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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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A Plan of the Church

This map is interactive. Place the cursor on a number. A "hand" should appear. Then left click to see the photo.

001-view 002-view 003-view 004-view 005-view 005a-view 006-view 007-view 008-view 009-Old Font 010-Old Font 011-TRAVIS 012-view 013-view 014-view 015-SATTERFIELD 015a-PEAT 016- SMITH 017-Lectern 018-GOODWIN 019-HARRIS 019a-GREENHOUGH 020-view 021-view 022-GRATTON 023-WEBB 024-Pulpit 025-plaque 026-INCE 027-Wirksworth Stone 027a-Wirksworth Stone 028-view 029-view 030-WRIGHT 031-TAYLOR 032-BROWNE 033-MASON 034-TOPLIS 035-STUFFIN 036-SALT 037-Old Font detail 038-Old Font detail 039-Old Font detail 040-Old Font detail 041-Old Font 042-DAY 043-WHEATCROFT 044-WHEATCROFT 045-BRADSHAW 046-FROST 047-JEBB 048-SMITH 049-TAYLOR 050-Stone 051-Breeches Bible 052-HALL 053-view 054-view 055-HUBBERSTY 056-JOYNSON 057-WRIGHT 058-GELL 059-GELL 060-BLAKEWELL 061-GELL 062-GELL 063-GELL 064-GELL 065-GELL 066-GELL 069-GELL 072-view 073-LOWE 074-HURT 075-HURT 076-HURT 077-LOWE 078-HURT 079-HURT 080-ARKWRIGHT 081-ARKWRIGHT 082-LOMAS 083-`cupboards` 084-LOWE 085-WIGLEY,LOW 086-view 087-view 088-view 089-SMITH 090-SMITH 091-New Font 092-view 093-New Font 094-TOPLIS 095-SALT 096-SALT 097-The Lead Miner 098-TOPLIS 099-view 100-World War II 101-HEAP 102-HEAP 103-HEAP 104-HURT 105-HURT 106-HURT 107-ARKWRIGHT 108-GELL,ARKWRIGHT 109-GELL,ARKWRIGHT 110-HURT 111-HURT,WOOD 112-view 113-view 114-view 115-view 115a-JEBB 116-view 117-view 118-view 119-view 120-view 121-view 122-view 123-CALTON 124-CALTON 125-view 126-view 127-view 128-Carvings 129-East Window 131-Medieval Cross

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