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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Will of Samuel Joseph Sheldon 1916

Subject: Sheldon
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 10:06:33 +0000 (GMT)
The following is the last Will and Testament of Samuel Joseph Sheldon my Gr Gr Uncle who lived at The Lanes (Duke Street today) Middleton By Wirksworth..Taken from his original will which is in my keep
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Outline of SHELDON Family
Will of Samuel Joseph SHELDON 1916
Sheldon History
Railway Accident

Outline of SHELDON Family
                       |                 |
                      1799               |
                      Joseph    1821    Elizabeth
 |         |        |       |           |       |      |
1824      1825     1829    1835        1836    1840   1849
John      Joseph   Edith   Abernathan  Martha  Emily  Samuel
Phillip    m               1855        m1869          Joseph
          Harriett                     Joseph         1916
          DOXEY                        WALKER          |
                       Joseph            Jane

Will of Samuel Joseph SHELDON 1916

    This is the last Will and Testament of me, Samuel Joseph Sheldon of Middleton By Wirksworth in the County of Derby Barmaster and Mineral Agent made this fifth day of December One Thousand Nine Hundered and Sixteen.

    I revoke all Wills and other Testamentary dispositions herefore made by me, and I appoint my dear wife Jane Sheldon and William Killer of The Fields Middleton By Wirksworth aforesaid Book Keeper (herein after called my trustees) to be Executors and Trustees of this my will.

    I give the following legacies free of duty and direct that the same shall be paid within six calendar months from the time of my decease..(namely )

    To the said William Killer for his agreement in acting as such Trustee the sum of Five Pounds

    To my cousin (unreadable) daughter of Phillip Spencer of Holloway the sum of Twenty Five Pounds..

    To my nephew John Walker the sum of Thirty Pounds

    To the Weslyan Sunday School Middleton By Wirksworth aforesaid the sum of Twenty Five Pounds and to the Weslyan Methodist Local Preachers horse hire fund (Matlock Circuit) the sum of Twenty Five Pounds. I direct that the interest of the sum of Twenty Five Pounds so given to the Weslyan Sunday School shall be placed to the credit of the Sunday School funds on each Anniversary Day and that the interest of the sum of Twenty Five Pounds given to the horse hire fund shall be credited to that fund on the same day or on same other convenient day as it is my will that the interest only shall be used year by year and the principal sums kept intact..And I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or Secretary of the Sunday School and the Horse Hire Fund shall be a sufficient discharge to my Trustees for each of the said figures respectively

    And subject to the payment of my debts, funeral and testamentary expenses and the aforesaid Legacies I give and bequeath all the rest residue and remainder of my personal estate unto my said wife Jane Sheldon for her own absolute use and benefit..

    I give and devise all my real estate whatsoever and wheresoever unto my Trustees upon Trust to pay unto or permit my said wife Jane Sheldon to receive and take the rents and profits therefore and during the term of her natural life..

    And from and after the decease of my said wife I give and devise all that my dwellinghouse and premises at The Lanes Middleton By Wirksworth aforesaid and now in the occupation of Isaac Doxey and unto and to the use of my cousin John William Sheldon his heirs assignees for ever , and from my decease my trustees pay unto or permit my said nephew John Walker of The Fields Middleton By Wirksworth aforesaid to receive the rents and profits of the Dwellinghouse and premises adjoining in the occupation of Richard Batterley .. And the Allotment on Middleton Moor in the occupation of John Frederick Doxey and the remainder (if any) of my real estate for and during the term of his natural life And from and immediately after the decease of my said nephew John Walker I direct the Trustee or Trustees for the time being of this my will to sell the same real estate and after payment of all incidental expenses to stand possessed of the residue of such sale moneys, in Trust for such of the children of my said nephew John Walker as many as shall be living in equal shares as tenants in common .. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand the day and year before within

    Signed by the said hand of Samuel Joseph Sheldon

    Witnesses to the will being Andrew Macbeth Wirksworth and Gladys Macbeth

    Footnotes (by Stuart Flint)

