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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 160


Posted 1903.

Posted 1906.

Posted 1907.


Unposted, but dated 1907. Signs read (from left to right): "Plumbing Dept", "Vaults", "Old English Hotel", "Tea Blender, Hunter", "Myers", full charabanc drawn by 2 horses, "Table Waters", "Coronation Buildings", "Chemist" and "Dark Room"

Unposted. Harry Barnwell's old optician's corner shop has been replaced by the "London City and Midland Bank". This happened about 1913. Dozens of people walking, smartly dressed in boaters and big hats. But not a single vehicle (except a "sit-up-and-beg" bicycle). Its 6.50pm (the clock is new and must be working). Where are they all going?

A smart gent with a fine beard watches a loaded coach come round the corner heading for Matlock Bath.

Dale Road, Matlock

From postcards, which were posted in 1903, 1907, 1908 and 1924. On the corner is a shop Harry Barnwell, Optician. In the far distance can just be seen the Old English Hotel.

Posted 1908
Posted 1924
Dale Road from the other direction, probably taken 20 years before posting. The large Old English Hotel is in the distance. Nearer is W.Evans & Son, watchmaker. The son Charles Evans describes himself as a "refractionist" in the Census. We would call the profession "optician" today, which fact is proudly displayed by a giant pair of spectacles, and signs reading "Eyesight Testing Room". Nearer still is Harker's, chemist and druggist. Unposted. Signs read: Old English Hotel - Daks. Unposted. A man on top of a very tall ladder works on an upper window of the "Old English Hotel", watched by two shopkeepers and a well dressed man with a walking stick. A man in a horse and cart stares at the photographer. A gas lamp with filament on the left, "International Stores" on the right. Posted 1906, from "Flossie" to C H Michael, 101 Pydar St, Truro
Posted 1907. Lady outside hardware shop with dachshund, signs: "Hardware, Vaults, Billiards, Old English Hotel". Clock at 3.55pm. On right, signs :"Kodaks, Free Dark Room, Coronation Buildings", Chemist

Photo taken: c1903
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