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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 333


Bonsall schoolgirls 1909

This photo is donated by The Bonsall History website. Many of the girls are named and have been traced in the 1901 Census. The age in the Census is given next to the girl's name. An estimate of girl's ages in the photo suggests it was taken in 1909. All the girls are from Bonsall. The school is possibly the "School House" run by Alfred Moody in Arthur Lane, Bonsall.

Back row: Lizzie Bunting 8 | Julia Walker 10 | Hilda Sheldon | Winnie Brooks | Ada Poundall 7 | Hannah Bunting 6
Middle row: Hilda Young 5 | Margaret Brown 4 | Nelly Brown 8 | Lizzie Crofts 3 | Pamela Massey 5

Front row: Ada Gregory 3 | Minnie Brown 3 | Maud Kidd 4 | Eliza Bunting 6 | Emma Holmes

Photo taken:1909
Source: The Bonsall History website, archive 3, photo 28 

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