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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 212


Matlock Bank

Both postcards were posted in 1905, but the tinted PC is much earlier, judging by the number of houses built and the size of the trees. The Rockside Hydro tower (just behind the huge Smedley's Hydro) is missing. Rockside is first mentioned in the 1871 Census, and the tower was built 1903-6. Perhaps the tinted photo was taken around 1880? The Church on Bank Road has no steeple, which was built in 1904, so the b/w postcard must be 1903 or 1904.

The two houses SW of Smedleys seem to have changed their style over the years.

According to Madstone Developments website
"Rockside was built in 1862 at the height of the Victorian fashion for hydropathic treatments. Built by Charles Rowland of Burton-on-Trent, Rockside quickly became one of the most popular and successful Hydros in Matlock. The building was altered and extended by the eminent architects Barry Parker and Sir Raymond Unwin in 1903-6, who added the twin turreted building we see today."

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Posted 1903

Taken pre-1903? (Rockside tower absent)

1903 or 1904.

Card posted 1909, Valentines XL Series, Real Photo.

Taken before 1918, by Charles Colledge, Matlock
Posted 1914, taken pre-1904, Wesleyan chapel spire absent, it was built 1904.
Card posted 1923, published by A W Gessey, Crown sq, Matlock.
Posted 1904
Posted 1904, undivided back. Good view of Dale Road.

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