    The Isaac Doxey mentioned was the son of John and Harriett Doxey nee Rains The John Frederick Doxey was the father of Councillor Leslie A Doxey who in my youth built the bungalows at Rise End Middleton where one of the Grandchildren of John and Harriett Doxey now lives Phillip Spencer of Holloway married twice first wife being Martha Spencer of Middleton second wife Mary Fox widow of Henry Fox nee Sheldon Mary being sister in law to Samuel Joseph Sheldon Phillip Spencer was I believe a Lead Smelter at Alsop's Lead Works Lea Bridge living at Holloway

    Samuel Joseph Sheldon was Deputy Barmaster at Middleton son of Joseph and Elizabeth Sheldon nee Sheldon they being 2nd cousins S.J.Sheldon owned at one time Upper and Nether Golgonda Lead Mines also known as Hopton Mining Company now known as Viaton Industries..Sheldons I believe sold out to George Henry Key whose family still own Viaton Industries Samuel Joseph Sheldon also owned Snake Lead Mine Hopton Wood and Bold Lead Mine Middleton Moor He was General Manager and Director at Bradley Mineral Works which consisted of a lead mine and quarry, the quarry being also known as Redhills situated opposite Middleton Top Cycle Hire Depot and a shareholder of Mill Close Lead Mine Darley Bridge also a Director of Wensley Mining Company..He was Secretary to Wirksworth Old Age Pensioners Association founded I believe to pay a subsistence pension in the late 1890/early 1900s to miners/quarrymen who were injured during their employ..He also served on Ashbourne Board of Guardians... In the early 1900s he lost a foot when on walking down the Incline (Cromford & High Peak Railway) from Redhills Quarry Middleton Top a loaded wagon on the down side on the rope ran him down his foot amputated by the wheel of the wagon..I have the Derby Mercury report of this accident.. He was out of Derbys. Royal Infirmary and back at work sporting a wooden club foot within two months of the accident He died in his 80s at Middleton his wife preceeding him My Grandfather John Walker gained Manor Fields built by Sheldons in the 1780s whilst my mother and her sisters gained two houses on The Lanes Middleton which they sold to Albert Sheldon a heir of John William Sheldon

    I have the original will and S.J.Sheldons mining maps from when he was a Barmaster ..

    Regards Stuart G Flint

Sheldon History

    Subject: Sheldon history
    Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 11:23:11 +0000 (GMT)

    The following is my connections to the Sheldon family of Middleton
    George Sheldon born 1724 married Anne Brookes of Middleton 4th May 1748 Anne obt in 1758 and he remarried Elizabeth Brocklehurst of Ashford In The Water 1764

    1.Samuel Sheldon born 1768 married Hannah Moore of Middleton 1789
    2.John Sheldon born 1759 married Elizabeth Hawley 1777 daughter of Abernathan Hawley of The Dale Wirksworth (not to be confused with my Killer / Flint Hawley family)
    3.Joseph Sheldon
    4.George Sheldon born 1765 married Elizabeth Adams of Middleton 1787 possibly living at Ashford In The Water

    Children of Samuel and Hannah Sheldon nee Moore
    1.Samuel Sheldon born 1793 married Hannah Adams of Middleton 1820
    2.Mary Sheldon born 1797 married Luke Slack of Middleton 1816
    3.Joseph Sheldon born 1799 married Elizabeth Sheldon dau of John and Edith Sheldon nee Storer 1821 Joseph and Elizabeth were my Gr Gr Grandparents
    4.John Sheldon

    Children of Joseph and Elizabeth Sheldon nee Sheldon
    1.John Phillip Sheldon born 1824
    2.Joseph Sheldon born 1825 married Harriett Doxey dau of John and Martha Doxey nee Spencer of Middleton
    3.Martha Sheldon born 1836 married Joseph Walker as his 3rd wife 1869 they my Grt Grandparents
    4.Edith Sheldon born 1829 Christened 1834 remained single
    5.Emily Sheldon born 1840
    6.Abernathan Sheldon born 1835 obt aged 20 years
    7.Samuel Joseph Sheldon born 1849 Christened in the 1860s as in the same period as his birth his father obt..Samuel Joseph Sheldon married late in life to Jane Longden dau of Job and Elizabeth Longden Farmers at Ible

    The family line of Elizabeth Sheldon who married Joseph Sheldon in 1821
    George Sheldon as above

