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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 177


Posted 1903 from Nottingham to Calais with green King Edward VII halfpenny stamp. On left: "Fish Pond Hotel (Proprietor Wyvill), Stables, good accomodation for cyclists", behind:" King's Tea Rooms", on right: Royal Museum, Spar & Marble Ornaments" and "Boden's Refreshment and Dining Rooms". All ladies in long skirts and hats, gentlemen in hats. Two carts and a four wheel cab, all horse drawn. Many Union flags are flying. How things have changed in 100 years.

Posted 1905

Taken 1890?

Taken 1904

Used 1917


Posted 1905

Posted 1909

Matlock Bath, South Parade

The Heights of Abraham are in the background. This scene was very popular with postcard makers.

Posted 1901 Aug 30 in Mansfield. Undivided back. Victoria stamp (though she had been dead for 7 months). Addressed to Mr. F A Smith, 25 Grove Road, Norwich. Tells about a tour from Buxton to Matlock, then Birklands and Edwinstowe. Posted 1904. The sign says: "The largest Principal Petrifying Well in Matlock" Posted 1904 Signs say:"Charabancs leave this office daily for Chatsworth, Haddon, Dovedale" and "House to let". A Policeman walks down the middle of the road. Mini-card, 7 x 4.5 cms. Posted 1925

Real photo

Photo taken: about 1890
Size: Postcard       

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