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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Baptisms, Marriages and Burials

Full indexed details of entries found in the Parish Registers for
Wirksworth and Middleton-by-Wirksworth, Derbyshire, England 1608-1899
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These Parish Registers contain 87,967 entries spanning 292 years.

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Researched, transcribed, compiled, edited, indexed, formatted, encoded and copyright © 2003, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.


I have been unable to fully decipher the entries listed below. Words shown as "-" are missing, shown as "?" are unreadable or guesses. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The original Wirksworth Parish Registers are held at Derbyshire Record Office, Matlock, Derbyshire. Volunteers could print out the list, take a large magnifying glass, ask for the Registers, the use of an Ultra-Violet light, and try their hand at deciphering. If you have any luck, please contact the transcriber:

C 1608 ANTHONY? ?=(son)Raph?/ C 1608 ? ?=Henry?/ C 1609mar04 ? ?=?/ C 1609jun24 ? ?=?/ C 1609jun30 ? ?=?/ B 1611mar11 ? ?(wid)?/ M 1615sep29 ? ?/? ? M 1615sep29 ? ?/RUTHE? ? B 1618feb15 - -""a poor woman"" C 1618mar ? ?=(?)Raph/ C 1618mar29 ? ?=Robert/ C 1618may28 ? ?=William/ M 1623jan09 --- /ALSOP Anthony B 1629feb15 - --/"A poor lad aged about~10 or 11 years" B 1638sep03 - -(-)-/(Hopton)"A poor woman" B 1647sep26 ? Infant(son)John/ B 1648mar09 ? Infant(son)Henry/ B 1648aug13 CARMA? InfantJohn/"(Gen)" B 1651mar STERE? -(dau)Edward/ B 1652mar10 SANDER? -(wife)?/ C 1652sep12 FIDES? -=(son)Henery/ B 1652dec - -(dau)-/""The dau of~an Yarish woman"" B 1652dec13 CADMAN? InfantJohn/ B 1652dec24 ? ? M 1654 ? ?(Hopton)/DOUGHTY Mary M 1654 ? ?/? ? M 1654 ? ?/? ? C 1654aug16 - ?=(dau)-/ B 1655may03 - -(son)-/"A stranger" C 1655oct ? ?=(son)Isaac/ C 1655oct15 ? ?=(son)?/ C 1657jun21 - -=(-)-/,"(Erased)" B 1660dec27 ? -(wife)?/ B 1661mar02 - An infant B 1662feb22 WADE? ??/ B 1662jul24 - (child of)-/"(A traveller)" B 1664dec10 - (Stranger) B 1666jan26 - (childe of)"(A vagrante)" M 1668nov12 - -/ATKINSON Henry M 1683apr17 - -/CHEETAM Isaac C 1723may31 - -=(-)-/(-),""privatim a nonconformi"" C 1618nov ? Agnis=(dau)?/ C 1680oct20 - Agnis=(dau)-/ B 1652may15 -ALEWELL? Ales B 1899jan18 CLEI? Alice(Middleton)[9m],#1181"MPR" B 1845feb02 BRIDGE? Alfred(Wirksworth)[27],#2280 C 1608nov20 OURM? Ann=(dau)?