kiln Inn Middleton Road. His family also owned Stoneycroft Quarry at rear of Inn ....Baileycroft Quarry next to his works was owned by The Colledge family of my kin.

Herbert Flint born at Bonsall Mine Agent marr Charlotte Spencer dau of Arthur and Agnes Spencer 1868

Children of Joshuah and Hannah Slater nee Flint
Elizabeth Slater born 1821 marr Samuel Sims son of William Sims

John Slater marr Sarah Hardy

Children of John Slater and Sarah nee Hardy
Hannah born 1846 marr William Lee Carter / Carrier / Mason

Martha born 1849 marr Alfred Flint her cousin 1874

John born 1856 Stonemason worked for Joseph Walker & Sons

Children of John and Mary Flint (Cousins)
John Flint born Sept 1831 Miner marr Sarah Allen 1857 dau of Thomas Allen, Middleton. witt Isaac Thompson, Emma Allen

Robert Flint marr Sarah Cauldwell Robert was my Grt Grt Uncle on the Flints and Step Grt Grandfather on my mothers side

Children of John and Sarah Flint nee Key
John born 1784 Lucy Key Flint born 1782 Thomas Flint born 1791

Sarah Flint born 1790 marr John Brough Shottle

William Flint 1785 marr Anne Adams from Waterhouses Leek

Robert Flint marr Elizabeth Adams dau of Robert Adams Middleton farmer

Children of Robert and Elizabeth Flint nee Adams
Robert Flint born 1813 marr Mary Buckley from Alderwasley witt Peter Henstock, Martha Peat

Elizabeth Flint born 1822 marr Thomas Brace Miner Middleton 1846 son of James Brace Middleton witt William Hall, Anne Flint

Anne Flint born 1826 marr Isaac Doxey son of Isaac Doxey Middleton. witt Ebenezer Doxey, Rebecca Hall

Hannah Flint marr Samuel Slack son of Samuel Slack Bolehill witt Sarah Slack, Elizabeth West

Children of Samuel and Mary Flint nee Thompson
Joseph born 1834 (deaf and dumb) lived with John Flint born 1835

[Hannah born 1840, Mahala born 1850] Still researching

Mark Flint born 1838 Miner marr Mary Anne Bunting Cromford dau of Samuel Bunting Ostler Greyhound Hotel (Arkwrights)

Samuel Flint born 1837 Miner marr Anne Crofts dau of David Crofts Cromford Wheelwright Samuel was brother in law to his own cousin..my grt grandfather Henry Flint who marr Emily Crofts sister to Anne.. Samuel Flints son Samuel marr Sarah Anne Sheldon who was cousin to my Grt Grandmother Walker and Samuel Joseph Sheldon my Grt Uncle....S.J.Sheldon was Barmaster Partner at Golgonda Lead Mine Hopton owned two mines Snake and Bold Hopton Wood and Quarry Manager at Bradley Quarry Middleton Moor...His wife was Jane Longden dau of Job Longden Farmer Ible and Grt Grt Grandaughter of Moses and Martha Longden nee Flint of my kin.. Wensley

At this point I give my direct lineage from Samuel and Mary Killer - 1906. At a later date I will publish my full family Tree in text form, including those I am still researching

Children of Samuel and Mary Flint nee Killer
[John, Anne, William, Samuel, Robert] all died in infancy

Mary Flint born 1834 marr John Brookes Middleton Miner / Stonecutter

Adam Flint born 1843 marr Millicent Marples dau of Arthur Marples Mine Agent Bolehill Adam was a Farmer / Miner (Bage) They lived at Wigwell Nook Farm Spitewinter Wirksworth Moor next door to Robert (his cousin) and Sarah nee Cauldwell..

Martha Flint born 1850 marr Samuel Killer Joiner / Builder sub contractor to Joseph Walker & Son

Henry Flint born 1836 marr Emily Crofts dau of David Crofts Cromford Wheelwright...Henry and Emily were my Grt Grandparents. Henry was a Miner at first but like his father was offered a situation as Station Master and Wharfinger at Parsley Hay / Friden He also had his own Corn Merchants business at Parsley Hay ....Parsley Hay was the junction between the Cromford & High Peak Line and London Northwest Rail Co...Eventually London and N.W. Rail Co. took over C.& H.P......By 1890 the wharfinger position was lost as the Brickworks at Friden took over, and Parsley hay Station lost its passenger traffic...Henry returned to Middleton and worked up to retirement at Killers Quarry as an Engineman..All his children were born at Parsley Hay Station House..He and Emily lived in a house on Bonsall Lanes owned by the Slack family of our kin..Desaster struck the family, when Emily was drowned in an accident at Bonsall Mill Weir...

Children of Henry and Emily Flint
Millicent Flint born 1869 marr James Brace Stonemason Killers Quarry, son of William Brace .......James's younger brother William Brace Mason at Killers lived in the family home of Stile Croft Head when I was a lad..The memory of entering his greenhouse by the Congregational Church at Middleton is one I will never forget..for the smell of Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and the like still makes my mouth water as I think of it .

