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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 125


Mary POTTER wife to Arthur Arthur POTTER brother to Edward Martha POTTER wife to Joseph Joseph POTTER father to Joseph Arthur and brother to Edward Ann ROBINSON nee POTTER Lizzie POTTER sister to Edward Edward POTTER grandfather of author Annie POTTER sister to Edward Joseph POTTER father to Joseph, GGfather of author Elizabeth POTTER nee ROBINSON James ROBINSON Elizabeth BUTLIN nee POTTER mother of author Joseph Arthur POTTER Maggie POTTER sister to Joseph Arthur

The POTTER Family 1910

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At back, from L to R: 
Mary wife to Arthur, Arthur brother to Edward,
Martha wife to Joseph, Joseph father to Joseph Arthur 
and brother to Edward, Ann ROBINSON nee POTTER,
Lizzie sister to Edward, Edward author's Gfather,
Annie sister to Edward.
At front, from L to R:
Maggie sister to Joseph Arthur, Joseph Arthur, 
Elizabeth BUTLIN nee POTTER authors mother, 
James ROBINSON, Elizabeth nee ROBINSON,
Joseph father to Joseph and author's GGFather.

All the men in the family were plasterers by trade,
and this tradition goes back into the 1700's.
Photo taken:1910
Size:6" x 4"
Source:Charles Butlin of Wirksworth
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