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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 206


Unposted, undivided back, 1899-1902

Posted 1921. From "Blanche, c/o Mrs Partridge, Tynkersley, Rowsley", to "Miss Dorothy Mackay, 3, Boden St, Ardwick, Manchester" House and garden look overgrown but occupied. Shed opposite covered with tarpaulin. Signpost reads: South: Hopton, Brassington; E:Middleton, Wirksworth; NE:Cromford, Matlock Bath; W:Grange Mill, Winster. Climber has reached the roof, probably Wisteria. The house is surrounded by a flowering shrub, possibly rambling rose? The walled vegetable plot opposite looks well tended.
Thomas Bainbridge
Licensed Dealer
in Tobacco and Cigars

Thomas BAINBRIDGE/BEMBRIDGE 1831-1911 ran Ryder Point Toll Gate 1871-1901, and was also a Lead miner, labourer, Gamekeeper and Head roadman. (His licence covered tobacco but not alcohol).

Taken about 1891. Superb big scan sent by Allen Bridgewood. 3650 x 2465px (6x4inches).

See people below. Note: 17 rung ladder, 2 pails and 3 half barrels, "Kops Ale & Stout" (which was non-alcoholic) , 7 bottles, curly hair spaniel, "Accomodation, Tea Parties, Prices, New Milk, non-intoxicating beverages", new climber stuck to wall, climber to eaves, large rain barrel, single chimney block
Allen writes: I have this photo of Ryder Point. Thomas Bainbridge was my g.g. grandfather. His eldest daughter Harriet married my g.grandfather John Bridgwood. Thomas and his family lived there from at least 1871 ( as you already know ) until after this photo was taken. My late father was always under the impression that this would have been Thomas and his wife Emma and I also believe this. You are welcome to add this photograph to your web page should you wish.
Taken about 1910/11. The whole Bainbridge family, about 30 people. Could this have been in celebration of Thomas Bainbridge's 80th birthday? The ivy on the wall indicates Sep-Oct.

Matlock, Rider Point, Via Gellia

The cottage at Rider Point (now gone) used to be a Toll House at "Four Roads End" (OS ref: SK 262-565). See the Census 1861 and 1871.

The road was named after Philip Gell of Hopton Hall who paid to have it constructed through the valley in 1791-2, improving access between his lead mines and the lead smelter at Cromford.
The trade name Viyella originates from the fabric that was once produced at the textile mill in the Via Gellia.

The junction is called "Four Roads End", where Via Gellia Road (the A5012 running Westwards - bottom right to top middle) meets New Road (the B5023, from Middleton), and a minor road from the South.

Neil France writes (2007):
The cottage at Ryder point has gone, but I spoke to some locals who can remember it from the picture, and the Phillips family , who lived there.

Unposted, undivided back, 1899-1902

Taken 2007 by Neil France. He writes: The cottage at Ryder point has gone, but I spoke to some locals who can remember it from the picture, and the Phillips family , who lived there.
Hello John
Neil Francis states on his 2007 photograph of Rider Point that a family of Phillips lived in a cottage on the Point..The Cottage was at one time a Toll possibly established by the Gells who built the road from Ible and their quarries and mines in the Griffe Grange area to reach Cromford Canal.

Mr Walter Phillips lived in the cottage I am reliably told. Walter Phillips went on to be a Haulage Contractor at Middleton and one time owned a Quarry on Colehill taken over I believe by Wimpeys when they were supplying stone for major road works ..His sons took over the haulage business, some who stilll live in the Wirksworth area as do Grandchildren many my friends today..

In my youth I had to attend Hospital every so many weeks for a long period.. Mr Walter Phillips who also had a farm near Intake Quarry owned a Rolls Royce car which he took my mother and I into Derby to the Hospital. Very often the car seat would include bails of hay or milk churns in the boot. Mr Phillips was a rotund man of cheerful demeanour and I had great respect for him. Mr Phillips lived up Water Lane Middleton for years.. Dad delivered Groceries from our shop to their house

