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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 174


Taken before 1908

Posted 1935


Posted 1910.

Taken 2003

Whatstandwell, general view

From a postcard, posted in 1908
Paul Slater took the photo in 2003. Paul reports that "the area is so changed that it's impossible to take a picture from the same place as the one in 1908. All along the B5035, nearly to its junction with the A6, is now woodland". However, the bridge is still recognizeable. Thanks Paul.
Photo of unknown date. Unposted. Unposted. Posted 1915. The building is the Derwent Hotel. Enlargement. Titled "Sheepwashing", the clean sheep are on the right of a fence, the unwashed sheep on the left. A man grabs a dirty sheep, flips it on its bottom and shoves it over the stone embankment into the river. The man in the river washes it, then a boy with a stick guides it to the man on the right, who shoves it up a ramp to the clean flock. Several men and boys are watching the procedure from the bank and bridge.

Photo taken: before 1908
Size: Postcard       

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