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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 192


Posted 1903

Unposted but pre-1914. "Dining Room, Jeff's Hydro, Matlock"

Jeff's Hydro, Matlock

From "The Borough Guide to Matlock", published about 1905.. Jeff's Hydro was opened in 1857 with over 200 beds, the name was later changed to Chatsworth Hydro. It was used as a hospital in both world wars and then became part of Matlock Training College. See: Aunt Meg's letter 1931.

Posted 1905 Croquet on the South lawn, ladies in whicker chairs enjoying the sun, deckchairs, plants in pots, statues and a rockery garden Posted 1903 Unposted. Renamed as Chatsworth Unposted but pre-1914

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Ann Grout writes:
Dear John,
I have scanned the 3 pages of Aunt Megs letter as I think it is more authentic in the original writing. She was born in 1874 so would have been about 57 when she was housekeeper at Chatsworth Hydro. I remember her as a very bent little old lady living in a cottage at Barton-Under-Needwood (near Burton on Trent). She spent a lot of her life as a seamstress leaning over a sewing machine. She did not marry and according to my mother was a lovely kind lady.
My best wishes Ann Grout

Chatsworth Hydro
My Dear Doris & Tom
At last I am sending
Grandma's Cookery Book.

I am so busy I don't get
much letter writing time just now for we
are having the whole place re-wired.
We have been making our own Electricity
but are having when finished from
Derby. We have 110 Bedrooms besides
downstairs rooms.

Then we are being
painted & papered so can hardly move
for workmen. So think we shall eat
our peck of dust now if ever.

Since I came back after my

illness I am housekeeper so when
we get all cleaned & settled think
I shall like it better, though it
will not be all sunshine.

Still with
health & strength I hope to make it good.

Your Uncle Charlie started work
too soon & had to knock off again
& is still at home though Aunty Ada
wrote me today & says he is a great
deal better. I had a letter too from
Reffie he as had a bad cold but
is better & he comes home again on
the 14th March.
The weather here is
bitterly cold & we have had a lot
of snow. It looked lovely when the sun
shone but I did not venture out it
looked to dangerous.
I could see from the

windows other people slipping a lot
& cars skidding.

The Chesterfield
Bus was going down hill & skidded
& ran into a Bakers Van & one lady
had her ankle broken.
Now do try & send me a
line dear when you have a few spare
How are your Father & Mother
& Maddy & Bill.
Please give my love to
them all.
So with heaps for
Yourselves & all good wishes
Ever your loving
Aunty Meg

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