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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 325


Posted 1905

Enlargement from postcard above (conifer=25 ft)

Old Pavillion before 1902, unposted but "undivided-back",.

Enlargement from postcard above (conifer=3.5 ft).
Print from The Building News 28 Dec 1883, Matlock Bath Pavilion & Gardens Co.Ltd,
J.Nutall, Architect. A few changes are apparent.

Pavillion and Gardens, Matlock Bath

From a hand-tinted postcard posted on 13 July 1905. The original b/w photo may be from the 1890s, a careful study of the buildings may tell. In the bottom-left is a wooden building with "SWITCHBACK" in large letters. The start of the ride goes into the trees, but the rest of this amazing construction can be seen on X345. There is a smaller building at the far end, where customers are put onto the return track.

An attempt has been made to measure the height of the conifer next to the steps, on the basis of 9 inches per step.

Behind the Royal Hotel, up the hillside, is the old Pavillion or Palais Royal, opened in 1884. Its stage drew famous actors and band contests. The Pavillion was altered in 1910. The very faint photo shows its original, rather magnificent shape, with very large window area. The photo was produced by Percy Rowbottam in the Royal series Sunshine Pictures.

The card reads:
Half pence green stamp (King Edward VII)
Post marked: Matlock Bath 2.30pm July 13 1905

Pte Sheen,                       Miss C Sheen,
Boys Brigade,                    64 Gifford St,
Summer Camp,                     Kingsland Rd,
Matlock.                         Hoxton,
Dear Sis,
I was so glad to get your letter. We are coming 
home tomorrow. Grand weather. Give my love to 
Alf and all relations.

Old Pavillion before 1910, (conifer=28 ft).

Photo taken:c1890?

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