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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 096


Posted late 1930s.

Taken 2007.

Middleton Hillside c1930

A postcard - view of Middleton Hillside which I understand is taken looking down Chapel Lane, Middleton. (posted late 1930's)
--- from Judith Edney. (Jude.Edney@btinternet.com)
More information from Stuart FLINT's email

X096a - Taken 2007 by Stuart Flint
Much new housing has been built on Chapel Lane since the old photo was taken Where the vans are parked to the left of the picture was where in my youth my distant kinsman of Sidney Birley a Mason at Hopton Wood Stone Quarry lived in a bungalow..The Bungalow has been demolished in recent months and a new property is being built on the land The house with a Caravan bottom of lane to the left was where my mother was born the house belonging to my Sheldon family from when it was built in 1786 although the original cottage was a single one up one down which has been added on to over the 220 odd years.. The new owners have stripped the old building down to a shell and rebuilt much of it. The house with the blue car in driveway centre was my family home Highfields purchased by my parents from George Brace his family part of my Flint kin.. I lived there from 1953 to my wife and I marrying. The house was sold by my mother when she moved into Sheltered Housing for O.A.Ps at Duke Fields Middleton mid 1990s

The house to the right hidden somewhat under trees was where my Grandmother Gwenillian Flint nee Sprake came to from Blaenafon South Wales in 1883 when she was a Governess to a noble family of Monmouth who stayed there in the summer months.. The house may have belonged to the Killer family who owned the quarry seen in the photograph which by 1959 was to become Middleton Limestone Mine ..The Killer's were of my Flint family via my Fathers kin and my mother's via her Brownson and Walker family.. Killer Bros Hopton Wood Stone supplied Fluxing Stone to Blaenafon Iron and Steel Works where Gwenillian's father Edwin Sprake was a Works General Manager ... After Gwenillian and William Flint married in 1886 and lived for a time at Rise End Middleton William Axe lived there his wife Mary Rose Killer .. By the 1950s my sister in law ...... Flint nee Farnsworth's family of Millward (allied family to Farnsworth and Potters of Wirksworth and Matlock) lived at the house..Mrs Millward a School Teacher at Middleton Junior School her husband a Hanger On Cromford & High Peak Railway at Middleton Top...

The house on Hillside at the head of the photograph to the right hidden partially by a tree on a line with the quarry face was where my father was born in 1894 owned by Killer Bros.. Grandfather William Flint was killed at the quarry on December 5th 1905..

Photo taken:c1930
Source:Judith Edney
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