Regards Stuart G Flint

Allen writes again: This scan of the noticeboard was 2400dpi and as you can see the writing is too faint to read. You will notice the "New Milk" on the notice, I have found that the new pasteurization process was created by Anthony Hailwood in 1894 so that may help with the dating. Their clothes may hold more clues. A fashion expert may have an idea of the earliest possible date. On the back of the card Dad has written in ink "Dad's Grandad Bainbridge of Rider Point, Derbyshire". Also on the back in brackets is (1870) written at a different time in pencil, obviously a bad guess. The attached death certificates have created another problem. Sarah died in 1873 and her death was registered by her grandson Thomas Buckley. Samuel's death was registered by his son Thomas in 1878. Both deaths registered in Brassington and both occurring in Bradbourne. Samuel's occupation is recorded as Road Labourer on both certificates. The only problem is that Sarah was recorded as the widow and not the wife of Samuel. Have I got the wrong Samuel's death certificate or was a mistake made when Sarah's death was registered? Any ideas?
Regards Allen

Allen writes again: Hi John, I had a fellow `Ancestry` member send me a photo of the Bainbridge family taken outside their family home at Rider Point. The photo was in a book called Lawrence & The Real England,about DH Lawrence, printed in 1985 by Staple Special . The lady that sent me the photo,Jane,is the granddaughter of Violet Phillips nee Bainbridge (the little girl in the large hat at the front) born 18 Oct 1907 the illegitimate daughter of Lily Matilda Bainbridge 1880-1920. Thomas Bainbridge died Jul- Sept 1911, at the age of 81, this photo would be 1910/11. Jane found that Alibris UK had a copy for sale 1.99 and I bought it ( the copy they have now is 7.24 - not worth it) and I`ve scanned the photo to show you. Unfortunately I do not know any of the others in the photo, apart from Thomas, and her grandmother who would have known, died in 1996. Also I am unable to give permission for you to add the photo to your website as only the publishers can do this. Inside the book cover there are details regarding Derbyshire College, Matlock where it was published, maybe they can be of help. Hope this is of interest to you,
Regards Allen

Selina 1873 (18)
Emma 1841 (50)
Thomas 1831 (60)
Francis 1866 (25)


Bottles in the photo, collected under the sign reading KOPS Ale and Stout on Thomas' left
An old bottle of KOPS Ale and Stout photoed recently. It had a screw top and the bottle was intended to be returned to the bottler. It was non-alcoholic, temperance drink, and did not need a licence to sell. It was variously described as:
  • a non-alcoholic and efficient substitute for ordinary ale, made from the best Kentish hops.
  • KOPS ALE (Non-Alcoholic) Guaranteed brewed from the best Kentish hops. The Perfect Drink Dr James Edmunds, M.D.. M.R.C.P.
  • Kops Stout has all the flavour, palatability, digestive, tonic, and wholesome properties of the best Stout without the alcohol.
  • KOPS Ale and Stout, the purest malt liquor. A splendid table beverage pints 3s, quarts 6s per dozen. Kops Brewery Co.
  • Family

          1798                1811
          Samuel      1827    Sarah
          1878          |     1861
        |    |      |      |       |     |     |
       1830 1831   1832   1834    1837  1842  1847
       Mary Thomas Samuel Harriet Ester Ann   John
            1831                 1841
            Thomas       1859    Emma
            1911           |     1903
     |    |      |     |       |         |      |    |      |    |    |      |
    1859 1861   1864  1866    1868      1870   1871 1873   1875 1880 1883   1885
    Ann  Esther Sarah Francis Georgiana Thomas Emma Selina John Lily Alfred Ann
                 |            1880
                Sarah       1887   Joseph


