Updated 24 Aug 2003

WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Brief History of Anglican Registers

  • When did Parish registers begin?
  • Are they continuous?
  • Where can I look if registers of a specific parish are incomplete?
  • What do the registers contain?
  • Are marriage registers different?
  • If I cannot find a marriage in the parish I expected, where else can I look?
  • What information can I find in baptism and burial registers?
  • Will I find dates of birth and death?
  • Who can you expect to find in the registers?
  • Did everyone have to marry in church?
  • Where were people buried?
  • Where else might people have been registered?
  • What is a parish?
  • What are "extra-parochial liberties"
  • What are "peculiars"
  • Why are there very many registers in Derbyshire which begin in the nineteenth century?
  • Why is it important to know which are ancient parishes?

Information from Derbyshire Record Office "Parish Register List" published May-July 2001

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Margaret O'Sullivan
County and Diocesan Archivist

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