[Samuel, Joseph, Martha, Anne] Still researching all born at Parsley Hay

William Flint born 1863 marr Gwenllian Sprake dau of Edwin Sprake Blaenavon South Wales ..My Grandparents. Gwenllian 's father Edwin was Iron Master at Blaenavon Iron Works,,,Edwin was born at Glasgow in 1823 His Grt Grandfather was of Hueganot extraction who fled the persecution of the Protestant church in Belgium and France in the late 1600s early 1700s ..Her mother was Anne Williams born at Trevinioth marr at Abergavenny...All her male family worked either at the Iron Works or at Big Pit Colliery Blaenavon.....or at Aberdare Colliery in the Rhondda Valley. Gwenllian came to Middleton when she was employed as Governess to the family of Lord and Lady Battley from Monmouth who had interest I believe in Blaeanavon Iron Works and the Colliery Fields of Derbyshire...They stayed at a house in Middleton at the foot of Chapel lane owned by the Axe family...and it was here in 1884 that William and Gwenllian met and married.... William was a Steam Engine Driver at Killers Quarry Middleton.. On Dec 5th 1905 William went to work as usual down at "the firm" He lit the boiler to get up steam, then made his way up the cut to the face Killers prided themselves on cutting out great blocks of Hopton Woodstone rather than using explosives, which is why they employed masons and stonecutters...At the face he tranferred to the Steam Crane which was used to pull out the blocks and then loaded onto the wagons for transportation down to Cromford Wharf bound south to Nottingham London..or to the north Whaley Bridge and the docks at Liverpool or Manchester. He had only just climbed into the crane which was built on a wooden tripod foundation, when a fault gave way, and the whole face descended with a terrible force.....As the dust settled..Williams body was found crushed beyond repair..He died soon after..His grave in Middleton Parish Church yard was marked by a memorial stone the masonary work fashioned by his kin ...The irony to me is that the stone was one of the blocks which crushed out his life..and was a reason why...when my father died, days before he made me promise.".no stones over my resting place". We adhered to his wish and he lies near his mother at Middleton Congregational Church in a flat lawned piece of ground with just a simple vase to mark his resting place. Gwenllian was left with a young family to bring up..but being made of stoic Welsh/Hueganot spirit, she set to with a will making home made confectionary and ice cream, which she sold from their home on The Alley Middleton..Her three eldest daughters were already working at Masson / Lea Mills and my father aged 12 years, being the eldest son left school and went apprentice to Hunters the Grocers at Wirksworth managed by his relative George Frost... Gwenllian died in 1943 aged 80 years of Cancer...

Children of William and Gwenllian Flint
Samuel, Gwenllian, William, Edwin, Thomas all died in infancy buried next to their father Middleton Parish Church yard..honouring a pledge made by their parents that whoever passed on first would care for the children...The reader may think this over sentimental ..but I understand...

Amelia Leah Born 1886 marr Arthur Botham Gorsey Bank Wirksworth Coal Miner Clipstone Colliery lived at Bolsover

Millicent Born 1888 marr George Else from Wirksworth Coal Miner Bolsover Colliery lived at Bolsover

Gertrude born 1890 marr George Seeds Wirksworth M/c operative Lea Mills

Laura born 1897 marr George Doxey Middleton M/c operative Masson Mill

Sydney Flint born 1904 marr Harriet Janet Fields Woodiwiss known in the family as Dolly Mather as she was adopted by the Mather family in early childhood when both parents obt...Uncle Syd was a Colliery Engineer at Bolsover, but then became Chief Engineer at Lea Mills....My Aunt Doris Walker was a Manager at Lea at the same period...Sydney was a fine Cornet player with Darley Dale Band in its heyday of the 1930s. He also founded Cromford Ladies Choir and was a founder member of Cromford Male Choir of which I was a member in the later 1950s..

John Samuel Flint born 1901 marr Ada Petts sister to Lily who marr Counc. Norman Harrison and step sister to Douglas Slack ..Aunt Ada was a member of the Petts family who were Masons at Hopton Wood Stone (Killers Quarry) and had their own Monumental Yard at Chapel lane..which is still in business in the Petts family today.. Uncle Jack was a Steam Engine Driver on the long haul routes London - Glasgow often driving the Flying Scotsman..He was a keen trade unionist being an official with the N.U.R.....

William James Flint born 1906 4 moths after his father was killed in the quarry. marr Marion Rose Walters from South Wingfield at Crich Parish Church..Uncle Bill was a Foreman Welder at Carriage and Waggon Derby..William and Marion lived at Rise End Middleton for some years, then removed to Derby when their dau became a Police Officer there..

Harry Sprake Flint born 1894 marr Kathleen Walker born 1916 married Christmas Day 1937 My parents.... Having to leave school at age 12 years on his fathers demise...he went apprentice to Hunters at Wirksworth the forerunners of Somerfields of today..George Frost was manager a relative...By 1920 he was a Master Grocer...By 1922 he was Works Superintendant and Clerk to the Council Ashbourne Rural District Council under which Middleton Village came up to 1933 when it was absorbed into Wirksworth Urban District....In 1928 he took over a confectionary shop which was situated under the house in which his family lived..and also took over the lease of Gregsons Shop Central Stores Middleton.....Also in 1928 he was elected Liberal Councillor for Middleton on Ashbourne R.D.C. having given up the post of Works Superintendant and Clerk...In the 1930s he took over a shop in Wirksworth Market Place and ran a Drapery business, which his friend and relative Douglas Slack managed ...In 1933 as Chairman of the Water Board Committee he oversaw the building of a reservior on Middleton Moor and the provision of spring water taken from George Henry Key's land on Slalley Moor..pumped by a ram pump up the Via Gellia...He also saw the introduction of Electricity and a proper sewage system in his time on the Council..He served Middleton up to the 1940s..but due to ill health had to resign..In 1952 He stood again as an Independant Liberal but was beaten by his relative Hubert Doxey ..Harry was a founder member of Wirksworth Rotary Club. A Deacon at Middleton Congregational Church (built by Lead Miners, some of our kin in 1776) Sunday School Superintendant Local Preacher President Free Church Federal Council..He passed away after having Cancer and three strokes ages 69 years in 1963. My mother still lives at Middleton, the last of her sibling generation aged 86 years

Yours sincerely


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