/ C 1618apr20 JUSAN? Ann=(dau)John/ B 1643mar30 S----R? Ann(dau)John/ M 1645jul29 DICKENES? Ann/WALL George B 1651mar04 - Ann(dau)John/ B 1651nov03 S-ELLEMANE? Ann(dau)James/ B 1651nov11 FIL...UT? Ann(dau)William/ C 1653jan16 - Ann=(dau)-/ M 1654apr CAT? Ann/? Robert C 1655feb04 BRUE? Ann=(dau)Humfrey/ M 1658oct10 WARD? An/ROPER Thomas Comment: Bann B 1667dec13 - Anne-/ C 1680oct27 CHRICHLOW? Ann=(dau)George/(Wirksworth) C 1723dec27 DASSY? Anne=(dau)Thomas/(Wirksworth) B 1730may02 HARCOTT? Ann(Wirksworth) C 1829sep13 BATEMAN? Ann=(dau)Francis/Ann(Middleton)[Miner] B 1837sep17 TRYER? Anne(Cromford)[7w] B 1845oct21 CAZZON? Anne(Holloway)[6],#2384 B 1846sep27 HARNEY? Anne(Wirksworth)[35],#139 C 1863jan04 BATTLE? Andrew daniel=John/Hannah(Ible)[Labourer],#470,"MPR" B 1679sep22 GELL? Anthony(son)Thomas/(Middleton) C 1680apr28 - Anthony=(son)John/ C 1896may20 SHERRIN? Arthur=/Kate(Wirksworth),#2141 B 1826sep30 BEIGH? Benjamin(Middleton)[42] M 1690jan13 - Catherine/FORMARY William B 1833dec25 HENRIE? Catherine(Middleton)[4m] B 1648jul15 WYLDD? Clemance(wife)Hugh/(Tideswell) B 1660feb25 CER...? Dorcas(dau)M.?/ M 1608may24 MAXFEILD? Dorothy/SPENCER Martin C 1631nov20 SHORET? Dorathy=(dau)John/ M 1647nov09 WILLSON? Dorothy/RYGHT Edward B 1740mar01 DANNAH? Dorothy(Ashlehay) M 1747jun25 BROOK? Dorothy(Wirksworth)/MILWARD Joseph C 1715jul03 WETTON? Dennis=(son)Joshua/(Millhouses) C 1647aug01 BROUGH? Debora=(dau)Thomas/ C 1615jan02 MOWRE? Edward=(son)Thomas/ C 1618jul28 ? Edward=(son)Henry/ C 1618aug04 ? Edward=(son)Edward/ B 1716oct01 - Edward(son)Edward/(Middleton) B 1637dec07 - Elin(wid) M 1651dec04 - Ellen/KOACKE Henry? B 1660mar06 PREESTLY? Ellen C 1608may05 ? Elizabeth=(dau)Henrye/ C 1609 RI--ICK? Elizabeth=(dau)Thomas/ M 1609jan CHASFORD? Elizabeth(Cromford)/GRATTON Robert C 1622apr22 - Elizabeth=(dau)William/,"Ye Cornyshman" M 1637sep27 STREGEN? Elizabeth/PATTOR? George M 1639nov28 LOVET? Elizabeth/TOPLIS Robert M 1641aug24 - Elizabeth/BUXTON Edmund M 1647aug27 ? Elizabeth/WALLIS William B 1654dec01 STIVEN? Elizabeth(wife)Roger/ B 1655oct16 WOOD? Elizabeth(wife)John/ B 1655oct17 - Elizabeth(dau)?/ B 1655nov06 ? Elizabeth(dau)John/ B 1655nov28 HANLER? Elizabeth(dau)Thomas/"Given as december" B 1656feb28 PAGE? Elizabeth(dau)William/ C 1658aug - Elizabeth=(dau)-/ C 1661dec29 - Elizabeth=(dau)-/[Traveller],"Dau "of a traviller"" C 1779may26 - Elizabeth=(dau)-/(Callow),dob=1779mar27,"Bastard" C 1793sep20 ? Elizabeth=(dau)Henry/Mary?(Middleton) B 1800mar12 PARKER? Elizabeth(dau)William/Elizabeth(Cromford) B 1835feb19 LEAWORD? Elizabeth(Cromford)[60] B 1837jul27 BUXTON? Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[infant] M 1838nov18 SHAWHOUSE? Elizabeth(Alderwasley),-/CARLILE Jacob(Alderwasley),Labourer,#76 Fathers: - -,-/John CARLILE,Labourer Witnesses: Thomas HOLBROOK,Elizabeth KIDD Status: S,F/B,F B 1899dec24 WALTON? Eliza(Middleton)[13],#1199"MPR" C 1618mar29 W----? Em=(dau)Frances/ B 1897dec21 PEARSON? Florence Lilian(Bole Hill)[7w],#1547 B 1715dec19 - Frances(son)George/ M 1852feb18 SIMS? Frances(Bolehill)/ELSE Thomas(Wirksworth),Miner,#162 Fathers: William INNIS?,Miner/William ELSE,Miner Witnesses: William ELSE,Elizabeth LAND Status: s,f/b,f B 1645apr28 HIDGBALOCK? Francis(wife)Richard/ M 1608may29 ? George/WINFYELDE Rose M 1637sep27 PATTOR? George/STREGEN? Elizabeth C 1643nov08 NUDALL? George=(son)Robeart/ C 1830dec16 WOOD? George=(son)-/Sarah(Wirksworth)[-] B 1841mar31 SHONE? George(Middleton)[25],#1777 C 1608 B---? Grace=(dau)?/ M 1647nov13 ? Grace/SWIFT John B 1656dec12 PO? Grace(wife)John/ C 1659mar ? Grace=(dau)Anthony/,"(very faint)" M 1714apr29 PRIDAR? Grace/SWANE James C 1725may05 ROLSTEN? Grace=(dau)Benjamin/(Wirksworth) C 1792may04 - Grace=(dau)Charles/Ann(Wirksworth),dob=1791jun26 C 1679sep17 ROWLEY? Hanah=(dau)Richard/(Alderwasley) C 1689jun07 WALL? Hannah=(dau)Anthony/(Ashlehay) C 1728may08 BOUND? Hanna=(dau)Anthony/(Matlock) C 1785sep14 RELK? Hannah=(dau)George/Hannah(Wirksworth),dob=1785jun10 B 1837feb19 RASHER? Hannah(Lea, Ashover)[75] C 1837jul30 D---Y? Hannah=(dau)William/Sarah(Wirksworth)[Tailor] B 1644feb17 - Henry(son)-/"Son of widow" B 1651oct27 BEIGHTON? Henry C 1652aug01 - Henery=(son)Henery/ B 1656sep11 - Henry(son)Thomas/ C 1669jul21 - Henry=(son)-/[Traveller],"Of certain travellers" C 1656jun08 - Homfre=(son)-/,dob=1656jan07,""a stranger"" C 1618jul29 ? Isabell=(dau)Thomas?/ C 1633nov05 - James=(son)-/,"Of a Stranger" C 1669jul18 - James=(son)John/ C 1727oct29 ? James=(son)Isaac/(Wirksworth) B 1837may18 ? James(Wirksworth)[45] C 1837jul14 BE---TE? James=(son)James/Mary(Wirksworth)[Quarryman] B 1845oct19 NACHET? James(Cromford)[1],#2382 B 1656jan10 - Joan C 1608may16 TOTH? John=(son)Roger/ M 1609jul23 TAYLER? John/BUNTING Mary C 1612feb02 SM--TON? John=(son)Robert/ B 1613jun24 BOO...? John"Alias SPENSUR" C 1618mar29 ? John=(son)?/ C 1618aug02 ? John=(son)William/ M 1636jan13 ? John/BOWNE Elizabeth M 1637oct18 SH...WIN? John/HASLAM Grace C 1646nov22 ...ERTESS? John=(son)John/ C 1661mar13 - John=(son)-/,"Son of a stranger" B 1700jan28 REEDS? John(son)Thomas/(Hopton) B 1727oct20 COMPSON? John(son)Barton/(Burton) B 1738dec28 B---? John(Wirksworth) M 1804feb06 BORSLER? John(Wirksworth)/TAYLOR Jane Witnesses: Michael TAYLOR,Joseph COOPER B 1828dec19 HAIGHTH? John(Wirksworth)[79] B 1829apr26 W--TTING? John(Wirksworth)[infant] C 1837jul30 MILBOURNE? John=(son)Noah/Hannah(Wirksworth)[Labourer] C 1839oct02 BORRICK? John=(son)William/Mary anne(Dublin)[Labourer],#113 C 1730apr15 DANIELS? Joseph=(son)Jonathon/(Ashlehay) B 1733jun29 SAUUT? Joseph(Wirksworth) B 1839dec28 PAKEMAN? Joseph(Cromford)[1],#1478 B 1831nov11 BRINGE? Joshua(Wirksworth)[60] M 1611apr28 - Joyse/MOORE John C 1618may08 SH----? Joone=(dau)William/ B 1858aug06 GASSNEY? Laurence(Wirksworth)[36],#1401 