    Son John Sheldon married Elizabeth Hawley 1777

    Son of John and Elizabeth Sheldon

    John Sheldon born 1778 married Edith Storer 1798 daughter of Holehouse and Anne Storer This Holehouse family became known as Holehouse-Storer and married into my distant Hall family of Middleton one named Holehouse Storer married into the Hall family of The Alley Middleton (Ebenezer Hall Managing Director of Martin, Hall & Co Silversmiths Shrewsbury Works Sheffield ..his sister married Holehouse Storer whilst his brother Joseph Hall a Manager at Martin, Hall & Co married Mary Longden they in laws to Samuel Joseph Sheldon my Gr Gr Uncle. who married Jane Longden... .Jane and Mary Longden's sister Elizabeth married George Frost of Hillside Middleton a Stonemason working for Killer Bros Hopton Wood Stone)

    Children of John and Edith Sheldon nee Storer
    1.Elizabeth born 1799 married Joseph Sheldon 1821 they my Gr Gr Grandparents
    2.Joseph Sheldon born 1800 married Elizabeth Spencer of Middleton 1820
    3.John Sheldon born 1802 married Mabel Spencer of Middleton 1832
    4.Edith Sheldon born 1804 married John Holmes of Ible 1837
    5.Anne Sheldon born 1806

    Child of Joseph and Martha Walker nee Sheldon **
    John Walker born 1871 married Annie Cauldwell of Alderwasley 1892 dau of Thomas and Sarah Cauldwell nee Smith...(Thomas born at Alderwasley to Nathaniel and Charlotte Cauldwell nee Hodgkinson was a Police Officer at Sheffield who died aged 29 years in the pursuance of his duties ..Sarah remarried my Gr Gr Gr Uncle Robert Flint of Bolehill he son of cousins John and Mary Flint of Bolehill ..John son of my 3XGrandparents John and Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge.. Mary daughter of Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen of Bolehill..Robert and John Flint being brothers..Robert Flint on the demise of his wife Sarah in 1829 became a member of The Latter Day Saints and carried out mission work for them his son in law Elijah West married Letitia Flint being a missioner in Derbyshire to the L.D.S. I am in contact with members of the family, hiers of Robert who in 1850 along with sons John Flint and William Allen Flint with wives and children then born emigrated to Kays Ward (now known as Kaysville Utah ) U.S.A.

    **Joseph Walker was born in 1815 to William and Catherine Walker nee Wigley at Castleton N Derbyshire The family removed to Steeplegrange Wirksworth soon after his birth ..He married 1st wife Anne Wright in 1836 who was of my blood kin by Wheatcroft and Frost (. via Cauldwells and Flints respectivley). Anne died in childbirth and Joseph remarried to Margaret Fletcher from Wrockwardine Wood Shropshire ..When Margaret became very ill in the 1860s Joseph employed a family friend Martha Sheldon to nurse his sick wife..When Margaret died Joseph married Martha Sheldon. Joseph Walker a Master Stonemason founded a Building Contracting firm Joseph Walker & Sons.. He gained contracts to build railway property on the London NorthWestern Railway Co line Gloucester - Carlisle and into West Yorkshire plus other contracts to build part of the Wirksworth - Duffield Railway line plus Banks Churches and shops/housing around the Wirksworth district

    Regards Stuart G Flint

Railway Accident

    Subject: Sheldon accident report
    Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 09:06:18 +0000 (GMT)

    Hello John

    The following report re The Derby Mercury concerns the accident which Samuel Joseph Sheldon had on the Cromford &HPR

    Quarry General Manager Injured on High Peak Line

    Mr Samuel Joseph Sheldon of Middleton By Wirksworth, General Manager of Bradwell Quarry also known as Redhills Quarry Middleton Top and one time owner of Golgonda Lead Mines and a Deputy Barmaster under The Duchy of Lancaster, was seriously injured on Friday of last week when he was walking on the inclined plain of The London and North-Western Railway towards the quarry, and stepping out of the way of descending wagons was knocked down by trucks being drawn in the opposite direction. He was severely injured, one of his feet having to be amputated.. He was conveyed to Wirksworth Hospital and later to Derbyshire Royal Infirmary where on Tuesday he was reported to be making as good a progress for a man of his advanced age.

    Mr Sheldon is a well known public spirited man a member of Ashbourne Board of Guardians and also a member of Wirksworth Old Aged Pensioners Sub-committee also a benefactor to Middleton Weslyan Methodist Church where he is a regular worshipper..

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