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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 309






Christopher CHANDOS-POLE

Probably Christopher Chandos-Pole, born 1867. On Henry Chandos-Pole-Gell's second marriage, Teresa would become Christopher's Aunt, perhaps with the pet name "Aunt Terry". Christopher was probably at Eton school when this photo was taken, so about 1882.

First photo (X309a) from a Carte de Visite by Hills & Saunders, Eton & Oxford. Inscribed "1 Aunt Terry"

Second photo (X309b) from a Card by W.W.Winter of the Alexander Rooms, Derby. Inscribed "Christopher Chandos-Pole 1886".

Photo taken:c1882, 1886
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However, 4 more CDVs have just turned up, which look like the same boy as the first 2. But two have a date on, 1866, which could not be Christopher. The top hat probably indicates the boy was at Eton Public school. The author is puzzled, and hopes a reader will be able to solve the problem.

On the backs:
X309c: A J Jackson, 76a Market St, Birkenhead
X309d: L Caldesi & Co, at P D Colnaghi, Scott & Co, 13 Pall Mall, London. Inscription "TCB" (Teresa Charlotte Buller?)
X309e: W Runicles, 7 High St, Eton. Inscription "Feby 1866"
X309f: W Runicles, 7 High St, Eton. Inscription "July 1866"




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Christine Hearne writes:
Although I cannot help you with any of your enquiries, I just thought I'd send you my thoughts. They are in regards to photos 309. You have already called into question the identity of the boy featured, but from my observations, photo X309b could well be Christopher Chandos-Pole, (since the photo is labelled as such) whereas X309a, X309e and X309f are of a totally different individual; all 3 photos of the same person, however. He has totally different shaped eyes and mouth, and his hair is straighter, than "Christopher" in X309b.

So, sorry I can't actually help... and I've just made things a little more complicated!
Congratulations on your website. it is absolutely brilliant!

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