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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 328


Unposted. The Fountain in the Clatterway, with Fountain House on theleft, see history



Looking North along Yeoman Street, St James the Apostle parish Church and Park Side on the right.

Posted 1907 Posted 1910. Unposted, taken before 1918. Posted pre-1934

History of Fountain House, Bonsall

1812 Stephen HALL Will

1820 Thomas HALL got involved

1852 Will

1861 March. Mary WOODIWISS sold to Mary HALL and Fanny HALL.

1861 June. Mary HALL sold to Fanny & Ebenezer HALL for &299 8 shillings. Sale was a dwelling and tenenment with brew-house and yard and all the front garden and stable and cow-house adjoining and the Slang and the building occupied by Thomas HALL and Gilbert HALL and the cottage and tenement occupied by Thomas BRACE. John HALL mentioned.

1911 Ebenezer HALL died

1912 Samuel Clarke Shaw HALL, nephew of Ebenezer HALL sold to Loise HOUSELEY. The Property transferred was Fountain House, yard and the buildings occupied by J. SIMPSON, the Middleton Institute and Reading Room, adjoining cottage, yard and garden occupied by Miss BUXTON and the building used as a cow-house,

1919 Sold by Loise HOUSELEY to Henry JEPSON (joiner and builder Main Street) except for the Slang. Sold for 230 00.

1920 March. Henry JEPSON sold to George and Emma HARRISON for 180 00. Building and washhouse used as a coalhouse and loft over space tenented by John DOXEY.

1952 Property inherited by Blanche and George SHELDON through will of parents. Emma HARRISON died 18 Oct 1952.

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