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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 166


Posted 1928. Heavy frost in early spring.

Posted 1919

Unposted, taken from Salters Lane. Matlock's War Memorial in the foreground, built in 1921 on the summit of Pic Tor.

Posted 1928, taken from Salters lane. Riber on the skyline over 1 mile away, the Railway Bridge crossing the River Derwent and the A6 in the foreground. Exactly in line is the War Memorial, on the summit of Pic Tor.



Unposted. Note the tent.

Riber Castle, near Matlock.

Riber Castle is a mock-Gothic ruin built by John Smedley about 1867 as a summer retreat. Read more about the great man in Smedley's Empire. The engravings are from a book by John Smedley, Practical Hydropathy. More engravings on X357

Riber Castle
Riber dominates the country side around Matlock. It is perched on a hill 260 metres (850 feet) above sea level, which is about 200 metres (600 feet) above Matlock. It looks forbidding. Indeed, it would not look out of place in a horror movie.

It was designed and built by John Smedley in 1862 as his residence. The Griststone for the building came from a local quarry and was carted up hill by a series of pullies. Smedley employed skilled craftsmen. Plasterers, for example, came from Italy to work on the Castle. There was electricity and gas, plus a deep well for water. The Castle's salon was vast.

The castle remained derelict for many years until, in the 1960s, a group of zoologists set up a Nature Reserve for British and European Fauna. This Nature Reserve is no longer open to the public as it closed in September 2000 amid much criticism.

It is well worth a visit, especially for the views of the surrounding area.

The future of Riber Castle has continued to be the subject of much debate.
from Derbyshire Guide website

Posted 1908, addressed:Mr Robinson, 173 Gt Jackson St, Hulme, Manchester. Taken 1980. Riber empty and boarded, the grounds a Wild-life park Drawn 1869 Drawn 1869 Drawn 1869 Taken c1888. See also Views by Barber

Photo taken: before 1919
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