B 1814apr13 FARRAND? Lydia(dau)/Sarah(Cromford)[infant] B 1815may28 MORETON? Lydia(Ashborne)[72] B 1611mar09 AM...? Margret(wife)Galahad/ M 1611nov17 ? Margit/SANDER Luck B 1652dec03 FAMERACK? Margaret(wife)William/""The dau of~an Hirish woman"" C 1805dec15 BREFFITT? Marianne=(dau)William/Ann,dob=1805dec12,"Cromford chapel" C 1664mar20 - Martha=(dau)-/(-),"Foriner=stranger" M 1673jan26 - Mathea/WIGLEY Thomas M 1734dec04 --ELLING? Martha(Wirksworth)/WARD Robert M 1745jun10 SHVERARD? Martha(Cromford)/NAYLOR John C 1847nov14 BOLLEN? Martha=Anthony/Ann(Middleton)[Butcher],#24,"MPR" B 1652dec14 MASKREY? Mary(dau)Robert/ C 1654oct04 HODDEN? Mary=(dau)Michell/ B 1655sep17 ? Mary(dau)?/ C 1657feb - Mary=(dau)-/ C 1664sep21 - Mary=(dau)Olliver/(-),"A forriner" B 1810jul17 - Mary-/-(Wirksworth)"only name" B 1846aug23 HARAET? Mary(Matlock)[27],#127 M 1676jan19 GODBEARE? Mathew/BRADSHALL Bina C 1612jan26 ...ESE? Parnell=(dau)John/ C 1892oct09 MARSON? Ralph Hallows=John/Mary(Middleton)[Mason],#1375,dob=1892jul15,"MPR" C 1618jul26 ? Rychard=(son)Thomas/ C 1640may07 - Richard=(son)-/[Traviller],"Son of a "Travilor"" B 1647oct05 ? Richard C 1660feb - Richard=(son)-/ C 1608nov19 -ADDER? Robert=(son)Francis?/ M 1647jun29 ? Robert/HARRISON Elizabeth B 1651jan09 - Robert C 1651aug31 - Robert=(son)Robert/ M 1654apr ? Robert/CAT? Ann C 1723jan23 S...T? Robert=(son)Robert/(Ashlehay) C 1822sep19 - Robert=(son)/,dob=1821aug29,"Error by godmother" B 1695may08 - Samuel(son)-/Elizabeth(Brayfield)"Bastard of Elizabeth" C 1642aug07 ? Sara=(dau)Edward/ C 1656apr13 BUT? Sarah=(dau)William/ B 1713apr19 - Sarah(dau)Anthony/(Hopton) B 1841dec29 HANSON? Sarah Jane(Wirksworth)[2],#1771 C 1609 ? Thomas=(son)?/ M 1611nov16 CARTHERAGH? Thomas/HYBBOT Agnes C 1618mar25 ? Thomas=(son)Lawrence/ M 1618nov12 FITS? Thomas/WINCKFEELD Roas M 1646jul01 STERLE? Thomas/WILLSON Francis B 1651dec08 JARVIS? Thomas B 1657aug17 CENDRACKE? Thomas C 1697jul23 FIRIL? Thomas=(son)Thomas/(-)[Traveller],"Foreigner or Traveller" C 1730may06 BROSOP? Thomas=(son)-/Martha(Cromford),"Illegitimate" B 1735jan13 TWIGGS? Thomas(son)John/(Wirksworth) C 1837aug06 ---MAN? Thomas=(son)Daniel/Elizabeth(Winster)[Miner] B 1609may03 R...? William?/(Hopton) C 1618jun24 ? William=(son)?/ C 1619aug29 - William=(son)William/,""ye Cornishman"" C 1634feb13 - William=(son)-/,"Of a stranger" B 1653may03 - William(son)-/"A stranger" C 1666oct31 - William=(son)John/(Cromford),"Forinere=stranger" B 1680mar19 - William(son)John/(Wirksworth) M 1742oct11 TAFT? William(Bradshall)/CHAPMAN Sarah

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Researched, transcribed, compiled, edited, indexed, formatted, encoded and copyright © 2003, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.