    ------[Brassington]---(p22, Brassington, district 5, HO 107/197/11)---
    Br118a   Samuel         BEMBRIDGE      35  m  Y  Labourer
    Br118b   Sarah          BEMBRIDGE      30  f  Y
    Br118c   Mary           BEMBRIDGE      12  f  Y
    Br118d   Thomas         BEMBRIDGE      11  m  Y
    Br118e   Samuel         BEMBRIDGE      9   m  Y
    Br118f   Harriot        BEMBRIDGE      7   f  Y
    Br118g   Esther         BEMBRIDGE      4   f  Y
    #007------[Brassington]---(p2, Brassington district, Enumeration district 2, HO 107/2146)
    Br007a   Samuel         BAINBRIDGE     Head      M  47  M   Ag lab              Hulland ward
    Br007b   Sarah          BAINBRIDGE     Wife      M  40  Y                       Brassington
    Br007c   Thomas         BAINBRIDGE     Son       U  20  M   Lead miner          Brassington
    Br007d   Samuel         BAINBRIDGE     Son       U  19  M   Lead miner          Fenny Bentley
    Br007e   Ester          BAINBRIDGE     Dau       U  14  Y   Lace worker         Brassington
    Br007f   Ann            BAINBRIDGE     Dau       U  9   Y   Scholar             Brassington
    Br007g   John           BAINBRIDGE     Son          4   M   Home                Brassington
    Br008a  Thomas       BAINBRIDGE   Head    M 31  M  Labourer              Fenny Bentley
    Br008b  Emma         BAINBRIDGE   Wife    M 22  F                        Aldwark
    Br008c  Ann          BAINBRIDGE   Dau       2   F                        Aldwark
    Br008d  Esther       BAINBRIDGE   Dau       4m  F                        Brassington
    #38---Rider Point Toll Gate---[Hopton]---(page 11,ED 6, RSD "Brassington",RG10/3603)---
    Hp23a     Thomas       BAINBRIDGE   Head    M 40  M  Lab                   Fenny Bentley
    Hp23b     Emma         BAINBRIDGE   Wife    M 30  F                        Aldwark
    Hp23c     Ann          BAINBRIDGE   Dau       12  F  Scholar               Aldwark
    Hp23d     Esther       BAINBRIDGE   Dau       10  F  Scholar               Brassington
    Hp23e     Sarah E      BAINBRIDGE   Dau       7   F  Scholar               Brassington
    Hp23f     Francis S    BAINBRIDGE   Son       5   M  Scholar               Brassington
    Hp23g     Georgiana    BAINBRIDGE   Dau       3   F  Scholar               Brassington
    Hp23h     Thomas       BAINBRIDGE   Son       1   M                        Brassington
    Hp23i     Emma         BAINBRIDGE   Dau       3m  F                        Hopton
    #21---Ryder Point Gate---[Hopton]---(RG11-3426-6-p11)
    Hp19a      Thomas        BEMBRIDGE    Head    M 50  M  Game keeper           Fenny Bentley
    Hp19b      Emma          BEMBRIDGE    Wife    M 40  F  Game keepers wife     Aldwark
    Hp19c      Ester         BEMBRIDGE    Dau     U 20  F                        Brassington
    Hp19d      Francis S.    BEMBRIDGE    Son     U 16  M  Ag lab                Brassington
    Hp19e      Thomas        BEMBRIDGE    Son       11  M  Scholar               Brassington
    Hp19f      Emma          BEMBRIDGE    Dau       10  F  Scholar               Hopton
    Hp19g      John          BEMBRIDGE    Son       6   M                        Hopton
    Hp19h      Lily M.       BEMBRIDGE    Dau       1   F                        Hopton
    Hp19i      Olive         BEMBRIDGE    Gdau      3m  F                        Hopton
    #18---Via Gellia House---[Hopton]---(page 7,ED 6, RSD "Brassington",RG12/2756)---
    Hp17a      Thomas        BEMBRIDGE    Head    M 60  M  General labourer      Fenny Bentley
    Hp17b      Emma          BEMBRIDGE    Wife    M 50  F                        Aldwark
    Hp17c      Selina        BEMBRIDGE    Dau     S 18  F                        Hopton
    Hp17d      John          BEMBRIDGE    Son     S 16  M  General labourer      Hopton
    Hp17e      Lillie M      BEMBRIDGE    Dau     S 11  F  Scholar               Hopton
    Hp17f      Olive         BEMBRIDGE    Gdau    S 10  F  Scholar               Hopton
    Hp17g      Alfred        BEMBRIDGE    Son     S 8   M  Scholar               Hopton
    Hp17h      Ann           BEMBRIDGE    Dau     S 6   F  Scholar               Hopton
    #20---Ryder Point---[Hopton]---
    Hp20a      Thomas        BEMBRIDGE    Head    M 70  M  Head roadman          Fenny Bentley
    Hp20b      Emma          BEMBRIDGE    Wife    M 60  F                        Aldwark
    Hp20c      Sabina        BEMBRIDGE    Dau     S 28  F                        Hopton
    Hp20d      John          BEMBRIDGE    Son     S 26  M  Assistant roadman     Hopton
    Hp20e      Lilly M       BEMBRIDGE    Dau     S 21  F                        Hopton
    Hp20f      Alfred        BEMBRIDGE    Son     S 18  M  Roadman               Hopton
    Hp20g      Annie         BEMBRIDGE    Dau     S 16  F  Appr to dressmaker    Hopton
    Hp20h      Frank         ALLSOP       Gson    S 16  M  Cowboy ag cattle      Brassington
    Hp20i      Minnie        ALLSOP       Gdau    S 14  F                        Brassington

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